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To Catherine

To Catherine: Thank you very much for your reply, but if I could see it earlier, maybe there would not be a series of bad things.
I regret that I didn't wait for your reply to make a decision, because the decision I made before you replied to me was to change my poop schedule, hold my poop and poop one time a day, and it actually leads to some terrible experience.
At the beginning, I just want to change the time of my twice a day poop, so I try my best to hold it at work, but after going back home, the urge of poop disappears, so I decided to poop next morning.
I actually did poop a lot and almost clogged the toilet next day morning, but I think everything came out. By that time, I think it's a great idea to hold my poop and take a big dump in the morning. But to my surprise, I didn't actually feel like pooping during work that day, so I keep holding until the next morning. I think my body is doing great on changing the schedule that time, and my pooping habit does change to once a day. But the thing is, as I said, in the first day, I pooped a lot in the morning, but after that, my once-a-day morning poop's amount became smaller and smaller. At last, the amount of my morning poop became the same as my twice-a -day poop's average amount, but I still eat the same as before. So, it means that there're many poops building up in my stomach.
Since last week, I became a little constipated, but I didn't take any attention to it. But starting from last Friday, I suddenly became very constipated, no matter how hard I try, the poop just won't come out. It continues until this Monday; everything went out of control.
This Monday, I still couldn't poop out anything in the morning, so I just went straight to work. When eating lunch, my stomach suddenly began to cramp, I think all the dirty things were finally coming out, so in order to get rid of that awful bathroom, I went to a shopping mall near the workplace and found a better bathroom.
I thought there will be a huge amount of poop coming out, but what actually came out was only an average amount of poop and a lot of stinky gas. I usually fart 3-4 times when pooping, but this time I farted for about 15 times in 5 minutes and they are all more smelly than usual. Also, my poop was completely black.
After this unusual poop, my stomach feels better so I just went back to work. But after working for less than 10 minutes, I became gassy again, so I tried to fart. This time, the farts were really wet and long, some of them smells too, but luckily none of them were loud. After farting for about 5 minutes, my stomach began to hurt again, and the farts smelled even worse, at last, after a very long wet one, I felt something unusual, I looked down into my underwear and found some poop stain in it. Then, another fart was ready to came out, and I knew it will be more than a fart, so I rushed to the bathroom.
As soon as I ran into the bathroom, I realized I just definitely can't have diarrhea here. The bathroom was very awful and there're some people chatting in it, but I don't think I got another choice. So, I just rushed in the nearest stall and squat down.
As I squat down, a big pile of mushy poop rushed out with two wet farts, and I can feel everyone was watching me. After pooping out two big pile of complete mushy poop, another big fart came out, by the time, almost everyone gets out of the bathroom because of the stench, so I just relaxed. Then, a lot of brown diarrhea just shoot out and some of them didn't land in the toilet and make the floor dirty.
After pooping diarrhea for about 20 minutes, I finally stopped. But I realized the most horrible thing, I didn't bring any toilet paper and now my butthole were completely in a mess. Just then, another young girl went in and covered her nose, so I decided to ask for toilet paper. Luckily, this girl was here to poop too, so I let her go first, after she finished, I use all of the rest of her paper for wiping, which made her pretty interesting on what I had eat, but I'm too embarrassing about all that, so I just left.
I called James and let him to send me home in order to avoid another #2, after going back home, I still went to bathroom for 2 times, but luckily, diarrhea was gone, only my regular soft logs.
After this, I accept pooping in that awful bathroom, and also pretty regret that I didn't take notice on your response.
At last, thank you for your helping.


A Memorable Sight

Back when I was in college we were neighbors with a group of girls who were all on the school's volleyball team. They were super friendly and one time we're having a party and invited us over to hang out.

It ended up being a pretty small party. Not long into the party, I needed to pee so I went upstairs to use the bathroom. Their house was the same floor plan as ours so I knew exactly where to go. The door was locked so I knocked and a girl said just a minute. Just a few seconds later I heard the toilet paper roll and the toilet flushed. Out came one of the volleyball players named Karri, who was easy to spot because she was so tall. She sa said I shouldn't use this one and to use the one across the hall. As I turned to do so, I could hear her lock the door behind her. As I was peeing, I was wondering what was wrong with the other toilet? Was it dirty? Was she embarrassed by the smell? Did she just take a giant dump? She didn't live there so it's not like she cared what bathroom guests would use. Again, since we had the same house next door, I knew the locks were easily disabled from the outside by pulling a tiny latch under the knob. I finished up myself and left. There was a line of two girls and one guy waiting, so I couldn't sneak into the other bathroom yet.

Karri, who I later looked up on the team roster and found was 6'-6", was downstairs dancing with who I assume was her boyfriend. An hour so so later, the party was winding down as people were heading home or to bars. I snuck back upstairs to no line at the bathroom anymore. I reached under the knob, pulled the latch, and went in.

The lid was down but I lifted it to reveal a MASSIVE turd. It had to be well over a foot long and thick too. It was so big it displaced nearly all the water. What little water remaining was completely brown with tiny bits of tp floating, presumably when she tried in vain to flush the toilet. It had been there long enough and so much of it was outside the water that it had really stunk the small bathroom up too. For whatever reason, I wanted to see it flush so I pulled the lever and it didn't move even an inch as the disgusting water filled just to the rim before stopping. With the water to the rim, you could still see the tip of it sticking out, that's how huge this thing was. By volume it was probably more than I pooped in a week. Between stinking it up and thoroughly clogging the toilet, Karri had destroyed that poor bathroom. Whoever's bathroom that was was going to be buying a plunger in the very near future if they didn't have one yet.

I'd see Karri around campus (her height made her hard to miss) for the next couple years and always think about the dump she took at that party. I'd love to know if that was standard for a girl of her size and activity, or if she too was amazed by log she made.

I credit Karri with sparking my interest in pooping in general. Before that, I'd be super grossed out, but ever since then I've been pretty curious about pooping, hence my enjoyment of this site.

I have enjoyed reading some of the current and past stories on here of some super sized dumps, so I thought I'd share my most memorable one myself.


Response to Lauren's Feeling Flushed


You've raised an interesting point. Your husband sees you on the toilet at home and flushes it to mess with you. Your question about water splashing up your butt crack is what I would like to reply to. I had the same problem a few yeas ago when I had just started babysitting and this really brat boy Simon, who was scheduled to start kindergarten in a week, did that to me while I was seated crapping at the zoo. The bathroom was very crowded and I knew I shouldn't let a 5 year old out of my sight, and this is how I got treated. I knew he was nervous and bored, thought he was just messing around and didn't have the strength to do it. But he did! I too was worried about the shower my butt crack took. I had even more of a wiping mess after that because I reached over to grab Simon. In doing so I lost my balance and slid over the side of the white seat. I had a nice brown streak to clean up off both the seat and my underside. Also at school, I had a couple of times when I had a couple of minutes to get a good pee in before the tardy bell, the toilet had not been flushed by the previous user and or the auto-flush didn't go off, and while I sat, and I don't know what I did wrong, the auto-flush went off and blasted me from below. As the bowl water splashed and swirled under me, another person(s) pee was getting on/into me. Now that I'm in college I try to avoid such a situation. Oh, and that night, the first thing I did was take an early bath when I first got back to my house.

Hey, everyone!! Just a quick check-in to say I'm glad you're feeling better, Victoria!!

Take care, everyone!! Be excellent to each other!!


Got caught in the middle of my poo.

Hi everyone! I have wanted to post for a while but didn't know what to post. So today I was having a friend come over, so I decided I should go for a poo before she came over. I started to feel the poo in my hole ready to come out, so I walk to the bathroom and sit down. I started pushing and my first poo was halfway out. She texted me saying she was at my house so I grabbed the toilet paper and had to grab the poo that hadn't broken off yet. I cleaned up the rest of the way and hung out with her. After she left I went back to the bathroom to try and finish where I left off, but now I can't go. I don't know what to do but wait for the feeling of needing a poo comes back.

My wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life. It was early autumn. Like everyone else, I ate and drank a lot. Before going home, I went to the toilet of the restaurant we were in, but all the cabins were occupied, and I decided to wait until we got home. On the way home, I felt that I needed to go to the toilet urgently and when we drove past the forest, I asked the driver to stop the limousine. I got out of the car and shouted cheerfully "I'll be back soon". After that I went drunkenly towards the bushes. Behind the bushes, I lifted my dress, unbuttoned the lace bodysuit and squatted down. I was also wearing white stockings and white high heels. I farted loudly, and a stream of diarrhea came out of my ???? ass. I fart and shit for about 10 minutes and shit a big pile. Then I wiped my ass with a piece of paper, straightened my dress and wandered to the car satisfied


Shit Slow Sits

I've started taking a dance class. This has reminded me of an experience I had about 9 years ago when I was 8. I was taking a dance class then. My teacher was a high school student, Tia. She was amazing and because she and I hit it off so well, my mom ended up hiring her as my babysitter. Tia was very creative, wrote poetry for a literary magazine, and spent a lot of time up at school where she was on the dance team, in plays and some other creative things. When my parents had to go out of town suddenly Tia would come to my grade school, pick me up and she would stay at our house overnight with me. At first I was surprised how open she was about using the toilet. She'd be on the toilet, clothing down to her shoes, and peeing away while still talking to me in another room. I remember the first time she had to take a shit, it was just before I was dressed and she was to take me to my school. I offered to close the door and she said taking a crap was a natural thing that everyone does. Then that afternoon she came to my school, signed me out, but she was upset that she had to return to her high school to serve detention time. She was very open about the offense that cost her 45 minutes in detention. One morning during study hall she was allowed to go to the bathroom. She was on the toilet a few minutes after taking her shit, but not doing anything. A potty patrol teacher walked through, and with no privacy door on her toilet, she was identified and the time recorded. Like 5 minutes or so later, she was asked to stand while the patrol lady saw a big shit in the bowl and checked the time. Tia was referred to the assistant principal for what Tia called a shit slow sit. I just burst out laughing at how that sounded. She got detention time even though she was missing only like 10 minutes from a dumb study hall. Whether at home, school or elsewhere, I still remember Tia's shit slow sit philosophy.


Stories from my childhood.

Hi everyone. I found out that I'm getting a little brother or sister. My dad's girlfriend, Ava is pregnant. It's pretty awkward. Ava is his best friend that he's known since the 3rd grade, but they've been in this relationship for over a year and never told me. I was very angry at both of them for for keeping their relationship, but I'm pretty much over it now. But it is still awkward. My mom left when I was 2 months old, but Ava was always there when I needed her. My dad was only 15 when I was born and he's 30 now. Ava is the same age as him. Although she is the same age as my dad, I always felt close to her because there isn't a huge age difference between us. I always thought of her as the big sister I never had, which is why this is so weird.

Anyways, I have two short but funny stories from when I was younger and both involve Ava. The first one was when I was really young. I was 5 and we had a day at the zoo. This is actually one of my earliest memories. While we were at the zoo I had to use the bathroom. We found the closest one and went inside. It was a large bathroom with multiple handycapped stalls so we both went into one. Ava wiped off the seat for me and I sat down. I forget if I had to pee or poo, but that's not important to the story. As I was doing my business, we heard a girl rush in and take the stall right beside us. She slammed the door shut and locked it, dropped her shorts and panties to her ankles, then sat on the toilet. She immediately then had one of the loudest and most violent cases of exosivive diarrhea ever. Of course, since I was 5, this was hilarious and I couldn't stop giggling. Ava tried to get me to stop and I settled down. Then the smell hit which made it even funnier. The girl groaned as she let out another big explosion. I held my nose and started to laugh but Ava raised her voice and sternly told me to stop or she'd tell my dad and I'd get in trouble. I calmed myself again. When I was finished, I wiped and flushed and went to wash my hands. As I was at the sink, the girl groaned again and and let out the longest fart I have ever heard. I swear it was 20 seconds long. At this point, I just couldn't contain myself anymore and burst out laughing. Ava rushed me out the bathroom before saying out loud to the girl "I apologise for her behavior. I hope you feel better." I was laughing my butt off and Ava was mad at me saying that I shouldn't make fun of other people. I made farting sounds with my mouth and that was enough to get her to laugh too.

The other story was when I was 8. I forget where we were exactly but I remember that Ava had eaten something that didn't agree with her and she was very desperate. She was searching for a bathroom when she ran into a guy she knew from her job who stopped her to chat. She was getting more and more desperate but she kept her composure because she had a crush on him and she didn't want to embarrass herself. In the middle of their conversation I could smell that she had silently farted. The guy smelled it, paused for a split second and continued talking. Soon Ava farted again but this time it was very audible and sounded wet. Before he could even react, I took the blame. I excused myself and held my stomach as I told Ava that I really had to go potty. The guy quickly ended the conversation and told Ava that he would see her at work. Luckily she was able to find a bathroom before having an accident. Ava thanked me repeatedly and bought me ice cream before we went home lol.


To Victoria B

I'm glad that the Colace worked for you and that you are feeling better. If you ever deal with constipation again, it sounds as if you could use a smaller dose. Runny diarrhea is not supposed to happen, but the 4's and 5's on the Bristol scale are the intended target. Too, you may want to check the bottle. There is a Colace brand that contains sennosides, which is a mild stimulant. It may have contained a punch you were not expecting!

I'm glad you are feeling relieved!



Saturday, January 23, 2021


Water and Peeing

I observed Miranda's post and whilst being on the water does not stimulate my bladder if I am in the swimming pool I pee like there is no tomorrow. I just relax and let it happen . Similarly in the shower I always pee. I do not know what it is but I leak like a colander when in water. Another thing I noticed that when I am in public toilets my neighbours seem to be able to empty their bladders, particularly women, with great force and speed. My stream is not so powerful. Maybe I should mention thus to the doctor but wonder if it is anything really .



Trina: I am so sorry about the sharting accident. Yes, those are no fun, inconvenient and just feel gross (at least in my experience). Like Shannon, I'm grateful to have this conversation with you and wish you a wonderful 2021!

Sarah E: Welcome to the forum and I'm glad you are posting. As someone who has had a few "solid" accidents, I am grateful that I've never had one around my children like that. I feel like they would never look at me the same. Do you remember it being awkward with your mom. My husband, Alan, witnessed his mother defecate in her pants as they were leaving the grocery store, I think when he was about 6 years old. He said that sparked an interest in women's bowel habits. Glad you are here!

First Time Guy: Whoa! Easy on the Metamucil! It is a good way to ease constipation but can cause blockages if you take too much at one time! Glad you are enjoying your dump!

Victoria B: You may want to talk to your doctor if problems with constipation persist. You can slow your gut down with sleep aids. I hope the Colace works. I hope all is well and wish you and Robyn the best 2021!

Mina: Always good to hear from you! It sounds as if Kazuko really had to go during the night! I hope you, Kazuko, Hisae, and Maho have the best year yet! We are all doing (and dooing) well! Thank you!

Love to all!



Water & Peeing

During winter break when we were home from college Kennard and I did a lot of things together. A couple of days before Christmas, we were shopping at the mall and I figured Kennard had been holding his crap in. I asked him. He admitted it. I had a very satisfying crap in the food court toilet right after lunch. I described it to Kennard, but as always, he held his until we got back to his house. I had been hoping to make more progress with him, but......

The weather was mild and we stopped at a cheap, self-service car wash. It had three service bays, but there must have been ten times that number of cars waiting in line. The line moved and we were encouraged that we would get our turn before dark. Bored and watching persons of all ages soaping and hosing down their cars in about 20 minutes had me needing a wee. Kennard was surprised but I had him take the wheel and I ran to the back of the building where they had a single, multi-sex toilet. I carefully opened the door because I didn't want to embarrass anyone, especially a child, who had forgotten to lock it. With jeans down I was warming the seat and draining my bladder for more than a minute. Two weeks later I was back at college, getting ready for my PE swim class by suiting up in the shower room and I got the side of the pool where we wait for our instructor to meet us, and steadily it seemed that I was holding a gallon of pee in me. I hurried back to the locker room, did a lengthy pee in a doorless toilet, and then hurried back to poolside.

I might be trying to overthink it. But is there something about seeing water stimulating the body's need to release it?

Victoria B.



Good news! The Colace ended up working....and working and working. No enema or suppository this time!

I still had not had a bowel movement by Sunday evening and that was the line Robyn reconciled me to as far as needing a little help with getting my pipes unclogged. I ended up taking 300mg of Colace along with a tall glass of water before bed.

The first two BMs were 4s on the Bristol Stool Scale. My poops are normally closer to a 3 so this was an interesting change. They felt great sliding out, passing effortlessly and leaving me feeling so much relief.

Then...I kept going. Made it all the way up to a 7 on the Bristol scale. Three of them in fact, lucky me! The last of the liquid came about five hours ago so hopefully it's done and things will be back to normal tomorrow.

Thank you to Catherine for recommending the Colace!



Dear Victoria

I hope, after you read my story about Kazu, it make you want to go to loo. Maho suddenly decided she want loo after see me do so many turds. I hope you can do many many turds with good feeling after you take your medicine. And I hope Robyn hold your hand well and be patient so you can stay on loo long long time. If, after she dry you, you suddenly decide you want to do more turds, that will be wonderful!!

My 3 crushes say, they hope you can have lovely warm time on loo and then eat all pancakes. They all talk at same time because they are hurry to give good wishes to you.

Love to you and Robyn and everyone, from your very own Mina plus 3 crushes.


Reply to Just Another Girl

That's a great story with you and your friend. I have a couple of questions - how did she know about your interest in toilet-related matters? Was this a one-off or do you think she might let you watch her again some time? From your story, I assume this was the first time.


Toilet help

Sunday afternoon the weather was mild so I decided to take a ride on my bike. Not something I can often do in winter that often. A good ride for my 12-year old body can be 1,2, or even 3 miles. The track coach at my school has talked to me about going out for the team, so I'm trying for better endurance. I know that hills and high speed without me being seated is good for conditioning. That and my large Sunday dinner a couple of hours earlier made my crap a necessity.

Sometimes I get a sneer or sarcasm at a gas station when I walk in alone and ask for the bathroom key. So I rode about 6 blocks out of my way to a large park, hopeful the toilets would be open year-round. I rode up to the building's door, saw it was open and I knew that was good news. It was probably about 45 out so I knew I was going to freeze my butt, but not as bad when me and a friend used the toilets during an ice-skating outing. As I moved through the entrance I surprised a child, about half my age, her coat was thrown on the floor, and she was standing over one or the two out in the open toilets, no cubicle, no privacy door, crying and yanking at the top of her ability at the button at the top of her jeans. It was obvious that she couldn't get her jeans unhooked and she was crying for her mother. That surprised me because I hadn't seen anyone else outside there and there was no car parked.

I made her stand still as I dropped to my knees. The jeans were obviously pretty new, but I finally got the button through the slot. I dropped her jeans and undies and she immediately slid herself onto the toilet. I asked her if she needed a partner and she said yes. So I dropped my clothing and placed my butt on the seat next to hers. I thought talking with her would calm her down. It did. I saw a bit of a smile coming over her face, especially when a trickle became a stream, and with energy she started exercising her legs as her production picked up. She heard a couple of toots from me, followed by a splash or two, followed by a large banana-sized piece that I had to widen my legs and lean forward on to pass. She liked my name. I told her that Asa Ann was also a pretty name. She asked if I had seen her momma. I said no, although I was suspicious because she was too young to be alone in such a place.

The toilet paper rolls were bolted to a wall behind us. As I was wiping she was telling me about her mom walking their dog and that she hoped the two of them didn't get lost. She said Mollie was a big pooper and that mom liked to take her away from people when it was pooping time. I motioned to Asa Ann where her toilet paper was and she seemed very attentive as I wiped. I was just finishing up and still pretty vulnerable when her mom and Mollie walked in. Asa Ann jumped down off the seat and without wiping got her clothing back up and her jeans buttoned. Then she ran for her mom and Mollie who was straining her leash to sniff at me. I finished, flushed and I did a cold water wash of my hands.

Back on my bike I got to thinking about what my future in babysitting might be like. I know I won't be as trusting as Asa Ann's mom was in a situation like that. I saw a cigarette pack sticking out of her pocket so I guess she used Asa Ann's and Mollie's needs to get a fast smoke in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Survey by Audrey

Where have you gone before? (so to speak...)

Have you tried:
-Change rooms in clothing stores?
•Yes I have but only pee
-On the front door step of a neighbour you don't like?
•No, my neighbors scare me
-In your living room? (Or all around your house)
•hehe yes
-On public transit?
•No, we don't have public transit really where I live
>Wearing diapers & going while you're sitting next to your fellow commuters.
•That sounds awesome
-In a Mens(women's if you're male) Room?
-In the urinal of a Mens(women's if you're male) room?
•Yes with my STP device
-In the woods?
-In your front/backyard?
•Backyard and Courtyard
-In the garden of your front/backyard?
•back garden
-With some friends?
-On the side of the road, just off a busy highway with other cars going by? (But NOT in one of the lanes. "Safety first", you know...)
•No but in the car yes
-A mall parking lot after you've just done some shopping?
•No but in the car yes
-In a large potted plant somewhere in your home?
•Yes it's really nice
-In a friend's pool?
•Yup but only pee
-On a beach?
-Perhaps in the park near a jogging path you use regularly?
•I've gone in the part before

-Audrey, can you tell us more about your training potty? Did you get a STP device like I suggested? And have you tried going potty in the car?

-Flynn, congratulations on your transition!


Babysitting & Bathrooms

I've been babysitting for nearly 10 years now. Recently over Christmas vacation I had 3 children, Amber who is 8, her 6-year-old brother, Adam, and Kaitlyn who is 7. We spent some time at the mall, skating at a large park lagoon, and some other things largely outdoors because of the pandemic.

I'm in college, an education major, and I've always been the smallest person in my class. I'm of legal age, but when I'm sitting on the toilet, my legs are 5 inches off the floor. Along that same line, I also have a smaller bladder. I've always had to pee more frequently than my peers and I can't seem to hold it until we get to a cleaner bathroom or get back home. So upon first opportunity, I'm seated and peeing away. Sure there's kind of a wicked stream of splashes against the water in the bowl, but I don't try to move around on the seat or put toilet paper over the bowl water to stop the noise. I'm kind of proud of it, I guess. Then I do one quick wipe, jump down and after washing my hands, I'm on my way.

As strange as it may seem, I have to nag and nag Adam to go into the guys' room alone. I know he has to go and he initially drinks a lot of water and pop, and he has his hands at mid-section in discomfort, but he won't go into the guys' room alone. Amber and Kaitlyn are like me and when we are out, they lead the walk/run into the bathroom. I know they don't particularly like toilet stalls without doors and sometimes as they are seated and peeing away, with me often on the toilet right next to them, the mirror in front of us and just behind the sinks, kind of violates our privacy. But Amber and Kaitlyn have good attitudes about the situation and spend just the minimum amount of time on the toilet.

My dilemma is Adam. He's in the 1st grade and he continually withholds his need to pee in public places. I've explained to him that he has a couple of better options by not being fearful of the guys bathrooms which he says are dirty and more busted up. I think this is something that he needs to get over ASAP. At 6, he's too old for the ladies room and Kaitlyn and Amber sometimes show frustrations over Adam's 'pee standoff.' I don't know how much I should do to accommodate him. Holding his pee in or us going to a special place such as where there is a family bathroom for him to use is frustrating. And going back home is even more frustrating for Kaitlyn, Amber and me.

I haven't been able to get much help from Adam and Amber's mom, who is single and working two jobs. She says it's just 'Adam being Adam.'


Response to Anthony T


Welcome to the forum and I will try to answer your question from my experience. For me, I've had a few diarrhea, mushy accidents in my life, but only five truly solid accidents. It's the solid accidents that seem to have given me a "full body experience" as you describe. I eat a very high-fiber diet, filled with vegetarian recipes, though I'm not vegetarian. I just like the extra fiber and protein from beans and meat substitutes.

I defecate twice daily, and normally they are soft, formed, thick and long. When I've had these accidents, for some reason I've missed at least one or more than one regular trip to the bathroom. So, as you can imagine, I have a lot in there needing to come out. Plus, the poop is a little more firm due to being inside me longer.

Then comes the part where I don't have a normal access to the bathroom, so when the urge strikes to relieve myself from a day's worth of missed bowel movements, the urge to go can be pretty strong.

When the accident actually happens, it's like nothing I've experienced. I mean, I just can no longer hold it. My body revolts against my brain and begins the bowel movement and no conscious signal from my brain can shut the process down. The shivering, tingling I think comes from the abnormally strong urge to go as well as the mass of the poop. The redness, flushing, heartbeat comes from the contradictory messages to my brain saying - this feels so good and this is really something that you should not be doing, enjoying or anything like that. Once defecation is complete, there's that automatic reflex to feel the mass back there. Why? I have no idea. There's a huge feeling of relief, perhaps similar to "afterglow" following sex, and even some lightheadedness. If there are tears, its again because of the social implications that you now are an adult that did not make it to the bathroom. And, if truth be told, every human being in their post potty training days has had an accident of some sort.

I've never seen someone have an accident on a plane, but look forward to your story!

Welcome and all the best!



Response to Shannon

Yes! I felt so naughty. It was a legit accident. But I caused it. And, it felt so good! But I know that I cannot make a habit of it! I am blessed. I hope it doesn't sound as if our love centers around the bathroom, because there's so much more than that. I like to think of our interest in bathroom habits as a topping on a banana split, maybe like the whipped cream or maybe just some other topping. But it's not the banana and the ice cream. I'm truly grateful for my family!

Please share if anything develops with Brian or your girlfriend. We all deserve love and it sounds as if you have a lot of love to give too!

I hate to hear about your recent accidents. Yes, I can find banking very frustrating, when I have a simple transaction but someone is taking much longer than they should! And, with a FedEx deliver, what can you do?

I look forward to hearing from you and from Trina. Love you both! Thanks for having this conversation with me!




My First Post (Finally!)

I've been a lurker on this site for years, and tonight I decided to finally start contributing! I'm a 20-year-old with a pretty big bladder and bowel capacity, which can come in handy on long Zoom meetings!

I've been desperate fpr the toilet on countless occasions, but some of the most recent stories include a house party, stadium gig and important family dinner!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, because there's nothing toilet-related that I won't answer!

Thank you all,

- Noot

Sarah E.

Observed 2 accidents at a young age

I have read stories on this website for many years, today I share. These are 2 separate stories, the first happened when I was 6 years old and the second when I was 9. I will split them into 2 different posts because they're both kind of long.

I was at the Zoo with my mom and we had been there all day. It was late afternoon, I think around 4PM, and we were at one of the animal shows - exotic birds if I recall correctly. We had been at the show for about 45 minutes and it was supposed to be an hour long so it was probably almost finished. I noticed my mom was kind of fidgety. The show ended and my mom immediately rushed us out, I could hear her mumbling quietly to herself. I remember feeling frustrated with her for rushing, mostly because I was starting to feel drowsy from the long day. I think I complained and she told me she forgot we needed to drive home in time to pick my sister up from soccer practice later that evening. She said we should have left before the last show because the drive home would be at least an hour and late afternoon traffic would only make it worse. Then I heard her say quietly, and I don't think she really meant for me to hear but I did, "and I REALLY should have used the bathroom before that show too..." She put heavy emphasis on the word 'really'. We got caught in a crowd of people exiting the theatre area and as we exited the bottleneck we walked by a bathroom that was quickly filling up with recent visitors of the show. I heard my mom swear under her breath and say something about no time for that line. We started walking directly towards the exit and I was struggling to keep up with my mom's pace. She was clearly agitated about something. There was another bathroom closer to the Zoo exit and she dragged me towards it but turned away at the last moment when she saw that there were at least 5 or 6 ladies lined up inside the actual room. By now I could sort of tell that she was in need of a toilet, but too impatient or concerned about making it back in time to get my sister to wait. We left the Zoo and got through the parking lot to the car which took another 3 or 4 minutes of walking. By the time we got to the car I was exhausted and sleepy. My mom helped me into the back and we got going. We drove for about 5 minutes exiting the parking lots and making our way to the highway. By then I could barely keep my eyes open and was just dozing off when I noticed a smell. It was definitely a fart smell - VERY ripe, but not unhealthy smelling, if that makes any sense. It's kind of weird how well I can remember just that smell, I don't know, it's just a very distinct memory for whatever reason. I remembered what mom had said earlier about needing a toilet and gradually started waking back up. But I kept my eyes shut. I could hear mom shifting around in her seat uncomfortably. She groaned almost inaudibly but the car was quiet inside except for road noise so I could hear really well. She farted again, this time I heard it, it kind of sounded like a zipper but muffled. Mom groaned slightly louder and shifted around again. It smelled considerably worse after the second fart. I peeked my eyes barely open to see what she was doing and I saw she was raising her bottom off the seat just a little by leaning forward for a few seconds and then she would lean back. She kept doing this repeatedly. It was obvious by now that she was desperately in need of a bathroom. I noticed her glance at the mirror checking on me in the back seat and shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heard her moving and peeked once again and this time saw she had raised herself fully off the seat. I heard another fart, the loudest yet, and immediately was hit with a wave of stink. Then I heard a muffled crackling sound and some quiet groaning, followed by another fart, this time not as loud but longer. I saw her carefully lower herself back onto the seat in her now full pants and remember secretly enjoying the now intense aroma of what sounded like a substantial BM. She seemed to have finished and resigned herself to just continuing home in her newly-smelly state, seemingly convinced that I was unaware of the situation, having slept through the whole thing. I wondered if she would stop somewhere to clean herself up, and if so, whether she would wake me up and have me come in with her or not. But she didn't stop, and we continued towards home, making it most of the way there without running into traffic, which was at least a small victory for mom I guess, lol.

About 10 minutes before we would have arrived home, it had been about 60 minutes in a (still) very smelly car by this point, I pretended to wake up. My mom noticed immediately, but didn't say anything at first. Finally she just said we would be home shortly and that I needed to run inside and use the bathroom quickly and get ready to turn around right away because we were just stopping real quick before going to pick up my sister. I asked mom why we wouldn't just go straight to pick her up and then home after, and said I didn't need to use the bathroom. She just mumbled something about me needing to not being difficult and her struggling to get a million things done in too short a time. Then I straight up asked her about the smell in the car. I remember saying: "it smells really stinky in here like somebody went potty" or something like that. My mom just did a huge sigh and said: "I'm sorry sweetie, that's me. I needed to use the restroom before we left the Zoo but I just lost track of time and by the time I remembered your sister's practice, it was already too late for to do anything but get in the car and go or we would still be in traffic right now. As it is anyway, we're already late. Her practice will be over at 5:30 and at this rate we won't be there until 5:45." I remember not saying anything for a minute or two and then asking her if she was okay. She just said she will be fine once she gets a chance to go to the bathroom when we get home and apologized for the smell in the car. Then she sighed again and said, more like she was talking to herself than to me, "we're closer to the practice field right now than home anyway.." and kind of trailed off as she changed lanes to exit the highway. I think she had planned to try to make it all the way home and get herself cleaned up while I was still asleep and before going to get my sister, but gave up on that plan now that I had caught her. I noticed we were heading towards the park and the soccer fields instead of home. Now, at the time of this story I was 6, but my sister was 14, and fully into that angsty teenager stage of life. As we pulled up to the fields and saw Kenzie (not her real name) making her way over to the car, I knew she was going to notice the smelly car right away and I think mom did too. Kenzie opened the door and got in and immediately I saw her face scrunch up and she gave me a disgusted look and said real loudly: "EEEEeeeewwwwww!! did Sarah poop her pants that smells so gross!" Mom shushed her and quickly started driving again. Kenzie continued to go on about the smell and was giving me a really hard time about it, trying to sit as far as she could from me and holding her nose. She started to tease me a little saying 6 year old kids don't have accidents anymore and laughing. I was starting to get upset and I had been saying all along that it wasn't me, but Kenzie wasn't listening. Finally, mom pulled up to a stop sign and loudly shushed us both before looking at Kenzie and saying, with clear exasperation in her voice, "it was me okay? I had an accident on the drive home and we came straight here to pick you up. I'm sorry that it smells, but please stop harassing your sister. It's been a long day, please just deal with it for a few minutes and we'll be home." It was pretty quiet the rest of the way home, I started to get kind of sleepy again, but I could tell Kenzie was really bothered by the smell. She kept taking these little stifled breaths, like she was trying to breath only through her mouth and as little as possible. When we got home she hurried out of the car as fast as she could without saying anything. I slowly started to get myself out of the car, but struggled a little bit because I was still little. Mom came around to help with the seatbelt and the door and when she got closer to me I could smell her poopy pants very strongly. Then she helped me out and I remember following her into the house, slightly behind her and holding her hand. I snuck a quick peek at her bottom and there was a noticeable bulge in the seat of her pants, but no stains. I guessed it must have been a fairly solid poop that probably stayed in her underwear, with no wetness to stain through. We went inside and my sister was already upstairs probably showering after getting her soccer stuff off. My mom went off to clean up as well, but not before putting on a kid's show for me and telling me that she'd get dinner ready for us in a little while.

And that was about it for that story. My mom pooped her pants on the drive home from the Zoo, not because she was sick or anything, she just held it too long and got too desperate and had to use her pants as a toilet. My sister was weird about it for a few weeks, I could tell she seemed to act a bit differently around my mom. But it never really bothered me, I even remember enjoying it slightly. I'll post the second story from when I was 9 after this.

Sarah E.

Observed 2 accidents as a kid - 2nd story

I posted a story about my mom having an accident on the drive home from the Zoo one day, here is my second story about witnessing an accident while I was a kid.

This time I was 9 years old and with a babysitter. The babysitter was a young college student, probably between 19-21, brunette, medium height, very slim physique. I will call her Erica (not her real name). She was a total sweetheart and I loved spending time with her. It was summer and I was not in school and my parents both worked full time so I would often spend entire days with Erica. One day we were out and about all day doing some of my favorite things. We went to a fair in the morning and there was a petting zoo and then we had lunch at my favorite place. I remember Erica had a BIG burger for lunch and she ate all of it. I remember commenting about it and her saying something like she was surprised at herself but was just starving all day long for some reason. After lunch we went to a park where I played on the swings and slides and stuff for a while. Erica would push me on the swings or help me around the slides so she was never really far away. At some point, I noticed a foul smell in the air around us, like someone had farted. I just shrugged it off and kept playing. The smell went away, but every once in a while I would catch a whiff of it again. After a half hour or so it was time to leave the park, Erica had planned for us to go see some new Disney movie in the afternoon. So we set off to the local movie theatre, Erica had her own car so she would always drive us around everywhere. The smell came back in the car really strongly right before we go to the mall where the theatre was and Erica frowned slightly. I asked her if she smelled something. She said: "Sorry sweetie, I passed gas. I think lunch made me a little big gassy." I said something like oh okay whatever and she parked the car and we got out and started walking to the theatre. On the way there, Erica farted again three times, each loud enough to hear this time, and the smell was as strong as ever, even though we were walking. She excused herself each time and I could tell she was slightly upset about being so noisy/stinky around me. We went in and Erica got some popcorn and treats for us and we made our way to the theatre and started watching the movie. For a while it was uneventful, but about halfway through the movie, I smelled that same strong fart smell again. It was stronger than ever this time, and I began to feel like I was enveloped in this cloud of stink. I saw that a few of the other nearby moviegoers also seemed to notice the smell, glancing around inquisitively and some quiet sniffing. I remember feeling like some of them probably suspected me at the time, as I was the youngest audience member in the area. The movie finished up about 45 minutes later and during that time there were a few other instances of silent, but very smelly gas, in our immediate area. As the credits started to roll and people started to get up, I kind of tried to discreetly nudge Erica and ask her if she had smelled anything during the movie. She nodded very slightly and seemed like she was sort of hurrying me to get us out of the theatre, but we were trapped in a bottleneck of people trying to get out, just like with the show at the Zoo in my first story about my mom's accident. Erica farted again while we were in the hallway full of people waiting to get out, and this time it was clearly audible. I'm sure people heard it, but with there being so many people grouped so closely, it would have been very difficult to tell who it had come from. I could only tell because I was standing inches from her. The smell returned, seemingly even more potent this time. It REALLY started to stink like poop and I actually heard a quiet groan or two, lol. We finally made it out of the theatre into the lobby and were on our way out when we passed the bathrooms. I could tell Erica needed a toilet badly by this point. She eyed the ladies room which already had a line growing out of the doorway. She asked me if I needed to go potty, and I could hear there was impatience in her voice. I told her I didn't need to (not entirely true, I kinda had to pee, but wasn't urgent) and she rushed us past the bathroom out the main lobby doors back towards the parking lots. Shortly after we got outside I heard and smelled another fart from her. I looked over at her as we walked and her face was blushing bright red. She caught me looking at her and forced a smile, before rubbing her belly and frowning. I asked her if she was okay and she said: "I need to use the toilet sweetie. I've had trouble going the last few days and that big lunch earlier has really got things moving for me. We're going to kind of rush home in a hurry, but I have to make sure we drive safely, because your parents would never forgive me if anything happened." We arrived at the car and got in and she started it and we left the mall. We were on the road heading back towards home which would still be about a 25 minute drive. Erica farted repeatedly while we were in the car. She apologized about the smell, but said she really couldn't help it anymore. I told her I knew how she was feeling and tried to be sympathetic. About 15 minutes from home, Erica farted again, much more loudly and much longer than she had before. This was immediately followed by the strongest smell yet. Erica groaned and lifted herself off the seat slightly while driving. She looked back at me and apologized again, then she said something I will always remember. She said: "Sarah, I am really sorry but I am going to have to go poopies in my pants. I have been holding it too long and it's really starting to hurt bad. I definitely should have used the restroom at the movie theatre, but I just saw the lines and thought I could hold it a little bit longer. I don't even think I could hold it long enough now to pull over and go into like a gas station or something. It's urgent." And with that, she raised herself slightly higher off the seat and I heard a sort of farty, crackling explosion sound that carried on for about 7 or 8 seconds followed by a couple of low volume but very gassy and prolonged farts. The poop smell in the car was intense. Erica opened some windows which helped a little with the smell, but it was still very strong. We drove the rest of the way home in silence. Erica wasn't crying or anything, but I could tell she was extremely upset. When we arrived at home, Erica got out of the car slowly and I followed her inside. The bulge in her pants was massive, easily twice the size of the one I remember seeing in my mom's pants a few years earlier. Again, there was no visible staining on her pants, just a large bulge. Erica continued to fart while we were walking in, they were all super airy quiet farts but I was able to hear them. I remember thinking it was weird that she was still faring so much after she had just pooped. We got inside and Erica helped me get my shoes off and start watching a TV show before she went off to the bathroom. I waited a minute or two and then snuck back to the hallway outside the bathroom. Erica had shut the door but it was an old house and there was a gap of about 3 or 4 inches between the door and the floor. Easily enough room to see quite a bit of activity in the actual bathroom if you crouched down to look through it. As I got closer, the smell got stronger. I lowered myself down and peeked through the crack and saw Erica's feet moving around near the toilet/bathtub. I saw her shorts/panties drop to the floor. There was an enormous, ball-shaped pile of poop in them, obviously very solid. I remember silently mouthing the word WOW and thinking that she had REALLY needed to go. I watched as she reached down and cradled the loaded panties up off the ground and then heard the splash as she dropped her poop into the toilet. The shower started and I returned to the living room and my show, Erica rejoined me about 30 minutes later and was unusually quiet the rest of the evening. My mom eventually got home and Erica headed off after a brief discussion, with Erica reporting everything save for her embarrassing mishap, leaving mom satisfied but none the wiser to the most exciting event of the day.

So that's it. My attractive young babysitter held it for too long while we were out doing stuff and eventually pooped her pants in front of me. I felt bad for her at the time, but remember thinking back on it a few years later and realizing that Erica really wasn't subjected to too great a degree of embarrassment, all things considered, since I was the only one who ever knew about her accident. I told my mom and my sister about it like 10 years later when I was just starting college at about the same age Erica would have been when she had the accident. They both shared a knowing laugh and said it happens to everyone eventually. I knew about my mom's history with accidents, but upon hearing their exchange, gave my sister a little glance. She noticed and laughed again, telling me she'd share her own 'little bathroom mishap' (her words) with me another day. She did eventually share her story with me, and I will share it with you, but that's a story for another day.

First Time Guy

The power of psyllium husk

Hi All!

Active poster here and by that I literally mean I'm in the middle of a dump right now. I've always wanted to share but felt too shy to do so. Right now I'm in heaven though and figured it was no better time than now to take the plunge. I've been backed up for a couple days and decided to give psyllium husk a try. I knew it was the key ingredient in Metamucil but I was pretty desperate and decided to just go straight to the source and use the pure powder. I ignored the directions and may have put a few extra scoops in my glass before chugging the mix and crashing into bed.

Needless to say, I woke up with a serious need to take a dump. It's taken me about 20 min just to type this because I keep stopping to unload the next round. I'm on my third flush and my stomach is still warning me that there's more to come. Have you ever taking a dump so amazing that you feel like a whole new person!? I'm so glad it's the weekend because I will not be leaving this seat for awhile. I hope this encourages me to post more and share some stories. For now though, I'm gonna scroll through the latest posts and try to ignore the smell filling the bathroom.

Have a wonderful day!


Swing Peeing

This happened back in the 1980s when me and my friend Maggie were in grade school. We were like 7 or 8. Me and her and a couple of our other classmates would do synchronized peeing peeing the bathroom in the park. Then we got bolder because Maggie had a great imagination, it was summer and we would get bored, and by using the toilets there we were able to stay out out a little closer to dark. The swing set had several swings of various heights. One of the swing sets had seats made of aluminum so we had to use the plastic seat set for what we wanted to do. This seat had holes about the size of quarters drilled in it. It was off-yellow in color.

One day Maggie hadn't put on any underwear under her black shorts. She had done this often. Sometimes she said her mom hadn't done the wash. But on this day it was deliberate. She said she wanted to try sand spraying, a take-off of her uncles business where he flew crop-duster planes. She lowered her shorts to just below her pee hole. Then seated with both hands on the chains I would swing her. I started slow, really slow, and she shouted off the count, and when she got to 10 she would start peeing. The first 3 sets didn't work and I kind of teased her about giving up. I knew she wouldn't. She repositioned her self on the swing seat several times. It was starting to get dark and I knew we had to get back home when I swung her the best yet. And sure enough it worked. She was spraying out and wetting a large part of the sand. She had deliberately held back her pee that evening at supper and she was fully fueled. Then a 5th grade boy Parker, who both Maggie and I thought was half perv, walked over and asked what we were doing. That was the end of our fun for the day.

Victoria B.

Plugged up!


I recently had a prescription for insomnia changed by my doctor. It does what it's supposed to and I'm afraid a little bit more: I'm writing this late Sunday afternoon and my last bowel movement was Friday morning. In other words, I'm constipated!

Robyn found out the hard way this morning when she made me pancakes only for most of them to end up in the fridge! I told her that I felt bloated, that my stomach hurt and that my appetite had gone missing. Then she asked me the last time I had taken a dump.

"Um, I, um, I pooped on Friday morning!"
"Have you tried to go both ways since then?"
"No, I haven't felt any pressure or urge to push the times when I've peed."
Robyn motioned for me to slide back from the table and then asked me to pull up my shirt. I raised my oversized t-shirt and she put her hand on my abdomen. Feeling around at about the same level as the waistband of my panties (a pair of purple boyshorts) she hit a sensitive spot. "Ouch! That hurt a little!..."
"Victoria.... you're constipated. You're constipated and if you don't go by tonight you need a laxative."
"Butt, that's right. We're talking about yours and right now it's full."
I agreed to start with a stool softener and Robyn was kind enough to go to the pharmacy and pick up not only some Colace but some...other options as well.
"If you haven't gone by bedtime I'm giving you three of these and a big glass of water," she said, shaking the Colace inside its bottle for emphasis.
"If those haven't worked and you still haven't pooped by tomorrow afternoon I'm making you an enema bag or giving you a suppository. Your choice!" she said with a wink.

It's almost dinner time but my appetite is still nowhere to be found and I haven't produced anything more than a couple farts from my b-hole, much less a full BM. Looks like it may be time for some Colace :/
Hopefully this is just a big misunderstanding with my body and firm, well-formed BMs await me at the bottom of this.



Female Underwear

There was an unnamed post asking about wearing underwear of the opposite sex . I wear female incontinence undies because they are the most suitable because they cater best for dribbles and the like from both exits . They are also less expensive. If I knew I would be wearing such things 20 years ago I would be mortified , but now given all my issues they are the very best .


Kazu did motions in the midnight

Hi everybody, how angry are you to bad Mina who never post? But I never forget you everybody. Just sometimes I want to run away from computer. Because telework all day. (But sometimes I go to office.)

Last Sunday night, that is mean a week ago, I woke up and surprised to find I am alone in the bed. Where is Kazu? Hisae and Maho are sleeping in beige flat.

I thought, maybe she is in loo. She sometimes does wee in the night. Me too.

But she doesn't come back, I wondered , is she OK??

Then suddenly I hear noise. pu pu pu pu pu. Five times. She is fart. So she is in loo, but it is not wee only!

Suddenly I am not sleepy. I look at time, it is 0420. I get out of the bed, out from bedroom, I see light on in loo. So Kazu is there, Door is shut. I open door.

"Aaa Minappé! Sorry I wake you up."

"Are you all right Kazu?"

"Maybe I think I am all right..." she has strain voice, and she move forward on loo so I can see. I look and three turds floating on water, more turds underneath but not clear. And one more turd slowly coming out from Kazu's beautiful bottom. Not so big turd, it is about wide 3 centimetres and very nice shape. Quite long, about 15 centimetres. Plop into loo.

Then her beautiful bottom domed out again and next turd appeared. So I squat by her and take her hand. She squeezed and said "Minappé" in warm voice.

Plop into loo, and next turd start to come out at once. How many she is going to do??

"Kazu are you really OK?"

"Maybe.... in dream, I did lots turds on floor of supermarket, so I shocked and woke up! And I felt many turds in bottom so decide to go to loo."

"And now you are doing turds many many, né." "né" is Japanese word it mean like tag question.

"Yes" said Kazu in small voice. I look behind her and large turd is coming out. About 20 centimetres is long.

"Minappé, you are sleepy, né?" Kazu said. "You can back to the bed. I want to do more turds."

"I stay with you, Kazu. Do turds a hundred if you want."

Kazu squeezed my hand hard. So I also squeezed. Kazu's bottom is busy while she squeeze. Plop.



Plop-plop-plop-plop. Four came out quickly. I look in loo, and wow! I must flush at once. "Stand up Kazu, I flush."

Lucky thing, just then there is no turd coming from her beautiful bottom, so she can stand up, no problem. I flush and all went down except one. Then she sit down and start to push out large turd. But she said, "I think soon finish." Then two more turds. Plop. Plop. Then some little ones, plop plop plop, then she said "finish" so I pushed washlet button for her. Then I dried her, I feeling very very warm. She squeeze my other hand hard.

Then I flushed again and we washed hands well and back together to the bed. Time is 0440. We can sleep again I think, Monday is public holiday. I hug Kazu hard in the bed, her body go all soft, I caress but she didn't move. Suddenly I realise she sleeping. So I don't hug so hard, and then.... I don't remember but next thing, it is 0830 hrs and I wake up. Kazu is eyes wide open and she is staring in my face. Her eyes shining. Suddenly she hug me hard. This time my body go all soft, she hug and caress and I only receive.

Then we get up from the bed, at same time there is noise at door, then Hisae dance into room and Maho walk behind her. "We prepare nice breakfast! You are two sleepy head! Come to beige flat." So we went, and huge breakfast on table, mix of Japanese-style and Western-style. So we ate and ate and ate and talked lots. Kazuko told about her visit to loo in the midnight, but not the detail like I write here. Because we eating. But she said many times, "Minappé so sweet, so lovely, she never say sleepy, she stay by me all the time, even one hour." But I said, "Not one hour, twenty minutes!"

After breakfast Hisae danced to the loo, she always dances or jumps. We decide I squat beside her. When I see her first turd, so huge, my stomach said, "Mina you next!" But I decided to be patient, so I waited, she didn't take so long time to do six large turds, first one was biggest one. I dried her well after washlet, it is so a pleasure to dry her, she is so lovely!

Maho said, "Minappé you need loo. I can see in your face." Kazu look at Maho. Maho understood her eyes, and she said, "Of course, Kazu. That is your job." So Kazuko squatted next me, and hold my hand.

My turd was hard so I closed my eyes to push. And push and push. But after about a minute it came out PLOP. I looked. Wow huge! But then quickly sat down on loo to push more. plop. Plop. Plop. Plop. I don't remember how many, but they were big ones.

Kazuko said, "Minappé, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!"

I was cover with shame. Why I didn't say same thing to Kazu in the midnight??? Her turds and her everything so beautiful!! But I didn't say!! Bad bad bad Mina.

"Minappé, you have to stand. Loo is full of your beautiful turds."

Kazu, last night you were so beautiful everything wa." "wa" is Japanese word in end of sentence, no meaning, only expression, and only woman use.

I stood up, and Kazu flushed. I hope she smack my bottom hard while I standing. But she didn't smack. Instead she said, "beautiful bottom." Maho and Hisae nodded their heads. I couldn't stand any more because pressure inside my bottom, so I sat down. Plop plop plop many times more. I was crying and crying. Maho and Hisae also had crying face, and Kazu gave sigh sound and many whimper.

Maho looked like she wants loo, so I tell my bottom to hurry. I gave strong strong push and burururururururururururu. Nearly finish! Kazu gave gasp sound and then she said "beautiful." I said, "just little more." Maho seems to desperate.... So I finish, I think I am empty so it's OK. After washlet, I stand. "Maho, go on loo, I wipe standing." Maho gave me beautiful smile and sat down quickly on loo. I bended down, so Kazu could dry me. Hisae knelt by Maho.

I stop here, because this story too long. I love to write! I tell about Maho's motion another time, but it was her usual one, about 20 minutes.

I am sorry if you yawn many times. But I don't want to make shorter.....

After Maho finish, hugs and tea as usual. We are so happy!!

I hope you are all well and no corona, and comfy time in loo, no sickness. Catherine your family all better now?

Love to everyone.

Your very own bad Mina and 3 crushes


To Catherine

Catherine: Congrats (?) on your Christmas accident and subsequent times with your husband, lol. I'm jealous. Maybe I need to force holding longer sometime, too.

Nothing exciting for me outside of a sharting incident Friday morning, but those aren't fun for me. Thankfully it wasn't much and I could clean up fairly quickly.

Ta ta for now!


Hey, everyone!! I didn't do this last time, but I wanted to wish everyone good health and best wishes as we all continue to navigate through challenging times. You are never alone and we WILL get through this!!

Now... to the point of this page...

Just Another Girl: I too remember those people. It was hinted long ago that Kendal and co. were in an accident, but I don't know if they ever came back.

Deb & Kristen: I hope you both feel better soon!!

Kristen: sorry to hear of your IBS!! I know it's rough. Hang in there, stay strong and keep smiling!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Just Another Girl

Story time and a reply to Trekkie

It's been a hot minute since I've posted here, but I figured that I'd like to start contributing again. I've got a lot of stories that I want to share - but not all at once, obviously - and I've really missed being a part of this beautiful community of people. So I am officially back!

I have a recent story that involves me and my best friend. She knows about my interest in toilet-related matters, and one day while visiting her, she asked me whether I would like to watch her. I of course jumped at the chance, and so we went into her bathroom and shut the door. (Moderator, I hope that none of this oversteps any boundaries. I will try my utmost to abide by the rules).

She pulled down her dark blue leggings and black underwear and seated herself on the toilet. I asked her what she needed to do, and she responded that she only needed to pee - she had done her poo earlier that day before my visit. (If she hadn't, I would also have been okay with it. I'm not squeamish in that regard).

It took several seconds before I heard the light tinkling sound that indicated that her bladder was starting to empty. Over the next several seconds, the sound turned from a tinkle into a strong gush that lasted for a surprisingly long time before eventually dying down and ending with a few little drops. She let out a sigh of relief and then said, "Did you enjoy that?" I smiled and replied in the affirmative. After wiping herself, she stood up and pulled up her underwear and leggings, and we exited the bathroom.

I felt very privileged to have been witness to something like that. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their bodily functions with others; yet she was more than happy to invite me in to be privy to such a private moment. I hope to return the favour soon!

To Trekkie: I have been a reader here since 2010 (although I only started posting in 2015). I have read through so many of the old posts from years ago and I remember all of the people you mentioned! I loved Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal - they had such a special relationship and they wrote so eloquently for their age. I also really enjoyed the stories by George and Moira, Donna and Lauren, Tony, Nicola, Kim and Scott, Tailwagger, Shy Little Babe, Carmalita, and Electra. They were so amazingly descriptive and their writing style made you feel as though you were right there with them. I wonder if any of them are still interested in this type of thing...and if any of them ever stop by here occasionally? They were absolute gems!


Fun survey I found

Where have you gone before? (so to speak...)

Have you tried:
-Change rooms in clothing stores?

-On the front door step of a neighbour you don't like?

-In your living room? (Or all around your house)

-On public transit?
>Wearing diapers & going while you're sitting next to your fellow commuters.

-In a Mens(women's if you're male) Room?
-In the urinal of a Mens(women's if you're male) room?
-In the woods?
-In your front/backyard?
-In the garden of your front/backyard?
-With some friends?
-On the side of the road, just off a busy highway with other cars going by? (But NOT in one of the lanes. "Safety first", you know...)
-A mall parking lot after you've just done some shopping?
-In a large potted plant somewhere in your home?
>I tried that a few times.
-In a friend's pool?
-On a beach?
-Perhaps in the park near a jogging path you use regularly?

Anthony T

Accident Questions

I've been a longtime lurker on this site, but this is my first time posting. I've always been fascinated by stories of adults pooping in their pants, largely because it seems like such an exceptional event. While anyone can fall victim to an untimely case of diarrhea, for many years I actually had trouble believing that an adult can get to a point where they "just can't hold it" and have an accident with normal, solid stool. That was until I witnessed an unfortunate situation on a long flight, where a young woman was repeatedly denied use of the restroom (due to takeoff, turbulence, etc.), and ended up having an enormous accident in her pants just before she could reach the lavatory. I'll tell that story next time, but in the meantime I have a couple questions for everyone.

1) Why is having a an accident (especially a poop accident) such a "full body experience." Everyone here seems to describe the uncontrollable trembling, heart pounding, hot flashes, etc. at the moment when they lose control, not to mention crying.

2) Have you ever seen someone caught short on a plane? It seems a fairly likely place for such an event to occur, given it is one of the few places where we can't fully control our restroom usage, and there are long periods where you can't leave your seat.

Thursday, January 14, 2021


Feeling flushed

Hi guys
I didn't really know where else to share my experience and I stumbled across this forum.
My husband has always been obsessed with flushing the toilet while his seated and he always tells me about how good the splashing water felt up his butt or he tried it on a new toilet at work and the flush was so intense , he sometimes even records videos of himself doing it crazy.
Anyway last night I was in a rush I was running late for gym class and I had a strong urge to pee so I quickly ran to the toilet that we have downstairs by the hall and I didn't bother to close the door in fear of not making it , just as I had started to pee my husband appears by the door looking at my on the toilet he had a mischievous grin on his face and before I could stop it he flushed the toilet on my butt, instantly I felt a surge of cold water splashing up my crack into my butt hole I didn't just get a little splash my bum was soaked by the end of it and he was laughing at me.
I feel a little paranoid that I could get some infection up my butt from the water do you think its safe or I should be concerned, iv read through other peoples stories on here who flush while seated bit it only ever mentions a little sprinkle

Hey!! Long time, no see!! I could have posted this any time in the last year since all this Covid craziness started.

So when this was all supposed to be temporary, my family and I hunkered down as much as we could. Our eating habits weren't the greatest with lots of chips and fried food. Not so good for the digestive system. So as you can imagine, it lead to constipation at least once.

My first dump that I recall then was seven days or so in the making after some mediocre sessions. I went in feeling like it would be fine since I finally had something decent for dinner. Wrong!! A lot of straining and even some sweat involved. But it came out eventually. If anyone recalls the first Austin Powers movie in the bathroom and Tom Arnold, well... it was kinda like that except with a real dump instead of an assassin. Surprisingly, it went down because it was a powerful dual-flush toilet, but the plumber did have to come a few times due to leaky pipes. Hmmm.. I wonder how that happened?? *whistles

Lorenz: Great answer, thank you! Peeing in a fountain sounds fun, Darsolea is very confident.
Flynn: Congratulations on your transition!
1. Is it better to use a toilet seat cover or cover the seat with TP?
Seat cover
2. Is it better to squat over a public toilet or sit down (with safety!)
Sit. Girls can still pee standing up, though.
3. Is peeing in a sink a good alternative to peeing in a public toilet?
Only if it's like a family restroom with just one toilet, then Absolutely, otherwise no.
4. What's it like talking to other girls in the bathroom? Hehe
Kind of uncomfortable.
Finally, should I get another potty chair after I transition? I have been thinking about revisiting the concept and I think a potty would be better suited for a girls' body since a penis makes the splash guard a bit troublesome. Anyway, I hope you all have a nice New Year. Keep going, and keep wiping! Absolutely! Potty chairs are the best!
1 What is the weirdest place you've peed in?
In a droor at my friend's house.
2 What is the oldest age where you felt comfortable peeing right in front of a friend with your penis in full view? Meaning not at a urinal, but in a regular toilet or out in the open.
Still am today!
3 Do you remember seeing other boys peeing in preschool or daycare? How many? Any funny stories?
Yes, I'm a girl so only outside, but we once dug a whole for people to pee and poop in, peed in a little cardboard box, in a hollow tree stump, and the middle of a circle of people facing out to give us a privacy screen.
4 Did you ever see any girls peeing in preschool or daycare? What did you think about it when you saw it?
Same as above.
5 Did you ever pee with another boy at the same time in the same toilet? Or in a urinal? Or in the woods? Did you make your peepee streams cross? Was it your friend, brother, cousin, etc. What was said?
I tired this with my friend jack a few times.
6 Are you circumcised or uncircumcised?
I know this survey is for boys, I'll see if I can get Jack on here to answer it.
7 How old were you when you saw a penis that looked different from yours? (Circ or uncirc). Did you ever witness a friend's foreskin being pulled back or show your friend how you pulled yours back?

8 When you peed, did you try to aim for the water to make louder peeing sounds or did you try to hide the sounds by aiming for the side of the bowl?
It depended on what I wanted.
9 How old were you when you learned to pee without pulling your pants all the way down?
Since I'm a girl, I was like 14.
10 Did you get to teach another boy how to pee standing up? Was it your brother, cousin, friend, boy in preschool, etc? I've only taught girls, of course.

Laurie and Marie: I've read Car mom's stories in the old posts and loved them! Does anyone else have car peeing stories?

Urinal survey: Choice 1: long, flat vertical wall of porcelain or steel that you pee against. My pee often goes down, so this is best for me.

Shannon: Your new years story is one of the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! Tell me, how did you clean the sink bath and bucket, and whose idea was it to pee in naughty places like that? I doubt I could convince others to join me. Also did you just leave the garbage can full of piss? That's sexy but kind of nasty!:D


to Catherine/other replies and story

Hi Catherine! I had sent a post on news year day or so with a reply to your story from christmas, but i guess it didn't come up! luckily i write my posts in notepad ahead of time so i dont accidentally prematurely post them so i was able to just go copy what i had written to you! it was:

Catherine- oh my God. I love you so much lol. You're so bad for doing that, in a good way. That sounds like it was so much fun and felt so good, I'm glad you did that for yourself. A nice warm Christmas present wrapped up in your undies :) I'm also glad you managed to stay in control long enough that you didn't mess yourself until you were in private. You could have lost the gamble and had an accident in the kitchen in front of your family! Though I'm sure you wouldn't have minded. Anyway, it's great to hear from you, thank you for that story! Have a happy and safe new year, to you and your family! Oh wait, speaking of hit the jackpot with Alan lol. Between him and Deb's husband I'm feeling jealous that I dont have a strong partner who would be so amazing about it. Maybe you guys are onto something about my coworker I feel so weird saying that. I have actually imagined the prospect of going out with him before, like casually, not like I had a crush on him or anything. But he's fairly cute and a really good guy, and I'm over 30 and can't be too picky, so of course I've given some thought to it I dont know. I'll just let things play out as they will. The girl I'm currently hanging out with is lovely and she was so nice when I peed in the bed a couple weeks ago so there is always potential there too.

here are some other replies i had written too.

Trina- hello there! If you're jealous of my Christmas eve accident you should take a page out of Catherine's book and just treat yourself to a staged accident ;) also, I'm sorry you peed your pants when you were so close to making it, that's always frustrating. Have a happy and safe new year!

Deb- hi Deb! That sounds like it was a rough couple of days, I'm sorry you got such bad diarrhea. Your husband sounds AMAZING. what a blessing for you. Its great how he takes it in stride and just helps you out whenever you poop your pants, regardless of the situation. I've had partners and friends who acted repulsed and off-put when I've had accidents around them, and it just made me feel horrible about myself. People who just help you are saints!

Emma- hi Emma! Welcome. I'm sorry you had an accident at the gym, it sounds like it was a really bad one. I'm happy your partner was supportive and helpful though in your time of need, that's what really counts. Feel better!

Trekkie- hi trekkie! Lol I'm glad you enjoyed my story, I try to be descriptive whenever I write about anything. As for your questions- I don't wet myself too often. That bedwetting was very random and I'm still not sure why it happened, I think its literally just because I had a dream about peeing so it like triggered me to go or something. That being said, I have had some memorable pee accidents, particularly that one I posted about here once where I was tipsy while getting on a tour boat, and I wet my jeans in front of my friends and many strangers. As far as the time I pooped and peed in the car on my way to meet my friend, there isn't really a lot more to it than what I wrote. I was just stuck in the car so I couldn't get to a toilet, and I wound up pooping first. I remember it was thick and soft. I held my bladder for another 10 minutes or so before I gave in and just wet myself too since I was already a mess anyway. I cleaned myself up in a McDonald's bathroom lol.

Wendy M.- that's actually pretty funny about what happened to your friend! Tell her you have it on good authority that she's not even close to being alone in the pooped-undies-on-Christmas category, if what has been posted here lately is any indication.

Kristen: I'm so sorry your ibs has been flaring up so bad lately and caused you to have a major accident in your dads car. I also pooped myself in my dads car like a week before Thanksgiving so I feel your pain. Seat cleaning and all. I hope you find some relief from your ibs, maybe there is a medication that can help?

Now for two quick stories. so we are 10 days into 2021 and so far i think i'm on pace to have a worse year than last year lol, as i have already had two accidents. one was yesterday when the fed ex guy made me poop my pants! Lol. I had just gotten home from work and taken my shoes off, and i was needing to poop pretty urgently and just about to head to the bathroom when my intercom buzzed and it was the fed ex guy. he had something i'd been waiting for that needed to be signed for so i HAD to go down and sign for it. i put my shoes back on and i rushed down there, signed for my package, then the guy starts making chit chat. i tried to be polite and reply to him but i REALLY had to go, and i just started heading back up the stairs as he was talking. i hurried as fast as i could, but by the time i got back up to my apartment door, my underwear felt a lot warmer and heavier...i had pooped pretty much the whole way up the steps. it was a somewhat solid load, it filled up my undies like a little football, with a little mush on top, and i stunk up the stairwell. i just held my breath and prayed i'd make it inside before anyone came out into the stairwell and pinned the smell on me... luckily i did. Anyway when i got inside i just opened my package and took care of a couple of things since i didn't need to poop anymore, and i cleaned myself up and changed my underwear a little while later.

The other accident happened last week. I was in the car after work and i needed to go to the bathroom but i also needed to stop and get money from the bank. i pulled into the bank by my house and went to the drive thru atm, figuring it would be quick and i would get home in time. wrong. there were two cars ahead of me, and it was like both of them were taking out a freaking personal loan or something on the atm because they were taking forever. i dont get it, you just put your card in, get money and leave. its simple. but these people were dragging it on and on, and by the time i finally got up to the atm, i knew i wasn't going to make it home. i pretty much just gave up holding it in and as i was using the atm, i relaxed and filled my underwear with a soft pile of mushy poop. it felt immensely relieving, and the initial moments of sitting in the warmth were oddly euphoric. the bliss wore off quickly once i smelled it, then when i started thinking about the clean up. i then lifted my butt from the seat and tried to drive the rest of the way home like that because i just had panties and leggings on so i was afraid of the mess soaking through into my seat, which has of course happened more than once before and its a real pain to get the smell out of the car when that happens.

These were two accidents i realize that i could have avoided if i just used the toilet at work before i drove home. but i am still just too stubborn to do's like why stay at work extra time to use a communal bathroom when i could just go right home and use my own bathroom? i mean i DO make it home MOST of the time lol. it's worth the risk of using my underwear by accident to try and make it home i guess.


So this is my first post. I've actually viewed this website but never had anything to post until now. I'm staying at my best friend's house for the weekend and her mom fixed tacos for supper. The tacos were very good, her mom is an excellent cook. After dinner, I went with my best friend to her room and we talked for a bit before I went to shower. After I showered, my best friend went to shower and I went downstairs.

I found my best friend's mom, who I will call Ella in the kitchen. She greeted me with a smile and I thanked her for letting me stay. She told me I was always welcome and gave me a hug. After the hug, we talked about various things until she let out a loud fart...on purpose. I immediately burst into laughter and she watched me laughing with a smile on her face. The fart smelled horrible but for some odd reason, that just made it funnier.

She said nobody wants to be around her on taco night due to her being so gassy. I told her I didn't mind and she let out another loud fart and this time, we both laughed. She said she almost pooped her pants with that fart which only made me laugh harder.

After that, she mentioned she better go to the bathroom and she winked at me and told me I probably shouldn't go to the downstairs bathroom for the rest of the night lol.


Accident at work

Hello, my name is Deb.

So, I still haven't had any signs of my period starting whatsoever. It's been nearly a month and a half since my last period which at this time in my life, is quite unusual. The last time this happened, my period was crazy heavy when I did finally get it.

Anyway, yesterday at work I had another accident in my pants. I was feeling fine but then my bowels flipped over and I had a sudden rush of diarrhea that needed to come out. To start, I had to go down to the main level to the mailroom. Since our office is under lockdown, it's quite a bit harder to get around, even with a keycard. Normally I can just go into the mailroom and get the mail for the tenants on our floor. Nowadays I have to wait for someone in the mailroom to get everything, then they put it into a plastic box and I take it from there. 1

As I was heading down the elevator I started cramping up. Then as I was waiting in the mailroom I had a sudden rush of diarrhea. I clamped my butt cheeks with everything I had but the cramps were just terrible. Finally the lady in the mailroom handed me the box and I grabbed the mail from it. As I went to turn and leave, I let out some mushy diarrhea into my pink hipsters. It came squelching out. It wasn't a lot at this point, but I had definitely pooped my pants a little bit. I could feel the mess slipping around in between my butt cheeks.

I got on the elevator still holding on as much as I could as to not make my accident any worse. I got back to our floor and put the mail on the desk. My coworker Jenn, could tell that I needed to go to the ladies room. As I turned from the desk I let out another squelch and pooped a bit more into my panties. I got into a stall and carefully pulled down my jeans and then my hipsters. I sat down and let out a huge rush of mushy diarrhea. I looked down at my panties and I had definitely made quite a good mess in them. More than I had realized actually. They were a mess from the gusset and towards the back and they were stained through as well. At that point I realized that I forgot to grab my purse. I cleaned myself up and wiped out my panties as much as I could.

I went back to my desk at the front reception area and carefully sat down. Jenn asked if I was okay and I told her that I was fine. I didn't want to make a big deal of the fact that I had an accident in my pants. A few minutes later I grabbed my purse and looked through it. A shiver went down my back as I realized that I didn't have any clean panties or pads with me.

At lunch time I went to the downtown mall and bought some panties to change into. As I was shopping I had another rush of diarrhea and pooped more into my panties. They were already a mess anyway from my previous accident a few hours earlier.

Anyway, that's my most recent story.

Thanks for reading!



To Eileen

Hi hope you are doing ok I have just got off the toilet after a really big poo. I haven't been since yesterday so this evening a strong urge to go came I quickly made my way to the toilet pulled my jeans and underwear down and sat. I started to wee a little and realized when I pushed it was a very big load the tip poked out and hurt with being so big and firm it slowly eased out feeling bit painful but also good at the same time it fell in the water with a flomp. It was like a plug as straight after another few poos plopped into the toilet in rapid succession by now I felt very relieved and was empty I began to wipe myself and noticed a little blood on the paper the toilet was very full biggest was probably 9 inch and others were around 6 inch plus some small soft bits luckily the toilet flushed ok I just got the brush to clean the marks my poo had left.
Talk to you soon love mike xxx


National Championship Explosion


Just a quick post! Alan and I stayed up late to watch our favorite college football team play last night. I made some party food, including nachos and bean dip. We also enjoyed a couple of beers, which we never do on a week night!

Let me tell you, we both had some of the nastiest, explosive shits we've had as a married couple this morning! Our bathroom reeked with foul poop odor! You know I never use the "s" word, but these were shits, not bowel movements!

I think it was a combination of party food, beer and only five hours of sleep that created this mess!

I hope everyone is well today!

Love to all!


Remember how in my last post I mentioned that my best friend's mom, Ella almost pooped her pants? Well she did on Sunday night!

She was driving me home on Sunday night and we were talking when a notice a devilish smile appear on her face and a sudden horrible smell entered the car. She started to giggle and I couldn't help but giggle too despite the horrible smell. A few moments later, another fart came out of her but this one was audible and also sounded...wet.

The horrible smell came back and I noticed Ella wasn't smiling or giggling or laughing. Her face was red and I realized why. She had pooped her pants.

I didn't know how to react. I thought it was funny but I didn't want to see rude by laughing. She sighed and said "Well at least I have an excuse to not talk to your parents."

That made me laugh and she started to smile a little too. When we got to my house, I once again thanked her for letting me stay and we shared a almost mother-daughter moment despite the fact that she had poop in her pants and the smell was horrible lol.


Kids visiting opposite sex's bathrooms

I continue to find it interesting on what little kids see or think they see when their parent takes them into the bathroom of the opposite sex.
Tom and Thunder, among others, have made interesting observations.

As for me, I remember dad taking me into the mens room on 5 or 6 occasions. The bathrooms were probably moderate in size, but to the young child, they were as big as at an international airport. Dad always made me take his hand, and since I wasn't as athletic then, he definitely was pulling me from seeing too much. As we walked by the urinals I saw so many different things: some had both hands on their prize, some had a hand extended to the wall and practically holding them up, and as I've figured it out over the ensuing years, some paid a high price for their sweats, because they had to partially drop them to get rid of their pee. One little boy, about my age, caught my eye because his clothing was on the floor, he was standing on his tip-toes and barely getting his prize up to bowl level.

On the other side of the aisle, guys were seated on the toilets doing their poos. I remember seeing one old man, which his legs in a v-shape, a wad of toilet paper in one hand and his other hand up his nose. Of course, there was something worse than stench going into the much larger rooms because most of the toilets had doors removed. Then suddenly we'd stumble on an open stall, if the seat was up dad would dash in, drop it and motion for me to take my throne. He would block the doorway and give me privacy, although he would almost always said to make sure I did a total wee, because once the game started or the movie, my luck would run out. I have never been able to figure out what he meant by that. I remember on a couple of times, I would then take guard duty at the entrance while he took his prize out and peed or dropped his jeans and crapped.

With more doors being removed from public toilets all the time, I can't see this lack of privacy being corrected any time soon. But, memories are made of this, I guess.


Caught Short and Public Toilets

I refer to recent posts about unloading bowels not in a toilet when the situation demanded. A sensible idea it is too . A few months ago I and my partner were on a bush walk and heading back to the car when the urge hit my partner. Where the car was there were public toilets and , we will call her M said she would have to make a dash for them as it was urgent . I told her not to risk it and just go in the bush. M did not take up my offer and when she entered the cubicle she lost it and there was poo everywhere and undies written . The consequences was on toilet written off ! If she had have gone into the bush, drop her pants and undies and release the results would be much better. Two weeks later we were walking elsewhere and she got the urge but did not again use the bushes but made it to the toilet without a minute to spare. I suggest readers should consider the above !!!!

Jaded Jarrod

Bad Memories

Coming back from a long drive with my girlfriend and a visit to her parents a few states away, Tally started getting upset with her bowels since they hadn't moved for the four days we were gone. Interstate rest stops are OK I guess and I presented her with a 70 mile choice. A stop or holding it in until we got to the next city. Tally reluctantly gave in as I knew she would do, but not without the usual complaining. I was especially concerned because her 5-year-old daughter was in the back seat and the next generation of complainers was being trained.

Tally tried to talk Mia from going in, reminding her she had wee-ed at the gas station about an hour before, but there was no talking Mia out of it. After about 10 minutes the two of them came out with Mia running ahead and bragging about her mom's experience on the toilet, how big it was, without privacy door, the flusher not working, and how the sinks were stopped up and not working. Complaint on top of complaint from my two favorite ladies. So after waiting for Mia to lie down and fall asleep on the back seat, I told Tally what had happened to my best friend Ethan about 11 years ago when we had just started middle school.

I wrote about it on Page 1855. See my study partner left class to take a crap. He completed it and when he went to get up he found he was fully stuck on the toilet seat. Some combination of super glue and paste had been spread over the seat and he was hopelessly stuck.
How to get him unstuck was an issue, a rescue unit was called, and the toilet seat was disconnected from the toilet, and he and it were put on a wheel chair and he was taken to the hospital where he was
finally pulled off it. He had abrasions on his skin and other pains that lasted for several days. Our teacher burst out laughing when security and a vice-principal came to our classroom to get Ethan's belongings. Through a police monitor, I guess, word got out to the community and neither Ethan or the school liked the attention the media attention brought.

Tallie was appalled to learn of what happened and that I too had crapped in that same toilet about 30 minutes before Ethan did. Her crap in the I-35 bathroom all of a sudden became a lot less important.


Desperation at the pool

Hi my name is Katie I am 16 years old 5"7 I weigh 120 pounds I have dirty blonde hair with brown eyes I've been told I have a cute little butt with b cup breast I stumbled onto this site and I really enjoy reading the stories on here and I wanted to post something that happened to me last summer with close friends we all made sure to be safe and cautious with the virus going on.

Me and three of my friends decided to head out to a public pool near her house I was wearing a cute black bikini before we got there we had some food from this place that was selling tacos they were so good but by the time we got there were starting to set in it was a good 30 minutes after we got there I know I would need to visit the ladies restroom we were sunbathing so I excuse myself there were a few others at the beach but it wasn't super busy

I made my way to the ladies restroom holding my stomach letting out farts when I open the door to the ladies restroom I was surprised it had two toilet out in the open with a sink to wash you're hands out in the open so you can see the other user in front of you on the left toilet a girl with her red bottoms at her ankles was sitting there and I could hear her pee hitting the toilet water bellow

I was standing there blushing crossing my legs I ask her shyly is it ok if I use the other toilet I ask looking at the other toilet seeing how she might want her privacy but she said I could go ahead and use it I quickly thanked her as I pulled down my bottoms to my ankles and was peeing by this point she had finished peeing but remained seated so she might need to poop but was waiting for me to finish peeing and leave before she continued I let out a fart as my pee stream ended and I sit with my legs slightly open so she could definitely see that I was pooping and I saw her blush as she started going aswell eventually we both finished going we wiped and left at the same time it was so embarrassing but it was fun in a way I had another adventure at that same pool later in the summer

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Stupid Auto Correct

Hey everyone. First off, I am currently sitting on my toilet having a long pee and is now being followed by a big poop. Anyway, from my last post, it's supposed to be Dinner Plate, not sinner place. I have no idea where that one came from other than auto correct. Anyway, time to wipe my ass and get to work. Man that poop really smells bad, 4 nice small logs to start the day. Happy pooping and peeing to all


Public bathroom urinal survey

This became an interest of mine I think about 8 years ago when my babysitter Ianne, who was a high school student, would take me out along with her two younger brothers, Tyron, 6, and Zac, 5. Ianne was trying to get them out of the ladies bathroom and into the men's. But Tyron and Zac messed around a lot and Ianne heard several complaints from them about the urinals she ordered the to use. So she wrote down the urinal styles and complaints.

So here are the urinal styles:

Choice 1: long, flat vertical wall of porcelain or steel that you pee

Choice 2: a channel of drains set into the floor along the base of a

Choice 3: a trough urinal mounted on a wall or floor and you pee
against a wall.

Choice 4: an individual urinal mounted on a wall

Choice 5: individual privacy screens or panels that separate each
user and give him privacy from seeing the wares of others.

Choice 6: peeing in an individual toilet

For the guys, please answer the following questions:

1) What did your parent or babysitter or teacher say about the choices available?

2) Which one seemed the easiest for you to use? Why?

3) Which one seemed to be the scariest for you? Why?

4) Do you remember any accidents, or other experiences?

5) About what age did you start being more conscious about exposing your wares to those going to the bathroom next to you? What was said? What changes were made in your routine?

6) What "bribes" or incentives did your parent, sibling, babysitter
try to get you to change your ways? How well did it work?

7) What type of bathrooms (park, gas station, swimming pool, movie theater, etc.) caused the most confrontation? Why?

Ianne and I remain friends. Over the Christmas holiday, when she was back home from graduate school studies, Ianne and I met for coffee. As I do, she remembers Tyron and Zac as being a handful, so demanding, and perhaps future pervs!

So this is my first post. I've actually viewed this website but never had anything to post until now. I'm staying at my best friend's house for the weekend and her mom fixed tacos for supper. The tacos were very good, her mom is an excellent cook. After dinner, I went with my best friend to her room and we talked for a bit before I went to shower. After I showered, my best friend went to shower and I went downstairs.

I found my best friend's mom, who I will call Ella in the kitchen. She greeted me with a smile and I thanked her for letting me stay. She told me I was always welcome and gave me a hug. After the hug, we talked about various things until she let out a loud fart...on purpose. I immediately burst into laughter and she watched me laughing with a smile on her face. The fart smelled horrible but for some odd reason, that just made it funnier.

She said nobody wants to be around her on taco night due to her being so gassy. I told her I didn't mind and she let out another loud fart and this time, we both laughed. She said she almost pooped her pants with that fart which only made me laugh harder.

After that, she mentioned she better go to the bathroom and she winked at me and told me I probably shouldn't go to the downstairs bathroom for the rest of the night lol.


Desperation at the pool

Hi my name is Katie I am 16 years old 5"7 I weigh 120 pounds I have dirty blonde hair with brown eyes I've been told I have a cute little butt with b cup breast I stumbled onto this site and I really enjoy reading the stories on here and I wanted to post something that happened to me last summer with close friends we all made sure to be safe and cautious with the virus going on.

Me and three of my friends decided to head out to a public pool near her house I was wearing a cute black bikini before we got there we had some food from this place that was selling tacos they were so good but by the time we got there were starting to set in it was a good 30 minutes after we got there I know I would need to visit the ladies restroom we were sunbathing so I excuse myself there were a few others at the beach but it wasn't super busy

I made my way to the ladies restroom holding my stomach letting out farts when I open the door to the ladies restroom I was surprised it had two toilet out in the open with a sink to wash you're hands out in the open so you can see the other user in front of you on the left toilet a g


Poop Fantasy

Hi folks on this wonderful site! Last night, my recent poop fantasies came true in a dream. I had fun inspecting sewer cleanouts for big poopy/nasty clogs. I had become this obsessed plumber who carried around one of those large electronic drain snakes everywhere I went. I'd also be interested in the toilets too, flushing each and every one. The cool part of the dream was that when I found a dirty cleanout, I'd feel a sense of excitement, and eagerness to get to work. I guess I've been having these fantasies as a blind person, because of lack of productivity. I bet if their are any blind plumbers doing tasks using certain accommodations, I bet they're having fun unclogging poop etc especially if they love the idea as much as I have. As I've said before, the use of a sewer snake may not be realistically possible for someone with my condition, but other tasks such as manual unclogging of a toilet certainly could be. What I mean by this is maybe the manual plumbing tools could work. Even in my imaginary poop etc unclogging fantasies, I try to have an attitude where just about anything is possible when you put your mind to it. As far as my poops go for today, it was chunky. The smell was like how it is sometimes after drinking prune juice, but I didn't have any today. Supposedly my multivitamin can make my poop smell a little weird? I bet all of you have poop fantasies, and sometimes changes in poop smells from things such as supplements. While on my Ipod, I had fun today listening to a show about kids going to a high school called Degrassi. I've not heard poop sceines yet, (am on season 8) but their have been moments of people in the bathroom talking, etc. Hope you all enjoy. Bye.



LC: Thank you for your interest in my stories. This was only the fifth time I had a solid accident, so it's not like this is a habit :) Yes, in many ways it was staged, simply because I put off going, both intentionally and so that I could finish cleaning the kitchen. But when I did make it to the bedroom, the defecation was involuntary, as I had the urge to go in the worst way, both from some minor stomach cramps and the missed bowel movement on Christmas Eve. Alan and I had a conversation about this not too long ago, and I shared it on the forum, at least a brief summary. He witnessed me have an accident four years ago and said that it aroused him. I would say the load was the size of a grapefruit. The only difference in this "solid accident" and the others is the mushy poop at the end. The others were completely firm.

It sounds like you had a major BM at the bakery! Congratulations on that! Glad to have you back!

Flynn: I don't know what advice to give about transitioning since I'm both biologically female and female in gender. But, I'm not a stickler for toilet paper or seat covers unless the toilet appears dirty. Victoria B would be a great one to ask about actual toilets and their seat shapes. I always sit on the toilet, again, unless it's filthy. I've never peed in a sink. I don't advise that :). The biggest adjustment you might have to get used to is simply sitting to pee. I'm not a pee fan. I do envy that guys can just open their fly and go in a matter of seconds. We have to do the same amount of work for a pee as we do for a poop, and that can be annoying, especially if you have had a lot of water that day. I wish you all the best!

Shannon and Trina: What did you think of my story! Love to my fellow SPAS. Reading your stories inspired me!

Love to all!



Doorless Cubicles and.

I note Josie's problem with the doorless situation. At our office we have doors but the divider walls and doors are very low so if you are very tall you could see over the top. The ladies toilets do not have a window and the air suck out system is not effective and the smell of shit from the ladies toilet wafts down the corridor. In Australia there are very few doorless toilets, I have used a couple

How many of you wear boy shorts and unisex underwear, especially the guys?

End Stall Em

Answers to questions raised

I'm a courtesy kiosk employee at a regional mall, a college student, and I have a live-in boyfriend Spencer whom I've known for about 10 years. So my answer to Flynn's questions are based on my experiences, such as those described.

1. Is it better to use a toilet seat cover or cover with seat with toilet paper?

I've been a bare-butt-on-seat girl since I was about 6 and my dad would still take me into the mens room when we were out shopping and at games. Love dad dearly but I was often in pain and distressed while he laid the toilet paper carefully over the seat before he let me sit down. Somewhat surprising, I guess, that I'm engaged to Spencer who lays toilet paper down before seating himself at our apartment. He's adamant about it but I'm not going to change him.

If a person refuses to sit butt-down, I say using a toilet seat cover is far superior to wasting toilet paper in covering all four sides of the seat. Some even go beyond that and build a nest. I wonder if three or four of our guests are deprived of toilet paper to wipe with after such a situation. Our physical plant manager also complains about clogs caused by the nest builders too.

2. Is it better to squat over a public toilet or sit down?

I say sit down and don't worry about it. Too often, squatters don't have the aim they think they have and they mess up the seat. Also, regarding squatting for hard craps can overheat those if they have winter clothing on and push hard with a mask on.

3. Is peeing in a sink a good alternative to using a public toilet?

I say NO! Sitting on a sink, especially if it is of an older variety and perhaps not properly secured on a wall, could lead to a fall and even a greater tragedy. There's also a health department issue in many cities and states that is being violated. In addition, it is just outright gross unless it is handled discreetly. Open, public urination can result in a misdemeanor offense and ticketed. I've had a couple of complaints about it at our mall, often during high-traffic situations during the holiday season.

4. What is it like to talk to other girls in the bathroom?

In high school it was out of control, with a lot of drama and time wasted, that might have been a contributing factor to some of us getting bladder infections from holding our needs. In college now, it is less of an issue, although I've heard some foul language when a person sits on the toilet too long and there are several others waiting their turn. I say if you're going to be longer on the toilet, don't use a single or two-stall toilet on the main floor where there's a lot of users. Same goes for use of the toilets closest to the food court at the mall. Because I'm in uniform at the mall, and I often carry a walky-talky, I have more questions directed at me when I'm on break and using the toilet.


Doorless Cubicles and Privacy

I note Josie's problem with the doorless situation. At our office we have doors but the divider walls and doors are very low so if you are very tall you could see over the top. The ladies toilets do not have a window and the air suck out system is not effective and the smell of shit from the ladies toilet wafts down the corridor. In Australia there are very few doorless toilets, I have used a couple in my time but that is all . I would have no problem with sitting on a doorless toilet and being seen , so long as the person who saw me did not know me, I note Aunt and Elineora have been caught short and had to do unscheduled poos . Although this has never happened to me in that context, once again it would not bother me if I was not seen by someone who knew me ,

Sunday, January 10, 2021


Peeing together at the mall

Yesterday me and my friends Hannah, Tori, Molly went to the mall together. Molly's older sister Melissa, who is in high school and drives, dropped us off. Me and Hannah and Tori all had Christmas gift cards to use. Our agreement with our parents was that we stay together as a group and that we come back with Melissa who would pick us up at 4 p.m. Like I've said before, I have a teeny bladder unlike practically all my friends. I have to pee like every 2 hours, and if I try and ignore it too much, I will become leaky.

Well after about an hour and after downing my favorite coffee, I told the group we needed to do a toilet stop. We were still in the first of six wings and Molly suggested we should do a group pee to make ourselves known. She suggested we would all go into the bathroom at the same time, take toilets next to one another, start at the same time when she said so, and make some noise as we drained together. We had done it several times in grade school, especially when we wanted to take advantage of a substitute who would not want to come in and watch us do our group pee. In such cases, I would have to hold it in until the others were ready and we all got into the toilets together. I was best at peeing for the first 30 seconds or so. Then my stream would trail off. Sometimes we would hear some farting followed by Hannah splattering some poo too. She'd try and deny it but we knew.

It took us 3 tries to find a bathroom that wasn't that busy. See if there were 6 toilets, we would have had to wait for those using them to leave, and hope that additional users wouldn't come in. We also don't trust Hannah when she said she has to take a fast crap. No way. We would wait 10 or 15 minutes while she filled the toilet, and then another 5 minutes while she cleaned herself. We've told her she's going to have tardy problems when we start at the high school in 3 years.

By the time we finally found a little used bathroom near a car repair center that luckily had 4 toilets because I was in pain and about to burst, we took our seats. Tori complained that her toilet smelled and Molly said he couldn't see that well because her stall's light was burned out, I just shouted now and was happy to relieve my pain. I was still peeing badly when we could hear Hannah's crap splashing into the bowl too. Molly got a text from Melissa who was cursing us out for being late. And I guess as Melissa wrote it she was one the toilet in one of the other wings taking a crap. Melissa absolutely hates crapping away from home. We knew she was going to be in a bad mood for the ride back.


New Years Eve adventures

Hey everyone. I haven't posted in a while. The end of the year got hectic for me. Anyway, I have 3 poops I want to tell you all about that happened to me on New Years Eve. First one, was pretty standard for me. I pooped outside in my yard but this one was huge. About the size of a sinner place in the pile of shit I left. It took me 20 minutes to get it all out of me. I wiped with a a few tissues(thankfully it was solid and a clean break). The second one came at the bar. It was about 1030 and I had been drinking quite a bit with some friends from work. Well, we all needed to go potty at this time so we finished our drinks and headed to the bathroom. When we got in the bathroom, there were only two stalls. Being the one who was paying for the drinks, I claimed my rightful place as getting to be one of the two who got to use the toilet. And I was thankful that I did because I ended up having diarrhoea. The other toilet was occupied by my co-worker, let's call her Jamie(not her real name). So the two of us pulled our pants n panties down n sat down on the toilets that didn't have any divider between them. Our other two friends could have waited to use the toilets but let's call them Shannon and Adrian(again not their real names but I dont want to give them away) couldn't hold it back any longer and Shannon got up on the sink and Adrian sat down on the trash can. Originally just my Jamie and I had to poop but Shannon ended up dropping a little pebble of a turd in to the sink. So after we were all finished and the sink had been cleaned by Shannon herself, we went back to the bar and had a couple more shots and got a Lyft ride home to Shannon's house. Well this is where poop number 3 comes in to play. We had all needed to poop(Shannon said she had unfinished business and Adrian had hot wings at the bar and they were starting to work their way out) and I was still having bad diarrhea and Jamie only got half of what she wanted out of her at the bar. So I took the toilet, Jamie took the tub, Adrian took the sink this time and Shannon sat on a big bucket. We all were in the bathroom and when midnight arrived, we all said HAPPY NEW YEAR and then unleashed our shits to ring in the New Year. Mine was loud and explosive and quite farty. Shannon's was long and firm and came out in two big logs, about the size of a double in sized Ballpark Frank Hotdog, Jamie let out several small little turdlets and Adrian had a semi solid triple turd and she pissed about a half gallon of alcoholic pee lol. We cleaned up our respective messes after we all passed around the toilet paper(we went through a half a roll between the 4 of us) took showers and went to bed. I could tell Shannon wasn't done with her fun right then because about 30 minutes later she came in to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of Jack, got up on the kitchen sink, and let out what seemed like a good minute and a half long piss, followed by a massive and loud fart that could've woken up the dead, and then she started grunting n then a few seconds later I heard a plop in her metallic kitchen sink. She was drinking from the bottle pretty much the whole time. She asked me if i could do her a huge favor and come wipe her and help clean up her poop. Normally I wouldn't help with the mess but I have been in her shoes before when i was her age(she's 22, im 32) and so I wiped her ass and pussy and helped her clean up and walked her back to her bedroom and got her in bed. So yeah, that's my New Year's adventures.


Peeing in sink

when i was a kid probly about 8 or 9, i went into a men's room with my dad and i couldnt believe what i saw. there was a guy peeing in a sink. there was a lot of guys in the bathroom at the time so it was pretty crowded but i still was really surprised that there was a dude actially peeing in the sink like that. i said to my dad "that guy is peeing in the sink" and i heard him (the guy) laugh a little. then my dad said something i was shocked at. he asked me if i wanted to pee in a sink too. i said "no" and he said "are you sure" and i said "yeah i'm sure." I did continue to watch the guy do his business until he was finished though. eventually we got to a toilet and we used it. but now looking back and being an adult now, i do really wish i would have taken that opportunity to pee in a sink. i have never seen another guy do that. He was probably in his teens or 20s.


To Josie


I hope you are well and I sincerely understand your dilemma. I would feel nervous about going in a bathroom like that. But your overall health and bowel routine are too important to allow those conditions to interfere with your body's natural defecation schedule. It sounds as if you have a really healthy gut. Holding your poop can lead to constipation. It can interfere with your body's natural elimination schedule.

So, this may not be what you want to hear, but I would advise you to just go when the urge hits. I can get a little embarrassed too when I have to go in public, but I'm just going to act as if everything is normal, even though I want to cry on the inside. If you fart, you fart. If it doesn't flush, it doesn't flush. But you are healthy and you need to take care of your body. Too, I imagine you are not the only one that feels this way. So, have a little swag!

Where do you work that the only toilet available is a squat toilet?

With love from a fellow twice daily pooper!



Peeing while pooping question

David's peeing while pooping question:

During study halls in high school often I would get a hall pass, check a bathroom, take my piss there in the urinal, but go elsewhere for my crap because each of the 6 or 7 toilets had a wet seat from you know what! Is lifting a black plastic seat that hard? So I would walk to the other end of the hall or upstairs one floor to see if I could find I dry seat. Usually on the second or third bathroom I would get lucky, so I would take down my underwear, seat myself, generally easily push out my crap, and then perhaps direct a few splashes of pee into the bowl. If I was more desperate to crap or it was with too many others around, I would seat myself on a seat with a few splashes and I remember times when I was peeing and crapping at the same time. Some pees went longer than a minute. Now that I'm in college, the bathrooms are in better shape--but often with several guys waiting for each urinal or toilet. My best or most ideal craps last semester came at my friend Darsolea's apartment. Both she and I keep the toilet door open while it is in use and if I'm seated pushing 'em out, she'll come in and replenish the wine in my glass. Yesterday morning, Darsolea finished her coffee while on the stool, and I came in to give her a warmup. I'm a klutz, I know, and I splashed and a drop fell on her inner leg near her crotch. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as the hot cigarette ashes she sat in while using the bathroom in the park a couple months ago. This time perhaps it excitement helped because as I was wiping her off, I saw the main event starting to emerge from between her legs. Then she finished her sit off with her customary pee that lasted about 10 seconds or so.

Nickel Plate

Some of my poops

I do a lot of driving, over the road , I drive about 6000 miles a month. Generally I poop once a day. Not always where I like to. I use public rest rooms al, the time. But some times I gotta go and I find some bushes to hide and go. Offen those poops are soft with lots of gas. I seem to have lots of gas before I have to go and poop and I feel it slowly working it way down. It is soft logs about inch to inch and half thick and about 9 plus inches long. Like a large dog poop. When I wipe myself it takes many wipes and I had it smear on my butt as I wipe. Used when there is some that did not drop from my butt.The protein that I eat is what make it smell. I do sit on the toilet. And wipe while I sit there. I use rest stops lot of the time and truck stops. I copy girls when I go where there is no toilet. As close to the ground. I usually pee first than poop.. poop most time come out easy. If I skip of go between long times it more solid and harder to push out. The volume all depends how much I eat per meal . When I go outside and no toilet after wards I leave the poop but take the used paper and put in in my garbage so only the deposit stays.

Eleonora from Italy

My first poop behind the bushes

To Tlana:
thanks for your kind words. I known that it's not my fault, and I don't have to be ashamed of my bodily functions, but sometimes is difficult.

I told about pooping myself during a school trip when I was 13, the year after I went to another trip and I had the same problem. I didn't poop for two days and now the urge hit me, but I didn't want to do it in my pants like the last time. We were resting in a park, and there weren't toilets near me, and I didn't have the time to ask someone and go there, I just started to have difficulties walking without pooping myself. I looked around and saw a bunch of fairly thick bushes, so I decided to go there. It was a pretty hidden place, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I put aside fear and embarrassment and quickly pulled down my pants and panties. I started pissing almost immediately and at the same time I farted a couple of times, then a big poop started coming out. I did a couple of quite large poops (about 6 '') and I felt much lighter, but I preferred to keep pushing for a couple of minutes to make sure there wasn't any more, and that I didn't have to worry about the problem again until homecoming. I was right because a third piece started coming out, but at that moment I heard someone calling me "Eli? Are you here? We have to go!". I got scared, but I didn't know what to do because I was still halfway through and I couldn't pull my panties up, so I preferred to shut up and hope she would go away. She was one of the teachers, and obviously I wasn't that lucky, and instead of leaving she came to check behind the bushes.
"Ah you are here! What are you doing?" she told me as soon as she saw me.
I was too ashamed to answer, and then it was all too obvious what I was doing and there was no need to explain it.
"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. I saw you coming here but I thought at most you were peeing," she said. I must have been all red in the face with shame in the meantime.
"Damn you really had to do it!" she told me seeing the two big shits I had done and that a third was coming out.
"I'm sorry, I couldn't wait anymore," I replied, knowing that I had to say something and that she probably would be angry because I hadn't looked for a bathroom.
"Poor thing, I believe you. But you should be careful doing it outdoors, there might be men who are spying on you to see you naked."
"I know, but I didn't want to shit on myself like last year."
"Yes I understand. We have to go, do you think you can finish quickly?"
"Yes I believe in a couple of minutes"
"Do you have something to clean yourself?"
"No", I hadn't thought of that, I was so focused on not pooping in my underwear that I didn't think about how to clean myself.
"Here, take these," she handed me some tissues and wet wipes.
"Thank you" was the only thing I could say to her. I was embarrassed and the poop had stopped, so I pushed to finish quickly.
She turned away to give me some privacy, but then she surprised me by saying "You know what? While I'm here I take the opportunity to take a pee too" and she pulled down her pants in front of me. She was a beautiful woman, and she also had a nice ass, she pissed even though she didn't get as much of it as it seemed. I think she did it for me, so as not to be so ashamed and show me that everyone could happen to have to empty themselves outdoors.
So I finished pooping, got clean, and went back to the others.
I was very proud of myself for being able to cope with that situation, and happy to have found such a nice teacher that she made me realize that if you have to poop it's not that big of a deal.

I could hardly stand it.
I had to go through the whole city, first by subway, and then by bus. Even when I was on the subway, I felt a boil in my stomach. Again in the cafeteria I was served stale cabbage rolls. I eat them all the time, and I get food poisoning a lot. But they are delicious and I cannot refrain. On the bus, I wanted to use the toilet so badly that I could no longer restrain myself. I asked the driver to stop the bus, and got off in a desert area in an industrial area. I saw an abandoned building nearby. Squeezing my buttocks with all my might, stumbling in high heels, I ran there at a trot. Fortunately, I made it. Entering the building, I ran around the corner and threw my purse on the concrete floor. I frantically pulled up my dress, lowered my panties and tights below my knees and squatted down. Prrrrrrr, trrrrrrrr, shllllll, slap, slap. With such sounds and a terrible stench, portions of semi-liquid shit began to shoot from my fat ass. What a pleasant feeling, I thought with pleasure, I almost crap. And the diarrhea did not subside, more and more waves of spasms shook me. I haven't shit like that for a long time. Opening my purse, I took out the stash pad. It will do instead of paper.Suddenly my mobile phone rang out - my husband was calling. Where are you, he asked. I asked to pick me up and explained where I am. Five minutes later, footsteps were heard. I asked him if it was him and he replied that he was driving by. He came up to me. For 25 years of life together, we were no longer ashamed of such things. He said that I shit well and that I gave a shit big pile. There was indeed a huge, scary-stinking pile of diarrhea underneath me. After sitting for another five minutes, I wiped my ass, and, arm in arm with my husband, went to the car.


Potty accident

So while most of my wetting problems ended in middle school, I still occasionally will have an accident. This afternoon I had to pee while at the supermarket. I hate their dirty bathrooms so I decided to wait til I got home. After all I didn't need to go THAT bad. Waiting to pee is always a mistake but I still do it sometimes thinking this time will be different. Nope. Holding it results in wet pants. My bladder just tends to tire out easily. So I'm driving home and the urge starts building, becoming more urgent. I'm holding my private with one hand. Don't go in your pants im begging myself. A warm trickle dampens my panties. I press harder. I realize I'm not gonna make it when another trickle comes out. I pull over into an empty parking lot and jump out of my car. The dam breaks and warm pee soaks my panties and crotch and runs down my legs and into my shoes. I drive home relieved but soaked and take a shower. Why do I never learn?


My Update

Hi folks. my poos are still sloppy (started on Monday). I still feel fine with no signs of dehydration. The toilet, too, is still doing okay although the shower gurgle during the draining had amplified slightly. For a brief history: On Monday, the toilet had got clogged from an existing problem with the city connection (repair was partial last time due to not finding it). It drained later twice, but stayed clogged for a couple of days straight (verry slow drain at this point). This is while having diarrhea and being worried that the slow drain would leave things behind, but it didn't. By Wednesday, we had a bubble problem both in the toilet while running water, and in the shower after flushing. The bubbles in the shower were so big I could feel the vibration through the bathroom floor, and the loo reeked. When the big stink bubbles went away, the clearing of the clog at the toilet end was instant. I hope when you see my post on this that you can answer my question if you had a clog that came and went caused by a main line blockage. Hopefully though, it doesn't get that bad again before it can be fixed. Bye!

To Tyler C

I too have had the same issue with snowpants and not getting to the bathroom in time. For me it was ice fishing and like you I was able to get the last few drops out into the toilet while most were in my pants and briefs. Any close calls with pooing lately?

Nickel Plate
third grade experience reply

That teacher must had to go badly to pee so hard than just let loose her here it go plop it must been pretty soft. I like that story.

That story of preschool and the teacher taking a poop in front of you, where there was just nature and no toilet, how old were you?

The the one that let you pee and had fun with it showering the window, that is different from the modest US thinking here.
I like the overall attitude of these lady teachers.

MD Dan

Female Friend Forgot Her Keys

I was picking up a friend of mine to take her home after her car broke down and she had to have it towed to a shop. She's in her early 30s, dirty blonde hair that falls just above her shoulders. She's in decent shape. She is a mother of 2 children and has the curves that women can typically get after having a couple of kids.

Anyway, she gives me a call and says her husband was out of the area due to work and she needed a ride home. I went and picked her up at the shop her car was towed to and we headed back to her house, about a 10 minute drive. She sat in the back seat and didn't do much talking other than thanking me for picking her up and expressing her frustrations. We got to her house, she got out, thanked me again and then headed towards the front door. I pulled off and just when I got out of her neighborhood, I got a call from her. She told me she had forgotten to take her house keys off her keychain and they were still in the car back in the shop. I told her I could go pick them up for her since I was already out of the neighborhood and not too far. She said, "Thank you so much! Can you please hurry, I really need to use the bathroom! I've been holding it for 2 hours already dealing with my stupid car!"

She called the shop and told them I'd be coming to get the keys. I got the keys and just started back to her house when she texted me. The text just said, "OMG Are you almost back??!! I have to POOOOOOOOP!" I've known her since high school and she's always been open about needing to poop and farting around other people, so this wasn't a big shock for her to tell me this. I just laughed out loud a little and kept driving. I told her I was 5 minutes away.

When I pulled up to her house I didn't see her anywhere out front. I texted her to let her know I was there and didn't get any kind of response right away. I waited out front for about a minute or so and got curious. She has a lot of bushes in her back yard and it is fenced all around. I opened the gate and walked around the corner to the back. I looked for a minute and finally saw her feet under a bush with her pants completely off and on the ground next to her. She was squatting, facing the house with her back against the fence. Because of the bush, I couldn't see anything other than her ankles and a little up her calf. She definitely didn't know I was there yet.

There was a massive log of poop on the ground under her. About 2 feet long and a couple inches thick, coiled into a partial "S" shape. She dropped another couple of pieces very quickly and farted loudly. I immediately turned around and went back to the gate and called out her name. She yelled, "Don't come back here! I couldn't hold it anymore! I'm going in the bushes!" I gave her some privacy and waited out front. She came back around a few minutes later completely red-faced. She said, "Don't EVER tell my husband or anyone else about this!" I laughed and told her not to worry about it. I didn't tell her that I saw her going, that would have just made her beyond mortified. I gave her the key and she thanked me again before saying she needed to go inside and take a shower. I headed out and figured I would share here!

Tuesday, January 05, 2021


update and to Abbie

Christmas constipation again pebble poos and fat short logs that make loud kasploosh when drop.

To Abbie: please do post again, your story are missed. How has the poos been lately? I have two questions. First how long and wide would you say your poos is as they sound gigantic? And have you tried pushing the perineum on toilet? This helps when are constipated.

So in 5th grade, I became more determined than ever to stop wetting my pants. I was only somewhat successful until mid-7th grade. I was trying so hard from the start of that grade. For about a month, I did great. I went potty right away every time I felt the need. I peed right before recess each time so there would be little possibility of an accident. I was proud of myself. No more teasing, no more frustrated parents or bags of wet clothes sent home from school. And then we got a substitute teacher. During history, I felt a sudden urge to go potty. A strong urge. I grabbed my crotch hard. I was desperate almost immediately. I quickly raised my hand. "I need to pee-pee bad." To my horror, she told me no and that I could hold it until class was over. I couldn't focus. I was clock watching. Almost 30 min to go. A couple big dribbles escaped. I pressed harder on my private, squirming hard. I dribbled a little more. Almost ready to cry, I shyly raised my hsnd again just as a big spurt wet my panties. "I can't hold it. I'm gonna pee-pee in my pants" the teacher literally laughed. "You're a bit old for that-stop whining. You can wait class is almost over." Just then I felt the all-too-familiar sensation of my bladder releasing warm piss into my pants. Urine soaked my crotch and thighs and pooled around my butt. As it dripped off my chair, I couldn't hold back my tears. I had done so well not wett ing my pants and now I was back to square one. I got sent to the office to change. My mother was upset but not too angry with me when she found out what has happened. But I was very upset. It would be another 2.5 years before I could manage to stay dry most of the time but I sure tried my hardest.

Havelock E.

Re: Peeing at preschool in other countries

John Q. - I think my experience was unusual because I was a foreigner. I think most of the other kids had previously been in forest kindergarten or just had experience peeing / pooping outside because its more common for children to do that in Germany. I'm not sure how much it would be repeated if I did not go. That was not the first time I was encouraged or brought along to join a group to go to the bathroom, it was just my strongest memory. Prior to that I remember the same teacher pointing out other students as an example to get me to go. Most boys had no problem going and would pee / poop wherever and whenever so I was probably a bit of a rarity; the weird American. I also remember the teachers getting the slightly older girls to teach the younger girls how to squat with their pants out of the way and pee without being held. Every day, multiple times per day the students and teachers would pee outside. It was not unusual for the teachers to declare it was time for pipi and the children would stop to pee. Sometimes the teachers would join but mostly they were not making a demonstration of it, even though you could easily see them if they went with the group. It was just that time they were trying to get me to go that the teacher really made it a demonstration and something very obvious. I don't know what would have happened with reversed gender roles. The teachers and assistants I remember were female. Sometimes the teachers were also more private and stepped out of view. Regardless, by the end of summer I had no problem going like the rest of the boys which caused big problems back in the US when I was reprimanded and sent to the principals office for peeing on the playground. Talk about a cultural contrast, but that's a whole other story.

Nickel Plate - The teacher wiped. I don't remember her burring the poop and paper but I assume she did. I think I went back to the class after getting cleaned up. But the teachers had a spade in their kit and they would often burry the poop when they saw / knew a child had pooped. I do remember seeing a few times when classmates pooped and the teachers did not notice the poops or piles were just left in nature.
In forest kindergarten they were more attentive to outdoor best practices but I noticed In general, in Europe, people were much less concerned about burying piles of poop and toilet paper. I can remember seeing kids poop in parks in Spain and France, on a sidewalks in Spain, at the beach in France, multiple roadside Autobahn stops in Germany, in a forest near a playground in Germany etc. all with no attempt to burry the poop. This kind of made sense in Spain as the culture was more messy and their was often dog poop on the sidewalk or street. I wonder if Spain is so forgiving of peeing / pooping on the street because they are always washing the streets. In places we lived in Madrid and Barcelona, they would literally wash the street every night.
Its a whole other topic but it was also interesting that there was no attempt to set a good example to kids around littering tissues. I always found this interesting, especially in a culture like Germany where things are generally clean and tidy, parents would have no problem peeing in nature and teaching girls to wipe and drop the paper where ever they went. Mothers would set the example by doing the same. Funny enough they would never consider doing the same thing with a tissue used for blowing your nose which you would instead carry to a trash can. You could often find tissue gardens at roadside stops where many people were peeing.

Citadel - When I have more time I'll try to relate what I've observed and learned from a girlfriend of preschool in China / Asia. Again another different cultural approach.

Havelock E.

Re: What ever happened to Tim, Sarah, Loewie and Josie?

Trekkie - I unfortunately did not contribute or interact others in the early days of the forum. I wish I had but I was super busy in those days. I agree that it would be interesting to hear from the old timers. I hope they are still around and check back at some point.


Reply to Mike

Hi Mike , I wish you a Very Happy New Year . I hope you are well . Latest Lockdown means I'm staying home more . I haven't had any huge poops lately . However since the weather has become colder I find I need to pee more often . But at least so far I haven't wet myself . Fingers crossed it stays that way . Talk to you soon again , 'bye for now , Eileen xxx .


Public Toilets. The Sublime and the Frightening!

I will start with the frightening ! The other day I went to my usual public toilet and a storm was brewing outside. Anyway I went in and sat at n my usual toilet and relaxed and then the storm hit with a gale force wind ripping up the bay. To explain, my toilets are in an idyllic location at the end of a bay which is bordered by low hills so when a southerly wind hits it funnels up the bay and my toilets are directly in its path. My toilets are surrounded by gum trees. Getting back to where I was, just sitting having just had a BM and the wind hits with a howling gale and branches start falling on the toilets roof . The roof is made of corrugated iron and the noise was extreme and I feared a tree would fall on the toilet block so i wiped hurriedly and made my exit for the sake of safety. Now for the sublime story, and that was yesterday afternoon! I went in and practised my meditation. I practice meditation for pain relief but it also helps with urinating and BMs. I sat and relaxed and visualised relaxing of my pelvic and rectal area. I passed quite a bit of wee mainly in dribbles . The shape of the toilet stretches my butt and the relaxation allowed my shit to slowly descend my colon. After many minutes it was there and small turds were dropping out without any effort. I just sat there in a relaxed state and then one bit of poo was to big and hard to fall out without effort. A big push and a loud grunt ensued and out it came followed by a big release of turds , this time without any effort. I felt so relaxed, cleansed and empty after this session on the toilet. I read the latest post from Aunt and imagine my public toilet poo was as fruitful as her bush poo !!!


Post-Transition Bathroom Questions

Hey everybody.

My New Year's Resolution is to transition into a girls' body, and since I started thinking about that, I have a few questions.

1. Is it better to use a toilet seat cover or cover the seat with TP?

2. Is it better to squat over a public toilet or sit down (with safety!)

3. Is peeing in a sink a good alternative to peeing in a public toilet?

4. What's it like talking to other girls in the bathroom? Hehe

Finally, should I get another potty chair after I transition? I have been thinking about revisiting the concept and I think a potty would be better suited for a girls' body since a penis makes the splash guard a bit troublesome. Anyway, I hope you all have a nice New Year. Keep going, and keep wiping!

Btw, I really wanna start loosening up with how I write these posts, considering my effeminate and cutesy side is half of my trans realization, but if you want me to write all formal, that's fine.



Laurie: She hasn't posted for a long time. I miss her stories too.

Stefany: You may need to find a special place to go potty in when your bathroom is occupied. Or perhaps your old training potty.

- Marie


An Embarrassing Experience

I wanted to relate an embarrassing experience that occurred about eight or nine years ago when I was in my late twenties. At the time, I was living in the urban core a major metropolitan area. I had a guy friend that I introduced to several of his what are now -ex-girlfriends (not sure if that is good or bad). He had a couple female friends from high school who just moved back to the area and they wanted to meet some men. My friend organized a get together of six or seven of us. One of these new arrivals hosted the gathering at her ground floor flat. The plan was to do a cookout, then go to a movie, and then potentially for happy hour after the movie.

The cookout was a lot of fun. It included the typical fare of burgers, dogs, and some adult beverages. Someone also had the idea to order a couple artisan pizzas from a renowned spot in the immediate neighborhood. I ended up eating a moderate amount of food before one of my friends bet me, in front of the host woman, that I could not eat the rest of one of the pizzas. I think half a pie was left. Stupidly, I took up the challenge. This was not the type of thing where I sat there, and everyone cheered me on. Rather, I just continued to eat pieces casually until it was time to go to movie. I managed to finish the pie with 15 minutes to spare. My friend and the host said they were impressed. I mentioned that I thought I would need to use the bathroom soon. The host laughingly said that I was not going to blow up her bathroom. I could not tell if my friend mentioned my reputation or if she just made the joke off-handedly. I laughed in acknowledgement of the situation, but she was partly serious. I did not want to have to use her bathroom either, considering it figured to be a large movement.

My need grew in urgency over the next fifteen minutes until we left. It was a ten-block walk to the movie theater and I was not sure if I would be able to make it. Fortunately, there were a handful of places I could stop into on the way there. I made it about five blocks before I knew I would risk an accident or at least a breach if I did not take immediate action. I noticed a café/bakery across the street and thought that would be the place. I mentioned to the group that I needed to run in there and I would meet them at the movies. The two in the know smiled in amusement of my situation, as others were caught off guard by my sudden detour.

I made my way across the street to the bakery. It was not particularly notable other than it was one of these narrow retail spaces that had much more depth than width. It smelled of warm pastries, butter, and sugar. There were also hints of coffee. The counter, display case, and bakery area stretched to the back of the space along the right side. The left side only afforded enough width to form a line and then leave after the purchase. There were a couple small tables crammed along the wall towards the back of the space. A nook in the wall separated the seating area from the primary place to queue. The nook contained two doors. One for supplies and another for the bathroom. I did not see any other customers in the space. I asked the baker if I could the restroom and he agreed.

The bathroom was a narrow space, like the bakery itself, freshly cleaned, but still a bit dingy. The floors were a large format gray tile that rose about three feet up the walls on all sides. The walls and ceiling above the tile were painted a hunter green. The space was lit by worn fluorescent lights that buzzed and the fan ran continuously. The low-flow, high-pressure commercial model sat at the back of the space. The sink sat a couple feet from the toilet along one of the side walls. The toilet looked new, but the sink was old-fashioned. It had a shallow basin, made of white porcelain and hung from the wall with exposed pipes that looped underneath. Its brass knobs dulled from decades of us, but still gleaned under the fluorescent lights. I noticed a yellow and black plunger with a large, bulbous cup and toilet brush tucked away in a corner next to the toilet.

I locked the door and rushed to the toilet. I yanked down my pants and prepared myself on the contoured seat. The excessive amount of food from the cookout put a lot of downward pressure on my digestive system and it seemed to cause a sizeable evacuation of the contents held there. The strong urge caused me to double over while seated. My legs were together. The first column roared with a crackle. It was hot and thick. I felt my body continue to involuntary contract with increasing intensity. The column continued its roaring crackle and rushed along with great force as its length surprised me. It felt quite good. It never ceased even though it broke into segments ever so often as it coiled into the bowl and then on top of itself. It finally dropped off with a long, blast of hot, silent gas. The smell was quite strong and filled the narrow bathroom.

I needed to pee at this point and aimed myself into the bowl. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I stopped peeing. I told the future inhabitant that I would be just a minute. I hoped I would be just a minute, as I recommenced peeing and finished. My guts still roiled. Soon, I squeezed out a load of thin, hot snakes. I felt done and stood to wipe.

The first offering was quite substantial, more than I expected given the singular push. The first large segment hit the back of the toilet with one end. This left a notable streak on the porcelain. This end doubled back on itself with a shared girth that easily surpassed the dimensions trap. The rest of the thick offering filled the modest water area, snaked left up out of the water on to the porcelain, and then back around underneath where I sat. It looked a bit like a upside down "?". It then continued via several other long segments that stretched and zig-zagged around in a chaotic, topsy-turvy arrangement. The result was a heap that piled and spilled up and out of any remaining space in the water. A mound of snakes piled on top of that large mess. The color was lighter brown and it was also of soft, creamy texture.

I flushed the toilet. The water level rose as the powerful suction wrestled with the "?" before it emerged victorious and sucked down parts of the "?" and some of the other contents. Streaks were all over the place and the water did not refill much. I made about seven or eight passes before I appeared clean and flushed again. Unfortunately, this time the only water rose, as bits and pieces back flowed from the trap. I began to feel some embarrassment as I remembered there was another user waiting on just the other side of the door. They must have heard the double flush and they probably heard me pee, as the hollow wood door did not offer much noise attenuation. Now, they would hear me plunge, which would totally reveal my true intentions.

I grabbed the plunger and managed to clear the blockage with several, deliberate jabs of the suction cup. Water rushed around the cup. I shook the plunger clean in the refilling water and returned it to its resting spot. I washed my hands and flushed the toilet once more. Only a few streaks remained, but the bathroom smelled quite bad. I opened the door to reveal the mystery person. I did not recognize them, as I half expected it to be someone from the group. It was a woman in her mid-twenties with a huge grin on her face. She seemed to be about 5'8 and eastern Mediterranean or maybe even mixed race with Middle Eastern. She had a striking combination of flowing black hair, brown doe eyes, shaped eyebrows, and a rich, medium skin tone. I suddenly felt my cheeks blush with embarrassment. We sidestepped each other in the cramped nook, as she braved the bathroom and I tried to escape my embarrassment. There was still no line at the counter, so I purchased a couple pastries to share with my friends at the movie. I left the bakery in great haste, so as not to face that woman again.




I haven't posted for a while and just caught up on quite a few pages so i apologize for the tardiness on some of these responses. I also hope to post a couple stories, as the time off over the holiday permitted more time to write.

@Pooperlady - Great story about your constipation release. I related a lot to that experience. I don't always like the feeling of irregularity but I certainly enjoy a large, fulfilling evacuation.

@Victoria B - I have a few comments for you. First, congratulations on your relationship with Robyn. I thought you two might have a special connection by the way you described her previously, particularly in the "poop sigh" story from months ago. I am also happy for you that you can find a connection with her regarding bathroom activities. Second, we have a poop stool as well. We really like it, but I think you guys have better names for it than us. Third, arousal and bathroom activity is not uncommon at all, and in fact it happens to me as well. There are some basic biological reasons why it would cause some pleasure, as I am sure you are well aware. Like most things in life, I've come to understand the amount of pleasure people derive falls on a spectrum. Some people only derive a little and I've read stories / medical summaries about people on the other end, if you know what I'm getting at. Finally, I've heard people on the phone going #2 in a public restroom. I know this is a bit different than your predicament The most notable was at a work conference. We took a bathroom break between sessions and one of the top officers of the company was taking a dump on a conference call, and he wasn't on mute. Other men were using both the toilets and urinals, so who knows what the other participants on the call thought. Many laughs were had about it later but hopefully those on the call with him weren't uncomfortable. He's one of these guys that's so detached from reality due to his financial success that his manners can border on abrasive or offensive.

@Catherine - Your candor is always a highlight for me. Out of dull-witted curiosity, in your last story that sounds like a pretty big load you had in your under garments. On one hand, it can be naughty / thrilling, but was there a part of you that wished you got to see the full effort in the toilet? How much was it? Also, happy belated birthday, I am not too far behind you in years. That sounds like you had a wonderful movement that morning and it's great that Alan is so supportive and open minded. I share a great many of the same kind of sentiments you relay here as far as your own interest.

@Neil - Interesting stories about your ex. I've had a few experiences like that myself. I dated one who was a mix of Lebanese, Mexican, and Ghanaian. She was really striking and had a wonderful, dynamic intellect. She was very poop shy when we first met and even confessed that she would only poop at home no matter what. She was bullied and embarrassed about it when she was a child, and was captive to this stigma that pooping is bad. I told her that she should feel free to use my bathroom any time and I wouldn't judge her. Eventually, she did. Then, one day I left for work before she got out of bed. Evidently, she got ready and left sometime later in the morning. I came home from work and noticed the unmistakable smell of poop. I went to the bathroom and was astonished to find an extremely long rope of moderate thickness that reached down into the trap and up to the rim. It was impressive. There were a few dirty pieces of paper. It seemed she forgot to flush before she left for the day. She's one of these people that flushes after the shower. I didn't mention it to her, but over time we became more open about bathroom stuff, and even had some cute inside jokes.

@Angie - I enjoyed your detail story about your urgent release due to IBS on your date. I don't have IBS, but I have been struck by a sudden need and had a reasonably lengthy trip to the bathrooms while on a date. It's actually happened on more than one occasion and would relate any of the stories of interested. I am also sorry that things didn't work out for you with that person.

@Taylor - Great stories and I appreciated your descriptions about your emergency outdoor poop.

@Unknown - I grew up in an unusual household with my mom and sisters. I think they had their own category, which was probably #3 among themselves. However, it was a #1 around me. I stumbled across one of my sister's old year books some years later. Evidently, she and her friends were quite outspoken, and even had a "pooping contest" at some point during that year. So, they would probably be a #4.

@Anut - Great story, that sounds like a particularly memorable outing!

@Dave - I agree your sentiments about bowel clearing evacuations and wished they happened more often as well. Also, great story about your mom's friend. Did you have any other experiences like tha?

@Braidy - Toilet seat survey: C, B, A, and my least favorite are D. E could be no seat / requires squatting in some capacity. I would say E could fall anywhere depending on the circumstances. Also, curious to hear more stories from you, if you feel compelled.



Peeing while pooping

A couple of questions:
When do y'all pee when going poop? For me, it's at the beginning and usually is just a quick one, and at the end. It's my body telling me no more poop.
Have y'all ever peed and then had to push so hard that you've been surprised at the fact you peed even more? This happened to me at work last week. I sat down and peed for a little while, then had to push to poop. I thought my bladder was empty but no, I peed for an additional 15 seconds.
Y'all have a safe and happy new year.


I'm Here

Hi! It's Catherine! I'm sorry I've been away so long. I do have a story that I will share when the opportunity presents itself. In short, I've had some really large, healthy bowel movements lately that have been very enjoyable! I have been eating a lot, as I am weighing 201 lbs! But, it's OK, I'll lose the weight after the holidays!

To Shannon and Trina: Thank you for sharing your stories! I love my fellow SPAS! Please look for my story soon, as I had an accident on Christmas morning too! Shannon, it sounds as if you have some really cool people in your life. Brian and your mom are keepers!

Victoria B: I'm glad that you and Robyn solved your pooping dilemma. I wish you both the best, in life and in the bathroom! Do you think you'll introduce Robyn to this site?

Mina: I'm glad the warm water and lemon juice worked!

Deb: Thanks for contributing your experiences of having an accident!

Elphaba: Always good to hear from you!

Love to all! I will post as soon as time permits. Right now, it hasn't!

Happy New Year!


Curious Cody

Our Christmas Trip

Me and Keci made a six-hour drive to visit her parents. We did the Covid testing, took my truck which offers four-wheel drive, and did the drive at night in one-hour shifts. Keci gave me a laxative before we left because I hadn't crapped for four days. Don't know why, nerves, I guess.

Keci drove the first leg. We switched at a 24/7 petro stop and I could tell by the way she was moving her legs, she had to pee in a big way. I think I waited for about 10 minutes, then I went in to check up on her.

It was a single toilet bathroom, with a line of women and children, and there were three ahead of her. I considered sending her into the mens room, but there was a line, although shorter, for that one. I learned there is more of a demand for night peeing among travelers, than toilets. Though there were a couple of little kids and a mom or babysitter in front of Keci that were acting up. I referred the situation to one of the clerks. All she said was the owners were cheap and not likely to spend money on expanding the bathrooms.

When Keci finally came out to the truck with a 20-ounce soda I was in the drivers seat ready to make up for the lost time. After about 20 minutes she called for another pit stop. She said she only had time to about drain half her pee since the kids acting up had made those behind her even angrier. She gave me a couple of swigs of her drink and I stopped in a state rest area about five minutes from there. This stop went faster since we were the only ones there and she came out with a smile on her face. I made a lame joke about her crap probably coming next, and I immediately regretted it.

Two shifts later, with the aid of a cup of black coffee and almost no one on the highway at 3 a.m., Keci woke up just as my gut was starting to churn. Of course she was burning to pee just at a time when I could feel a monster crap ready to blast out. We were both worried because our GPS showed a couple of state rest areas nearby, but we couldn't find them. While I drove with my left hand in my crotch Keci tried to find sites on her phone. Nothing materialized as our needs got more immediate.

Keci was fumbling with the empty 20-ounce bottle she had just finished off and she reached for my empty coffee cup. We had just started a conversation about pulling off to the side of the road, using them to take care of our needs--she was most grossed out when I explained a procedure that we learned in my one year of cub scouts--when I noticed we had passed a totally dark state trooper's car in the media. I immediately slowed, pulled off, and flashed our lights to call attention over. The officer pulled up behind us, turned his lights on and came to my window. After we showed our IDs, Keci got emotional and he quickly used his computer to find us a rest area just three miles out of our way. It had been closed for two years of renovations and had not been reinstated to the state's list.

As we wheeled into the facility, obviously the only patrons, Keci suggested we go together. There was a family bathroom between the two main restrooms. I opened the door, the light automatically came on, and Keci brushed around me to drop herself onto the largest of the two toilets. With her jeans and thong at floor level, her pee eruption was fierce. I could just envision the huge bubbles forming in the bowl beneath her. The drain continued. I took my seat on the 1/2 high child toilet next to her. Only the very back of my legs had contact with the seat because the toilet was for a child--small and low. My eyes were fixated on the body of the woman I am engaged to. I could tell she was feeling the relief that was coming out of her.

With progressively stronger pushes, my bowels activated and evacuated. By standing every 30 seconds or so, the electronic flush did its job and the smell was minimalized. Keci saw one log shoot out of me, hit the water, and then my rear get splashed for a second time. The small toilet was definitely not made for an adult. And the rim of my ass became more sore with each wipe. Keci stayed seated and waited while I waited and would stand after another burst of crap. The cycle went on and on; I never realized my gut would have that much gas to expel. I went through all the toilet paper on my stool's roll, and Keci handed me probably three more wipes worth from her side.

Then she gave me what I call her sly, tongue-in-cheek look that she had come up with something. She had about six more inches of toilet paper on her roll. She said that I should slow down, wipe very carefully, and that she will check my wiping ability by using the last of the roll to make sure that my butt was clean. I wiped carefully for another couple of minutes before I bent over and Keci gave me my test. I thought it was a pretty thorough wipe she did and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, on the paper.

With one last flush, Keci and I washed our hands and then opened the door to get back on the road.

Two years ago my husband and I were invited by my friend to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We ate a lot and drank a lot, after which we wanted to take a walk in the park. It was the beginning of autumn. The weather was warm and dry. I haven't pooped since yesterday morning and my bowels were full. I felt that I urgently needed to shit. I lighting a cigarette, and went to a deserted place in the depths of the park. I was wearing a skirt, blouse, brown stockings and black patent leather shoes with high heels. How I want to shit, I told myself. I stopped by a tree and turned my back on it. I lifted my skirt, lowered my panties and squatted down. I farted several times, and a huge log of shit at least 1 foot fell out of my anus. How good I feel, I told myself and farted again. Then two more smaller logs came out. But that was only the beginning. I squatted down comfortably took a drag on my cigarette and suddenly my ass shot out a stream of liquid diarrhea. Why do I have such diarrhea, I said.The stench was terrible. Finally I shit a huge pile, no less than a cow. I got up and wiped my ass with a piece of paper, which I took earlier, put on my panties, pulled up my stockings and pulled down my skirt.Turning around, I looked at what came out of me, and said, well, I'm good at shitting. Putting my cigarette butt on a pile of shit, I went back to my husband and friends.



I would suggest a female urinal.

I own a male version that has a receptacle with a hose to a holding bottle--very useful to avoid waking her up.

The one I have can be found on Amazon under "Onedone urinal", they also make a female version that's pretty much the same other than the shape of the receptacle. Note that there are smaller versions that don't use a hose but those are meant for immediate emptying, the one I have holds more and the tank sits on the ground, no issue of tipping it over when full.


Three accidents in three days!

Hello, my name is Deb. I'm back with another post of three accidents that I had over the Christmas holidays.

The first one happened on Christmas morning. My husband, daughter and I woke up at around 7am and went downstairs to open our presents. I went to the washroom upstairs to go pee before we came down. Our daughter, who is now two and a half, was super excited and incredibly cute as she opened up her presents. We made some coffee and then my husband and I exchanged our gifts. My ???? started cramping up a bit and I let out a bit of gas. After about a half an hour I had a sudden urge to go. I was sort of sitting on my side, playing with my daughter when it happened. I let out a really wet fart into my CK bikini panties and did my best to clamp my butt cheeks. I slowly got up and shuffled my way down the hall to our main level washroom, which is also our laundry room. Just as I was about to go in, a rush of wet diarrhea shot out of me, filling my panties. It was really wet and was leaking through quite quickly. I got over the toilet and carefully pulled down my leggings and panties then sat down and let it all come out of me. My panties were a total mess. I looked down at them and said, "Oh my god!" I reached over and opened the door and called my husband. He came over and asked what was wrong. I said, "I didn't quite make it. Can you get me a clean pair of panties?" He opened the door then I spread my knees apart. He looked down at my messy panties and said, "Oh Deb, I'm sorry. What happened?" I said, "I just had this awful cramp and I just started going and I couldn't stop it." He went upstairs and grabbed me a clean pair of panties and pants, came back with a package of wipes and asked if I wanted to have a shower. I told him that I would just get cleaned up now and would have one later. I got changed and rinsed out my panties and put them and my leggings in the washing machine. I was fine for the rest of Christmas Day.

On Boxing Day we decide to go for a drive to Springbank Park for a walk. We walked for a while and I started having cramps again. I said, "Well, I think we should be heading back now." We turned back towards our car and once again I had a sudden rush of diarrhea that wanted out. A tiny bit escaped and no could feel it between my butt cheeks as we walked. The pressure just became too much and a load of mushy diarrhea splattered into my pink hipster panties. I gasped when it happened. My husband asked me if I was okay and I had to tell him that I had another accident. I let out a second wave just as we got to our car. Sitting down in my mess wasn't much fun as it spread all over and up my back. I had once again stained through my panties and jeans.

Finally my third accident happened on Sunday the 27th. We needed groceries so I went out on my own while my husband and daughter stayed at home. I decided to not wear a pad since there was no sign of my period starting. Once again I was feeling fine in the morning, but I started having cramps while I shopped. I started letting out some gas and I could feel that they were getting wet. I finished my shopping and got in the line for the check out. I was really struggling not to have another accident, however the pressure just became too much. It started with a wet squelching fart and then it just exploded out of me, completely filling my panties with one huge rush. I stood there in complete shock and did my best to keep my composure. I still felt like I had to go and getting through the lineup seemed to be taking forever. Finally it was my turn and I pushed my cart to the open checkout and let out a bit more diarrhea. The lady at the cash asked how I was and I said that I was fine. I think she knew something was wrong because she got really quiet and didn't say much more to me. I asked her for an extra shopping bag to sit on in my car. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Sitting in that load of a mess was just terrible. By the time I got home the mess had spread all over my panties, towards the front of them and down my legs. I asked my husband for help with the groceries while I went upstairs to have a shower and get cleaned up.

I'm not sure what gave me this terrible diarrhea over those three days, but I'm glad it's over. It must have been something I ate or just my overall diet, because my period still hasn't started.

Shannon, I totally know what you are talking about when it comes to asking people for help. My husband has always been amazing as have my family and some of my good friends.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading.



Holiday bathroom options

I can relate to Trina's post about public bathroom options for those traveling within a city on a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It can be scary when you've got a 45-minute drive back home and after a day-long visit, you didn't do one more trip to the bathroom before saying goodbye and loading up leftovers and presents.

There are four options I've used:

1) A quick stop at a large motel and their public bathroom. The larger the motel the better, because they won't be able to identify their guests with easy recognition. I didn't have to wait more than a minute at one of the side entrances when a family came out and I got in through an otherwise secured door. I took a great crap near the convention ballroom wing. Pristine condition and lighting twice as good as I have in my apartment. A toilet seat protector sheet was also available, although I tore it early in the sit as I moved my legs and pushed.

2) A quick but urgent pee at the airport. I double-parked in the loading zone by activating my parking light alert flashers. The walk past baggage and into the terminal worried me because it was very busy and I had lots of people and luggage to dodge. I had to wait for a couple of minutes for a toilet to open and what seemed like a half hour was accomplished in less than two minutes butt seated on a nice warm toilet seat. Didn't even have to flush, thanks to technology. That decision only took me about a mile off my route home.

3) A truck stop catering to cross-country heavy rigs with an adjacent restaurant which had a near monopoly on a holiday. Bathroom lines spreading out into a convenience store. Lots of families with young kids in tow and whining about pain and a promised accident. The young girl in front of me I felt sorry for because she was barefoot in December and had sweats on with no coat. Dad seemed oblivious to that and was complaining about his bodily needs to her in very coarse language. As for my experience, the bathrooms were just average with dim lighting and a smell that they were being used by 24/7 travelers.

4) I had just had a fight with my drunk boyfriend. I had left his apartment without peeing because I wanted to cool down. Being of legal age, I had consumed a few beers with him before things deteriorated. I was on the freeway, having decided to attend a city-wide holiday lighting session downtown on the mall. Traffic was heavy, moving at a snail's pace. I was stalled and glancing to my right where there was an exit and a big billboard about the sale and leasing to townhomes being built. On the hill, I saw what looked like a couple of port-a-potties. So I quickly pulled off, parked at the bottom on the dirt hill for construction vehicles, and quickly walked up the first toilet. The door was unlocked, luckily for me because I was already trickling into my brand new designer jeans. There was no moon. Pitch dark and it probably took me another minute or so to feel my way--latching the door, making sure the lid was up so I wouldn't pee myself (I'm a fast learner from an earlier incident) and I used my hands to position myself onto the brutally cold seat. A couple of initial trickles onto the steel bowl came with some pain and then the explosion opened up. I figured I probably had at least 30 ounces of beer in me and that was probably on the lower side. At first a semi's honk from the road startled me. I repositioned my butt on the seat a couple of times because I was afraid it was going to stick like a tongue against an aluminum pole under such conditions. Once I got downtown to the mall celebration, I had to use a port-a-potty twice within an hour. Once I got back to my apartment I drew myself a nice, hot bath for a couple of reasons.


Accident while working out

Hi my name is Emma in 34 years old and athletic build love going to the gym I got 4 days a week and since a kid iv always had a trouble with my gut in result %99 of the time I have soft/mushy poops with has made me have accidents in the past some uncontrollable some without any warning at all with brings me to the accident I had this morning in my gym room

I woke up had my morning g coffee and toast and felt fine and decide to put on my new gym cloths I got from my partner Jessica (yes I'm in love with another women) any way she was in bed still and I put on my new gymshark flex leggings and matching top with wher plack I had on my boyshorts panties under my leggings to me and Jessica don't go commando or wear thongs we like pantylines anyways

I got dressed went in to the workout room did my stretches got warmed up the sit ups and push ups then 2 mins rest to have some water and catch my breath while I was sat up against the wall I felt a fart and farted felt fine then I set the weight on the bar to do some squats I fart let rip another fart this time as I farted it started bubbly and then I felt my underwear and leggings go really warm and it felt like warm really soft poop plead up my back all over my ars cheeks over my croth and up the front toward my belly button I stood ther frozen uncontrollably farting and sitting my boyshorts and leggings crying my eyes out I didnt realise that Jessica was stood at the door watching as I uncontrollably shit my self witch made me cry harder she walked over and held me and told me its ok and that it happens to the best of us with made me feel lots better so 5 minutes had past and I had finely finished sitting Jessica walked me to the bathroom wher I peeled my shitty leggings and panties of im not lieing when I say from my belly button to my my crouth my whole ass just above my waist at the back thighs to my ankles was covered in think runny much poop she throwed my leggings away and I got cleaned up after I was clean she got me another pair of panties and leggings and a t-shirt to put on and we chilled of sofa for the rest of the day and I asked her if this kinda thing has ever happend to her and she has had her fair share of accidents like I have so we shared are stories with each other for a while and I was shocked to find she was turned on by my accident thos morning and I am now increased to experiment as I love this woman and want to try new things so for now I'm going to go but if u think I should experiment with Jessica let me know and if you like this storie and want to know more of my accidents or even the ones she has told me about her let me know if you want more I share more

Lot of love Emma Young xx

Hey y'all! I'm happy to find a site that talks about bodily functions, I have always
had an interest in peeing and pooping. Lucky for you I have many stories to tell
But I will start off with just one for now.

My best friend Dalton and I had known each other since we were little kids.
When we were 17 we were driving a lake property that me and my family own. Dalton was gonna spend the weekend with us. We decided to all take separate cars so it was
Just Dalton and I in my car. About 45 minutes into the drive I noticed he kept squirming in his seat. I laughed and asked him if he was doing alright. He got really shy as if I wasn't supposed to see him shifting around. He told me he was ok and not to worry about it.
10 minutes later he made a face like he was uncomfortable and I heard his stomach make a weird noise. At this point I knew what was up with him but didn't say anything to avoid embarrassing him. Things really picked up when he farted. As close as we were, he was always shy with bodily functions, and this is the first time I heard him fart. He blushed and apologized. He asked if we could find a place to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately we past all the small towns at this point and wouldn't be driving past anything but fields for the rest of the trip. He grabbed his stomach and moaned. A quiet fart slipped out and the rich smell hit my nostrils. "I'm so embarrassed" he told me. "Nothing to be embarrassed about, you're human" I assured him. He said he was on the verge of having an accident. I had to think quickly then my eyes came across a plastic bag I accidentally left in the car. I handed it to him and said to go in it since this is a last resort. He hesitated but remembered how badly he needed to move his bowels. He took the bag from
My hand then he crawled to the back seat. Dalton undid his belt and pulled down his pants
I couldn't watch since I was driving, but I saw a glimpse of his butt as he put the bag
Right up to it. I heard as he farted and began to poop. I saw in the mirror his hole dilating and a thick log grew slowly then stopped at 13 inches. It Tapered off and plopped into the bag. For a second he looked relieved but then started pushing again. This time a torrent of soft pop flew from his hole and he moaned in relief. The smell in the car was getting pretty strong. He said he was done and then I gave him some tissues to wipe with. I had to admit
I really enjoyed that experience and in a way I felt closer to him. To this day we are still best friends and I have a quite a few more stories on him. Let me know if you'd like me to share some of my other stories!

Tyler C

Skiing Accident in My Pants

I went skiing for the first time a few years ago when I was 16 with my friend Max, who I've mentioned before, and his older sister, Jess. Our families were staying at a resort that had a number of activities, but only the three of us wanted to try skiing. It was Max's and my first time, but Jess had done it a several times before. We didn't have any gear so we had to rent some.

We got on the ski lift for one of the more beginner slopes. Jess went down like it was nothing, but Max and I kept wiping out every few feet. It took us, like, over a half-hour to get down that first slope. When we finally got to the bottom, we decided to try it again. At this point, I kind of needed to pee, but it was faint enough of an urge that I could wait. Besides, it was a huge hassle to get all of the gear on, I didn't want to bother with all that again so soon.

We went up to the top of the beginner slope again. This time, we were starting to get the hang of it. Although, we still crashed quite a few times. When we got to the bottom, we met up with Jess, who had moved on to more intermediate slopes. After having gotten only marginally better, I got cocky and decided that I'd also try the intermediate slopes. I still had to pee, but I was too excited to take care of that at that moment, plus I thought I was good enough that I could make it back to the lodge in a timely manner.

Max figured he stick with the beginner course until he got a little better. He was smarter in that moment than I was. I rode up with Jess. At this point, I was beginning to realize how much bigger and more advanced this course was than the first one, and the nervousness made me have to pee slightly more. Once I got off the ski lift, I looked down at the steepness of the first hill and a little squirt of pee came out of me as I realized that I might not be advanced enough for this. I stayed at the top there for several minutes, trying to work up the nerve to go down there. Eventually, I started to realize that I kind of had to pee more than I initially thought, and the only bathrooms were at the lodge at the bottom of the slope. So, I finally went down the first hill. I built up so much more speed than I ever did on the first slope, and I wiped out harder too. I spent forever slowly making my way down that slope, wiping out, getting up, getting a little further. The whole time, my need to pee was getting any better. After one major crash, I let a little bit out to relieve the pressure, and I almost wanted to let it all out right there in my snowsuit, but just then, Jess passed me, having been down a couple of times. She stopped and helped me up and told me that I was close to the end.

Eventually I got to the end of the slope and went to the lodge where Max and Jess were waiting for me. They made some light jokes about how long it took me to get down that slope. Seriously, it must have been at least an hour. I took my skis off and went in to use the bathroom. I looked around for a couple minutes, but the lodge wasn't very well laid out, so I had to ask someone at the information desk. By the time I got to the desk, I could feel the pee about to explode out of my wiener. The lady told me that they were two floors down, on the hallway to the left, two doors down, or something like that. I listened as well as I could while simultaneously worrying if she noticed the warm, yellow liquid that was beginning to spread through my nether regions. Yes, I was starting to pee in front of her, but I managed to cut it off after several seconds before I made a complete spectacle of myself. I thanked her, and went on my way.

I got down there, and managed to find the bathroom. Luckily, there wasn't a line. Unfortunately, I was dressed in layers which meant it took longer than usual to expose my private parts. As I was undoing my snow pants, I the pee start to come out again. I got my snow pants off, next came my jeans. I fumbled with the button, largely because of how much my hands were shaking from my nervousness. I felt the warmth starting to go past my knees. I got my jeans down and got a good view of my pee going full force into my now yellow thermal underwear. I reached into the fly, getting pee all over my hand, and pulled out my wiener in time to get the last few drops into the toilet. So, I... guess I made it? At What point did you just not make it?

Anyways, I wiped up my legs, balls, and penis, got dressed, and inspected myself in the mirror. I peed in waterproof snow pants as a kid, so I knew it wasn't really going to show, but I had to make sure. I nervously walked out of the bathroom hoping that no one around me would realize that they were witnessing a teenage boy covered in his own pee. Luckily, no one seemed to. When I got outside, Max had gone up the slope again, but Jess was still there. Jess told me not to be upset that Max and I weren't that good yet. She said she was as bad as us when she started. Then she said, "Don't tell Max, but I had so much trouble getting down my first slope that I peed myself because I couldn't get to the bathroom in time, and I was 12!" I laughed like that was a ridiculously old age to pee yourself. I thought that was a massive coincidence that she brought that up after my little predicament, but maybe this is more common than I knew.

It was very freeing to know that peeing yourself while skiing wasn't a big deal, and nobody would really know. I had to pee one more time before we left, and let's just say that after I finished going to the bathroom, I was wearing a much warmer pair of pants. I hope the next person who rents those boots doesn't notice.


Got some problem, can anyone give me some advice?

Hello everyone, I haven't post here for a while. But now I have a problem about bathroom, I hope I can get some advice from here.
A few months ago, I moved to a different workplace. The working conditions there is great, but except bathroom. The bathroom there was very awful. Firstly, there is no window, so the bathroom stays stinky all the time. Secondly, the toilet were all squat ones, which was pretty rare. Thirdly, there's no stall door, I was surprised to see that many girls didn't actually care about their privacy and even poop under some other people watching. And last, the flush sometimes wouldn't work, so the sight in the toilet often gross me out. All in all, the bathroom is terrible, so I try to avoid having #2 in it.
But the problem is, I usually poop twice a day, one time in the morning at home and another time in the afternoon at workplace. I've tried to poop in that awful bathroom for two times, but it all ends up as a disaster. The first time when I try to poop in it, there are some other people talking outside and I'm fully visible, so I feel terribly stressed that I couldn't even let out a toot. I tried second time when there is nobody in the bathroom, but after I finish, the flush doesn't work again. So I had to leave my poop there for a whole afternoon. Now, I just totally give up the idea about pooping in that terrible bathroom, but I don't think it's easy to change my twice a day poop, now I don't know how to deal with the problem.
Could someone give me some advice on how to deal with this?

John Q.
To Havelock E.:
I read your story and three questions came on my mind. Was your German experience usual for them or was an exception done because you were an inexperienced foreigner? Let's say that you would have not understand the first time, do you think that your teacher would had repeated it 'til you fully understand? Also, if you were a female and your teacher a male, do you think that something like that been possible?


Huge Bubbles

Hi guys. We have had symptoms of a massive clog that presented as big stinky bubbles coming up the shower after flushing the toilet. The toilet kept bubling when using the shower, or sink, too. I guess I had a touch of an intestinal virus, because my poop has been diarrhea for 3 days, so I heard these gross bubbles a lot. I'm sure the issue is something stuck in the city drain, because the clog in the toilet would go up and down. When it stayed up since yesterday, it created so much negative pressure that the sewer gas came all the way to the living room! I could even feel the vibration through the bathroom floor when the bubles came up, so I'm pretty surprised the symptoms have abated for now. I don't know how long it will stay this way until maintenance guys show up, but I know if the sorce doesn't get fixed, the bubbles will come back. So, my question to you all is, have you ever had a toilet clog come and go caused by a blockage at the street?


Hi everyone. It's been a while.

Hey. I last posted like a month or two ago. If you forget who I am, I'm the 14 year old girl with IBS. I'm actually 15 now. I had a birthday lol. I stopped posting because I didn't have anything interesting to talk about, but unfortunately my IBS flared up and it's really really bad :-(

My stomach has been in knots. I've been farting like crazy and pooping non stop. It sucks, but it's nothing I'm not already used to. It's bad enough that I've been having a lot of totally uncontrollable accidents. I wear adult diapers when I'm really sick. It's kinda embarrassing, but my closest friends know and are cool with it, so it's not that bad really.

I had a really messy accident in my dad's car a couple days ago so I guess that's something to talk about lol. So I was feeling pretty down. I was had been inside the house for like a week straight, I hadn't seen my friends in long time, and my IBS is acting up. My dad was tired of seeing me mope around the house so he told me to get dressed and come grocery shopping with him. I didn't want to but I did it anyway. My stomach was feeling fine by the way. I didn't feel sick or anything. I took a shower and got dressed in an old shirt and sweats. Although I felt perfectly fine, I still decided that I should be better safe than sorry so I put on a diaper and I am so glad I did.

So we leave and get to the store and I do half of the shopping and my dad does the other half and everything is fine. We checked out together and when we're walking to the car I get a feeling in my stomach. I tell him that I need to use the bathroom and I go back inside the store. There are bathrooms near the door do I didn't have to walk far. As I was going in the bathroom one of the cashiers was coming out. I don't personally know her, but she is grade higher than me at my school. I know a lot of the boys think she's hot. Well anyways she sees me and looks a little embarrassed before hurrying away. As soon as I walked in I was hit by the smell. She totally blew bathroom up! It stunk so bad I couldn't breathe haha.

I really was getting desperate and it's not like I was going to make it smell any better, so just dealt with the smell. I went into the first stall which was the one the girl used since the seat was still warm and sat down. I let out a big booming fart that echoed in the bowl and in the empty bathroom, but that was it. Just some gas. I didn't have to poop. False alarm. I waited a few minutes just in case, but I felt nothing, so I finished up. I usually can tell the difference between poots and poops, and this really did feel like a poop. As I was at the sink washing my hands, the girl came running back into the bathroom. She had unfinished business lol. But seriously, I felt bad for her because I know exactly how she feels. As I was leaving I heard her explode on the toilet and groan in pain. I hope she was able to go home and rest.

I go back to the car and my dad drives home. As we're about 5 minutes away, I suddenly get super desperate. My stomach is cramping bad and I feel a big mass shift through my insides. This is not a poor. This is not a poot this is 100 percent definitely a poop. I tell my dad that I really need to go and he could sense the urgency in my voice. There are no quicker ways home and he can only drive so fast through a residential neighborhood, but he tried his hardest to get me home in time. But, it wasn't enough. I just couldn't hold it any longer and had a massive diarrhea explosion. I was glad that I was wearing a diaper, but it leaked pretty bad. Poop got everywhere. It was going up my back and all over my legs. It was seeping through my pants and got on the car seat. I'm used to having accidents, but this was a really really bad one.

It's always awkward when this happens, so my dad and I were quiet for the rest of the short ride home. This happens enough that we have a routine. He pulls into the garage and I get out the car and go inside to get cleaned up. He then brings me clean clothes and when I'm all done I clean the car seat.

So yeah, that's my little story that I stretched out way longer than it needs to be hahaha.i know that a story about a girl with IBS that has an accident probably isn't the most interesting, it's all I've got for now lol. I hope you enjoyed!

Stay safe and have a happy new year!


A Gift to Myself

I hope that everyone has had a good holiday season and that you all have a blessed New Year! 2021 will be fabulous!

My story begins on Christmas Eve when I did not have my evening bowel movement. I'm not on my period and I've been eating very heartily to the point of putting on a little weight, as I shared in my post yesterday. I guess it was the excitement and fast pace of the day. I ran the pharmacy until 5:00 PM, as people were coming in for their prescriptions and such before their holiday plans. As soon as I got home I changed clothes and we went to my parents' home to celebrate Christmas with them. We all had COVID tests prior as soon as Alan and the kids were dismissed from school. They isolated at home prior to Christmas Eve so that we could spend Christmas with our families. Of course, I had to work, but we are taking such extreme safety measures that I felt confident that we would be OK.

Nevertheless, I just did not have to go. We had such a lovely time with my family and our little Joey, who's three now, really was into Christmas for the first time.

So, on Christmas morning I woke up around 5:00 AM, as I always do, and had my cereal, yogurt and small cup of coffee. I did about 20 minutes on the treadmill and then jumped in the shower. I dried my hair, which takes forever, and put it in a pony tail. By this time, Alan had gotten ready. We each had matching Rudolph pajamas. The kids slept in theirs, but Alan and I didn't put ours on until the morning. The kids awoke around 7:00 AM and we opened gifts. While Alan helped with packages, I made breakfast, consisting of vegetarian omelets, muffins, a side of turkey bacon for everyone, and some sliced apples. And, I did something I never do - I had a second cup of coffee. I was a little tired and I wanted some extra pep for when we visited Alan's parents for lunch.

The coffee began to cramp my stomach and I began to feel that familiar pressure. I decided that I would hold it until I couldn't anymore. I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen as the pressure built. Alan was helping the girls and Joey with their gifts. At some point Chloe excused herself, probably for her own poop, and to shower, leaving Alan with Zoe and Joey. (As you know, these are aliases for our children's names.)

Every now and then I would fart, and they had a bit of an odor to them. They were nice and warm. But the pressure kept building. Now you know where this is headed - I was trying to have an accident by letting the pressure build. But, I also wanted to finish the kitchen and get ready.

However, I didn't want to do it in the kitchen with my family present. I decided that when I felt that I could not hold it any longer, I would go to the bathroom.

As I finished drying the last dish, I knew that it was going to happen. So, I left the kitchen and tried to walk gracefully to the bathroom, as gracefully as one can when she has to poop.

As I entered the bedroom, and was in sight of the bathroom, my stomach cramped up, my cheeks flushed, my body shivered and tingled, and I unloaded right there in my panties and pajamas. It was a firm, solid movement until right at the end it squelched a little, with some gas as the movement came to a stop.

I reached back to feel the load, and as I did I felt the urge to push more, and this time, accompanied by a loud fart, some additional mushy stool pushed its way into my panties. The coffee had upset my stomach a little, and created some mushy stool to go along with the big, solid poop. When I waddled into the bathroom, I got our lighter and lit every candle in the bedroom and the bathroom, hoping to cover the smell.

I stood there at the bathroom sink for a few minutes as my blood pressure returned to normal. It felt really good. I was ashamed, but, at the same time, completely at peace.

I will spare the details of the clean up, but Alan did find out, as I had to shower again. I think it genuinely aroused him, as we had a special Christmas night after the kids were in bed!

I hope that you all have a great New Years Eve!

Love to all!


Natural dump

Last dump at camp 2020

I tink i am in a need of pooping in my outhouse for a last time this 2020.
So i when fir a atv drive up to my camp and take a nice hotpoop on the cold seat in outhouse, but it's very nice just to sitting on my cushion seat and take a satisfying dump and watching snow falling from the trees happy new year's every body

Shannon, I'm torn between feeling bad for you for your work accident and just loving that story. I felt like I was there, watching the whole drama of your struggle to make it and then to get cleaned up without too many people figuring it out. It was epic! I'm glad you have another friend you can trust to help you with your problem, and I hope that you get to properly enjoy having an equally big multi-stage messing under better circumstances. It's funny, this is the first time I've ever told anyone that I hope they accidentally mess themselves. Also, between the recent mention of wetting yourself as well as messing in the car one time, and your accident-free streak ending with a bedwetting (it's kinda funny, you usually mess yourself but had a rare bedwetting around the same time a bedwetter like me had a rare pants-messing.) I wonder - and forgive me if you've mentioned it and I missed it - how often you wet yourself. Does it happen to you more than most people? With that car wetting/messing, did you do both at the same time? In fact, can you tell us that whole situation in more detail?

Ah, I so wish Icy and Traveler were still around. Two guys with the same problems as Shannon and Catherine should really compare notes with them!

(Speaking of comparing notes, am I really the only bedwetter here?)

Mina, I've been meaning to say it for a long time: your relationship with your friends is so very sweet and heartwarming. I hope you're together all your lives, and continue to enjoy pooping, and everything else, together, and that you keep sharing your stories and theirs with us! It's also interesting to learn more about Japan from you all.

Havelock E, what was your name back in the day? Tim and Sarah are super old school. If one of the people who was here when I first started surfing this place so long ago is back, I wanna know who! I still think of the people from the days when I first found this place. Bathroom Kid was like Shannon if she wet rather than messed, having pretty much made friends with the fact that she can't hold it for long and sometimes wets herself. It led to more than one case of going in her clothes for convenience. I wonder what her parents thought of it; if it were me, I'd be so happy that my teenager with such a socially-awkward problem was well-adjusted and happy and had friends that I'd consider a little extra laundry because you don't try as hard when you are fine with your weak bladder to be no big deal. Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal told such sweet stories about bonding over bathroom matters. They were so prolific for so many years only to suddenly vanish one day; I don't think I'll ever stop wondering what happened and hoping they're okay. Shy Pam had a lot of great stories and was really sweet to her younger relatives and helped them when they had accidents too. Dick and Karen were siblings who were so close and regularly buddy dumped and cleaned each other, and decided to keep their close relationship and live together instead of continuing to pursue romantic relationships, and just everything about how they lived was so interesting. Becca and her little sister Lauren had bathroom adventures in a family where it seemed you tried to make it to the bathroom if you could but it was no big deal if you couldn't (in other words, how every family should be.) Interestingly, the older sister lost control or gave up on making it several times while the younger was more often wetting because she was told it was okay. Kids then, they'd be well into their 20s now... I'd love to know what became of them as they make their own way in the world. I'd go on all day if I named everyone from back then, but I miss them all!

So, to anyone who used to post here but doesn't anymore, if you're popping back through one more time to check it out, say hi and let us know what we missed! Some people might still remember you, and some new members might've found you in the old posts and wondered what became of you! And maybe you'll decide it need not be just one more time.

Friday, December 32, 2020


Reply to Aunt

Thank you for your post on an unscheduled shit. . How did you feel after it and do you think any one saw you ? I have never been in that position for a shit but certainly plenty of pees . It is better that you did what you did than go in your pants ? Has anybody else got similar stories ? Happy New Year to all !!!

Is carmom and her daughter still around i miss their stories and adventures.

Monika B.
Ugh. Yesterday was terrible. I had a bizarre kind of diarrhea. It was really mild, but my stomach was hurting and I was just so uncomfortable. I didn't want to eat anything.

So, if this makes any sense, it was kind of like a combination of constipation and diarrhea. Basically, didn't come out easily, and wasn't much, but I had to go about 4 times. I took one anti-diarrheal pill (I try not to take 2, because I actually get constipated, and I HATE constipation), and eventually it died down a bit. I kind of felt like I had to poop again later in the afternoon, like around 4, but I just held it because I was tired of it lol. It wasn't difficult to hold it either; like if I really tried I could have let it out, but I just didn't want to. The urge went away after awhile and I had pizza for dinner. I feel better today.

So, the day before yesterday, I ate very little (for me). After some calculations, I estimated that I ate less than 1500 calories that day, and add my bike ride to and from work (about 40 minutes total) burning calories and my net consumption was probably only slightly over 1200. I'm usually a bit of a pig despite being vegetarian (we're not all dainty eaters who live on salad!), so my body just wasn't used to it. Could that be the reason for my uncomfortable bowel movements yesterday? I've been wanting to lose a little weight (I'm not overweight; I'm right in the middle of the healthy range, but I'm planning on taking antidepressants soon and they are known for causing weight gain), but if this is what losing weight is like, no thank you!

Also, nothing I ate the day before was odd or spoiled or anything like that.


Toilet refuge

This happened last week. I'm 12. I'm in 7th grade and I live in a 1 toilet house that is shared between my parents, my grandparents, and my brother who is in high school.

Sharing the 1 bathroom has become a nightmare. Grandpa right after he wakes up takes his Times into the bathroom and will sit until his crap is ready to come out. On some days, it might be 10 minutes and at other times, depending on whether he remembered to take his laxative the night before, it could take 3 times as long. Sometimes his craps are too big for the flush hole and one of us has to plunge it.

So the other night I fell asleep on the couch and I didn't get my pee in before bedtime. At 7:30 in the morning I realized I couldn't pee at school since there was none. And I didn't know how long grandpa would be on the toilet. So I walked a block up the street to the Fast Pump Station and I did my pee there. It was so refreshing, although the attendant gave me a really nasty look when I asked for the key. I thought, OK I know I'm only 12 years old, I don't drive yet and I'm not a customer, but I still have to pee and crap.

But this situation involves something else also. I've seen the stories from Dave and Kerri about things that are distractions in bathrooms today. Phones, tablets, lap top computers are all distractions in the bathrooms at my middle school. I've heard the principal in considering banning them beginning second semester. She thinks such electronics are causing us to be less efficient in the bathrooms and even in the boring study halls.

I don't think my bladder can benefit from holding my pee in while toilet space opens up.

What ideas do you guys have?

Wendy M.

Christmas Accident

I have a close friend whose like a sister to me. We've known each other for about 3 years and I'll call her, Petunia. Ever since I've known her, her body has had a weird reaction to coffee. She loves coffee but it upsets her stomach and gives her really bad gas. When I say bad gas, I mean long wet smelly farts. But she never got diarrhea from coffee or at least, she used to not.

She and her son spends Christmas with my husband and kids. On Christmas morning, she had coffee like she does every morning. She was also farting like she normally does. Her son gets so embarrassed but my kids laugh whenever they hear their "aunt" fart. But when we were opening presents, she leaned over and let out a very loud wet sounding fart. I honestly don't know how to describe it. I've heard her wet fart before, but this fart just sounded so different.

Petunia started to turn red and I quickly realized what happened.

"Petunia, honey did you-" I started to say but she cut me off with a nod to the head and slowly stood up. She excused herself and walked to the bathroom. There was a wet brown stain on the back of her pajama pants. When she left the room, we started to laugh but I also felt bad. I let her use a pair of my comfy Christmas pants and I attempted to wash her messy pajama pants.

This morning she was back to farting again after having coffee.

It happened when I was thirty years old. It was 6 pm. I was on a train that did not have a toilet, which I really needed at that moment. I got off the train at the station near the forest and walked towards the thicket. I was wearing a business suit, tights, and stiletto heels. I also had a purse with me. I looked around anxiously, but there was no one, and I boldly entered the thicket. I turned my back to the ravine, lifted my skirt, pulled my panties and tights down to my knees and squatted down. My anus opened, and a stream of diarrhea with a loud fart burst out of my asshole. I squatted more comfortably and extended my arms in front of me. After that, the diarrhea become even worse. I shot more and more diarrhea from my ass, and all this was accompanied by loud farting and stench. After 10 minutes, I finished shit. I didn't have any paper with me, so I pulled the pad out of my purse and carefully wiped my ass. I tucked my blouse into my skirt and walked limping from a long squatting towards the railway platform. I was left with a huge, terribly smelly pile of liquid, smelly diarrhea, unpleasant brown in color, with pieces of undigested food

Victoria B

Frozen pipes part #2


We resolved the crisis. Years of being hard on plumbing gave me a way of resolving the situation. First I got Mervyn, our pooping stool, out and had Robyn put her feet up on it. Next, I helped adjust her butt cheeks on the seat, a process I admittedly enjoyed and helped open her up. Finally I sat down on the floor, took her hand and told her to push only when she felt pressure inside and to squeeze my hand to make things pass a little easier.

Eventually it worked. By the time Robyn pooped her last piece she had done a load that would never have flushed without breaking it up a little more with the plunger or the toilet brush. When I gave her forehead a kiss and told her "Do a big one for me!" Robyn did not disappoint! This is when the next phase of the plan kicked in.

I moved the bathroom trash can in front and told her to throw whatever toilet paper she needed to wipe after she washed with the bidet into it. While that was happening I ran to the kitchen to grab a pair of rubber gloves and give her a little privacy to cool down from what had been a moment of pretty intense vulnerability. When I came back to the bathroom Robyn's thong and leggings were back up and she was washing her hands. With mine safely gloved I reached into the bowl and grabbed all of Robyn's turds: one mammoth log that I would have been proud of and two medium-sized pieces and dumped them into the trash can, on top of her paperwork. With that, I took the bag out, tied it and threw on cold weather gear. A quick trip to the dumpster outside and the problem was solved!

The next day building maintenance called a plumber and the pipes were fixed, just in time for Robyn to get to watch me unload!


End Stall Em

Third Grade Experience

This was about 4 after school one winter afternoon when I was in third grade. My dad was late to pick me up, so I wandered into the bathroom to wee because it had been a couple of hours since we had our potty break. I did pretty decent. I stood, pulled up my underwear and I was pushing the back of my dress down when I walked out of the partial stall. Like the others, it had no privacy door. Most of us had gotten use to that. Miss H, who was our student teacher, seemed surprised to see me, thanked me for warming the seat up for her, pulled her jeans and really skimpy underwear down, while slowly dropping her butt to the seat. I was washing my hands, mirrors in front of me of her as she started weeing as loud as I had ever heard from anyone, even my mom who is a large lady. Miss H asked where my dad was coming from and reminded me about a math assignment I could be working on. Then there was a plop, plop, plop into the stool. Miss H spread her legs and looked between them into the bowl. Since I had used the last piece of toilet paper I walked down to the toilet next to her, pulled some off, wrapped it around my hand and handed it to her. She seemed so surprised and appreciative. Obviously, she had not checked first. Also, when I told mom about it at home, Miss H had also broken my mom's rule. I had been taught to wipe the seat off before I seated myself. Not that I do it every time either.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kerri great story about your big poop that got interupted and great story about your poop at the store.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you had some good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Taylor great story about your buddy dump with Jenifer.

To: Pooperlady great story about your huge poop I bet you felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Celine great story after your big after Thanksgiving poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Happy Holidays

Sorry I've been away a while, been busy with holiday prep and family and work.

Shout out to my SPAS!

Shannon - sorry (jealous? ha) about your Christmas Eve accident.

Catherine/Monika - I also enjoy holding it, especially what feels like it will be a large, solid poo. The building pressure is just intense and as Catherine said, can be arousing.

My newest story isn't as exciting as Shannon's, but happened on Christmas night. I had spent the day at my parent's house celebrating and we of course had lots to eat and drink. I got caught up in the goodbye's and hugs and loading up my car when it was time to leave and forgot to go to the bathroom before I left. As soon as I got in the car and started driving away and relaxed a little I realized how full my bladder was and that I needed to pee, but didn't want to just turn around to say, "Hi again, it's me, just need to pee." So I decided to hold it and just go home, about 45 minutes away.

About halfway through the drive traffic slowed down a lot because a lane was closed on the highway. That just made things worse. I was fidgeting and starting to consider exiting the highway to find a gas station or something, but so few things are open on Christmas I just kept creeping along until finally the construction ended and we picked back up to normal highway speeds again. Still, it had added at least fifteen minutes to the trip and I was bursting. Soon I was squeezing my thighs and driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other pushing fingers against my crotch to help hold it.

I made it to my exit from the highway - fifteen more minutes until home and relief! I was almost shaking I had to go so badly. Still squeezing thighs together, still fingers pushing hard against my pee hole to help. I got caught at one of the two red lights on the way. The light turned yellow as I was approaching and I almost hit the gas to speed up and keep going, but decided to be safe and hit the brakes hard to stop. When I did I peed a little and could feel a little dampness in my panties. The light finally changed and I started going again. "Come on, Trina, you can hold it, almost there," I kept talking to myself - out loud since I was alone in the car, why not? My body disagreed and a moment later another spurt escaped for a second before I could stop it, and this time I felt wetness on my fingertips and knew my jeans would show some damage. The second stop light was also red and I had to stop again. I cursed and after stopping I briefly spread my legs and looked down to check the damage - an obvious dark spot the size of an egg in the crotch of my pale blue jeans. At least I was alone and live alone?

The light turned green and I hit the gas again, knowing I had very little time and didn't want to have to clean urine out of my car seat. I got lucky and had no other traffic from there and made the last five normal minutes in about three minutes, pulled into my driveway, into the garage, jumped out, waddled to the back door with my hand still pressing into my damp crotch, legs almost crossed, bouncing in place, fumbled with the door lock briefly, got the door open, hobbled inside and around the corner towards the guest bath, made it to the door to the guest bath, and...

Started flooding my jeans. So close! Hot wetness spread all around the front and back and down my legs for multiple seconds, hissing loudly against the fabric. I regained control after those few seconds, hobbled the last few feet to the toilet, ripped down my jeans and panties in one motion while sitting and barely hit the seat before the rest started coming out. I actually moaned a little at the relief after holding for so long. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment until I was done. I wiped and surveyed the damage. My panties were soaked front to back, no question. Jeans were wet down to both knees, left side to around mid calf, front and butt pretty dark, too. I figure I lost maybe half my pee in my pants and the rest in the toilet, maybe a little less than half. Either way, they were quite wet and it was very obvious, but since I live alone nobody else knew (until now!). I took them off and tossed them straight into the washing machine, quickly unloaded the car so I could get the leftovers into the fridge (Mom can't send me home hungry) and bring in Christmas gifts, then headed for a nice hot shower.

An exciting end to my Christmas day for sure!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, etc.



my response to jazz

To Jazz
I am a long time reader and have only posted 2 or 3 times before. I Live with this girl. She is not my girlfriend just a roommate. She has her bedroom and i have mine. Christmas eve we went out for dinner because Christmas day everything was closed . We went to a well known place ( Applebee's) She told me she had a stomach ache while we were eating. After dinner she said she needed to go to the bathroom , but wanted to wait till we got home. We got home and she went into the bathroom and came out 10 minutes later. I didn't say anything when she came out. About a half hour later she said she was tired and going to bed. Christmas eve i woke up and needed to poop. I opened my bedroom door and the bathroom door was closed I went back to my room to sit on my bed because my poop was starting to come out.I waited about 5 minutes and she was still in there. I finally had to get up and knock on the door and asked her if she was almost done. I heard her crying. She told me to come in. I went in and she was sitting on the toilet and she said she couldn't poop and haven't gone in 3 days. she said can you help me ,I said how? she looked at me and kind of smiled and said can you get it out for me. I said that i really needed to poop bad that it was coming out. so i said get up and let me go. She said can i stay i said if you want. she got up and I pulled my PJ bottoms down and my poop started coming out more very. I told her to stand in front of me and put your but by me and bend over a bit. My first log broke off ,it had to be 8 inches from the way it felt. it was very solid and wide. She said wow thyat sounded big.I then said i could take care of her problem I took my finger and spread her butt hole open and could hardly get my finger in. She was packed i got a little out and put it between my legs into the toilet . I then started to poop out my second log . I asked her to wait a couple of seconds . my second one was coming out slower and seemed bigger then the first. I then started to dig some more i felt it getting a little more moist . I told her to push . My second log dropped with a kerplunk sound she started to push and i saw it was coming out. I said keep pushing , more came out. Now there was about 3 inches out and i broke it off. I said push some more an d more started to come out. She said I think you got it . I said sit on my lap and go . I sat back and spread my legs as far as I could and she sat and i felt her pushing and sough it coming out , she sighed and said oh my god that hurt so bad. I heard a big splash and it was beginning to get quite smelly . I started to push out my third log and she was still sitting on me . my third log broke off and 2 seconds later she pooped out another one . We both sat there together and we both said Merry Christmas and started to laugh. She wanted me to wipe her. she rolled off some toilet paper and I wiped her and then she said can i wipe you > I said ok she rolled off some paper and i got up and we both looked in the toilet and couldn't believe the the size of all the logs. She told me that was the first time she pooped with someone and hopes that it wont happen again. She now poops in the bathroom in front of me and doesn't even close the door She got her phone and took a picture of the turds in the bowl and then took a picture of me sitting on the toilet . She wanted it for a memory

Monday, December 28, 2020

Hello everyone. My name is Claudia. I really like your stories. Many similar cases happened to me too. I hope I will write about them here soon. I have colitis and gastritis, which is why I often have to use the toilet. I have a very good appetite, so I don't follow any diets.

sorry for my English


Parent-Teacher Conferences-PLUS

The other morning my daughter Angie's principal called and said that she's almost a straight A student and that she had submitted my name as a possible volunteer. I said fine but that I wanted to get Angie's permission first. I wasn't stalling, but I remember a case with my mother who was a volunteer at parent-teacher conferences. I would sure come to regret her interference in my school.

When parent teacher conferences ended mom needed to use the bathroom. Six hours of walking around with a school map and teacher list wore mom out and I had to both urinate and crap after working the child-care room for student council. I walked fast into the medium-sized bathroom, took the middle toilet and lowered my slacks to my vary tired knees. My pee was torrential into the toilet and after about 30 seconds my crap door opened and an unusually heavy piece slowly edged out. I looked up and thought how tired I must have been not to have closed the privacy door. I was almost astounded to find there was none. Then I remembered having complained to mom that the new principals had removed about 50% of the doors in bathrooms all around the school. The explanation was that too many students were taking too long to go to the bathroom and were late to class. Also there was some smoking and drug use. Each bathroom, however, had one doored toilet, which we were told met minimum standards.

Within seconds mom came in, complaining her dam was ready to destruct. She took the cubicle to my left, shuffled with the clothing and laid toilet paper over the seat before her butt thumped down. She said she hadn't peed since she had left the office at noon. She asked me about whether my bowels were improving while she was draining. The sound was like a heavy thunderstorm on a metal roof. It was impressive. Then she started asking me personal questions about what the doctor had prescribed like was I eating more roughage and drinking six to eight water bottles a day? Next she started asking about how many times I needed to use the toilets each day at school. I said it was about 4 or 5 since I'm in a lot of clubs and activities. She called me out for sitting bare-butt on the seat. Then she started asking me why they didn't have seat-tissues available. Because I was so tired and not thinking well, I told her I didn't think many of my friends would use them. The argument escalated from there.

Nickel Plate


Havelock I have question, after the teacher poop and wipe her self, did she clean up the poop or just left it there?

I been out camping and many times I see paper and poop next to bushes everywhere. I can see if every one does that there would be poop everywhere where it should be clean and natural place to enjoy.


Christmas Eve Accident + Some quick old stories

Merry Christmas everyone! I had an accident on Christmas eve! My second accident in just a few days. It was solid so i didn't mind it, although the situation was slightly embarrassing. I'm at my parents house for Christmas and when I arrived christmas eve afternoon I needed to poop a little bit, but my mom asked me to walk their dog for them. I love their dog so I was quick to take the opportunity and I set out on a walk. Long story short, we were just starting to head back when it hit me that I really needed to go to the bathroom. I hurried as fast as I could but their dog kept stopping to sniff things and pee on things, and she's big and strong so I couldn't really just pull her along. I held it as best I could until the ominous pre pooping farts started happening, then I sort of gave up because my stomach was starting to hurt, and i didn't make it back to the house in time. I accidentally pooped in my leggings, and it felt really good because it was such a relief and because it was firm and came out slow and steady, and I enjoyed feeling it pressing against my butt as I walked back to the house. I touched back a few times and felt the firm bulge protruding in my pants. It was all good fun until I snapped back into reality and realized I was about to go into my parents house with pooped pants, which is inherently embarrassing. Also the dog became very interested in the smell and wouldn't stop sniffing my butt which also felt embarrassing...

When I returned to the house I hoped to quickly let the dog in then duck into the front bathroom to dump the load out of my undies, but my mom was right there by the door. I started getting red and bashful and trying to keep my back turned away from her and she started asking me what was wrong and said I was being strange. Then she started gently sniffing the air, and said "did you step in dog doo?"
I just looked at her and said "no...that's me...i had an accident while I was walking the dog". She looked a little surprised but sympathetic and calmly said "oh, shannon... head up and get in the shower, i'll bring you a change of clothes." So, I went upstairs and showered and changed my clothes, and now I'm all clean and cozy and just had Christmas eve dinner. It would have been a perfect accident if I was home by myself, but it was still pretty enjoyable because the only person who knew was my mom (though I'm sure she told the rest of my family why I was taking a shower). I'd say of all the people to know you've pooped yourself your own mom is probably the least embarrassing, so it was a good day. I hope everyone else had a good day too!

Deb: you described all the moments to perfection. The one other moment that really adds a lot to the overall experience and is almost as difficult as the accident itself, is when the situation dictates that you need to tell someone what you did. I never feel quite as small and ashamed as i do when, as an adult, i need to inform someone that I've pooped my pants. That is NEVER easy. I've taken to just ripping the band aid when it happens, and i get ahead of it and tell whoever i'm with what happened as soon as it does. Its just less embarrassing than trying to hide it and being found out... that's how it used to play out when I was younger. I would do my best to hide it and pretend it didn't happen, and sometimes I would go as far as to deny it when accused, which always just compounded the humiliation once they found out the truth. Admitting it straight up is just the best way to go... i remember when I was about 18, i had an accident in my friends car after school, and when I was asked if I pooped my pants I panicked and said I had just farted. Except I had shorts on so poop squished out of one of the leg holes and got on the seat, so I was caught red handed (brown bottomed? Lol) and it was 10x more embarrassing since I had lied and said I didn't do it. Another time I pooped my pants in the hallway right when i got home from school and my brother smelled it and asked me if I pooped my pants. For some reason I denied it, then when I was going up the stairs it ran down my leg and some poop fell out of my pants onto the step, and it was another embarrassing lesson on lying...
Also yes, no matter how much it happens, there is no getting used to it when you have a major blow out in public and don't have a change of clothes. I used to keep an accident bag in the car. Just some wipes and some spare underwear and pants, and plastic bags. I dont know why I stopped keeping it in there, in all honestly I rarely used it. I normally prefer to clean up at home anyway. As far as pads go, I don't use anything because I take birth control. I remember the only time I ever used the accident bag. I was in my late 20s and on my way to meet a friend for dinner. The friend lived far away and we were meeting in the middle, and my drive was a little under 2 hours. Well, on the way there I got stuck in traffic and ended up pooping and peeing my pants in the car. I didn't want to blow my friend off so I pulled over at a rest stop and cleaned up and changed in the bathroom, then went and had dinner with my friend. I wound up confessing that I was so late because I had an accident on my way to meet her and she thought it was pretty funny.

Catherine and Trina: Merry Christmas to you both! Hope to hear from you soon.



Mid poop interruption

A few days before Christmas I was at home working, I'm still not back in the office due to Covid. I was letting out small toots and knew that I needed to go sit on the toilet soon. I grabbed a magazine and told my daughter that I was heading to the bathroom to do my business. I sat down and peed right away and let out a loud fart. I started looking through my magazine why I started to poop, I let out a few small turds and heard the doorbell ring. My daughter came and told me that I needed to sign for a package, I literally had a turd hanging from my butt hole. I pushed it out and threw on a robe, I went and signed for the package and headed back upstairs. My daughter followed me up and came with me into the bathroom, I sat back down and pushed the rest of my poo out, it was getting pretty stinky. I didn't feel that I was done so I sat there and let out some stinky toots followed by some loose poop, my daughter commented on how bad it was stinking. I finished up and wiped and stood up to flush, I had taken a big poop.

Hey everyone!

I was wondering who still does the old fashion book/magazine reading on toilet. Since the arrival of cell phones and iPhones this seems to be a thing of the distant past. I remember when I was young we had a a couple of comics and magazines laying around in the toilet. Now this is a thing of the past.

Taking a good shit is so worthwhile, I love those 10 minutes, they seem to last longer. I usually need to take some time before things get moving. I'd say it takes me about 2 minutes for the first turd to emerge. It are usually 2 to 3 pieces not particularly long or thick after I peed. Then after 4 to 6 minutes I have some after poops that come out softer and smaller and also with more gas. After that I just wait it out, there often is another burst of pee and then it is wiping time.

My favorite poops though just keeps coming, wave after wave. After such a session I feel empty and relived but it happens only about 5 times a year. I wonder why it isn't more regular? It is the type of poo that slides out fast without being too soft and it relaxes so much you actually almost feel like orgasming. Maybe because it "massages" my prostate?

I remember a couple of years ago I sat at the desk in the living room which is opposite the door to the hallway where our toilet is. That door is almost always open (because of excessive heat during the summer), so when someone excuses to go to the toilet we can clearly hear the sounds. That day we had a female visitor, a friend of my mother. As they were talking and I was surfing the internet at the desk I suddenly hear her say that she had to go to the toilet. I didn't mind as I thought it would be for a wee. One can't imagine visitors to go poop at your home right?

She went in and immediately I heard a spurt of liquid poo plopping in the bowl, farts included. She then wiped and flushed. She was back in under a minute. If I hadn't heard it happen one would never think she pooped in such a short time!

What amazed me though was that she didn't seem to be embarrassed at all, she just let go and she perfectly knew I was able to hear it. Some minutes later she excused herself again, as she she said she might have a stomach bug and the exact same thing happened.

I think I felt more embarrassed than she did but I never acted as if I could hear it, I. just pretended I didn't notice someone pooping in our toilet.

PS Great site! I hope to find more awkward poop stories in toilets will appear. Maybe someone can lead me to good stories that have been written here already?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's Christmas poo's, here's mine:

I was working on Christmas day so I opened the presents that my mum had sent me on Boxing Day while having a lovely breakfast of croissants, fruit salad, OJ, and gingerbread coffee in bed. After I had finished, I went to my bathroom to have a pee and as I was doing so I realised that I needed a poo. I was surprised both by how the urge came out of nowhere (maybe it was the coffee?) and the fact that I had last had a poo the night before just as I was leaving work so I didn't expect to go again that soon. I pushed only slightly and felt a log start to rapidly move out of my asshole until it broke off and landed in the water with a loud plunk. Without needing to push, another three logs then emerged each making the same sound as the first. I felt I was nearly done and started to push again which resulted in me pooing out a small turd that made a small plip as it hit the water. After wiping, I flushed the toilet and pulled up my pyjama bottoms before leaving the bathroom.


First Post + Unplanned Buddy Dump with Dad

I've been enjoying reading here about people and their families history of pooping. I am curious if anyone has any experience pooping or even just talking about pooping with family members? Do you and your family members have similar habits? Similar size? Do you go with the same frequency?

As a brief intro I'm 23 and have an identical twin sister I'll Liv. Being identical twins has not surprisingly made us very close growing up. What interests me though is how different we are when it comes to pooping. She will poop two or three times daily, sometimes even more, and they're always fairly quick and small. On the other hand I usually go once every couple days and I'll end up doing a much bigger amount. In total our volumes are probably the same but Liv will spread hers out over a handful of smaller visits instead of one big one. We're both pretty petite, each 5'2". I have a tiny bit more weight, I'm about 5 pounds heavier while Liv is very slim. We're also both very active/athletic. We both played soccer and basketball in high school, and although neither were good enough to play in college, we stayed active doing intramurals and training for half and full marathons. We also eat very similar things, mostly healthy stuff. I'm just very curious how two identical twins have such different habits when everything else about us is so similar. We have no other siblings to compare to, and our parents each go about once a day, so they're kinda right between us.

Liv lives in San Diego and I live in San Jose (sorta where Silicon Valley is in California for those who don't know). We grew up in Seattle though and our parents still live there. We decided a while back we'd go to San Diego to spend Christmas with Liv. Even though the pandemic got much worse, we still decided to go. My mom flew straight to San Diego and my dad flew to me so we could drive down together.

About halfway through our road trip, my dad needed to use the restroom. Almost on cue as he said that, I did too. We tried a few fast food places but all had their bathrooms closed due to the virus. We kept driving and not until another half hour later did we find a small rest stop to use. I was getting pretty desperate at that point and dad clearly was too. It was just one single unisex restroom, which seemed odd for a rest stop but it was good enough! He asked if he could go first and I said sure. I was expecting him to just pee quickly and be done, but after a few minutes I realized he was also pooping, which was bad news because he always takes the biggest, smelliest poops you'll ever see. Mine are pretty big but his are usually on another level. Sure enough a few minutes later I heard him flush. And then a few second later flush again. And then a third time. He came out and apologized saying he clogged it. I couldn't wait to find another one at that point, so I just went in and used it anyways. To say he clogged it would be an understatement. His turd was colossal. Even though the bowl was overfilled nearly to the rim with water, it was still visible. The water was draining but very slowly as his log appeared to be blocking almost the whole hole. I pulled down my pants and sat down and began my own big turd. Despite me being desperate, it came out pretty slowly. After a minute or so of slow pushing it finally broke off. Despite mine being huge, I looked down and it was considerably smaller than my dad's. I'm terrible at estimating but mine was probably a foot and between 1 and 2 inches wide. My dad's looked to be around 18 inches and a couple inches wide. I wiped just once, washed my hands and we were back on our way.

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