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A cigarette as a primer for a crap

My boyfriend and I just returned from a post-Christmas road trip across much of the country. He's kind of a fastidious guy from the U.S. south, who has some kind of different beliefs. One night, or should I say 1 a.m. in the morning, we stopped at this remote rest stop. I had to pee bad because his driving shift had started and I was more bored and downed quite a bit of soda. I could tell Toby needed to crap too because I could hear a few of his rumble farts over the radio. We both listen to classic rock, so draw your own conclusion.

We turned off into this state rest area and I was curious if he was going to lock the Jeep. That means he's anticipating a longer experience on the toilet. He did. So we walked about a quarter block uphill to the well-lit bathroom building. Strange situation. A 3/4 wall separated the two bathrooms. Each side could hear what was going on in the other, but there was total silence otherwise. On my side, there were 3 toilets, each with a half-size wall separating it from the other. No doors, for obvious abuse issues I guess. For no reason, I took the middle toilet. The seat was down and luckily I ripped my jeans down with no hesitation. My faucet opened full-throttle immediately. I was fully relaxed, even though the somewhat cold seat still had to be fully warmed under me.

As my activity tapered off, I could hear Toby rolling off toilet paper. Then more. Then more. I had learned when we started dating several months ago that he is a very fastidious southerner makes a nest of sorts on the seat before he sits down. My first reaction was OMG! but if it helps him feel better about dumping in a public place I guess that's good. He happened to take the toilet immediately behind mine. Then he said "Hey hon..." and told me about leaving his lighter in the Jeep. I told him he had F***** up big time because he has teased me about my toilet habits too, but I got off the toilet, turned around, reached in my jeans pocket, and tossed mine over to him. I didn't mean to overshoot him, but I heard it slide on the floor and stop against his wall.

Toby wasn't thrilled about having to get off his nest, pick the lighter up, and then redo his nest and re-seat himself but he did. I didn't want to harass him so I just retook my seat, heard him light his smoke, and then it engulfed the room for about 10 minutes while I just got on my phone and got caught up with messages. Then I heard splashes into the water, followed by an elongated sigh that he said was due to my sister Jodie's great cooking. I texted her about that immediately and she remembered a few days before when a few of us were getting drunk and he called himself the Ultimate Shitter. Jodie said once he shits his brains out we'll all be better off.


Survey answers

Personal description: I'm a college student with dirty blond hair, 5'9 and about 130 pounds.

2) Age: 20

3) Gender: Female

4) Am I ok pooping in public? Yes! I poop a lot in public. I don't really enjoy it but I'm just comfortable with it! It's a thing everybody does and we shouldn't be embarrassed about it!

5) Have you recently pooped in a fast-food or sitdown place? Yes, I was at Chili's with some friends and as we were waiting for our food I felt like I need to poop. I then made my way to the bathrooms. I got in and the first 2 stalls were in use. The 4th was a handicapped stall so I left that open and took the 3rd. The two women were both peeing and one flushed as I sat down. I pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees and began to pee. It took about 15 seconds and then I pushed. I felt this long turd snake out and plop in the bowl. It was a fairly quiet plop but it sure did smell! The woman next to left and so I was alone. I kept on pushing and then I heard the door open. It was two middle school girls and they took the first two stalls the previous people had. They were talking and I heard one whisper "it smells so bad in here" and I was kinda embarrassed but I just had to go at this point. I felt another turd coming and this time it wasn't so quiet. I let out a a couple loose turds with some crackling and 3 rapid farts. It was kinda embarrassing and I heard the two girls giggle. They both wiped and flushed and left me alone again after and Then I felt done. I wiped (It was very messy) and returned to my table. My friend Peyton asked me if I was okay bc I had been gone for about 10 minutes and I told her I was my stomach wax just a little upset.

6) How many stalls? 4

7) Did I use a seat cover or hover? I actually sat down on the toilet. I sometimes put toilet paper if there's pee or looks dirty but most of the time I sit bare butt!

8) Did I use the toilet before or after my meal? It was before but I usually have to poop after. I hadn't gone all day and I think it just hit me then!

9. Was anyone else in the bathroom? Yes^^ see above

10. How long did it take me? About 8 minutes I would say. It took me a long time to wipe and get everything clean.

11. How many wipes? It was probably around 9 or 10. I had to flush twice bc I didn't want to clog it! .

12. Any other details you'd like to add? I left some major skid marks on the toilet so Im pretty sure I let the next occupant of the stall know stunk up the bathroom! Haha!
I'll try and post more!! It's just really hard with a busy schedule but bye for now!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sonya Sue great story about your buddy dump it sounds like you both had pretty good poops.

To: Katie Kool great story it sounds like you really had to poop and a lot from the sound of it and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends and that's good about your mom not making you guys feel ashamed about taking a long time in the bathroom.

To: Vicky great story about you and your friend pooping outside it sounds like you both had great poops as well.

To: Paige great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Giving this a shot
1. Describe yourself
177cm, (5'9), dark-skinned guy
2. How old are you
3 Gender?
3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?
I'm okay with it
4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?
Starbucks, but it was attached to a Target

5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?
6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?
I just wiped the seat and sat, there's no need to use a cover
7.Was it before or after your meal?
8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?
Another guy, he had work boots on.
9.How long did it take you?
About 10-15 minutes

10.How many wipes? Wiped a total of 5-6 times, was messy.

11.Any other details you'd like to add?
It was one long, nice log, it filled the toilet bowl and smelt pretty bad.


#1 and #2

It's always been a big fear of mine to have an accident in public. I was an accident prone child and wore diapers in kindergarten. I finally got it under control by first grade but I do remember wetting my pants in school in 1st or 2nd grade too. But the worst happened later.

When I was 19 I worked at a supermarket and I was the only cashier one night. I had drank a lot of iced coffee to try and stay awake but of.course it made me have to pee a lot. At one point I had to pee so badly during a rush of customers and I wound up peeing my pants at my register. I just remember feeling it rush down my legs and soak my shoes and socks like immediately and it felt so warm. It was such a relief but obviously I was mortified because I peed my pants at work. I didnt have a car at the time either so I had to wet outside the store in soaked pants for my dad to pick me up...

But that's nothing compared to what happened to me today... I was out running errands with my boyfriend. We were at the home depot and I felt like my stomach was getting really bubbly and crampy. I got a sharp pressure in my butt and I quickly told my boyfriend I wanted to go home. He could tell I had to go to the bathroom and he told me where the bathrooms were at home depot... I groaned and told him I wanted to go home and he just told me to hold it while he grabbed a few things. I told him he better hurry up or else we were gonna be in trouble. He looked at me like I was crazy and said "babe. Go to the bathroom" and again pointed me towards the customer restrooms. I felt my stomach cramping up and I wanted to fart, but was scared it would be more than that if I pushed. I held on tight and finally decided he was right, I better get to the bathroom. Except it was too late. I made it like 10 feet before I could no longer resist the urge to push, and I farted loudly just before a soft load erupted in my leggings. I felt like my heart stopped and I like everything was a bad dream! It was just this gross hot wet feeling on my butt and it stunk so much. I was afraid to move and I just stood there panicking. My boyfriend rushed over to me and IMMEDIATELY called me out. With a dumb smirk he was like "babe did you just poop yourself?" And I just cried lol. I chose to waddle out of the store in that condition and go home to clean myself up. I just threw my underwear away, took a very long shower then hid under my covers:(

She skunked herself

My friend Jenny and me have an inside joke about the time she "skunked herself". We have been friends since middle school and this happened when we were hanging out some time after high school when I was visiting from college. We somehow got into a conversation about having animal powers and she thought it would be cool to spray people like a skunk. She said she would do it all the time. I suggested she could just drop dust people. She agreed and later I dared her to try crop dusting people. She felt goofy and daring enough to try and we went into the supermarket. She kept walking by people and making funny faces then she would shake her head "no" and we'd move on. She said "it's hard to fart on command" to which I replied "push harder". She protested "I feel like I'm gonna pee when I start to push" and so she went to the bathroom first. When she returned she said "ok now I feel like I won't piss myself lol" but unfortunately for her that was the lesser of her concerns. The next aisle we walked down, she smiled mishcheviously at me again before making a little strained face as she pushed to make herself dart as two other customers passed behind us. Jenny's face instantly turned to a horrified expression and both hands went to her butt. She looked at me with panic in her eyes and shuffled towards me holding her butt. She turned bright red and told me "omg I pooped my pants!" We both just started dying! She turned around and there was a poop stain soaking through her jeans and a lump that looked like squished banana in her pants. It was the color of peanut butter and smelled so bad. She was so embarassed but we both couldnt stop laughing. We agreed that it had the same effect as skunking someone, even though she was the one who stunk. She sat on an old t shirt i found in the trunk on the way home. Needless to say every single one of our friends and family know that story of Jenny "skunking" herself in the grocery store and she has the misfortune of never being able to live it down. She said the one upside is now she's no longer terrified of having an accident which used to be a big time fear of hers lol. She said she crapped her pants in the car going home from work a few weeks ago and she didnt even get upset because she was so used to having to tell people the story of pooping her pants all the time anyway.


Story about pooping at Juliette's house

Brittany B - hey, Yeah I feel like the luckiest guy, as I've never seen someone poop and glad that Juliette was the first of hopefully more. I think whenever we feel like it me and Juliette will poop together it's not really a regular thing, well who knows maybe it will be haha.

After Juliette and I have seen each other doing our thing on the toilet, we decided we must go out for dinner, and I knew the perfect place a steak house near my home. I ordered a medium rare steak and Juliette had the well done one. After about 20 minutes our food arrived and i felt the instant urge to poop, but didn't want to leave Juliette by herself so I did the unthinkable and just let a silent fart pop out. Juliette began to sense something whilst eating and said to me someone let one out, I started to chuckle and said really 'I can't smell anything', we both giggled and carried on eating by this point my poop was poking and not forcefully but it was ready to be relased.

After eating our steaks, Juliette decided that we should get dessert, so we ordered a cheese cake (DEAR GOD I NEED TO POOP) i was saying in my head, so we ate a nice cherry cheesecake which was so nice. After paying I finally told Juliette 'hey i need to poo poo' and she said 'are you kid? Poo poo, well come to my house and you can do poo poo' then we both laughed, Juliette said 'if you need to fart just do it dude', so whilst driving to Juliette's house i let 3 long farts out and Juliette looked looked gobsmacked, and once we got to her house she held her nose and said 'damn dude how long you been keeping your poop in' I said 'just 2 days', she opened the door and said 'wait i want to see this'.

So we went to her bathroom she planted herself to the side of the door which is next to the toilet, I quickly dropped my jeans to knee level and sat on the toilet and began peeing for a bit, then it stopped and then i let a fart out and Juliette said 'jesus boy this looks like it's gonna be a massacre' then i felt my first turd approaching and it was a massive chunk that made a loud splash, Juliette wanted to see it and said 'my god that's a massive log' i said 'yeah maybe there will be another' i began pushing again and with a small fart a smaller turd made its way into the bowl, the smell was unbearable and Juliette whilst giggling and holding her nose said 'damn boy what did you eat?', i said ' a lot and this is 2 days worth' my third piece is coming and it took forever coming out but eventually plopped and it was a loud splash and another fat turd, Juliette saw it and said 'you filled it' I asked whether I should flush or not, she said 'just carry on dude'. At this point 4-5 small pieces flew out, and my god was it an awful stench, i looked directly at Juliette and she looked really surprised. She said 'wow what a stinky poop ' i then farted a couple more times with no poop in return, I waited a bit and my final turd came out and it was long one and I laid on top of the pile, Juliette asked to see the final product and said out loud 'DAMN DUDE THIS IS A LOT OF SHIT, LETS SEE IF IT DOESN'T OVERFLOW ' she flushes the toilet and thankfully it didn't overflow but took 3 flushes for it all to escape.

I sat back down on the toilet, and realised theres no tp, so Juliette went to her cupboard and handed me the tp, i wiped 10 times and got up, Juliette flushed the toilet again and I washed my hands, whilst Juliette sprayed her perfume around the room whilst saying 'DAMN MAN THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE HAS POOPED IN MY HOUSE, Juliette just recently moved house. I said 'yeah I'm not going to be the only one' we both laughed. I left after we had some tea whilst talking about work and stuff.

This was a good experience for me and first time i pooped at a friends house, Juliette didn't recognise it was me that did the silent fart at the restaurant or she probably did who knows lol. Well that's all from me folks, until next time...

Happy pooping


Maho is passionate girl!

Last week I was in green flat with Maho (this week green flat with Hisae).

Thursday morning while I do makeup, Maho is sitting on loo. I had one thought. People often say, and sometimes I read this site, beautiful woman never go to loo, loo is vulgar and beautiful woman cannot have connection with loo.

Of course that is big fibs. I look at Maho in mirror. She is very beautiful woman. My mother says she look like Princess Kako, she is granddaughter of Japanese emperor. I also think she look like her. But now this beautiful woman sitting on loo with serious face and bare bottom, and I know what she is going to do.

And she do. Plop, I hear. And again. After little time, she said, "Minappe please come to sit near me." So I go to loo. There is funny expression in Maho's voice, I hope she is OK.

She move forward little bit and I can see 3 large logs in loo. Then her bottom began to dome out again, and she stretch hand and took my hand and began squeeze. Large turd appear in middle of her beautiful bottom and come out slowly. When it is nearly out, Maho squeeze my hand harder, and when motion land in loo water, Plop, she squeeze very hard. Then she keeps to hold my hand.

Few minutes after, her bottom domed out again, and she squeezed my hand harder and harder. And I hear her voice very small. "Mina.Mina. Mina." Sometimes "Minappe". So I whisper to her, "Maholin" and squeeze her hand same as she do to me. And give her little kiss on her back of neck. At that time 5th motion appear and increase speed and Plop big noise into loo.

I wonder if she finish, I ask her, she shake head strongly and fast and squeeze my hand more harder. I wait few minutes and hold her hand. Suddenly her bottom domed out fast and large shower of brown chunks rush out. Not bururururu. But plop sounds very fast and many many, about 10. Few seconds later, same thing happened again, and same size. Then she rest for few minutes, but still squeeze my hand.

Then she do a few little ones, with saying "Mina. Mina. Minappe." And then cover loo with her bottom so I push washlet button, Maho move her bottom to clean well with water spray. Then she do same with dry botton, then she move forward lots so I can dry her with paper. I dry her well, but she said "motto. motto." it means "more". So I dry her long time and she squeezed my hand hard.

But we have to get ready to go work, so she get up. She ask, "Mina, you want to do motion?" But I shake my head, and she showed sad face. I said her, "tomorrow I do big one maybe, you can stay by me." So Maho smiled. Her eyes became to very big. She kiss me on my top of head, and then point her mouth to my mouth, so I let her kiss me on mouth, it is first time and I kiss her too, but not inside mouth. Only surface.

We finish makeup and dress and go to station. Kazuko and Hisae with us. Maho's eyes still very big, but when she look at Hisae and Kazuko, also big.

In evening we all four have dinner together but after, Kazuko and Hisae go to beige flat for bath and bed, and I am alone with Maho. In bathtub I say to her, "Maho are you OK? This morning you had strange style." Maho said with smile, "I am OK! But Mina, why you are so lovely lovely lovely??"

I say to her, "I am not lovely, But you are. You are most lovely woman in world! with Kazu and Chae."

Maho's eyes became big again. "Kazu. Chae." I touch Maho on shoulder. "Maholin I love you." (I say this words in English.) Maho is really passionate woman. I think she is most passionate of us four, but when I say her, she said big voice, "No! Most passionate is Mina."

When we get into the bed, I said to Maho, "tomorrow I know I am going to do big motion, so you stay by me." I caress her bottom little bit, only few seconds, and she do same to me.

By the way after Thursday dinner in green flat Hisae went to loo for motions and I looked at Maho and moved my head, Maho understand and squatted beside Hisae in loo and I notice she dried Hisae very warm style. I feel very happy inside.

We are getting warmer and warmer every day. Maho says I am passionate and it is true maybe because I always feel my heart burn and burn, and when one of us do motion (include me) my heart burn more. Why my heart gets hotter when I do motion with my friend or she do with me??

This story too long now, so I tell you Part 2 later, and I think there is also a part 3. If you think "boring, boring" then I......

Love to all of you.

Mina and M K H.

I've been continuing to dump used tea leaves and coffee grounds in the toilet, before doing my business into the bowl. I've enjoyed peeing and pooping on the leftover waste, especially when I get to take a big pee, and empty out the remains of my tea onto the leaves that made it in the first place!

A question for all who wipe with to, front or back: do you sit to wipe, or stand? Either way, what's your reasoning for that choice?

Friday, January 18, 2019


Laxative has " kicked in "

Had some hard motions so took my laxative being Colyxl & Senna. And I am sitting on the pot at work stinking and shitting like there is no tomorrow. It feels just so good ! Been here for some minutes .... just now having a relaxing wee. Might finish up. I think I will be back again soon.


Cinema trip

So I went to the cinema recently and decided to go to the toilet beforehand. The cinema toilets were quite large, with a row of urinals and cubicles at one end. I took a stall and sat down. I was alone in the toilet until the door opened and somebody rushed into the cubicle next to me - it sounded like a younger person or boy. There was a loud fart as they rushed to get their trousers down and sat down. I could hear him weeing into the pan before what sounded like several pebbles dropping. He stood up and seemed to spend several minutes pulling up his trousers before quickly exiting. I finished up and out of curiosity took a look at the stall next to me. There was a pair of soiled white Calvin Klein boxer briefs with a huge steaming poo in the middle of them. It was one massive log and didn't look squashed or anything - the boy must have been desperate and voided his bowels at the wrong time! The poo was very stinky and I left the toilet in a hurry as I did not want anyone to think I had produced such an accident!

Sonya Sue

Buddy Dump

Both me and my theatre department friend Nanci are back home for winter break from our colleges. Yesterday, we decided to meet up at our old high school, check in with our old drama coach, and see what's happening with our very close group that over four years spent sometimes 10 or 12 hours a day working on sets in drama, plus additional practice hours on weekends. When we got into the school we found a student assembly had just started on the other end of the building in the gym. So me and Nanci decided to head down to the drama area to hang out and after a few minutes, both of us were holding in our craps so we decided to go into our favorite bathroom in the drama wing. Because we were working long hours outside of the regular school day, our group of about 20 just made it a convenient bathroom for both sexes; we are all such good friends, don't have many hangups using what was intended as a guys' bathroom. It saved a few minutes rather than walking around the other side of the wing to the womens room. Even our drama coach shared our short-cut, as did her young daughter who we helped babysit at practices.

As Nanci and I walked into the bathroom we were debating whether this was going to be buddy dump Number 2 or 3. So we walked into one of the non-doored toilet stalls (none have doors) and Nanci suggested that we take opposite sides of the seat. She pulled her black jeans and green thong down and I dropped my blue jeans and red thong but we found the panels were not going to accommodate that. If seated, I would have had two toilet paper rolls in my face. Nanci was right, though, that between us we weighed just over 300 pounds and that we might be taxing the toilet's capabilities. Each of us stepped out of our clothing. I strattled the toilet and took the far back seat. Nanci barely had enough room to take the seat between my legs and still have her crap make it into the bowl. I said "Shall we.." just as my softer 12 incher was sliding out. She farted about four times, and I faked that I was choking from the smell, and then there was a series of hard balls coming out and splashing into the toilet. We sat for about five minutes just to make sure she was done. She peed a little and as she was I pulled off some toilet paper, took some of it for myself, and gave the rest for her. I guess my judgment was bad because both of us had a use for me. We stood, put our clothing back on and each of us placed one hand on the flusher hoping that would be enough. It didn't budge. Since I weigh a bit more than Nanci, I used my foot on it and that worked. But Nanci came up with the best line--"If that toilet could talk..."

Steve A

Sugar Free Candy's Laxative Effect

Hello, it's been awhile, but I've recently tried out some sugar free candy (gummy worms to be exact) to see if it was true. After reading some of the reviews on Amazon, I wondered if it all depended on our tolerance levels.

So, I ate one small bag & only had gas. But, when I ate 2 small bags on a different day, it did give me a laxative effect, but it only lasted on & off for maybe 5-6 hours, but then I was okay after that.

Now, these were 3.5 ounce bags, and if 2 bags made me "go", then who thinks that this should be used as an actual laxative?


Bad poop accident & survey results


I've posted here a few times here and there but kept getting shy about doing it regularly. I just had to share this incident from early this morning.

Lately I've been having a few drinks each night to deal with the stresses of work. Last night, I got together with two old friends and we brought a bottle of whiskey and I had about 4 drinks mixed with Coke, and this helped me get out of my head for the night. I was staying over at my mama's house, and I got back and went straight to bed. While sleeping, I had a dream that I was driving and I needed to pee and poop. I woke up and sprinted to the potty, pulled down my panties and sweatpants, sat down and had diarrhea. I'd been constipated for a few days so I expected it. When I wiped and left the bathroom, mama (who was just waking up) called out asking if I was okay- I said yes and that I just took a poop- I took my pants off and went back to bed.

I woke up another 45 minutes later, still just about 6 AM, and I had to poop super badly. I climbed out of bed wearing just a t shirt and my white panties, quickly slipped on some sweat pants and I just froze as my butt started to quiver. I had to clench and move back to the bathroom to go potty when I froze again and couldn't move, my butt just opened quickly and diarrhea started spilling into my panties (just white, fruit of the loom, full butt ones). I peeked inside the part between the leg holes and covering my butt and there looked to be about a half gallon of hot and completely wet poop, and about another quart of the poop was running down my legs and it was really stinky.

I didn't want to worry mama by tying up the bathroom and showering, so I grabbed another pair of my fresh tighty whities and slipped outside, pulled my sweatpants and panties off and hosed myself off. I threw the sweats in the washer and looked at the panties. Unsurprisingly, they went from being white undies to entirely brown across the back so I just threw them away, and put on the fresh panties. I felt better and went back to lie down.

Also, survey answers!

Personal description: I work as a teacher in a large southern city. I'm white, skinny and have reddish blonde hair.

2) Age: 24

3) Gender: Female

4) Am I OK pooping in public? Yes, ever since high school I've just been happy to poop if I need and there's any public toilet nearby.

5) Have you recently pooped in a fast-food or sitdown place? Yes, I was at a bar and had to go take a poop.

6) How many stalls? 4

7) Did I use a seat cover or hover? Neither. I sit on the potty just bare butt. If there are any nasty fluids on the seat, I'll wipe them off first. Seat covers feel uncomfortable to me and it takes too long to put down layers of toilet paper. It sounds weird but just sitting bare butt on the toilet makes me feel at home so I relax easier.

8) Did I use the toilet before or after my meal. During but I tend to poop and pee after eating.

9. Was anyone else in the bathroom? Yes, 1 other lady but she was washing her hands while I pooped so she was gone soon.

10. How long did it take me? About 5-10 mins. It took a lot of pushing and took a while to clean afterwards.

11. How many wipes? It was probably at least 10. It was one of those poopies where wiping takes forever because it never gets completely wiped away.

12. Any other details you'd like to add. None for this. Just a standard, happy poop :)

Restaurant Pooper

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing Vincene and Taylor. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I figured since I never answers the questions myself I would go ahead.
1.Describe yourself
I'm 6ft, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes.
2. How old are you
3 Gender?
3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?
I grew up with struggling to poop in any public place but after college, it seems to come easier.
4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?
Yesterday, Saturday at a Chick-fil-A I was having lunch at.
5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?
6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?
I used a toilet seat cover.
7.Was it before or after your meal?
It was after.
8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?
Yes some one came in after I sat to use the urinal.
9.How long did it take you?
About 6 minutes
10.How many wipes?
7 wipes. I have really messy poops.
11.Any other details you'd like to add?
I pooped a log about a foot long about 3 inches in diameter. I really enjoy the feeling of a good poop. Nothing beats that feeling of letting a big poo slide out. I wish I could poop more just to have that feeling more often.

Steve A

Sugar Free Candy's Laxative Effect

Hello, it's been awhile, but I've recently tried out some sugar free candy (gummy worms to be exact) to see if it was true. After reading some of the reviews on Amazon, I wondered if it all depended on our tolerance levels.

So, I ate one small bag & only had gas. But, when I ate 2 small bags on a different day, it did give me a laxative effect, but it only lasted on & off for maybe 5-6 hours, but then I was okay after that.

Now, these were 3.5 ounce bags, and if 2 bags made me "go", then who thinks that this should be used as an actual laxative?

Restaurant Pooper

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing Vincene and Taylor. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I figured since I never answers the questions myself I would go ahead.
1.Describe yourself
I'm 6ft, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes.
2. How old are you
3 Gender?
3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?
I grew up with struggling to poop in any public place but after college, it seems to come easier.
4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?
Yesterday, Saturday at a Chick-fil-A I was having lunch at.
5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?
6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?
I used a toilet seat cover.
7.Was it before or after your meal?
It was after.
8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?
Yes some one came in after I sat to use the urinal.
9.How long did it take you?
About 6 minutes
10.How many wipes?
7 wipes. I have really messy poops.
11.Any other details you'd like to add?
I pooped a log about a foot long about 3 inches in diameter. I really enjoy the feeling of a good poop. Nothing beats that feeling of letting a big poo slide out. I wish I could poop more just to have that feeling more often.



To Vincene: great confidence in pooping in public! Also great survey. To Icy: Sorry you pooped your snowpants, but if I were in your situation, I'd risk a freezing butt. Although this sounds gross, at least the poop in your pants kept you warm. I don't know if anyone has asked this, but does anyone here play games to occupy themselves during a long toilet session? Me personally? I don't, because one of my favorite games (wich I got today btw) has figurines, and the game itself is electronic. Even if I were sitting on the toilet playing a game on a phone, I wouldn't want that to get wet either.

Katie Kool

Poo and pee

I have written before like a year or more ago and was reading some posts today and thought I might post something.
I'm 14 yrs old slimish brunette and love going out especially with guys..I may have mentioned before that I like to withhold as a control thing, which I do if mum has been on my caseI like about too many boyfriends, going out to often or being late In. I can't help it if I'm popular,I still sometimes wet my bed, I seems to happen if I've been with lots of guys, then mum grounds me so I then withold she knows I'm withholding and do so untill she lets me go out again. Withholding also causes wetting accidents and sometimes poo accidents in bed and pants . Conversely I also enjoy having a good poo, making it come out even when it doesn't want to. I always make myself have a poo before going out, i like to be empty and don't want to have to break off from what I'm doing to poo, it's something I'm not comfy doing when around random guys and really don't want to be concentrating on holding it in when nice things are happening. One time I had a full bum from severe constipation which embarrasingly came out when this guy was in place. Hence now I make it come out no matter what before I go out. I don't really bother if I'm not going out as I'm on my play station or on my phone or even doing homework and I really can't be bothered to go and sit on the toilet, the sensation to go goes off quite quick so other than for a pee when I know I'm going to burst I don't bother going. I quite like holding pee too..
Between Christmas and New Year's Eve I was grounded and didn't poo for the whole time. My mum would ask have you done a poo poo today, I would say can I go out ? She would say No and I would say well I'm not going to poo poo then. When I dirty my pants I hand them to her and say - mum it's your fault or when it's my bed I say mum my bed is wet or dirty it's your fault for grounding me and she just changes it. When I was grounded in the week before Christmas after 3 days and nights of withholding on the 4th night it came out in bed during the night, that morning after my shower and breakfast I was going to my Nans my mum did her usual thing when I got out the shower and asked have you been to the toilet this morning for a poo poo, I replied No not on the toilet, it came out during my sleep in bed !
Ok so now to my story of a really big poo. On New Year's Eve I was told I could go out so I arranged to meet a few friends including girls and guys. We were going to a house party and mum had said I could stay over. So I got ready, took great care to get my makeup perfect in a gothy style and wore my shortest mini and patterned hold ups with thick soled boots and then proceeded to the toilet. I shuffled my skirt up enough to sit on the toilet, didn't have any pants ( by pants I mean underwear. ) to take down but had 3 pairs in my bag I case they were needed later . I pushed hard into my bum and went pfarrt I could feel my poo coming, I peed a strong jet which stung as it came out.. I squeezed using my ???? muscles and it started to come out each push it came out more it was rather smelly so I gave a massive hard push and it dropped, soon followed by another hard piece then some softer stuff. I kept pushing as I wanted to be empty and having not been for a week I wanted to do more than that so kept pushing and soon another piece came out and then some soft stuff with each push.. When nothing more was coming I took a scrunch of paper and wiped. It took 3 wipes to get clean. I stood and checked in the pot and there was 1 huge piece 10 inches long and as thick as my arm, then a couple of pieces about 4 inches long and some softer dollops of poo. I flushed and then re sat and tried again for a few minutes and did another thin long sausage that was softer, re wiped and to be sure my bum hole was clean I wiped with a wet wipe. My bum was stinging so I carefully put some Vaseline in it. Then a pee which stung, I got a scruntched of paper and patted my front bit dry stood up pulled my skirt down and left the bathroom and went downstairs. I'd been in the toilet for an hour and mum said have you done it? Yes I replied - go smell it if you don't believe me.
The party was real good had lots of fun and welcomed the new year. Spent the night with friends and got home just before lunch on 1st January. I declined any food, I was very sore and had horrendous ???? ache and despite my mum going on I went back on the toilet and just sat there pushing as hard as I could and produced loads of mushy soft smelly poo. I just kept pushing and pushing and this smelly poo kept coming out. After half an hour my ???? ache was less so I wiped which took loads of scrunched to get clean and then padded my stinging pussy dry flushe and went down stairs. Told mum I had done another poo that whilst they went to visit my aunts was it ok to stay home to get some sleep and I was surprised when she said ok.i went to my room , undressed and decided to put some pants on with a maxi pad in and got into bed. I had been in bed about 10 minutes and my stomach starts hurting and like bubbling, went to the toilet pulling my pants and pad down and sat. As soon as I relaxed lots of loose poo consisting of hard lumps and like smelly water came out. Eventually I pulled my pants up and had a good sleep.. I woke needing a pee but just rolled over and fell back to sleep. Mum came in and woke me about 7pm. I went to the toilet pulled my pants down and took off a wet pad, did a more formed poo and a pee then pulled pants up, got some leggings and a top on and went downstairs.
I have lots of poo poo and pee pee stories so may post again soon
Katie Kool

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Your Pooping Future

It appears that many of those posting are of a younger generation.
If I look back I had no real trouble doing a poo ( except for certain short periods in my life) and no trouble doing a wee. In fact For a very long time I was very regular.
The years have taken their toll and now I really have to work for a poo and I have bladder problems as well.
I have to put a lot of effort into bowel management....the last two days I have had big soft easy motions....there is a God!
For those that have not too much trouble pooping ...enjoy it! For those that have trouble then your troubles may become worse when you get older.
All I can say is educate yourself in bowel and bladder may pay dividends.

Jasmin K

Happy New Year and many good poo's

I hope dealing with the festive food poo's wasn't too much of a problem for you all.

Hi Abbie. Seems you are having similar problems to me, I have wondered if some of my toilet problems started at school due to not wanting to use the dirty toilets there and it is true what you say that secondary school loos are really bad compared to junior school loos.. At junior school ( pre 11 yrs old) I would pee as needed and would also poo if ???? ache or bum ache was bad, I was constipated most of the time and used to also withold bearing in mind at that time my mum made me sit on the toilet for 30 - 40 minutes straining as hard as I could - i used to make my bum bleed ,whilst she stood there encouraging me,every morning untill I produced something which occasionally was a decent hard log but usually just a few small pebbles or nothing by the time came to leave for school. If it felt like it would come out when I got there I would go on the toilet and strain so hard I went dizzy. If I had ???? ache and or was constipated or withholding I would often do some in my knickers during lessons to ease the pain then go on the toilet at break and do some more it hadn't already done it all in my knickers which used to happen quite often particularly when I hadn't been for a few days. When I started secondary school I still used to wet the bed, particularly if I was constipated or withholding and occasionally poo coming out when I slept. Not liking the toilets at secondary school, noisy dirty and often full of what the last person had done I just witheld and ignored my bum and ???? ache caused me to soil my knickers a lot both at school and during the night and made my bed wetting a nightly thing. I Was still made to go - my mum marching me into the bathroom after breakfast where I had to lift my skirt whilst she pulled my knickers down as she had done since I was out of nappies. I was nearly 13 before I pooed on the toilet at secondary school. I had been very constipated and had been off school to so I could stay on the toilet, I also had bad piles, I finally did it on the toilet at home in the afternoon. Next morning I went on the toilet before school and strained and felt a poo come into my bum but it wouldn't come out and it was really hurting. I went to school but it hurt to sit so I had to sit sort of on 1 bum cheek only, at break I decided to take the plunge and went to the toilets, took a cubicle pulled my knickers which by then were quite dirty down and started to strain. I stopped and listened to the chattering from other girls in their and there was also the sounds of others straining so I decided just to go for it and bore down and strained so hard it made my bum bleed again and this hard log started to come out and eventually splashed into what was already in the toilet. When I got home I told my mum I had been at school and she said good and accepted I'd done it. Is was soon after that that I started to go routinely at school on a morning initially if I hadn't done it at home and when I had and had had to rush just to get any last bits out. By going straight on the toilet at school at that time they generally had paper and were clean. My mum said if I was going at school I didn't have to go at home on a morning.
Ok so moving on, I had some rather large poo's over Christmas, not sure if this was due to being extremely constipated prior to Christmas - you will know if you saw my posts. My diet of crap foods and sweets crisps chocolate probably don't help either.
We had large meals at home Christmas Eve and of course on Christmas Day and I admit to having loads of vegatables - thinking I should eat some healthy food just to balance of the junk before and chocolates over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My flattish stomach had a definite low down bulge and I must have eaten 1'chocolate too much as I even felt slightly sick. My older sister was staying with us and she was getting her 2 kids sorted for bed so I waited for them to finish and then I went to the bathroom with tray of Ferrero chocolates and a bag of aero balls all set for a long session. I didnt actually have the sensation of needing to poo,my don't get that particularly if I've been constipated hence why I do routine sit and strain. I strained a little and then a bit more and felt my bum bulge, this time I strained harder and my bum felt rather full. I felt under me and confirmed my bulging bum but could also feel a poo crowning. As I bore down on it I could sense my bum stretching more and I am certain I saw the bulge in my ???? move as I strained. My older sis came in and said she needed to poo as she was going out to meet someone. I replied it was on its way could she wait. She then did exactly what my mum used to do, bent me over and lent round behind me so she could see and feel my bum. She said strain hard Jaz which I did and she felt my bum as I did and remarked - it looks huge Jaz force it out really hard. I replied it feels like my bum is tearing,meshes aid no ur bum is actually sticking out with a fat poo in it now push she sort of held my bum as I pushed and said its ur poo is sticking out keep pushing. I was panting with the effort and my eyes were watering due to the stinging pain as it stretched my bum. Sis came back in front of me and pressed really hard on my swollen belly as I strained- I kept farting as I strained, she said Jaz it all the sweets you eat and then handed me 2 chocolates, did I refuse - Not likely I had a breather and ate the chocolates. My was all dressed to go out heels , short skirt nice top makeup etc and I said why don't you go out as ur ready ? sis then said sorry Jaz I'm gonna poo and put some toilet paper on the floor pulled her knickers down which happened to be a pair of tena lady knickers and squatted over the paper. She was balancing herself holding onto the side of the bath then suddenly she did a massive hard strain making a aaaaagh gruuuuuumph noise. I saw her bum open and bulge, she strained again and again same noise but for longer and harder and squirted some pee on the floor. I reached a towel and chucked it to her. I asked if if she actually needed a poo she replied well yes and no as in yes I want to poo before I go out and no I don't actually have one in my bum. I said to her come on let's strain together 1, 2, 3 grnuurgh grruuuumph. When we both stopped straining I said to her that's what you used to say to me when we were younger, you were on the toilet and I was on my potty and you would say that to me. I strained again making my head feel dizzy and my poo moved out stretching my bum to the point where it was so stinging and painful I had to get it that poo out so I strained and strained and eventuall it dropped with a splash and thud followed by lots of smaller logs that literally fell out with minimal effort from me. I wiped which made me wince as my bum hurt so much and sis asked are you finished as I need to be on a toilet to get my bum to poo. She checked my bum before I got up and actually wiped it for me and put some cream on. I pulled my knickers up but not my jeans as they are tight and cut in and would be rather painful. Sis flushed my load and sat on the toilet straining and doing mucousy wet farts. Although she had heels on which elevated her legs she asked me to lift her legs higher as she sat with her back against the tank. She strained very very hard making her bum bulge right out and several peanut sise pebbles dropped out and made a plip plip sound as they dropped into the water. She said **** I'm so constipated I wish Den was here ( Dens her partner) he makes my shit come out when I can't. She said like your doing with my legs holding them up but he does it with 1 arm and then bellies me with the other hand as I strain. I said I would try to do it. She said go slightly to my side and use your left arm under and behind my knees and lift and push back. I'll count to three and strain as hard as I can and you punch me in the belly as hard as you can. Really ? Yes it's the only way this will come out. I held her legs as she asked and she strained very hard making not only her bum really bulge down lots but also her 'front part' insides bulged out and she squirted pee everywhere.. She strained again and went 1, 2,3 and I did as asked and she said again and again as she strained and then as she strained lots of tiny pea sized pebbles dropped out of her bum and they just kept dropping with each push. Eventually some pebbles with stringy mucous came out she had 3 or 4 lots of this. She said let go and sat upright on the toilet and bore down going red in the face and farted with mucous and liquid squirting in the bowl. She thanked me, wiped stood up and said that's a good lot before chucking her paper in and flushing, which needed 2 flushes to get rid of it all..
She admired her flat if not a little marked belly in the mirror and said that's better - same time tomorrow Jaz ?
I thought I might talk to Chloe about how my sis relieves her constipation before trying it.
Well that's it for now - oh I do have another Chloe story to tell from New Years Eve but will save it for next time
Jaz x

Well. it's been a a few months since I posted, mainly because I don't really have much else of interest to post about. My last post was about my toilet poo experience with one of my mates at our local swimming pool when I was an early teenager...this got me to thinking that for me, and I think many others, have their attitudes to toilet and bathroom habits shaped and formed...the age when we are changing, becoming aware of ourselves, and knowing what it is acceptable to talk about or discuss with friends. When I was younger, I found talking about such things was embarrassing, or they were just not talked about, but as a teenager, I found that other boys were quite proud to talk about their 'productions', and would even want to compare and see who could do the biggest, or most stinky poo...I also discovered that girls actually pooped too....I will never forget my friend Susan having to relieve herself in the grass, when we'd been on a bike ride together, and were going home via a country footpath. I was also surprised, but somewhat relieved to find out that teenage boys would quite unashamedly give themselves 'hand relief' in the toilet, especially at the swimming pool, to try and help avoid an embarrassing 'show' if they happened to see someone they really liked.

I remember one more swimming pool experience around this time...the usual little group of us arranged to meet for a morning swim...Lee would meet us there, I would meet Neal part of the way there.I was still suffering with periodic constipation, and had took a laxative the previous night...not as much as the last time I took some before a swimming day, as I had 3 diarrhoea poo's while I was at the pool...I didn't want a repeat of that. I tried to go to the toilet before I left home, but wasn't really ready...I knew I'd probably have to go at the pool, as the walk of a mile or so would probably operate the 'poo switch'. I met Neal about half way which time, I'd started to get mild 'poo pains'. I told Neal we needed to walk a bit quicker, and told him about the constipation and laxative. He went on to mention that he tried to go 'number two' before he left home but couldn't, and that he would sit on the toilet at the pool before going in the water, and try and go again.As we got nearer the swimming pool, the pressure in my bottom suddenly increased, and I hoped there wouldn't be much of a queue at the pay desk...there wasn't fortunately....but I noticed that just in front of me was a girl called Veronica, who was in my class at our previous (junior) school. I had started to get quite a crush on Veronica at that school, but hadn't seen her since we went to different secondary schools. I was suddenly aware that if I saw her when we were in the pool and started talking to each other, that I might have an embarrassing 'show' so I needed the toilet even more now....
After meeting Lee, and all of us getting changed, Lee headed to the pool whilst Neal and I headed for the toilets...There were just 3 stalls...the middle one was in use, but as we got close, I heard a flush, and a boy of our sort of age that I didn't know came out....Neal took the first one, and I took the one that was just vacated, next to Neal...It was obvious that the previous occupant had just emptied his bowels, as there was quite a strong aroma, and there were some light brown marks in the pan. Neal asked me if we could compare 'productions' when we'd finished...I agreed we could if no one was watching, otherwise we'd probably suffer some 'mickey taking'. I took my shorts right off, and hung them on the door lock...I sat down in reverse on the toilet...something that I learned from's easy to do when fully undressed, and stops the dirty water splashing back on your bottom if you do an explosive poo, as it just slips down the pan in to the water. It's also the best position when you need to do 'hand relief'.
It was such a relief to sit down. I just relaxed, and felt my bottom open, without having to push...I felt as though I was releasing a very soft poo 'snake' but looking between my legs, it was really a sloppy mess like a cow poo, and it had formed a soft mound, that slowly slipped in to the water with no plops or splashing. It was also very stinky. Feeling instant relief, I started to attend to the other matter, which as any teenage boy knows, doesn't take long at that age. I could hear Neal straining...I asked him 'Can't you go?' He replied that it had just started to come, and I heard a small plop....plop.....PLOMP!!!!!....once Neal had started, it sounded like he had dropped a depth charge. We had both finished around the same time and stated the same time, I heard hurried footsteps, and the door of the third stall slammed shut...almost immediately, I heard PLURRTTT!!!Ploppluploplopluplupploplop...pluploplupploploploploplop...I peeped under the partition, and could see a pair of feet with shorts around the ankles...his feet weren't quit flat on the ground, so I know it was someone a bit smaller than me...the feet and shorts were wet, so it was someone who had suddenly developed the urge to poo while in the pool....he finished and wiped very quickly, and left without flushing, and before me and Neal had finished wiping. It was quiet outside the toilets, so Neal and I came out and looked at each others productions...Neal has passed a couple of small, dark brown lumps, followed by a huge log with a lumpy start, and a soft, pointed tail...he must have been pleased to get that out.There was only a mild poo aroma..Neal was amazed that I'd got to the toilet without going in my pants...he said that he probably wouldn't have been able to hold a poo like mine for so long. Holding a poo is fortunately something I've always been able to do. We flushed each others toilets...I can't stand folk who leave toilets unflushed's lazy and inconsiderate. We both took a look at what the other boy had left...almost diarrhoea, a mass of tiny, fluffy yellow banana shaped poops, and not much paper...guess he didn't wipe very well. We all enjoyed our swimming session after that...I was able to chat to Veronica as well, without 'showing my emotions'. I vaguely remember having to go and have diarrhoea myself after getting out of the pool and before my shower...that was down to the laxative...something I'm pleased to say I no longer needed as I got older. I think that's my final lasting memory from teenage years...I'll try and post again if anything comes to mind about later years.


Pop up toilets

Hi everyone,

Abbie, great story about you and your friends!

Taylor, great story about your wee and poo in McDonald's!

Hope you both post again soon.

Last week I went out with some friends in London for someone's 21st. We went for a night out and it was so much busier than my home city! Around 11pm we were walking to a club and passed something I can't remember ever seeing before, a pop up urinal! They apparently rise up at night and disappear back under the pavement in the morning. They have a few spaces for guys to wee in, but nothing for girls which is a shame!!


Restaurant Pooping Survey

1) Personal description: I work for a financial firm that's large and growing. My live-in boyfriend hogs the toilet at our apartment in the morning so on good mornings I will poop after having a fast breakfast at a c-store/gas type place.
2) Age: 27
3) Gender: Female
4) Am I OK pooping in public? Yes, but I've gained confidence since my high school years. Being away from home in college really helped me.
5) Have you recently pooped in a fast-food or sitdown place? Yes, just 2 hours ago on my way into work. I had a roll and part of my coffee in a booth there. When I went in to crap I finished off my coffee while on the toilet.
6) How many stalls? 4
7) Did I use a seat cover or hover? Neither. I sit butt-down on the seat. I gained a lot more confidence at about age 16 in doing that. I started school doing what my Mom does and that's laying paper of some type over the seat. My first high school had seat covers and I used them religiously. Then my family moved to the to other side of the country and my new high school didn't have them. After a little hovering and some lining the seats with toilet paper, I gave up and now just sit down. Most of my friends do the same.
8) Did I use the toilet before or after my meal. Actually, during it I guess because I took my coffee in.
9. Was anyone else in the bathroom? Yes, 3 of the 4 toilets were taken with poo-ers.
10. How long did it take me? About 8 or 9 minutes because the first part was hard.
11. How many wipes? About 6. These were the squares already cut and I find those the hardest to use. They are also wasted because some users try to stack them over the seat as a type of cover. I wouldn't think that would work well.
12. Any other details you'd like to add. Three ladies and a school-age girl were waiting for my toilet when I flushed. The winner in the "race" reminded me that I was leaving my coffee mug on the floor. I thanked her because I hate to see good coffee wasted.


Winter troubles

As a kid, playing out in the snow meant a few things. Restricted movement because of how many layers you have to wear, long Johns, and a higher chance for an accident. I had a lot of accidents as a kid, wetting and sometimes messing. But since it's the middle of January, I figure I'd talk about my most embarrassing winter accident. This was sometime around middle school on a snow day. I was decked out in long johns, and layers of warm clothes over snow pants and a big winter jacket. We used to live near a big open gravel pit. Abandoned but full of fun areas to hike around. We even played with nerf guns sometimes. But regardless I went alone today, and got pretty far into the pit. But I was quickly feeling my bladder fill up and even worse, my bowels shifting around. Needless to say the extra large breakfast I'd had before was coming back in force. I could tell it was solid but there was no way I wanted to squat down in the middle of an open pit while the temperature was below freezing. So I started home as fast as my little legs could carry me. Honestly I'm not sure I would have made it with or without those snow pants on, but I do know they slowed me down big time. It didn't take long to lose the battle though. I was pretty close to the exit when my body stopped listening and I froze in place, legs spread a bit from both the poofy pants and preparation for what was coming. My knees bent against my will and I gave up. I stood still, red in the face, and staring into the distance as it happened. My legs were immediately warmed up as I peed full force into my long Johns. And as I trickled to a stop I began the messing process. A slow but steady unload into my pants had me feeling beyond humiliated, if not a little warmer than I was before. As I finally finished pooping myself, I spread my legs into an even wider stance to accommodate the large mass in between my cheeks. This accident's size would be impressive to any middle schooler. As I waddled home in my rapidly cooling pants, every step was wet due to how full of pee my boots were, and full of poop my pants were. Making the most awkward walk of shame I've ever had. The only thing warming me was the mess pressed against my bum. Which as gross and huge as it was, never fully cooled down. Regardless I'll never forget how weird it was to mess and wet a pair of snow pants. But dispite all that, I still love winter and the cold. So I guess that's a good note to end this on lol. Anyone else share my fate?


Survey answer

1.Describe yourself
5'4, long brown hair, average sized chest, large hips, curvy but healthy.
2. How old are you
3 Gender?
3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?
I have no problems at all with pooping in public.
4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?
Today, at McDonalds
5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?
6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?
I just sat on the seat.
7.Was it before or after your meal?
8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?
9.How long did it take you?
About 5 minutes
10.How many wipes?
4 for the rear, 1 for the front
11.Any other details you'd like to add?
See my story below.

I was in town today running a few errands and decided to treat myself to McDonalds for lunch. It's not very often I have it so when I do it's extra enjoyable. It was fairly busy there but I still managed to find a table to myself easily enough and sat down to enjoy my meal. I always, always take my time when eating and this was no different. It was probably 30 minutes before I had finished my food, including the large milkshake. I spent a few minutes replying to text messages and by that time the milkshake had began working its way through my body and I really needed a wee. I could have done with a poo as well so I threw away my rubbish and headed to the toilets.

The toilets were busier than I expected but not so bad that there was a line and after waiting for less than a minute the middle stall of five opened up and I took it. Pulling my jeans and thong to my calves as I sat down. To my left was a pair of jeans and trainers, and to my right was a woman wearing tights and beautiful heels. Both peeing. They soon left and as their stalls were being repopulated, my backdoor opened and I was gently stretched by my poo slowly but effortlessly coming out of me. After a few seconds it fell into the bowl with a splash and I started peeing as the next piece made its way out just as easily. Both ladies next to me were peeing also.

My poo quickly broke off with another splash and I peed for another 15 seconds before getting some toilet paper to wipe with. I used four pieces for my behind then wiped my front before standing up and getting dressed again. I flushed the toilet, left my stall to wash my hands and then carried on with my day.

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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I have another story for you guys.

On Tuesday, I got sent on a training day by my work. It was in a different city in quite a trendy hotel. There were about sixty -seventy people there in total with people there from all over the country. The function room was laid out in cabaret style with about eight people to a table. I sat next to a guy called Sam who was about my age who seemed pretty cool. He looked like the singer George Ezra - in fact we were laughing about it on our table. The rest of our table were middle age, but seemed like a bit of a laugh. Anyway the day was fairly dull and involved lots of group activities. We stopped for lunch which was the usual low quality sandwiches and finger food. The afternoon session began at 1.30pm with a break at around 3.30pm. About 2pm I noticed my stomach was starting to hurt. The urge only got stronger and by 3pm I was clenching by arse cheeks together in an effort not to fart. The mid-afternoon break couldn't come soon enough. Finally the tutor announced the start of the break, and I immediately leapt up and told Sam that I was just going to the toilet. He said that he needed to go as well and we headed off to the lobby and to the toilets. Loads of other people got up to leave as well and quite a few went into the toilets before us. Fortunately only three out of five cubicles were occupied and I headed to one at the end. My new mate Sam, who I thought would just go for a piss headed to the next cubicle.

I went in - the toilet itself was fairly dirty - there were remnants of previous users, but the seat was clean so I just plonked my arse down and proceeded to fart really loudly. I continued to fart for about five minutes before releasing some soft stuff. Sam was quite the grunter - he was exhaling loudly and made a relived sound after three hard plops. He left as I continued to wipe - my crack was quite wet so I had to spend another few minutes getting clean. I met Sam back at the table where he said he was glad to when he did as he didn't think he could have made it until the end of the day. I agreed and said that I felt relieved too. We added each other on Facebook so hopefully we'll keep in touch!


New Years Day

Had a big ( but not too big) New Years Eve. Got up and had an average poo and then a little while later another average poo. A bit of a break and back on the toilet and had a very big motion that was hard and took quite some minutes and guess what.... back on the pot again for another big hard and slow performance. Then went to a friends place and found myself on their toilet but it was more of a wee and wind. Then went to the movies and then had to go into the men's toilet. I took a cubicle, dropped my pants etc and sat and exploded the loudest fart!!!! It echoed !!!! Wow what a toilet performance for the first day of the year! Happy New Year to all,

I'm really enjoying your stories, they're great to hear! Your flush descriptions are especially great, I love hearing about what's going on in the bowl once you're done with your business!

In the past week, I've been having very frequent, but smaller poops. I'll feel the urge to make a deposit, head to the bathroom, and dispose of a few small turds at a time, usually along with a pee. Then, about 4 or 5 hours later, I'll feel the urge again. It's not a big deal, but I do love to give a full bowl of excrement and waste the big flush.
Finally, yesterday I didn't go at all save to pee, and this morning I felt some solid matter ready to exit. I was out at a library, and made my way to the public bathroom there. I spread my butt on the toilet, and pushed out one of my previous small turds - followed by a large, hard, difficult log that slowly descended down into the bowl. After a few minutes of slowly inching the turd out, it finally let go and slid out into the water. The feeling of relief was wonderful - I felt very suddenly empty.
Then I stood up, after wiping myself. I turned, and saw that the turd i'd pushed out had completely missed the hole at the bottom of the toilet, and curled around the edge of the bowl. It had partially folded in half when it got to the front, and snaked back on itself. The small turd was nowhere to be seen, I assumed it had gone further down the toilet and out of sight.
Once i'd buttoned up my pants, I lifted my foot and used it to press the silver metal flusher. The toilet sprung to life, water shooting into the bowl and instantly forming a whirlpool in the bowl. The toilet paper was immediately torn to pulp and sent on its final voyage. My large log made almost a full circle around the hole, before one end of it caught on the hole and it was quickly sucked away.


Latest story

Hi everyone, happy New Year! I'll get to my latest story after a comment.
Imogen- great to hear from you again, I really enjoyed your latest stories. Sorry to hear you struggled to have a poo after Christmas, glad you finally got relief. Hope you can post again soon!
Anyway, I have just come back from staying over at Ellie and Beths (Ellie is my friend from school and Beth is her younger sister) and as you might expect I have some toilet related news! In the morning we woke up at about 10 o'clock as we had gone to bed late the night before. I woke up in urgent need of a wee so I sleepily got out of bed and went into their ensuite pulling up my nightie, I was starting to pull down my white knickers when I suddenly realised that Ellie was already on the loo, her orange knickers round her thighs. I quickly let my nightie fall back down and said, "Sorry, I didn't realise anyone was in here!" Ellie must have just finished weeing as she wiped her front, pulled up her knickers and said, "I'm done, your turn!" I lifted my nightie again, dropped my knickers and sat on the warm seat, immediately unleashing a massive gushing wee. Ellie was washing her hands and she turned round and said, "God, you must have really needed a wee!!" and I said, "Yeah, put it this way, its just as well you were finishing not starting or I would have probably weed my knickers!" As I was still in mid flow Beth appeared at the door, she said "I'm desperate for a wee, are you going to be much longer?!" I said, "No, just hold on a few more secs, I'm nearly done!" Beth came over and stood next to me, she was starting to jiggle around and had a worried look on her face. My stream eventually started to dribble to a stop and as I took some loo paper to wipe Beth hiked up her nightie and tugged her knickers down, they were light blue with pink hearts. I pulled my knickers back up and we swapped over, as soon as Beth sat down her stream started up and was every bit as powerful as mine! Ellie said, "Oh my God Beth, your actually weeing like a horse!" and Beth poked her tongue out at her- sisterly love at its best!! Once Beth had finished her wee, wiped and got her knickers back up we went back into the bedroom. Ellie went downstairs and came up after a few minutes with a tray of tea and toast, as I was eating my toast I felt a rumble in my belly and realised I would want a poo before long. I hadn't been for about 3 days so knew I shouldn't put it off but I had kind of been hoping I could go once I got back home, although I have used the loo with Ellie and Beth loads of times before it had been a while and I felt a bit awkward about them seeing how badly constipated I was. I could only hope one of them might need a poo as well and there was a pretty good chance they might struggle too after the excesses of Christmas! As if in answer to my hopes Ellie suddenly said, "Right, I need the loo again only this time I want a poo, come on in so we can keep chatting!"
"Oh great, I want a poo as well, said Beth, "You'd better not take too long, I don't want dirty pants!" At least now I knew they both needed to go, which made me feel better. We went back into the bathroom and Beth and I sat on the floor while Ellie dropped her knickers again and sat on the loo. I saw her belly tensing as she started to push, she farted and a few more dribbles of wee came out as well. After a few minutes of fairly gentle pushing with no result apart from a few more dry farts Ellie said, "Sorry, I think I'm a bit constipated, I haven't been for a poo for a couple of days!"
She started to push again and said, "Its no good, I don't think its ready to come yet!" and she pulled her knickers back up and stood up.
"Was it even poking out of your bum?" asked Beth, and Ellie said, "No, it wouldn't come that far!" "Your just gonna have to push harder otherwise it'll be up there forever!" said Beth. She turned to me and said, "Do you need to have a poo as well, Abbie, or do you mind if I go next?"
"Well, I will in a bit but I'm not that desperate yet, so go ahead!" I replied.
"Thanks," she replied, "Its literally just about to poke out in my pants!!" Beth went over to the loo and dropped her knickers to her knees, she checked them and said "Oh great, I've got skidmarks again, just as well I need clean pants!!" As she sat down she said, "By the way I've been constipated too so sorry but here goes!" She started bearing down really hard, after a few pushes she was already quite red and grunting loudly too, every so often there was a spurt of wee as she strained. After a few more hard pushes she relaxed and said "Right, I can have a bit of a breather, its not going back up my bum any more!" Beth turned to Ellie and said, "Your gonna have to push like I just did then or it'll never come out!" Ellie said, "OK I guess, its just really embarrassing having to strain like that!" I said, "Just wait until I have a poo, I've been really constipated recently as well so I know I'm gonna have a major problem with it going back up my bum, you won't feel embarrassed at all by the time I'm done!" In the meantime Beth had carried on pushing and grunting and suddenly she did a load moan as her log dropped, shortly followed by a splash. "Right, I just need to do a bit more," she said, as she started to push again. "When did you last have a poo Beth?" asked Ellie. Beth finished pushing and said, "Actually it must be 3 or 4 days ago but I've been really constipated since Christmas, on Boxing Day I was on the loo forever!!" "Well I'm only managing to have a poo every 3 or 4 days too at the moment so I know the feeling!" I said. After a bit more straining I heard another moan followed by several plops, and then she said, "Right, thats me done!" She took some toilet paper and wiped her bottom before pulling up her knickers and flushing.
"OK, do you mind if I go next?" I asked, "Its starting to get urgent, I need to get my knickers down NOW!" I'd been getting more and more desperate while I was waiting and could feel there was a log just about to poke out, I didn't want to get my knickers dirty especially as I was wearing white ones!
"No, go ahead, I'll have another try when your done," said Ellie.
I quickly pulled my knickers down again and sat on the warm seat, I checked for skidmarks but luckily they were clean. I felt the log poking out almost straight away but once the tip was out it quickly got fatter and then I had to start pushing. Despite doing some hard pushes and making embarasing grunts I could feel my poo getting sucked back up so I pushed for as long and hard as I could and took a really quick breath before pushing again, I had to carry on like that until I felt my hole stretched really wide, I quite often pass fat logs but this one was gigantic!! I bore down again but the log wouldn't budge, I pulled a face and Beth said, "Are you OK, Abbie?" I said "Yeah, its just a really fat poo and I think its got stuck," I said. "Try to pull your bum cheeks apart while you push, that might help," Beth suggested, "When I had a poo on Boxing Day I had to do that, it was a massive fat one too so I know the feeling!!" I nodded and reached round behind myself to pull my bum cheeks apart, bearing down hard as I did so. I felt the rock hard log slide out a tiny bit with each push, and after a few minutes it started to move a bit faster as the fattest part was out. Eventually it dropped into the toilet with a splash, I farted loudly and then felt a smaller log making its way out, that one only required a bit of straining until it plopped down into the bowl. I said, "Right, I think I've finished, thank God!" I ripped off some loo roll and wiped my front and then my bottom, before pulling my knickers back up and flushing.
"Well… I guess I'd better try to go again," said Ellie. She pulled her knickers down and sat on the toilet again. She was obviously encouraged by seeing Beth and me as she started to push much harder this time and she couldn't help grunting as she released her breath, then very quickly she took another breath and bore down again. She did this another four or five times and by this time had gone red in the face as she was having to push really hard. Finally she relaxed and said, "Right, its poking out too far to get sucked back up now," she said, "Sorry I've been grunting," she said, blushing even redder, "It's just I've had to push really hard to get it out this far, and theres a long way to go yet!" She bore down again and after a few hard pushes and some more grunts, there was a moan of relief and a splash as Ellies log dropped. She said, "Thank God thats out, I think theres some more to come though," and I saw from her face she was pushing again. A couple of minutes later there was a loud plop, and then another just after as her second log broke in half. She sat for a few seconds and said, "I'm done," and then took some loo paper and wiped her front and her bottom. She then stood up, flushed and pulled her knickers up. We went back into the bedroom to get dressed. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


Survey on how to select a toilet stall


There has been 3 times in the past week when I've had to wait, sometimes with pain and a lack of patience, for a toilet stall to open in a large bathroom. The wait has caused me to come up with this survey.

You are in a large public bathroom. All toilets are taken. People are waiting. A toilet opens. Do you automatically take it or do you hold out for something better based on the following factors?

1. Take first one that opens.
2. Check for evidence of toilet paper.
3. See if the seat is clean.
4) See if there are protective paper seat covers.
5. Say No because there is no privacy door.
6. Say No because there is a broken latch on the door.
7. Hold out for one of the end stalls due to more privacy.
8. Refuse to use a toilet with an unflushed or clogged bowl.
9. Say No because of water or other matter on the floor.
10. If with a friend, wait until two toilets open next to one another.
11. It differs whether you're urinating or defecating.
12. Other factors? (list them)

I'll start:
11. This is the biggest one for me.
3. I like the white seats because it is easier to see what's on them.
4. These are essential if I'm sitting for a lengthy poo.
1. Toilet paper's not essential because I have Kleenex in my purse.
6. I've used my coat balanced on an unlatched door a few times.
8. I prefer not to crap into an unflushed bowl and receive splashback.
12. Time available. I try to be punctual.

Thank you,

Restaurant pooper

Restaurant survey

Hey. I grew up being very shy (I'm 23 now) and avoided using public bathroom. I have sense grown past it and try to poop in public bathrooms whenever I can. Anyway, I'm really curious about others habits when using public bathrooms and was hoping you would be kind enough to fill out my survey. Thank you!

1. Describe yourself

2. How old are you

3 Gender?

3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?

4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?

5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?

6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?

7.Was it before or after your meal?

8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?

9.How long did it take you?

10.How many wipes?

11.Any other details you'd like to add?


Comments, and poop report

Hey vicky: I love your story. I've never pooped in the woods, but I've been sick outside when the toilet seemed inconvenient. Hey, upchuck makes a good fertilizer, and I bet your poop did, too! I also love your outside buddy dump. So cool. My prune juice-induced diarrhea has ended. What I did today was still a bit loose, and not as much as before. Otherwise, I had a great day! I played Furby Says with my king Furby, but the software glitched, and kicked me out before I could win. Great stories, please keep em coming. Bye!


My mother is the sweetest person!!

Hi everyone, I have been away long time, I am sorry.

I was in my hometown for the New Year. It is very important time in Japan. On 3 January Kazuko came to my town from city. I think she wanted to escape her parents? because they always shout if she stay in loo more than one minute. They are good people, but that is very very stress for poor Kazu.

So she came to my town. My parents already know her. So she was relax very much.

4 January, after breakfast, my mother said, "you two girls, you can have upstairs loo for yourselves. Then she looked at Kazuko and said, "this child (that is me, in Japanese family we often say "child" even the child is adult) this child, you know, she stay in loo until the end of world." Kazuko looked at me and then at my mother and said, "I am same." My mother said, "well, go upstairs and relax well!" So we went. Kazuko entered loo first, I said to her, "you said my mother, so you stay all long time you want! I can wait." So ten minutes later, and after once flush, she still there, I opened door little bit and said, "are you OK?" Kazuko stand up and turn so I can see inside loo, turds everywhere and many many many. Then she sat down again. I said her, "no hurry, take your time." She said "OK" and there was plop just after, but small one.
Few minutes later I heard two flush and then Kazuko came out with little smile on her face. She really loves to do motions! But I am same.

I sat down on loo and began to do, and I did and did and did, flush in middle and more plop plop and burururururu. So after 10 minutes I still there and Kazuko opened door. "are you OK?" So like her, I stand up and turn, she can see my enormous produce. Her eyes became to very big. I sat down quickly because suddenly very large motion came out, made swish noise, not plop because it landed top of many other turds. I smile at Kazuko and she flashed her eyes at me, very bright, I know that signal, it means "I love you". But after that I nearly finished, only few little tiny pieces come out. So I wash and dry and flush twice and go out of loo. We went my bedroom and gave to each other strong hug. Then went downstairs.

My mother said, "you did sukkiri?" it is Japanese word means clear feeling, here it means clear feeling in bottom after motion. So we said "yes" and she said "it is good". Kazuko suddenly change face. My mother asked, "what is happened to you?" Kazuko said nothing, she is fighting with her feeling it seems, then suddenly she took big breath and said, "in my house, my mother never said such thing! She always say to Kazuko, 'why you stay in loo so long? You eat too much again! It is not feminine! Long time in loo is man only! Reduce your food. ' " ( I hope punctuate is OK because I change many times and look at grammar book.)

My mother seemed very shock. She said nothing for few minutes, then she said, "I don't criticize your mother, but you are in my house now, we are countryside, food is better than big city, so you eat and eat and eat! Please! Here very delicious food. More you eat, more I am happy! You can sit on loo until you feel you did sukkiri, even one hour is OK! Eat and eat and eat! I give you lots delicious food." So Kazuko burst into tears, and my mother run to her and hug her. "When you in my house, you are my daughter, just like Minappe, and I feed you well! I am happy you are Minappe's friend. MInappe is so happy live with you."

So of course, lunch and dinner and snack time in afternoon, we ate and ate, and next day Saturday, we went upstairs loo, stayed long long time and did huge motion again, many many many turds, Kazuko was first again and me second, but time was about same, about 15 minutes Kazuko and also me. And when we went downstairs mother and father and grandparents all gave smile to us. Actually in my family we are slow in loo, not 15 minutes like me and Kazu but maybe ten. We like to go to loo slowly.

Kazuko said to me, "your mother is so lovely!! I am envy!!" I also think I am lucky to have such mother. and father too.

Sunday morning was same. Our train go back to city was lunchtime, so we went to loo 15 minutes each again after a breakfast and did very huge motion after eat lots countryside food. Kazuko said, "when I do this motion, I can feel delicious of countryside food. Taste is still here." I understand her feeling.

But I like Kazuko's mother. She has strange idea about ladylike, but she is good woman. Kazuko says a same thing.

Sunday evening, we told this story to Maho and Hisae, and they said, "We also think! Minappe you have nicest mother in world." Then they said, "but we love own mothers too." and Hisae said, "My mother also said me, 'eat and eat and eat, Chae! Countryside food is better than poison you eat in big city.' " Hisae said she went to loo for motions many times and her mother smile every time.

Maho said, when she eat like tyrannosaurus, her mother also smile. And after she stay in loo long time, also smile, and her father too.

But it is lucky Kazu live with us now. She can be free in loo. I love to see her happy face when she is filling loo with her 100 turds. (Maybe not 100. I don't count. I can't count, after Kazu has sat on loo 15 minutes. Count is impossible.)

I hope everyone had nice Christmas and New Year holiday, enjoy everything included important loo time.

Love to everyone.

Kazu, Maho, Chae (Hisae) and your very own Mina

P.S. I say to my friends what I write this post. Then Kazuko walk to me and give me kiss on my top of head.


Diarrhea accident from last year

Hi, I'm Deb from London, Ontario.

Last year, before I became pregnant with my daughter l, had a bad diarrhea accident in my pants at work. I work in as a receptionist in an office business centre. My period hadn't started yet, but I was expecting it at any moment. So I had pads in my purse as well as extra panties and pants I case I bled through.

I had been having PMS cramps for a few days and they were getting worse. I had been having some diarrhea as well. I went for a walk at lunch. As I was walking the cramps got really bad. I felt like I needed to use the toilet to have diarrhea so I turned back towards my office. I felt some gas coming on which I had to let out. Unfortunately, when I did, it came out as a big load of diarrhea. I tried clamping my bum cheeks as it happened, but by then it was too late. The damage was done... I had pooped in my pink bikini panties. I could feel the mess sloshing around in my panties as I walked to my office. It was terrible.

When I got back, my coworker was in a hurry to go to lunch and left even before I got to sit down. So I didn't get a chance to get myself cleaned up and changed in the ladies room and I had to sit in my mess until she got back an hour later.

Before she got back though, a potential new client came in for a tour of the centre, which I had to give. So there I was, with a load of diarrhea in my pants and feeling just terrible. Another wave of cramps came on as I was giving the tour and I started pooping my panties again. The mess spread all up my back and down my legs.

Finally my coworker got back. I grabbed my purse and went to he ladies room to try and get cleaned up. The mess was everywhere. It was horrible. I managed to get changed into my clean clothes and went back to work. I put my dirty clothes in a plastic bag and hid them in my purse.

In my drive home, I had another accident in my pants. It was terrible as well. The mess leaked all through my panties and all down my legs just as it has earlier on the day.

Do any ladies here have any period accident stories to share?
Thanks for reading. I'll be back with some other stories as soon as I can.

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A Story From My Childhood

I want to tell a story from my childhood. Basically when I was ten years old during the summer I used to go play at my friend Kilye house every day until we went on vacation somewhere else.
The first day of vacation, my mom announced that she was very worried about my bowel regularity so she made me eat two prunes and forced me to sit on the toilet after lunch. For some reason, tough, I wasn't able to poop in that moment and since, she didn't actually came with me inside the bathroom and I was afraid she would punish me for not going I just flushed and said I pooped. About an hour later, I left the house to go to my friend house. I was allowed to go alone, since the walk to her house was only twenty minutes lo ng; I also must specify that I live in the countryside so the walk was mostly trough fields and woods. When I was about ten minutes into the walk the prunes really started having effect. At that age I had pooped in the woods only a couple time so that wasn't something I looked forward to. I held it for two other minutes but eventually realised there was no way I could make it to the house and I ran behind some bushes. I squatted and let loose, it just felt so good. The day after this happened, I did the same and then again and again, always in the same spot. This became an every day habit and I just stopped trying to poop after lunch. My mother was never suspicious and pooping in the woods made me feel free and kind of excited. In hindisight , this is probably what sparkled my interest in pooping outside,alongside with the story that I'm about to tell.
So, after a week from the first day I relieved myself outdoor something really interesting happened. We had just finished eating ice-cream when we decided to go to a small river, about fifteen minutes away from her house. Her mom was reclutant but we promised to be back before it was dark so she gave us permission. When we arrived there Kilye had a weird look on her face. She told me that the ice cream really moved sometjimg in her bowels and that she couldn't make it back to her house. I told her to just poop behind a bush since there was nobody around but she said that she had never done this before. At this point since I was starting to feel the urge to poop too I just told her that I will show her how to do it. I squatted against a tree,lowered my pants and started shitting. Before I was even finished she ran next to me, squatted and immediately realeased a waterfall of poop, followed by three medium sized turds. At first she was very embarassed but she became more confortable after the first seconds. I loved pooping side to side with her and this really made our friendship stronger. I have two more stories about her, so stay updated! Love y'all


Another vacation story

I'd like to share another story from my recent vacation! But it's another one of the stories where unfortunately people walked in on me!

The bathroom was very crowded. There were lines to get into the stalls, and there was a line nearly going out the door. I walked in, and saw that the very first stall was open, but for whatever reason, no one was using it. Despite there being lines nearly out the door. And it was the very first stall, so you'd think it would be occupied. I thought this was kind of strange, but I was in a bit of a hurry because my stomach was cramping really bad and I just knew I had diarrhea.

I rushed into the first stall, locked it (or so I thought; was in so much of a hurry that I didn't double check), sat down before even having time to put the protective paper seat cover on the toilet seat, and stripped off my entire shorts and panties and put them on the ground. I know it's not the most hygienic, but it was kind of an emergency! I spread my legs wide open, leaned back and tried to relax. I massaged my stomach as the poop just came trickling out of my butt. I started to pee too, but that was just because my bladder tends to automatically relax whenever I'm on a toilet, even if I'm only sitting there to shave or something like that at home!

I grunted in pain and clutched and massaged my stomach as it flowed out of my butt. It was embarrassing because it was so noisy, and so painful that I was groaning, but since the pain was so bad I didn't really care.

I quickly found out why the stall wasn't being used by anyone. I heard the outer bathroom door open again, which meant someone else was joining the line. Then, all of a sudden the woman swung the stall door open on me by accident. She didn't considerately close it quickly, but left it open and left me totally indecently exposed in a humiliating position while she apologized. I tried to quickly close my legs but the embarrassment was still there.

"Oh, I'm so sorry darling," she said.

"It's ok," I said quickly, avoiding eye contact.

"I apologize. That's happened to me before too, it isn't fun!" she laughed.

"Yeah," I said, trying to use my face to signal to her that I wanted her to close the door already!

"Well, at least we're all ladies," the woman said.

I laughed politely and eventually she closed the door. After what seemed like an ETERNITY and after I got plenty of stares, which I didn't expect since I'd think they'd just look the other way for respect, but nope. By the way, I was still spurting out diarrhea AS THIS WOMAN SPOKE TO ME, so that was all graphically on display too. But I spread my legs again once she closed the door. But she obviously couldn't lock it for me, so the best she could do was try to close it, though it was slightly open, but I still had SOME privacy.

So, apparently the lock didn't work. I tried to lock it again, but couldn't reach that far, so it stayed semi open. Not fully, but partly. But I luckily wasn't on full display anymore. Until.....

A middle aged woman and what I think is her daughter open the door on me too, and see me in my worst bathroom moment ever. But this woman was more considerate.

"Oops!" the woman said, trying to close the door again.

But her daughter was laughing.

"Stop it!" the woman snapped. "It's not funny!"

"But I saw her private," the girl said.

"Honey, that's a vagina, it's just a body part. All women and girls have it. You have one too," she explained.

I looked down in shame and embarrassment. Another woman came in. "Oops, my apologies," she said, trying to shut my stall door.

Since there was a big line, people regularly opened the door. I felt so exposed and vulnerable! But I couldn't lock the door or even hold it shut with my leg because it was too far from the toilet.

I was pretty embarrassed about all that!! Some women even laughed when they saw me! But finally, I finished up and wiped myself. Of course, I was also walked in on as I wiped, which was even more embarrassing! But I tried to make it quick.

My face felt like it was burning. I looked in the mirror above the sink and yep, my face was bright tomato red! I'm lucky I was on vacation though, and (hopefully) there was no one I knew!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jennifer it sounds like whatever hit you was pretty nasty hopefully you feel better soon.

To: Anonymous it sounds like you really had to poop and a lot as well I bet you felt good afterwards.

To: Anna From Austria well at least you know now and can avoid them unless you really need to make yourself poop then you have something that will work.

To: Sarah great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Brittany B great story it sounds like you all really had to poop and had some great poops.

To: Crystal great story.

To: Grace P it sounds like your mom had a really good poop.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

To: Sarah Your Ride Share Driver great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


New Years Eve peeing

On the day of New Years Eve, me, my friend Kennard, and another friend, Samantha, teamed up to spend about 12 hours together. Since we took a city bus to the bowling alley we started at, and we had to transfer buses once, being out in the cold and wind waiting for our connection caused all three of us to be ready for a toilet once we got to the lanes. Me and Samantha had coffees and Kennard had a hot chocolate while we waited on the bunch bench for a half hour. Me and Samantha bounded off the bus and across a large parking lot in order to get to the toilets. Me and Samantha took toilets next to one another. We both had pretty strong pees. What was different was that on the inside door of each toilet was a full-size poster of a different woman pro bowler sliding and delivering the ball straight at you.

Samantha let off a series of farts so loud that I could hear it over the running water as I washed my hands. I shouted back to her and she said she was trying to poo because the bathroom situation would be worse a few hours later when we would be hanging out at the central mall for the music and fireworks. While I was walking down the hallway I passed the guys room and texted into Kennard. He said he was taking his shit because, like Samantha, the toilets at the mall would suck worse than school. I asked him if he was inspired by the poster he was looking at in front of him. He reminded me that most guys' toilets don't have doors. Oops! I should have remembered that. Anyway, I was really proud of the progress I'm making with him. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and he refuses to shit at school anytime during the day. Often, he'll walk blocks out of his way after school to go home and shit and then he will come back and meet up with me. I thought to myself that progress, while slow, is being made with him.

We bowled for more than three hours at a special rate, then peed again before going out to the bus stop. When we got downtown to the central mall, there were thousands of people. Lots with little kids, something surprised me because it would be getting so cold. Anyways, as the fireworks were going to be starting both Samantha and I agreed we needed to the bathroom. Samantha said the bathrooms were below the mall, down two flights of stairs and they were gross. I expected them to be, but there were not any other options. Kennard was right when he said peeing my jeans and then having them freeze up on me would be a worse situation. I knew he was right and I hugged him because I was so proud of him taking his shit at the bowling alley.

When me and Samantha finally got to the dim-lit bathroom we were surprised. We walked through an open door and saw this. There were 8 stainless steel square-shaped toilets attached to and coming out of the back wall. Four of them were of normal height, two on the far end were just a foot off the floor, obviously for children. Square toilets--square seats with no privacy booths, no toilet paper and lots of gang signs and insults sprayed onto the brick wall. Only two of the toilets were in use--both of the users had their coats off and were using them as privacy shields on their laps. I took the first toilet, slowly pulled my clothing down and seated myself even more cautiously. I was right. My butt was getting so cold on the steel that I pulled on my left thigh to make sure I wasn't going to stick. Samantha was just standing there watching me and I knew she knew I was hoping I would take a long enough time to warm it up for her. I didn't want to spend that long down because I didn't want to freeze up my pee or skin.

It was interesting that I could see the other two ladies hurry their activity, but one turned the toilet over to her daughter about my age.
After only being able to let go of a few trickles, I got up and told Samantha the toilet was hers. It took her about a minute to get her piss going, but having the seat warmed for her worked. I walked up and whispered an obscene word to her, she flipped me off as she continued to drain, and we both laughed. Once we got back upstairs, Kennard came up with a really brilliant idea for me to get my pee in. I was really hurting between my legs and getting worried about an accident coming on. We walked with him about a block where the traffic had been blocked but not many people were around. He gave me his coat, kind of rolled it up, and walked me to a street sewer. He placed it over the concrete on top, told me to take down my clothing, and to sit and pee into the sewer. I had to use my finger to help direct my pee because the curb was so low and my knees were at about my shoulder level, but it worked. After starting slowly I took a full pee because it was dark and the few people that walked by couldn't see what I was doing.


Friday replies etc

First of all, a Happy New Year to all the regulars here and, those who like me aren't quite so regular (pun intended!).

Alivia. I was sorry to hear about your nocturnal problem. I think getting our bowels to do what we want - and when we want - is much easier said than done. Mine certainly have a mind of their own, usually when it's least convenient too. Have you ever raised the matter with your family doctor and/or tried making some dietary changes? If not, it might be worth trying. Good luck.

Jenifer. Sorry to hear about your ???? upset. I think it's a time of year when they tend to 'do the rounds' so to speak. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing your experience with the sugar free gummi bears. As a Type 2 Diabetic I tend to eat sugar free confectionery quite a bit and, although I've I've not had too many problems to date, I understand some of the sugar substitutes such as maltitol and sorbitol can have a laxative effect, especially if the products are consumed in any significant quantity, although some people may well have a sensitivity to even small amounts.

Big Bladder Babe. It's good to see you around. Try not to be disheartened by a lack of response if it happens. Different people check ij here and different times and with varying levels of frequency. It's also inevitable that people will respond to posts which strike a chord with them for one reason or another. I wish I had a big bladder though. I regularly measure my output and 450 to 500ml is fairly typical for me although I have topped 700ml early in a morning.

To Zach

Great stories about your mates, definitely keep them coming!


Ice Fishing

This week, I was out ice fishing for hours with my boyfriend when I had the urge to pee. While warming up in the shanty, my urge became an emergency. I either had to get my boyfriend and go in, or risk the very real possibility of peeing in my pants. Not loving the thought of either of those options, I decided to solve my problem in another way. With my boyfriend fishing about 40 yards away, and me alone in the shanty (with a heater thankfully), I pulled down my snowpants and leggings, squatted, and peed right into the hole. I was impressed with my aim, not yellowing any of the snow around the hole in the ice. Sorry to the fish below, though! But then I was able to pull my pants right back up and keep fishing. Worked for me!

Saturday, January 05, 2019


Reply to Alice: peeing at concerts

A while ago Alice asked about peeing and pooping at crowded concerts.

If you don't want to go to the bathrooms, to avoid losing the place, you really have just two choices: pull down you pants on go on the ground, or go in your pants. I'd suggest that you wore a pair of black jeans and comfortable panties, and just go in them if you really can't hold it.


New Year

Happy new year to all toiletstool posters! I bought some prune juice, and the second day of January is ending on some sloppy notes. Twice already, my poos sounded like I was peeing from my anus. I know the stuff has a laxitive effect, but the juice itself tastes good and is healthy. My firrst poop a day after drinking prune juice was actually more firmer than the last 2 I just did. The first urge to pass sloppy poo came on while I ate applesauce. Bye, and again, happy new year.


Childsitting the opposite gender & public bathrooms

I was just turning 12 and because I was considered mature and responsible for my age my parents let me take a childsitting job. It involved taking this 4 1/2 year old boy who lived in the apartment down the street to the circus on a Saturday morning. My dad drove us to our city auditorium a couple of hours before the start and would pick us up afterwards. Jaden was nicely behaved, but very shy. Oh, and he had been told by his Mom before she left town that if he had to poop when they were out in public, it was best for him to hold it in until they got back home. She had taught him this when they were out together too. She didn't like taking him into the ladies bathroom because he looked a little older than his age and a couple of ladies had been critical of him.

Just after we got our seats at the city auditorium I could start smelling gas and poo from Jaden. While I was walking him down to the largest public bathroom he had probably ever been in, he explained how his Mom just had him hold it in. That just didn't seem right to me. So as we rounded the entrance into the bathroom, it was obvious Jaden was pretty curious about what he was seeing. So I shielded him as much as possible and we ducked into the first toilet we saw was being open. He protested at first when I latched the door, turned him around, and got him started on pulling down his sweats. By using his toes, he was able to get up on the seat. I guess he wasn't comfortable, so he quickly got off and before he could get back on the autoflush blasted away. He was startled but I insisted he get back up. He sat for at least 5 minutes but was unable to produce anything. At intermission, I took him back down and while he sat steadily, he was only able to pee a little. I complimented him on it and was encouraging because I could see he was embarrassed. Also a couple of ladies waiting in line were
saying mean things. There was no way he/I were responsible for any accidents their daughters might have in line.

Right after the circus, I took Jaden in for the 3rd time. He seemed to be pushing a little harder this time and smiled when he dropped a small piece. It was hard enough that it splashed him. I insisted that he wipe, but still encouraged him that it wasn't quite yet the time and when his crap was ready, it would come. My dad wasn't able to pick us up for another 45 minutes, so Jaden and I had lunch at the snack bar. After his hot dog and soda he seemed to get frustrated real fast and said he was going to have an emergency. I hurried him to the closest bathroom and this time I don't think he was seated for a few seconds when the main event came. His wipe wasn't the best, so I encouraged him to try again and by seeing how much more he got, I think it helped his self-esteem. On the ride home, I tried to keep it positive with Jaden's dad because I want Jaden to receive encouragement rather than the hold-it in philosophy being taught by his Mom.



This afternoon I have been feeling sick to my stomach.My husband and I had gone out for lunch with some friends of ours at a popular restaurant.About an hour after we arrived back at our home, my husband and I were sitting on the sofa watching a movie when my stomach started to cramp up, I thought it would go away, but got worse. I got up and made my way to the bathroom, pulling my thong down and barely got my butt seated onto the toilet when I let out a massive wave of diarrhea.I sat there for several minutes having a total of three waves of diarrhea. Now feeling some what better, I rejoined my husband in the living room.He asked if I was alright. I told him that I was feeling sick and had diarrhea. I continued to watch the movie still feeling sick, now nausea had set in. After about thirty minutes I ran to the bathroom again with diarrhea. This time it was like brown water. I felt as if I was going vomit, grabbing a waste basket,I dry heaved three times, continuing to have diarrhea in the toilet.I was feeling terrible.My husband came to the bathroom door, which was half open finding me on the toilet having another round of diarrhea. Just then I felt as if I was going vomit he grabbed the waste basket for me and I heaved three times, producing undigested food, and liquid. After I was finished, he helped me to bed and brought me some 7-up. After about fifteen minutes, I vomited that up. I don't if I have the stomach flu or something else. My husband called our friends that we had lunch with and they are feeling fine. His wife and I had the same thing.Well I better go, I have the diarrhea again.


To Evan

Hey Evan if you are still around, great stories from earlier last year. Would love to read more about your close calls and accidents.

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To Alivia

I'm sorry to hear that you have got some problems with you bowel control. Have you tried adult diapers to safe yourself from that you have to change your clothes and sheets each time and have you seen a specialist?

A gastroenterologist might be able to give you advice around your incontinence. There are other ways to protect you besides diapers, but you should see the specialist first and there might be even be a treatment for it.

Take care!


Witnessing another accident

I have witnessed many accidents as many of my friends seem reluctant to use the school toilets and many would rather take their chances elsewhere. I myself have never used the school toilets and doing it in your underpants is almost preferable as they are in poor condition and there is a stigma around them. Additionally, the toilets can only be used in between lessons. Here is another story:

Me and my friend Calum were in Geography, the last lesson of the day. Calum appeared to need the toilet at the end of the lesson but did not ask to go, as he knew he would not be allowed. He shifted around and was clearly in discomfort. When the bell rang, he did not, as my friend Kieran once did, try to run to the toilet to relieve himself. Instead, we walked home together. Halfway through the walk, Calum suddenly stopped and grunted. "What is it?" I asked him. "Nothing, I just need the toilet" replied Calum. He walked forward a few steps but then stopped and I could see that he was dropping a giant stinky poo in his underpants. We were walking alongside a stone wall so Calum quickly unzipped his trousers and began to wee against the wall while still unloading his massive poo. His trousers were bulging out at the back as with a loud fart he produced a final, large log which made the top of his trousers bulge out at the rear as well. He finished weeing and did his trousers back up. He stunk of poo as there was a very large amount of poo in his underpants. When we got back to my house, Calum went straight to the bathroom while I got him a spare pair of underpants. When I opened the door to give Calum his new underpants, I could see his soiled boxers lying on the floor. They were red and white striped boxers with a black waistband and inside them was a humongous amount of poo -I had no idea it was possible to produce so much poo. There was one huge, dark brown log that Calum had evidently produced first before he undid his trousers and began to wee. Surrounding the first log were several other logs, all hard, thick and dark brown. They made up a large mountain of poo and I was shocked it hadn't fallen out of Calum's boxers and down his leg. I closed the door and let Calum change. When he came out, the boxers were still on the floor and he asked what to do with them. I told him not to worry and that I would clean up after him. He left, and I dumped Calum's poo into the toilet, although the boxers were a little stained.

Has anyone else had a friend poo their pants? If so, how did you handle it? I might post later with my story about the cinema.


Please help

Hi guys, my name is Alivia (like Olivia but with an "A"). I found this site while searching google about my issue. I am an 18 year old female, brown hair, fairly short, and fairly skinny. I also make *very* large poos considering I only weigh 97 lbs. Since I was little, I have had problems with holding in my poo at night. My mom used to make me wear a pull up to bed but now that I am older, this is something I'm ashamed of. I never have problems holding poo in in the daytime, but something about sleeping makes it uncontrollable. Many nights (like 4-5 times a week), I wake up to a rather large log of poo stuck to my bum and rubbed all over my sheets. Many times, I also have to poo more and end up sitting on the toilet for 30-45 minutes in the middle of the night finishing my poo. Its exhausting. I never go to bed with an urge to make poo so going before bedtime is not an option. I sleep with a waterproof cover over my sheets but this is embarrassing. I need help. Theres this guy I like and I want to pursue a relationship but I'm not ready to if this problem continues. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it. I find pooing very relaxing and a wonderful bodily function but just not when I'm trying to get a good night's rest!

Once I can get this under control, I'd love to share some stories of my own. I've enjoyed reading yours.

It's Anonymous again. I'm female, black, in my early-20's and rather fat with a big butt.

I just had a humongous period shit. I'd been having bad cramps all day, but I eventually became really desperate to poo. It didn't help that I'd been eating really rich food throughout the holidays, and it needed to come out. I practically ran to the toilet, pulled down my pants and panties and sat down, rubbing my bloated stomach. I peed a lot, and then began concentrating on my poop. I grunted hard, and pushed out a barrage of hard turds one after the other. Rrrrrrrnnnnn---ploonk---plunk--sssssplunk--plunk--ffffffsssspsppplunk. Then I ripped a huge bubbly fart as my stomach churned and gurgled. Bbbbbbvvvvvvvbbbbbllllppppttt... went the fart as I began to silently squeeze out big, mushy turds. It felt like I was a soft ice cream machine and someone was holding the lever down. The mush fell silently into the toilet as I rubbed my stomach, moaning and feeling nauseous. There were tears coming down my face--half from the effort, and half from the smell. It stank so bad. Finally, I finished, and got up to look. I had practically filled the bowl with loose, stinky poop. It took many wipes to get clean, but I did it. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and sprayed some air freshener. I was glad to get out of there. I felt much better after that.

Anna from Austria

Got victum of sugar free gummi bears

Yesterday I had an unfortunate encounter with sugar free gummy bears. I visited one of friends Claudia, to tell her about my Korea Trip and she offered me some sugar free gummy bears as snack. Did not know anything about these gummy bears and the possible laxative effects. She was only eating a few of them and I had the rest because I was hungry and they were ????. Soon after that I felt some pressure at my backdoor and asked Claudia where the bathroom is. This first poop was quite normal with my normal soft logs. Did not think anything it because I had not done my bm today. Then I left Claudia's apartment and was on the way home. Then things started to get nasty. My ???? started hurt and I was desperate for a toilet. Luckily there was a cafe close bye. I rushed to the toilet, and looked the door. Pulled down my panties and liquid poo exploded out of behind with very loud almost explosive farts. This took about 30 min before it was over.

I was shocked. Back home I told Claudia about it, and she could not explain it by herself. But later she called me again and said it might be the gummy bears.She told me that she had to poop too after having more of them. It was not as bad as my case because she only had much less gummy bears than myself but she said it is unsual for to go twice a day and she already had emptied herself about 30 min ago before I came to her.

I did a online search and found out that these sugar free stuff can have a laxative effect. In that case I was really lucky that there was a cafe nearby or I would have soiled my panties and pants really bad. I will never have these stuff again.

greetings from Austria and happy near year to everybody



Iced Peeing & Pooping

As a freshman at my college, I'm not allowed to have a vehicle, so in order to get home for Christmas and our month-long winter break. My friend Brandee is a junior and she drove me 2/3 of the way and when she got home, my boyfriend Carson picked me up for the last couple of hours of the drive. Brandee wanted to leave campus at 4 a.m. I was only about 5 minutes late and the first hour of the drive was very fast because there were no cops around. She was a little pissed because her boyfriend wanted her to leave a day earlier, but I had a final. So after about 1 1/2 hours on the Interstate I finally told her I was going to need a rest stop to pee. She seemed relieved to know that because she said she was holding her morning crap. So in about a half hour we pulled into an isolated rest stop. We both found we are hesitant to use such toilets unless we have someone with us. Only a 2-foot block panel separated the two pretty normal toilets we were seated on. My pee erupted immediately and I lowered my jeans and black underwear. My almost hitting 2 minutes with such an impressive stream seemed to interest Brandee about how my vertically challenged body could store that much pee. She was reading her phone and telling me about how her BJ was so horny with her being gone for 5 months. Then with her breathing change I could tell she was getting to work on what was keeping me waiting. As she was pushing and telling me I wouldn't have to help her dig it out. There were a couple of scream-outs and some swearing before the quiet as it went into the water. Then Brandee dropped a group of f-bombs when she turned the toilet paper roll to find nothing on it. So I stood, popped off my roll which was about half there, and tossed it over to her. Brandee was seated and wiping the whole time I was washing my hands and combing my hair. Her mid-section was still in pain when she got back into the car and dropped me off at the gas station in her home town.

Carson was there in his pickup ready to go. He had just come out of the bathroom and said he about burst his bladder about 60 miles into the trip when an ice storm had caused a lot of accidents. Traffic had been stopped in all lanes in both directions for some time by troopers he said may have closed the highway down. Just before we came to the ice and some high winds blowing at the truck I could feel my morning crap ready and with more immediacy. I hoped that he was joking when he said he was hurting to pee again. He wasn't. So both he and I looked on the dash and the floor and under our seats. All I could find was an small empty prescription pill bottle that would do about 1/10th the job necessary. He's better than me in handling pissing emergencies and I remember him pissing in a large Burger King cup last summer after we spent a day on the beach. He had to drive really slow as I held the cup for him because the shocks on his dad's truck are really bad. He braked fast once when he saw metal that would have flattened one of his tires, but by me quickly adjusting the cup his balls didn't take the flood that was headed for them. Luckily, the cop that lit us up was understanding and offered to empty the cup in a nearby storm drain.

Going 15 to 20 miles per hour in the traffic on the ice and still in the dark didn't help our having to hold our toilet needs. We both used conversation to take our minds off our pain. When we finally got to an exit where he knew there was a 24-hour gas station we were really hurting and panicking. We both ran into the station, asked directions for the restrooms and this woman about my age seemed really amused by our needs. She did volunteer that there was no line for us. From the aisle I was running down I could see the one bathroom. The vacant sign appeared over the door lever which I threw open. Carson was right behind me. The seat was up and I dropped it with a thud with one hand while I unbuckled my jeans with the other and dropped them. My crap was already activating when Carson went to the cabinet with two built in basins. It was just too high for his pee for a couple of reasons and there would have been a lot of splashing. So as I was starting my crap I pushed myself back on the seat, spread my legs until they hurt and pointed to the bowl. Within a second his pee stream was aimed and starting and as I was blasting gas and crap, he had double aim on his organ which was emptying torrentially. He had not been exaggerating about his need or his great aim. Only two spots of yellow could be seen on the tip of the bowl between the two sides of the seat cutout.
None got on me. He's an excellent marksman in more ways than one who participates in an ROTC program.


Christmas Poop

I always love poops after big holiday meals. It's always such a satisfying feeling, unloading the waste after eating a lot. Anyway, we had a bunch of meat and potatoes, among other things, so after a day of digestion it was all ready to come out. I felt that feeling in my bowels, so I walked over to the toilet and began to relax. I sent a long stream of pee into the waiting bowl, and let the relief wash through me. When that was gone, I began to dispose of the filth. A thick, but soft turd came first, about 5 inches long. That one came pretty easily, and it landed with a nice plop. The next one was still thick, but a lot harder. It refused to come out at first, so I was sitting there stuck for almost 2 minutes. Finally, I gave one more big push, and a brown, lumpy mass went down into the toilet. I unrolled some toilet paper, and wiped a few times. This one didn't really need much wiping to get clean from. When that was done, I dropped the paper on top of the logs, and stood to look at my waste products. It smelled awful. I reached over to the flush lever, and gladly pressed it down. Whooosh! Water came rushing in, cleaning up all the mess. The first turd went down with out a problem, but the last one got stuck. Just as the flush was almost done, though, it finally yielded, and I watched as it was dragged away and out of sight. All gone. With that done, I washed my hands and went on my way.

Brittany B

3 Chili Dumps

Hey all! I hope everyone had a great holiday, whatever you may celebrate! I have a good story from Friday that I want to share, but first, replies!

Becc M - Hey girl! Great gym story! I ought to go just for the toilet potential toilet experiences haha! But I'm really not fan of working out. I'm comfortable with my doughy belly and butt anyway. Your workplace sounds like a great dumping ground too! I rarely get the opportunity to hear my female colleagues pooping. You're really lucky! Can't wait to hear more! Much love!

Sarah your ride share driver - You must run into a lot of public bathrooms considering your lifestyle. Can't say I'm not a little jealous! What's the most interesting public toilet you've ever had to poop in?

Pratik - You are one lucky boy to see your coworker Juliette take a dump. She sounds like a really cool girl. Are you guys going to make this a regular thing, or was this a one time deal?

Grace P - I loved your story about your mom pooping while you showered! Sounded like a really good poop. I never saw my mom poop. She wasn't very open about it. Sounded like she would do it again too! Are you going to return the favor someday?

Crystal - That's a really interesting public toilet! I would definitely use it myself!

Rochelle - I'm glad you enjoyed my Black Friday Blowout! I wish I would have had some company for that poop. I'm really looking forward to more stories from you! Especially the one with all of your poop buddies!

Alrighty. story time! So my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Matt just bought a house together. So exciting! Sarah wanted to paint some of the rooms before they move in, so the Friday after Christmas, Jess and I went over to their house to help Sarah paint their new bedroom. While we were there, Sarah's mom came by and dropped off a big crockpot full of homemade chili and some brownies for dessert. After the prep work of putting the blue tape all over everything, we decided to take a chili break. It was absolutely delicious! I had 2 big bowls of it. Jess and Sarah had pretty generous helpings as well. After we ate, we got to work painting.

About 2 hours into us working, I started to feel my stomach bubble. I knew that chili was going to come back to bite me in the butt! I was up on a ladder painting along the ceiling, even though I'm the shortest haha! Jess was laying on the floor, painting along the trim against the floor, her big leggings clad butt facing me. It kind of looked like she was clenching her butt too. Sarah was across the room painting around the doors to the hallway and closet. As I climbed down from the ladder to get more paint, I felt a fart want to come out, so I let out a loud, long, and wet fart. It felt so good! The girls stopped and looked at me, Jess giving me a big smile accompanied by a giggle. I said I was sorry, and that just had to come out. Sarah said she figured that was going to happen eventually when her mom brought the chili over. Jess said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one." and then she let out a little grunt a ripped a big bubbly fart while still laying on the ground. Sarah looked surprised and said, "Wow, I've never heard you fart before." Jess told her how she's been inspired by me lately to be more comfortable with her own bodily functions and told her about the times we had pooped together over the past few weeks. Sarah was surprised, but not disgusted. I asked her if she has ever pooped in front of anybody, and she said no. "Not even Matt?" I asked. "No! Especially not him! I mean sure, he's seen me pee, even you guys have seen that, but I don't think I could do that." Well I told her I need a poop break and Jess agreed that she did too, so we asked if Sarah would like to join us. She thought about it for a second and figured why not, but was unsure whether she would poop with us herself. I told her it was no pressure.

So the three of us left the room and made our way to the bathroom. Their new house only has one bathroom, but it's super nice as it was just remodeled before they bought the place. The toilet is in the corner of the bathroom and has a comfy round seat with a really big and deep bowl. I farted another wet one that was dangerously close to a shart and asked Jess if she wanted to go first. Jess said, "By the sound of that fart, you should probably go first." I said ok, and went over to the toilet. I farted again as I pulled my own leggings and panties down to my knees in one motion and got seated on the toilet. Jess and Sarah took seats on the side of the bath tub on the left side of the bathroom, giving them a perfect side profile view of me sitting on the toilet! Seated, I gave a slight push and a wave of mushy poop splattered into the toilet followed by another wet fart. It immediately stunk really bad! Sarah held her nose and asked me how I could not be embarrassed right now. I said, "I'm just doing what my body needs to do. Everybody does it! Besides, we ought to be blaming your mom for this mess!" haha! Jess and Sarah both laughed and agreed with me as a farted and splattered more wet poop into the bowl. Jess leaned to her side a let another bubbly fart rip out. After that, Sarah just said, "Aww what the heck" and leaned over as her own bubbly fart ripped out. She seemed to be becoming more relaxed. Jess asked me how much longer I would be as I farted again. I knew I had a little more, I just needed to relax more. About a minute passed by before one last wave made itself known with a fart and more splattery poop. I felt done, so I wiped my messy butt 5 times and reached back to flush. I stood up, pulling my leggings up as Jess stood up to take her turn on the bowl. I washed my hands as she dropped her tight leggings and panties to her ankles and took a seat. I sat down next to Sarah as Jess ripped a bubbly fart into the bowl. Fast crackling sounds followed as soft, creamy turds plopped into the bowl and Jess gave a hefty sigh of relief. I commented that Jess' poop sounded messier than usual and she said, "Gee I wonder why" and we all shared another laugh. Sarah and I each farted on the bath tub again as Jess kept plopping, a little slower now than her first round. Jess said, "I'm glad your toilet has a big bowl. I'd hate to flood the thing before you guys even get chance to move in." She also commented on the fact that the toilet was really close to the wall. Her butt cheek was squished against the wall! haha! It's still a pretty nice bathroom. Jess plopped a little more and ripped one last boisterous fart before she felt she was done. She wiped her butt 4 times before she was clean and then gave the toilet a flush. She pulled her pants back up, washed her hands, and then we both looked at Sarah and asked if she needed to go. She looked a little nervous, but she said yes.

She got up and went over to the toilet, dropping her leggings and panties just enough so she could sit on the toilet and not poop in them. Jess sat back down next to and I farted again, causing her to giggle. We sat and chatted for a little while, Sarah cutting short but loud fart into the toilet. After about 2 minutes and not hearing anything plop, I asked Sarah if she was ok. She said her butthole was just being shy. Jess asked her if she wanted us to leave. Sarah said, "No, I just need to relax. Getting more comfortable with this is going to be good for me, since our apartment had 2 bathrooms, but the house only has one." She farted again and started to push. Jess and I were just talking, but watching Sarah intently. Neither of us had ever seen our friend fart before and now here she was trying to take a dump with us in the room. After half a minute of her straining, we finally heard some soft poop crackle out and flump into the water. She looked a little red in the face, probably more from embarrassment rather than straining. She plopped a good 7 plops and said she was done. I said, "That was fast." and she said her poop usually does just come out all at once as she reached for the toilet paper. Jess asked her how she felt and she said it wasn't so bad, but it helped that we were 2 close friends and not strangers. She wiped 3 times, redressed and washed her hands. Jess and I got up. I farted one last time and said, "I feel a lot better after our poop break!" Jess agreed, and Sarah said, "Yeah, me too. Maybe we should do this more often. Anyway, let's get back to work!" And we went and resumed the painting.

I was absolutely ecstatic that Sarah joined Jess and I for a group poop! It was a little difficult to keep my cool, but I managed to make sure was a low key, casual experience. I hope I get more with both of them soon!



Three stories and some hellos

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I certainly did! That relates to one of my stories which I'll come on to in a bit.

Abbie - so great to hear from you! Hope your constipation isn't too bad. I don't often have problems in that area tho this week is unusual.

Taylor - wow you're brave pooing outside! I don't think I ever have tho i have weed outside plenty of times!

And so that brings me on to my first story... I'd been out just before Christmas for drinks. Now my big weakness is that when I've had a couple of drinks my bladder contracts to the size of a pea, and I'm weeing all the time. This often means that if I have any distance to travel home, I end up desperate, leaking, or squatting. Or all three!! So I'd been out with some friends and headed home around midnight, it was a really cold night and I was shivering. I also needed a wee from early on so by the time I was a bit out of town where its quieter, my bladder was screaming at me! I ducked between a phone box and a whelie bin, hitched my dress up and black thong down, and squatted. It felt like heaven and it was so cold I could see steam coming off it! I didn't wipe properly as I could hear footsteps coming and didn't have time!

Second was after Christmas. Obviously I'd been eating loads as we all do, Christmas night I felt some stomach pain and thought I'd better sit on the loo. I had a wee and tried to have a poo but nothing came. Boxing Day came and went, that evening I sat on the loo but nothing came out. Boxing Day night more pain, again I went to sit on the loo but nothing. Then the next morning I woke up to quite a full feeling and a feeling of needing to go. I dozed off again but woke up to a feeling of needing to go NOW! I got out of bed and sleepily headed to the bathroom and sat down. Almost right away I could feel the poo start to push out, it got so far and I had to start pushing hard, but once I'd given it a start i felt a big bit drop off, then another follow speedily, and another long one afterwards. All were hard and quite painful really. That was it for now but about an hour later I had to go again and had another large load. Definitely felt relieved afterwards!

Last story happened earlier on today. I was in a cafe in town and felt I needed the loo. I followed the sign to the back where they are, it took you up a staircase and along a corridor then through a door. On the other side were two unisex cubicles. Both were in use, so I waited in the lobby. A minute later a boy who looked about 11 came in and asked if I was waiting, I said I was. He was crossing his legs and looked desperate for something. One cubicle flushed and I was going to offer if he wanted to go, but then so did the other cubicle and two women came out.
I went into the cubicle, and could hear the boy go into his cubicle. Outside, the two women were washing their hands. I heard him muttering to himself "come on, go away, I need to go" and under the partition could see a shadow dancing around. I figured he might be shy of going whilst the women were around. I wondered if he had thought of me, but then I heard the door slam as they left and right away there was a hive of activity next door. I heard him crash down onto the toilet and I could hear weeing, whilst there was an almighty loud fart. The wee carried on, and there was a second fart. It tailed off and there was a huge volley of plops, some loud and some quieter, some long and distinct and some dribbling in between. It sounded like a spectacular release. This carried on for a couple of minutes, then went quiet with some occasional grunting followed by a plop.
While all this was going on, I'd pulled my jeans and blue knickers down and done a wee, and then had a reasonable poo myself.
As I left I could hear loo roll being pulled off.

Well that's it for now, will write soon, take care everyone!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019


Big accident

I was in the afternoon class with my friend Kieran when he quietly told me that he needed to do a poo. It was the beginning of the lesson and it was a double period, and the school has a strict policy of not allowing students to use the toilet in class. Kieran asked to go to the toilet but was told that he couldn't. By halfway through the lesson, he clearly needed to do the toilet and at this point I too was feeling an urge to poo. Kieran whispered to me that he was absolutely bursting for a poo and might not be able to hold it in for the rest of the lesson. I tried to be supportive and told him that he would make it but I wasn't sure if he would. When the bell rang for the end of the lesson (and the day) Kieran stood up, hastily got his bag and hurried over to the boy's toilets. I went along with him as I was very desperate to empty my bowels as well. The toilets were in the canteen area and as we walked up to the door Kieran suddenly stopped and farted loudly. As I watched he did an enormous poo in his grey school trousers, forming a semi-noticeable (the trousers are not very flexible) bulge in his rear. He put a hand on his arse and tried to walk through the door to the toilets, which thankfully were unoccupied. I asked him if he needed any help and he said that he would need a change of underpants. I happened to have a spare pair in my bag so I told him to take a stall. I was extremely desperate and bursting to do a poo and as I walked into the stall Kieran had entered I suddenly felt a gigantic, hard poo slide into my black Firetrap boxer briefs. It was a long, thick hard log that tented out the back of my boxers. It was followed by another log, smaller in length but just as thick. Kieran had already locked the stall door and was undoing his trousers, his bag on the floor. He looked at me and saw that I had pooed my boxers as well. I put my bag on the floor and took my spare pair of boxers out of my bag (they were the same brand as my normal ones but were red). I then took my trousers and boxers down to inspect the damage. A huge mass of poo sat in the middle of them and I could clearly see the first, huge log which had been followed by the second one. My boxers were black so the stain didn't show but the poo was very big. Kieran had dropped his trousers to his ankles and was standing in his Black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He turned around and slowly inched his boxers down, exposing the white waistband which had been hidden underneath his jumper and blazer. His legs were a little spread apart, and I could see his bare arse as he slipped his boxers to his ankles. His arse wasn't dirty or anything, which surprised me given that the poo in his boxers was so enormous. There were several huge, thick brown logs in the middle of his boxer briefs. His poo was bigger than mine and he must have been quite constipated. He stepped out of his boxers and turned round, grabbing my spare pair and pulling them on. He then pulled up his trousers and buttoned them up. My own boxers were still full of poo so I just pulled them up, dumped Kieran's poo in the toilet and gave him his boxers back. Kieran thanked me and we left the stall together, my poo still making my dirty underpants bulge out in the back. I should have emptied them in the school toilet but I didn't think of it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience, having a poo accident? What did you do?


Loving a little girl in her most embarrassing moment.

Brittney B.

I have 4 good pooping buddies besides my Mom. Most of them are are friends I grew up with so I think that helped. It was often the kind of thing where being young, we were a lot less self conscious and willing to try new things together. it was fun and special to look back on now. I can remember time very special to my heart though when I was little.
I can remember having my friend Sara over when we were 7 and we were in my bedroom watching tv. Our hallway bathroom was right across the hall from my bedroom and I had to go poop. I ran over to the toilet and seated myself comfortably as I always do, and immediately let out a big base fart. It felt so good that I burst out a loud sigh of relief!
I began to relax and let my anus open as I could feel a good load coming. Sara peered around the doorway of my room and saw me sitting on our toilet.
She asked me, what are you doing? I said "I'm going poop, you can come in if you want". I think being invited into someone else's pooping session was a new thing to Sara, but I had always liked watching other people poop, and I really wanted Sara to watch me, so I invited her to watch me.
My emerging turd crackled and plopped beneath me as Sara entered the bathroom and stood in front of me. I sighed after the plop, and relaxed my rectum for the next load. I grunted as the next load came out. It was going to be a big one! I grunted repeatedly, inching the long poop out my hole. I wish I could have seen it sticking out of me as I grunted. As I was a little girl and my ass was small for the toilet seat, I told Sara to look behind me and see my turd sticking out. I leaned forward so she could see it. She remarked," your poop is huge Rochelle!". The next thing she said was" it smells "! I paused for a minute to enjoy the feeling my stretched anus. I said," It smells but it feels so good, I love big poops!" I held my turd for a while until my anus began to hurt just a bit, so I began to push and grunt more. A second more and splash, it was out. The splash made my ass really wet. I let out another really big fart as Sara was still looking in the toilet bowl behind my ass. I let out another sigh as if to announce "ahh, I love to poop!" I remained on the toilet for a short piss, and then wiped. I don't remember how many wipes it took but probably 3. Even then, I swiveled around on the toilet to reach the handle to flush, and then dismounted the toilet to pull up my undies and pants. It felt so good to poop with Sara!
I think being in the bathroom with a someone pooping was new to Sara, but I could tell she was curious and I wanted her to be. I remember even then really wanting to see her poop, and so I wanted to start by setting an example if she would accept it.
I remember pooping like this a few times while asking Sara to watch before she felt comfortable enough to return the favor.

We were at my house again a while later and we had take out pizza for supper. It was rather greasy, but very good! She slept over and I remember waking up in the morning to hear Sara scurrying off to the bathroom. She walked in the open door to find my Mom on the toilet happily savoring her morning dump. My mom always left the door open for toilet duties and her, me, and my sisters all enjoyed openness on the toilet.
Sara said told My mom," I really have to poop!". Mom said " okay sweetie, let me wipe real quick and can poop. I don't think Mom was done pooping but she was able to pause her solid dump for Sara's coming release. After Mom wiped, she got up and scooted over so Sara could back up and sit down. Mom hadn't flushed the toilet, so Sara sat over Mom's partial morning shit. Her feet dangled a bit off the floor as she perched on the front of the toilet, as did I being the same age. Sara quirted out a brief liquid stream of poop which exploded into a trumpet blast of loud diarrhea sounds. The loudest mixture of gas and poop I had ever heard! I still remember the sound, it was such an awesome sound!
Mom was standing right next to Sara, watching behind as she exploded onto Mom's dump in the bowl. She patted Sara's back and said, "wow honey, that's a lot of poop! Just let it all out, it feels so much better when you're done."
Sara began to cry a little bit as a second wave of diarrhea exploded uncontrollably into the toilet, which by now smelled really bad. My mom got down on her knees next to the toilet and wrapped her arms around Sara as a third wave exploded and even bubbled from her anus, which I think was starting to burn from the diarrhea. The madness of poop subsided after a 4th wave from Sara's bum, and then Mom continued to hug her and said "It's okay honey, just let it all out. You'll feel better if you let it all come out". " it must have been the pizza we ate last night. We'll be more careful about that in the future."
Sara said her anus was really sore. Mom told Sara to sit for a minute and let her anus relax and recover from the burning blast that came out. She sat for a minute and then began to carefully wipe her butt because it was rather tender.
I'd say it took 4 or 5 gentle wipes. She got off the toilet and Mom flushed it, saying" That's a lot of poop girl! I'm glad you let it out in the toilet and not in the bed! I better flush because I've gotta poop some more!"
Sara pulled up her pants and washed her hands as Mom sat back down on the toilet and let out a loud fart as her bowels relaxed again. She let out a big sigh of relief and a smile. Sara walked past Mom to exit the bathroom. From the toilet Mom reached out to hug her one more time to comfort her. With her poop crackling, and splashing into the toilet, she looked at Sara and said " it's not your fault and it's really good to poop".
I have used the toilet with Sara around ever since and in later years she began to warm up to pooping around me too. We do it all the time when we see each other now. As we grew up into our adult years, she told me that moment of being loved and encouraged on the toilet really came to mean a lot to her as time went on. I don't think she's fascinated by bodily functions as I am, but she said it really taught her a sense of love for herself and her body in a very personal way. It was very meaningful later in life and she loves her toilet time because of it. I just love that!

To answer your original question, I have pooped with all of my poop buddies at once before but I'l save that for another day. I promise!
Happy pooping!

I've been having more poops made of little marble-like pieces. They're smooth and hard as they come out, packed together into a turd shape, but as soon as they leave my hole they break apart and plop loudly into the toilet.

On Wednesday I finally had a poop that came out a little more normal. I felt the urge and headed to my toilet, where I sat and sent a long stream of piss into the bowl. Then, I began depositing soft, long pieces into the bowl. They were light brown, and would break off after reaching 9 inches or so, resulting in three fairly even turds. The final one stuck out of the water a ways, which kicked up a smell that lead me to do something I almost never do - flush before wiping.

I had an unobstructed view as my three snakes were sucked down the toilet. They began their journey moving in unison, but soon the hole at the bottom of the bowl because too small, and so the three stopped moving, and one by one each log was pulled past the others and - whoosh - was gone.

I set about wiping, ensuring I was clean and dropping the used paper into the toilet. As the poop had left surprisingly few skidmarks, I decided to leave my toilet paper for my roommates to pee on and flush along with their waste.

Does anyone else ever share a flush with others? What's your experience of it like?

Also, do any other ladies on here have experience peeing into a toilet from standing? I've been practicing in the shower and an thinking of giving it a try. I'd love to hear some female standing pee stories!


Cleansing Day

My girlfriend decided that after all the cookies and christmas treats, it was time for a good clean-out. So while I was at home today, she did some shopping and came back with two large bottles of prune juice and a delicious french onion soup, plus some sugar free ice cream. I wasn't really looking forward to a day on the toilet, so Sally changed into her halloween nurse costume and - it didn't take long to persuade me to drink two large glasses of the prune juice. And after that it was too late anyway to hesitate, so we ate the onion soup and a huge amount of the ice cream along with the rest the prune juice. She teased me a lot and told me that if I ate more of the sugar ice cream on top of all the prune juice and onion soup, I'd surely be getting runs pretty soon.
Sure enough, after an hour or so, my stomach felt as if filled with the most explosive mixture of liquid and air, and I had the typical diarrhea feeling fast approaching. Sally, still in teasing mood and in her short shiny hot nurse halloween costume, told me to put on some of her old shiny soccer shorts (vintage stuff from the 80ies) as they are easier to wash ... and it was not a minute to early. The first wet fart came a couple of minutes later, and then an enormous cramp hit me - so much so that I just froze, and within seconds, my shorts were filled with an enormous amount watery diarrhea. And so it went until the late evening - I got my reward, though.


post Christmas clear out

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or just a wonderful week if you don't celebrate it! I have a story to share from earlier today (Thursday 27th) which I'm going to describe as "My post Christmas clear out" I didn't go at all on Christmas day and I didn't go on boxing day either so as someone who usually does a large poo twice a day, I was feeling rather blocked up! I knew when I finally went it would be a big one so I decided to go outside instead of risking clogging my toilet. I had the house to myself and the garden isn't overlooked at all so it seemed perfect, if a little cold.

At about 1pm I felt the familiar urge knocking on my backdoor for the first time since Monday evening. I ignored it for a little while but it was very quickly building so I put on my shoes and coat, grabbed a pack of tissues and headed outside. My garden has a shed which is ofset from the fence a little and it's the perfect place to hide behind. Nobody at all can see you. I ducked behind the shed and pulled down my jeans and thong just enough to be out of the firing line as I squatted before letting nature take the wheel.

First to come out was all the coffee I had been drinking over the last few hours in a gentle stream, creating a puddle around my feet on the concrete. It felt so nice having a wee and I really enjoyed doing it outside, it's not something I do often so it was extra special. It was such a long wee too, I had no idea I needed to go so badly. Once it finally trickled to a stop I tried to relax and let the rest happen naturally, but part of me wanted to push and hurry it along a little, I was so cold!

It wasn't long at all before my poop crowned and I was quickly stretched wide open, it even made my eyes water a little. I did my best to relax as much as possible as it slowly slid out of me, the soft load curling beneath my butt against the concrete, and just enjoyed the sweet, sweet relief. My poop came out at a steady pace in one continuous piece and I began to wonder when it was going to end… and where I had been keeping it all!

After what felt like forever I finally closed up again and I looked behind me to see my creation. Underneath me was a behemoth! Sitting in my puddle was a neat pile made from a poop about an inch and a half thick and easily a couple of feet long, I couldn't believe it! I opened up my tissues and used a handful for my behind and one for my front before pulling up my clothes again. I took one last look at my creation and went back inside to wash my hands and warm up.

Brittney B.
I didn't even mention it in my last post but Oh my gosh! I would love to have been there for your black Friday blowout! I love dumps like that. So cool! I enjoy blowing up a toilet when other ladies are sitting in stalls next to me. Sometimes it encourages them to let loose, which I just love. So fun!

Grace P.
OMG! That was so cute about your Mom pooping while you showered! Such a good dump. I just love listening to big girl dumps. It was funny how she loved the food right to the toilet, LOL! I really love it!
I hope you two do get to do that again because I have fond that it's really bonding to share something that is otherwise so private. Something really special happens when you can relax your mind, and your bowels, LOL with someone else special. I really think that was sweet!
Happy poops!



Night Mishap

The other night, I was in a deep sleep next to my boyfriend and dreaming of using the toilet when suddenly I awoke (thankfully). I had just started peeing in my pants. I immediately clenched, swung my legs to the side of the bed, and got up. With each step, slowly fumbling in the dark, I spurted a little more pee into my pants. I was able to make it to finish in the toilet, but the leaks had caused a melon-sized wet patch, so I had to change my pants. Luckily, I did not pee the bed, and my sleeping boyfriend was none the wiser.


First buddy dump experience

Hi it's me crystal again I posted some time ago about me being desperate aloud me to make a new friend . I am sorry I haven't posted anything new since then but on Christmas something happened to me I wanted to share when I was out ^_^

So for Christmas me and few of my friends decided to celebrate Christmas at one of our friends house and have a girls only Christmas party I wore my favorite silver skater dress with white sandals I tought I looked really cute in it and I have been told I do lol ^_^.

So not to make this story to long we all get there exchange gift we were there for abit had fun eating drinking and I went to her bathroom for a pee and found out that the flusher didn't have a lot of strength so I didn't want to be the girl who clogged there toilet so I only went for a pee once never dared to poop . By the end I was desperate for a pee and poop and we said our goodbyes and went home and here is were things get interesting.

I wasn't expecting to be desperate for a pee and poop and on my way home I knew I needed to stop somewhere or else I was going to have an accident it's cristm and most places are closed except for a few gas stations so I pull up to the closes one and approach to ladies room and open the door to find wierd set up for the bathroom it's mostly just two toilets facing each other i pay no attention to it and walk up to the toilet to my left as I quickly pull up my dress and pull down my pink string to my knees and sit down when a hear fast pace foot steps approaching.

I look at the door and notice them swing open and see a girl around my age 20 walking in wearing sandals with some blue jeans and white tank top she had blonde hair blue eyes . We both blushed when we say each other and she saw me sitting on the toilet with my string to my knees. She quickly made her way to the only other toilet available and pulled her jeans and pink panties to her mid thighs and we both started to pee not really making any eye contact as it was awkward both of us going with someone we didn't know going infront of us I soon finish my pee and remained seated hoping she would be just peeing but nope we both just sat infront of each other squirming a little not wanting to let the other know we needed to poop .

It's been I think two minutes when I decide to brake the ice by letting out a little push and start to poop giving a sigh of relief and she did aswell we were both going for abit one dropping a poop one after another I did about 5 poops and she did 5 aswell and she finished first and started wiping I was able to see her big butt as she flushed and started wiping and I was going on my last poop we didn't say anything to each other as she was washing her hands when I wiped I wiped my front and back so did she we wiped 3 times in total.

Yeah that is my experience on my first buddy dump .sorry if my writting isn't the best I am trying to improve ^_^ also thank you for reading


Holiday Travel Crapping Problems

We just got back from a Christmas road trip to my aunts. Just over 700 miles each way was the longest trip I've taken with Kellen (9) and Darcee (7). Darcee was great and I was cooperative for her almost hourly need for a pee break. I don't think she peed a river each time but I'd get off the interstate, pull up to a rest stop, walk her to the door of the ladies room and she would run for a toilet, with the help of her arms and hands, get herself up on the adult-size toilet. And she was good, with a couple of reminders and one faucet-use demonstration, pushing down the flusher and washing her hands.

For her brother, who is in 4th grade but physically smaller and less-than-confident for his age, it was a different story. Kellen absolutely has hated using public bathrooms. When he was younger he was unable to unlatch the toilet door three times in one summer. Each time he had to slide out on his belly under the door. I checked the once mens room at the park that he was using (a sliding bar) that was bent was tough, even for me.

Such problems have caused Kellen to be constipated when he's away from home, especially on overnight trips that we haven't done that many of.
At school, its not an issue since none of the guys' toilet cubicles have privacy doors. But when we're away from home and many of the mens bathrooms have a mixture of privacy-doored toilets and non-doored, Kellen takes the non-doored one. That was the case at one of the first rest areas we stopped at. Darcee and I had done our thing, were waiting for Kellen outside the mens' room entrance. I had asked him that morning before we left the hotel if he had crapped and he said he hadn't. He had missed two days and the previous night I had given him 2 laxative caplets suggested by his pediatrician. I got worried, called in for Kellen and getting no response, yelled out that a woman was coming in. I quickly walked past a guy at the urinals and two guys--doors closed--doing their craps. I could see Kellen, on the toilet with jeans down to his soft shoes, awkwardly sitting with his crap ready. He was not able to punch it out.

He said it was too large and was hurting him as he pushed. All I could think of so fast (I didn't want his sister waiting alone outside) was to tell him to jump down, put his weight against the toilet, and to try to widen the stance of his legs. I went outside again and after about 5 minutes called into him to get him to re-seat himself normally and to gradually try to get the gremlin out. It didn't work, although he passed about 2 or 3 small balls of crap. We drove another 75 miles or so when both Darcee and I needed to pee out all the fluid we had been drinking. The rest stop was empty because it had gotten dark so I decided to try an experiment. I took Kellen in with us. Darcee and I took the first two toilets in the row of 10 or so. I wanted to give Kellen more privacy so I told him to take a toilet down at the end of the row. I heard him latch the door, get up on the seat that seemed to squeak a little, and Darcee and I drowned out each other's noise. However, toward the end of my sit, I dropped two pieces that splashed and asked for a snicker from Darcee. She obliged, as she loves to.

Before we washed our hands, Darcee and I walked down to Kellen. He was on his feet and carefully cleaning himself. He was in pain when he pointed to widely huge piece in the bowl that was probably five inches in length. The head was exceptionally large and imagining how it passed through his rectum made me cringe. Darcee said it was the largest log she had ever seen.

Big Bladder Babe

I'm Back--Thanks For Your Responses

Hi all! So after much debating on whether or not I belonged in this type of group or needed to find a more niche pissing forum, I have decided to that although I was unimpressed by the lack of feedback I received (other than a few really nice ones) I am really interested in exploring my peeing fantasies more so here I go folks.

Kari: I absolutely loved your story and I'm so happy that you can relate to my predicament as a member of the mega-bladder crowd. I hope that we have some others whom are willing to come out of the closet about their own large bladders on this site. Please keep sharing your stories, and I will be sure to keep sharing mine! Us Big Bladder Babes have to stick together here haha.

Currently: So what inspired me to even come on here in the first place, aside from the fact that I am high as a kite right now, lol, was embedded in a passing thought that just took place in my head a few minutes ago.

I was chilling on my bed as per usual, and also getting stoned---also, as per usual, when suddenly I noticed that my laptop was about to die if I did not run upstairs and grab the charger. As I arose, I felt the sudden need to empty my bladder. But just as I was about to dash for the potty,,,,I had an idea to try something fun. I had been recently disappointed in the fact that my usual pee-pees have not been nearly up to the bladder-sized standards I had been bragging about in my last post. I knew that I needed to pee big in order to see if I still could live up to my prior capacity. So I grabbed my large iced tea along with my charger, ran back downstairs, and decided that I'm going to hold it. Wish me luck, I'm already bursting.

Friday, December 28, 2018


Meeha's laundromat needs

Throughout junior high me and Meeha were best friends because we both had athletic interests, were good students, and were mostly accepting of each other's needs. We did stayovers at each other's houses some weekends and were together so much some adults joked about us being sisters. However, pretty much that first week of school Meeha started having bathroom issues. She could store up her pee to accommodate her school schedule, but she couldn't do that with her need to crap. Her craps came on at mid-morning, often contained smelly farts and some cramping, but she wasn't able to adapt to the conditions of the school toilets; the lack of privacy in such a big room, rude girls, and dirty conditions that most of us just accepted as a fact-of-life.

By the late fall of our first year Meeha was having accidents with turtle-necking into her white underwear, as well as splashy-type farts, especially right often lunch that with more frequency would result in soft, hot deposits in her underwear. Then she would be in pain of sorts the rest of the day because she absolutely refused to crap at school. This was despite the fact that her mom, who acted like she was ex-military, and strictly inventoried what was laundered. Of course the crap stains and sometimes yellow pee stains caused Meeha to be questioned by her mom. Once we were watching TV in Meeha's room when her mom walked in with the filled laundry basket, dumped the clothing on the bed and mentioned to Meeha that 3 pairs of underwear had been badly soiled. She smiled at me and told Meeha they would talk about it later. On Monday, Meeha said her mom was threatening her with punishments if the problem continued.

Later that week we had a substitute for a few days and she wouldn't let anyone use the bathroom during class. Our teacher was pregnant and an earlier sub had allowed some of the immature boys take advantage of bathroom passes. That afternoon after school, I suggested Meeha and I walk about four blocks out of our way to a laundromat where I had stopped once while riding my bike for an emergency pee. I lent her some of my babysitting money and we went into the lone toilet there together. Meeha couldn't wait to sit and take her crap. She was so relieved sitting and releasing the soft crap. As she sat, she took off her shoes, pointed her feet directly at me, and I helped her getting her smelly and damaged underwear off.

I knew I had a few coins in my jeans so I wrapped the underwear up behind me and made one of two mistakes. I opened the door, accidentally exposing her sitting on the toilet to those in the nearby lounge area reading magazines. I thought to myself, sorry Hon, as I slammed the door behind me. Then my second mistake. I selected a washer at the other end of the room, opened the lid and dropped the soiled underwear in. Then I recognized a second mistake. What about soap? I hadn't thought of that. But I looked back at the lounge area and saw several vending machines. They were costly and a tiny container of soap cleaned out the extra money in my pocket. But Meeha was my best friend and I did it because I knew she would do the same for me. Meeha came out at that time looking kind of awkward. She took a seat next to me and used both hands to hold her dress down between her legs. It was obvious what she was doing.

Once the washer finished, I told Meeha the dryer would take about 15 minutes. Another problem: we no longer had any money left. Meeha had an idea and walked over to the soda machine, put her hand in the change slot, and came back holding the coins necessary for the dryer. While the dryer was running, we got started on our math homework. We made the longer than usual walk to Meeha's house where her mom offered us a snack. Later, up in her room, she was very thankful for what we had pulled off. The only problem we had not anticipated was one of her mom's friends had seen us in the laundromat. As a result, Meeha got grounded the next weekend.


Early period and diarrhea

Hello, my name is Deb. I live in London, Ontario. This is my time posting here.

A strange thing happened to me on Christmas Eve. Well, not that strange I suppose... I got my period a number of days early. The problem was that I only had one of my Always Long Ultra Thin Pads left and I knew that I would be in need of more in a hurry. I asked my boyfriend to go out and get me some more pads as it was an emergency, but since it was already in the evening, all the stores were closed until Boxing Day. So instead, I had to use these huge Always Extra-Heavy Maxi Pads that I used after my daughter was born earlier this year. I felt like I was wearing a diaper and because I'm quite small, they actually look like a diaper in my panties.

My family was over to our place this year for Christmas Day and dinner. We ate in the afternoon and then went for a walk. I tend to get diarrhea a few days before my period starts and then for the first few days after it has started, so wearing long pads has always helped me when I've had the odd pooping accident. I have pooped straight into my panties a number of times as well though. I usually keep a spare pair of panties in my purse just in case.

Anyway, as we were walking, I started getting really bad cramps which felt like diarrhea. Sure enough, as we were walking, I let out a few wet farts onto my pad. Eventually they got even worse and I let out a huge load of diarrhea into my pad and panties. I stopped as the first explosion happened and gripped onto my daughter's stroller. My boyfriend asked me if I was okay and I whispered to him that I had really bad cramps and that I just pooped my pants. This wasn't the first time that he's seen me poop my pants but as always, he was very sympathetic. I had a second explosion and the diarrhea started going down The insides and back of my legs.

When we got home, he took our daughter and changed her since she had also pooped. I got some new panties and pants and had a nice, hot shower.

I'm still wearing these huge pads, but I guess that's okay. Better than nothing I suppose.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sara great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Becc M great story it sounds like you both had pretty good poops.

To: Britanny B great story it sounds like really had to poop pretty bad and a lot from the sound of it.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Grace P

Showering While My Mom Is Pooping

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while. But I'm back and with a story to tell. Last night was Christmas Eve and tonight we had a big dinner. We usually have the dinner on Christmas, but since so many family members had to work on Christmas; we moved it today. The dinner was so good. We had ham, turkey, corn, baked beans, and so much more. My mom ate the most.

Today I woke up and went to take a shower. My room has a bathroom attached to it. Four minutes into taking a shower I heard a knock on the door and I heard my mom say "Sweetie, can I come in". I yelled yes to her and she came in. She said "Oh thank God you're taking a shower. Your father is using our bathroom and I REALLY need to poop. Can I please use your toilet?". She sounded really desperate. I told her yes and she went over the toilet and I heard a loud fart echo in the toilet. I heard her grunt and poop hitting the water in the toilet.

I thought she was done, but I heard another loud fart. She started talking me about last night. It was almost like we were having a normal conversation, except she was on the toilet and I was in the shower. She started talking about the food and said "I loved the food. *Loud fart*. Too bad my stomach didn't." The conversation turned to an annoying family member and this happened.

Mom: You know what I think of her?
Me: What?
Mom: I think she is *loud fart followed by poop hitting the water*

We both ended up laughing, but my mom stopped laughing midway and I heard poop once again hit the water. I heard start to get toilet paper and start to wipe. She said that we should do this again.

That's about it. Until next time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

End Stall Em

Mrs. Santa's Bathroom Break

This happened back in the 1990s one Christmas when Amanda, my babysitter and the best babysitter I had, took me to the mall for shopping. My mom paid her extra to stand in line with me so that I could see Santa and get a picture on his lap. I guess because of the crowds, Mrs. Santa was there too. She was standing by him and handing out candy canes and the picture taken of each kid.

Although my knowledge of time was rather tainted, it seemed like we were there almost the whole morning. As we walked over to the mall Amanda admitted she was a coffee addict and she had just started high school. She bought her coffee at this c-store and I got a hot chocolate out of it so things weren't that bad. Amanda took a swig of her coffee, forgot I was there and swore pretty badly when she burned her lips, and we walked about two more blocks when she said she had to get onto a toilet really soon.

We walked across this street to another c-store, then into the 2-stall ladies room, where Amanda quickly passed to me her coffee cup to hold. Luckily I had my mittens on or I would have burned my fingers. The seat was up and she slammed it down like she was swatting a fly. I burst out laughing because the seat bounced up about 1/3 of the way before she pulled her sweats and red underwear down and dropped herself onto the toilet. Her pee sounded like a faucet as it blasted into the toilet. She took a swig or two from her coffee as she sat, something that made me remember my grandpa's favorite saying: "What goes in must come out."

Amanda's pee was the loudest and longest I had ever heard. The seat was down on the second toilet so I put my drink on the floor, pulled down my clothing and got my tiny and somewhat scared butt up onto the seat. I knew I hadn't peed since mom put me to bed the night before, but I was nowhere near as fast as Amanda was in terms of getting things going. I couldn't believe there was still a steady stream of splash going into the water while she started to drink from her coffee cup again. I probably contributed 1/2 of the pee she did, although it took me at least twice as long to do it.

It was about 10 a.m. when we walked the final two blocks to the mall.
We were on the opposite side so we had to follow the signs and reindeer footprints until we got to the center of the mall where Santa would be on stage. The line was huge and some of the youngest ahead of us were acting up. Amanda looked at her phone and said it was dump-time for her. I had never heard that word before so it was kind of funny. She estimated we would be in line for more than an hour and she said the only question was whether the dump would happen in her pants or into a toilet bowl. That, plus the look on her face, made me feel sorry for her.

She almost dragged me to the other end of the mall where the restrooms were. With our speed she pushed the entry door open so fast that it hit the wall and almost bounced back on us. All but two toilets were in use. Right toward the middle, there were two cubicles available. Amanda took the one on the left, sat and blasted so loud, I was wondering if Santa could hear it. Then something happened that I will never forget. Mrs. Claus came hurrying in, took the open toilet in front of Amanda and me, pulled down her red and white suit bottom, and seated herself on the toilet. It was obvious why she was in a hurry. Before long I could hear an occasional splash into the toilet, 3 or 4 seconds of silence, and then another splash or two.

Then Amanda motioned me over to her saying she was out of toilet paper. I looked and saw and extra roll just sitting on one of the sinks and I ran over and got it. Amanda was very thankful and reached over to hug me. Seeing that and a line forming, Mrs. Claus asked me to get her some of the extra wiping paper. She said something funny about falling behind on her schedule, but I didn't fully understand what she meant.

More than an hour later, she recognized me when I got on her husband's lap. While she was picking up her camera, she asked Santa to give me extra-special attention and that she would explain it to him later. For some reason that made me feel extra special.

New guy

2 stories

Hello to gracie and everyone else! Ive got 2 stories that happened recently about my girlfriend and i. Like i mentioned, we live together and have a master bathroom in our bedroom which is our go to pooping spot. We poop together quite often and usually follow each other into the bathroom when one of us has to go. Most of the time it is pretty uneventful, but occasionally we both get constipated and have to help each other out. A couple weeks ago i had been having a hard time pooping, i was going in small amounts each time that took quite awhile for anything to come out. My girlfriend knew i was having issues but didnt say much about it. On about the 4th day of this i was at work and had to poop so i went to the bathroom but after 10 minutes of straining i couldnt get my poop out. I could feel it try to come out when i pushed but it would get stuck and not move any further. I texted my gf and told her what was going on, and she told me just to wait and try again with her when i got home. Fast forward to after work and we both went into the bathroom together and i sat on the toilet and began to push with her holding my hands and sitting on my lap. I pushed for quite awhile and my poop still wasnt moving. My gf asked me if anything was coming out and i told her not yet. She then got off my lap and reached around me and told me she was going to hold my butt open for me. Once she did this she told me to push. I strained pretty hard and looked right at her in concentration. After a few minutes of this it still wasnt budging so she said i have an idea, she layed and old towel down on the floor and told me to kneel over it and try to go. I got down over the towel and she went behind me and told me she would watch to see if it was coming out. I gave a hard push and she told me she could see my poop trying to come out, but when i stopped it would go back inside. After a few minutes of me pushing and her telling me to push and encouraging me to keep going, a really hard and fat piece came out. After that, more of me pushing with her encouraging but the next piece was stuck also. My girlfriend told me she was going to try to help it come out and i asked her how? She left the bathroom and came back with a small bottle of KY lubricant, and told me that while i pushed she would apply it around my butthole and the hard poop to hopefully help it come out easier. So i began to push and the hard poop began to show itself again. My girlfriend made sure i was ready, and i could feel her start to apply the lubricant. She told me to rest as i needed it and push when i was ready. Each push as the poop started to come out she would apply a little more, and within a minute or two of me pushing it out and sucking it back in, she told me it was coming out more and to give a harder push to try and get it out. I did a couple harder pushes with her encouraging me and the next turd came out. They were hard and knobby and bigger than golf balls. This went on for the next 5 to 10 minutes with me pushing out 1 at a time until i had 7 or 8 hard chunks out i told her i was done. She wiped my butt and cleaned me up before i dumped my poop in the toilet and flushed. I thanked her for her help and she told me of course, anytime you need it! Several days later, i got to return the favor. I came home late from work and went upstairs to find her on the toilet. We made small talk for a minute or two and i asked her how she was doing. She sighed and said ugggghhh its a really hard poop and leaned way forward on the toilet. I looked and sure enough she had about 2 to 3 inches of a really dry looking turd sticking out of her. She said shed been at it for about 10 minutes and that it hurt. I knelt down in front of her and she rested her head against me as i reached around her and gently spread her butt cheeks. She began to push again and tried to poop for several minutes and told me it came out further but she needed a break. I took another look and she had it about 6 inches out. It looked hard and dry! I asked if she wanted lubricant and she said no, because it makes her butt sting really bad. I got a foot stool out of the closet and she put her feet up on it and got into a more of a squat position on the toilet. I held her hands and told her to push. After several hard pushes and her whimpering in pain, her 1st poop came out. It was very thick and about 9 to 10 inches long. She rested and told me she wasnt done, she could feel more inside her. She began to push again and her second poop began to come out. I encouraged her to keep pushing and after about 5 minutes she had eased her next poop out which was thick at first but tapered down at the end. She told me she felt done and stood up from the toilet. I grabbed some baby wipes and cleaned her butt for her. She flushed her poop and thanked me for helping and keeping her company. Im out of time for now but have a few more stories for later! Happy pooping everyone!


Strange bathroom experience

Hi to all of you. Today my dad and me made a trip to a larger supermarket to get the last groceries for holidays. When we got there I had a need to pee and my body notified me I also need to poop after three days. When we were in the store I excused myself immediately and went to the toilets near the entrance. They are near the staircase and kind of hidden. I was greeted by a blue light and I feared the toilet would be in bad condition.
It was clean and I was alone. I took the first stall and put my bag and coat on the hook on the wall. The seat looked clean and I pulled my pants and panties down. There must be a speaker in the stall because a song was playing. The stall was like a small seperated room, with walls to the ceiling and a door without a gap.
My pee started right away and it felt good to go. I tried to hurry, but there was first my poop to come. I needed to push, but not too hard. Surprisingly there was no need to fart. Directly after my only log plopped into the water something peculiar happend. I heard a male voice other the speaker 'Mmmh tasty! The (brand name) chocolate pudding' so it was a commercial that was cut into the song. Through some coincidence the situation was strange. I don't know if I feel funny about it or creeped out. It started exactly when my poop dropped into the water and the ad stopped right when my butt was wiped off. Then it was cut back to the same song. This is by far my strangest bathroom experience this year.
When flushing it went all down, but toilet had its problem with my poop, because the water rose significantly. After washing my hands I joined my dad back.

Monday, December 24, 2018


feast or famine

For two and three days I had not gone and then yesterday I went about 5 times . Today, so far nothing. It is Christmas Eve and my problem is that mostly on Christmas Day I never poo. Will report back. Merry Christmas to all


Reply to Brittany B and story about seeing Juliette pooing!

Brittany B - glad you liked the story, it was awkward at first, but in the end I enjoyed having my colleague watch as I destroyed the bathroom with my gasses and the fecal matter.

So after the moment from my last post, Juliette and I were always talking her watching me poo and how much enjoyment she got from watching me, she said she wanted me to see her on the throne doing her thing, and she wanted to do it in the same bathroom as me. YES AT WORK LOL!

So on this day, it was night and our manager asked me to lock up the restaurant, so Juliette said before we go she needs to poo. So We both went to the toilet, i sat on the floor close to her, she took her jeans down to her ankles and released her pants down and took a seat. She first started to pee and was sighing at the relief of it. After her pee which lasted 30 secs she said 'its time'. She let a small fart rip and then she squeezed out her first turd which a small piece from where i was sitting i saw it escape. After that she farted and it was a long one and at the end of the fart she let a long turd loose and omg it was so massive it plopped loudy into the bowl.

By this time the bathroom began to smell. She then let her third piece come and again it was as fat and massive as the other one, she said 'wow the toilet is full and I'm not done yet' we both laughed and I told her 'let it be'. She let her fourth turd which was smaller and it made a little click sound. She said it's almost over and let about 4-5 small chunks out which were laying on top of the toilet water.

She asked me to hand over the tp. It took her 7-8 wipes and It took 3 flushes.

Happy pooping


Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've had so much on I just haven't had time. I'll get on to my latest news in a sec, after a comment.
Jasmin K- great to hear from you again and I loved your story about when you and Chloe had a poo competition!! Glad you eventually managed to pass that big log and that you felt empty when you were finally done. Sorry to hear though that your still struggling so much to have a poo, I really hope one day it gets easier for you although your constipation seems to have been going on for a long time now, you mentioned how bad it was when you were younger. My constipation struggles started when I went to secondary school and were probably worst from the ages of 12-14, I think simply because the school loos were so disgusting and unpleasant that I started to hold back the urge for a poo, at that time I would often start to want a poo mid morning and at primary school (where the loos were really nice and clean) I was in the habit of going on the loo at the start of lunch break by which time I would be getting quite desperate. Another couple of girls in my class would also rush to the loo at the start of lunch break and most days I would hear them having a poo as well so I never felt embarrassed or awkward about taking care of my own need! Back then I went for a poo at least every other day and although I have always passed big and firm logs which have taken a bit of pushing I certainly wouldn't have said I was constipated. At secondary school though I managed to just suck it back up when I felt the urge, quite often by the time I got home the need had gone and I never knew that I should probably have gone on the loo as soon as I got back to try and have a poo so it might then be a few days until I next felt the urge, but of course by then I would find it really hard to push my poo out as it would be so fat, hard and dry- the worst combination! I used to get dirty knickers alot back then too, often because I got to the point where I just couldn't hold it any more and a log would start to poke out of my bum. Luckily some better toilets opened up when I was in Year 10 so I was finally able to start going for a poo at school again, I would normally try to get to school early and go on the loo before class or at lunchtime if I hadn't managed it earlier. Fortunately at both of those times I was hardly ever the only one having a poo so I didn't feel awkward, the only time I did get embarrassed was when I was really constipated as I knew I'd be on the loo for ages, also when I'm bunged up I can't help panting and grunting and I knew whoever was in the cubicle next door would be able to hear the noises I was making. Luckily it was quite common to hear other girls struggling to have a poo, a few times I was next to girls who sounded just as constipated as I was judging by how long they were on the loo and the grunting sounds coming from their cubicle! Being able to go and have a poo at school did help a bit, but by then the damage was done and I have been constipated on and off ever since.
Anyway, back to my latest news. Unfortunately I'm still finding it really hard to have a poo, I'm doing my best to go on the loo every day and have a good try but most days I can't do anything or just manage a few pellets. I'm having a big more satisfying poo every four or five days and but I have to spend ages on the loo pushing really hard to pass a couple of really fat logs which are also rock hard and dry, they really hurt my bum as they come out, keep getting sucked back up at the start and sometimes get stuck half way out too!!
I was lying in bed this morning massaging my swollen belly and trying to remember when I last had a poo, with a sinking feeling I realised it was five days ago so I knew I must need to go but I didn't really have an urge. I got out of bed to go for a wee, I was just in my knickers but couldn't be bothered to put my bra on so I went into my ensuite to find Lucy already on the loo, her pink knickers with yellow spots were round her thighs and she didn't have her bra on either!! The radiator in my room isn't working right, its always red hot and now the heatings on its like a sauna in my room, so Lucy and I have just been wearing knickers to bed like we do in the summer!
"Morning Abbie," said Lucy, looking totally unfazed. "I've just been for a wee and I was gonna try and have a poo, but if you need a wee go ahead!"
"Yeah, actually I am quite desperate!" I said, so Lucy stood up, wiped and then pulled up her knickers and sat on the edge of the bath. I went over to the loo, dropped my pale blue knickers with pink and yellow butterflies and sat on the warm seat, moaning as I was finally able to relax. A fierce stream soon started up and went on for a while before dribbling to a stop.
"I need to have a poo as well," I said, "But if your desperate you can go first, I don't need it too badly just yet!"
"Well- if your sure, I'm pretty constipated so it might take me a while!" Lucy replied. I said it was no problem so I wiped, stood up and pulled my knickers back up and swapped place with Lucy, she lowered her knickers once again and sat. After a few seconds she started to push and I heard some more wee spurting out, I could see she was having to bear down hard as she was screwing her face up and going red. "Sorry about this," she panted, "I've got the tip out but its getting really wide and its hard to keep it moving." She squeezed her thighs together, pulled her bum cheeks apart and continued to strain, making some loud grunts. After about another 5 minutes she said "Its coming faster now" and shortly after there was a plop and she moaned with relief. I started shifting about, my own need was getting worse and I could feel a massive hard poo trying to force my bum open. Lucy was quite clearly working on her next log, I could see she was still straining and didn't seem close to being done, so I went over to the tap to get a drink to try to take my mind off my need, I could feel that my knickers had gone up my bum so I pulled them down, I was pretty sure that my bum would be showing but I didn't want to get skidmarks. Lucy saw what I was doing and said "Sorry, I'll try not to be too much longer," and shortly after I heard a few plops close together followed by a sigh. "Right, I think I'm done, I'll wipe standing if you want so you can get on the loo straight away." Lucy pulled the flush and I nodded gratefully, I was already waiting with my thumbs in my knickers ready to pull them down, so I quickly dropped them, sat on the loo and relaxed, at once I felt the tip poke out but then it got fatter so I knew I'd have to start pushing. Lucy was standing next to me wiping her bottom, I shifted forward so she could throw the paper away then she pulled up her knickers and sat back on the edge of the bath. The massive log was creeping really slowly out of my bum in spite of me bearing down really hard and I could feel myself going red, I also couldn't help grunting as I pushed. "I've got the same problem" I panted as I pulled my bum cheeks apart just like Lucy had done, that seemed to help a bit as with the next push I felt the log slide out further and knew I'd got the fattest part out. Not long after it splashed down in the bowl and I felt another log ready to come out, that one was really fat too but it was a bit smoother, so I didn't have to strain quite as hard which was a relief. After my second log had dropped I felt empty so I took some paper, wiped my bum and flushed before pulling up my knickers. Lucy and I went back into the bedroom and started to get dressed, I took my knickers off as I needed clean ones and Lucy did the same. I opened my underwear drawer and took out a white bra and some pale green knickers which I put on before pulling on a black top and blue jeans. Lucy put on a pink bra and some yellow flowery knickers and then her leggings and a blue top. I hope you enjoyed this story, I will try to post again soon, bye for now and happy Christmas!


To Rose

I thought I'd comment quickly on leaving the toilet unflushed with pee. To me, that's fine if you like that! Your story about your poop was interesting. I never heard of a poop feeling "rounded" as it eases out. I did a poop today in the evening before eating a muffin for dinner. After listening to elevator stuff on youtube for a bit, I felt the urge to pee, and poop. The pee was a little urgent, and it took me a few moments to close the activities I had running on my IPod. After finally closing everything, and sitting on the toilet, I peed first. As I started pushing, I felt a medium sized turd come out, than some small bits. The stink got in the living room with the loo door open, but luckily, I was the only one who noticed. Bye!



Today I was walking downstairs to use the bathroom (my stomach has been a little iffy since getting over a recent bout of the stomach flu), and the combination of carpeted stairs and slippery socks did not pan out well for me - about 4 steps from the bottom I slipped, fell, and landed on my butt at the bottom, in a small pool of diarrhea that had slipped out into my leggings during the fall. I made it to the bathroom to finish, and am okay - just minor bruising and a change of pants.


Cable Guy Takes a Dump

I was having some internet issues, so I contacted my cable provider and arranged for a technician to come to my apartment. He arrived within the time window provided. He was a young man, late twenties, trim with glasses, a bushy beard and pierced ears and a pierced nose. We chatted amiably as he worked on the issue. After testing everything, he asked rather sheepishly if he could use my bathroom. He said he usually doesn't like to use customer's bathrooms, but he "really had to go." I said of course. I listened through the door as he dropped his jeans, sat down and let out some loud gas followed by some loose stools that plopped and splattered into the bowl. After the release, he let out an audible sigh. He started to wipe, and I knew that there was going to be a clogging issue because he was wiping a lot. He pulled up his pants, flushed and the mass of paper and debris got stuck. He exited the bathroom and said, "This is really embarrassing. Do you have a plunger?" I said not to worry about it, I'd take care of it. He also asked if I had any air freshener, which I did not. He got his stuff together and exited the apartment rather quickly, repeatedly apologizing for the "mess" he left. I told him it was cool, "shit happens" I joked and not to worry. After he left I entered the bathroom with my plunger. The odor was very powerful. I lifted the lid to the toilet and it was a mixture of yellow water, soiled paper, and lots of loose fragments of stools floating around. I plunged and got rid of the mess. Poor guy!

sarah your ride share driver

unexpected poo

I was doing drives and my stomach began to make rumbling sounds. I did not feel any discomfort and it was lunch time so I decided it must be from an empty stomach. After I finished up the current ride I went to a Burger King I had passed. I went in and sat down to eat my burger. I had to pee and forgot to go before ordering my food. I noticed a brunette girl head into the bathroom before I finished eating. I finished eating and went into the bathroom to have my much needed pee. There were four stalls, the second and end were taken. I saw the brunettes shoes in the second stall. I did not see anyone else enter the bathroom so the other person may have been in the bathroom a long time. I took the third stall and pulled my light tan pants and yellow panties past my knees. I began to do a long noisy pee that smelled like my morning coffee. My stomach was still rumbling but I did not feel an urge to go number two. I pushed anyways and a loud fart came out. I did a few more loud farts. I heard the woman in the end stall start pulling off paper. I did another push and suddenly with my fart I started doing a massive dump. A large poo quickly slid out and fell into the bowl. The whole poo came out in one push. I pushed again and did another fart. The end stall flushed and the woman was washing her hands. I wiped and looked in the bowl. There was a large smooth poo in the bowl. It had broke in half but looked together. I flushed and it left skidmarks in the bowl. As I left the bathroom I could hear the brunette let out some noisy diarrhea sounds. Not even an hour later the rumbling returned and now hurt. I stopped at a Starbucks and went into the the single use bathroom. I sat on the toilet and did some long farts. Passing gas made me feel better. I took another pee while I was there and left the bathroom smelling like farts.

Pooped myself. Insane amounts of poop poured into my brand new white nike elite shorts. I was wearing compression underwear and I could feel the poop coming out through them cause they were so tight. In th basketball game I was 15 and I bent over the poop must've infiltrated to my shorts a bit. Coach sat me down I felt the squish and the poop went up my back. There was also a golf ball size pee splotch on my shorts which were white when coach put me back in there was poop all over. Later I lay on the floor I was kind of hurt and the bulge in my shirts got bigger and everyone could see the pee flooding out from beneath me. When I got up my crotch was soaked. Coach sent me back into the locker room to change. I took of my shorts and on the back was a very large brown spot wining was kinda wet. I smelled them and it was so gross. I didn't have extra underwear so I just kept mine on. I took mike's shorts which were also white nike elites and put them on. When I went back up I still reeked but he stain was gone. Apparently it re formed because when I got home there was a new huge brown stain. I slept in that that night without cleaning up at all. The next day I looked at my shorts I wore to the game and there was poop all over them. There were pictures of me with soaked shorts and that huge poop stain on the back of my shorts.

Becc M.

At work this morning

Hey all! Just a quick reminder that I'm including the "M" in my name now to avoid any confusion. Anyways....
This morning I arrived at work having not answered natures call before leaving as I was in a bit of a hurry. I hit the bathroom quickly when I arrived. To my dismay, I noticed that all the stalls were open, so I wouldn't have any poop partners, at least right away. I did, however, see Tracy, a cute coworker, at the sinks doing her makeup. She turned and smiled and said good morning. I immediately bristled with excitement at the thought of her hearing me go! Naturally I stepped into the stall directly behind her, and latched the door. Once seated, things started rather quickly. A few soft farts escaped my butt, then I felt a fairly forceful widening of my hole as a big log started to descend with a sharp crackle. Another fart expelled it with a forceful sploosh! I glanced thru the crack at Tracy as I started to pee. She seemed totally unfazed by my noises.
Feeling even more free, I pushed and began to expel the rest of my load in a series of plops and crackles. It felt so good, even moreso knowing my pretty coworker was taking in the show. To my delight, Tracy finished her makeup, spun and entered the adjoining stall. I had obviously made her feel at ease as she immediately blasted a large fart as she started to pee. I was ready to wipe at this point, but hesitated as I really wanted to hear Tracy. I was soon rewarded with some crackles and then two big plops. I wiped at this point and could hear her doing the same. We finished about the same time. As we met at the sinks she flashed me a knowing grin and rubbed her belly. Much better! She said. I smiled and said I couldn't agree more! What a great way to start the day!

Just Jerika

Hernandez and me traveling

My live-in boyfriend Hernandez and I had some surprises when we traveled during our college break over Thanksgiving. We drove for the last trip and had a hard time finding decent public bathrooms before we had accidents. I've written before about my greatest confidence coming from using individual public toilets like those in gas stations and convenience stores. I simply like my privacy and I try and put myself in situations where I am the only person on the only toilet in the bathroom. There needs to be a lock or latch on the door because I've had some really obnoxious children without adult supervision invade my privacy when I'm sitting and whether I'm crapping or peeing, I've been stared down by them and in some cases, badgered about what what my name is, what I'm doing, etc. But there's no way, because of my size, I can complete my task on the toilet while reaching forward to push the door back and close it. In the case of one boy, about 5, who was too old and never should have been in the ladies room, I had to shove him backwards. But in doing so, I accidentally peed in my underwear, jeans and over the front of the seat.

Now that we're planning our winter vacation trip I'm trying to convince Hernandez that he can have a better experience. In grade school and later years too he had boys make fun of his "hose" because his organ is smaller than many of those who would be at the urinal. He prefers the ground-level urinal because he can put his chest into it with his nose practically against the wall and his hose is not going to be on display to those on either side of him or waiting behind him.
When he was in junior high, though, he has hassled because he would have both of his hands on his organ as he peed and a few rowdy boys made an obscene assumption about what he was doing. Crapping wasn't any better because all the cubicle doors were broken off or otherwise removed due to vandalism and guys just sitting and taking advantage of the time outside of class. Last month when we used a few interstate rest stop bathrooms he found there is almost no privacy doors anymore because guys are sitting and huffing from these new electronic cigarettes.

We think it is wrong for so many to suffer when tending to their daily bodily functions because of a few who don't know how to behave, are unsupervised and willfully screw things up for other users.

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