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You, or a: friend, family member, total stranger, etc.
-your last trip to the toilet
-the time you wet/messed your pants
-a visit to the bathroom that really stands out in your mind
-a outdoor pee/poop experience (picnic, camping trip, car trip etc.)
-the time you went somewhere where you shouldn't have
-the time just you couldn't hold it...
-a trip to the bushes, side of the road, alley, beside the car etc.
-do you use porta-potties?
-have you ever relieved your self somewhere that wasn't supposed to be a bathroom?
-have you ever sharted?
-the time you couldn't find anywhere to go (and what you did to take care of that problem)
-Need to pee, or poop?
-Got gas pain?
-Got diarrea diarea diarrhea  diarreah ...the runs?
Experiences as a kid
-relieving yourself as a kid
-finding out as a kid that everyone goes to the bathroom
-an experience back in grade school
-a sleepover
-the way you learned that girls and boys go differently
-summer camp/day camp
-traveling (the places your parents made you go)
Your Children (or anybody else's children for that matter)
-The inconvenient places they decide they have to go. (and what you do about it)
-an accident.
-their trips to the pot/toilet (the mess, the trouble, the unrolled TP, etc.)
-the size of the loads those "little angels" have.
-what the bathroom is like with a house full of kids
-the fact that they won't flush
-got a kid that isn't house broken yet
-do you (or someone you) let their kids go in the corner on the floor or just send them down to the basement or in a closet?
-potty training (you might try getting even with your grown kids)
-where do they go to the bathroom in the houses you hear about on the news with a lot of kids and no working bathroom?
-watching someone of the opposite sex go
-someone you caught going outdoors
-camping out
-finding out that you were being watched
-the proportion of someone's load to their size
-going in front of a total stranger (or having one go in front of you)
-the people around you in a public washroom
-do women actually use the bathroom?(if so why are they so durn modest?)
-toilet related culture shock
-care to comment on the panty-waist sissification of men's restrooms?
-using the facilities way out in the country
-do you potty, poop, poo, peepee, booboo, kaka, dookie, doodie, take a dump, doodoo, or do you use other terms?
-other cultures where there are no taboos about relieving yourself
-other people's bathroom habits
-other people's habits that piss you off (leaving the seat up, missing, not flushing etc.)
-your own bad habits (leaving the seat up, missing, not flushing etc.)
-having a peeing/pooping contest (this one is not just for men...)
-brag about your biggest, fastest, farthest etc.
Medical Stuff
-bashful bladder, lactose intolerance, testicular cancer etc.
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Colors weights and measures Measurement aids and color swatches, the concept that went nowhere.