The seven lacks of common courtesy and other head scratchers.

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The seven lacks of common courtesy
These items are here to bring to light some of the habits and practices of people who post.

1. My post didn't get posted but I never bothered to find out why, and I want to complain here and or all over the internet about how I am being treated unfairly.
Reality: Someone didn't read the rules, posted something illegible, unintelligible, completely uncapitalized, fully capitalized, vulgar beyond belief, pornographic, down right creepy or posted a maze of junk claiming to be multiple people.

The other version of this one is, the "My last post(s) didn't make it for some reason..." The majority of the posts that follow that line are followed by a sanitized version of the former, like it was there all along, minus an explanation, apology and the line: "Maybe no one will notice. Suckers."

2. I think such and such is lying.
Reality: Someone posted the same thing about you. Also, people complain when they flame someone and it doesn't get posted. Every one of these same folks have been flamed themselves. Not so funny when someone is pointing the finger back at you for the same reason is it? When everyone minds their own business the world is a better place.

3. Be tolerant of other cultures.
Reality: Things that are the norm where you live may not be so for the rest of the world. People, cultures, language, plumbing, habits, attitudes and lifestyles are all different but PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. Quit practicing imperialism and learn to deal with that. For example, much of the world does not use toilet paper because of disposal and tree trimming issues, but everyone's butt is still clean.

4. I don't like my previous post use this one instead, No wait use this one, wait, I changed my mind again...
Reality: Granted most people leave a line or two off, or their name and resubmit their post occasionally. That isn't a problem. Some people write a road map and do it consistently. Aside from equipment failures and problems posting, if you don't feel it isn't your best why should you ask us to post it and why should you ask others to spend time reading it?

5. People want a certain group banned/removed.
_________ is normal,
"Most people think...",
"I think you should label posts containing ________ [so I don't have to read them]",
You should create a forum for __________ to post in [away from me]
Reality: The same request has been made about them and theirs. We created this for everyone not for a few people to decide who "everyone" is. Certain people have made it their business to visit and then make others feel unwelcome.This item was caused by several voluminous long time poster/complainers whose conduct we have found exceedingly distasteful over the years. Read: I want to take up space and operate a clique. Studies show that when the 4 people who post to the same 4 people and take up half of the space doing it, move out of the way, diversity flourishes. We will not, be taken down this "most of the people here" road again either. See, when one or two posters decide who most of the people here are and what quality/consistency/quantity bodily functions are normal, we get a lot complaints and a lot of people simply go away feeling unwelcome. For what? They know they are healthy, feel good and don't fit anything the minority passes as the Gospel Truth. This forum is supposed to be for everyone to enjoy, free of this kind of behavior. You have a valid opinion, not a monopoly on the truth. The flip side of this are people complain about sex this, and sex that, and cite the posts that allegedly violate the rules. A lot of people complain about the rules, but they serve their purpose very well. It is the things you don't see in here where they do their job. Rest assured that everything you do read is extremely mild compared to all the things you don't. With and without partner(s), you would be amazed at what people can do with the new methods, positions and orifices we hear about. The end result is that the common denominator is: Millions have visited, very few have seen everything submitted since 1995. Only that few can tell you what you didn't read. Very few can show you the statistics on who "most people" really are. Needless to say, the people with the most theories on this subject know the least.

6. I want to talk to __________ or, I donít want to be bothered reading this site, but I still want people to contact me.
In addition to the obvious, People complain about absolute anonymity. They don't know about the posts from those who constantly want to have a [un]friendly conversation/date/affair/barbeque/stalking/exchange of bodily fluids and or inanimate objects. We practiced unconditional anonynimity years before online predators, and identity theft were invented and years before privacy policies were the latest fashion.

7. I know there are no links etc. But I want to post one this once...
Everybody wanting to post a link says the same thing. What happens when exceptions overtake the rule?