The Toilet: Top 10 FAQ items no one bothers to read

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1. You are anonymous and much better off that way. You will stay that way.

2. Off subject posts are the death of any forum. Idle chatter gets thrown away. This includes test posts, "Hi" posts, baby shower announcements, etc. Actually, posts flaming others are off subject too.

3. Intentional Pants wetting/filling. This item is not talking about having an accident or childhood memories, or [usually] someone else you know. Everyone likes the cute chick who is 25 and sits at home with her cat and puts a soft messy load in her pants, but that's not what we do here. If you are she or he and purposely fill/wet your pants and play in it, sit in it for extreme lengths of time or take it too seriously, they have sites for that. This isn't one of them.

4. My last post that didn't get on and it said: "(restate the same thing over again, getting this post canned too)" or "My last post didn't make it and I don't know why, didn't try to find out why and want to post a whole post about that." Oh, the form works just fine. More often than not, a bunch of people commit horrible atrocities all at once. 99.9% of the time someone didn't read the FAQ.

5. Put a NAME in the NAME field. (not under it) As simple as this seems it makes huge difference. Look through the old posts at all the people who don't. This does several things. a.) it gives someone a name to reply to, b.) makes your name appear in bold, and c.) sets it off from the post. As a side note, due to rampant abuse of country codes in a xenophobic manner in lieu of imagination, non-North American English speaking countries country and city codes cause your name to get misplaced. Do that in the title field, and we'll lose that too. Put the same in the top line of the post, because you know it doesn't belong in the title field and your post will start losing weight. Names and titles that look like they contain too much information get misplaced. Endless strings of numbers also get lost. Are you ______321478934 in real life?

6. The function and structure of the Old Posts. In computer terms, the old posts resemble a stack (new items added to the top) not a queue (new items added to the end). New Old Posts are added to the top as are new posts that are too long to go on the main page. Know how far away some people really are.

7. My post is not in English Seriously. This should need no explanation. For years, it didn't have one. But, if it can't be read, it can't be moderated. Aside from the obvious, posts in a foreign language, this covers posts in English too. Don't confuse this with bad English. (Bad English implies that a person can carry on a complete thought with competency and intelligence in another language. More often than not they unnecessarily apologize for their English.) This category also isn't caused by the lack of a shift key on most mobile devices. It isn't people who can't spell, and whose grammar isn't perfect. It comes from people who cannot assemble a sentence without putting holes in the fabric of space. This includes posts with no punctuation anywhere, no discernable sentence structure, no delineation between ideas, every word is misspelled, before and after spell checking, paragraphs that are run on sentence fragments, silent "H's", writing like ur snding a txt msg, etc.

8. NO masturbating and NO anal sex. Nearly all of these are written by women surprisingly. Either way, this isn't an adult site.

9. I am turned on by..., I like to watch..., I want a picture of..., etc is covered in the FAQ avoid disappointment. For what it's worth, would it kill you to say things more diplomatically or act like you would in real life???????

10. My post was huge and it didn't make it. Oversized posts end up in the first available space. The FAQ tells how and where oversized posts end up, and why. There is an example of the effect of oversized posts too.