I'm back. I'm sitting in a poop-filled pair of blue denim capris. Since I was here(at home) and had to poop, why not poop on myself. It feels so good but it stinks so bad(I had boiled eggs and a salad for lunch earlier). It stinks so bad that I'm beginning to funk up the whole room. Better go wash up and put my pants in the washer.

Linda GS: Refresh my memory. How old are you? I was wearing black panties at age 14. My mom gave me one as a sample from a clearance sale.
They felt good around my legs.

Shanice W: See earlier post regarding my girl scout camp days.

euro hiker
France 2001, Part 4

Rachel: So, someone took a flash photo of you in a camp site squat toilet in Italy? It wasn't me, honestly! I was in France not Italy! While I like to peep at women under the doors or under the partitions of 'squat' toilets, I would never take a flash photo, even if a woman was using the gents toilet. It would only be possible to do that once before disappearing rapidly. I never reveal my presence as I know that most women would be very upset to know they were being watched. I think you took it very well.

I prefer France where unisex toilettes are quite common, especially on camp sites so don't go there ladies, in case I'm there too! My best voyeur site of 2001 was near the GR10 long distance footpath in the Pyrenées, near a town at 684m a.s.l. that is also on the route of the 2001 Tour de France. It's about 10km East of the location in France 2001 Part 3. I surveyed six camp sites and found two with interesting toilettes.

The first, with an official 3* grade, had two unisex toilet/wash blocks. The toilets were all bowl type but they had no seats and no way of fitting seats. Instead the rim of the bowl was wider than normal but most women crouched rather than sitting on it. How did I know? Well, there was a small gap at the back of some partitions and by putting a towel over my head to shut out the light, I could see a reflection in the wall tiles...

The second site had a 4* grade and is highest graded camp site in the area. Two older unisex wash/toilet blocks had normal bowl type toilets with seats but no paper. There was also a brand new and sparkling clean wash/toilet block next to the swimming pool. It had a row of six stalls, unisex of course. Three were 'à la Turque' (squat) type and three had conventional bowls (with seats). Best of all, they had 75mm gaps under the partitions and were well lit!

About 10:30 pm in the evening, people were coming in for their last pee before bed time although it was not a good time to observe poops. While I was in the centre squatter, someone came into the one next to me. I saw a pair of large feet with painted toe nails so I got my head down in the cuvette to see under the partition. She squatted down and I could see a well padded back side with a glimpse of pubic hair and a stream of pee flowing downwards and slightly forwards.

The next woman who came in also had painted toenails but instead of putting her feet on the foot plates in the cuvette, she put them really wide apart on the tiles either side. She then squatted down really low, stretching her hairy private parts open wide and giving me the most amazing view as she peed a gusher downwards.

This must be one of the finest unisex direct viewing voyeur sites anywhere. I gave it a 5 plop rating. Unfortunately the camp site was fully booked for the next few nights so we couldn't stay longer.

Hi All:
I really like the female buddy dumping sotries. That's cool
to be able to pull a turd out of girlfriens's butt and help her
I have a question though. Have any girls/women, ever worn
a full skirt without panties and either accidental or on purpose
left any size turd in your seat that you were sitting in at
either school or college?

I was reading about the cameras in the boys restroom at your school. I have never herd of such a thing. I can see dorless stalls even even open toliets with no stalls but this is crazy. Have your parents complain get the students complain. We all have the right to basic privecy. It is a wrong when you cannot go to the bathroom and take a dump with out someone watching you. At my school we have the toliets no doors in one section and the urinals seprate you don't get as much hassel that way.Keep writing your stories are good.

AUNTY PV: I'm so sorry to hear that you've been poorly. Its horrid having an itchy bottom, especially if you're out, because its not the done thing to scratch it in public is it ? My Mum even used to tell me off all the time for pulling my panties out of my bum in public. Andrew just thinks its cute when I do it now ! Anyway, I hope you return to normal poos very soon, and its really nice to be able to smother you in kisses and cuddles for a change ! Lots of love from Kendal xxx

LINDA GS: Ooohhhh ! So he'd pretend to go red while secretly enjoying the fact that you had seen him and heard him poo, hey ? Better get that comb out girl ! Lots of love from Kendal xxxxx
PS: Told you he likes black !!!

ELLIE, LITTLE LOU & COURTNEY: Had any sit on knees wees recently ? I haven't done that with Andrew for a while. Must do it again soon ! Hey, love to Kev as well ! Love from Kendal xxx

Got to skip off - meeting Kirsty today in town, to buy my new school clothes. Sigh...... !

Today my Dad picked up a new car and took Mum and me for a ride. On the way, however, the car suddenly stopped on the highway, and my dad tried to find out the problem. He mentioned that we may have ran out of petrol as there was a failure with the fuel display. He told us that he would have to get some petrol from the next gas station, a few miles away. He told us to wait in the car. At this point my mum sighed and mentioned somewhat that she was dying for a pee as she had drunk too much water before and asked my dad not to keep us wait very long. I realised that my mother was quite desperate. She tried to cross her legs and concentrate on talking with me about different things, but I know that she couldn't hold it any longer. Finally she must have reached the point where there was no return. I was at the back of the car looking out for Dad when I heard my mother sigh: "O God". I asked my mother what was wrong, and she told me: "Mum has to pee urgently" and she told me not to! watch her go. Then I heard open the right passenger door, and from the back of the car I saw my mother squatting down next to the car, lifting her skirt and lowering her panties, and in the next moment a cascade of pee gushing out of my mum and hissing the ground. My mother peed an eternity, almost two minutes. It was the first time I saw my mum pee and it was great. I couldn't even think that so much pee could come out of an adult woman. Then my mum turned around to look for something to wipe, and in this moment she must have realised that I was watching her. First she was very upset, but a few minutes later told me how desperate she had been and how much better she felt now. When my Dad came back he saw the huge puddle on the road beside the car, and my mum told him that she had been desperate and peed on the road.

Just have some time to respond to some cool posts and it's off to work which has been crazy lately!
TO RJOGGER-Good to see you back,neighbor!Enjoyed your sneak up on the ladies dumping in the wild-it must be great to see both women pooing at the same time!Good stuff.I myself have been pooing mostly on the bowl cause of time restraints lately,but i've been doing some really long ones the last couple of mornings-i go and sit on the bowl and let out a couple of farts and let out 2 long ropes of dung that wrap around the toilet like snakes and it's been coming out pretty fast too!i'm stiil having some fiber every day,but I cut back a bit,but i've been eating alot of watermelon lately and that really makes me poop-that's probably wht the poop has been coming out fast and furious.The weather here has been great lately-maybe today i'll try to go outdoors-haven't done that in about 10 days-just not enough time-I always enjoy your stuff,so bring it on.Hopefully i'll have some stuff to report soon!Enjoy this great weather!
TO PAMELA-That's a very interesting observation about the 2 of you girls location of your anus-I too have noticed that with all the women I have seen poo from up close-I was with one women that had her anus so high up it was right below her coccyx bone and when she pooed it really looked wild and also when she stood straight up ,you could see her anus very clearly and she used to poop standing a few times too.I had other women whee their anus was a half inch above the vagina-just different locations for everyone,but the times i've seen guys poo the location of their anusus was about in the same spot-i've only seen a handful of guys dumping as opposed to about 20-25 women-maybe guys have the same thing,but i haven't seen it yet-maybe i'll look more closly if and when i see a guy dump.As for myself,my anus is up a but higher than the guys i've seen,but the difference is maybe 1/2 inch tops,but I found your post interesting to say the least!i just love to read about you and ! Connie buddy pooing-hey,can I have a copy of your photos(LOL)Good stuff
Hey have to run i'm starting to feel some urge to poo and I'm going to try to get outdoors to go before I have to go to work! see you all and good to see some of the regulars back!BYE

Hi Everyone

Steve: My dearest toilet guard, it's so good to have you back. I haven't been around for a bit either! Hope you had fun in Spain, can't wait to here all about it. I loved the story of Louise on the urinal nr Trawden! I would love to have joined you! Say hi to Louise for me!

Marge: Don't worry about being shy. Until a few months ago I was the same and would never have dreamed of going to the toilet with anyone. Now my Mum and I often wee together and I'm almost getting comfortable with people watching me. I think a lot of it comes with being comfortable with yourself. I don't want to boast, but I'm proud of my body and I do tend to wear short skirts and tops to show it off. That's not to say I fluant myself - I don't. I'll keep my knees together like any other girl. Next time you go for a wee, try leaving the door ajar, even if theres no one else about. Maybe you should try going again with you Mum just to see. Let me know how you get on.

In fact your story reminded me of something which happened a couple of weeks back which will amuse Louise and Co. Mum and I are now really comfortable about going to the toilet with each other, and Mum's even managed the standing wee! However, one Saturday we were out shopping in the same town where I work, and we both needed a wee. As it was convenient and neither of us particularly like public facilities, I took Mum into the office to have a wee. For some reason, without saying anything we both decided to share a stall. I went first and as I was quite desperate I just pulled up my skirt, took my knickers down and sat down. I then wee'd for at least 30 seconds. AS I was weeing, Mum lifted her skirt and slip and started to pull her tights and knickers down. However, instead of just pulling them down to her knees like she usually does, she slipped her shoes off and took her tights and knickers off. I looked at her bemused, and she told me that she was going to have a! nother try at weeing standing up!

I quickly wiped and lowered my skirt making way for Mum! She spread her legs across the toilet and almost immediately started to wee as I think she was quite desperate. I think she did really well, considering we were rather cramped in the stall. EVen though it was a weekend and no one else was about or likely to be we had still locked the door, just in case! Mum got most of it in the bowl and managed to direct her aim although she tends to be more "random" than I am so its a bit more difficult for her. When she had finished and wiped up she sat on the seat to put her knickers and tights back on and we then resumed our shopping trip.

Love Julie.x

Too the guy who pooped in his pants while shoping with his mother.
How old are you? You sound rather young. How many people poop their and don't bother to change their underware and even ware it to bed?I will be waiting for an answer.
Well like most of the younger people I am back in school again using the boys restroom at least twice this week. At our school we have no doors or partisons (not sure of the spelling) anyway if you have to poop
it is all out in the open. One good thing is that other guys that come in do not make as much fun of the guys pooping because they know they may sitting on the same toliet farting and plooping away one day.I enjoy all the posts but I do enjoy posts from the younger males.
I have been reading this sight for awhile this is my first time to post.
Question to all---How many times a day does a person fart--yes there is a number in the normal range. If you eat a lot of gassy food of of courseyou blow all day or all night.Corn lover age 16

When is an accident not an accident - opinions please - I think that if you have been enjoying holdng it back and then get caught out it is not. I saw a lad about my age poo himself on the tube a while back - it was a real accident - he was standing in front of me his bum level and close to my face - a nice tight bum. I could see his skimpmpy briefs outlined throgh his trousers and then saw a little bulge appear that grew quickly to the size of a melon. His underpants were so tight and brief it had nowhere to go except to show out. It seemed like a good stiff one. He got off at the next station and I watched him walking down the platform trying to pull his elastic on the brief legs to make way for the poo to get to his crutch - more another day.

Adam - england

See my first posting here. I met Marcia the next day for lunch at about five past noon in the outer waiting area of our office. We both had on smart, sexy, tight, tailored business suits (she in gray pinstripe, myself in powder-blue) with short jackets, short, tight skirts and high heeled pumps (both of us had to attend a series of appointments this afternoon and wore our typical corporate “uniforms”) and we both looked great- and very sexily professional. We both had our long blond hair combed out and down. We could almost have passed for sisters -at first glance, anyway; two tall, curvy, full-bodied, buxom, striking, sexy young blondes. I am about an inch taller than she, she with very slightly fuller- bordering on ????- but extremely shapely legs and a little thicker around the middle (I am vain, aren't I). Our tight skirts and tailored suits accentuated our lush, sexy, voluptuous curves. If you have it, flaunt it! -my mother always told me..Marcia’s mother surely must have told her as well! She sm! iled when she saw me, and said she knew just the place to go for a "good lunch"- and to hurry. We only had a fraction over an hour before our respective first scheduled afternoon appointments. I accompanied her out of the office, our high heeled clatter heralding our passage, and we went down by elevator to the parking garage, and walked to her car, during which short time we must have been stopped three times and talked to at least ten different men (most of whom we knew) in various groups from our office and from other firms in the building! We were both offered to join one group for lunch, which we politely declined. The men looked definitely disappointed, and it would have been enjoyable, but Marcia and I both needed to talk to each other about her revelation to me the day before. We got into Marcia's SUV and drove a couple of miles to her choice for lunch, a smallish, gourmet type steak place providing some “high quality” fare, according to Marcia, who apparently frequents the place fairly regularly. It was a nice restaurant, definitely upscale – albeit with somewhat of a Western theme- and with a well-varied menu. I looked around and noted as we were guided to our table, that portions served were gratifyingly large. I was hungry. We sat opposite each other at a small corner table. We're both beef lovers! I ordered a double-thick "Longhorn" T Bone and Marcia an end-cut prime-rib, and we ordered a bottle of Merlot on recommendation of our waiter. A delightful luncheon prospect! When our salads arrived (right away), Marcia started talking beyond the usual pleasantries. The restaurant was quiet, and our table thankfully afforded us some measure of privacy. In between our audible crunching and chewing of the lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, celery, radishes, peppers, onions- all laced with gobs of creamy italian dressing- which we were methodically spiking with our forks and hungrily cramming and packing in large, ragged installments into our mouths (there is no discreet way for a lady to eat a big, leafy salad), Marcia apologized for "exposing her perversion" to me and hoped that I would forget about “the whole thing”. She "didn't know what came over her" in the Ladies’ room yesterday. She hoped that I wasn't too emba


KENDAL: It seems you have had a terrible time, but you certainly seem to have lots of good people to help you get over it! What with Andrew and your new step sisters, I know you will never be able to forget, but I'm sure they will make it easier for you.

You are quite safe in mentioning the "C" word! Me and Craig are still getting on great, and even though Kev doesn't like him, they now tolerate each other, which is something.

We all enjoyed watching Lawn Dogs, and I now have an idea of what you look like. When we did a wee on the car, I will admit to getting soaked. I worked out beforehand to take my knickers off, but I hadn't worked out that if I rested my legs on the windscreen, I would get wee on them! Thank goodness I didn't have socks on! By the time I'd made the mistake, Lou and Courtney knew to take their socks off!

Something funny happened to Lou the other day. Me, Lou and Kev had been out in the woods just outside our village all day. Lou was playing, climbing a tree. All of a sudden, she shouted to Kev "Come and get me down. Im dying for a wee!" She was about fifteen foot up in the tree. Kev and I looked at the branches, and realised there was no way they would take either me or Kev. The only reason Lou had got away with it is cos she's so tiny. She shouted down that she would wet herself. I told her to wriggle out of her knickers and that we would catch them, so she did. Then we told her to wee from the branch she was sitting on, and then try to climb down.She started to wee and it went all over the place because of the height. Kev said it looked like a tropical rainstorm! It's a very good thing me and Kev were well out of the way.

Incidentally, for those of you who are worrying, she did get down from the tree in the end!

There was another embarrasing moment yesterday. We has taken our bikes along a footpath which leads to the next village. About halfway (1 mile) along, Lou said she needed to stop for the toilet. Kev wasn't with us, so I said I'd keep a lookout, but then I decided I'd go too. Nobody ever uses the path anyway. We both propped our bikes up, then went to the edge of the path. If Lou has to poo, she does that first, and then does her wee afterwards, which is what she did.Just as Lou finished her poo and started her wee, the Drama teacher from our school came along, as if she'd materialised out of thin air! There was Lou, mid-wee, hovering over a pile of poo, having her wee. I was in the middle of a wee I had really needed! Lou and I looked at each other, horrified, but Mrs. Adams just said "morning, girls!", and continued walking. We wiped ourselves with handfuls of leaves then got on our bikes and continued, both of us completely mortified!

Oh well, I'd better go. Speak to you soon, love Ellie xxx

Hi. I'm a 21-year-old College guy in California. Recently, on a Sunday, a guy from the dorm, Mike, who I don't know real well asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with him. It was a real sunny, warm day and I agreed. Mike is a real pleasant dude and I enjoyed lying in the sun and shooting the breeze with him. We had lunch at a fast food place not far from the beach. After lunch, I knew that I had to take a shit and I told Mike that I had to go. He had to take a piss so we went to the beachfront restroom together. I did not like the look of the two stalls. They were real dirty and the stalls had no doors. I realized, however, that I could not wait until we got back to the dorm. I pulled my swim suit down to my ankles hoping that not too many guys would walk-in on me while I crapped. Anyway, Mike got done pissing and the next thing I know he is standing outside my stall talking to me about his recent girlfriend with who he had broken up. I was busy giving birth ! to a real big turd and I was not in the mood for conversation, but I did not want to be rude to Mike. I answered his comments in mono-syllables, but he just went on talking all the time. He even stood there while I wiped my asshole. I'd like to know what is the etiquette for this type of situation? Is it OK behavior for one dude to talk to another while he is taking a dump in an open stall? I'd sure appreciate comments about how I should react next time this kinda thing happens.

yeah Steve, Post more stories

Zip: Sure enjoyed your descriptions of the dumping habits of your different College buddies. I've always been interested in the different ways young dudes take a dump. You described one dude, Mike, you stood facing the wall while wiping. Not many dudes do this, but it can be real interesting. Not too long ago, I was at a beachfront restroom. I needed to take a shit. When I got to the restroom there was a real tall, goodlooking, dark-haired dude (about 25) waiting outside one of the two stalls, both being occupied. Both stalls had doors. He grinned at me and said: "Full house!" Anyway, the first stall soon became vacant and the dude goes in and pulls down his swim suit to his ankles and sits completely nude on the crapper. It was one of those great stalls with a real big gap between the door and frame. He was leaning forward so he could not see me watching him thru the gap and I got a real good view. I heard him fart and just when his first turd began crackling out,! the next stall became vacant and I went in and quickly took a shit and wiped. Just then the dude in the next stall began to wipe. As I went past his stall, I looked thru the gap. There he was standing facing the crapper. He had a beautiful "bubble" butt and I could see him insert the paper all crumpled up between those great cheeks and wipe. Each time he looked at the paper and I could see the skid marks on it. He needed 6-7 wipes and then pulled up his swim suit and leaned forward to flush the crapper. I then headed for the sinks to wash my hands and he joined me there and just smiled.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, and apologies for my absence recently!

I've been reading through all the old posts that I've kept before deciding which ones to keep.
I've also been rather preoccupied and feeling very fed up (again) with problems with shitting. It can't be described as constipation, more similar to trying to squeeze a toothpaste tube as I push the reluctant soft and sticky turds out that have no wish to drop, and which don't leave me satisfied as I don't feel I've finished.
The natural way to shit is to keep pushing until we feel empty, but when I'm like this, I can go on for ever and then get sore and get prolapsed 'roids, so when it looks like I've done enough in the toilet, even though I still feel I want to do more, I stop and after 5 minutes, I feel empty enough to wipe up and call that it.
It takes ages to wipe up, and I don't feel comfortable for quite a while after, so I just remember that within a few days, it settles down again, but in the meantime, I feel unique as the only guy who has such easily formed turds (soft, small and ready and waiting to come out) but paradoxically, more effort and discomfort than a proper formed large hard stool.
I've really had enough of this now, so as complementary health care hasn't cured me, I'm going back again to the doctor, and then to the specialist if no improvement. I was told that the stools should be "large, firm, dry and soft" and that the problems I'm getting are due to them being too moist so whatever I'm doing wrong, I pray someone can tell me, as my diet is according to every health practitioner;ideal eg. high in fibre and with adequate water to drink.
Well, I've just shared that with everyone, whether anyone here can offer any answer I don't know, but I appreciate being able to unburden my frustrations, yet again.
Meanwhile, tomorrow, I might have a really good BM, and next week I'm seeing someone whose duty of care is for my good health!
If it wasn't for the soreness when defecating, or possibilities of 'roids, I'd eat the most unhealthy food there is and see if it returned to proper normal formed motions!
Anyway, enough about me with my dampener on the procedings, On with other topics!

I've never agreed with TONY'S stance (Is stance the right word in this context?!) of refusing to use urinals as a matter or principle on the grounds of privacy (and risk of splashing one's feet, as well as stale urine smells), even though on occasions I have felt unable to wee with someone standing close, but the smells have only been minor in my experience, and I've not got wet shoes.
I really enjoyed pissing like a man the other day when two other guys were at the sinks and I told them how to work the taps that work photoelectrically, whilst I happily weed with no inhibitions.
However, I have now realised that yes, I would like privacy, when I'm wearing tracksuit trousers!
These have no fly, so to urinate, I have to pull them down partially to get it out, and I don't want to expose my buttocks at the urinals!
My "pro-standing at the urinals stance" is mainly because when I'm sitting on a public toilet and hoping the guy who's just gone in next door is going to have a shit, as often as not, the next thing I hear is a loud cascade of piss, flushing and wasting of water, and possibility of piss left on the seat!
I appreciate and support Tony's right to use a toilet if he prefers that to a urinal, but wish that those who don't feel as strongly would use toilet pans for pissing in less often, less noisily, and less messily!
Like so many issues raised here, there are often two sides, such as rights of privacy versus voyeurism, unisex or single sex toilets, soft or strong TP, quiet or loud defecating, exhibitionism or shame, and my own particular interest; good splashback when shitting or otherwise.
This is our forum to express all our varying ideas on toilet topics and where we have a great time discussing our views!

One thing I'm completely in the dark about is what's under the footstand in a continental toilet?
Is there a large ceramic tank, and how does it discharge its contents?
Would it matter if it wasn't flushed after use, or would it soon get full, and how deep is the water?
Has anyone either by choice or by infirmity or tiredness, instead of squatting over one, actually sat down over the hole and used it?

Another mystery for me is how women wearing long dresses avoid getting them contaminated when sitting on toilets, and especially wiping up after. When I'm wearing a long shirt, I often almost find the shirt tail's getting in the way when I'm wiping, and when I'm sitting on the seat the back of my shirt's dangling round the back or I'm sitting with part of it through the seat!
Tee shirts are certainly much more hygienic to wear on a toilet and I really like having my toilet muscle on show when I'm on!

KENDAL, Glad you had a good holiday at your Gran's and really enjoyed using that brilliant toilet! When I'm better, I'd like to use it!
I saw the film "Lawn Dogs", and noticed when the lawn dog's home was shown, there was a toilet in the living room with a chair on top of it!
I hoped we were going to see the guy perhaps refer to it or even sit on it but no such luck! Good film and great ending.

Goodbye for now, and good plopping ,Keep reminding me how it should be done!!

kim and scott
hello all!
TO LOUISE and STEVE-welcome back from spain. you may like my post from 8/17/01.cant wait to hear all the juicy details from spain!!
TO PAMELA-scott and I like your stories keep em up.
TO JANE-hello there. its good to see that you had a huge kim-sized log. feels good huh?
TO HIKER-hello. and yes I guess I am an expert on the subject of petite ladies having enormous bowel movements! haha. I do it all the time!
TO PV-hello my friend. I hope that you are feeling better and will be well enough to squeeze out your huge hot dogs soon! you are too dear a lady to be sick well.
TO JOHN (VT)-thanks for liking my stories so much john. I appreciate it.
TO LOGGER-well hello there. I was wondering what had happenned to you.glad to still see you around and enjoying my poo stories.well so long all. keep up the great posts!
plus mia,gretel and jamie if you are still around lets hear from you all please.

Friday, September 01, 2001

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