Hello everybody!

We're back! I've got Steve off the computer now and he has not left me
any time to write a long letter.

JEFF A - xxx Thank you for saying such nice things, guy! I hope I get
on the computer tomorrow before Steve does then I can write to you a
little bit more.

JULIE - Hello!!! Steve wrote about my wee at the urinal at Trawden.
It was a bit gross in there because it stank of piss but it was still
a lot of fun. I pissed on the iron panel and I did some straight down
on the floor as well and I really enjoyed it. I weed a really big
puddle and it didn't go down the drain. We will have to go back and
do it again.

KIM AND SCOTT - Wow I read how you tried the in-the-arms shit. When
I want to do it and we have time, we must try it with the newspaper
but I will need to know I will not do lots of little spheres because
they will roll about all over the floor won't they?
We have some stories from Spain. You do not have long to wait now!

PV - How is your foot? I hope you are not sick now because I want you
to read all the stories I will be writing.
My mum was a bit shy about taking all her clothes off at the nude beach
and had to pluck up all her courage, but she did, and the first time
she needed a wee, she was like me when I went to Spain with Steve the
first time and I was shy. She was just bursting and she squatted in
the sand while Steve knealt down in front of her and she just got so
she couldn't keep it in any more and made a big hole in the sand with
this big stream of hers.
I will write you some more tomorrow! xx

That is perfectly accptable behavior in a doorless stall. He wants to be your buddy. He dont care how bad you stink, or how dir your ass is..... Enjoy these days. they dont last forever

I was riding my bike through the park and stopped at the restroom to take a crap. This particular restroom has two toilet stalls next to each other, facing another stall across the room. There are no doors on any of the stalls. Just as I entered, another guy came in behind me. He looked about maybe 19 or 20, wearing black basketball shorts and one of those "wife-beater" tank top shirts. I parked my bike in the large stall and pulled my shorts and underwear down and sat on the toilet. The other guy looked around confused and seeing that there were no doors on the stalls, took the toilet across from me. He looked at me and said something about how it sucks that there aren't any doors on the stalls. I looked up and said, "yeah, but when you gotta go.." I was wearing my baseball cap and sunglasses so I was able to see what he was doing. He carefully wiped the seat, placed the seat protector down, and turned around to face me. He dropped his shorts to the floor, but kept his underw! ear around his knees. He started to unload pretty good. It sounded like he had the runs. He leaned forward, putting his chest to his knees, and let out some squishy sounding turds and farts. And they started to smell pretty bad, too. He looked up and said "sorry, man". "No problem", I replied. He let out some more turds, this time getting on his toes and making a slight face to push them out. He was done and reached for the paper. I noticed that he was a folder. He carefully folded the paper and wiped a few times. He leaned forward to wipe. Then I heard him take a piss. He also got some paper to wipe off his dick. He wiped his butt again, then stood to wipe one last time. He didn't appear satisfied, so he turned towards the toilet, with his butt towards me, and wiped again. It was cool to see his fingers and paper disappear into his crack as he wiped vigorously. He seemed ok with the level of cleanliness this time, so he pulled up his underwear and shorts and flushed. By this ! time, I had finished up and started to clean up as well. He went to the sink and washed his hands and then left.

Me and a High School buddy went hiking along a National Forest Trail just outside our home town. The weather was great. My Aunt packed a picnic lunch for us and we ate it while sitting under a tree. After lunch, my buddy, Mike, told me that he needed to go to the bathroom. I had to piss and I thought he did too. There were no bathrooms near us because we were far from the beginning of the trail. Anyway, we looked for a hidden spot behind some bushes and I pulled out my dick and began to piss. I was real surprised when I saw Mike pull down his shorts and boxers and get ready to take a shit. He was right near me so I just stood there and watched after finishing my piss. He kinda just held onto the branch of a tree and stuck his butt out. I heard him fart and then saw his asshole begin to open. He was grunting and pushing and I saw the end of a large turd start coming out. It was kinda long about 12 inches, but it broke and the larger part fell to the ground. While h! e was pushing out his log, he also started pissing and I could see the piss kinda spurting out and hitting the leaves. The rest of the large turd then fell out and he then squeezed out some looser shit and some smaller pieces followed by another real large turd. It all formed a nice heap underneath his butt. He then reached into his backpack and got out a toilet paper roll. I saw him wipe his butt by reaching behind. He wiped about 6 times until the TP was almost clean. When he was done wiping, he pulled up his shorts and boxers and we stood there looking at his turds and he said that he felt a whole lot better. He then kicked some leaves over the pile of crap and we continued walking along the trail. I have never seen a turd coming out of a dude's butthole before and it kinda turned me on. Has anyone else here ever felt that way when they saw a guy pushing out his logs or am I weird? I guess I'd be too shy to let another dude see me take a shit.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Yes I did enjoy myself at Grannie and Grandad's house again ! And I can understand just how much you would enjoy the opportunity to use their loo ! Lawn Dogs is a good film isn't it ? Andrew and I remember the toilet at Trent's caravan too, the one with the seat on it ? Well, we thought it would have been good if it had been used as well. I would have liked to have seen Trent have a wee in it, and I know Andrew would have liked to have seen Devon go as well, just to see whether she does it like I do seeing as we look so much alike !! By the way, why do you think there was a chair on the toilet seat ? Andrew says he thought it might have been to stop animals like snakes from getting in to the caravan through the piping ! Now if I had been Devon, there would have been no way under the sun that I would have plonked my bottom on a toilet that might have had a snake hiding in it ! Anyway, it was a lovely film, and Andrew and I still wonder whether they w! ould have used the toilet and seen one another ! Love from Kendal xx

ELLIE: When I weed down the car windscreen, I didn't have my legs flat to the glass. I perched on the edge of the roof and had my feet flat to the glass, lifting my legs away. However, they still got wet because my stream lifted and landed on the glass in splatters, which splashed my legs all over !! I loved the story about Lou weeing out of the tree like a tropical storm. All you would have needed was for her to trump and you would have had the hurricane to go with it !!! Oh, and I nearly died reading about poor you and Lou and the teacher ! It would have been bad enough having to poo outside in the first place, but to have your teacher walk by while your bottom hovered over a pile of poo and in the middle of your wee.... well, I suppose you can laugh about it now, but poor Lou. I expect Andrew would have given her a hug better if she had got upset about it ! (and you too, come to that, but then you've still got Craig. I'm so happy for you !!!) Not much happening here! at the moment. Perhaps I'll take Andrew out and make up a tropical storm for him !! Love from Kendal xxxx

LINDA GS: Hey, even Althea is asking about your black pampies ! Andrew says not to worry (although I suspect his comments are really addressed to Cousin !!) He says he does know how to control himself in the sight of black pampies ! (Actually, ELLIE, there was something that happened yesterday, but its relevant to Linda) Yes, Andrew came in with me while I had my poo yesterday. He was grinning from ear to ear so I knew he was up to something. Anyway, I had just got my pampies down and sat on the toilet, and let out a big relaxing sigh, when he reached into his pocket and pulled out my hair brush which he had sneaked into my room for and nicked ! Not only did I have a lovely relaxing poo ( 3 longish pieces which made 2 flops and a plop ! ), but my hair was positively shining when I left that bathroom ! He's well practiced again my dear, and raring to make your hair shine just as much. So when are you going to give him the opportunity ?!!! I love you my friend, lots o! f love from Kendal xxxxx
PS, XOSXOS from Andrew. He sends kisses, hugs, and the 'S' stands for strokes of the hair brush !!!


Hi there! Many thanks for your sympathetic thoughts -- it's been a nuisance the last week as I've been blasting gushes of hot liquid for seven days straight! Taking a poo amounts to a series of explosive farts that splatter liquid shit all over the bowl -- and the darn stuff is the acid type that leaves your hole sore. My poor anus has gone from a bit itchy a week ago to burned with every visit -- I use ointment every time, without fail, or I'd be in a real mess. Well, enough is enough, I used Immodium today and I think it's stopped the problem (I didn't before now as the antibiotic directed no remedy -- but I finished the tablets five days ago and life must go on! I mean -- my rear end has even bled a little!) I long for a weighty motion that feels good on the way out... The one funny thing is that the AB so sterilized my tract that though I was passing a liquid mess, there has been no smell until today -- none at all. Another mildly amazing experience was passing urine f! rom the forward outlet and "peeing out my ass" from the other, simultaneously -- two fountains of hot liquid, bizarre as that seems.

Anyway, I should be on the mend soon -- hugs and kisses returned with delight to my darling neice, and a great big hug each for Kimmie and Scott -- keep on laying monsters, dears!

MOLLY (unknown woman) -- nice nude beach story, please post again, you obviously have a lot of fun and fit right in here. To actually empty out discretely on the beach is a skill -- see my old posts from several months ago in which I did something in the same vein here in Australia. It'll be summer again soon, and I'll be off to have some fun again!



RyanS, thanks for telling about your big dump at school. Must have felt your hole tingling after that one! And I wish i could have been there keeping you company (if it didn't distract you from dumping.
Cheers, Daniel (UK)

TY-I don't recall ever being in the same situation, but in college, my roomates and I would always walk in on each other while crapping. Usually, we would talk to the other guy sitting on the toilet we were at the sink or whatever. It was cool when I would be having a conversation with my roomate Steve and he would just keep talking as he walked towards the bathroom. I'd follow him in there and watch as he lifted the lid, turned around and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles. He'd occassionally make a face like he was straining a bit. I'd usually have to leave before long because his poop was pretty potent.

I don't really think it's rude to talk to someone while they are on the toilet, unless it is obvious that they object to it.

Another time, I was using a gas station toilet that had a bad lock on the door. It was a single room with a toilet and a urinal right next to it. I was dumping away when the door opened and a 20-ish guy comes in. He said "excuse me but I really need to piss" and went to the urinal. He urinated for a long time and then went to the sink to wash up. He started telling me how he just got into town and started asking for directions to help him get to his destination. I told him how to get there, and reached for the paper. He decided to keep talking, telling me where he was from and how he got here, etc. I went ahead and engaged him in conversation as I was cleaning myself up. I wiped from the front, the back and even while standing. It didn't faze him at all. He was actually a really friendly guy and we had a good conversation. I pulled up my underwear and shorts and washed my hands while talking to him. I wished him well and went on my way.

BRAD-I've always been interested in the way guys wipe as well, and you're right that many guys don't stand and face the wall to wipe. A couple of my favorites:

There was another college guy who was using the doorless stall next to mine in the Science building. I saw his feet turn towards the wall. I had never seen anyone stand to wipe, so I hurried up and finished my business. As I walked past his stall, I saw this guy standing, facing the wall, pulling paper off the dispenser. His shirt was pulled up, and his pants were down at his ankles. Except for his red briefs around his knees, he was totally exposed from his chest to ankles. I was surprised to see so much.

The local mall had a toilet paper dispenser that is inserted in a hole in the wall between two stalls and dispenses on both sides. It had a large panel missing from the dispenser (about 6 x 12 inches) so you could see right into the next stall, just above toilet level. That was pretty cool, because you didn't actually look into anyone's face on the toilet. You could see from about the mid-chest on down. I was there a few minutes and saw a couple of guys come and go. Most would finish up their business as quick as possible, keeping their underwear as close to their genitals as possible. One guy had really brightly colored bikini briefs. The last guy I saw came and took a dump quickly, but wasn't at all modest. He dropped his drawers to the floor and crapped loudly. When he finished, he actually stood and faced the paper dispenser to wipe. He was facing me so I could see his genitals at eye level as he wiped. Very unusual to see them bounce around as he wiped.
He appeared to be pretty well endowed, so that was why he probably didn't mind showing off. Then he turned, pulled up his underwear and pants, and left.

cute David
Hello there. I have shitting story when I was in school in elementary.
I was in year six then. It was on the way to school when I felt the urge to shit. I couldn't just go shit because people in my grade paid out shitters. So I waited until lunchtime, which was when people used other restrooms. SO I took a stall. I puulled by briefs and pants down to my ankles. My shit rushed out as ssoon as I sat, imagine about 5 hours of holding it in. Then I saw someone come in. He when to the neighbour stall and said, do you want me to tell the others that your shitting, I said no, i'll do anything. He said OK. THen he stood on the crapper and watched me while I wiped.

I had an experiences in an airport about 3 years agao. I was looking for a place to shit. iopened an unlocked stall and I saw a guy about 18 years old taking a shit. He was hovering over the shitter. i saw him and he saw me. He said Hi, hows it goin', followed my a loud plop. Then H ewiped up, wiithoiut tellingm e to go away,

Scots Tony here again.

Ross, many men have a lifelong fascination for females defecating. I have had since about the age of 5, about 45 years now. If you trawl back through Old Posts here you will find that you are anything but unique in this. I have given this a lot of thought over the years and like you I agree that as kids most of us, boys and girls alike, have a deep interest in our excretory functions, at least in the European and North American societies. In other cultures where such matters are more open this may not be the case and I would welcome the observations of people from India, Africa, etc where urination and defecation are commonly performed in the open by both genders and all ages. I can really only comment on my own experiences and those shared with others such as my friends George and Moira and my wife Theresa on such matters.

In our culture, (Judeo-Christian), the two excretory functions and for that matter menstruation in females are subject to behavioural and moral taboos. From an early age most of us are conditioned by our parents, teachers and other adults that doing a wee wee, and more so a bowel movement are "Dirty" or "something private that polite people dont talk about", rather than being perfectly natural functions which result from drinking and eating.( I agree that the products are "dirty" in that they can cause disease if not properly disposed of but the fucntions themselves are NOT. Likewise until the last 15 years or so menstruation was also a "dirty" subject. All sorts of euphemisims were used to cover this matter which of course affects half the population for much of their lives. STs and Tampons were only advertised in Women's Magazines. Now of course they are quite openly shown in great detail on Television although their absorbancy is illustrated in a very twee and prissy wa! y by using a BLUE liquid not the darkish RED which of course would be the natural colour of menstrual blood. Again we have come some way in that both laxatives and their opposite anti diarrheals are advertised on TV at least here in the UK, with the famous Sennokot advert with the middle aged blonde, and the Imodium advert again showing a blonde woman of the same age with a voice over actually mentioning diarrhea and the camera showing her going off behind some bushes, the inference being that she has been taken short and has to have an urgent loose, watery, BM. When she emerges smiling to give a football back to some kids who have kicked it there the voiceover assures us that the Imodium has stopped her attack of the runs. Toilet paper adverts showing someone sitting on the pan or a cartoon character wiping its bum are also now broadcast. Such frankness would have been unthinkable only 10 years or so ago.

To return to why kids find toilet functions so fascinating and why some people, such as myself and you Ross continue to do so into adulthood, its what I call the "forbidden fruit" effect. Parents tell us that such matters are "dirty" and of course urination comes from the external genitalia and thus has this connection too. Defecation is considered the worse of the two yet parents, especially mothers, take a great interest in the bowel movements of their children, often accompanying the kid to the toilet when it does a motion up to and sometimes past school age and comenting on the size, solidity, colour, etc of the stool produced. This sends out conflicting messages. On the one hand this is a "dirty" and "private" matter yet Mum is so interested in the poo I have done. It also has to be said that passing a good solid turd is a pleasurable experience for many. Again Old Posts will explain how most males get an erection when passing a large solid jobbie. Thus doing a motio! n becomes linked to pleasure and by association of ideas hearing the sound effects of someone else doing such a motion can, as it has always done for me, excite similar feelings. From an early age I vividly remember getting a buzz when I heard the "OO! and NN!" sounds and the loud "KUR-SPLOONKS!" when someome else was in the toilet doing what sounded like a big solid jobbie, especially if it was a woman or girl doing it. Of course actually seeing the turds they had passed added an extra dimension as one was seeing something usually only observed by the person who had done it, (or ocasionally by a doctor or nurse), and could also compare their turd with one's own productions. If I saw a really big, long and fat jobbie that some woman or girl had passed this was a real turn on, and still is, and even as a kid I'd buddy dump my own then far smaller turds on top of their big jobbies when the opportunity arose. Other posters have mentioned the habit then as now of kids leaving the ! toilets unflushed at school if they had done a particularly big poo so others can admire their production. This was certainly the case when I was at school, girls as much as boys.

Now in many cases when one reaches adolescence and starts to take an interest in the opposite sex, any such fixations with defecation tend to die away. Some of us however still retain these into adulthood. I am very lucky that my wife Theresa is into such matters too and happily lets me accompany her to the toilet to watch when she does a motion. I have also been friendly with George since we were at school and found a kindred spirit in him and with his wife Moira who is also totally open about these matters.

Ross,I hope these few observations are helpful. As I always say, as long as it harms none other and it feels good, do it!

Another poster asked "what is a real accident?" I would say that having a motion or for that matter urinating in one's knickers or underpants unless this is done deliberately is an "accident". Of course a sudden attack of the runs or a loose stool where one cannot make it to the toilet or the toilet is occupied, or a fart which turns out to be accompanied by some soft poo is more of an accident than the example of holding it in when one could have easily gone to the toilet but losing it into one's underwear later. I have suffered both types of accident. At Primary (Grade) School a teacher wouldn't allow me out to the toilet when I needed a motion and when the break came the cubicles were all occupied and I did what felt like a soft formed motion in my underpants making a big mess of them and my short grey trousers. I also had what I would term a "contributory negligence" accident a few years later when I needed a motion at school and could have easily gone in the Boys Toil! et but decided to hold it in and do it at home in the toilet there. Unfortunately I misjudged my abilities to hold it in and the big solid jobbie slid out into my Y Fronts. Although I didnt get into trouble at home this did teach me a lesson not to ignore a call to go to the toilet when I needed.

Finally, Theresa and I decided to try the metamucil that many posters have mentioned. Theresa was constipated and usually she would take Liquid Parafin to lubricate her bowels and make the hard motion easier to pass. We had run out and when buying another couple of bottles we saw the UK equivalent of metamucil (I wont give the brand name as I know the Moderator forbids advertising), and decided to buy some and try it. We both made up a glass of this powder in water. It didnt taste too good and had a soup like consistancy. Next day I was first to do a motion. With my wife accompanying me I went to the toilet at home and took down my grey Speedo briefs and sat on the pan. I felt the big load move in my back passage and pushed down. A easy, smooth jobbie oozed out of me slowly but with no great effort and entered the pan with a "FLOOMP!". I stood up off the pan and we both had a look. It was a big sausage of about 14 inches long and 2.5 fat, smooth, cohesive, light brown, cur! ved and a floater. It had also come out very cleanly and I only had to use one moist wipe. A few hours later Theresa needed a poo and I accompanied her. Now as she had been constipated for a couple of days after doing a loud and powerful wee wee she passed a couple of hard balls "PLONK! KAPLOONK!" then a fat knobbly carrot shaped jobbie of about 8 inches long which made a depth-charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" when it plunged into the pan throwing up a column of water which wet her fat bum. She wasnt finished though as she then felt another load come down and as had happened earlier with myself a big easy smooth turd slid out of her into the pan with a "FLOOMP" . Finished I wiped her bum , and she pulled up her pale blue Sloggi briefs. We looked down the pan, my big sausage now being accompanied by another of similar size and appearence, together with two hard nobbly eggs and the big fat compacted carrot shaped jobbie, these being darker brown than the easy sausage. It took 5 flushe! s to get that lot to go away. Have others had a similar experience with metamucil or equivalents?

Nice big solid fat jobbies to all. Tony and Theresa.

Ty: Hey there Dude! There ain't any etiquette when it comes to dudes taking a shit in doorless stalls in public restrooms. If two dudes go to the restroom together, as you and Mike did, then it is kind of natural for the one who gets done first to wait for the other. I've often seen a buddy of a guy taking a dump talk to the guy on the crapper in a doorless stall. It is a real friendly situation and you ain't got no need to feel embarrassed. It seems like Mike was just being friendly telling you about his girlfriend problems. It is real cool when two dudes can have a conversation while one or more is taking a shit. It sure can be difficult to talk if you are pushing out a constipated turd, as you were, but then it is OK to let the other dude do all the talking and you can just grunt when you agree. So, in the future, just enjoy your dump and the company of a good buddy when you take a good crap.

hey all:

Alison, have u had a pee yet? how long did u manage to hold it for? what colour was the pee and how much came out and how long did u pee for?

well here is my newest and maybe most unusual story yet-

Last week i was messing around at my friend Lisa's house (were both 23) running up and down stairs like children lol so next i decided to hide on Lisa in the bathroom so i went into her airing cupboard in the bathroom and i has like a loover type door so u can see out but its very difficult to see in and where it is situated in the room u can see the toilet perfectly.
I stood ibn there for ages and she musnt even have thought id be in there but next thing i heard the door opening and it was Lisa's mum Alice! shes is a vert attractive women in her early 40's kind of like Kim Tate from emmerdale but as she walked in she was heading for the toilet and she let a small fart out heading over, he was unbuttoning her black trousers as she neared the toilet and she turned round and sat over the toilet like in squatting style, she let aout a small breath and relaxed herself and as i looked at her hairy vagina a trickle of warm golden pee was starting to trickle out, like a hissing sound that women get when they pee, it was there, then she pushed harder and the piss was gushing from her large vagina and she had like a half smile as she peed so much. Then as the flow started to slow a bit she started to grunt a little and a couple of small farts came out and she was so enjoying it all, she must have been busting to go! then she lifted her ass up h! igher and she began to grunt and push as a light brown turd began to slide out of her pert ass very long and quite fat and splosssssssssh it hit the water. then she pushed again and another one came out, shorter this time but equally fat she pushed a couple more times and sat down regaining her breath and resting her legs, she was puffing lightly and relaxing herslelf after dropping such a large batch.
The next part was most surprising, she then sat up and turned her backside towards me and inserted her 2 fingers into the crack of her butt and started wiping!, then rinsing them under the warm tap she repated this many times until her ass was clean, then she dried her butt with a bath towel hanging on the rail beside her and wiped the little drips of pee away that were on her pubic hairs. After this she pulled her trousers up and washed her hands very carefully and dried them, then she pulled up her white panties, flushed the toilet and was heading straight for the airing cupboard!!!!!!!!! she was almost there when i heard Lisa shout 'mum have u seen Susanne' and her mum went out of the door replying 'no sweetie i havent'darn talk about close pheeew, the only thing now is that i dont find Lisa going to the loo as exciting as her mum now and i often fantasise about her mum going to the loo now but i have never or will never tell Lisa what i saw and im going to try see her! again soon cause shes pretty and so exciting to watch at the toilet.

unknown female: i love ur stories very much, epecially the deliberate wetting ones, i pee and dump myself often as its such a great feeling and Stephanie i often just sit in poop etc, it smells but feels so good huh? lol

hi to everyone else, there are some cool stories here lately im so enjoying the toilet at the mo bye all xxxxx

Monday, September 03, 2001

Unknown woman

Hi every body i had a fun time at a nude beach
Heres the story:

So i was driving to a nude beach got there with a rumbling gut.There was no restrooms.I decided to try to hold it.

I got to the beach and there was a cople making out so i walked on.Tons of Buitiful hot sexy people. I found a spot and undressed and put my towel on the sand.I layed down on my stomake and started to rread a magasine.I walked up and down the beach and foung a foutain and took a drink. I saw tones of people woman with big boobs and so on.I had to go to the bathroom but there was no place to go. I quickened the pace back to my spot. When i got there i dug a big hole and sat on it. I started to push and had an imediet response.FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTT. A very loud fart and strong smell. I looked around to make sure no one was suspect.I than pussed out a what felt like 4 ft log and some wet liquid.I than llayed on my stomake with my vagina over the hole and let out a gallon of piss.I than covered the hole and went onto the water to wash off.

My real name is Molly.Im 16 years old.I live in Chicago and im obviosly a female.

sir poops alot
Why are humans like this? Today I went into the supermarket bathroom to pee, the urinal was taken so I went into the stall. I really had to go. Anyway some one had completely covered the seat with paper. Obviously they had to sit down and didn't want any koodies to contact their butt. It was a real neat job, the seat was completely covered. No germ could ever pass this line of protection. Thing is that when they were sitting all protected from other peoples nastiness, they sat incorrectly, and got alot of poop on the paper on the seat. One would think that someone who goes to this kind of trouble to protect himself from the filth of others would have the decency to remove his poo covered paper so that the next person doesn't have to get their butt all nasty, but NOOOOOOOOOO , he didn't care and left his poo all over the toilet. I guess if it's his it's not gross, and I'd like it smeared all over my ass. So, like the monkey I am, I pissed all over the paper and toilet, and left! it there for the next germ conscious guy. I know this is mean, and unevolved but humans piss me off. I hope I never have to spend another lifetime on this planet. It sucks. Thanks for letting me vent.

drunk guy
My interest in females pooping started very young. It's totally Freudian because it involves my mom.I was about eight when she told me this. What she told me was that earlier that day, coming home from a restaurant, it was Thanksgiving or Christmas or something,that she almost pooped her pants. She said she had to shit so bad that she could feel it coming out. And that she really needed to fart too, but she could not because she was in a car next to my aunt with the windows closed up. She said something like, God if I only could have farted it would have felt so much better, but that all she could do was squeeze her cheeks together and wait.

Hi everyone, I took another dump at school today. After holding it for almost 5 complete days, I finally went. Let me tell you the story.

Monday after my dump, that night I felt some rumbling in my stomach and felt that feeling that the final stage of digestion was taking place and soon felt a turd going thru my rectum. Of course I was going to hold it until Wednesday or Thursday. Tuesday afternoon I got some more urges but really didn't feel like it was anything big so I was thinking, if I don't have enough to let out Wednesday, I'll go Thursday because by then I'll have something good. Well Wednesday passed and Thursday came along, I was planning on pooping that day. After I ate my lunch I headed for the bathrooms, I walked into a stall and saw pee and TP, I got curious and was going to go check the other stalls for any left over crap. Well as I was walking out of the stall I walked into another guy came in and I panicked not knowing if I was seen walking out of the stall, without thought I headed to the sinks and washed my hands like I do on the days I don't poop. I tried taking a long time while the othe! r guy at the urinal was peeing. Unfortunately I ended up leaving before him and ended up not dumping. I went the rest of the day and evening feeling very uncomfortable. But I was excited because I knew that waiting longer than I planned would only make a better production. Finally Friday came and I went thru my first 4 classes without not too much pain. Then lunch came and I ate my lunch and then headed for the bathroom, I saw I guy I kind of knew and he was halfway thru washing his hands and so I decided to just wash my hands because I knew he'd leave before me. I went over to the paper towels as he left and then I headed for the first stall I got to. Nothing was in the bowel but I didn't care because I had to go very badly. I pulled my pants down as another guy came in. For about 2 minutes I passed alot of gas and it was stinking up the stall. Then as he was washing his hands I started to feel my turd emerge and it hurt alot coming out and I knew it was a big one. This thing! kepted coming until finally it broke off and then another short piece came out. I rested a bit and then wiped and stood up and looked at my production. It was a 13" long and 2.5" wide turd. I pulled up my pants up and left my production unflushed because I wanted to show it off. It was a monster. It felt really good and I hope to do many more of these kinds of turds in the future of this school year.

Well that's all for today. See ya


Sick boy
Annoyed Hiker: I have all the respect in the world for our planet and I am all for keeping it buetiful and clean. If it was my post about shitting in the State park that you are refering to understand it was urgent. But I have to ask you and the author of how to shit in the woods, Other than the toilet paper why does Human shit harm the enviornment anymore than the Animals who shit in the woods daily?

Alison: You say you held your pee for 17 hours and were going to wait longer. Are you still holding?? Or did you finally go? How long did you hold altogether? How much did you pee and for how long?

some guy

i have the same problem

Adam from England - if you want to wear your pants outside then do - I do and so do my friends. I wear boxers which can be dodgy if the follow through is lumpy but usually mine is wet and sometimes might dribble down a leg. I have no answers to your problem though because I need some myself! I just suffer pants sticking to my bum all day in the car or the office. Good luck

Friday, September 01, 2001

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