Happy weekend (3-day in the U.S.!), everyone!

I had an EXCELLENT 14 inch fat bm yesterday... hooray! It's been a couple of months at least since I did such a nice one. I hope it continues. I hadn't gone for two days and was able to hold it until I got home from work... then it slid out nicely in one HUGE piece... had to flush twice to dispose of it (he he!).

Gretel: I was delighted to see another episode from you here but... it got cut off! Could you re-post it? Please...

Since no one liked my question about taking a dump with the door open, I have a couple more:

a.) Has anyone ever used a "squat" toilet (i.e. a toilet on the floor where you have to squat), like in China and Japan?

b.) This may seem out of subject, but I've noticed a lot of people are using the word "shit" in reference to poop. Does this forum really allow such words? Isn't "shit" a little vulgar, or if you use it in that reference, is not that vulgar? I'd like to know.

LIKES DESPERATE WOMEN i have this fetish about seeing desperate girls so i have been trying to time my girlfriend when she goes to use the bathroom well i finealy got her good we have this little coolwhip bowl that we keep our toilet brush in so i wiated about a half hour after we ate supper then i went up to the bathroom and sat on the toilet i knew she had not been up here for about 6hour so it would be soon and sure s shit i was right she came in about 5 min after i did and asked me if i was near done because she had to take a shit i told her it might take a bit because i did'nt go since last night so she stod there with her pants around her ankles waiting switching her legs back and forth till she could'nt hold it anymore she grabbed the coolwhip bowl and peed a little while standing then put under her anus and started shitting left a log and hurryied up and put buy her pussy to pee some more then put it back by her anus fast so she did'nt shit on the floor this went on for about 10 min she ! filled the litte bowl to the top and still told me she was'nt done but she can hld it till later well thats all for now but i will keep you posted for future happenings

I wanted to comment about some of the discussion that I saw in the archives about the Japanese squat type toilets that have a "hood" on the front. I've done extensive travelling and I have noticed that the hooded style of squat toilet occurs mostly in public places, while the standard elongated floor bowl type occurs in Japanese residences. I believe the purpose of the hooded design is to contain urine splatters that occur when the stream hits near the front of the bowl. Also, the hood captures forward projecting streams that occur in most men and some women while squating (especially in public places where people are less careful about aim). The good part is with this style toilet it is about impossible for women miss and dirty it for the next user, unlike the Western style seat type. The downfalls are the unusual deep knee bend squat required and the careful attention to clothing position. Any comments from western women who have used the hood toilets???

Marge -
The term for the condition you have is "bashful bladder". If you do a search on the topic with any search engine, there are helpful web sites and support groups dealing with this topic. You are interested in others' capacity and holding times - so, what is your bladder capacity and longest time held? It's only fair!

Mariah shits. Shania shits. Britney shits. Pamela shits. Mary-Kate and Ashley shit. Angelina shits. It's interesting when you think about it.

Hi everyone,

school has started again and already I´ve a few good stories to tell. Last Friday me and my friend Johan had just had lunch and we were walking back to our lockers. We were walking through this long corridor and at the end of the corridor there where 3 stalls (each one consisting of a toilet and a sink. Worth mentioning is that any sounds made in the stalls can be heard very good outside (almost in the whole corridor actually).
When we were passing the stalls Johan said he needed to take a shit. He went into the first stall and I sat down on a bench outside and waited. I heard him unbuckle his pants and sit down. After about 15sec I heard him fart very loudly and then he grunted. I suppose it was a huge log because it took him some time getting it out and the plop was really loud. After that he farted once more and two smaller plops were heard. Then some more grunting and a couple of plops mixed up with short farts could be heard. Then there was silence and I thought he was finished but no. He let out a wet fart and then some soft and mushy poop. Finally he started to wipe and I heard him wash his hands. He didn´t flush, but opened the door and said "Come and take a look at this!". I went into the stall and looked in the bowl. The smell was quite strong! In the bowl were one big log, a couple of medium sized ones and small ones. One top of this there was some very mushy poop and toilet paper. He ! then flushed and we both went out. I said to him "It sounded like you really needed that" to which he replied "Yeah, I didn´t shit for 3 days, so the urge was pretty strong by now".
The really good thing about those toilets were the bench outside, where you can sit and just listen to what´s going on in there.
That´s all for now, but I have some more stories if you want.
Bye, Gustav.

JASON : I work in a bar, which has the same set-up as you described. 2 urinals, and a toilet bowl, all in a row with no partitions. In fact, when the door is swung opened, you are in full view of everybody at the payphones. But you have to understand, when you work at a bar, you generally work long, late hours, and every man has to shit sooner or later. I walk in on my co-workers all night long while they are shitting. It's no big deal. Customers use the bowl, and it's no big deal. One time the bar manager was taking such a powerful dump, everybody smelled it by the payphones. There were 2 young girls laughing about the smell. The womens restroom has a locking door on the stall. So my point is, don't be bashful. Every guy has to use the toilet.

I was out walking in the countryside with my husband yesterday afternoon, and I needed a poo. We found somewhere discreet and he "stood guard" while I performed. I produced three big logs and a few small bits. After wiping my husband came over to inspect the deposit, and he was impressed as always - but something we noticed was that the three big poos were all slightly different colours. All were fairly light brown "fudge-toffee" sort of colour, but one was a bit darker than the other two, and of those two, one was slightly yellower. Can anyone explain why this happens? I suppose I would not have noticed this if I had gone for a poo in a toilet.

I am actually writing about what happened to me last weekend when I was staying at my friend’s house, it was very embarrassing. I went round his house on Friday and we were going to a theme park on Saturday so I was staying Friday night as well. I didn't want to take too much stuff, as I was cycling over so I just took my pj's and pair of shorts and t-shirt and two pairs of socks with me. My friend Paul and I stayed up most of Friday night talking and then early Saturday morning we left for the theme park with Paul’s parents, it was about a two hr drive to the theme park and I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt the need for a poop so I asked his parents how long it would be before we got there and they said it would be about half an hour. I could also feel the need for a wee but I didn't want to ask Paul’s parents to stop so I just held it. I was wearing my shorts which were the sports white sort, kind of shiny, if you wear colored underwear you can see them through these shor ts but I mainly wear white underwear as I was this weekend. As we got in sight of the th eme park I couldn't hold it all any longer and I let a small lump of poop out into my underwear and as I did it a little squirt of wee leaked into my underwear leaving a small wet spot on my shorts. When I got out of the car I thought that Paul’s parents might notice the poop through my shorts but nothing was said. When we were getting our tickets a little more poop came out into my pants but not the whole load but a bit more wee squirted out and made the wet spot even bigger. Once we were in the gates Paul’s mom said right lets all go to the toilet and then you two can go off on your own until lunch. I wondered if Paul’s mom had noticed my wet spot. Anyway we went off by ourselves until lunch and then we went off in the afternoon by our self’s before we had to go home. The last ride we went on me and Paul both got soaked by jets of water and my shorts were clinging to me, as was my t-shirt! , Paul's parents made us wait until we were dry before we could get in the car. I thought on the way home that I was lucky that no one had noticed my little accident and that my underwear wasn't visible but when we got home Paul’s mom and I were in the kitchen on our own and she asked me if I was feeling ok, so I said I was, she said she thought that I had a little accident and would I like to borrow a pair of Paul’s underwear. I told her that I hadn't had an accident and my underwear was clean, I am 16 and I certainly couldn't admit having an accident, being confronted about it was embarrassing enough. She said ok then and nothing else was said. Sunday morning when I got up I put on my same underwear and short again and headed down for breakfast, after breakfast I needed a poop again quite urgently but Paul’s sister was having a shower, they only have one bathroom so I had to wait. While I was waiting me and Paul went into the lounge and watched TV with his parents so we led ! on the floor and while I was led there I couldn't hold my poop and a long hard poop started coming out into my underwear, luckily I had already had a wee so I didn't wet myself, I knew Paul’s parents would smell something and probably see it so I quickly and carefully got up as I was pooping and said I was going to the toilet. As I got to the toilet Paul’s sister came out so I could just go straight in and empty my pants. As I came out Paul’s mom stopped me and said are you are sure that you are ok, so I said yes why? She said that she thought I looked a bit pale and had left the lounge very quickly, she then said that Paul sometimes has accidents and it is nothing to be worried about but I told her that I just made it to the toilet, I suspected she knew I had done a poop in my pants but I think I got away with it except from the embarrassment from Paul’s mom. I have been round to Paul’s again this week after school and whilst I was changing out of my uniform in to my jeans Pa! ul’s mom came in and saw my underwear, I hoped they looked clean this time. Does anyone else have any clothes, which give you away if you have an accident please post.

Ryan S.How can you hold your poop for so many days like that? If it were me I would have so much gas I would explode. I would wonder about the health factors in doing this. It could cause problems? I must admit it does sound like fun holding all that that poop for so long and then filling up the tolet. DEL

New Guy
Hey there-- great posts. Nice to know I'm not a freak just because I like taking dumps and talking about it-- I'm surprised not to have read anything about Psyllium Husk. Especially for those of you with peanut butter poo [is that descriptive enough?] If you are fortunate to live in California or Long Island, NY, you can buy the stuff at Trader Joe's grocery store in the vitamins section. It's called "Secrets of the Psyllium" and sells for $3.99 per 1-pound container. Take 2 or 3 teaspoons each morning with a big tall glass of water or juice, FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER TALL GLASS OF WATER-- VERY IMPORTANT OR IT WILL CLOG YOU UP!!! In the first week or even month, depending on how badly f????d up your colon is [most western civilization folks today have f????d up colons due to our horrendous diets]-- you may experience some pretty awful-smelling farts and even a little cramping here and there. But hang in there. Keep up the regimen. Within a month or so you will begin to produ! ce clean, big, fat, "wipeless" poos that will slip out of you so nicely you'll wonder why you ever did without psyllium. One note though-- I recommend the WHOLE husks over the POWDERED version. Any health food store will carry both. Try both, of course, but I think the whole husks make better logs.

After having posted my first early experience and given the reactions thereto I now feel more comfortable in this place and have enjoyed reading the contributions. There is a lot I want to share with you but my time is limited so it will be a one-by-one delivery.This one is simply about my family life and our toilet habits. We have quite liberal thoughts about going to the toilet, being naked and taking in shower. In fact, in the new house we just built there is a big shower for the whole family.My kids are 10 and 15 (a boy and a girl) but in the morning they find it absolutely normal that we all shower together, even my daughter who, by now, has turned into a real nice young woman.

The toilet is just in front of the shower and whoever needs to go uses it. My wife used to share my interest in toilet habits when we were younger but nowadays she is not so much into that stuff anymore.Still it has never been a problem for her to go outside, mostly to pee but I do recall some 15 years ago on a beach in Cannes that she suddenly had the urge to poo and simply could not make it to the nearest toilet anymore. So into the sea she went and afterwards a few turds were floating out with the tide . . . Not our usual modus operandi but when you got to go, you got to go right?

The same is true for my daughter. When she was little she would pee where and when the urge came up. Standing up like a boy one hot summer while we were talking with the neighbours, she aimed her stream straight through the fence which was a bit of an embarrasment for us. After all, not everybody has the same liberal attitude to these things. She always used to go naked with the son of our neighbours as well. Fully dressed in the morning during summers it would not take long until pieces of clothing were spread all over the garden and the 2 of them were naked and that for the rest of the day.

With the girls of our other neighbour she would often go into the woods to play and she would spend a lot of time out there. Of course, at some point she always had to pee and she would simply drop her pants and do it. The other girls were more inhibited in the beginning but after a while it became just part of the routine for them. Now of course in such situations there was nothing for them to wipe with but when girls are little it is not a problem. It became one later because even when she was 9 or 10 she still would get up from the toilet, pull up her panties and off she went. Wiping simply was not her thing! My wife explained her several times that boys just have to shake their willie and that's it but girls can't do that to get the last drops off so they have to wipe. She paid attention, listened carefully but just carried on as before. It was only shortly before she turned 11 that she realised that wiping is a thing that girls need to do. She had meanwhile developed ! some pubic hair (only a little) and moist hair apparently made her feel uncomfortable. Then this w/e came in the middle of winter where we were all in payamas all the time, enjoying late breakfasts and late dinners, lots of time in front of the telly and just getting back into bed at the end of the day. Obviously, she peed a number of times without wiping and from that (according to the doctor) she developed a huge yeast infection that was highly uncomfortable for her. From that time on she wiped after peeing as girls are supposed to do but it took her a while to get into the routine. Any of you have similar experiences either yourselves or with your kids?

Peter and Dave in AZ
Next time it happens. Just tell the person to wait later because your not comfertable with talking to someone at the moment.

Hope you get better!!

There is NO poop scene in Rat Race. They do not show a girl pooping. The girl is little so I don't think the producers could go far without getting in trouble.

That is it.
Pleasant Poops!!!

To Adam - england : I liked that story about you seeing the outline of that guys briefs and his poop started to come out

To Ty: Good story i like it...Here is my opion about your story i think it's ok for your friend to talk to you while you pooped in a doorless stall. I hear about this happing to alot of people and just think he was proctecting you from other guys that might come in while you were pooping in the open like that.

To Brad: Cool story about having to wait to poop and kind of peeking on that tall dude i bet that was fun. Did he know at all that you were peeking??

No really deicent stories to report on but i got a questions to the other guys on here...Do any of you guys enjoy watching your self poop in a mirror?? What i mean is you see the shit come out your hole and it is so enjoyable? Any one do this? I have been doing this latly when i've had to poop at home. I get something to stand on(a chair) and i get naked and hover over my bathroom sink and i watch it come out and it drops into the sink then i wipe and take my poop and put it in the toilet then i clean up the sink and counter. This is really enjoyable

I love that story of the jeans and changing room because when I was anout 14 the same happened to me only after we left the shop I unloaded the lot in my briefs piss and poo. Mum was not pleased. I saw a posting a while back about involuntary wet farts - adam - everyone has them - just enjoy them and keep some spare pants in your locker at school or work or wherever. As for your pants - wear them how you like - in my experience most men wear their shirt outside but I reckon its about 40% to 60% - anyone else help out on that one - this is a great site - keep the stories coming. I will give you a tale about an accident at our Goose fair sometime soon.

Gruntly Bogwell
To continue the saga of me and my temporary nanny, Vickie, from my previous posts. The next day after our mini buddy dump and butt wiping sessions, delivery men came to the door with a full length mirror my mother had ordered. I knew she wanted it installed on the back of the bathroom door and I needed to get back in my parents good graces after getting kicked out of summer camp for peeping on the twin counselors. Vickie and I installed the full-length mirror. It was kind of freaky at first, because I when I went in for my morning poop the next day after breakfast, I could see my self sitting on the toilet face on. My jeans and briefs down around my ankles and my red polo shirt pulled up to allow my skinny butt to push through the commode seat. When I grunted I could see my face contort with a strain or relief, when my morning turd worked its way free from my bum and KER-Plunked into the toilet. Vickie and I had become quite casual about our bodily functions, since we h! ad peeped on each other and then buddy wiped each other. Vickie knocked on the door, while I was watching myself in the mirror while and in the middle of dropping a second knobby log, it fell out as I told her to come in. She had her toothbrush in hand and was wearing her black pedal-pusher slacks and yellow blouse. She said, "I thought you might like some company," and began getting out the toothpaste. "If you don't mind the smell," I said. She laughed and said "Where there is poop, there is smell." Then she looked in the mirror on the back of the door and said, "Whoa, nice view Gruntly." I guess she was totally turned into a poopster now, because then she wanted to know if I needed to be wiped. It was music too my ears, this time she knelt down beside me and told me to lean up on my right cheek. She slid the wad of toilet paper under my left buttock and stuffed into my butt crack and found my hole and rubbed it around gently…it came out pretty clean because of my dr! y turds. Which were two brown, knobby floaters, about four inches long each, I saw when I looked into the toilet over her working hand. She patted me on the ass when she was through and flushed the toilet. She said, "Up you, go I have to pee." Then, I was treated to her unbuttoning and depantsing and her pale yellow panties being slid down to her knees as she settled on the toilet, her cheeks flattening out across the seat, followed by a flood of pee gurgling into the toilet. "Do you have to poop?" I asked hesitantly as I backed up to the sink wide-eyed and watching her pubic vee flex a few times to squirt the last few drops of pee, then she spread her legs and wiped herself, spreading her knees tight against her bunched pants and panties. I think she liked my interest in her, Vickie smiled and said, "Sorry, Gruntly old boy, not today…after that Ex-Laxing I went through, it will probably be a couple of days. Before I'm ready for that…I might let you help and I might n! ot depending on how I feel," she teased.

The next morning I went into the bathroom and left the door open and held my poop until I heard Vickie coming down the hall on her way back to her bedroom after doing up the morning dishes. The I strained really hard and let the turd fall out just as she passed the bathroom door. It landed in the water with a loud POOLOOP. "Whoa, a World War II depth-charge," she said as her head jerked toward me in surprise. I just grinned. "Wipe yourself today, sweetie," she called from the bedroom, "then let me know when you are done." I did as she asked then as I was leaving, she hurried in and said. "Gruntly, its been fun, but I need some privacy today, I get nervous if someone is watching and haven't been in a while…" I was crushed to say the least, and I had promised her I wouldn't open up the door jamb slit anymore. All I heard were a couple of dry farts echoing down the hall, from behind the closed door. The next morning I noticed Vickie made herself some stewed prunes! , for breakfast and ate some of my Dad's All-Bran cereal. This didn't help, in the morning, because again she insisted on her privacy and some dry farting was heard again. Later in the day she got a phone call, and she came to me and said, "Gruntly, you've been a real good kid, I'm going to le you stay by yourself, tonight, because I have a date. But, let's not tell your parents I left you alone." Then she added that she would let me go out to play, and after being grounded by my parents orders this was great news. For lunch, I noticed Vickie drank two big glasses of water, and ate some dried prunes.

Then when I was outside playing, I heard the bathroom window go up, so I snuck over by the window and stood underneath it. I heard Vickie straining and grunting and panting, for about ten minutes. I heard her say, "Oh hell," then the bathroom door opened, without the sound of the toilet being flushed. I was beside myself with desire to see her on the toilet again…then I hatched…The Plan. I remembered the small, four rung ladder, my grandfather had built for me when I was a kid. I got it out of the basement and put it beside the back of the house. Later that night when Vickie was getting dressed for her date, I went in the bathroom and parted the window curtain, so there was a one inch opening, then I went out and I took the ladder and set it up underneath the bathroom window, then slowly climbed up, my heart racing, to see what I could see. The window was still open from the afternoon…and the opening of the curtain gave me a great view of the toilet from behind. I! was there for a short when Vickie walked in and flipped on the light and boy did she look great. She had on pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace over a black short sleeve dress, black stockings and black patent-leather pumps. She began fixing her short brown hair looking at herself in the mirror over the sink. Then, she closed the bathroom door and began adjusting her dress in the full-length mirror. I was in love with how pretty she looked. All of a sudden she closed the door all the way, and walked to the toilet, turned around and began hoisting her tight skirt, up past her stocking tops and garter belt (it was the mid-50's and panty hose hadn't been invented folks). She hooked her fingers, with red nail polish on them, over the waist band over her bikini panties and slid them down over her two rounded butt cheeks and seated herself on the commode. I almost fell off the ladder…THEN, I looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror on the back of the door. She looked! like a queen, her dress pulled up above creamy white thighs, which made a vee with her legs together and framed by her black garter belt and black stockings, with her panties below her knees. She looked at her watch, and mumbled, "I've got half an hour" (her date was at 8:30 PM). She couldn't see me peeping in because the light in the bathroom was so bright. She sighed loudly, and started straining, she made quick little flexes in the stomach, just above her vee, trying to get a poo started. The she took a big breath and bore down with an UUNNHHHHHaaah, pant pant… "Oh come on," she mumbled, "I can't go out on a date feeling so uncomfortable." GRUNT…. GRUUUUNNNNTTTTaaahhhh. Nothing happened, but I got to watch her face turn very red, and she stared straight ahead at the full-length mirror. Then she put her head down and strained again a long struggling grunt, her head slowly came up and I could see her teeth clenched, and eyes squeezed shut and she let out an UUNNNNuuhh! hNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG…. "RRRAAATTTTS" And sunk down a bit panting. Then, I couldn't believe it…she was driven to desperation and got off the toilet, turned around and squatted down Asian style and held on to the toilet seat. This "Gruntly maneuver" coupled with her high-heeled pumps exposed her whole white, rounded buttocks to my view in the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She began to work her butt muscles, and strain, her head thrown back, eyes closed, teeth clenched. I had a good view of her underside as it slowly rose from the floor with her effort and her doming brown eye came into view, with a dark brown bulge in the middle. She panted several times and then began straining in and out with her hole to get the trapped turd to work out. Slowly its knobby end emerged, with its compacted dark brown poop balls in plain view. Vickie tried to get back into position on the toilet, with part of her load sticking out, but as she swung around the first poop ball on the ! turd broke off and fell on the floor. "Oh damn," she muttered as she reseated herself and grunted out the rest of the turd into the bowl with a loud KER-PLOOMP "AHHHHhhh." Then she got some toilet paper and bent over to pick up the dry poop ball on the tile. She lifted on her right haunch and tossed the wad in the toilet under her. Then Vickie farted a BRRIIPPP and a monster turd started out, because she pushed her panties down to her shoes and spread her legs wide and I could see this 2 inch wide log in the mirror reflection as it inched slowly and painfully, by the look on her face, past her pubic patch with Vickie urging it along with an OOH, OHHH…UMMM…(sigh)…NNNNGGGHH. The look of relief on her face was priceless. Twelve inches longer and it broke off, then she hollered, "Gruntly, honey, I have a surprise for you." Whoa, I was off the ladder and headed for the back door, as I burst through the door, she hollered, "Gruntly, where are you I don't have all day!?" I r! an down the hall and said "Yeah." "Come on in, I told you I would let you wipe me if you were good." I slowly opened the door and took in all her dressed up beauty, flushed face, seated majestically and triumphantly on the commode, having just unburdened her bowels. "Come on, Jimmy will be her any minute, if you want to wipe me." She turned and pulled off some toilet paper, smiling at my look of expectancy. As she handed me the paper, a look of concern came over her face and she tensed as another unexpected turd began to work its way down her back passage. "Oops, thought I was done," she winced and her stomach muscles above her pubic patch tightened, sending a crackling poo out of her nether hole. "You better have a seat on the tub, Gruntly, guess I called you in too soon," the smell from her moving bowels, mixing with her perfume, coupled with the view of my seated nanny producing a log down under her made me light-headed anyway.

Vickie smiled with concentration and relief as the poo log slid out and hissed into the toilet with a FLOOMP, then started peeing a long pee, followed by several smaller poops as the prunes and All-Bran worked their odoriferous magic, coupled with UMMMmmms and AAHHhhhs from Vickie. I heard myself saying, "Ms. Vickie…you look so pretty tonight." I was totally infatuate with the young woman on the toilet before me and the intimacy we were sharing. PLUP…PLUP…PLIP….PASH…PASH came from underneath Vickie as she beamed at the compliment and grunted out the last of her fecal load, the smell becoming intoxicating. Then she raised up on her right haunch, exposing her underside to me and letting a rush of funky poop smell escape from the toilet below her. I could see the imprint of the toilet seat on her bottom, as it curved in a gentle pink arch away from the dark black fabric of her stocking tops. I leaned over from the tub, put ting my hand on her creamy left buttock to ste! ady myself and reached under Vickie with a trembling hand to find her brown hole covered in dark brown poop residue. I peeped into the toilet and saw the compacted first poop lying at the bottom of the toilet, with the 12 by 2 inch monster on top. Then their were seven or eight other smaller softer pieces of varying lengths floating and suspended throughout the commode. I wiped very gently toward the back of her butt, and tossed the messy paper into the bowl. Instantly her hand was there handing me a second piece of toilet paper. As I started forward and put it on her hole which looked red and puffy from the strain after the first tp pass, and farted as I did. This made Vickie laugh and here I was holding her quivering left butt cheek with my hand and trying to wipe her, the paper bounced off her brown eye as her whole butt jiggled as she laughed, then she farted and laughed even harder. Just then the door bell rang… "Oh dang, hurry Gruntly, honey…Jimmy's here." I began! to wipe furiously, made worse by the fact that the tp had hit other parts of her bottom during the laughing. I finally finished, and Vickie jumped up and began tugging her panties back up, told me to flush and go answer the door. I reached for the lever and saw her pretty bottom partially disappear behind the black lace bikini panties, then completely as she pulled her dress back down. Then I ran out to answer the door, I could hear Vickie spraying our pine sent bathroom deodorant as I went. Jimmy came in and me asked if he could use the restroom. I stammered , "Uh…sure, I guess." Fortunately, Vickie had made it back into the bedroom. Jimmy, went into the bathroom, peed and came out saying, "Smells like somebody shit a Christmas tree in there." "That was me, sorry sir," I said as Vickie came down the hall looking radiant. She introduced me to Jimmy, then squatted down to tell me she wouldn't be late and mouthed the words "Thank you" for my covering for her. If Jimmy ! had only known… The next day my parents came home and Vickie gave me a big kiss and winked at me as she said good bye and left my life for ever.

Greetings Everyone.

As I said in my post from last week, I owe people some responses to their old posts, so I will work my way back through the pages and make some effort now to do just that. It might take some time, so apologies if I do not get around to everyone in this post.

I do hope we see the return of Carmalita and friends in the not too distant future. They have added some welcome latina spirit to this site.

To Julie,
Hello there, sweetheart! I did imagine how you would have enjoyed the Trawden urinal. Just think, I could have put your knickers in my pocket as well as Louise's, and you both could have enjoyed dousing the panel. It would have been wild. The urinal is situated in a very quiet and sleepy place, so I have no idea whether there was anyone in the little row of houses opposite who might have seen a beautiful, tall leggy blonde emerging from behind the panel, still with her skirt lifted and without knickers. Seeing the road outside made her lower her skirt rather quickly! As I say, the only thing that could have topped that would have been not one beautiful blonde, but two!
I enjoyed reading how you shared a toilet cubicle with your mother. She never responded to my reply to her first and (to date) only posting, so I have no idea whether my toilet guard duties now extend to her as well. Perhaps I would have needed to stand outside the cubicle, with the main question being that of whether the door would have been closed <snicker>.
I shall indeed say hello to Louise. She may be able to say hello herself if she comes home from work early enough.
Thanks for your nice comments on my posting about 'M'. Haha, yes, I did try my best to catch sight of her slow little stream when she had a wee in the alley.

To Ellie,
I enjoyed your most recent post. Little Lou's yellow rainstorm from the tree branch must have been quite something. I do wonder if it will give my girlfriend, Louise, ideas!
As for your drama teacher catching you both in mid-wee, no doubt she has done something similar herself at some time!

To Kim and Scott,
Hi there, Kim. Hmm, yes, I have indeed read how you had one of your characteristic large dumps while Scott held you up in his arms. I must admit Louise and I never considered using newspaper on the floor, and I can see how it would make things easier than positioning over the toilet, not having to worry about where the torpedo was going to land. I imagine the urine you squirted at the same time must have left the paper carpet rather soggy.
Yes, I will suggest to Louise that we try the same thing again, but using newspaper in the same way as yourselves. It even makes measurement of the torpedo easy!
Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to post again and begin writing up some of our experiences in Spain.

To Marge,
You are not alone - from what you have said, you appear to be suffering from a condition known as Avoidant Paruresis, where in company you are quite incapable of emptying your bladder.
The reason I comment is that there is a lovely Australian lady who regularly posts to this site who has mostly recovered from this condition, and she made very clear how limited life can be in
so many ways if you suffer from this.
You have my sympathies, but as one who has not personally suffered from it, I think I would struggle to advise you at this point.
I hope our Australian friend will not mind me pointing you in her direction, but I think if anyone is qualified to advise you on this site, it would be her. She posts under the name 'PV'.
Look for her old posts, she is very nice to talk to, and she will understand and know how you feel.

To Rachel,
Yes, I'm sure being snapped from under the toilet door must have been fairly shocking at the time, and for someone to take pictures without permission is objectionable. However, I do understand how later, those indignant thoughts you started out with may have given way to feelings of excitement, as my girlfriend is not exactly shy when it comes to these matters. Perhaps the best way to see it is that the guy, whoever he was, thought you were very attractive and was hoping to get a frontal picture of you in mid-wee. Looking at it that way, it is a sincere form of flattery, so I don't think you are wrong to feel slightly turned on by it. As I said at the beginning though, I do not condone the actions of that guy as he did not have your co-operation, but I can see how you can have taken something from what was at the time, a startling experience.

To Kendal,
Louise and I saw the film 'Lawn Dogs' when it was on television a week or so back. At first, it didn't click in my mind what was significant about that film until about 5 minutes into it, when I remembered Andrew AKA 'Lawn Dogs Kid'. Then I remembered what has been written here about the scene of the girl having a wee down a car windscreen. Louise didn't remember it until it came on screen, and then it made her laugh and applaud. It was very well done, and even though I don't believe for a second that she was really urinating, it did look as if the young girl actress really did dribble down the windscreen.

To PV,
Hello, sweetheart! Sorry to read of your illness while we have been away! I do hope my account of Louise's visit to the Trawden urinal has raised your spirits a bit.
The relationship I had with 'M' was an absolute delight, and seemed to happen almost by accident. I have rethought how long it lasted, and I think it was a total of seven weeks of total bliss. Other events and dates confirm that. It was truly spontaneous the way it turned very physical. Some way into it and in a very jokey context I did ask her if she had engineered the walk home in order to approach me, but I believe her answer that it was a spur of the moment thing. She did say, however, that she had always thought I was her type and had enjoyed her evening like it was a date, which was very flattering for me. Oh yes, she did open up with regard to the toilet as I said. It was not long before I was treated to the full-on sight of her gushers. Despite her 'proper' conditioning, there are still one or two experiences I can relate from my time with her, but right now there isn't enough time.
Get better soon, and I hope your toe has recovered.

To Jeff A,
It's such a long time since we spoke! Glad you enjoyed the story of 'M', she was always a real sweetheart and we enjoyed a wonderful time together while it lasted. No regrets, and I always enjoy a quick word with her if I see her. The thing about Louise is that I can do that unreservedly, as she knows her importance in my life. She is most understanding that ... well, before she came into my life I did not exactly live like a monk. Louise is the one ... definite.
As for 'M', yes it was interesting to listen to her peeing, but hearing cannot beat seeing, which I eventually did on plenty of occasions. Louise definitely beat her for bladder capacity, and probably flow rate as well.
Interesting Kung Fu style you are developing, by the way. In some ways it is hard to imagine, as without a disability you normally rely so much on visual input and footwork as well as tactile sense, but
I will be interested to know if you consider your work a success. As you say, no reason why you cannot adapt any style to your own requirements. I'm a purist, but only up to a point.

Cheers All,


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