Shanice W.
it looks like there is another Shanice here.So I'll add a W after my name just in case you all get confused.The last few posts were'nt by me.
ok.Now,I don't have any recent encounters to talk about,but I do have an experience.It was summer.I was about to go to the 4th grade.I was 9 or 8.Well I was at a camp form my school(-_-)it was ok.We usually just walked around and talked.Well anyway we had 2 little wooden shacks for bathrooms when we were outside.Where we were noone felt like walking all the way to the gym to use the bathroom so us girls used the bathroom with caution.One day a huge urge hit me.Maybe it was the lasagna I ate or something.So me and my friends walked to the bathroom together.We all had to go.A few boys at the camp happened to like us too.Me and my friends turned out to be pretty girls from then and still now.So we turned a few heads as we walked by in our short shorts.

The toilets in there are so wierd.There are NO stalls.Just two toilets with very small bowl size.It was so small.My butt covered it easily.I took the toilet close to the wall.I turned to the side to talk to my friends.So my butt was facing the wall.One of my other friends Chekeya sat on the toilet.She peed and let out a loud fart while doing so.I guess she had to poop just like I did.She barely sat on the toilet.She was scooted up to the very edge.I secretly looked in the toilet and there was nothing until she grunted a bit a a snaky thing turd slid out into the bowl with a strong poopy smell followed by a nice medium turd that fell with a plop.Her butthole opened again and about 5 more nice sized turds fell in the bowl with nice sized turds.The other girls just leaned on the sinks talking.

My friend was still going.I let out alot of nice farts(brr brrr brrrrrr brrrr)which added some stink to the place and then I felt my butthole spread very wide and I pushed and pushed "UNNNN UNNNNNNNNNNNN"the other girls were like"shanice are you constipated"I said"no just a big turd" I pushed hard"UNNNNNNNNNN"and got a reaction finally.first there was alot of hissing(sssssssss)then crackling as the fat turd moved out and fell with a HUGE splash.Immediately farts started very loudly(BRRRRRR BRRRRRR BRRRRRRRRR BRRRRR)After alot of farting my turds started coming.One long fart sounded(brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)My hole opened quickly as a short fat turd slid out with a splash,and immediately a few poop pellets shot out one BIG turd started coming!I leaned forward like Chekeya to get this out safely.I grunted and the hissing started that snap crackle and pop started as the turd started slowly moving out.I urged it forward wanting to get it over with with alot of"UNNNNNNNNN! NNNN" noises.While all this is happening I still manage to keep up a conversation talking about the boys there and etc.
As the turd moved out with sound effects I felt somehow we were being watched.I would find out later.The turd was STILL moving out.It had to be 15 inches long and still going.The girls could see now and had to comment."dang shanice what have you been eating.That's one big turd"Chekeya peered over from her toilet and looked in mine with my butthole spread to its limits with a huge turd coming out.It kept going and going getting fatter and moving slower till unexpectedly it sped up quickly and shot out my ass with a HUGE splash.

Immediately I let out millions of differant farts(brrr hssss brrrrrr hssssssssss ssssssssssss)and some medium sized poops shot out quickly(plop plop PLOP plop plop plop)I shot out a few poop pellets.Then I rested still farting.

Chekeya was making"zzzzzzzzzppppp"farting noises over and over.Like someone zipping and unzipping a bag over and over.Nothing came though.I looked in her toilet and saw several nice sized medium sized turds.I looked at her butthole pushed out and the tip of a turd come out.It came out with alot of crackling noise and fell with a loud splash."finally done.."she got up.The girls all looked at her production and giggled making little jokes.She turned to look at her production.She picked up some toilet paper and began wiping.At that moment I felt another huge turd coming.My butthole spread wide again slowly.There was more hissing and crackling as it came,but worried about
the toilet not being able to handle it(since my butt covered the whole thing and it was so filled)i stood up turned around and bent a little and began to flush and flush as Chekeya kept wiping her dirty butt.At that moment the door swung open almost breaking and a girl was there. "dang...I'll just walk to the gym"she said backing up.But as she backed up a few boys were there.They laughed and said"Shanice got a dookie tale!" "Wipe your butt good Chekeya that paper looks nasty" "Good god it stank....who knew you girls could stink that bad" At that moment Chekeya let out some zppppp farts again shocked and my turd began moving as I flushed.The toilet still had some turds in it.but
I could'nt shit in front of them like that.At that moment the girls said CLOSE THE DOOR!And the girl quickly shut it.I sat on the toilet and the turd fell out with a loud splash.

"that girl was stupid!"said one of my friends.Chekeya finished wiping and stood by the mirror.One of my other friends.Who was dark skinned and looked very pretty sat down in Chekeya's place.She did'nt fart any except for a little and she pissed for awhile and immediately I could see greenish colored soft turds ease out.Now her turds really stunk up the place severely.One of the girls sprayed stuff right on her butt laughing."stop playing"she yelled.She came over to me and did the same thing.I laughed and told her to chill.My rush hit me again.I let out a long hissing fart and a thin turd eased out and slid around the small bowl barely.My butthole spread and a HUGE poop pellet,the biggest one I've ever made,shot out.I had to see how it looked!"I looked in the toilet and saw a perfect ball.If you painted it white you could'nt tell what it was until you got real close.I closed my eyes and doubled over my butt almost over the side of the bowl and ALOT of nasty farty noises sta rted.A huge load of turds,all about 8 inches or so,shot out my ass quickly.There had to be around 30 plops.(plop plop plop plop SPLASH PLOP plop plop plop plop Brrrrrr plop)One of the girls looked over to the side at my butt that was nearly hanging out and saw the many turds plopping out."god..Shanice what the heck did you eat?That don't make no sense"

I let out one more long snaky turd and I was done.I pushed and pushed cause I felt I was'nt done,but nothing came except a emberassing long loud fart(BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)My butt was hanging all the way off the toilet now to the side.We started talking for awhile.My other friend seemed about done.She was sitting on the side of the toilet like me.She had a big and shapely butt for her age.I looked as her dark hole SLOWLY opened and closed quickly with a fart then opened again and a smelly green turd eased out into the water.She was done too.We sat there for awhile just talking.Occasionally letting out farts.
Finally we both got up and wiped.I wiped towards the wall just in case some girl bust in again.But not many like to use that bathroom.I wiped about 6 times.I headed for the door and started to pull up my panties when my stomach rumbled.A loud fart sounded(brrrrrrrrr)"Oh shoot was all I could say"while a huge turd began to come crackle out.The girls laughed hard."shanice look at you about to walk out with a turd sticking out your ass"I laughed too as I sat on the toilet and the turd moved out at a nice pace now and fell with a huge splash.

I sighed and flushed the toilet.Man!I bent over with my butt facing the wall again.Wondering if there was more.I pushed a little and a loud fart sounded again."man that surprised me alot"but I was surprised ALOT more when I felt some kind of straw feeling thing stick up my butt and a hand placed felt on my butt real quick.I looked behind me and was shocked.There was a big HOLE right where my butt was facing the whole time.The boys watched me dump the whole time.i thought I felt tickling on my butt before by a straw probaly. "hi shanice"said one of the boys laughing."You got a big ol butt!and your butthole be spreading wide!"The girls laughed.It was some of the boys we liked so we were'nt TOO mad.I was so surprised.I lowered my ass to their faces and let out one of my most stinkiest farts yet(brrrrrrrrrr)it was a loud one mixed with a silent but deadly.The boys laughed.I gasped as I felt two hands spread my cheaks and i felt another thing go up my butt.At first I thought a ! boy was being naughty as I looked behind myself asking who did it but all they could so was laugh and I saw that there was a HUGE piece of straw sticking out my butt.One more boy stuck another in right beside it.I laughed too.I took it out.Then pulled up my shorts and panties letting out one more stinky fart in their direction."alright guys shows over,we about to beat you down"We did chase them too.and we got them.All the time we were taking a dump I never noticed the obvious hole there.But we paid them back the favor.When we went on the hiking trip.The boys ate bad batches of food.we were way in the woods and they were forced to take a dump in the woods.we expertly snuck away and jumped up behind them laughing as they all had a nasty shit.Ahhh the sweet smell...well stinky smell of revenge.That was one of the best experiences I've had when I was young.

Oh and if anyone is interested.I saw a music video.I think it was method man or red man in lets get dirty.During the video it showed this nice looking black girl running through the building holding her butt and pushing people out the way as she got to the stall.A little while later they showed a few girls spraying cans as she walked out giving them a nasty face with toilet paper stuck to her butt.I found that hilarious!Just thought you might like to know about it.

This is a question for the females in this forum: Why do most women act shy about their toilet habits.....I know of VERY few who just dont care, and thats cool....but whats the big deal about someone knowing you're in the bathroom taking a dump or just pissing?

Cyrstal, you dont have to go there if you want someone to watch you. I would gladly watch and share in the enjoyment with you. ;)

Pee stories please!!!!

Natalie (Vancouver, to make sure)
This is my first posting. I've been around for about a month, and i think these stories are cool. So here's mine: One time when i was 9 or so, i went to church camp. during breakfast i had a lot of watermelon slices because they were especially good. However, #1 it cooled my ???? (bad for digestion) and #2 we were inside a forest where there are considerable numbers of microbes. An hour after breakfast we went swimming in the creek. I changed into the only swimsuit I bought along, one of those that exposed a bare ????. (not a bikini, though) Nothing was amiss until about ten minutes into the swim (More exactly a waterfight, 'cause it was shallow.) I had a bad ????ache and a twinge of diarrhea. Right away I stopped resisting the boy's attempts to splash me with water. I was clutching my stomach and bent over. I must have had a funny expression because the boys stopped and asked me "Are youu ok?" I shook my head no and they asked me what was wrong. I whispered I ! had diarrhea real bad and begged him not to tell anyone so I can slip away quietly. At first he looked at me with a disgusted expression and then he yelled to the counsellor that I had diarrhea. I was SOOOO embarrassed! Everyone who heard it laughed, and the boy who yelled gave me an evil smile. I HATED him for that! But there was no time to waste as the MALE counsellor ( the ONLY counsellor) swung into action and took me to the latrine. I clutched my stomach as I tried to run. However, once I left the creek I could'nt hold it. The diarrhea first bubbled, then burst it's way into the swimsuit. Everyone behind me laughed their brains out or had a grossed-out expression. Only my friend Janice and the counsellor (Who was pretty nice and cool) kept a straight face. I started crying. He helped me clean up in the male changeroom/latrine because seeing a grown man in the ladie's is worse than a little girl in the men's. In all, however, not a great camp. I had diarrhea eve! ry hour or so the next two days, creating some immensly embarassing situations where I had to suddenly run to the latrines. It was brutal for a little girl.

P.S: Anyone see Hong Kong T.V shows? It seems that while in the west we have banned films with women explicitly being sick, (Exception : "Hanged Up" with Nia Long) chinese T.V shows often have at least one episode where the female protagonist gets a stomachache of some kind. Sometimes it gets ridiculous as these stomachaches occur without any reason whatsoever. For example in one series a young female lawyer is asked a sticky question about her deals with a falsely-convicted criminal and then she clutches her stomach and says: (in cantonese) " Oh no my stomahc hurts: take me to the bathroom please." Then in the bathroom she is already washing her hands. In another series a young woman ( played by the same actress!) suddenly gets diarrhea at a restaurant and her boyfriend takes her to the bathroom. nothing more is shown. It seems that maybe certain chinese men get aroused when they see pretty young girls with diarrhea distress. ( and she IS cute: with a face that oo! zes trust, a homey but reassuarring voice, and a GREAT figure) Also, in Singapore, there was a government infomercial (2 years ago)about food safety in which they actually show a poor young lady clutch her stomach and run to the bathroom 2 seconds after she eats one spoonful of rice touched by a fly. I doubt that it's enough to make a person sick, and that it causes her to be sick SO SOON. ( I thought it took at least 15 minutes) anyway bye for now.

Last night when Connie paid her Sunday weekly visit, I had a surprise for her. I bought one of those digital cameras. We decided to have a little fun with it. First we practiced taking stupid shots like outside, and of the cat, Connie sitting on the hood of her car, me doing somersaults, and so forth, until we got comfortable with the camera. Later in the evening we got down to more serious business. I'd felt a load in the poop chute ever since noon, and after dinner told Connie that it would have to be now or never. We went to the basement to the stand up shower, with a drain grate that removes easy. We removed the grate and I stripped, and with my rear facing the camera lady, took a nice big looong, comforting shit. I tried to prolong things a little and the camera first shows my bare bottom and the back of my head. In the next frame my butt cheeks have spread, and my rectum shows plainly, and in the next one the tip of a turd is poking out. These were nice firm s! olid turds, and I passed them very easily with no straining, and Connie managed to capture two of them on film with the entire product stretching from my anus clear down into the drain hole. About two hours later Connie said it was her turn, because she had the urge, so we repeated the procedure with me running the camera this time. When Connie squats, before her turds start out that little pink rosebud between those creamy cheeks, her rectum usually opens up wide, and for just a moment you can actually see up it a ways- and that is what happened last night, captured on film. Next, out comes about a gallon of medium-hard ice cream poop which ploppppppped directly into the drain, followed by a couple of small firm solid logs. Connie shifted slightly while squeezing out the last one and it missed the hole, and I got a shot of it curling out from her bumhole and catching itself at the edge of the drain, then another one of it laying steaming (not really, but it was fat and ! healthy looking) and prone on the tile floor. Afterward we took a hose from the laundry tub and washed everything away, and put the drain grate back. Then we went upstairs to admire our work. The shower stall is quite narrow so both of us were in the same spot and I was surprised at how similar we look from the back! In fact I am proud to say that my bum is just as attractive as hers. Her waist size is just one/half smaller than mine, so I guess I should not be too surprised. However leave it to Connie to find something. "Look - our ass holes are not in the same place," she said, and I looked and sure enough, mine looked at least a full inch higher up my butt crack than hers. Curiousity aroused, we measured the distance from the back of our female privates to the lower edge of the anus, and even though we can wear the same clothes, there is almost an inch and a quarter difference in that part of our anatomy. In fact there is very little space - exactly two and one quarte! r inches -betwen the beginning of my buttcrack and the upper endge of my anus, but Connie's is much lower - About three and one half inches. Connie has a distant relative who is a gynecologist, and will discretly try to find out if this is unusual or not. And if so, which one of us has the misplaced plumbing. 'Til next time - Pam

I have been reading the posts for a few weeks. This is my first post and it is about being pee shy. I am in high school in the NW. I have to hold my pee all day, about 8 or 9 hours. I am ready to burst when I get home. I just can't go when anyone is around. It started when I was 10. My mom and I had lunch and I drank a large coke. We shopped for about 3 hours. I told her I needed to go. She said, just a few minutes. But in an hour all that coke had filled my bladder. I said, please now. My mother only pees 3 times a day, morning, late afternoon, and bedtime. It was time for her to go too. So we found the ladies room. There was only one stall available. So she said I'll come in with you and when you are finished I'll go. I hadn't peed since I got up either. I sat on the toilet. But I couldn't get started. I guess it was because she was there. Finally she said I'll go now and you can have the stall to yourself. So I got up. She sat down. We waited and waited. She couldn't go eit! her. I was really puzzled. Then the lady in the next stall left. Mom told me to go there and pee. When I got in and sat down, I heard my mother pee a torrent. It went on for about 2 minutes. But I full bladder or not couldn't go. My mother washed her hands and a few minutes later came back and asked me how I was. I said I'll be right out. We shopped for another hour and then went home. It was now 10 hours since I had peed. I was in agony. I headed for the toilet as soon as I got home. After a few minutes I got going and peed for about 3 minutes. I wondered what is wrong with me. After that I never could go when anyone was around. Now I'm 16 and still can't. Anyone out there, can you give me some suggestions or tell me your pee shy story.

hi, my friend jeff told me about this site. Talking about poop has always been fun for me so I'm glad I got to see this site. My brother always says i'm the only girl he knows that talks about poop. It rules and it's funny so I enjoy talking about it. I'm constipated right now and it sucks. i haven't pooped in days. i'm gonna look at the website now. later..

Billy & Kevin L.
As we said, yesterday was our last day before school. At our day camp, we had a field trip. We all went to a county park, played games, and had lunch. Mostly parents were there, because the teachers who were at the day camp all summer were at school doing school stuff. We all had huge poops in the morning, we told you about. When we got to the park, about 1/2 hour after we left the school, I had to pee. So did Bobby. There were 3 porta potties and no other bathrooms. Already about 20 kids and a few parents were lined up. There was a clump of trees with bushes and high grass in the middle of where we were. I asked my mom if we could pee in the woods and she said ok. Bobby, me, Kev and our little brothers Josh and jeremy all went. At the park, there was a pavilin with food and stuff. They had candy and fruit in the morning, and hot dogs and hamburgs in the afternoon. After lunch kev and jeremy needed another poop. The lines were about 10 people long and they got in line. THere ! is a mini golf thing at the park which everyone was doing. We split into groups, and it was our groups turn to play mini gold. I went and got them, and we went to the mini golf. It was about a 10 minute walk. We were in a group of about 20 kids. Kev and jeremy used the bathroom there. Me and Josh had to pee, so were went in with them. Kev dropped about 8 medium logs (color # 253) which sunk and jeremy did about 30 small # 256's which floated. We peed on the logs.

After the golf we went back to the games for about 2 hours. We played running games, throwing games, there were soccer and baseball games. We were done about 3:30. I had to poop, but decided to wait until we got home. On the way home, we decided to go out an play soccer. So I got dressed and went. We went to the field and I said I had to go poop. Me, Bobby and mike all had to go. We went into the woods and dropped big piles. I guess it was what was left over from last nights big meal.

Billy & Kevin L, do you ever have any accidents or see any with all your family?
Once I was at an arcade in the mall and I had to poop bad, I was playing x-men with two other people and I couldn't stop, I started to go in my pants while I was playing and the other kids said what's that smell and I said I farted. Well when the game was over I had to walk through the mall to leave, while I was walking some poop was sliding down my leg, some of it came out on the floor. it was gross, I sat on my bike to ride home and it squished all over the place, My mom was waiting for me and she was really mad, she spanked my but and the poop squished even more. Well that was really embarasing. I am 12

Jason: Hey dude. I was real interested to hear your description of taking a shit in that bar restroom using a toilet without any stall around it. Don't take any crap from your buddies - you were 100% correct to shit there! If a guy has gotta go, he has gotta go! If the management put that crapper there in the open next to the urinals, they probably expected it to be used mainly for pissing in. However, the toilet is there instead of an additional urinal in case some dude, like you, needs to take a dump. It sure takes guts to shit in the open in that kinda setup, mainly because of other dudes, who are often drunk in a bar and just there to piss, giving you funny looks and often verbal abuse. It was a real good idea to have your buddy, Kevin, stand in front of you and talk to you while you dropped your load - I'm sure that stopped other dudes giving you a hard time. I'd sure like to see a restroom like that. I often take a dump in doorless stalls at beaches and at parks,! but there a dude does have some protection from other dudes because the stalls are separated from the urinals and from each other by partitions.
Austin: I enjoyed your description of the semicircular restroom with the "viewing area" where guys waiting to use the crapper can sit and relax and watch other dudes take a shit while they are waiting. It sounds a real interesting place. Please let us have any stories of your expereinces when you drop your load there.

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I just have a question, I've always fantasized about watching my girlfriend pee. I want to ask her, but I don't know how. I really like her, and don't want to come off sounding like a weirdo. Everyone else I asked just scoffed at the idea that I even would think of such a thing. You all seem like a nice group. Please Help me out! Thanks, Jacob

The last 2 weeks have been work, work and more work. One client had a rush request for some critical software, so my boys and I had to really pour on the coal to produce a viable system, in a short space of time. With that said, Kathy and I were finally able to read some of the posts. Some hellos first

Kim and Scott - Thanks for saying that you think that I am one of the guys that makes this site a pleasure to be a part of. That was very sweet of you. Believe me, it is lovely ladies like you who REALLY supercharge this web site and make it so much fun. I very much enjoy reading your stories, and I look forward to everyone of them. Besides, you remind me of my daughter, who is another impish blonde that likes to make mischief. I can't get enough of you girls, I think that you are great.

Buzzy - Hey neighbor, it has been some time since we spoke. Life has been rather hectic, with too many hours at work, and Kathy tending to her mom, who had knee replacement surgery. But now the pace seems to be settling, so we have some time to catch up and enjoy.

Hellos also to Jane, Diane NY, Helen of Troy, Jeff A and Rizzo.

Saturday, Kathy and I had planned to meet Noreen and Larry for an early AM run. Our grand daughters were coming down form Connecticut later, so we decided to get the foolishness over with early. I got up, went into the crapper and had a rather large pre-run dump. I was squeezing out what turned out to be a 20" by 2" log, when Kathy came in, sat, peed and chided me about not being able to hold it until later. I just smiled at her, finished up, wiped, washed my hands and got ready to leave. My wife and I jogged slowly up the hill from our house to the trails, where Noreen and Larry were waiting. "We thought you guys weren't coming", Noreen said, as she greeted us with a smile. "Rick had to visit the head before we left", was Kathy's reply. "Larry pooped out also. I guess these guys just don't have any capacity", Noreen teased, with that smile of hers. That got her a playful slap on the rump from Larry, to which Noreen acted like it stung, when of course it didn't. We then ! took off for what was a slow run. All of us had been working hard during the week, and we seemed sluggish. After about 3 miles, Larry and I decided to run up some very hilly trails, while the girls just decided to take it easy. We all agreed to meet at a certain spot, in a short while. So Larry and I did some serious hill running, as we had caught our wind, and we wanted to get some timings for up coming races. After we did our thing, we slowed the pace, and came up on the spot where the girls were supposed to be. We didn't see them, but we had a feeling that they were probably answering Mother Nature's call somewhere. It didn't take long for us to find them. Sure enough, they were going behind some bushes, thinking that they had privacy. Larry and I "dropped down" on our wives, and stayed behind the bushes to watch. Yeah, we were peeping on our wives, but they probably figured we were there anyway. Kathy and Noreen were about 15 feet in front of us, and Larry and I had a good! view thru the bushes. We watched as the girls dropped their shorts, squatted and positioned themselves to crap. We didn't have long to wait. Noreen was still lowering herself, when a thick, medium brown poop started to exit, doming her pink anus out quite wide. It crackled, picked up speed, and fell with a dull thud on the ground. As Larry's wife peed, Kathy started pushing out a light brown turd, that got about six inches out, broke off, and then the rest, about 12 or so inches followed and fell. While Kathy peed, Noreen started passing more cracklers, then gasped with relief. Kathy strained, but there was no more, so the girls just paused, still squatting. That's when Larry did his best to imitate a cardinal, but he was off key. Kathy turned around with this puzzled look, and asked Noreen if she had heard that. "It's my bird brained husband, thinking he can sing like a song bird". With that, Larry and I entered the area where our wives were. Noreen was getting wet wipes out , and gave her a husband a grin and a shake of the head. Kathy looked at me with that Mohawk stare of hers, but she was smiling. "What took you guys? We thought we were going to have to clean up ourselves", my wife said. "They must have had more important things to do", was Noreen's statement. So Larry and I walked over to the girls, picked up the wipes, and started to clean our wives' behinds. Just as Larry was finishing, Noreen let out a juicy gasser, the made all 4 of us laugh. "Just middle age", Noreen laughed. Larry and I finished our chore, then we inspected the piles. Both were impressive, each with a long job, that was curled and circled. Noreen's pile also had a couple of smaller droppings. At 5'2", Kathy is 4 or so inches shorter than Noreen, and she is about 20 pounds lighter. Still, both of these fifty something ladies consistently produce very large bowel movements on a daily basis. The two of them make a nice contrast, with the size and complexion differences. Anyway, Larry and I picked up loose leaves and twigs, and covered the girls' doings, then we left to complete our run. We made plans to run the following Saturday, and this time the girls promised to run the higher hills with us. Who knows, maybe we can all dump together next week.


Babe E.
Crystal - thanks for replying, LOL. Know what you mean about laughing. I was at a girlfriend's birthday party when I was about 6. We drank lots of soda and were doing all sorts of fun things. While we were playing Pin the Tail On The Donkey everyone was laughing at the what the person with the mask on was doing. I laughed so hard I wet my pants bigtime, making a HUGE puddle on the floor. I was so embarassed, my mom had to pick me up although my girlfriend's mom changed my clothes and gave me some of my girlfriend's jeans and undies.

Beet Lover - I haven't had any experience with beets but I have had red poops from strawberries. I also had a funny experience last year around St. Patricks Day. Most of the local bagel stores add green food dye to the bagels to celebrate the holiday. I had about 3 bagels and pooped green for about 2 days. That was really weird!

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