Billy & Kevin L.
Dommie M.L.,
We have those low flush toilets in our house and they work great. They never block, except once, when the water was off in the morning, and we had a sleep over. ABout 10 of us pooped in it before the water was on. They do save water. If you poop every time you go to the bathroom and you have to flush 3 times, I see your point. But we only poop 2 or 3 times a day and pee like 6 times a day. So the toilets do save water. I saw an article that says they save millions of gallons of water a day in new york city.

This weekend, we went up to our cabin. I am not sure why it is called a cabin, because we have about 8 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and 5 bathrooms. Anyway, our friends Bobby and Mike came up for the weekend. One the way the there, Mike had to crap. There are no bathrooms on the way. We told him that he had to squat in the woods. He said, you mean there is not a mcdonalds or something on the way. We said not for the next hour. He said so there is not any other way? We said he poop in a bed pan, but it really stinks. He said, ok. We stopped the car, and my dad said he would show him. My little brother jeremy said he had to go too. So he should him. Mike then pulled his pants down and squatted. He pushed out one huge log and stopped. He wiped his butt with some toilet paper we keep in the back.

After we got to the cabin, we ate lunch then we went swimming in the lake. After about 1 hour I had to poop. Kev and Josh both had to drop logs too. I told Mike we were going to poop and would be back in about 5 minutes. The lake has a few porta potties. He said he had to go again. I said you have unfinished business from our stop? He said yeah. We walked passed the porta potties. he said where are you going? I said, int he woods. I hate the porta potties. You can go their if you want. He said, I will go with you. We went about 200 feet in the woods. WE were near our septic tank. I really had to go by then. Me and Josh and Kev climbed up on some trees, pushed our pants down, and hung from the trees. Then we dropped out logs. By this time, Mike was squatting. He looked up and started to laugh. He looked at my butt hole and said, it is opening up. Then the turd started. It was a solid one and pretty long. We finished and wiped.

Today, we went to breakfast after church. Then we went out to play soccer. After about an hour, Mike said he needed to go to the bathroom. We said, we should stop and get some water and he can go in the house. He said he wanted to try climbing and pooping. He did what we did. He climbed up in a tree, and pulled his pants down, and hung from a tree. He was hanging with his legs around a branch, and his hands towards the trunk. He started pushing out a log which was about 8 inches out. Then the branch broke. The turd broke off and fell to the ground, He started to laugh when he got to the ground. Forunately, he fell about 2 feet from his turd. He got up, pushed out about 3 little turds and wiped. We went inside, washed out hands and got a snack for lunch.

After that we went home about 3. It is only about 1 1/2 hours away. He is staying with us because his mom and dad went away for the weekend. After dinner, we were playing soccer. Me, kev, Mike and josh all had to poop. Josh is too small to climb up, but the rest of climbed up. Our cousin bill also climbed up, but only whizzed. We all started to poop at the same time. Kev was about 3 feet higher than me. It was weird watching his hole open up and poop come out. We had corn for dinner last night, and his poop was full of corn. Mine was too, of course, I could not see it come out. Mike mad fun of the corn in my poop.

I guess we converted another outdoor pooper.

New Boy
I know my story sounds a little immature for my age, but this is how it happened. I was in class (freshman in high school) and really had to pee. It had been so long since I had been to the bathroom I couldn't remember when. So naturaly I tried to wait but couldn't, so I asked to goto the bathroom. The teacher said no and I suddenly found myself in a bad position. I ended up peeing all over myself and with most of the day ahead of me. At my next class, I told my friend about it asking what I should do. He totaly laughed at me with no sympathy.On his other side was a girl that I happen to have a big crush on, and she asked what we were talking about. He told her, and her reaction was the same. My friend eventualy suggested i ask his sister who would have a change of clothes and not laugh at me. I ended up not, because I new my mother would question the clothes and be mad. No one else noticed (i hope) and only a few other people found out from my 2 friends. This girl eventualy l! oosened up on the jokes, but still mentions it from time to time (im now starting sophmore year high school) She has known for a while (even before this accident) that I liked her, and has always said she didn't like me in that way for other reasons, but I seriously think this one was a much bigger reason. anyone have advice?

Well I hope I haven't lost too many of you folks as friends
after the confessions of all my past pervdom. I'm a lot better
now about respecting peoples feelings and trying to find the
few folks around that have interests similar to mine.
Anyway, even if you can't stand me, I'd still like to hear
your opinion. And now on to today's.....


After compiling my list of the best twenty places to shit in
Austin, I have been saving up a big load and taking a tour
about town on saturdays, waiting for the best situation to
drop it off. You might say I've taken up recreational stunt
shitting! This saturday was great. Nothing much at the half
circle bathroom, but the brick unisex was excellant. These
two cute little hispanic girls about 13 or 14 went into the
girls side, just as I went into the men's. One was kind of
chunky, and one was thin. Both had that lovely long black
hair. The thin one was the first to sit down and she had
finished peeing by the time I sat down. I could here every
word through the airflow gap at the base of the wall. They
talked about boys and all sorts of girltalk while the first one
was starting a series of plops and kersploops. Their words
were hard to make out since the echoes garbled the sounds.
I loudly huffed and puffed and dropped a few plops of my
own. Then, the young girl made a sound new to my ears. It
was a combination deep exhale/grunt. It was a funny sound,
strong with her pushing, but still delicately female. It was
laced with relief and pleasure. I wish I had caught it on tape
so I could play it back 50,000 times. Oh well, it still lives in
my memory. Next, the two traded places and the chunky
one had a short wee. I only spent half my load, hoping for
another round somewhere along my tour route. I barely
missed a "golden" opportunity so to speak later that day on
the island. Three gorgeous 20ish cuties and one of their
boyfriends came up my trail past my favorite rock. I was
about to get into the prone position but they were on me
before I could get situated. I couldn't just drop my shorts in
front of them, so I went back down the trail a little ways
and squatted down. As it turned out, they left by a different
trail, so no chance for a buddy dump. Wah :( .....Finally,
after holding my second half dump for hours, I sat down in
a porta-john by the boat docks. It had no light inside it, so I
couldn't find the latch to lock the door. As luck would have
it, a lovely brunette in jean overalls walked in on me. She
quickly backed out, but as I've seen other women do out of
curiosity, she came back for that second look. This time
though, she came almost all the way in when I had to say
"excuse me". We both took a second to look eachother up
and down. If I hadn't said something she might have sat on
me. Hmm....not a bad thought.....At that point she slurred a
tipsey "Oh! I though you were....the..." and backed out.
After that I desparately dropped the rest of my load while
she listened outside. Not a bad tour for a saTURDay!


G’day from “down under”.

The weather is very cool and wet here, so I havn’t been out and about much lately. I wrote a few things very early in the life of this forum, and have come back for a visit some time ago and just been lurking.

Someone asked recently about different places to pee, so here is my list: Frequent places:
In the shower (always),
On the lemon tree (most nights, and only after dark as it is in the front yard),
In the compost bin (my wife and I often share this experience, and it helps fertilise the compost),
In the wash-sink in my shed,
Anywhere in the back yard anytime,
In the sea or in a lake.

Unusual places:
Off a bridge over a river,
Up a tree (trying for a distance record),
On a beach (just dig a small hole in the sand then cover it up – BTW I have also shat that way)
On a nude beach, just roll off my towel and go (I was already wet from sweat, so what difference, and I went for a swim later to wash it all off),
In a bucket in a tent (my wife just lifted up the plastic ground sheet and pissed on the ground, but the plastic sheet and the hot weather drew the moisture up and it really began to stink (like a men’s urinal), so then we used the bucket),
Through a hose in the floor of our caravan (trailer camper),
In alleyways and bushes.

And I NEVER pee in a swimming pool.

Hope the weather in Adelaide is warmer than it is here in Victoria. I love to hear about your urinal stories and adventures. Have you (or any other girls for that matter) ever been “caught in the act” in the men’s bathroom? If you have, tell us about it, and what you did / said / reacted. If not, tell us what you would do if you ever are!

A few years ago I was in the foyer of a large office block ready to go for an appointment, and I needed the bathroom. I saw it on the other side of the building, and the symbol had “two legs”. Well, usually the symbol for the men’s room has two legs (spread apart) and the symbol for the women’s has “one leg” and a dress. I just saw the two legs and didn’t notice the dress. When I went in, through the second door I came to the wash area, and there were no urinals – unusual I thought! And the doors into the stalls were full floor to ceiling. It was a rather modern building, so I was figuring perhaps there was another room with the urinals, or they had put them in a stall. Both stall doors were locked, so I waited and tidied up my hair in the mirror. One of the toilets flushed and out came a pretty young lady. I’m not sure who was more surprised, she or me! I said “Oh! Am I in the wrong place here? Sorry!” and left immediately. As I hurried out the door, another young lady en! tered and was very surprised to see me leaving. I heard the two of them talking about “the wrong place” but didn’t hear what they said as I high-tailed it out of there. I found the men’s room “hidden” around the corner. I’ve since been a lot more careful about reading the signs, (although on occasions I confess to being deliberately careless if I am in an isolated place and no-one is around).

Gary from Oz

I have a problem that when I need a piss really badly I sometimes follow through with a really wet fart and on occassions a couple of little turds as well. My shirt suffers first with the fart because I always wear my pants over my shirt but the little turds soil my pants and make my legs sticky. These farts are quite involuntary - do many other people suffer. Adam from England

Question on a strange experience

This summer we were travelling through Europe. On the highway on the French border we took a short break on one of the little parkings of the highway. The parking was nearly empty. Only one van was parked in the near of the toilet. The driver and his girlfriend (between 20 and 30) were playing with their little dog in the grass. They saw us stopping on the other side of the toilets.
I said to my wife that I had to go for a poo and went to the gents, but there were only three urinals. So I had to take the other door in front of the van, the door of the “ladies”. I entered the place but could not lock the door, somebody had forced the lock. There was only one toilet of the French type and I had to squat down faced to the door. I nearly was squatted and started pooing as the door rather slowly opened.
I shouted that the toilet was occupied, but the young lady quietly opened the door completely. I could not move and she looked a quite long time down on me on a distance of 2 or 3 meter. I had the impression she could see everything, due to the sunlight falling in, by the opened door.
I didn’t felt humiliated or ashamed but I was very much astonished that she took so quietly her time and didn’t express any doubt or inconvenience.
She closed the door ajar and waited in front of it until I left the place. When I left I apologized myself in French, but she didn’t answer, possibly she didn’t speak French.
I asked myself: did she handle the whole action on purpose or by accident? What is your opinion. I am still wondering?

My question is: do women like to see a man pooing squatted down. Should any women on the forum do the same as the young lady, knowing the toilet was occupied?

Sick boy
CRYSTAL and MICHELLE IN IOWA: Thankyou for answering my questions
I have one story to tell that happened to me last winter I forgot about it till now I was on my way to work one morning my job is 24 miles from home well after about 6 miles it hit me like a ton of bricks I had to shit in a big way! I knew I was in trouble if I didn't shit it was going to end up in my pants. Luckily there was a state park off to my left. I pulled in to it jumped out of my car and bent over so my ass was facing outward and not down and I fired away. in maybe a second there was a large pile of shit maybe three yards from me. a second spasam hit me and an equally large pile landed may be 2and a half yards from me it also came out in no time at all. I then found some kleenex wiped and got into my car and left. now winter in Minnesota has a way of preserving a pile of shit. It of course froze and stayed clearly visable until our next snow fall. many snow mobilers probably saw the huge piles in that time. and figured a cow got loose.

This is my first time posting here, but Ive been reading the posts for quite some time as I have a great interest in watching females sittng on the pot, sort of speak....I am a male 25 yrs old

For Crystal, Brenda....It seems as if you and your friends normally have problems when it comes to taking dumps...perhaps you should either take a laxative or eat foods that would soften up your turds....

For Movie Poop Fan....I havent seen any of the movies you were talking about yet, but I do know of some movies from the past that might be of interest....Remember Psycho III, when that chick goes into the bathroom in the motel office (only to eventually get stabbed to death unfortunately), I always wondered if she was just pissing or doing both piss/crapping....There are some other movies Ive seen in the past that have parts with women on the toilet, I cant remember the titles though.....

Becky....It seeems you were the victim of a messed up prank....Id kick his ass for doing that if it were me....

Anyways, does anyone know why Carmalita signed off? I really enjoyed reading her posts......

Donnie C.
I saw "Jay & Silent Bob". The title characters are hitch-hiking to L.A. and are picked up by a quartet of women. Jay is dirty-minded, to say the least! Somehow the conversation turns to whether or not women fart. The ladies deny it, but later Justice lets off the ear-splitting explosion that trips an alarm. Can't describe the scene further without spoiling the movie!

Another title is a 1979 movie, "King Frat" (a crude "Animal House" ripoff). There's a farting contest involving a slobby guy and an stunning brunette in red silk panties, and yes if I recall she produced several impressive reports! (The slob lost when he "drew mud".) Later, there's a ridiculous fight scene in which the slob lights his gas to use as a weapon. If "King Frat" was ever available on video, it's long out of print.

I just remembered an episode of the TV series "Kate & Allie". Allie (Jane Curtin) goes 'way uptown in Manhattan and loses her purse. She has no money to get home, and she very explicitly complains about needing the bathroom (that was even in the promos)...and you know how hard it is to find a public toilet in NYC! Of course, there was no mention of whether or not Allie made it in time...

And THAT reminded me of an episode of "Maude"! The Findlays are having a party, and an older woman whispers something into Maude's ear. Maude directs her to a bathroom, saying "That's OK. You wait and wait, then suddenly it hits you when you're having a good time." Very likely the first reference to a toilet accident on network TV!

Linda GS
Hey you know I love that boy cousin of yours. I'm not gonna make him feel bad. I might do something bad like leave my barret in the bathroom and wait till he's pooping and just as it's about ready to splash out I'l go in and say I need my barret and see the expression on his face as it makes a loud plop and I grin an say thanks and leave. hee hee.(Don't make fun cause I know you want my cousin to see you too. And when he does I hope it's a big poop you have to relaly work hard to get out .. so you'll be embarassed. Just playing)) I already started school.. no fun at all. I had a pretty good poop the other day.. man I didn't have to push at all. I was sitting in class when I got a huge cramp.. god did it hurt. Finally I got the urge to go.. big time. I mean I felt it opening mu tushie. I grunted as I forced myself closed. I asked to go to the bathroom and I ran, the hall was empty so I had my hand clamped tight on my bottom. I must have looked silly walking like I had a bu! g up my tushie. I didn't even close the stall door I just threw up my uniform skirt, down came my pampies(black Andrew my love.hee hee)and crashed on the toilet with a loud thud. then a long.. and I do mean long poop slowly came out with no pushing..oh it felt good. Good thing no one came in. After like 3 minutes it was all out..I sighed as I did a little pee. I got cleaned up and went back to class. Why is it we get emergencies that feel like runny poop but end up long hard major poop sessions instead? Oh well.

Lawn Dogs Kid
I didn't read your post about that cause well I stopped reading after I found out Kendal's dad died. But still poor Kendal.. can you imagine being all scared and such and having to sit on the toilet and poop? I wonder was she scared.. did she have to force it out.. was she able to poop knowing she didn't have a pamper on? Sigh.. wish I could have been there to offer support. Naw who am I kidding I would have given her a pamper to poop in and I would have gabbed with her the whole time she did it. LOL. Oh I have a story for you from my cousin about Elena. One time her mom had given her a pamper to poop in but for some reason she couldn't. My cousin says he remembers her going under this table which had a long cloth on it so she was covered. He heard her straining and such but i guess it wouldn't comeout. Finally her mom had to go pay some bills at the mall so they went. She left the pamper on Elena so if the urge returned she could finish. He said that in the car.. she whim! pered cause she had to poop but she didn't feel right going there. He was in the backseat with her and he stroked her head and said it's okay. The feeling went away but as her mom was paying something at a cashier.. the urge came back.. Elena wanted to cry. He said to took her inside one of the racks.. where the clothes are in department stores.. the were in cicular racks and you could hide inside them.. something he loved to do as a child. Anyway he took her under there and held her hand as she strained and grunted the poop out. He said he heard crackling and such coming from her pamper. Finally she sighed as she was done. hee hee. Anyway speaking of which.. you say Kendal did a performance of peeing in her potty in front of everyone? HEE HEE. Think about it.. she could have turned it into a one girl show. Come see Kendal and her magic potty.. one night only. then I'd imagine there being a note on the poster one night saying.."show called off on a count of poo" Hee hee okay I! 'm gone now.

I experience so much anxiety when i goto the bathroom.
Some how, I developed a deep fear that I am "unclean".
After every bowel movement I usually spend 15 minutes
wiping myself. I have no idea how others can do it in
seconds. When I am at work, everyone else does it
in amazing speed. How is this possible? Why do I
keep seeing fecal stains?

Donnie ML:

Why not investigate the possibility of getting a "dual flush" toilet?
I have seen these in some new houses in the UK (they still had the instruction sticker on the cistern). Press and let go the handle for a 4.5-litre flush, press and hold for the full 9-litre flush.
That's about 1 and 2 imperial gallons respectively.
Best of both worlds!
But would your local building code allow one? I doubt they'll be UL approved.

Hey, I'd like to get the opinion of you all other High School dudes out there. At my school, we have stalls without doors in the boy's restroom. I found it kinda weird at first, but now I am getting used to it. I take a dump there 3-4 times a week. Other dudes don't ever do anything or make remarks - most are real friendly and some dudes come up and say Hi when I'm on the toilet. Now the school has put suvalence videocameras everywhere including the guy's room. I can see them when I'm sitting on the toilet so I guess they can see me. Does anyone think this is weird? I am still a bit uncomfortable with it, but the other dudes say they are not worried about the cams, especially since the stalls are open anyhow.

Hi, I've not posted for a long time, but I've got a story that may interest some guys here. I am 22-year-old College guy. Our local baseball team had to play in nearby town and me and five buddies drove there to watch the game. We decided to go to a local bar to get some beers and a hamburger before the game. Anyway, we were having a great time when I suddenly got that feeling that told me I needed to poop. I told my buddies that I'd be back in a few minutes and Kevin, one of the guys, said he had to go too. We get to the men's room and we walk in. Facing us are two urinals on the opposite wall and a toilet right next to them with no stall around it - just out in the open! Kevin says to me: "Shit dude! There's no way I'm gonna take a crap in here." The place was real busy and there were 3 dudes pissing, one into the crapper. So I say to Kevin that I need to go - would he just hang around in case the other dudes give me a hard time? I pulled my shorts down to midt! high and sat on the toilet. Kevin stood in front of me talking to me. I got funny looks from some of the dudes pissing there, but they did'nt say anything. Kevin has seen me take a shit before on other road trips so it was no big deal for him. When I wiped, I was real careful just to wipe and not look at the TP. Even though it went well Kevin still would not shit there. When we got back to the table Kevin told the other dudes about me shitting there and they all thought that it was a real crazy sounding type of restroom. Before we left the other guys went to see what it looked like and all said that they would never take a shit there. Do you other dudes think it was a bad idea for me to take a shit there and should I have waited to find a more private toilet?

HI, I haven't posted in quite sometime but i had to share what happend yesterday.

I was at the gym and it was very crowded for some reason or another so i cut it short went to shower and change and as i was towling off in front of my locker some other gals,four to be exact were on the far end of my row around ten or so lockers down from me and i slightly knew two of them to be regulars but not the other two,so anyway they are all gabbbing away and i hear the one that i knew say something like go ahead who cares so i guess the other girl said she had to fart since i heard a loud blast and then ewwwww and i wasn't kidding, and saw one of them waving a towel so it must have stunk and just as i was thinking that i'll never know which one did it the short bleached blond with a cute face and figure (i know she was bleached since she was nude)says i've really got to shit, wait for me,ok and she quickly wraped a towel around herself and headed for the toilets and of course with my pee/poop interest i had to follow so i put my towel over my shoulder and grabed m! y makeup bag and walked into the restroom just as she walked into a stall and i went over to the mirror at the sink across from her and saw her towel now draped over the top of the door and i heard a long moaning fart and then the sound of some ploping and i started to do my face and watch her thru the sizeable crack between the door and the frame,i don't think i was being to obvious since i fit right in with a towel wrapped around my wet hair and being naked and all and then the smell started to hit me and it wasn't very nice,sort of like when you haven't shit for a few days and it was all stored up and one of her friends came in, the one i knew and she saw me and we said hi,and she said Michelle is that you in the middle one and the reply was like a yesss and you could tell she was pushing one out and then a few farts and she opened the door for her friend and said i'm really sorry about all the gas and she was sitting on the bowl naked slightly bent forward with her elbows! on her knees just like i sit and she then did a very audible plop i turned around and said you can keep it open if you want to talk to you friend,i'm about done,and she said don't rush out,i'm not shy we all do it,but just then a bunch of gals came in and she shut the door,and i could hear her finishing up as i was leaving and someone said someones pooping,it stinks in here.

Hello from Scotland.

Some interesting posts since I last visited here.

Now on the "male menstruation" subject. Of course a man doesnt have a period like a women with bleeding etc. What IS however the case is that the fetus is by default female and only develops into a male child if the father's sperm was XY and not XX, so in effect we all start out as girls. The rudimentary reproductive organs either become the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, and clitoris, or the testes, spermatic vesicles, vas deferens, prostate and penis, depending on the gender of the fetus. Sometimes this doesnt go according to plan and hermaphrodites with some of the sexual characteristics of both male and female are born and of course there are some who suffer gender dysphoria being psychologically the wrong gender for their physical sex, (usually males who feel they should be females). . It has also been shown that men have a monthly hormonal cycle affecting mood, libido, energy etc and of course the idea of the "male menopause" when a man's hormones start to! dwindle is also accepted. As to such a cycle affecting the solidity and frequency of a boy or man's bowel movements I have no evidence. I havent experienced such as phenomenon myself and I have been studying my motions with deep interest for 45 years now since I was a kid. I also cannot say that I have observed this in the many females who's motions I have listened to and sometimes seen, if anything they have all tended towards constipation when on their menstrual period, and either go for a few days without a motion then passing a lovely big fat solid whopper when they do go, or they produce only a load of hard balls during their period and then big easier jobbies afterwards when it is over. I would be interested in the observations of some of the females who post here on this topic.

Now how to affect the colour of one's motions. If you want to pass light brown "khaki" jobbies then eat only white bread, pasta, but without a dark meaty sauce, cheese, white meat such as chicken or turkey breast, white fish and avoid rare steak or any food with blood, such as liver. BTW eating rare steak (something I cannot abide as I like my meat well done!), will make the stools black NOT red as the blood is changed to black in the bowels owing to bacterial and chemical actions. That's why bleeding in the upper digestive tract or the ascending colon etc will usually cause a black sticky stool whereas lower bowel bleeding, piles etc will show up as red blood. As others are repeatedly saying, if you pass a black tarry stool or red blood from the anus then see a Doctor without delay. Iron tablets and tonics and foods rich in iron can cause black stools as well but that is a natural side effect and no cause for alarm. Beetroot and other such veg can also cause a red colour! to the feces if a lot is eaten.

My advice to anyone who has problems wiping their anus after a BM and who leaves skid marks on their underpants is to use moist tissues. These Im sure are available in the USA as they are in the UK, from Drug Stores etc and there are little plastic cases to carry some in when out and about. I wouldnt use ordinary soap as this can irritate the membrames of the anus and cause inflamation. Vaseline, (petroleum jelly) will only make worse stains in the seat of the panties as it is oil based. Above all wiping until bleeding occurs is a very foolish action and should be stopped.

Hiker, I know that moutaineering is a physically extreme sport, especially in the terrain you were climbing in. However I just could never envisage drinking 3 litres of water, that's over 6 pints. I havent bothered to measure it but I think that on average I drink no more than 3 pints (1.25 litres) of fluid in a day taking into account cups of coffee, cans of coke, and the occasional pint of lager and that is spread across a whole waking day of about 15 hours or so. Now wonder your guts protested as even the most efficient kidneys and colon could not deal with such a water burden in a short time. I doubt if I could actually drink that amount of water without spewing it all up again in a short time as my stomach would be distended.

Finally, Rachel E, did you and your boyfriend come to an acceptable agreement on him watching you doing a number two. I hope so! Of course I have no problems in this regard with my wife Theresa who would be most upset if I DIDNT accompany her when she does a motion and comment on the size, colour, shape, smell, etc of the big fat jobbies she passes. Let us all know how you got on, but I can tell you, and reading OLD POSTS will confirm, that very many men are very "interested" in the sounds and sights of women defecating, so your BF is by no means strange.

I used to travel through Ventura (Thousand Oaks) about once a month and I always made sure to stop at the mall and use the toilet in Robinson's/May. They had removed the doors on the toilets stalls and the stalls were located directly in front of the sinks and mirrors. If On the weekends, sometimes the stalls would be filled up, especially around Christmas time. One time, I was in the 2nd stall, and one of the salesmen came in and saw that the only toilet left was the one nearest the door. That one allowed everyone who went to the sinks to see the guy on the toilet. He was wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt and slacks. He was probably about 24 or so, with brown hair, a thin goatee and glasses. Pretty attractive as well. In the mirror I saw him enter the stall next to mine, fumble with his pants and let them drop to the floor as he sat down. He pissed and started to dump when another salesman came in and went to the urinal. The other salesman went to wash his hands when he reco! gnized his co-worker and said "hey, what's up?" I think he called him Justin. Justin seemed a little bit embarrassed and didn't say much. I finished my dump, wiped, and went to the sinks to wash up. The salesman in the stall was just a little red in the face. He had his dark slacks all the way down to his ankles and his dark socks were pulled up over his calves. He was wearing white briefs that were also sitting around his calves. He leaned forward to wipe a few times. He then stood up and quickly pulled up his briefs, adjusted them, and pulled up his pants. By then, it was time for me to go.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Sick Boy - the reason I cried when I wet myself #1 I'm just a 12 year old girl #2 I really felt bad that I had peed on someone when I might have made it if I had woken her up. #3 I was humiliated and thought I was too old for this

Since my first buddy dump with Kelly, we have been paying more attention to each other's BMs. We now try to hold it in as long as we can, then put paper towels around the floor of the bathroom for easy clean up. Yesterday I was over at Kelly's and she said she had been holding one up for a week and was constipated. We set up in the bathroom and she took off her pants. She bent all the way over keeping her legs strait and grunted loudly. I could see her butt hole push out, but nothing came out. She said she would take a stool softener and try again later. I then took off my pants and squated over some paper towels and pushed. I didn't even need to grunt as several medium logs about 2 in. thick fell on the ground. Then Kelly said she was ready and started grunting again "HHHUUUUUNNNNNNN" I could hear her wisper "come on, come on" under her grunts. I said "take it easy" but she said "it really hurts" Then I could see it start coming out. It must have been 5 in. diameter. She ! kept pushing and pushing and it was very slow moving. Every time she took a breath it went back in a little, which must have been very frustrating. One time she held on to me and just pushed and pushed without taking a breath. I though she was gonna pass out. Then I just could help myself, I reached out and grabbed her log. I tried to gently pull and it helped. I said "just breath deeply and relax" and it worked. The log slowly started to easy out without pushing. When It finaly was out, it measured over a foot and a half. I put it right into the toilet, having to break it up to fit it. As I washed my hands (and believe me, I washed good) she let out a few more softer turds and said "thank you so much I feel a whole lot better" and I said "no problem, what are friends for" and she gave me a hugh hug.

Red Pooper
Does anyone know if eating beets makes your poop look red? We had beets for dinner the other night and two mornings later my poop had streaks of red in it and there was what looked like blood on the tp. The next day there was just a little red on the tp, and the day after that everything was back to normal. Would the red juice from the canned beets make your poop look bloody? Also, if you eat a lot of rare meat (like rare steaks), would the blood from the beef work its way into your poop and make it look red?

To CD: About your question on long-haul bus user and their bathroom habits. I can tell ya that the tip is to wait as soon as possible to the next stop (ex. on the 15 minutes smoke brake or on the meal time). Lots of coaches are not too well-equiped for bathroom, but stations bathrooms are lot cleaner, more spacious and stable. Maybe, it is not everyone on the bus that can hear you shitting, but on lots of bus models, they'll see what you dumped out. The others problems with these bathroom are not the size, but the cleaness. Something, they're so gross and stinky with piss splashed everywhere. On the west coast, Greyhound have problem: when their coach leaves L.A. to go north on the Interstate 5 up to Seattle and Vancouver, the bathroom is cleaner and with new bathroom water. When you take in Vancouver, BC, Canada or Washington State or Portland, they have to keep on the same water, because a stupid maintenance union regulation (two countries = two systems...) makes that it co! st them 5 times more expensive to clean the bus in Vancouver and they say that they don't have enough time to do it in Bellingham or Seattle (The first U.S. point stops). So, it stinks on that route. A last thing about buses, I got the flu on a trip between Buffalo,NY and Cleveland,OH. I always did it on time, but without toilet paper in the bus shitter.
Another thing, we're talking about these new low-water level toilet. What's said was ok, but have you see these stainless steel pissing walls? They're usually in nightclubs, bars and restaurants. They're cool, but since they use running water days and night, they're wasting more water than people filling up the swimming pool or watering their front grass, right? What are you thinking of this issue?

Movie Poop Fan
Here are some new movies that seem to have female poop or fart scenes. I got the information from reviews, but haven't seen any of the movies personally. Has anyone seen any of these?

"Bubble Boy" - According to a review, a female character tells Mark (the main character) that she has to use the bathroom, and he jokingly tells her, "Pinch it quick." That sounds like he knows she has to poop. Question for anyone who has seen the movie: how does he know she has to poop? Does she make a face or something?

In "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", there are apparently multiple fart scenes involving humans and animals, but the one that interests me is that a female jewel robber apparently makes a loud enough fart that it sets off an alarm. My question for anyone who has seen the movie is if there are any facial expressions accompanying the fart or if the other characters comment on it? Elsewhere in the review there was mention of female characters discussing farting, so maybe that's the same scene?

Finally, it's been mentioned before, but in "Rat Race" a girl supposedly poops out the window of a moving car and the shit hits the windshield of a police car. I get the impression from the reviews that it's not terribly explicit, but it would still be interesting if someone could describe the scene. Does the girl make faces or grimaces that signal her problem?

Any other current movies I've missed with female poop scenes?

Eric in Chicago: I like your printed TP idea. Back in the 80s I did see TP on sale here in the UK with a picture of Margret Thatcher (when she was Prime Minister) printed on each sheet.

Hello.all-been away on business and haven't posted in awhile,but have been reading all the good stuff-also some good pics on the masthead lately,pretty ladies on toilets!I also nociced a lot of the regulars seemed to be away(probably on vacation or busy with work like me)Hey RJOGGER,JANE, KIM & SCOTT,PENNY,just to name a few-whee are you folks? Anyway,i have cut back a bit on the high fiber thing to a moderate level,but i'm still dumping 2 times a day-lately it's been uneventful,but i have a few stories i'll try to post later when i have a bit more time,but i had a good session yesterday a.m out in the woods-I got up at 7 am and had some OJ and felt a slight urge,so i hopped on my bike and went out to the woods and as i was looking for a spot,i saw another guy with his bike walking it thru the brush about 30 feet ahead of me and then i saw him come to a clearing and look around and he seemmed to look right at me,but i don't think he saw me-i got down low,cause i was in a s mall clearing myself and had put my bike against a tree about 15 feet away from me and I could see him,but he semed to feel he was totally alone as he leaned his bike against a tree and pulled down his biking shorts and took them off and he quickly squatted as he had some tissues in his right hand and I knew this guy was going to poop and he squatted down with his side to me and I could see part of his butt too.he looked about 40 or so and was pretty tall and lanky and just about as soon as he was in position,I saw a turd start to come out his butt and his anus really dome out as the turd was growing and I could see as he was shitting,he was still looking around to see if he was along and again,he did not see me at all as this turd kept growing and touching the ground and still coming out!I have to tell you all-this had to be the longest turd i ever saw come out of someone's butt! It had to be over 2 feet long as it folded over itself on the ground-i've read on this forum abou t some really big ones some of you guys did and thought"yeah,right" but after seeing this guy unload,i guess it IS possible!I do some pretty long ones myself,but not like this guy-he must have really had to poop!Then he shifted over slightly as this pile was almost touching his butt and he semmed to still squat there but was taking a break as I saw his anus still open and at this point I really had to go myself as i got a reminding cramp and I took of my shorts and got behind a bush,but I could still see him and let out a hissing fart and let out a good rope of excrement of my own and man it felt great and still this guy had no idea i was about 25 feet away from him-the brush was pretty thick her in this part of the woods and I could understand how he could not see me.Then as i'm letting the last part of my turd hit the ground I saw him semm to squat lower and I saw his anus open up and he did another long smooth turd,but this one came out really fast and it was also another r eal long one and toward the end of it ,it got soft and then the last part it was real loose and I could hear the wet farts from where I was as we were both doing some good pooin' at the same time as i groaned quietly in relief,but he didn;t utter a sound and then he wiped for quite a bit as i could see it was a messy job and then he got dressed like he was going to a fire and again he looked around and I got a bit nervous cause I thought he may see me ,but he didn't and walked with his bike quickly away and when he was gone,i went over to where he dumped and looked at his pile and it was some dump-this guy realy did unload-I never saw a guy do this much poop! I myself would have to poop 2 time to produce this much output-WOW-I went over to his spot still undressed and had to shit more and I squatted over his pile and unloaded some really soft stuff that went over his pile like ice cream syrup-it was kinda fun.I have seen some women poop piles like this but never a guy-it wa s cool.As he was dumping i cuuld see he was closing his eyes in relief and semmed to be enjoying it-he was very thin and tall with a lot of hair on his butt,but man could he poop!then I got dressed and headed home-i have to say,that was different!I'll try to tell some more stuff later on this week,just too busy lately-great stories all-C'Mon regulars,lets hear from you all!BYE

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Donnie ML

For the Bad Wiper-

All one has to do is put a tad of vasoline or similar stuff on your finger and run it round your butt hole and some up in the butt hole. When you crap then, it just slides out and the big logs dont hurt if you do this and do it right. When you wipe you can use a couple sheets of toilet paper and you will find nothing on your paper cept maybe a trace of the vasoline. Sometimes yo might see a little streak of poop on there but not much. You oughta try it and post again and let us know what you found......HaPPY POOPIN....:)

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