Hi everyone, my name is Crystal and I'm 12 years old. I'm having a BM now (laptop, I know it sounds like something a guy would do, but when I found this site, I couldn't resist). I just finished peeing, and can feel a little something on it's way. I didn't really feel a need to have a BM, but since it's been a few days, I thought I could easily get some results. To my dismay I'm seeming to have a little trouble and am now straining a bit. It's resisting, but I'm not gonna give up. Wait, wait, here it comes, hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH thank god. Let me inspect. What! It was just a small log that broke appart in the bowl. can you believe that? I can never have any good motions unless I have a need to, but I'm too impatient.

Before I wipe, I'll use this time on my favorite potty to tell a pretty amazing story. It was a few weeks ago and my girl friends were having a sleepover at my house. We like to get in our PJ's and sleeping bags and talk until we're tired. Sometimes we are short on sleeping bags and have to share, which was the case for me and my best friend, Kelly. Most of us don't mind, Kelly and I actually enjoy the closeness, it's not like we're lesbian, but we like to talk and giggle and keep each other warm after the others fall asleep. I had not gone potty all night and just went to sleep. At about 5 AM I woke up because I had do both, and I mean I had to go now. Everyone was still asleep including Kelly and I tried to quietly reach and unzip the sleeping bag, but it was too late. My bladder exploded all over the us. I just kept peeing and peeing, I couldn't even slow it down a little. After what must have been 2 minutes I finished and just dropped my head on Kelly's chest, crying. ! She woke up shocked, however, only wispered to ask what happend. "I couldn't help it" I sniffled into her pajama top. She just held me and said "it's OK it's OK". By now I was feeling intense stomach cramps, and thought I would loose my bowels too. I told her this, and she said "well we better get outta this before this becomes a lot worse" We quietly scrambled into the bathroom, leaving the sleeping bag in the laundry room. We both stipped completly naked (we openly use the bathroom and change in front of each other. I was happy to find from this site that we're not alone) and I sat on the toilet. I let go of a hugh liquidy wave of diarreah and sighed in relief. I was far from done, however, as applying small amounts of pressure released wet farts and more stinky waves came, slwoly healing my cramps. Niether me or Kelly had our first periods yet and I wondered if this was what a menstral carmp felt like. We were both eager yet anxious about our first time. "OOOOOOO OOOOOWWWWW! WW, my cramps" I said, and kelly held my hand saying "It's OK just relax" As I started letting out another large wave, Kelly asked me "are you almost done, that food from last night isn't agreeing with me either" And I said "no, I've got a lot to go" We had heard about "buddy dumping" but was not sure we were ready for it, or how. But Kelly said she couldn't wait and I moved over, hanging off the side. She sat on the other side, back to back, just barely getting our privates over the bowl. She grunted and let out a violent chuncky slop of diarreah, sighing. We both giggled each time because we were splashing poo on each other. After about half an hour I was really sick of the horibble smell and my cramps were getting worse. We had been flushing every once in a while and this flush I decided to wipe, since my vagina was a bit irritated. To my surprise the was a redish brown spot on the toilet paper. "Oh my god, my first period!" I exlaimed. Kelly and I were frantic. By now we h! ad woken up some other girls. "What's going on in there?" Cindy asked. I told her them about my peiod, but nothing else. She was happy for me as well. When we both finished, we snuck out to hid the evidence of my little accident and got new clothes. I sure hope no one recognizes me on this site.

The most embarrassing time ever for me was when I pooped my pants. I was about 20 at the time and my brother has a horrible sense of humor. We were going on a road trip to go see my Cousins about a 3 hour drive from our home. We ate a quick breakfast and then with my brother I didn't know this at the time but my brother put a rather strong laxative in my muffin. On the road about an hour into our ride I began to feel the urge to have bm bubbling up inside my ????. I just thought i'd hold it until we stopped, BIG MISTAKE. about 10 minutes later it hit me real hard! I suddenly felt bloated and started passing gas. I said we need to find a bathroom quick! Everbody looked worried except my brother. Unfortunately we were in a traffic jam which seemed to go on for hours. About 5 minutes later I felt like I was gonna explode and I yelled Ok just pull to the side of the road I'm gonna poop my pants! But with the slow traffic there was almost no way to move over. I began! to loose control. Then I just couldn't hold it anymore. I let it all out all over the back seat. All the watery diherrea poop just let loose and filled my panties, jeans and spilled out on the floor. We finally moved to the side and I finished my bm out on the roadside. after about another 5 minutes of driving we stopped at a motel and stayed a night. I had diherea all night but woke up feeling better. We drove the rest of the way to my cousins stopping several times for me to use the bathroom but no more accidents. My brother later addmitted for putting laxative in my food but I still seek revenge.

HI, This is my first time posting,I've been reading the posts for a couple of months but up until now never had anything interesting to add.

I am your average seventeen year old High School student (i Think)

and for as long i can remember my bathroom routine is pooping either when i wake up or around mid day at school and around eight or nine pm before bed.

Three weeks ago i started to have some pain as i was doing my morning poop,it wasn't bad but when i had to push out a hard one i could feel something hurting right at my hole but i just ignored it but the next morning i had to let out some serious hard logs and i was almost crying it hurt so bad and i saw some blood on the tp,so now i was geting kind of scared so i figure i better tell my mom,and just then i could hear her opening the linen closet that is next to the bathroom so i opened the door and said mom i think i have a problem and explained and when she came in to the bathroom she said she better have a look so i got up off the bowl and i had forgotten to flush so she saw some blood in with my logs and asked me if i had my period and when i said no she said honey do you want me to look up there for you or do you want me to take you to the doctor,well i got up my courage and said no, no doctor so i walked over to the sink and droped my panties to my feet and slipped ! them off and lifted my robe up and bunched it around my ???? i then bent over the sink and mom said ok honey don't be embaresed but you need to reach back and spread your cheeks for me and i could feel my face going red and mom says ohoh you've got a big hemroid,and she took a wash cloth with warm water on it and very lightly wiped me clean and said i had some poop stuck in my hair and she very gently got it out and even thought i felt very much embaresed i knew it was necessary to do.
The next day mom took me to the doctor (a Female Thank God)and i had to put on one of those stupid paper gowns that your butt sticks out of and she had me lean over the exam table and bared my butt and started to check back there and asked me questions like did i have to push hard when i had a bm and stuff like that and i could feel her touch my hole with her rubber gloves and pushing on my hemroid and then she asked if i had had a bm yet today and i said no because i was afraid of it huring again and i was holding it in and she told me she would have to treat it and then give me someting so my poop would be soft for a few days,my mom asked her how she would treat it and she said first she would give me an injection to numb the area and then lance the hemroid and clean the area. Well when i heard that i started to shake and my legs got weak and i could see her holding a needle and she told my mom to hold my hand since this might hurt but then i wouldn't feel anything and ! a nurse came in and the docror had her pull my butt open and a second later i felt the needle and it hurt bad and i started to cry and say stop stop it hurts and then i could feel some presure and a minute later it was over, my mom said she thought i was going to thow up and i turned kind of pale when she stuck me with the needle,

The next day i couldn't hold it anymore and and let out a lot of soft stuff almost like the runs and it burnd a little and i had to put on ointment and a few days later i was back to normal but know i take some stuff so my logs aren't so hard since thats what the doctor said caused it,the only thing is that it makes me fart alot.
So if you feel something weird back there don't wait get it checked,ok


Unknown Female

I had quite the experience while in middle school(now im in high school)(10th grade)I had girl friend(not lesbians just so you know)we walked through a heavily wooded area to get t our houses on the way home i had to poop seeriousily bad.I said you could come if you want and she said she had to pee.

I took of my tight jeans and lacee panties and found a goot tree to sit/squat on.Mary found a spot to face me and she squated and started a heavy stream than decied to show off and stand.I stared to pee a little my self and it made an arching stream into a bush.She finished and than she stared at my bud to monitour the progress.I groaned and BOOOOOOOOOOM a bubble of black wet poo flowed out of me heavily and slpashed against a rock.Mary jumped back in suprise into a pile of poo left appaerntly by some one else.Just than someone came over andwe hid in some bushes. I held my but.The guy had a news paper in his hand and sat on the log i had.he stated grunting and let a log later measured at 4 ft. 3 in. i let out a loud fart and a little poo,i still had my pants off.It all came out than flowing out more and more over my butt.THe guy looked up but didnt see us Mary put a big rock in my hole so it would stop for now it did.the guy fished up and we went back to our busniss i ! took out the now half brown rock.and a lot more came out.I didnt feel well and i burped and barfed red beans out.I was in such pain. Mary wiped my butt and helped me home and explainded to my mom that i threw up on the way home.I stumbeled and trriped and another barf came out every where THaN i stumberled into the tub where i procceded more with pooing pure liquid black poo.and more vomit and so on.My mom and mary kept comforting mom left and than mary locked the door and gave me a hole every where body masaughe wiped me down and a sponge bath after cleaning the bath up.Shes so nice. she helped me to my bed and i fell asleep. She stayed with me the whole time to make sure i was al right


Ühis ought to be the right place to get some info on an item of interest to a lot of people out there

Ive been under fire at home to go and purchase one of those new low capacity flow toilets. I understand they use only one and half gallon of water per flush. I say, that if you got a big load in there, you are going to flush 2 or 3 times to get it down. So then, where is the savings? Then the possibilty of having some stoppage where you can have paper or something clog the pipes or the toilet. I contend that if you take and put a brick or two in you tank you will save a lot of water and still get a good flush. Those new toilets are odd, like your "motion" doesnt drop into a big pool of water and to me that seems like you are using more water to get it all down. Then I read that(in some magazines) there are several different models of a low flush toilet that can run the price up from a figure of $80 lets say, to $350 or more. So whats the scoop on these? There ought to be a lot of comments out there about it. Many old timers in the plumbing and hardware stores say! , "dont do it" keep the old one. SO what do you say Peeps????

About the Wipe Clean Comments-

I agree that a person wont be carrying vasoline or lotion around with them when needing to crap and use it to lube the butt to give you a good easy cleaning.
Im against using ordinary hand soap however, the stuff is stron and aint-germ. What can happen you get some on toilet paper and wipe it on your butt and you will be sorry as your anus will burn like made.
You might be actually dunking your ass in the sink to cool it off! If a person has a tendancy to have to poop in public, more so that at a regular restroom like work or elsewhere, then perhaps carrying a little, tiny supply of vasoline in a little tube or something would be of benefit. You only need a little dab, on the end of a finger and when you dab it on the anus, you get a nice clean wipe like you wont beleive. Hand soap, na, you do so at your own risk and your ass WILL burn!!

To Nature Calls: I liked your story about that boy getting all excited cause he had to poop...How old was he about? And how old are you? If i were him i would have been really nervous. I wouldn't have offered to watch the peoples stuff cause they might not trust you.

To Nicholas: I loved your story about watching that girl camp consler poop in the woods...i bet it was exciting, i would have been excited

To Kevin: Cool story about those other boys pooping

I took a dump last night for the first time in about 4 days. It hurt a bit coming out. I had like an 10" log but it broke in to alot of smaller pieces because i was looking at it. I wiped a few times and flushed

Infantry PFC
Acey: I don't know of any celebrity peeing or pooping accidents, but I would like to hear about more female celebrities going poop on the net. Especially models like Tyra Banks or even an actress like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm also looking for a girlfriend who will poop in front of me. I've only had some going on the phone. I envy you guys who get that the chance often. I've been around a few women who poop and I smell it after, but that has usually been my friend's sister or his step mom.(both not too bad looking) I want a girl that takes big, loud, stinky dumps like Jane always post's about herself. Where do I find girls like that?

I am interested in the references that people use when they have to shit or pee. My experience with females suggests that they fall into a number of categories. The first one refers to females that "skirt coyly" around the subject in mixed company, around the subject - particularly in the case of a shit. A typical comment would be " I need to use the toilet" with no reference to the type of bodily function. This category would also say "I need to go for a wee or a pee".

The second category adopt a more aggressive approach along the lines of " I am dying for a crap / pee. My question is whether ort not these two categories are typical? Also how females on this board refer to the bodiy activity among mixed company and among fellow females?

Once my brother, sister, and parents ook a road trip to visit our friends about 3 hours away. We ate breakfat before we left and me not knowing it my brother put laxative in my muffin. About and hour into the trip i began feeling the urge to bm but I ignored it, BIG MISTAKE. About 20 minutes later I began passing gas and felt bloated. I asked to stop so I could use the bathroom but had to wait since we were on the express way. Just after that we hit a traffic jam and were not moving. I held for another 10 minutes then finally yelled, Pull over! I'm gonna Poop my pants! Hurry!. Just after I said that A huge and uncontrollable urge hit me and I filled my pants with diherea poop. It oozed through my panties and filled my pants. Just then my dad pulled to the side and I ran out and dumped for a full 10 minutes non-stop! Having to sit in the car in messed pants for another 15 minutes was torture. We stopped at a motel for the night. I had dihrrea all night but finally! fell asleep. We drove the remaining hour to our friends stopping several times for me to use the bathroom but no more accidents. I'm still thinking of a revenge for my brother. Got any ideas?


Dude! Your posts Rock! You are the MAN! I wish I could
hold the bag for some little hottie! You're gonna make me
take up climbing!


Glad you enjoyed my story! The men's room in the park in
northwest austin is shaped like a circle that has been cut in
half. along the curved wall is the viewing bench, and along
the flat wall are the two toilets, the shower and the urinals.
It is a park with a large pool, so you can bet it gets busy on
saturdays. The toilets do have a wall between them but they
have no doors. The place is just made so well for public
shitting that I just have to go back, even though the chances
of any hot chicks coming in are zero.


I realised I never posted anything about the things I did as
an adolescent to catch a glimpse or an earful of female
relief. It all started in Junior High when this cute little girl I
was talking to on the phone went into the bathroom. I heard
water flowing and assumed she was washing her hands. Not
long after that I heard plops and that was when I realised
the water I had heard was yellow. I was hooked! My blood
boiled and pleasure and fear and every possible emotion
raced through my veins! I just HAD to hear that again.
Once she realised I liked it, she of course wouldn't do it for
me anymore, no matter how much I hinted at it, or how
many hours I kept her on the phone. The next four years I
spent trying to learn how to capture moments like that one
on tape. Being young, however, I never was able to make it
work. I can't believe how determined I was, even though my
neanderthal electronic methods never captured anything.
Next came the microphone on a stick approach that I
worked on in high school. I lived in an apartment complex,
with a good looking blonde next door. Well now..... this
was just too tempting. I had to come up with something to
listen with. I found that the bathrooms had common walls
and pipes with hers. I tried cramming my microphone into
every crack and crevice to get a good listen. It almost never
worked because you couldn't see what you were doing
behind the wall and my electronic skills were in their
infancy. What did my family think I was doing in there for 6
hours at a stretch? I was a driven young man. Finally, by
shear luck, one night all my connections were working, the
microphone must have been positioned just over a crack and
I actually heard her come in, pee for a few seconds, plop a
few plops, roll the roll, wipe and flush. I was in heaven!
Three years of absurdly hard effort had finally paid off!
After graduating from tech school, my perving skills were
greatly enhanced. Cordless phones were new, and it was not
against the law yet to cruise the streets trying to catch the
frequencies. Oh what fun it was to waltz around town
listening to all kinds of "private" conversations! I had
become a pioneer of perv. Someone would always take the
phone with them to the bathroom and I heard many tinkles
and plops. Paydirt at last! It usually took about two weeks
of perving to locate a new person with open bathroom
habits. After a while, I had about twenty people on my little
route that I could drive. Once, one of my ladies saw my car
parked at the curb and I pretended I was passed out drunk
in the front seat. She was a nurse and not afraid of anything.
I heard all her comments as she walked out to my car,
telling her phone friend about this perv parked on her street,
probably listening to her and masturbating to her every
word. Just look at that piece of shit car and that big ol'
antenna! She tried to goad me into blowing my cover. If I
moved, she would know I was listening to her, all I could
do is lay still and pretend not to hear her scathing stream of
insults. I won the battle of patience, however, as she finally
gave up and went back in the house. I sat there for an
eternal three minutes and disappeared. Shortly after that,
new laws killed all the fun and I had to behave myself. It
was just too risky to keep that up night after night. I also
found a new approach as I grew more mature. Honesty.
Hmmm....! What a concept? Don't be so deceptive, Just ask
for what you want. Honesty made me a better man, but I
still miss the old days of that heart pounding adrenaline
rush while sneaking around perving.


After sitting on the toilet for several trips to the smaller
brick bathroom in the park, I finally had a girl come in next
to me. The sounds were crystal clear as she had a quick
wee. She tried to cover the sound with the hand dryer but it
timed out after a few seconds. Then I started to pee so she
wouldn't feel like the spotlight was on her alone. I managed
to push out a couple tiny plops, but I had dropped my main
lode earlier. It was nice to finally hear a girl pee in person.
It's been a long time for me since I heard that. That was
about it, I'm hoping for much more later.


Hello all!!

Having an especially loud BM in one of those mini-bathrooms can be very embarrassing. I'm sure you know the types I mean... The ones so small you can't bend over too far without banging your head against a door or wall. You usually find 'em on jets, in the back of inter-city buses, or occasionally in some small eateries.
Unless you're alone on the bus, plane or in the resteraunt, absolutely everyone knows you were the one causing the racket...

Are there any frequent flyers or long-haul-bus users here who have to deal with this on a regular basis? (Either producing or being forced to hear the orchestral delights of the gastro-intestinal tract.)
Do you take pride in everyone knowing what you did?
On the other hand, do you like to take note of what strangers sound like they're doing just behind that rather thin door?


3 days ago while mopping a store I came across a spill on the floor,
at first I thought it was cake or cookie. When I brushed it into my hand the smell told what it was, dried poop.

I subsequently got a broom and dust pan and swept it up. There was still a brown stain on the floor. I put soap on the stain then mopped over the area later.

The day before a turn must have dropped out of a toddler's diaper and was not noticed by the people who close the store.

This reminds me of how they handle waste in a space ship. After an astromaut defecates his/her feces are spun to get the water out. After that the poop is probably powdered like the mess in the store.

To Bad Wipper: Try taking a dump with your legs spread wide apart and leaning forward, everything should come out better because you are giving it more room, you should stay cleaner and not have any skid marks on your boxers. Try it, let me know how it works for you, I will be looking for your posts. Does anybody else take a dump this way?

To Ben: I'm glad you liked my last post. Hereís another camp story from this summer.

Well one afternoon during Free Period, my friend Jon and I were playing soccer out on the field with some other guys, just to pass the time. Well after a while Jon and I sat down by a tree to take a break, and we were just talking. It was a really hot day. Well I got the urge to crap so I told Jon that I had to poop, and he said that he did too. I hadnít gone yet that day, and he told me he hadnít gone for 2 or 3 days. So we decided to walk out into the woods surrounding the camp and to dump in the woods, just for fun. It was definitely against the rules to go into the woods without counselor supervision, but we wanted to do it just for the heck of it and because we didnít feel like walking all the way back to the bunks to poop. We walked into the forest for a while and soon enough found a large tree log lying on the ground. We pulled down our shorts and boxers and climbed up onto the branch. Jon and I got into the squatting position with our feet on the log, and used our ! hands for balance. Then we pooped away, talking to each other the whole time. I dumped a load of soft poop, not quite diahrea but not solid either. He dropped a lot of thick short logs, since he hadnít gone in a long time. Well after we finished, we used some leaves to wipe ourselves as best we could, and then we looked at our dumps. Jon asked me if my poops are like that all the time, I told him that no, it was probably something I ate that didnít agree with me. Well we left our dumps there, pulled our shorts back up, and walked back to camp. That was the first time I pooped outside. Do you have any new pooping stories Ben? Also, Iím just curious Ben, what do you look like? Well thatís all for now.

Kanga: I think that if you are taking a dump in a doorless stall, you should do whatever you do when you are at home or elsewhere with complete privacy. I often take a shit in restrooms with doorless stalls and I always make a point of inspecting the paper after each wipe. This is the only way a dude can tell if further wiping is needed - any other method is just guess work and will probably lead to bad skidmarks. I find that most dudes don't pay any attention so there is no reason for embarrassment. Sometimes, when I'm shitting in a doorless stall and a guy is waiting to use it, he will just watch me while I dump and wipe. Others stand there, but avert their gaze. If they don't want to, no one if forcing them to watch - so just relax and do what comes naturally and enjoy yourself!
Nature Calls: You were correct in not offering to mind the luggage for that dude who needed to shit. In these days, most people would think that you were a thief hoping to make off with the bags. It seems, however, that you missed a real good opportunity to follow the dude to the restroom and either watch him take a shit or listen to it from the next stall. Airpost restrooms are great. Because they are busy you can watch dudes on the crapper through the gap between the door and the frame or sit in the adjacent stall and listen to them farting and plopping. If you are a real toilet fan, you have many opportunities at an airport and you should try to have a good time while waiting for your flight!

Eric in Chicago
About peeing in pools: Although lots of people believe that there's something you can put in the pool water that will cause a color change if someone pees, there isn't. It's simply impossible. There's only one substance that's always guaranteed to be present in pee, and that's water. Additionally, sweat has pretty much the same components as pee, just in different proportions. You can easily tell them apart with lab tests, but not with a single reagent that has to function in a rather hostile environment (lots of chlorine, etc.). Now some pool owners certainly will *tell* people that they've put such a substance in the pool, but they're just hoping that it will deter pool-peeing.

Someone mentioned drawing pictures of "enemies" on TP before wiping. I've never done that myself, but I've always thought a good computer product idea would be the ToiletJet printer: an inkjet printer that lets you print custom patterns on a roll of toilet paper. Discussing this with some friends led to another idea: free, advertiser-supported toilet paper. Of course, the paper would have ads for the sponsor's competitors, not the sponsors themselves (in real life copyright and trademark issues would make this impractical, but hey, we're fantasizing here). You could exploit things like boyband rivalries or software partisanship: rabid 'NSync fans could wipe themselves with pictures of the Backstreet Boys, and Linux enthusiasts could turn Microsoft's logo brown (I'm actually a bit surprised that nobody, as far as I know, ever marketed toilet paper with Bill Clinton's picture on it, given how hated he was by some sectors of the population).

Billy & Kevin L.
Yeasterday, we playing basketball at the day camp at school. At the break, Bob & I had to go for a poo and 3 kids had to go for a pee. I (kev) was making stinky loud farts for about an hour. The nearest bathroom is part of a consession stand. It has two toilets and a urinal with no walls. They used to be their, but they were torn down. Anyway, we go in, and no one is there. Sometimes we would both poop in one and then pee on it afterwards, but we wanted to play ball. So I sat down one near toilet, bob took the far one and other 3 used the urinal. I was farting and stinking up the place the hole time. Usually I am done in about 1 minute and don't fart much. It took me maybe 3 minutes. I was dropping little poops and farting real stinky farts. Bob pushed out two logs, wiped and was done. The boys who were there just for a pee were done. We talking about our plays when a teacher who works in the middle school came in. He walked up to the other toilet and sat right down. He po! oped a ton of poop. He stunk up the place real bad, worse than me. I was wiping. Bob said it is really starting to stink in here. He washed his hands and left with the others. It reeked to high heaven. I washed my hands and left. The others waited for me outside the bathroom. On the way out, another boy was going in. We said it really reeks in there. There is a teac her in their and you do not want to eat what he ate. He said, you gotta go, you gotta go and walked in. We started walking back, and he came out. He said to us, yeah, I know what you mean. I will wait a little while.

Before lunch we all went in for a pee and to wash our hands. Billy was on the toilet and that guy was next to him. Billy was wiping. Two of us peed in the urinal and 3 in the toilet when billy was done. The bathroom really smelled but not as bad as the last time. When we were done washing our hands, the guy got off the toilet. We looked in and there wsa a bunch of little floaters. He said sorry about the odor. I said, yeah, it's ok. I stunk up the place a little this morning too. He said, thanks. The kid who left earlier because of the stink came in and sat down. I said, I see you are back. He said, this is my second time. But don't worry, I will make more.

Hi guys!
Several weeks ago, I was about to write about an outdoor pooping, deep-freezing experience I had.
At the beginning of June (friday 8th), I began a hike to the range that faces Santiago (the capital city of Chile), on an intended 22-kilometer long trek at medium altitude (2500 to 3300 meters= 8200 to 10325 feet) that would last for 3 or 4 days. The first day I knew that might be just "fun" and light hiking, though my backpack was 29 kilos, as I was carrying lcimbing equipoment for ice conditions, and I was alone. That first night I had a huge ravioli course, and lots of water, and after a heavy hike the second day (saturday) I had another big pasta and dried meat dinner at the summit of the first of the 3 mountains I had planned to reach (2750 meters= 9020 ft.). Anyway, even after all that food and physical avtivity, I had no need to go pooping, but I knew I should had to go soon. The third day, sunday 10, the day was clear once more, and lots of people (about 20) were at the summit, an unusual sight but explainable as that weekend was very unusual as well for mid-wint! er. When I was about to leave, two girls that had reached the summit along with the rest of the climbers, passed next to me by the same path I had to follow to continue, and asked me if I would hike to the next mountain in the range, and if they would go with me. I accepted gladly, as they were very nice, and after a couple of minutes we three were walking together; their names were Katy (24, short-haired blonde, petite and slim) and Lore (22,long-haired brunette, a bit taller and slim as well), architecture students and, like all mountaineer girls, very fit. They had no crampons nor ice axes, so after a really slow hike and extremely careful climbing across icy slopes and rimays, we reached a point where the ice and the light didn't allow to go any further, so we decided to camp behind the only rock cluster we found. We were at 2900 meters (9512 feet), with an amazing night view of the lightened city well below of us, but also with 25 knot winds and a lowering temperature of! -11ļC. We had dinner in one of our tents, and soon we went to rest and talk from one tent to another; Katy said she had to go to pee, asking me if it was too cold to be long outside. I told her that it was cold in fact, but to try to shelter behind a cluster of rocks we had spotted several meters away from camp, and to try to cover as much of her from the wind. At that time, 9 PM, temperature had reached to -23ļ C (that is, -9,3ļ F) and thermal sensation was well below that, so every exposed flesh could be in risk of frostbite after less than a minute. My stomach was rumbling after having drinked at least 3 liters of water with the dinner, and all the rest of the other days meals, so when Katy shouted asking for assistance, I went with some difficulty; she wanted help in order to close the rear-end of her mountaineering pants, so I went as I was readier than her friend, and needing to go anyway. She had already put on her polar fleece pants, but the zipper was somewhat frozen! well as the puddle she had left in the ground, covered with small ice crystals. She ran to her tent, and I remained there, but as I had had no time to put on my rear-entry pants, I had to lower my polar fleece pants and squat to try to shit as fast as I could; I succeded on that, letting go out a huge and thick turd followed by some mushy poop I suppose because of all of the excess water I had drinked. I very rarely make any mushy poop, and diarrhoea is almost unknown to me, so this mush was really a surprise, but after just 20 or 30 seconds, it had frozen solid, like an ice cream you had left in the freezer for 2 weeks. I wiped myself very fast, and with real difficulty because the high wind made the toilet paper to fly away, and after one minute, I was running to my tent to shelter. Inside was warm, and as I have a special duvet sleeping bag for extremely low temperatures, I often have to sleep nude or almost nude, unless the outside temperature is below -50ļC. I open! ed the bag's zipper, covered myself with it, and before going to sleep, I wiped my butt three more times.
The next day, monday 11, the weather was not so good, so we decided to descend thru a gorge that I knew leaded to a secluded valley about 2000 meters below, and subsequently to the road; that day was extremely difficult, since the trail was destroyed in many parts due to landslides, and after having had to make the way at least twice as the girls, because I crossed the worst parts with my pack and then I returned to haul the girl's packs, or even the girls theirselves, we were very tired and camped in a very small terrace in a vegetated part of the gorge. We set just one tent (there was no more space)and slept well but without any possibility to move. The next morning we woke up early, and I went to take a shit to the grass nearby, but soon Katy appeared looking for a spot to relieve herself, but stopped startled when she saw me there; I told her not to worry, and also that I do not mind about her around there, so she went on, and we chtted a bit, planning the next hikin! g day down the creek. In a given moment, she stopped talking, grunted very quietly, and apparently had let out her load. By then, I was already wiping, but without clear view of her, although when I was leaving the place, I had to walk beside her; she looked at me when I passed by her side, and I told Katy to keep on her business, and she replied me with a grin; her turd was lying on the ground, and I was surprised to see how thick and long it was (and smooth as well), though curled like an "U" and with another section topping it. It was not all her shit, as she was pushing another log already that looked big as well, judging it from her evident strain. After a couple of minutes, she appeared at the camp site, commenting how hard it had been to defecate that day, to what I replied telling her that I was amazed at the size of her first turd, having in mind how petite she was (my girlfriend, who later met Katy, said that she looked like a small bird). I added that almost all of! the petite girls I had seen taking shit (or just their turds), produced amazingly big logs, rather incongruent with their size. Katy's response was the same I got from my girlfrend's sister some years ago when, while we were travelling to Ecuador, we made a stopover in Lima (Peru) and she stunned me when she said that the immense single piece of shit that was in the communal toilet bowl wasn't from any local, but had came out from her body instead (she had turned 29 just one week before, and I had said to her "Had you seen that monster in the toilet bowl?"). She said to me: "You don't know women ". Yes, maybe I didn't knew them so well in that aspect, and I have to confess that until today, I'm still amazed at how those petite bodies can produce such big turds without "breaking" themselves. Anyway, even if this is still amazing to me, I am more used to this fact, after seeing my petite friends shit and reading about the shitting experiences of women like Kim or Carmalita.
Ah, TRAVELING GUY, I enjoyed really VERY MUCH your story about your encounter with the 30ish lady who took shit in the dune right in front of you; it reminded a couple of similar experiences -though not exactly the same situation- I had before, one of them posted here long ago. Those things happen, and man, you're DAMNLY LUCKY!!

Enjoy your summer, you Northern hemisphere guys! (but down here, the days are beginning to be slightly warmer, time to shit in the outdoors without getting a cold!)


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

JUSTIN, Good to read in even more detail the events at that toilet and with you and the surfer shitting on those open toilets!
A pity the other guy's daughter being so curious about your productions, but as you say, she may have made it easier for the two of you to feel able to feel less inhibited.

AUSTIN & JOE, Both of your posts were great with descriptions of toilets that sounded really sociable and I was amazed at that arrangement where guys waiting to go on sat and watched the action as men plopped on the toilets!

Yesterday I went to the public toilets and whilst waiting for someone to listen to, I sat in a toilet cubicle until I heard the sound of a bicycle being wheeled in and left outside the toilet to my right and the guy went in, locked the door, and pulled down his trousers and sat on the toilet.
At this point I had no idea as to the kind of guy he was, but with no grunting or warning, suddenly heard this loud KERPLOP, followed by another loud kerplop about 15 seconds later.
Then a slightly bigger but softer turd dropped, followed by one more plop, then after a long pause, he wiped up, and I stood at the sinks as he flushed and came out. He was a teenager, and as he wheeled his bike out, I went in and sat on the warm toilet seat, and dropped my own, not as loud as his, but I did more of them and really enjoyed the experience.
I wondered what the sensations were like for him as he was on his bike and realised he needed a shit, with his arse pressed down on the saddle, whether the urge would be stronger, or not so intense, and how he felt getting back on again, with his arse tingling nicely after those heavy turds had dropped out with, hopefully, some good splashes which he might have appreciated.
I'd love to have seen what he'd done, but, inevitably, the flush had removed all traces so just the warm seat was the only evidence of his shit. I just hope he'd enjoyed it and was proud of himself!

The last few days I've been going through the old posts which I've saved on "history" and reading them again before deciding which pages to delete. Not an easy job with so many brilliant and well-writen messages, but I decided to retain all the pages with references to descriptive passages of guys plopping loudly, grunting, shitting with some other guy hearing him or having a shit himself, referencesto splashes up the arse, and the friendship and comradeship that can arise from such intimate and healthy bodily functions.
I thought at one time I'd print the ones I really liked, but I'd use up so much ink and paper!

I've come across several different threads that perhaps I could comment on, as they're still pertinent to toilet matters.
Someone was complaining of the shock of sitting on a cold toilet seat and ways to avoid it either by getting a soft seat or putting paper on the seat first.
Even on a particularly cold day and I appreciate that in Canada, amongst other parts of the world, an unheated toilet might be a shock to sit one's bare arse on in the winter; but if you just go for it and sit right down on it, that initial shock only lasts a matter of a few seconds.
I've sat on one of those specially warmer seats and don't like them.
It's a weird sensation as you sink down, and I feel wimpish sitting on one!
Having said all that, I did read of a young guy in Switzerland whose arse froze to the seat and had to be rescued, so it must have been colder than his own body heat was able to counteract!

The subject of chamber pots was also discussed and the practicalities of weeing into one without spraying on to the floor.
Chamber pots, potties, jerries, or even "Goesunders" (Because it goes under the bed) were, if not still are, designed for men and women to wee into during the night in the bedroom.
Obviously a women would sit on it, but a man would normally hold it up to the appropriate height rather than stand directing his stream with the pot on the floor. I would rather kneel on the floor to use one, but personally would prefer to use a plastic bucket.
I once had a back bedroom that led out of another bedroom, and the bathroom was downstairs, so I remember having a plastic bucket in there to urinate into, or pour the water away into after washing in the morning using an old fashioned wash stand.
Quite a primitive house, but happy memories!
Rather than bother getting up in the night if he needed to have a wee, a friend used to keep a bottle with him, and empty in the morning.
Staying a t a remote youth hostel with no inside toilet, Iasked the warden whether I could piss in the wash basin in the night, but as he neither said yes, nor implied yes, when I needed to;I got up,half dressed, and went outside, although I'm sure a bucket would have been acceptable and very useful in the dormitory.

There used to be lots of different coloured toilet paper, especially Andrex, but I think the available colours now are usually pink or green, with white being the most common.
The idea was that people liked to co-ordinate the toilet roll to match the bathroom if they were were were of the rather particular type!
I've always disliked using pink TP as I feel as a male I shouldn't have to, and my biker friend has said he'd refuse to use it so there's at least two of us!
Another more valid objection I have against coloured TP is that the dyes may adversely affect fish if raw sewage is discharged into the sea.
Anyway, I go for strong crisp TP, it's not so absorbent but at least I don't put my fingers through it, and it tears where I want it to!
There is in Britain, a tendency of having coloured bathroom suites.
Ones I've seen most are avocado green, yellow, pink,(I wouldn't like to use a pink toilet!) and I've even seen a dark brown bathroom suite!
Imagine shitting into a dark brown toilet; you'd not see what you'd done! The vast majority are white, but I remember using a light green toilet in a public convenience, 6 cubicles with 5 white and this one green toilet. Every other public toilet I've ever seen has been either white or stainless steel.

No-one has yet explained exactly what is meant by the term "Shit a brick", but some grafiti I remember seeing occasionally years ago was "The crabs in here can jump 6 feet."
Does that refer to pubic lice or some other parasite, or did that too have some other meaning? anyone know?

Finally a joke I once heard.
A man on holiday with a friend was hoping to attract young women so kept walking and posing on the beach in his swimming trunks.
He complained to his friend that no women seemed interested, and was told perhaps he lacked a certain something in his physical assets, and was persuaded to put a potato in his trunks.
After doing this, he noticed everyone who saw him, looked disgusted and gave him a wide berth.
His friend then advised him he should have put the potato down the FRONT of his trunks...

Good toilet happenings, everyone! P P G

Greg K.
I agree with both Ross and Outhouse Scott on their
philosophies, however I find it highly exciting to
take a shit in front of a woman!

As far a dirty bottom goes, every single person every
single day of their lives, walks around with smelly
bottoms. From the most beautiful woman to the ugliest
man, their anuses smell like poop...for all day long
they pass gas, wet farts and their butts smell from
the last dumps they took! You don't have to leave skidmarks
to have a bottom that smells...we all have one!

Michelle from Iowa
To sick boy-
Yes, women have diarehhia at the time of the month. Usually its only for a day and the rest is constipation.

This is my first post here.

Does anyone know female celebrities' pee/poop stories
or anything else ?
If you've seen those kinds of posts before,
tell me where I can read them. Pleeeeese!

Bryian: Glad you enjoyed the story. Sorry Dude, you are too late. A couple of years ago that restroom (in Key West) was renovated and the two crappers now have stalls around them. I was real disappointed when I went there. It was the only place I've ever been to that had two crappers side by side without any partitions. I've still got lots of stories from there (before renovation) and I'll post them when I get the time.

Sick boy
I have read alot of posts about people pooping their pants and alot of times it is accompanied by tears what's up with that? I have shit my pants three times that I can remember when I just couldn't get to a toilet for one reason or another dating back to my child hood days. I never felt like crying after doing it. why do alot of people cry? is it because authority figures made them feel like dirt after doing so at a diffrent time?

ELENA: Andrew wasn't really teasing Kirsty. She was just embarrassed because he got to see and hear everything ! She teased him more any way, using "the name" ! ( showery-shorts, showery-shorts Ha ha ! ) I guess it must be very wierd writing to me now that you have a daughter the same name as me. Hope you're enjoying being a Mum. Lots of love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS: I have to go back to school, the week after next. I say back to school, it isn't really back because I'll be at a new school. I'm getting a bit nervous about it, but I'm sure I'll be ok. Especially as Andrew will be in the sixth form ( year 12 ) at the school, and Kirsty will be in year 8 ! Friends in high places !! I just hope I don't suffer any nasty toilet experiences like Kirsty and my old friend Chloe did when they first went to the school. I do hope your Grandmother is getting better. That must have been such a terrible shock for you and everyone else. Still, you seemed to say that she was getting better. So, you're getting to change the nappies ! Yeah I know, we are both of us far too young to be having to change nappies and be having kids of our own. I suppose its much harder for you. You live with your two cousins (sisters ?) where as I can only change Thomas when I'm visiting him. So there is some novelty value for me which you must be bored with b! y now. But I suppose you have to hold on to the thought that you are doing something very special for the two of them. You could even imagine that when you were changing them, you were changing me, or yourself instead !! Just think, in a few years time you'll be able to embarrass them by telling nappy stories, just like the one my Dad told me... Hey, I'm ok...

Thank you for calling me your on-line sister. That meant so much to me. But you're letting me down ! "The name" indeed !! Call him showery-shorts, go on !!! ( Just kidding ! ) By the way, who is that very nice JW who writes to you ? I would ask them myself, but I'm too shy ! I don't even know if they are male or female. But its nice to see that you've got another really good friend here.

Not much happening on the toilet front at the moment. Had a good poo with Kirsty yesterday, and several nice wees. But I'm sure they'd be all the nicer if you were able to be there too ! Love you loads, my on-line sister ! Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxx

PS xxxx Kisses for the other 4 as well !

Friday, August 25, 2001

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