Annoyed Hiker
All the talk about pooping outdoors leads me to comment... please, people! Dispose of your poop correctly. This means carrying a shovel and digging a hole 6 inches deep, well away from anyplace that somebody is likely to step. If in doubt about the correct procedures, check out the brochures and maps that you get at the visitors centers at most parks. Or get the book How To Shit in the Woods, by Kathleen Meyer (you can get it from Amazon). It doesn't enhance the outdoor experience to come across some guy's bowel movement sitting on the ground in sight (and smell!) of the trail. A couple of weekends ago, hiking in the Smokies, I barely missed stepping in a large coil of soft shit that somebody had deposited right in the middle of the trail. And no, it wasn't from a bear: they don't use kleenex to wipe their butts!

Mr. Noname
Hi All!,

Nice to read posts from all the regulars. Welcome new posters!!

I just got back from a three week trip back home and so I haven't had anything to post. My girlfriend wasn't able to accompany me and so our buddy dumping pattern was broken for awhile. It's taken awhile to get back on track and this morning we managed our first good session together again. Nothing spectacular, but it's something.

Right after breakfast we both got that familiar urge, so we spread out the paper on the floor. I went first. Mine was one of those usual mushy ones which comes out so quickly and amazes my girlfriend who complains that her poops take a little time and effort to get started. It must have been that spicy sauce we made for the kebabs last night! It was also a gassy one with a few splutters. Whew-ee!
Then it was her turn. She stepped out of her panties and squatted over the paper next to my mess. Her little pink hole opened and domed out a bit to reveal a soft, light brown turd about an inch and a half wide which came out rather quickly. Following that was a hissy fart and another turd of the same width and length, about 4 inches long. Finally there was one more small piece and she was done. She says she hasn't had time at work to eat her "buddy dump bread" which is so rich in grain and fiber and which seems to help her produce the massive dumps she was doing a few weeks ago. I'm encouraging her to try to eat more (especially that she has been under some work-related stress lately) and to eat regularly. Hopefully we back to some better buddy dumping sessions soon. i'm still waiting for another "monster" turd like I haven't seen for weeks!!

Looking forward to reading and commenting on the next new posts, so keep 'em coming!

Happy grunts and plops to all!

wow kevin your bathroom must be awfull big, how come all your brothers and friends are ok about whatching each other dump and then wipe.

Ihad a dream that there was this giant tiolet in the mall and who ever sat on it and made the biggest load got 10,000 dollars. People were cheering me on! When I woke up I filled my underpants up to the hilt with shit!

Hello Everyone. I'm back from Grannie and Grandad's now and very excited to read the post from best friend Linda GS, and I had to get a hankie out when I saw that Ellie and Little Lou were back again ! Andrew has told me he wrote here a few hours ago and what he said, so I won't repeat anything, hopefully !

CRYSTAL: That was an excellent first story from you. Fancy sitting on the toilet with a lap-top on your knee so you could describe what you were doing as it was happening ! That was cooooolll ! But your sleeping bag wetting was an even better story. I've been lucky and have never had anything like that happen to me. Just like you, I've shared a sleeping bag with my girl friends (I'm definitely not lesbian either) Once with my old best friend Chloe who I don't see very often now and several times with my current best friend Kirsty. She's 12 like you, but unlike you, she hasn't started her periods yet. Neither have I, but then I'm only 11. There was one night when Kirsty was bursting for a wee but she didn't want to wake me. Eventually though, she decided she just couldn't hold on any longer and had to wake me. We went to the toilet together, and there was a wet patch in her panties where she had dribbled a small bit before she got to the toilet ! Hope to chat with you ! some more some time. And don't worry, no one will know who you are. The moderators won't let you post anything that identifies you specifically. Love Kendal.

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: I am so very glad to see my old friends return here. Andrew guessed that you were gone because Kev might have taken his computer with him. However, I'm very pleased to find out that he is back home with you enabling you to come back here ! I guess that must mean he is being better behaved, and that you and Little Lou have at last got your "nice" big brother back again instead of the "nasty" one. Glad you managed to watch the film Lawn Dogs. Now you know what I look like ! And now you also know what fun it is to wee down a car windscreen. I think I wet just about everything, my legs, my panties, my plimsoles ! Even the back of my skirt which I hadn't quite pulled far enough from under my bum ! I have a lovely mental image of you and Little Lou and Courtney taking it in turns. I wish I could have been there to join in !! I can't quite remember when you were last here. It seems ages ago, and so much has happened to me. I don't expect you will have! been able to read all the old posts since you were last here, so I'll give you a short resumee. Apologies if you already know any of this. I lost my Dad on the 30th April. He died because he had a weak blood vessel leading from his heart, and it burst. So I was forced to go and live with my Mum in Cumbria. Then, While I was on holiday with Andrew and his Mum and Dad, and my friend Kirsty and also my step sister Emily, my Mum had the baby she was expecting, a little boy called Thomas. He was fine, but Mum wasn't, and she died too ! So I took the chance to come home to Devon, and I now live with Andrew and my Aunt and Uncle. There, thats all that has happened to me since April, in only four months ! But I'm fine otherwise, with the kind care and attention of Andrew, and my Aunty PV and Uncle Rizzo, and Linda GS and her family. And now I've got you back again. I've missed you all very much, and I can't wait to hear about all that you have been up to. Please, please write agai! n soon. Lots of love to you all, love from Kendal xxxx

LINDA GS: Gosh girl ! I think I'll have to get Cousin to lock you in your room, to protect Andrew from your advances !!! ( Hey, definitely just kidding !!) I'm surprised you didn't proposition him with a comb ! Andrew has gone very red at the side of me now ! However, he says he would be delighted to comb your hair again for you, especially when you are wearing black pampies ! Linda, I really wish you could experience my Grannie's high toilet. I did have one major poo on it, that splashed my bum so much that PLUNGING PLOP GUY will be jealous for years ! And of course you were there to hold my hand and gab to me !! Talking about that first time I had a poo on a toilet, I don't actually remember being scared at all. I was probably more scared about pooing my pampies. And given that it was Dad who took me for my first poo, I suspect it would have been a really pleasent experience because he would have been holding me all the time on the seat so I didn't fall in. In fac! t, I bet he was giving me a huge hug while I did it. I wish I could remember, but to be honest, I can't really. Wonderful story about Elena and when she pooed in her pampers while hiding among the clothes ! Must go now because it is way past my bedtime, and I'm sure Andrew is waiting for me to go so he can go to bed as well. But I must just say one or two other things. Don't talk too often about how I would like your Cousin to see me on the toilet. Yes I would, very much ! But I don't want him to get faint again. I remember him telling me that when I first said something some while ago. And secondly, Andrew is now trying to work out what he could leave behind in your bathroom so he could play the same trick on you ! His comb perhaps !?!! Love you my friend, xxxxxxx Got to go before Andrew can get his finger on the back deleting key to remove my "And Secondly....." ! ( Or should I be calling him Drew where you are concerned !!?! ) Lots of love from Kendal ( to Miguel, Ele! na, Kendal and Lynda as well xxxxxxx )

PS to ELLIE: Am I allowed to use the "C" word ? Are you still going out with "C" ?

When I lived in a dorm, in college, I was always fascinated by the way guys took a dump. I lived with these guys for about a year and so I was able to check out their different dumping styles. Some of the guys I remember
-Ed, a big red-head. Always a smelly dump. Only wiped once or twice.
-Mike, tall, good-looking blonde guy. Always dumped quickly. Only in the stall a few minutes. He stood and faced the wall to wipe. I could see the top of his head above the stall door.
-Shane, friendly, athletic guy with brown hair. Took his time to dump. He would only pull his pants/shorts low enough to be able to crap (usually around his thighs). He was the first guy I saw who crapped while on his toes the entire time.
-Ross, kinda cocky, black hair, fair skinned, very attractive. Liked to walk around in his underwear, usually BVD briefs. He would usually take his briefs off and hang them on the hook on the back of the door while crapping naked.
-Ernie, short, nice Latino guy. He would start talking to you if he saw you at the sink or urinal, and he'd keep on talking while he crapped. It was funny to talk to him, because you would hear his voice and breathing change if he was straining.
-Carl, dark-haired, olive skinned, kinda quiet. He would take some wet paper towels into the stall with him to wipe. Usually spent more time wiping than dumping. Always pissed long and loud while on the toilet.

Just some observations.

I like the latest picture of a delightful lady sat on a loo which looks large enough to take even the biggest of loads!

Did anyone see the BBC2 documentary "Lifters" on Tuesday night? A young man who made his living out of shopflifting was being interviewed but he wasn't any easy character to interview. On the morning of his 18th birthday the interviewer had agreed to collect him for an appointment with his Probation Officer. To put it mildly the young man wasn't too co-operative. At one stage he went into the toilet, turned his back to the cameraman and, standing in front of the loo, did his early morning wee-wee whilst the 'interview' was going on. It's not often that you get to see or hear a live wee on British TV but last night was one of the exceptions.

Sarsen. I was interested to hear about your experience whilst on naval training. Presumably that was before you took up teaching. I'm not surprised that you felt unable to wee so publicly like that. To be honest, I think I'd have had difficulty too. That said, I think if you'd been really desperate you'd have managed to empty your bladder or, more probably, it would have emptied itself. None of us can last indefinetly without going.

I hope you weren't offended by my response to your last post in which I suggested that that teachers and students should be subject to the same rules as regards leaving lessons to go to the loo. It was just that I felt it was an area where fairness mattered.

Have you had a good dump lately?


Lawn Dogs Kid
Hey, who saw Lawn Dogs on the TV in England then ? It was on Sunday night quite late on BBC2 !

I heard Kate have another poo while I was in Cumbria. She went to use the toilet that is situated in a shared bathroom between her room and Emily's. We were all in Emily's room at the time when she got up to go, and she carefully closed the door and locked it. However, none of us heard her close the door on her bedroom side ! So, feeling very naughty, Kendal, Emily and I crept out of Emily's room and along the corridor and into Kate's room. Sure enough, the bathroom door on her side was wide open. However, the toilet is at the opposite end of the bathroom to the door, so you can't see anything unless you go right in. Kendal and Emily were in stitches when I teased Kate by creeping up to the bathroom door, and then announced in a loud voice "just going for a pee girls" ! There was a very loud sharp intake of breath from Kate as she realised where I was, and what was about to happen, not that I would ever have done it of course ! She shrieked, "DON'T YOU DARE, YOU RUDE B! OY, GO AWAY... NOW !!!". In the couple of second silence that followed, there was an almighty crashing plop. The three of us descended into absolute hysterics, but not the loud sort. You know, the squeeky sort of "Mutley" style of laughing, because we none of us wanted to upset Kate further. "I SAID GO AWAY !!!" was all she said in response. So we quickly disappeared back to Emily's side. When Kate came out of the toilet, she marched right up to me while I sat on Emily's bed. There was a long silence before she gave me a smack on my arm, and trying to keep a serious face, she proceeded to give me a smack on my arm with each word she uttered " Don' !". I made my apologies (genuinely) and later told her I wouldn't have gone in. She told me "I know you wouldn't have done. I was just caught by surprise because I didn't hear you come into my bedroom. I know you don't watch Kendal unless she invites you". Now it was Kendal's and my turn to look shocked ! ! "I know you both do". Emily turned very red. The poor little thing assumed that Kendal and I would think that she had told her sister our secret. However, Kate explained how she had heard Kendal and Emily talking about it one day. "Don't worry" she said, "I won't ever tell, I love you both too much to get you into trouble. But I prefer to go to the toilet on my own". Kendal and I told her we respected that, and I promised not to play the same trick on her again. And guess what ? Kate showed both Kendal and me how much she trusts as by going to the toilet next time without locking or even closing the bathroom door !

SARSEN: The moderators don't like us to lose our anonymity on this site, so all I'll say is that Kendal and I live in a village that is not far from the town of Tiverton. So we are in North Devon rather than the south of Devon that you refered to. Were you based in Dartmouth for your naval training then ?

KIM & SCOTT: I was joking really when I said that I felt I didn't have many friends at the moment. Every one wanted to call me Showery Shorts all the time ( except for that babe of all babes, Linda GS XOXO ! ). Even so, your kind greeting has made my day ! Look forward to your next removed skin-tight-blue-skirted, nudey, quivering, shuddering, horse sized poo ! Love Andrew.

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: My God ! Kendal and I thought we'd never hear from you again ! Its so good to have you back with us ! So you watched Lawn Dogs on Sunday night did you ? Kendal and I were in Cumbria with her step sisters Kate and Emily and her half brother Thomas. We had crowded onto Kate's bed to watch the movie in her room because it was on so late, and we were all supposed to be in bed. Four on a single bed is quite a feat really. It is quite a big bed, but we could only fit two, side by side, leaning back on the bed-head. So Kendal sat between my legs leaning back on me, and little Emily did the same with her sister ( Kate is 12 and Emily 8, or is she 9 now ? ). Kate and Emily both gasped with surprise when they saw the little girl playing the part of Devon Stockard. Just as I've said before, the actress Mischa Barton and Kendal could be twins they are so alike ! So I hope you were paying attention. You will have a great image of what Kendal looks like no! w ! Kendal will be thrilled to read how you tried to repeat weeing down the car. And yes, she got herself all wet as well ! Now how accurate did you recreat the scene ? Did you have your panties down round your ankles ? If so, I bet you got them wet too !! Look forward to renewing our friendships. I hope that all your problems are behind you. Love from Andrew.

LINDA GS: Ahhhhhh ! You are so kind to me, not wanting to make me feel bad ! Well, Babe, I doubt you could make me feel bad even if you tried. The friendship between your family and mine due to this wonderful site is far too important. Anyway, even if you had used "that name", I would know you were only teasing me and wouldn't mean it ! You have to have humour, otherwise all you'd do is cry all day ! So you give me a good teasing whenever you want ( GRRRRRR ! ) Now, as for leaving your barret behind ( whatever that is ) in the bathroom so you would have an excuse to come in just as I let go the loudest of all plops, well, I would pretend to go all red with embarrassment while secretly being pleased that you had come in and seen me, and heard it ! Thanks for the story about Elena hiding in the clothes rack while she pooped in her pampers. And as for the reason for the cancellation of the Kendal potty show... I haven't laughed so much, well, since I showered my shorts! in the woods ! Kendal will be back in a few hours. I'll let her answer some more of your post. Love you babe XOXO.

PS: Black hey ? Hmmmmmmmmm.... !

Hi all,

Been offline for a while, been real sick for a week and more -- temperatures dry you out and for the first week I only seemed to dump bumshot (nuggets), then antibiotic has given me the runs and an anus that itches constantly...!


You said: "I love to hear about your urinal stories and adventures. Have you (or any other girls for that matter) ever been “caught in the act” in the men’s bathroom? If you have, tell us about it, and what you did / said / reacted. If not, tell us what you would do if you ever are!"

Sure! I think Louise and I went over this once before, but I'm sure it would bear repeating. I've been walked-in-on twice to date (not a bad record given all the dozens and dozens of times I've used mensrooms in the last few years.)

The first time was on a college field trip. I was using a tiny mensroom at a place adjoining the subject of our trip, and I went in wearing jeans, longsleeve shirt, sneakers, with my hair through the strap of a crewcap. There was only one floor urinal, with wide sides for privacy. The single stall was already in use, and I was standing onthe platform, weeing away happily when a guy came in. My back was to the door and it turned out with my dress so unisex he simply couldn't tell I wasn't a guy! I finished, grinned and walked out!

The second time was in college, I was using a continuous wall urinal, and was seen in profile, with better light so there was little doubt as to my sex... the row of stalls was behind the urinal so I heard a guy come in, walk past me and go into a stall. I made no sound, definitely no eye contact, just kept on squirting and looking down at my stream, and left when I was finished. He must have known I was female despite jeans and shirt, I cannot believe he was unaware!

As for what to do if the situation goes wrong -- if the place is inhabited on entry, I have a little speech of appology lined up, a "sorry, I'm in the wriong one" line, with a theatrical blush, followed by a swift exit. If challenged when already delivering a strong stream -- a nonchallant raise of the eyebrows and something laconic would probably break the ice. Disentangling afterward might be the problem. Caution is always the watchword...

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU -- welcome back, darlings, we've missed you! I hope you have lots of fun stories, and that everything is going well with you at home now.

KIM -- sweet evacuations there, honey! A swift log and a well-formed one (or two) are a delight. I can't wait to get back to producing some decent hotdogs again!

Cheers all,


Hi, everyone!

Kim: You go, girl! 38 inches in two days... you're INCREDIBLE!! I bet
Scott really liked the one you left for his inspection, too, eh? Keep
up the great work, and let all of us fans know the details!

Gretel: Where are you?

kim and scott,
Nice to hear that you're still pushing out those huge horse sized logs, Kim! It's so mind-boggling to imagine that such a lovely little lady can pass turds of that diameter and length! I'm glad it gives you such great pleasure. What I wouldn't give to see one of your productions in person! Do you have any plans for some more outrageous public logging adventures? The world awaits.
Diane in New York,
What's going on there?

Wednesday, August 29, 2001


Yes, I eat beets quite a bit especially at the salad bar when I eat out. I dont pay much attention to the poop color but there are times I notice some red stain from the beets. Other times when I eat some colored foods my poop might be green, black, blue or other color.

Hey ladies!Have any stories about using public bathrooms without doors on the stalls?Like in parks,camp grounds,schools,ect...That would be nice.:o)

TO LORI: Thanks Lori, I wonder how many woman are ashamed of going for one reason or another? I dated this girl who was just like me and would never go in public, or anywhere but her house. And she said that it excited her to imagine a guy in that situation. Just wondered if you had any thoughts on the subject. Thanks Kory

Another Lurker
Tony from Scotland: Regarding your comment about water consumption. I race mountainbikes and during a long - i.e 3 hour - race, it is not unusual to drink 3 + litres of water. We tend to hydrate by drinking 1.5l up front, then drink a further 2 during the race.

Just my two cents worth . . .

Babe E. - Yes there was another time, when I was at sleep away camp. I was eating lunch with a full bladder and thought I could hold it in. I was laughing with my friends about something and suddenly started to feel my bladder release uncontorlably. It was especialy embarassing since there was a bathroom right across the room and everyone in my age group was there and saw. But I am now more comfortable with peeing myself. Recently I was at school and on my period. I had to go badly and thought I could let out just a little since I was wearing a maxi. I was wrong and just let it all out. I seems that whenever I start a stream I can't stop it. I was laughing histaricly in the hall right after it happened. People looked at me weird since the stain was obvious, but I didn't care.

Austin - those brick partitioned unisex sound great! I would love to have a conversation with a guy over the brick while we both have a nice BM. Maybe even invite him over to my side and watch.

kevin from calgary
From time to time i read about guys using public washrooms with no doors on the stalls, up to now i have never come across such a thing-- till now.

i was at work just about the end of my shift and needed to poo, i made my way to the bathrooms wouldnt you know it closed for cleaning, i sighed and said a few choice words like DOHHHHH!!!.

well anyway i punched out got in my car and begun to drive home. about halfway i knew i couldnt make it, i was allmost doing it in my pants. i quickly pulled into a mall, parked my car and ran (and i do mean run)i was just about at the bathrooms when i lost control and i felt a heavy weight drop into my underpants not even slowing down i rushed into the mens room, and to my astonishment all the doors had been removed from the stalls.

at that point i didnt care, i went into the middel stall dropped my pants sat on the toilet and let it all out. i finally relaxed enough to check out my underpants one big light brown log not to smelly, now just at that point a guy with his young son came in, the man looked at me and caught site of my underpants he raised his eyes and said something under his breath, but his son (about ten i guess)said hey dad that guys done what you did yesterday he pooped his pants just like you did.

the man by this time had finished peeing grabbed his son and dragged him away. This is the first time i have experianced open stalls not sure i really liked it i think i still prefer the privacy of a closed stall. To finish off (hey get it finish off -- oh never mind) i chucked my underpants in the garbage i never bothered to wipe i find it takes to long when you have an accident, besides i was afraid someone else would come in while i was wiping.

Just out of curiosity, do any of you take a dump with the door open?

I try it when I'm home alone, and it's actually not so bad- I mean, no one's home, so it doesn't make much difference to me.

Billy and Kevin L
Jason, what else are you supposed to do? We all poop and that is what the toilet is there for. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Last night for dinner, we had mexican food. With the refried beans and stuff, we really had to poop this morning. Josh and Jeremy got up first. Then Billy, me, and my friends bob, mike, cousin billy, jim and james. Mike pooped when he got up, and the rest of us went to breakfast. We did not drink a lot last night, so we didn't have to pee that bad. After breakfast, the rest of us had to poop. Jim and james went in first, while we got dressed and finished breakfast. They were done when we went in. I went in and sat down. I passed about 4 big logs. my brother billy said he's next. Josh was jumping around. He sat on his little potty and started to poop. I wiped and billy sat on the toilet. Cousin Billy couldn't wait, so he went to the guest room. While my brother was on the toilet, he wiped josh's butt, and jeremy sat down on the little toilet. He got up, and poop there was more poop in the toilet than water (it is one of those low volume toilets that use only a little water)! . We flushed. Bob sat on the toilet. Bob pushed out about 100 little turds. Mike came in and said he had to go again. Jeremy was done. The little potty was full of poop and pee. jeremy wiped. Bob said he would be about 5 minutes. So mike went to the guest room, and cousin billy said he was still pooping away. So mike came back. he said, what I am supposed to do? Bob said, I will be done in about 3 minutes. Mike said he cannot wait that long. I got the container from the little potty, told bob to get up for a minute and emptied it in the big toilet. Then I said to mike, use this. Mike said no way. then I said to mike, poop your pants. He said, I see your point. He sat down on the little potty. Cousin billy came in to brush his teeth. He said, you should have come back to the guest bathroom. Mike said, whatever. By this time he wsa busy pooping away. He filled the entire container. My big brothers were waking up. Mike had to go to work, Tim was going to go to his friends, and ! Tom was havign some friends over. Tim said, what you are doing? Are you a little boy? Mike grew red. He finished, and wiped. I told him to empty the container in the toilet and he did and flushed. My brother tom sat down on the big toilet. My brother mike said he can't wait and sat on the little toilet. My friend said to mike, are you a little boy? Can't you wait? Mike said, I can wait, but what is the big deal?

Anyway, we finished getting dressed and we have to go to our last day of day camp at school. We are going on a field trip to a museum and then we are going to have a picnic.

Tony: The UK military work on the basis of the average healthy, physically active male needs 6 litres of water per day. This includes water in food etc. Hiker's 3 litres seems pretty reasonable therefore.

This reminds me of something that happened while I was undertaking naval training about ten years ago. We were on an exercise on the River Dart in Devon (anywhere near you Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid?). The small boat we were in had one 'head' (toilet) in the forward cabin but this cabin was used by our training officers and so the head was not available.

There was no option but to 'go' over the side, in the middle of the River Dart just off a riverside town. In the morning I felt the need to pee but, when I got up on deck and aimed into the water, performance anxiety got the better of me. One of the other trainees wasn't so shy though. He 'dumped' over the side, in full view of the shore, leaving a distinct brown stain on the side of the boat.

I like that new picture

To Cody: I liked your story...let me tell you what i think...i think that is weird that they have cameras up in the boys bathroom and the stalls have no doors. I guess the school does that to watch out for people smoking etc.

To Jason: I liked the story about you dumping in the restroom at the bar. I don't think it was a bad idea for you to shit there as long as you are open about doing so. I don't think i would have waited for a private toilet...unless family members were around me.


About your inability to get totally clean after a poop and feeling "unclean", I agree with Tony from Scotland whose post is earlier on this page that moist towelets like Handiwipes used once or twice followed by a dry wide with paper should do the trick. You also should test first to make sure there isn't a "hanging chad", because if you mush it up on the first wipe you then spend several wipes getting rid of it. Also, I notice that if I force the paper into my hole, it will stay streaky. Just concentrate on getting the outside clean. I also hope you flush frequently if you are using so much TP. Someone in our office whom I call the "mad crapper" uses a roll of TP and clogs up the toilet. This is very annoying. Hope you work things out. Sounds a little neurotic and we all have enough problems without letting something like a little steak here and there get us down. Good luck.

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I just haven't had much to post about. But I do have a story from the past couple of days.

School started last Wednesday (8/22/01), I was thinking about taking a dump on the first day but I ended up going the night before for some reason, I didn't have to go the next day or the rest of the week. But I did have a little to let out during that week but not enough to go at school, Friday night is when I really started getting a good urge, but I wanted to go Monday (8/27/01) so I held it, Saturday morning I woke up and it was push back up my anal canal, so I didn't have any urges until later that day, then Sunday came along and the urge came in the morning time, throughout the day it got worse and I couldn't hold it any longer. So I took a dump Sunday afternoon, I let out some thick chunks, about 4 or 5, I had to break it up because I knew it wouldn't go down. Then later after I got home from church I had more to let out but I decided to save it for Monday.

Monday (today) came along and I was really nervous about doing it because I didn't really know what to expect. Well lunch came around and I ate my lunch then went off to the bathroom, I walked in and saw about 4 or 5 stalls and a couple of urninals I beleive (I didn't see them so I don't know for sure). I think I took the third stall. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and sat and let out a silent smelly fart, then I just leaned forward and relaxed my anus. Someone came in while I was passing my first 2 chunks of poop. The person burped and then started to pee (I assume at the urinals I couldn't see). When they flush I pushed out the 3rd chunk of crap and it plopped but was not heard because of the loud flushing. That guy left then only 10 seconds later 2 guys came in. I was finished pooping and decided to wipe with the paper hard TP that they supply, I stood up and dropped it on the floor but for some reason I didn't pick it up. I pulled my pants and underw! ear up and flushed (not flushing can sometimes show an image of immaturity so I decided to flush it and play it safe). I unlocked the door and walked out and the guy standing around looked at me and I walked over at the sink and washed my hands then went over and got some paper towels and dryed my hands, then I walked out. It felt good letting all the out because I was really starting to get some sharp pains in the lunch room.

Well that's all for now. See ya.

Ellie & Little Lou

Some of you on this forum may remember us. We used to post here, using our brother Kev's computer. Unfortunately, his behaviour meant that Mum sent him to London to stay with our grandparents until there was evidence of an improvement. He took the computer with him, leaving us unable to post, but now, Kev and the computer are back!

For all you guys who are new here and don't remember us, I'm 14, and my little sister Lou is 9. Us, and our brother Kev (nearly 16), enjoy going to the toilet together, and we often pee outdoors together. Since our Auntie's death, our 5 year old cousin Courtney has been living with us too, and she joins in the fun. Me, courtney & Little Lou can all pee standing up.


Lawn Dogs was on on BBC 2 lastnight. We saw when the little girl peed over the car windscreen. Me, Little Lou & Courtney tried that this morning on a car that has been dumped in the woods. We took it in turns, while the other 2 sat inside and watched. It's a good job we were all wearing skirts cos the pee goes down the back of your legs!

Well, bye for now. Its great to be back, love Ellie & little Lou xxx

To Adam from England. Assuming you don't LIKE these little turds in your pants I would suggets two things to you: firstly don't use a urinal when you pee; go to a proper toilet (I know so many guys who've shit their pants totally because they were using a urinal with no urge to shit at all but it followed through before they could stop it; go to a proper toilet and sit down just in case. Secondly simply wear your shirt OUTSIDE your pants; tough if the ladies (or guys) you're trying to show off your pants' waistband to can't see it; better that than they see a shitty shirt!!

for those who like pee scenes in movies there is an australian film called a fist full of flies that has two pee scenes the first is where the daughter wets her panties and you see it running down her legs.
the second is at the end where the mother squats down by the side of the road and you get to see her from a distance.......

kim and scott
hello all!
TO LEO-hello there. fellow new jerseyan
TO NICHOLAS.HIKER,tony,DONNA,austin, AND OUTHOUSE SCOTT-I love your stories. keep em up!
TO INQUISIOR-hello. carmalita signed off for the moment because she is getting married soon and moving to another place. hopefully she will be back one day.
TO LAWN DOGS KID-hello.scott and I are your friends and so are many others on this board. dont feel like your all alone ok?
TO BUZZY-hello there. sorry to be away for so long but I am back. love your posts as always.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there. recently I did what you suggested. I got up out of bed early one morning, wiggled into my spandex and exercised in my basement for two hours. after the workout I had two enormous bowls of total cereal, a cereal loaded in fiber. and just after I finished these two enormous bowls I had to have a huge,solid motion so I went upstairs to my bathroom. took my spandex off and sat my bare ass on the bowl and quickly pushed out a log that was 18 inches long. almost 4 inches thick. how about that JOHN? I hope you are happy with my performance. PLUS the very next day at night I sat on the toilet nude,crossing my legs as I was blow drying my long blond hair. I tossed my head back and closed my eyes,relishing the blow dry and the enormous log coming out of my ever expanding quivering pink butt-cheeks!then soon my whole body shuddered as I exploded a massive,horse sized bowel movement into the bowl. I looked down to see an enormous ,brown log in there.half of ! my log was in the bowl hole and the other half went all the way up to the surface of the water with the huge log head bobbing up and down like a top! I measured my log at 20 inches long. 3.5 inches thick. I left the log in there unflushed since my boyfriend scott was picking me up for a date soon and just loves to see my gigantic logs in the bowl like this!scott gets really aroused by seeing my enormous logs!haha.well be well all. love all your posts!

Monday, August 27, 2001

Hey you guys. I am regular. My bowel movements are huge like when I was a kid. I have been taking psyllium and bentonite. Bentonite is volcanic ash in water. It can be bought at a health food store. Both leech onto the intestine walls and form fiber. I have been evacuating foot longs and 4 and 5 inchers. They are firm and knobbly. I used to make these in 3rd grade. I am half thru with the bentonite. I will tell you what happens after.

Shanice: Sorry you got caught short.

Crystal: When I was 9, my parents went to the theater and left me at a family friend's house with their daughter. I ate dinner before at my house. My friend, Janette and I were lounging in our underwear when I felt the big urge. My friend accompanied me to the toilet. She said she had to pee. I let her. She lowered her yellow panties to her knees and urinated for 10 seconds. She wiped the underside of her vagina. She did not flush. She then pulled up her panties as I sat. I was wearing a white slip and white panties. With the slip bunched around my waist and panties to my ankles, I grunted. Baked potato sized pieces of doo-doo hit the water. There were four of them. Two of them exploded out with force. My friend was perched on her bathtub edge. We were talking and giggling. We even were comparing our bodies. Janette said she could not make #2 in school, unless it was a must. I told her I could not at all yet. As I was reeling off paper, her mom called for the both of us. W! e told her where we were and she was satisfied.

Plunging plop guy: I always use white toilet paper. Colored has irritating dyes.

Becky: Cruel, what happened to you.

Babe E.
Crystal -
Was the sleeping bag accident the only one you had or cried about? I had a few wetting accidents in grade school (kindergarten & first grade) in front of other kids and was so embarassed I cried too. I also was sick once and had a real soft poo (almost like the runs) in my pants in school too, that was really embarassing. I didn't want to go back to school after that; took my mom about a week to talk me into it. Also, a couple of other kids had accidents, too which kinda made me feel better knowing I wasn't the only one. Any of these ever happen to you?
Babe E.

Purple Pooper
Hey Red pooper!

It makes my poop purple, but then I eat several servings of beets, with the intention of having purple poop! I think it's cool, I've been doing it since I was little.

Brenda, I felt so bad for you when i saw your post.

I am in my late 20's and i've had them off and on since i was fourteen and i know how painfull they can be especially during a good solid poop

Well like i said when i was around 14 or so i felt something on my asshole when i wiped it felt like a little hard bump but it didn't hurt it was just very anoying but within a week it got bigger and i could even feel it when i farted, and soon after that it started to be very painfull when i shit.

I am glad that you are close with your mom and that she could help you like she did,but with me their was no way i could bend over and spread em infront of her it would have veen just too weird for me,so thank goodness for my sister Mindy,we were and still are very close and back then we shared the same room and saw each other naked just about every day so when i asked her to look for me she said sure no problem and i just droped my drawers bent over and she had a look at my sore little pooper and she says wow you've got like a couple of big bumps that look like pimples on both sides of your poop hole and i even remember her saying jokeingly to me don't fart and stuff like that and she told me i better get some stuff called preperation H which i did and that helped alot and thats what i use whenever i need to.

I did have my doctor take a look at them once when they were hurting so bad that i was afraid to shit but she said just to keep using the same stuff and thats what i do.

One movie I know of with a good female piss scene is Outside Ozona. You can see her from the waist up and can hear her spray. You also see her wrap toilet paper around her hand to wipe her vagina (?). She's talking to her sister almost the whole time. One thing that takes away from this scene is that they both get murdered a little later. Do any of you other ladies out there wipe your vagina with paper wrapped around your four fingers? I know I don't. I always bunch it in my hands and dab all the moisture away. happy eliminations everyone


I was online last night talking to some online friends and i got a small urge and then it got really strong and i had to go poop. I must have laid a 10" log and then a bunch of smaller pieces on top. The log was the hardest and the rest of the smaller pieces were a bit softer. I must have been in the bathroom a good 10 to 15 minutes. Then i came back and talked somemore and then i went to bed and i decided to give my self a suppository cause i felt like there was alot of shit still up me. It worked a bit and i did feel better.....Then this morning i get up and get ready for work and i had to shit and then i got in the shower then i got dressed and i got online for 10 minutes and then i had to poop again. It was much softer then last night. I haven't been since this morning

To Red Pooper: I have heard that eating beets will turn your poop red. I never have had it happened to me. I'm not sure about eating red meat if it will turn your poop red. I do eat alot of red meat and my poop has never been red.

Neo Romeo
Movie Poop Fan.

I saw Jay and Silent Bob. There is a GREAT girl fart scene in it. The girl is very cute. They spoof the movie "Entrapment". She has to get by the laser beams by doing gymnastic type moves. When she finishes, she wrinkles up her cute little nose and looks to be pushing out a mean one. And the sound is perfect. I love actresses doing toilet scenes now. Mostly because they were never to be seen before. Now it seems common. What I want to know is, is in the script that way? I'd love to be in the room when an actress reads her script, and it says "Enter bathroom scene, with main charatcer (you) sitting on the toilet with pants down". It's gotta be weird right???

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