One saturday I had made a very very long road trip to this mall. The ride must have been like 2 1/2 hours. So then before I left the mall i had stopped to pick up some water like 3 bottles.When I had got in the car I had just finished my 3rd bottle. after a few minutes I really had to pee, and just my luck I ran into a traffic jam. It had been really bad. So when I was sitting in my seat i just kept squirming around inmy seatand holding my crouch. I had managed to hold it untill I got home though. So when I got ou the car I was very desperate I couldnt even hold my bags. So when I got to the door i fumbled around wit the keys almost letting it all out. Then when I got to the bathroom door I couldn't go in cause someone was in there so right at that momement it all had came out I was pissing myself. My jeans had been soaked from front to back my shoes had felt like I had stepped in water and my socks were golden yellow and my panties had been soaked all the way around. I had be! en so ashamed of myself. Then my kids came and started busting out laughing. Then I finally got into the bathroom and changed.

Lunchtime report. Connie had an enormous bowel movement last night. As salesmen say, "Must be seen to Appreciate". Saturday night she said she'd been to a party and had a little too much to drink, expecially some stuff made with Green Creme de Menth and she said she spent most of Sunday forenoon in bed with a hangover. I think it dehydrated her. We had a double date arranged. So she came over to my place about 2 with her boyfriend and Mr Jogger came for me about the same time and we went to a bluegrass music festival and we over-ate. There was lots of food. Connie kept eating, and drinking coffee and privately said she hoped it would "unbind" her. The guys brought us home about 9, and left shortly after. Connie needed to ride into work with me today and drop her car off for service so she stayed over. We were watching "Millionaire" when she said she needed to use the facilties and that I might want to witness an important event. She removed her clothes and sat down wi! th the door open so she could see kind of sideways and watch the TV. No buddy dump for me because I'd had to use a porta potty at the festival. So I had to sit on the edge of the tub and wait this one out. Nothing happened. Finally my own butt started to ache and I asked, "are you just sitting there and watching TV girl, or do you intend to use the toilet for something besides an easy chair?" She said, "Don't I wish. I really am having a hard time. My intestines feel like they are full of cement". Finally she asked if I had one of those disposable enemas. I looked thru the cabinet and found one and gave it to her, and she used it. What a sight, bent over inserting that thing just below her tan line, with her beautiful creamy asscheeks mooning away. She retained the liquid for about five minutes and then let it out gently but nothing came with it. So she got up and dried herself with some paper and we went back to the living room. By that time "Millionaire" was ove! r so we watched that lawyer program for about half an hour and she said, "I'm gonna try again." She had been wearing her robe, and took it off and sat down again. This time the poor girl really tried. She groaned, and grunted, and rocked back and forth on the seat. Finally she got results. She leaned forward, almost doubled over, shut her eyes, and clenched her teeth. Finally her bottom pooched out and this huge big turd started expanding out her beautiful pink anus. About 3 inches of it was sticking out and it rapidly getting bigger and bigger. It must have been at least 3 inches across by then. Connie started to whimper and kept pushing. Finally I couldn't stand it and said, "relax." When she did, the turd went back in. I got some KY jelly and carefully dabbed it for her all around and into her distended little hole good as I could, and told her to try again. This time with some more effort, it came out and dropped into the toilet, and also another one. Both of ! them were fully twelve inches long and hard as a rock, green and brown in color . The first one was terribly dry but, with lots of mucus coating the second one. When she wiped the paper came up clean except for a little KY. Poor Con was all sweaty by then so she jumped into the shower. When she finished a few minutes later she said, "What do you know, I have to shit some more-" and sat her butt down on the toilet. This time as I watched in awe, she quickly and effortlessy pooped out a large quantity, about half a dozen logs, of much softer material - today's meals- but still it was shaped nice and round and firm like poop should be. All she could say afterwards is, "that green creme de menthe is wicked stuff." As for me, I had a nice normal poop this morning to give Connie some payback, but I'm sure I still owe her, after yesterday.

Bad Wiper: Are you a dude or a chick. You sound like you need advice real bad, but it will be difficult for us to help without knowing your gender.

To Bad Wiper:
I found out one day by accident about wiping clean after doing a shit.I had a real sore butthole from something I had eaten and it hurt when if finally got rid of it. So I went and took a little vasoline on my finger and rubbed it up into my butthole.
Then the next time I took a crap later that day,in fact, I went and wiped and there was no trace of anything on the paper. So try putting a little bit of vasoline up you butthole and you will see you get a clean wipe everytime.

Ben In Iowa
I noticed there are a couple other Bens here so I will be known as Ben In Iowa. I'm the Ben who was also known as ??????.
To Aboy and Jordan: Where are you guys?

I helped a little kid today at wal-mart. I went in the bathroom and found this kid crying. So I asked him what was wrong. He said he had to poop but he was scared to because he thought one of his friends would come in and laugh at him. So I said I would him go with him. So We took 2 of the three stalls. So I took the middle and he took a side one one. I pushed out three big turds because I haven't crapped in three days.
I wiped and flushed. When te little kid came out he quickly thanked me and left. He didn't flush so I checked and he left a whole bunch of diarreha.

More Later

Billy & Kevin L
This weekend, we had our first soccer practices. They were saturday and sunday afternoon. On the way there, I felt like I need to poop. We started to kick the ball into the goal to warm up. After a while, I really needed to poop. We were going to get some water and talk to the coach in a few minutes, so I said to my cousin Billy, I am going into the woods for a poo. Most of the kids on the team know I poop all the time in the woods. Billy and Kev both said they needed a good poo too. So did one of the kids on the team, Ryan. I the woods, there was an area that had some bushes, and then an area maybe 10x10. We all went there. All four of us and two kids who only needed to pee went into the woods. We dropped our pants and then our logs. We were using leaves for wiping, then some tissues I had. While we were wiping, our coach goes to an area about 10 feet away. There are some bushes there between us, but you could see him squat. When were were done cleaning ourselves, we go over ! to where he was. He was squatting with a log on the ground and a long log hanging. Ryan said to him, how is it hanging? He said, pretty good. Two more logs to go, and we will start practice.

To Justin: Loved your story's great to hear about those doorless stalls. I bet you had fun in there i would have. Its a cool story

I posted yesterday about how i had this loose shit. I ate dinner last night and a few hours later i had to poop and poop badly. I sat down and i pretty much exploded. I had a bunch of little floaters sitting on the water. Then before bed i had to go again, again there were more floaters. I hope today will be better

Linda GS
Oh nice to hear from you again. Yes I remember all the stories you told me. poor you.. yeah I know what you seemed harder back then. Oh my reason was.. i just didn't like pooping in the potty. I can't really remember..but I think it was cause I was scared. I say that cause when I did start pooping in the potty I know I was able to relax a bit more when my cousin stayed with me. Plus lots of times he used to come into my hiding places and comfort me while I went in my diaper.. he didn' really try to get me to use the potty.. we wanted me to be comfy. One time when i was trying really hard and it wouldn't move... he undid my pamper and I noticed right away how much easier it came out. That was until my mom wanted me fully potty trained and well my cousin was forced to make me.. but well it went nicer from him compared to what my mom would have done. Anyway JW what was the hardest time you had pooping? And that time your mom finally left you alone.. did it come out e! asir.. I bet you felt great after it came out. Yeah my nieces do strain alot. but I try to sooth them by spekaing osftly to them going "it's okay.. come on.. you can do it" and I rub their ???? or their backs.

I had been in school when at lunch time I had drunk alot of liquids so after lunch I didnt have time to go to the bathroom so in class I had to do a test i couldnt leave the room so iI had became so desperateand moving around in my seat. So then after class the whole school had to go to the auditorium so then the principle had called me on stageto recieve an award so as soon as I stepped on stage i peed all over my dress then the whole entire scholl was laughing at me. I was so embarresed and started crying.

I know it's been awhile, I've been so busy I haven't even been able to read. Anyway, I was in an interesting bathroom today and though I'd share. Also, I want to comment on the school/teacher/student thing from my experiences on both sides.

So this bathroom I went in today was like one stall when I opened the door, but it had a stall door and a main door with a toilet and sink. The stall door was locked, so I opened it and found a regular bathroom complete with another door to the hallway, and 2 stalls and 2 sinks. I just thought it was strange to have a stall bordered by the main entrance to the bathroom, especially since there was another main door.

Anyway, throughout middle school and high school, if we needed to use the toilet, we had to get a hall pass signed in a special assignment book. This way, the teachers could see if we were using the bathroom in every class or whatever and notice a pattern. Supposedly. Whatever, I was always a good student and very trustworthy, so I pretty much got away without it. I also would try to use the bathroom during lunch, but as I had lunch after 5 50 minute classes, sometimes it was impossible to wait, especially when I was on my period which can be so heavy I need to change every couple of hours. We used to have a break between second and third periods, but they took this away because too many students abused the priviledge. So, I would usually go to my classroom and ask the teacher to go to the bathroom before class started even before the late bell rang, so I had the rest of the 5 minutes (which freqently were almost up trying to get across the building) because the fi! rst few minutes of class are usually shot anyway getting everyone to settle down, collecting homework, etc etc, so I wouldn't miss anything, would come in quietly and take my seat and thereby not distrupting anything.

As far as college goes, classes are 50 minutes and the 10 minutes tend to be adequate to go from building to building in the same quad (most of my classes are there) or wait. It doesn't matter so much to be a couple minutes late or to get up and leave quietly and come back (I've had to do that more to blow my nose during cold season than use the toilet, but it's the same concept). As long as I'm careful not to disturb anything, it doesn't matter. Also, I'm pretty good at holding it and just running at the end of class.

On the other side of the spectrum, when I teach, I tend to be very aware of which children truly need to use the toilet and which are just trying to get out of class. But I would rather let the kid go with stern instructions to "be quick and come right back" than let them suffer. If one needs to releive oneself, one will not be paying attention and therefore my mission to teach will fail.

Just my two cents...

RACHEL: Ask your boyfriend nicely to cut you a little slack, and, if you can, try to do the same for him. He would not want to be with you, as you poop, if he did not enojy doing that, as well as your company. Tell him you would like him to show a little respect, with no wise comments. Remind him, that everybody poops, and ask him if you can watch as he does it too. Then be nice to him as he does his job, rub his neck or his back, and let him know you are trying to set an example, of how you would like him to treat you. Let us know if that helps.

Wildcat I enjoyed your story please write more will be looking for you.

To Acey:

On the subject of female celebrity poop incidents, the ones I've heard about are:

Julie Moss (track star) crapping on herself during the 1982 triathalon (on live TV)

Suzie Quattro crapping her pants during a performance and running off the stage in tears

Deborah Norville having an attack of the runs while doing an interview

Farrah Fawcett crapping on a producer's lawn because the bathroom was occupied

Katharine Hepburn -- not really an accident, but Hepburn described once how during the filming of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, they had adjoining male and female restrooms where you could essentially hear the other person when you went for a dump. She couldn't go like that knowing that Humphrey Bogart might be right next door, so she would crap in her dressing room on newspapers every morning and then throw the papers out when she went for a shower. Pretty cool...

Any other verifiable female celebrity poop stories...

I don't want all this to be replies to peoples comments but,

Jane: You're right about the corrolation between classroom control (a horrible phrase that makes students sound like robots) and toilet breaks. I teach in a secondary (high) school by the way. As you point out, teachers shouldn't let students out of class to wonder the corridoors getting into trouble.

There is also a link between the activity students are doing and their need to go to the toilet. I've been on school trips where students, who would normally ask to go to the toilet in every 50 minute lesson, manage to last and hour and 45 minutes while rock climbing/dragon boating/mountain biking.

You're right about university/college students, they should expect a little more 'freedom', after all they are adults by then. Also they tend to use a little more common sense and excuse themselves at a convenient moment - less embarassing for everyone!

Adrian: As I said, its ultimately up to the teacher and you can bet, whatever happens, if something goes wrong it'll be the teacher's fault not the school rules! I can usually tell when a student really does need the loo and haven't had an accident yet - although it would make an interesting story!

Yes, I've been caught short in class on more than one occasion. Normally I'm able to last until the end of the lesson, although maybe with a few discreet farts (you can always blame them on the pupils!). Once or twice I have moved suddenly or had to raise my voice and let out an involuntary "Brrrrrrrrp". On one occasion I couldn't hold it any longer and had to ask the teacher opposite to keep an eye on my class. Leaving my classroom door open (so she could see and hear what was happening inside) I rushed to the staffroom and only just made it to the pan before dropping several large smooth but firm logs. The relief was wonderful that day!

To the un-named poster: Unfortunately we have no time allocated between classes, the bell which signals the end of one lesson also signals the start of the next. Students have to get to their next class a quickly as possible. This is the system in all the schools I know in the UK. Myself, I'd rather a student arrived a few minutes late having visited the toilet than leave ten minutes into the lesson.

Perhaps surprisingly I've never seen or heard of students waiting at the toilets, male or female. Not even in my last school which, with 2,100 students, was one of the largest in the UK.

Now to my short story for today. When I was a kid my mates and I used to play in a local park. It was actually the landscaped gardens of a historic house which were then very neglected but have since been restored. Anyway the toilets there were awful, old WWII 'elson' chemical toilets (a tall metal bucket with wooden seats). I don't think they were ever emptied because they were always overfull and never seemed to have any chemical in them, just a foul smelling soup of piss and poo. The contents reminded me of the 'quicksand' you sometimes see in Hollywood westerns of a certain era.

The toilets were so bad you may as well not use them, which is what friends and I did. We would think nothing of having a pee in the bushes and the occassional poo. I got quite used to seeing the bare bottom of a squatting girl and I've been interested in toilet habits ever since.

Correction to my other note -- the Katharine Hepburn-Humphrey Bogart movie where Hepburn pooped in her dressing room on newspapers every morning during the filming was the "African Queen", which was filmed on location in Africa.

Elena-- Nice to see you it going? Got and good stories for us? What was birthing like? Did you poop on the delivery table...some
do you know....was in like Susan Summers described "The Biggest shit of my life"?- JW

i was at my friends house this weekend he has a pool and every time
i get in water i have to pee and about a half hour in the pool i had
to pee i think the worst i ever had and so i get out alot cause i rest
every once in a while so i sat out and pissed my shorts and it felt so good and for some reson i got realy hard.

kevin from calgary

This happened years ago in england, i was about sixteen at the time.

My g/f and i had gone to clacton on sea for a dirty weekend, now while walking along the sea front my g/f needed to use the loo, we finaly located one and she hurried in (holding her bum).

This loo was located near the butlins concentration camp (sorry holiday camp)i settled down enjoying the warm weather (no really it was warm). Well anyway while waiting, along comes this woman probably in her early fourties and allmost ran into the ladies loos, allmost immediatly she reappeared and stood waiting out side, at that point her friend showed up and asked her if she was ok, the woman replyed No iam bloody not, i done a packet in me knickers cos all the ****** loos are full.

At this point my g/f came out, the woman glared at her and said something under her breath, my g/f quickly grabbed me and pulled me away.

sometime later i asked what the reason was for pulling me away so quick she looked at me and said i never made it to the loo, i had to chuck my knickers in the bog and i was afraid thoes two woman would smell me. iam not sure about the logic behind that statement but anyway i thought it might give you all a laugh (or something). i hope you all can appreciate my weird sence of humour (cos my ex never did)

Monday, August 20, 2001

I've been working overtime trying to get stuff to post
so here goes. For one thing, I've compiled a list of the best
places to shit in Austin. My list has over twenty locations.
Now I almost never use my lonely ol' bathroom at home.
Well here are some results: I found a park in Northwest
Austin that has a large public pool. In the men's room there
are two toilets with no stalls, a shower, and a nice spacious
"viewing area" where twenty people could sit along the half
circle wall while waiting for an empty toilet. Even though, I
prefer mixed gendered bathroom experiences, this place is
just to good to pass up. While I was sitting on the toilet
during the busy saturday rush hour, ten people must have
passed by me, including dad's with little girls. Two little
boys about eight years old just could not contain their
curiousity and kept hanging around the bathroom to see
other men and boys shit. In the same park, there is a brick
bathroom with a men's and a women's room. Each has a
single toilet, but the wall between them has a three inch
ventilation gap where it meets the floor. The effect is that its
like someone being in a stall next to you in a Unisex! I've
been using that one often, but no chicks next door so far.
Last, I found another bathroom at a playground where some
rowdy little boys had filled the toilet in the men's side with
rocks. A few days later the men's had been padlocked
closed. This has the effect of turning the girl's side into a
Unisex. Now, devious little me went into the girl's side and
put a padlock of my own on the sliding latch that allows the
door to lock. So now its two genders and you can't lock the
door! A barrel of monkeys if I ever saw one! I've only used
it once so far, and as luck would have it no one came in on
me....... :( ...... Well, I'll let you know if I see anything good!
See Ya!


Thanks Jeff A!

some plugged up dude
Thanks to Leo--after seven days I am not constipated anymore WOOOO HOOOO !!!!! I had to take the shower head off and put the hose part up my ass. It was an "arousing" experience. Now that this bout is over I will tell you about another bout with constipation I had a few months back. I was blocked up, bad but not as bad as I was this last time. I usually could get by with an enema or a suppositoty, but that time I was out of both. So I cut a piece of Octagon soap and used it as a suppository. It helped, but I wound up having to dig with my finger, to help it out. I loved the smell of the shit residue on my finger. Leo, Thanks. next time I get seriously blocked I will use the shower nozzle enema. That water felt so good going in my butt

Musician: Hey dude! Often at beaches, marinas and other public places there are small restrooms with a couple of urinals and one crapper. When things are busy such as during weekends, dudes will often be in line to either piss or shit. It is pretty normal under those circumstances for guys waiting to shit to indicate to those behind in line that they can go ahead if they only need to piss. Since shitting usually takes more time than pissing, guys waiting to shit don't want to lose their place in line. I have often waited in such lines. I have found that most guys will be pretty clear about the situation. Once a couple of guys said to me: "If you need to piss you can go ahead - we are waiting to take a dump." Another guy once said to me: "If you want to take a shit then me and 2 buddies are ahead of you." So there is nothing unusual about this and certainly nothing to be offended about. It is actually a real good opportunity to get to talk to other guys in a public ! restroom. I have found that guys will often bitch about the wait and a sort of camaraderie exists. One young dude once said to me referring to a single occupied stall: "That f*****g guy has been in there for 15 minutes. If he don't get done real soon I'll shit my pants." Another time a dude who was behind me in line said as I entered a recently vacated stall: "Hey bro, have a good one - just don't take too long." When I came out pretty quickly after a good dump, he grinned and said: "Thanks dude." It can even be better when dudes are in line outside a doorless stall or stalls. Then you can all watch other dudes crapping and comment on their performance. Once when I was crapping in a doorless stall, two dudes waiting in line to use it sarcastically applauded when I started wiping my butt. So relax and enjoy waiting in line in public restrooms!

To Sarsen the teacher:
At least you have 10 minutes between classes there. I never had that until college, 5 minutes was what we got up until then. However, those 5 minutes also have to be used to get to the next class--if it's across campus that can easily use up most of them. Furthermore, there's probably a long line in the bathroom (does it not occur to the designers that due to the schedule of class there should be several times as many toilets as the number of people would indicate??) Taking a dump was out of the question (unless you wanted to be late to the next class), even a leak was only feasible if you had classes close together.

I'm a 22 year old female who enjoys pooping outside whenever i get the chance to. So today when i got a moment alone i went to backyard, to my dad's building and then i went behind the building where there are three large trees that i can easily hide myself in. i backed up in one of the trees, hiding myself from the highway traffic by pulling the branches around me, and i pulled my pants and underwear down, spread my self and let my hole open up. I could feel my logs reading to be pushed out. So i grabbed the branches pulled them around me as much as i could so i wouldn't be seen by coming traffic and let my hole open up all the way, I felt my first log ready to come out so i pushed a little and the head poked out of my hole, i grunted a bit and it came out little more, i continued to grunt and push for a few minutes and then my log feel to the ground behind me, i grunted a few more times and two more medium sized logs feel to the ground. After i finished i wiped with some t! oilet paper i brought with me and headed back into the house feeling satisfied.

Bad Wiper
This may sound weird, but I really need advice on wiping my ass. No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to get myself clean after a shit. I'll sometimes wipe seven or eight times, and I still have poop on the toilet paper. Sometimes I'll wipe so much that I'll make myself bleed, and then I'll have both blood and shit on the paper. The only thing that seems to work for me is when I am in the bathroom at home and can put soap on the tp before wiping. But that's hard to do in a public restroom. Some people have mentioned spitting on the tp, but my mouth is usually very dry and I can't get much moisture that way. My other problem is that I invariably get crap on my hand when I wipe. I must be doing something wrong in the way I hold the paper. Usually, I just grab 6 or 7 sheets and sort of crunch them up in my hand, then I spread my cheeks wide and wipe. Inevitably, I get shit in the middle of my palm. What would be really nice is if there were a web-site or somewhere! where they give instruction on ass-wiping. This is one topic they don't teach in schools. Does anyone have any good advice on this? Does anyone else have this problem?

poopy girly
One day I decided to go to the mall and do a little back to school shopping for collge a few years ago. by the way thi is about a siting. Anyways I was in line a this at a card shop because I had to get a card for my cuz's b-day. I noticed this poor women about in her mid 20's bobbing her legs up and down. There were about 20 people in line in front of her and I could tell she has to use the bathroom. She had on tight blue jeans and a red tank top. We were in line about 15 minutes and still had a bunch of people ahead of us and I saw her as she turned with a look of panic on her face. All at oncve she stopped bobbing and moving completley and I started to see a bulge in the back of her pants it got bigger and bigger I swear it must have been about 7 lbs of poop it was very noticable I heard her tell the girl behind her that she forgot to pick up an envolpe and to save her spot for a second, the lady nodded her head. The bulge was just huge but everyone was was just looking aro! und and I don't think anyone else saw as I commenly look for these things and can tell the warning signs. She went behind a rack were I could still see her but she couldn't see anyone and I guess assumed noone could see her either. She walked up to the rack and slowly pressed her butt up against the rack smooshing all the poop in her pants flat enough so noone could realy notice unless they looked close. She got back in line and paid and was gone. that was my interesting experience.

Has anyone seen "Rat Race"? I've heard that there is a great scene where a girl poops out the window of a car and it hits the windshield of a police car. Has anyone seen it? If anyone has seen it, please describe that scene for us.

I agree with whoever said that poop scenes involving girls or women are very rare. What was the last movie anyone saw which showed a woman sitting on a toilet and she was clearly pooping. I can't think of any from the last 10 years.

i saw this young girl holding her crouch and bending running towards the bushes when she got in front she started to take her clothes off. then i saw her majorly big tits and then she squated and she peed and some poo came out as well. when she finished she asked me if i saw all of it and isaid yes so she then kicked me in the balls and told me not to look at people that are nude or in need to go to the toilet

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, I'm still online, the computer's no worse, so until it stops altogether I'll carry on!

Went out for the day yesterday and made use of a public toilet at a bus station. I didn't need to go badly but thought I was due and hada slight sensation of being ready to go. I sat on one of four metal pans that had a piece of wood attached eiother side to make a seat and though I've found these rather oncomfortable before; this was quite good.
I pushed and dropped some medium size turds with my legs open so I could see them land in the water and with overhead window light, could see the reflection of the back of my arse as they dropped.
I then put my thighs close together as I like to do and realised I was covering the toilet completely with just the slightest overhang of about half an inch and I found this quite arousing to know if anyone could see me, all they'd see was my hairy thighs as the toilet was completely covered.
In my early teens, I longed to be big enough to cover a toilet seat, and even though I usually do almost, on this one I really did1
I'd love to have been watched just as I was farting as I did, then dropping my turds, but again; no audience, but i was acutely aware of how good I felt, and how good i thought I looked sitting there!
I must have sat there for half an hour, and wasn't sore or aching, or with "pins and needles", so I'll enjoy sitting on one of those type again!

Someone asked what the septum is. It's the gristle that sperates the nostrils and which in the case of some people who snort heroin, can atrophy as a result, so I've heard.

I've just been on the toilet and was quite sore as I had my shit but as I'm still very itchy, class the two complaints together.
It was great after I'd flushed to see my skidmarks in the pan and hope they're still there when I drop some more!

If you're still here, CARMELITA, I hope all goes well for you and hope you continue to enjoy this subject as much as you have been whilst sharing it with us! Your enthusiasm is great!
Perhaps you'll be able to get reconnected, All the best.

To the guy who'd not been to the toilet for five days;
I hope by now you've been, that it wasn't too difficult, and that you've sorted out the problem.
In cases like that, where you're in pain and getting really worried, see a doctor or nurse AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
An enema is probably what is/was needed so please tell how you are.

Limited for time today, so will be back soon, and wish everyone great toilet experiences! P P G

Have anyone heard of female celebrities have peeing and pooping accidents?
I remember seeing something on the internet about Paula Abdoul having two incidents (many years ago). One was that she peed on herself (I don't know the details) and the other one was that after one of her concerts, she had to poop and she was in the bathroom and the zipper was stuck on her (tight blue)jeans and she ended up pooping on herself.
I want to know if anyone had heard about that and if it is true?

I like that picture up top this sunday, she looks she is gonna poop or pee in a strange place i can't tell where though
speaking about "going" in a strange place i tried pooping in the sink in the middle of the night. I woke up and i developed and urge to poop and latly i like the thought about watching it come out of my i tried doing it in the sink so i could see in the mirror but it didn't work cause im not tall enough i need a chair. It plopped out really fast and was really soft

This happened last year. I was in high school. Must have been my sophomore year walking home with my
best friend Randy. I was complaining to Randy how I had to use the
bathroom. I knew eating a cafateria corn dog probably wasn't a very good idea and I was about to pay for it. Randy being my best friend in the whole world begins to heckle me.
I was able to ignore him for awhile but his tawnts were starting to wear
away on my endurance. I could feel my sphincter begin to open
uncontrolablly. After about five minutes I was begining to waddle.
By this time we were crossing this field which doubled as the playground
for this elementary school. If it wern't for those damned brats having
recess I would have pulled down my pants and shit right in the middle of
the field. I will never forget the smile on my friends face. He was so
happy to see me uncomfortable.
To make a long story short I shit my pants. And oh was it a shit. I
wanted to cry. My ass cheeks were plastered with chocolate. I could feel the mess inside my ass cheeks. It was terrible. My fruit of the loom briefs where hanging with a full load of fecal matter. I doubt any of those grade school brats knew I just deposited a load in my pants. I guess that's worth something. What I did next I think helped shut down the almost bankrupt YMCA near my house.

It was a delecate operation as I recall. First I had to sneak into a
bathroom and hide the evidence. I went to a stall and quietly took off my briefs. It was tricky because of the amount of shit balancing in
them. I was trying to be careful not to get shit all over my pants
because I was going to have to wear them home. Once I got my shorts off I had to figure out what to do with them. So I stood there in the crapper with my reaking and heavy pair of underware, pondering and gaging. Finally I decided the only thing I could do was leave it in the paper basket and cover it with brown paper towels. Now I had to clean my ass. I was too frightened that someone would walk in as I washed my ass in the sink so I decided I had to get to the shower to clean up. This was going to be tricky because I was going to have to pass the front desk to the shower room and I was going to have to put my pants back on and somehow not get shit on them either. I was starting to feel like a thief. I put my pants back on and let them hang, holding them up with my hands and making sure the pants didn't rub my ass. I practice walking around and took a deep breath before I made my dash/waddle to the shower. I was home free once I got there. I stripped and used the! communal shower clean my rashed ass. I watched in releif as the shit ran down my legs and into the drain. I was almost done. All I had to do now was dry off. I wasn't
stupid enough to get my hair wet so I just had to dry my at the time
hairless body. Being without a towel I went to the stall and used
excessive wads of toilet paper to do the job.
All the while I had my best friend wait outside. My efforts to get clean was only a parcial success because my pants were shitty even though I was so careful not to get them shitty. He walked about four paces in front of me the rest of the way home. I think I was feeling sorry for me. Now that I look back at that day walking back from school I can't understand why I was so imbarrassed to shit my pants. If I could turn back the clock I would have just shrugged it off as said "ALRIGHT! I just shit my pants! Sucks to be you BEST FRIEND." I'd make off like I was glad I did it. Sniffing the air every now and then exclaiming what a fresh day it was.

9-10today my friend and i alex where swiming in the pool we had hot
dogs and hamburgers them we went swiming again then me and him got out of the water and started chaseing each other around and alex stoped and put his hand on his butt while runing a3way from me and stoped and said iam pooping he was wearing underwear with light grey sweat pants on as i stood there watching him he leaned forward put both hand on his butt and moaned i said neat can i see he said sure with a grunt i looked it was a huge mush yellow brown and still comeing out i said can i poop to he said he didnt think his mother would mind so i pooped a bigger pile of mush then we wendt swiming and playing some more latter that night his mom cleaned us with baby wipes and put little swimmer pants on us we pooped them to it was neat. cloel

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