Billy & Kevin L.
Last night, we had our first scrimmage. It was after dinner, and we did not take a dump yet. On the way there, I knew I would have to go when I got there. There was an old 3 hole outhouse. I said I was going to the bathroom and started to go there. Our little brothers Josh and Jeremy both said they need to go too and came along with us. When we got to the old outhouse, a lady was there with her little girl. THe little girl was sitting on one of the seats. I saw her and said, excuse me and started to back out. She said it was ok, you can come in. We all have to go. We went right in. I asked josh and jeremy if they needed to poop or just pee. They both said pee. So we sat right down. I started to poop. It was one of those long poops where little turds come out for about five minutes. Kev pooped out 3 logs in about 10 seconds, peed, wiped once and was done. The girl was just peeing. Her mom helped her clean herself, and then the mom sat down. The girl said to her mom, are going! to pee too? The mom said, yeah, and I have to poop too. Kev helped josh to stand up over the hole (it was too high for him to stand on the ground). Josh peed. Then kev said, jeremy, your turn. Jeremy said, i have to poop too. kev lifted jeremy up, and he started to go. I was still pooping away. I told kev to take josh and go back. I will be a few more minutes. He said ok. They left. The mother was done pooping and wiping herself. Then they left. I was still pooping away. Jeremy said he is done. I was finally done. Jeremy needed help wiping himself, so he hopped down and came to my hole. I was wiping him when one of the mothers came in. She said excuse me. I said, I was just pooping. No big deal. Come in. She said ok. She had her little daughter about 4. The girl said hey he;s pooping. ANd the mom said, like i have to poop. The girl said I have to poop too. So the mom helped the girl sit down. The girl looked in the hole and said, someone forgot to flush. The mom said, there i! s no flushing. You jsut leave your pee and poop. The girl said ok and started to pee and poop. I was done wiping me and jeremy and we left.

After our game, we went to the local ice place for some ice cream. The coach makes sure we drink a lot of water while we play and practice. So we had to pee. When we got to the ice place, we went to bathroom to pee and wash our hands. The place has a urinal and a toilet. The toilet does not have a door on the stall, but you can only see the legs of the person unless you go right in front. There was already a kid sitting there. I was peeing and he started to get really upset. I said what is the problem? He said he cannot flush the toilet. I was almost done, and i said I will show you how. I finished and went itnot he stall. The kid was about 5. I looked into the toilet. There was one piece of paper and a large pile of crap on top of a long think log. I asked the kid, did you do all this? He said the log was already there, but the rest was his. Pretty impressive for a 5 year old. I said you jsut push this down (it was one of the toilets with a button you press instead of a h! andle.). The kid pressed it (it was pretty heard). The water level rose real high, and then slowly fell again. But all the poop disappeared. The owner of the store came in and saw it. He said me, but you really dropped a big load, you backed it up. I said, no it was the little kid. The little kid said, yeah, it was me. But someone did not flush a big poop down before I went. THe guy said ok and cleared the blockage with a plunger. We washed our hands and left.

Outhouse Scott

I'd like to address a post.

To KORY: I'm a thirty year old guy, and I know you're looking for a woman's view on your concern, but I thought I'd put in my two cents anyway. When I was younger, like twelve, thirteen, I hated taking a BM anywhere but in my own bathroom at home. I'd hold it for an entire day (once on a camping trip, I held it for three days--very unhealthy). So I understand why you feel self-conscious. You may not have read my previous story, about the time I desperately had to crap and finally had to go in an outhouse with no door. A couple of jokesters talked some girls into coming into the outhouse to give me some TP. So, there I was, in the middle of a colossal dump, with four giggling girls staring at me. It didn't embarrass me, as I would have thought, nor did it "turn me on" as it does for some people. It just suddenly made me realize how NOT A BIG DEAL it was. So some girls saw me taking a shit. Big frigging deal. Then I realized, EVERYBODY SHITS. Everybody!!! Mel G! ibson. The Queen of England. Drew Barrymore. George Bush. The Pope! EVERYONE. Everyone farts. Everyone has diarreah. Everyone gets constipated. Everyone makes those ridiculos faces as they strain to get the poop out. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, because it's something that every human being has to deal with. If you have to take a dump, and you're out in public, just relax. You're not having a baby. You're not about to do something no one's ever seen before. Just say, "Hey, I've got to go to the bathroom." They'll understand, because they go, too. Go into a stall, and let loose. If you pass gas or splash, so what? Keep things in perspective. Bowel movements are such a minor part of life, you shouldn't let them affect you in a negative way. Just go. If people make jokes about it, joke along with them. If people give you a hard time about it (e.g. "What, do you have to take a shit?"), turn the tables on them and say something like, "If you mus! t know, yes. And if you have nothing else in your life to interst you besides my bowel habits, then I'm certainly not going to take away the one thing that keeps you going." People are stupid. People are immature. Don't sink to their level. Take a dump with pride.

I hope that helps you out a little.


To Just wonderin'

I think it is probably not very courteous to pee in someone else's pool, as it would affect the water that everyone else has to use.
I've also heard that many public pools, probably to discourage urination in the pool, may have put some sort of chemical that will make the water turn a certain color when urine is present (it is a chemical reagent, similar to litmus paper, for those who have learned basic chemistry). So if you are peeing in the pool, there will be a sudden red or other colored slick that appears in the pool, surrrounding you, so that the culprit is identified, causing potential embarassment.

Just wonderin'--yes, it can be harmful to pee in the pool as it will cause the water to become more acidic and that can cause corrosion of the pool and itchy skin and burning eyes. Plus it can cause the pool to be thrown out of balance. The thing is one person peeing in the pool one time won't cause too much damage, but if it is a small pool (like someone's backyard pool) they may not use enough disinfectant chemicals to remove the urine particles. If it is a large pool, then the likelihood is that so many people do it and that is bad for the pool too. So, if possible, try to go before you swim or outside of the pool. I will admit that sometimes when I'm teaching swim lessons (with very young children) and I'm teaching 3, 4, 5 or more in a row, the cold water makes me have to go so bad that I can't hold it and I can't wait until in between lessons so I'll go, but the pools I work at are very large, use very high concentrations of chemical disinfectants and are drained onc! e a year and refilled with fresh water.
Taking a shit in the pool is a BIG no-no as it can transmit disease very easily.

Sometimes when I set on the toilet and get ready to wipe I would draw
a picture of someone (face) that I don't care for and I wipe my butt with it and tell them that for you. That felt good. Has anyone done this?


I feel sorry in a way for Christine that she had such a massive diahrrea attack on her last day at work, What is worse is that she had to endure the mocking comments of her colleagues in front of everybody in the bathroom. They all know about her interest which seems to have annoyed everyone and I suppose it was payback time.
I do not think that she will ever take laxatives again.

Please tell gary to be careful about the phones lines...what would all your fans be doing without you...

I've just been for a good 'clear out' as I often do just after tea and it was one of the best dumps I've had for a long time. Whilst I couldn't measure exactly, I must have passed a motion at least 1 1/2 inches thick and about 10 inches long. It certainly felt good!

Sarsen. I appreciate what you say about it being the teacher's fault if a student is excused during a lesson to go to the loo and vandalism or other untoward behaviour ensues. However, I think saying 'yes' to a request for excuse is still the lesser of two evils. If there are restrictions on students leaving the classroom to go to the loo, don't you think teachers ought to also be subject to the same restrictions? Why should teachers be allowed to go during lessons if students aren't? It's only fair in my opinion.

That said, I enjoyed your account of the time when you were taken short badly whilst teaching and had to rush to the sfaff room loo. Have you had any close calls (or accidents) outside the context of school?

RJogger. Thanks for your comments. I'm not surprised that Anne had to go real bad. In my experience women called Anne tend to be less 'frequent' than some other women when it comes to #2 and they seem likelier to get backed up and go in a big way when finally the time comes.

What up all?

Bravo, Sarsen! I'm glad you chimed in on the teacher/student/bathroom deal. Often all you hear are the kids complaining that some awful teacher wouldn't let them go to the restroom, and they should be fired. If kids wouldn't act stupid in the halls and disrupt other classes then perhaps there would be some trust in actually believing the students have to go rather than the students skipping out of class and acting idiotic. This of course doesn't mean all kids act up, but so many do, so who do you believe and trust? Of course when you let one student go, they all want to go, and just how much teaching is going to get done? None, that's how much. But there are some cool teachers who let some go and regulate this by allowing a set number of bathroom breaks per grading period, which is great, and if a student uses their break for goofing off instead of using the bathroom, then let them suffer the consequences for abusing the break. Sarsen sounds like a fair teacher on ! the subject, so again, Bravo.

Hey, people keep giving all this advice to others about wiping and using all these creams or lotions, but does that ever give off bad odors from the ass if your ass starts sweating? Just imagine, you coat your ass with some flowery stuff, take a dump, wipe, and then go exercise or something and sweat. Seems like there would be a nasty smell arising from your ass, because however great of an asswiper you are, there doesn't seem like a way to wipe all the cream, especially after you just stuck it up your bumhole. So now you're running around with the smell of flowers, sweat, and shit emenating from your pants. Cool.

Later, Sid.

At the Home Depot I had to use the toilet and went into the one next to the handicapped stall. There is a 2 inch gap next to the stall door and as I entered my stall I caught a glimpse of the guy taking a crap there. He was a Home Depot employee (saw the apron), blond, wearing a striped t-shirt, khaki shorts, and dark boxers around his knees. He was leaning forward on his thighs, he had his head down. I went ahead and did my duty (so to speak) and he was still in there, finishing up as I exited my stall. I caught another glimpse. This time he was standing, wiping away furiously. He had pulled up his shirt in the back so as to not soil it, I guess. I was washing my hands as he came out. He was a good looking guy, kinda boyish face, probably in his 20's. Friendly, though. Said "Howya doin'! as he came up to the sink to wash up. One of the nice ones.

TYLER-Cool story about the toilets at the beach near San Diego. I go to San Diego a couple of times a year. Which beach is it? Maybe I'll visit it the next time I'm down there. Nothing beats a good "buddy-dump" at the beach.

I've posted here before about a beachfront restroom in southern Florida that some years ago had two toilets side by side without any partition between them. They were separated from the main restroom by a partial barrier, but is was real cool taking a shit side by side with other guys and the two crappers were pretty close together. I saw hundreds of guys dumping there, but some experiences stand out. One morning I had just sat down on the crapper after wiping off the seat. I was naked with my swim suit around my ankles. A real goodlooking guy (about 24 years old) comes in with a little girl (she looked about 3). He had dark hair, hazel eyes and a great build. He was wearing only his swim suit. He pulled down his swim suit to his ankles so I got a look at his equipment and then he sat down on the crapper after wiping off the seat. The little girl had no inhibitions and started to ask me what I was doing - was I making poop? The guy got all apologetic. He told me tha! t his wife was at work and that he was in charge of his daughter for the day and did not want to leave her on the beach. I told him that it was no problem at all. He looked relieved. Anyway, we both got down to business. His daughter kept asking him questions about me pooping and he tried to answer. We both farted and it was real cool since my first turd began crackling as it emerged and I could hear the crackling sound of his turd coming out. We both plopped at about the same time. He was also grunting and straining and I could see his abdominal and neck muscles tensing with the effort. After his first turd hit the water, I heard three or 4 more plops and then some loose shit hitting the water. His little girl was laughing all the time as we dropped our logs. The TP was mounted on the wall in front of each toilet. To reach it, you had to bend way forward. The dude solved this by just lifting his ass of the seat and wiping while bent over. It was real interesting ! since he wiped pretty vigorously and with each wipe his dick kinda jutted forward. His daughter was pestering him so I could watch as he inspected the paper after each wipe. I wiped sitting down. The dude's daughter wanted to see his poop and he let her before flushing. Then she wanted to see mine. He told her no, but I said it would not be a problem. I got off the crapper and he and she stood there looking at my turds in the bowl. He said: "sorry about this dude, thanks a bunch for your patience," gave me a friendly grin and then took his daughter out of the restroom by the hand. It was real interesting that the little girl had broken the ice between us since few guys there spoke to each other while shitting. Also, his kid distracted his attention so that I could watch everything he did without being obvious.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Just wonderin'
Is it okay to pee while you are in someone's pool? I do it discreetly, so that no one knows I'm doing it, but I worry about whether or not it might be harmful for others in the pool.

im ten years old.ive never had a public accident though it looks as thoughim lookin for one.often i wait till the last second when i have to pee then dare to start letting it come out and at the last moment pulling it back in.i dont wet the bed and havent hd a accident since i was four well i was wandering if anyone has had accidents by perpossly holding it long.(i meen when you were at your house not if you wouldnt use the bathrooms at school.)well thank you!

Hi folks. It's been only a few days since I last posted (the last little post by someone named Jane wasn't done by me), but it seems like an eternity. A little mishap while gardening, courtesy of my husband Gary, trying to prove he has a green thumb and failing miserably, and we lost phone service for a few days. I'm just getting back online and left work early to attend to the telephone technician. I could have went to this site at work, but that's a little risky these days as the management is cracking down on unnecessary web surfing after another unfortunate incident involving the president of the company.

Jeff A: It's always good to hear from you. Between you and me, the big day this month is the 8th. Regarding those times I went to the ladies room instead of the bathroom, I let my co-worker Rachel use it because she was a little more desperate than me and that she is a little more shy about using public restrooms, especially after what Christine did to her earlier this summer.

RJogger: Believe it or not, Christine was well-behaved during her last week, save for that stall-banging incident, which was not a big deal only because I wasn't pooping at the time.

We had a farewell celebration for Christine and the two other summer interns on Friday. We went out to lunch and tried the new Chili's that opened near the office. We got there just before the crowd, and it was packed with a long waiting period by the time we finished. When we got back to the office, a few of us stopped by the ladies room. I only needed to pee, and so did everyone else, since we finished at the same time. While we were washing our hands, Christine came into the bathroom. Everyone turned around and looked at her. She usually says hi to everyone and smiles, but this time she was clutching her stomach. She went into a stall, sat down and started moaning, then she started squealing like Kenny in South Park. Suddenly we hear a trememdous fart, followed by a cascade of runny poop. Carol said, "Yeah, right, Christine." She told us that one time Christine brought a tape of the audio portion of the scene in Dumb and Dumber and played it while she was pee! ing. Then we hear Christine say, "Oh no!" and out comes another wave of runny poop plus monster farts, just like in the movie Dumb and Dumber. Carol said, "U-huh" and we start to leave. Then it hits us. A poop smell emerged, and it stank! We started gasping for air. Christine yelled, "See, I'm not faking this time." Then she squealed again as she unleashed another torrent of chunky poop. The other ladies said, "Sorry this had to happen to you on your last day, Christine. Take care." I asked her if she will be all right. She said in a little while, and I left.

An hour later, I looked for Christine. She hadn't gotten back to the office. I went to the ladies room and saw that she was still in the stall. In fact, she had unleashed another wave of runny poop and flushed the toilet. I asked her if she was all right. She said she hopes she was finally finished and started to wipe. She wiped for a long time but was finally done. She washed her hands throroughly with soap, and as soon as she was done drying her hands, she gave me a big hug and said she was exhausted. She asked how long she was in the bathroom. I said no one had seen you for an hour. She said she tried using a laxative for the first time because she wanted to have a big bowel movement in the restroom one time before she left the office. She said after she was done the first time she was washing her hands and suddenly felt a strong cramp and had to rush back to the toilet. She said when she was finished the second time, she had pulled up her pants when she fel! t another cramp and had to yank down her pants and panties and sit down before she started pooping again. She said it was the worst case of the runs she had ever experienced.

Christine was allowed to go home, and she said her goodbyes, and she was in tears as she hugged me goodbye. I did not tell her about this forum. I'm sure some of you would want me to tell her, but I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll discretely do it once she is settled in school and starts emailing me.

I'm 20 and this one time I had to poop while I was out and I ran into a traffic jam because of construction on the road. When I finally made it to a restaurant I ran in the bathroom. When I went to unfasten my pants, the zipper was stuck. I was wearing brand new tight blue jeans. No matter how hard I tugged I couldn't get it down and I ended up pooping and peeing on myself. I drove home crying reeking of shit. My car stunk for a week. I got home ,finally got the zipper down, and washed myself. I threw my soiled pants and panties in the washer.

RJOGGER and Kathy
It has been quiet this week, I just have some replies to post:

Infantry PFC - That was a pretty cool story, about the lady PFC using the portable toilet. It was good reading.

Nicola - That was nice, the way you spoke to Rachel about overcoming her inhibitions. You and your husband seem to have a very healthy attitude about bodily functions, which is very refreshing.

Jeff A - I liked your latest story about your adventure with a lady in '86. You have really had some interesting encounters with the opposite sex, in regards to toilet situations. The one with that little Mexican girl was great. Speaking of those lovely Latinas, yes, you seconded what I said to Carmalita. She will be missed by many of us, you and I included. I just hope that everything is OK with her, Renee, Patsy and Jake. Now, as for you wishing that you were closer, the feeling is mutual. Kathy and I would just love to have another "crazy" in our circle. You would fit right in with the pranksters (my wife and I included) that we pal around with. Oh yeah, we would have some great times, and it would be real fun. Jeff, you take good care, speak to soon. Kathy sends her love.

There has been nothing real exciting happening here lately. Work has really consumed many hours, but this weekend Kathy and I are going running with Noreen and Larry. That usually produces some excitement. We shall see.

Take care, folks.

Bad Wiper: Hey dude! Sounds like you were not properly trained as a kid. There is one big secret of not getting your butt crack all shitty and shit on your hands. That is you must get rid of all the shit before wiping. Often what happens is that a small turd (about 1 inch) will be sticking out of your asshole after you crap. You don't feel that it's there and then when you start wiping you just smear it all over your crack. What I do is that I look at the reflection of my butthole in the water in the pan (the ceiling light being overhead). If I see some shit sticking out, I just strain until it is out. If you can't see the reflection, you can use a mirror. Another tip is that you should let your logs come out naturally. Just bend forwards so that you upper body is at an angle to your thighs and don't try to pinch off the turds. With this technique they drop out without getting your asshole shitty. You should also just gently pat the paper around your asshole withou! t wiping so that you don't spread any shit that is there. You only need a small square of TP to do this. The best way is then to take a shower if you are at home and have the time. Hope this helps buddy - let me know if you get any improvement. Incidentally, how old are you if I might ask?

To Ben In Iowa: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been quite busy. I loved your story about pooping with the kid at wal-mart. It kind of reminds me of something that happened at camp this summer… Well I went to this summer camp in upstate New York for 4 weeks, it was my third year at that camp. Well they have this big brother system there which means that older campers are paired up with new campers and help them get adjusted to camp. My “little brother” was 8 years old, I’ll call him Mike. Well Mike was a bit homesick at the beginning of camp, so I talked to him and helped him and we became good friends. Then one day, when I was playing basketball with him, he told me that he had to poop but was scared of doing it in the bunk because kids sometimes would make fun of other kids who were taking a dump. So I told him that there was nothing to be shy about cause everyone does it, and that if kids are making fun of other kids who are pooping then that just means they’re emb! arassed about it too. Well I had to poop then also, and it was during Free Activity period so nobody was in the bunks. So I took Mike back with me to my bunk and we headed for the toilet stalls at the back of the cabin. These stalls had partitions, but only curtains instead of doors. So we took our stalls, sat down on the toilets and started to crap. Well I heard a few plops from his stall. I pushed out a long, thick turd and two or three smaller turds. Then when we were done Mike told me that there was no toilet paper left in his stall, so I finished wiping and tore off some sheets for him. I walked to his stall and handed it to him through the gap between the curtain and the wall. Then he asked me if he could see my poop before I flushed it. Well that sort of surprised me, but I said sure. So he came into my stall and saw my load, he said something like “Wow, I never poop that much. How do you do it?” I told him that maybe it’s because I eat a lot more than him cause I’m a t! eenager. So he left the bunk and I checked out his load and he had left a few medium sized turds. So I flushed both toilets and left. Later he thanked me for helping him get over his fear of pooping at camp. Well I’ve got a few more camp stories, but that’s all the time I have for now so I’ll save them for later.

To Bad Wiper,
Put cream on your anus and even inside if possible. Shit slips out no mess no fuss.

To Ben In Iowa: I liked your story about helping that boy....How old was he?

Yesterday afternoon i went to the mall and before i left to come home i stopped at the mens room in JcPenny to pee and i checked out all the stalls and someone left behind this light brown log in the toilet with paper in the bowl too. It looked fairly soft but not too hard

Lawn Dogs Kid
RIZZO: Hope you're still enjoying your treking around Southern Europe. No doubt you are getting a real sun-tan by now ! I seem to be enjoying some rare peace and quiet at the moment. Kendal has gone off to stay with Kirsty for a couple of days, and Kate and Emily went home on Sunday. Kendal and I will go to Cumbria to see Thomas next weekend. There is not a lot to tell. The week all the girls were here, not much happened toilet wise, due to Kate as you know. So I had plenty of quiet and lonely toilet visits. There was one occasion when all the girls went to the bathroom together, but Kendal tells me Kate wouldn't go in front of them. Take care my friend, love Andrew.

There was one day last week, perhaps Wednesday, when it was really hot. I'd taken off to my room to read a bit. About mid-afternoon I heard one of the girls coming upstairs. It turned out to be Kate who looked in on me. We had a quick chat, and then she disappeared into the bathroom. Now was my chance ! I crept outside the door and listened hard. At first, all I heard was running tap water. 'Great' I thought (sarcastic) ! She's turned on the water to hide what she is up to. But in fact it then turned off, and I could here the water swilling around as she tried to cool herself down. I heard the plug pull and the water gurgle away. To be sure of not getting caught, in case she was only in there for a wash, I crept back to my bedroom door and waited. Still listening hard, I thought I could detect the tap of the toilet lid being leant up to the cistern as she lifted it. But not being sure of the accuracy of my ears, I still waited where I was. That was until I detected a def! inite sssssssssssssssss as she weed very quietly into the toilet, very similar to Kendal. In a jiffy, I was outside that bathroom door again ! Images drifted around in my mind. With gentle wee down porcelin, did that mean she sat like Kendal does, on the edge of the toilet seat ? Where were her clothes, I wondered. High up her legs ? Down at her feet ? Imagination is probably more wonderful than seeing for real ! The soft flow of her wee continued for quite a while and then it drifted away, until I heard the tiniest tinkle noise and a few drips. I heard the toilet roll holder turn and paper being ripped off, and then nothing. Nothing for ages ! She had to be pooing surely ?! Problem was, I was now having dificulty hearing properly, for all the noise my heart was making ! Eventually I detected what I thought was a very faint flop noise, and then that was immediately followed by wiping noises. The toilet roll holder rattled two more times before she was done. Then the noi! ses changed to the rustling of clothing being pulled back up. There was a distinct snap of her pantie elastic as she let go of it having pulled them up I presume ! I waited outside no longer. Back to the sanctuary of my bedroom, just as the toilet flushed ! Kate didn't come into me again when she left the bathroom. After she had disappeared down stairs. I went into the bathroom, ready for a pee myself. There was only the tiniest hint of a poo smell left behind, but enough to confirm that the tiny flop noise I heard was what I thought it was !

ELENA: Kirsty can look after herself !! Calling me showery shorts indeed ! I never said a single word to her. But then I suppose the grin on my face was enough for her !! Wonderful to see you posting again, MUM !!!!! Love Andrew.

LINDA: I think you're my only friend at the moment ! You certainly are sweet and loveable, babe, for not calling me "that name". Even Kate was calling me it, which was so funny for Kendal and Kirsty given that Kate had no idea why I had the nick name. Oh well ! Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Still, it sounds like she's been able to get treatment in time thank goodness. Even so, my very best wishes to her for a full recovery. You were not on your own with this insisting on having a poo in diapers. Kendal was just like that too. Without wanting to get morbid, it was the story that Kendal's Dad told us both before he died. I wrote it down as a tribute to him in my post on page 599. But just in case reading that post would upset you again, like it did me when I was searching for it, I'll explain again. Kendal continued to poo in diapers until she was well over three years old. She might even have been four ! This was despite the fact that she began wearing pampies b! efore she was two. I remember her showing off at Christmas to us all before she was two in the January following. "I'm a big girl" she kept saying, pulling her pampies down and sitting on the potty for us all to watch her have a wee !!! But she stilled pooped in a nappy ! The day she stopped was when we were all at a party and Kendal's parents had forgotten to take any nappies with them. Kendal wanted to poo, but wouldn't go to the toilet. So her Dad apparantly snapped at her saying "Well you'll have to go in your pants then" ! Or something like that. Kendal decided to try the toilet, and has never looked back since. So there you go. You're on-line sister was just like you !! Take care babe. Lots of love from your on-line cousin ! XOXO.

Reperting in to say that I am still to shy to poop in public or anywhere but home for that matter. Anyway When I was in High School I could never bring myself to shit there. I remember one day after school I had to shit and was with a couple of girls I knew. We were just riding around in her car and I had to poop real bad. I just sat there in agony cause I was ashamed to tell them I had to go. I have been in a million situations where I needed to shit but held it in. If there are any females who have this problem ....let me know. Thnx

Austin: I enjoyed reading your descriptions of the restrooms you discovered in Austin. Particularly, that one in Northwest Austin sounded cool. You implied that the two crappers were out in the open without stalls - is that correct? You also mentioned that they faced another area where dudes could sit watching these two crappers while waiting to use them. If that is a correct description that sounds real cool. In that way you can watch other guys take a shit without being obvious and can enjoy your own shit in a public place without feeling inhibited. I sure would like to hear other stories about your visits there.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO RJOGGER-hello. thanks for liking my latest poo story. I appreciate it. you are definetly one of the guys who makes this site a pleasure to be a part of.
TO PV-hello girl. and thats ditto for you too! thanks for liking my post and scott and I cant wait till its summer time in australia so we can hear some of your stories.
To POOPY GIRLY-hello. I really liked your story about the lady going in her pants while waiting on line. I have gone in my spandex before and stretched them out of shape with my huge log but that was at home never on line. but I know we all felt like her at one time or another.
TO DTOP-hello. I liked your story too! that girl sounds like me!haha. in her appearance and getting naked to have a log.I like getting nude when I have a log but do you think she did also? why did she take all her clothes off and not just pull her pants and panties down and then went? do you know? any comments?.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there. I havent talked to you in a while. how are you? I hope you liked my last post. be well all.

Joe: I agree with you. Waiting in line to use the crapper with other young dudes is real cool. A few weeks ago I spent the morning on a beach near San Diego. I had to crap and headed for the men's room. It was one of those that consisted of urinals near the entrance and a big changing area with a shower. The change area faced two stalls. One was a shallow doorless stall and the other was a longer handicapped stall with a door. Anyway, I joined a line of dudes waiting to use the stalls. I could not see who was in the handicapped one, but a surfer dude was sitting on the crapper in the doorless stall. His wet suit was pulled down to his knees and he was completely naked. I could see and hear him straining. Two other young surfer dudes were ahead of me in line. They knew the surfer dude who was shitting and the dudes were having a conversation. I heard the surfer drop some logs and then he started to wipe his asshole all the while talking to his buddies. When he ca! me out of the stall, I expected one of the other dudes to use it, but they just stood there. I asked them if there was anything wrong with the doorless stall. They told me to go ahead and use it saying that they were not going to take a public shit where so many guys were around. By that time the changing area that had a direct view of the stalls was full of guys changing. Anyway, I went into the stall, pulled down my swim suit and sat naked on the crapper with the two surfers watching and guys coming and going in the change area. Whoever was in the handicapped stall was taking his time. I farted, dropped my logs and wiped. When I inspected the paper for shit smears after each wipe I heard one of the surfer dudes say to his buddy: "Dude that grosses me out." Eventually, I flushed and came out and the two surfers were still waiting for the handicapped stall. One said to me: "I guess there must be some dude jerking off in there." I was real sorry that they had been to! o modest to take a shit in an exposed doorless stall, but it was cool shitting with them watching me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

I keep a diary of my bowel movements. Last week I shat 16 times. That is excessive. I usually do abot 2 number twos per day. I think it is the warm weather that is responsible for my increased frequency. I have started using a baby-wipe to finish off wiping when I shit away from home. It is soothing, effective and eliminates skidmarks.

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