Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Its a nice morning again here in upstate N.y. To Sam I have been a bus rider for many years and only had one instence Of a person going on the bus and that was a girl that peed on the floor. I have read in past posts where some of the female posters put tp on the seat for sanitary reasons. I have a post that tells a story of putting tp on the seat for a different reasom.

Well it was another Saturday but I had a different reason to visit Butches house today. I was getting paid to babysit for the day. Butches mother had asked if I could the day before and I told her yes. She told me to come down around 10am. I got down there at 9:45 and Butch answered the door. He told me that I only had Barbie and John to look after. I said thats fine.

I said hello to Butches parents and his mom said that they would be back around 4:30 that afternoon. There was plenty of stuff for lunches and cold drinks in the fridge. Butch and his parents left. John had gotten up and was having breakfast. He asked me if he could go fishing with his friends and I said sure that was fine with me. John finished and got his fishing gear together and took off.

I got the kitchen cleaned up and sat down at the kitchen table and was having a cold glass of soda when Barbie came shuffling into the room half awake. Well good morning to you I said cheerfully to her. She weakly nodded back to me. I got her a glass of juice and she wanted cereal to eat. I got her what she wanted and she ate breakfast. That started to wake her up and we got talking and fooling around.

She ate about half the bowl of cereal got up and she asked if John was still here. I told her that John had gone fishing. Well I have to pee she told me and she walked into the bathroom off the kitchen. She was wearing one of her brothers tshirts. She pulled it up and stood over the bowl and let loose. Hissing loudly and splashing noisily she peed for about 45 seconds. She stoped flushed and now I can finish eating.

Barbie finished breakfast and She helped me clean up again. We went in the dinnig room started playig the Life game and had some music playing in the background. We played three games and I was not the winner today as far as the games went. We started to put the game awy and I could hear Barbies stomach growling. Are you hungry? No Im not she replied. She put the game back on the shelf and as she bent over she let out a loud brrrpp of a fart. I think I have to poop.

This time She went into the bathroom off the dinning room. Come on in keep me company, she called to me. So I got up from the table and walked into the bathroom. Barbie had taken toilet paper and wrapped it around the seat opening. She stood over the bowl and started to push. A short brapp of a fart was first. Then slowly a knobby turd started to show. Crackle it sounded as it slowly exited from her rear. she pushed it out about eight inches and then lowered herself closer to the paper as it dropped off. Then she started to pee all over her poop. The toilet paper broke once it was wet from her pee and the weight of her poop. She told me that was a better way without having cold water hitting you on your rearend or directlly on your hole. I told her that can be a shock some times. So there is the reason that is a little different use of toilet paper.

Hi. I have been a long time reader and occasional poster. I wanted to share a story with you all that happened to me the other day. I went fishing on Friday. (took my boat out and had a good time). After returning from a day on the water and putting the boat on the trailer, I decided to us ethe bathroom at the marina before driving home. At the marina, they have a unisex one at a time bathroom (not the cleanest of all toilets but I have had to poop in it in the past because of loose emergencies). Anyway, I walked over to the bathroom and found three guys standing in front of the door. I thought oh hell a line I want to get moving. When I looked closer, I noticed the bathroom door was open, so I asked if they were waiting to get in. They said no and go ahead. Then as I was walking to the door one of the guys said to me "are you going to take a crap?" I was a bit taken aback by this. I said NO No (which is true I only had to pee). he said, "Oh Ok I was going to say ! if you're gonna take a crap, then I would go in before you.
I guess this was not a big deal, but it was weird having a stranger ask If I was going to take a crap. It's like that's my business. what do you guys think? is that unusaul? has anypone had a similar experience? it didn't seem like a big deal just a little uncomforting. Also, I am from the U.S.A. and when i read some of the posts i see queue written to describe a line for the bathroom. how is that pronounced (kwee?) and where does it come from. Is it a word used in the U.K.?

Hello. I've only just come accross this site, and I have to say 'wow!'. I have never come accross a site like this where people can can be so open about their toilet stories etc.

Anyway, I'll introduce myself. I am a 17 year old white male from the UK and enjoys going for a poop. I do have a few toilet stories, but I'll post them at a later date.

Is there any girls on here of a similar age as me (or 15-18) who also enjoy going for a poop? If so I would like to here from you an maybe we could chat.

I have enjoyed reading all the stories so far, but looking back on all the pages i'm never going to be able to read them all!

cute david
Today I went to a mall to buy some important stuff. I felt a very big urge to take a dump. I went to the restroom with 3 occupied stalls and 1 unoccupied stall. It was the only left so I took it. I noticed a hole were i can peep through so I looked and I saw a guy taking a dump. He was about 17 or so. He had blond hair and a slight build. He was sitting slightly forward and grunting. He was pushing out a few turds. I tried to psh mine out. It was like sundae coming out af a sundae machine! It was making a loud crackling sound.

I tried to shit while standing so I did. I took of my underwear and stood on the floor making sure the shit will fall in the can. The turds come out nice mushy and warm (its a great feeling)! It takes alot of wipes though because the shit goes all over your ass.

I told my friend about this site and she loves it. Her name is Liz. SHe wants to see some men on the can.

Sundays are great for getting to see other dudes taking a shit, if you can find the right kind of restroom. Today, I was at a park with a buddy. There were some dudes in their mid-twenties throwing a softball to one another. I decided to take a shit. The restroom was a standard city restroom with a urinal near the entrance and two doorless stalls with sinks in front of them. I headed for the stall furthest in and walked in on a dude, about 25 years, sitting on the crapper with his thighs spread wide apart. He looked a real cute dude in a baseball cap with his briefs and shorts around his ankles and his white T-shirt pulled up exposing a flat abdomen.. I said: "Excuse me!" He replied: "No problem dude!" and I went to the first of the two stalls, pulled down my briefs and shorts and sat on the crapper. I could hear great booming farts and loud plops coming from the next stall with loud grunting noises and sighs between the plops. After I started enjoying my own dump, I! heard amother dude enter the restroom and he called out from the urinal area: "Hey Joe. You taking a shit in here? I just need to get some paper." I heard Joe say: "Sure am. I don't have much paper here. Try the other stall." So this other dude came to my stall and asked if he could get some paper "to blow his f*****g nose." I told him to go ahead. The paper was one of those large rolls in a plastic container mounted on the partition just above where I was sitting on the crapper. The end piece of paper had retracted and the dude had to keep spinning the roll around and grope for the loose end all the while almost standing between my separated thighs as I sat there. He just laughed and was talking to his friend in the next stall. Eventually, he got the roll sorted out, pulled off three pieces of paper and went to stand outside the friend's stall while the guy wiped talking all the while. I guess he heard my turds dropping and me farting, but he was real preoccupied wi! th struggling with the roll and did not make any comments about it. When the other guy was done, he stood outside my stall washing his hands. He just said: "Hey."

Rachel E:

Hi Rachel, no I don't think you're being prudish but guys like me were brought upto not to see such things. It was unthinkable that we would be permitted to see such things. But these days girls are more open minded and letting guys watch them pee is not such a big deal. But for us it breaks all the rules, we experience something that is very personal to you girls. I think being invited/permitted to see and to share the experience is something very special.

Has anyone seen "Rat Race"? I've heard that there is a great scene where a girl poops out the window of a car and it hits the windshield of a police car. Has anyone seen it? If anyone has seen it, please describe that scene for us.

I agree with whoever said that poop scenes involving girls or women are very rare. What was the last movie anyone saw which showed a woman sitting on a toilet and she was clearly pooping. I can't think of any from the last 10 years.

yesterday i started my period and when i took a crap, it was full of blood! what makes it even wierder is that the sh*t was about a foot long!

Can anyone recommend any past posts that i can't miss?

I am a little jealous of some of the people here, taking long enjoyable dumps. Mine always come out so easily, most of the time i don't even need to push...

Golden Drink-
When you are sick you usually take more fluids. The more fluids you have the clearer your urine is. I hope that answers your question.

Rachel E
You need to talk to that boy. It's nice that you trust him but you have to lay down boundries. You need to talk and tell him hey I got no problem with us spending quality potty time but.. well there are things that make you uncomfy. talking is the best may not want to be what he wants to hear but if he loves you.. he'll back off.. and sides..I'm sure he can be happy.. since you'll say that you will still allow him to see and spend time with you.

If you like that sorta thing, I'd be willing to trade stories with you. I'm almost alway constipated.. and if not it sure feels like it. Heh good story.. I know how that woman in the next stall felt.. I do what she does a me.

God..i feel like I'm calling my own daughter. tell Andrew to stop teasing your friend.. I'm sure he's been in a desperate pee situation and has been even more I right?

In a hurry the babies need me.

Will someone tell me what post number this story is on when this guy was telling us that he knew a girl in school named Linda and she had an pooping accident in school.

Hi everyone. I have been a regular visitor here but haven't posted in a long time. Am finally on holiday so thought I would share a story with you.

These high summer days remind me of scout camping jamborees in New Hampshire. One hot July our camporee was in a large field on the crest of a hill, surrounded by the thick woods typical of areas which had also been cleared fields in days past. My troop was assigned to build the cooking area for the scout leaders. We dug our fire pit, lashed together saplings for a table and got ourselves well organized. All this time other troops were arriving and setting up tents along the periphery of the field. I felt nature's call and since no latrines had yet been dug I scrounged some paper towel and went off with the excuse that I was going to get a load of fire wood.

Over the nearest stone wall and into the woods I went, leaving the rest of the screaming campers behind, and looking for a bit of clearing and some peace and quiet. I came upon a thick grove of pines and saw some sunlight in the grove. The trees were small so I had to crawl towards the opening.

As I did so across the soft pine needles, I was startled by the sound of breaking branches and laughter. My quest was interrupted as two boys bulled their way through the trees opposite me into the very clearing I was headed for. The taller of the two was on the stout side. He said "This is a great place and I can't wait any longer".

By this time I was on my belly, holding my breath. They never saw me. The smaller kid was holding a roll of toilet paper. The larger one proceeded immediately to drop his short pants and underwear to his thighs and bend forward, sticking his ass straight out. I had an unobstructed side view. His friend squatted down behind and watched intently. The bigger boy stuck his penis between his thighs and a stream of piss shot back and down like a girls. As he did so I heard a sharp fart which made his friend laugh. Almost immediately after the stream stopped flowing I saw a fat brown turd start out from between his fat cheeks. "Unghhhhh, Ungh, Ungh" he grunted and pushed. Because the lad was leaning so far forward, and not squatting down, the poop emerged slowly and almost horizontally to the ground like a big log. I heard the boy grunt and push some more as about six inches became visible and then broke off and fell silently onto the pine needles.

He grunted and pushed again, "pffft, Pfffft" from his hole, and sure enough another eight fat inches squeezed out, suddenly tapered and fell to the ground. "That's better," said the boy, "gimme some paper to wipe my ass".

The smaller boy did so but I also noticed he was fdgeting and dancing around. "Gotta go" he announced, and proceeded to unbuckle his pants.

"Wait a second" said the bigger boy. "I wanna see". He finished wiping and pulled up his pants as the other boy dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. "Hurry, here it comes!" said the smaller lad. Like the first boy he scooted forward and stuck his behind straight out. Again I had a sideways view. The boy's head was all the way down between his knees and I realized he was trying to watch his own BM emerge. His friend kneeled behind to get a first-row view. I could still see OK and was rewarded with the sight of a long, smooth but not very fat jobbie slide out in one long rope-like piece and curl to the ground. The boy peed as he shat, and as the last bit dangled he danced his butt up and down to shake it off. "Whew, that was great!" he exclaimed. I silently agreed.

The boys continued their chatter. I was desparate for them to leave. As soon as they did so, crashing through the pines like an army, I crawled forward to the clear space and as I viewed their healthy productions, two fat sausages in one case and one rope-like pile in the other, I hastily added my own long sausage to the pine needle floor.

I don't have anything today but I would like to respond to Alaskan Guy. The man who replaced my windows about a week ago was a guy who was in his early 40's. He is sandy blond hair, smokes and as some weight. Even though I am in my 30's, my preference on sharing dumps are with those who are very late teens 20 year olds and both men and women. However, I am straight.

Sick boy
Rachel E: I don't think your being prudish I mean who wants a commentator through a movement? I think you should tell your bf it makes you uncomfortable when he does it I mean the guy just might respect you and quit. I think your BF does it because it just amazes him that a girl does it. I know it sounds stupid but just for example last night I had a disgusting vile session in the bathroom. and it is just hard for me to imagine a feamale doing what I did last night. I hope that answers your question

Linda GS your good to see a post from you again sweety. Glad you got the cast off. Interesting comment that you perfered to poop in your pampers rather than the potty. Seems lots of toddlers perfer that,
they get pee trained long before poop trained. I know with me it was more a case of privacy. I've told you before about my Mom always staying with me in the bathroom when I had to poop. If I pooped in my diapers I could go and hide somewhere, where Mom couldn't watch. Also I was used to pooping while standing up, I think that might have been part of it too. For some kids it seems to take a while to get the nack of straining to poop while in a sitting position. I know it was a lot harder to get stuff out when I was a toddler than it is now. So I really had to struggle with it quite often. How I got over Dad cought on to the fact that I wanted to be alone when I pooped so one day he just told Mom to get out of the bathroom and leave me alone...end of diapers.
What about you Linda, do you know WHY you didn't like the potty? Don't babies look cute when the poop? Do you necises turn all red when the strain?-- JW

Jeff A
Hi all,

RJOGGER: Thank you my friend. Your note to Carmalita said exactly what I'd like to say. But, without stealing your thunder, you said it first, and you said it best. I think you and Kathy are wonderful people, and I wish you were closer here to me. There is a giant hole in my heart, as I feel the same way you do about her and Renee and Patsy. I will miss them so much it's unbelievable.

JANE: Thank you for that wonderful note and compliment! I am feeling better these days, I've started working out on a regular basis. Happy birthday to you too! I guess ours are very close together, huh? I hope everything was nice for you. I'm late in response, as usual, so I'm now referring to your motel room story. I think since it was so close to your birthday that you should have been allowed to use the bathroom in the room, not the ladies. I can't give you a present, but wish you a very happy life. I think you're an absolute charmer on this forum with very real stories that are wonderfully exciting. Whenever I read your stories, it's almost like I can see you. You have such a knack for relating info. You keep it short, but great! I also love how you describe smells. I have a penchant for women's smells when going number 2. It arouses me to 100% Take care Jane.

AUSTIN: For the longest time, I've enjoyed your posts. You are so weird in a wonderful way! You and I have a very similar sense of humor, and would no doubt get along great together. Your account of the unisex bathroom and the pool game could have been any one of my experiences. Take care my friend.

MACK: Hey, I found your story to be most interesting because it is almost identical to an experience of my own. However, the big differences are, I didn't have the runs, I didn't even have to go to the bathroom, but she did, and my studio apartment was very similar to what you described! Here goes. It was in 1986 and I'd just met this Mexican girl at a bar. She was cute, very sexy, and fortunately for me, I'd kept her laughing for almost two hours which elevated her interest in me. The door to my bathroom had been removed by the manager for repair. (Fortunately for me, I was without a door for a good six months or more. I kept telling the mgr, "it's okay, I'm in no hurry." )Anyway, she was over at my place, spending the night, and had to lose a good portion of the beer we'd been drinking. She took one look at the doorless bathroom and giggled, then smiled at me and said in a VERY heavy accent. "You like to see girls go potty?"
I said "Sure, but that's not the reason for the missing door." "Then peek at me," she said, pulling her floral mini-skirt up and parking her lovely behind on the seat. She peed a two gallons worth, sighing pleasure with every last drop. She then covered her mouth and giggled saying "Uh-oh, turds!" and I heard three nice plops. They were slightly scented, not bad, and when she stood up, I could see them. They were small, and she wiped her fanny standing up, giving me a wonderful preview of coming attractions. Anyway, we all know what happened next, so I 'll skip over that.

Anyway, nothing much knew to report. Our bathroom is down right now, and I have to go! Once again, I know you can't read this Carmalita, but I love and miss you so much!!!

Adrian - To reply to your statement, yes, Anne really did have to go, as evidenced by the volume of her production. It was quite a sight to see from the back view that I had.
Jane - It seems that Christine won't leave you alone. I mean, banging on the stall door is quite nervy. You sound like a very patient and understanding person, but still, the girl could show you some courtesy. The rest of your story was interesting. That you went out of your way to use the hotel's facilities is cool, that you almost didn't make it is scary, and your massive poop was great. Then, to finish, the girl in the hotel who almost made you lose it enters the lady's room for a nice healthy crap. Excellent story.
Helen of Troy - Nice story, with you and Jimmy filling up the wood shed. I am going to see if I can make some room in my back yard (which ends by the woods) for a similar set up. It sure sounds interesting.
Buzzy - Hi, neighbor! How are you after this miserable NE heat spell? I hope you are keeping cool. Just to let you know, Anne and Kathy have been friends since they were 5. According to Kathy, she and Anne have been watching each other dump since grade school. In high school, Kathy, Anne and 2 other friends, Jean and Carol used to dump in the doorless stalls in the girls room. I heard plenty about that while I was dating Kathy., and believe me, she would tell me some real good ones. Anne is not a shy person, I have known her almost as long as I have known Kathy, and I have seen Anne dump many times. This time I got a complete rear view, and boy, did she plop a ton. Anne is a very pretty lady, and at 53, she is still very firm. The show she and Mike put on last Friday was totally unexpected, but it was great. Thanks for liking the story, here is hoping that you get to dump with Donna soon. Kathy sends her regards.
Kim and Scott - A kind and very sweet lady like you deserves to have kind things said to her. You are very sweet, and I must admit, that your stories really make me sit up and take notice. Your last adventure was no exception. Kim, you seem to come up with new and exciting ways to poop, and of course, the size of your output is very impressive, to say the least. I also detect a little girl's enthusiasm and mischief in your tone, which I find delightful. You take care, I always like reading your stories, and speaking with you. Kathy sends her regards to you and Scott.

OK, just a quick follow up to the last post. Anne has an equally pretty younger sister, Caitlin, who is to put it mildly, a beauty. Back in the late 70's, when Anne's oldest boy and my oldest boy were playing organized youth baseball, an unexpected encounter happened with Caitlin. Mike and I were coaching a game that our boys were participating in. It was early June, quite warm and all of us had been drinking plenty of liquids. After the game, Mike and I went into the woods by the third baseline, to pee. There were no port-o-sans, so if you had to go while at this field, the woods were the only option, other than to hold it. Anyway, unknown to Mike and I, Caitlin had gone into the woods ahead of us. As we were draining our pipes, we heard what we thought was a woodland animal, and we looked up. We got the sight of our lives, as we saw Caitlin lowering her shorts, about twenty feet in front of us. We quickly zipped up, and were ever so quiet. Anne's sister squatted, her cr! eamy ass cheeks parted exposing her light colored anus, and she started to pee very hard. The stream increased as Caitlin's hole domed, and she passed some strong wind. Then, after the pee stopped, her hole opened wide, and a good sized medium brown turd came out rapidly and plopped to the ground. Two more somewhat smaller poops emerged right after and fell on top of the first one. I glanced at Mike, and his jaw was wide open. He was really excited, then I noticed the pressure in the front of my pants. I elbowed him and whispered that we should leave. He nodded and as we did, I stole a glance at Caitlin to see her wiping her ass. Mike and I stepped out of the woods, and Kathy and Anne were waiting for us. "Where were you guys", My wife asked. "We went to drain the weasel", I replied. "My sister is in there, I hope you didn't scare her", Anne said. "Naw, we just watched, she surprised us when she rustled some leaves. We didn't even know she was in there", Mike said; and that wa! s true, we didn't see Caitlin go into the woods. "You guys are bad, watching a poor innocent girl go in the woods", Anne said, but she said it with that impish smile of hers, and Kathy was also trying to hide a grin.
As we were talking, Caitlin stepped out of the woods and asked what was going on. Then Anne told her, and she at first was shocked, but started laughing. Like her older sister Anne, Caitlin is not shy, in fact she is provocative, and somewhat of a tease. She came over to Mike and me and said "I hope I put on a good show for you guys. I wouldn't want to disappoint you. But you could have come and cleaned me up". Mike and I just grinned and Anne smiled and shook her head. Kathy laughed, looked at Mike and me and said "You two are always in the right place, it seems". Mike quipped "That's just the way we plan it", with his Huck Finn grin. Hey, it was an unexpected sight, as we had no idea someone had gone into the woods before us. But is was a sight worth seeing.

Sick boy
Carol the House wife: it's funny you should mention the hot weather constipating you. Two weeks ago we (Minnesota) were in a real bad heat wave. Most don't think of Minnesota being hot but it can be. You probably heard the Heat even killed a professional football player here. anyway the Humididty sucks all the fluids right out of you. laxitives were selling like hot cakes I know this because I myself had to buy some. I posted my bout with constipation about that time. I wonder if they sell in Florida like that all the time? If there are any Florida posters here please inform me

Infantry PFC
This is my first time posting I read many, but I never had the guts to post any thing untill now. I just got off a 2week rotation in Army's Joint Readines Training Center, JRTC for short. Before the combat excercises, we stayed in old barracks with no bathrooms. At each unit's barracks there were 8 porta johns. My unit n specific shared with the special barracks, the ones set up for the women of all the units during this rotation. If you've ever wondered What Army food is like,it's very good but Very gassy and causes all soldiers male or female to poop almost twice or three times daily we had too drink lots of water to keep from having heat strokes,so we also had to pee often. The porta johns wold get emptied twice daily by an outside business. With 4600 soldiers there, thats a lot of poop! The cleaning truck had just came by and emptied all the johns in front of our barracks. I was getting my radio filled when I saw another PFC go into one of the Johns. She had honey color! ed skin and a very thin figure that gets most of the male soldier's attention. she was in a hurry to get to the toilet. There was a line starting to form out side the johns. They were always busy. I couldn't wait any longer so I got in line to pee. I was next in line for the one she was in. She had been in there 15 minutes. I'm a tough soldier so holding it a little longer was no big deal. She finally came out and I went In. I've been in after they've been cleaned before.the porta Johns never smelled of poop or had any in them after cleaning (obviosly right). The smell wasn't that bad but there was a bowel movement about in the toilet. it was a few big pieces. One terd was at least 8 inches and the others were about 4 to 5 each. Just by luck I ended up meeting that PFC later when I was trying to meet female soldiers she was a friend of another one that I'm seeing now. It was interesting because my fettish for seeing, hearing or smelling bowel movements by women had happend in ! front of my eyes on the job. Infantrymen are not used to being any where near female soldiers.

A Person
Hello -

Anybody have any stories of female relatives (sisters, aunts, mother, etc, under age 50) who were desperate to pee or any times you heard them peeing or farting?

For example, if you've arrived home with them after a long trip and they were desperate to pee or had pent-up farts.

Esp. interested in farting stories (female only!).

Those are kinda funny.

Thanks in advance.

Scatological Guy
Reading Susan and Carol's posts about partners helping constipated dumps reminded me of a time I was on a trip to Mexico, and toward the end of the trip I realized I hadn't gone to the bathroom in five days..guess the change in diet had really bunged me up and try as I must, there was no way I could go without help, so I asked my roommate to lubricate me by inserting some Vaseline up inside me. She tried to work it in but encountered a super-hard turd near the exit so could only get it as far as the anal opening. I began pushing and my anus pooched out but I could only get an inch or two out before it retreated. It just hurt too much and I was afraid I'd tear something. So our next step was to inject some water, which went in until my bowels felt they were about to burst, so I sat back down and leaned way forward, and my girlfriend massaged my backside down into my crack which seemed to relax me and allow nature to take its course. I felt a massive expansion of my ring, and! "PHLOOMP" it excreted all in one lump into the toilet. I never thought I was capable of passing such a huge bm. Well, needless to say we had some fun afterwards!

Simon plop
bottomed on to a very plain flat plastic seat farted remembered and got up and shut and latched the cubicle door.Reseated and delivered a healthy turd on time.

Dik Dastardly
I'm a first time poster:
To Rachel E: Explain to your boyfriend that you don't mind his presence while your'e on the potty, but, tell him that his comments about the size and sounds that you produce makes you feel uncomforatable. Bottom line, he's lucky to be able to watch.

hi.all-been busy,but i'm trying to still read all your posts every morning!
TO CARMELITA-Well.i do hope you come back mon the forum to join us at sme later date-Good luck to you and the ladies!
Things have been pretty quiet on the poop front-been going every day and they've been good loads,but it's been a solo act lately-i still look forward every morning to dumping in this hot weather-ahd a few woods dumps and had 1 last week with another biker ,but it didn't get posted-don't know why-nothing weird happened,but it was fun-been just printing asome of the good stories on here and bringing them to the toilet to read as i poop-sometimes it's really enjoyable to read these-it's like i'm pooing along with the story!Well,the dag days of summer are drawing to a close and it's been a great summer of pooing for me and i try to poop outdoors up til Oct when the waether turns cooler and then it's back to the gym toilets whree I haven't gone in awhile-Got to run BYE

Some Plugged Up Dude,

IF you can find any of my posts i've helped my friend who was constipated for 2 weeks and after i helped him it came out. OK here's what you do strip down to naked. get in the tub and turn on the water make sure that it's not too hot or too cold. Open your anus and let the water come in. If your anus does not fit under the faucet, then turn on the shower. Now if you have on of those thingy's that you can take the shower nozzle out the would be great too. when you get water up there make sure you don't put a little it's ok to put a lot in. and hold it until you can't hold it any more. when you can't hold it just sit down and let it come out!

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