Hi All

Sorry its been a while since i last posted, but ive been kinda busy. for those who read my last post, i did promise more from my first job.

after our first trip to the toilet mandy and i soon became good friends and it soon became the accepted norm that we would always go to the toilet together. However for the first few days we would always take separate stalls and whilst I used to listen to Mandy I was never that sure how far she wanted to take this.

Then suddenly I think on my fourth day with the company Mandy got up and said she was going for a wee and was I coming. I of course jumped at the opportunity and said I could do with going so followed her into the ladies. Once in the toilets, Mandy checked to see if anyone else was there, and they were empty. She then asked if I wanted to come into the stall with her. At first I was quite shocked but then thought what the heck and grinned ok! We both went into the end cubicle and I shut the door. Mandy then admitted to me that she had been listening to me wee on the previous occasions and had always fantasised about going to the toilet with another girl. She was quick to add that this was not any sexual fantasy as she was happily married, but intrigueing all the same. I was happy with this!

Mandy then lifted her skirt and pulled down her tights and knickers before sitting on the toilet. She parted her knees so I could watch her and immediately started to wee. THis time she was real desperate and weed for ages. She then pulled some tp and wiped herself a couple of times before pulling up her knickers and straightening her skirt. Then of course it was my turn so I hitched up my skirt and took down my knickers and sat so Mandy could watch me. When I was weeing I then felt a bm coming so warned Mandy this could be quite smelly. She giggled and crouched down to watch my poo come out. When I was done I stood up and we both looked at my jobbie which was about 8 inches long. I then wiped a few times before pulling up my knickers and lowering my skirt.

After that experience we both felt much more relaxed around each other and there were plenty more shared times in the toilet. Does anyone else have anything similar to share?


To the lady who's hubby built her a squatter in the tool shed. Glad someone else has found the benefits of sitting low or squatting. The best position by far. Clean bumhole complete evacuation etc. I should know we are farmers and often have to shit outside.


Hi there! Well, that was a magnificent performance -- enlarging on Louise's in-the-arms poo of a few weeks ago! Goodness, Kim, but that was amazingly hot! Not just the awesome log breaking free, but indeed your huge pee stream too, and that lovely smooch as you did so! Congratulations, you spectacular lady! (And thanks for the kind words!)

SOME PLUGGED UP DUDE -- I've been wondering about your condition and can find no simple explanation (you've done the things that usually work) except that you might have an "intestinal impaction," yet if you had you should be in a great deal of pain as well, far more than you could casually tolerate. as advised by others, go to a doctor at once and get some help. They CAN help, they'll fix your problem, but the longer you wait the more severe it becomes. Sorry for not responding yesterday, I'd logged out (pun...) before realizing I'd not spoken with you. I hope you're okay soon!

JULIE -- Hi grrl. At 15 your hormones are in an uproar, and many women find they become constipated at "that time of month." It's maybe matural that you'll experience difficulty during the most active priod of hormonal change you'll ever go through... That said, it's no fun, is it? Men might have their eyes opened by going through just a few of the fun and games women do, eh? Anyway, that's a bit off-topic, the subject here is your constipation and how to get you moving again. (Nice account of the other women in those stalls, but it goes to show that an awful lot of women are actually suffering to perform a regular function that should be a pleasurable one. That's a way I could never be...)

What can you do? Well, what's normal for you? Before you began to get "all grown up" in the hormonal sense, how often did you open your bowels? Daily? I poo twice a day as a rule, once if I'm busy and don't get my morning dump (dropped a smooth 15-incher today...) Or you might have pood every other day quite naturally -- it's different for all people.

Assuming you're an every-day person, which is statistically the most common, then four days is a long time and no wonder your openings are difficult. Do you take laxatives? They can be harsh and cause accidents, and better is a diet richer in foods that naturally make you loose. Peanuts make me loose, they are an obvious snack to indulge in when needed! That sort of thing... Also, drink plenty of water. I know it's an old bit of advice but it's a good one. The bowel functions to steadily draw off water from the contents, and the longer your turds lie in your hingut the drier they become, thus more difficult to pass. Drinking lots helps hydrate the system and reduce water withdrawal from the colon.

Adding a little vaseline (petroleum jelly) to your anus and the passage beyond helps simply by lubricating the channel so the turds pass through easier...

You can discretely use single-use enemas, these are small amounts of concentrated softening/irritant solution that cause an emptying reaction. They come in a tiny plastic squeeze-bottle with a long applicator tip that you lubricate and pop up your backside.

Beyond all this is a proper enema, which is a larger volume of warm water used to wash the colon. It's introduced through your anus, and is a process which can be entirely pleasant and comfortable, though it takes a knack to both give and receive. Your doctor can advise you about this, whether performed professionally or with a home kit. You might find that if you were to pluck up the courage to have a chat with your Mom about your problem that she would be entirely sympathetic and supportive, and would come with you to the doctor as moral support (very useful, how well I know!) and be able to help you with whatever remedies are prescribed. This could be laxatives, suppositories (small medicated gel packages slipped into your rectum to soften and expel your matter) or indeed using enemas to control your situation.

It may be that as you get over your period of change that your bowels will return to normal and you'll be able to sit and poo without drama, but of course many women have problems that follow them through lie. I hope you're not one of them, and I wish you all the best in overcoming these troubles.

One last reason to seek advice and get on top of this problem -- straining to pass uncooperative turds can lead to problems a few years down the road in the form of haemorhoids -- "piles," a nasty, painful and distressing condition. Handling the problem now, so you can relieve yourself gently and thoroughly, minimizes the chances of you ever suffering this.

All my best,


Rachel E. reading back through the Old Posts here will convince you that many boys and men get a buzz out of females doing a motion, listening to the sound effects of her doing it, seeing her turds or if permitted to actually being with her in the toilet while she is doing a number two.

Now you must do what you feel at ease with. In the end its your body, your freedom of choice whether you are happy to allow someone else, even your boyfriend, to participate in what is a very personal and intimate function.

Many of us are brought up to consider defecation and urination, and for that matter menstruation, as "dirty" and matters to be ashamed of and not the completely natural functions they really are. We all eat and drink and enjoy both of these so why not enjoy the natural results of the body disposing of the waste products? I was lucky that my parents, now in their mid forties, are modern progressive types who brought me up not to have such inhibitions about my body and its functions. I had no problem as I grew up with my younger brother seeing me doing a motion and vice versa, or friends ar school and still dont. When my then boyfriend, now my husband, showed an interest in such matters I was only too happy to let him come into the toilet and watch when I did a number two and then look at the big jobbies I had passed. We still accompany each other if at home and he even wipes my bum for me afterwards. Its up to you Rachel, as I say. Why not compromise and if you cant let h! im actually come into the toilet with you at least let him listen at the other side of the toilet door then leave the pan unflushed so he can see the jobbies you have done. I actually enjoy my husband's comments on my motions such as "Nicky, that looks like a big torpedo" or "That sounded like a depthcharge! I thought your head had dropped down the pan!" or "You've laid a load of big eggs" (when I am constipated). But if you dont like your boyfriend's remarks then simply ask him to watch or listen in silence. It for you both to come to a happy arrangement which satisfies him but does not disturb you.

Now as luck would have it before I looked up this webpage today I had done my motion this morning with my husband present. I will describe what happened for your benefit Rachel.

Its about 7.00am UK time when I wake up as I usually do. Im playing Netball later today and will call into the Gym I run first. Hubby is alreay awake so I nudge him and say that I am going to get uo and make a cup of coffee for us both. As I get out of bed I feel the need to have a wee wee and also the movement of a large poo inside my ????. I fart in my pale blue panties and say " Im needing a motion." I dont have to ask as he gets up out of bed and accompanies me to the toilet. I pull my panties down to my knees and sit on the pan. My wee wee tinkles and hisses then I feel the motion start. Its a nice one, not too hard but good and solid and I feel my sphincter start to dome and dilate. "NN! AH!" I give a little grunt to get it started. "Try hard love!" my husband says tenderly and he gently rubs and pushes my ????. The big jobbie slowly slides out of my back passage, making a crackling sound as it grows in length. As usual its a big one, about 2.5 inches fat and its g! oing to be a nice long one. Looking between my legs he sees the big brown log and comments "Its a big whopper Nicky!" I give another push "NN! OO!AH! and I feel it taper and after a moment or so it plunges into the pan with a loud "FLOOMP!" I give a sigh of relief and say "That felt really good, let's have a look at it!" and I get up off the pan with my panties still round my knees and we both look down at the long, fat brown jobbie. Its about 14 inches long, 2.5 inches thick and slightly curved and mid brown in colour. The start is a bit knobbly but it is smoother towards the end and finishes in a gentle point. The smell is strong but not nasty. "Clever Girl! That's a nice big whopper!" he says as he wipes me with a moist wipe. I pull up my panties. Although we pull the flush it stays put, a panbuster as I would say. Now both of us have enjoyed this , me doing it and my husband watching me and if he does his motion at home later today I will accompany him with the roles reve! rsed. The point is that both of us consent to this joint defection and are at ease about it. In such a situation we are in control. So Rachel, I hope this describes how a couple can share such a personal and intimate activity to their mutula enjoyment.

Rachel E. Try to be understanding about your boyfriend's interest in your bodily functions. It's not unusual for a man (or woman) to have an interest of that nature. If it genuinely makes you feel uncomfortable though, you must be honest and straightforward with him about it though. I take the view that relationships are far more important than any one particular 'interest' and, if he cares about at all he will take your concerns on board. He may even be willing to sacrifice his interest in your bodily functions for the sake of the relationship, although I would only counsel this as a last resort.

Julie. Everyone gets constipated sometimes. Don't feel embarrased to talk to your mum about it. I'm sure it happens to her sometimes, and it's part of her job to care about your health and wellbeing. Missing a day or two isn't unusual and I wouldn't get too worried until you've not done anything for a few days. I'm sure your Mum will gladly take you to see the doctor if necessary, but you could always consider making an appointment and going yourself. The main priority in avoiding constipation is to have a good diet. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg is important and so are fluids. If you are constipated, figs and dates may be good for getting you 'going.' Good luck.

Some plugged up dude. The advice I've given to Julie about diet is also worth taking in your case. If you really are bunged up badly,Liquid Parafin (in the UK) or Mineral Oil as it's called in the US is often quite good. It's usually effective but quite gentle.

Sarsen. It's good to hear thing's from a teacher's point of view for once in a while. I appreciate the points you make and they are, in their own right, perfectly valid. At the end of the day if the school rules forbid you to excuse students for toilet breaks during lessons, you've got to try and abide by them. Personally I'd be very uneasy though about not letting a student leave to go to the loo, particularly during a double period which, in some schools, could be up to 80 minutes long. I know that for some youngsters it may be an excuse for a crafty cigarette or some other form of petty mischief but on balance I think the risk's worth taking and it's infinetly preferable to having a puddle on the floor. When I was at school back in the 1960's and 70's most teachers were perfectly happy to let students take a loo break during lessons - although they were sometimes lectured about going during breaks instead. Similarly, it wasn't unknown for teachers to leave the cl! ass unattended to go to the loo. In fact I remember one teacher who started cutting farts during a lesson. When she said 'excuse me' and left the room we all knew where she was going and what she was going to do! Have you ever been taken short whilst teaching a class? I'd love to know.

Carol the housewife. Liked your story about the big dump you had the other day. Keep up the good work!


Carmalita: I hope you and Jake have a wonderful wedding and eternal marriage bliss. Best wishes also to Renee on the birth of her first child. I could understand with so many life-changing events coming together at once why you may not have a chance to post or lurk. In any case, best wishes to all of you (and Patsy too).

Philippe: Thanks for enjoying my stories. I've lived in areas where water rationing was in place. At home I was mindful of the number of times I flushed, though it's the case that most of my major bowel movements seem to occur away from home, in public restrooms. I don't like leaving toilets unflushed anywhere. I think it's just disrespectful of others.

Sarsen: I went to a private Catholic high school, and the teachers were as strict as you were regarding bathroom visits. I recall there was a correlation between the amount of control a teacher had in class and the number of times students asked to go to the bathroom. There was one teacher who was new and had come on board in the middle of the first semester because another teacher went on maternity leave. He was too easygoing at the start and never gained much control of his classes. He would let students in his class go to the bathroom almost as they pleased. One student spent the last month in school asking to go to the bathroom in the middle of class, would not come back until the bell rang, and would sneak back in and get his stuff as the class was leaving. This teacher apparently didn't notice, but the student was caught with drugs, and an investigation revealed that certain indicents occurred when this student was supposed to be in that class. The teacher was! dismissed.

Fortunately, I rarely encountered situations in which I needed to go to the bathroom during class. I posted once before about a time I asked to go to the bathroom but was refused because we were starting to take a test and ended up farting in the class when I finished my test, at which time the teacher let me go. Another time I was building up an urge to poop but was either afraid of the teacher or too embarrassed to ask in front of the class. To top it off, I had a dental appointment right after school and almost had an accident at the dentist's chair as the assistant was cleaning my teeth. Once my appointment was finished, I bolted into the ladies room and proceeded to have a massive pooping session, one of the first once I had in a public restroom, and it was a "defining" moment that fueled my fascination with bowel movements and eased my initial anxiety about pooping in public restrooms.

I can understand the need for control in the classroom during elementary, middle (junior high), or high school, but not during the college/undergraduate years. I can understand that some professors or TAs may find it distracting to have students shuffle in and out of class, and some do lay down some ground rules and express his or her displeasure of people coming in and out of the classroom during class. I remember an Intro to Economics class I took in which, although the class size was huge, the professor felt a need for control. One time a girl started to walk out of the lecture hall, and the professor stopped his lecture and asked her what she was doing. She said she had to go, and he told her to sit down. Five minutes later, she tried to leave again, and the professor told her to sit down again. She said she couldn't hold it anymore and ran out of the lecture. The professor then told the TAs, who were required to attend his class, to identify the young woman to ! him. Later that week during the discussion section with the TA, someone asked the TA about the incident. He said she was in another of his sections. He told the professor who she was, but also told him there was nothing he could do about that. He also said she ran out because she had to go to the bathroom badly. It turns out this professor was visiting and had never taught a class this big before.

Back to the present, there's not really anything noteworthy to report this week since the return trip to the hotel. We are celebrating Christine's farewell, as she is going back to school next week.

hey all!

Been a while since ive last written, been busy with work and things at home etc but this morning i had a real large shit i mean what a whopper lol. Last night i watched a movie with some friends and we ate so much nuts and drank so much coke it was unreal, through the film i felt my ???? tighten a little and then felt like i had to pee so i ran upstairs pulled down my panties and squatted over the toilet like i always do and watched the warm clear pee trickle from my uretha, with the usual hissing sound and like the slooshing sound of the pee hitting the toilet, i peed for a good minute, gushing out of my fanny it was since i had drank so much coke, i leant my head towards my ???? and smelt the pee as it trickled and it smealt like nuts lol i was gonna taste it but i had nothing to wee into and i wasnt at home so i didnt want to have to scrub pee off my hands.
When i went back down the stairs i sat watching again but felt my ???? tight as before.... then when i woke up this morning i felt the need to poop so i got myself into the bathroom, pulled down my pjs had quite a long pee but this time it was yellow and couldnt really smell it then i sat back relaxed and felt my asshole starting to open but with that feeling like a melon is trying to go through a straw lol and i felt the large turd coming down my passage, felt so solid 2!
I didnt even fart once as the large hard log fell from my ass into the toilet water, splashing cold water around my ass, it was about 9 inches in length, dark brown and really solid 2 with traces of nut in it and it smealt very rich and spicy which i dont know why cause i had just eaten normal food. Then i felt another poo coming and it dropped out like the other one but was smaller, about 5 inches or so and of the same texture, then i felt more pee coming so i relaxed the muscle and let another stream off pee out, then i wiped my pussy and my ass but the turd must have been so tightly bound that it hardly dirtied the toilet paper. When i was finished i flushed only to find the toilet wouldnt take the heavy load so i sat for a few mins in panic then all i heard was WHOOSH! the lot disappeared and the toilet returned to normal so since that dump i have felt light and empty but i so enjoyed it, the whole thing must have taken a good 20 mins leaving me feeling so refreshed!

Lara Croft- please write soon again i so want to hear about your deliberate pantie wettings

Everyone else- the stories are great especially Carmalita and Michelle and of course Upstate Dave i so enjoy this site take care all i shall post again soon

Susanne xxx

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Rachel E
Hi all (Again)
Well I placed a post at a friends behest asking a few questions A few days ago. as to my boyfriend bieng interested in my toilet habits have any of you girls had any similar experiences? cause I am curious as to why? I mean I wouldn't go so far as to say I enjoy going for a poop but he seems to enjoy watching me go and it is rather unnerving!
Am I bieng prudish with my discomfort of him seeing me go? or am I right and he's wrong as I said before I am not embarrased as to his presence just when he comments about it with things like "whats it look like?",and "that sounded nasty"(a reference to a recent attack of the runs I had) I love him dearly but at times he makes me feel quite insecure what should I do?

had the worst case of diarea boiling water spraying out of my asshole,nothing solid at all.half hour on the loo at lest six times.any one better that.

Linda GS
No dear on-line sister.. I've been busy getting ready for school which starts next week. That and our grandmother got the shock of her life.. she was told she had malanoma..I don't think I spelled it right but it's skin cancer.. well she's okay now and seems in no danger. I'm out of casts and able to move around freely and yes sigh..i've been changing diapers... WHY?!?! I'm not even old enough to even THINK of having kids!!! Sigh. But I hate to think as these little gals seem to be able to make a mess when pooping..I feel so badly for my cousin who had to change me. I'm not just talking anout when i was a baby but when i went through a period of only wanting to poop in a pamper. Sigh... anyone here go through this? If so.. how did you finally get over it? I have to go's late.
P.S. Don't worry Andrew.. I'm going to be sweet and lovable and not call you"the name"

Wow, I've always wondered why someone would relieve him/herself on a bus...I guess Sam answered my question. I work as a fueler/washer at a bus company and one of my duties is to clean the interiors of the vehicles. In the course of my job, I've come across everything from urine to assorted feminine products to shit-stained panties. It makes a guy wonder just what in the hell these people were doing/thinking; I guess I know now.

I'm an 18 year-old white female and would like to share my accident that happened last year.
I was coming home from taking my G.E.D. test and ran into a traffic jam bacause of a car accident. All of a sudden I felt the biggest urge to poop. On one of my breaks from taking my test,I ate two chili dogs(with onions) and a coke. I also notice about an hour later that my stomach started griping but it wasn't bad and it stop. But this time I had to go. I was fidgeting in traffic for 7 minutes until traffic let up and I was able to get to the K-mart. I was almost unable to drive and already pooped my pants a little before I reached the parking lot. It wasn't major and it didn't stink but I had to go. I ran in the K-mart and smushed some of that crap with my hand when I squeezed my butt. I got inside and asked customer service where the bathroom was located. They pointed it out and I ran with my hand on my butt. I knew someone saw me but I didn't care. The bathroom was in the back and about 10 feet away from the bathroom door, I couldn't go no further. I let out a juicy f! art and crapped my pants in one of the back aisles. I kept crapping and crapping. Then ended up urinating on myself,too. I was wearing these real tight blue jeans(no buttons or zipper), and just some pee leaked a little down in my shoe. But I did have a LOAD of poop because I touched my butt and felt the bulge. Its a good thing no one else was in that aisle. I ran in the bathroom and cleaned myself up the best way I could. There wasn't alot of toilet paper, so I threw my panties away and
slipped my jeans back on. I had a large brown stain on the back and drove home with the windows down(boy,can I stink after eating some chili dogs). I got home and luckily, my parent had went out somewhere and I hopped in the shower and threw my clothes in the washer.

Has anyone else ever pooped on a city bus or train? I have seen parents change full diapers several times.

Billy & Kevin L
Sam, that is pretty nasty taking a shit on bus seat. Once, about 2 years ago, I was on a class trip to Washington, D.C. It was about 1/2 after lunch,and I really had to take a poop. The bus had a bathroom on it. I figured that the bus bathroom was better than my pants. It was not that bad. I went in, sat down, let out about 5 logs, wiped and washed my hands. There was a pile of paper and you could still see my logs. When I wiped, I threw my paper in the back. About 4 other people did the same, so my logs fell on a pile.

We went on a trip over the long weekend. We went camping. It was the first time I got constipated in a long time. We left on Thursday morning. The last poop I had before was Wednesday after lunch. It was real hot until Saturday, and I did not drink a lot. I made a little poop on Friday in the camp bathroom. It was one of those wierd toilets like airplane toilets. There was a flap in the bottom and your turds stayed there until you flushed. I think the toilets were about the cesspool. I did not poop until Tuesday. My little brothers and Kev were pooping like once a day or every other day instead of two or three times a day. I did not poop until Tuesday on the way back. On Tuesday afternoon, we stopped at a Wendy's for lunch. I had a taco salad. About 1/2, when we were on the highway, I had to go. Really bad. I said can we stop someplace so I can poop? My mom said that there are no rest stops for about 1 hour. Unforunately, there was no place to stop along the road. OK, can ! I use the bedpan? Mom said ok. I got out the bed pan and took a huge dump. I passed 3 large nubby turds. It was funny, because some parts of the turds had corn in them and some parts didn't (we had corn about 4 times over the weekend). Then another huge load of turds came out. These turds were firm, but soft. Then, a pile of mushy stuff came out. I wiped my butt. I was in the last seat of our durango with my little brother Josh. He said he needed a poop too. I said, ok. I tilted the bed pan so that there was some room for his poop. He sat on the bed pan and pushed out two long hard turds. He wiped, but there was nothing on his butt.

Yesterday my intestines were back to normal. I we had corn on the cob for dinner when we got back home. Yesterday, while we were swimming, I had to take a massive poop. I went into the woods. Jeremy and Kev ahd to go too. So did Melissa. We went in and climbed some trees. Melissa went highest. Although we poop in front of other people all the time, we usually cannot see the hole opening. However, on the trees we can. It is kind of weird. Anyway, we all had big poops, with about 3 or 4 logs. We wiped with leaves and went back swimming. I had to poop after dinner while we were getting ready for bed. Josh and Jeremy both had to poop. So did my older brother Mike. There was a large load in the toilet when we were done, but it went right down, first flush.

Randy R.

I had been a lurker and enjoy reading others plights and so I finally thught Id add one of my experiences here too.

I worked in the steel mill at one time and you never knew in slow times if you were going to be laid off or not. Well they laid off about 500 workers last week and I was one of them being there only a year. So then the thing you do is go and sign up for unemployment at the state office.

I jumped out of bed monday morning, my day to report, "R's" were to show up on monday to sign up. I slept in, but woke up in time to get dressed and grab a cup of coffee in a 20oz BP cup made in a microwave and run and catch the bus. A ride in the car to town would be about 15 minutes. ON the bus, its like 35 min as it stopped at every corner it seemed on the way like a dog pissing to mark territory.
Finally we get there and I walk up 2 flights to the offices, more a hall with wondows and lines. Depending on your last social sec number you got in the right line to be interviewed.

I got in line and there were about 20 bodies ahead of me, all the lines were long because of layoffs. It was going real real slow, as the state interviewer asked the same questions over and over to each party, "you able to work, willing to work, looked for work,"and so on, and your ID. So the line is moving slowly, like Im there now for almost half hour. Im 4 away from my turn in line when I notice my bladder is full and also I got to take a morning dump. I feel my bowels rumbling and a build up of some heavy gas and I got this urge to pee at the same time. Coffee was doing its job alright. Ok, then if I go and leave the line for the mens room, I got to go to the end again. Like there were about 30 in line now behind me and its going slow. I think I can hold it. Then a real strong urge behind a hard log hits my belly, I can hardly hold it in. Then a second wave hits, this time I cant hold it in. Im pinchin my ass cheeks and standing stifff but this log pops out agains! t my shorts making a small bulge in my pants. There was a little smell of poop in the air more like someone farting. I looked left and right like to see who did this thing. A little whispering behind me, I didnt hear what was said, but I can imagine. I get to the window and finally answer the questions, sign the card and take some papers to read and to bring back next week. I stepped away from the window and started to the stairs down, and as I hit the first step, my bladder broke loose then. I had pee streaming down my leg into my shoes and socks and making a trail on each step. On lady coming up the steps passed me with no notice. I finally got outside and walked down the street carefully and found a bar on the next block. I get a beer, (its sorta dark in there) and then hit the toilet and drop my shorts and drop that log into the bowl.. I dry off my crotch best I can and check the damage. Mostly to one leg and and my shoe. I then get to the bus stop and head on home.

Next time I get up early and do all my morning duty before I leave the house.

Anyone else have this same sort of experience?????

euro hiker
France 2001, Part 2

The French GR10 long distance path is 860 km long and follows the line of the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. South of Lourdes, the GR10 passes through a resort with hot springs which is popular in winter and summer.

I inspected the toilet facilities on six camp sites nearby. A popular arrangement is a row of 4 - 10 stalls, each with a floor to ceiling partition wall and a separate door to the outside. Typically, most are ' la Turque' (squat) type although there are usually some normal bowls. They may have a sign on the door to indicate which type it is. Some had 2 - 3 inch gaps under the doors but there is no way of looking underneath without being rather conspicuous, unless you can get your tent strategically positioned! Larger sites had extra toilet blocks to save a long walk to the main block. On two sites, these were square glass fibre cabins divided into four cubicles, two with wash basins and two with toilets (one bowl, one 'squat').

The toilets on five camp sites had little of interest but the sixth was mildly interesting. It has 100 pitches and a 2* rating. Its address translates as Avenue of the Green Nipple! It has two wash/toilet blocks, both very clean. The smaller has three unisex toilets (two with bowls, one squat) and the larger has seven unisex toilets in two rows facing each other. On the right hand side are three stalls, the first for emptying chemical toilets and the next two with ordinary bowls (but without seats). On the left side are four stalls. The first contains a urinal and the other three have 'a la Turque' squat type toilettes.

All the doors have a gap of about 1.5 inches underneath so by looking out under the door of one of the right side stalls, it is possible to under the door of the squatter opposite. The view is a bit restricted however and if they users squat too high or too low, you can't see anything. It would be better if they cut another two inches off the bottoms of the doors! I gave these toilets a '3 plop' rating!

One morning, a woman went into left #4 for her morning dump and I could hear some healthy plops but could hardly see anything because the light was above #2 and #3 so stall #4 was rather dark. Another time, a woman of about 50 came in and used left #3 stall which had better lighting. I could see her squeezing out some thin poops about 1 inch diameter although only in silhouette. Late one afternoon, a woman came in wearing gold sandals. She hurried into right #3 then went out again. I guess she didn't like the lack of a seat. She then went into left #4 and did a long, urgent and noisy poop although I couldn't really see much due to poor light. Then I found some better views in the mountains....

Hi, this is my first posting here. I am 15, and my problem is that i can become very very constipated. I usually have a bowel movement about every 4 days or so, but sometimes I will go for I week or so without going poop. I would go to the doctor, but I'm too embarassed to talk with my mom to take me there. I do love it when i hear other women have to strain real hard to let out a constipated movement, so if anyone has storied like this please send. Just a couple days ago i was at the mall and i had the urge to poop for the first time in about 10 days, and i was really starting to hurt. So i headed to the rest room, and it was a small one with only 3 stalls, and i took the middle one because the other two were taken. aften a couple minutes i was obvious that the other too ladies were pooping also. In this restroom there were huge gaps around the edges of the door and a mirror across from the stalls. So if you looked through the crack right you could see the women nect to you o! n the toilet. While i was sitting there the women on my left started grunting and pushing very loudly, so i though that i would take a took in the mirror. The women was thin and in her twenties with long blonde hair. She was grabbing on the the bottom of the toilet bowl, with her legs streached out. Her teeth were clenched and her eyes were closed while she pushed and strained as hard as she could. It looked like this lady was as constipated as i was. This lady kept this up for almost 20 minutes with the ocasional groan or push of pain. Then finally She let out this huge sigh of relief. When she left i saw this huge log that wouldn't flush down about 2and 1/4 in thichk.

Some Plugged up dude
will someone please read the post about my five-day bout with Constipation ??? I'm at my wit's end as to what to do. IT HURTS BAD!! why are the enema and suppositories not working ??

When i was younger, like 5, i was at my babysitters house and i had to poop, and i never went to the bathroom by myself, so my babysitter had her daughter go with me, she was 4 years older than me, and she had to poop also but didn't say anything until i was already going, in their bathroom was a washer and dryer (trailer house) and she was sitting on them, and she kept asking her mom if she could poop in the sink, or the washer, or the tub. now i realize how much of a turn on that could've been had we been older. A few years later when we were about 5 or 6 years older, i was at her house (they had built a brand new house) and she took a poo with the door open and when i wondered over and started watching she said "you can watch if you want to" I realize now how much fun he could've had together but didn't, there's always the future.

Golden Drink
How come when I'm sick (like a cold) my pee turns clear??

I was lying in the bath last night when hubby walked in in the nude to pee. I was watching him from behind and saw him relax as he peed. As he did so a little round nugget dropped out of his bum. I laughed my head off. He was soo embarrased.

Hi, I'm new to this site. It's sooo cool. I have been wetting and
messing in my pants since i was young. I'm 24 now, and i have been having
accidents at home when i'm bored or don't have any plans. It's my day off now, and i feel about 2 cigs away from totally letting loose in my
shorts. so what! it's only laundry :)

It gives me a rush to be so careless with my self. I sometimes will
do it on purpose. It makes me feel 10 years old again!

Keep up the good work on this site. I'll be coming back alot to read
some of the cool stories. I have many of my own (all of them true!).



Does anyone have any memories of spying on their parents
or older relative going poop? I spied on my aunt when I was
a little girl, she was really going to town dumping on the
toilet making grunting sounds and jumping all around on the
seat like she was performing on stage or something.

Hi, everyone!

Just returned from vacation, and have begun to get caught up on the numerous excellent posts here! Special thanks to Carmalita (DON'T LEAVE
US FOREVER!!), Penny, Mindy, Jane, Helen of Troy, and the incredible GRETEL- can't wait to hear about your next episode with Marcia!

Having found Forum recently I've been trying to catch up on past postings and there seems to be a recurring theme of teachers refusing to let students go to the toilet in lessons. Most people seem to think that this is awfully unfair and that students should be allowed to 'go' whenever they feel the need. Well, as a teacher myself (in the UK) I thought I'd give the other side of the srguement.

In the last two schools I've worked in there ahve been very clear rules about not letting students use the toilet in lessons. The reasons for these are simply:
a) There is a history of toilets being badly vandalised during lesson time costing literally tens of thousands of pounds. This means that the facilities are then unavailable to everybody while they are repaired.
b) Groups of students (especially girls) from different classes would arrange to meet up in the toilets at a certain time, often to smoke.
c) Some students, who were excused to go to the toilet, would cause disruption around the school during lessons. For example setting of fire alarms etc (As you probably know, to do this as an employee without good reason would lead to instant dismissal).

Anyway, for these reasons toilet breaks during lessons were pretty much banned in my last school and are heavily discouraged in my current school. In my last school the rule was that students would not be allowed to the toilet in lesson time and this was one of the rules parents agreed to when sending their kids to the school.

Of course the final decision is left to the teacher. A case of we're damned if we do let the kid use the toilet and damned if we don't and they have an accident.

In both schools students could use the toilet between lessons as well as at break times, so they had at most an hour (50 minutes in my current school) to wait. It's worth remembering that, as teachers, we are usually stuck in the classroom for two lessons at a time, with no prospect of leaving between classes. Therefore we have no choice but to wait for up to two hours (to leave a class unattended is putting your job, and increasingly your liberty, at risk). We should also remember the 'hidden curriculum', that part of education which is not to do with academics but to do with socialisation (how to behave towards others, following rules etc.). Learning a little self control, planning ahead if you think you may need the toilet during the lesson etc. is all part of the growing up process.

OK, so know you all think I'm a 'control freak' I'll tell you how I deal with these situations. Usually its possible to tell if a student is really desperate or just wanting to get out of the room. I'll always ask if the student can wait for 5 minutes (perhaps until I've finished explaining something) because its only the ones who really need to go who remember to ask again. If I do need to let a student go to the toilet, I make sure only one goes at a time. I'm not in the business of making kids suffer but I am in the business of teaching them and that sometimes means they have to follow rules.

If a student were to walk out of the classroom without my permission, whether they needed the toilet or for whatever reason, I would detain them the the end of school. That would be the end of the matter.

As for teacher who ridiclue students who have accidents, I think that's out of order. I sometimes have kids who say "if I can't go to the toilet I'll piss in the corner" and I have a bit of a joke with them about that (by the way, no one ever has and neither have they had an accident in my lesson).

I'm sorry this is such a long post but I thought the teacher's perspective should be told.

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