Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. The great weather continues here in upstate N.Y. We could use some rain here in the capitol district though. Kendal Im glad you and your mate are making good use of your garden shed. I have a similar story about the house that Jack built which I will tell at some future time.

I am sure that of a lot of you people back in your high scool days had to sell items for your class. In my freshman year of high scool we sold magizine subscriptions. So I went out on my bike and went all over the area selling them. During this selling spree I had to incidents happen that Ihave not forgotten.

I stoped at one house and knocked on the door and a young girl answered and I told her who I was and what I was selling. I was 12 at the time of this event. She was 17 or 18 and she was dressed in a nightgown. She invited me in and we sat in the kitchen at the table. I showed her what magizines were available. She looked them over and she talked to me about what was going on in school and about people that she knew to see if I could tell her what was up with them.

Itold her the best of my knoledge all that I could about what she wanted to know. She had droped out and had gotten married. Thats why she asked me all the questions about school life. She said excuse me I have to go pee Ill be right back. The bathroom was just off the kitchen. She left the door open so she could continue talking to me. I could not see her but I could clearly hear her though.

I could hear her night gown russel as she pulled it up and heard her as she slid her panties down. A few seconds passed then I heard a loud hiss followed by noisy splashing of the water in the bowl as her stream hit the water. She peed that way for 45 seconds or so. She stoped gave a sigh and rumble rumble rumble went the toilet paper roll as she pulled the paper off. I heard her panties go snap as she finished pulling them up and then the toilet flushed. She cme back out and said, Im sorry I really had to go from all the coffee from this morning.

I said I did not mind. She gave me her list of magizines she wanted and I thanked her for that. She thanked me for filling her in for all the school news that I had told her. I also to myself said ,thank you for the free listen to your peeing. I got up and left and went on selling more magizines.

The next incident was later that morning at another stop. I knocked on the door and this girl of 10 or 11 answered the door and I asked if her dad or mom was home and I was selling magizines for school. She told me that her dad was home, come in and I will tell him you are here. I followed her in and waited in thier family room. She said my dads on the phone please wait he will be with you when he is done.

She asked me my name and I told her. Her name was Dianne. We talked some more. She told me her papents were seperated and she was visiting her father that weekend. She asked me all kinds of questions like what was school like, hobbies, music I liked, did I have any girlfriends etc. She also was doing a lot of flirting with me at the same time.

She got up went out of the room and came back and told me that her dad was still on the phone but keep waiting he should nbe done in 10 minutes or so. Dianne sat down on the couch next to me and we continued talking. She then whispered something in my ear about seeing girls going to the bathroom. I blushed a little but said yes I have. She got up and there was a bathroom off to the right of the family room. She said to me watch from the couch but listen for my father if he gets off the phone.

The toilet was clearly visible from the couch. She lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties right off. She lifted up the seat and stood over the bowl and started to pee. Her stream was hitting the side of the bowl above the water so it was not that loud. As far as her stream making noise it was hissing but not loudly. She stood there for about 20 seconds then stoped. She wiped herself turned around to put the seat down giving me a view off her backside. She pulled her panties up and then closed the door flushed the toilet and then came out.

A few minutes after that her dad got off the phone came in looked my magizines over ordered some and asked Dianne if she wanted some and she did. I took the orders from both of them. I thanked her dad as the phone rang again which was for him so he left again to answer it. Dianne gave me a peck on the cheek gave me a little smile and asked me to stop over on weekends so we can have more fun. I told her I would. She gave me thier phone number. I had made a new friend,had a successfull selling day, and had a couple of good memories.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Its a great morning here in upstate N.Y. I had my morning coffee outside. I wish all mornings were as nice as this one. Carmalita I wont say goodbye but good luck to you and Jake. Fall weddings are nice, have a happy and rewarding future together. I will always remember your posts and stories. You will be missed by me and all the others.

I have a few funny and unusual small stories to post for today. Have anyone else here has done anything like the ones Im going to tell? If you have let them be known.

First there was a time when I was visiting my old home town and was with Janet and Jill. We were over at the school and Janet was at the top of the slide sitting ready to come down. She said watch this! She was wearing a skirt and pulled her panties down and started to pee a gusher. It ran down the length of the slide and flowed off the end to the ground. I laughed and Jill commented Janet your so wicked.

Another time I went with Barbie H. and Barbie S. to the school playground near thier house and we were on the swing set. We got into a contest to see who could go the highest in the air. So we all got pumping and were really all getting very high in the air as we swung back and forth. I started to slow down and the girls asked why I was quiting? I said I needed to piss. Well do it while you are swinging Barbie S. said. Ill join you. Barbie H. also said she would too.

So I pulled out my penus and peed swinging back and forth leaving a trail in the dirt below and the two girls with thier butts hanging over the seat with thier streams flowing out and hissing. All three of us were laughing and really enjoying ourselves.

The last one was with Susan S. and myself were out riding our bikes. We were up on a small ridge were this guy had a sand bank were he had set up a screen for sifting sand wich he used for the bottom of the ponds he built and for sand for making cement. The length of this sreen ran about 30 feet from the top of the bank to the bottom.

Susan told me she had to poop real bad. She had to go right now. She pulled down her shorts and panties and sat with her butt over the screen. Her rear hole bulged immeadiatly. A fat turd slowly emerged and crackeled as it moved from her. Six inches came out and broke off and rolled the 30 feet down the screen to the bottom. A second piece came out and that piece followed the first piece to the bottom. She started to laugh which in turn she started to pee as she was still pooping pieces wich were rolling and bouncing down the screen. I was laughing very hard also. She finished and pulled up her panties and shorts and took a look at the pile of poop she had rolled that was now at the bottom of the screen in the sand below. Well now I do feel better after that. We both got on our bikes and left.

Diane New York
Hey how are you doing? Seems like my last post was thrown out by the moderator. Guess I went over the edge. Well I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while but I was completing my museum of cars and with finical help form my husband I did it and completed my life-long dream. Wow I feel good. Got a new sister in law who is Melissa’s sister Maranello is my new sis in law. One big very happy family. So much has gone on in my life.

Well got a new shit story to tell you guys about. Yesterday I had to take Maranello to the NY State Capital the city of Albany. So Before I left I stopped of at an Exxon Gas station and made sure I made good use of the bathroom there. Had a massive offloading. The amount of poop that was in the toilet might confuse you for something off-loaded from a Boeing 747-400 Freighter. These past few days I have because over-doing it. I ate way too much. Breakfast consisted of 3 egg and bacon deli prepared sandwiches with 2 cups of coffee. Lunch consisted of the same thing. And dinner consisted of 3 bacon hamburgers form Wendy’s. Not healthy, but delicious. So I plopped down and started pushing. Knowing this was gonna be a big one I rushed. But with all this shit, it ain’t gonna be easy. So I pushed and this ass-busting tip started to emerge causing excruciating pain. I pushed and let out this massive log very hard, very firm. My cousin who’s German calls these Germa! n Turds. Very hard and firm. It was about 30 inches. And 5.0 diameters in diameter. This was an ass-busting log. I don’t like’ em. They hurt.

I stood up and I said I have to get rid of this. What would happen to me? If they found out who did this. So I look around and see a plunger. I take the handle and mash up the behemoth and flushed it away. I sat back down and I pushed like hell and this tip that causes a little bleeding as it came out. So I pulled it out with my toilet paper covered hand. I say an amazing 35 inch shit in the toilet again 5.0 in. in diameter. I destroyed this one and ran some cold water on my as for a while. I can’t take this pushing and straining anymore. I'm going to do what my friend Mary does. Take laxatives all the time. Saves the trouble of pushing.

But I’m not done. Then as I was driving Maranello signaled she needed a crap. So I’m driving along this very wooded road, but the sight of a bumblebee yellow Viper would attract attention and Maranello would inevitably be found in the act. She was getting desperate and I’m looking for somewhere pretty frantically. Well 5 miles later I see this rest stop. Wow our luck all the stalls were full. So she ran behind into this wooded area. So I walked back to my car and cranked the window down. I was about to drift of when I was awaken by the sound of a loud fart. Then I her grunting and cursing. Then my sis in law comes back looking relieved. And the bulge in her stomach was gone. She must have felt a lot better. After that we were on our way.

See ya’ later.

Hey all.

Buzzy: Thanks, and it definitely was interesting taking a dump with Lucy at the same time. Luckily she is very petite, and I am 5'9", plus the bowl is more oval than round. If she was really any bigger, it would be pretty impossible, she's thin herself. I don't think it is something I would want to do often because my legs were spread wide, and it was kind of uncomfortable, but I still enjoyed it with her pressed against me. Thanks for the reply and your own story.

Rocky Mountain Lisa: I went back for the comic later, and thanks, I didn't know it was worth so much. I knew it was worth something, but not that much. It is actually in nera mint condition since it has been stored in a bag with a backing board, which is once again where it is. Luckily the comic didn't travel very far and landed flat.

I've been drinking Countrytime Lemonade lately, and I don't know what the deal is with it, but I can't seem to stop peeing. This hasn't happened with anything else, and it seems sort of unusual. I used to drink at least 8 cups of water a day and never peed this much. I'm a bit baffled!

Later, Sid.

To Kendal: thanks very much for your kind words. It actually made my day! As you can tell I am still rather hesitant about my feelings although I managed to integrate the experience very well into my adult sexlife.

To Dirty Dirk: what a great story. It is exactly the kind of event I like to go out and "hunt for" every now and then when I have some spare time.

I could tell a few stories like this myself but they might not be found appropriate by the moderator?



Billy & Kevin L
Sam, that is pretty nasty taking a shit on bus seat. Once, about 2 years ago, I was on a class trip to Washington, D.C. It was about 1/2 after lunch,and I really had to take a poop. The bus had a bathroom on it. I figured that the bus bathroom was better than my pants. It was not that bad. I went in, sat down, let out about 5 logs, wiped and washed my hands. There was a pile of paper and you could still see my logs. When I wiped, I threw my paper in the back. About 4 other people did the same, so my logs fell on a pile.

We went on a trip over the long weekend. We went camping. It was the first time I got constipated in a long time. We left on Thursday morning. The last poop I had before was Wednesday after lunch. It was real hot until Saturday, and I did not drink a lot. I made a little poop on Friday in the camp bathroom. It was one of those wierd toilets like airplane toilets. There was a flap in the bottom and your turds stayed there until you flushed. I think the toilets were about the cesspool. I did not poop until Tuesday. My little brothers and Kev were pooping like once a day or every other day instead of two or three times a day. I did not poop until Tuesday on the way back. On Tuesday afternoon, we stopped at a Wendy's for lunch. I had a taco salad. About 1/2, when we were on the highway, I had to go. Really bad. I said can we stop someplace so I can poop? My mom said that there are no rest stops for about 1 hour. Unforunately, there was no place to stop along the road. OK, can ! I use the bedpan? Mom said ok. I got out the bed pan and took a huge dump. I passed 3 large nubby turds. It was funny, because some parts of the turds had corn in them and some parts didn't (we had corn about 4 times over the weekend). Then another huge load of turds came out. These turds were firm, but soft. Then, a pile of mushy stuff came out. I wiped my butt. I was in the last seat of our durango with my little brother Josh. He said he needed a poop too. I said, ok. I tilted the bed pan so that there was some room for his poop. He sat on the bed pan and pushed out two long hard turds. He wiped, but there was nothing on his butt.

Yesterday my intestines were back to normal. I we had corn on the cob for dinner when we got back home. Yesterday, while we were swimming, I had to take a massive poop. I went into the woods. Jeremy and Kev ahd to go too. So did Melissa. We went in and climbed some trees. Melissa went highest. Although we poop in front of other people all the time, we usually cannot see the hole opening. However, on the trees we can. It is kind of weird. Anyway, we all had big poops, with about 3 or 4 logs. We wiped with leaves and went back swimming. I had to poop after dinner while we were getting ready for bed. Josh and Jeremy both had to poop. So did my older brother Mike. There was a large load in the toilet when we were done, but it went right down, first flush.

I just rented 300 Miles To Graceland. Had a few interesting scenes. At the beginning of the movie of the gang (dressed as Elvis Presley) starts dancing around and farts loudly. There is anoher scene in a men's room where this young kid goes to use the urinal and an older fat guy stands next to him and farts. The kid says "eww gross". There is also a scene showing a side view of Kevin Costner peeing into a toilet.

To Jane

Just to let you know that I enjoy your pooping stories just as much as I always did.
Cascade of shit, thuds, flush, ice cream dispenser mode, you are capable of putting quite a show....and I am pretty sure that no pooping session of yours ressembles the preceding one...
You carry the distinction of being a productive flusher. I do not know in which part of the US you live, but water levels in the Great Lakes have gone down 40 cm in average this summer, people have trouble putting in their boats...I know that drought is to blame, but what if you flushed a bit less?

I also like Mindy.

Outhouse Scott: I'm suprised that nobody say the ants crawling into your pants. Anyway at least no one found out.

I had diarrhoea yesterday and was trying to minimize the sound effects - as the toilet is right next to the office where a lot of women work - I got some TP and held it close to my anus in an attempt to muffle the sound (very windy runs), but unfortunately I held it too close and produced a sort of aerosol effect - getting it everywhere including my nose and forehead. I thought it best to clean up before I came out!



And all the wonderful ladies at your place, Renee, Patsy, Tesa, then there's Jake and the soon-to-be Little Malita... I hope and pray you'll be reconnecting to the web. You've become favorites here on the forum, and I think of you as good friends, and more. Your words to me are those of a sister, and I'll miss you. You quickly became a special person to me as well, and I don't want to lose you. But in case you don't reconnect for quiet a while, here's a vast embrace and kiss from PV, Down Under, for you all, and Malita especially. Farewell, but not goodbye!

Your friend,


KENDAL -- you got the picture, missy! Sound like fun? I'm up for it! Howsabout a shot at a floor drain in a shower area -- standing, of course?! There's lots of fun in the offing, dear, and I'm sure Louise will have great stories from Spain when she gets home, that I'll match from Aus in a few months. One day we'll all have to do the beach!


Aunty PV

To Outhouse Scott: I liked your story, it was funny how you had a popsicle and it fell into your underpants and made you itch. Just thinking about it is making me itch down there now..LOL

I took a decient dump last night for a change. For awhile my poop had been softer then normal but its starting to form up a bit and get harder thats good and thats how i like my poop to be. I laid a 8 inch log last night and i went to examine it cause it looked really big and it sorta looked like it curved around and i wanted to get a better view. It broke into 4 pieces. I only had to wipe 5X.

Alaskan Guy
Hey Redneck, would you mind describing the guy who replaced the windows at your house and took a dump in your toilet? Maybe you didn't have any interest in seeing him go, but I'd like to hear more about him.

Lee-- the septum is a thin, flat piece of cartilage at the back of the nose/throat. When it's deviated (bent), inhaling through your nose while you're asleep causes snoring. Off-topic, I know, but hope that helps.

RJOGGER and Kathy
Carmalita - Just when you get know a lovely person and get attached to her, life has her move on. I hope you get this post before your internet service is turned off, seniorita. I must admit that you have more than touched my heart with your sincerity and sweetness. You have stolen mine, and Kathy's and we are really going to miss you. I promise you that no matter what, I will take good care of your heart. You have captivated me, Carmalita, and my thoughts will always be with you. If I don't hear from you before your wedding, let me once again wish you and Jake the best, may you always be happy, healthy and may you have many beautiful children. Somehow, in my heart, I believe that I will hear from you again, but just the same, I will never forget you. My love goes to you, sweet seniorita, and so does Kathy's. Be well, dear, we love you and we will miss you.
Renee - This is really hard, having to say good bye to people that I care about. First, Carmalita, and now, the pregnant cowgirl. I can't say how much I have enjoyed talking with you, and how much Kathy and I are going to miss you. I will never forget you either, you are such a sweet girl. Kathy and I wish you the best of luck with your baby, and we both send our love. We will miss you, but we will never forget you.
Patsy - Kathy and I have only spoken to you a couple of times, but we think that you are a wonderful lady, and we will miss you too. This is tough, because we feel very attached to you 3 girls. We can only wish you the best, send our love and we will never forget you.

Carol the housewife
Hi all, had a mega dump today.

With the hot weather and having come off my period I was constipated and hand had a decent motion for 3 days. Eventually I took some Olive Oil last night, this usually lubricates the tubing.

Keith was at home most of today and knowing I was bunged up he gently rubbed my ???? as we lay in bed. After a while of this mutually enjoyable activity I felt things start to move and gave out a long fart in my pale blue Sloggi panties. "Ah said Keith, the big jobbie is on its way" I replied, "Well it might be a load of hard balls, I have been constipated for 3 days!"

We went to our ensuite toilet and Keith kept rubbing my ???? as I sat on my throne with my panties at me knees. Another loud long and very smelly fart was unleashed then I did my wee wee with much hissing and tinkling. UH! AH! PLOP! a fat ball came out, UH! AH! NN! PLONK! PLOONK! PLUNK!" it was all coming out as hard balls. Keith remembered an expression used on this website, by Moira I think, "Oh you're doing constipotatoes!" he laughed. PLOONK! PLONK! KAPLOINK! PLOP!" more fat balls came out of my back passage and were bobbing up and down in the water. I took a breather and sat there waithing for the next installment. Slowly but surely I could feel a big turd slide into my rectum. I took a deep breath and and felt my ring stretch. This was a big jobbie I could sense. UH! NN! OH! AH! it slowly emerged and grew in size with Keith who was by now standing behind me looking down the pan going "Bloody hell its a beaut! It tapered to an end and dropped into the pan with a de! pth charge KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" throwing up a column of water which wet my fat bum and splashed Keith. Another smoother jobbie slid out behind this knobbly log making a SPLOONK!" With my knickers still round my knees I stood up to have a look. Apart from the hard balls there was a fat lumpy compacted jobbie like a big carrot and a fat brown smooth cucumber both about 10 inches long. I sure felt great after doing that lot and Keith was well turned on!

Lee, I have wet my panties when laughing. I was bursting for a pee one time when a really funny programme came on the telly. I started to giggle, then laugh and did actually piss my knickers soaking the gusset, and my legs. Being at home I simply went to the toilet, took off my smelly knickers, (pink ones) and put them in the washing machine then had a shower, washing the carpet afterwards where I had made a puddle.

Sid, Keith and I have done this with my taking my panties off and sitting with my legs really far apart at the back of the pan and his sitting in front of me with my holding his ????. It was quite an interesting sensation to be doing a tandem buddy dump and to hear our jobbies drop into the pan KURSPLOOSH! KERSPLOOMP! The amusing aspect was that as both of us had passed big firm jobbies of equal size we didnt know who did which.

Sam, I havent done a poo in the back of a bus but did about 20 years ago do one in the back of a Ford Transit van when coming back from a Rock Festival. I was needing a motion, a good big solid one, but we were miles from a service area and I didnt think I could hold it in. The others, two boys and three girls said to just do it in a plastic carrier bag. I unzipped my jeans and pulled down my panties, white ones as I remember, and with one of the others holding the bag I did a small wee wee then out slid a real whopper, a big fat 12 incher, into the bag as one of the lads gasped "Look at the size of that turd!" the strong fecal smell wafted round the van. When we got a chance we dropped the bag with its heavy load into a wastebin.

I’ve been reading some posts where partners accompany each other to the toilet, and I just wanted to share my experience.

I think it’s nice when couples are close enough to share even their most private moments. We don’t normally invade each others private time in the bathroom, we do pee in front of each other but not usually poop. Recently though my partner was constipated, I noticed him rubbing his ???? while we were in bed one morning and asked him if he was OK. He said ‘No not really, I haven’t done a motion for two days’. I was a bit shocked as he usually goes two or three times a day.

I started to rub his lower back for him and asked him if I could help, did he want a laxative or anything. To be honest, I didn’t know what I could do to help but I felt so sorry for him, I told him to lie on his side and I’d rub him. He said having his back and ???? massaged felt nice, I could hear his ???? rumbling low down, so the massage was causing a bit of movement. Then he raised his bottom up and broke wind. ‘Ohh, that’s better’, he said, and it must have felt better, it smelled quite stale and you could tell he’d not emptied himself recently.

I could feel him pushing, trying to expel more gas or move his load down, he was in quite a bit of pain. I had to do something, so I found some petroleum jelly and told him to draw his knees up to his chest. He was lying on his side with his bottom towards me, and I parted his bottom and gently rubbed the jelly round his anus, and I put a little bit inside for him. I tried to stimulate his rectum with my finger, I was scared of hurting him though so I didn’t go too deep.

After a few minutes he said he was going to go and have a try on the toilet. He said ‘will you come and rub my back for me?’ The poor thing, he looked tired and embarrassed, I felt sorry for him. We sat him on the potty and he leaned forward. I put a bit more ointment on his anus, and rubbed his lower back as he rubbed his ????. He pushed really hard and I saw his anus bulge out but nothing was coming. He was panting and pushing, I told him to be careful not to strain too hard or he’d get piles. ‘I need to get this out, it’s hurting’ he said. I asked him if he could feel anything moving and he said yes, then he did a long low rumbling trump and leaned right forward.

He was sweating profusely. I wiped his face with a damp cloth and he said it was coming. I went back behind him and had a look, I could see the tip of a really black motion poking out of his now terribly swollen anus. ‘It’s coming baby, push for me’ I said, and he took a deep breath and went ‘AAAAAAHHH’ and this thing started to emerge. No wonder it was hurting him. It was black and dry, very knobbly and as thick as my wrist. It was hardly moving, and his anus looked like it was about to split. I moved my hands down and put them on his ass cheeks and kind of tried to help him evacuate. I didn’t touch it, just pressed gently either side of his ring.

Bit by bit it edged out. It stunk. I could see as it came out the knobbles stretching his skin. ‘Come on love, push some more, nearly there’ I said, and he took another breath and pushed the mass right out. It splashed into the toilet and sank to the bottom. What a whopper. He was panting, he’d wrestled with it so hard he was exhausted. I asked him if there was any more, and he said yes, he still felt full. I told him to rest a minute and stop pushing. His ass looked really sore. I sat him up a bit and got him to lean back against the cool porcelain. He let out some more gas and sighed, and I kneeled down by him and massaged his ????. He did a little wee, then started to strain some more and said ‘here it comes’ and several softer logs dropped out in quick succession. I looked between his legs and they were paler than the first monster.

One more push and a couple of pebble pieces plipped into the water. ‘That’s it, I’m done’ he said. I told him to lean forward and I’d clean him. There wasn’t much staining or mucus, but I thought he might appreciate a little cool water round his stinging anus, so I got the sponge and soaked it in the basin and let the water trickle over his hole. Then I patted him dry and went to make him a cup of tea.

I’ve made sure he’s had lots of fruit and vegetables since then, I think maybe we’d had one too many takeaways.

Peter and Dave in AZ
Carmalita, Patsy, and Jake-
We'll miss you all so much. Hope you all have a safe travel. I have tears rolling down my face. DAve and I will give you all online hugs!!! We'll miss you all so much. Pasty I hope you have a healthy baby. Jake take care of them both.


Well Dave and I are getting married November 16.

Well that is it. Pleasant bowel movements.

I was dating this beautiful girl, Hispanic, and after several weeks, she finally invited me to her apartment after a wonderful evening out eating lots of hot, spicy, mexican food. I really wanted to go, but had an upset stomach, and told her that perhaps another time would be better. She looked so hurt that I ended up going to her home. Well, one thing led to another and we began kissing and making out in her extremely tiny fourth floor walk up studio flat. By this time, my bowels were throbbing and I was in agony trying to hold in the churning inferno in my rectum. I, reluctantly, excused myself to go to the restroom. Unfortunately, her bathroom consisted of an open toilet right off the one room separated with a curtain-no door! Her head on the pull-out bed where she was awaiting my return was only inches from the toilet!! I pulled my pants down just as a massive, mighty almost foot-and-a-half long log tore itself out of my anus and splashed into the stool, followed b! y a huge rush of extremely loud, smelly, watery, foamy diarrhea. She began to giggle behind the curtain whilst my butt agony was just beginning. To end this tale of woe, she had run out of toilet paper and I had to use her face towel to wipe my now dripping fecal covered crack, and the excrement splashings on the seat, floor and rug. I hid the stained towel in the wastebasket, and walked out, pretending to ignore the ripe, fetid smell of my BM permeating the flat. Needless to say, the romantic spell was broken, and I gathered my shreds of dignity and left. She called me later screaming that I neglected to flush my bowel movement and the toilet was broken, (which is why I couldn't flush)!!

kim and scott
hello all. this is kim and scott again with another post. recently my father had to go someplace on business and took my mom with him so this left me in my house all by myself. I then decided to call my boyfriend scott over. we made plans for what we wanted to do and hung up the phone. at the time I was wearing a red tank top,tight blue jeans and brown cowboy boots on my feet but in an instant I went into my bedroom and came out quickly wearing my leopard skin bathing suit. I wore a brown headband around my head of long blonde hair and was barefoot as I waited downstairs for scott to arrive. when scott arrived he came in his blue sweats. when we entered the basement to lift weights scott took off his blue sweats and sneakers and stood there in his leopard skin bathing suit. scott and I looked like tarzan and jane in our matching bathing suits. we then lifted weights for two hours. after this I fixed scott and I a huge chicken dinner to eat. after the meal I had to have a massi! ve bowel movement and told scott so. we then started upstairs to my bathroom. then suddennly I thought of an idea and told scott my idea as we then got old newspapers and put them on the bathroom floor. when we put the paper down on the floor we stripped nude as I then jumped into scotts arms. my idea was to bang out a huge log onto the newspapered floor while scott held me up as we watched ourselves in the bathroom mirror.I then took a deep breath as I started to push. I immedietly felt my ring and butt-cheeks quiver and open up real wide as a massive bowel movement started to exit. I pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and my ring stretched out wider and wider. it felt great after exercising so much and eating a huge dinner to have a log this enormous.I then looked at scott and could see that he was very aroused by all of this. I then looked in the mirror and admired how huge,solid,thick and long my log was. I then told scott to hold me tighter . he did so. as I t! ook one more deep breath moaning "000hh" in great pleasure as I blasted out an enormous torpedo out of my quivering hole. and at the exact sametime I zoomed out a powerful jet stream of hot piss that went clear across the bathroom floor. scott was so excited he held me tighter and gave me a long kiss. scott then put me down as we admired my huge log. scott then went to get the measuring tape and measured my log at 23 1/2 inches long. 3 inches thick. scott then picked up the paper with my log on top and dumped it into the bowl.I then hopped onto the bathroom countertop and wiggled my ass sexily at scott giving him signals to wipe my ass for me which he did. after this scott threw the used toilet paper in the bowl along with my log and flushed. scott and I then ran a quick bath for both of us before scott got dressed and left for home. hoped you liked the story. love,kim and scott.
TO JAMIE-hello .thanks for liking my posts. you are very sweet.
TO JEFF A-hello. scott and I like your posts. especially the ones about you and your former girlfriends dumping for you! they are great. your wife is lucky to have a guy like you jeff! be well.
TO HELEN OF TROY-hello I love your poster name and your posts. keep up the good work.
TO RJOGGER-hello. you flatter me with all your kind words. scott and I care for you and your wife too!
TO PV-hello dear. you deserve all the praise that you get wonder from down under!
TO DONNIE-hello. thanks for telling us scenes with the movie "apocolypse now" with the men peeing and pooping. scott loves that movie but missed those hard to find scenes.
TO CARMALITA-hello sweetheart. dont stay offline for too long. we love you ,renee, and tesa. be well all.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

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