Has anyone ever had to shit on a bus? I took a really long, hard shit on the empty backseat of a bust last week. I got off at the next stop but my shit log would have gone the full journey!

Shannon - I still lurk occasionally but don't have much time to post. I'm now 10 years old and Lauren is 6. I've got a really short story, I'll post something longer soon.

I was at the pool this weekend when I felt like I needed to pee, but my parents told me not to leave her by herself so I told her to come with me, but she refused. She said he wanted to keep playing in the pool. Not wanting to get her upset I just peed through my swimming suit.


Do people really wet themselves laughing or is it just a thing people say? Does it only happen to girls and women? If it does happen, is it rare?

I am new here but I found this site at just the right time. you see I am very constipated, into my fourth or fifth day. I started trying to relieve it with metamucil, then went to ex-lax, then to MOM well as of right now today I have taken five enemas and four suppositories Fleet Enemas and Fleet Glycerin Suppositories but I'm Still constipated. What do I do next ?? Stick my finger up my ass and dig the shit out ??

rocky mountian lisa
Work has kept me so busy. I have a couple good stories to tell but that'll have to be next time.
Sid--nice story about you & lucy's dump. Hope she didn't trash your comic. Go find it. In mint condition is worth about 100$ (no joke)
Buzzy--wow what a summer you're having. Glad to se you're finially getting some buddy action. Tells me there's still a chance for me to find a guy to dump with.

I went to a music festival this last weekend (Cropredy, near Banbury in England). The toilets were good but there were queues, even for the urinals. I did however have one very memorable toilet experience. We were in the village school where they were serving meals and my 5 yr old son needed a pee. We went to the toilet area and both cubicles were occupied, and it smelled like someone was having a good dump. After about a minute I heard the sound of paper followed by a flush, and a door opened and a very attractive woman aged about 30 came out and smiled at me. She had long hair and was wearing very brief shorts which showed off her well tanned and sturdy thighs, and I got a good view of her big shapely bum as she strode off. I took my boy into the cubicle, and we were presented with a real panful that hadnt flushed. Well it was so big it could never have flushed. This was a child size toilet, and this woman had used it big time! There were two massive logs sticking way up out! of the water, and far too thick to have flushed successfully and I would imagine so long that she would have had to have lifted off the seat as she expelled them. My son looked at me, and then stated the obvious - that there were "big poos" in the toilet, and I told him to just get on with his pee, which he did. We didnt even try to flush it. Later that day we saw the lady concerned in the music field, with a male companion, and she was busy eating a rather large burger. My son pointed her out to me in perhaps too loud a voice: "thats the lady who did the big poos daddy!". I dont think she heard.

Hi everyone,I had a big beefy one the other day.The ladys who came into the washroom had the following coments:OH MY GOD!,JESUS!,GOOD GRIEF,WHEW,UGGGGHHHHHH!!! I had to really go I mean I was at the mall I felt a truckload of bm comming down filling up my rectum and as I ran into a stall I was pulling down my slacks and panties at the same time.As I sat down out came a big beefy thick very long coil of excrement.This was followed immediately by about 40 curved soft peices of light golden brown stuff that came out really fast and effortlessly.The stench of this load was unbelieveable to say the least.It smelled like a mixture of rotten eggs,rotten meat,and burning sulfer.Two banana turds softly landed on top of the pile,and just as I finished wiping my butt I got ready to pull my panties up and "OH MAN",there's more".A loud long ripping fart followed by a deluge of really hot rope shit supercharged by a huge amount of louisiana hot sauce I had on a gigantic meal of cajun food ! I had eariler in the week.I'm telling you my but was taking off like a rocket as this huge load of hot shit shot out of me uncontrollaby.It buried the toilet paper I had just wiped with moments before.I was begging God for mercy as the hot sauced charged bm ripped forth from my steaming hole with out any mercy burning my flesh with every inch of it's beefy substance.I could now smell clearly all the heavy spices of the cajun food and the stench was so bad it would make your eyes water!After a few more violent bouts of fast rope shitting I was able to begin wiping,but I had to wet paper at the sink to cool my butt hole off,I let the wet toilet paper soak my butt hole and was finally able to get up to leave.Of course I just had to leave this oscar winning load of excrement unflushed for all the prissy women to see how a real beefy lady can pile up a dump truck sized load.Love you all ALANA

I'm finished with my latest project, so it's back at the home office, at least for a while. In the morning I went to the ladies room to pee. No sooner did I start to pee when someone came in and banged on my stall door and said, "Hi Jane!" Guess who? Of course, it's none other than young Christine. I got up, flushed the toilet, and washed my hands, and Christine said she was excited about going back to school and having a boyfriend to show off. She then said, "Gotta go sit" and went into a stall as I returned to the office.

After lunch I got a call from the hotel I stayed in last week that I left a couple of books in the room. Rachel said she had lost a book, and I said I would go to the hotel and pick up the books after work. Then I had a strange idea. I enjoyed using the facilities there so much that I wanted to have a chance to use it again, so I decided to hold off pooping until I got to the hotel after work. I was OK that afternoon and only had a little urge by the time it was time to go. Before I left the office, I went into the ladies room to pee, and I used the hover method instead of my usual sitting position so I would not poop.

It was unusually busy on the way to the hotel. My strategy of holding in my poop was beginning to backfire. I let go a fart, and it was much stronger than I was expecting. It was very stinky, and my urge to poop grew suddenly stronger. Eventually, I got to the hotel and was debating to myself whether to go to the ladies room first or to the front office, and I chose to go to the front office and pick up the books. A young lady went to retrieve the books, and she said she was a business major and was interested in the topics being discussed at the seminar. She said her cousin attended the seminar and picked up a copy of all of the handouts for her. I was polite and was usually very enthusiastic about talking with young people about their career aspirations, and I was more excited, and anxious, to get to the ladies room. Fortunately the young woman was summoned by another customer, and I made my way to the ladies room in the lobby.

I went into a stall, dropped my pants and panties and sat. I pushed out two long and very soft pieces of poop, then the floodgates opened as I unleashed a massive cascade of soft chunky poop. It lasted for 20 seconds and made a very strong poop smell. I spread my legs and looked down. Using the official toilet scale, it was a #5. I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out another nasty wave of soft poop, again lasting 20 seconds, and I flushed the toilet again. I settled in a little bit and pushed out a series of soft but solid pieces of poop. I was very comfortable and relaxed as I continued to move my bowels. After a few minutes, the toilet bowl was up to #5 again, so I flushed the toilet. I continued to push out piece after piece, with an occasional mini-wave of soft poop. After a few minutes, the toilet was filled again, so I flushed while seated again. I pushed out a few more pieces and was finally done. I wiped several times and flushed a final time! . I did not leave any poop stains on the toilet, but I left a strong lingering smell. As I was washing my hands, the young lady who retrieved the books came in, said hi, and went quickly into a stall. As I was drying my hands, I heard her emit a very loud fart, followed by four plops in succession. I left her to finish her deed. I felt much better and thoroughly enjoyed my pooping session.

Hola, and adios mi amigos!

I hope the moderator will allow me this, since it is not a poopy story. I am sad to say that we are going off line in our house, so I don't know when, or if I'll be back. We're moving into a larger house next weekend, and expect to have the phone pulled on Friday. We'll have a phone, but I'm sure about the internet. I don't know if I'll hear from any of you by that time. If not, know that I love you all very much as you are very special and loving people.
RJOGGER and KATHY: It was beautiful to hear from you both. Rich, you take good care of you and Kathy. It pleases me deeply that you are both happy and in love in this world. You're a very tender hearted man, and have stolen my heart, so please take good care of it! I love you Rich, stay healthy and keep on running and keep syping on those latinas! Kathy: Patsy says she's not disappointed in you in any way! She still thinks you're a honey. I'm glad you posted to us, and we got a chance to hear from you. It touches my heart that you've talked to us. RIZZO: Have fun mi amigo, you are a sweet man, and I've always enjoyed talking with you. JEFF A: My bestest buddy, you take care of yourself, and we'll get together real soon. KIM AND SCOTT: Kimmie dear, you keep blastin' them boys with your big ones! I love you girl! PV: Words will never express how I feel about you. I don't want to cry typing this, but I'm afraid I am. You've meant so much to me, and as a woman, I admire your ! strength and voice. You make me proud. STEVE AND LOUISE: My best to you both. Louise, you've been like a sister to me, and have really cared about me and Jake. I'll never forget you for that. In fact, in Spanish, your name would be Luisa, the name of my youngest sister, so in a way, you'll always be with me. JAMIE: My special friend, goodbye to you, and have a wonderful life. Few women would ever be good enough for you, so I hope the right one comes along. JANE: You take care of yourself and keep writing those gloriously vivid stories. You're a sweet woman, full of life and beauty. You've also got a new fan on this forum! I don't blame him at all! GRUNTLY BOGWELL: I'll miss you very much, and those wonderful stories. I have a feeling that you'll be writing professionally very soon.
And to the rest of you wonderful people, our love and best wishes. If we should happen to not get back on line, then Renee's baby is due in December and we're all looking forward to that. Jake and I have set the date for the wedding. It's going to be a harvest wedding in the fall on Saturday, October 13th. There's a very old church here, and my dad is paying for the wedding. My family will all be here for it too. Later in October, near Halloween on Dias de los muertos, I will burn a candle and mourn our fellow posters who have passed on here. So, love and best wishes from all of us, me, Renee, Patsy and Jake.

Your friend,

Scatological Guy
I remember some experiences as a kid that might be appropriate for this forum. I had this buddy in grammar school..maybe I was 8 or so and we would hang out a lot after school. One of our activities was to see which one could hold in our bowel movements the longest during school and dump out afterwards; we never went in the boys but always went to a clump of trees near the school that was thick so no one would see, and we both let loose at the same time while watching each other. I remember we both got pretty constipated doing this and it took a lot of effort to expel. Another story happened a few years later when I was in junior high; I recall going into a boys where there were a number of stalls without doors, and every one of them was occupied. I had to go pretty bad and was looking at the guys to see which one might vacate first; one was just sort of sitting with a blank stare; another was talking with a friend and a third was straining to relieve himself with a pain! ed expression while digging his knuckles into his abdomen. I got desparate and pleaded to let me on, and one of them finally took pity on me and started to wipe; no sooner than he got up and pulled up his pants I quickly pulled mine down and sat with a thud, and the gushing sound was so loud from my bm that everyone laughed! I was embarrassed and quickly cleaned up and left. But my most enbarrasing moment was standing at the blackboard and peeing in my trousers where everyone in the room could see. I think I cried when my mother came and got me. I was about 5 or 6.

To Streaks: You are lucky that you can just whip it out and start pissing immediately. Those of us who are pee shy take longer (whether male or female). Some of us are so pee shy when anyone is in the bathroom with us we never can go. So we say stupid things like: "Well I thought I had to go." It is very humiliating. How about some pee shy stories?

Today i got up and helped a guy get a load of wood, and we were bvack at his place stacking it, when i felt the need to lay a load, (for the past few days i've had runny crap, and it's kind of annoying, having to go so often) so anyway i say "i gotta use your toilet in the house" and he showed me where the bathroom was downstairs of his house because we were in back and the back yard is attached to the basement. he says "it's right through that door, and don't worry about closing the door, because there ain't one on the other side" so after i laid my load i was curious to see where the other door wasn't. this is what his downstairs looked like, you come in the door, and there's a little kitchen, with a door straight ahead to the "bathroom" the bathroom has the sink, shower, and crapper, and across from the crapper is the washer and dryer, then if you keep walking straight from the door you hit a wall, so you turn left and there is a room with a single bed, and a chair an! d a tv. and i'm thinking this is my kinda house.

Anyways after that i was home picking sweet sorn and i felt the urge to go again and i'm thinking i'll just go back to the house after i finish this patch. I saw what i thought was a big ol' snake in the corn crawling towards me, and i took off running about a hundred miles an hour and put my load in my boxers and it dripped down my leg. My amounts have been small, like a cup or two, which is why i have to go several times a day.

anyways happy hunting

G'morning,all.Hey nice pis of what looks like a pretty spanish girl on the bowl looking like she's about to do het morning load(hey,is that you,CARMELITA?)very nice shot!Some responses-TO HELEN OF TROY-Nice story with you and Jimmie dumping out in the shed,boy i'd like to do that with a pretty lady myself!Godd stuff!
TO SID-That must have been something for you both to dump on the bowl at the same time! very enjoyable story-I myself tried that some years ago with my nurse friend,but I'm 5'10" and she was 5'8"and the bowl was just too small(it was one of those old round ones from the 30's or 40'swith the water in the bottom with a long slope which i always used to cover with my soft coffee dump and had to wash off before I flushed or there would be giant skid maks all over the slope) so she had to poop on the floor(with some newspaper laid down)I was like you on the bowl first and she came in and said" hey I goota dump too,let me sit on your lap and unload with you "and when we tried it, it was just too crazy and it would have been a mess sp she laid out some newspaper and squatted on it as I was letting out a loose coffee dump and let out a big fart( she would always do the best pre-poop farts I ever had with a girl!) and did some loose coffee induced poop on the paper and it was grea! t as we both dumped as i sat on the bowl and she was 2 feet in front of me dumping on the paper,but i would have loved to do what you did-sound like fun-good post!Ahhh the good ol' days!
TO PAMELA-So you finally got to dump with Mr jogger,huh-can't wait til you guys get comfortable with each other and do some good buddy pooin'-I'm sure it will pick up if he let you see him on the bowl already!I also enjoyed the poop with Connie-that must have looked great watching her as she pooed into the tuba dn then you doing the same thing-this was a printable story I Took to the bowl this a.m.and read as I pushed out 2 long ropes of dung into the bowl as I read your story,and yes the cleanup must have been a drag-that's why I myself probably would not do it cause once the poop is out my butt,i don't want anything to do with it and esp to clean it up,but kudos to you maam,cause you ladies oviously can!Reaaly enjoy your stories(esp with Connie!)
TO RJOGGER-Hey,neighbor-really enjoyed your poo party with Mike and Annie-Boy sounds like Annie really had to go pretty bad-I hope you know how lucky you are to have friends like that-I envey you Rich!BTW i've cut back a bit on the fiber,but I still have some wheat bran and brown rice every other day with still great results,but i'm going once a day now and I find myself sitting on the bowl longer to let out more stuff-I sometimes sit there for about 20 mins and believe it or not I still push out some stuff after sitting there that long otherwise I gotta poop a few hours later and with work the way it's been the past 2 weeks,it kind of a bother to do.When I'm off then it's fun to poop anytime-like I said before to Pamela,I did a good dump this a.m.reading all the posts-Did 2 long ropes on poop-the first one came out as soon as I sat on the bowl along with a bunch of gas and then after about 15 mins,another long one snaked it's way out my anus with no pushing at all and the! n I sat there as I read the stories and after another 10 mins,i just pushed out some squgglies and 2 wet farts-It was a nice morning to sit on my own bowl and unload as I read all the posts from the last few days-As usual,RJOGGER,i enjoy all your stuff,so keep 'em coming and say Hi to you r wife KATHY and MIKE and ANNIE-always good stuff-got to get to work BYE

Outhouse Scott
Hey there.

Here's another true toilet story. I prefer telling them one at a time to stretch them out. Why tell them all at once?

Once, when I was 8 or 9, I was at a picnic with a bunch of friends. It was at a park somewhere that had a swimming pool, so there were locker rooms where the toilets were. There were also showers (which, it would turn out, was a good thing).

I had to take a shit, so I went into the boys locker room, entered the stall, pulled my pants and underpants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I was also eating a popsicle, of course slobbering it all over myself. Anyway, as I took a dump, I dropped the popsicle into my underpants. It was a sticky, wet mess by then and left a green smear of sugary sludge in my underpants. Oh well, I thought, and scooped it out of my underpants.

I stood up, wiped my ass, then used some toilet paper to do a very half-assed job cleaning out my underpants. I pulled my pants up, flushed and walked out.

A little later, I was sitting in the grass with some friends, both boys and girls. I started feeling this weird kind of itchy, tickling sensation around my crotch and butt. I was trying to ignore it, not wanting to scratch myself in front of girls, but finally it really started to drive me nuts. I got up and went into the locker room and into another stall.

I pulled my pants and underpants down, and my underpants were filled with ants! They were crawling all over my penis, my thighs, my butt, between my legs. They were all over my pants. Surprisingly, I didn't freak out, though I was pretty disgusted.

I stuck my head out and saw that there was no one else in there with me. I crept across the locker room into the shower area, maked from the waist down, carrying my pants, underpants and shoes in my hands. I took my shirt and my socks off and took a shower. I scrubbed myself with soap and water to get every last ant and residue of popsicle off me. I washed my underpants too. When I was satisfied that I was clean, I turned off the water and went into the locker area, which was all the way on the opposite end of the room from the crappers.

I turned my pants inside out and shook all the ants out. I wrung out my underpants as best I could and put them back on. I put the rest of my clothes back on and went back outside.

When my friends asked me how I got all wet I told them I jumped in the shower to cool off. They laughed. As the class clown, I was known for doing bizarre stuff, so I wasn't worried about them thinking any more about it that that.

More stories to come in the future. Stay tuned.

Dirty Dirk
Hello all, I've just discovered this site and find it very interesting. For my first post I want to comment on Mike's post about the girl on a bike and say I don't think there's anything wrong in feeling like that about watching a girl have a pee. Watching never hurt anyone. I do it myself and I'm 40 now.
Last year I saw a similar thing when in France. I had been into a boat spares shop outside town and was walking back to my car when a girl of about 13 got out of the car next to mine. I realised that her father was in the shop and she was waiting for him. She had her hand to her crotch and took it away when she saw me and went to look in the shop window. From my car I watched her, 10 metres away, as she stepped fromfoot to foot and kept holding herself. I could see this reflected in the window. She was wearing a knee length cotton dress and had lifted it to press her hand between her legs. She was obviously waiting for me to go and had been about to pee somewhere in the carpark when I appeared. I started the engine and turned the car around and then stopped where I could see her in the mirrors. She made a dash to the corner of the building and quickly pulled her light blue panties down, then squatted and peed for a long time. I saw that her panties were already wet an! d the whole thing was very arousing even if I did find myself feeling guilty looking at a girl of that age.

Any comments or similar experiences anyone? Peace, Dirty Dirk.

Andrew's gone to town for the day to meet up with a friend. So seeing as the others are still fast asleep, I've snuck into his room to make a quick post !

MIKE: I actually liked your post. I can't see why the other site complained about your story. You were 14, and she was 11, the same age as me. And besides, how could you influence that girl ? She went for her wee of her own accord. You didn't make her. But I think you were nice for not going in and looking at her when you knew she was there !

LOUISE & AUNTY PV: Oooooooh, I feel so excited with all your plans ! Being taken to a gents somewhere, where you can all crowd around me for protection so that I can do a stand-up wee in a urinal ! Yes !! And being allowed to join Louise's swimming pool gang ..... I can hardly wait !!! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: Dear Uncle Rizzo, I think I'd need to be filled up more than once in a few days. I'd be dying of thirst if you left me that long ! Besides, if you strapped me to your car roof with a crate of Tango so I could help myself when I wanted to, you would be guaranteed "a stream" when ever you pulled that string !! Sho-Sho has gone to town to meet up with a friend of his. I thought that was funny how you linked XOXO with Sho-Sho ! Take care on your trip around Southern Europe. Lots of love from Kendal xx

UPSTATE DAVE: What a wonderful adventure you had travelling around the out-houses ! I really do love your stories. Love from Kendal.

LINDA GS: You've disappeared again ! I expect Cousin has got you changing so many nappies you just don't have time to write to your friend here. Or maybe you've been sending too many smoochies to showery shorts and have had your posts deleted. Anyway, I really hope to hear from you soon. I've only a small story today ( I can hear you say thank goodness for that, no more essays !! ). As you know, my step sisters Kate and Emily are here as well as my friend Kirsty. And because Kate doesn't approve of toilet activities, Andrew and the rest of us are having to go through a "fast" if you'll excuse the expression ! But Kate and Emily didn't arrive until Saturday evening, and Kirsty arrived friday morning. Kirsty and I went for a walk on friday afternoon, and we went to the wood so I could show her the collapsed chair ! On the way home, Kirsty began to be desperate for a wee. But she didn't want to do it outside, being a "towny" and all that !! Well, she became very red in ! the face as we got into the village with concentrating hard not to wee herself. A couple of times we had to stop while she clamped her hand between her legs until the pain subsided, and then she looked around so embarrassed in case anyone might have seen her holding herself like that !! Anyway, we made it back home and as we went in the door, Kirsty bolted for the down-stairs toilet. She went in leaving the door wide open, wipped down her shorts and panties to the end of her knees and sat with a huge plonk on the toilet seat. Her poor little face was contorting with pain as she tried desperately to start her wee. Just while this was happening, I heard someone approaching in the house, and not knowing if it might be Aunty and Uncle back from work I pulled the door to. Kirsty didn't even notice. But the person in the house was Andrew, so I smiled slyly and pushed the door open again so he could see Kirsty sitting on the toilet. Just as I did that, Kirsty gave out an enormous ga! sp and a little dribble of wee started and she went "OOOHHHHH, AHHHHHH" and it became a little stronger until all of a sudden, GGGGGGUUUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHHHH, and her wee began shooting out with such velocity, I'm sure our next door neighbours would have been able to hear it ! They certainly would have heard "YEEESSSSS..... OH GOD, YESSSSSSSSS.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... UMMMMMMMMM.... AHHHHHHH, oh Kendal, that really hurt !". She then looked up from her bent position to see Andrew staring at her, wide eyed and with an appreciative smile ! The poor girl never went so red when she realised Andrew had witnessed the whole event, the lucky boy ! Anyway, Kirsty has been getting her own back, calling him showery shorts ! That was until Kate asked why we were calling him that name. Then we both realised that we could be blowing our cover here. Andrew rescued us by saying "because I've been known to shower myself still wearing my shorts". Of course, Kate doesn't know what he showered ! himself with !!! My dear friend, I really hope that you and Cousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal are doing fine. xxxxx, kiss for you all, and an XOXO from Sho-Sho !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

poopy girly
One day in the summer it was very hot so my friend and I decided to go and swim in the local lake by our house. I had the feelin I needed to poop but just ignored it. We had been in the water a long time and were out pretty far, I realized I really had to poop NOW! There was no way I could get back to shore and get to a bathroom so i decided the only anser was to go in the water i just sat there swaying my legs with my suit bottoms spread off my butt and pooped about 3 pounds of poop into the water. The poop must have all sunk to the ottom and I pitty the person who decides to go all the way to the bottom. My friend still dos'nt know.

I hope your boyfriend was not so embarrassed by your accident he forgot your phone number. That happened to me once.

Some people (not just girls) wet themselves when scared. Some people mess themselves, some people do both. When I am really scared I usually fill my pants instantly.

I found myself in a similar situation once when I went to the park. I was desperate to go to the bathroom. And I walk to what I thought were bathrooms. Only they were changerooms. Not a toilet in any of them. I was so desperate I knew I would not make it home, or long enough to find the real bathrooms. I could feel the poop start to come out. I did not want to go in my pants and half to walk all the way home, so, I pulled down my pants and went and left my deposit in the corner. I must not of been the only one that did this, cuz last summer that park placed a row of porta potties outside those changerooms.

My latest accident:

Was online chatting with friends. When I realized that I had to pee. I knew that my friend would be heading off to bed soon, so I decided to hold it. My friend did not log off for bed, they kept chatting about this and that. I could barely sit still let alone pay attention. I was typing with one hand on the keyboard and the other jammed into my crotch to stop myself from wetting my pants. My bladder ached and I thought I would let a little bit out to relieve the pressure. Wrong!! I could not stop, I sat there and totally soaked myself and made a puddle on the floor under my chair. I just kept on chatting so as not to let my friend know what I was up to. A few minutes passed and I felt the urge for a poop come on. I was already wet, so I just leaned forward and filled my pants.

When my friend decided to log off for the night I cleaned the floor, took and shower, and washed my clothes.

Anyone else hold it too long while online, and end up going in their pants?

Everybody at the office has gone to lunch except me so I'll try to use the computer to sneak in a report to my favorite site. It will have to be short. I had a date with Mr Jogger Friday night and ended up staying over at his place. In the morning I got up to use the bathroom and left the door open and had a good firm bowel movement just as he got out of bed. He looked at me through the open door and said, "Is that ladylike?" and we both laughed. I was headed for the shower next, so I didn't flush. He came in and looked and saw my big pile with the head of one piece sticking out the water and asked why I didn't flush. I lied and said, "so it won't interfere with the shower setting." He looked at me and said, "Pretty good answer. I guess that means I can't flush either," and he sat down and had his own BM right on top of mine as we talked. He seemed a little shy though, and even though I had a good view of him, he kept his butt tight against the seat so I could see no! thing emerge. He then wiped, darn it, and when I snuck a quick peek into the bowl to flush after we emerged from the shower, I couldn't see much. The stink was getting pretty bad by then and I think we were both glad to flush the productions away. Last night Connie and I went out for dinner and then to her place for some TV and pie and Ice cream. Of course I gave her a report on Mr Jogger. We knew that this would end up being a "pooper" and that's what happened. As soon as "Millionaire" was over we both went to the bathroom. This time Connie asked if I wanted to sit on the edge of the bathtub and compare notes "as we do out duty." That was fine with me, as it is not my bathtub. She spread some towels on the floor and we assumed the position. "This feels pretty loose" she said. Sploosh- out it came, a big mound of loose stuff and a horrid stench, then a gush of pee which caused the whole thing to move toward the drain and plug it. Still, the sight of Connies really b! eautiful body bent double as the brown flowed out of her anal cavity, and seeing, from all angles, the curves of that creamy butt of hers, is almost an artistic experience. I noticed when she was through that she was watching me intently. "Constipation?" she asked. I replied, "Nope, here she comes .." and pushed out four or five medium logs in rapid succession followed by my own yellow river, as Connie gave me encouragement: "Go girl, wow,more-- look at that, YES,..." and so forth. When I looked, the second log was huge; it had reeally massaged my sphincter and felt good as it came out, and one end of it was just being pinched off as the other end struck the base of the tub. The trouble with these sessions is they are over almost instantly, and then there is a mess to clean up. Connie ran some water, used a wooden stick to break all up, and I went to the kitchen for some lysol and a bucket. After several rinsings, it was all gone.

What up all?

Yesterday I was looking through some old Spiderman comic books because I saw a preview for the movie coming out and got nostalgiac or something. Well, the urge hit, so I grabbed one for reading, and since it was sunny, I left the light off in the bathroom because there was enough sunlight to read by. I was sitting with my black striped boxers hanging around one of my feet, as the other leg was free of them for more comfort(I hate being constricted while taking a dump!). The first log came out nice and firm and a pretty good size as I sat enjoying my comic when all of a sudden I hear the front door bang open, keys tossed across the room, and shopping bags dropped on the floor. I then hear running footsteps and the bathrrom door crashes open and there is Lucy undoing her pants and starting to pull down her black silky panties when something finally clicks in her mind that I am sitting on the toilet with a Spiderman comic book. She shouts, "Get up! I can't wait anymore!! " Well I can see that is pretty obvious. I respond, "Um, I am kinda in the middle of going myself, perhaps me sitting on the toilet with my pants down reading might be a clue." She suddenly grabs the comic from my hands, chunks it, pushes me as far back on the seat as possible, spreads my legs, and sits on the front edge on the seat. She is very petite, and somehow she manages to sit pressed against me with just enough area for her bumhole to drop her load. She let out a few quick farts that reverberated in the toilet making those interesting porcelain sounds and then the crackle of her log was heard. The sound went on for quite some time as she barely seemed to strain when a big "ker ????!" was heard and water splashes both our asses. She exhaled slowly, and I am pretty much in shock as this whole scene has unfurled so unsuspectingly. She then proceeds to push out some more smaller pieces that fall rather rapidly. Well, I still need to go, and now I figure what the h! eck, this is pretty freakin cool, so I manage to push out another decent sized log, and I know I'm through, but Lucy is still making no indication that she is through. I asked her if she would like me to get up since I'm done, but she said no, because she thinks she is about done anyway. I told her this was rather shocking because I surely didn't expect anything quite like this while taking a dump and reading a Spiderman comic(issue #300 from many years ago). She then stated that she rushed in so quickly because she had needed to go since she left some stores she was shopping in, and there was some road construction that backed up traffic so it took a while to get home, plus she noticed the light in the bathroom wasn't on under the door. That's when I said there was plenty of sunlight through the window to read by. She then gave a couple of more pushes and I could hear a few more little plops in the water. Now that we were both done she reached for some paper and I got u! p because in our position, there was no way wiping could be done. I watched her as she wiped, folding the paper so neatly, which didn't take her very long, and she then got up. The toilet was very full and there were so many various sizes. Mine were about 8" each or so, but her largest one dwarfed mine considerably, I was very astonished, but I have seen some massive logs from her before. There were many smaller pieces as well. I went ahead and flushed the toilet before I wiped knowing it would take a couple of flushes for all this. I wiped several times and flushed one final time. After washing our hands we left the bathroom, and I forgot my comic.

In regards to a puddle of pee in front of the toilet at work. I have had to deal with this before. But it's not what I thought. I have two bathrooms. I use the one in my bedroom. My girlfriend at the time, who was so shy that she couldn't even admit she peed, walked all the way to the other end of the house to use that bathroom. I would walk into that bathroom after she would leave and frequently find puddles of pee on the floor in front of the toilet. A lot of pee. I was baffled. How the hell could someone pee that much on the floor. And a girl? I was ready to install a camera to see what goes on in there. Then one day the toilet in my bedroom needed repair so I had to use the john at the other end of the house for a few days. I went in and peed. Flushed. Went to the store and came home a little later and needed to pee again. When I walked into to bathroom, surprise! A puddle of pee on the floor in front of the toilet. ??????? I was talking to my friend mike about this. He ex! plained that the wax gasket had gone bad under the toilet and would cause the flushed water to run out on the floor. He helped me change it and the problem was solved. I was actually confront my girl about this. Glad I didn't.

Question- I have notice that a lot of women will do the pee pee dance and say that they have to pee so bad. Then they sit on the toilet and just sit there for like 30 sec. before they even start to go. I don't get it. When I have to go bad, I just whip it out and fire away.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone again!
I seem to be having computer problems so may have to go off line for a few days, don't know yet, but it's the booting up that's not working properly.

Anyway, I've got it to work again today so thought I'd share this with you about using a toilet you're not supposed to!

Once when Iwas on holiday, I stayed in some student accommodation for a week. what I had was a bed-sit with an en suite bathroom.
Apart from myself, there was just one other guy living there, his bed-sit was above mine but his toilet was seperate and on the landing and was probably also available to others if anyone else was living there.
One early evening, I heard him come out of his room and close the door of the toilet. I stood in the hall and heard him get his jeans down and sit on the toilet and drop two turds, wipe his arse, pull up his jeans, flush, and as Iwent back in to my flat, heard him come downstairs, and go out the front door and ride off on his bike.
By a happy coinidence, Ihadn't had a shit that day, and assuming he wasn't going to return within the next few minutes, took the opportunity of going upstairs and sitting on the wearm toilet seat that he'd just used.
I can't see that if he had returned so soon he'd be annoyed by me using the toilet as it was on the landing, but Idid feel a bit guilty, probably because I enjoyed sitting there, and shitting where he'd just plopped!
Anyway, we'd spoken before and he was a nice bloke and so I really enjoyed the experience, it was a great turn-on!

A few years ago I was on holiday in north Wales and stayed the night at a guest house. My room had an en suite bathroom, which is becoming fairly common now in guest houses and often hardly any extra to pay for the privilege, but I've missed out on the sociability!
The next morning, I got up, had a wee in the toilet, and flushed, got washed and dressed and went down for breakfast, closing the self-locking door after me.
When I returned to my room, I went in the bathroom and as I was cleaning my teeth, noticed a smell of urine behind me. I looked in the toilet and was amazed to see a large turd lying in the pan with wee in there too.
As I'd not had a shit, and had been having breakfast for 20 minutes, I could only think of the following possibilities; There had been a plumbing fluke, allowing someone else's shit to end up in my toilet, there was a ghost, (Do ghosts use toilets?) or the most likely explanation being that someone with a pass key had needed to use the toilet but the others were in use, and so came into my room and used it and forgot to flush.
That theory breaks down when you consider there was no TP in the pan unless the person wanted to get out as soon as possible to avoid the embarrassment of meetin me when I returned!
I didn't like to mention this puzzling event to the landlady, If she knew nothing about it,it might seem as though I was trying to concoct a story for my own bizarre reasons.
Perhaps it was one of those guest house mysteries that are sometimes staged for the entertainment of the guests.
I'd like to have known whose the turd was though!

When I've seen documentaries on TV about people who have lived in very dirty and scruffy accommodation, there's usually a camera shot of the toilet which nearly always is filthy as though people have hovered over it to shit so the porcelain is covered in excreta that never gets cleaned off.
Is that a statement by the people concerned, and if so why would they want to have a filthy toilet for their own use?
I'v often wondered as it seems to be a feature of any run-down house of either single, family or multiple occupancy.

BRAD, great story about the rest room wher guys' knees are beyond the partitions! No doors, partitions like that and some that don't go very high, Are there any illustrated books of public toilets in the USA?
There are many of us who'd be fascinated to see all these open plan toilets that are used by so many guys with no hang-ups!
I wish local authorities in Britain would consider them!

Hoping to be able to get my computer to work, or a speedy cure for the problem, wishing you all well and good toileting !
(Igot my arse soaking wet on the toilet today so feel good!) P P G

It has been an interesting several days. Two different stories.

The first one. I had all the windows replaced at my house on Saturday. The guy who came over to do the work did a few things before going into my bathroom. I was withn earshot and heard a loud, long fart. He also took a dump later in the day as well but I stayed at a distance. I had no interest...

This morning (Monday), I had to drive up to Boulder for my job and I had some spare time this morning. I went to downtown Boulder to goof around before heading over to my job. I went into the U. of Colorado bookstore and I had to both take a leak ad a dump. The bathroom was downstairs. I walked into the bathroom and was surprised by a guy (college kid) taking a shit. There was no door. I went out and waited. I heard that the door was locked as well. After he was finished, we talked and then I went in and took my dump. I would have like to share my dump but he left. I locked the dor myself. Boulder is a strange town but a very interesting as well. There are a lot of very young people espcially since it is a college town. It is very expensive to live there, almost as costly as SF Bay area or Aspen. I wouldn't mind living there but the cost of living is prohibitive.

To Althea: I liked your story about your boy play mate you had

To Brad: Cool story man about having to show those young teen dudes to the bathroom and all you guys had to shit and watched each other cool!!

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