Helen of Troy
My neighbor will not be wanting to use our new outdoor facility after all. She called on telephone yesterday to say that a footstool in front of her toilet, with her feet up on the stool after she is seated on the pot, works just as well. Why didn't I think of that? Yesterday Jimmie worked from about 2 to 5 in the garden. At half past 3 I told him that I could feel my rectum filling up, and commented several times thereafter that a good shit was forthcoming. An hour later as we finished weeding the carrots and harvesting rubarb, I told him I could wait no longer to use the facility and started in that direction. He followed me, said, the price of construction would be a free pass to all the shows, o which I said OK. He moved tools and got things ready as I undressed. Actually there was little to remove as all I was wearing was shorts and a shirtie top. Jimmie asked me to face forward so he could view me in all my splendor so that is how I sat down. with cheeks spread! , I told Jimmie I could tell this was going to be a greasy one. I felt my anal opening widen and I pushed a bit and a good hard turd emerged. I decreased and relaxed and felt it slowly fall out. Mmmm I said, that was a smoothie, here comes some more, I can feel it descending in me as we speak. Then I bore down and pushed out another, then my rear just sort of opened up by itself and disgorged a lot of ice cream. I could almost feel my eintire intestine emptying out. A wonderfull feeling. After the plopping quit, I rested for a few more moments then wiped and got up. We went back to the garden. This time I left my clothse off (helps my nice all-over tan) and we weeded another half hour. As we decided to go to the house, Jimmie said a pit stop would be necessary. I told him whats fair for the gander is fair for the goose and to face the wall, which he obligingly did. I watched as his anal opening distended and a rather firm turd dropped right out, followed by several! others, then a stream of pee which he had a lot better luck in directing than I do. I took some paper and gently wiped my sweety's bum crack, and off to the house we went. We were going to have a quick shower and dinner but somehow forgot about both of them until quite a bit later. I would definitely say that the couple who poops together plays together. Some of you others try that method with a box or footstool under the feet and let us know if you think it serves as well as a good squat.

Mike (from the Netherlands), thank you for your interesting, intelligently-told story about the girl on the bicycle.. I have no tale to tell, just kudos to offer. Talk to you soon everybody. Be well.

Sareena. I'm sorry to hear about other people's reaction to an accident which you clearly couldn't avoid. In my opinion people shouldn't stare or laugh if someone has an unavoidable accident, particularly if it's embarrasing to them. You shouldn't have been treated like that.

Londongirl. It can't have been very pleasant but I don't think anyone should blame you for using the waste bin in that loo if all the cubicles were occupied and you couldn't wait. I'm sure the cleaners have had to deal with other messes which have been as bad or worse, although I can't say that I particularly envy them!

R Jogger. I liked your story about Anne & Mike's visit to your facilities, and particularly the account of Anne's output. She must have really needed to go, doing that much.


Monday, August 13, 2001

First time poster and would like to share my embarrassing experience that happened last month.
Me and my boyfriend was on the subway coming from the mall. I think it was something I ate because all of a sudden I felt the urge to poop. I told my boyfriend my ordeal and he told me to try to hold it til we could get off. I was fidgeting and was holding my stomach with one hand and placing the other hand under my butt. People was looking. Then I told my boyfriend, "I don't think I'm gonna make it!" I tried to fight it but I couldn't. Then I let out the largest, juiciest fart imaginable. It resulted with me completely filling my blue jeans with poop. And to make matters worse,I started peeing on myself too. My jeans were skin tight so most of it was contained. I could also feel the poop getting between my crotch. I was crying and I stunk like hell. People were holding there noses laughing. And I could tell my boyfriend was embarrassed from the way he was acting. I sat in that shit and smelled it for 20 minutes. Finally we got to our stop and I waddled off the train while! everyone was staring. I could feel some poop sliding down my leg. Then he took me to his place,which wasn't far away, to get cleaned up. When we got to his place he gave me a plastic bag to put my jeans and panties in. I had a huge brown stain on the back and a small brown stain on the crotch part of the jeans. After he let me use his shower, he gave me a pair of clean pants to put on. I thanked him and apologized to him. He said it could of happened to anyone. Then he walked me home. It was the most humiliating thing I went through.

Stephanie, what is your poop usually like? is it messy?

Michelle In Canada, did everything come out okay? How was the cleanup?

I happened upon this site a while ago and enjoyed visiting ever since. Given that people are invited to share there experiences I am about to do so as well but I do hesitate because when doing this before I got badgered for posting a story with a pedophile element. This happened some time ago a Thomas Waterresources if anyone knows that site?

Anyway, I'll give it a try but let me first introduce myself. I am a European, middle-aged, lawyer by profession(sorry for that!) and have travelled extensively for my work. Recently, the whole family spent 5 years in Japan and we are now living near The Netherlands which is my country of origin. I have always managed to reconcile my family life (I have two kids, a boy and a girl) with my specific sexual interest. This is how it started.

At the time (I was 14 then) I was living near the sea in Holland in a place called Noordwijk. One day I was riding my bike and passing by the church that is located in Noordwijk Binnen, the part of the village that is not directly on the seaside. In those days there were often "urinoirs" outside, places where men could pee. In the 80s many were removed because they had become the favourite meeting spot for gay men but in the 60s and 70s they still were a normal item in Dutch streets. Normally they were made out of green painted iron and open on the underside up to about 30 cm. You could enter from two different sides and pee on a stone recepticle. In the middle was a separation. Generally, these urinoirs were rather smelly because they had no water flush. Instead, the public cleaners would come by every once in a while and hose them off. Sorry for this lengthy introduction but you need to understand the "setting" in order to fully appreciate the next bit.

The urinoir next to the church was located along a bicycle path that connected two shopping streets. It still exists today and is a very scenic place with tall green trees giving lots of shadow in summer. It was a nice day in June, a Satuday, something I will never forget because it had such an impact on my future life. From the far end of the bicylce path came three kids. A little boy of about six, a girl of around eight and another girl of 10 or 11. The latter was walking with a bike in her hands. On the bike was a pile of newspapers which she was apparently in the process of distributing. Don't ask me why but for some unknown reason I stopped on the other side of the path and observed the kids.

They were talking to each other and there was no indication of what was about to happen. In front of the church the two younger children turned around and walked off, loudly saying goodbye to the older girl. The latter took her bike and walked a few more meters. Then she crossed the bicyle path and walked straight to the urinoir. I held my breath and was wondering what she was going to do there. She put her bike against the little building and went inside. This was very unusual because obviously there urinoirs were made for MEN to pee, not for girls. I quitely approached a few meters and noticed that I could see her legs almost up to the knees. She was wearing a white dress and with knee high socks. I could see that she was about to squat to pee. She had turned her back to the recepticle, her panties were on her shoes and suddenly I heard the clattering sound of her pee on the stone ground. I was utterly excited and realised it. For a moment I considered just walking in, p! retending that I had not noticed her but at that time I did not have the courage so I just stared at the opening where I could see her naked bum with the pee streaming out. My God, this was really an experience!

She took her time to pee, then pulled up her panties and casually came out of the urinoir as if it was totally normal for a girl to pee there. I was still sitting on my bike and remained unnoticed. As she was coming out the girl put her hand against her croutch and pushed her panties against her, apparently damp, cunny, through the fabric of her dress. She seemed to feel a bit wet (there was no toiletpaper available in these urinoirs) but the gesture she made seemed to solve the "problem" and she got on her bike and drove off.

Interestingly, this little event during my puberty had such an impact that I remained interested in similar occurrences ever since. But I always remained a spectator, never approached a child or caused it to feel uncomfortable.

Hope this is interesting to somebody else. If so, do post similar stories. Otherwise I will silently disappear . . .


Upstate Dave
Good Morning to all. The picture above with the girl with the laptop computer and one of the posts below kind of tied in I noticed. The girl talked in her post that she doesnt use her laptop in the bathroom but might try it. The picture may be an alternate way. Well Im going to finish the rest of what happened that day we were on The Outhouse Expedition.

We were still up on top of Bearshead Mnt. but decided to head down. It was early afternoon now and Barbie and Jeanie were getting warm and we could look down right over the lake in front of us and they asked me was there a spot were we could gowimming. I told them only over on the backside of the lake but there may already be people there. I said I did know of another spot that was closer. They told me to lead on.

Well we went back down the mountain and started for the place I had mentioned. We did go by one of the swimmig spots on the lake and stopped and talked to a few friends and had some more soda. We left after an hour and continued on our way. We cut accross the land behind my house onto the land that belonged to the people that we bought our house from.

This fellow had dug to nice ponds and there were several other smaller ones he had dug but never really finished them. The one we went to was in the middle of the to finished ponds. There was trees for shade and the pond itself was in the sun. We got there and we all decided to go skinny dipping. We had nothing to hide from each other. The water was spring fed and cold.

Barbie,Jeanie,and myself waded in and the cold water felt great but hit all three of us in another way. Jeanie started peeing first. Her stream shot down into the water as she stood there. She was peeing hard because her stream was splashing the water upward as her stream was hitting it. Barbie and I started at the same time. My stream shot out about sixfeet and hit the water making little circular ripples in the water. Barbies stream came out in a hissing torrent. She even was shooting outward about two feet in front of her. Jeannie slowed and stopped after 30 seconds or so and Barbie and I peed for about a minute then stopped. We had an enjoyable swim for the rest of the afternoon.

i have heard that women pee when they are scared .is this true?

Hi to you all

This is an apology to the cleaner of a block of toilets in Hyde Park in London (If he/she reads this site)! I was walking through the park last week when I suddenly needed a bowel movement. I managed to rush to the nearby block of toilets but was dismayed to see both cubicles were occupied. Unfortunately nature was not going to wait and so I seized the chance when I saw a small waste basket in the corner. I lifted up my skirt and relaxed my anus for just a second and my logs of poop came thundering out and into the basket, I started peeing at the same time and the relief was immense!. I can honestly say that I have never felt more relieved than that moment. However, I was quickly brought back to earth by the fact that a young lady (about 17) walked in and saw me. I explained that I was desperate for that poop and she laughed and said "thats OK" and offered me a paper tissue to wipe my anus. She said "theres some smell though" and admitidley, there was a bad smell of poop ! and with that I thanked her and promptly left the toilets (and leaving my logs of poop in the basket).
I actually met this same girl later that day in the park and she laughed and said that she too could not wait on the cubicles to become vacant and had in her words "had a shit on top of yours". We laughed and both felt bad for the cleaner who would have to clean out the toilets that day!
My apologies to you my friend - I hope that I will use the proper toilet the next time! XX

RJOGGER and WIFE(aka Rich and Kathy)
Finally, the heat broke in the Hudson Valley this past Friday, with some torrential thunderstorms. It took me 40 minutes to drive 5 miles from my client's office to my house, because of an accident due to the flooded roads. But the wait was worth it. More about that later, first some replies:

Helen of Troy - It seems like your husband, Jimmy, has built a super privy for you. I have been reading about your trips to the "tool shed" with great interest. If I had more room in my yard, I would probably build one myself. I agree with you that squatting to crap is more natural than sitting. As one who poops outdoors quite often, I find that squatting does promote a rather easy and complete elimination. Here's hoping that you have more adventures in the shed, and that you share them with us.
Rizzo - Green figs? I have never tried them, I don't know where to buy them in the states, but they sure produced a massive load from you. A very interesting story there, my friend.
Kim and Scott - Just saying hi, to two very fine young people that we care about. Hope to see a post from you soon.
Jane - Your latest story, about your trip, was great. I always enjoy reading your posts.
Buzzy - It was horrible this week. The heat and humidity just sapped the life out of you. I hope that you kept cool. Glad that you liked the camping trip, it was fun. I see you got a scare the other day. Some people think pooping is such a big deal. That woman sounded like a prude, but she watched you anyway. What an attitude. It wasn;t like you just dropped your drawers in public and crapped in the street. She should have just kept on going and left you alone. Take care, neighbor.
Jeff A - Yes, Kathy and I are still full of life, sometimes we don't know when to quit. Thanks for liking the camping story, it was an exciting trip. Believe me, you are not being selfish by enjoying Kathy's contributions. I can't say that I blame you, and you are right, she gets better as she gets older. She is still a very beautiful lady, a blend of Native American, Irish and Italian. Sound exotic enough? Anyway, she sends her best wishes to you, and her love, as she thinks that you are one very sweet guy. She is sitting here next to me, as I write this, and she says she hopes that you are as healthy as a horse, and liked the story of when you saw your friend's mom pooping. I guess Kathy left the door open when our kids were small. Take care, Jeff.
Carmalita - Hi seniorita, I am happy to hear that your "gulp" was heartfelt, and not from fear. When I speak to you, it is from my heart, as I think that you are one terrific young lady. So you want to see this "Big Lug" drop a man sized bomb? Anytime that you want to join Kathy and me for an indoor or outdoor session, please bring your crew and we will find a place to really stink out the joint. I will bring Anne, Mike, Noreen and Larry along for the ride too. Believe me, we will have one hell of a poop party! I would just love to see you fertilize the forest. Enjoy your poop session, Malita, love ya!
Renee - So, my "pregnant cowgirl" is lovin her baby and the extra weight? WONDERFUL!, I think that you are also one terrific young lady, and I also speak to you from my heart. I am glad that you like the stories that I post, and thanks for including Kathy in your wishes. Believe me, she and I love you kids, like you were our own. We also love the sneaky little live reports that you give while Malita or Patsy are pooping up a storm. I will try to get Kathy to post, she just needs some encouragement. Bye, love ya.
Patsy - Dude, hey? "COOL Guy"? Those are some mighty sweet words, Patsy, thank you very much, and thank you for liking our camping story. I only wish that the 4 of you were with us. Now about being well adjusted… Well, let's just leave it at that, but I am referred to as "Richie Nuts" by friends, because of my crazy (fun crazy) personality. Jake sounds like a very good young fella, and you ladies are very lucky to have him. Thanks for the sweet things you say about Kathy, she and I think that you are a very sweet gal, and you and the crew would fit in well with the stunts we pull. We love you too, Patsy.
Carmalita, Renee and Patsy - Hi girls, it's Kathy. I just want to say hi, and thank you for all of the sweet things that you say about Rick and me. We feel the same way about all of you. Life with Rick is an adventure, as we still like to carry on like college kids, but I think that keeps us young. I have to admit that I have read many of your stories and I am very impressed with some of the massive poop sessions that you girls have, as is Rick. Oh he is quite good looking, a James Dean look alike, and very devilish. As for me, Patsy might be disappointed, as my cheek bones aren't that high. I am part Native American, and I look like a cross between that and my Irish and Italian heritage, with dark eyes, dark hair (dyed at my age) and a fairly dark complexion. But thank you all just the same. I hope to speak to you all again soon.

Friday evening, Anne and Mike came down to have dinner with us. Our Friday Bowling league had been cancelled, because of a power failure, so Kathy asked them to come over. We had a great meal (Kathy is a very fine Italian cook), a couple of after dinner drinks, then Mike said out loud that he had to use the crapper. Of course, he said it with his devilish, shit eating Huck Finn grin, just to get everyone started. To everyone's surprise, Anne said she had to go to. "You must be really backed up, honey", Mike said to his wife. "I didn't go this morning, and I can feel a monster in there", was Anne's reply. "Why don't you use the master bath, that way you can keep each other company", Kathy advised them. "Sounds good to me, why don't you and Rick join us?", Mike said. Anne had no objection, so the 4 of us went into the master bath. Mike, for some reason, chose the head marked "Hers", dropped his drawers, and sat. "A king size one is on the way", he grinned. By now, Anne was g! etting ready to sit on the commode marked "His". "Why don't you squat over the head, and let Rick and Kathy get a view", Mike told his wife. I don't know if it was the drinks, or the fact that Anne is not at all shy, but she agreed. She removed her shorts and panties, giving us all a view of her behind. At age 53, Anne is in very good shape, with a very firm body. Her natural hair color is light strawberry blonde, and like me, she is very fair skinned. So Anne starts to climb onto the toilet, with Kathy's assistance, just as Mike starts to crackle out a long log. He puts on this contorted face for effect, grunts out "Constipated man in the silent movies", grimaces, gets red in the face, and finishes passing his log. Of course, we all explode with laughter, Anne farts involuntarily because of her laughter, and nearly falls off the toilet. Kathy, meanwhile, pees her pants, and laughs even harder, causing her to pee more. "Come on, Mike, I gotta go, enough". "OK hon, get mounted ! and go", he replies. So Anne climbs back, balances herself, while holding Kathy's hand. I back up as Anne squats, and get a clear view of her wrinkled, pink skinned anus. Anne had no sooner lowered her ass, when her hole domed out wide, and a nice medium brown poop started to let itself out between her cute cheeks. It came out noiselessly, and slid into the bowl. It was rather long and thick, and Anne let out a sigh of pure relief after it had passed. "That felt so good, you can't imagine", Anne said to all of us, as she peed a stream. Mike was wiping up by this time, and asked his wife if she was done. "Almost", came the reply. Anne dropped 3 more turds, then Mike pulled off some TP, to wipe his wife's shapely ass. Three wipes to the ass, one to the front and Anne was done. Then we all inspected, after Anne stepped down. "WOW!, you were backed up, Anne, that looks like one of Kathy's queen sized jobs", Mike exclaimed. "I told you that I felt a monster in there, and I wasn't k! idding", was Anne's reply. I suggested we measure the output, to see just how big it was. With Mike's assistance, we measured Anne's log at 22" long, and 2.75" wide. It was, indeed, near the size of one of my old lady's logs. "Anne, you are the log queen today. I passed a much smaller blast today", Kathy said. 'So what do I get for it?", was Anne's reply. 'An old hanger to mash it up, because it ain't going anywhere in that stage", I replied. Mike laughed, Kathy fished for a hanger, and Mike and Anne took turns breaking up the poop in the commodes. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mike had dropped a good sized bomb in the other toilet, and it had to be smashed also. When they were done, we cleaned up, Kathy changed her wet pants, and we went out. It was a fun start to a night of fun.

Bye for now.


I POSTED a story about working in a retail store and in the restroom in front of the toilet there was always a wet spot, enough that girls would get their panties wet when taking them down for a pee.

I know all about guys having to drain the gator and shake the tears out of its eyes, shakin the penis that is cause of a little left in the tubes. No, this question is about a good size puddle at the front of the toilet not just a wet spot. I had seen some gals put down a paper towel or two to soak up some dribbles. This is more like a dozen towels to soak up a good bit of pee. One employee one day put a paper in front of the toilet with a big BULLS-EYE! I guess he meant for the party leaving pee there oughta hit the thing. Well it wasnt long until, yep, there was pee on the paper. We cant figure out who or whatever did this and why? Short tool? Cant hold it? Long long dribble with a lot of pee? Cant figure it out.

I'm 50 years-old,my first time posting here and would like to share a story.
I work in a 24-hour convenience store on the weekends for extra money. We would have people coming in there stealing food and drinks especially beer and would drink it behind or near the store. So back in April of this year on a Saturday, it was around 1 a.m.,this pretty young girl came in the store with tears in her eyes holding her crotch. She was about 19, look like she was part black,part white, and was wearing a small leather jacket, white blouse, a pair of skin tight blue jeans and some white nikes. She ran in ,holding her crotch, and asked "Old man can I use the bathroom?". I could tell she was drinking beer from the way she was acting. I acted like I couldn't hear her because she called me "old man". I replyed, "What?". Then she said, while hopping, "Old man can I please use the bathroom I'm about to piss my pants"? And I kept replying, "What?" til she referred to me as sir or something respectful. Now tears was running down her face and she said sobbing, "Please c! an I use the bathroom, PLAESE?! And finally I went to reach for the bathroom key to give to her when all of a sudden she said "NO!" and I watched as the crotch and eventually her entire front area of her jeans got soaked with pee. It ran all the way down her legs and made a small yellow puddle on the floor. She walked out the store crying. She also had a mid-size wet stain on the back of her pants too. I got the mop and cleaned up the urine she left and kept working at the register. When people treat me with respect, I'll treat them with respect.

Donnie ML. I had to use the ML due to another donnie or two on board.

A few weeks ago in chuch a hot day, and a long winded sermon helped to make for a bad day for one young boy. As the services went on, he was starting to figet a lot and cross and uncross his legs and pull at the seams of his pants in the rear.I was seated in a row to the right and down one pew. I guessed he might have to do a #1 and a #2 and was in trouble. While you can get up and leave for a restroom at the back of the church, he had to climb over about 15 people from the middle of a pew and probably didnt want to, or couldnt chance it. After about half hour of the sermon you could smell a slight odor of poop drifting about. No doubt the dude had an accident back there. It then was followed by a stream of pee running down under the pews in front of us and continuing down a few rows. As the exit song was sung, eveyone got up standing, I could see the boy with a big wet "Y" in his pants and down his leg. Then the music ended, a push for going out the door ensued. I glanced over where he was sitting and ther was a rather big damp spot on the seat and a runnin puddle on the floor. I suppose if he had hit the bathroom before beginning of the services and the sermon hadnt been like 40 minutes long he might have made it. I myself had to get home rather quickly as the urge to dump a load ovecame me probably due to what I had just seen.

This happened to me when I was 20 years-old (two years ago). I use to work at an all night grocery store and would get off at 12 a.m. So one night(the parking lot was deserted) I was getting off my job going towards my car when these two men (both of them had masks on their faces) approached me and took out guns and stuck me up to rob me. I told them to take whatever they want just don't kill me. They went to take my ring off my finger and I was crying and then one guy slapped me with his hand. Then the other one pointed a gun in my face and I said, begging with tears, "Please don't kill me,please!" And while I said this, I could feel the back of my jeans loading up with poop where I was scared so bad. It was warm that night and both of them went to lift me up to put me in my car so they could take me off somewhere (to do GOD knows what) when both of them smelled what I had done and one of them said "You stinking bitch!" and threw me to the ground and both of them left with my car. I just layed in the parking lot crying til someone saw me and called the cops. The police never did catch them, but I did get my car back where they had abandoned it in another part of town. If I didn't poop my pants no telling what they would of done. I look back on this and laugh sometimes.

It seems that most of the bathroom poop scenes in movies involve men. Are there any movies out with poop scenes involving women? Also, are there any episodes of popular TV shows that involve women pooping?


Hi gals! You might not believe me, but I'm swooning here from the gracious affection of my friends on this board. Jeff A, Rizzo, Kendal, Steve & Louise, Kim & Scott, all you folks have been so very kind to me. It's wonderful, and I appreciate it so very much! Malita and Renne especially -- it means so much.

In your honour I wore my swimsuit outfit (less nylons) for a trip to the loo, simply drew aside the gusset and streamed a powerful forward arc into the bowl from the standing aspect. It was a lot of fun, and I visualized your community center while I was doing it.

Not much to report lately, though I've done some marginal big ones. A 13-incher a few days ago that launched smoothly, and today a pair of 10-inchers in quick succession. I always think of Malita's Fun House at such times! :-)

DONNY -- Those scenes were in the theatrical version of Apocalypse Now in Australia. Also, after the scene you mention where Chef and Willard have gone ashore to collect mangoes, and they are starled by a tiger, they pile back on the boat and the Navy crew tear off up the river before they can get out the fact it was just a tiger... Chef is just about hysterical, babbling like a maniac, and he flings off his shirt before sitting down around the midships area on the port side, if I remember... The PBR had a toilet on the deck, open to the world, if I've got my hardware correct. He was crapping his brains out from shock at that point, but it was not obvious unless you knew your hardware!

Other sightings: I just saw an episode of "Farscape" in which the crew are personality-switched. At one point Rigel (the Hynerian) is in Creighton's body and needs to pee -- Creighton is in Ayrin's body and tells Rigel to pee a few yards away in the cargo bay. Rigel does so, behind some gear that conceals Creighton's body to the waist, but he lets out "Ohhhh, that is GOOD!!!", and proceeds to zip up with a sharp sound -- then yells and goes staggering around as he's caught a certain humanoid organ in the zip! Later on, after they've played musical bodies again, Creighton is in Ayrin's body and we hear a sound rather like her stomach gurgling, or a couple of farts occuring, and Creighton, fascinated, is doing something off-camera at the bottom... When interrupted, "she" looks disgusted and we hear a zip being closed!

They get away with a lot for 5pm Saturday!



bigd: That salad was tainted. Check the date on the container. I make my own, unless I buy it from the deli showcase. Lay off the booze also.

Green Chunks: I was 13 years old with a boy 15, playmate and classmate. We were roller skating. He said, he felt sick and had to use the bathroom. I brought him to my house. We took off our skates. His name was Neil. He went straight to the bathroom, unzipping his bell bottom jeans, his clean white Hanes briefs were exposed covering his adolescenthood. Behind the slammed door, I heard this hideous, watery explosion. Chunks of doo-doo just rained out of his intestines. I left him alone awhile. Then, my mom asked him if he was ok. He opened the door ajar and said he would be eventually. After 15 minutes, I went to him. He opened the door to me standing up his pants and briefs at his ankles. The toilet was filled with darkest brown water and chunks of doo-doo. He reached for toilet paper to wipe himself. I felt sorry for him. He said, it him out of nowhere. He lived in the neighborhood. He took his skates and walked home.

Mindy:My best bowel movements were in department stores when I was in high school and college. I would have loved been in the next stall as you put out those 27 inches of doo-doo. I used to evacuate 30 inches while I was in grammar school. My earlier posts will tell you. When I was 15 my dad and I were shopping in a department store. I had to evacuate my bowels and bladder at the same time. I told my father and found the ladies room. I cleaned the toilet seat then placed paper on the seat. I lifted my skirt and slip and let down my navy panty hose and white panties to my knees. As my bladder gushed out a torrent of urine, 6 pieces of doo-doo splashed down. Three pieces dropped first, during my pee. Then another 3 followed. It was the ultimate feeling. I was holding this in for an hour and could not find a toilet until the department store. A liitle girl of about 8 took the stall next to me. She lifted her dress and sat at the edge of the toilet. He little behind could not ! cover the long bowl seat. She would have fallen in. I saw her reflection on the shiny tile wall. She let down her panties to her ankles. I heard and "uh". I saw her feet on tiptoes. I was still sitting waiting for another evacuation. I wiped my pussy and my anus hole good. Then the girl reached for her roll to wipe. I stood up and flushed. The girl followed out pulling up her panties under her dress. I was adjusting my panty hose and half slip. She left the stall door open. She left a 13 inch piece of doo-doo.

I worked in the same department store later. A female senior officer and I met in the same bathroom. She used to make these brutal bowel movements. One morning I was having an after breakfast bowel movement. I took of my green suit pants. I was sitting in my blouse and orange panties with green panties. I evacuated two 6 inch pieces and then four little golf balls. The senior officer took the stall next to me. She lifted her blue dress and black slip. As soon as she sat, her bowels released piece after piece after piece. During the release, she urinated for 30 seconds. I was listening to this. I could not count the pieces. When we were finished and came out of the stalls. I was putting on my slacks. The senior officer and I smiled at each other. Apparently, she and I had the same toilet habits.

My female cousins and I used to make #2 in public toilets and not flush. It was fun. We used to get toilets that others did not flush. So, turnabout was fair play.

Someone asked a while back if it's "normal" for a guy to get an erection while he's sitting on the can defecating. Well, I usually don't these days, but I sure did from about age 12 to 16. Of course, everything makes you horny at that age. I'm one of those guys who always has to piss at the same time I'm trying to press out a log. Problem was, I'd be so hard that I couldn't point it at the toilet from a seated position, if you know what I mean. Often, I'd solve the problem by wrapping my "wand" with gobs and gobs of toilet paper. As I began to move my bowels, my bladder would release, and I'd soak the paper. I'd try to use enough toilet paper so that all the urine would be absorbed, but if I really had to go bad, the excess would run back down my shaft and into the toilet. I'd break the soggy mass into two or three pieces and flush them separately to avoid clogging the toilet.

I must have had a "thing" for TP back then, 'cause I'd do something else upon occasion in restrooms at school or my swim club. I'm not proud of this, but... I'd go into a stall and pee, standing up, onto the roll of toilet paper. I'd do this slowly, giving the roll time to absorb it all. Sometimes, if my bladder was full, the process would take five minutes, starting and stopping repeatedly, and the roll would swell up to more than twice its original size. Pretty nasty thing to do, leaving a saturated smelly yellow roll for some innocent dude to deal with. I don't imagine the janitors were too thrilled, either.

These days, I rarely use toilet paper at all. I do almost all my pooping at home, and the great majority of that first thing in the morning, so I just get off the john when I'm done, and go straight to the shower for a thorough cleaning. Skid marks are a thing of the past, and it's a good thing, cause I often go without underwear, especially when wearing jeans. Does all this fall into the category of "too much information"?

I went to a large party in Oakland last night. One of the toilets there was uni-sex, ala Ally McBeal. Kinda kewl standing there in line with all the young girls (I am neither of the two).

After a couple hours, one of the three cubicles in there was totally trashed - bowl full of paper and unflushed you know what. That one the girls stayed away from, and it became male only.

Another couple hours later, and the second one was trashed too. Then the girls go organised. They started standing in front of the third one - kept it female only, and I presume, acceptable in hygiene. I actually watched one girl walk into the room, go to the end of the girls cube line, and the girl at the front of the line immediately open the door of "their" cube and go in. Almost as if choreographed.

An hour later I was again inline. And again watched the same arrangement - two girls in line, third comes in, first goes into the cube and current inhabitant of the cube comes out.

Everybody in the long line (10 minutes normal waiting time) was so full of peace, love, and happiness that they didn't say anything - just let the girls in the third line do their thing. No body seemed to care about waiting in line cause the music was so loud the bathroom was just like the dance floor.

Oh yeah - I was sitting with my feet in the hot tub later, contemplating getting out and going to go stand in line again, when this girl sat down next to me and started splashing the water with her friends. Kinda got everybody a bit damp. Then I watched as a puddle of water accumulated under her ass, flowing towards mine. I didn't think that was hot tub water. She got up quickly and went back to some guy - her boyfriend or husband or whatever - and he had his hand all over her ass.

I added to the puddle myself - a couple times - during the next hour.


Hi there!

Here's one for the unamed person asking for peeing on the floor stories.

Many, many moons ago when I was about 11 yrs old (I'm 34 now), I was visiting a friend who lived in a huge high rise apartment building. I met him out the front and then we went inside to catch the lift up to his place. I told him I needed to pee badly and he said he needed to as well, so we decided to piss in the lift. I don't think we were the first to do this as the lifts always had a faint pee smell in them!!! We both pulled the front of our shorts down a little and pissed all over the carpet, sometimes crossing our streams and almost wetting each other in the process. We stopped peeing just as the lift reached his floor, feeling rather pleased with ourselves that we had renewed the pee smell of the lift!!!

Some time later after drinking many cups of lemonade at his place, we both needed to pee again. We talked about this and decided the fire escape would be a good place. So out the door we went and down the hall to the fire stairs. They were inside stairs with a well in the middle where you could see all the way to the ground floor, 20 levels below us. Out with our dicks again as we let our streams out into the void and watched as it fell down towards the ground floor. It hit the floor below a few seconds after we started peeing and echoed quite loudly. Next thing, we hear a door down the bottom open and see the security gaurd way down below as we almost piss on him!! We quickly finished and hurried back to my friend's apartment, hoping the guard didn't see who we were!! It turned out he didn't see who we were as we were outside again a few hours later when the security guard came up to us and asked us if we seen two kids around pissing in the fire stairs. Of course, we to! ld him no!!!!


Hi everyone! Today I was jogging around a track here. There is a Recreation Center/Gym near the track, but it does not open until noon on Sundays. As I jogged past the building at about 11.00 A.M., I saw a guy in his late twenties with a group of about 10 teenage dudes heading for the building. When they got there it was shut. I stopped and the older guy asked me if I knew when it opened and if they had public showers there. I told him yes and that it opended at noon. He then said to the dudes that they would hang around until then. One of the dudes asked me whether there were any other restrooms nearby. I told him yes and that I was heading there myself and would show him. Four of the dudes needed to go and we went to the nearby baseball field that has a small restroom with a urinal, two sinks and two doorless stalls where I often crap during jogging. It turned out that the group was a church group travelling across the state with a teacher. All four dudes had to s! hit. As luck would have it, neither of the two stalls had any TP, but fortunately one of the dudes had a roll in his backpack. I sat down on the crapper in the nearer stall and one of the dudes went into the next crapper. He took the roll, but told me that I should holler when I needed it. The other dudes were horsing around near the sink just outside the stalls. These are doorless stalls and also have real shallow partitions so you can see the knees of the guy shitting next to you. I had just started to take my shit when the first guy was finished and another replaced him the stall. When I was done shitting, I asked for some TP and one of the dudes pulled some off the roll that the guy in the next stall was using and gave it to me. He watched to see if I needed more and got some for me. They were real cool guys. When I went to the sink to wash up I thanked the guy in the next stall for his help with the TP and they thanked me for showing them where the restroom was.! I took time to wash up and comb my hair and got to see two of the dudes taking a shit. Teens are the most fun to take a good crap with in that type of restroom.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

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