Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Well we have two more days of this heat wave to go here in upstate N.Y. I cannot wait. I got my ac working again this morning, that was a bigger relief than taking a good shit. Well lets continue on with The Outhouse Expidition.

We left the little red outhouse and Barbie knew of a inside one in an old abandoned cabin heading up the old Bearshead Mtn road. So that was our next stop. It took us twenty minutes to get there. I never knew it was there but Barbie knew where right where it was. All it was a trap door that was right in the floor that you pulled up. She had to piss so she went first.

She lifted up her skirt and stood over the opening and let go. Her golden stream shot downward with a loud hiss through the opening. Barbie only pissed for a short time and stopped. Anyone else have to go? She asked next. Her sister said she had to pee. Jeanie took her panties and shorts off and stood over the opening and started to pee.

Jeanies stream like her sisters Barbie this time was golden in color and also hissed loudly as it flowed. Hisss her stream went. Boy that soda makes me really makes me piss a lot she said as she countinued pissing. Her stream started to slow and as it did she gave a slight sigh with a final push, a slow long braaaaaat sound came from her back side. Oh she said; That felt good too! Both Barbie and I asked her did she need to poop? No not yet; she said. With that Jeanie stoped pissing got dressed and I will also stop at this point.

Traveling Guy
CINDY's post about farm folks taking elimination as a natural, everyday thing makes me want to share something that happened last night. A group of us from the "medium city" volunteered to do ticket taking, ushering, and stage security for a rock concert at a small country fair about an hour away. One of the boy bands performed - hundreds of squeeling, gushing teen girls included. It was great fun. About a dozen local teenagers helped us out (along with security police).

After the concert, one of the three guy singers patiently signed dozens od autographs and posed for pictures with fans. Due to the sweltering heat in the Northeastern US, he was drenched, so he asked if he could take a shower. A group of us walked him over to the toilet/shower building in the middle of the fairgrounds. The group's manager asked if the building could be temporarily closed while he was inside. (Oh, the life of a rock star!) We had to turn away a lot of people, including some who looked pretty desperate for a pee. As one set of guys approached, one of the local teen girls who had helped us all evening said, "Sorry, folks, the rest rooms are temporarilt closed. My fault. I clogged up the toilet. Not just one of them, all of 'em. Don't eat the chili dogs!" LOL.

The entrance to that toilet building is set in from the face of the building, with the Women's and Men's doors opposite each other, about 10 feet apart. The first time I came out after peeing, the doors were propped open - oh, this heat - and you could see right down the row of stalls on one side of the women's. I saw three sets of feet and some shorts and knicks dropped to the floor, all without trying.

I have not been able to visit this page for about three weeks, and now that I'm back, it's impossible to read all the back posts.

Frank: Nothing abnormal about getting a stiffie when shitting, but I would not have expected it to happen every time. However sometimes it is easier to get an erection that others. Most men are erect first thing in the morning, so if that is when you shit, then I suppose it is only to be expected.

I had a bout of diarrhea a couple of days ago. It was not caused by an infection, as I felt perfectly OK, so it must have been something that I ate. I had to go out in 10 minutes time, and I felt the need to fart urgently. So I went to the toilet and let about 3 big farts, and left for my meeting. All the time in the meeting my guts were making loud rumbling noises. As I walked home, the unease continued, but I was scared to fart in case it was a wet one... When I got in, I rushed to the toilet and had scarcely got my pants down then the shit started to run out of my poop chute. I had three bouts of totally liquid shit, each one of which smelt worse than the previous one. Then it finished, and just as I was wiping my shitty hole, the phone rang. I answered it on the cordless one that we keep near the bathroom, and was in conversation with someone not to close to me, so I felt unable to flush the toilet. When the phone call was over the bathroom stank so vilely that I had ! to open the window and spray scent into the bowl. I was just glad that I did not have an accident.

Carmalita, Renee and Patsy

Here's a three way post from me, Renee, and Patsy. I'll go first since I have to take a really big, morning dump! I just farted and it's vicious! Renee says that because of me, fart-fanning should be an olympic sport. It's great for the forearms LOL!!!!

RJOGGER: Hi Rich! No, you didn't scare me! When I say that you made me gulp, I meant it as a lump in my throat. You touched my heart and it was an emotional gulp. That's what I meant. I don't scare that easy! You could never scare me, I love you too much! Big lug, huh? Man, I'd like to see your big lug self sitting on the toilet squeezing out one of those handsome big ones of yours. I just know you're handsome, I can tell by your writing. Beautiful people have a way of shining. And yes, do try that shower-peeping game! It's really hot! It sounds like camping was a blast for you two! You did an amazing load, then Kathy comes along and does one too! The outdoors can do that to a person. And you got to see other women doing their thing huh? That's cool. I wish those other women were us 3.
PV: Hey girl, thanks for "panting" over my story, but I'm still likewise panting over you in that swimsuit! I'm glad you like the restroom story. That night of the dance, there were so many people that it was a really busy place! It's very common to see that there, especially when there's big events going on. I thought it was incredibly sweet of you to mention the rocking horse. Thank you for that. Jake is the kind of man who does from the heart. He's tall, quiet, and very loving. And yes, he is a gem. Thanks again for your beautiful words my sweet wonder from down under. Love you!
JAMIE: Oh, it's so nice to hear from you again. I am so delighted and honored that you like my stories! Tesa is doing well, she's found an apartment not too far away. I don't know myself how I can do such huge poops. You should see my youngest sister Luisa! She's tiny too, and can pump out some fat monsters! She's also just gorgeous. So's my other sister Maria. I'll be sure to keep everyone filled in whenever there's a lot of ladies in the restroom at the center. Thanks again for your warm wishes, they mean a lot.
ERIC: Thanks hon for keeping my stories as reading material in your bathroom. How fitting! As for your question, I've watched Jake poop many times already. It's really hot too. I think I've commented before about how when he sits, he has really huge legs and spreads them wide. Also, I don't know how to say this gently, but he has a really big "thingy" which covers up the view in front. I'm used to looking at girls who have just a patch of hair, but Jake has this large thing that blocks the view into the toilet. He does crap out some nice, "man size" logs which are really cool.
LOUISE: I hope Steve does like my long pee. I realize I never talk about peeing. I guess it's because there's not a lot for me to say about it. However, my more recent, standing up adventures certainly provide new conversation!
MR. NO NAME: Answering your question about certain foods, I know that for me, it's protein that'll sometimes constipate me. I'm usually not constipated, and it's a very rare experience. I'm as regular as a city bus! But sometimes, if I eat a lot of protein (more than I usually do, since I take in a lot anyway), I'll get constipated.

Anyway, I have to run! I can feel the poop wanting to come out of me bad! Here's Renee.

Hellowe everyone!
RJOGGER: Well, it's me, your pregnant cowgirl! I'm lovin' my baby and feeling the strain of the extra weight. LOL! I also loved your camping adventures, they were so much fun to read, especially about all those other girls and Kathy doing that nice load too. So much fun you all are! We love you right back and find you to be one of our favorite posters. Even though Kathy dosen't post anything, we all feel like she's with you when you write, so our love goes to her too. Miss Patsy, the shy babe is actually going to say something today since we're all gathered in the bedroom this morning. As I write this, Carmalita's taking a nice, stinky dump. Her morning ritual. I guess she really did have to go bad. She'll probably take another crap outdoors today. We're all going out for the day. Oh, there she goes. She's in there dropping turds like crazy now! I can hear a bunch of big ones splashing down! She's grunting too.

Jeff A: How are you doing bud? I miss hearing from you.
Rizzo: You too guy! You are a wonderful man and it seems like we never hear from you anymore!!! That's a pity! I hope you're busy with fun stuff!

Grand howdy's to PV (my aussie dream girl!), Louise and Steve, Kim and Scott, and Jane.
Bye! Here's Patsy.

Hello and good morning to everyone, I hope everybody is well. I just did my morning poop before that little latina loaf launcher hit the bathroom.. Mine was very thick and long, and smelled pretty bad. I hate to leave Malita such a nasty smell so early in the morning. We're all going to skip work today and go for a picnic. The weather has been really warm here, 95 yesterday!
RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hey dude, we all think you're really a cool guy! I'm enjoying reading what you have to say, especially about your camping trip. You seem to be a really well adjusted man. I've never known very many men like that. I think you'd like Jake a lot. He's quiet and real easy going. I've adopted him! And Kathy: Yes, I think you're really a honey from your husband's descriptions. I'll bet that you have really pretty dark eyes, and high cheekbones. I'm picturing you with a nice, flattering hairstyle too. I've been reading stories about you for quite awhile now. I'm sending you a kiss! I think you and Rich have so much fun together. We all love you two here in this house!

Peter and David in AZ: Congratulations you two! I'm very happy for you.

We were visiting Malita at the community center where she helps out, and I had to pee really bad so I went to the ladies room. Man!!! What a show goes on in there! There's nothing to the imagination. I saw a young Mexican woman taking a serious dump while reading a latino newspaper. She was a pretty little thing, grunting and pooping, and grunting some more. Every time she dropped a turd I could smell it. Uckk! Then another woman came in to pee also. Personally, I was very uncomfortable in there. There's no privacy at all, plus you can see people on the pot in the mirrors in front. So, while you're sitting there doing your business, you can watch other women from the waist up doing theirs! I have to admit though, that I liked watching that girl take her poop. It was a real long one too.

Well, I guess that's it for me. Take care everyone! We're off for fun in the sun! Jake's going to drive the whole way. I love him, we get into these deep conversations, and he never runs out of ideas or thoughts. Lucky Malita!

Love to all from Patrice, Renee, and Carmalita.

Traveling Guy
Something I forgot to mention in my previous post about the county fair... The men's side of the rest room building I mentioned has two facing rows of five toilets each, three sinks, two showers, but no urinals. When I first walked in I thought I had misread the sign and was on the women's side. It threw me so much that I walked back to the entrance to double check. It's fairly unusual to have no urinals in the men's of a busy public facility like that. The stalls have accordion-fold doors with magnetic closers on the frame. They actually give more privacy than the regular North American solid doors with gaps on each side.

I'll be working at that fair again tonight and tomorrow night and I'll pass along any sights and sounds here. Tonight's act is Badfinger, the 70's band featured in the film "The Magic Christian." That's a great scene where the greedy dive into a sewage tank to money grub, to the track of "If You Want It, Here It Is..." But the Other Boys were right: money can't buy you love. An enjoyable weekend to all!

Another hot day here in the was 97 yesterday here-it's going to be possibly 100 today!I can't imagine how hot today is going to feel!Some responses-TO RJOGGER-Hey,neighbor,is it hot by you too?i'm glad to hear you guys did the mirror thing-it's fun to do once in a while-isn't it a great view to see?Great story with you watching the sisters unload in the woods-i really enjoyed that one!I still see you are doing some long ones yuorself as I am also putting out some good ropes of poop too-Between the fiber,watermelon and lots of water,man i've really been going!look forward to reading your stuff-keep up the good stories,neighbor
TO FRANK-yes,alot of times when i really got to dump,i have a pretty good erection-I agree with others responding to you-it's the prostste,cause the stool as it is filling up the rectum,presses up against the prostate and sometimes an erection can result,It doesn't happen all the time with me,just when i really got to go bad and sometimes when i'm anticipating a good impending poop too!
It was HOT this 7:30 already as I had to poop-I wasa going to go out to the beach again to dump in the dunes again,but I had to go too urgently to get all the way out to the beach,so I went out to the woods and found a spot and It was pretty busy with joggers and walkers this morning,so I really had to try and get a private spot and then i get undressed and walked around and let the urge get good and strong and finally sat on a log witha good loud pre-poo fart as i opened up my asshole and let it fly-it was soft,but formed as it came out about 6-8 inches and broke off as more was coming out-then it stopped for a second and I let out another hissing fart and more stuff snaked out as i mover over about a foot to avoid the 1st pile touching my butt and for some reason,i turned around as i was positioning myself and saw a woman biker about 25 feet away just standing there watching me as i dumped-i didn't doo anything for a second as i was a bit shocked-she was behind m! e so she could see it all!it was a bit embarrased and i thought for a second she was going to run to get eht police or something,but she just stood there watching I reached over to get my biking glasses with the mirror on it and put them on and turned away from her,but i could see her in the mirror from behind and I thought-well if she takes off,i'm in trouble,but she didn't and she was pretty about 25-30 or so and tall with brown hair with this intense look on her face as she was looking at me as I waited to go more I just looked at her in the mirror and she had NO idea I was seeing her as she looked at my butt,The afetr abuut 5-10 mins,i had to poo more and I farted again and let out some really soft stuff(this HOT waether makes me go more and it is softer than normal and as this stuff was coming out she was just transfixed to my butthole and I was kinda enjoying this-Seems like I'm becoming an exibitionist at pooing lately and i kinda enjoy it-then i felt done but sti! ll squatted there pushing out my anus and then as I was wiping ,she just quickly turned around on her bike and started to take off and she make a bit of noise and i turned around like i heard her and she looked back and saw me looking at her and she blurted out"Sorry' as she got on the bike and took off like I was going to run after her and as she was biking away she kept looking back to see what I was going to do and then disappeared into the woods,but that was kinda cool and then I thought,hey maybe she WAS going to get the cops and I decided to get dressed and take of myself,cause when i tought about it,she looked kinda like a really "straight" kind of woman,so I was outta there,but it was kind of interesting to see her just stand ther and not say a word as she watched the whole thing,-strange,but fun!Well,i'm off to work and must sign off-great posts all,look foreward to reading these every morning!BYE

Hi Louise,

That was a nice squirt in the gents' with Steve helping -- gentleman to the end! What a generous wish -- I would so like to come for a swim with you and be part of that wonderful lineup in the gents. If Kendal was with us -- imagine the lineup of female pishing power unleashed at that steel! :-)

I'm so glad you're going to Spain after all, you deserve the break, and I expect to read wonderful accounts of uninhibited fountains in the Spanish sunshine from some beautiful ladies!

We must be birds of a feather -- now *I'm* limping. I stubbed my toe badly the other day and can't walk too far -- though I can stand to pee. I didn't fancy sitting earlier today and did a full evacuation in the standing position. I'd dropped a load of bumshot earlier, and my second load was a slightly heftier load of the same, though the last couple of chunks were still short of depth-charge category. I wiped standing from both front and back, there was only a tiny fleck of mucus to clean up. Oh, and I did a hovering wee, elbows on my knees, for good measure!

We make a pretty good team, darling! Have fun in Spain, and keep spreading the Mark of Venus!

STEVE -- I blush at your appreciation for my swimsuit "formal" outfit -- and smile warmly indeed. I love Louise to bits too -- and accept your hug with gratitude and affection.

That was a delightful story of your itimate affair with "M," she sounded a totally delectable lady, and it's very sweet to see how intimacy can break through the walls that convention builds. How well I could relate to her difficulty in the alley, the triumph of concentration to get the body to relax and release the fluid mass which is itself painfully overdue to move... But familiarity creates new reactions, and soon she was able to go happily with you around, which was wonderful to read.

Thank you for sharing these sweet moments with us! You and dear Louise (and her wonderful Mom!) have a super time in Spain, come home safe, and very brown in lots of unusual places -- with heaps of adventures to tell!

The summer will be back in the next three months or so here in Aus, and I'll be resuming my outdoor activities too -- all the news will be here as soon as it breaks! Grin!

Hugs from your friend,


Jeff A
JANE: I'm glad you felt much better after that monster "poopie" you did at the chinese restaurant. I know I sure as hell felt better after having read about it! Awesome story, as usual. I also thought that the story of young Ted was very charming and cute. Good stuff from you lately. It sounds like Chuck E. Cheese's put a curse on your plumbing that day! Of course, greasy food with lots of cheese can do that to a person easily. Your stories are so wonderful, and so realistic. I really love seeing your name in here.

KIM AND SCOTT: Kim, Im doing well, how about you? Im ready and waiting for another one of your log entries!

PICO TAMALE: Interesting question you've raised about sex and violence being over promoted, especially in this country. If evacuation would sell, it too would be over promoted. As far as the neighbor lady incident, I think I was too overwhelmed to believe it. It wasn't until later that I thought about it more. It dosen't matter how old a boy is, sooner or later his hormones kick in, and all logic is tossed right out the window. It did prompt me to engage in such clandestine pooping games with neighbor girls though, which proved to be more than rewarding!

JACK: Even as a kid I suspected that she was an exhibitionist. It's funny how insightful we are, even as children. I just figured she wanted to play "nasty". When I was a kid, that's what we called 'show me yours, I'll show you mine.' If she'd offered to have me wipe her, I would have gotten scared and backed away I was too young to fully appreciate something like that. She did take an awfully long dump though, and that was great. I'd also seen some of my mother's friends doing that, and it also made me wonder as to why. What kind of feelings do I get as a grownup thinking about that? Just memories, that's all. I've had too many girlfriends that did it live for me thus creating many new visions. I had a girlfriend named Kyra that I mentioned ages ago in 80ish pages of this forum, that took a large dump in the middle of the night and left the door open. I watched, listened, smelled and took a "growing" interest while she performed, thinking I was asleep! I hope that answer! s your questions, you and Pico.

LOUISE: Ah yes, another one of those nice tales from you! Very sorry to hear about your ankle though. Your Saturday morning poo sounded like a lot of fun. (with the exception of your hurt ankle of course). Very large! And you had to break it up with a stick? I think Carmalita would know all about that! As far as my 3 foot peeing, I didn't seem to have any problems with drips. I'm surprised that Steve could go at all with you holding it! I think that having a woman as lovely and exciting as you assisting would make a man as hard as granite, thus shutting off the pee valve! Yes, you are a sweetie, and beyond exciting!

STEVE: My new style is very experimental. It just keeps me tuned up, I'm not teaching it to anybody. I'm not qualified to do that. However, if people are curious, and want me to, I'll teach it to them as a friend. It actually employs some thought principles that I learned from Wing Chun, of using more hand techniques than anything else. Hey, I loved that story about "M"! Cool seeing her in the alley way peeing. I love those stories from people's past, it's almost like I'm reliving them with them. I really loved RJOGGER'S tale about the two girls and him, it was cool. I also loved the way the relationship between you two unfolded naturally, and it's nice to know that you were listening to her peeing.

PV: I agree with Carmalita and Renee, that you are certainly a very attractive lady. Though I've never seen you, I try to picture you from that knockout description you gave. There's something about red haired women that is just...WOW! Mix that with an attractive face and loving heart, and you've got PV, the beautiful flower from down under. I've been loving your latest poop stories too!

RJOGGER: Yes, you do have a whole lifetime yet of new adventures. You stay young with Kathy, I can tell that you two are full of life! Thanks for your concerns, I am doing well. Your camping adventure certainly sounds like one of your traditionally wonderful stories! Selfishly, I really enjoyed Kathy's contributions. She sounds like one knockout female! How lucky you are. As cliche as it sounds, women just get better as they get older. Especially when they are friends as well as companions. Keep going you two, I'm looking forward to your adventures!

I was in the Female bathrooom in LHR in '98 (LHR is London Heathrow)
Took a medium sized dump yesterday

To Eric in Chicago: I liked your story about you having a green shit...what do u think caused it?? I've only had a green shit once in my life and that was almost a year ago.

I like that picture, she is good looking

Last night i had a whopper from burger king....that was a mistake. I ate it at 10pm and i went to bed around 1am and i was up at 3am shiting. It was loose..lucky i didn't have cramps or any thing or difficulty passing it.

I was at work today in this other building and some body who has more authority came to me and said, "Some guys have been using the ladies side of the unisex bathroom". she asked me if i knew if any one did i said no i didn't and i'd pass this along to others. She also said the ladies toilet seat has been found up with urine all over it. I was thinking either someone was really desparate to go or they were doing dare.

JF (Jane Fan)
Hey, Jane:

Just want to admit, how-lucky your husband, Gary, must be to have a woman like you! You go-girl! Also, you stated, in your last-post, about how the wirless-modem you brought w/ you was working. Just curious: were you surfing the web w/ the laptop, while you were taking a dump? How about when you composed your last post? Where you in the act of dumping, and typing on the laptop, @ the same-time? One more thing, would you be able to, for your next-post, or something, give us the play-by-play, of your next pooping-session? By that, I mean go to the toilet w/ the laptop, and compose the message, i.e. how you feel as the poop slides out, is it soft, hard, does it cause cramps, & if so, how those feel, etc. I would greatly-appreciate it!


Hi Everyone

Louise: Hope you and Steve have a great time in Spain. I look forward to hearing all your tales when you get back. I know what you can be like on the beach! Reminds me of the seaweed joke! I thought it was funny when you and Steve went into the mens toilets with Steve helping you do a standing wee like that. Wish I could have seen it too!

Steve: Loved your story about "M". It was good that she was able to relax around you. I bet you were really straining your eyes while she was weeing in the alley! I'm glad you think blue knickers are really me! I like blue too! In fact today I'm wearing a lot of blue. If you go under my desk you can look up my navy skirt and you'll see some dark blue tights. If I part my legs a bit more, you might just make out my pale blue lace knickers underneath. Next time I need a wee you can come with me and help me pull them down like you do for Louise! You have no need for concern my dear, your position as guard is safe with me!

Cynthia: I enjoyed your post about your first wee in the woods! It reminded me a bit of my first wee with my Mum - see an earlier post. I understand how you must have felt as I'm in truth really quite shy although sometimes it may not seem that way. The last time my Mum and I had a wee together it still felt quite odd to see her sitting there with her tights and knickers around her knees having a wee.


I just found this site and wanted to write and thank everyone who has already posted. Your experiences make great reading.

I hope to post some more stories/experiences soon but here is one to get started.

A few years ago my then girlfriend and I went camping in Scotland. Being an experienced camper I know that the toilet blocks are always few and far between and that, in tourist sites, there are rarely places to go outside. I planned ahead and took an empty litre fabric conditioner bottle (for those who don't know these have wide openings and so can be used by men and women) for use in the tent at night. At first my g/f was not convinced, until one night when we returned from the pub after having quite a lot to drink. It was raining outside and we were both desperate to pee. My g/f squatted while I held the bottle to her for her to pee in. That night, between us, we filled the bottle more than once (I had to empty it out of the tent three times).

Keep up the posts everyone.

Jacob G in Florida
A few weeks ago, I went to Borders Books, Music and Caf to kill some time. After drinking some coffee, I felt the need to pee, so I went to the restroom. Just as I opened the door, I heard a loud, open mouth exhale. This restroom has one urinal, then one regular stall, and then one huge handicapped stall. No one was at the urinal or in the first stall. I noticed the door was shut to the large handicapped stall. I walked over to the urinal and started to pee. Right away, I heard the following:

Loud open mouth inhaling . . .
Silence . . .
Silence . . .
Sound of a page in a newspaper or magazine turning . . .
More silence . . .
Very loud open mouth exhaling . . .
Huff, huff, huff.

Cool. Really cool. I faked a cough and shuffled my feet to let the guy know I was in there. I wanted to find out if he was uninhibited enough to do that again. I was not disappointed. He did it again - and again - and again. I walked over to the sink to wash my hands, and thought, "I really want to know what this guy looks like." I thought that if I could see what shoes looked like, I would be able to confirm who he was as he left the restroom. Since he was in the last stall, I had to stand near the door to the restroom and bend way over to get a look at his shoes. I was afraid that someone might walk in and see me doing that, which may look weird. Therefore, I "accidentally" dropped some paper towels to the floor. As I bent over to pick them up, I looked under the stall . . . brown Dockers, no socks, navy shorts. Okay, I had my clues, so I left. I pretended to look at books. Actually, I was keeping my eyes on the restroom door hoping to see the guy leave. Af! ter about 20 minutes of not seeing the guy, I figured I must have missed him. After all, the store was busy that night. Many people were going in and out of that area to use the restroom, the pay phone and the drinking fountain. Furthermore, I had become preoccupied with a Pearl Harbor picture book. Oh well, 30 minutes had elapsed by now. I must have missed him leaving. I walked around the store looking at everyone's shoes, but did not see him. Disappointed, I gave up and started looking at CDs. A few minutes later, I had a brief sneezing attack and desperately needed to blow my nose. I walked quickly to the restroom, pushed open the door, and heard UHNNNNRRRR, huff, huff, huff. Wow - I don't believe it - the guy is still in here! I went into the first stall to get toilet paper for blowing my nose. From that spot, I could easily see the familiar brown Dockers, no socks, and navy shorts at the floor. In a moment of spontaneity, I shut the door to the stall, and tho! ught I would sit in there and listen. Then, at that very moment, a bunch a people came in and I lost my nerve. Someone went to the one urinal and someone else stood outside my stall. I faced the toilet and pretended to pee, then flushed. As I was zipping my pants, I heard UHNNNNRRRR GRRRRR, huff, huff, huff. I left the restroom, this time more determined to see what the guy looked like. Again, I pretended to look at books. Finally, I heard the very familiar squeal of the restroom door opening and saw the guy. He was one of the employees - a college aged guy with dark hair, medium build, and nice looking. He started unpacking books and putting them on the shelves. He must have spent his entire break in the bathroom. Poor guy. I looked at him and couldn't help wondering if he was ever successful in moving his bowels.

Friday, August 10, 2001

This posting is for my boyfriend. I'll call him Sue. He is into this peeing and pooping thing and I would like to share this with him and you too. I grew up on a farm, and if you city people don't know about it we farmers go outside all the time. No time to run back from the fields to go poo or pee for that matter. Never thought much about it as I was growing up because it was such a natural thing to do. Dig a little hole in the ground and let it drop.

Today I was coming home from my place in the northern part of michigan. It was a very hot day and a long drive as well. I hadn't had a BM in a few days and about half way home I started to get pretty uncomfortable. I thought I could hold it and I wanted to poop on my own property, or if I could make it in my own toilet. As I got closer and closer to home the urgency got greater and greater. I knew as I drove into my driveway,(I still live in the country) that I wasn't going to be able to make it to the toilet. So I got out of my car and ran to the side of my house where I would be out of view from anyone who might be driving by. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and barely squatted and out comes a very large poop. Very hard poop at first about 8" long. Then I dropped another smallish one that was not as hard about 4" I would guess. Then with a great deal of pleasure I let another little one drop while I peed...Whew...there is nothing better than poop! ing outside. I dug a hole in the dirt and covered it up. Only thing that would have made it better is if Sue had been there too.

"Stush" (my nickname)
I work in a retail store with several employees, two young girls about 18 and four other guys ranging from 25 to 45. The thing is, we all share one bathroom/washroom and we are there all day from about 10:00 om the morning till almost 10:00 at night several days a week. We do take breaks and leave for lunch, dinner or go home early taking turns as scheduled. Well, the main trouble is that someone when using the toilet is leaving a small splash or puddle of pee at the base of the toilet. I can guess if someone has to go badly and just gets their pants down or like a guy, unZips and takes out his tool and lets go, he or she might miss sometimes and leave a little pee behind on the floor. The girls complain though that when using the toilet, they pull down their panties and sit. When they get up, they notice their panties have gotten wet from that little bit of pee on the floor. No one knows who does it. No one knows if its on purpose or accident or how it happens. Does! one of the guys have a real short penis and cant hit the toilet? Does someone go to pee and cant hold it standing there ready to do it? Do we have a dribbler? ANYONE ever run into this anywhere? How do you solve it? Listening to any suggestions...............................



This is kind of a tip and kind of a warning. I recently went to a local park with my daughter Mendy (3) and she had to "go" (actually past-tense, she made a mess in her pull-ups!). I took her to the bathroom and I have to tell you about what state of affairs they were in! The stalls were clean, but they were dark and the toilets were made of steel. There was no trashcan in the restroom, in any of the stalls, or outside the restroom (!). As you'd imagine, no paper towels either. I don't know what they were thinking! Mendy had to be held over the toilet because of how cold the seat was and we had nothing to put her dirty pull-ups in. After she was done I used some babywipes to clean her up (There was plenty of TP but it looked rough). I flushed the toilet and the flush was really loud and scary and the hole was very large. After seeing the toilet flush I put the dirty pull-ups pant in it and stood back and gave it a flush. The toilet quickly sucked the messy pull-ups down th! e drain and kept flushing for several seconds after it was gone. I'd imagine it could have sucked two or three pull-ups that way!

My advice to anyone going to a park - bring one of those toddler toilet seats - the looney toons kind you get at home depot - and be ready to equip the toilet with one. Like I said earlier, those big metal toilets are cold. Also, if you don't get a trashcan in the stall the big metal toilets also make a good alternative for pull-ups, I suspect smaller baby diapers or pads would go down too. (I almost suspect this isn't an accident - the restrooms probably don't see much maintenance so the trash would pile up.) Also, bring a flashlight! They're dark!

Hello. I had posted here awhile back and had pooped my daisy dukes while typing my post(if you remember). I told you that I like to poop my pants when I'm at home. Well believe it or not, I'm pooping my tight blue jeans right now. It's solid and it's beginning to stink. Better waddle to the bathroom to wash up. Bye!

Billy & Kevin L.
We get home from our day camp at school around 12 or 1 (depending on where we eat lunch). Yesterday, we ate lunch at school. After lunch, we went home to change. It wsa liek 100 degrees, so we changed into our swim suits and went swimming. We went over Melissa's house, so we decided to poop in the woods on the way there. When we got home, mom said be quiet. Your brothers are not feeling well. I said, they got diarrhea? SHe said, yeah, and Mike is puking. She said we should use the guest bathroom. She siad the electricity went out about 1 hour ago. There was a crash that nocked down a telephone pole. Power will be up in about an hour. THen we went into our room to change. About 2 minutes later, cousin Billy showed up. Cousin Billy already was in his trunks. He went into the bathroom. He came right out. He said, your brothers should flush the toilet. I said there is no electricity. You can use the guest bathroom. He said lets just poop in the woods, my urge is passing. Tom walke! d into the bathroom. He said to us, thanks guys, for giving us this. I said, blame dad, he brought it home.

Only the 3 of were going to go to Melessia. Josh and Jeremy were going ot go to a birthday party. So we left before we pooped our pants. We went inot the woods. THere is a spot were we often poop. WE dropped our pants, dropped our turds and went our way. I dropped 3 or 4 big turds, KEv one real long one. Cousin billy was the poopster -- he dropped one 1 ft turd, about 5 5 inchers and then a pile of loose stuff. It was hot while we were pooping, so we hurried up and went swimming.

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