Hello Everyone....I was just wondering what happened to Becca? She used to post accidents that happened to her and her sister and then all of a sudden she stopped posting.

If you are reading this Becca, please let us know that you are still there!



Michelle In Canada
I'm 13 and just let out a gigantic fart, it was astonishing, amazing if you will.... I am just about to poo... My pants, it's more comfortable.

Just interesting the way our systems work. I bought a pre-made salad at the local grocery store for my dinner since I worked late. Gobbled it up quickly. Felt nauseous by around 11pm. I NEVER vomit (while sober, anyway). Put the wastebasket by my bed. Thought I was going to puke, but didn't. The nausea subsided quickly. I felt the food drop out of my stomach. Around 2pm the next afternoon I had a quick episode of diarrhea. And that was the end of that. So obviously something in the salad (the cheese I think) was skunky. It took almost exactly 16 hours from the time I ate the salad until the blast of diarrhea. I was actually pretty impressed by the way my body eliminated the spoiled food.

Hello again everyone!!!!! I have not been very good about posting in a while. I've been reading the posts often, it seems as though everyone has been pooping and peeing well. I've had a busy summer hanging out with friends, spending time with my boyfriend and going to the mall etc etc. I will be starting the last part of my senior year in a few weeks, I've missed my daily poops at school, I can't wait to get back! I have finally pooped in front of my boyfriend, in fact it's a regular event now! I've also watched him a couple of times. Needless to say, our relationship has "heated" up this summer as a result. I also have a good story to share about a big shit me and my friend April each had yesterday. I thought maybe a post about two 18 year old girls pooping would be good for everybody! April and me spent a long day shopping at the mall yesterday. After lunch we were in one of the big department stores when April announced that she needed to go. I told her that I d! id too. I had needed to go kinda bad earlier but I chose to keep on shopping! We soon made our way to the women's restroom that was in the store. It was huge, it probably had a dozen stalls. Since it was after lunch, it was also kinda busy, there was a distinct smell of poop in the air. About half of the stalls were occupied. We looked under the doors to find two stalls that were unoccupied together. Judging by the feet I saw (small, tanned feet in sandals with blue or green toenail polish!) I would say there were quite a few girls our age in there. I did see someone wearing a pair of dress shoes which probably belonged to a woman who worked in the store taking a break. We finally found two stalls near the end of the row that were empty. I took the first one and April the other. There was a girl (with the green toenails and sandals) in the other stall next to mine. After we shut our doors, April said that she hated it when there was no paperthing for the seat. I told her that it was probably clean enough, just wipe it off with some tp. I heard April tear off several sheets to cover her seat with. I undid my tight, short jean shorts and lowered them to my ankles. My white panties had became wedged in my butt, so I pulled them out and lowered them to my ankles as well. By this time I could also hear April lowering her shorts and panties, she said that she had to poop really bad, I told her I did too. I sat down on the short toilet, it had the comfortable elongated seats like we have in school that perfectly seperates your cheeks and gives you the squat sensation. After sitting down, I have the habit of reading any grafitti on the walls. Most girls restrooms don't have any. There was two in my stall, one said "Megan loves Scott" and the other "Amy pooped here 8-1-01" I also looked around behind me, I was surprised to see April's reflection in the black tiled wall behind the stalls. I looked over at the other girl. She was leaning way forward and you could see her butt lift off of the seat in the back, I could also see that she was blonde and had a ponytail. I could hear April grunt a few times and heard her drop a few "golf balls" I, as usual, made several farts, they were kinda windy but echoed well enough for all to hear. I could feel my hole begin to open after I farted. About this time a woman came into the restroom. She was looking for the girl that was next to me, calling out "Christina" one or two times. I guess it was her mother because she asked her if she was still in here. The girl said that she was constipated and would probably be in here for a while. Her mother said that she could find her at the shoe dept when she was done and left. My hole was expanding wider and wider. I spread my legs open to see what was going to come out. My eyes began to water as my turd slowly creeped out. It was thick and knobby. It came out about an inch a minute, I must admit it felt very good. It finally dropped without a splash. It was about 10 inches long and 2 inches thick, very knobby and firm, it was also a floater. I quickly farted twice and dropped two more 5 inchers. April continued to make alot of spashes but didn't have any farts. I could hear the girl next to me begin to strain and it seemed like she was pushing hard. I looked over in the wall again and could see the reflection of a big turd coming out of her butt, since she was still leaning forward. By this time I had to go again as evidenced by my farting. I dropped three more four or five inch turds before feeling another big one slide into place. I pushed a little and soon it was out, it was about 7 inches long and two inches thick. I sat and looked down at my creation, all of my turds were floating and you could hardly see the bottom of the toilet! April was still pushing out poop when I began to wipe. Luckily I did not have much to wipe, I love it when that happens! I continued to sit and wait for April. I told her that I felt much better. She said that she did too and had filled the toilet up. She barely farted once and then grunted another piece out. She finally finished and began wiping as did the girl next to me. The girl next to me finished quickly and left without flushing. After me and April finished up, I told her we should leave our work for others to admire. We exited our stalls after about 25 minutes of pooping. I looked into the stall where the other girl was. I was shocked to see a huge turd about 3 inches thick and 10 inches long floating in the water along with 2 or 3 smaller ones. In the reflection the girl looked to be very petite so she was probably walking funny about now! Anyway, me and April continued to shop, just a few pounds lighter. Later everyone!!!!!

I'm new to this site but i really like it. My favorites are the accident stories, so im gonna share my only one (atleast since i was 10). back when i was 14 or 15, i was skateboarding with my friends, and i realized i had to take a crap BAD. we were in the middle of a city with nothing nearby but office buildings, which had no public bathrooms. i told my friends i felt sick, and sat down to see if the feeling would go away. however, sitting down just made it worse. i finally told them i had to take a crap and we went to the nearest store, which was far away. however, i couldnt find a bathroom there. by now i was jumping up and down i had to go so bad. i asked a worker there and he told me about a restaurant a block or two away. i sprinted over there, feeling it start to come out, dashed through it, pulling my pants down at the same time. i squatted down in front of the toilet with the door still open (the bathroom had a single toilet so it was visible through an! open door) and let it out. it was really nasty- gooey and liquidy. at first i thought i had made it but i turned around and it was EVERYWHERE!- on the toilet seat, on the floor, on the walls, and worst of all, in my pants. then i realized the door was still open and felt really embarrased. i cleaned my pants and walked out. fortunately none of my friends saw what happened.

This is my first post. I have always been interested in bodily functions. My ex-girlfrienc and I were on a trip and we both had to pee. I went one way and I thought she had gone to another tree. I just neede to pee but I looked over and susy was squatting near me and she was unloading log after log. Her jobbie was huge. I didn't know she got a thrill having me see her. after that We were very open with our bathroom habits. I miss her because I haven't found another girl who was so open and accepting. I am happy to be a part of the group.

Sick Boy
ME: I am also 27 and I think my gender is apparent in the alias I use in this forum.
I have seen people ask for pee stories in here on occation. rarely do I have a pee story worth telling. But this is the only one I really have. I stopped off at a park last fall needing to urinate I realized I was being followed by an eighty year old man. I thought nothing of it at first. when I went in and was standing at the urinal the guy was right there next to me pretending to urinate. out of no where he makes a comment that I am not sure I can repeat in this forum because I think it will be deleted. but he asked if I ever had what he said I thought he was just a dirty old man and said yes then he asked if it was from a man or a woman I told him a woman. He then said you ought to let a man do it and reached over and tried grabbing me I pushed his arm away and told him don't ever try that again. I zipped up and left. I should have gone to the police but I didn't thinking I at that time was 26 years old and very able to defend my self. but after I thought about it awhi! le I thought what if I was just some 10 year old kid? I think if he ever does molest a child I may be partly resposible for not telling anyone there is a pervert on the loose.

Does anyone have any peeing on the floor stories?

I'm back home now after the training seminar.

Jeff A: Hi and thanks for enjoying my posts. I'm glad you bring your gentle, sensitive side with you to this forum. It's very refreshing to read your posts. I'm always bummed out when you write about your health problems. I hope you're feeling fine these days.

JF: Thanks for enjoying my stories. The laptop belongs to my company, and I was not on the toilet when I posted. I don't take that laptop home, nor do I have a laptop at home. My husband Gary does have one, but that also belongs to his company, and he never lets me use it, especially not in the bathroom. Besides, when I take my dumps, that's my chance of relaxing and relieving my stress. It also gives me a chance to catch up with reading, especially at home. It never occurs to me to bring a laptop to the bathroom. Maybe when I'm in a funny mood I might do something like that.

It was my birthday during the week, and Gary came over to the hotel to pick me up and go out to celebrate. We invited Rachel, but she declined because she wasn't feeling well due to having the runs that day. Carrie and her husband also came to dinner. Sara and her husband were still on vacation in Europe, but she mailed me a present, which Gary brought along. After dinner Gary stayed over and spent the night at the hotel. Poor Rachel slept on the couch that night, but she was OK with that and was happy to let me enjoy my birthday.

Dump-wise, it's been mostly uneventful at the hotel after the first day. I would have good, solid dumps with an average of 3-4 solid, very firm pieces. It was very comfortable using the hotel bathroom toilets, even the public restrooms. On Friday, after the seminar wrapped up, we were packing to go home. Both Rachel and I had an urge to poop. We did Rock Scissors and Paper, and I ended up going down to the ladies room while Rachel went to the bathroom. I went into a stall, pulled down my shorts and panties and sat. I let out a loud fart, then pushed out a long, very thick piece of poop that hit the water as I was still pushing it out. I finally pushed out the other end, and it plopped loudly. I don't usually get up in the middle of a pooping session, but I did this time and saw a very long and very thick piece of poop that almost rivals Kim's masterpieces. I sat back down and proceeded to push out several more solid pieces, not as long but just as thick. I was d! one, wiped only a couple of times, and flushed. I felt much better after that.

I finally have a post! As you know I've been pursuing
postable material in many ways. After spending all day on
some new trails, hoping for a buddy dump or at least a walk
up, I finally had to retire to the coffee house with the two
toilet unisex bathroom. I plopped my butt down with my
"News of the Wierd" and began my luxury shit. Not long
after that, this lovely big boned blonde starts in the door.
She has it wide open when her friends start telling her how
lovely she looks. Everyone got a good look at me including
her when she turned around. She wimped out and left,
however. After I was done with my two-dayer, I told her
friends that she should bring beer next time she plans on
coming in with me. They all got a kick out of that, and I
started playing pool with them. At one point, the big burly
dude I had made friends with, blurts out that he has
scatological interests of the female kind (must have been the
beer). After explaining how horribly offended I was at this
filthy animal, I bought more beer. Needless to say. it only
makes sense that there are others that go to this place that
think like us. I hope to make a bunch of new friends there
and show them this site! Yay!


Did any one see the new movie "American Pie 2"???
There was a bathroom sceene in the movie. There was this part when there was a party over "Stifflers" house and there was along line to go to the bathroom.....These 2 guys were in line talking and this oriental dude had to pee so bad(he was holding his crotch) and he got out of line and he went to an upstairs balcony and started peeing off the side of the roof and he was peeing on "Stiffler" and he didn't realize it was pee at first cause he had been drinking. That was the only bathroom sceene in the movie.

pooper dude
i took a poop today! it was cool!

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Well the heat wave is over. It is really comfortable this morning. I just finished reading everyones posts. Good morning reading material. Ok now on to my next segment of The Outhouse Expedition.

The three of us left the cabin and we decided to go up to the top of Bearshead Mtn. It was getting to be luch time so a picnic at the top would be a nice spot to have it. The old road goes almost to the top,so it is not a hard climb. We took our time ,talked,dank more soda,and fooed around as we climbed to the top.

The elevation is a little over 1600 feet with a septacular view. You can see the Catskill Mnts. to the south and the Aderondacks to the north. We enjoyed the view while we ate. I finished eating and I had to piss. There is a rock ledge that drops off several hundred feet so I went over to that spot and pissed over the edge. Jeanie and Barbie watched as my stream fell down and dissapeared into the tree tops below. They both were giggling over that.

Jeanie let a few farts out and she said she had to poop. She walked back near where we had eaten and pulled her shorts and panties down and squated. Brrrtt she farted again. Slowly a thin brown poop emerged from her backside. She was pushing quite hard to keep it moving. Her face was quite red in color. It had reached about a foot in length. The tip was touching the ground.

She liftted her ass up a little higher and her shit hung there. She pushed again and it slowly started to move again. She pushed out four more inches and then broke off and flopped on the ground. She then pissed all over her turd. She wiped herself from a napkin I had given her, pulled up her panties and shorts and made a comment that it looked like a snake. Both Barbie and I laughed over that.

Barbie then lifted up her skirt and commented; Ill drown that snake. She let go with a piss that hissed loudly and splashed all over when it hit Jeanies shit. Barbie pissed for 45 seconds and soaked it all. She dribbled to a stop,dropped her skirt back down and said its dead. Jeanie and I agreed. I will end it there.

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