My name is Yolita. I'm 17 and a part black,part hispanic female.
This happened to me last year.
I was coming home from school on the bus and something that I ate at lunch didn't agree with my stomach. Anyway, I had felt the urge to poop and it was an emergency. Luckily, the bus wasn't too far away from my house and at one time I didn't think I would make it. When the bus dropped me off , I ran towards the house. By now it was coming. I opened my door with my key, dropped my backpack on the living room floor and ran towards the bathroom door with my hand on my butt. I went to the bathroom door and it was locked. My brother(who was 10 at the time and sick with flu) was in the bathroom. I banged on the door to tell him I had to use the bathroom bad. He said he'll be out in a minute. The urge had gotten much worse where I had pooped my pants a little causing me to squeeze my butt harder. I told him(and these are my exact words), "Jason hurry up! I'm about to crap all over myself!"
And he said "Alright!" He washed his hands and rushed out the bathroom. I ran in there rejoicing in my mind but here's the bad part. I had just bought these new FUBU tight blue jeans and the damn zipper was stuck.
I tried to pull the zipper down and this time I was crying. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it down. Then all of a sudden, I let out the largest fart you can think of. I totally crapped all over myself. And to make matters worse, I also peed on myself. Some even leaked down to my shoes. I stunk bad(BIG TIME!). After completely messing myself, strangely, I got the zipper down and saw the damage inside my pants. To make a long story short, I threw my soiled jeans and pants in trash, took a shower, and told my mother what happened when she came home(after picking up some medicine for my brother). She was understanding but a little mad I threw my new jeans away. I told her,"They were completely ruined. You couldn't wash them without damaging them some more. And besides, it was my money."

Reading the posts from Pamela and Connie and Tony I have to agree that passing a big solid turd is a very pleasurable experience.

I am in my 30s and a bit on the ???? side but not too fat. Like many women I dont have a motion every day, usually every other day, sometimes only 3 times a week, I go when I need and never force myself. This has been my natural pattern ever since my teens.

Today at work I had just had breakfast and went back to the office. I dealt with a couple of e-mails, made a phone call and then felt things start to move inside my ????. I farted, a silent but strong fart indicating that something more substantial than gas was on its way down. I got up from my desk and went out of the office to the Ladies Toilet at the end of the corridor. I entered, went into a cubicle and bolted the door. I hitched up my skirt and pulled my deep sided white cotton briefs with a blue floral pattern "big momma knickers" as they would call them, to my knees and sat on the pan and peed loudly. The wee wee went on for some time then dribbled to an end. I felt my rectum fill with a good solid jobbie and I held it back for a few moments then gave a slight NN! and felt it push my ring open. As I had anticipated it was going to be a big motion, and I savoured the sensations as it slowly slid out. I could feel the lumpiness of its texture. As I had my panties at! my knees I was able to look down between my legs and saw the fat brown cylinder as it grew in length. Its smell rose up, strong and distinctive but not unpleasant. The start was already in the water as it tapered and it entered the pan with a "SCHLOOMP! I wasnt finished however as I felt another jobbie started to emerge. This one was smoother, still nice and solid though, but easier and dropped into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" then another one, slightly shorter slipped out "KER-SPLOOSH!" then finally a little fat Mars (Hershey) Bar sized jobbie , what I have read here is called a "mick" by some Scots posters, KUPLONK! Ah! It really felt good, both the relief of passing this big load and the sensations of doing it all. I wiped my bum, needing only one piece of tissue, then pulling my knickers up I stood up to have a look at my motion. The largest jobbie was a lovely big naval gun shell shaped turd of about 14 inches or so and 2.5 inches thick. It was knobbly and compac! ted. The second and third jobbies were about 8 and 6 inches in length, smooth and cylinder shaped and round ended and the short mick was 4 inches long with a pointed end, all being as fat as the really big turd. A warm glow went through me when I regarded my big motion, an enjoyable and rewarding effort, and as always I was proud of what I had produced. I pulled the flush 3 times but the really big one, I suppose Nicola and others would call it a Panbuster, stayed behind so I had to leave it. It was still there at lunchtime when I went for a wee wee but had gone when I did another wee wee before going home , although a big mid brown skid mark in the bottom of the pan bore witness to the big jobbie that had lain there.

Like most women I am usually slightly constipated though not to the extent that it gives me any discomfort or concern, and Id rather be that way than loose! Upstate Dave my wee wee has often run down my jobbie as you describe. It didnt happen on this occasion but I have had this experience quite often. Its strange to hear the tinkling start then stop suddenly then after the "KUR-SPLOOMP!" as the big jobbie drops into the pan the "tinkle, tinkle" starts up again.

Id say on average I have a motion every other day and often pass a big load, usually one really big fat long jobbie of 12 inches or so in length, and one or two smaller turds, though today's motion was a really good one since I hadnt been since Saturday.

to Lara Croft-

hi!, im glad u2 share experiences like i doi thought i was weird or something lol. Its not for the perverse angle of it all like most people think, its just something i enjoy and makes me feel good and the fact that i am bisexual makes it all the more interesting cause i love to see men with large penises pee and do their toilet routine, however there is something more satisfying about hearing a woman pee and watching it run from her vagina. Just last saturday i was shopping in the next city from where i live and as usual around lunch time i felt a crap coming on so i headed to the toilet and there was a cue a bloody mile long lol funny now but not then, i eased the pressure a little by easing out a series of small stinky farts which has a slight aroma of curry and meat to them as i had eaten this the previous night. The farts themselves were hot on my buttcheeks and indeed rich in odour, like a mincy smell almost, so while i waited i let a little warm pee dribble onto ! my panties at the front as i like the tingly feeling of warm peed panties against my uretha.
So when the cue finally lessened i headed into the middle cubicle pulled down my trousers and knicks and let a high pressured flow of bright yellow pee against the toiled, my fanny was making that whooshing, hissing sound that it does when the pressure is on and i peed for a good half minute, then i let a couple of small farts out like b4 in odour but much more gassy by now, then i felt the large turd starting to slip its way down my anul passage and leaving my ass and plopping into the toilet water, leaving like a fizzing noise behind, the part that had come out was like a log, grainy light brown and quite long and fat in appearance, then i pushed again leaving a little pebble this time and grunting as my system emptied, wiping up was virtually none existant as it was so solid that the toilet roll came clean out of my ass as i wiped.
To my delight there was a woman next door who i could hear peeing so clearly and i heard her pull her panties down and even the sound of her wiping her touche 2 lol this often makes me start masturbating as it drives me totally wild but this time i didnt as i was pushed to catch up with a friend, please Lara tell me some of ur stories about u peeing yourself and even pooping yourself 2, its by far one of the things i love doing best and all the cleaning up is worth it just to feel the sensation beforehand dont u think?

hope to hear from u soon Lara take good care and wite real soon xxxx

love Susanne xx

I have an rather strange story to tell its mainly about my boyfriend I mean as far as going to the toilets concerned. To me it used to just be a fact of life (she shoots, she scores, she wipes ,she leaves etc.)but of late my boyfriend has asked to watch me going. Is this normal I mean I have nothing to hide but I'm not as liberally minded as he is and I don't know what to say. There was one incident where we stayed out late one night went to a few bars and got quite drunk, when closing time came at the bar we both decided to walk home and leave our cars behind (bieng drunk)anyway the route home took us across a park, when suddenly I got the urge to go but cuase it was dark I felt frightened about going on my own so asked him to follow me towards the nearest trees in the park a small clump close together not that there was anyone else in the park at 1:30am in the morning but I felt I needed to at any rate and besides I am no good at going to the toilet standing up (Yes I tried ! and all that happens is it runs down my leg)so I decided to try and find something I could at least hang my bum over! when we got to the clearing in the wood there was a picnic bench and so I decided to sit on the table whilst I went I asked my boyfriend to turn around. But he must have been out of it and wanted to know why!

I was too embarrased and drunk (and Desperate) to argue so with out a second thought I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat across the table with my legs dangling over a corner and my butt dangling over the opposite I got an urge to pee but for some reason couldn't let it out with my boyfriend standing there in front of me. Finally the pressure became too much and I started to pee. It came out in dribbles at first before a constant patter started hitting the ground and at once I found myself relieved (in every sense of the word) I had finished peeing when suddenly I let out this enormous fart and my boyfriend smiled and asked if I was alright my answer to him was simply "go away" but I had a familiar sensation in my stomach which told me I had to crap and not wanting to go in the park (nothing to wipe with!) decided I would try and hold it til we got home.
Well suffice to say we kinda frog marched all the way to our place with my stomach doing the topsy turvy thing and once home I shot straight into the downstairs loo pulled down my pants to the ankles and sat down heavily I could feel my butt hole aready starting to open when I pulled my pants down when suddenly my boyfriend opened up the door and stepped inside I instantly froze in the middle of what I was doing and asked him what he was up to and he mumbled something about bieng intrigued by my toilet habits (I Think?)I felt rather embarrassed and didn't know how to react all I was saying to him was "I'm on the loo babe" but he was looking kinda puky and so I asked him if he had to be sick He said he might and instantly I thought uh-oh! but my urge to crap had gotten stronger and with a quiet phhweeee I suddenly heard a small plop as a small ball popped out of my butt by this time my boyfriend didn't look as if he could stand let alone leave the toilet so I handed him th! e air freshener sitting on the tank and told him to smell it then opened up the already leaking flood gates with some huge plops as my poop hit the water letting some quite big brown and floating shapes hit the water noisily all the while my boyfriend sat there calm as...

me I was embarrassed as hell initially until he made this one statement "everybody pees and poops so whats the big deal" and upon thinking about it I guess he's right has anybody else had this experience or similar please tell me cuase once I got over the initial "its a private thing" I seemed to relax now I often have no problems going in front of him but I still feel the slight twinge of embarrassment when he slides a comment to me with regards to my bowel movements.


I think it is pretty normal to have an erection while
shitting. It is more than likely to be the blood pressure in
your lower body rising as you push your turd out, that causes your
penis to harden.

Billy & Kevin L.
Yesterday, at school we were feeling better after our puking and pooping. We kept drinking water and school. I had to pee twice and Kev 3 times, so we were drinking enough water. At about 11, they told us to drink more water. I said, I can't drink anymore water or I will puke. They said, drink it. I said, ok, I warned you. So I drank more water. Then I puked. We were outside, so it was no big deal. I puked mostly water. The teacher said, we will call your mother. I said, why? I've been drinking all morning. I told you I could not drink anymore without puking. What do you expect? So I got to stay. I kept drinking water, but not too fast. Last time they ask me to gulp water.

After lunch, we went home. Kev had to poop. We were going to go swimming, but Kev could not wait until we got there. Some of our friends came home with us and were playing video games in our bedroom. So I went into the bathroom to change into my swim suit while Kev was pooping. When I dropped my pants and got picked up my swim suit, Kev said, looks like you had a little accident. I looked at my underwear and there was a brown liquid stain maybe 4 in around (color # 205). In my shorts, there was also a little poop stain, but not enough to go through. I heard some liquid come from Kev. I said, more diarrhea? He said, yeah. My first poop was turds, but I have a little diarrhea still, I guess. He wiped his butt, got up and said, look, not bad. THere was just a little diarrhea. You could still see his turds in the water. Just then Emily came into the bathroom. She said, sorry, but she can't wait. She immediately sat down and started to poop. I was washing out my pants in the si! nk, and kev was about to wash his hands. She dropped three quick logs, got up and said, that is some nasty poop you left here for me. Mom came in and saw her in the bathroom (mom does not let girls in the bathroom with us unless they are real young) and said, you should not let her in her. She told her that she really need a poo, and she just barged in. Mom said, ok, but next time tell her to go to the guest room. Mom said, what happened to your shorts. I told her about puking and said I probably pooped a little then. She said, that's ok, your dad pooped his pants 2 nights ago and when he was puking in the bathroom. I said, so he started all this pooping and puking. SHe said, yeah.

Sick boy
MIchelle from louisiana: is Fibercon really that effective that it works that quick?

ME: Thanks for the advice Just for future reference though what is a Glycerin suppository I never heard of it before do you just pick it up at a drug store?

This time around either the EX-Lax or mother nature finnally did the job. But it was a painful wait!

Helen of Troy I wish I had an outhouse like the one you got

Amy: Since you asked our opinion on your Nephew I think the kid is lucky to have you as an aunt! I never had an attractive Aunt let alone one that didn't mind being naked in front of me

Cindy don't feel any shame in wetting yourself I mean it's not like youre incompetent you asked if you could go your teacher refused to let you isn't it funny that in todays world cronic fatigue syndrom is coincidered a real illness yet some can't accept a persons biological toilet needs?

Frank: Saw your question about whther it's normal to have a hard on while taking a shit. It all depends. I usually take a good dump in the morning after breakfast. If I have the time, I let the logs come out real slow and it a great feeling. You can feel them pressing on the prostate and this helps give a dude an erection. Also, the feeling of the logs stretching the butthole is real good. If I'm in a hurry to dump, I just get the job dome and then don't get an erection. When I was in the marines, I saw that many guys taking their morning dumps in the doorless stalls had erections. I never knew whether this was because they were enjoying their dumps or just had morning erections. Anyway, it is not at all weird to have an erection during shitting and you should just let it add to your enjoyment of a good dump!

DW (downsized-worker)

I am a person who used to work @ a dot com company. Just who they are, I do not care to discuss. What I do care to discuss, however, is the time that I was @ work, just by-myself, and monitoring the phones. Who should call, but my immediate-supervisor, who happened to be a really-hot babe. What her name is, I will not say. Let's just call her "Jennifer". I picked up the phone, and I had to ask a couple of times, before I realized that it was her. It didn't take me long to realize, that she must have been on the toilet, when she called. I assume she is one of those kinds of people, of which there seem to be a lot, who crap, first thing in the morning, or something. I am not one of you, in this-regard, however. Anyways, you can probably-guess, just how excited I was by this, and I kept trying to ask her questions, and stall-her, withought seeming too-obvious. Well, my dum-a** ran out of things to say, and had to let her go! Dang! I am not sure if she caught-on, or not. I th! ink she asked if there were anything-else, and of course, I could not think of anything, without giving myself-away. If only I could have had the pleasure of actually being in the bathroom, @ her place, @ that very-moment, and experienced the sights, sounds, and smells (and tastes; just kidding:)!), of this event! Not to mention having the pleasure of wiping-her, when she was finished! Some guys have all the luck. Others, like-myself, can only fantasize. Dang!


Hey, Jeff A:

I loved the story, as well, bro! So, answer Pico's question, will-ya? I am dying to know how you would respond to it. Suppose this hottie was really an "exhibitionist", as you say she is: whata if she told you to come over and wipe her booty-hole, for her? Would you do it, man? What kind of feelings do you get, now, as a "grownup", thinkinb about what might have happened? Or, have you never thought of this-scenario? I'm sure you have. Man, if only I were that-lucky! You have too much luck, for one-person. What I wouldn't-give, for a videotape, of her "performance!" However short it may have been, for those eight to ten plops, or however-many, I would prefer that to a movie, anyday. By the way, how did the story end, after she closed the door on you?! Man, I know how steamed I would be, @ my brother, if he caused me to miss out on that kind of action! Did you hear any more plops? Or, did she immediately wipe, flush, and leave the bathroom? Man, my mouth-wat! ers, just thinking about being in the position you were in, that-night.




Recently I told a friend of an odd, mildly embarrassing "bathroom" incident. She jokingly insisted that I post on your forum, with which she became acquainted through her young son. Later, she insisted again. I finally went to the site and after just a few minutes I found myself writing this.
On a sunny morning not long ago, three of my colleagues and I were on our way to upper state New York to a luncheon (I am a cardiologist). The highway under our speeding car suddenly became very bumpy. The worst; a flat. Fortunately, there were two men among us. While the problem was being fixed on the grassy road bank the other female passenger and I headed for the woods. She was a young cardiologist from Russia whom I had only just met. Well into the shadowy woods, we sheepishly lifted up our dresses, lowered our panties and squatted, just a few feet from each other. We talked and giggled while suffering in exposure and trying to urinate. Here we were, two exquisitely dressed young women of medicine with our smelly bottoms bared to the ground and getting acquainted.
I seemed unable to urinate, unlike my companion, who was merrily gushing and spattering the earth, occasionally farting. I lit a cigarette (I allow myself seven or eight a day now) and went ahead and had a shit. I farted ????ly and pushed out a small amount of hard, dry feces. I remained squatted and finished my cigarette before wiping. My companion offered me some Kleenex or "wet wipes" or both. I thanked her and said that it was dry paper for me and that I had some in my purse. I found a pack of tissue and wiped my stinking bottom with one stroke of a dry Kleenex. I pulled up my undies, let my dress fall, and joined my friend in returning to the car. "My first shit in the woods" I said. We laughed.

I was once in ladies restroom when I was 9 Years old it was
in New York Lagurdia Eastern Shuttle Terminal. I also saw my
mother using the toliet at home


Hi everyone, Kathy and I just returned from a camping weekend, and I returned to work yesterday, so we have been just catching up on all of the posts. There have been some really good ones, as usual.
Carmalita - Gee, seniorita, I'm sorry that I made you gulp! I only say the things that I do, because I think that you are a lovely, warm lady, who isn't afraid to say whatever needs saying. I am attracted to people like that, and I feel that I can very honest with you. I also love your stories that are written with such fire and passion, as your last one was (Jake in the shower, you on the bowl). Everytime I see a Latina lovely, or the times that I have seen one pooping, I wish it was you. It would be a thrill to see you produce one of your massive productions from your lovely self, and Kathy would enjoy watching you as well. She wants to try the shower / toilet routine that you wrote about last time. I think it might be fun. Of course, Kathy is sitting next to me as I right this, she is giving me one of her "Mohawk" Stares, and she just said "You probably scared the poor girl, you big lug!". I just leaned over and kissed her twice, and said they were from you and Patsy. N! ow she is smiling and said to send 4 kisses, for you, Patsy, Renee and Jake. Please tell Patsy that Kathy and I love her and Renee, just like we love you. So you enjoyed my little "outhouse" adventure, from 1960? It was an experience that I will never forget. Those 2 girls were very open about things and what we did was a real thrill. Until next time, take care. Love ya!
Jeff A - Jeff, I am so glad that your tests turned out OK. From the way that you are writing, it sounds like you are very upbeat, and that's great. I agree with you, it would have been a thrill to be a fly on the wall during Carmalita's performance at that dance. Oh well…. So you liked my outdoor adventure when I was 13? It is fresh in my mind, like it happened yesterday. The 2 girls I hung out with were very open and not bashful at all. They were also somewhat provocative, but not to the extreme. Thanks for saying that Kathy is a lovely woman. She is reading this as I write it, and she said that you must be a very sweet guy. She also sends her regards. I am fortunate to have a lovely wife who shares an interest in "toilet" activities. She likes to participate, or hear about the adventures that I have. I am hoping to pack another "lifetime" of adventures into whatever time I have on this beautiful planet. Be good, Jeff.
Renee - Howdy, Cowgirl! How are you? It has been a little while, I sure hope that you are well and enjoying your pregnancy. Kathy and I have been fine, thank you, as we just finished a short vacation. Thanks for liking our stories, we love yours, and your latest about Patsy is no different. The two of you sound like a couple of great kids. So you wish that we were all neighbors? That would be a trip, they would probably have the paddy wagon on the street every night, to quell fun that we would have! Believe me, when I write to you kids, I feel that I have known you all of my life. It sure is fun and I enjoy it. Next time Patsy is on the pot, please give her a kiss on the forehead and tell her that it is from Rich. Here's one for you too, sweetheart. Be well, Renee, we love ya!
Lawn Dogs Kid - Thanks for the nice comments on my boyhood adventure in the Adirondacks. It amazes me how an experience like that sticks with you over time, even if it was 41 years ago. Take care.

Hellos also to Jane, Rizzo, Buzzy Muggs (are you still out there, young fella?) and Diane in NY (are you still out there, young lady?)

OK, on our camping trip, Kathy and I tried Buzzy's "mirror routine". Our first morning greeted both of us with the urge to poop. After rising and stretching, we grabbed a joyroll, a mirror and went to a secluded spot in the woods to crap. As we got behind some tall bushes, I lowered my shorts, took the mirror and positioned it so that I could see my butt hole. Kathy squatted behind me so she could get a view of my production and observe my use of the mirror. I strained ever so slightly, and watched as my pink asshole pooched out, contracted and then opened wide, as a good sized light brown poop emerged and kept on coming, until it fell to the ground. I looked into the glass and saw that my hole had contracted and had an ever so small piece of poop on it. I peed, then watched as I passed 3 more solid poops in quick succession. Than Kathy wiped my butt, I raised my shorts and she lowered hers, squatted and took the mirror. She got into position, I got behind her for a rear v! iew, and she started to shit. Her hole opened pretty wide and a smooth chocolate brown turd slid out easily and fell to the ground. My wife remarked that she never knew that her hole opened so wide when she crapped! She peed, and I wiped her clean and we went back to our campsite. I must admit that seeing one's hole up close like that is an experience.

The next morning after eating, I had to poop. Kathy didn't, so I went over to a new spot we had discovered on our hikes and went behind a bush. Several trails crossed there, so I wondered if anyone would come by. I didn't care, and I had to go, so I put down the TP, lowered my drawers and squatted. I passed the usual 18 to 20 inch long 2 inch wide turd, peed, pooped 2 smaller bombs, then wiped. As I did so, two women came into view about 20 feet in front of me. They looked like sisters, about 30 to 35, dark hair, trim and very pretty. They had a roll of TP, which they put on the ground, then they both lowered there shorts and squatted. I now had a birds eye view of two lovely pale skinned female asses, with contrasting dark butt holes and black pubes. No sooner had they squatted, then the lady on my right pushed out a load of soft but formed poop. It made some noise as it exited, and probably would have sounded even better, had she been seated on the toilet. She went UNNN! NGGH!, as it passed, then she peed a stream. Her companion then strained, pooched her hole, then a light brown turd emerged, got about 8 inches out, then turned softer and noisier as it fell out onto the ground. She simply went "AHHHH, that felt felt great", and peed, as the lady on the right passed some more soft, but formed poop. "Finished yet", the girl on the right said. "In a minute, sis", the girl on the left said, as she crapped a couple of smaller turds. Then, they both wiped their backsides carefully, pulled up their pants and left. I quickly wiped, pulled up my pants and walked up to see their output. It was a couple of good sized smelly piles, of soft poop. Just as I was enjoying the sight, I heard someone coming. I jumped behind a big rock, as the two girls came back to retrieve their TP. Then, they left in the direction of my production. They got to my spot, stopped, and one of them said "Look at this, Viv, someone must have been shitting behind us while we were.! This is fresh shit. ". The other girl said " God, it looks like a horse's load, Ev, I wonder if the person saw us". "Maybe it was a guy, Viv, can you imagine a guy getting a free show at our expense"? "SO what, it's the outdoors, and we all have to poop. If someone watched, so what"? "I guess you're right". With that, they walked off, and I did too, when the coast was clear. Later I showed Kathy the girls shit, and she dropped her drawers and crapped a 2 footer between theirs. "Mine is bigger then theirs!", she exclaimed with a laugh. And she was right. My old lady can produce some impressive dumps.

Later, everyone.

CORRECTION regarding my post from the other day about my major pooping session in the Chinese restaurant after the birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I wrote that I had a nasty wave of soft poop lasting 20 minutes. I meant to write that the nasty wave lasted 20 seconds, not 20 minutes. It was very nasty nonetheless.

This is my second post since the last update. Nothing noteworthy happened today on the second day of the seminar. I pooped twice, both in the hotel room, and only three solid pieces each time.

JANINE - Hi! Hey I liked that bit in your letter when you had just
left school and you and Amanda had a wee. The other women where I
work are real shy about weeing, and the funniest thing was when I
was away on a trip with my boss and another girl, and out in the evening
we needed a wee and we had a squat in an alley together. LOL
Read some of my old letters here, I bet you like them.
I am going to Spain with my boyfriend Steve the next two weeks, so I
bet we can talk when we come back!

FIONA - Hi!!! Hey maybe we will get you membership of the WSPC club

JULIE - Steve told me that lovely story years ago and he wrote it really
well. He spent a while writing it and she is a very nice lady.

PV - Hi girl! Yeah, it is very annoying not to be able to wee standing
how I want to because of my bad ankle. Steve will like that photo that
is up there with the girl hovering and weeing. Yeah she is definitely
weeing you can tell. I wish I could do that but my ankle hurts just now.
I read your letter last night but I could not write back because Steve
hogged the computer writing about his memories. You know I would have
really liked being with you when you used the urinal. It would be just
the best thing to happen if you were with Steve and me when we go
swimming and we go in the men's toilets first.
Well I had an idea for today. I asked Steve to come for lunch with me,
and he came to where I work to get me. Well I went to those men's
toilets that I know about that do not get used much and I took him
with me. I was dressed in my best work stuff, and I lifted up my
grey skirt and Steve took down my knickers for me and he put them away
in his pocket. I stood over the middle urinal and he supported my
leg by holding it above my ankle so it was a bit like I was standing
just on my own really. So I could just have my wee in the urinal and
Steve could look up at me and see! That was fun. Oh, and he wiped me
with some toilet paper and today he remembered my knickers and he put
them back on for me. LOL
You know I bet Kendal would like to come with us when we go swimming.
Steve could just be our guard like he does and stand by the door and
take care of us. Giggle.

Well maybe I write again on Friday, but we *are* going to Spain I
think. Steve is a lot happier about things now.



Sunday afternoon-my date with Mr. Jogger. Went to a movie and an inexpensive dinner afterward. Then home. Sorry, no poop story. But, I thought parts of our conversation might be of interest. We talked about many things and get along well. Our table in the restaurant was private enough that we could talk freely. We had mentioned this before I but I felt the subject needed a better "airing," so I said,"You know, that firt night we met- when you caught me answering the call of nature, I was a little bit embarrassed but I got over it. I was afraid you had been completely turned off though." He replied, "I had never seen a sight like that before. I didn't know how to handle it. I've seen you out here before, and wanted to start a conversation, but then when the opportunity presented itself, what was I supposed to say? - Nice turd, or nice pile of crap you have there?"
I laughed and said, "Yes, I understand....." Then he said, "I would think you'd have been so embarassed you would never even want to talk to me at all." I replied,(a little white lie) "No, I have always been real open about bodily functions. It's not a big deal." Then I said, "How about you?" He hesitated a second and said, "Once I get to know somebody I agree with you, it's no big deal, but at first, I thought everyone likes a little privacy." (Pause). "If it don't bother you to be seen, I guess it don't bother me to see it." Our dinner was over and it was time to go. I changed the subject to "Car tires" because I will be needing some soon. No sense appearing too eager. If anything further develops with Mr. Jogger I'll post it here.

Frank. There's nothing weird or unusual about getting an erection when going for a motion. It's happened to me often in the past and many of the guys who post here have also reported having the same experience. I think it may be something to do with the prostate gland, but it's perfectly normal and not anything you should worry about unduly.

Fiona. Hi and welcome! I enjoyed your story about the phone ringing just as you'd sat on the loo followed by the door bell. I've often been doing a #2 - and usually in mid-dump at that - when the phone's rung and it's been somebody wanting me. Arrgh! Usually I shout to whoever's answered it and say to give a message that I'll ring back. In my experience if people don't phone just as you're about to put tea on the table, they sure will as soon as I've gone for my after tea motion!

Tony. I enjoyed your story about the big jobbie Moira did. Keep them coming!


Hi all,I hope everyone is ok.Mr.Noname, in reguard to your question of how big are my bm's.You would have to see it for your self to believe it,but I will tell you they are extremely large amounts.I might not have the thickest bm but let me tell you when I have a large bm after not going for a while I can produce so much crap that a normal house toilet would not take it.That is why I you will usually hear of me going to the mall or somewhere else that has the large comercial toilets to take my really big shits.I have seen and yes enjoyed watching women run terrified and startled out of a bathroom after seeing a toilet packed with my produce. I have weighed myself on a few occasions before and after a large bm the most I ever remember was about 33 lbs. that is a lot of stuff and it usually fills 4 to 5 bowls the first being packed full to capacity I mean to the point where you could not slip a dime into the bowl without it running over.I know for a fact that sometimes the plumb! ing is so fouled up regular maintence people are not equipped to deal with it and licensed plumbers have to be used to fix the facilities.I wish I could show a picture of one of my loads so people would believe me once and for all.Jane hon you sound like you are in my league also as is a few others here. I must say I really enjoy having extremely large bowel movements it it just feels good and I love it ! love you all ALANA

Traveling Guy
FRANK - No, I don't think it's normal for guys to have an erection while taking a dump, but I have heard of it before. Maybe your prostate gland, which is located right next to the lower colon, is a little more sensitive than in most guys and it gives you an erection when the descending poop pushes the bowel wall against it and stimulates it. During a physical, doctors sometimes insert their fingers up a guy's rectum to see if the prostate is enlarged or hardened, that's how close it is to the bowel. DR. POLHEMUS or COPROLOGIST, if you're reading this, can you please give a better explanation?

Great to see so many new posters here, including those of you who have discovered that, yes, there really is a site dedicated to elimination. I've been very busy lately, thus the lack of posts, but love you all!

When I was in high school, we hung around in the bathrooms a lot. There were no stalls or doors around the toilets and a row of urinals. Once there was three of us in there, one boy on the toilet, and I was right in front of a urinal smoking a cigarette. The third dude was near the door talking to a girl. He said: "Why don't you just come in?" and turned to us to see if we approved. We both said sure and she came in. We all knew each other pretty well anyway. The girl was just a little embarrassed about being in the boys bathroom but that was cool. The dude on the toilet started to wipe and I had finished my cigarette and had to pee a little. So I used the urinal with the girl standing there. She was checking out the urinals - she said she had never seen any before. I finished peeing and said to her that girls can use them if they wanted to, so she pulled down her pants a little and held her vagina and peed into the urinal, facing it! We all thought this was pretty! cool and funny. The urinals were always very clean but few of the guys flushed them, so there was always a urine smell, and she was wondering why it always smelled when she walked by the boys room so I apprised her of that fact.

Hey,good morning,all-real nice pic on the masthead today of a pretty girl sittin' on the bowl,but the good part is blurred out,i guess I can understand that from the moderator's point of viewmbut I'll bet she's doing a good long poop there-too bad we can't see it,but she is a cutey!
Bee pretty busy with work so posting lately has been a bit hard time wise,but i've been pooin' 2X a day and been having some fun too-haven't seen "Donna"since the other day when she watched me poop in the woods,but had a nice poop out at the beach yesterday a.m-Got out to the beach at 8am and walked out for a bit to get a spot where there weren't so many people and I found a nice spot right down by the water and set myself up and layed there for about an hour and then I felt the urge for my morning unloading start to build up,but i was far from the beach toilets and I didn't want to walk all the way back,so i got up and went back to the dunes and walked around looking for a good spot and after about 15 mins of looking,i really had to dump and I found a spot and pulled down my bathing suit and dug a good sized hole and is felt so nice to be in the buff on the dunes getting ready to poop-it was rel quiet and no one was around,so I squatted down and as I was squatting,I let o! ut a small fart and got myself into position,and let loose as the 1st turd snaked it's way out my domed anus into the hole and wrapped itself around the hole-it was a long one about 15 inches or so and smooth and boy did it feel wonderful as it was coming out and I let the turd hang out my butt as I looked around feeliing the wind blowing against my butt and back-it was great!Then the turd fell into the hole and I got up to give my legs a break and I saw another guy about 20 feet away as he came up the hill and he didn't see me until the last second and I kinda sat down and he said" Good morning" and I said"hi" and then he said as I think he saw why I was there"Oh sorry to unterrupt you with your business" I guess he was about 35-40 i'd say and had a jogging shirt and shorts on and a backback that he was reaching into and was getiing out what looked like tissue and I said"Oh I had some paper her with me" and at that point I had to poop again,but I was holding it til this guy t! ook offand he said"Oh no this tissue is for me,i was looking for a spot to do the same thing,Don't let me stop you,i'll just go over there" and he pointed to a spot about 15 feet away and he said'You mind if I go over here?"I said"No knock yourself out,I had to go pretty bad myself so that's why i'm here" and we both laughed and I thought,this may be fun andas he was walking over to his spot I squatted down and got ready to unload ,but i turned by back to him and I had on thses biking glasses with the rear view mirror on then so i could see him in back of me,but he could't see me and I squatted down and farted again as i started to shit I could see him looking back at me as he was getting undressed and digging his hole and I could see he was enjoying the view and I kinda enjoyed it myself as I lifted my but slightly as another long turd roped out my butt and then I could see him squat down and he was sideways to me and still looking at me pooing and I could see him as he got i! nto position and then i heard from 15 feet away from him a big fart and then i saw a lot of loose stuff come out of his butt and the whole time as he is going,he is looking right at my open anus-it looked like he did a coffee dump-loose and gassy-then he still was squatted and we both were just squatted but no one was dumping-it was pretty cool-then after about 3 mins or so I felt another cramp and let out a small wet fart as i was looking at him and when i farted he was looking around I guess to make sure no one else was around,but when he heard me fart,he right away looked around at me just as i let out the tail end of my BM and then I saw him let out some more loose stuff and it was really kinda fun to dump along with this guy and I could tell he was enjoying it too (don't ask why!)-then I pushed out my anus a few more times and I was done and started to wipe and then got up and turned around and he was still squatted and I said"Whew,that was nice-i didn't want to walk all ! the way back to the bathrooms-too far and I don't think I would have made it" he said" I jog out here every morning and I go out here all the time cause it's so quiet and peaceful,but I have seen other guys doing the same thing out her quite a few times"Then he grunted and farted and said"i guess I'm not done" as he let out another soft long turd that warpped into the hole he had dug and I looked at it and I could see he was looking at me looking at his butt and I said"Sorry,I haven't seen some other guy dump in front of me before (Yeah,right,but i didn't want to give hi the wrong idea)He said' oh no big deal,i saw you dump too,so I guess we're even" and he laughed" and he said" I kinda interesting to see another person dump,don't you think?" i didn't know how to take that so I just said casually"Yeah,i guess so,but it's more fun to see a pretty woman do it don't you think?" Now I guess I just wanted to see if he felt the same way and he wasn't trying to pick me up and he sa'd! " Oh yes definetly" as he smiled and then he was wiping his butt"My old lady lets me se he alot and with all the jogging I do,i've seen other women too" and at that point he was dressed and came over to me and extended his hand and said the name's Mark" and i said" hey Buzzy" and i said wow,it cool to come across someone else who enjoys the same thing-I love to see women dump and i too have seen them in the woods cause I bike alot-i just never saw a guy dump till today,but i was cool" he said I'ver seen alot of guys out here doing it it's fun to see,but i'll take a pretty woman every time" and we both concurred and started to part ways and he said " Maybe i'll see you here again some morning,i'm here just about every day to do my business" and i said,Hey next time bring a pretty lady along and we can all go together!" and we both laughed and he headed down the beach and I went back to my spot on the water and I have to say that was fun-sometime I really enjoy dumping with oth! er guys too and in a way it's a turn on even though im hetrosexual-why I enjoy it-who knows-im sure the is some fruedian reason somewhere-then i enjoyed the day for about 3-4 hours and had to get back for work,buy boy is it hot here in the N.E.I'll tell you-came home and sat on the bowl again and did another soft load with a lot of gas as I read some of the posts on here that I printed up to read as I poop along enjoying the stories from you all-Well that's that and I'm outta here-stay cool,all and enjoy pooing too!BYE

one day i was with my g/f and waching a movie we were cudling and i had to take a realy big dumb but i didnt wanna brake the nice moment(or stink up the place and be inbarrasaed!)so i was gunna hold it in..when the movie was over i said that i had to go(i was at her house)and ahe said no..plzz wach the movie with me (it was a 3 houre movie)i had never heard of but looked gay..i said i realy have to go or my mom will get worie she said call her so i mom said stay longer.auuuhhh i couldnt hold it!so i said can i goto the bathroom i think i aet somthing that is up setting my stomach...yeah i did 2 she said..i aid u can go first..she was done in like 5mins.dang that was fast i said and ran in the bath room..i got out in lik 18 mins...dang that was long she said yeah i know i said it was a good one..we both laughed and then wached the movie


Lora Croft: I to am interested in Girls peeing themselves and enjoy watching Girls pee their panties. As far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated and loved to watch whenever possible.

So please Lora tell us more about your pee experiences I'm sure we would all enjoy them.

Love and pisses

Eric in Chicago
Jeff from NY: Green shit (in someone older than a baby and who doesn't have serious chronic gastrointestinal problems) comes from eating green or blue pigments that don't get digested. The reason blue turns shit green is that the usual brown color of shit is actually a mixture of a lot of yellow and a little bit of red (both from breakdown products of bilirubin) and the blue mixes with yellow to give green.

I just took a green shit a few minutes ago: yesterday I ate a whole box of Cap'n Crunch Oops Smashed Berries, which has lots of blue, green, and purple "berries" and last night I drank a bottle of Jagged Ice Powerade, which is dark blue. Both of them contain a lot of FD&C Blue #1, which has a strong color and doesn't get absorbed from the intestines, much to the delight of lots of kids and a few adults.

Green and purple food coloring are actually mixtures of blue with yellow or red, and since the yellow and red colors are rather weak and have the same color as the bilirubin breakdown products, they don't change the color of shit much unless you eat a *lot* of them like, I think, aboy did a while back.

Some things that cause an awesome green dump:

Green beer on St. Patrick's day.
Green milkshakes/green frosted cupcakes on St. Patrick's day.
Cake with dark blue frosting.
Grape soda (actual grape juice doesn't).
Blue raspberry Slurpees/Slush Puppies
Various cereals: Booberry/Smashed Berries/Fruit Loops/Fruity Pebbles/
Trix/Kaboom/Lucky Charms
Blue ice cream
Blue snow cones

Baskin-Robbins used to have kids' drinks called Radical Blasts, whose main appeal to kids was that they had so much food coloring that they'd turn your shit the same color as the drink (green, red, or blue). I never got a chance to try one.

Some "alternative sodas" (Motley Brue, Brainwash) had large amounts of blue food coloring, partly so your mouth would turn blue and mostly so your shit would turn green or blue (some people claimed that it turned their piss blue as well, but most people can't absorb enough food coloring to squirt it. There are some dyes, not approved as food coloring, that will come out in your piss).

Green and blue shit RULE!

I'm still feeling the effects of this past weekend's "grease-fest", especially Chuck E. Cheese pizza and Chinese food. Monday morning I got up to take my usual morning dump and had an unusually large one, having to flush once while seated. I left behind a nice present for my husband Gary in the form of a lingering poop smell. Usually he gets up before me, but I got up very early and will spend the work week at a training seminar. Although the seminar is within commuting distance, the package included hotel accommodations, and my co-worker Rachel and I took advantage of it and will spend the week in the hotel. I will miss my Gary, but I've been looking forward to attending this seminar for a long time. One of the keynote speakers is one of my favorite professors from my MBA program.

The first day was hectic but enjoyable. Rachel and I went to our hotel room to rest and relax and to change from formal business attire to more casual fare. I was developing an urge to poop. However, Rachel was in the bathroom at the time, so I went down to the lobby and into the ladies room. I went into a stall, lifted my light blue floral skirt and pulled down my white panties, and sat. It took a minute to get started, but I started to push out long thick pieces of poop. These were solid pieces that made a big plopping sound when falling into the toilet. Four pieces fell in succession, then the other pieces took a little longer, one a minute. I was in no hurry to finish up. After a while, I was done. I needed to wipe only once. I got up and saw about a dozen long thick pieces settled in the bottom of the bowl, with almost no residual pieces floating around. I flushed the toilet and saw no skidmarks. I felt much better after that.

I'm testing out the wireless modem from the notebook PC I brought along for the seminar. It seems to be working fine.

Greetings All.

Barring any last minute hitches, Louise, her mother and I will be heading off to Spain for a couple of weeks this weekend. I expect this will be the last time I post here before we leave, so I'd like to take the opportunity to say hello to everyone Louise and I converse with, and other posters too for that matter.


To Jeff A,
Good to hear from you, my friend. Yes, indeed it is a very long time since we last spoke.
Interesting ideas you have regarding the Kung Fu style you are devising. I told you your Kung Fu days were not over! I imagine your ideas will have much of their basis in energy drills, am I right?
I do hope you are ok with your heart condition. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to suffer such a limitation.

To Fiona,
Welcome to the forum. To introduce myself, I am Steve, Julie's cyber toilet guard. I believe she may have mentioned me. When she goes in a stall, I close the door from the inside and I look after her while she has her wee. Of course the wonderful view I have of her performance has
nothing to do with it.
Recently, as Julie might have told you, I had some competition from a youngster called James. He made a mistake though, as he was less than confidential about some of Julie's physical characteristics when compared to his mother.
As I say, welcome, and I enjoyed your first post. The white knickers sound very nice, by the way.

To Julie,
Hello, sweetheart. Well, if my position as toilet guard is under threat, I had better get on with telling the story, hadn't I? See below!
On your last post, I rather enjoyed it. After the James experience, I can imagine how you would have been thinking of how young Emily might possibly announce any difference in your weeing style to hers, so I see why you decided that standing for a wee was probably not the best option. Ha ha. The blue knickers are definitely 'you', but that is not to say I didn't think the little hearts on the other ones were cute!
Take care while I am on holiday, from your toilet guard, Steve.

To PV,
The swimsuit you describe sounds delicious. A very pretty picture you do paint.
Please read the story below, and I'll speak to you again soon!
Don't worry about Louise, I happen to know that she loves you to bits, and she wouldn't begrudge you a hug. Yes, have a hug from me.

Now, for Julie, PV and probably one or two others, here is the story I promised. For some considerable time I had been thinking about writing this one up, and now I am finally getting around to it after the appropriate prodding from Louise and Julie.

To set the scene ...
I was 24 and very single at the time. Due to things that had happened, I was in a mood that demanded I remained at arm's length from the female of the species. I needed to look after my female friends as always, but in my mind I simply ruled out any romantic relationships for the moment. To give myself time to recover, you understand.
I was in a public house I frequented, and also present at the time was a lady who I regarded as a very good female friend. She was and still is a lovely person, compassionate and kind, and very good company. 45 years of age, she was very attractive and elegant, with a pretty face and glorious chestnut coloured hair. Her figure was lovely. I would not say that she was the archetypal housewife exactly, but she had 'proper' manners and obviously a good education behind her.
At closing time, we left the public house together, and I escorted her home. The walk was quite long, and after about half an hour, she was saying she wished she had been to the toilet before we left the public house. I had a slight urge myself, from what I remember, and I think I had actually been to the gents' prior to leaving. 'M', as I shall call her, shortly became rather desperate, and it reached a point at which she really needed to squat or flood her knickers.
Well, we found an alleyway (Louise and I have used it many times) for her to go in. She told me she was unused to weeing in alleys (I had not heard her use the word 'wee' before, and it did surprise me a little), but she walked in some distance, lifted her skirt, dropped her knickers to her knees and squatted while I stood at the corner. She did not want me to go too far away while she was in this vulnerable position, and I remained in sight of her without actively watching her too closely. I had a side on view of her in her squatting position with her leg and bare buttock exposed but her genitals were safely out of my sight. I had expected her to squirt a geyser in her condition but it did not happen. Despite her obvious desperate need to vent urine, it took her something like 20 seconds or more to start, and then there was this unending trickle that through the gap she left between her thigh and calf I could see falling to the ground. It took an age for a pee trail to ac! tually get rolling between her feet and away in front of her. As I recall, it was a very long, slow pee. Must have been well over 5 minutes from start to finish, with at least one stop-start in the middle. When it was all over, she commented on how there was nothing to wipe herself with. I remember this part well, and I offered her the use of my shirt sleeve if there was nothing else. She laughed at
that, and said she would be fine.
I did not know how she would take to me urinating there as well, so I decided against it, and waited for her to adjust her clothing before I walked her home over the remaining distance. We had talked about my recent romantic problems along the way, and well, she brightened up
my outlook on the female of the species considerably, telling me that one day I would meet the right girl. In Louise, I certainly have!
At the time though, I was about to leave 'M' at her door and return home, but much to my surprise, and my delight after two months of no close female company, she invited me to stay.
Well, as I entered her house, I was very keen to use her toilet by then, so I stripped and urinated into it before having a shower. When I was done, I emerged from the bathroom and then 'M' went in for another wee, closing the door behind her. Perhaps it was merely the effect of nerves, and being away from the familiar confines of her bathroom or a toilet stall that caused the slow leakage in the alley, because now, on home ground, though the door I could hear her urinating quite hard. It was a beautiful sound to hear. I went to the bedroom before she came out of the bathroom to join me, because I had the view of her that she was rather traditional and conventional in the area of 'toilet manners'. I did feel a little guilty for listening without her knowledge.
I'll have to skip over the X-rated part.
In the morning, things were a little less formal with regard to the bathroom, and she surprised me again by walking in and starting bathwater running while I stood naked, urinating into the toilet. She was not averse to watching! When it came to her turn to use the toilet, I gave her the privacy I expected she wanted, and during the time I knew she was urinating (I could not hear as the sound was masked by the running bathwater) it was a nice thought to think of her urine mixing with mine. After a few minutes, she invited me into the bathroom to share her bath.
By the third day, during which I spent an afternoon with her in the same way, I was lucky enough to actually witness her sitting naked on the toilet and urinate. I had actually gone into the bathroom by myself, but she came in to join me, and she sat herself down and quite brazenly pissed a yellow torrent. I can tell you, it was a delight to see.
I learned that she had indeed been raised to be ladylike and sit correctly on the toilet when she urinated, and she did not break too far out of that conditioning, but I can remember times she experimented by weeing in the shower. I was present twice, I think, at times she took a dump, sitting regally on the throne of course.
So it continued, more as friends openly enjoying a particular activity together than having a fully-fledged relationship, for a period of around three weeks to a month. I can't exactly remember.
Her teenage daughter, who had returned from a trip away from home, was becoming resentful of me, so we decided to stop seeing each other in that way. We are still great friends, and 'M' always has a ready smile for me whenever we encounter each other and have a quick chat.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the story!

It might be some days after we return before we catch up with everything well enough for us to have time to post.

Take care, everyone, and happy toilet times to all.


Wednesday, August 09, 2001

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