Hi, all, this is my first time posting here, so before I proceed, I will introduce myself. My real name is Mary, but SanityQueen is the name I'm using here, since I think it's more creative. A good friend of mine, and a frequent poster here introduced me to this site, so I decided I'd come here and see for myself. I love it, this site is very unique and has an individuality all to itself - I didn't even know a forum about going to the bathroom existed on the web! Now, for a physical description of myself, so you can get a mental picture of what I look like, I have blonde hair about 6" past my shoulder, blue-green eyes, a fair(but not pale) complexion, about 5'6" tall, medium frame, and a toned(but not buff) body.

Alright, that's enough about me, let's move on to the topic of this forum - going to the bathroom. I remember one time, way back when I was 8 years old, and had moved into a new community in a new state(I moved quite often during my childhood), I had met this girl and we instantely became best friends. One day when we were playing with stuffed animals in my living room, she suddenly announces that she needs to use the bathroom. So, she gets up and walks toward the bathroom, and then asks me if I want to come with her. I followed her into the bathroom, as she pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet. She kept on farting, and I kept on talking to her, pretending not to notice, but I never knew anyone who farted more during poop than she did! Then she giggled and said, "I'm farting." I said, "I know, so what?" Then we started talking about Ace Ventura Pet Detective, and she said very loudly, "I'm pooping now!" I heard some more farts. She started smiling, as if very conten! ted with the act, and I heard a loud PLOP plunge right into the toilet. Then she proudly said to me, "Want to see my poop?" I looked in the toilet, and saw a turd about 6 inches long and 1 in diameter - nothing special, but she took forever to do it.

I also remember back in first grade, I followed this guy I would flirt with into the boys' bathroom(he went in there so he could hide from me). I saw all these guys pooping(as well as peeing) in the urinals. Then, I decided I'd pee in the urinal. I pulled my pants down, and sat on the urinal, just like you do on the toilet, as the pee came out. I pulled my pants up and flushed. All these guys were looking at me, but from what I remember, they were not uncomfortable. Most likely since there were a bunch of 8th grade guys there(it was an elementary school that had grades K-8)and I was just a little girl. Then, the guy I liked told on me to the assistant principal, who was literally named Mrs. McMean(she was plenty mean). She then called my parents and reprimanded me. I continued to follow that guy I liked into the boys' bathroom and I eventually got detention. He never peed or pooped in there, he only went in there to escape from me, but he never could.

Where else do I pee besides the toilet?(that was asked)
...In the pool
...In my bathing suit, regardless if I'm wet or not
...After I've gotten wet in the rain, if I'm wet enough
...After I've been in the snow and gotten wet from it(but now I live in the deep South, so no snow for me any more, as I said, I moved around quite a bit in my childhood, was born in Louisiana, moved to Pennsylvania, then to Illinois, Arkansas, Mississippi, Virginia, in that order and then back to Louisiana)
...Outside if I need to go bad enough(in a private place where nobody will catch me, of course)
And, CUWET, that answers your question, I pee in my bathing suit as long as it is wet.

Also, JEFF FROM NY, most of the time, the toilets in the Ladies' room are moderately clean, but sometimes someone does leave their job in there, which I really dislike seeing spontaneously when I walk in. I've been in a mens' bathroom before at the mall, my friend and I walked in there out of pure curiousity as to what it looked like. It smelled much worse than the women's room, and was much more unkempt.

I'll have more stories later, if y'all want to hear, just say so.

This happened to me last week and its true.
I was riding down the road and I had to use the bathroom. It was like a deserted road and I had to use it. Well I saw a sign for a rest area and I was happy to see it. But to my misfortune, there was a terrible car accident up ahead and I saw that traffic was totally backed up. I was sitting in traffic fidgeting and crying little. Then it got to the point where I couldn't hold it anymore. Now the bad part about it was that it was that time of the month and since I couldn't hold it anymore, I ended up having my period all over myself. After a while, traffic had let up and I didn't even bother going to the bathroom. I just drove home crying. When I got home, my pants were a mess(I was wearing white pants) and I took them off and jumped in the shower. It was the worse thing I went through.

Althea: Your post about your young cousin accompanying you to the bathroom while you crapped was just great! How old is he? It reminds me of my experience with my sister's kids. The elder, Mike, is 12 and the younger, Jason, is 10. Sis is divorced and often "entertains" guys at her apartment during weekends. If I'm free, she drops Mike and Jason at my apartment for the weekend. They are real nice kids, both blond with blue eyes and Mike is already going thru puberty. About three months ago, I noticed that he would often come into the bathroom without knocking while I was showering or on the crapper. I don't lock the door usually because I am accustomed to living alone. Last weekend, he came into the bathroom and pretended to do something. I was taking a dump in the nude before showering and I knew that he was probably turned on by seeing me, but I don't mind - its best if a kid can learn these things thru a relative. Anyway, I started to talk to him and when he saw! that I was not worried, he watched me carefully. I am usually constipated and it took me some time to expel my logs and these hit the water with loud plops. He seemed most intertested when I pissed after squeezing out each turd. Eventually, I started to wipe my pussy and then my butt and he watched carefully. He was wearing a pair of satin shorts and I could see a bulge in them. Later I told my sister about it and she thought it was real funny. I guess he is not really interested in the toilet side of things, but is just a horny young dude who enjoys seeing his aunt naked. Sis and I think thats healthy - what do you think?

I have a question for the guys:
when I go to shit, I always have an erection. do you think Im weird, or is it normal for guys to have an erection while shitting?

Pico Tamale (mariposa)
Hey, Jeff a:

Loved your story, about the neighbor-lady, man. It ranks right up there w/ the stories that Roger posts about Angela and himself, as well as all the others lucky enough to see a hot-woman dump! Tell me, Jeff: now that you are a man, thinking-back, could you picture her beckoning you over to the toilet, to wipe her butt? How shocked/surprised would you have been? Would you have taken her up, on the offer? Or, would you have been scared that she would have told your parents how her son is a "hopeless-pervert", @ least as far as this prudish (American) society is-concerned. Isn't it hilarious, how violence and sex are so promoted (over-promoted, actually), and how this most interesting of bodily functions is "swept under the rug"? (Now that's a disgusting-thought, huh? I mean finding a bm under the rug :)) Pretty messed-up, if you ask-me. Do any of you on this board feel that society will ever be as open as we are, on this subject? Exciting to think about the ! day, huh? I'm prayin' for it, believe you me!



Billy & Kevin L.
Last night the diarrhe that Josh had spread. Jeremy got up at about 12:00 to tell me that he did not feel good. He then threw up on me about 4 times. I said, feel better? He said yeah. Kev heard him and took him to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth, got him a buckey and then he went back to bed. Kev had to poop and pooped while I took a shower. He almost never does that in the middle of the night. He had some solid turds and then diarrhea. About two hours later, kev had to get up and poop again. While he was on the toilet I had to poop. I got up and had diarrhea. I did not want to wait until Kev was done, so I sat on the little potty. All of a sudden, I felt sick to my stomach and puked. Fortunately, the tub is next to the little potty and I just puked in the tub. I puked like 3 times. we pooped about 5 more minutes. I wiped, and emptied the little container of poop in the big toilet. Then Kev flushed and washed his hands. I rinsed the tub out and all the puke went down ! the drain. I got a bucket (our last one) and went back to bed. So did Kev. Kev said are you going to tell mom? I said, why? All she will do is make us stay home from day camp. This morning we got up. Jeremy had diarrhea when he got up. I had some diarrhea too. Kev was dry. We told mom what happened. None of us, except jOsh, were that hungry. I ate some toast and applesauce and Kev ate some applesauce. Our little brother ate a little cereal. Mom said that if we drank some more and felt ok, we could go to day camp. our little brothers want to go to their day camp, so we are going to go in about 10 minutes.

Yo, Sid here, and someone was talking about green shit(Jeff from NY), and I can tell you it happens to guys and girls alike. Some of my female friends and male friends were recently hanging out at a lakehouse and for breakfast all we bought was BOOBERRY cereal which has a lot of blue artificial colouring. We were joking about it because it turns your shit green and everyone confirmed it because for most of us it is our favorite cereal and we down it often. So if you want some green shit, go get that cereal if you can find it. Sometimes it's hard to get.

Roger, dude, I am with you on your comment about watching a significant other having a BM is more of a turn-on than sex. Watching Lucy do her stuff totally does it for me, and she knows it. And hey man, it's cool dealing with her crap, and shouldn't be a prob for anyone with a significant other if they have been together for a while and have gotten close, you know?

I heard the greatest thing today, there was this girl I used to work with, and she is still a good friend of mine, plus we used to flirt alot, Lucy doesn't know this of course, but I assure you it was harmless. Anyway, a mutual friend somehow brought up how we would probably all have to take a dump after the lousy food we ate from some awful cafe, and one friend said how the girl I flirted with always told her when she needed to take a dump that she was going to go build a cabin. I thought that was great and was taken by surprise and I admit a bit turned on that this girl, my friend as I said I flirted with, spoke openly like that, and my other friend said she always spoke about having to go take a good dump and build cabins. This really makes me want to call her and talk with her more since she is like this. I remember going into the unisex after her one day, and I could smell her stench which made me excited, and the normal level of water in the bowl was a lot lower,! and there was a huge skidmark, plus the water was sort of off-colour due to this poop which I gather must have been BIG. Man, it was cool! Damn, I should just go hook up with her for a pooping session and build some log cabins together! Later-Sid

Hi all:
I just saw in a newspaper that there are open air urinals in
France and the Netherlands. Where are they located at?
My poops have been normal except I got to see a young woman
hover over a outhouse type reatroom in park and I got to
see a woman's "landing strip" as she peed inn a bathhouse
Keep the stories coming. And where is Sandra this summer?
I miss her stories of pooping with here short skirts on.


hello,all-been busy with work and haven't posted-just no time,i guess!
had a few good dump sessions in the last few days-the weather hrer in the N.E, has been HOT to say the least and boy between the fiber thing and the hot weather,i've been really unloading-Had a great woods dump on sun morning(8/7) the nite before I had a big ceasar salad and some watermelon and when I got up the next morning,i right away got on my bike and headed for the woods as I biked I felt my insides starting to bloat a bit and some cramps and i got to the woods and as i'm going to a spot,i run into my friend "Donna"whp I haven't seen in quite a bit and she said"hey,stranger,haven't seen you in a awhile,how are you? I said" i'm Ok,what are you doing out here on a weekend?"She said"Just finished jogging and was heading home,you just get here?"I said " yup" and smiled slightly and she said" Oh you have to do-do now?" and i nodded my head yes and I said" how about you?"she said"Sorry,I went yesterday out at the beach,but can I watch you now?"I said "sure,lets go" and we ! found a spot deep in the woods and I got undressed and for some reason,so did she and I wnet over to this log and sat on it as she went around to get in position for a good view and then as she perched behind me in position,i said" man i really gotta go' and let out a loud fart as I looked back at her and saw her just transfixed on my doming anus.I just relaxed my asshole and the turd started snaking it's way out slowly with some THhhhhitting farting sounds along with it and as it's coming out she says" hey did you have a salad or lettuce for dinner?' and I grunted " yeah,why?" and she said "boy you have a lot of leaves in your do-do" and the turd kept coming out and I wasn't pushing at all and she was in back of me and said" Atta boy -bet it feel good,cause honey this looks like a good one"as i let the turd finally drop on the ground and we both looked at it curled on the ground and she was right-there was all kinds of leaves and bits of tomatoseeds in this 12-14 inch smooth,! grainy log-then without any warning,she just squatted and started to pee along side me like a racehorse,and needless to say I enjoyed that a bunch-this girl pees as much as anyone i've seen-then I saw her anus push out a few times as she said" nope,sorry no do-do form me today,but she kept on peeing and then I said "hey i gotta go again' as she was peeing and I farted again as i started to pee too and at the same time, another long turd came out as she watched it again-this turd came out fast and got loose at the end with 2 wet farts as I graoned in relief and she did the same thing as she watched and then she said" are you done.can I wipe you?" and I nodded and she did an A-1 job and she said" nice pile,honey,you really did have to do-do,huh and then we frolicked for a bit and got dressed and she said "great to see you ,next time it's mt turn,OK?" I said" sure,whatever,i just enjoy your company even if i'm the only one pooing" she smiled and we said Bye and I rode home a happ! y guy-that was fun-i did a good pile too-I have a few other stories,but i a bit time constrained at the moment,so i'll post about them later-It's going to be a really hot one today and I fella poop starting to build up soon and i'm heading for the great outdoors once again to unload my morning excrement,so to all her in the N.E.-Stay cool and drink lots of water and enjoy some good beach weather!BTW-TO PAMELA-Another winner with you and Connie,i just keep printing your great stories and reading them as i poop my own morning loads along with you guys along with JANE"s and CARMELITA"S and the rest of you good poopers!Good stuff! BYE

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