Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Hello to the new posters. I noticed thier is a few new people, so welcome to you all. We are in for an extended hot muggy strech of weather for this week here in upstate N.Y. I am glad for the ac in the computer room. Well on to The Outhouse Expedition.

We started for the next site. It took us past one of the local stores so we made a stop in the store first for more soda. We left the store and Barbie and Jeannie started drinking the soda as we walked and talked. It took us 15 minutes to get to our destination.

This outhouse was in a woodwd lot across from a beach on the lake. It was not visible from the road most of the year because it was in the middle of the wooded lot. It was painted a dark red like most of the farm barns around the area. I opened the door and this one was a two holer!

Barbie said she had to go now so she stood over the one hole pulled up her skirt and hovered. Ever so slowly her shit started to come out. It was very knobby and a dark brown in color. She was grunting as she pushed. Unngh and crackle as it slowly moved out from her anus. She had pushed out about 8 inches and took a breather. She started pushing again with more crackling comming from behind. Then she started to piss slowly as her shit now was a good one footer. Her pee was actully running right down her turd and flowing off the end of it down intoi the hole. She grunted again and 3 more inches came out and then fell through the hole and hit the ground with a heavy thud. Her pee stream picked up in force with a hiss and continued for about 15 seconds then stoped. She pushed a couple more times but got only a quick burst of hissing piss each time. Well Im done she said as she dropped her skirt. Anyone else she asked?

Jeannie said that she had to piss and I also had to piss. So Jeannie stood over one hole and I stood in front of the other hole. Jeannie pulled down her shorts and panties and squated. I unzipped and Barbie held my penus and did the aiming. Jeannie started pissing first. Her stream shot down with a good force behind it and was splashing quite loudly. I started to piss at that time and Barbie had the aim at the right spot and my stream shot through the hole and was splashing on the ground below. Jeannie and I finished pissing at the same time. I zipped back up and she pulled up her panties and shorts. Thats it for now but there is more to come on The Outhouse Expedition.

Helen of Troy
Our outhouse / garden tool shed is finished. It's lovely. Jimmie worked nearly a week. Before he put up the walls, he dug a hole almost six feet, and put in a big pipe made of plastic parts with a trap part way down. Pipe comes out at floor level. On either side is a sand papered timber. I used it the first time last evening. There is room inside to move around. I undressed, hung clothes on nails Jimmie thoughtfully had ready, and lowered my bare bottom onto the two square timbers mounted either side of the hole. They are just perfect - my two firm moons rest on them just above the level I'd squat if having an outdoor poop. Then by leaning forward, and relaxing, my poo came so easily and so did a soft stream of pee- right down the pipe hole. So comfortable!!!!! I'd brought some kleenex, but it was hardly necessary because everything came out so nicely and smoothly. And with no straining at my knees or problem balancing, one may rest and relax while a good healthy poop j! ust falls right out. When finished, a squirt with the garden hose washes all out of sight- past the trap into a chamber underground lined with rocks. I left the door open and let Jimmie watch, as thanks for his hard work. It will be wonderful to use this in nice weather, some quality private time, with the door open and the fresh air all around and our lovely garden to look at in the distance while I have a good, bowel cleansing shit.

Mr. Noname
Hi Everyone!

What an interesting weekend poop wise. We both had dumps on Saturday, nothing yesterday, and pretty good sized ones this morning. Though we didn't dump yesterday, there is something we saw worth posting about.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go up a small mountain near where we live. We took the chair lift up, walked around and enjoyed the fresh air and woods 900 meters up. What a great place to do a buddy dump!! Unfortunately neither of us felt the urge at the time. Then we took the chair lift back down to the parking lot where we'd left our bikes. Just as we were walking to the side where we had locked the bikes, we saw an older, rather drunk man, possibly homeless, squatting with his drawers down. He was in some bushes next to the parking lot, but even so he wasn't all that well-hidden. When he saw us approaching he quickly pulled up trou. I didn't see anything when I passed him, but I could sure smell something! We began unlocking the bikes, so he figured we weren't watching and he went back to his business. Next thing I knew, he had dropped his trousers again and was squatting, bare ass in full view of the parking lot, trying to squeeze something out. I'd rather watch a w! oman poop, so I really didn't look, but my girlfriend was curious, so she looked at bit. She said she couldn't see anything, but he must have done something because you could sure smell it! And he kept picking up handfuls of mowed grass which he seemed to be using to wipe himself with. I guess he was too drunk to really care that there were people walking around him, for he was there well over five minutes. When we rode away he was still there, wiping with handfuls of grass.

In the evening we went to our favorite restaurant nearby for dinner. We both ordered the same thing: Mexican burritos! Talk about fart and dump city! All night long that stuff was churning in our bowels and this morning I woke up with some pretty nasty farts. Not so much smelly ones, but big, loud ones. I love those the most. FOooooooooooZZZzzz! and then BBbbrrrrrrrraaaaaPPPp! It woke my girlfriend up. She was able to do a few "puffy" type farts, but she hasn't been able to rip the big ones. I guess it's practice. So after three big ones, one HUGE one, I felt that it was time to dump. I got out of bed and got the paper ready. She was still asleep and I told her it was time. "Now?!", she says, one eye open.
"Yep, I'm ready!" She sat up in bed and watched as I squatted and pushed out what she says was about 3/4 inch diameter, solid turd. That's pretty good for me. I did take a bit of effort to get started, but then the rest just slid out easily, a big wave of soft serve stuff, loaded with all that beans and corn from last night's dinner! It was a real eye-opener for my girlfriend (Ms. Noname??) who was by now wide awake. Time for clean up. She offered to take care of the mess this time. Woo-whee!
Then it was time for coffee and apple fritters for breakfast. After a few minutes, Ms. Noname decided she had to try dumping. We were both hoping for a good production, since her last few productions yielded nothing more than just pellets. She hasn't been chawing down on her whole grain bread with pumpkin seeds as she was doing last week. In any case, we figured last night's burrito might help things a bit. Sure enough, as soon as she was squatting over the paper her hole domed out, revealing more dark brown pellets. Her hole stretched pretty wide, but all the poop came out in pellets. Several hit the paper at once, sounding almost like somone dropping BBs everywhere. It reminded me a little of the way horses poop. But then a lighter colored turn appeared at the opening and squuezed itself out through the well-stretched hole. A seven inch long by two inch wide carrot dump fell out quickly onto the paper with a "Fffloomp!" It had a nice taper to it and was quite shiny,and i! t was well lubricated from the back passage. It was one of the largest productions I've seen her make! So now it was my turn to clean up, but unfortunately the little pellets rolled off the paper on to the floor as I was rolling up the paper. At least they were easy enough to pick up. So by the time she was ready to leave for work, there were two garbage sacks sitting by the front door filled with old newspaper and toilet paper.

So, that was our weekend. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm off for two weeks and I'll be returning home. I probably won't post during this time as I won't be with my girlfriend. But I'll be lurking and reading the posts while at home, and maybe responding to some of them. I'll be back in two weeks with more Adventures of Mr. and Ms. Noname Buddy Dump on Paper!
Keep the good posts coming along, keep those bowels moving and Happy Dumps to all!

i have a ??? if i realy goto crap and my g/f is over should i..or willl it gross her out???and by the way what is bm??????short 4 what??
c u guys

HELLO-it's been while. I would like to add my 2c regarding accidents and women on the toilet. I'd also like to address this to 3 lovely "Queens on the throne"--Jane, Althea and Carmalita. Girls, enjoy your bowel movements. I enjoy Jane's stories because of her massive evacuations. I think that women are most beautiful on the throne ad have had occasions where a lady friend had used the toilet while I was taking a bath. We had marvelous, stimulating conversations and I found it quite erotic to hear her talk to me between grunts, crackles and splashes. We didn't care that the room smelled like a dozen hard-boiled eggs!The most beautiful part is when a woman has her dress or skirt upraised and her undies and pantyhose seuctively rolled to midway down her thighs or just above her knees. The way the underwear frames a woman's love nest and the curves of her butt(big-butted women look the best) is so seductive, but I do not think most females realize it. Let's face it--eliminat! ion is just as pleasurable as eating-nothing to be ashamed of, and more couples should share it. As for accidents, sooner or later, we all have them, and especially Althea--when it happens, hold your head high. Who knows? Maybe you might be rescued by the man of your dreams! I find it asinine and cruel to punish a person for one. They should be handled with love and compassion. If the victim is attractive (m or F), a clean-up session can lead to lovemaking and/or romance. More later.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone!

LAWN DOGS KID, I get mixed up with your large family so thanks for replying! You have proved it too, that when pissing into a deep toilet all the wee stays inside rather than spraying back at you and over the floor as in modern toilets!
Further endorsement as to the efficiency and hygiene of the older type! Hope you too had a good holiday.

PETER IN AZ, Congratulations and all best wishes to you both!

TONY, You mentioned a lot of details about public toilets that I omitted. I was concentrating more on the design than the conditions, so it was interesting to read of your observations.
You've obviously found some disgusting ones and I have often thought when in one of the dirtier and quieter ones, that shitting in them is probably a minority activity!
As for smells, I've sometimes felt almost knocked out by the stench of stale urine on a warm day when entering a public toilet, and being greeted by a small swarm of flies in the doorway has been quite off-putting too! Bolts missing and holes in doors and in partitions I've frequently found too, but very rarely a door missing.
The best ones for cleanliness and having the chance of some fellow-shitters must be large railway stations, I would think, and where there are likely to be the most cubicles.
Cleaners who are there on the premises can be a bit of a pain sometimes if you feel under surveillance when using a toilet, but at least you can feel safe from "undesirable" attention and drugtaking is less likely.
In some cities on a Sunday when fewer people will need to use toilets, I've found the main part of the toilets have been closed off and just a very few cubicles been available. Presumably to minimise cleaning or more likely to reduce opportunities for men making their "Own entertainment"!

Can anyone tell me what the phrase "To shit a brick" means?
I used to think it meant to pass a large turd, then wondered if the term's used metaphorically to indicate being scared or meaning something else altogether.

As for euphemisms, I can remember when I was a small boy, that my grandmother referred to my having done my "too too" (or perhaps it was "two two"),and if I'd done any "fish" in the toilet!
(thatwas when I thought the buttocks were where the turds were stored before shitting!)

Good (whatever you want to call it) everyone, but my favourite word has got to be "Plops"! P P G

To pboy: I liked your camp story about doing the rectal exam on that kid

Yesterday on TV i saw an ad for these videos called Extreme videos on BET and it showed this guy jogging on the side of the road and he had to take a dump. There was a sign "No Dumping" and he asked people to use their bathroom and asked for towels to clean up with. He asked one guy who was going out to use the bathroom and he said go in his backyard behind a bush. Then there was another one of this guy looking at cars and he suddenly looses controll of his bladder and pisses him self. The car salesman said he couldn't test drive a car all "wet". He said he has no controll over his bladder.

Ben G
I don't know about what happens in the ladies, but when used the first floor toilet at work today, someone had gone and used the cubicle which has the broken handle, and deposited a mess of diarrhoea all over the pan. Of course, they couldn't flush it, so they'd just dumped a load of paper on top. The smell was appalling, being as it had probably been there all weekend. Knowing that the handyman is off sick, I had to open up the cistern and reach inside to operate the flush to get rid of it all.

Lora Croft

You are not the only one who enjoys wetting and listening to other women pee, I do too. If you would like to talk about it, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

I always try to hold my pee for as long as I can without having an accident, although, sometimes I can't help it. I usually pee about 5 times a day or more. Most are very small, but I need to go when I do, and I purposly wet myself and go outside often.

If anyone else shares this intrest, I'd love to hear from you!

PLUGING PLOP GUY - Yeah, I'm not a morning-type person...
The jobbie I passed during that bout of constipation wasn't painfull, but it was anything but pleasurable. Allot of huffing, puffing & shoving, without much to show for it.
I think it's like hauling that big heavy bag of trash out to the curb. i.e. A job that must be done, but doesn't give you much satisfaction upon its completion.

On Sunday my friend Carrie and I chaperoned a group of five kids, including Carrie's niece Tara and nephew Ted who were visiting from out of town. It was Tara's seventh birthday, and Ted was the only boy in the group. The other kids were Carrie's neighbors. We celebrated the birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. Of course, the pizza was as greasy as ever. Bathroom trips were no fun, but fortunately we only had to do it twice. What about poor Ted, who was five and not quite ready to go into a public restroom by himself? The first time, luckily there was another family in Carrie's neighborhood at the place, and 12-year-old Sparky volunteered to escort Ted to the men's room. Unfortunately, the second time there was no male around that we knew, and Ted had to "go poopie". But he was still afraid to go by himself, so we had no choice but to bring Ted along with us to the women's restroom. He wasn't too crazy about going to the girls' bathroom either. In fact, another girl not in ! our group went to her mother and said, "Mommy, there's a boy in here!" Her mother said, "Shhhh!" Ted went into a stall and insisted he can be in there by himself. I already peed on the first trip, so I stood outside the stall. The girls were finished except for Tara, who was also pooping. They came over to Ted's stall and said, "Is that Ted in there pooping? I've never seen a boy sit on a toilet before." They tried to sneak a peak, but I whisked them away, and Carrie took them to wash their hands. Then Tara was finished and washed her hands, too. Soon Ted was finished. I heard him take toilet paper out of the roll. He came out but did not flushed. I went in and saw two little pieces of poop along with a fat one about a foot long. I flushed the toilet. Ted and I washed up and left.

We all went back to Carrie's house, and soon after I went home to meet Gary so we can go out to dinner. We had dinner at a place we were going for the first time. It was a small Chinese restaurant. Towards the end of the meal, it was my turn to "go poopie." I went into the ladies room. It was a single occupancy bathroom. I went to the toilet and saw that the water level was very low and that someone peed without flushing. I flushed the toilet and saw it was a powerful flush, but the water level remained low.

I lifted my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I pushed out two long thick soft pieces of poop, paused to pee, then went into broken soft-serve ice cream dispenser mode, pushing out a series of very soft pieces in one continuous motion but breaking off into pieces before hitting the bowl. After a minute the bowl was filled with poop, and the poop smell was strong. I flushed the toilet while seated. Again I kept dispensing poop, with no let up in sight. I filled the bowl again and flushed while seated. I was still pushing out poop when someone turned the doorknob and then knocked. I said I was in here, and she asked, "Are you almost finished?" I said no, I may be in here a while. She said OK and left. In the meantime, I continued to push out poop, got to the point where the bowl was filled with poop again, and flushed. I pushed out a couple more pieces, then felt a huge cramp and unleashed a nasty wave of soft but chunky poop that lasted for 20 minut! es and ended with a thud. I flushed the toilet, repeated the same wave, and flushed again. I pushed out a couple more pieces, then someone knocked again. Again, I said I was in here, she asked if I was almost done, and as I was about to answer, I unleashed another nasty wave of soft poop. I said, "Maybe not," and I flushed the toilet while seated. The woman said, "Oh dear, I hope you feel better." I said thanks and pushed out a few more pieces before I was finally done. I wiped a few times, flushed while seated, and finished wiping. When I got up and flushed a final time, I saw several brown stains in the bowl. I felt much better.

LOUISE -- I know what you mean when you find yourself really wanting to do it the way you've learned. It was a really good experience to use that urinal, so obviously freshly scrubbed and deodorized. The outhouse is a very old one, it must have been built in the first half of this century, and the interior was pretty old too. But it was airy and light, and smelled good, and it was very positive and fun to do a healthy stream in the steel wall. Actually, as I was doing it, I was thinking about you! There was room for two to stand side by side, and I'd have very much enjoyed your company. Hey -- one day! And until then, think of me the next time you anoint a urinal!

Say, now Kendal's joined the WSPC, where shall we take her for practice? GRIN!

RENEE & MALITA -- Ladies, I am overwhelmed by your kindness, and glow with appreciation! For Renee -- well, I tried on my thong-back mango swimsuit this evening, with nylons and shoes. The effect is ... rather good! Not the right shoes yet, and I didn't have a makeup job -- but I can definitely see the outfit doing service! Your praise warms my heart.

I have GOT to visit this community center of yours one day and give the bathroom a whirl -- it's an adventure playground for folks of our particular interests!

Wonderful stories of wonderful ladies at their toilette -- GRIN! I've no major report today, but to say I passed a thickish 9-incher earlier, a pleasant experience.

All my best to my dear girlfriends & niece,


Hello everybody.

I'm new to this site, so let me tell you about myself. I'm 30 with short dark hair and live in the UK with my boyfriend. I've always been interested in going to the toilet and watching others but never knew until now there was somewhere to share this!

Not sure where to start, so I'll start with my latest experience. Stuart and I were watching tv last night and I felt the urge to poo. I went out into the hallway and into the downstairs toilet (stuart doesn't share my love of the toilet). Once in there I pulled up my denim skirt and sat down. (I didn't have any panties on underneath). After a short wee I felt the poo coming out. It was a huge one and made quite a smell! There followed a few little plops and then i was done. I reached for some toilet paper and had a good wipe between my legs before getting up and lowering my skirt. I then looked at my deposits which were filling the bowl!

I remember another experience from way back when I had just left school and started my first job as an admin assistant at a small local company. Nothing very exciting until about mid morning I needed to have a wee but didn't know where the toilets were. I had dressed smartly for this in a new black skirt with white blouse and black jacket. I asked Amanda, another girl in the office, where the ladies was and she said she would show me. It was quite small and there were only two cubicles. Amanda said she needed to go as well so we both took a stall each. I thought this was great like a buddy wee and we hardly knew each other. I listened to Amanda pulling her skirt up and then her knickers coming down before she started to wee and boy could she wee she was going for a good 30 seconds.

In all this I nearly forgot why I was there and lifted my black skirt and pulled down my tights and knickers to wee. Part of me was hoping that Amanda was listening to my tinkle. I wee'd for about a minute as I was quite desperate before wiping and lowering my skirt etc. When I came out of the toilet Amanda was washing her hands and she turned to me saying "that was quite a wee you had Janine". I was for a moment quite taken aback but smiled and told her I was quite desperate.

We went back to our desks and carried on working until lunchtime.

There's more interesting stories from this job, which I'll tell you all later.


Hi there

I'm very new to all of this so you will all have to bear with me. For those regulars I'm Julie's Mum and she's told me all about this site and made me go on and write to you.

I've read some of Julie's posts and thought I'd say hi and see what this is all about. I suppose I'm your arechtypal English housewife and until very recently going to the toilet has for me always been a private affair as my husband is not into that at all. However i've always tried to be 'young at heart' if you like and up for most things.

Anyway, I do have a story to share with you which may be of interest which took place about 6 months ago. It was a weekday morning and Jeff, my husband had gone to work and I was doing the usual round of cleaning etc. When i had finished I decided to go for a wee before going shopping. I went into the toilet, lifted up my cream skirt and slip and then lowered my tan tights and white knickers to my knees (Julie tells me the guys like the details here!). Anyway I was just about to start weeing and the phone rang - isn't it always the way. As I hadn't started I jumped up and let my skirt drop and managed to get into the hall to the phone with my tights and knickers still round my knees. It transpired to be my husband just "checking in" to say hi as he is prone to do.

I explained my predicament and he let me go back to finish what I had not quite started! I went back into the toilet, hitched my skirt up again and this time managed to have my wee. Just as I was wiping the door bell went! It was one of those days. At least I had now gone and was able to quickly pull up my knickers and tights and answered the door.

I suppose this all looks a bit mundane when it's set out, but it was amusing at the time and I certainly never imagined I would ever tell anyone about it!


Hi Everyone!

Thought I'd say hi as I've just had a call from my Mum to say she's posted on this site! Well I did give her the details but I can't believe she has actually posted something!!!!

By contrast, not a lot has happened to me recently. One thing which I will share however. Regular readers may recall that Mum was hosting a party at the weekend. No particular occasion, just a get together of friends and family. Anyway, nothing particularly unusual happened until just after lunch. I was drifting around being sociable to people that i hardly knew... and one of my young niece's tugged me on the arm and asked me where the loo was. Her name was Emily and she was about 5 i think so I took her out into the hall and showed her where to go. It then occured to me (ok so I'm clueless around kids) to wonder whether i should offer to help this girl in any way. Fortunately whilst i was debating she asked me the very question. We went into the toilet together. I was still not quite sure what to do but fortunately Emily helped me by saying "you can sit there" motioning towards the linen basket. (At least she simply wanted company!). So I sat down carefully.

Emily then proceeded to pull up her nice party dress to her waist before taking down her white cotton panties to her ankles and perching herself on the toilet. I was still unsure as to whether i should help but she seemed to manage. Emily then started to wee. When she had finished she asked me to pass her some toilet paper so she could wipe her 'botty'. She reached down and wiped herself and started to pull up her panties before flushing the toilet. Then she asked me if I wanted to go. (Why do I always get the kids!!!!!). I figured it could do no harm but remembered back to the last time I was in this situation with James (see an earlier post). I quickly put the thought out of my mind...

As it happened I did need to wee, so I went over to the toilet and hitched up my blue cotton dress and lowered my pale blue knickers to my knees. I decided this was not the time for a standing wee, so just sat down like a good little girl and wee'd into the bowl. Emily wasn't that interested in my wee, so I just finished up, wiped and put my dress down before going back to join the party.

Fortunately Emily wasn't the type to broadcast information and unlike my previous toilet companion did not broadcast to everyone what was under my skirt!

Lots of love

WOW! Pamela and Connie! What a lovely story about you both doing nice big jobbies in a wonderful Buddy Dump! Sounds like the two of you really enjoyed that. And what lovely big whoppers you both passed. Connie's sounds as if it was a nice big easy motion while you did what I would call a typical girl's constipation motion, one single long fat very solid jobbie produced with a fair bit of effort. I can certainly agree that passing such a big firm turd can be a most enjoyable experience after the initial effort of getting it out. Since about the age of 5 I have experienced the pleasurable sensations of passing a nice big jobbie, and it is good to read that a woman also enjoys doing nice solid poos like that. I know that my wife Theresa has also done so since she was a kid as have other friends such as George and Moira and Donna. BTW Pamela, did your big "Mr Turd" as you so sweetly put it make any sound as it fell into the water of the toilet pan?

As to the video of a woman doing a jobbie the size of large loaf, ( I assume you mean the French Stick type of loaf here), I have both seen such a video myself and of course have watched this in real life. Moira, George's wife who used to post here is a BBW to say the least, a lady in her forties with the "Fuller, Junoesque figure" as they say, or as he puts it herself, a bit ????. I have often seen her doing a motion. I can remember one time recently when she had been really constipated for a couple of days . After lunch one day she started to fart and then said, "I can feel it coming down at last" She invited George and I to accompany her to the toilet, lifted her skirt revealing her extra large pale blue briefs and sat forward on the pan. Like you Pamela she rocked back and forth and George, being her husband, rubbed her fat ????. She did her wee wee, a loud hissing gusher, then farted a couple of times and said, "Ive got the head!" George urged her to do a nice big! one, then she gasped and said, "OO! OH! Yes! YES! its coming out now!" We could hear the crackling sounds a big solid turd makes and saw her sphincter dome then seem to turn from pink to brown. It sure was fat and solid, all knobbly like big balls compacted together. Moira was a bit red faced but was obviously enjoying the sensations as she went "YES! YES! YES! AH! AH! OH! YES! as she pushed the big fat brown turd out between her ???? buttocks. It grew to about 16 inches in length before it tapered off and slid into the toilet pan. It was too big to make any sound and it was a "beacher" with about 5 inches of it sticking up out of the water. Moira gave a loud sigh, did another wee wee, then got up off the pan and George wiped her bum. Like your motion Pamalea, there was only a small amount of mucus it having been so solid and having come out cleanly in one single huge jobbie. Moira pulled up her knickers and we all had a good look at the lovely big jobbie she had passed. Th! e look of pride and satisfaction on her face was a picture! It was what I have previously refered to as the classic girls' jobbie in shape, fat, well formed, lumpy for most of its length then a bit smoother towards the end and tapering for the last 3 inches or so to rounded end. A bit like a Frech Stick Loaf! Although she had been constipated for two days it was a mid brown colour not dark and didnt smell too bad. Moira like her husband George and myself has always been very frank about her natural functions and said how much she had enjoyed the sensations as she passed this big turd.

So any others out there male and female who have experienced similar pleasures from doing a big solid jobbie such as that done by Pamela or as I have described being done by Moira Im sure others as well as myself would be delighted to read about it and share your enjoyment. Pamela, I do hope you and Connie post similar experiences of passing big post constipation panbusters such as this again!

JEFF A - Hi guy, you have been away from us for so long. I liked your
story about how stood about 3 feet away from the toilet and did a big
pee stream into it. Did you not drip any on the floor? I have held
Steve's up like that when we have been outside and he can not help
dripping when he is nearly finished peeing.
Thank you for calling me a cute pee queen, and I hope you keep on winning
against your heart condition!
That was a good show you saw when you were 11, but if I had been the
lady on the toilet who you saw then maybe I would not have shut the
I am not shitting as much just now because I hurt my ankle and can not
do my sports, and when I do go about every 3 days just now my shits are
quite big. I did a hover over the toilet on Saturday morning, my ankle
did not hurt too much, but gosh did I really really need a big shit. It
was just sudden, and I went in the bathroom and I took off my knickers.
I looked at my bum in the mirror and my hole was open because of the turd
I carried. I did not need to push much and my hole opened and this large
lump about a foot long stretched me open and slid out. It was like it
was a lot of little stones all stuck together. You know, all knobbly.
Well it was not very messy, because I wiped my bum and it was clean!
My turd did not flush away on its own, I had to break it up with a
I will tell Steve you wrote a letter. He is very busy, he is working a
lot and he is taking classes for someone who is on holiday.
Look after your health, you are a lovely guy! xxx



Peter and Dave in AZ
Seems the forum is a little slow lately.

Well today dave and I went to Chilies(a Mexican resturant) and we had an order of Mozzarella sticks, and a Chicken Burger. We both had two bottles of root beer each. Ok after that we went to Borders(a bookstore) and we were looking for books together. When we both felt a rumbling in our stomachs. At the same time we said "I have to go to the bathroom". We went together and when we got there it was an ok bathroom. It had two toilets, one urinal, and two sinks. We both choose our toilets and sat down. I fart quite loudly and we both laughed. Now it was Dave's turn he pushed a fart out out came a loud and stinky turd. He said it was 12 inches by 2 inches. He then started to wipe. I farted and started to push out my turd. Then a man stormed in and asked if one of us was almost done we both relied "no". He said "please hurry because I have the runs." I was on my second turd and Dave told me he had more to come. So the man said what the hell and locked the door(that leads into t! he bathroom)and took off his pants and then squated over the urinal. He then proceded to push mushy poop out. I sould see because I was next to the urinal and looked under the stall. I finished wiping then I flushed. Dave flushed. Dave and I were washing our hand when the man asked for toilet paper. Dave said he wouldn't mind getting some. He got about twenty sheets and gave it to the guy. He thanked us. He wiped through the toilet papr in one of the toilets and flushed the urinal. To my surprise it all went down. Well thats it.
Pleasant Poops!!!

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