Before I tell about my next day's appointment with Marcia which is not a bad tale for this forum, as it turned out, I thought I'd recount the date which I'd mentioned to Marcia before the conversation changed. There is an interesting feature to that story... Bob (I'll call him that for privacy sake) had enticed me to go out with him for an evening on the town a couple of weeks earlier. Apart from the fact that he's a tall, very handsome guy, he's also quite rich and quite generous, and a lot of fun. But a date with him is never a casual affair. This night we had reservations at S---------'s as I had told Marcia, thus piquing her curiosity. I got utterly dressed up for this gala evening in a very sexy, tight, clingy, satiny, low-cut sequined 3 inch above-the-knee black designer dress from Bebe, which clung to my curves like a second skin. I wore the sheerest nylon stockings and a special, totally sheer garter belt and G string type panties which were invisible (no bumps or bulges) under the clingy dress material. My huge breasts were uplifted by a full underwired strapless bra and my exposed decolletage was voluptuous , jutting, and sensational. I wore a single strand of cultured pearls to complement the effect of my abundant cleavage. I fully combed out my heavy, long blond tresses which hung halfway down my back (I like to wear my hair ‘down’), and put on my Chanel perfume at all appropriate pulse-points. I wore high, high, stiletto black patent-leather pumps, which thrust out my already prominent backside in a very sensuous way. Speaking of that hind-est part of me; with the back part of the G string thong pan! ties I was wearing -a silken rope-like section of this skimpy undergarment- secretly wedged well into the deep crack between my round ass-cheeks (you get used to it fairly quickly) my big buttocks get separated a little bit, and the splendidly defined double-round bulges they make this way,- stretching the back of my tight dresses- when I walk, stand or bend over are just irresistible. I notice men watching me all the time. Plus, with the heels on, I'm some 6'2+" tall, actually just as tall as Bob, who is at least 6/1 in his stocking feet. We made quite a striking couple when we drove up to the restaurant in his Porsche. The valet couldn't stop looking at me. I likewise turned heads as, on Bob's arm, we strolled into the restaurant and to our reserved table. He was excited to be out with me. He ordered champagne at the outset, and thus commenced a lovely evening of pleasant conversation, easy laughter, and course after course of delicious, rich dinner fare. Appetizers were pate and caviar- and plenty of it!-(with the champagne), onion soup, croutons, rolls, butter, salad with chunky blue cheese dressing, end cut prime rib roast beef (huge) which I like to eat very rare -nearly raw- and which was as soft as butter (a superb cut of rich, juicy, red, meat-????!) with all the trimmings, vegetables, potatoes, sour cream, mushrooms, bordeaux wine, and then, a generous slice of camembert cheese, and a gargantuan piece of German chocolate fudge cake, cordials, coffee, and then an alcoholic after dinner coffee selection which we shared. Well, to make a long story short, I loved the meal, but I was pretty stuffed by the time I was halfway through the cheese course, and ate the cake on a certain amount of will power, mainly because it was wonderfully scrumptious. I should mention here that during this enormous dinner I was gradually beginning to sense that voluptuous, internal shifting feeling of gathering bulk low down in my body which heralded a major bathroom visit within the foreseeable future. As I have mentioned, I get turned on by this stu, which I contain and conceal from my date sitting beside me, or dancing close. My excitement- I can't really explain it... It is kind of sexual, probably, seems based both upon the plainly sensual feeling of being seriously distended in my lower intestines and rectum right down to my anal vent; and also upon the contrasts of my being so elegant, desirable to my date, and yet concealing and containing withi! n myself an unspeakably vile yet intimate end product of my voluptuous body from his inquisitive attentions. Well, this night, Bob threw me a curve. He suggested that we visit his condominium suite for a nightcap. I had originally expected that he would drive me home, kiss me goodnight, and leave me to the privacy of my own bed (and bathroom!). This was only our second date, after all, and I had it on good (gossip) authority that he did not bring many of his dates back home, and never, near the beginning....So I was very much flattered at his invitation- and he was a perfect gentleman- and I accepted, with an inviting smile on my lips, showing him my perfect white teeth; and with a silent churning movement in my lower digestive tract... We drove across town in the Porsche, a marvelous car, wind rushing through my flying blonde hair, shouting to each other and laughing over the wind noise. I crossed my long, sexy legs gracefully, letting my short, tight dress ride up a little; I put my hand on his arm as he shifted gears and he looked at me, smiling happily, and lustfully, of course. I felt very much turned on. I had to take a big shit, and my private game was to not give this embarrassing need away at all, and I didn't. About 20 minutes later we entered the private underground garage serving Bob's exclusive condo building. We parked in his private space and then walked arm in arm to the elevator. I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror in the elevator foyer. I looked positively stunning, if I may say so. Who would imagine what foulness this gorgeous, shapely, sexy blonde was concealing within her voluptuous, beautifully clothed form.... or that, in fact, she needed to go to the bathroom in a big, disgusting way? Anyway, the elevator went right up to his apartment! No lobby, no hallway...the doors opened up in his living room, spectacular, modern with marble floors and oriental rugs, leather furnishings in the large space, high ceilings and a large expanse of window looking out on the city some 25 floors below. I walked out of the elevator ahead of him, my high, spike heels clattering on the marble and then muffled as my steps took me across his lush oriental carpets. He turned the lights on. What a marvelous apartment! I turned around and told him so. He was looking at me with barely restrained ardor- well, at my swelling breast tops- my cleavage, mostly- as I faced him and glanced around the room. Then, as if not noticing his stare, I turned away and walked over to the window, wiggling my gorgeous, prominent ass at him just enough to tease, but not to be too obvious. I could literally feel his blue eyes riveting on the well-defined, provocatively shifting, double-bulges of my big bu! ttocks straining against the back of my tight, clingy dress as I approached the window, my heels clicking smartly on the marble floor near the edge of the room. The view was magnificent; fitting for the apartment of a wealthy, successful young entrepreneur. I pretended to look out at it. But I wasn't really focusing on the view! Instead, I was greatly aroused from a simultaneous combined medley of: my plain perception of Bob's serious lust for my body- for my great legs and sexy, jiggling ass now powerfully tempting him- and the solid pressure of weighty excremental bulk I felt lodging within my stretched, heavily loaded intestines; that being enhanced -and propelled, as it were- by quiet but major digestive workings and churnings going on in my overfull, overfed, stomach which required me to clench my sphincters and tighten my buttocks slightly in containment efforts (an interesting problem with my underwear thong wedged well into my asscrack as I walked sexily to the window! ). Overall, a very sensuous feeling for me. Bob came over and put his hands on the creamy skin of my bare shoulders, massaging slightly around the skimpy, string-like straps of my cocktail dress. "I'm so glad you came," he said. He turned me toward him a little. His hands trembled slightly on my skin. "You are unbelievably beautiful." He made his move....We embraced and kissed. A very romantic moment. It really was. I was quite aroused. I opened my lips and mouth to his probing tongue and clenched my anal sphincter, secretly and firmly. I realized, at that moment, while he squeezed me, as if I hadn't already, that I would not be able to contain my natural needs- my loaded bowels- all evening long. I felt a twinge of impending anxiety and embarrassment. I would need to use Bob's bathroom before I left his apartment. I really didn't like the idea at all, in spite of my erotic (?) feelings connected with the whole business. I needed to steel myself to the very embarrassing prospect. We continued to embrace and kiss for a while with slowly escalating passion. Eventually and inevitably I felt Bob's hands wander. This was the moment. I was resigned. Maybe we could get back to this... but later...After.... Gently I disengaged from him. He looked at me questioningly and with a slight tinge of guilt at acting too fast. I made a subtle show of recomposing myself, straightened my hair, smoothed down my dress which had risen up slightly... "Gretel, is everything okay?" "Oh yes, Bob. Everything's just fine." I smiled at him. "I'm having a lovely time, but, if you don't mind, could I use your powder room for just a moment to freshen up, fix my lipstick- if that's okay." "By all means." "Please excuse me...Where...?" "Here... I'll show you." He led me by the hand across the room into sort of a foyer/hall combination, my heels clicking loudly again on marble flooring. At the threshold of this hallway he turned on the foyer light and pointed to a panelled door, near the far end of the broad hall, halfway open. "Take as long as you like." He kissed me on the lips..I kissed back..passionately..."The light switch is inside the doorway to your left and the towels are all clean." "Thank you." I smiled at Bob and stepped away from him, my high heels clicking on the marble, then silent on deep carpeting, then clicking on marble again. I could feel his eyes looking at me as I walked to the panelled door and I wiggled and swayed my hips and ass again for his benefit as I walked. I reached the doorway and stepped inside. The light switch was as he had predicted. I flicked on the switch and, on impulse, I turned momentarily and caught him looking. He smiled with embarrassment. I smiled back at him, gently; waved, and closed the door behind me. It had a lock and I set it with a soft click. The bathroom- a fancy guest powder-room- was of medium size, a squarish, brightly lit room which initially seemed almost infinitely much bigger. Every wall and even the ceiling, except for recessed lighting fixtures, was huge, plate-glass mirrors! The glass was perfectly clean, and I saw startlingly clear, repeating reflections of myself from all angles everywhere I looked. The furnishings were simple enough. A white, pedestal sink with towel racks and fluffy, fresh towels graced the mirrored wall to the right, and across the room, a modern, quite low, smallish, one-piece toilet fixture with seat cover down faced out from the center of the left mirrored wall. Even the wall near the door was mirrored, although the door, itself, was not. However, the door was situated close to the right wall, so that, as I was to discover, the toilet was fully and repetitively reflected by mirrors on all sides of it! What a strange room. What a sexy prospect, I thought, in spite of myself. I ha! d never watched myself use a toilet before. Well, here was my chance and, actually, despite my embarrassment, I was kind of intrigued and excited in sort of an auto-erotic way. Anyhow, I really had no alternative, at this point! I put my little evening purse on the sink, and for just a few seconds looked at my various sexy reflections in the wall-mirrors, turning this way and that; and I even looked up to see myself reflected, blonde head downwards(upwards?) in the ceiling. The repeating surreal reflections created an impression of space which almost made it seem that I was outdoors! Holding back a momentary increase of what by now was steady outward pressure between my ass-cheeks, I stepped across the green marble floor to the toilet with an authoritative, decisive click-clicking of my heels on the hard surface echoing off the glass walls and ceiling of the room and, bending over slightly, I raised up the seat cover. Glancing down into the spotless bowl I could see that th! is was one of those expensive, silent-flush varieties which I had mainly seen in upscale magazine ads. The smallish seat was slightly contoured....Oh, well...I needed to try it out! I straightened up, turned around, reached down to my sequined dress hem with both hands and, placing my legs and feet close together, began hiking my dress unevenly upward along my full thighs toward my hips, squirming as I did so- and as I usually have to do when wearing tight clothes. This time, however, I saw myself doing this provocative hula in the mirrored wall about 10 feet in front of me, and felt a forbidden kind of voyeuristic embarrassment at my own curvaceous reflection, at my abundant cleavage threatening to spill out of the top of my low cut bodice as, bending somewhat, I pulled and tugged at my tight dress to maneuver it past my full, curvy hips, over my stocking-tops and sheer garter straps, and, with one significant hip gyration, to raise the back of it over the queen-sized twin-curves of my big behind. I got a glance in the mirror of a wispy, triangular patch of black, lacey bikini underwear beneath the lifted front of my dress covering the front of my crotch, and a sexy bit of garterbelt as well. Carefully I peeled and rolled my tiny panties downward past the swelling curves of my hips- feeling the stringy thong pull out from its confinement between my big, fat buttocks-to a point just about halfway down my thighs as I stepped backward and, sticking my bared ass well out behind me, sat down on the toilet, settling myself on the very low, extremely comfortable seat with a final slight wiggle of my hips and derriere. My legs were nearly together, my pointed black pumps touching, side to side, when I seated myself, in a parody of primness, my underwear tautly stretched in between my full, garter rigged thighs; and the low aspect of this fancy toilet fixture and the contoured seat design parted my big buttocks marvelously over the pan, below, in a voluptuously wide open squat t! hat deliciously enhanced my already acute intestinal urgency.. I could feel my fully exposed, utterly unhindered, anal pore instantly expanding... I relaxed with a pleasurable and contented sigh and almost immediately emitted an initial staccato, fart- noise and moist crackling sounds into the commode; and felt what probably was at least a foot of immense, huge, fat, sludgy shit effortlessly, and rapidly push downward, pass through my well exposed nether outlet and slide forth grandly with a pLURT!- and then plainly audible and disgusting flfffffffooooffffuufffffppptttpptfffufffffpppt-fart-(FLOOOMP)fff-fart-(slop)fffummmmfffummmmpppittttitttiitttuunmfffff-(FLOOMPF)-fart- plop, plop floooff-pppphep! as this huge, elephantine, flued together length of my excreted poo-poo piled down into the toilet beneath me. I watched myself in the mirror during this initial, profuse evacuation, sitting motionless, concentrating on my breast tops' slight rise and fall in my normal breathing, and immediately noticing the strong. foul stink rising from beneath me as the enormous, solid length of shit deliciously peristalted out of my behind. I began to piss as well, and my gushing urine tinkled forcefully below within the water and porcelain confines of the commode. Then I looked to my left at my side reflection as I felt a subtle barely perceptible surging sensation deep in my somewhat relieved ????. I have to say that I looked remarkably glamorous, seated on this toilet, if I might say so, notwithstanding the nature of what I was doing or my increasing foul odor which now surrounded me and filled the room.... My image, repeated in the mirror reflections from both sides of me was of a large, tall, buxom, busty blonde, sexily arrayed, beautiful long golden hair; sitting low, in sort of a sexy virtual- squat posture on a smallish, but fancy looking modern toilet; clothes discreetly adjusted: cocktail dress bunched up nearly at waist level, panty waistband rolled down and stretched across full, firm, upper- mid-thighs, just below garter-rigged stocking tops. The low, contoured toilet seat of the deluxe, one piece commode seemed too small, but yet perfectly accommodated to the full, outsized, female curves of my big, lushly rounded rump thrust out voluptuously behind me; firmly seated on it. My sexy, long, full bodied legs and thighs, with garters and nylons were set off sensationally by the high, high heeled black patent-leather pumps which caused my knees to be noticeably higher than my seated hips and displayed to very favorable effect the fine, firm, shapeliness and line of my lo! wer legs and thighs. I was leaning forward a bit, my elbows set on my joined, raised, knees, still pissing. I can't tell you how lovely a position this was for elimination- defecation in particular. All my inner sensations and functions were assisted-enhanced, voluptuously eased. The inner movement I barely felt as I had curiously looked left to study my provocative reflection shifted downward and suddenly I emitted a very big, loud, ripe, fart in the grossly echoing toilet, an obscene, obtrusively disgusting noise somewhat muffled (and somehow made even grosser that way) by my prim, close-legged squat over the pot; blattering hugely through my unhindered rectum without any effort at all and hardly any warning. The gas and the thunderous noise in the toilet actually startled me somewhat, as did the sudden further, unexpected inner movement, distention and release through my open sphincters: pffffbrruffftftftfpippipp(ploomph)ffffffffrrooOOT! of MUCH more hot feeling shit and ! gas which erupted and loosely farted out after it. My mirror reflection was motionless despite the noisy, significant and extremely pleasurable intestinal expulsion which was occurring (except for the hand I raised to my mouth in an involuntary gesture of almost embarrassed surprise at the huge and filthy fecal outburst from my hind end). I crinkled my nose at more intensely disgusting poop odor which rose up and spread around. The room really smelled bad now. I mean, it STUNK. Slowly I could feel new, subtle, serious shiftings in my ????. These weren't cramps, but deeply pleasurable, major, relieving intestinal adjustments. I felt wonderful! Very relaxed. There was no need to hold anything back, no need to strain, no need to hurry. Everything was "progressing" all by itself and my squatting, wide-opened butt posture encouraged me to let my body function on almost an unconscious level. I could feel a delicious intestinal rumble presently churn deeply through my abdomen; and ! a sympathetic, relieving, subtle inner shift of weighty fullness lower down; a slightly perceived, but significant distention was progressing....rippling,... moving across.... down, backward in my body, down...then .distending my intimate rectal and then anal membranes...- oh, it felt wonderful- my filthy waste starting to slip out, to protrude... a column of hot, fat. stinking crap oozing out from me unseen, although I could feel it lengthening...hanging obscenely down beneath my spread out, squatting behind..and I could certainly smell it. It kept on moving. Progressing..thickly.... A nice feeling..I looked at my reflection in the mirror in front of me; at my sexy, pointed, high-heeled pumps, my shapely, full lower legs, my dimpled, elevated touching knees, at my broadening, nylon encased thighs lowering down a little from my knee-height as they swelled out firmly, fleshily, sexily, on each outer flank back to my wide, full, seated hips- my dress bunched up above their fle! shy, curved, voluptuous contours...garter straps visible. My hips were quite a bit wider than the smallish commode- seat and the supporting toilet bowl all of which was nearly concealed beneath and behind me; I glanced at my striking cleavage-more than visible in my forward leaning posture; at my pretty face framed by my long, golden hair; at my bright red lips. I would probably freshen my lipstick after I was done with this shit- I puckered them slightly, and just then, as I felt (and heard) a little gassy fart escape from my ass down below with my slowly emerging mass of fat poo-poo, mind jolted from an utterly self-absorbed contemplation of the sensual, internal pleasures of the moment to remember the fact that here I was- on a DATE- in my date's bathroom, in a posture I had always wanted to avoid, stinking up this place in an utterly unconcerned, embarrassing, unspeakable, disgraceful fashion; shit coming out; hanging from my ass!.. Shit and piss FILLING his toilet.! ...How could I face him, after this. He would always remember this hideous, disgusting aspect of me, if only because the powerful smell-my foul poop-odor- would remain after I flushed- and certainly would penetrate his whole apartment, large as it was... What was I going to do? What could I do? I looked at the sudden concern showing on my pretty, reflected face and then smiled at myself with a broad, sexy, red-lipped, toothy, evil grin. It was scarifyingly sensual to be in this situation; in this temporary haven of privacy and total self-abandonment in the middle of a DATE and in my DATE's own apartment- romantic object that I was; taking this huge stinking, awful SHIT in his fancy powder room, befouling his fancy toilet; moving my bowels immensely... filling the pot with my disgusting, filthy, excremental-waste… and hideously befouling the air in this room...Where was he, at this moment? was he back in the living room waiting; was he in the kitchen making a drink? Was he in! his own bathroom?? Was he right outside the closed panelled door across the room? (Had my stink penetrated outside this closed door yet??) No, he couldn't be. What did he think I was doing? Powdering my nose? What WAS he doing right now? My reverie ended, I grunted hugely, deeply, a grand, powerful exertion: -- pfpfpfpff("UHNNNNN!") FFFFFT! ( ????phh) BROOT(PLOP)PIFFLUFFLUFPOOMPH!...("UUHHNNNNN!") FULT! BRABA..BA....FFFF... POOOMPH-F-FFFFFPOOP_POOPFFPOOT-POOT…POOT!! A huge, hot, muddy, final load dumped out of me, propelled by my grunting and a grotesque succession of tremendous, explosive farts. I certainly hope that Bob was far enough away from this bathroom so as not to hear any of these disgusting, booming, fecal toilet noises. I strained emptily a couple of times. That was it. I was done. I grabbed at the toilet paper roll behind me to the left of the commode, tore off a wadded array of folded sheets (it was very good quality), lifted my left buttock off the seat, reached behind myself and mopped at my ass. My dump had been a messy one. I sighed with resignation. It took about 7-8 good, careful wipings to clean my rear-end. I am very meticulous about that! The toilet paper was nice and soft on my sensitive anal area. Absorbent. Then I wiped my front with another tissue, jamming it down between my closed upper thighs. Turning in the low seat I pushed the flushing lever, and I rose off the toilet. Almost silently the toilet was flushing... I could hear very mild sounds of water swishing in the bowl as I pulled up my tiny G string type bikini panties, lodged the thong between my buttocks and began maneuvering my tight dress downward, with squirms and tugs not much different from those I needed to make! to hike the dress up. I straightened the low bodice of the dress around my breast tops and smoothed down the wrinkled sides and back of the lowered and now, unbunched clingy sheath over my lower body and legs with my hands, using the mirror in front as a guide. The toilet finished its flush with sluggish and surprisingly noisy, regurgitating sounding glug-glugs. It didn't sound too convincing to me, so I interrupted my clothes- grooming effort, turned around and looked in the bowl. Unfortunately, quiet toilets seem to sacrifice efficiency for noise suppression. Ruefully, and with embarrassed concerns I saw a couple of utterly gross, sizeable, knockwurst-like, broken-up plugs of my shit and some soaked shreds of filthy paper swirling around in foul, disturbed, brown-flecked, dark-yellowish poopy water. Obviously most of my large dump had gone down, but .....Impatiently I waited for the toilet to finish filling as I watched the incredibly disgusting, unspeakable mess in the pan now more slowly go round and round...Finally, the toilet had filled and was quiet. I leaned over and flushed it again, holding the flusher down for a few seconds. Silently, water swirled into the bowl, everything started swishing around much more quickly- and disgustingly- and eventually, finally (phew!), a slow moving vortex started which carried everything down! and away, with another unsatisfying glug-glug.., leaving hardly any water in the bowl. I was mortified at disgusting brown shit-smears remaining in the toilet in kind of a circular pattern near the bottom. There was nothing I could do about that. Nor could I lessen my foetid, foul shit-odor which very heavily filled the room. It was nature. Everyone did it- but would I remain the same irresistible sex object to Bob after this revelation of my more bestial nuance? He-or his maid- would definitely see it, sooner or later. With one last glance at the streaked toilet pan, and a sigh of resignation, I crossed the smelly room with a clatter of heels to the sink to wash my hands, fix my face, comb my hair again, and to -yes- apply more lipstick and perfume. As I did this, I realized that in spite of my embarrassment I felt very good, with that sense of lightness and well being- arousal, even- following a really good bowel movement. That was a great toilet! I examined my face, front! and full body profile in the walls/mirrors. I shook out my freshly brushed hair... I looked marvelous. I looked at the outlines of my well displayed ass under the stretched back of my dress. The mirrors were splendid for this. Sexy!. Who'd imagine what vileness and filth had just come out from between those pert, round, satin and sequin encased buttocks! . I took one last look across the room at the toilet, and on impulse, walked over and put the seat cover down. Noone would be fooled, but.....Then I turned away, walked back to the door, turned out the light and let myself out. I left the door to the bathroom closed, hoping noone (my DATE) would enter that smelly place for hours, and hoping the foul stink would dissipate somewhat by then. He was waiting for me in the living room, and I can say, in retrospect, that the romance of that night and of others since then with him, were not at all dampened by my first very full use of Bob's powder room( or by later visits -hee hee!).

Monday, August 07, 2001

Anyone got peeing stories/sightings?

Bedtime...after a really boring day sitting at home and putting drops in my eye and taking pain pills but everything's better now and I'll go back to work tomorrow. Then comes the weekend (Yay!). Connie came over tonight and brought me some takeout food and we sat and talked about my "date" with Mr. Jogger. Connie also brought over this incredible video of a woman pooping. In one session the lady expels this turd that looks more like a giant loaf of bread dough before it is baked. Connie only said she got the vid from a friend. I do not mind posting on this forum but "no way" would I ever do a video. After we watched the video, Connie said "How about if we try to imitate her?" so off to the bathroom we went. Connie undressed and sat down first. As I readily admit, I love to watch so I asked her to lean forward. Connie sat on the toilet seat with her ???? tilted forward exposing the roundness of her butt, her knees together, her hands clasped together leaning slightly to ! the right with her right elbow on her knee. A perfect pose for one of those old paintings, except those never show people getting ready to poop. I gazed in wonder from behind at her figure and those lovely buttcheeks as the central part of her body involuntarily pooched itself out and her anus expanded to reveal the point of a golden turd. Without warning her lovely anus suddenly fully expanded and the full-sized brown wonder just under 2 inches in diameter snaked out and dropped into the water. Followed by two more. It happened so fast, it was over before I realized. "OH, that felt good," she said. When she wiped she came up clean on the second pull, then cleaned her front and stood up. One of the logs had landed halfway outside the water and was her usual perfect round piece. "Your turn, Captain Hook," said Connie, who was refering to the eye patch I'd been wearing when she arrived, (I had taken it off - it's purpose was to keep my eye relaxed). I had already remo! ved my summer dress and my panties, so without flushing I sat down on the warm seat over Connie's aromatic poop. After a few minutes of contemplation and conversation, I realized a problem existed. Due to my pain medication, I was constipated. There was poop in the chute but it wouldn't come out. Finally Connie suggested that I gently rock and forth on the seat, which I did. After a couple of minutes I felt something shift around inside, and then felt my sphincter get a grip on Mr. turd and start pushing him along. Unnnngggh, ungggh, ahhhhh. I experienced an incredibly warm and comforting feeling in my ass hole as the BM worked its way out. The whole thing was solid and must have been almost as big around as Connie's and nearly a foot long. I passed it in one piece, and it broke as it landed, and there was no more, even though I sqeezed by rectal muscles several times. When I wiped there was a little bit of mucus resideu on the paper but no poop skids. I stood up a! nd we gazed upon our works. "Yours would take the prize," said Connie. -- "Mine was bigger around, but you get the award for quantity." She was right about that. The tip of my creation landed on the part of her big turd that was out of the water, then it broke off and folded over itself,so almost the whole thing was out of the water. It took three flushes to get the whole mess down, and I still have some major skid marks to deal with on the porcelain. Before taking my hot bath and going to bed, I may as well tell you of my third and final "public poop" experience which is a rather short story. Three years ago my boyfried (we have since split) were on vacation in the Arizona desert. One night in the motel we were watching TV and saw a report about a man who had been arrested for peeping into a women's lavatory at Lake Havasu. We both kind of laughed because the local TV station showed the poor guy appearing before a judge. He looked pretty normal, and pretty scared. We! agreed that he probably was harmless but we also agreed that you just can't let people go around doing that. End of subject except next day we are driving along in the 100 degree heat and late in the afternoon the traverlers constipation I'd had, caught up with me and I asked BF to pull off the road and find a private spot. Which he did. I reached into my bag for a handful of tissue and opened the car door and as I was getting out he said, "Can I pretend I am like that guy on TV and spy on you?" I was a little surprised, . . . but, reply was, "Yes, but if you wanta play games, I want to play too. I will go find a spot, and your mission is to sneak up so I can't see you, o.k.? " He nodded and looked kind of surprised as,in my best hide-and-seek style, I walked out among the cactus and scrub brush until I found a spot, and then I waited about a minute. I could hear him sneaking thru the scrub brush but I couldn't see him. Of course I had my back to that direction! and wasn't really looking very hard either. Soon it grew quiet, so I unzipped and took off my pants and undies and slowly squatted and took my sweet time doing a nice big job on the sandy desert floor, complete with some extra grunting and groaning, for effect. I got up and rearranged myself, waited a few moments, and then walked back to the car where he was waiting. He had a nice cold beer from the ice chest waiting for me, saying. "here's your reward for a JOB well done," and then we had a couple of sandwiches I had prepared. After eating, there was a further delay, but that information is not suited for this forum.

hey, guys. I once posted a story here about my friend. I just realized that I left a part out about it, so I'm going to post it now.

I was staying with my good friend holly, during the summer. We were really close, like siblings, and her parents trusted us alone together, cause, I mean, our relationship was nothing but great friendship. Anyway, we were at this church event during the day, and holly got her friend dottie to come over and spend the night that night. On the way home, Marsha, holly's grandmother, who she lives with, decided to stop at the grocery store. Marsha left me and holly and dottie in the car. We sat there about ten minutes, and then the girls started trying to tickle each other. Dottie said to stop because she had to go to the bathroom. holly kept tickling her, and poking her in the stomach. She finally decided to go in the store to go pee. holly went with her...when they got out of the car, they set off the alarm when they opened the door...we just left it going, because we didn't know what else to do, and dottie was really desperate by this time. They were gone for about! 5 minutes, and when they came back, holly had the keys in her hand. "Did you make it?" I said.

"Barely", said dottie. "I almost didn't." at that point I looked on the ground, and she was standing beside some spilled liquid, a coke or some water or something. Deciding to make a joke out of it, I said
"Hey, I thought you made it...what's that on the ground." ...haha, I know, really hilarious.

Now something else to tell...I had a first time experience the other day...I've heard of other people doing this alot, and I think most people do, but I never have before...I took a book to the bathroom. See, for me, it has usually been an imposibility because I don't just let it come out naturally, I push it out as quickly as I can. But lately, I've been just letting it come out naturally. I had band camp this week, and after I came home, I was too tired to even take off my pants, and I was thirsty, and I really had to poop. So, while I was getting some gatorade, I just let it slide out. It felt soooooooooo good to just let it happen like that, so that's what I've been doing lately, unless I'm in a hurry. So, yesterday, I was a reading a book, and I had to poop, but I didn't want to put it down, so I took it with me...I read about 5 pages while I sat on the toilet. it was great...I've never experienced anything like it. My girlfriend reads when she poops, but she ! takes alot longer than me. But that's why I decided to try it, just cause I was thinking about her doing it...well, I gotta go now. I'm pretty much a lurker here, but every now and then I'll post something, so keep an eye out for me.

Jeff A
First off, KIM AND SCOTT: Kim, I'm so sorry, I forgot to thank you for wishing me well! You're such a great lady, I do thank you for your concern. I'm loving those stories of yours. You're the only woman I've ever heard of that carries a tape measure around with her. First you lay these monster turds, then measure them! You are an original Kim and I love you! Hey, I did one myself yesterday that would either equal, or rival one of yours!

PETER IN AZ: Super congratulations! That is really great!!!! Everybody's getting engaged, must be this crazy summer weather huh? It sounds like Dave knew what he was doing, and had a great plan. Someone like that is special. Forgive me, but I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to gay marriages. Is it legal in Arizona, or do you have to go out of state? Or is it legal everywhere? Anyway, I wish you both every happiness, and a wonderful life together. Don't waste a single second of it!

RJOGGER: Yes, those darker ladies are really something else, huh? After having read Carmalita's post about that dance she was at, I was steamin'! I wish I could've been a fly on the wall that evening. All I can say is, lucky Jake! Hey, I loved your latest story about when you were 13! Those girls, Karen and Jenn, they seemed so realistic. I could just see them and hear them. It's great how wonderfully uninhibited girls that age can be, isn't it? Very descriptive, and most worthy of a print out! I also really liked the part where Karen gave you a special show, asking you how you liked it. I always enjoy talking to you Rick, you have really cool things to say. So, you're 54 are you? It sounds like you've packed a lifetime into your short time on earth. Kathy also sounds like a lovely woman and I'm happy that you two can have such great times together. It's also great that there's no jealousy involved while you're out in the woods. She can join right in which is wonderful! Oh! , and thanks for asking, but my tests are ok! You're just going to have to put up with me for a while longer! The sad news though, is that there were no more latina girls going in to take nasty dumps in the waiting area rest room. Take care, Rick.

RIZZO: Thanks for that belated happy birthday! I've been fighting a heart condition for over a year now, but so far, I'm winning. I try to take real good care of myself. I liked that story about Barbara. So you caught her peeing in the sink did you? Isn't it always great to do something like that? I mean, when you least expect it, you get a lovely surprise.

LOUISE: Wow! I really loved that story about Steve holding you up so you could poop! It's fun imagining you in his arms squeezing one out! That's got to be one of the coolest stories ever in here. And then he takes you over to the tub to pee. Wonderful! I just love you two so much! Here's one for you: the other day I had to pee, so I went into the bathroom. It's summer here, and very hot, and I was wearing shorts only. The air conditioning vent in our bathroom is right next to the toilet of all places, and blows frigid air up at a person. I didn't feel like freezing, so I stood away from the toilet by about 3 feet and peed an arc all the way in. I used my penis just like a hose and when the stream got toward the end, I just held it up higher. I was amazed that I could do that! Guess I'm not that old after all!

STEVE: Hey guy, long time no talk! I've been very busy, so have you obviously. Just a quick note to tell you that I've been working on my kung fu again, and also am formulating my own style, geared toward blind and other handicapped people. It's more sensory than anticipatory with lightning quick responsive techniques and follow throughs. Anyway, it keeps me working out and sweating. Lucky you with Louise! She's certainly a cute pee queen and one of my favorite posters as you are. There are so many great people here. Anyway, take care my friend.

Here's another story from my past. I was 11 and my parents were out of town. We were being watched by a neighbor woman who was very attractive, blonde with a great figure. Me and my brother had bunk beds, and I was on the top bunk. I slept with my head towards the door, but that evening I wasn't asleep. I guess I must have laid in bed for an hour or more when I heard her coming down the hall. The bathroom was directly across from our room. Now, our bedroom door was open, and she comes into the bathroom and dosen't shut the door. She had a magazine with her and laid it across the sink while she started undoing her belt. I was amazed! I laid on my stomach pretending to be asleep. Then, before she pulled her pants down, she glanced right at me, then walked into our room quietly to check if we were truly asleep. I closed my eyes just a slit and breathed normally. Seemingly satisfied, she left and returned to the bathroom. Then to my young amazement, the slacks went down, so di! d the panties and she sat down, and picked up her magazine. There was no peeing, but a few slow farts. After a few minutes of watching her, I heard a plop into the toilet, and she sighed gently. This went on for the longest time, and I must have counted about 8, or 10 similar plops. By this time I could smell it, but it wasn't a bad smell at all. Very mild. Suddenly, my brother rolled over in his bunk, and she quickly reached for the door and closed it. End of the show! I've never forgotten that, and was always curious why she didn't shut the door to begin with. As a young boy I questioned that, and now, as a man, I still question it. Do women have a built in urge to be exhibitionists? I'm not complaining if they do!

Take care everyone.

My name is Cindy. I'm a 17 year-old hispanic female and this happened to me last year in high school. I had this mean english teacher named Miss.Stubbs and everybody hated her. Anyway, I use to have her right after lunch and one day I had drunk too much soda at lunchtime for some reason and during her hour long class, I had to use the bathroom. I knew she wasn't gonna let me go but I asked her anyway. I gave it a shot and asked her and she said no. A few moments later the urge had gotten worse where I was fidgeting. I asked her again,"May I PLEASE go to the bathroom, its an emergency!" And she said "No" again. The urge had gotten more worse where I was literally crying and fidgeting some more. The other kids were looking and one even told me to just jump up and go. But I didn't and I felt some pee leaking into my panties and jeans. I crossed my legs so no more could leak out and I asked the teacher one last time if I could use the bathroom and her reply was "No! You should hav! e taken care of that before class". After a couple moments later, I couldn't hold it anymore and I ended up completely peeing my jeans. I jumped up and ran to the principal office (instead of the bathroom)crying to call my mom. The principal asked what happened and I told him. My mother came up there and cursed Miss.Stubbs out and I went home early. My jeans were dripping wet.They were wet front and back and all down my pant legs. And my pee was smelling strong. I had peed on myself so bad it had leaked down into my platform clogs. When I got home I went to my room to take off my clothes to get in the shower. Since I wasn't wearing any socks with my clogs, the pee had soaked my bare feet and had my feet stinking. I took my clogs(that I couldn't wear for a month because they smelled like pee) and clothes and put them down the basement. I jumped in the shower crying over the humiliation and washed myself. After my mother had cursed Miss.Stubbs out, Miss.Stubbs from that point on! kept asking me during class (for that year) "Do you have to use the bathroom?"

Billy and Kevin L
Today, my brother got some nasty diarrhea. This morning, I was getting ready for church. My oldest brother Tom was taking a shower. While I was brushing my teath, Josh came in and sat down on the toilet. He peed and let out some poop. It was not diarrhea, but it was kind of loose. We went to church and then went to breakfast. After breakfast, we came home. I had to poop and so did Kev. Kev sat down on the toilet and started to go. my other little brother jeremy came in. He sat down on the little potty and started to poop. In the mean time Kev had one of those poops where little turds come out for about 5 minutes. So did Jeremy. Then Josh came in and said he need to poop now. I said go out and use the guest bathroom. He said dad just went in there with the funnies. Kev said he will be done in about 3 minutes. Jeremy said he was pooing as fast as he can go. He said, please. I am about to poop my pants. Jeremy said, ok. He got up and Josh sat down. He immediately let louse with d! iarrhea. It really smelled. Jeremy let out about 100 little turds. Josh let out brown water. He completely covered Josh poop. Kev was done and I sat down. I let out one long turd, about 1 foot long and only 1/2 in around. Color was #22. Then I let out about 5 5 inchers around 1/2 ft. Josh said he was done. I told him to wash his hands good so that other people do not get sick. Jeremy said he was not finished. I said poop on the little potty. He siad he did not want to poop in that diarrhea stuff. I said ok, I will be done in a minute. I help Josh wipe his butt, then I wiped mine. Jeremy was about to sit down, but I said hold one minute and dumped the little potty into the big toilet and rinsed out the little potty. Jeremy said, ok and flushed the toilet and sat down. He was still pooping little turds when I left. We went out and played soccer. Mom wouldn't let Josh go. Jeremy and Kev and me went out. Afterwards, we got Josh and went swimming. Mom said he did not have to go whi! le we were playing soccer. Usually, we go into lake, but Mike said we could swim at his house. So we went swimming there. Josh had to go while we were swimming. He couldn't wait until he dried off, so he ran into the trees. THere is a line of trees next to the fence. He pulled his pants down, and pooped. I had some tissues just in case. I pooped on some white rocks. The poop was watery, so there was nothing on the rocks except from brown water. Mike's brother said that was nasty. It was like he was peeing out of the wrong hole. I said, yeah, but he has to go. We rinsed the rocks off and threw the TP over the fence. We had some food (Josh just drank juice because he was not hungry). For dinner, he just had applesauce and corn. He had to poop again right after dinner. So did I. He used the little potty while I used the toilet. He had to poop once before bed too. Kev was on the toilet while I get ready for bed. Josh came in and pooped one more time. This time his poop had corn in! it. But it was mushy but not watery. I guess it took about 1 1/2 hours for the poop to come out. That is pretty fast. Kev said he had no corn in his poop. Josh went to bed after that and we have to go early becasue of hte summer camp thing we go to.

PV: Ooooh, I just loved that big 19 incher you did, and what a great description of it too! You're such a lovely lady! Then you took a shot at some urinals? PV, you are a treasure, that's for sure! I love you!

PETER IN AZ: Oh hon, I am SO HAPPY for you!!! Congratulations, I hope you'll always be happy because you're such a warm hearted man and care about people. My two best friends Renee and Patsy are also very happy for you, and will post soon to tell you themselves! If you're like me, then you're floating on air right now. How romantic of Dave too, to announce it for everyone. It really takes someone special to do that. All my love to you Peter, and I wish you every happiness. Here's a kiss to you, and a hug of friendship.

RJOGGER: Wow! I loved your story about the two girls when you were 13. Karen and Jenn sound like two hotties and they were having a great time teasing you and playing show me yours and I'll show you mine! I'll bet you were such a cutie at that age too that they couldn't resist! Me and Jake played a game too, I posted it, but it's down below, past the Thursday and date line. Once again, I loved reading that story from your past. See ya' hon!


Well I found this website a little while ago and looked at a few things then decided to post so I am going to write about some of my early experiences with peeing. Well when I was four or five I would go over to my friend's house he lived in a very rural area and we were playing on his swing set and he told me he had to pee and asked me if I had to and I said yes. So I got off whatever swing thing we were on and headed for his house but he said no over here. So we went over to a real big tree and he pulled down his pants and began to pee on the tree I soon did the same I pulled my pants down and aimed my penis and peed on the tree. A little later our mom's came out to check on us and we told them and they said we should not do that. Another time he was over for Thanks giving it was just him and his parents. And we did childish thing like strip to only are underwear and pretend we were cave men. One thing we did though was whenever we needed to pee we went out on the fro nt porch and peed. It was great I think I will write more later.

I am 16/male. I will be going on vacation to the beach next week and have a question. How many of you pee in your swimsuit if you're not in the water. Just sitting or walking on the beach. I hate it when i'm sitting on the beach and i have to pee so bad that i can't even sit still or i will piss myself. So i have to go all the way down to the water to pee. So i was wondering how common it is to just pee yourself right in the swimsuit. I would obviously need to wear a dark suit so the wet spot on the front wouldnt show if they were previously dry. Let me know. Please respond!!

Hellowe everyone! I'm posting right after Carmalita this morning. Just a little FYI, as I'm typing, she's taking her deadly, morning shit. It's a killer one too! Ooops! I just heard a nice, healthy plop. It must have been a big one! Oh well. She's making what she calls her "famous brown burritos." However, she's not very stinky this morning. I think it's safe to go in and brush my teeth afterall!

Dear Peter in AZ: Congratulations to you! That is such wonderful news! In this crazy and mixed up world that we live in, any happiness within reach is meant to be. I know you'll be very happy, the both of you. Jake and Patsy send their best to you also. Jake said to me "Shoot! I should have thought about using a microphone to announce me and Carmalita's engagement!" so, he's pretty pumped about your engagement. He's a cool dude. Once again Peter, I wish you the very best.

I am so HAPPY about Jake and Carmalita's engagement!!!! I think I bawled my eyes out for two hours after they broke the news to us. Patsy is very excited also. She loves Jake. Hell, everyone loves Jake! (Well, except maybe for one jerkoff who got tossed out of our yard). Carmalita was showing off her ring, and she was absolutely glowing! I've never seen her so happy, or so beautiful! Love looks good on her. We've been talking about having the ceremony here at the house because it would be less expensive. Any ideas anyone? Jake wants a Mexican style wedding which really flattered his bride to be!

Patsy kept her promise, and modeled her new birthday wonderbra that Carmalita gave her. She came out in a robe and her jeans, and slipped the robe over her shoulders, and we all got a glimpse of two very sexy boobs in a black push up bra. This was a prelude to a very nasty, and gnarly dump she took later in the evening. She ran out of toilet paper and wanted me to bring her a roll. Good God almighty what a stench! She smiled at me and said "I've got a gut ache and a butt ache!" She was sitting on the toilet with her jeans down at her ankles, wearing only the bra on top. I was looking in the mirror at my teeth when I heard this massive "Urrrrrrrpppppppp!" She belched really, really loud! Then she laughed. I heard Jake and Malita snickering right after. They heard it clear in the bedroom! Patsy said "Excuse me, I know I sound like a pig." I stood there and looked at that beautiful black girl sitting on the toilet and thought she was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Just the! n she starts holding her belly and moaning, and gritting her teeth, and I could hear a fat one crackling. The smell was so bad too! I had to plug my nose. Little by little I could hear her turd squeaking out of her ass. Finally it plopped hard into the toilet, and Pat stood up to check it out. Holy cow, what a monster! It looked like a big, brown piece of pipe with light brown bits in it. She was still wearing the bra, and her boobs were pushed up rather nicely. It was all I could do to not grab the camera and get a couple of shots of her. Carmalita's gift was very thoughtful for it seems to have sparked even new feelings in me and Pat. Patsy knew it too and pooped only for me. It was so nice. She then said, "I'd better flush this thing," and did. It almost didn't go down! After she flushed, she stood there with her pants down staring for a moment. "What's wrong?" I asked, and she sat back down on the toilet and said "Ain't through yet I guess." As she grunted some more, I put! my palm to her cheek and she rubbed her face in my hand gently. I heard some loose turds crackling and plopping like crazy. "Sweet baby," I said "What did you eat, anyway?" It was actually really nice being with her like that. I could have done without that evil smell, but other than that, it was beautiful seeing her black fanny flattened out on the toilet, pumping out turds like crazy. Patsy is a very beautiful woman and I'm so honored to have her.

RJOGGER: Hi buddy, how've you been doing? How's Kathy? I've been reading your stories and they're so cool. Especially you're latest. I wish you two were neighbors, what fun we'd have together. Not just the pooping thing, but just as friends. We all love you so much in this household. Patsy thinks Kathy is a hottie too! She does sound very lovely I have to admit! You're a lucky man. Anyway, you take care my wonderful friend!

Rizzo: I am also so happy to see you posting again. I think you are a very special man too! I always look forward to your posts, and reading what you have to say. You mentioned once about playng Bach's largo in G I think it was? Patsy plays piano too, she's actually very good. One time we were just lying around, and she got up and said "Here's something just for you, baby," and sat down at the keyboard. She played the adagio from Beethoven's Emperor concerto. It was so beautiful I almost started crying. This was last fall, before I got pregnant, and we were drinking white wine in the afternoon. It was raining outside, and hearing those exquisite notes was delightful. You take care Rizzo.

Jeff A: What's up son? LOL! In Texas, everyone under age thirty-five is known as "son". I know you're older than that, but you don't seem like it. I extend my happy belated birthday greetings. Yours and Patsy's birthdays are very close! I liked your childhood stories, especially the one about the boys' mother that you were spying on through the door. One time when I was 10, my aunt Lilah took a poop while I was having a bath. She was such a lady, but crapped a pretty healthy load. After that, me and Jake (we grew up together) started playing pooping spy games, and would go off into the pasture far away from the main house, and poop for each other in private. It was really intimate and fun. We were secret, dear friends and had the greatest times. One time, I did a really huge turd, and for several days, we'd sneak off to look at it. Weird, huh? When I met Carmalita, the games really became electric let me tell you! Anyway, you take care of yourself. Patsy sends you a big ! hug.

PV: I saw the note you sent Carmalita about that bathing suit! Mmmmm tell more! Me and Patsy really enjoy reading your posts. One time I went with Malita to that community center, and went into the bathroom to pee. Man, nothing like being exposed! It would have been fun to see you do your thing in there! You're not only an obviously very beautiful woman, but very tender hearted and generous. Good qualities! Thanks to you and Louise for all your encouragement on standing up to pee. Your urinal adventures are very inspiring, and your pee stories are legend. Talk to you later pal!

Take care y'all!

Outhouse Scott
Hey. I just noticed that there's another guy named Scott in this forum. I'm the Scott who shared the "girls saw me take a shit in an outhouse" story a few days ago. To keep from causing confusion, I'll refer to myself as Outhouse Scott from now on.

A couple more stories, these about a girl (well, now a woman) whom I know. I won't give her real name, she'd killme. Let's call her Kristin.

Story #1.

Not really too much to tell. One night after a party when we were freshmen in college, Kristin and I were on our way back to our dorm. I was buzzed, but she was about as drunk as you can get and still walk. We're walking along and she says she has to pee and can't wait. We manage to partially hide behind some bushes and she starts fumbling with her pants. I went to leave her alone, but she asked me to stay, and said she didn't care if I saw her peeing. Okay, fine (she did have a very nice ass--actually, she still does).

She managed to get her pants unzipped and pushed them down to her knees. She pushed her underpants down, too. She kind of half-squatted, and even I could tell that she wasn't going to clear her pants. I was about to say so, when she started peeing. It went all over her pants and underpants, she might as well not have even pulled them down.

"You're peeing all over yourself," I said.

"Shit, I know," she said, and giggled. She tried to stop, but her bladder forced it all out. About halfway through, she tried to squat more, but lost her balance and landed on her bare ass, with piss still streaming out. She finally finished and pulled her pee-soaked jeans and underpants over her mud covered buns. Needless to say, she was quite a mess when we finally got back to our dorm. She took a shower while I waited in her room. I tucked her in and went to my room. As I went to sleep, I realized that that was my first "college experience."

Story #2

Kristin and I were at yet another party together. This, however, was sophomore year, about a week before classes were over. She was, once again, drunk as hell. I wasn't in a drinking mood that night for some reason, and was nursing only my second beer.

Anyway, Kristin had been having intestinal problems all day. Because of this, she was wearing normal underpants as opposed to her usual thong. She'd discovered thongs sometime early in the previous semester, and had been kind enough to model them for me whenever she got a new one, to get a guy's opinion. I'd like to point out that, while we occasionally got a little touchy-feely, our relationship never went beyond that of good friends. I never took advantage of her flirtiness, and she never used it to tease me. Anyway, back to the story.

She thought her bowels were okay, but wore the panties just in case. She and I were listening to this wacko guy telling some bizarre story. Kristin thought it was hilarious. Finally the guy got to the "punchline" and Kristin burst out laughing. Unfortunately for her, a laugh wasn't the only thing that burst out of her. She laughed so hard, she shit her pants. In three seconds, her underpants were filled with liquidy shit. She gasped in horror. I heard what sounded like a wet fart, the smell hit me, and I saw the look on her face. It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened. Everyone else apparently thought someone had simply cut a nasty fart. I took credit for it and apologized, then led Kristin out. She was doing her best to keep the shit from squishing against her buns, but she was having a hard enough time walking at all. She was nearly in tears, she was so mortified.

I snuck her into the men's bathroom and helped her get undressed down to her underpants. The shit had run down her legs, soiling her jeans, but had luckily stopped around her thighs. She got in the shower, took off her underpants. I held a waste basket next to the shower and she tossed them in it. She cleaned herself up and came out in ten or so minutes. She was sober enough to dry herself off, and I gave her one of my shirts and pair of my shorts.

She had barely got them on, when she needed to shit again. The toilets in the men's bathroom had no stalls, and she didn't think she could hold it long enough to make it to the women's room. What could she do? She sat in one of the stalls and I stood in front of her, with my back to her. She had diarreah for what seemed like a long time, then wiped her ass and flushed. She was so embarrassed, I felt so bad for her. She asked if she could stay in my room and I said sure.

We sat up for a while. She was really horrified by what had happened. So I told her my outhouse story. She laughed, but luckily, her bowels were empty this time. After a while she started to feel better, and told me that she'd peed in fron of guys before, but she had never shit in front of anyone before. Shitting her pants at the party was still a major low point in her life, but shitting with me standing right in fron of her wasn't such a big deal when she looked back on it.

Only one time after that did she take a shit in front of me (we were hiking in the woods, both had to shit, so decided to simply go together--an interesting experience), but she peed in front of me (on and off the toilet) I don't know how many times.

I kind of liked that, not because I got off on seeing her on the toilet or squatting with her pants down and her ass showing (although, I do find that strangely sexy), but because it felt good to know she was so comfortable around me. We're still friends, both married. My wife will sit on the toilet in front of me, even let me pull her pants down for her, but she can't start peeing until I'm out of the room.

I love her anyway.

winnie the pee
I was at Cardiff station a couple of weeks ago, the day after the Stereophonics concert, and theer was a massive pile of shit on the tracks. Several very thick logs laid there for all to see and I heard someone comment that it looked as though a horse had shit there. Made me think of some of the ladies who post here!

Gretel your story was mad tight. please post more like that

I was at work yesterday and i got this bad stomach ache...Right before my break i felt like i had to poop so i went to the bathroom and i thought i'd feel better...but i didn't. I came home when i was supposed to and it was still hurting. So before bed i took a suppository thinking i've got shit up me that isn't moving. It helped a little bit but this morning i feel really good. I woke up and it was hurting a tad....then i decided to make some eggs and i think after eating them, they made me have to poop. I ate then about 20-30 minutes after i ate i had to poop and now my stomach feels better. I think there was shit, just sitting around and not moving and that is what was hurting me.

To Billy & Kevin L: Funny story about the girl stepping in Kevs poop

I gotta go poop again! back in a bit to read the posts(more of them)

Yesterday I had my first near pee accident. While I was outside going home there were lots of mosquitos bitting me. I was itching so bad also at the time I also had to pee. So when I started scratching and itching I almost let go. I finally made it home in time but I was itching all night.

Ed from Long Island, NY
My Date Pooped Out On Me!
Just found this interesting forum, thought it was weird at first, but I see others are interested in this topic. This occured back in February of 99. I had met M. Her first initial just in case She is reading this. She was 20 and I was pushing 50 She was some 30 years my Junior. A tall gal with feet to match, everything about her was perfect or so it seemed. We went to dinner and I don't know what exactly caused the problem but after Dinner I was Driving Her home when She told me She would like to "freshen up" Well we were on a Highway and no facilities wre very near.
I asked if She was OK She said She was fine and just wanted to fix Her Makeup. So I drove another 50 miles to a rest area which had a Co-Ed Restroom, Ladies and Gents. She entered the room and was gone for about 15 minutes. She had been wearing Slacks, Sandals and Pantyhose Beige Shade when She entered the rest area, but I noticed She now wore off-black hose. She neither I said anything about it.
I drove Her home and we said good nite. A perfect first date, but my curiosity was killing me. As I was passing the rest area again on my way home. I just had to check the restroom. I looked in the bottom of the trash can and sure enough neatly folded where a pair of LEGGS Sheer Energy Size B Beige Pantyhose. They contained a huge load of poop, my suspicions where well founded. We never got together again and I fear somehow She was embarrased by Her Accident and felt I knew about it. Strangely I did not find it so unpleasent, perhaps if I had been the one doing the pantypooping I would have felt that way. You migh say my date pooped out on me.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. It was the last day I was working at my client's site, and the team was celebrating the completion of the project. It was right before lunch, and I went to get some items for the office party. Accompanying me was Mario, a very soft-spoken programmer who was very knowledgable about many things but was very bashful. We went to a nearby grocery store and picked up some things. As we were getting to the car, I realized we forgot to buy some plastic cups. Mario offered to go back to get the cups, so I said I put the things in the car and pull up to the front.

As I drove to the front, I suddenly let out a huge fart. I didn't consider it a big deal, since I do it from time to time when I'm alone in the car. However, I realized that Mario was riding with me, and I left a big stink. I immediately put the A/C on full blast, hoping to drive away the poop smell. Unfortunately, Mario was getting into the car, and we drove back to the office. The smell was almost, but not completely gone, but Mario didn't say anything. He only asked why the A/C was on full blast. I said sorry and turned it down. The poop smell was still around when we got out of the car, but he still didn't say a word about it.

We had a nice reception, and we spent the afternoon finalizing the implementation of their new system. I was gathering my things when I had a sudden urge to poop. The fart I made in the car earlier was a sign that I would need to poop, but the fart relieved that urge for the time being, and I held it in up to this point. I made it to the ladies room. I pulled down my pants and panties and sat. I let go a fart, then started to push out long thick pieces of poop in rapid succession. I pushed out about nine pieces, paused for a moment, then pushed out another nine pieces. I spread my legs out to see inside, and I saw several banana-sized pieces at the bottom of the bowl and a few pieces floating. The poop smell was strong, so I flushed the toilet.

I pushed out a few more long thick pieces before I was done. I wiped a few times, then got up and saw more big bananas in the bowl. I flushed the toilet a final time. No stains but the usual lingering smell of poop. I went back to say my goodbyes, then I went home.

Jeff from NY
Hi i am new here.

I have a question for all the girls in here.

first question, Everytime i got in to a men restroom it is hard to find a toilet that doesn't have shit in the bowl or toilet paper all over. I was wondering if this happen alot in the girl restroom too?

2nd question. every now and again when i go to the bathroom my shit is pure green. does this happen to women too? and why does this happen?

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