Hi Everyone

Steve: Hello my dearest toilet guard! Oh no you can't do that to me! Please post this story of yours or I won't let you stand guard for me! (ok so thats blackmail - but hey you want to be my guard don't you?)

I think you're right about my Mum although I have to say in recent months she does seem to have changed, and the first buddy wee last week was definately something else. However, it gets better. Last night Mum came over to see me just to go over arrangements for a party she's arranging at the weekend for some friends.

Anyway, time passed and mum suddenly said, Julie dear I need a wee, shall we go together. I couldnt believe it at first and thought i'd miss heard, but she started towards the bathroom and seemed to imply that i should come as well. Once in the bathroom she asked me to show her the standing wee. apparently she'd been thinking about it ever since my attempt last week and wanted to try for herself. (This is not the mother I knew!!!!!). Once she had pulled her skirt up, I advised her to take her tights and knickers off just in case of accidents! Remembering Louise's advice all those weeks ago when I was new to this too, I told Mum to push down on her pussy to try and aim it. she soon started to wee and, well... some went into the bowl, but her aim was a little wayward! well they say practice makes perfect.

i figured it was then my turn (although hardly the expert myself!). I lifted my dress and pulled down my knickers (lilac with little red hearts on them). My aim was not as good as last time and I splashed a bit but did manage to show mum how to try and aim by pushing down on my clit.

A few months ago I would have thought this was really weird, but somehow last night I felt strangely at ease weeing with my mum. it's so nice to be open about things.

love to everyone.

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Hey all-Sid,here. All these peeps wanting to do some peeping. I frequent this nightclub that has been around since 1980 and it is still the coolest club around. It still probably looks just like it did from back then because all the years I've been there, nothing has changed-especially the run-down bathrooms. A lot of freaks and weirdos hang out there, and several lesbians, which is cool by me since they dance all over each other, plus they're hot. Anyway, the guy's and girl's bathrooms have no outer door and no stalls have doors in either bathroom as well. Here is thing though, guys and girls go into both because no one seems to really care. Lucy and I will hit a stall and make out, but you see people doing drugs, making out, but of course you see them pissing or taking a dump. So it is not uncommon to see a girl or guy sitting and pumping away. It's like no big deal in there because like I said, most of these freaks don't care. Of course Lucy is a bit repulsed by t! he things in these bathrooms, and I guess I can't blame her because of all the other junk in there. I have walked into the guy's room and seen groups of girls using the bathroom and doing guard duty acting like a door or curtain, but like you don't here the noises or something-you know? And guys are taking craps in the girl's room, and the girls don't seem to mind. Lately things have settled down though because police are there watching things more, like last weekend when they arrested some fools causing trouble at the front doors. But still, no doors on the bathrooms or stalls, and I doubt there ever will be, so who knows what you'll see if your lucky-
Someone was asking about laws? I guess there are no laws in there.

Peter in AZ
Tell us your other stories.
Great story! I liked how you played it along.
Great story of you messing yourself!!!
I have some REALLY good news...I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is how it happened we were at a dance and the DJ stop and said we have a special thing to say tonight. He got a mike and got on one knee and proposed. His name is Dave. Im going to tell him about my fetish soon. Well gotta go.
Pleasant Poops!!!

Hi everyone,

Havent posted in a few days because ive had the worst case of the shits ever! it started on monday evening when my friend Lisa and i went out for an indian, we had a dish called buttered chicken which was lovely at the time very hot as well as fruity. After the meal we sat and had a few glasses of wine when i suddenly heard my ???? go rumble rumble! so i excused myself from the table and once i got out of the sitting area into the toilets i ran into a cubicle shut the door and began unbuttoning my black hipster trousers when i felt my bowels aching and my sphincter was so sore trying to hold in. Next i farted kinda runny and splattery and it smealt really strong and rich right away but as i struggled with my buttons i farted again and a big swoosh of warm runny shit dropped into my panties and as i struggled to get my trousers down every so often id keep shitting. So when i got my trousers and panties down i shit so hard, runny at the start and dark brown in colour wh! ich like a ricy formation on the side of it, next were a few mushy small pebbles which hit the toilet water fast making a ploping sound then i had 2 or 3 more farts and needed to pee then and damn the hot piss was burning my uretha so badly like spicy hot water just roasting all the tender parts of my vagina as i slashed a golden trickle of steaming pee, after i had finished peeing i took off my trousers and panties and threw my panties in the sanitary bin then started to clean up the shit that has my ass in a total mess, i started by nipping out and damping the toilet paper with warm water and began to clean off the real messy stuff then i went to using ordinary toilet paper and mananged to clean myself well enough well until i got home ne way, im glad that no poop got on my trousers but next i sat down on the toilet and puffed in and out as my ass was like it was blazing, my asshole was red raw eating that shitty food, next i lit up a cigarette and sat down relaxing all the ! tension that had erupted when having that heavy dump.
When i went back in my friend looked so annoyed but when i explained all she was fine about it and she then needed to poop lol even though the dish she had eaten was so much milder than mine.
So back to the toilets again we went and i stood in the cubicle with her as she took down her trousers and lifted he skirt up (this was the cubicled id dumped in and it was unreal the smell that was lingering) so she sat on the toilet and i turned round and began talking as i saw her pee first, kinda clear like water but yet so much and the strange thing is that her vagina makes like a very loud spraying noise when she slahes much louder than mine infact and her pee lasted much longer than mine 2! So next she felt a turd coming on and i heard her starting to grunt a little and fix her hands firmly on the toilet seat as i heard the soft crackling sound of the turd leaving her ass and ploping loudly into the toilet water, after she farted a few times then peed a little more and wiped up, her vagina is quite large in size so the paper was very wet as she rubbed it into her pussy a few times drying off the access pee and next she proceeded to wipe her butt which the paper was ! a very light brown in colour and indeed the smell was very mild indeed, so when she got dressed up again i looked into the toilet to see how much she had left and then let her flush it away, next we basically left and went home. But heck what a night and i have been on the mend a little more today and eating bananas drinking little glasses of brandy and eating lots of bread etc and im glad to say the burning has gone in my ass but my pussy still feels a little raw when i pee, if it doesnt improve soon i shall ask the doctor for advice! takecare everyone and some great stories around at the mo especially from Carmalita and by the way congratulations on ur engagement xxx good luck for the future xxx

I found and read the post you were looking for. Apparently the meathod includes placing any object - such as a towle or blanket-between your legs and against your bladder. As you increase the pressure, the amount of the object increases. The more of an object you have, and the tighter your press against your bladder, the more you will feel the need for urination. You can continue this until "there is a bathroom available" or until you wet yourself (as some would desire). Is this something you are interested in trying? Let me know how it goes, and if it actually works....

Hola mi amigos!

ADRIAN: Thanks for your sweet congratulations, and for answering my question. I know it was probably a dumb question, but the more I thought about it, the more I had to ask.
MR. NO NAME: Wow! Yet another Oregonian! Maybe I'm in the right place after all huh? I'm glad you like my "earthy and sensual" posts! That's a cool description. The latinas at the center are very, very sexy. No words can describe them and it was fun to be in their company for such intimate acts.
JON: Hi hon, thanks for the congrats! Interesting question you asked me. I'm Mexican American, and english is my first language and I also help teach english language classes at the center. I'm glad you like the way I write, my bud Renee wants me to write a book of our pooping memoirs! How about if I call it "The Colon Chronicles"? LOL! Hey Jon, it was great talking to you!
TRAVELING GUY: I'm glad you liked the restroom story. It was fun, especially when it's busy!
KENDALL: Hi hon, I'm glad my story touched your heart. Amazingly, when I wrote the piece about my father, I started crying. He bought me a pepsi and cotton candy that day and I was so thrilled to be with him, just the two of us. His necessary restroom stop was one of those things that I feel priveledged to have shared with him. I'm awfully sorry it made you sad, but I guess it's when we are sad that we're truly an open book with our feelings written in the pages of our hearts. Thanks for responding to me.
STEVE AND LOUISE: Thank you so much for your congrats! LOUISE: Jake was shaking and nervous just before he did it, I should have known something was up. I just thought he wanted to talk! I didn't realize what he really had in mind. I know everything is happening fast, but when I met him in February, I knew I was in love. Renee had told me so much about him for so long that I felt like I already knew him in a way. I never expected him to be so damned handsome and gentlemanly. But, when he made that child's rocking horse with his own two hands, that's what really did it for me!
BUZZY: I'm still pretty unclear as to what buddy dumping really is. I've never heard that expression until I came to this site. We share the bathroom all the time, and go in front of each other. Is that what it is?
JEFF A: I think you've made me teary-eyed (again!). That was a beautiful compliment you gave to me. Let us know how you're doing, ok?
PV: Thank you so much for such a lovely note! We love you too, and so many people here. I've often thought about you, and still do. But that description of yourself! Holy guacomole!!! Jeez what a heartbreaker you are! I think if you'd have shown up dressed like that, the men would have followed you right in there! Visualizing you like that gives me more than a thrill! I'll bet you have soft, white skin like Renee.
JAMIE: Oh, how I've missed you. Thank you for your sweet wishes. I am happy about my engagement. Thank you for liking my stories, and being such a sweet and tender man. You make me feel special. You are, in the language of my people, fuerte. (strong.) All my love to you, Jamie. We can still have our great talks and be just as good of friends as ever!
RJOGGER: Gosh, ya made me gulp there buddy! Those were some beautiful things you said to me, thank you so much. Often, Patsy will sit next to me when I read here. She loves to read PV and Louise's stories, and she loves you and Kathy. She also drools over Jane's stories a lot too! I'm so thrilled that you can confide in me, and I feel good knowing that I can talk to you. I know you've mentioned that you wish I was that latina lady you saw pooping in the bushes. If it were me, I'd give you a good show. I'd grunt extra hard, breathe heavy after passing a long and firm one, and give your nose a nasty treat too! I'm glad you think I'm a latina princess, and I wish I could be one just for you. I love you right back with all my heart. Give Kathy a big kiss for me, okay? (One for Patsy too, hee-hee!)
RIZZO: I'm happy you like the story about the sweetheart's dance. Jake loved it so much he wanted me to keep repeating it over and over again, filling in more details. I'll try to keep giving you and everyone more great stories. Things like that happen to me everyday, I guess it's just the telling of them that make them interesting, huh?

So, since Jake was so interested, and since we were alone last night, I had a great idea. It was a little game I came up with called "latina ladies room". What I did was, make myself up differently, then had Jake stand in the shower and peek from a crack in the curtain, as if I were a stranger and he could spy on me. First, I pulled my hair into a long, thick ponytail, with ribboned strands of curls hanging down the sides of my face. I painted my eyes much heavier, using extra liner, and mascara, and richer shades of eye shadow. I used a deep magenta and plum to play up the colors of my dark skin. Painting my lips was another matter, and it took several colors and attempts to change their shape. It took almost 90 minutes altogether to make the transformation, but by the time I was through, wow! I looked like a completely different woman! I then changed into a shiny red, long ruffle sleeve blouse and heels and skin tight black mini-skirt. I was also wearing special panties! that I know drive him wild. Jake was already excited before I sent him into the bathroom to hide behind the curtain. By this time, I was more than ready for a nice sit-down poop. I also had a huge pee built up.
I sent Jake into the bathroom and had him wait for a minute or two before the game began. Anticipation makes it all the more exciting. I was in the kitchen, and began walking down the hallway, my heels clicking on the floor. For the benefit of the game, I pretended to be talking to someone else, and teased further in a higher pitched voice not my own "I'll be back in a about 10 minutes. I have to take a big poop!" I then approached the bathroom, entered casually, then stood in front of the mirror for a moment, checking my face, giving my secret spy a nice long glimpse of my butt, neatly wrapped in black mini-skirt. I leaned forward a bit, studying my face in the mirror, making my latina ass even rounder, with two ripe cheeks struggling to press through the fabric. In the mirror's reflection, I could see him peeking through a divide in the curtain, then I sighed and let go a little fart
"ssspppppllllltttttt....ohhhhhhh, I really have to poop bad tonight," I said, out loud.
Continuing with the tease, I walked over to the toilet, lifted my skirt and blouse, hooked my thumbs in the stretch band of Jake's favorite beige hi-cut panties, and slid them down to my upper thighs, giving him a glimpse of vagina. When I sat, I made sure I was upright, arching my back so my breasts would pop to attention. I peed for what felt like forever. Man, it was good to drain that bladder! After I gushed a gallon of yellow, I leaned forward with my arms across my ????, and started grunting, making the pleasurably enrapt faces of a more than necessary bowel movement. It was a slow, lingering shit that left a nasty smell and a wanting man behind a curtain. I grunted once, clenching my teeth, showing pink gums, and puffing a heavy, lower lip. Within seconds, a big turd started coming. It was stretching little Carmalita's pinch hole wide open. The bigger it got, the more I bit down on my lower lip releasing some sensuous stink, and little puffs of effort. "Oohhhh....! nnyynnhh.....nhhh...." Then, like a greased banana, the big turd slid out easily and "Pluuuupped" into the water as sloppy crackling announced another on the way. I could smell brown pollution rising from between my thighs, floating upward. After the second turd plopped into the toilet, I sat back against the tank, raised my skirt, and pressed on my ???? with both hands as if to urge more. Jake's breathing behind the curtain was labored, as were my next two turds that I had to grunt out with a degree of difficulty. By now, the odor was very rich, and very unpleasant. I reached under my blouse to adjust a bra strap for effect, then squirmed and nestled my chocolate brown ass on the seat for some nice, big ones. Turd number three was really quite fat, noisy, and not for the squeamish. It was long, and took a lot of pushing to get the smelly thing out. When it finally did plop, I sighed loudly, leaned forward for a small rest, then began my wiping ritual. First, my vagina, slo! w and deliberate. Then, my ass, six good passes, with serious inspection of toilet paper. I stood up to wipe so my spy could see everything that floated in the toilet. There were three long and fat turds floating in a pool of orange-yellow, with tiny bits of brownish corn floating. I then pulled my panties back up, adjusted my clothes, washed my hands good, and left.
Jake loved every second of it. I did too actually. It was fun, and we should do it again! So should all of you! Rich: You and Kathy should try this! Anyway, that's it!


Just got home now at midnight Tuesday. Went for coffee with my jogger friend. OK I confess, I waited at the parking lot and ambushed him when he arrived. We both went for a jog and then for coffee, and later a burger, which lasted a couple hours. He's divorced and lives alone. I'm not sure how things will go, but he definitely seems very nice, after all. He's definitely date-able. I hope once he gets over being shy, he likes the same things I do. - No pooping stories to tell today unless you care to know that I had my usual, routine, fine big shit, alone, in a toilet, at work. About three pounds of mush, caused by the two greasy hot dogs sauerkraut and mustard I had after dinner last night. (Yawn). - Someone asked on here if I was in denial about my sexuality after they read my post about taking a shower with her after Connie unloaded her big bomb at my house. Sorry, but my (hetero)sexuality is none of anyone's business and inappropriate for this forum too, because it ! has nothing to do with enjoying a big, greasy, poop which for me is an equal opportunity pleasure I dig with either sex. For example, watching the "Mr." half of Mr and Mrs young couple flex his gorgeous butt muscles and pump put his BM the other day was just as much fun as watching Connie's fine creamy butt squeezing out the same stuff.- And that's how it is.

Alana: Thanks for answering my question. When I was around 8 or 9, don't remember exactly, one time I was at home in the bathroom taking a huge dump. My mother came in to get some soap and said the smell was terrible, so she went to the toilet and pulled down the flush handle while I was seated. Another time when I was young I was in a public restroom with my mother, and I was washing my hands when I saw a teenage girl rush into a stall. I was too busy washing my hands to hear any noise, but when I started drying my hands I heard a muffled toilet flush from her stall. It was the first time I remember hearing a flush like that.

To answer your question, Alana, looking at what I just pooped out is not that important to me. I might get up to take a look at a huge load at home, but when I am at a public restroom I will not get up until I am finished. I know by experience what the poop might look like once I push it out. I will not get up and look at it unless it feels unusually soft or stings when it comes out, which does not happen all that often. By the way, Alana, I thought I did huge poops, but mine pale compared to yours.

Since my huge dump on Friday, my dumps have been more or less normal. Nothing else to report on Christine. She was well behaved for the rest of the week. She is too excited about her boyfriend.

What a beautiful,tall,blonde with legs that go on for days sitting on the bowl in the masthead pic today,althought I think she is just posing on the bowl,but boy would I like to see those loooong legs spread as she does a good dump and she looks like the kind that does!!Great pic!Beautiful legs for days!
TO BEN(uk)I can just give you my opinion on the accident thing-I've had a few when i was younger and I really didn't enjoy the feeling of poop in my pants at all-I had a few times where I've went to pee and had some poop sneak out my butt and it was a drag to clean it up,i just don't honestly know if I could enjoy pooing in my pants on purpose,sorry ,just not my thing-just to messy to clean up-
I have to say,I've been really enjoying the ladies buddy poo stories on here lately(Helen of troy,Pamela,Susanne,R Jogger and his entourage,and of course,Carmelita and Renee)Just great stuff to print and take to the toilet for me to read and enjoy as I push out my morning stuff-I just love those stories-more stuff!
TO SAN D and BRYIAN-Well,I guess there is a lot of guys who like to watch other guys dump as I found out the other day(check my last post)I haven't really spied on a guy by looking over the top of the stall,but I have looked thru a hole in the wall a few times and saw some neat stuff,but I think some guys take it a bit too far(I won't elaborate) and that's when I'm outta there,but if a guy wants to see me dump and that's it,i don't care and the other day,in a strange way it was kinda fun-whatever floats your boat--
TO RJOGGER-To answer your queation about the mirror-it's about 4-6 inround with 2 sides-one side is just a regular mirror and the other side is a magnifying mirror and the mirror swivels-it's really a fun thing to do,esp when you and your buddy squat doqn right next to each other and watch each other's load come out at the same time-try it,it's really fun to do!!Please give me a report,neighbor!
MR NONAME-One question-you get those pics of your girlfriend developed?isn't that a bit risky?unless i misunderstod you-that is dangerous,pal!
TO PAMELA-hey,keep us posted on that guy you met in the woods,hard to say if he was grossed out or embarrased-hey try it again,girl!what have you got to lose!like your stories a bunch!
I'm starting to fell a dump coming on and it's going to be a hot one here in the i'm off to the woods to unload and hopefully i may have some company!!BYE

Michelle in Louisiana
Samantha: I knew there was something up with Olivia's life besides the fact that she "enjoys wetting herself". I'm glad you at least got down to the core of the matter.

Joe B.: I remember the dad used to buy them, but now he buys the gunk. You are right, they ain't bad at all, I think the next time I want a huge shit I'll go get some.

Mad Dog: I am a girl, and straight, but I still know that it is very hard to find a girl who wants to take a poop in front of anybody. I share my pooping feelings with some of my best friends sometimes, and they think it's just sick to watch somebody poop, let alone be watched. Most girls are either too modest or too embarrassed to let anybody see, or in some cases, even KNOW that they are pooping.

pboy: Go ahead, tell more camp stories, I liked your story. I, myself, have never literally gotten the shit scared outta me, but my cat has, lol. One time, when I was about 13, I was outside with my cat. Then, the septic tank men came, with that HUGE truck, and it was approaching my cat. My cat ran, meowed, and dropped shit on the way.

Mr. Noname: About farting competitions, I have a story. One time, about a year ago, my younger brother and his friend would play this game called "Fart the Man Goes". They would fart and then take a step forward. Whoever got to the end of the room first would win. I remember sometimes I would join them in Fart the Man Goes. Sometimes it was actually fun.

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