Michelle in Louisiana
A few nights ago, I drank 1/2 a 2 liter bottle of root beer. Sometimes when I drink large quanities of soda at once like that, I get a stomach ache. That happened this time, and I knew I'd have to eliminate at some point, but I didn't need to right away. So, I sat down, and shortly after I sat down, *BAM* the urge hit me. I ran to the toilet, for I knew this was going to be one of those times where you can't hold it back. I shut the door, locked it, pulled down my pants, and the contents started to whoosh out. I felt as if I was urinating out of my hole, and that continued nonstop for a long time. Then, I realized I almost filled the bowl with this watery poop, so I flushed. Then, I began letting out more watery poop, same consistency(like I was urinating out of my asshole), when I paused. I had done quite a bit of that, so I flushed. Then, more poop started gushing out of me, but this time it was lumpier. Those lumps were somewhat painful; as they were gushing out of me, it f! elt like I was burning my ass. I let out those lumps for a long time, then when I paused, I flushed. I still felt as if I had to do more, but no more was coming out, so I pushed. Then, this neverending, skinny(no more than 1/2 an inch in diameter) poop started sliding out of me. It slid out for a few minutes, and then it stopped. I didn't feel as if I needed to do any more shit, so I wiped my ass, flushed the toilet, and walked out. I left quite a few skidmarks in the toilet. Needless to say, I felt MUCH better.

I also noticed how some people think that what sex you enjoy seeing poop is what you're drawn to. Not necessarily. I like to see both sexes poop, but for dating and anything else of that sort, I only go for men.

PPG: How are the public toilets arranged in Britian? I'd like to know how they're different from the US, since I've never been there.

I'm off work today. Got a piece of metal shaving in my eye yesterday and went to the doctor on company time to have it removed and he said to take tomorrow off, so here is a poop story. I previously told about the first time I took a shit where others could see me do it - out in a boat when I was indignant with my boyfriend for his mean behavior. Several times I have been with girl friends and we have used the "rest room" together, and I have "gone" in front of the person I was with- or vice versa, but really that doesn't count.

And so, the second time: About two years after the boat incident during my one and only year in college. I was living with two other girls in off campus housing. One of them was a family friend from our home town, which made our parents feel a little better, I suppose. It was a Saturday and we went shopping and probably ate a little too much. Then we rented some movies and went home and Lilly, (the girl from home) called her boyfriend and invited him to come over and watch movies and eat popcorn. He asked if he could bring two of this friends whom we knew slightly and we said sure - so these three guys show up, and we start the first movie and the popcorn blower. Pretty soon we hear fire sirens. A building about a 2 blocks away is in flames. Just a big ratty old wooden thing so we didn't even bother to go and look. About that time Lily goes to the bathroom and is in there for about ten minutes and comes out and says the toilet doesn't work. She has a pleading loo! k on her face and asks us not to go in there "because I made a mess." Of course the problem was that there was no water pressure because of the fire. After a few more minutes of movie watching, the other girl, Elaine, says she is sorry but she needs to use the bathroom. She was not specific at the time but in spite of the smell, she went in and pooped on top of what L. had left. When she came out she said "That's it, the bathroom is off limits until we can flush again." By that same time my stomach was rumbling so I asked the guys if they could drive me over to the Mall, about half a mile so I could use the bathroom. They agreed (and said they needed a leak), so we all piled into their car. Big surprise though; our dead-end street was blocked off by fire trucks and hoses and we could not get out, and there are people everywhere. We went back to the house and the guys just went outside in back and drained themselves but I couldn't do that. After they came in, I sat in ! sheer agony for another half hour and then very quietly asked Elaine to please guard the bedroom door as I was going to have to go into some newspaper and dispose of it later. She said she would, and I went in and spread some paper on the floor and used an old kool whip container to pee in. I had just removed my jeans and undies and squatted when I heard the phone ring. And footsteps as Elaine went to answer it, over the sound of the TV blaring. I was kind of nervous so this wasn't an easy poop to begin with. I had to keep coaxing the fecal matter to come out my bumhole and the first big turd was pretty solid, and it came out and broke off in chunks. I was just starting to grind the second one out when *crash* the door comes open and it is Lily with her boyfriend and one of the other guys, and there I am in mid-poop, holding the plastic container under my vagina with a big greasy smelly brown turd hanging out of my ass and another one lying there, stinking and steaming, o! n the floor beneath me. I don't know who was more shocked, but all of us were for sure. The two guys just stared and blinked. My face turned completely red, and Lily said, "Ummmmm, EXCUSE me, I was going to get my photo albums to show the guys some stuff; er, I'll come back later," and they turned and went out. I was devastated at first, but what's a girl to do? I was pretty much finished at that point. My poor little bum-hole had puckered up so bad when they came thru the door that getting much more out was impossible, so I wiped and dressed, and wrapped the poop up in the newspaper and put it in a trashbag and sealed off the top real good, and hid it under the bed. I threw the pee carefully out the window, left the window open, and exited into the living room. The TV movie was still going, but you could have heard a pin drop among those people. Finally we started talking again and things relaxed very slightly. When the movie was over the guys excused themselves ki! nd of awkwardly and left. I really lit into E. and said, "It's all your fault, you said you would guard the door." Then I started to cry. This made her start to cry too, and she said, Oh, Pammy, I am so sorry--" (I could really tell she was), "but I ran to answer the phone and it happend so fast I couldn't stop them." Lilly gave me a hug and said, "Pammy, the guys are sorry too. While you were still in there they wanted to leave because they felt so bad for you, but we asked them to stay. Maybe that was a mistake, but we tried to make the best of it."

Well, I got over it, In fact, after recovering from my shock I found the whole experience vaguely exciting. The few times after, when I saw those 3 guys, things relaxed and mellowd out. I am sure the incident was never forgotten, but it became a past event. I only have one other major poop story in my past (so far) to tell about, before the time I surprised Mr. Jogger on the path, and will tell about that later.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JEFF A-hello. I hope everything goes well with your hospital tests.
I am worried about you.take care now and tell us soon how you are doing wont you?
TO LOUISE-hello my friend. I hope that ankle is feeling better. and I can tell it is a pain in the neck for you. get better soon honey!
TO STEVE-hello. be sure to take care of louise now for us. plus scott and I also like the comedic genius of jackie chan. he is so talented and funny. be well steve.
TO PETER IN AZ-congratulations on your engagement !
TO RJOGGER-hello there. thanks for liking my stories. scott and I like yours too! you robust man who is not old at all!.
TO BUZZY-hello. I like your posts . plus the towel boy who saw me naked taking a huge dump was aroused when he saw me and was aroused when he was cleaning my log up but he was pretending that he well
TO KENDAL-hello dear. I like your posts. and that summery white dress you wore is far from boring.
TO NONAME-hello. great stories about you and your girlfriend lately. and thats great that you like to watch her as she squeezes out her huge logs. and as you can imagine my boyfriend scott loves to see me strip nude and bang out enormous, thick logs in front of him too! be well.
TO RIZZO-hello there. thanks for liking my posts. plus that would be pretty cool if I was a toilet tester with the huge logs that I pass(fellow poster louise has mentioned this too!)and it would be also great to have my own patented kimmie proof toilet. when it goes on the market I can give it a live test for my fans to see if its as good as it says it is. plus I am just curious -what job that you do has you traveling so much? dont reply if you dont want well rizzo.
TO BEN-hello there.I liked your story when you where pooping in your pants as you walked up to a girl. but how did you really know that she didnt notice what you were doing? or didnt smell your shit? or even when you walked past her she could of seen the bulge in your pants from your log but was too polite to call you on it. you know what I mean ben? you ever think of that.? well be well and so long all!more kim and scott posts later..

Guys at this site often ask about good shitting scenes involving cute dudes in movies. The scene with the character "Finch" in "American Pie" is still the best and almost eveyone has seen it. Recently, I saw another which is real good particularly on DVD. This is a movie "Head Over Heels" starring Freddie Prinz who is a real cute dude. The movie is real bad, but has a good dumping scene. The Freddie Prinz character comes home to his apartment and unknown to him 4 chicks are hiding there, three in his shower stall behind the curtain. We hear him talking on the phone and he had something for lunch that upset his stomach. He goes into the bathroom still unaware that the 3 chicks are in the shower stall. You hear him putting down the toilet seat, unzipping and then you see him on the crapper unfortunately only from the waist up. There then follow some real cool shitting sounds. You hear some loud plops and farts and then loose shit hitting the water. If you play the DVD! with English subtitles for the hearing impaired, the captions are hilarious. they carefully mention such things as "turd plops," "loud farting'" etc. so that the hearing impaired will not miss any of the action. When Freddie gets done shitting, he sighs deeply, but the stench is so bad that the chicks hiding in the shower stall almost die. Its an A- dump scene with Freddie looking real cute, but that is the only good thing about the movie!

SanD: I always enjoy your posts. I attended the regional baseball championship today. The field has a real cool men's room with a trough urinal near the entrance and further in there are two doorless stalls with sinks in front of them on the opposite wall. I saw about five of the baseball players shitting there today, but one guy in particular was real cool. I had to take a shit. When I got to the men's room, one player was pissing at the urinal, another was pissing in the first stall and another dude was shitting on the crapper in the second stall. He was a nice looking dude of about 22-24 with a small goatee. When I walked in on him I said: "Excuse me." He said: "No, excuse me." He seemed real friendly and I sort of hung around between the two stalls waiting for one to be become free. I had a good view of this dude while he was shitting and I asked him if his team was going to win. He said that he hoped so. He told me that he had been sick since last night and ! had an attack of the "shits." I could hear farting and loose type shit hitting the water. Unfortunately, the guy pissing in the first stall soon finished and I could not just hang around outside the shitting guy's stall. I sat down in the first stall. When the guy was finished crapping, he came out to wash his hands and we continued to chat about the games. It was real cool to find a guy who was relaxed about another guy seeing him shitting and then talking to me while I crapped. This made my day, but the baseball was also good. Unfortunately, the friendly guy's team lost in the final innings when the other team hit a home run!

Hello everyone it has been awhile since my last post. Special hello to all the young dudes and gales in my age group of 16. Hi Ben and Jordan.My dumps have been about normal for this time of year. Had a good one this morning lots of hissing farts and one big long log it was around 13inches that is good for me. Been eating a lot of cabbage of things in the cabbage family makes for good smelly dumps.Be glad when school starts miss the guys in the bathroom farting ad dumping away.I took a dump at a park the other day doorless stalls I took the middle one the other two were in use some kid around 10 came in and stood there looking at me for a few seconds about the time I was ready to release a big fart I hope it made his day.More stories from Ben and Jordan you guys write good stuff. CAlif Dude.

Good afternoon everyone. Its very nice to be posting again. My productions have been pretty normal over the last week. A little larger and longer than usual, which actually feels really nice coming out.
CARMELITA- I still absolutely love your stories. They are so enjoyable to read and I can only imagine what they are like in person. All the way from Tessa's 20 inch production to the more recent one of all the latina girls in the toliet pooping up a storm. I am very fascinated on how you can produce such large and thick turds especially when you tell us how tiny you are. Keep the stories coming. I absolutely love them. Again, I am very happy for you on your recent engagement. My warmest congratulation.
KIM and SCOTT- I love your story on how you went into the men's restroom at Yankee stadium and how the men in the restroom were listening and watching you produce one of your incredibly large turds. I especially enjoyed when you stripped down and crapped naked in the restroom of the opposite sex. I applaud you for pulling that off. Thank you also for accepting me into this wonderful forum.

Happy large pooping to everyone.

Peter in AZ
guy aka?-
Great post. I was laughing through the whole thing.

Donnie ML.-
I love your past two posts. I really liked yesturdays with the general pooping in his helmet.

I told Dave about my poop fetish and he told me that he had the same fetish and if that wasn't good enough he told me that hes been going on a website that he thinks I may like! He showed me it and it was this website! So now we will be both on together. Dave is beconking me to the bathroom what is this about...(25 minutes later) here is a story I think you people will like (this just happened). Well when I got into the bathroom Dave was naked on the toilet and he said he was constipated and he wanted me to keep him company. So I sat behind him on the toilet andput my arms around him and massauged his stomach. I could feel his stomach churning and he said "here it comes...unnnnnnnnnnnnn" plop "unnnnnnnnn" plop "unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" plop. The water splashed both our butts. We both looked in the water and he pooped about three 1.5 inch thick and 6.5 inch turds. He asked if I had to poop and I said no. I asked if he had to poop more and he said nope. Well that is all.
Pleasant plops!!!

Carmalita: Yet another brilliant masterpiece. I'm printing your stories from now on, and keep them in my bathroom for reading material. When are you going to watch Jake poop?

Well I just had my 1st accident!! I am 35 yo. I was at the mall shopping when I got a cramp. Well I had cramps before but have always made it to the rest room. Well not this time!!!! I started heading to the toilet when I was hit with a second cramp, and I could feel the soft stool pushing to get out of my butt. I felt a little escape into my shorts. Well I would like to say I was close to the toilet but I was still a was away when I lost all control. I just stood there and pooped my shorts with a huge load of soft poop. Then I lost control of my bladder, (not the 1st time for that). There I was standing with my panties full of poop and pee running down my legs for all to see. Well I ran the rest of the way to the rest room with people watching and laughing. I could've died. I cleaned up best I could and came home. If this continues I think I'll look into diapers, ( anyone else try diapers?) do they work well?

Hi guys and girls, just something that has crossed my mind. I have noticed that girls who have wanted to go to the toilet in private, have been known to whisper urgently, under their breath, whilst doing a poo. Don't know if you have any comments or thoughts about it. Just wondered if you had any theories why the need was there?
Regards to all.

I told my mom about what Olivia told me and hear this..AHHH she is calling childrens aid. i begged her to stop. But she didnt they have people from childrens aid coming today.Oh know what the heck have i done?

Billy & Kevin L
To list owner: What happened to our post about my little brother pooping in tub?

Yesterday, after lunch, we went to play soccer and then we went swimming in the lake. Because it is so hot, we brought a lot of water to drink. Neither of us pooped in the morning. While we were playing soccer, I felt the need to poop, and Kev said he did too. We were doning playing and going to swim. We were real hot so we went right into the lake. After swimming about 5 minutes, I really had to go. I told them I was going to the bathroom and my little brother Josh and Kev both had to go too. So we got out of the lake and went into the woods. I climbed up on one of the trees and sat on one of the branches with my butt hanging out. Then I started to go. Josh pooped on the ground but Kev climbed and pooped from above. Josh pushed out 3 logs and wiped with some leaves. Kev made one big log that broke in mid air. I was pushing out a bunch of little logs. It took me about 3 minutes. When I was about 1/2 done, melony, one of the girls that was visiting started running towards u! s. She said she need a poop too. She was afraid to climb in the tree, so she came to where Josh was. She forgot to put shoes on. On the way into the woods, I said watchout. But it was too late. She stepped in Kev's poop. She yuck. I guess she couldn't because she took her shorts right down and pooped out 3 big logs right over Josh's Josh was wiping and said, wow, you poop a lot. She was done real quick, wiped and went back into the water.

Billy and Kevin L
Today, we went out and played soccer again. Melissa was with us. We decided to take a dip in the lake because it was so hot. I said I have to go to the bathroom, but I will get wet first. Melissa said she had to go too, but she would wait. I went into the water, then I really had to poop. Kev said he would go too. Jeremy, our other little brother had to go. Josh said he only had to pee. We climbed up, took our shorts down and started to go. I did not go since yesterday, so I dropped a solid big turd. kev dropped a bunch of little turds. I wiped, then Kev. We used leaves. We went back to swim. Melissa came out and was yelling, oh no. She stopped and tried to get her one peice suit off. All of sudden, we heard crackling noises and she started to fill her suit. It was yellow, but it was turning brown at the bottom. She looked at us. The she peed and then pooped more. Her house was through the woods about 1/4 mile away. We went with her to her house. No one was home. Just before w! e got to her home, she went behind a tree, and cleaned the poop out. THen she got dressed and went inside her home. We waited for about 5 or 10 minutes while she cleaned up. We went back to the lake. She went back in like nothing happened. We were playing volleyball and she missed. Bob said, well at least I don;t poop my pants. Everyone looked at him. Jeremy said remember last year when you were staying at our house and got up and had to change your underwear. He turned red. And we said it is ok, we all have accidents. No one mentioned it again. About 30 minutes later, Bob had to poop. He went into the woods behind some trees. We waited about 1 minute and then ran to where he was. He was so embarrassed. We said, we all have to poop. It is no bid deal. He said he was sorry. There was a huge log haning out of his butt that fell on the ground. That should be the end of it.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Great stories were posted here the other day. I enjoyed them all. My answer to the different places that I have peed are in a bottle,outside,in abody of water, to name a few. Kendel and Andrew I never laughed so hard about your story. Ask Andrew to build a new chair for your use. Just be carefull of the birds eye view! Well on to the outhouse expedition.

We finished packing up our lunch supplies and left my house. Barbie and Jeannie ased;Where are we going first? I told them that the Bradys had an outhouse behind thier barn. They are summer people but they are not here this year. We walked down the road and cut up through the woods and came out behind Bradys barn.

The outhouse stood in a group of trees and it looked solid even though the door was hanging on with one hinge. I swung open the door and stepped inside and checked for bees or wasps nests but there was none. Looks ok in here I said to the girls and they stepped inside also. There was a wooden bench with a hole cut in it but with no seat as far as the style. I said I had to piss so the girls said go for it. I unzipped and aimed for the hole and was right on target. I finished and zipped back up.

Jeannie said she had to go again after seeing me piss.. She pulled down her shorts and panties down near her ankles and stood over the hole with her back against the wall. Her stream flowed slowly and only sound is when it hit the ground. She only went briefly so she was done quickly and pulled up her panties and shorts and stepped down.

Barbie went next. She also stood over the hole and hiked up her skirt sans panties and started pissing hard. Her stream hissed as it shot downward into the hole follwed by a loud splashing sound as her stream hit the ground below. She peed strongly for 30 seconds then stopped. Just as her stream stopped she let out a very long fart that went ffffft! She said that for the next stop looks like its going to be number two for stop number two. Well we have about a 10 or 15 minute walk to the next one. I hope that you can wait I told her. She answered I can. I will continue this for the next time as we headed to the next stop on our Outhouse Expedition.

I am really fat, over 500 pounds, and because I am so big in my hips and bum, along with a really large belly, I have trouble wiping myself properly. My boyfriend saw my dirty panties, and when I explained my problem he offered to clean me after I go. He likes to watch me do it as well. What a sweetie.


KENDAL -- 11 and part of the team! Louise will no doubt be coaching you in the gentle art of weeing beautiful arcs in the netball showers (!), and we'll be there for you when it's time to raid the urinals -- one to each side of you for confidence. We could all practice on a shower wall or something like that. And of course the poop-team will be in action too. Welcome aboard, darling, we'll have to get you a team cap! (HUGZ from your Aunty!)

STEVE -- I'm genuinely delighted to be a mover in the issue of letting other women know that they have options society never mentions, and I appreciate the praise of a sweet guy sooo much! I don't think Louise would hit me too hard if I gave you a hug to say thanks!? (Would she? ??? :-) )

LOUISE -- I hope that ankle is getting better, you and I have a certain niece to tutor in "secret women's business!" Your sessions in Steve's arms sounded wild, I can hardly imagine being in such a position of trust to release while in mid-air -- it must have been wonderful, especially to be wiped while kneeling comfortably afterward! Hugs to you too!

Potty report -- I've been doing some more bumshot lately, a few days ago I dropped a few golfball sized lumps. Yesterday I got more back to normal and produced a nice 11" log in the morning, but needed a second dump a few hours later. Wow! A few chunks pre- and post-, but the main event was a swiftly-evacuating dark-toffee colored production number that tapered smoothly from about an inch+ thick at the start. And it just kept on coming, hit bottom, turned and started round the S-bend while I'm still crapping. My guesstimate? That beast was 19 inches long! Taking the earlier turd and associated chunks into acount, I must have dropped nearly 40 inches that morning! And I had another easy 11-incher this morning too.

I went out in the afternoon and used two urinals in town -- daring and crazy, but there it is. The one at the station was a big risk, but there was no one in there. The steel wall extends right to the door and I just stepped around the corner, had a hard wee on the wall, raised my jeans and left, quick... The other was a toilet block in a park, nobody was about and I used a small, old steel wall urinal for a relaxing piss. It had all just been cleaned, was spotless and smelled of disinfectants and such. It was actually very pleasant.

Best to all,


guy aka?
four interesting things today (by the way this is my first post) I went to the pool and found my self having to use the bathroom so i goin and theres this kid walking behing me holding his crotch and hes going to the urinal the short one trhe only one left open and I start to see 2 or 3 drops of pee coming out and i really have to go so I step in front of him although hes already untying his string on his swim shorts so I'm right next to the urnal i'm at it and it all comes out weell my shorts are still up!luckilyit went through my shorts in to the urinal and nobody noticed!so I turn around and this kid starts totaly peeing in his pantsand he must have been peeing for over a minute and hes just standing there (hes only like 4) and everyones staring at him and then he stops then 3 seconds later you here this farting sound and poop drips down his leg. the next interesting thing that happened is that another littel kid with no clothes on sat on the short urnal his dick was reallk! small and said to me did you know you can poop in theses everyone in the bathroom is kind of in a akward position so he poops in the urnil and pees on the floor. thewn I saw a tenn year old kid rush in to the stall with poop coming down his leg yuck! then the last thing happened weell i was waiting outside the pool for my mom o pick me up this kid says Mom i really have to go to the bathroom and his mom says you can wait till you get home and the kid says ok so he walks to more steps then he starts holding his crotchhe walks ten more steps then he pees all over the place and his mom laid him down on the picnic table (the kid was like 9) and said well you'll have to were one of your brothers diapers then and put one on him quite a day

k smily
I love to take a dump i do my job 3 or 4 times a day ....
This evening i came home from work it was hot in my
house so i was urge to shit out side my home so i was
in my front yard and it was getting dark and i was
sitting in old swing with no underwear on just a small
skirt and shirt on so i was sitting there and enjoying
out side so i raised the back of my short skirt and
and i was sitting there with my ass showing i farted
slowly i started pushing and nothing happened and i sat
there and some man walked up looking for his dog i said
sir u will have to excuse me i trying to dokie and he
said mam' what do u mean i said i said i'm taking a dump
he said u are not so i go turn the swing around open my
crack and show the strange man a nice juicy piece of turd
i could not talk to him i was trying to push it out he said
mam' have u seen my dog i said i trying to do some turds
right now if u want to wait an hour or so i will talk to u
i'm hurting and i and trying to finish my juicy turd...
so i farted real loud while he was there about 4 times he
said mam did u fart i said yes i was still pushing it was maybe
2 1/2 inches and i said uhhhhhhhh and fart and uhhhhhhhhhh
and he was slimy and long so it hit the ground
so i talked to him and i told him no and he sat there watching me
so i said wait uhhhhhh pushing and he talked i said uhhhhhhhh no i
have not seen uhhhhhh him he said thanks so i leaned back over to see
the ground so i sat there looking at the ground trying to push some more out uhhhhhhhhhhh i sat there my neighbor walked over and
the rent so i pushed some more he said i need your rent money
i said it will have to uhhhhhhhhhh wait and he said why i said
uhhhhhhhhhh i'm trying to dokie bad he said what i said i'm trying
to shit over here is said u cant be i said i am i open my ass and he
watched the turd come out slowly and running water out i'm peeing to while pushing the turd out it fell to the ground he said can u go get me my money i said i cant i done another one and another and he saw
4 turds come out of me and i look at my ass from the ground i told him
i will bring it over when i'm done he said ok i told him this one will be hard one he said why i told him i was constipated and i farted and farted and it was slimy and i pushed and pushed it was juicy one and
real hard i was done smell up the swing area and i done about 4 more long juicy one and 3 medium size one and 9 balls or more .... i got up wiped my ass and said ahhhhhhhh that was all good ..... bye now

Darn it, I think I was zappet by the moderator, for getting too explicit. Excuse it, please, Ididn't mean to stepover the line. I was trying to reply to the guy who asked or complained, that his GF or wife would not let him watch her, or else he wanted to know how to ask to watch her, pooping. (I don' want to try to look his post up, right now). What I was trying to say is, though for sure there are exception's, your chances of success are better with women, who you are really close to, and in a good relationship, with. People who know they can trust you. If it is just a casual acqaintence, they are not so willing or they are very skeptical, of requests like that. I an not a expert,and have maybe had a dozen close GF's, includeing the woman I'm married to. Only three of these, incudeing her, were good, close, long time friends, and after we were on really good terms, they had no problem with letting me watch. The others, I either did not ask, or in a couple of cases, whe! n I did, they acted like it is wierd. Esp if they had not known me well.Also it does not hurt at all to be sincere and to be nice when you ask. Tell them how much you like them,and that it would please you,if they would do that for you. If you "accidently" catch them on the pot, be nice also, no remarks about smell,or laughing at first. Tell them how cute they look,sitting there,and ask if you can stay and admire them. You can catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar. Maybe that should be,you can catch more flies, with poop, than with honey, or vinegar. !!

Helen of Troy
Guess what Jimmy is building for us at the edge of the garden? A cute little tool shed, designed like an outhouse, including the slanting roof and Crescent emblem. I asked him if we could equip it for "emergencies" and he smiled and said I'll see what I can do. It is big enough inside to squat comfortably over a bucket, and still hold a a few rakes and shovels. We could even put a bag of lime in there, and if anyone looked they would just think it is for sweetening the garden soil. I shall post on here after construction is finished, and report from time to time on its utility. Clever idea, huh? Oh, yes, by the way - I can see we (or at least I) am going to like this. We have a water faucet very close to it already, which will come in handy for rinsing things out. 'Bye for now. HELEN

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-The toilet seat I was talking about is usually meant for a handicapped stall. Sometimes, instead of installing the taller toilet bowl in the handicapped stall, a regular height bowl is installed with a "tall" seat. The seat is just like a regular seat, except that the spacers or bumpers that are attached to the underside of the seat are a couple of inches high, instead of the inch or so on the regular seat. This means that the seat is actually elevated a few inches above the rim of the bowl, leaving a gap between the seat and bowl.

BRYIAN-Yeah, It's pretty cool to be able to see guys crap. I don't really mind if I'm spied on while on the can, as long as the guy is discrete and not being weird. Some of my favorite dumps are while using a public toilet at the beach with no door on a busy weekend. Sometimes a line will form to use the toilet, and I can stand in front of the door while someone starts to take a crap. It's best to wear sunglasses so it doesn't look like you're gawking. A couple of times I've had a guy just a few feet away from me, leaning against the wall watching me as I clean the seat, drop my shorts and underwear to my ankles and let 'er go. Sometimes the guy will look away when I wipe, other times, not. I wipe from the front, back, and while standing as well, so he can see it all!

A couple of times I've seen guys look at me over the top of the stall. I just act like I don't know they are there and go about my business. I just make sure they get a good show!

sir poops alot
Hey does anyone know the Sex in the city episode where Carie farts or poos or something, and then she is embarresed about it or something. I think alot of people would dig this one. Thanx

Sick boy
Hey I haven't Shit in four days swollowed four ex-lax pills in 8 hours and still nothing it is starting to hurt! any suggestions? by the way PAMELA it was me who asked about your denial after reading your post. Sorry if I offended you you're correct it has nothing to do with this forum. I thought it was a pretty stupid question right after I posted it but it was too late to take it back


Follow up on the big log I saw in the toilet when I was in the army.(prev page posting).
No, I never did find who did the huge log. I was rather suspicious of the one guy that was one of the company "medics" who you would see if you had a cold or sore throat or something. Its sorta dawned on me that I think I saw him leave the bathroom just before I went in. There were a bunch of guys that used it at our end of the hall, but like a habit, some used it in the morning, some at noon and some at nite. You sorta got to know who was crappin when-.
An odd thing I thought I say here too, one young fella about 19 Id say, a young trooper used to spend a lot of time in the stalls there. He was reading a few porn mags I found out. Several times, beleive it or not, he would sit on the crapper and be playing his violin as he shit. LIke weird place to play but for practice I guess he figured he could do several things at once. Play and practice, take a shit, and read a little porn stuff and get off there.
One other comment this about army food. It was generally very good. No complaints as a rule. When you were in the bathrooms crappin and other guys were there or was there, the place smelled the same from the same food. Only exceptions was some guys would go and get drunk on a sat or sunday nite and have some shits on Monday
I was in the armor division and the base I was stationed was a Tank division, with several companies of tanks bases there. One time out in the field doing some practice runs as firing the big 105MM gun while moving and closed up (buttoned up) this one sargent had to shit. The thing you did, like he dropped his pants, took his hard helmet and sat over it and shit in his helmet. He then held onto it until the manuvers were done and then tossed it all out in the weeds. ( I guess he said he lost it or something). At least the tank has a ventliation fan in it. Phew! hehe.. A lot of times though the boys inside the tank turret hdda piss, they just picked out a crack in the floor and peed away.
Nope, never found out who left that huge log. I cant figure how any human could make that log. NO way. But strange things exist you know.Till next time, cya all. Happy crappin and all that..Donnie ML

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