This episode that I am about to describe took place when I was 13, yes, "many moons ago". My family vacationed in the central Adirondacks form the time that I was 2 until I was 15. One of my dad's boyhood friends from Colorado had bought land on a lake in that area, and built 3 cabins. They were very rustic, in a very remote area, which had access by boat or a long walk on a trail. There was running water, but no indoor toilets. The "Privys" were simply 2 seaters that faced the dense woods. Not only did they lack stalls, but they had no doors. Taking a pee or a dump was an experience, because you never knew who would walk up on you, or who was lurking in the woods. We usually rented the third cabin, but it had been struck by a falling tree, and was under repair, so we stayed with my dad's friend and his family. We were crowded, so I slept outdoors in a tent, with my dog. Now, my dad's friend's wife was a very pretty blonde, about 35, tall, with glasses. This particular year, h! er 2 nieces, Karen and Jennifer were also visiting. They resembled their aunt, with honey blonde hair, green eyes and very pretty faces. Karen was 15, Jenn 13, and both were quite friendly. I had made friends with a fellow named Chris a few years back. His family had a cabin about ½ mile down the lake from where we stayed, and he and I, of course hung out with the 2 girls often. This also included spying on them when they used the outhouse, which seemed to be around mid morning. Chris would spend the night in the tent, we would take an early swim, have breakfast then wait for the girls. We hid in the woods a short distance from the privy and we got several morning treats watching them. When they finished, we would look down into the privy with a flashlight to inspect their output, which seemed quite impressive. Thursday of the first week, all four of us went in Chris's boat to an island in the lake. The 4 of us just swam, talked, had lunch, then Karen said she and Jenn were go! ing to pee and not to watch. She smiled and stuck her tongue out at us after she said that, so we just laughed and turned our backs. We lowered the fronts of our trunks, and peed also. As I was pulling up my trunks, I caught Karen looking and I turned really red. Little did I know that it was a sign of something to come. We went back to Chris's cabin a couple of hours later, and his dad told him he was grounded until the next afternoon, because he had failed to run some errands. So we walked back to our cabin and had an uneventful night. The next morning, I took my swim, got a fire going and cooked breakfast. As I was cleaning up afterwards, I felt the urge to crap, and started for the privy. I walked in, lowered my trunks, sat on the first hole, and started having a good old fashioned crap. I was into about the third minute, when I heard the girls' voices. I thought that they were going down the trail, but their voices got louder. Just as I was pushing out a good sized turd,! the girls appeared in front of me. "Well, good morning, Rick, how ya doin?", Karen asked. I turned red, smiled but couldn't speak. Jenn just dropped her jaw and gaped at me.
"Oh will you stop it Jenn, it's no big deal, he's only doing what we came her to do". As Jenn's jaw dropped even more, Karen moved to my left, dropped her drawers and panties, sat on the head as only a girl can, and put her hand on my thigh. "So how are ya, Rick?", she said. "OK, I guess", was my reply, as I really fumbled for words. 'How are you Karen?", I said, but she couldn't answer. Her face was slightly contorted with a look of concentration, as she was squeezing out a log. It was making the softest noise, then it stopped, Karen went "ENNNNGGGHH', the turd landed with a soft thud, and she said "I'm doing pretty good right now". Her sister turned crimson, and said "Karen,,,', but she was interrupted with "What's the big deal, we all have to crap?". Meanwhile her pee was splattering the bottom of the privy and I started to wipe. Jenn turned around, but Karen watched intently. As I wiped, I could here her squeezing out more poop, each with a soft grunt. I finished wip! ing, now the trick was to get up without exposing my well developed "manhood". I reached for my shorts while seated, stood, and nearly fell. Both girls got a view, and laughed, although Jenn's was more of a shocked laugh. "See you girls later", I said. "Where are you going", Karen asked. "To wash up", I replied. "But I'm not finished and Jenn hasn't gone", she said. 'OK, I'll stay, if Jenn doesn't mind". Jenn said she had seen plenty already, so going in front of me was no big deal. She sat where I had been, as Karen wiped herself. Then Jenn grimaced, lowered her head, went 'Unnnggghhh", and a soft Thoommpp sounded as her poop hit bottom. "Sounded good", Karen said. "Will you stop?", Jenn laughed. She finished shortly, wiped, then Karen said, "Let's see what we did", and she went behind the privy and retrieved the flashlight I had stashed there. "Surprised? We know you guys have been watching us, and we have been watching you guys!". That shocked me, but I laughed, as I reali! zed that Karen was into watching guys poop, like I was into watching girls do the same. So we shined the light down the first hole, to discover Karen's long medium brown output, with smaller poop on top of it. In the next hole, Jenn's ample output had covered mine, making quite a load. It looked like a bunch of snakes lying on top of each other. I then got the sand bucket and poured some down each hole. We washed up, and went swimming. Later, when Chris was freed from the jug, I told him what happened. He was in awe to say the least. That night, he slept in the tent, and the next day, while he and I dumped, the girls came upon us, and returned the favor. We continued to do this for a few days, but we used the privy by the damaged cabin, as it kept us away from any lurkers. Most times Karen and I would dump together, then Chris and Jenn would do the same. One morning, Karen didn't have to go, so she said that she would surprise me. That afternoon, as Karen and I took our daily! walk to be alone with each other, she said she had to crap, and did I get the experience of my young life. We found a secluded spot, Karen stood in front of me, lowered her drawers and squatted. It was the first time that I had seen a girl's privates from the rear, and I was immediately aroused. But the show was just starting. As Karen positioned herself, I watched in awe as her pink butt hole domed, to let a light brown poop snake out and fall to the ground. This was followed by a high velocity pee, which really splattered the ground. There was one more smaller poop, then I watched as Karen carefully wiped herself. I had never seen a girl wipe from the back, and I intently watched as Karen wiped upwards several times until she was clean. After she wiped her vagina, she pulled up her shorts, turned and looked at me. She said "What do you think of that?", then she noticed my aroused state and laughed. "I liked that", was all I could say. "I guess you really did", she laughed a! s we walked away. I was in a state of shock, after seeing what I just had. It was incredible to say the least, that a 15 year old girl would be attracted to a rather tall and somewhat awkward 13 year old boy, but I wasn't complaining. Karen and I had a fair number of "private moments" over the course of the 4 weeks that my family was on vacation. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Hi all!!

Just a quick post today......
Some of you have been talking about rhyming slang I've heard is "to take a Brad Pitt". I don't think there's any need for me to explain that one!!!


This embarrassing moment happened a couple of years ago. My brother and I were taking a 4 hour car trip and and at one point, had stopped for something to drink at a fast food place. After about an hour or so, I felt the urge to pee but it wasn't an emergency. Looking at the map, I noticed there was a rest area about 20 miles away so I told my brother to watch for it. Unfortunately, before we got there, we ran into a heavy traffic jam and the traffic was backed up for miles. After we sat there about 15 minutes without moving, it was starting to get a litle uncomfortable. By the time a half hour passed, I had to pee so bad I couldn't stand it. Ordinarily if there is no restroom nearby while we're traveling, my brother and I will just pull over to the side of the road and and take a piss in the bushes or behind a tree but there was NOTHING this time...just acres of farmland!! I grabbed hold of my crotch and desperately tried to keep from peeing my pants but I just couldn't ! hold it a minute longer. Finally, out of sheer desperation, I decided I had no choice but to pee in the empty soft drink cup. Unfortunately, Just as I unzipped my fly and started to pull out my penis, a female state trooper came up to the car to inform us that the delaywas caused by a traffic accident. As luck would have it, I heard her coming just in time and was able to cover my privates with the cup but I couldn't "hole it" a minute longer and started peeing while she was standing there talking! I know she must have known exactly what I was doing because there was no mistaking the sound and I had my fly unzipped with a soft drink cup on my crotch!

MR. NONAME: Interesting about the word "fart" existing in Polish but with a totally different meaning. As for that juice you inquired about, I've never heard of it before, but would guess it's probably a Scandinavian product as "fart" is the Norwegian word for "speed" (not the drug) and may well have the same meaning in Danish and Swedish as well since these three languages are very similar.

CARMALITA: Congratulations on your engagement! I always enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your loving spirit that goes with them, and wonder whether English is not your first language bearing in mind you're a Latina. I'd guess it probably is Spanish in that case - but sometimes I can't help feeling a little doubtful about that when I see how excellent your written English is!

BRYIAN: No idea if it's illegal to spy on a guy while he's shitting - perhaps the laws about this vary from one country to another (and there could even be differences between the states of America for all I know). I'm also curious is to whether it's against the law for two or more guys to go into the same stall (provided everyone is consenting and no sexual or drug activity takes place of course!). I know females often do this (at least in England), but then people are far less likely to assume there's anything more to it than keeping each other company and/or continuing a conversation they started beforehand which they don't want interrupted than they would be if two guys went into the same stall while one of them crapped or they took it in turns to.

To SanD: Thanks for replying...that would be my worst fear to get caught! Cool stories about seeing guys shit. How old are you??

To pboy: I want to hear your other stories about camp, please post them.

To Scott: I liked your story about using the outhouse....that must have sucked that those girls saw you shitting. I'd be embarassed.

I like that picture!

One day a friend and I went jogging on a popular trail. I always bring along plenty of water but since this was a hot day, I drank more than I probably should have. Before long it started to have to effect on me and I had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there were no porta-potties but since it wasn't a real emergency at that time, I figured I could wait. As time went on however, it became harder to "hold it" and all of a sudden, I had to pee like there was no tomorrow. It was impossible to keep jogging under the circumstances so we stopped and sat on a big rock. I squeezed my dick as hard as I could to try to stop the urge but no luck. My bladder felt like it was ready to explode. Ordinarily I have no reservations at all of peeing outdoors and do it quite often in situations like this but, in this case, there were too many people around (including lots of women) and I didn't want to take a chance of being seen by them. I finally told my buddy that I had to find so! meplace to take a piss RIGHT NOW. Since I couldn't wait a second longer, I took a peek to see if anyone was nearby (there wasn't) unzipped my fly, pulled out my dick right then and there let go! It started gushing out like Niagara Falls and just kept coming. I don't think I ever peed so much at one time in my entire life! After I was finally done and zipped my pants back up, I noticed two teenage girls standing there watchng!! I'm sure they must have seen everything. That has to be my most embarrassing moment!

Early in July, I thought about doing something unusual... Something I haven't seen posted on this site. For the month of July I decided to take along my Palm Pilot with me whenever I went into the john for a movement & take note of what I accomplished during that session.

Before I begin, I should just note a few things.:
-I didn't make note of anything I did during weekends unless they were unusual for me.
-All the notes are a bit brief. I had to be discrete so no one in the restroom could hear me tapping away.
-I took note of when each movement began, but I didn't remember to record when I was finished. In general, my BMs can last anywhere between 5 & 20 minutes.
-I don't produce 'pan-busters' like some people say they regularly do. It's rare that I drop one so big that it refuses to flush.
-Between July 10 & July 19 I misplaced my Palm Pilot so I was unable to make notes between that period.
-Most of these were recorded done in my office restroom.

Mon. July 2

1:41 pm
Very loose BM... Not totally liquid, but not solid enough so I can define individual pieces.
I think this is the result of the pizza I had last night... It gives me the runs sometimes but, DAMN IT! I love it!!
Not very messy actually. Only three wipes to clean myself. I still saw a tiny bit left after the third wipe, but I can live with it.

Tues. July 3,

6:42 pm
No BM, just allot of gas.
That spaghetti I made last night hasn't come through yet. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

7:40 pm
Yet more gas... I think it's just the remnants of that pizza I had over the weekend.

Wed. July 4,

12:05 pm
A nice big one with this BM. I made 3 turds, the longest ~7" long & fairly loose. I cleaned up & left them there.
Four hours later I came back and discovered that they all had dissolved into one big mass.

Thurs. July 5,

4:00 pm
Not diarrhea, but I think the stools are still a bit loose.

Fri. July 6.

11:34 am
I've got the apartment to myself (the person I share my dwelling with has gone a week's vacation.)
Just for the heck of it, I think I'll take a dump in the shower. I've done it before but I stopped when my roomie started to notice that the drain was plugging up for 'no reason.' (I never told my roomie what my little secret.)
The primary reason I like doing it is that i enjoy the feeling of the shower spray when I'm cleaning up after the movement.
This time my turds are still quite loose so it shouldn't have any problems clogging up the pipes. As the spray hits each jobbie, they're dissolving to almost nothing in a few seconds.

Mon. July 9,

8:10 pm
Today's movement, 1 large(ish) turd, ~5" long x 1 1/2" wide.
A clean wipe too! After my 1st wipe I took a look at the paper and saw that it was practically immaculate. Nothin' on it at all.

Tues. July 10,

1:13 pm
Average BM for me. Three or 4 light brown turds, each ~3" long by ~1" wide. Soft, but not loose...
A slight aroma of diarrhea came out with the wind I passed during the movement.

5:00 pm
Movement #2 for the day. Loose, light brown turds. The kind I produce that usually dissolves after an hour or two if left to themselves.

7:07 pm
Just gas.

Mon. July 19,

1:39 pm
Hmm, much earlier than usual. Feels nice though. Lets see what I did...
Wow! A good solid turd! A nice, healthy brown... Not too hard & not too soft... At least 2" wide I think - a bit unusual for me.
Too bad it broke into several pieces as it came out. I think it would have been at least 8" long if all the pieces had stayed together.

3:18 pm
It looks like I'm finishing off what I did earlier today so I'm not passing much during this effort.
I finished the last bit of spaghetti last night. I've noticed that I passed some really good jobs after I've eaten it. Hopefully, it'll give me one more good one.

Tues. July 20,

2:09 pm
The 'PLOPS!' sound like I've passed good, healthy stools. Lets take a look...
They're nicely sized, ~4" long carrot shaped droppings, but they're not that dark brown colour I like to see in a good stool. These one are a very light brown. (I hope I'm not going to get diarrhea again...)
Three wipes with TP to get clean.

Wed. July 21,

12:03 pm
Just a gas attack. No odour or anything but very loud.

Thurs, July 22,

2:17 pm
This is a disappointment. Just two small 'marbles'. Hardly worth the effort to get them out.

Tues, July 24,

12:04 pm
I'm at the train station. I made a quick dash to the public loos after I got off my train - this one couldn't wait it seems...
Two large but quite loose jobbies. Diarrhea yellow, but I didn't notice 'that diarrhea smell' in any of the gas I passed.
Six wipes to clean myself up - 3 or 4 to get rid of most of the residue, and 2 more for good measures. (If I don't clean up properly after a movement like this my 'roids might flare up. I'm not in the mood for that.)
I have very little doubt that this diarrhea will continue on throught this workday. (yippee...)

Thurs, July 26,

12:04 pm
I'm at the train station again. Only 2 small thin turds came out this time. I think I should have done more considering the noise I was making as they came out.

Fri, July 27,

9:30 am
It wasn't my body waking me up for my usual morning pee this time. This morning I woke up to my body telling me to get to the toilet RIGHT NOW!
Unfortunately, I didn't spend 10 minutes dropping nice solid chunks... Instead, I had a 20 minute bout of diarrhea - expelling blobs of semi-liquid poop.
When I knew I was done, I didn't bother wiping. I simply flushed and got into the shower to clean up (which I enjoyed more anyway.)

Mon. July 30,

2:55 pm
This one is taking some effort. I think I'm constipated - i.e. 'marbles'... The turds sound small as they hit the water and they feel really dry as they're coming out. I'll check out and see what I've done.
Surprise, surprise... They're not marbels after all. While they're nothing to write home about, I didn't think I did this well. Four or 5 jobbies ~3"x 1 1/2".
Three wipes to clean up...

Tues. July 31,

4:15 pm
I think this confirms it. I'm definitely constipated...
I spent ~10 minutes pushing & shoving to pass 1 turd. It was one very nobbily - as I could obviously see each of the dozen or so smaller marbles it was made from.
Not surprisingly, there was very little residue. After wiping 1 time, I took a look at the TP and saw that there wasn't much point in any more attempts.

8:09 pm
One large burst of gas and I spent the rest of my 15 minutes in the can trying to squeeze out 1 lousy mable.
I resorted to tightening up my sphincter (as if I was done having a poop) in order to get it out. I didn't feel 'empty', but it allowed me to get back to work.

Just so you know, I'm mildly LI (lactose Intolerant.) With milk products I sometimes get bouts of flatulence & diarrhea, but it's generally nothing that I havne't been able to deal with.


kevin from calgary
TO JOE BOXER AND P.V Ofcourse how stupid of me, i should have known jimmy riddel slang for piddel, my father was a cockney and i remember him telling me all thoes slang words apples and pears-- stairs current bun-- sun etc etc oh and one more syrup of figs-- wig i allways crack up at that one.

HEYYYYYYYY heres a real funny joke (well i think its funny)
Theres a bear and a rabbit in the woods taking a shit together, the bear turns to the rabbit and says "do you ever have trouble with shit sticking to your fur? the rabbit thought for a moment scratched his ears and said "no i dont" with that the bear grabbed the rabbit and wiped his bum. HAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA ok ok its old i know.

Hu HUM any way moving right along, on the way home from work tonight, got hit with a major cramp before i had even gone ten yards, i started doing it in my pants, to say i was suprised is to say the least, it wasnt really diarrea, sort of a very soft mushy kind (as i found out when i took off my pants later) man did it smell, just glad i had no females in the car at the time.

Plunging Plop Guy


BRYIAN, I certainly do know what you mean about really wanting to see a guy on the toilet and the frustration wondering whether it's safe to look. What I will say is if you want to have a look at another guy when he's on the toilet, BE VERY CAREFUL.
When you can hear him plopping into the toilet, you can be assured that if you get a hostile reaction, he's hardly in a position to come after you while he's busy and half dressed, but if someone's waiting for him near the door and they see you looking over the partition it could be rather awkward. Also there may be others who see you looking over, so be absolutely sure first there's no-one else watching you as you have a look.
Sometimes when I've heard those brilliant sounds of a guy grunting, farting and dropping his big turds in the toilet, I've taken the risk and sneaked a look, and when I've seen a young guy covering the toilet seat as his turds drop, I feel very privileged and full of admiration and respect as he sits and shits.
Once I heard a really loud plop and I looked over the top, and the young guy saw me and I said "Sorry", and the guy smiled and said "It's OK". Perhaps he appreciated my apology, or didn't feel intruded on, or enjoyed being admired, but on other occasions when I've been spotted, the worst that happened was the guy swearing at me, and I made a quick exit.
I certainly enjoy being watched when I'm shitting, and I've been spied on lots of times, and possibly lots of times when I had no idea, but when I suddenly look up and see a guy's head staring at me, and I'm not actually plopping at the time; I do find that scary and hate the idea that I'm under some sexual scrutiny.
We all like to be looked at and admired, but no-one likes to be stared at and scrutinised.
I wish I was able to use such sociable toilets as there are in North America, with small doors, or no doors, or with partitions that start a long way off the floor, and be able to see and hear others shitting with no problem about spying, but as it is, if I want to see a guy on the toilet, I've got to actually invade his privacy if I really want to look.
As far as the law is concerned in Britain, it's not illegal to spy unless you're in the toilets of the opposite sex to do it, but you could be charged with "Acting in a manner liable to cause a breach of the peace" if you've caused annoyance to someone and which could cover all sorts of activities.
So, If you feel very strongly that you want to see who you're listening to badly enough, make sure there's no-one about to see you looking, and be prepared for a hostile reaction, and a quick exit if he catches you looking.
Don't run out of the building either, as that could look suspicious to anyone waiting for him outside!
If you have a look, be prepared to say something plausible like, "Sorry, I thought you were someone else".
It's a fact of life that when someone is looked at, there's sometimes a sixth sense that warns you you're being watched.
After all that, I hope all goes well for you when you feel it safe to do so, and on the occasions I've watched someone, I've felt very honoured to see the guy, and wish I felt safe and confident while he stood up and wiped his arse after, but that would be perhaps too much to do without his consent! Try an appreciative comment, and see what response you get before looking, he may be like us!

SAN D, Glad you've found some good vantage points but could you explain what you meant about the tall toilets with seats open at the sides? They sound great whatever they are for a good view, but I couldn't work out what you meant!

KENDAL, Glad you had the opportunity of hearing Andrew plopping away on the toilet while you were at the computer!
Did he come with you to your Gran's and if so, did he enjoy the sounds and splashes on that excellent toilet?
Hope you had a really good holiday anyway.

PBOY, Yes, please, I'd be interested in reading about your camping stories concerning toilets and latrines!

RIZZO, What a fascinating voyage with your athletic shipmate who set his shits to Grand Opera! Sorry he suffered that deluge of shit, TP and waste water all over his arse and legs, but to hear him singing about where the turd was on its journey down his gut and the tinny sound of a loud plop in that toilet were really good.

I had one of those very long lasting ones today in my favourite public toilet with stainlees steel. Loud plops and great splashes are a feature of these toilets, but as the water traps are shallow, after the first few plops, you need to flush to continue dropping into water.
I actually did enough to reach the top of the water level 3 times and they felt great coming out. A bit sensitive towards the end, and I stopped trying , knowing I was starting to try too hard, but I felt SO glad to be a man on a toilet and being able to take my time, get some loud plops, a few splashes and feel really proficient at it.
Although I waited for some company, and heard several farts in the other toilets, (And how great a fart sounds echoing into a metal toilet!)I didn't hear any other guys plopping or have anyone hearing me.
It was an almost perfect shit, with effort required, even after a lot of fruit the previous day. Bigger turds as well! I'm going well!

Best wishes to everyone, and thanks to the Moderator. P P G

Just a very quick post, especially after that great big one I did a couple of days ago !

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: I think I've misled you about Grannie's toilet. The furry seat is actually a furry seat cover, so she can take it off and wash it. She has a different one for each day of the week, so I'm sure it is quite hygenic really ! So, no worries ! You could plop loudly with all the bum splashes your heart desired, and not catch anything ! Love from Kendal x

SCOTT: That was an excellent true story of yours. I really liked it. Good for you for standing up for yourself ( or rather for continuing to sit, or should that even be s*it !! ) I hope those other kids felt thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Much as I like to be watched on the toilet, I want to be in control of who sees. If that had happened to me what happened to you, I would have, well, died on the spot or burst into tears, or both perhaps !

LINDA GS: Don't forget, "showery shorts" !!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx ( XOXO from Andrew, even though he isn't here ! )

Hi there, I've been lurking for a while, I just wanted to say I really like this forum. Thanks to everyone for being so open and interesting. I wish we could post pictures of our own. I love watching guys and girls doing nature's business. I'm a 27 year old guy, I've been excited by peeing (and a bit by pooping) for as long as I can remember. I'll post a story as soon as I can decide on one.

Mr. Noname
Hi Everyone!

It was a real hot one yesterday and I biked to the top of a small mountain. It was so beautiful up there, and the view was spectacular. I was pretty exhausted from the trip, but felt really good and fit afterwards. And I even had enough energy leftover from the workout to have a buddy dump session with my girlfriend in the late afternoon.

When she got home, we ate an early dinner because we were going to a concert a little later. We both got the urge after eating, so we peed in the toilet first and got the toilet paper, old newspaper and the air freshner. I tried first. I didn't have to go that much, but I pushed out a small, solid turd, rather unusual since mine are mushy, but then I'd been exercising all day and any water there must have been absorbed. It was about 7 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter. Then it was her turn. I had the camera ready because I knew it was going to be fairly large. She squatted and I watched as her pink hole slowly dialated and domed out at the perineum. She was having a bit of a tough time getting it started. I farted which sometimes gets her laughing so she can push better, but this time it didn't help. After five minutes, her hole yawned wider and stopped as a solid, medium-brown chunky turd ball fell out. Her anus remained open as another chunk fell out. It was knobilly ! and maybe over 2 " in diameter. In all, she passed five or six of these balls. Now she seems to be in what I call her "large egg-style poop" phase. Last week it was mammoth, soft light-brown sausages, this week it's hard knobilly eggs and pellets. Then we finished, wiped, and she went to take a shower while I emptied the newspaper into the commode and sent out solid productions spiraling down into oblivion.

This morning we got up a little late. I usually make coffee for us which helps both of us get that urge to evacuate. She also drinks water and takes a little milk in her coffee which she says also helps, However this morning, there was no time for her to drink anything at all. Nevertheless, before she stepped into the shower, she decided she had to go again. I guess she didn't get it all out yesterday evening! I prepared the paper and she went first. This time it was much easier and her anus yawned really wide as she passed a few dark egg turds. These were really solid and didn't give off too much of an odor. One in particular was I think the largest production I've ever seen her make, even a bit larger than a turd she'd left in the toilet a few months back before we began dumping together. It was easily 2.5" inches thick. It was amazing to watch her hole expand to accomodate that! I've ever once or twice done something close to that size. For her, it was easy. When she go! t done and Iooked at the paper, it looked as if a small horse had shit there!! Cleanup was very easy. My dump, on the other hand, was soft and creamy and accompanied by a bit of gas. Squatting for a moment, I pushed until the tip emerged. Then the rest just rushed out. That seems to turn her on. Clean up was also quite easy-- I just rolled up the newspaper and stuffed it in the garbage sack.

So, that covers our buddy dumping activities for the past two days. I'm just waiting for her to do a Carmalita, Nicola or Kim sized beast! Ha ha! I don't know if she's capable of poops that large, but it'd sure be fun to watch her pass something like that.

Happy Dumping to all!

Good day to all of you!

Dear Jeff A. , a very belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope your medical check up did not make the doctors frown too much. A heart condition can take the fun out of life (diet, trying to lose weight, pills etc.). I sincerely hope that you are not affected in such a way. Your endearing childhood memories remind me of similar ones. I remember when I was about six years old that the neighbours had a young woman as a cook. To me she was a grown up person of course, but I was very fond of her. I used to go to the neighbour’s back door and call “Barbara, are you there?” She had a large tin of excellent home made cookies, and usually gave me one. One day I went there and pushed open the kitchen door. I called, but there was no answer. However I heard water running loudly, so I went into the large somber kitchen. On my left at the far wall was a second low mounted sink which was used to pour in the dirty water from a bucket after wiping the floor. Barbara was there, her dark blu! e calf length skirt around her waist, thighs exposed, no panties in sight, with her back to the wall in a half crouch peeing a torrent into that sink! She jumped when she caught sight of me, I stood there gaping, then mumbled that I would come later, and ran. Neither of us ever mentioned that encounter, but we continued to be great friends even after I had grown up and married, and she had grown old and moved away. Yeah, she was a great cook.
Take care my dear friend, love from Rizzo.

CARMALITA dear, you do spoil me (as well as all the others who read here, I suppose) with your lovely accounts! That Community Center dance with Jake, where you described the goings on in the ladies’ toilet is such fun to read! It is more than fun, it is a treat! You are such a lovely person, and I do not doubt one second that you all respect each other in your combined, unusual and multicultural household! Give my love to Renee, maybe tiny Malita will be listening, and Patsy. Love from Rizzo.

PAMELA, you are another outdoor pooper with lovely stories to tell! Yes, keep us informed about your and Connie’s exploits! You have another avid reader here. Cheers!

KIM and SCOTT, Oh Kim, you are such a toilet clogger producing those Kimberlogs of yours, that one day hotels might blacklist you or charge you extra for busting their commodes and drains! I would say, because you are not the only one who produces mega turds (Alana, Ring Stretcher, Maranello and other ladies), manufacturers of toilet bowls should re-design their products. You could also become a professional toilet tester! Or even better, design a toilet that works for you :) and have it patented! A Kimmie-proof model! How about that? Keep up your good posts!

To KENDAL, sweet niece, I sure did enjoy your wee on the old chair in the woods! Especially the bit about Andrew being “bombed” by a bird, having the chair collapse under him and weeing all over himself! It was me going ha-ha-ha-ha this time! Give him a hug from me, I think of him often!
Soon I will be under way zig-zagging all over Europe and I will miss you two as well as all the others posting here. But when I come back to my computer I will have something to look forward to: your exploits, you four girls and Andrew!
When I was thirteen, I once ended up staying on a farm with three girls. One of them was my little sister, but she went off with her friend, leaving me with ten year old Christine whom I hardly knew. Oh my, I thought, what shall I do, she was a junior, belonged to what we called “small fry” at school. It turned out to be one of the most wonderful holidays. She was so sweet to me, and even let me hold her bike and sort of watch her when she needed a wee, for which she just dodged behind a low see-through bush keeping a mischevious smile on her face for me as she noisily watered the ground. But that is nothing compared to your stories! Thinking about it, I have to refill and readjust the windscreen washer on my car for the trip. Hmm, I think I will call the gadget “the Kendal”. You will of course know why! Keep smiling! Love from your Uncle Rizzo.

SID, I enjoyed your introducton! Ah, you look as if you are another good poster here! Keep it up!

COUSIN, A very sweet story of yours describing Elena on the toilet with the twins watching and being potty trained (Ha, Ha!) at the same time! I wish you and your family the best, Rizzo.

Plenty of pleasurable plops and pees to you all, Rizzo.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

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