hey!I've got another story.I have'nt been able to post much because I've been out of town in Orlando.summer fun.Well anyway to the story.My little cousin of 5 is staying at my house for 2 weeks.So I've been kind of busy taking care of him while my parents were at work.Near the end of the week my parents decided to go to a concert leaving me with my hyper cousin.It was close to his bed time so I decided I had better give him a bath.I ran the water put him and his toys in and told him to wash then play with his toys.I just sat there for awhile helping him along when the familiar urge hit me.It was'nt so strong so I ignored it. I sat for a bit letting him play with his toys some more when the urge hit me big time.It was just my cousin in there so I pulled down my shorts and panties to my ankles and sat down on the toilet."Shanice are you going to the bathroom"and I said yes and told him to just keep playing with his toys,but he was interested in my business now so he still watche d.The toilet is kind of ahead of the tub and he was sitting in the back of the tub so there's no doubt he had a good view.I began to let out a steady stream of piss for a about 30 seconds.I sat for a little bit then broke the silence with about a dozen loud farts which made him laugh.I leaned forard a bit and felt my asshole slowly open but nothing came.My little cousin watched with interest and said"cousin Shanice nothing is coming out"I groaned and pushed but it would'nt come.
I leaned way over and pushed my stomach and loud hissing noise starting as the huge turd slowly moved out.It must've taken a full minute for it to come out."it finally came"squeeled my cousin.Almost immediately i felt smaller sized turds come out much more easily,with lots of splashing.A few poop pellets shot into the water and the rush stopped.I pushed for more but all I did was set off a HUGE chain of stinky farts. My cousin laughed as he said"Shanice your poops stink real bad"THe farting continued for awhile and then I felt a big turd start move out.My asshole spread to it's limits completely as one of my fat turds began to move out slowly and fell with a loud splash wetting my buttcheaks.Right after that several poop pellets shot into the water. "you must've had to go real bad shanice"I laughed as I started letting out the loudest farts(BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)which really made him laugh hard.The farts seemed to set me off again as a rush of what felt like well sized turds beg an to shoot out with loads of plopping and splashing accompanied by nasty farty noises(plop plop spash brrrr splash plop brrr)The rush stopped and a few poop pellets shot out.Then one more long but thin turd began to move out slowly curling around the huge bowl.It hanged for a bit and snapped into the bowl.I let out a few farts and flushed.I wiped between my legs once and took about 3 wipes for my butt.I pulled up my shorts and panties and flushed again.The smell was horrible so for my cousin's sake,who was holding his nose,I put on the fan."Shanice you had to go bad.I saw some big poop coming out of you" "I feel alot better though"I said.I suddenly let out about 8 loud stinky farts out of cousin laughed so hard I thought he would have died from laughter.I let out another little fart and said"
now i really feel better"I drained the water dried him up and told him he better not tell his little friends when he got back home,but I know he will.Welll thats about it.Peace!

To Will: Where do you pee? My Answers

-- in the shower

-- in a coffee can if I have to pee while using the computer

-- in the corner of a changeroom at a local park cuz I had to go, and knew i would not make it to the bathrooms.

-- in the bed (yes I am a 35 y.o. bedwetter)

-- outside if no one is looking

-- in my pants if I really have to go

The photo of a group poop is a coincidence because I promised a couple of poop stories from my past. My first experience with outdoor pooping was when I was maybe 9 or 10 when I used to be bashful about pooping at school, so when the urge hit, I would usually hold it and then find a private spot in the rural area I had to walk thru on my way home. And sometimes during school lunch period I'd sneak off into the underbrush behind the gymnasium and poop there also, but those were solo poops. My first experience with pooping when others were able to watch was when I was 16. My 18 year old boyfriend and his 16 year old sister and her school friend, a girl, and I, went water skiing. We had been out on this lake for maybe two hours, taking turns pulling one person at a time behind the boat. This was a small lake with a boat launch and no "facilities." I already had peed, earlier, when I fell off the skis and was in the water, which is no big deal, but now I had to poop and ! so just held it in and hoped for the best. Later,when we stopped the boat to exchange people behind the tow rope, my boyfriends sister hollered at my BF to just hold the boat steady for a minute. To my complete surprise she said, "I have to go to the bathroom and if you don't like it, don't look, because I can't help it." With that she removed her suit bottom and hung her ass over the back of the boat. We all acted like we weren't noticing, but everyone was noticing- first she peed a stream into the water, then effortlessly she slid out several long logs which floated up next to the boat. When she was done she said, "okay lets' go" and then her school friend said, "wait, I have to go too" and she did the same thing but only peed. My boyfrined looked at his sister and her friend, and said, "you $#$*&%s, what dirty pigs you are, doing that in public". The sister, who really had been nice to me, started to cry and the other girl looked shocked. This made me mad. S! omething went "poof" inside my head and I said to my BF, "You are the one who ought to be ashamed. Ellen was doing what nature intended = and I dont see any bathroom on this boat. Ellen, don't cry, if he doesn't like it, too bad, and besides, I HAVE TO SHIT TOO, and I am going to do it right now. With that, I lowered my bikini bottoms and sat in the same place as the other two had,with my ass hanging over the back of the boat, took a breath, and forced out a big long poop. It went P-l-o-o-o-o-p-f-f-f as it exited my butthole and splasshed into the water. I wiped with a rag he had in the bottom of the boat, threw it in the water, pulled up my bottoms and got back to my seat spot. There - three girls against one guy. He never spoke to us, but fired up the motor and we went out for a final turn at the lake with his sister pulling him behind the boat. After that we went back to the launch, where he loaded the boat onto his trailer, and when we got back to his house, his ! parents weren't home. It was kind of tense but by then we were all at least speaking to each other again. He went into the bathroom. His sister said, "Come on, its payback time." and she gave me and the other girl each a glass of water and motioned us to follow him. She led us to the bathroom door. pulled it open, and there he was, on the toilet taking a shit. He was right in the middle of ploppingm, and boy was it ripe. We each threw a glassful of water at him and left. Man, was he mad. He never asked me out again for almost two weeks, but later he apologized to all of us for his harsh words and finally about a month later on a hike, he actually took a shit in the woods, but he first told me to wait while he went off to a secluded location, which I did. That story was my first poop before witnesses. Next time I'll tell you about the second, and third.

I might as well bring you up to date on my jogger friend too, who seemed (de ja vu) disgusted like my boyfriend years ago was, a couple weeks ago when he "caught" me having a BM next to the trail. I encountered him tonight on the trail, just before dark, and made him stop and talk to me. I told him that his sudden silence tells me that obviously he was disgusted or offended by what he had seen me do, and that I did not think this was fair, because everyone must "go" at some time or another. He replied he was sorry, but he was not offended but rather, was embarrassed, and figured I was the same, and just did not want to make the siuation worse. We ended up talking for a bit about other things and agreed to go for coffee sometime. He did say, as we were parting, that he thought I was "kind of a cutie." He seems nice and I'm sure this arrangement is safe enough because I have been encountering him on the trail occasionally for quite some time now.

I've had several girlfriends, but one thing I have never been able to do is to get them to go to the bathroom in front of me. I've done it for them, but they don't want to seem to do it in front of me. Just luck I guess. What makes a woman want to sit on the toilet in front of you? Is it a comfort factor? Do they have to know you for a while before they go in front of you?

Just curious to find out. Needless to say, I would die to have a girl use the toilet while I'm in the bathroom with them. Anyways, take care.


Mr. Noname
Hi Everyone!

First, to answer a few questions and make some comments.

JOHN--There's really nothing to be embarrassed about by taking a dump around your girlfriend. If you feel really close to her, try being open and intimate. Ask if you can watch her poop, then invite her in and let her watch! I know it may sound rather bold, and I was a bit afraid to do so around my girlfriend at first, but once we tried it together, it was so much easier. Now I'm not embarrassed at all. We all have the same basic bodily functions and by dumping you're doing nothing any different or stranger than she does.
ALANA--Just how big are your dumps? They sound pretty hefty.
CARMALITA--A very fascinating post about all the latina women using the community center toilets! You write very descriptively so it's really easy to visualize what it must have been like. Keep up the good posts! They are really earthy and sensual.
RIZZO--Well, we usually pee in the toilet beforehand, then save the dumps for the paper. I usually don't have a problem peeing when I dump, but my girlfriend does occasionally dribble on the paper while pushing out her turds (especially when they were smaller and harder), or just after a dump. Sometimes we even go after "drop off". I kinda like it when she dribbles and I watch the pee drip off the end of her emerging turd. The story about the trainee tenor was great!
BUZZY--I usually have mushy poops. Chinese food or anything with tomatoes of lots of spice tends to do it to me. Sometimes when I travel and I don't go for two days or something, they can be firmer, but still small in diameter. Mine are often long, though. Usually I do the clean up when my girl and I buddy dump. I don't mind. I get a buzz off of seeing how much bigger her productions are than mine. Unless I have one of my mushy ones, clean up is usually quite easy. Her turds are usually firm and just roll off the newspaper into the toilet. Mine stick, so not all of it falls into the toilet. In that case, I just wrap up the paper carefully in a wad and dispose of it in a garbage sack.
We usually discard all our "used" paper--including toilet paper and her tampons (when she uses them)--that way.
NICOLA--Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try. I suppose I do drink lots more liguids than I really need to. As I stated above, Chinese food and foods with tomatoes--Italian foods and pasta sauces, etc.--tend to make me looser. I eat lots of Italian food, so that may be part of the reason mine are usually looser than desired.

No new buddy dump stories to report since the last time I posted. My girlfriend's cycle of big turds caused by the whold grain bread she's been eating have stopped, at least for now. Last week was pretty incredible. She didn't go yesterday except for a single turd ball (which I think I posted yesterday), and so far nothing today. Maybe she's saving up for a big one! I've encouraged her to keep eating that bread which seems to help a lot. After she left for work this morning, I felt the urge to dump so I took my usual one (soft and not as mushy as last week's) in the toilet. No fun doing it on paper without an audience! However, one item of interest, I went to pick up some pictures this morning. On the roll were some more pictures I took of my girlfriend dumping on paper. This time she was passing a pretty big one--one of the numbers she did last week. Whoa, what a cool picture! The light was really good and the detail of the anus and the big lumpy fiber-filled turd creepin! g out is incredible! I can get really close with the camera, and it's one of those APS cameras, too. The picture quality is excellent.

Perhaps this afternoon we'll try a buddy dumping seesion. Sometimes I can go twice a day, so it is possible I'll have to go again, especially if I watch her go first. Anyway, I'll report on that later, assuming it happens.

Happy PFFFFFT-ing and KER-SPLOONK-ing to all!

Billy & Kevin L.

When your girlfriend is around, do what we do when we have to go poop. We go into the bathroom, close the do, take our pants down, sit and poop. We wipe and wash our hands. Then we go and do what we were going to do if we did not have to poop.

Everyone poops. Your girlfriend poops. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Just poop when you got to go, and forget it.

i talked to Olivia on the phone and she told me something wierd..she told me her mom has verbaly abused her since she was 7 and thats around the time she wet her pants and pooped her pants .she was crying and stuff so I calmed her down.I really wanted to spend time with her but I was meeting my firend Connie at a store.I told Olivia I had to go and she thought this was funny and said so do I .....she said hang on i am gonna take a dump and i go OLIVIA I am meeting someone soon and she goes ooo its Brittany or Johanna..and i go no its Connie..Olivia goes Connie is stuck up Sam so whatever bye.

I havnt talked to her since..

Michelle in Louisiana
This morning, I had an interesting dumping experience:
I was at this local punk rock festival, entitled PunkFest. I knew nearly all the people in the bands, and I help set things up. Then, the urge to shit started to hit me. Since it was outside, there were portable toilets, and I walked into the nearest one. I pulled my pants down, sat, and immediately the shit started to come out. It felt soft and mushy. Then, the door flung open, and 2 guys from the same band, who I knew quite well, looked at me. Brent(the lead singer) was really embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry!!" and I said, "It's aight...y'all can stay if you want." I could see the a big smile come across both of their faces as I continued to push out more soft poop. Then, some other dudes from other bands came over to see what was going on. One of them made an odd face. Pretty soon, everyone who was there was watching me as I started wiping my ass. There was a lot to wipe. I then stepped out, and all the punk rockers were slapping high 5's at me. One of them made the re! mark that I'm the only chick he knows who would ever do that. It was really fun.

Now, for some responses:
Will: Besides the toilet, I pee in the pool and outside the pool while sitting in a chair in my swimsuit, as well. I hate the pool bathrooms, they're always so filthy, stinky, and the toilets don't often work. I only use pool bathrooms for poop. When I was a little kid, I used to pee in the sewer to the septic tank.

Bryian: I doubt that it's illegal to spy on people pooping. I've never gotten the chance to spy on anyone pooping, but I'm sure someday I will.

I always pee in the shower, pool, lake. In the sink, i have peed in a drinking glass before and poured down the kitchen sink and rinsed the glass right away. Once i was in a new house looking around and got the urge to pee real bad, i went to a corner in the closet and peed, the plumbing was not turned on yet. Ladies, please tell us guys unusual places you have pee.

joe b.
I'm glad to hear that others are having nice results from metamucial. If i'm really constipated I take an enema. I enjoy metamucial recreationally ocasionally. I take the wafers. Actually they tase pretty good and you dont have to drink any crud.

I take the maximum recommended dose for three days and have fantastic poops. Usually I poop only once a day from it, but typically its 2 to 3 inches thick and over 2 feet long. so wonderful!!

Hey-name is Sid, my girlfriend's name is Lucy, and this is my first post here after finding out from a friend about this site. He's what you all call a lurker, but I'm gonna be a poster. I'm also gonna use his computer since mine sucks. I guess as a new poster I'm supposed to give a description of myself, so here it is- I am average height I guess with an average-to-thin build and tone since I surf as much as possible which means I am somewhat tanned at least for another month or so, I have bleached blonde hair and blue eyes, and when I spike it up some people say I look like a young Billy Idol, whatever. My girlfriend is pretty cute, at least I sure think so. She is petite with bleached white hair(it's a thing for us I suppose). She is about 5'4" and small framed with hazel eyes, pretty pale though because she is not big on the sun. She usually covers up when we go to the beach, maybe she is worried about skin cancer or some other junk, whatever. Anyway, I enjoy takin! g a good dump just as everyone else here does, and it took me some time to get my girlfriend to admit it also, but after this incident things were cool. We have been together for, hmm, I don't know, a long time, I guess I better figure that one out before my ass is in trouble. We live together and for the longest time it seemed like she was afraid to go to the bathroom or something with me there, not me though. I would take a nice big dump and come out saying how great that was. She would usually just look at me like I was a freak or something. One day we were grocery shopping and at the check out line there were some laxatives that said they were gentle for women, which seemed stupid to me because any lax is gonna make you shit a whole lot anyway. I noticed her staring at the box and made a joking comment to her asking if she needed that and was she holding a time bomb in her waiting to go off. She told me to shut the hell up because I was embarrassing her. She then tol! d me that she did because she was costipated, so I chunked a box in the cart. When we got back to the apartment Lucy took one or two, I'm not sure, but later I remember thinking it must have been the whole box! Well later in the night when we were in bed watching some movie, she started holding her stomach and rubbing it. I asked if she was okay, and she told me the laxatives must be kicking in. After a bit later, she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I never saw her run so fast in my life. It hit her pretty quick and hard I guess because she didn't even close the door. Excellent! Here was my opportunity to see her taking a dump by playing the caring boyfriend(which I am, most of the time, unless she annoys me with her next "Save the world and environmet" plan and group, yea, okay.) So in I walk and she is hunched over on the toilet and moaning, all the while pushing on her stomach. "Whoa, are you all right?" She screamed back, "No! And get out of here!" "What? Let! me help you or something," I said. The looks she was making were like right out of The Exorcist or something, I was waiting for her head to spin off. I told her to let me rub her back and stomach and help her calm down and take it easy before she blows up. So I knelt beside her and grabbed her hand. She looked at me really weird and I told her everything was cool, but she said she should have locked the door. I told her how I was glad she didn't because this could be a defining moment in our relationship. She replied that I was so full of shit, and I said, "No, I think you are the one who is full of shit at the moment." She sort of laughed but moaned at the same time. I was kind of feeling bad for her because she was then starting to look like that Exorcist chick again. Here I was rubbing her back, though I don't know how good that really is, but I thought it seemed like a relaxing thing to do. I was still holding her hand in my other hand, and then I said, "Hey, th! is is cool, I don't mind things like this at all, not the constipation, but this dump you're about to do. She was never really that shy about peeing in the bathroom when I had been in there shaving or something, but taking a dump she had always locked the bathroom door and sprayed freshener everywhere to mask any stench. "This is different, taking a poop," she replied. "Look, it actually is cool, feels good, and turns me on," I said. She told me I was sick, but sort of smiled. Suddenly she squeezed my hand fiercely and I thought she might rip it from my arm. Her face wrinkled all up and she shut her eyes very tightly, and her face was turning red. Her breathing was becoming frantic, and I recall wondering if this was how she would look during childbirth? Not on a toilet though, now that would be a trip. (Lucy isn't pregnant, I was just wondering.) She was now making the wildest grunt sounds I have ever heard and sucked in a big breath of air, then she was all tense as ! she was pushing and pushing. I heard a strange crackling sound like a giant bowl of Rice Crispies cereal. Snap, crackle, pop! Man my hand was hurting. Since she was really hunched forward I peeped behind her, and I could see this enormous brown thing coming out of her butt. This "thing" was so wide that I didn't know how it could possibly escape from her tiny ass. The thing kept coming and coming, and my hand was redder and redder matching her face. It seemed to be hanging from her ass forever, and it was still coming. It was rather dark brown in color and knobby. It looked like a bunch of giant brown marbles all glued together coming from her butt. Whoa! I loved it, but I am sure she wasn't enjoying any of this as much as I was. Finally the monstrosity broke free and fell with a big "Sploosh!" All the air came rushing from her mouth as she exhaled big time with relief. Man, she was sweating a bit. She sat up and sighed and said, "Thank goodness." "Are you done?"! I asked. She said she didn't even think she was close to being done. Great!I thought to myself. I got up and wet a washcloth with cold water and patted her forehead and wiped the sweat from her face. She said thanks, and then she hunched forward and groaned some. Her face was scrunching up again and she was once again straining and pushing. While she was leaned forward I could see her first job which was so wide that it barely seemed to slip in the opening at the bottom, and it was pretty long sort of smoothing out at the end where it broke off. The next one seemed to come out more easily and it was not nearly as thick and knobby, but still pretty dang big. It thudded in the toilet hitting the first one and laying beside it. "Whew!" she said, and she looked really relieved. Surprisingly, there wasn't much of an odor, I mean there was a smell, but it wasn't that bad. Suddenly she gave another push and I could hear a bunch of smaller pieces hitting the water sounding ! like someone took a bunch of rocks and dumped them in the water at one time. She was finally done, and the smaller pieces were firm to soft, with a bit bit of mush at the very end. Wow, what a load! I told her I never had a load like that in my life. She told me if I ever was constipated she was going to see me suffer like she did. She said I was rather kind and sweet through her ordeal. She sat a bit longer and let out some small farts. I raised my eyebrows and laughed. She apologized but didn't know why after everything she just did. She cleaned up and flushed, but the toilet couldn't take all that. I told her to leave it, and I would take care of it later. Later while relaxing in bed once again, Lucy said it was nice being pampered like that while using the bathroom. "Well, we can try it again smetime, together," (which we do now, even in the shower, but that's another story). After she had fallen asleep I had to go and take another look at her magnificent load.! I must have stared forever with envy, however, I had the pressing chore of breaking it up and trying to flush it. I did with the cleaning brush of all things, but it worked. Took me three flushes to get it all down. Man I was glad those gnarly turds didn't stop up the toilet!

Take it easy out there people,

I had to catch up on reading the posts, so hear are some replies:

Jane - I don't know if it's just cheap building materials, but over the last 25 or so years, most client sites that I been at have the Mens and Ladies rooms back to back with thin walls. Everyone on both sides can clearly hear what the opposite sex is doing. Now, if you area modest person, this can be embarrassing. On the other hand, if you enjoy hearing the opposite sex and don't mind being heard, then it's just fine.
Kim and Scott - You are most welcome, young lady. Stay well and please keep posting those awesome stories. And I must add that your latest story, about the towel boy seeing you on the bowl, was, as usual, terrific. You have some of the best stories out here, Kim, to the delight of many of us.
Pamela - Nice story about you and Connie. You certainly had a great view. Your Climbing story was also great, as you and Connie had an awesome view.
Carmalita - My sweet seniorita, how are you dear? That was an incredibly nice story about watching your mom and dad use the head. I think that all young children get a certain fascination about watching adults: parents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, etc sit on the pot. I know that I was, and I can see that you certainly were. Thank you, also, for the nice, sweet reply to my latest posts. Kathy was tickled when she heard that Patsy thinks that she is beautiful and exciting. She sends her love. You are without a doubt one of the dearest, sweetest ladies that I know, even if it is only thru the Internet. I feel that you understand me, because we both wear our emotions on our sleeves and don't hold anything back. Anytime you want to slap my butt, feel free, that is of course if Kathy and Jake don't mind (HA!). I really thought about you the other day, while I watched that pretty Latina gal poop in the woods. If only it could have been you! Your latest and greatest (Yes it was ! THAT good!) had me glued to the monitor! SO many lovely ladies, you included, stinking out the ladies room. You sure sounded beautiful in the outfit you had on, and I am sure you looked great sitting on the commode ("Alatina princess about to sit upon her throne", that is great!). I can't describe the delight I get in reading your stories. They are as good as my real life outdoor adventures. Take great care dear, please say hello to everyone for me, I love you.
Buzzy - A buddy dump, with a mirror? It sure sounded like you and Donna had a great time doing that. Just how big a mirror did you have with you? It sounds like something that I will have to try with Kathy. It sure sounds like a new twist. Your story and its details were great. About last weekend: I almost DID lose my mind, as I watched that Latina lovely take a dump. And getting a dual wipe the day before was something else. It sure does sound like my group could have been doing our thing while you and Donna did yours. Hey, keep up the great stories, I know that I fuss over the gals but your stories are right up there.
Mr. Noname - Seems like you and your wife are enjoying each others output. SO even if you add the whole grain bread to your diet your stool mass doe not increase? Maybe you should try a high fiber cereal and increase your H2O intake. My wife and I have compared results at times. We make a point of eating the exact same foods, in proportion to our body size, and we have noticed that I usually produce a somewhat longer (by about 4 to 6 inches) poop, where as my wife's will be about to of an inch thicker. I hope that your computer gets back on track, and here's hoping that you and your lady continue to enjoy each other's company in the head.
Traveling Guy - I have never dumped on a beach, but it sure sounds like fun. I really liked your dune story, and that you got to see a nice lady do what you were doing was nice.
Rizzo - Glad you like the outdoor adventures. They can be pretty exciting. And your latest "Sea" story was rather interesting. Crapping on a boat must be some kid of adventure.
Jeff A - I sure hope that everything, your tests, turn out OK. I also hope that you are feeling alright. Thanks for liking my latest outdoor posts. It is fun to watch one lady poop outdoors, but when you get to see 2, and get to wipe their asses, it is super, to say the least. I have been very lucky lately, as I have seen some great pooping by some beautiful women. Now, about Latina and Native American ladies: I agree with you, that their dark complexions and strong, sexy looks are very enticing. Also, since I am a real "paleface" (blonde hair, blue eyes and a very fair complexion), I think that the attraction of opposites applies. Whatever, I do hope to see that lady again. Maybe I can run with her, who knows. Those were 2 cool stories about watching a friend's mom poop, especially the second one. That is a good question, why would a mother with growing boys leave the toilet door open like that? It boggles the mind. Take care, Jeff.

BRYIAN-I'm not sure if it is illegal to peek in on a guy in another toilet. You can't photograph or videotape him without his permission, though. You have to be careful that you don't get caught peeking, because alot of guys don't like to be looked at while dumping.

I've seen a few guys sitting on the toilet when they were unaware:
-My neighbor (another building) has a bathroom in his bedroom and his bedroom is located directly across from mine. He was probably in his 30's, and very athletic. A few times, at night, he would leave the blinds open, and take a dump with the bathroom light on and the door open, but the bedroom light would be off. He was about 20 feet away, but I could still see him pretty well. He was always pretty quick.

-A friend came over to visit me in my new apartment. The bathroom door had the knob missing because it was going to be replaced. My friend took a dump and I peeked through the hole. He kept his eyes closed most of the time, and rocked back and forth a few times. He also was up on his toes while dumping.

-I noticed in a public restroom in college that someone had removed the
stainless steel seat cover dispenser from the wall and had it propped against the wall. Someone entered the adjacent Handicapped stall and I realized I could actually see this guy reflected on the shiny stainless steel surface. It was like a mirror. He didn't appear to notice the dispenser angled towards his stall. He was a dark-haired college guy.

-A store restroom had two toilets next to each other with a large hole in the wall between the two. Due to the lighting and the color of the walls, you couldn't really see the hole very well. I was in the smaller stall and saw a late 20's guy go into the stall and take a crap. He was dirty blond, slim, good-looking. He didn't even seem to notice the hole at all. He dropped his pants and underwear and leaned forward to drop his load. Kinda noisy. What was cool about it was that he was sitting on one of those tall toilet seats, open on the sides, so from my vantage point, I could see his turds dropping into the toilet. I could also see his dick and balls hanging into the toilet.

Most of the other times I've seen guys on the toilet, they were using doorless stalls, or I walked in on them (unlocked door).

Greetings All.

I am going to be very short on time in the next couple of weeks due to unexpected, extra work commitments as well as doing extra instruction at the dojo. Unfortunately it may also result in postponement, or even cancellation of the Spain trip. Louise is similarly affected as luck would have it, so we will have to see what happens. I will be able to read the forum, but my responses will be very, very delayed.

To Carmalita,
I believe wedding bells will be sounding! Some good news, at last. Well done, the two of you, and I hope you will both be very happy.

To Julie,
Hello there, sweetheart. I particularly enjoyed your recent posts. As someone said, you do have nice taste in knickers! To the point though, perhaps your friend Lucy might have checked that there was paper in that cubicle before she selected it. I have to say though, it was an entertaining story and I greatly enjoyed reading it.
It sounds like your mum had the very beginnings of the thought of throwing off the shackles of her social and gender conditioning when you and she went to the bathroom together. She does sound fairly typical of women her age when it comes to toilet related matters. I can see how it would have seemed a bizarre experience to have been there to see her urinating in her prim and proper style, and then to have had her watch you stand to pee. I reckon I would have liked to have been around to see that, but perhaps it would have been a little too much for your mum to have had a toilet guard as well <snicker>. Thanks for mentioning me, by the way! I do appreciate the honour!
I remember you described another shared toilet experience with a lady her age from when you were in France, and she too was the 'prim and proper' type. It is very much as PV has said on a number of occasions, there is the gender behaviour conditioning that forces women to believe
that to wee while sitting demurely is the only way, and that any other way is either impossible, immoral or is a completely alien concept. Perhaps your mum would blanche at some of the things Louise's mother is capable of doing. I do not have to wonder where Louise gets her own
personality and behaviour from.
To finish with, I can very much imagine how you must have looked when you aimed your stream into the bowl. To me, it is a very pretty picture, but I can also understand how your mother could have found it comical if it is so outside what is for her, normal experience.
On this subject, there is a little story I have been considering posting for quite a while, and it is from many years ago, long before Louise came into my life. I have been prompted to post it, as I think you and others may find it interesting. I don't have time now, but I will have to devote an entire post to it to do it justice.
Until then, best wishes from your toilet guard, Steve.

To Kim and Scott,
Hi there. Thanks for the tip. I'm not really one for watching martial arts films, I just enjoy actual training, but I must admit I do like the comedic style of Jackie Chan. Take care now, sweetheart.

To PV,
But of course I do you an honour! It is only right and proper that you, and Louise as well, have the credit for the enlightenment of a number of women interested in broadening their otherwise limited peeing repertoire. Apart from Julie, Ephermal, Carmalita's group and of course Kendal, there must be many more who at least will have been curious enough to have a try at standing to wee. You are indeed iconic.

Bye for now,


A few years ago I worked as a medical officer at a boy scout camp. We had our share of accidents. There were always the wet sleeping bags and some other accidents. One that stands out in my mind revolved around our bugle that wakes us up. One Monday morning (the kids came in on Sun.) the horn went off and scared the poop out of a boy. The horn is real loud and this kids camp site was right near one of the horns and someone had left the volume turned way up. This kid crapped right in his underwear in his sleeping bag. Of course, they bring the results to the medic to take care of! I did talk to the kid and he said that he knew he needed to take a dump before bed, but did not like the latrines (this is not uncommon with the kids). I have other stories about camp I will post if you guys want to hear them. Anybody else have stories of pooping when you got scared?

Helen of Troy
Thank you all for the nice comments. Last night after Jimmy and I got home we went out to weed the garden and get some fresh vegs expecting some friends to come by later. Our friends car drove in below and thinking they arrived early I went to greet them but found it was only the wife by herself. Husband delayed at work and would come seprate later. She was dressed casyual in jeans and t shirtand offered to help us in the garden to pass the time. After about half an hour of stooping and rising and bending over she excused herself and said she needed to go to the house and use the bathroom. Jimmy said, save yourself a lot of walking, just go over behind that Maple tree, that is what Helen always does. I was shocked. She started to laugh and blush and looked at me, I was blushing too, and she said, is that right Helen? I said damn you Jimmy, I only did that once, and said to our friend I would go back to the house with her. She said, no, if it's good enough for you i! t's good enough for me, do you have any kkleenex Helen? I dug in my pocket and gave her some and she said come with me, and Jimmy you stay there. We went over behind the tree (its massively big with huge trunk) and unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans, took them to her ankles and squatted in an unbelievable perfect chair style as if she were sitting, with her hole pointed away. She expelled a soft stream of pee which went straight down in the grass without splashing her pants, and then softly strained , uhhhh, and this big loooong, lonoong turd came out. Her bottom must have been 2 feet from the ground, and I am sure this thing was still coming out of her when the tip touched the ground. It was only about an inch thick but unbelievabley long in one piece. After it dropped she squatted down like I would have done when shitting, which made it easy for her to wipe. She looked at the tissue after each swipe and after it came up clean she stood up, dressed, and out from behi! nd the tree we came. Jimmy wasnt peeking, like he did to me, this time. At bedtime I thanked him for not doing that and told him about her long turd. He said he saw it, as later as we were leaving with her and I downn the path first, he stopped and covered it with a shovel of dry soil, as he did mine when I'd pooped outside. So, as a consolation prize I then let him watch while I had a bowel movement in the toilet off our bedroom. I leaned forward and raised by bottom slightly off the seat so he could get a good look as the product emerged, there was quite a bit of stuff ready to go, so I am sure he was pleased. Actually, I have proof of it but that is enough said here.

To john: Re: too embarsed to poop around your girl friend. I got 2 sugestions. # ask to use her upstairs bathroom that way you will have more privacy. #2 Tell her you want to go out(like the mall or a store) and when you get there tell her you have to go to the bathroom and to meet in a certain spot

To DONNIE ML. I liked your story about that huge log you found that time. Did u ever try and figure out who's it was??

Yesterday i was at work and i was on my break and i had to go pee, i go upstairs and walk in and i see the last stall door was closed. I take the first stall to pee. I knew it was a co-worker...but i didn't think it was the person who i thought it was. This is the 2nd time ive seen him in a stall dumping. Then i come home and think of it and go to sleep and i had a dream that he was peeing in to a river at work(there is no river at work). Me and a supervisor saw him doing it.

Allright, an old joke. But just in case you've never heard it...

Lifeguard: "Hey, kid! No peeing in the pool!"

Boy: "Aw, come on. Everybody pees in the pool!"

Lifeguard: "Yeah, but not from the diving board!"

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch. I'll be here all week. Try the veal, and don't forget to tip your waitress.

Traveling Guy
Thanks for all the appreciations of my beach story. I was thinking about all of you here all the rest of that day and all the way home. I couldn't wait to share it. To be honest, I was NOT thinking about all of you while it was happening, but can you blame me? And thanks, MICHELLE IN LOUISIANA, for missing my posts. That's sweet.

CARMALITA - Wowie, wow! Doorless stalls in the ladies room at the community center?! And you were just the reporter to bring us the play-by-play action. Nice job!

NIK - I really like the way you use the classic phrase "move my bowels." Makes it sound classy, like the "have a motion" our British friends sometimes use here.

PAMELA - I think that hiking story is the best "buddy dumper" I've ever heard. 2 + 2!

RIZZO - Your sailing yarn reminds me of the time when some friends and I got to help a guy and his teenage daughter ferry his 42 foot sailboat across Lake Erie to Lake Huron. I had never used a pump type head (that's a "john" or "potty" for my landlubber friends here), so the teenage daughters showed me how to operate the flush mechanism, with some obvious embarrassment. "Well, first you go, or whatever," she said with a bit of a squirm, "then you turn this valve and pump this handle up and down until it all flushes. The only problem is, it's kind of loud, so if you have to pump a lot, everyone else on board knows what you did." I tried to empathize with her discomfort but, to be honest, I was enjoying it just a bit. "Oh, thanks, I'll remember that when I go," I told her.

Joe Boxer
To Kevin from Calgary

Here in the U.K. Jimmy Riddle is Cockney (LOndon) rhyming slang for Piddle as in piss. Sounds like the guy you heard in the toilet needed to piss as well as poo and nearly did one or both in his pants.

Michelle in Louisiana
When ever I get constipated i eat pork and beans. the beans will make my shit really big hard and lumpy like a turtle. When my ca ca cannot come out I put Vaseline or Olive oil up my ass making my shit more slippery. One time I did a 60 inches crapper.

KEVIN FROM CALGARY -- "Jimmy Riddle" is English slang, to be accurate it's Cockney Rhyming Slang, Jimmy Riddle = Piddle (piss). As a rule, rhyming slang is a code in which the second word rhymes with the target word but the first is the one that's used. Ergo, "I'm dying for a jimmy" would be a typical expression...

MALITA -- I can't tell you how I smiled when I read your comments. It's something so nice it gives me the warm fuzzies when I think about it. I can't put it into words better than that -- I love you guys, plain and simple. I envy you, and I know it's going to be a wonderful home.

And -- omigod! -- your social night out was staggering! I would have to say that your account of your trip to the busy doorless-stalls bathroom was one of the hottest posts you've ever written. I would have given a lot to be there... I have a mango-yellow thong-back one piece swimsuit. Flesh-tone nylons for smoothness of continuity, plus white pumps with extra-high heels -- now picture my shoulder-length red hair blow-dried and set, a really sharp makeup job and you have the picture. Oh, how I would have gloried in walking in their with you to team-dump in the ripe airs of feminine urgency. I'd have stepped right out of my suit, of course, and basically shit naked but for shoes, and my nylons rolled down to my knees or so (I like to open my legs, the posture just feels more comfortable.) Sigh!

PV in the Land Down Under

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