A true toilet story.

This happened when I was thirteen, and I remember it clear as a bell (who wouldn't, if it happened to them?). I was at a junior high school picnic talking to a group of fellow freaks and geeks when I suddenly and desperately had to take a shit. And I mean a major shit. I saw that the only toilet facilities was one of those outhouse type latrines, one side for girls, one side for boys. I wasn't wild about the idea of using it, but it was either that, shit my pants or find a bush. I chose the latrine.

I poked my head in and first noticed that, of course, I was not alone. Three guys were staning at the urinal (one of those trough-like ones that snake around the perimeter of the wall). I also noticed that there was absoultely NOTHING seperating the "toilet" from the rest of the room. It sat in the corner in full view of anyone else relieving himself. It was one of those bucket-with-a-seat-on-it jobs that empties into a seemingly bottomless cesspool. Desperation overcame bashfulness and I entered.

As quietly as I could, I went to the crapper, unzipped, pushed my pants and underpants just out of firing range and sat. My butt cheeks were starting to buckle under the pressure and finally a chunky stream of diarreah squirted out, accompanied by a loud fart. My three cohorts were now alerted to my presence and turned around. One gave me a grossed-out "how desperate can you be" look, the other two, chuckled to each other and went about their business. The grossed out guy quickly finished and left, the two others seemed to be having fun by trying to wait me out. I could NOT relax my ass enough to finish with them standing four feet from me, but I tried. It was then the I noticed (what a shocker!) that there was no toilet paper on the roll. Normally in that situation, I would have forgone the paper and wiped later, but this dump felt extra sticky.

With as much dignity as I could muster, I asked the guys if one of them could grab me some napkins or paper towels from outside. They said sure and left, leaving me alone to finish in peace. I let loose and my bowels erupted.

What I didn't know is, while what felt like the mother load exploded out of my ass, the two jokers were daring a group of girls to bring me the paper towels. I found out later that they finally did it for $20.

In the outhouse, I sat there, as a few more squirts shot out and splattered into the pool of ten thousand shits below. Then I heard the girly giggling and whispering approaching the door. I knew then what as up and for a moment I totally choked. Oh, f???! What am I going to do? (For whatever reason, the thought of simply pulling up my pants and walking out never occurred to me.) I immediately thought to myself, they're trying to humiliate you, so don't let them. I decided to play along.

Sandy Morgan, a girl who I'd secretly had the hots for since sixth grade, popped her head in. "Somebody need some paper?" she asked with a grin. "Yeah!" I said back enthusiastically. She entered the room and walked toward me. Her girlfriends poked their heads in and waved to me. To their surprise, I waved back with a smile, then totally grossed them out by saying, "Normally I'd get it myself, but I feel like I sat in a puddle of chocolate pudding."

Sandy handed me the paper towels, then leaned against the wall, figuring I'd sweat until they left and I could wipe my ass in private. To her horror, I ripped off a sheet, leaned forward and wiped away. "Oh my god," she exclaimed, and darted to her friends, who stared at me in disgust. I looked at them and said, "What, you never shit?"

"Not in front of people!" Sandy said.

"Well, I didn't have a choice here, did I? Nobody's making you stay."

With that, the girls went from being giggly about their hilarious joke, to feeling like a group of perverts peeping at a guy taking a dump. They stood there for a minute, then left. Sandy gave me a really dirty look, and I said, "You want to see it, or what?" She shook her head in disgust and walked out.

I finished wiping and left the towels for the next guy. I pulled up my pants, then hesitated, knowing full well that there was going to be a group of kids standing there when I walked out. I held my head up and walked out. Sure enough, the two guys, a few of there friends, the four girls and their other friends were there waiting for me. I stopped, looked them over and said, "Man. When a guy taking a shit is the biggest event of the day, you know your life has to be really f???ing empty."

I walked right through them, told my friends all about it, and we all looked at them and laughed. Their "joke" had backfired, and now they looked like the idiots.

I never had trouble shitting in a public restroom or in front of anyone again after that.

True story.

Hey,nice pic on the masthead with the 3 girls either peeing or pooing-hard to tell,but it looks like they are having a good time doing it-
TO CARMELITA-Nice community poop with your contemporarys-good stuff-should have taped it!Hope all is well with you and Jake-BTW you and Jake do buddy dumps?
TO PAMELA-Great story out in the wild with you and Connie watching Mr and Mrs young couple dump and then dumping on top of their piles-I like the story so much,I printed it and took it to the toilet this read as i was unloading a lot of soft stuff myself-more stuff,Pamela for me to read on the bowl-I really enjoy hearing about oyu and Connie buddy dumping at the same time together!
TO KAY POOPING STORIES-Interesting story with you and your boyfriend dumping-sounded like you guys really had to go!
TO MR NO NAME-Taking pics of your girl pooing is always great to do-i did it some years ago and I still have the pics to look at every now and then-hey try videotaping your girlfriend-that's better!Good stuff
TO KIM & SCOTT-Funny story with the guy coming in your room as you are dumping and he saw you-Wish i was him for that one-did he see the turd coming out your butt?then he had to clean it up- Wow,i wonder if he dug the whole thing or not-
took a nice dump out at the beach toilet yesterday and as i'm sitting there starting my BM,i notice sort of in my perifial view,a guy from the next stall looking over the top of the stall down at me and the funny thing was that just a minute before that I heard this guy really doing a good dump on the bowl-Anyway,i was leaning foward with my legs spread and he was toward the back of the stall wall looking down at me-now at first i got a bit uncomfortable and then i said to myself -the heck with this,if he wants to look and that's all,i don't care and i leaned foward a bit more as i started to push out my turds-first i let ut a small fart and then the turds started coming out pretty fast cause it was my 2nd BM of the day and that dump is always softer than the 1st,but I still did a good load as i watched from the side this guy looking at me poop and in a strange way,i kinda enjoyed it as long as this guy didn't get weird which he didn't-then,i felt done and he was still wat! ching me and I wiped my butt a few times and then i turned around and looked straight at him and he really looked embarrased and said "Sorry"I just kinda shook my head and laughed a little and before i got out he was long gone.but i'm sure he got a good view cause these bowls are the elongated type and I was leaning pretty far foward,but hey whatever turns you on and in a strange way I enjoyed giving him a show as long as he stayed in his space and didn't invade mine-it was fun to do that more stuff later-BYE

I was walking through University the other day when I felt the urge to poo. I was a few hundred metres from the nearest toilet and was heading towards it. For some reason, and I still don't know why, I wondered what it would be like to poo myself. I thought about it and then began to become quite stimulated by the thought of messing my pants. So, I decided to do it. I was walking towards a girl that I know and think is good looking. Somehow, the thought of shitting myself infront of her, albeit without her knowledge, seemed really exciting so I began to do it.

I've never tried pooing while standing but I soon found that it's really quite easy. As we approached each other I began to let it out. There was loads of it and it felt quite runny and hot. We spoke for a bit (I didn't poo whilst talking - and I kept my distance) and the I walked on again. I still had quite a bit left so I just let it all out with one big push. I was a bit worried at this point as I felt a bit conspicuous with a big bulge at the back of my trousers. I headed to the toilets (luckily hardly anyone ever uses them so it's quite private) and cleaned myself up, which took a long time.

I'm not sure if I would repeat the experience but I would certainly founf it to be sexually gratifying.

I would appreciate any comments!?!

Ben, Midlands, UK

Hello everybody.
Well I have not been lucky getting my letter on the page but I could
not work out what was wrong with it. Mr moderator, I have taken out a
bit I think may be wrong and I hope it is all right now. If it is
still not right maybe I will have to use that courtesy phone thingy.

JEFF A - Hi guy, I was thinking about you! Now just for you I will tell
you how about one of the times Steve held me up while I had a shit.
Well the time before this, my ankle hurt so I was not really looking
forward to the next time I needed to go. We were just going to bed and
I knew I needed a crap. Steve went to the bathroom with me and then he
picked me up and held me up over the bowl. I put my arms around his
neck to help him and I tried to push out my turd. You know it did not
feel too different to if I had been just on my feet. I was really bent
over and my turd came out quite well. I told Steve I had a brown tail
but he could not see it. My turd popped out of my hole and fell down
in the toilet. Steve got me in the right place and he had been checking
I was not going to shit on the rim or onto the floor so it went where
it should! I knew now I needed a big wee and Steve knew he never could
aim me into the toilet like that, so he took me over to the bath and
he held me over that. His arms were a bit tired but he said he was
all right. Well I did not wait long to start weeing and I squirted very
hard into the bath. A bit ran down and dripped off my bum. We liked
watching it in the mirror, it was really good. I did some little
squirts to finish it and that was a giggle. Steve put me down on the
furry bathmat and I got on my knees for Steve to wipe me. He did my
pussy first and he was very gentle like he always is. Then he wiped
my bum, but really there was nothing around my bum hole but my bum
needed drying because of the wee that had dripped off it. Now Steve
needed a wee and I stood on my good foot and I held his dick for him
while he did it. I wiped him too, and then he carried me out.
I had to wait for him while he went and rinsed all my wee out of the
bath and flushed the toilet. It was a bit romantic really and I hope
you like my letter. Love Louise xxxxx

CARMALITA - Hi!!!!!!!!!! Oh wow that is fantastic about Jake wanting to
marry you. It is like fairytale stuff how he did it, it is like how
you dream about when you are a little girl. You have admitted to each
other how you feel and that is lovely!
I liked your story about the girl in the next stall in the community
centre and you really stank up the room good didn't you? My shits just
do not smell strong.

PV - Hi girl!
Oh yeah try weeing the scissors way. It is an interesting different
way to have a wee and just now I am doing it like that quite a lot.
I did it like that this morning when I got up, but when I am at work
in the ladies toilets I stand for a wee and put my weight biased on my
good foot. I have got quite good at that now but I will be happy when
I can use both feet properly again. Love Louise x

RIZZO - Hi guy! Well thank you for caring about my bad ankle. It is
still a little bit swollen up but it is not bad like it was. It does
not really hurt in the morning but it does a bit at night still.
Oh yeah I am doing all right with it and I can not really put my
weight on it too much when I stand to wee because it makes my foot turn
in when the sole was flat on the floor. I have changed the strapping
and it does not now show up so much.

LISA - Hi! Well I did not get quite in that situation when I was 15
and I would not have minded my mum seeing because we always saw each
other weeing anyway, but then I did wee outside a lot and I still do.

JULIE - I will tell Steve you have written letters. I bet he will
like it! I would have shoved some paper under the door and not made
your friend open it.
Hey I liked when you and your mum had a wee together. I know Steve will
like reading about that, and yeah I am very proud of you. You have
got very good at standing to wee if you can perform and do it like
that. Your mum is not like mine, my mum is who taught me to stand up
and wee when I was a little girl. You know if she keeps her knees
together like than when she is sitting down I bet she has not even
ever seen her own wee stream.

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Hey that story is like when I have been for a
little run with Steve, and I have needed a wee before we started.
It is very exciting isn't it, when you just let rip like that.
Oh well done, you just made up your mind you were going to do it
didn't you?

Lotsa Hugs,


Mr. Noname
Hi again!

I just posted, but thought of something else I wanted to add. I was thinking about farting because my girlfriend and I do this around each other all the time. I can remember when we first started living together I was a bit afraid to fart around her. I'd hold it in at night, then in the morning go to piss and let it out then. Now I just cut 'em loose. They're pretty loud and sometimes they wake her up. She chuckles a bit and says something like "Nice one!", then falls back asleep. Within a few minutes, she cuts one, but not as loud. Sometimes they smell. My farts smell "spicier", more of that hard-boiled egg smell, while hers have more of that ripe, rich earthy poop aroma. Anyway, we sometimes have little fart competitions. She gets a real kick out of it.

It reminds me of a story a guy I used to work with several years ago told me. There were two guys at his university who used to play "fart tennis". On nights that the dorm cafeteria served up anything fart inducing, they would stoke up on the beans, cooked cabbage, what have you. Then they'd go back to their room to study. The guy that farted first was the server. The rules were pretty simple: there were five minutes during which time the other guy had to return the fart. If not, it was like having the ball land on your side without returning it. They kept score, just like in real tennis. Has anybody else tried this? Needless to say, the room was pretty stinky afterwards and all their friends knew what they'd been up to!

And my parents used to play a little fart game. It was called "fluffer". They would go to bed and read before turning out the light. Dad would almost always doze off first, but just lightly. Mom would be reading and then let go an SBD. Then, she'd put her book down and grab the covers and shake them up and down as vigorously as possible, fluffing the fart and dispersing it everywhere! Dad would always wake up, grumble, and go back to sleep. Then he knew it was his turn to get revenge! Does anyone out there know of any other fart games like this? Do share your stories.

There's one last thing I want to say about farts. I'm currently living in Poland (that explains a few things, like the toilets that don't flush completely and difficulty getting on-line to download posts from The Toilet!) and the word "fart" exists in Polish, but it means something like "luck" or "good fortune". What really cracks me up is there's a juice company based in some other European country that markets a fruit drink here called FART. I kid you not! I have two bottles of it sitting on my kitchen shelf. FART is written all over the label. I'm saving them to take back to the States as souvenirs for family and friends. Can you imagine a TV commercial for that stuff? I can see it now: "Be smart. Drink FART!" There was even a company that made a dishwashing liquid of the same name, and once I saw an art gallery whose name was "Art-Fart". If anyone else has any
fart/poop and toilet related stories like this from other countries, please do share them.

Happy gas passing and pooping!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone!

Interested to read about your experiences, RIZZO, concerning that toilet with the good splashback which needed anti-freeze in the winter.
I've never heard of adding anti-freeze to a toilet but I've known outside toilets to form ice in the pan but not enough to cause damage.
As long as the next person to use the toilet remembers to flush it first!
I believe even a small candle or a nightlight in an outside toilet can be enough to prevent freezing, but I recently heard of a candle left on a cistern which burnt right down and melted part of the cistern! Probably best on the floor, right in front of the pan.
Another danger to toilets I was warned about from a plumber is to avoid using metal fixings for the toilet seat. These can apparently rust or become so difficult to unscrew if the need arises, that the force required can crack the pan. Always use plastic, I was told, for fixing the seat.

Glad you've been enjoying the toilet at your Gran's, KENDAL,It sounds just the type for me, but I don't like the idea of that furry seat! It sounds very unhygienic! I've never even seen one but have on occasion used one that is like an air cushion and is therefore washable, but my favourite type is plain ordinary black plastic or wood.
In some very old style public toilets I remember using once, the seat was specially made for the toilet, the pan having a sort of lip at the back of the ceramic so as you sat on, the back of your buttocks was resting on the pan itself with the seat slotted round it.
Sounds odd, but it was comfortable, but gone are the days of individually tailored toilets and seats!

When my biker friend has been reporting his shit sessions on tape, he's frequently been pleased to say he's dropping a big knobbly one.
Whether this indicates the shit forming itself into lots of small turds that then bind together in the gut due to a slow transit time, I don't know but it's never uncomfortable for him and he certainly enjoys it and something I attribute to a diet with little fibre in it.
Perhaps that's why I've not done one of these "nutties" for a long time, but have noticed few people here mention them.
Am I right in thinking that most logs passed are of the smooth type or does anyone here find they often do the nutty ones too?

Another mystery is how little TP most people here refer to using, when I seem to often need to use about 15 sheets at least when wiping up! At least lately, I've been able to eventually get myself clean, but for a long time felt I could use up a whole roll and still not be finished.

Well, there must be a backlog of posts waiting to show up so there's no more to respond to at the moment so this is my lot for today, Enjoy your toilets, P P G

LINDA GS: Well done for getting Cousin to write his post. Thats the way ! As a very last resort, if something isn't getting done, then become VERY irate !! I don't think that would work with my Aunty and Uncle though. More likely I'd finish up with smack bottom ! Still, I don't think that you're spoilt. You just knew how much Andrew and I wanted to know about the two new babies, Lynda and Kendal. Did Cousin manage to finish his post before you finished pooping then ? If he did, then that must have been one almighty poop session !! By the way, Andrew is having a gynormous poo as I write this. I can clearly hear him plopping away happily ! Just a sec... Yep, he's sat there with the door wide open which is why I can hear so clearly (the olds have gone to work). His room is right next door to the bathroom, but you can't see into it with out poking your head around the bedroom door. Pity really. It would be rather grand to be able to sit here at the computer and be able to ! describe what he looks like sitting on the toilet for you without having to move from the desk. Andrew says to tell you what colour his pampies are. Horrendous green, Linda !! They look like the colour of snot !! He also sends the latest batch of smoochies to you, not that you would really want them from him while he's pooing!! Yuk !! Anyway, I've got a bit of a story for you. I Don't know how much you have managed to read of the posts which happened while you were in hospital. But there is a regular poster here called Upstate Dave who has been telling the most wonderful stories about his childhood. He told one about a girl that he was with and how they used a particularly large enclosed advertising sign as a kind of den. They were able to crawl under the bottom of it, and inside was a whicker chair with a hole in the seat, which this girl then sat on and did a wee and a poo through the hole ! I said at the time that it reminded me of when Andrew and I had been walking t! hrough some woods near our village and come across an abandoned old chair with the seat missing from it. I also told Upstate Dave how it never even crossed my mind to use it as a toilet, mainly because it was all covered in bird poo !! Anyway, Andrew and I decided yesterday to see if that old chair was still there, and if it was, that we would use it as a toilet. However, remembering the bird poo, I nicked an old sheet from out of Uncle's shed, and made a special cover with a nice round hole it that we could place over the framework. It was like a big fat cross really with the four long edges being able to flap over and through the chair frame. I took a measurement from one of Aunty's dining chairs so that I knew what size to make everything ! So, Andrew and I set off for the woods, and we were both so delighted to find that the old chair was still there. Andrew was even more amused that I had come prepared for the job ( he didn't know about the cover I made ! ), and he was! very impressed how it all fitted through the framework with the big hole in the middle ! I'd even remembered two extra strips of cloth to cover the arm handles with. So there was no chance of getting any bird poo on me at all ! I wasn't hanging about either, because I'd had loads to drink before setting off, and the half an hours walk we took had somehow 'processed' my wee quicker than normal. I needed a huge, enormous wee ! It was so urgent that I'd already dribbled a bit into my pampies, although that was probably more from the excitement I was feeling in getting the chair ready for its 'use' ! Anyway, with everything set up, I lifted my summery mini dress out of the way and pulled down my pink pampies ( sorry, boring I know !!), and with my legs balancing on the front of the chair frame, and my arms resting on the chair arms, I leaned forward and gushed forth through the big hole ! Just as my wee began, Andrew darted forward and lifted up the front flap of the cloth f! rom either side of my legs and sort of pushed it under my thighs, behind my knees, so that he could have a good front view of my wee flooding down ! (that appeared to be the only floor in my design !) Gosh Linda, I think there is only you in the whole wide world who will know the relief that I had from having this wee. I remember you describing a big wee that you had as "GGUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Well thats the wee I had too !! It was a wonderful sensation to me, sitting on an old chair in the middle of the wood, partly wondering if there was anyone else around who might be getting the view of proceedings Andrew was getting ! But also listening to the sounds. The big hiss was there which I often have with more desperate wees, but instead of sprinkles into water and on the front of porceline, there was the soggy noise of water splashing on old leaves and moss. Well, Linda, it was now Andrew's turn, and he pulled his shorts and pampies down to sit on the! chair as well, although he only wanted to wee, no poos thank goodness ! He was having to hold 'it' down through the hole in the cloth with one hand, and the other arm he casually leaned on the chair arm. As we both waited for his wee to start, and it was taking a while, the funniest sequence of events happened, Linda, the funniest since Andrew sat on Kirsty's knee while she was sat on the toilet in my house when we had the power cut and it was all dark ( can you remember that ?! ) Andrew was sitting on that chair grinning like a cheshire cat when all of a sudden there was a plop-plop, and a bird sitting in the tree above the chair had pooed on his head ! I could have died laughing ! And thank goodness I'd had my wee first, because I would have widdled my pampies completely !! But thats not all, as he leaned to one side and looked up to see if he could spot the bird concerned, there was this creaking noise and then a sudden crack, and the whole chair fell to pieces on the ! ground !! And Andrew's bare bum was sitting on top of the big soggy patch of wee that I'd made ! I cried and cried with laughter, and to be fair to Andrew, he saw the funny side of it all immediately himself, and with all his hysterics too, he lost control and began weeing involuntarily from his sat position, and with one particular loud roar of laughter, he weed all over his shorts and pampies ! I tell you Linda, when that last event happened, I took down my pampies and squatted on the floor, so convinced was I that I would definitely wee my pampies with all my laughing, despite the big wee I had already had ! I was taking no chances ! Andrew and I laughed about it all the way home, and we couldn't look at each other for the rest of the day without bursting into laughter. We both got into trouble for laughing at the dinner table last night ! And especially as we wouldn't say why !! I hope this story has cheered you up the same as it did me yesterday ! Because I was a l! ittle sad before I left with Andrew. One because there was still no news from the Cousin household ( perhaps you felt my sadness and that was why you got irate with Cousin ) but also because of Carmalita's post where she talked about her Daddy taking her with him while he had a poo and how she sat on his knee while he had it. I wish that was something I could have done with my Dad. And now it can never happen, although its pretty certain that it would not have happened now anyway. Even though Dad was so good about what Andrew and I get up to, there's no way he would have had a poo with his 11 year old daughter sitting on his knee !! Even so, it still made me sad. What a huge post, Linda, and I want to say something to one or two others as well. So I'll send you lots and lots of love, and look forward to your reply about my story. Hey, why don't you give Andrew a new nickname ! Howabout "showery shorts" !!!! Linda, he's trying to grab my hands of the computer ! He says "yo! u dare, GRRRRRRRRR" !! Linda, thank you for being my bestest friend. Its so good to have you back again. xxxxxxxxxxxx Oh yes, I'm getting the hard stare from Andrew now for not adding his XOXO to you !

COUSIN: So YOU decided on Kendal as a name ! You are right, I think it is pretty unique. I have come across the name spelt with an extra L on the end. Indeed, one or two posters here have made the mistake of adding the extra L to my name when they have had something to say to me. So, because baby Kendal only has one L, she will be pretty unique. And I am so happy to share my name with her, thanks to you ! You lovely, lovely Cousin !! The spelling of my name is exactly the same as the spelling of the home town of my Mum, Kendal in Cumbria. Just so you know where the name comes from, and you'll be able to tell baby Kendal that one day ! Lots of love to you and Elena and the babes xxxxxx

AUNTY PV & LOUISE: I don't think I've said thank you for being allowed early entry into your girls club ! So thank you. I'm very proud to be regarded as 'one of the girls', at age 11 !!! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: I'm very glad to have Linda GS back as well !! And don't worry, Andrew and I will be very careful with Kate. We both love her to pieces and won't do anything to break that bond ! By the way, that story of yours about the poor man who's poo and wee splashed back up at him while he was sat on the 'head' because of the sea on that ship was very good. My reaction was "yuk, the poor man !". Andrew's was "Hahahahaha" until he had to run to the toilet, for a wee initially, and then that poo I was describing to Linda ! Hope you liked our chair in the wood story. Take care on all your trips. Lots of love from Kendal xx

CARMALITA: Your story about the poo your Dad had while you sat on his knee was so wonderful I had to get my hankie. I would have so loved to have had the same chance with my Dad. Instead, I have been priviledged enough to share with your experience, and although it made me feel so sad at the time, and made me realise how much I miss my Dad, I am very, very grateful that you posted that story. Thank you. Love from Kendal xx

I would like to extend my warmest and deepest congratulations to Carmelita on her recent engagement. I am very sorry I have not posted in awhile. But I was reading one of your fantastic pooping stories and read that you are engaged to Jake. If anybody deserves to be married, it is you. I wish all the happiness in the world. Also look forward to many more of your wonderful pooping stories, especially the one tonight with all the latina girls. What a thrill that must have been

Again, my warmest congratulations to you. You deserve it.

Hello from Scotland.

Alana, I would only pull the flush while doing a motion if I had diarrhea or was passing a loose stool to cover the horrible sound effects. Thankfully I dont get this too often. If its a solid motion as mine usually are, then I wait till I am finished, and then have a good look at the jobbies I have done, as I have done since I was a kid of pre-school age, before I pull the flush. If one of my turds sticks because its too big to flush away, I just leave it, and of course when I was at school I would often leave the pan unflushed if I did a good motion so others could see and admire it.

John, why be emabarrased about having a dump at your girlfriends house or when she is around. We All defecate, the Queen, The President, Film Stars, Religious Leaders. So does your G/F, her mother, father, siblings if any. I assume you will be involved in very intimate relationships with her in times to come of not already, so just go for it. Go to the toilet, do your BM as you would normally do. It would be a lot more embarrasing if you didnt go to the toilet then had a big accident in your underpants. You never know, she might be turned on by such matters as defecation and want to accompany you or let you go to into the toilet with her!

Michelle, unusual to pass solid turds when suffering from Gastroenteritis as the usual symoton of this illness is seever diarrhea. Could it be the medicine you were given that solidified your stools? I did recently have an episode where I thought I was going to have the hated runs but to my delight this wasnt the case. I was staying in a hotel having done some work on site for a customer. I had my evening meal about 7.00m, nothing exotic, steak, chip, mushrooms, then went to bed about 9.00pm as I was tired. At about 4.00am I awake with gripeing pains in my guts and dreaded that for some reason an attack of the squitters was imminent. I could feel movement in my belly and went quickly to the ensuite toilet, pulled down my black Speedo briefs and sat on the pan. I farted loudly, did a wee wee and for a long while, multiple, rasping, fruity and very smelly farts, then the pain in my guts subsided. I DID need a motion but imgine my pleasure as, instead of the load of loose mu! sh, or the torrent of watery diarrhea I had feared, a nice solid formed jobbie slid out of my back passage. It was smooth and easy, smelly and just oozed out crackling as it went and entered the water with a loud "SPOOL-LOOMP!" When I stood up I could see that it was about 12 inches long, 2.5 inches fat and sausage shaped. I sat down again just in case there was any more to come down but apart from a few more farts and another short wee wee, that was all. Wipeing my bum I then pulled up my panties and had a better look. I could see bits of mushroom embedded in the big jobbie. Not wishing to wake the other guests I didnt pull the flush then but went back to bed. When I got up again at 7.00am I went to the toilet for a pee, sitting down with my big jobbie still in the pan beneath me. I did notice that it had started to discolour the water. It took 3 flushes to get it to go away leaving long brown skid marks in the pan. I didnt feel any more gripeing pains and later that day aft! er lunch I did another, smaller, jobbie. This one was only abaout 8 inches long, and carrot shaped and made a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!". It was more lumpy and was a floater but did go away after a singe flush. I assume the pains were as a result of flatulence, hence all the loud smelly farts, but it was a great relief to do a nice solid poo when I had expected to suffer an attack of diarrhea. Has anyone else had such an experience of a motion turning out to be better than expected.

Tuesday, August 01, 2001

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