SAMANTHA- i must have missed your original posts about your friend Olivia. could you please tell more about what she does? for instance, does she wet herself on purpose, if she doesn't get her way? or is it a problem of incontinence?

OK, guys, true confessions time... Where, other than in conventional plumbing fixtures designed for the purpose, do you pee?

For me:

---in the shower (privately) almost every morning. I have since I was 10 or 11 (I'm 22 now).

---in a group shower (gym back in high school, or in the dorm freshman and soph years), discretely, into my hand, so nobody can tell (unless they're looking REAL closely, LOL.

---into the sink while I'm shaving, if nobody's watching.

---out my bedroom window, both when I lived with my parents, and also at my current apartment, both of which are relatively private.

---into a jar... in my Jeep on long drives; or while on the computer for extended periods; or while reading in bed on a cold night when I don't want to get out from under the covers till morning.

---outside, under any circumstances where I have privacy, and sometimes when I don't; observers, if any, must be carefully chosen for propriety and safety.

---when flying on commercial jets, into the sink in the restrooms; perfect height, feels great; clean up carefully and thoroughly, of course.

---in the ocean, in the lake, and (come on, guys, admit it, most people do) in swimming pools, right through my trunks.

---in my pants/jeans/shorts if I get caught in the rain, or while washing my Jeep, so I can obscure the evidence.

Where do YOU pee?

I was sitting in psychology class one day a few months ago. I had psych 3rd hour (we had 5 blocks a day in my high school) so it was a little while after lunch and I hadn't moved my bowels since the day before yesterday so I wasn't surprised when I felt the urge to do so. We were doing some reading assignment so I figured that then would be a good time to ask to use the restroom.
My psych teacher was a pretty easygoing guy and wrote me a pass without incident. I was on the third floor and it was a fairly well-known fact that the third floor was home to the two best restrooms in the school, though they were all pretty clean. The nearest one was all the way down the hall so I had a little walking to do.
A lot of the things on the third floor were relativley new so the restroom had a clean, modern looking apearance. There was always soap and toilet paper. There were 8 stalls, 4 on each side, and all of them had doors. When I got there a girl was in one of the stalls but was finished doing whatever she was doing because she flushed and left as soon as I got there.
I started to go in the one next to her but the toilet was already full of a load of kaka so I took the one the girl was in. I hiked up my black skirt and let my white panties drop down to my shoes. The seat was already nice and warm from that other girl's butt on it. I started to pee when another girl entered the restroom. She took the stall next to me. I could see her pull red panties down.
We both peed and finished at about the same times. I began to push my poop out and she quickly pushed out a couple of turds with a gasp. She then just kind of sat there and didn't do anything else except wipe so I think she was listening to me poop. I let it come out of me at a slow pace. It broke off and plopped in the toilet. I grunted and pushed out the rest.
I stood up. There was a nice 9 incher and another 6 incher, both more than an inch thick. I wiped and flushed and we both came out at the same time. It was a girl I had seen before but didn't know. I think she was a sophmore (I was a senior). She was thin and of moderate height. She had medium length black hair. She was wearing a black skirt and a lime-green blouse.
We greeted each other and both talked a little as we washed our hands. I really think she was listening to me poop. She seemed very excited and the idea that someone else was listening to me excited me too. I think we both enjoyed it.

i'm too embarassed to take a dump when my girlfriend is around...especially at her house. what should i do?

Glad you liked the story! My boyfriend is pretty sick but even I was surprised that he would touch my shit. I think he was trying to get back the neighbors because we caught them spying on us earlier in the week. The grossest part was he told me that it felt like rocky road ice cream because of all the watermelon seeds in it. Yuck!

Michelle from Louisiana:
i take Fibercon. It really works in 2 minutes. I am 31 yrs old. One year ago i was in hospital for gastroenteritis. I had a lot of gas and felt some bowel movements and could not go. When that happend my ca ca were really really large, hard and lumpy.

Michelle in Louisiana
No stories as of now, but I will have more in the near future, I'm sure. Here are some comments:

Travelling guy: Great stories, glad you had fun on your vacation as well. I missed your posts here!! :o)

Nik: This is irrevelent to the subject of The Toilet, I know...but what kind of music does your band play?

Pool Owner: Just that name reminds me of how lil' kids always shit in the local pool. Last year, I was a lifeguard at my local pool and I remember all the times I took that scooper-strainer kind of thing, and I'd try to get the poo out...I was assigned that task a few too many times. Sometimes people also had diarreah shits in the pool, which made things harder to remove, just like vomit. The pool would be off-limits for an hour or so. As for toilet paper, I use Angel Soft. It's soft...doesn't tear your ass like Savoy. But then again, Savoy is much easier to flush...still, I prefer Angel Soft.

Bob from NJ: Metamucil tastes bad, but the texture is even worse. I can't imagine how bad metamucil with aspertame tastes, though. I, too, am a type 1 diabetic by the way.

Samantha: I think you should talk to Olivia about why she always has accidents. She must be insecure about something in her life. There must be something else going on besides the fact that she supposedly enjoys it. Aren't her parents aware of this? They should take some iniciative and take her to a psychiatrist or psychologist. No, it's not as big a deal as it sounds, either. Many people see them.

Donny: I read your story about pouring water up your ass...I think that's bravery, lol. I'd be too scared to do something like that.

Upstsate Dave
Good morning to all. A great weekend in upatate N.Y this past weekend. My daughter came up from Virginia along with my wifes sisiter and we went to a family reunoin that my wifes mothers family was having. We all had a good time. I hope that everyone else had a great weekend. Well on to my post for this morning.

I went down to Butches house to see if he was home but he wasnt. Barbie S and her younger sister were up though. Barbie asked me what I was up to and I said not much. I was thinking of going for a hike. Barbie asked if it was alright if she and her sister could go. Why not I would enjoy your company. Those two got ready and we took off.

We didnt have a particular destination in mind. We stoped at the store picked up some soda and snacks and decieded to hike along the creek as a start. There was a path that followed the creek so it was easy walking. The path came out in the local cemetary and then went back into the woods.

While walking through the cemetary Jeannie Barbies sister commented she had to pee real bad. She did not go before leaving the house. Both Barbie and I said there is an outhouse over by the toolshed she could use that. We hurried over and scince it was a weekend the caretaker was not there but the outhouse was open.

Jeannie steped inside lifted the lid pulled her shorts down but hovered over the hole because she did not want any slivers in her ass. She started to piss with a hiss. Her stream shot out at first and she peed on the wood in front of the hole but repositioned herself and her stream went down inside the hole. She finished pulled up her shorts and had a look of relief on her face.

Barbie said; I have an idea. Lets go outhouse exploring. Lets see how many we can find. I said thats a different idea and I know where there are a few of them. Jeannie piped in and said lets see how many we can use. I already have one under me. I said if we were going to do this we need some more supplies. So lets stop up at my house and we can make up a picnic lunch for later. So we went to my house and got supplied for the outhouse expedition. I will continye this in my next post.


glad u enjoyed my story, was a very intimate one and i guess erotic as well but i like to not hold back and tell my own experiences as they happen, i hope no one thinks bad of me or is offended, not all my stories are this way and i have many more to send, im glad ive met everyone on here and hi to Michelle, Samantha Upstade Dave and everyone else now ive had sweet rice for tea and 2 mugs of coffee and i can feel some bowel movement and a burning sensation on my inner ass, ill fill everyone in later on the size and farts etc lol take care love u all

Susanne xx

I've been taking Metamucil the past few days. I take 3 tbsp 3 times daily and the size and frequency of my shits have greatly increased. My turds are now about 4 inches in diameter and coil up about 15 long. I dump 3 times daily taking Metamucil. The dump is easily passed and I feel really cleansed afterwards. My turds had the most awful dark colr after on the first two dumps with hiddeous looking partcles in it. I think it has really cleansed my colon deeply. I think I will decrease the ammount of Metamucil I take after a few days, but I will keep taking for optimum colonic health.

To Traveling Guy: I loved your story about being at the Delaware Beaches...I can imagine what those facilitys look like. I also like the part where you saw that woman drop a load! I bet thats not too far from my favorite resort...Don't really want to say where(might reveal my identity).

To Pool Owner: I use Charmine 2 Ply sheets(Double)...Don't think it's scented.

Yesterday i went to WalMart just to kill sometime, and i get there and the first thing i had to do when i got there was use the bathroom. I had to poop, i noticed a man was following me, he took a urinal and i took the first stall and i peed, then flushed cause the water was dirty(someone left piss in the bowl with out flushing). Then i notice a few other guys come in and one was next to me in the handicapped stall. He had blue Adidas mesh shorts and i stuck my head all the way down(don't think he could see me) and i saw he was wearing white haines briefs. Then i totally got excited. I after i pooped, i wiped and flushed and i was hoping to somehow get a view of him but i didn't. Then later on i was walking through the store and i saw a guy who sorta matched the description of the guy i saw. I wasn't sure if this was the same guy or not. When i noticed this guy was in the stall he appeared to be a kid maybe around 11 but he could have been in his mid 20's and just have sma! ll feet and or a childish body(not much hair, small etc.).
I want to admit i was dying to see this guy on the can...I keep think about peeking. I really wanna see a dude on the toilet bad! Has any one done this before(peeked at a guy on the can?) and is it illegal? Any one have stories about this??

Okay okay. I just got on to post cause a VERY irate Linda told me I needed to. And she said that I best finish it by the time she finsihed pooping. I spoiled her I know.Okay well, Elena chose Lynda's name. She has always liked Linda's name, also there's the on-line comic called BunyWorxx and on it there's a little bunnygirl named Lynda so well that's her name. I named Kendal, I like the name.. it's very unique, you're the only person we know named that.. and it's a pity so now.. the world has one more Kendal. And we both agreed that if two names ever needed to be together.. it's those two. Yesterday I came home from work.(Linda was off with her mom) And I could hear Elena singing.. as I got closer.. it suddenly got strained. I got to the bathroom and I heard a PLOP and her sigh. I poked my head in and see Elena sitting on the toilet her shorts and panties( They were white Hello Kitty ones Anrdew)pulled down barely past her cute bottom. She was leaning forward singing to the b! abies who were in their carseats on the floor in front of her. She strained a bit more and another plop came funny thing is.. the babies were cooing like they were giggling. Elena saw me and blushed and said.. "I'm showing them how it is to be potty trained" I laughed and said "We'll you girls are learning from a pro" Elena said it's funny cause the babies always seemed to be laughing or cooing whenever she strained to poop. I said YUP sounds like Kendal and Linda to me. I took the babies and said"Let's let mommy poop and peace" Elena grimaced and then tons of poop came out. She slicked her hair back and said" Oooooh too late" And the babies cooed again. and giggled. Elena said"Just wait in a few years it'll be your turn". I have an odd family. but I love them all very much.


Ive posted here quite a few times as Donnie M but there seems to lots of Donnies out there so I am now Donnie ML. thank yOu-

A number of years ago I was stationed in Germany with the US Army. This was primary a tank division of the 34Th Armor. We stayed in beautiful barracks buildings that were once used by and for German air force pilots at one time, and was the site where they kept their first Jet Fighter places in WW2. So this is the setting. Im a rank E4 and I was there a few years.
Ok, so heres the story. We had really nice rooms with hardwood floors and all, and several central washroom/bathroom/shower at the middle of the hall for so many rooms. I would go and wash up and shave and get dressed for the days work(just like a job you got a home) in my fatigues an go to the mess hall to have breakfast. This would be about 7:00 AM in the morning. After chow, a lot of guys would head to the washroom/latrines, and take their morning dump. This room had stalls, of all things! So I picked out a toilet and opend the door. BEHOLD! Before my eyes staring at me was a huge log in the toilet. It was big enough that it lay sideways in the bow.. I estimate it to be about 4 1/2 inches round and about 18 inches long. It reminded me of something you would see at the supermaket in the meat showcase, a big Salomi, Liverwurst, or a big whole piece of lunchmeat uncut. I couldnt beleive a person let that there! What kind of a butthole did this person have and who w! as it? I knew eveone pretty much on our floor of about 70 guys or so. No fat people, just ordinay Joes you see all the time. Needless to say, I couldnt poop there cause the party that left it couldnt flush it down and I couldnt either. So I went next door to the other stall and did my "motion" as some call it. I read where there are people here that poop a 12 inch log and so on. Big and round and long. But this one dont seem to belong to any human. Anyone can comment on that? Or just wasnt I around a lot of crapper places to ever notice? I wrote about the army boot camps having like 40 toilets in a row and guys couldnt shit for a week being so shy. But this one was a surprise! ANy comments??

Jane,The reason I usually do not flush is because one day I had to take a massive dump and I ran into a stall in the bathroom at this hotel, it was on mothers day and very crouded. There was a buffet breakfeast.Well any way I ran into a stall pulled my pants down and just managed to look into the toilet before sitting down.It was packed with excrement,I really had to go so I added a huge steamy pile on top of it.There was no way this load was going to flush down,but I tried to flush it down any way.What a mistake as the toilet flushed and backed up huge shit snakes slithered out onto the floor and the water ran all over the place.Women began screaming hysterically and stares were directed toward me.Now I have extremely large massive bowel movements and if there is going to be any embarassment I do not want to be the one singled out as the culprit.I know I have caused some maintence people some of the most nightmarish shocking frightful days of their careers,but they are profes! sionals and being such sooner or later they will have to deal with this type of situaution.
In the future I will be at least giving the commode a courtesy flush when I have a big dump.I hope this has answred your question.Now I have one for you.If you flush right away,how can you get a look at your bowels to see if they are healthy and of the right consistency? Love you all ALANA!

kevin from calgary
Hi everyone this just happened today.

I was at the mall just looking around when that old feeling in my stomach told me it was time for a poo. So i made my way to the washrooms got into a stall and dropped my pants and sat down.

I peed for a couple of minits and then let a fart go followed by the steady plop plop of small turds dropping into the bowl.

Now while i was in there, a boy in the next stall was taking a poo as well but every time he did one he wouls say there you go oooohhhhh aaaahhh there you go. i couldnt help laughing iam sure he must have been only twelve or so.

having finaly finished i left and while washing my hands the boy came out with a big grin on his face and said to me WOW thats better i just about did a jimmy riddel in my pants, i have no idear who jimmy riddel is iam assuming its just slang for a shit, if anyone knows please enlighten me. kevin

Those who have been requesting details of scenes from film or TV could check out 'Train on the Brain'. This is a documentary about hobo's using the railways in Canada and the states and has a short clip of 'au natural' pooping off the side of a train waggon

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