Hola mi amigos!

TRAVELING GUY: Thank you for your sweet congrats and for answering my question. That was a very intimate story of the woman pooping in the dunes. I liked it!
RJOGGER: Thank you always for being such a lovely man whom I love dearly. Boy, 2 nice posts of yours to reply to! Patsy, Renee and Jake all send a hearty hello to you and Kathy. Patys says your wife Kathy sounds very beautiful and exciting! Of course, we all know that already, huh? Yes Kathy, you are a sweetie. Thanks for enjoying my descriptions so much. Pooping is like what they say on the forum here: it's free, everyone does it, plus it's very exciting! I'm glad I know you, I feel like you really understand me. Hey bud, hottest of the hot stories about the latina gal in the woods! I'm glad you got to watch her. I know you like us "razas", and I am flattered, believe me. I still get lots of looks, stares and smiles from men. I don't know what it is about us, but I'm not complaining! I've often been mistaken for Native American. Navajo in particular. Maybe it's because I'm so dark. I also loved your other story about you guys in the woods. I'm picturing Kathy's 20 incher ! in my head! She sounds so beautiful! (I wouldn't mind giving your butt a little slap either, Rich.) I really LOVE seeing your name in here! In our house, we all love you and yours very much.
RIZZO: Thank you also for your lovely wishes. That asian girl in bathroom was hot I couldn't believe it! She was a poor victim of our "Mexicana misery" buffet. Authentic food, with tons of spices. I'm sorry she had the runs, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed hearing it, knowing it was coming out of her sweet butt.
JEFF A: Oh man! Did I miss your birthday?! Curses on me! Happy Birthday from all of us! Patsy says she'd like to make you a cake. Are you really 46? That's cool! DO NOT go to the hospital unless you are visiting somebody! Carmalit'as orders young man! You stay well and healthy and know that we all love you! Jake says you're an all right dude, Renee has always been crazy about you, Patsy loves you too, and I think you're the best!!!
KIM AND SCOTT: Oh, I am so happy that Scott is a big guy and can protect you! You're too sweet to have anything bad happen to you. You're a fun blonde, who's just having fun, fun, fun till your daddy takes your mustang away! We love reading your stories. They are quite inspirational! Even though I couldn't possibly produce such huge monsters as you, it's nice to know that girls can do such big poo-poos!
PV: Oh, thank you so much for your tender wishes. Yes, little Malita Jean will grow up in a loving household. There will be strong guidance for her too. We understand the importance and responsibilty Renee has. I realize we all seem wild and crazy in this house, but not really. It's also a very normal household, and because of our diverse mix of cultures and lifestyles, we have learned a mutual respect for each other and harbor no jealousies. This is why we all love your posts so much PV! You have respect for us. You are so very sweet.
JANE: Jake lets me get away with a lot! He also likes the farting very much. He said it felt warm on the right areas LOL! I love sitting on his lap when he poops. Just this morning I was taking a bath when he came in with his coffee and took a nice long one. Man he poops huge!!!

Saturday night was the annual end of July sweetheart's dance at the community center, and I couldn't wait to show Jake off to all my friends there. I was wearing my black and orange one piece with a matching pair of black and gold pumps that gave me a few more inches of height. I love the one piece because it's very form fitting, and snug on my slender body. It's full in the shoulders, with a scoop neckline, tight at the waist, and shows off every contour and detail of my ass. It's almost like I'm not wearing anything it's so sleek in the back. Whenever I wear this outfit, men's eyes pop out at me and it's fun. I'd spent a long time on my makeup wearing fuschia lipstick and crimson liner to accentuate my already full lips. My hair was flowing over my shoulders in thick, glossy black curls with a yellow gardenia in the part that brought out even more color in my chocolate brown skin. When I walk, the outfit shows off my butt, two nicely formed cheeks like ripe peaches ready! for plucking. The material also catches in the great divide down the middle that separates my two cheeks whenever my hips shift. Panty lines showed through the fabric, giving definition and teasing the gentlemen in a most appealing fashion with little maps of tell-tale lace. Jake was happy I wore it, it's his favorite outfit of mine. I'd noticed that men were eyeing me like crazy, and one guy couldn't quit staring at me. It's like he was following me everywhere I went. He even watched when I sat because my ass would spread out like Montana whenever I bent down. The food was very rich and spicy, which brought lots of business to the ladies room! It also caused a familiar rumbling in my ????. At that point I was trying to decide how long it would be before the food needed to come back out. I then realized that I wasn't going to make it home. I told Jake that I needed to go to the bathroom and it would be awhile because I'd have to take off the one piece in order to poop. He ! was cool with that, as he was fascinated by all the latino art hanging on the walls, and talking to people at the dance. (Jake speaks very good Spanish. I can't wait until he talks to my dad!)

The ladies room that evening was really busy, and full of latina women! Every toilet in every doorless stall was occupied. When I first entered the room, I saw a girl who volunteers with the day care center sitting on the toilet, wiping her ass. Her panties were stretched over her beige thighs and her dress hiked up around her waist. I smelled her poop as I passed her. Her nice round boobs peeped out from under her blouse too. She just looked up and smiled at me politely and kept wiping, and pulling toilet paper off the roll. In the center stall was another woman about 30. I didn't know her, but she was attractive. She was peeing, and there were other women and girls waiting in line for toilets-me included. Then, a woman exited a stall and went to the sink as one of the girls ahead of me took that toilet. I watched as she pulled her dress up, panties down and sat holding her nose, and fanning the air making faces to one of her friends. I guess it stunk pretty good. Then I ! heard a voice.
"Hola, Carmalita."
"Hola," I returned as one of the regular volunteers took the middle toilet. By this time every seat was occupied, and I was the only one waiting. I tried not to look to obvious, but didn't want to lose my spot either. A girl on the far end with shiny black hair, and glasses was leaning forward grunting, and I could hear turds plopping one after another. I swear she dropped about 20 of them in a row! They were soft plops, and within seconds, a deadly smell came floating by filling the room. There were so many pretty latina women pissing and shitting all night long! What a sight! I looked to my right, and the girl that took the stinky woman's stall was sitting there leaning forward, looking up at me and smiling and biting her lower lip.
"Hola." I said, with a smile.
"uunnnnHolahhh...como esta?" she answered. I could tell that she was passing a nice turd.
"Muy bien, y tu?" I replied politely.
Then she grunted again, smiled and strained out
I could smell her poop, it was very meaty smelling, but not too strong, kind of nice crap smell actually. She was a real pretty girl too. Finally, the center stall became available, and I had to go so badly that I thought I was going to pass a big turd right in my pants! I began to unbutton my outfit and slide it down over my brown shoulders. I was wearing a black bra and matching hi cut panties. The bra pushed my breasts to attention, and had a fine, lacy mesh that revealed two chocolate nipples that I'd dabbed with a bit of perfume earlier. My excitement and a slight coolness to the room caused them to be a bit erect. I saw my reflection in the mirror as the one piece slid down over my hips and exposed my flat belly. I knew I had to step out of the suit, and as I turned around, my rounded cheeks faced the mirror. I hung my one piece up over the stall wall, standing there in black panties, bra and pumps. I gave the pooping girl to my left a smile, as she wiped her cur! vy young ass. Next came a stretch of my panties, revealing my freshly trimmed vagina of black silk. I felt like a beautiful, lissome young thing, all smooth and dark and nearly naked. A latina princess about to sit upon her throne and crap a lengthy turd, or two. (I guess being in love makes me feel like that!) Necessity of the bowels forced me to nestle my soft ass on the toilet seat, let out a fart of warning, followed by puffs of air, and get down to the business of turds and smell. (I wanted Jake with me so bad.) "pffffttt......fffffftttttttttt.....uh....uhh....uh...." I was grunting softly, feeling something full in my intestines. The feeling was beautiful, knowing that it was going to slide out large and solid and that these other girls could hear and smell it. I leaned forward a bit more, my upper arms sandwiching my breasts, forcing dark nipples to press against the fabric of my bra. Just then, another woman came whooshing by, taking the available toilet to my left. I! knew her, she's a fun woman.
She saw me on the pot and she said
"My God, Carmalita! I hope you have to take a poo for all that trouble!"
"I'm working on it," I grunted.
My ???? flexed with each push until finally I released a nice fart.
"ssssppppppllllllltttt." "
She laughed and then I heard her peeing a really heavy stream.
"Oaaaahhhhhhhh that feeeeels goood!"

Once she was finished, a younger girl passed by. She was about 15, and very pretty with her black hair pulled back, and hanging down in a gorgeous pony tail. Long curls trailed down along her ears. Wearing a pink mini skirt and matching sleeveless vest, I heard her pull her panties down to her knees and sit on the toilet. She was grunting really softly and then I heard four nice, healthy plops in a row come out. Her smell came drifting over the wall, a little stinky, and probably much worse in her stall. By now, I had a turd of my own coming. "SSSPFFFFFFFFFFFF.....crrrkkklllccrrkkkkllll..." Oh, it was a fat one too! So fat, that it began to break up into tiny pebbles at first "plunk-plunk-plink-plop" then slid out as a tremendous sausage full of lumps. The smell was nasty as I strained and pushed. I was breathing so hard, I needed a rest, hung my head down and exhaled. Before I could start in again, a big chunk of turd broke off and crashed into the toilet. "K-PLOOOP!" I! then sat upright, clenching my thighs with my fingers and squeezing.
I was grunting again, and as I pushed, a thick, long sausage started creeping out. The smell was coming up from between my thighs, a musky blend of woman scent and fresh poop. The turd was still sliding, getting ready to break off. In a second I heard a “ssssspppluuuucckkk.” as it slipped into the water. Needing a rest from that birthing, I leaned forward agian, spread my legs in a most unladylike fashion, and rested my elbows on my knees as my tits pitched up and down with each breath of recovery. My hair hung down over my shoulders and down my back. A long rope of curls fell along my thigh and tickled. I was resting, but there was another turd up inside of me being thick and stubborn. I smelled my own poop, fresh and raunchy. Oh, how I wished Jake could have been there to watch me! I wanted him to see the other girls pooping too. (I'm so bad!) From next door I heard the teenage girl wiping her young ass, and from the partial view in the mirror, could see her. Nice, healt! hy, brown thighs with pink panties twisted around them, and a thick forest of black pubic hair, while she wiped herself carefully. I began breathing through my mouth because my poop smelled so bad. I was hoping nobody was grossed out by it. It was vicious! I pushed, grunted, grunted some more until the third sausage was sticking out of my ass. “Ooaaaannnnhhhhhh” I strained and out it came, stinking and lumpy.

Quickly, I wiped, got dressed again, and as I was about to fix my hair in the mirror and wash my hands, one woman grabbed my stall, grimaced at the scent I left behind, and a shy, heavier set girl was forced to take the outside stall. I felt so sorry for her. I went over and said "Hon, you want me to stand guard in front of you?" She nodded, and smiled and said
"Mucho gracias."
I turned my back while she did her business, the shy little thing. It was very sexy to hear her fumbling with her garments. Within minutes she peed and pooped a couple of turds. I could smell her dump, it was like a very rich fart, but didn't linger as badly as mine, or the other teenage girl's poop. Her thighs were fat, and her panties were stretched tight across them.
Anyway, it was a fun evening! There were so many pretty latina ladies in there shitting and wiping their asses. I made sure I told Jake all about it when we got back home.


Carmalita. Congratulations to you and Jake on your engagement! Hope you're both very happy.

Nik. I enjoyed your story about your friend Anne going for a poo. It sounds to me as though she hadn't emptied her bowels for a day or two. Either that or she'd eaten quite a lot!

Wow, what a day. My co-worker, Connie, has been telling everyone at the office that she is an accomplished rock climber. I have difficuly just climbing a ladder. She offered to give me some tips and said maybe someday we could climb together. This morning she came over early and after a nice breakfast we drove to a popular hiking trailhead. We parked and started up this trail and soon came to a place where a rock outcropping borders the trail behind some trees. We needed to go cross country for a short distance to get to the rock, which Connie said was really just a little hill to her, but good enough to get me started. We had maybe gone fifty feet thru the brush when we heard voices. Just as we gained a flat spot in dense trees overlooking the trail below, a young couple came into view. They stopped and looked around, and then stepped off the trail into a spot which was not visible from the trail, but we had a good view of it from where we were. It would have been h! ard for them to see us, because we were above them in the shade and they were in sunlight. Each had a backpack and the guy took his off. Their every word could be heard because of our higher location so we just stopped, sat down and watched. He said, "I think we could go here." She didn't seem to like the idea and said, "Oh, you go ahead and I'll wait, I don't think I have to go." He said, "I thought you said you tried to go at home but couldnt't. You better try now because farther up the trail there are no big trees or brush and no privacy." She took off her backpack but still seemed indescisive. He was still walking around. She said, "Are you sure we couldn't find a place later?" He said, "you know we've been on this trail before. The brush thins out in a little while. If you want to take a chance and wait,okay, but don't blame me if you get caught short." With that, he pulled down a young alder sapling until it broke and he stretched it between a rock and a st! ump. He took down his pants and shorts and sat on the down sapling with his butt hanging over the edge and said, "come on, honey, sit down here and we can take our time." At that, she took off her pants and shorts and came over and sat next to him. There was barely room on the sapling for both of them. Connie looked at me - I looked at her, and then we resumed watching. We had sort of a quarter/back view of them. They sat there for a while and nothing happened, then the guy released a long stream of pee. He reached over with his right arm and gave her a little squeeze and took her left hand in his. Then she said, "Mmmm, something's happening." Right then, several large turds started out of him - they seemed firm but they really poured out. More silence, then a loud fart and they both laughed. She appeared to be grimacing and we could see her body tense up and then we could see a turd coming out of her. Just as it started out, he also squeezed some more stuff out. ! We even could hear the poop plopping, but it was hard to tell whose it was. He said, "See, I knew you could do it. Aren't you glad I talked you into doing it now?" She said, " --Unnngh (plop) yes ( Mmph, flooop)," as several nice big juicey turds came flowing out, =I am a little timid about shitting outside, but I don't know what I would have done if my poop had come later and there was noplace to go." They both appeared to try to pinch off ssome residual, and then he wiped himself, and said something we could not hear but she bent forward immediately and he carefully wiped her butt too, then handed her a tissue and she cleaned her front. They stood up, and re-assembled themselves, kissed, got their backpacks and left. That's not the end of the story. Connie and I continued up until we reached this little rock hillock. It did not call for any climbing equipment but she showed me how to position my feet and hands and look for foot and handholds and then together we mus! t have climbed up about 30-40 feet until it got way too steep for me. She had me look down the entire time and said to warn her if I started feeling dizzy, which I didn't. Going down was a little harder but she got below me and guided my feet into the right places until we were back down and headed for the trail. "I think I need to use the bathroom, how about you," she said and we headed for the spot we had watched earlier. There was the sapling and two bg piles of human shit, with some kleenex. We both removed our pants and panties and sat down on the ready-made outdor toilet "seat", next to each other. Connie immediately started to pee, then she tensed, and this huge long shit started dropping. It made a direct hit onto the previous pile the lady had left and looked almost identical to it. I had to relax first, but had felt my butt filling up earlier, and it was just a few seconds until I squeezed out a good healthy smelly sausage about a foot long and then my usual f! ollow up mashed potatoes. Plus some pee. By that time the smell was not too great, which we both commented on and laughed and blamed each other. We wiped and dressed ourseleves and hiked back down to the car. When we got there we broke out a lunch from the trunk and were chowing down when Mr and Mrs Young Couple came into sight and went to their car which was not too far from us. They smiled and said hello when they passed us and I asked them, "How far up the trail did you go?" They told us they had gone approximately four miles up, and he said,"and we did it in record time, too, four miles each way in just over four hours." Then, thinking she was making an inside joke, the young lady said, "We would have made it faster but we took some time outs" and kind of grinned at him. We didn't say anything but I suppose they would have been shocked if they knew we understood their little inside joke perfectly. On the way home Connie told me that often when rock climbing she s! ees sights such as we saw today, from unsuspecting hikers below who can't help being watched. She said she enjoys watching. So do I. Over the years I have seen a few things too, and will try to come back soon and tell about some of them.

the Kay pooping stories
One day my boyfriend and i was walking for our morning walk and we had already walked through some woods and i was talking to my boyfriend i
always carry a roll of toilet paper in a small bag and some water so we had just started through the next set of woods . I pulled out a small mirror and my boyfriend asked me what was i going to do so i always wear a small skirt with no underwear he he asked again what was i going to do so i set on the edge of the stump and i layed the mirror an inch
away from my whole so i set on the stump pulled my dress away from my ass and i raised up the edge for him to look and he said what are u doing kay i said uhhhhhh!!!!!!and he said i need to dump my self so he go beside me and we look down at the mirror i set there and slow grunted and pushed a foot long turd out my boyfriend farted loudly and he sat still and push a foot long curvy turd out slowly and he said that is why u bring the mirror so he pushed a few balls out and i sat and pushed out a juicy long out and farted loudly and i told him i need to stretch for a minute so i got up and stood up he push out a foot long turd out again and some more behind that and farted 3 more times and we started walking again after he wipped his ass .... and we got about a mile and i walked through the woods with my dress over my ass
he said your ass is showing he said u need to cover it up as he looked behind me he saw his friend and as we got to him i was pushing out another turd out it was a long one i was not done we were still walking
and i stopped to let it drop and i pushed out a few balls while we walking and then i pushed out another foot long turd and i pushed foot long turds out and my boyfriend said are u finished i told him i do this for about 3 hours everymorning and i told him i clean house with no clothes on at home because i push turds and then i drop them out so when we got back to the house i got to the garage i bathroom there i sat down on the toilet and i sat there for hour and pushed out a few more turds and foot long turds out to it felt so good well i will write again soon ...... he said i do to many turds in a 3 hours of time ...

Mr. Noname
Hi All!

To: Carmalita: Congratulations!! I am sure you and Jake will be really happy! I've been reading your posts and they are terriffic! You are a great writer, I think. Keep 'em up! By the way, I am a fellow Oregonian myself.

To: Bob from NJ, Althea, Peter in AZ, Caliban, Sick boy, Fizz, Michelle in Louisiana and anyone else I may have missed: Many thank yous for your kind comments and thoughts. I will keep posting, and I will continue to enjoy your posts as well. Thank you again.

Well, I was finally able to save the last two or three pages of posts, read them off-line and respond to them.

My girlfriend and I have been doing our buddy dumps on a regular schedule the past few days. For awhile, they weren't really buddy dumps because I was doing them in the morning and she in the afternoon. All last week she was making big ones, thanks to her whole grain bread with pumkin seeds! Her last major production was Saturday morning. She produced a huge, easy to pass pile of stuff, the "main log" being about 9 inches long and just a bit over 2 " wide. It looked really cool coming out! Unfortunately, I didn't have any film because it would have made a great picture! Of course Saturday we went shopping so I could buy some film, but now her mammoth dumping marathon seems to have finished.

Last night after we came back from a barbecue party at her family's, she felt something coming on while in the shower. We got out, dried off and spread the paper down. It was a difficult start, so before she could get with her legs apart and pass the poop (my favorite position for seeing the stuff come out), she had to try squatting first. Finally, she produced just one solid, hard turd ball. Neither of us dumped in the morning, but we hadn't eaten dinner the night before so that's probably why. This morning I managed to do my usual soft, mushy pile, giving off a strong odor which I cal "Essence de Poop", while her production, though nothing compared with those of the past several days, was considerably larger and more solid. She had several knobilly pellets that, when she pushed, made her anus stretch to just over 2 " wide, but they fell off in chunks. I managed to get some pictures this time! They should turn out well. I also took several last night of her hole stretchin! g and yawning to pass the turd ball.

By the way, the first set of pictures I took several weeks ago came back the other. Though she was passing a rather small production, the quality of the close up pics is great! I guess I have a good camera for that. My girlfriend doesn't mind my taking pictures of her squatting to pass her turds (so long as I don't get her face in the pics!!), but she doesn't seem interested in taking pictures of me dumping! Like I've said, maybe my dumps are too unimpressive. But she does get lots of delight in watching me!
That's all I have to report for now. As soon as I send this, I'll download and new posts, read them, and respond. In the meantime, Happy Plopping, Farting and Dumping to all!

Hello to you all out there!
As I do not have time every day to read all the post, I seem to be permanently trying to catch up. There have been some really good stories.

Buzzy and Rjogger, you are the great outdoor poopers here!

To Susanne,
if pee tastes sweet, it may contain sugar. Smelling and tasting urine was used as a method to diagnose a sick patient, but this is decades, if not a century or more ago. So if your pee was sweet, your body was getting rid of excess sugar, or your body cannot store sugar. This could be an alarm signal. Get some diabetes test strips at the pharmacy or chemist and pee on them to make sure that you are still healthy. Take care, Rizzo

Gruntly Bogwell, oh how I enjoyed your posts about spying on your baby sitter!

To Mr. Noname, you and your girl pooping on paper, what do you do with the pee? Do you pee beforehand, or hold it in until after the turd has landed? Anyway, keep up the stories!

Nik, I like your stories, keep up your good posts!

To Kim and Scott,
your posts are those I also enjoy very much. Your antics in the toilet border on the fantastic! Keep them up, I love reading them.

To Kendal my dear niece,
yes, I am still around, but only this week. But I am glad for you that you now have Linda GS back, and plenty to discuss about the babies Lynda and Kendal! You must be thrilled to find another Kendal! It all helps to shoo away morbid thoughts! I liked your and Andrew's posts about your stay up north. So Andrew did try the nappy change, ha, ha! Well, if he puts off changing a pooey nappy until later, it will get worse. Poos will be bigger! And messier! And more stinky! You are right about Kate, try not to schock her. I thought that changing nappies on Thomas might help her in becoming less prissy when it comes to toilet matters. It seems not to be so. So take care, love from your Uncle Rizzo, who will be travelling again soon in family matters, business and holidays combined.

To Gretel,
I had somehow missed your post, but comments by others led me to the right page. Wow, what a story! What elaborate prose with rich vocabulary! You must be a professional writer, or at least a writer with much experience, because your job you describe seems to be in contrast to your literary capabilities! Your exquisite description of yourself and of events – tantalizingly interrupted by detours and side steps – leading towards the final glorious and smelly discharge on the toilet, is well worth reading! You know exactly what fascinates men in general, right down to the last detail (although I would personally not recommend Chanel No. 5 for a woman with your complexion for a daytime business meeting; but each to his or her taste); I would even go as far as to say: your description of yourself and of what happened is as if observed with the eyes of a man! Great stuff, great insight, you kept me grinning so long until my cheeks hurt! I am looking forward to your next episode!! Cheers from Rizzo.

Here's today's post. This is for Austin and Donnie M who know about the sea, and for Plunging Plop Guy, who might find the following bum splash on the toilet a bit too extreme for his liking!

It was from a trip to the Carribean as a trainee on board a square rigger or tall ship that I recall the following episode. First I'll describe the relevant facilities in short. The ship had a large wash room with sinks, showers and toilets for trainees in the fo'c'sle (the forward end of the ship). The toilets were divided into two compartments, the one furthest forward only fitting four cubicles athwartships and only about four wash basins with mirrors because of the ship's hull becoming narrower there. The walls of the cubicles left a four inch space at the bottom and a good twenty inch space to the deck (ceiling) at the top, just to give an idea of the sizes of the gaps. The toilets themselves were of stainless steel with a small but quite deep water sump at the bottom and black seats of sinthetic material. Flushing was of the pressure type; you had to press a little lever behind the toilet to release a noisy foamy gush from the pressurized sea water plumbing. Floor ti! ling was with white, ribbed anti-slip tiles that were a nuisance for us trainees to scrub. Now we had one trainee among us who had apparently received tutoring for his voice; he was one of the smaller men, a good athlete, and when he sang he would throw out his chest showing some curly dark hair in the V of his sailors' collar, and let loose in a tenor pitch with a strong vibrato whenever he felt like doing so; such as "Where, Oh where have I left my too-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoothpaste!" to a melody from a Mozart opera. He was good singer in the shower too, but best of all were his arias when sitting on the head to poop when in an exceptionally good mood! This always had us almost rolling around with laughter! Especially when his voice became strained just prior to a loud plop amplified by those tin toilets!
Because of head winds and because the ship had to keep to a schedule, we had to use the engine to motor down the English Channel towards the open sea. This was almost a holiday for us, the crew. No hauling on sheets and braces (not what some of you might think, these are nautical terms for ropes which control the sails), no going aloft to loosen sails or to make sails fast and only reduced numbers on watch. It was just after breakfast, and some of us who were less prone to seasickness were in that most forward head for our morning crap and shave. The good ship lifted her bows to the oncoming seas (waves), leveled as the wave passed underneath and then dipped her bows into the next trough. It was a gentle movement, not much worse than going up and down in an elevator, because the tide was running with the waves and the wind. This changed suddenly when the tide turned, meaning that now the current was flowing out of the English Channel and smack bang into the oncoming seas, ! making the waves higher and steeper and the distance between crests shorter within a matter of minutes. Our tenor singer was sitting on the head nearest to the outside wall of the hull, going full blast, "Hoooray and up she goes ....woweeeeeee, and down she comes agaaaaaainhhhhhng (strained voice) PLOOMP!" One of us nicked his chin laughing whilst trying to shave. The next wave lifted us higher and higher, then the ship teetered on the crest, only to make us feel almost weightless when she began to plunge into the next trough. The voice from the toilet continued to the melody of "La Donna e Mobile"; "Here comes a-nother one, sliding down my reh-hectum....". A rumbling roar seemd to come from below us. Then a fierce hiss, a gurgle and the sound of a cataract of pouring water. "What the heck! Yikes! OWWW SHIT!" The door of the cubicle at the end burst open, and our singer sort of fell out with his pants around his ankles followed by a flood of water with bits of turd and mus! hy toilet paper floating around in it. He was sopping wet with brown speckles all over his ass and the backs of his thighs. Most of the flood soon drained away leaving a heap of broken brown bits of turd and paper to clogg the drain in the corner. We stood there dumbstruck, toothbrush handle sticking out of the mouth of one, another partly shaved, only his mouth covered in shaving cream giving him the appearance of a permanently grinning clown. What was happening here? We soon found out when the ship plunged again. With the hiss the toilet spewed a mixture of compressed air, water and excrement up towards the deck above (ceiling) in geyser-fashion, then the bowl filled with water which began to pour in large quantities on to the tiled "floor". Our tenor had had his turds returned from the S-bend to his bum under pressure! This must be one of the lesser known hazards in a seaman's life! Something was definitely wrong. The forward toilets had to be taken out of action, valves ! in the drains closed. Somehow a non-return valve had become stuck in the "open" position and permitted a sort of powerful "reflux" from the sea to take place. In those days the toilets at the main deck level drained directly into the sea, the openings of the drains being just out of sight below the water line.

Bye for now, and serene toilet sessions to all from Rizzo!

Hi,all-boy some really good posts today-some responses-
TO RJOGGER-Loved both your stories,neighbor-Boy that latina must have been a great thing to watch,i would have lost my mind seeing that one!Hey,here's some food for thought-you know the post where you went out for your Sat morning party poop with your wife,Noreen,and Larry,that was about the same time I had my mirror dump with Donna-hey we may have all been dumping at the same time!The times were about the same-we should have all been together-LOL-Yes,I too love to wipe a women's butt,but it muist really be fun to wipe 2 women's butts like you-lucky guy!I also like being wiped myself too,my butt isn't very hairy and my anus is hairless and wiping my butt is pretty easy,but boy doing these kind of loads is feelin' just great to push out and I think my system has had enough so i'm cutting back a bit on the fiber-it's not bothering me except I gotta dump 2-3 times a day and somtimes enough,already!but,I'll tell you I fell better from the purging in a way,and I lost 6 lbs ! too-thanks for the tip,but moderation is the key to life for me nd it's time for me to moderate a bit,but boy it sure fells good to unload all that stuff every morning and half the fun is working at it to get it all out-Boy was it fu Sat morning with Donna & I,i'll tell you!
TO NIK-Cool story with your drummer friend dumping there in front of you-sounded like she really had to go!
TO TRAVELING GUY-You lucky guy you-that must have a great thing to see out in the dunes!Tha's my next thing to see a lovely lady unload out on the beach-i hope i get that lucky-good story!
MR NO_NAME-Enjoy your poop on paper story-Do you always have loose BM's?Your girl sounds like she realyy goes a lot too-hey who cleans up the mess?I did the poo on paper a few times with my nurse friends some years ago,but I didn't enjoy the cleaning up part too much-good stuff!
TO MICHELLE IN LOUISANA-Just read RJOGGERS posts,he'll tell you all about th fiber thing,OK?
TO PAMELA_I just loved reading your story with you and Connie pooing together-I'll tell as for me anyway,there is something really cool about 2 women pooing and watching each other do it that is just great-that's my next thing to see 2 women poo and wacth each other poo while I enjoy the view!and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this!Mord stuff,Pamela!
TO KIM & SCOTT-Hey ,you ,KIM should do the fiber thing for a few days ,man,icouldn't imagine the poop you would do!I'm enjoying doing every BM too as i'm sure you would! Try it!
Been pooing good loads just about every day,now-some in te woods some in my own toilet and some down at the beach toilets and as I'm typing this I gotta go again and i think i'm gping to go down to the beach to unload, and I can hold it till I get down there-so I'm outta here and once again-great posts,all! BYE

Jeff A
RJOGGER: Thanks for the reply! Because of the heart attack thing I had awhile back, I was having similar problems, so I got to go back in. I haven't heard from my tests yet.
I do enjoy your woodland experiences like I said, especially these most recent ones! The tale with Noreen and your lovely wife Kathy were top notch! You and your wife must have lots of fun! And how lucky you were to catch that latin lovely in the woods doing her thing! I'm with you on finding Latin, and Native American women to be so beautiful. It would take too long for me to describe in full, but they have sexy, strong features. Plus, the dark skin is even more exciting. I live in the country, in a rural, farm area and there are lots of migrants and Mexicans around. So, I see those gorgeous latina women everywhere, and on a daily basis. I hope your new friend will pose some more interesting stories for us all! I wonder if she's like our mutual friend Carmalita, and likes to be seen? Let's hope!

JANE: Thank you so much for my belated birthday greeting! As usual, I'm really enjoying your stories. Very realistic, and I'm very envious of your husband Gary!

CARMALITA: I find your stories incredibly exciting (as usual), but was both blown away, and quite touched by the stories of your "mama and popi" Obviously, I think we can all agree that you're a very loving young woman, but I found those stories to be so full of love and warmth that it brought back strong memories for me. You described everything just like it was happening now. Thinking about your intimate stories, I'd like to share a few of my own with you.

These are two events from my childhood that I still remember most vividly as if they'd happened yesterday. I'm really hoping that somebody can explain to me why I remember them so well.

When I was seven, I was playing with my friend next door when his mother called us into the house. I had no idea where she was, but she wanted us to go to the corner store for her. My friend's name was Lenny, and I followed him to the kitchen table to fetch her purse. We walked toward the back of the house, swung a door open, and there was his mother sitting on the toilet with a magazine in her hands. I didn't know what to think. The first thing that hit me was the smell of someone pooping. The second, was her garments: the white panties, and girdle with all the lace on it, stretched across her thighs. The thick patch of pubic hair between her legs and the occassional heavy plop of a turd falling. She looked at us both angrily, then said to Lenny "why did you bring HIM in here?" the kid shrugged, wanting only to get the chore overwith so we could continue playing. I was fascinated and didn't want to leave. She went through her purse, and I heard a very distinct "plop!" an! d a nice dose of odor came with it. She gave him the money and ordered us out. Just as we were leaving I heard another heavy plop into the toilet.

Now, the second story was when I was in the 8th grade. It was my best friend's mother. It was summer, very hot, and we were supposed to be hanging around outside. We went into his room to look at car magazines to escape the heat for awhile. After a bit, he told me to go get his sleeping bag from the laundry room by the basement door. I got up to go, and when I reached the laundry room, I passed another door that was ajar by about an inch. Looking in, I saw his mother sitting on the toilet, leaning really far forward with her arms crossed over one another. I sat down in a pile of clothes, and peered through the crack for maybe ten minutes or more. She made faces, grimaced sometimes, and grunted quite a bit. She was wearing white shorts that were up high on her thighs. Again, the smell of poop was fairly strong. I couldn't believe I was seeing this as it had always been my fantasy to see his 7th grade sister in there instead. But it wasn't, it was his mom! I guess I must hav! e sat for about five minutes when I heard a really long, and sloppy load of soft crap come out. It sounded like pouring something into the toilet like beans, or something soft like that. I remember being very excited! I then heard the front door of their house open and close, and I quickly got out of there before getting caught. She never knew I saw what she was doing, and I never thought about her the same way again. I always wondered why, in a house full of boys, she'd leave a door open enough to be seen like that.

I have other, similar baby-sitter stories, that maybe I can tell at another time. Either way, thanks Carmalita for allowing me to relive those extremely pleasant memories!

I had a nasty poop session at work Friday afternoon. It was a very long day, having to endure two very long, very boring, and (in my view) very unproductive meetings. It was almost seven in the evening, and I was still at work (at the client's work site where I've been working this month). Everyone else except two other people had gone home. I had a slight urge to poop all afternoon but didn't get a chance to relieve myself. Suddenly I had a sudden strong stomach cramp and a stronger urge to poop. I had to waddle like a penguin to the ladies room and had to pause twice to hold my butt cheeks together to prevent the poop from coming out prematurely and creating a big mess. I staggered into a stall and pulled up my beige canvas skirt and pulled down my white panties.

As soon as I sat, my butt erupted in an incredible cascade of plops, farts, and several thuds. The initial wave lasted only 20 seconds, but I had filled up the toilet bowl and nearly displaced all of the water. The poop smell was very strong. I flushed the toilet while seated. I repeated this explosive wave three more times, flushing the toilet while seated each time. Afterwards, things were calmer but my system was not settled, so I remained seated while I continued to push out poop, albeit more sporadically. I did this for another ten minutes, during which I managed to fill the bowl, so I flushed again. Then I finally felt relieved. I wiped several times, flushed a final time, and saw I left several skidmarks and brown stains on the toilet. I packed up and went home afterwards.

Jeffrey, re my "standing dumps" behind the beach at the dunes... well, I wouldn't recommend it at Laguna Beach, LOL. But I'm talking about the undeveloped beaches of the Hatteras National Seashore, along Highway 12 of North Carolina's Outer Banks. No houses at all, for miles and miles. Parking areas and dune crossovers maybe every 5 miles, and during the summer, the portions of the beach near these parking areas can be a bit crowded. But walk a half mile (or, where permitted, you can drive a 4WD vehicle on the beach) and you can be surprisingly solitary. And in the off seasons (beautiful and usually still warm in October), you can REALLY be alone, so much so that you can safely go au natural in some places, though it's technically illegal.

Caramalita. To answer your question, speaking from experience I don't think there is any immediate correlation between bladder capacity and penis size. Although large enough for the purpose intended, I've only got a relatively small 'endowment' but my bladder capacity is round about average. In the case of exceptionally large men it may well be that some of them have bigger and stronger bladders than most, but I think that would have more to do with their overall physical size.

Mr Noname. I think you may be drinking TOO MUCH water. Now obviously do NOT put yourself into a thirst situation this could be harmful but drink only when you feel the need and dont take excess. Too much water will not be absorbed by your bowels and your stools will be looser than you wish. Experiment and find the appropriate fluid intake to suit while eating the same diet as your girlfriend. We all have different absorbtion capabilities, I can drink a lot if water, soft drinks, etc but do not suffer looseness as a result, others cannot tolerate this amount. Again, given my sports and athletic activities I sweat off a lot of the fluid intake. So try reducing the amount of water to a more normal intake.

Janitor Bill, yes anal fissure is often caused by passing a very hard fat turd which overstretches the sphincter. I pass fat jobbies but they arent usually difficult or painful. If you so find that you are really constipated and have a very hard stool to pass try either inserting some vaseline or KY Jelly into the rectum or using a glycerine suppository. Also I find that liquid parafin helps to lubricate the back passage and make a large hard turd easier to pass.

Curious D, I havent actually broken a toilet by doing a really big jobbie in a pan too small to handle it, but have often done one in such a toilet which has stuck and wouldn't flush away after repeated attempts and had to be removed by other means.

Even as a youngster I passed large solid turds. In Pirmary (Grade) School the toilet pans in the Girls Toilets were a scaled down version of those at home or in public toilets. I would sometimes pass a single large jobbie in those days which would have gone away if I had done it at home, say about 8 inches long, but which stuck in these smaller pans to my amusement and that of the other girls. When I got older in my teens I started to do the big whoppers I now pass and although the pans in the Girls Toilets were of the full adult size I often did jobbies big enough to stick in these pans, as I do to this day and also found that my poos wouldn't flush if I did a motion at home. This didn't get me into any trouble as my mum and young brother also did such big ones with the same result. After a number of flushes it would usually go away or I would throw a bucket or two of water down the pan to shift it.

Now I have done a panbuster in a small pan. When playing (field) hockey one Sunday at a school playing field I needed a motion. The Senior Girls toilets were locked and it was too far to go back to the changing rooms. There was however another toilet block open and I went in there. Now it was obviously meant for the Junior School as the pans were a smaller size than normal. This would be okey for a wee wee but any big jobbie would stick. I did think of going to the changing rooms toilet but the need was more urgent and I didn't want to risk an accident in my knickers. I went into one of the cubicles, sat on the small pan with my navy blue knickers (briefs) at my knees and as I did my wee wee the big smooth easy jobbie started to slide out of my back passage. It was a whopper, a 14 inch long and very fat turd. I had to stand up partly to get it all out in a oner and of course it made no sound. When I looked I saw that about half of it was out of the water, both a panbuster ! and a beacher. I did pull the flush but of course it didnt move an inch. I simply left it there and no doubt the janitor had the pleasure of removing it, but I wonder if any of the pupils had the fun of seeing it on the Monday morning when they used the toilets?

A nice big easy motion this morning another panbuster. I got up at 8am with my hubby, had our shower then felt the need to poo. I got out of the shower and sat on the pan, did my wee wee then it just slid out with a slight UH! AH! from myself, a big curved jobbie of about 14 inches long and 2.5 fat, smooth, toffee brown in colour, and a floater to begin with, it has now sunk. It made a "FLOOMP!" as it slid into the water of the toilet pan. I have left it for hubby to buddy dump when he does his later, probably after breakfast.

Pool Owner. Unfortunately there are some people who do not wipe their ass properly after a BM and the smell does linger, especially if they have passed a soft, sticky, motion. I use moist wipes, I carry some in a container in my bag if I need to use a public or other toilet. These not only are far more effective than any type of dry toilet paper but are slightly scented and I would rather I gave off a slight scent than the smell of sh*t! It is very unpleasent to be close to someone who has such a smell as I found while I worked at a Council run Sports Centre until recently.

I just finished filming a homemade version of Inspector Gadget! Me and a bunch of my friends wanted to make a movie, so I took my camcorder and we all filmed a video, which was a homemade version of the Inpector Gadget movie. You should have seen the girl who played Penny! She was a pretty bruennette girl who was wearing a short dress and pantyhose. Halfway through the movie, she took a big poop in her pantyhose! We kept filming the movie, but the turd in her pantyhose was just hanging out there for everybody to see! I still can't believe it when I watch the movie, but that Penny girl looks so shameful standing there in her short dress and poopy pantyhose! Muchacha mala con ropa interior sucio!

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JANE-hello. thanks for liking my last post. scott and I like your posts too!
TO CURIOUS-hello there. thanks for liking my posts too! I appreciate it!plus I do have a story about a toilet bowl that was just too small to hold my huge log in!! boyfriend scott and I took a vacation a few years ago and on our way to his grandparents house we stopped at this certain hotel for the night.we slept one night there .the next morning scott got up early and went downstairs to check out of the hotel while I just got out of bed naked and went to the toilet to have a bowel movement. I sleep in the nude in the spring and summer and this time was no exception as I sat my ass on the toilet seat.(I love to shit nude anyway) as soon as my ass hit the seat I noticed that the bowl was a little smaller than mine at home.and just when I took a deep breath and felt my ring and ass stretch real wide to let my enormous log out my hotel door opened up and in came a handsome 18 year old boy with bath towels. (I found out later that scott left the sign outside the door that! people could enter. he forgot to turn it over to the occupied sign!haha)needless to say the handsome towel boy saw me KIMMIE! in all my nude glory crashing out one hell of a log. he pretended he did not notice me(which was impossible!) as he quickly dropped the bath towels in my bathroom and left saying he was sorry. "I said dont be sorry" as I kept on pushing as my log got bigger and bigger and my ring stretched out wider and wider! I then took a deep breath and crashed out the rest of my enormous log into the bowl. I then looked down into the bowl and I saw an enormous,brown log in there. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half stretched all the way past the bowls water up the bowls porcelain!my enormous log literally filled my hotel toilet up completely. my log was so big their was no room for my log to float. I then wiped myself and got my measuring tape out of my pocketbook and measured my log at 25 inches long. 3.5 inches thick.what a monster. and whats! worse I could not flush my log down! the toilet handle was too loose for it to flush.I literally broke the toilet bowl.scott then came back and saw my unflushable monster in the bowl as we then had a laugh. scott then called the same young guy later to try to get it down. you should of seen his eyes bug out when he came down to see my monster log stuck in the bowl like that.this young guy was good though! he got the toilet bowl working in a few minutes and flushed my mighty log down. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as scott gave him a nice big tip as we left the hotel. I am sure the bath towel boy wont forget me or my enormous log anytime soon!haha. thanks for liking my posts curious. be well.
TO GRETEL-hello. welcome to the best site on the internet. scott and I loved your post about you shitting in your office bathroom with some fellow workers of yours shitting nearby. your post was very sexy like the kim and scott and carmalita really turned scott and myself on reading it!by the way I am an attractive,long haired blonde also. who is large breasted and curvy and gets plenty of attention from men like you do. I am only five foor four but the men arent complaining haha.. I am also a college cheerleader in her early twenties who likes to wear spandex and bikinis.. I love to squeeze out my enormous logs in front of my boyfriend scott and public places too and leave my logs unflushed for others to see how great I went! I also love to take my measuring tape out of my pocketbook and measure my gigantic logs. why dont you do the same gretel? you can measure your logs sometimes and tell us how great you went!I along with others on this site are eager to see h! ow large your logs can grow. because of the way my system is I always shit enormous and my largest log so far is 28 inches long. 3.5 inches thick. but I know eventually I can do larger then even this!so stay tuned. and thats great gretel that you are an executive secretary by day and an aspiring nightclub singer by night. scott and I enjoy the nightlife! and dont be surprised if we pop in to hear your golden voice sometime!haha! your an amazing women gretel . cant wait to read more of your stories. be well all! love ,kim and scott.

Sick boy
PAMELA I can not imagine why an outdoor poop would scare off your male friend? but any way about your story with Connie I thought it was good but you seem to be defending your hetro sexuality why? what if you are Bi sexual? would this embarrass you? if so you ought to know many guys find a woman who goes both ways very sexy! any way I think I will share a child hood outdoor poop experience with you all today I was sleding as a kid and dropped a load behind a tree at the bottom of the hill. two other kids that were there got into a fight, one of them spotted my uncovered not yet frozen pile and picked it up and threw it at the other kid hitting him in the back of his coat up by his right shoulder. when he turned to see what had hit him he stuck his chin in it exclaimed THAT'S SHIT! walked a few steps and threw up in disgust. I guess you had to be there to think it was as funny as I did 15 years later I still laugh about it.

Carol (Housewife)
Sorry I havent posted here for a while, although I have looked in each week or so.

Curious D, I have done a big poo in a toilet that was too small to handle it. About 10 years or so ago when my son and daughter were both at Primary School I went to a Parents Day, Keith my husband being busy as a Taxi Driver. Now we were shown round the school, saw the kids in their classes and had the usual chat with the Headmistress. Now as luck would have it I needed a poo. On my way out I felt Id better go and not try to hold it in till I got home. Now I didnt know where the Female Staff Toilets were but when I asked one of the girls they told me where the Girls Toilets were in the playground (schoolyard). I went in , there were a couple of girls I recognised in there, and found a cubicle. The toilet pan was a smaller version of the usual type. I sat on this, hitched up my skirt and pulled my panties down and started to do a wee wee, a powerful torrent, then I felt the jobbie come down. It was as usual a big one, a fat lump about 12 inches long. It made no sound as i! t went into the pan as it was too long to make a KER-SPLOOMP in this reduced size toilet. When I pulled the flush it stayed behind. It would possibly have stuck in a full sized pan in any event. As I came out of the cubicle to wash my hands I saw that the two girls were still there and another had joined them. This didnt bother me and I went out. It turned out that they had gone into the cubicle and had a look at what I had passed as my daughter and my son both told me that some of the kids had told them about "the big fat poo your mum did that stuck in the Girls Toilet". As they had seen my turds before many times when they stuck in the toilet pan at home this didnt bother them too much. I suppose most of us have done one that stuck in the toilet quite a few times, any interesting and amusing stories on this topic, guys and girls?

JULIE & EPHERMAL -- A couple of really first-rate standing shots, grrlz! Ehphermal, it must have been a turning point for you, it feels almost beyond words when you do something like that for the first time, doesn't it? I remember my first daring or unusual wee, that broke the cycle of inability, and I didn't stop grinning for days! Julie, that was an amazing buddy-wee with your Mom, and you demonstrated the standing technique to perfection. I'm proud of you both!

SUSANNE -- Nice technique with the container, it means you don't need to break the continuity of your TV show to answer the call of nature. And yes, there's the added possibility of sampling one's own brew in the process. If you can get your system well hydrated your output thins down and becomes quite mild. Even so, I must say it remains an acquired taste. I know there are those who love it, but one must get used to it first!


Monday, July 30, 2001

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