Michelle in Louisiana
Yesterday, my friend and I went to the mall. After I bought some CD's, I felt a nice urge to poop. So, I told my friend I needed to shit, and she waited outside the bathroom door for me to finish. Anyway, I walked in, pulled down my pants, peed, then waited for the poop to come out. I waited a few minutes, and since it didn't want to come out naturally, I decided to push really hard. I felt my hole enlarging, and a piece of poop coming out, but it got stuck after a few inches came out. So, I started to push harder, and then I started to grunt. The lady in the bathroom next to me said, "Are you alright, ma'am?" I said, "I'm fine...MMMMMMPH RRRR UHHHHHH" Some more inches of poop came out, but the poop was still in my ass. So, I pushed and grunted harder. A few more inches came out, then finally the last bit of the poop slid out. I stood up and looked at was about 8 inches long and 2 in diameter. I started to wipe my ass, when I realized it needed no wiping. I flushed the! toilet, walked out, and another lady asked, "Were you alright in there?" I said, "Yea, I'm sure that's been you a few times."

I have a question for everyone that just came into my head: How often does everyone poop(i.e. once a day, every other day, 2 times a day, so on) As for myself, I usually poop once or twice a day, depending on how much and what I eat. And, how often do you pee, if you can answer that. I know I pee many times a day, so I'm not sure how much.

Dave-NY: Must be the food. Above all, what we eat effects our poops. But if you only poop every 2 days and used to poop every 6, then I think that's a better cycle. It's more natural.

Buzzy: What stuff do you eat on the fiber program? BTW, I love your stories, but I never got around to telling that.

Sickboy: She was a really popular person, and the biggest prep you'd ever wanna meet. I didn't hear any noise coming from her stall at all, nor did she flush, so she probably was just listening to me, but no one would believe that she was watching. Why? Because they think she's just too refined and dignified(or so people say). Besides, what's so funny about shitting in the first place? I don't see anything. Maybe for a kindergartener, but this wasin 9th grade.

Gruntly: Funny story!! Did you and Vicky ever peep in on each other again? OR, did y'all just let it go and so-called forget about it?

To Jacob G in Florida: I liked your story about watching that young dude shit in sears

To Matthew: Cool story about you keeping track of the guys at work pooping. It reminds me of these 2 guys at work who i once saw in a stall shitting and they were talking to each other.

No new storys and today is the first day in 3 days i've been here, my computer had been down

Gruntly Bogwell: Your story strongly reminds me of what I did to my babysitter in the second grade. I use to peek under the door when she was in the bathroom. She would threaten me too. She was in the seventh grade at the time.

Fat Woman
GRUNTLY BOGWELL- Thank you for your story addressed to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well as your new Vicky installment. Had an interesting experience the other day when the repairman came to fix my air conditioner but don't have time to post more now. I promise to write it this weekend. Take care! And keep the stories coming!

CARMALITA dear, what fantastic news about you and Jake! I wish you two all the very best and lasting happiness! And then you go on to treat us with that detailed encounter on the toilet with that pretty girl suffering from the runs in the next stall. Yes, and then I enjoyed your account of you helping Renee with her stuck turd and you and Jake in the toilet. What a lovely family you have. You are really one of the all time best posters here! Love, hugs and a couple of freshly cut yellow roses from my garden, Rizzo.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY, Broken toilet bowl? Yes, I have come across that. It was during an exceptionally cold winter, we had been away, the house left unheated and ice formed in the toilet bowl. It split. The next person sitting on it was my sister in law, if I remember correctly. I was not there, but I heard that the bowl just collapsed in two or three big porcelain pieces. It was an old one with deep sump and long drop from your bum to the water. You would have adored it, it was a real bum splasher. The new one is a little lower in seat height, but still a bum splasher.So now I pour anti-freeze for car radiators into the bowl when leaving the house in winter for extended periods.

One night some buddies and I were driving on a pretty busy street and my friend Ziggy said he really had to take a piss. I asked if we should stop at Taco Bell, which was just a block away, and he said he'd wait until we got to the other restaurant we were heading to. Well, when we finally stopped, he almost rolled right out of the car. I could see he was in some sort of pain. As he got out, I could see he was unzupping is pants and he walked behind the car and just started going. My other buddies didn't really know what to say, but all this traffic was going by as Ziggy's pee just kept coming out and ran down the parking space into a huge puddle. After he finished, he told me he didn't think he would have made it to the bathroom in the restaurant just a hundred or so feet away.

Hey guys. I don't post often, but I'm looking for someone who posted ealier. the post was about a method you could use to help to have an "accident." I think it involved bunching up a towel between you legs. Please repost or let me know where i can find this.

Man I took a long, steamy, creamy dump just a few minutes ago! 10 full minutes of poop action complete with six firm, fat, and very smelly sausages. First, I farted in the living room, then realized it was more than just a fart and ran for the bathroom. My panties just barely cleared my ass before a big loaf started squeezing out. Oh, man did it ever feel sooooooo good! I grunted, squirmed, and strained out five more just like it. The first one was the biggest, and took a few minutes of serious grunting to push it out. Now, as I'm typing this, I'm smelling a very potent aroma!
JOHN VT: Oh, my handsome man in Vermont! Inhale deep through your nose, can you smell my poop? I'm just teasing. Thank you for the congrats. The girl at the center was certainly a honey all right. I don't wish diarhea on anybody, but I have to tell you it was really hot hearing grunting and squirting like that. Her smell was potent too!!! So you like my "latina pickles" eh? I've been having larger than normal poo-poos lately. I think it's because I'm excited and happy about Jake. Whenever I get excited or nervous, my poops are big and rock hard. Maybe I'll manufacture my own air freshener just for you. Call it something like "Carmalita's Poop-pourri potty scent." What do you think?
BUZZY: Thanks hon, but Jake is a wonderful man! He won't get wierd on me. He and Renee have been the best, inseparable friends since childhood. Yes, you are having quite a streak of successful poos aren't you? I'm wondering though if those high fiber diets are good for a person.
SARA T: Thanks for the congrats baby! It's awfully good to hear from you again.
ERIC: I'm glad you like my stories. It's too bad you can't be there with me when they are happening! Here's a kiss for you!
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Thank you for your wonderfully nice words. It has been an honor for me to be a friend of this forum. I am very proud to be in the company of you all. Your story about Vicky was so hot I couldn't stand it! This is how great it was: I was supposed to go catch a bus, and missed it on purpose because I couldn't leave the computer and your story!!! You're certainly my kind of prankster, and you and I share similar events of growing up! I did very similar things with my brothers friends. I especially loved the term "soft serve". Very nice. Poor Vicky. What a honey! If it were me, I'd pretend I never found your peephole and let you watch as much as you wanted! I salute you for such a hot story, and can't wait for more! Next time, I'll just automatically print your stuff so I won't miss my bus!
JEFF A: Oh my! Thank you so much for those lovely words! The spanish greeting was so tearfully beautiful, I thank you for that. My father would shake your hand. I melt whenever I read what you say to me! You and Jake are so much alike. I'm happy that you liked the story with the asian girl. She was a friend of a visitor at the center. It was ESL night there. (English speaking language). They have those classes two nights a week. That's another thing I do there is help people with their english. Oh, and P.S.-we could sure use the lysol! I'm not the only one stinking up the bathroom lately! I don't know what's gotten into miss Patsy these days, but what's coming out of her is leaving a wicked smell behind!

Someone asked awhile back about stories about parents. I have one about both my mom and dad which I remember quite well. Here goes.

One time when I was seven, I accidentally walked in on my mother when she was on the toilet. Her eyes bugged out and the room smelled nasty. I could see the lace of her bra through her white blouse, and her hair was all rolled up on top and tied with ribbon. Her makeup made her look so pretty with dark red lipstick. She was reading a book and looked up at me and said "What is it that you want Carmalita, and why did you not knock on the door before barging in?" I'd wanted some money to go buy candy at the store. She said "Bring me my purse then." and I ran out all excited. I left the door open and she yelled "CARMALITA!!! COME BACK HERE AND SHUT THIS DOOR!!" I ran back quickly and pulled the door shut. When I came back with her purse, the room was a little stinkier than before. She went through her purse, and I stared at her beautiful legs, and the lacy underwear and wrapped around her thighs. Curiously, I peered down between her legs until I saw the black fluff of thick pu! bic hair. During this fascination I heard a very distinct "Kplop-plooop!" and a little sigh from mama "ahhhhh." "You just did a poop, huh mama?" She looked at me quite sternly and said "That is impolite Carmalita. You need to mind your manners." "Yes, mama," I said. My mother was and is a very beautiful woman, and such a lady. Her knees were together while she pooped. She'd come up with some money, and was counting change when I heard "kkkkrrssppprrkkllllll-plup-ploooop-pluup--uhh." It was stinking pretty good and I remember that the smell fascinated me for some reason, even though I was uncomfortable with it. I said "Why does it smell so bad mama?" Mama looked at me and simply replied "everyone's potty smells bad sweetheart." "But, why?" I questioned further, "You ask too many questions Carmalita!" she answered. I then pointed down to her hairy crotch and she looked at me strangely. I said "Mama, when will mine come?" she smiled, stroked my long, black, shiny hair and replied! "In time baby, in time. Now go run off to the store, and don't dawdle!"

Now, this story is about my dad. I remember once when I was just a little girl, my papa taking me into the men's room with him. We went into a stall and he undid his belt. With his two big hands, I felt him turn me so I faced toward the door while he got his pants down, and then he picked me up and put me on his lap. I was playng with a pen that was in his shirt pocket. I guess I was about 5 years old. I remember hearing plops and I said "Papa, are you going poo-poo?" he nodded. I started to look down, but his big finger caught my little chin and kept my head up. I knew that he didn't want me not to look down at him. My father is very protective, and would not leave me outside while he went to the bathroom. He carried me in, and kept my face against his chest while we passed the urinals and the men peeing at them so I couldn't see. I love my popi so much. I remember the aroma, that poop aroma, and that mama's aroma was much stronger than his. He barely had a smell at all. ! He let me pull toilet paper off the roll for him which thrilled me! I'd say "This much papa?" and he'd go "No, mucho mas." Then I'd give the roll a few more yanks until I had a wad of toilet paper balled up in my little hands. While he wiped, I was instructed to face the wall and not look at him. I could hear other men grunting and pooping in the stalls next to us. After he was all done, and dressed, I said "I have to go too papa!" I just wanted to do everything he was doing. He lifted my skirt, stretched my undies down and set me on the toilet, holding me upright with his hands under my armpits. I guess I was grimacing and grunting really hard until a little 'Plop!" fell into the water. To this day, that's one of his favorite stories to tell to try and embarrass me, which still works by the way. I often wonder if my mother remembers, or ever thinks about that one time when I walked in on her.
I'd better quit, because now I'm missing my mama and popi!


For Vince: Here are some longest pees I have heard.When I was 12 my cousin and I went to the movies together every Saturday--always a double feature. We would get the bus about noon, get to the movie about one. The show lasted about 3 hours. Usually we didn't go to the men's room until afterwards. This day I had to go during the intermission. My cousin usually waited a long time to go. When we left the theater, I expected him to take a piss. He didn't stop. We wandered around the city about 2 hours and went to get out bus. He told me at that point that he hadn't taken a piss since he got up around nine that morning--9 hours earlier. Now he had to go really bad. He found an alley near the bus stop at the back of another theater, where the fire escape came down to the street. We went back there. He must have pissed for 2 minutes. It ran down the bottom stairs to the basement and sounded like a water fall.
Another time in h.s., the girls room is along side the boys room. I was pee shy so used the stall when I really had to go. I heard two girls come in and lock the doors. One said to the other: "You must have to go awful like me. Neither one of us has been all day." She answered: "I'm ready to burst!" They were. I timed them. They peed for 2 1/2 minutes. It was 4 in the afternoon. Neither had pissed for 8 hours.
The third time was at a rest stop on I-75. I had been trying to take a much needed piss after driving for 5 hours. I stood and stood at the urinal but nothing would come out. I was at the second urinal. A man came running in and took the first urinal next to me. He whipped it out. Since I wasn't doing anything, I looked at my watch and timed him. He peed for an unbelievable 4 + minutes. That encouraged me to go. I finally pissed for a minute.


Another masterpiece post my friend! My best post can only
compete with your daily one. I'll try to dig up something
that you can enjoy....


I apologise for being so boring. I've already posted the most
exciting experiences of my life and now I'm stuck with
generating new ones. That takes a little more time. I think
I'll have to go into lurk mode until I can produce something
worth posting. Until then, you folks keep up the good work
and I'll be here to cheer you on!

- Blake


need to pee so i went a sat on toilet and peed

There is another Pam on here. It should not be hard to keep us apart, as she seems to be a married farm girl. I am neither. About a week ago I told of an outdoor poop to catch a male jogger fried by surprise. Sorry to say he has been less than friendly both of the times I have seen him on the trail later. I confessed my rather rash act to a girlfriend at work, Connie, only I said that I could not help having to go, and got caught by surprised and scared away this hunk I had been trying to meet with my not- so- good first impression.

Connie's eye's got big and she said, Oooh, I can't imagine why that would bother him at all, he must be kind of a priss. Well, last night after work Connie and I went out for a couple of beers. She said that she had to get home because one of her friends was making an appearance on the community action channel and she wanted to see it. I offered to let her watch it at my place and I would fry up some chicken and Jos that are going to spoil if someone dont help me eat it. She agreed and we had a delicious dinner icluding salad and corn bread and then watched her friend telling of efforts to clean up trash qwith her girl scout group and restore fish to a stream. During the program I felt the urge to shit but did not want to be rude and get up and walk out of the room appearing to be disinterested. When the program was over, Connie wanted to talk about it but I had to interrupt her and tell her I neeeded to go to the bathroom pretty bad and if she would excuse me. She s! aid she needed to go bad too but didnt want to miss the program, and for me to go first and she'd wait. I knew I was going to really stink so I told her no, your the guest, go ahead. She said, you know, that story about you on the trail really intrigues me, I would have loved to watch, I dont know what was the matter with that guy. Can I come in with you? Time was wasiting so I told her okay. I went in and sat down and quickly pinched out several big logs while Connie watched. She didnt say anthing but after I wiped and flushed she said, "now it is my turn, why don't you watch me and maybe you will see what I meant."

Connie is 30ish with a nice figure and black hair. She has at least one boyfriend that I know of, and is no slouch. She took off her pants and lowered her shorts to her ankles, slowly sat down, and then laid forward exposing her buttcheeks and anus to me. I really was shocked. I like guys, but her butt was beautiful. It was gorgeous, shaped just like those women in the magazines the guys like - perfect. Her little brown rosebud dilated, then enlarged and the tip of the dark brown contents of her bowel appeared, then went back in. 'This is going to be rough.' she said. She squeezed forward again and pushed. Ungh. Ungh Ungh, Ahhhh, and out it came. Her asshole had stretched to huge proporton and as the big turd pieces broke off and the tail end of the first one popped out, for a moment I could actually see way up her lovely anus. She groaned and grunted some more through clenched teeth with eyes shut, and then another turd appeared and smoothly pooped its way ou! t, and yet another. Each time I stared transfixed as that lovely anus opened and closed betwen those creamy buttcheeks. Finally she was finished. She was actually in a sweat. She wiped and stood up and asked, "is it okay if I take a shower, I am all sweaty." Yes it was, and I took one with her, or I should say at the same time. NO, we did not do anything weird, = we both like guys but this was still pretty unforgettable. In view of what seems to be our rather unusual tastes we probably will be sharing the bathroom again. We talked about it afterward and agreed about our amazement at this spectacle, but could not agree specificly "why."

Michelle in Lousisiana
Slayer Moon

"In your statement about rice being constipating, you must be talking about white rice." I only eat white rice and it never jams me up! I prefer to eat high protein foods such as beef, chicken, fish, and beans and that never james me up. On the other hand, if I eat brown rice, I get all jammed up.

Hi Everyone,

Something incredible happened to me last night which I just have to share with you all! You may remember, that a few months ago I was this quiet shy girl (well ok I'm not shy, but I was in terms of going to the toilet at any rate), largely becuase of my upbringing. My parents always taught me to be private about going to the bathroom.

Anwayhow, last night I went over to see my Mum, just for a social call and a drink as I hadn't seen her in a while. Well, I had a couple of drinks and then (surprisingly enough for me!) I needed a wee, and got onto the subject of this site, and told my Mum all about it! At first she was quite shocked (you have to imagine this middle aged housewife type...), but then totally out the blue, she said, well dear I need to go as well, perhaps we could go together. Now it was my turn to stare open mouthed... I'd told her all about the standing wee's and Steve standing gaurd and I guess she was just curious. So, we went upstairs to the bathroom to have a wee together.

Mum it seemed was quite desperate so she agreed to go first. My Mum's one of these very prim and proper house wife types, always wears a skirt and never goes out without tights on, all that sort of thing. She stood in front of me and then hitched up her green chequered skirt and then her white lace slip which was underneath. She then pulled down her tights and 'big' white cotton knickers to her knees and perched ladylike with her knees together on the loo seat. She started to wee and went for about 30 seconds before finishing and then reached for the paper to wipe between her legs. The whole thing was so weird. I'm not sure I've ever seen my Mum with her knickers down. Come to think of it I cant recall the last time I saw her less than fully clothed. When she had finished and pulled up her tights and straightened her skirt she asked me if I would demonstrate the standing wee, as this whole concept seemed to baffle her.

I was slightly hesitatant at first but then lifted my dress up above my waist and took my bright blue thong off to avoid wetting it and stood over the bowl and started to wee. Louise would have been proud. It was a perfect aim exactly where I intended without even having to press down on my pussy. My Mum found this whole display comical and didn't stop laughing until I had finished. I then flushed our joint wees away put my knickers back on and lowered my dress.

I'm not sure if we will do that again but it was an interesting experience nevertheless.

Take care everyone.

Love Julie.

I've surprised Andrew by being home much earlier than he thought I'd be ! Steve had a day off work today, so he picked me up first thing this morning to bring back from Cumbria to home.

Andrew told me that I should take a look here, and as I was logging in, he brought a box of hankies in with him. Because he was smiling, I knew it wasn't bad news, so I was in floods of tears before I could even discover the post from Linda GS !

LINDA GS: I have missed you so very much ! Its so good to have you home and back at this site again. Andrew says he has already posted this morning, so he will already have returned your smoochies. But you had an even greater shock for me girl ! One of the girls is to be called Lynda and the other Kendal you say ? You said that Cousin would explain, but I haven't been able to find a post from him. Perhaps he hasn't had time yet. But I tell you, I can't think of any greater honour than to have found that Cousin and Elena have chosen to name one of their girls the same name as mine. And I bet you feel the same way too !! ( even if there is a slight spelling change, y instead of i ). That's going to be funny in your household now isn't it, when Lynda gets older. Miguel or Elena is going to shout Li(y)nda, and you'll both come running !! Anyway, I really hope that they will both be the best of friends with our names, just like we are ! I see you've already had a difficul! t poo then. I hope it didn't make your tushie too sore. And of course I would have held your hand, just like in my dream ! I had a couple of poos on Grannies high toilet with the furry seat while I was there, and lots of wees of course. Plunging Plop Guy would have been pleased, with the bum splashings ! Are you going to tell me more about your nearly regretted poo ? Oh, and don't forget to tell Andrew what pampies you were wearing, if you can remember of course ! I'm glad you got all my messages while you were in hospital. I knew something must have happened. Gosh, you and I have really had it this past year with broken bones, accidents, deaths. Perhaps that's why we're so close here. Anyway, enough of that mush ! You're back, and I'm very, very glad ! Look forward to your next post, and Cousin as well. Love to you all, especially baby Lynda and baby Kendal. xxxxx

LISA: Andrew told me I'd like your post, and I did ! (Andrew is my Cousin who I live with and he posts here as Lawn Dogs Kid) Fancy having to wee on your drive way because your Mum wouldn't let you back in the house ! Actually, I bet it was really exciting ! Could any one have seen ? Do you have next door neighbours ? I don't know why, but your story reminded me of a friend I have here who doesn't post anymore. Her name was Kate, and she would do all sorts of things in public, especially wees ! I still don't have the courage yet to do anything like that. I hope your post wasn't a one off, because you sounded really nice. Andrew says he replied to you as well. I wonder what he said ? Anyway, take care, and welcome ! Love Kendal.

UNCLE RIZZO & AUNTY PV: Andrew tells me he posted about changing Thomas' nappy. So there's no point in me telling that one again ! But gosh, it was so funny !! Hope you're both keeping well. Lots of love from Kendal xx

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JEFF A-hello. scott and I hope your hospital tests go ok.stay healthy please we care about you!
TO PETER IN AZ-hello. thanks for liking our posts. we appreciate it!
TO BUZZY-I liked your last post. more please.
TO GUY-hello .scott and I saw the jet li movie "kiss of the dragon" also. it was good. thanks for telling everyone about the toilet scene.
TO CARMALITA-hello girl. congratulations to you and jake on your engagement.thanks for liking my stories. plus when I entered the mensroom it was so quick and everyone was so busy nobody noticed you are right I do have to be careful of weirdos and all thats why I am going to do what fellow poster steve said and go with my boyfriend scott whenever I go to mensrooms,especially in big public places.thanks for caring. plus scott is big all over like jake(scotts a bodybuilder and I lift weights with him) but he usually pisses alot only early in the morning. or just when he drinks alot of well my friends.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello. thanks for always liking my posts. plus my story a year ago when I had a log in the mensroom at a baseball game happenned in the sameplace as this story-yankee well john.
TO LINDA GS-hello girl. glad to see your ok after the accident. scott and I wHere some of your well wishers. thats good the babies are named lynda and kendal. plus dont grrrr about school because it might be grrreat! be well dear.
TO RJOGGER-hello. thanks for liking my posts and your invite. you are such a kind man! scott appreciates your kindness towards me! be well.
TO JANITOR BILL-hello there. loved your post.I wanted to say that I always bang out my enormous logs in malls,department stores,baseball parks,even in front of my boyfriend scott and leave my logs there for others to see!more so then not people get aroused when they see my super-log stuck in the pan! plus the lady in your post was rude but I think she might of been trying to thank you in her own way by leaving her huge log in the bowl for you to see!I tell you bill if you think she can shit you havent seen anything yet! my biggest log so far is 28 inches long .3.5 inches logs are always enormous I should sit in front of you on the toilet seat so you can see how huge it grows out of my ass!I shit in front of my boyfriend scott too! my boyfriend scott is still amazed my logs grow soooo large. he absolutely loves having a girlfriend who can have super logs in front of him like this!!be well.
TO LOUISE AND STEVE-hello my friends .thanks for liking our posts. scott and I like yours too. by the way steve I think you would like to see the jet li movie " kiss of the dragon' it has plenty of karate action in it!plus I will take your advice on scott going with me to the mensroom,especially in huge public places. you can never be too careful these days. thanks for caring you guys! I appreciate it!plus I thought your story was sexy when you picked up louise in your arms as she shit in the bowl as you then held her over the bathtub as she pissed in! I thought scott and I only did this Stuff because we do it too! when my parents are out of the house sometimes I call scott over. when scott comes over I lead him to my bathroom where we both strip nude as I jump into his arms as scott lines me over the bowl as I squeeze real hard as an enormous,horse sized bowel movement comes slowly out of my quivering ass. I then push harder as my log grows bigger and bigger. I th! en push really hard as my log goes into the bowl. onetime we did this I had two gigantic torpedoes in the bowl. which landed in huge splashes into the bowl. it was sooo great and scott was soooo turned on! we had some real fun after all of this!!! well my friend . scott and I will take your mensroom advice seriously. thanks for caring about us. we care about friends on this site also. bye now. and so long all!love ,kim and scott

This is in response to Jakob's observations about guys grunting. I once sat next to a college student who let out the most interesting little sounds. As he dropped about a dozen small hard balls he let out these little high pitched moans. It must have been intensely pleasurable for him from the sound of the little moans. I have never forgotten that experience, even though it happened perhaps fifteen years ago. I've never since heard little moans like this.

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA GS: Welcome back babe !! Thanks for the returned smoochies. So you hoped we weren't too worried about you. Well, I tell you, with all thats happened to Kendal this past few months and the troubles you've had, I've been on permanent worry alert ! But, now you're back, and now Kendal lives with me, I think I can relax a little ! Kendal isn't here at the moment. She has been with her Grannie and Grandad for two days, the ones with the high toilet and the furry toilet seat ? I went with her to see Thomas, Kate and Emily, but decided to come home when she went to her Grand Parents. They only have a two bed house, and they don't really like the idea of someone sleeping in their sitting room, and the very idea that Kendal and I could share the same spare bedroom .... ! So, I'm back. Kendal will be back tonight after her two day stint, but whether she will be too tired to read or not will remain to be seen. I suspect if I tell her it will be worth her while, wild horses wo! n't keep her away ! She already said how she will cry when she sees your name, but as for your news about the names of the new babies... well, I shall make sure there is a very large box of hankies in the room !! You did say your Cousin would explain the choice of names later, but I see there hasn't been any posts, unless they finished up deleted of course ! Tell him to include some good nappy stories, or stories of Elena at the toilet post birth. Then he'll be able to get away with some "extras" in the post, like why Elena and He have chosen the names they have ! Well Kendal and I will very much look forward to your Cousin's post. Now Linda, you go off and take over the nappy duties so Cousin can come and post straight away !! Kendal is just going to love swapping nappy stories with you. Oh, and it sounds like your visit to the toilet, the one you nearly regretted, is worth posting about ! Linda, its so good to have you back again. Hope you're recovery continues, and b! ad luck about having to go back to school so soon ! Especially as we are both on holiday now !! More smoochies, babe, XOXO

RIZZO: You'll be pleased to hear that Kendal got me to change a couple of nappies for Thomas. The first, a wee one, was pretty easy I thought, and having watched her skillfully change nappies for three or four times, I thought "there's nothing to this" ! And there wasn't. I sailed through that change no problem, until I picked Thomas up afterwards, and the nappy fell off again, much to the hoots of laughter from Steve, Kate, Emily and Kendal !! Yes, Thomas' nappy changes are still very much an entire family event. The second one, a pooey one, well... lets just say I left that to Kendal before I was sick ! Sorry, I think I'll pass until I have my own ! Love Andrew.

Kendal, Emily and I nearly got caught in the bathroom together by Kate while we were away. Kate is not into bathroom things at all, unlike her sister Emily ! Kate had been outside with a friend of hers, or so we thought ! I had already had my wee with the two girls watching, and then Emily had been, and Kendal had just sat down when we heard Kate call from her room. Kate and Emily's seperate bedrooms share this one bathroom. Fortunately, the door on Kate's side was pushed to although it wasn't closed. I dashed out into Emily's bedroom, and sat on her bed just in time to see Kate come through the bathroom door on her side. When she saw Kendal sitting on the toilet, she immediately apologised, but then told her off for not locking the door on her bedroom side. She didn't say a word about Emily being in there as well. I guess Kate is used to Kendal and Emily going to the bathroom together by now. But it was so funny when she looked through the wide open door on Emily's side! , and saw me sat on the bed. She opened her mouth wide and exclaimed at Kendal, "You left the door wide open with Andrew in there !". Kendal replied "So ?". "Soooo ??", "So, he could come in and look at you !", Kate went on. Kendal simply replied "Well he isn't. He's sitting on the bed, and I trust him. He wouldn't come in without asking and not unless I said it was alright". "Said it was alright !", retorted Kate, "When would it ever be alright" ! And with that, Kate shut the door, much to my amusement. Apparantly, Kendal was none too pleased, but not wishing for Kate to find out what all three of us have done together before, she bit her lip. Later, Kendal told me "We are really going to have to be careful when Kate comes to Devon in a couple of weeks". I agreed. We also agreed not to be disappointed about not being able to see each other on the toilet while she is in Devon. Because, despite Kate's mannerisms where the toilet is concerned, she really is a lovely girl, an! d we will both so enjoy having her and Emily to stay. Kendal and I both respect her views on these things. And with Kirsty added to the mix in a couple of weeks as well..... well, lets just say that my ears are going to be working over time !! I must remember to go and get them syringed, so as to maximise my hearing potential !! Especially when Kate goes to the toilet ! Well, she won't know will she ?!

LISA: That was a great story about weeing behind your Mum's car. It must have been the most strange experience having to wee in your drive way knowing that your toilet was probably only a few steps away behind a locked front door. You obviously haven't got neighbours who can look over, or have you ? Hope to see you here again some time. I know Kendal will love to read your story. She likes wee stories, especially ones like you told.

Kim: That was some performance the other day in the mens room at Yankee Stadium. I would not have been as brave to do it so nonchalantly in a place like that.

RJogger: That was an interesting story about being in the bathroom and listening to your co-worker on the other side of the wall. At my home office the mens and ladies rooms are on opposite sides of the elevators. At some of my clients' work sites the mens and ladies rooms are adjacent to each other, and a couple are so quiet that, if you're in one of the bathrooms by yourself, you could make out some of the noises on the other side. One time I was in the ladies room at one such place, and I could hear someone grunting and panting on the other side, as if the guy was straining to poop. Then he released such a huge fart that it echoed even in the ladies room.

Buzzy: Yes, you continue to confirm the theory that hot weather makes people poop more. That's some binge you've been going through the last few days.

Jeff A: How's it going? A belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope you get well soon.

Gruntly Bogwell: That was a funny story about you and Vicky. My older sister Beth, who was a leader of a Babysitters Club type group when she was a teen, told of one story of when she was sitting with a very bratty nine-year-old who wouldn't let her use the bathroom unless she let him watch her. She finally let him, but not before she pooped in her pants. When she pulled down her jeans and panties, a big piece of poop slid out of her panties. She proceeded to do a major dump in his presence.

Carmalita: That was some session you had with Jake the other day. It was especially funny when you sat in his lap when he was sitting on the toilet and let go one of your patented farts. Gary would never let me do that in a million years.

Alana: Just wondering, why do you let so much poop build up and leave it without flushing? I remember one time in college when I had to go to the bathroom while I was in the library. I went to one of my favorite places to dump, which I have mentioned in earlier posts, went into a stall only to find that someone had taken a tremendous dump and left it in the toilet. I was a bit desperate, so I flushed and hope it would all go down. Luckily, everything did go down. I lifted my short denim skirt, pulled down my white panties, and proceeded to do a dump just as big. I flushed the toilet three times while seated that time.

Quick hellos to Michelle in Louisiana, Rizzo, Renee, Dr. Poop, Phillipe, Althea, and everyone else.

I gave myself an enema last night. I put about 1/2 gallon of water up my ass and held it for about 20 minutes while lying on the bathroom floor. I then sat on the toilet and spewed it out. First, a round of brown water and then mush, then more water and a huge amount of poop. I sat there reading for about 15 minutes while wave after wave of liquishit poured out my ass. What a cleanout. I know from experience that I will have more to shit after I get up from the toilet, so I take a shower after an enema. Sure enough, after 10 minutes in the shower, I got another cramp and knew I had to spew. I just aimed toward the drain and let it fly. Brown water and shit all over the wall and tub. I had to take some time to rinse it all down. I also had to clean under the toilet seat and the bowl splatters. I opened the windows to let out the stink. I feel better after a good cleanout even though I hardly ever get constipated.


I just got back to the board, and found you're engaged to Jake! I'm so delighted for you, darling, and I just know it's going to be wonderful. You're really one big family now -- and I was very touched by Renee's comment that Jake's daughter was "sleeping inside her." I smiled very warmly at that!

Your poopscapades are as charming and delicious as ever, and I know they will be for a long, long time to come. With performers like the women of that household, Jake is a very lucky man, and Little Malita is going to grow up in a unique and "earthy" environment. There's one little seniorita who'll not be toilet-shy, rather an important skill for life!

Hugs from your redhead sister in the far south latitudes,


Friday, July 28, 2001

Jenny and Nr. Noname: We are glad to have you always.

Casey: I had a friend in grammar school with cerebral palsy. She was a sweetheart. Only, we were not in the same class. We were in 4th grade. One day we were walking the hallway to the toilet. She was on her crutches. I had time to kill. I had to urinate, only. She told asked my to hold her crutches. We entered a stall. I first took my piss. It lasted 30 seconds. I let down my dress, pulled up my panties and did not flush. Then my pal independently lifted her dress, pulled down her cartoon character panties to her knees and sat. She asked me to stay. Her behind sat forward on the seat. I saw from the back a series of five pieces of doo-doo plop/splash into that elongated bowl. That was not all. She let out a loud fart. Both of us giggled. She then asked my for toilet paper. I gave her three wads and she wiped herself good with each. She thanked me for keeping her company. We left our bodily products in that bowl and the stall door open.

Jane: Research my earlier posts. When I was very young in elementary school, I had an attack of diarreah in an airport. I was meeting a new cousin. I was in the women's toilet at least 3 times. Boy, did it scare me. The cramps were murder. It was unexpected, only I was in Sunday School that morning and felt horrible. But, I did not say anything.

Michelle in Louisiana: I used to experiment with my grandmother's Metamucil. In grammar and high school, I never was constipated. I would put it in juice or water and results were amazing. After summer camp, I wanted to return to normal. So, I took a dose, just one. One morning after breakfast, I had to got the urge. I slid down my gym shorts and white panties and let a comic book keep me company on the toilet. WOW! This is cool I thought. I never thought a bowel movement could be so good. With no effort, three pieces of doo-doo 12 inches long evacuated easy. They were dark brown. As I sat reading Spiderman, two more short pieces plopped/splashed out. I was in no hurry. I was a 12y/o with time on my hands. When I was finished, I wiped my behind and that was the end. Until afternoon.

Later in the afternoon, I was watching television when another urge happened. I took another comic book and repeated the same ritual. This time two six inch pieces evacuated with little effort. As I was reading another urge happened and when I pushed, a load of soft doo-doo evacuated for 20 seconds and I farted. My grandmother asked me if the Metamucil was working. I told her, if she only knew. I kept regular after that and I took the stuff frequently. I wanted the adventure.

In high school, I was held up to ridicule by some older girls. I was in girls gym toilet. I was constipated. But, I had to go and I was bringing out this foot long piece. It was thick as a policeman's nightstick. I was behind a stall door. My red gym shorts and blue panties were at my ankles, visible under the door. One girl said she would never put her ass on a school toilet seat. One time in 9th grade a girl was making #2 in a bathroom with doorless stalls. We were in a converted boys bathroom. I came in for a piss. So, I lifted my skirt and slip, brought my pantyhose and panties to my knees. It was a short less than 10 seconds. The girl, Veronica was sitting for awhile. I knew she was shitting. It was not the first time, I saw her shitting. Some other girls came in were giggling at her. Veronica thought they were funny. But, we all were friends.

Julie: You and Lucy have excellent taste in your underwear, red and pink.

Has any one ever seen any strange bathroom habits when going to someone's house as a kid or while babysitting?

Lee- The reason it may take so many wipes is propably because poop inside your anus keeps leaking out. You really shouldn't wipe so hard that you start to bleed. I'm no doctor, but to me that seems like a pretty good way to get hemorhoids so it's propably better just to get a little on your underwear than risk major pain later in life. It's not a big deal, this happens to everyone sometimes and is one of the main reasons people wear underwear. I personaly will stop after the 5th wipe.

Althea- Was the custodian surprised about you taking a dump or was she just surprised to see you in general?

Jane- Ah, the auto-flush toilets. I've had a few experiences with those. I usually don't even know it's an auto-flush until after I get up to check the bowl. It's scares the shit out of me (not literally) but afterwards I like to have fun with it. I'll make it flush over and over until someone gets irritated and tells me to knock it off.

The toilet at work was broken today and weren't going to have it fixed until the next day. What's worse is I was working from 12:00-8:00 today. Sure enough, not an hour into my shift and I need to move my bowels. I knew I could this one for sure but it was really uncomfortable and if I hold it for too long I lose the urge and end up constipated for a few days.
By 2:30 I knew this was going to be a very long day if I wasn't allowed to move my bowels. I took my lunch break at 3:00 and went to a restaurant to eat and shit at. I seated myself and took my order and then went to find the restrooms and what do I find? "OUT OF ORDER". It was insane. I went back and ate my lunch and got back to work so I wasn't late.
I knew by now this one wasn't just gonna go away. This was going to bug me until I let it out. The hour between five and six seemed to take forever. And the urge seemed to increase a lot after eating lunch. I couldn't imagine lasting 2 more "forevers" so I finally pleaded with my manager that I really needed to poop and could I go to another store to releive myself. He was reasonable and said I could.
I clocked out and left but unfortanaly all the stores in that strip mall were small and had no public restrooms so went across the street and to a Target. I looked all over the store but couldn't find anything so I asked one of the employees and he told me they were at the front of the store. I don't know why I didn't notice when I first got in.
When I got in there were 5 stalls. A woman was in the middle one grunting and plopping so I took the one to the right of her. She had blue jeans and pink panties rolled down to her white tennis shoes. I pulled my black pants down to my ankles and my panties to my knees. Just as I sat down she finished and flushed the toilet, washed her hands and left. I peed, stopped, and pushed. The tip emerged and I could tell this was a big one and would require much pushing. Somebody else came in and took a stall. I couldn't see her feet and all she had to do was pee but she farted loudly afterwards.
I pushed quite hard and strained. Some more of it emerged and someone else came in. I couldn't see her either but she apperently needed to change a panty liner and peed. I was dissapointed again. But while she was in there I was straining quite vocaly. The turd slowly came out and splashed in the water. The other one came out much easier with only an occasional short grunt and ploped in the bowl as well. I peed some more and was done. I felt releived. I got up and there were 2 large turds in there. I wiped and flushed, leaving lots of skid marks in the bowl.
I got out at the same time as the other woman did. She was in her mid-twenties, moderate build and height, with short blond hair. While we washed our hands she said "sounds like you were having a hard time in there. Must feel a lot better now."
"you don't know I said. I had to hold that for so long," I said.
"Yeah I know the feeling," she said.

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