Sara T.
Hi again, all, first off, congrats, Malita! :)

The other night my friend Liz and I were chilling in a half-built house on the other block. We had to pee, so we went in the back. I took off my pants and panties and squatted, and made a medium-sized puddle on the wood floor. She took off her pants but simply pulled her panties to the side and let go, making a smaller puddle. While I saw squatting I accidentally let out a very tiny fart-- we laughed about it and then she let one out too, which made us laugh harder.
Then later on that night, on my porch, she had to go again but I couldn't let her use my bathroom because my brother was asleep. So she went on the side of the house and pissed all over the concrete, making lovely splattering and hissing sounds.

Then last night we were hanging out in a parking lot and she had to go again, so she said, "Excuse me, I'm going over in the alley to piss!" She took off her pants in front of me, then walked to the alley which was right next to us. I could see her clearly as she pulled her cotton panties to the side and let go yet again.

Peter in AZ
Mr.Noname- Just give a post with lots of detail and people will reply. I like your post.

Helen of Troy
I was out today with my husband working in our big vegetable garden, several hundred feet from our house and up a hill in front of it, when nature called. I told him I had to go to the bathroom and would be back later. He said, why in the world would you go all the way back to the house and climb back up here on a hot day just for that? I explained that I needed to shit, and he never batted an eye and said well what is the difference?, just find a spot and go. I have gone outside a few times before but usually while camping or hiking, never in our own front yard. \ But it is private with no close neighbors so I thought, oh what the hell, and headed for the big maple tree in the corner of the garden. When I got behind it I was wearing only my shorts, garden shoes and a halter top so I took off the shorts and squatted. A wave of relief flooded over me as the poop emerged from my bottom. Soon I produced a nice big pile which, in contrast to experiences with BMs of that siz! e while seatied on a toilet, squeezed itself out very handily. A circular wad of poop about a foot long and two inches thick, and a couple of shorter pieces on top of it, same width. After I wiped, I felt a spasm or cramp and found that I could not get up. I called to husband Jimmy for some help and he came,found me squatting and helpless, and took my arm and helped me up and let me lean against him while I put the shorts back on. His only comment after looking at my poop pile and covering it with a garden shovel was that he didn't think I would have made it to the house anyway. After dinner I mentioned to him that pooping outside was different and I really felt cleaned out afterwards and thanked him for talking me into it. He said not to mention it and besides, he enjoyed the show. I asked him what he meant and he admitted he had watched secretly from behind as I shat out the big load and found it rather exciting to spy on a lovely woman as she shits. I allowed as how ! I suppose we could do it again sometime... The more I think about it, it would be exciting to watch him do the same, especially if he didn't know I was doing it.

when my sister was about 2-4 years old i went to check on her she was in her crib i was 5 and when i got in the room where her crib was her diaper was on the floor and she said, " I went poopy" the diaper was full of poop

At work tonight, one of my co-workers had to excuse herself to take a "bathroom" break. Well, she was gone for about 15 minutes and all of the sudden, she comes out of the bathroom with bright red face. She went to her desk and I overheard her calling the maintenance department. She had stopped up the toilet. She casually mentioned to me that the toilet was "broken" and to not use it for the time being. She is a very uptight, somewhat arrogant lady who would die if anyone knew that she actually pooped like everyone else. Well, she she had to leave the office before the maint. man came so I took that opportunity to examine the damage. In the Toilet was one of the largest turds I've ever seen! It was as think as a pop bottle and in two pieces, each about 6 inches long. Later, the maint. man came and unstopped the toilet. As he was leaving, he said to me, "what did THAT come out of, anyway?" I had to laugh.

BTW, Carmalita, If you are reading this, I just wanted to tell you, you write the BEST stories. Don't get me wrong, other peoples stories are good too, but yours are especially good.

I've noticed lately, being in college and all, that I've pooped nearly three times more often than I would back home. I think it may just be the rich food, but I find I'm in the bathroom every 2 days or so as opposed to every 6. Any comments on that natural friggin' phenomenon?


Janitor Bill

I have to confess to leaving an unflushed job in a public loo. (A cafe mall as it happens). I don't usually do my bm's outside the house due to a certain modest relucatance on my part. However, on the occasion in question, I hadn't been able to follow my usual morning routine and was out with a friend quite early for a rare shopping trip.

During the morning we had been into the clothes shops tried on and bought also stopped for a coffee. Whilst in the cafe, I needed to go and it was pressing quite urgently, so down the basement to the cafe's loo I went. It was a cramped place with just two stalls and didn't look too clean. However, needs must so up with the skirt and down with the thong and yes I did "hover" over the bowl. I usually pass a regular pan load and this was no exception. I can't remember the precise quantity or size but for me avaerage and not loose. I pass bm quite easily and it started almost as soon as I was in position. I was through in about a couple of minutes. Smell average but obvious. During this time no one else came in fortunately. Then horror, not paper to wipe. So with thong down I had to rummage in bag for tissues, which I had. I cleaned up and then prepared to flush. But..... no joy. The handle of the loo was loose and didn't want to connect with the mechanism. My load had filled ! the pan and I didn't want to leave it. I even took off the cover of the cystern and tried to make it flush, but no luck. So I had to leave it.

When I got back to my friend, I warned that if she used the loo to avoid the end stall since someone had left it uncleared. I also told the cashier when we left and suggested that one of their customers had been less than charitable!

Janitor Bill

I have to confess to leaving an unflushed job in a public loo. (A cafe mall as it happens). I don't usually do my bm's outside the house due to a certain modest relucatance on my part. However, on the occasion in question, I hadn't been able to follow my usual morning routine and was out with a friend quite early for a rare shopping trip.

During the morning we had been into the clothes shops tried on and bought also stopped for a coffee. Whilst in the cafe, I needed to go and it was pressing quite urgently, so down the basement to the cafe's loo I went. It was a cramped place with just two stalls and didn't look too clean. However, needs must so up with the skirt and down with the thong and yes I did "hover" over the bowl. I usually pass a regular pan load and this was no exception. I can't remember the precise quantity or size but for me avaerage and not loose. I pass bm quite easily and it started almost as soon as I was in position. I was through in about a couple of minutes. Smell average but obvious. During this time no one else came in fortunately. Then horror, not paper to wipe. So with thong down I had to rummage in bag for tissues, which I had. I cleaned up and then prepared to flush. But..... no joy. The handle of the loo was loose and didn't want to connect with the mechanism. My load had filled ! the pan and I didn't want to leave it. I even took off the cover of the cystern and tried to make it flush, but no luck. So I had to leave it.

When I got back to my friend, I warned that if she used the loo to avoid the end stall since someone had left it uncleared. I also told the cashier when we left and suggested that one of their customers had been less than charitable!

Anne (housewife)
Filup. Normally I pee 3-4 times a day. I always go to pee first thing un a morning and usually at bedtime. Also I haven't wet the bed since I was a kid of 12 but I do occasionally have to get up in the night and go to the loo. On very rare occasions I've wet myself during the day but it's not happened often. The longest I've lasted without going is 12 hours and the most I've passed has been about 1400ml.

aboy: I'm 14

Howlin' Coyote
I'm not a regular poster here, but I have a couple bathroom experiences to relate to.

I hadn't seen an accident by another human being (besides me) until today. A couple friends and I went swimming for a while, but while swimming, my friend Chris shouted, "Oh, gross!!" I turned to see a small pile of poop, not very big at all, sitting on the pool deck. It was gross. I fear I may have touched it because while running around the pool deck, I recall stepping in something slimy. My friends and I left immediately. We don't know who did it, probably a 2-3 year old, but it was one of the more disgusting moments of my life. Needless to say, I ran to the shower and scoured every square inch of my body.

Also, in fourth grade during spelling class, I peed my pants. It was a slow process, going drop by drop, but I just didn't have any guts to aske the teacher to go to the bathroom. Finally, after half my bladder had been emptied into my pants, I asked the teacher to go to the bathroom, and she let me go. Ahhhh...relief.

In sixth grade, the school did a crackdown on going to the bathroom-you either had to go with a buddy or during recess. This was because a couple of kids thought it would be fun to write a bunch of graffiti on the bathroom walls. I had to piss really bad but I decided against asking, holding it in. I held it in for three hours, without going in my pants. I finally breathed a sigh of relief at lunchtime.

Be Happy, Not Crappy

TO RJOGGER-Hey,neighbor-yes,i'm really unloading some serious stuff the last few days thanks to youHey,really coolstory with you listening to that beautiful black girl doing a good dump while you are on the bowl in the men's room-I really enjoyed that one!some years ago I had the same thing happen to me and it was great,i'll tell you -I must have been on the same toilet on the other side of the wall cause I could hear everything as I too dumped along-WOW-that's all I could say,that was one of the best experiences I had(i guess I was about 18-19 at the time)Always enjoy your stories!
TO CARMELITA-Lovely story with you and the oriental girl dumpng together-i would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that one!BTW congtats on your engagement to JAKE I just hope all works out for you both and listen if he starts to pull any stupid stuff-GET OUT!you sould like a really nice person who deserved to be treated like a queen and he'd better treat you like one!keep us informed,honey!Love your stories-hope you are enjoying my poop hot streak with my fiber program!
TO MICHELLE IN Louisiana-Yes,metameucil does taste lousy,but doesn't it work great-try thr orange flavored kind along with some fresh OJ-that works well-hey try the high fiber thing I'm doing -it really works well and you don't have to worry about tasting the metameucil-i'm pooing like a champ on this fiber diet!
Did another long dump this a.m. as soon as i got out of bed I walked briskly to the bowl and as i was sitting down i let out a really long fart followed by 2 really long turds(about 12in each) that splashed in the bowl and then i started my morning pee which went on for quite a bit and as i was finishing up my pee another turd slowly ozzed out my backdoor at the same time i was peeing which rarely happens to me-i usually pee first or vice-versa-it felt great too-then I was done,but you know since i've been on this fiber thing i've noticed that when i'm done pooing ,i feel like i'm NOT done and somtimes i sit there and push and push and I realise i'm done-it's a funny feeling in my rectum,but a few hours later esp with this hot weather,i let loose again with more stuff,but the 2nd dump is softer with more gas too-I also notice that I let the 1st turd come out on it's own,but after that,I have to really push all the rest of the stuff out cause it feels like it's really stre! tching my asshole out a bit,but boy it fells great in a way!-i may cut back a little on the fiber-i think it's working TOO well on me-the other day when I dumped in the woods in the morning,i decided to go back in the afternoon when i had to poop again and i pooed on the 1st pile and i'll tell you,between the 2 dumps on the same pile it was some pile,i'll tell you and that was just 1 day-I can't imagine how mush i've been going the last few days,it's almost unbelievable,but feels sooo good to let this stuff out!Great stories,all! Hope to see"donna" soon! BYE

Slayer Moon
To Michelle in Louisiana:

In your statement about rice being constipating, you must be talking about white rice. I eat only brown rice, and it never jams me up! Rice loses its fiber in the refinement (brown to white) process. I prefer to avoid high protein foods, since these are the usual culprits when I get plugged up. These are always soy poducts for me, since I'm a vegan (no meat, dairy products or eggs), but it was a lot worse when I was a meat eater. In fact, it was this one time I stopped up the toilet that prompted me to eliminate dairy products from my diet.

Good day,

A simple pee story...

It was about ten years ago during my high school career, and I think I was a junior. One night several friends and I were hanging out in a public park, and I mentioned that I really needed to take a piss. Somebody said jokingly, "Hey, just wizz right here." And then one of the girls asked if I had ever peed in public. I told her of course. She said she never had, and she also said she never saw anyone go in public. Another friend laughed and said, "Caliban, can be your first!" She may have been embarrassed, but smiled none the less. Of course everyone was putting their two cents worth in, daring me on. We were beside a basketball court in the park, so I decided to climb to the top of one of the poles. I unzipped my my pants and started peeing from ten feet up shaking it all over the place. It was a very long pee since I had been storing it for quite some time. I wrote my initials on the ground to mark my territory, and everyone scattered, but they were cheering! me on. It was kind of cool I thought at the time, now I'm not so sure as I am older. Afterward, I climbed down, and she told me I was her first. I replied, "Hope I didn't disappoint you too much." "Not at all, rather amusing," she said and smiled. I told her it was her turn, and do you think she went? Of course not, I wouldn't be so lucky.

Plunging Plop Guy, you are right, it is rather pathetic how the government imposes such laws on us about our toilets in the U.S. I still enjoy the 3.5 GPF for some reason, and the types of toilets you describe in Britain seem great. I am surprised they aren't charging for public restrooms here yet and call it some kind of tax.

Michelle in Louisiana, the hotel I was speaking of is on the east side of the Lake Charles bridge, and I think it is a Holiday Inn now, although I beleive it used to be called something else.

Mr. Noname, your story was excellent! How could you even think of depriving us with your stories, and remember, we read all the stories(I sure do!), but don't always reply. Keep them all coming.



Sick boy
TO JENNY For what it is worth I read and want you to keep posting I know feed back on our stories is probably what we all want when we post them I do not always give feed back unless a question is asked about male bathroom habits just because I dont always say some thing though doesn't mean I am not reading and enjoying posts and belive me girl yours was one i was reading and enjoying so please finish your story
MR. NONAME Read what I wrote above and maybe you will keep posting here as well
JESS loved your shitting in the lake story
SAMANTHA as heartless as this may sound my advice is to forget about olivia you are definately a good hearted person to have cared about her as long as you have. I hope olivia doesn't shoot up your school one day but if she did atleast your concience would be clear
MICHELLE IN LOUISANA I have one question for you what the hell was that girl who was in the stall next to you doing probably just listening to you shit and you the one who gets made fun of?

Hi, everyone!

Carmalita: Congratulations on your engagement! That's wonderful news!
I'm really happy for you! And yes, I DID enjoy your latest adventure at the Community center. Too bad the Asian girl was suffering so much, though. I would much rather have heard that she took a giant dump to rival yours. I'm glad YOURS was much better! I really liked the simile of the jar of pickles ready to come out... of course, yours were BROWN
pickles(something NEW on the market!) that had a MUCH more exciting smell!!

Buzzy: Gretel's post did NOT get cut off... it just continues on the previous page (666-665, I believe). Go back and check it out- it's worth it! Let us know what you think!

DDNNIE M. RESPONSE TO QUESTION FROM LEE: Was about wiping and wiping and still having brown on the toilet paper. I used to have a little problem once in a while till one time I got a dose of the piles. (hemmorids) In order to make things a little easy Id take some Destin Ointment or other stuff and poke some up my butt hole. They got better after a time, but I found that on passing some hard logs, that helped a lot. So Iwent and started to use Vasoline on a finger and stick it up the rectum. So why not? Its your butt, its not really dirty and greasin up the hole dont hurt nothing and its not a big deal. After taking a crap, wether it be a real runny mess or hard log, Id wipe, Usually with two bunches of toilet paper. Like one guy said once- The first batch is to "knock off the rough" and the second batch of TP was to "polish it up". LOL Well it works about 99% of the time. You wipe the second time, and you get paper with a clean look. A little bit of clear grease where you wip! ed and you feel sorta like just polishes up the ole butt! So try it when you are at home and when you go out sometimes and crap in public, you find that there is enough lube left over to still work the same way giving you a nice clean wipe. Let us know, anyone, how you find this???

Will, I also love it when I need to dump at the beach. It feels cool doing it outside. I'm afraid I just use toilet paper, always bring a roll with me just in case. You didn't say if you were in UK or America, but I'm planning to be at Studland Beach in the UK this weekend, Saturday and Sunday hopefully. Maybe we will run across one another in the act! Studland is great, no toilet facilities anywhere (at least in the clothin-optional section)--so everyine who needs to dump has to go in the sea or behind the dunes. Each time I go always end up dropping a log or two in the aftenoon!

I for one LOVE your posts Mr NoName so please do keep posting them!! You are one of my favorite posters right up there with Gruntly Bogwell and Buzzy.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone! And to PETER IN AZ, Yes! I'm most definitely still here. I probably visit "The Toilet" almost as often as I visit the toilet, well, once a day usually.

REDNECK, Thanks for the info on USA water capacities. It seems we in Britain have the smaller size cisterns anyway, and still get a good flush and enough to have a good water trap, so we're fortunate.
My own toilet has a very good size water trap, and 1.75 gallons is always enough to get rid of everything in the pan, although sometimes, the odd piece of TP sometimes remains.
Good to know you can get round that ridiculous law by buying from Canada.
One of the requirements of toilet design in England in the early 1900s was that "the water should be sufficiently deep enough to drown the emanations."
For a health perspective apart from our interest in seeing what we've produced, I'd have thought legislation should include approval from doctors, who would support the view that we should be able to monitor our output, and therefore need a pan that allows inspection of our faeces.
I wish I was a toilet manufacturer and able to export at cheap rates to you all!
As a way of making a makeshift way of enjoying toilet sessions with lots of water, at least the method of sitting on a commode (chair with toilet seat built in) and shitting into a bucket with as much water as you want should be an alternative.
I wish you all well who are missing out with this law.

JACOB G, What a brilliant post that was about different grunts that guys do when shitting reluctant turds! Also the young guy you heard on the toilet who was vocal with his grunts!
I can sympathise with the frustration you must have felt when those noisy people came in and drowned out those sounds, but it was really cool the way that guy didn't feel inhibited grunting like that with you being in the room.
It must be the British reserve again that has prevented me hearing much in the way of audible grunting, but for the last 2 weeks, I've been very happy with my shits as I've been pleasantly constipated!
By that I mean even with a healthy high fibre diet, I've been having to push my turds out which have been better formed than for a long time.
I love putting some effort into it as long as I don't strain too much and get heamorrhoids.
The sounds of other guys grunting and farting as they push out their big firm healthy turds and the resulting loud plops is something I'd love to hear much more often than I have done, and so I've not heard enough grunting to assess as you've been able to do.
What I have heard on one occasion which I mentioned some time ago, was a guy who was on the toilet who made the most ecstatic sounds of pleasure each time he dropped one. I had met him previously, and he told me he loved getting his arse splashed and so his sighs of enjoyment were a combination of the feeling of pushing his turds out and the water splashing up onto his muscular arse.
My biker friend who has recorded lots of his sessions has sometimes whispered loudly when having dropped a really satisfying log - "SHIT!" or "F---IN' 'ELL!" as it plops in the pan.
Apart from those, I'm still waiting to hear another guy on a toilet expressing as much pleasure as his turds drop, with or without grunting.
When I do hear any grunting, it's usually the first two you mention; non-vocal and with mouth open or closed.
I look forward to your next decription of what you've seen and heard in the toilet, and you certainly have witnessed some great sessions with great guys!

One thing I've wondered about is how strong a toilet is. When people get up onto the toilet to squat, or stand on a toilet for any other purpose, isn't there a chance the pan might break, or are they made to withstand very heavy weights?
To actually put all one's weight on one side of the pan which is at an angle to the fixing position on the floor must be quite a lot of pressure and I wondered if anyone had ever heard or experienced a toilet giving way and collapsing.

Anyway, it's now evening, and I'm looking forward to enjoying my next shit tomorrow morning sometime, as it's neither too urgent these days, nor too small, and I can relax on the toilet taking my time, pushing out satisfying turds that smell rather than stink, I can get my arse clean with enough paper, rather than never clean, and even though I'm still itchy sometimes, I'm a LOT better than I was and ENJOYING my sessions again.
When the turds are bigger, splash louder than now, (Today's were great!) and I'm not itchy and only need a few pieces of TP, I'll know I'm back to my old self and living up to my name!
Happy plopping to everyone. P P G

Jeff A
RJOGGER: Always good to hear from you my friend! I've been in the hospital since Tuesday, more chest stuff again. Also getting my 60,000 mile tune up, oil change, lube and filter, and had my tires rotated too. I turned 46 on Sunday and feel quite good about it. I've been reading here, but not writing. I like your posts, especially your woodland dumps. I used to be a runner myself, and quite often ducked into the woods for the same thing. I had one experience where a girl came jogging by, saw me taking a dump near some trees and stopped with her mouth open. I've been caught by females when I've pooped in the woods about twenty times, and not once has any of them ever stopped to be friendly. They all just stared, or laughed. On one occassion, the girl jogged by, saw me pooping and whistled at me! Now, that was funny. I haven't been as lucky as you or Buzzy in that respect. That's why I like your stories so much. And you too! Say hello to your lovely wife for me.

JESS: Why would your boyfriend throw shit at your neighbor's boat?

Big hellos to Steve, Louise (my favorite female poster), Renee, Patsy, Tesa, and Jake!

CARMALITA: Hola sweet seniorita! Why you little sweetie! You went and got yourself engaged! Good for you! I can tell you this now: I always hoped deep down that you two would get together. May I send my best to you both in Spanish?
"Deseo felicitar a le y a Jake, y le deseo el muy mejor de vida. La gente hermosa se merece."
"I want to congratulate you and Jake, and wish you the very best in life. Beautiful people deserve each other." (I hope I said that right.). As per the usual, your story about the asian girl in the stall next to you was a typical high grade, excellent Carmalita post! It was so real I could smell it! I can also see the asian girl. Her description sounded very vivid. You add that latina flavor to your postings that is so rare, exciting, human, and loveable. In short, you're a rose Carmalita, and I can see why Jake would kneel down for you. For a wedding gift, I would like to give you two lovebirds a case of lysol room deodorizer! Just teasing! I love you Carmalita, as the kind hearted woman you really are.

This is interesting. While I was at the hospital waiting for some tests, I saw a young latina girl about 20-25 go into the bathroom. It's a single unit, so it's unisex. She was very cute. I timed her on my watch as she went in, and she was in there for almost 9 minutes! When she came out, I watched her walk down the hall. She reached down, pulling her underwear out of her butt. When she was gone from view I went in to see if she'd pooped or not. Man what a smell!!! It was very ripe (I loved it!) and she left all sorts of poop stains in the toilet bowl. They were both dark and light brown. There was also a turd chunk and lots of little bits that didn't flush. The turd chunk looked pretty sizeable.

Michelle in Louisiana
Lucky: I think a good-looking guy taking a big(solid) shit turns me on more than him having diarreah. But, they both are good. Pee also turns me on.

Mr. Noname: I (and many others) do read your posts, but people usually only post comments when they have something good to say besides "Great Story" or something of that nature. I did like your story. I hope my next boyfriend will be as turned on by poop as I am, that way we could buddy dump. I did not post on this forum at the time of my last boyfriend, and the idea simply didn't occur to me.

Jane: LOL about Christine...that is childish, even for a 19 yr old. I believe that by the time someone is 19, things like that should no longer be funny.

Golden Drink: Very true that pee tastes salty. I remember one time when I was 5, I peed in a cup, then drank it. I was curious as to what it tasted like, and from what I remember, it tasted like salt water.

Will: What a great way to shit!! I never thought of that one before, but it definately sounds worth doing if you get the oppertunity. Someday, I will do that...hopefully.

Jenny: Of course, finish your story!! I was disappointed to see that there was no more to it. I'd love to see the rest.

Gruntly Bogwell
Hola...Carmalita, you, our Latina gruntiosa, really have a way with words that is both informative and titilating. Thank you for being a friend of the forum.
Jane, Julie & Michelle...keep up the good work.

To continue the saga of when my parents hired Vicky, the college sophomore to watch me while they were on vacation. After Vicky accused me of listening outside the bathroom door when she was having a morning shit, when I was actually I was peeping through the door jamb slit I had created, I decided to lay low for a couple of days, since my reputation was in shambles after having to leave the summer camp. But, as nature would have it two days later at night, when we were watching TV in the living room, Vicky got up during a commercial, picked up a magazine and headed down the hall to the bathroom, which I had re-rigged earlier in the day. She hadn't spent much time in their in the previous two days, so I knew she was having a buildup in her bowels. I peeked around the wall to watch her walk down the hall. Her ????, bottom encased in tight blue jeans she had folded up the legs to just below her knees, as was the fashion in those days. She had on white "bobby" socks a! nd black and white saddle shoes. She had on a shiny necklace and a white long-sleeve blouse with the sleeves folded up and the tails tied at the waist. I watched her until she disappeared into the bathroom, then covered by the sounds form the TV, I made my way stealthily down the hall and stationed myself at the door jamb. The light in the bathroom was on and Vicky's haunches looked pink as she settled them on the commode seat…muffled tinkling was heard, but the TV was still playing loud in the background. She looked at her magazine which she had placed on her lap, her short, brown hair hanging around her face, her knees together, her feet a bit splayed out and back. Her jeans were at mid-calf and scrunched above them were white panties with a Minnie Mouse design. I could see the pear-shaped roundness of her waist and thighs as they oozed cutely over the toilet seat. Because she had her shirt/blouse tied at the waist I had a good view of her belly above the vee made by h! er stomach and legs in the seated position and above her brown patch of pubes. About that time there came a CHUFF, CHUFF, CHUFFAAAHH, from the commode area as a rigorous fart escaped her and she frowned slightly with the realization that what she thought was a big poo was only fumey air. She visibly sighed and went back to her magazine.

After about five minutes, during which she had shifted a bit her weight now and then, she straightened up and her belly, made those little contractions, indicative of trying to get something started…this kept up in a halting manner for thirty seconds or so, before she went back to reading. Another five minutes and she started again with the belly contractions, staring straight ahead , her hands resting on the magazine in her lap. Thirty seconds of this ended with an unnnhh…uunnnhh….UNNHH. She took a breath and began to shift form side to side tightening with a belly strain on each sideways shift. Then Vicky put her fingers on each side of her stomach, down low and pushed in as she leaned forward. This didn't work, so taking a deep breath, she abruptly stopped, wiped her front and stood up, pulling her panties and jeans quickly and flushed. I thought I was going to be caught and started to tiptoe down the hall. But the door didn't open…so I tipped back to peep, I saw! Vicky take some EX-Lax out of the bathroom cabinet and pop two into her mouth…then I zipped back to my seat in the living room. When she walked back in I asked where she had been…"None of your beeswax" came the reply, she frowned at me and then settled into her chair, flipping the magazine back on the coffee table. Just to goof on her, I got up...started looking for a magazine, found one and headed off down the hall to the bathroom. I went in, pulled my jeans down to my Keds sneaker tops, then lowered my white cotton briefs, pulled up my faded Brooklyn Dodgers tee-shirt, and settled my skinny ass on the toilet and started making grunting sounds. I figured since I got kicked out of camp and was grounded for two weeks it couldn't get much worse. I grunted low, then high, then aahhed loudly. There was a knock on the door and Vicky said, "Gruntly, are you all right in there?" I froze in mid-grunt…and stammered "Um, Um yes m'am" Then I tried not to laugh…I was holding my ! nose and shaking with laughter…Then…I…FARTED…quite loudly…all my shenanigans, coupled with being seated with my hole stretched, had allowed a poo to drop into the breach. Then to my horror I saw the glint of something shiny by the door jamb…I was trapped…I needed to poo and Vicky had found my secret peeping station, it was her shiny necklace reflecting the light from the bathroom, coming through the slit. "OH Man…this can't be happening," I thought as I was forced to grunt for real to get out my unexpected fecal lump. I tried to pull my tee-shirt down to cover my 14 year-olds pubes…the turd forced my hole open and fell KERPLOONK into the toilet…I was bright red and sweaty, when another turd found its way out. A week before the camp director had allowed the blonde twin sister counselors, I had peeped on to look in on me when I got diarrhea from the shame of getting caught, before they sent me packing…now here I was again, except without the diarrhea. The shiny glint start! ed moving up and down and I guessed that Vicky was standing out their in the hall peeping on me and laughing, which had a distinct shriveling affect on you know what…I strained out a third turd and tried to cover myself with one hand while I wiped with the other…not very much was on the paper. So I flushed, and tried to get my jeans up before things got worse.

When I returned to the living room, Vicky was sitting in her overstuffed chair, she looked up with a smirk and said, "Everything come out all right?" "None of your beeswax," I mumbled and Vicky's silvery laugh split the air. We watched the TV show Peter Gunn, and when the news came on and we went to bed. Then in the middle of I heard this running and bumping, doors being opened and I quickly slipped out in the hall and put my eye to the door jamb slit…to see Vicky, her hair tousseled, in her pink baby doll pajama tops, with the pink fuzzy hem, the panty-like bottoms were tossed beside the tub…she was hunched over in the throes of an EX-Lax induced bowel movement. Her moaning and heaving frame, while cute, drowned out the sound of me sneaking up to the door. UMMM, UNNHHH, grunt, grunt, moan, UMMMM, pant, pant…it was pay pack time. I knocked on the door and said, "Ms. Vicky, are you all right in there?" She shot back a strained "Go away you li…li...little p! erve"…GRUNT….PANT…UMMMMM…FLOOMP, FLUP (out came the bunged up turds with a flourish) PLOOMP, PLOUMP, plup plup, KRACKCLE...Krickle, krickle of soft serve as Vicky had turned bright red with the straining, then her face went white, as her bowels emptied their contents…she flushed and started to cramp again as the EX-Lax did its thing in a big way. "Gruntly, you little shit get away from that doorrrr,' she hissed as wet poo descended from her butt, with her toes curled from the cramping OOHHH, OOOHHH, MOAN,UUUMMMPHHHH, another wave…she was in the grip of a laxative overdose and I was enjoying every minute, even the smell came under the door and boy was it ripe! "Wait 'til I get my hands on you little perve1" she hissed again…I shouted back "Look who's talking…you peeped on me!" I left and went outside in the night to enjoy some freedom, until a mosquito bit me then I went back to bed. Vicky was in bed, when I came back in…she didn't say a word…but twice more that night she! visited the seat of ease with a rush. I stayed in bed and let my imagination run wild.

Hola mi amigos!

PETER IN AZ: Thanks for asking about me hon! I'm doing okay really. I still see a doctor about headaches though. The driver of the car was drunk.
RIZZO: Hi sweetheart! It's nice to hear from you again! You are so right about meeting people. They're not always great. I'm glad you liked my teeth brushing on the toilet story. But have you ever smelled minty fresh toothpaste mixed with the smell of very bad poop? It's a wierd aroma. You know what you said about brushing your teeth and peeing, and then spraying elsewhere? That happens to Jake too. He also shivers everytime when he finishes peeing. It's so cute, one big shiver.
JOHN VT: Here's a little FYI for you today honey. I took a poop that curled the wallpaper it was so bad! It was 10 on the old Carmalita Stink-O-Meter! Nobody would come near the bathroom for any reason for at least 30 minutes! I also plugged the toilet with a monster turd.
KIM AND SCOTT: Hi Kimmie! How are you doing girl? Jake LOVES your stories! So do I. We love reading them together. He wants to know how you were able to get into that mens room without being seen? What would you have done if you'd been caught by a weirdo? I was attacked once in a park at night, and I'm too scared of being attacked again to try anything like that! Be careful when you're in enemy camp honey!!!
FOR THE MEN: This is a question I have, but I feel stupid that I don't know the answer. Do men with big penises tend to pee for a long time? I ask that because Jake's penis is large and he pees a lot when he goes. Also, his stream is very thick too. He's just a big guy all over. I don't think that any man has a small penis, but I suppose there's large and X-large. I was just wondering if size had anything to do with pee capacity.

Hey, I've got 2 stories for you all today. First, it's my turn to tattle on Renee! She'd been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes when I tapped on the door to see if she was okay. She said I could come in, and when I did, she was on the toilet with her jeans down around her ankles reading a People magazine. Her long, blonde hair was in a ponytail, and she was wearing a Cuervo T shirt with two nice, ???? boobs underneath. "Can't poop?" I asked, and she shook her head no so sadly. "Do you want me to help loosen it up?" I asked that because Patsy was gone to work. Renee nodded, so I asked Jake to bring me a little footstool to sit on. When he returned with it, Renee looked up at him from the pot and said "My poop won't come out." Just then, she curled her finger at him to come over. When he did, she took his hand and placed it on her naked belly. "Your daughter's sleeping inside of me," she said, and I thought that was a very beautiful thing for her to say to him. I looked! up at him and said "Honey, do you want to do this? I'll show you how." Jake said he was too nervous to try that yet and just wanted to watch. So, I gooped up my middle finger with some K-Y and gently inserted my finger into Renee's anus. "I can feel it up here," I said. After a few seconds of working, I felt it loosening. Jake was still kneeling with his hand on Renee's ????. Then, Renee started breathing really hard and said "Oh, Malita, it's coming now!" She then grunted hard and out came four very large turds plopping one after another. She sat upright as they slid out of her, and her boobs were poking through the T shirt. It was a pretty hot thing to see. It was a nice stink too. A ripe aroma was wafting up from between her legs, and her silky, light brown pubic hair. I washed my hands good at the sink and Jake said "Is that all there is too it?" and I said, "Pretty much. It just takes a little practice. I'll let you practice on me." and that was that! Renee wiped her! cute little butt, and we all looked at her turds. 4 big floaters that were all a foot long or more, and about 2" thick. They made a nice log pile in the toilet.

It was Patsy's birthday last night, and as a joke, I wrapped her present in pictures from an old Playgirl calendar of mine. (Yes, I admit it, but it is an old one.) She looked at the package and said "I really hate this wrapping paper!" It was funny. Me and Jake chipped in and got her and Renee a weekend together at the beach again. She just loves the beach. Jake painted her portrait from a photo and it blew her away big time! She went crazy over it! Renee got her some jeans and two shirts, and I got her a nice wonderbra for their trip. Patsy has great boobs and I haven't seen her in the bra yet, but look forward to it. Believe it or not, she's promised to model it for all of us. We all went out to dinner, Mexican. It was her choice really! Anyway, when we got home I knew I had to take a big poop and retired to the bathroom. Once inside, I stared at my finger with my engagement ring. I'm so excited and happy! I love that man! Anyway, I pulled up my dress and stretched pant! ies down to my knees. I was wearing a black ruffle bottom slip dress with spaghetti straps. I also had on matching black strap slides. My hair was down, parted to one side, flowing over my shoulders in thick, black curls. Jake likes my hair down. I also had a little yellow rose in my hair next to the part. (Yellow rose of Texas, I know it's cliche, but Jake loves it and I like to please my man.)
As I sat down on the pot, gas started escaping right away "Pfffffffttttttt--ffftttttt--ssspplllttttt.." Oooh, it was smelly stinky too. My knees were together, and I was leaning forward, elbows on my knees, hands clasped together holding a wad of tissue to dab at my eyes with. (Hay fever!) Just then, I hear a tap at the door and Jake asking if he could come in. I said "Hon, it smells very bad in here." he said he didn't mind, so I said yes, and he entered. He smelled one of my farts and said "Gettin' down to business already huh?" "Not yet," I replied. He then said "Is it going to be one of your big ones?" "See for yourself," I answered, and leaned forward so that my brown ass would hover about 8" off the toilet seat. When I felt the turd coming, it announced itself with lots of noise and crackle. "Spplllllffffffff....kkkrrrrkkkkllll-ssspppppfffffff-krrrkkkklllll--" A really fat and long sausage came creeping out of my ass slowly. It was one of those turds that just went o! n forever. It must have been a good 20 or more inches long, and still hanging out of my butt. Jake said "That's a nice long one, why won't it fall?" I just shrugged and wiggled my ass a bit, but it still wouldn't break off. Jake stuck his head in closer, and looked into the toilet. He said "It's curling all the way around the bowl honey, but it's still hangin' out of you. Wierd!" I finally took the tissue I had in my hands, and reached under to break it off. It plopped loudly, and man did it ever stink! I positioned my butt back down on the seat, and Jake rubbed my thighs. I was embarrassed over my smell, but Jake said he loved it, and took a few deep breaths through his nose to be funny. I giggled and pushed his shoulder. I then leaned forward, slid my panties down to my ankles and spread my legs a little. I did a little fart ssssppppttttt and began grunting because I felt more shit inside of me needing to come out. The second turd was also quite fat and long. I sat grunting! softly to myself "umhhh......umhh....ummm...." By now the smell was very bad. My turd crackled and spit very loudly then fell with a hard "K-PLOP!" I knew I was empty and sat upright, rubbing my thighs. I smiled and winked at him and said "All done! I'm a good girl!" He wanted to wipe me so I let him and bent forward giving him my ass. Poor Jake's wiping was a bit clumsy, so I guided his hand and showed him how to dig in deeper to get all my poop out. It took five wipes to get my sticky butt fairly clean. When I stood up, we both examined my turds. The first one was one of those that looked like a mountain bike tire! Just as big around, full of knobbies and I don't know how long, it was just HUGE. The second one was a bit softer, lighter in color, and like a big, long pine cone. I told him I needed my pooper scooper to break up my turds and that's something he was going to have to get used to if he wanted to marry me. I shit monster turds that stink very badly. Later, Jake ! took a nice dump. Nice, healthy, man-crap, mmm-mmm good! I like looking at his bare ass, and thighs, and when he shits he's very manly, I just can't describe it! I tried sitting on his lap and he got very embarrassed. He said "I think you'd better plug your nose, sweetheart." Just then, I ripped a big, Carmalita fart on his lap, giggled and replied "Why?"
That's all!


Friday, July 27, 2001

Christine peeing, what kind of container do you pee in? Did you pee in the bathroom?

Samantha, does Olivia have accidents or does she intentionally go to the bathroom on herself? If she doesn't go to the toilet, couldn't she at least use newspaper, coffee can or a bag or something?

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