Michelle in Louisiana
I have observed quite a few posts about how Metamucil makes your shits bigger. At the same time, it tastes TERRIBLE. Anyway, I took some metamucil yesterday, and a little later, I had a tremendous urge to shit. So, I went to the toilet thinking, "I hope this shit is worth it, that gunk tastes TERRIBLE!" Then, I sat down and I pooped out a semi-soft turd that seemed to never end. Then, I pooped out some mushy shit. After that, I felt a BIG shit...and it slid right out with metamucil. Then, some more mushy shit. I was done after that, and I looked in the toilet. The never-ending turd was at least 12 inches long, and the big one was about 7 inches long and about 3 in diameter. Then, there was a whole mess of the mushy crap. It was great, I havent taken a shit that huge in a long time.

I have also observed how some people make fun of people who poop in school. They do that here, too, to some extent. I remember one time in 10th grade, I REALLY had to shit. It was after lunchtime, and my best friend and I walked into the girls' bathroom. There was someone in every one of the stalls except the one where the lock didnt work. So, I asked Kim(my best friend at that time)to hold the door for me. She did. I needed to shit really bad at first, but now the shit didn't seem to wanna come out. So, I sat there and strained. I let out a ton of farts, and finally the shit, followed by more farts and more shit. It was LOUD, I tell ya. Everyone in that bathroom had to have heard me. Anyway, I was finally done, so I walked out with Kim. Kim wasn't immature; she didn't make any shit jokes or anything. She just moved on. Then, I found out that someone I really didn't like was in the bathroom while I was taking my loud shit. She ended up telling everybody about it, and every! one kept making fun of me.

Matt: I answered your post, but I will once again. I haven't POOPED in a lake, so I don't have much of a story. Of course, I've PEED in a lake, we all have. I pee in the pool quite often, too. I don't want to use those yucky bathrooms. Those bathrooms are for pooping emergencies only, I think.

Mr. Shanks: Just cover the poo with lots of dirt. That will kill the stench.

Jane: As I said in one of my previous posts about automatic flush toilets, I hate them if I'm taking a shit. I think it's unpleasant to feel a whoosh of water(and shit that you already plopped)on your ass while you continue to shit. I had an experience similar to yours at an airport once with those automatic flush toilets. That's what made me decide I hate them.

Lee: I always wipe all the poo off and make sure my ass is wiped clean. Sometimes I have to use sheets after sheets after sheets too. Wet the toilet paper with water if you still can't get all the poo off. If that doesnt work, try shaving cream. I know that sounds awkward, but thats what my dad does. He was talking to my mom about it, and how it always gets all the poo off your ass.

ChristinePeeing: I have tried peeing in containers before just to see how much piss I do. Usually, I need a few cups. I haven't peed in a container since I was a little kid, though.

My friend Olivia told her mom about my cousin yelling at me and her at the mall and she raged. Her mom said Olivia doesnt need a friend like me so i yelled back Like olivia has any friends and hung up the phone and went to Jahanna's and told her and she goes Brittany was right you dont need Olivia in high school. WShen i told Brittany she said good why dont you just hang with Johanna and the gang.But i still fee;l bad whats gonna happen to Olivia in high school? Any nsuggestions

That's what I call "lucky"
What could be better, than seeing, hearing, and smelling a hot-woman having-diarrhea in front of you (if you are a guy)? Or a hot-guy, (if you are a woman)?

Peter in AZ
No Name Poster-
Man it must of stunk to have that happen to you on an airplane. I hope he is better.

How are you doing from your bike accident? Love your stories.

Kim and Scott-
Kim love your post too.

PPG- Are you still here.

Dave in NY-
Tell us a bathroom story.

Buzzy- Sounds like you really had to poop.

Welcome to the board.

Great news...I'm not constipaited anymore. I've been poping HUGE loads. All what made me go was a little watermelon and an apple.
Well bye all.

Hi Guys!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted a lot recently, but my job is taking me all over the place at the minute and I never seem to be in one place long enough to do anything.

Anyway, a quick one for you today. Last night I was invited out to dinner with a business associate of mine called Lucy. Nothing flash, just an opportunity to go over some business out of the office. We were going to a pub/restauarant so I decided to go smart casual, i.e. short navy skirt, blue top and suede jacket. I had a wee before leaving the hotel and headed off to meet Lucy. To cut a long story short, we met up, had dinner and went through various tedious things which I won't bore you all with.

After dinner we had a couple of drinks and I could feel the need to have another wee. Lucy was in the same boat at this time, and we both headed to the ladies before leaving. I went into the first stall with Lucy in the adjacent one. (yes Steve I remembered to shut the door, seeing as you weren't there to stand guard). I hitched up my skirt and pulled my red knickers down to my knees before sitting down for a wee. In the next stall I could hear Lucy lifting her dress up and pulling down tights. I had my wee, but Lucy it seemed was there for more and various plopping sounds and other noises could be heard as she cleaned herself out. by the time she finished I was doing my hair at the basin and then I heard her exclaim "damn it" and she called out to me as she had run out of toilet paper and asked if i could pass her some from the next stall.

I was quite surprised at this request as we didn't know each other that well other than in a professional capacity, but nevertheless pulled a wad of paper from the next stall. Lucy then unlocked the door and partially opened it so I could hand her some paper. For those that are interested (Steve and Co!) I did catch a glimpse of her with her dress bunched up round her waist and her tights and pink knickers at her knees. She then shut the door and proceeded to finish wiping herself and then I heard her pulling up her tights and she emerged from the stall apologising for causing such a fuss. I told her not to worry, these things happen, but I think she was really quite embarrased. Probably not a good time to tell her about this site and all the men that want to watch me on the toilet!

Love to everyone.
Julie xxx

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. My modem has been acting up so I have not been posting as much as I have been in the past. I think I got it fixed though. There was some very good stories posted 7/25/01 I enjoyed them all. I have peed beside the car a few times. If you got to go,go.

Parking lots in the malls can be interesting sometimes. I have walked through and you can tell when someone used the parking lot to go. There will be a puddle with a tissue or napkin laying next to it.

There was one time I went with a friend to pick up his paycheck and we pulled into McDonalds next to where he worked. Skip went next door to get his paycheck leaving me in his car. Where he parked was in the back corner of the lot. This McDonalds closed earlier then others so it was not open.

This white limo pulls in with three girls standing up through the sunroof pulls in. The three girls run up to the door but it was locked. The one girl said shit! I really have to piss from that champaine. The other two said your not the only one. They went back to the limo told the driver to wait and they ran around to the backside of McDonalds.

I could see and hear them all the wile from where I was sitting. They did not spot me because they where to much in a hurry. All three of them pulled down thier jeans and squated. They started pissing immeadiatly. I could even hear the hissing from twenty feet away. They all peed for a minute or more. They finished pulled up thier panties and jeans and went back to the limo and drove off. There was three hudge puddles left back in the spot where they had went. I was lucky to be in the right spot at the right time.

Michelle: No, I think it must have been some bad food. In fact I'm starting to feel better now. Thanks for the concern.

Leo: I'm 15

Hola amigos!
PV: I'm glad you liked my outdoor performances. It was awfully nice and simple let me tell you.
JOHN VT: Patsy's smell was pretty tasty-stinky wise. It was very strong. Mine usually smells like a bad fart, or quite often, the food I ate the night before. Wierd huh? I think you'll particularly like the story I've got today.
STEVE: Hola mi amigo! Yeah, the standing pee thing was great for camping! I was wearing shorts and panties, and dropped them to my ankles. I was hidden in some bushes so it was okay. However, they do make women's hiking shorts with a zippered crotch for such conveniances.
LOUISE: Thank you so much for your concerns about me and Jake. I've got GIANT news and wanted to tell you first since you always ask about him. He told me that he loved me when I was in New Mexico. He called me there, fearing that I wasn't going to come back. So, when I got home, he told me again, and I told him I loved him too. So, now we're a hot item again! I can't believe how much I missed him! I do feel awkward about Tesa, and she does too and has finally found her own place. Tesa is a parolee, but as of the 14th, her parole was finally up, so she's a free woman now. Now,the big news: Jake took me out to dinner last night at one of my favorite italian restaurants. We've been seeing each other every night and it's been great. Anyway, before dinner he ordered me a glass of wine, and he had whiskey. Before I knew it, servers were standing around watching like something was supposed to happen. Then, Jake got down on one knee, produced a diamond engagement ring and propos! ed to me right there in the restaurant! On one knee in front of everybody! I started crying. I also accepted, so it looks like I'm going to be a married woman! Renee is absolutely ecstatic about it, Patsy is too. I'm still shaking all over. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm going to lose my Spanish last name!
RJOGGER: Hi Rich! Smmoooooccchh! There's a kiss for you. New Mexico was great, and it benefited me in more ways than I expected! I got to visit my family, and have a chance to think about things. My father was extremely upset about my getting hit by the car. The guy was drunk as it turned out. That's cute that you have a grandson named Jake too. Jake's first name is really Jackson and he hates it with a passion. He thinks it sounds to arrogant. I hope Kathy's doing well. I think about you two a lot. Especially when I log on here, and yes, you are one of the sweetest men I've ever met. I thought about you over the weekend when I was running in a rural area.

I was at the community center again, the one with the doorless stalls, and I'd come in to take a nice big, steamy dump. It was slow night, and not very many ladies there. I wanted to poop before I got home because Jake wanted to take me out later. I'd just gotten settled down when this attractive asian girl came in. She must have been about my age I guess. She had medium length black hair tinted with brown and was VERY sexy. She was in a hurry, and got into the stall next to me against the wall. I heard her pants go down, zipper being undone, panties snapping and sliding down to her thighs and could see the look of urgency on her face in the mirror in front of us. When she sat, her reflection was gone, only the very top of her head was visible in the mirror. I waited a few seconds, then heard sounds coming from her stall. "uyunnh.....uyunnh--Spppewwlluucckkkspplllppppuuckkkk--oannnhhhhh....." Oh, she had a bad case of the shits! She kept grunting hard, and out came anoth! er wave of hot, painful poo. Then I heard her breathing hard and pushing
"plop.....k-plop....rrrrnnnnnhhhhhh---sssspppllkkllleekkkklllppppkkklll..." She moaned softly, and I heard some chunky turds fall into the bowl making big splashes. By this time my own poop was coming out. It was an extremely large turd that was coming out very slowly because it was so sticky. I could hear it as it spliffed out "splffff....pfff...pfff....pffff....." It was long, fat and hard. Next door I heard the girl breathing hard and puffing as if she'd just worked out hard. I tapped on the stall wall with my finger and said "Are you okay in there?" after a second I heard this "nnnnyyahhh." By now, my own turd was crackling. It was fat, man was it ever fat! I felt my little butt being stretched open like I was pooping a jar of pickles! I grunted softly, and it was still coming slow. Then I smelled a horrible poop smell. It was the girl next door. Her awful poop was stinking the whole room up really bad. She was making brown soup with chunks and was still suffering in! the stall next to me. I put both of my hands up to my nose covering my face and breathing through my mouth. Finally, my turd broke and fell "Spppplluummppp!" I looked down between my brown thighs and saw it floating. My goodness it was a big one! Sometimes I wonder how those come out of me. Just then I heard her say "I heard that one. I wish mine would come out solid and easy." I felt another one wanting to come out, and took my hands away from my nose because my face was sweating. Oh, man! Her smell was awful! Worse than anything I could have ever done! After several moments of silence I hear this "oooyunnnhhh---sssppplllluuukkkkk", more breathing, then finally, the toilet paper roll spinning. I think she wiped about 10 times. When she stood up to pull her pants and panties up, she caught my reflection in the mirror. I was leaning forward, elbows on my knees, hands clasped together, and I smiled. She smiled back, embarrassed. "Feel better?" I asked, and she just smiled and! said "Much better. That was a nasty one." "I know the feeling" I commented, with another big turd stuck in my butt. "I have a big one that's being stubborn and won't let go!" I said. "Press on girl, press on!" she smiled, and I giggled a bit. I had to wiggle to shake it loose. I hate toilet seat aerobics. She was fixing her hair in the mirror when I finally passed my turd, and it K-plummped hard. She looked over her shoulder and smiled and said "Yay!" "Oh yeah," I answered, quite relieved. After that I began wiping. When I stood up to hitch up my drawers, she saw part of the big one floating and stared at it from the mirror.
It was funny, and sexy at the same time.


Mr. Noname
Hi All!

Haven't posted in awhile because nothing interesting has happened to post about. Seems nobody reads my posts anyway, so I decided not to write. I might not post anymore and go back to lurking if no one reads my posts.

Anyway, since my girlfriend and I began dumping together, she's been doing really small ones-- really a disappointment for both of us. I know she can do big ones because I've seen 'em--back in the days when I shut off the toilet to see what she left behind. She now goes in the afternoon instead of in the mornings like before.

The last two or three days have been really interesting. It all started two nights ago after we came back from dinner at a local restaurant. She suddenly had the urge to poop. She also has had her period this past week, so that makes the show more interesting, plus she had been snacking all weekend long, rye crackers and whole grain breads. Usually she gets a bit bunged up during that time of the month, but not this time! I quickly threw down some old newspaper, got the flashlight so I can see up close better, and my camera! Immediately she undressed and saquatted over the paper, her cute little ass quivering and pointed out. Her hole had already been dilated from the strong urge to poop, so now it just streteched wider to acomodate the mass she pushed out. I snapped a few pics of it coming out. It was soft and easy, and it was pretty big! I'd say it was close to two inches wide and about seven inches long. She said she could do bigger. But it was the first big dump I've s! een her take.
Then yesterday afternoon she came home from work and we went out shopping together. She told me she wanted to do the shopping as quickly as possible so that we could rush home for her buddy dump! I couldn't believe she had to go again because she usually goes every other day or even every third day. So we did the shopping and rushed home. Even my own buddy dumps couldn't compete with hers! The paper was in place, she stripped and I got down on the ground so I could have a good view to watch the show. Unfortunately I had run out of film from the day before, but I still had the flashlight. I watched as her hole domed out and the tip of a log poked out. She pushed and it slid out, pausing a moment before landing on the paper with a thud. A second turd began to emerge then fell on top of the first one. Her hole quivered open and closed a few times. I had a good view inside. The turd was even bigger than the one the previous night. I measured it--about 3 1/2 (centimeters, unfo! rtunately), but still big, especially compared to my usual jobbies.
Today was a continuation of the big sausages. My girlfriend is turning into quite a poop log factory. She said she could feel it all day at work, so as soon as she got home, the paper was out on the floor and she was in squat position. I was in spectator position, just under her behind (but not THAT close!) so that I could see everything. A soft turd peeked through the domed anus, then pushed its way out, stretching her pink hole to purple. Two small, thick pieces, followed by the main log fell out. What a ripe smell filled the room! Another healtyh one, measuring in at 4 centimeters across, give or take. She's been eating more whole grain breads, anticipating that tomorrow's or the next day's dump will be even bigger. Now I've got to get stoked up and try and lay some turds to compete with hers. Mine are ashamedly small, but she always comments how easy it is for me. She strained her last several tiny dumps, but the three of the past few days were big easy ones.

Hope you enjoyed it. Keep posting--at least more interesting posts than mine! Happy dumps and plops to all.

Michelle in Louisiana

Your name: Perhaps eat a diet which is rich in protein, like eat more meats like beef, pork, chicken, or fish. Not much fiber such as fruits and vegetables. Eating a lot of rice will be very constipating because all the poos will be stuck together.

Dr. Poop: I'm comfortable only in saying I live somewhere in the western US. Sorry, I hope you understand. I will say that I was born and grew up in the city, went away to college in a typical college town, lived in another city while going to graduate school, and now live in the outer suburbs of a major city.

Philippe: I do remember you posting a long time ago, when I first started to post. I won't give many details, but I'm 5-7, 128 lbs., not model-thin, but not ????, either. I am a management consultant at a major consulting firm, but I work in a small branch office. I work away from the office and at clients' work sites at least half of the time. I am married to Gary, and we don't have any children. We are both thirtysomethings.

About Christine: Many have asked about her. This week she is working with me at the client's work site where I have been working this month. She has been very helpful to me, work-wise, and she has been behaving herself when it comes to the ladies room. Of course, when I have to go to the ladies room, she accompanies me as often as she can. I've managed to disappoint her by not having any major poops. One time, we were both peeing, when someone came into a stall and sat down. She peed and then plopped a couple pieces of poop into the toilet. Then she made a fart that started as high-pitched, then got louder and ended with a boom. I heard Christine giggle and try hard not to laugh so hard. I flushed the toilet and came out to wash my hands, and Christine did the same. She was still giggling and trying not to laugh hard. When we came out of the ladies room, Christine started laughing and said that lady made the funniest sounding fart she ever heard. She's a good w! orker and very smart, but she's a typical 19-year-old. I cannot afford to let her in on something that I keep a secret from my office.

Golden Drink
TO ChristinePeeing

Hi Again! Nice to see you! How much pee was there in the container?

Also, most pee tastes salty. But it does have different tastes by the color. Try drinking a LOT of water - at least 3 or 4 glasses in a half hour or hour period. The next time you pee, it will probably be mostly clear. If you keep drinking water and peeing, it will eventually just taste like warm water.

Have Fun!
Golden Drink

I'm a male college student, just found this site, which is, ummm, very different. So I thought I'd share my favorite way to shit, which I discovered out of necessity at age 15, and which I now plan for when I go to the beach.

Yeah, the beach. Standing up, behind the dunes. What a rush. The dunes provide privacy, but with the wide-open sky above, the sun and the wind and the roar of the ocean, the feeling of freedom is wonderful.

Grab an empty beer can, and fill it with seawater. Find a secluded area behind the dunes. Ditch your trunks, spread your legs 12 to 18 inches, but don't squat. Turn it loose. Cleanup is with your hand and the can of warm ocean water -- maybe a little gross the first time you do it, but you get used to it. Put your trunks back on, cover your droppings with sand, and go into the ocean for a more thorough cleaning. Simple and curiously satisfying. I now make sure I'll need to pinch off a loaf whenever I head to the beach. This would be an ideal buddy-dumping scenario, too, but I haven't yet had the pleasure...


Hi there! Iconic? Steve, you do me honor and privilege! To stand shoulder to shoulder with the beautiful Louise, and do justice to the porcelain, is a delicious image, and to be appreciated for taking this "stand" (GRIN!) is the icing on the cake.

Wow, Louise pooped while held in your arms? That would be quite a sight to behold, the gently growing tail that then plops free... Cute!

I must echo Steve's delight at the standing exploits of Malita and her gal-pals -- it's terrific to see the skill put to such use. And yes, i'm curious as to whether it was in the spirit of experimentation, or of utility...?

KENDAL -- Louise is cool with it, so I'm sure your place on the team is firm! Exciting poops to come!

Hugs to all,


Hi, everyone! Quite a backlog of solid posts here today! What a relief to see the whole load of them! NO DOUBT they really needed to come out!

Gretel: WOW! WHAT an INCREDIBLE first post!! I'm sure you'll get lots of fanmail on it here, but let me be among the first to congratulate you on a truly AWESOME performance! You are obviously a beautiful, confident, multi-talented woman! (I'm reminded of Kim's recent post regarding her tank top: "All this, and brains , too!") I'm also glad you're finally admitting your interest in these matters, at least to yourself. And you've found another who obviously shares these interests
in your co-worker Marcia... how intriguing! I hope to hear more about your continuing adventures on this forum, as I'm sure many others will.
To add one more thing: you write extremely well... what a vocabulary!

TO GRETEL-Interesting story....too bad it was cut off-try to tell us the rest from when you ate the big breakfast!
TO JANE-I just love to read about you doing your usual big,soft excretions-Pooing in airport toilets are always interesting-I too really enjoy dumping there- good stuff!
Did another long dump this home on my toilet,i had to go too badly to try and make it to the woods-Was up about 10 mins and felt a real strong urge out of the blue and with all this hot weather,I was just in my tanktop and walked to the bowl as I took my tanktop off and decided to get my mirror and put it in the back of the bowl so I could enjoy the view of me going poop-got the mirror set up and sat down and I could see my anus doming already and I relaxed my butthole as 2 tight farts came out quickly and the turds started coming out and after about 6 inches were out,another fart ozzed out as the turd grew and grew-I could also see the watermelon white seeds in the turd as it was coming out and it was of a grainy consistancy and again very long-it was touching down in the water and still coming out my ass as it was coming out I could feel it pushing up against my prostate which felt great cousing the usual erection.Then the turd fell in the bowl silently as i look! ed at my anus which was still open and domed-it was a cool thing to see-my butt is pretty muscular and hairless so I could see everything well.After about 5mins I had to go again,but I held it for another 5 mins and then let go-another fart announced she start of another turd which really stretched out and pushed out my anus as it came out slowly,but steadily again with a lot of gas along with it with the sound of THHHHHhhhtfart fartTHHHHHHITTfart,fart.fart as it grew and again touched the water as it was exiting my incredibly domed anus-it was a great view-I should have videotaped this and send it to some of my friends here(Carmelita,Jane,Lisa,Penny,KIm,Renee,Susanne,RJogger and his crew-hey Rjogger,you'd be proud of me!lol)then this turd fell in the bowl with a slight splash that splahed back on my stiil open anus-with this hot weather,that felt nice-then I looked at my anua again andit was starting to close and I felt done as I pushed again and let out 3 wet farts and 1 lon! g skinny squgglie-it was a great thing to see-hey another idea-next time i go out to the woods,i'm going to have my mirror handy with I meet my lady friend and we'll going the sceneic route-also since i've been doing the fiber thing,wiping is sooo easy,a couple and I'm done-Then i looked in the bowl and saw 3 turds wrapped aroung the bowl all in different lengths(i'm just guessing here-10 in-12 in and maybe 8-9in squgglie and all tightly pasked and grainy with watermelon seeds all over the bowl-it lokked like the perfect dump and the smell has been greatly reduced since i've been doing the fiber thing too,but the size has been greatly incresased-mostly length and it feels so intense as it exits my butt too,i'm just having a good ol' time!Happy pooing to all,cause i'm a happy guy!I'm sure i'll go again later in the day-been dumping twice a day for the last 3 days-I look foward to the felling of some slight cramps followed by the feeling of my rectum filling up and I know it's t! ime to poop soon and i can hold this for quite a bit and let it really build up-it's great!Later-BYE

In response to Lee's question about getting it all off:

Lee, I share your concern for getting all the dung out of the post-bowel movement rectal region. Usually when I'm in public restrooms I use my saliva until there's absolutely no crap left on the toilet paper. I do sometimes experience the dry mouth you speak of. I find that sometimes it's a good idea to save the saliva up during your crap and then ration it out onto the TP during the wiping process.

The other thing to take note of is that Americans have a very different view of cleanliness than the rest of the world. They think they're cleaner in general, but they are in fact dirtier. Your examples of butt-wiping make this point clear. It is not possible to wipe all the crap off your butt in 2 to 3 wipes. It's just not. And some people may be different, but when I used to wipe like that, I would itch and I would have brown stains on my underwear. Neither is pleasant or sanitary. In Morocco, for example, (a "third world" country) there is always a faucet and a bucket on hand in public restrooms. And in Moroccan homes you almost always find a little bucket, watering can, or a bidet next to the toilet. These people, and others like the French and the Turkish for example, understand the importance of this kind of cleanliness. So don't think of yourself as obsessed, because most of the world is not as lazy as most Americans are with hygiene.

I find it ironic that we Americans laugh at Europeans for having body odor, yet we walk around with dirty buttholes.

So Lee, the best solution I can offer you is to carry a small water bottle with you if you think you're going to have to crap in a public restroom. I'd also recommend a watering can for your home. Pour with one hand and wipe with the other (using no toilet paper). You'll be astonished at how quickly your butt gets clean. Just clean your hands well.

You'll eventually find that toilet paper is actually only necessary for drying. When I lived in Morocco for a while, toilet paper was a luxury. You could buy it, but it wasn't usually around in the house where I was staying. They just used water. I thought it was barbaric at first, but I found that you can get by without it. Your butt's a little wet afterwards, but it dries in a few minutes (it's warm in there). You all think I'm crazy, but if you're as comfortable with your bowels as you seem, you should try water sometime. It would actually make your craps more enjoyable. I once heard an American mother talking in astonishment at how effectively she used water to clean her infant's butt. She remarked on how using water prevented the baby's bottom from becoming sore from baby wipes. It never occured to her that the same would apply to her own, likely dirty, butthole.

Good luck with yours.

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