One night not too long ago I got really drunk. I was at my own house so I was to concerned because I didn't have to drive home or anything. I think I may have also eaten like 1/2 a bag of doritos or maybe more. I really don't remember. I passed out around 3:00AM and woke up around 12:00 later.
My head throbed, I was horribly nauseus and above all that I needed to piss like something mad. I emptied my bladder into the toilet, it was mostly clear. It seemed like the longest piss of my life and I would have enjoyed had it not been for for my other ailments. I was nauseus but also starving so I decided to get something to eat after I was done.
I ate a big bowl of cornflakes and took 2 tylenols and my nausea for the most part went away but now I was having bad cramps in my lower digestive track. I waited a little for it to pass but it only got worse and it soon became apparent that I would feel a lot better if I went and sat on the toilet for a while.
So I did and immediatly after I sat down poo just started pouring out of my butt. It wasn't diarrhea but it also wasn't very solid. It was like soft-serve ice cream but certainly didn't smell like it, oh it stank!. It just kept pouring out very sloppily for it seemed like forever until it finally stopped."Ohhhh gaaaawwwd," I sighed.
I was sore and I could tell my butt was a total mess so I was in no hurry to wipe. I just sat there for a moment with my head resting in my hands. I imagine I was quite haggard. After I had recovered a bit I stood up and looked at what I did. It was a #505 color and a 5 in size. It took several wads to get clean and I had to wipe very lightly.
I flushed the rank load down and immediatley got undressed and took a shower. I felt much better afterwards. Needless to say I didn't feel like drinking again for a while.

Vince-The longest I've ever held my pee was propably 12 hours. It was at a point in my life where I was being very obstinent about going to the bathroom. When I finally did pee, I can't tell you exactly how long it was but it was at least 2 minutes.

anyone ever sat on a really awkward/uncomfortable pot in a public loo

Hey, everyone:

I have been lurking here, for a while I am finally-posting, now. I feel "@ home", here. I am dating this girl, Tina. I am lucky, in a way, w/ her, when it comes to pooping-matters. Whenever I am @ her place, or she is @ mine, she always tells me exactly where she is going. The way she describes it is: "I have a huge-load, knocking @ my back-door, and I need to answer it". That is when I know she is tellin me that she is going to take a massive-crap! I mean, this girl, usually, takes @ least 20-minutes in there. This is one girl who can eat! Whenever she does eat, she eats until she is full, and then keeps going, until her stomach-hurts. That is why she usually fills the bowl, as far as I know. I have not actually seen her in the process, yet. I have gone in, afterwards, and smelled the "fecal-aroma", and have seen the massive-skidmarks that she has left-behind. Pretty-impressive, for a girl as hot-looking as she is! I suspect she is aware of how-intereste! d I am, in this subject. I just haven't come out and told her, yet. Amazing, huh? I can't-wait, until she lets me in, to accompany her! For now, I have to settle for listening to the sounds of her grunts and splashes, outside the door, and briskly walking away, and sitting down, watching tv or whatever, just to not make it so-obvious, what I was doing, while she was enjoying-herself, on the other side of the door. "Queen on her throne", that's what my girl is, when she is crapping.

Talk to you later,


Vince, I'd like to hear more about long pees too. The longest I've ever peed is a little over a minute on several occasions after drinking a whole lot of iced tea. I have heard other people, including several women, pee for about a minute and a half. I would love to hear any stories about amazingly long or loud pees that you have heard.

From America's Funnies Videos:

A fairly young boy who appears to have fallen asleep on the toilet, and has fallen in, still asleep.

Comment from the host, I didn't hear it completely but it was something about him being pooped.

It's pee that turns me on so I don't visit here much because it's mainly about poop. I have though some poop stories that really bothered me at the time and have left me nervous about pants-pooping. When I was about thirteen, standing down the side in assembly (seats all taken) I suddenly got an urge to poop and in seconds it came out in my pants! I dashed out to the toilets before anything worse happened and cleaned myself up quickly - luckily there wasn't too much of it and I just told my friends I had dashed out because I felt sick. I couldn't admit the truth! It really got to me though and I was very nervous of it happening again and school days were ruined really. Some months later I felt the need to poop a bit before the end of school but I absolutely hated going for anything other than a pee at school and so set off to go home - and pooped in my pants on the way. No one knew but I had to tell my mum because my trousers were badly affected this time - my sister found ! out and I was so embarrassed. I had a few good years then and was recovering pretty well till we went on holiday (by train) in the south of England, changing trains at Victoria. On the way home - on the way before reaching Victoria station London, I was desperate to poop and dashed to the toilet just in time. We got off at Victoria and then, as we stood on the platform I started pooping in my pants! I dsahed off again, cleaned myself up a bit but had to travel the rest of the way with sticky pants, desperately keeping it a secret! Well these last few years have been OK but I have never got over the accidents and are still fearful of it happening again. (I did manage my mother to take me to the doctor after the second accident, he said it was all 'nerves'. Not nice as I'm not into poop. If I'd peed my pants now that would have been more fun!

Myna: What you're describing sounds like a hemmoroid (sp?). They're quite common and easily taken care of via an outpatient procedure. They can be caused by straining too hard, among other things. See your doctor.

Good day,

I recall reading an article that was printed in the Houston Chronicle newspaper about new toilets and the levels of water in them. New toilets apparently are produced with the lower water level as to conserve water due to less water per flush. New homes and appartment complexes have the "new standard" toilet that is 1.3 Gallons Per Flush versuses the older styles that are 3.5 Gallons Per Flush(GPF). The article stated that the United States could no longer sell the full water bowls, the 3.5GPF, so many people were driving to Canada to buy one(maybe someone from Canada can help confirm the article), where they still produce the good ol' 3.5! I can understand this because, unfortunately, my toilets are the newer models, and I definitely prefer the old ones. The 1.3GPF is so low in water that any larger logs will partially be laying above the water level, and there is not much of a chance for backsplash(this could be good depending your preference). However, most of the ! 1.3GPF's are power flushers and can take those massive loads in one flush and with the fast rush of water clean the bowl nicely, hardly leaving any markings. So, which do you prefer, the new low-water, 1.3GPF, or the high-water, 3.5GPF?

The cleansing of the anus? What a truly interesting question. I am with you, Michelle in Louisiana, in the fact I wash as you do. I have one washcloth I use for my face, and the other for my butt, which I soap up very well, give a bit of a scrub, then rinse.

Michelle, by the way, I found one of my favorite toilets ever in Louisiana, in Lake Charles to be precise. There is a hotel right by the casino boats where the bathroom is perfect, and it's in the lobby. The lights are dimmed over the stalls, but lit enough as to see, and each stall I think had its own light, perhaps to read by. The toilets were the elongated models, and 3.5GPF's. The seats were higher in the front and sloped down, then rose very high in the back. I was amazed because these seats would allow for one to sit and lean back comfortably to relax and take care of business. Check it out if you are in the area sometime.

Ben, check out A.I., as some others have mentioned as well, there is a great scene toward the beginning when the boy walks in on the mother in the lavatory while she is doing her business and reading a book. Other movies with women in the same predicament are far and few between. Most are with men.

It was funny when I saw Scary Movie 2(not so much the movie itself) a while back during the toilet scene the fact that only the men seemed to get a kick out of this. I was watching the women and girls, and they all had rather disgusted looks on their faces, especially this rather attractive girl in front of me, and I wanted to say, "Hey, lighten up, I bet that has been you several times!" What a way to break the ice that would have been. I asked my friend's wife about this later, and she said that the women she knows don't care about things like that and don't find any amusement in it. "How depraved these people are!" I jokingly replied. "But not all women," she finished and smiled.



wet in the morning
Hi all...
I woke up this morning in extreme desperate need to pee. As i walked to the bathroom, i doubled over twice both in pain and in fear of wetting myself on the way. As i reached the toilet, i began to drip, and suddenly i lost total controll and peed myself all over.
I was so embarrassed, but hey it happens to everybody right?
~share similar stories please...i am not alone - right?
<3 wet in the morning

Plunging Plop Guy: Prevost Car Company, a manufacturer of intercity buses recommends male passengers sit while urinating. Such a graphic diagram is supplied in the lavatory. I have seen it while travelling. Plus, my cousin James is an intercity bus driver. So, he takes me along for the ride.

Althea: I am glad you set Christine straight.

Michelle in Louisiana
Sickboy: The funny thing is the girl walking by, I guess. People are so immature, poop is a bodily function and we all poop, but some people find it funny, especially with a girl walking by while you poop.

Vince: My longest pee was at least 2 quarts, I think. I pissed and pissed and pissed for over a minute...I'm not sure how long it took but it was looooong.

Bill: I've never peed or pooped on the floor of a bus or train. I think some of them smell that way because of the bathrooms. They're tanks and if you don't clean them regularly, BOY do they stink. The smell just leaks out, I dont think people pee or poop on the floor.

aboy: The girls said "ewwww" because they didn't want to hear about me needing toilet paper, I guess. I think girls these days are getting way too prissy. And here they call themselves refined. A truely refined person would NOT say "ewww" to someone stating the fact that they need toilet paper, but rather they would GIVE toilet paper to the person in the stall and be silent. PS - Algebra is a dreaded subject, at least in my opinion, so its great you had a girl you liked in there :o)

Jane: I'm glad you got that straightened out with Christine. Maybe she should post in this forum and be open about how she loves to hear people poop. Like someone before said, you should give her the URL to this forum so she can post her side of the story.

Samantha: One time I did something like that. I was 6 and I had to shit...and I was so curious as to what shitting my pants felt like. So, while I was in the car with my parents returning from Randol's(a Cajun restaurant), I shit my pants. It was very squishy.

Myna: We all have different shitting styles. That's just yours. I don't think theres any harm in it and you shouldnt worry about it. Of course, if you really are concerned, just see a doctor.

NH Dan: That was a close one, huh? One time my ex-boyfriend was at my house watching me shit, since he was turned on by that and I let him come in. We were both turned on by that, so its all good. Anyway, my dad just opened the bathroom door and said, "Oh." and walked away. Later, when Mark(my ex...we were dating at the time though)left, my dad said, "Michelle, let me have a word with you." Then, he asked me if I was doing anything nasty in the bathroom(like toilet sex or something)and I responded honestly, "The only thing he was doing was talking to me while I was going poop." My dad made a weird face and said OK, and let it be.

RJOGGER: Cleansing program? Is it a diet or something? One of my friends tried this one diet that is supposed to make you lose 10 lbs in a week, and BOY, did she shit. She shitted 5 times a day every day she was on that plan. She lost weight as well, though - 15 lbs instead of 10.

i was in desparation of using the toilet, and someone was in the bathroom, so i resorted to my second bedroom...One of my friends taught me a "game" to play in the desparation stage...One places a thick wad of blanket in between their legs, and squeezes tight against the bladder, and continues to increase the size of material between their legs until complete desparation occurs if not wetting...i reached this point and the bathroom was still occupied, so i sat with my legs crossed tightly praying that i would not pee myself...

needless to say, i lost the bet :(


You need to get over your embarassment and get that
looked at by a doctor. If you have a serious problem, they
may be able to fix it, but if you wait too long you could be
in trouble. Now get down there to your Doc NOW!


"A.I." and "Scary Movie 2" are the newest ones I know of.


Doe anyone know which episode had the female bathroom
scenes in it? I've seen them for sale and I want a copy.


Now which one of you teased me by saying "Sugar and
Spice" had good bathroom scenes in it? It's a cute show, but
feet underneath a stall is not even noteworthy. I was
expecting to see some bare cheerleader butts on porcelein!
Bah Humbug!


Myna, I am not certain but the chances that what you see is a hemorrhoid (checked spelling; sorry, I'm anal that way, if that isn't too gross a thing to say here) is too strong to ignore. See a doctor as soon as possible. It could be very important. Check your health sites searching on that word and you will discover.
Let us know,


HEY SARA, if you want to wear a diaper for fun to see how it feels go ahead. I wouldnt make a habit out of it though. It probably will remind you of your feelings when you wet your pants in school, but it would be fun all the time. I wouldnt wear it in school though, you never know what might happen with it. So why take a chance and invite some problems.

About Elvis Presley,
I remember when the news came out about him dying. I met him in the army and had taken some pictures that I still have today that had never been seen anywhere. I dont know if they are worth anything though.But His dying on the toilet, that was caused by the drugs he was taking. You can probably take a percription drug for pain and not have a problem. You take it every day like he did, you get used to it and have to take more and more. Ya, you get a "high" from some of those drugs but its not worth it. You take a big chance like Elvis did, where his heart was probably beating weakly, he probably felt bad and was constipated because of the drugs. They will clog you up so you cant crap for a few days. Hence he came up with that megacolon problem that made things worse. His heart then beating weakly (like you cant hardly feel a pulse) and his sitting on a toilet straining to crap caused him to go into a fiburlation beating about 200 beats per minute and becoming irregular ! and causing him to pass out. The drugs in his system probably affected the heart muscle that caused it to pause and stop for a few seconds. Then as he sat there the pauses actually became a sort of heart attack whereas his heart stopped for a minute or more and didnt resume its regular sinus tach. So he proved that taking drugs and booze and all that will kill you. As far a straining, you put pressure in your bowels that in turn raise your blood pressure that in turn can cause an irregular heart beat, or stroke that is bad for anyone that has some kind of artery or heart disease.

From what I understand Elvis was in the hospital several times because of a megacolon, where he was clogged up with crap and couldnt pass it. Id suppose some mineral oil, a few enemas and some lube for his ass probably what was done. Taking a shit is really automatic, where your nervous system is automatic and you dont think if it until its ready to be expelled. Taking of any drugs though dull the automatic nervous system and causes constipation and other problems. The last pictures of Elivs showed him bloated, more evidence of a heart that wasnt getting rid of excess water and causing an edema or swelling overall.

About pee shy- I used to be pee shy especially when standing at an urinal just starting to go when someone steps into the one besides me. Whoops, the whole system just shuts down. The party pees, zips up, leaves and then I can resume. However whenever I can I use a stall,
take out the "tool" pee, shake the tears out of its eyes" and not spot light colored pants I might be wearing. Also I just hate it when you are standing at the urinal peeing and then flush, and you get a big rush of water that splashes the front of your pants. in the latter years after high school where I hated to pee besides an older male, I sort of got over it. Peeing besides a classmate wasnt anything afterall as you had been in gym classes and everyone saw how everyone was fixed so it was not big deal.

Yes I agree about some statements about not allowing boys to use the bathroom during classes, but letting girls go. They used to leave doors open to the boys room due to the smoking problems. However girls smoked too and were hard to catch. Sometimes an assistant principal would hide in a stall in the boys room to catch a smoker. You see or hear very little of this where Im from, as there is no smoking at all, not even on the school grounds by anyone.

Things have gotten to the point now where teachers and others in schools have to be careful about not being accused of molesting students by hanging out in bathrooms and the likes. The policy here in the schools say that if a student (like in an elementry school) has to go to the toilet and has a problem with clothing-like a stuck zipper-or a real young student cant get unzipped or pants down, no one, the teacher or any party can help them. They send the kid to the nurses office, and if thats not possible the poicy I read is "just let them go on the floor".I Isnt that stupid? But what you see in the papers a lot nowadays is a lot of molesting and stuff so thats the reason. You dont find teachers today refusing to let a kid go to the toilet. A kid being quiet and not asking to go and having an accident is one thing. Someone asking to go and being refused, well thats a case for court and lawsuit today.

And one last thing, I read about the posing where the writer went to a one room schoolhouse. I posted my experiences about this on the board although I cant find it. But yes, the teachers sometimes like to hold an authority over the heads of the students. One thing they liked to control was when you could pee or crap and leave a room to their liking. The alterative was getting smacked with a big paddle hanging up in the corner. The thing was, the parents would support the teacher and not say anything if the kid had to be "corrected. It wasnt unusual to sit there and hear the patter of water on the floor from a seat near you as a kid would pee their pants beause of fear of asking to go, or being denied to go. The toilet was an outhouse, one for girls and one for boys.
They were always stinky especially in warm weather. In the spring you usually had yellow jackets and hornets buzzing around too.This was Another reason girls and boys hesitated to use the outhouses and the stage set for some peeing or pooping accidents. Well they are gone now but quite an experience I had for a short time.

As far a reading my comments, I appreciate any comments. I would answer any comments....Donnie Ml.

Hi everybody, just thought I would post again with something that happened to me. It was the last day of school yesterday and we had no lessons in the afternoon so we were having games and stuff and had a little party in our class with loads of drink and food so I had a lot to drink and eat. Then for the last hour the whole school had to meet in the hall for an assembly type thing before we broke up. I was staying at a friends house last night so I was going striaght there and had bought my wash bag to school and t-shirt and shorts to change into.
About 10 mins before we went into assembly I felt like I needed to use the toilet but we were all playing games and I didnít go as I thought I could go just before assembly but we were late packing away and had to go straight in.
I had been sat down for 10 mins and already felt like I needed quite desperatly to poop and wee. I sat there knowing I had another 50 mins to go before I could use the toilet. I managed to carry on holding on trying not to think about it until we had about 10 mins left to go and I farted and a spurt of wee escaped, luckily it didnít smell to much but every round was looking round and the girl sat next to me I noticed was looking at my tousers so I looked down and saw a wet patch the size of a 10 p on my grey school trousers, they were dark grey so it didnít show to much but I think she had noticed. I kept letting little farts out as the poo was almost touching my pants and dribbling into my pants and at last the end of the assembly came and we were able to go home, I had a bigger wet patch on my tousers and had done a small poo in my pants but was holding the rest in so I went striaght to the toilet and finshed my wee and poo and emptied my pants outs. Before I left th! e toilet I untucked my shirt to cover my trousers where I had done my wee found my friend and walked back to his house. I had left a brown stain in my white pants and hadnít packed any clean ones. When I got back I changed into my shorts which were my white ones which were a bit see through so I was worried his parents might notice something but nothing was siad until about 8.30 in the evening after we had been playing in his sitting room the door bell rang and it was my mum who called me out and gave me a bag with a change of undies in it and told me that my friends mum had called her as she thought I might need these. She asked if I did and I said no why would she say that, my mum tried to check me but I pulled away and said I donít need them and gave them back to her and went back in side, I am now back home and still wearing the same pants, I donít know how I am going to put them in the wash now or my mum might notice that I had an accident in them. I donít know why or! how my friends mum knew I might need a change of undies and knew I didnít have any packed.

I'm back from New Mexico and visiting with my family! It was so great to see my sisters Luisa and Maria, my brother Cruzito, and my mom and dad. My Grandma was there too, along with my two aunts. We all went on a campout to central Oregon too, just before I left. It was awesome!
Special hellos to some really sweet and wonderful men: Eric B., Simon, and Jamie Sun Devil. I really miss you all.
STEVE: My brother Cruz has been working with the local police force on a volunteer basis, teaching them basic Aikido techniques and "come along" techniques. Did I say that right? So, you like my "wild" look in the mornings, huh? I'm glad somebody does! I think I look like hell! I wish you had been at our barbeque, that jerk off Derek wouldn't dared have messed with you!
LOUISE AND PV: You'll both be proud to know that I didn't squat to pee once while we camped. I had it down pretty good! It's great to see the world from higher up while relieving yourself! Renee didn't either, and not only that, but she had Patsy trying it too. Patsy has a very thick pee stream, I've never seen it before, only heard it. Tesa still preferred squatting. LOUISE- Me and Jake have been talking more lately. I really admire how he defended us from that jerk off! I mean he just stepped right in and threw the guy out! Renee is right, I do love him. Thanks for caring.
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Hi guy! Wow! Your stories have really been good! I loved your library story. Very exciting. It's rare to read the guy stories. Once again honey, you are a magnificent storyteller! Do you write short stories or anything? You have a true knack. I really felt like I was there with you, and that was why I read it a couple of times! I really loved the way you described the reflection in the pipe, and the eyes watching you in the library restroom. Mmmmm-mmm! I wish they were my eyes!
JOHN VT: To my most handsome man in Vermont. Thanks for being such a devoted scent lover, and for saying such lovely things to me. You are truly a sweet honey. I am kissing you.
DAVE NY: I agree with San D that a lot of people read, but don't respond. I'm glad you're staying and I'll try to respond to you.
BUZZY: Ooooh, my little Buzito! I've been reading your adventures, it sounds like you're having a great time. It's well deserved too, because you are such a wonderful guy! Here's a kiss sweetheart!
RIZZO: It's good to see you on here again! I've missed you hon!
JEFF A: I have not heard from you in ages! Are you hiding from your little Carmalita? Come back an sweet talk me some more, I've really missed that from you! We're all going to be in Portland soon. Are you near Portland? I'll be sure and let you know the when and where's okay? Renee's excited over the idea, so is Patsy, and I know you and Jake would get along great.
DIANE IN NEW YORK: Hey, I'd love to meet your two friends! Alex sounds like she has my kind of humor. I do believe we'd all get along great, providing that you were there also. I'd be so honored to meet you. I'm sorry I'm so late in answering you, but I've been out of state.
RJOGGER: Hi hon, I missed you and love you soooooo much! I'm glad you think of me whenever you see latina women, that makes me feel very special. Tesa sends her love. She's a pretty hot latina herself. Renee's getting fat and sassy, and Patsy got her hair permed the other day and looks so incredibly hot I can't stand it! Rich, you are the sweetest man. Kiss beautiful Kathy for me, and tell her I wish I could give her a hug. I hope you two will always have a wonderful life.

Last night I was in the bathroom putting on some makeup and Patsy came in, pulled her shorts down and sat on the pot. She's getting very relaxed around us now and it's so cool. She sat for a long time, and we were talking when all of a sudden I could smell poop. I didn't really hear it, I just smelled it. I looked over my shoulder at her, and she smiled so sweetly at me and said "I'm pooping, can you tell?" "I can tell," I replied. It took her a few minutes, but when she began pulling toilet paper off the roll the smell was pretty strong. She lifted her hip, and was digging at her butt with the wadded up paper when I realized she must have done a big job. I asked her to stand up so I could see it, and when she did, Man, oh man what a huge turd! It just coiled around into a monster pile! It was light brown, soft, and if it were stretched out, it could easily have been a yard long! It took two flushes to get it all down. I had quite a load built up myself, so since the bathr! oom was already stinkin', I decided to get down for a nice, healthy dump. It's also my lucky time of the month so I had some bad cramps to add to the fun. I was wearing a black mini skirt, white blouse and I had red panties on. I stretched them down to my thighs and sat down on the pot leaning forward. My knees were together and my elbows were on my knees, arms crossed over one another. Patsy's smell was still lingering, and it excited me. So did her butt, as I stared at it in front of me while she played with her hair in the mirror. Patsy has the greatest butt of all time I think. It's so round and perfect. Big boobs, nice butt. She's been blessed. I grunted, and strained, and my first turd crackled pretty good. Patsy said "I can hear it," which made me laugh. My turd was so big in the middle that I really had to push, and it stretched me open so wide it hurt. I grunted hard "rrrrnnnnnhhhh--nnnnh--" Then I grimaced and said "Pat, this one's too big, it hurts like hell!" Patsy! knelt down and gave my thighs a brisk rub and said "Just push hard and it'll come out," and I grunted harder and harder until it narrowed, and slid out, and K-PLUUMPED hard! I sighed heavily after that thing was out of me! I looked down between my legs, and my black, silky vagina, and saw a real fat turd stuck to the porcelain of the toilet bowl. Patsy scrunched her nose and said "Baby, that one's a P-U stinky." I looked back at her, pressed my lips together, squinted my eyes and pushed out about a pound of soft, Mexican sausage. "That dosen't smell any better," I grunted. Patsy was smiling at me as I leaned way forward, letting my brown butt hover over the seat. My second batch of turds were softer, and lighter brown. Renee wandered in, looked at us both and said "How'd she do?" She bent down and looked at my butt as three more soft turds came out and plopped into the water. They started stinking pretty good too. "She's still doin'" Patsy said. Then, Renee and Patsy both sta! rted fanning the air, and threatening to light matches. It was fun and funny. By then, I was empty, and pulled off toilet paper to wipe with. I wiped my pussy from the front, going slowly, getting all the drips. Then I wadded up a bunch and started wiping my brown, latina ass over and over again. It took five wipes altogether. I stood up to pull my red panties up and Patsy said "Oh God, Malita! You plugged up the toilet with all that crap you pooped out!" It was a big mess too. It sure felt good though! My butt was burnin', but my ???? was happy. Oh well, I'll see you all later!

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