Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Well Ive got the house to myself for the next week. So I am home alone! Myna I would have that ballon checked out by your doctor. It could be a pollup or a hemmeroid. Does it go back in after you are done? It wont hurt to have it checked out.

I have another Barbie story to tell. I went down to Butches house on a Saturday morning but he was already up and gone. His sister Barbie was already up and she answered the door. She asked me to wait for a couple of minutes and she said she would be right out. Ok I replied; Do you want to go bike riding? She said that would be fine.

She came out and grabed her bike and off riding we went. Thier is a lot of back roads to ride on so we pedaled over them. We rode for a couple of hours and then we stoped to take a break. The spot we stoped at was near a small pond so we took off our shoes and socks and cooled off our feet.

While we wre wading Barbie said the cool water gave her the feeling she needed to pee. She was wearing a skirt with no panties underneath so she hiked it up and started to pee while standing in the water. Her stream arced out about two feet and her flow was quite strong by the loud hiss it was making. She peed for about 40 seconds or so then her flow stoped quickly.

She said that it felt like there was more so she started to push and she let out a long ftttting sounding fart. A small turd shot out of her rear hole and splashed in the water. Opps I did not know that was going to happen she said laughingly. With that she pushed again and a nother piece slowly emerged from her backside. As this second piece moved slowly out, it was crackling as it came.

Barbie pushed harder and it continued getting longer. Plus she started to piss again. Her poop was about afoot long quite firm and knobby. It broke off and fell in the water and sank. She finished pissing and asked if her rear hole was clean. I told her there was no mess there. With that we got back on our bikes and headed to or homes.

Michelle in Louisiana
Well, I got back from the swimming pool not too long ago, and I have an interesting story to tell:
I saw this boy, about 12 years old or so jump off the diving board and not come back up. I saw him bobbing his little hands around and all, but nothing was happening. This went on for a while, and I realized maybe he needed help or something, so I jumped in the pool grabbed him and pulled him up, and took him out. I then asked him what was wrong and he said between tears, "I really have to go poop" and then he just shit his bathing trunks with diarreah, splashing all over the pavement and some on my feet. I was not the least bit angry or upset, heck, I could have saved this kid's life! Yes, there were lifeguards there...the lifeguards did not approve of me jumping in the pool at first, but they thanked me after they saw what happened to the kid. Those people need to keep a better eye on what's going on!

Travelling Guy: Thanks for the compliment about my way with words :o) for my accent, I have pretty much what you call a Cajun accent, which is pretty much a deep-South style accent with a whiff of French sound here and there.

Previous Lurker: One time when I was returning home from my friend's house(down in Houma...Gulf Coast...I'm in Lafayette)and I was in the middle of a traffic jam and I realized I had cramps and gas...and it would eventually turn into a shit, sooner or later. I needed to get OUT of that traffic jam before I shit my pants, that I knew. Well, the urge got stronger, and I couldn't escape the traffic jam, so I ended up shitting my pants with somewhat soft shit. Nobody found out when I got home, though. I cleaned my jeans and threw that pair of underwear away.

Vince: Two or three posts ago I described my game with my cousin and how I held my pee for 13/14 hours with a capacity of 1200 ml. Since I was more or less pee shy I have held on for class trips for as long as 15 hours and peed 1500 ml. What are some of your stories? How long have you held your piss? What is your maximum capacity?

TO TIM-Boy you sound like a real poop expert-I like to do soft dumps,but not watery ones,too messy and usually I got severe cramps when i get BM's like that,although I do enjoy the feeking of my anus opening up and letting out stools that hit the bowl with a plop.plop.plop.plop.plop in quick seccesion-Enemas are rare for me-just not my thing
TO RJOGGER-Sounds like your "cleansing " program is working well-You really are doing some big ones,neighbor!Don't those 2 footers feel great?-When I poo when I increase my fiber intake,my diameter increases very little(maybe from 1 1/2 inches to maybe 2 tops),but the length is what really increases and when i do those dumps,i notice my anus really domes out(maybe an inch or more!)i guess from the pressure of all that poop trying to all come out and it feels great.Always enjoy your stuff
TO MYNA-Sounds like the start of a hemmeroid,go to the doc and have it checked out-if it grows it could get really uncomfortable!
Hope all fo you are well.some good stuff on here lately-still nothing to report on the poo front-went to the woods this a.m. to dump and it was no big shakes and I waited for my lady friend,but no dice,so i did some mush and came home,although i did notice that my intake of fiber was starting to have some effect,but still it wasn't anything to speak of-i'm definetely due for a good dump soon,i feel kinda bloated,maybe from the fiber too,i don't know-well soon we'll see BYE

Matt, I too have pooped in the ocean, but unlike you mine didn't just float away. It's cool because you have all that water as lube and it's different because you are vertical, but it was great. The only problem I had was swimming away from my turds. I really had to swim fast they kept following me.

Sitting to piss is something that I only do at night. I too sleep naked and as I get older, I make more and more journeys to the toilet at night. It's not prostate trouble as such, just increasing age, I think. But I found that if I stand to piss when I am half-asleep, my aim is dreadful and I make a mess on the floor and rim of the toilet. So I sit down, and then there is no problem. One thing I find though about sitting to piss is that I nearly always fart as well, whereas in the daytime when I piss standing up, I very rarely fart.

Plunging Plop Guy

You said: "Also however much I shake the last drips off, when I sit down after,I leak some more into my underpants!"

That is well-known as Newton's Fourth Law of Motion.

Dave-Ny keep posting I enjoy your posts. Even though i don't post often the, few times i have few people have reponded. I've noticed the same people respond to each other on this list, so don't feel bad.

Plunging Plop Guy, I too have had a pubic hair cause my stream to split and go in different directions, but sometimes ther is no reason and I get a split stream for no reason. I am uc but that should not make a difference, but because of my skin I fingd that no matter how much I slide the hood back and forth I still after putting the fella away feel a sqirt go off a few minutes later. Also I have wet more pants than i can remeber when I sat down and am enjoying a good dump and find a wet pair of shorts when I pull them up and feel my ass wet.

Dr. Poop
Hi everyone I know its been a long time since my last post. Jane your stories are great as allways. I'm just wondering where you live, I live in minnesota.

I also have some questions for fat woman, I read your post and was wondering if sitting on the toilet makes it hard to wipe after peeing or having a BM. If so what do you do? And also do you fart on the toilet?, and do you fart in public stalls?

To aboy4: Your story reminds me of someone who i went to school with...See this girl was loud and always called out. Sounds just like what the teacher would tell her. But i never saw any thing bathroom related with her.

Myna-- I'm sure you'll get lots of responses to your question because it is such a common problem and nothing to worry about but it can be quite painful for some people. It sounds like nothing more than the common hemorrhoid (in your case, it's probably temporarily thrombosed). If it gets worse or more irritating, see your doctor and he/she can perscribe something but in most cases, over-the-counter products such as preparationH or a similar product is all that is needed to help the swelling and irritation. In some chronic cases, surgery is sometimes necessary. I think I read somewhere that by age 50, more than half the population suffers from some sort of hemorrhoids. They are also common for pregnant women. Try not to let your poops get too big or hard and avoid constipation when you notice the symptoms. But the size of a plum sometimes??? hmmm, I dunno if they should be that big though... maybe you should ask your doctor about that... just don't be embarrassed, m! ost of us get some type of hemorrhoid every now and then :-P

Brian, I am in Arizona. There's not too many people who like to clean school bathrooms but I'm one of the few that do. The bathrooms at my school are nice and they are fairly new. I know that kids very much prefer to use nice ones than shitty ones. We have deeply contoured plastic toilet seats and I know the kids sit on 'em a lot longer than necessary because they are so comfortable. I know that some of them sit and read, do homework, chat, etc. I know that girls and grown women use bathrooms a lot more often if they are "nice." It's very hot here in the summer and the kids don't pee as often and when they do, it is very yellow! Both boys and girls sit and do a #3. I can tell.

On the Metamucil situation, I'm a pretty big guy and the 3X dose is OK for me and I'm used to taking the stuff. I really don't get very constipated, I just take the stuff to do a big turd.

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I was "Curious". Thank you for replying. I did make a small mistake in my post, but you all did figure it out well. You were all correct. I was curious to know if people had ever used a toilet that was in a row of them, with no stalls or doors. I now feel comfortable to post. I don't know why, but I am very interested in women going to the bathroom. I sometimes, hate that fact, but I am. I am an illustrator, and even as a youngster I remember drawing girls on the toilet. I really enjoy reading the detailed stories. I would like to answer some things as well. LINDA> I wash my anus every day. In the morning, when I take my morning poop, I take a shower afterwards. I wash with a washcloth and bar soap. I find it really keeps me the cleanest. I don't worry about the stains on the cloth, they wash right out in the shower. Thank you all once again. I look forward to hearing more tales..


Linda, get a bidet installed if it is feasible. They will absolutely clean your anal area and right up inside there if you want. You don't have to touch the area at all. Just one wipe to blot off excess water. Mine is a Kohler. They are the greatest things to have. Once you have one you will never want to be without one. Regarding dying while shitting....there was an X-Files where this scientist type died sitting on the john. Scully speculated that he had a brain hemorrhage due to straining. In the story line as I recall, cockroaches actually had something to do with it.....OH! There was also an X-Files where this fat guy was taking a shit at an airport in India. This mystical little legless man on a little cart rolls into the bathroom...reaches under the stall, grabs the fat guy, AND CRAWLS UP HIS ASS in order to smuggle himself into the US. That was a cool episode.

Eric in Chicago
KJ--Yes, people can die as a result of straining to shit. Straining hard can send your blood pressure sky-high, which can cause small blood vessels to pop if they're weak. If one of those vessels is in the brain, the result can be a stroke. There's another mechanism that can trigger a heart attack.

aboy--Fruit juices have a laxative effect on many people and yes, drinking them on an empty stomach intensifies it. It has something to do with certain sugars in the juices drawing extra water into the intestines.

CC--It's likely that the blood you saw was the result of a minor anal fissure, which has probably healed by now. It's not an alarming sign in someone your age (colon cancer would be so unusual in a 20-year-old that it would get written up in every medical journal; it's *very* rare in people under 45).

Previous Lurker--You get the urge to shit when shit gets propelled from your sigmoid colon into your rectum. If you ignore the urge long enough, the muscles in that area reverse their contractions and propel the shit back into the sigmoid colon, causing the urge to go away and making your temporarily unable to shit. The urge will eventually come back.

Austin--two-tone turds happen when different batches of shit arrive in your sigmoid colon at different times, and there soft enough to sort of squish together but not watery enough to completely mix. Generally the darker part is the one that's been sitting there the longest (it's darker because more water has been removed from it and because bacteria oxidize a yellow pigment into a red one).

Traveling Guy
MYNA - I can only guess at what your anal protrusion is, but if I were you, I'd find a physician I trust and ask his or her advice. You didn't mention anything about pain, and hemmorhoids usually hurt, so it may be something else, maybe a polyp, which means it could be a tumor. Please do yourself a favor and have it checked. You have nothing to be embarrassed about with a professional and maybe everything to be thankful for.

Gotta run. Two road trips, one professional and one for beach camping, coming up next week. Oh boy! Any goodies along the way will be shared here. Have a splendid weekend, all!

I liked BRAD'S story about seeing the guy through the gap in the stall. It reminded me about the time I saw the same thing, only I was waiting for the toilet at a store. He entered the handicapped stall and I was standing right in front of the door. The gap was directly in front of the toilet, so I could see him pretty easily. He pulled everything down to his ankles, crapped quickly but quietly, wiped a few times, and left the stall. He just smiled sheepishly when I said "Thanks"---for the stall.

My first peep through the gap was at Disneyland. I was probably about 10 or so, and remember seeing a teenager on the toilet with his pants around his knees. He had red hair and was making a face.

kim and scott
hello all!
by the way scott and I think the masthead picture the other day of the asian girl peeing is great.we both think this asian girl is GORGEOUS! I have a cheerleader friend named mary-who looks just like her! its great!
TO LOUISE-hello my friend. I hope your ankle gets better soon.and your right there should be urinals in ladies restrooms if you want to stand up and pee. be well.
TO CALABAN-hello there. welcome to the best site on the web and thanks for liking the kim and scott posts. the best is yet to come!haha.
TO INTERESTED GUY-hello there. thanks for coming to the understanding that some people like me and rjogger shit huge. the message that rjogger sent you was right you know? be well.
TO PV-hello my friend. it seems like you are becoming a wonder girl at pissing and shitting! by the way which do you prefer? plus if you had a choice of doing only one spectacularly would you like to A-piss overflowingly the way you like standing up at a urinal. or b-have those gigantic,thick logs that I have every day to every other day?which would you prefer doing? be well.
TO RJOGGER-hello there. thanks for liking the kim and scott posts and saying the sweeter than sweet things about me! I appreciate it very much! you are such a kind man! you are also a robust physically active man. and I have been thinking of wiggling into my black spandex exercise outfit and hopping into my red mustang and zooming over to your place for a heavy duty workout! and I be that you could give my hard body a real workout honey!plus maybe afterwards I can have a hearty dinner over at your house then go to your toilet and blast out an enormous,healthy log there and leave it there for you to see before I leave. pretty cool huh? well rjogger take care now and thanks again for flatterring the living hell outta me! .love always,kim and scott

visited a male toilet to have a poo in a large shopping centre.every cubicle either had no paper or door was f????d except for one where this ass hole was standing peeing all over the seat.finally took paper from one cubicle shat in another

WHIZZER - Hi! I am sorry I got a bit mad with you but I was a bit
mad any way because my ankle hurt. No I know what you said was not
insulting, it was just I thought maybe you needed to think about what
we need and not just what we are told we need. PV's letter says that
better than mine did. It is like she said, women can have peeing
contest too if we are brave enough. My netball team mates all know
how to stand and pee and shoot it forwards and it is a great laugh
for us.
My boyfriend told me that some women where he works had a urinal taken
out of their toilets. Oh yeah it was in the ladies and they did not know
what it was for becuase they did not know they could stand up for a wee
you know. I could have shown them how to do it if I knew that urinal
was there but they have had it taken away now. We will not get a
real choice if we do not know how to do it in these things. The
architects would add things if many ladies demanded them wouldn't they?
And oh yeah, standing outside is good too like somebody said.

PV - Hi! I had a good time last night. I did a scissors wee standing
on my right leg and it was different because I have done it before
standing on my left one. Steve watched me do it, and it was quite a
big wee so it was very noisy in the sink. He liked what he saw!
The other wee I had last night was when we went to bed. We had got
undressed and we went to the bathroom. Steve had his wee first while
I watched him. I stood behind him with my arms around him and I
looked at his wee squirting into the toilet. He finished and I wiped
his willy for him. Then he picked me up and held me over the bath
for me to go. We looked in the mirror and I let rip with my big
gusher because I really needed to go. I weed and weed and weed and
Steve looked as my geyser wee squirted out of me. He liked what he
saw again and I bet you know how I knew! I had a bit of time when my wee
just ran down and dripped off my bum and that was funny watching it
in the mirror. I think Steve's arms were getting a little bit tired
by then and I know it was hard work for him but he is strong. He washed
me and wiped me when I finished my wee, and when we got everything
cleaned up, he carried me to bed.
In the morning I did another scissors wee while Steve watched me and
that one felt really really good. Steve wiped me again and we wanted
to go back to bed, but we couldn't because we had to get ready for work.
So I just held his willy for him while he had his wee and that was that.

Lotsa Love,


I've posted here before. I'm the one who took the massive shit in the woods. Well anways I witnessed something today at work. I had went in to take a piss as I was washing my hands a young guy probably about 21 came in. He went to one of the urinals and starts peeing. As I was drying my hands he farted followed by an , "OH SHIT!" I asked what happened and he said, "Must have been more than a fart up there. Seems as if I've shit my pants." "I said maybe I can help you out. I got some shorts in my car I was gonna put on if it got hot. Get cleaned up and I'll go get them." By the time I get back he's clean and standing in the middle on the bathroom with just his shirt on. You see just the tip of his head. I gave him the shorts and told him keep them. I was glad to be of help.

Well, thats it. I walked out of the school gates in my village for the last time as a pupil here today. Now I've got the long summer holidays to look forward to along with all the adventures that will no doubt happen on the toilet front ! But first, we are off to Cumbria !

I made a post yesterday, but it hasn't been included. Perhaps the story was too long or something, or the Moderator didn't like what I had to say because of how old I am. But the flavour was that I had a third and final experience involving our school caretaker in the toilets, again where he could easily have looked at me on the toilet over the cubicle door, and again where I had this peculiar longing of wanting him to look at me ! He stood outside and I'm sure he listened to me poo because I could see his face all the time I was sitting there and it was so silent in the toilets. Uncle Rizzo and Aunty PV will be having heart attacks, I know, but I was perfectly safe, and once again he didn't look, even though I actually asked him if he would like to ! I'm not going to say any more about what then happened, then the Moderator won't take my post away, I hope ! I just want to say that I am and was. He's a nice man and I think he handled the situation brilliantly ! I'm jus! t embarrassed with myself now !

AUNTY PV: I'm wondering why I have to wait to join your little gang ? I have to be older do I ? Well, I'm very patient ! Besides, its not as though I'm really missing out when I've got Andrew and Kirsty and Emily ! So there !!! Lots of love from Kendal x

UNCLE RIZZO: You're leaving me again are you ? Honestly, you either have an awful lot of holidays, or you have to travel alot with your work ! Either way, you know I will miss you very, very much ! I said this yesterday, and I hope it isn't too late and that you will get to read it. Lots of love from Kendal x

NH DAN: I really liked your story about your girlfriend trying to poo and letting you come in with her. I know just what you meant about worrying if her Dad would catch you. Thats why when my Cousin Andrew and I go together, we are always careful to do it when we can't be caught out !

LINDA & CARL: Oh, I feel terrible ! I'm so sorry ! I never meant it to sound as though I was saying that you shouldn't use handicap toilets. I simply meant that I had never used them myself, so I couldn't really comment about the height of them. And in further explanation, I just said why I hadn't used them. I certainly never meant it to sound like a criticism to you. So I'm very, very sorry if I've caused you any offence. Love from Kendal.

LINDA GS: Well I'm off to Cumbria now to see baby Thomas ( and Kate and Emily ) Hope you are continuing to get better and that I'll hear from you and Cousin very soon. Lots of love to you all from Kendal xxxxx

Greetings. I'm new to this site, but not to this interest. I'm male, very cleancut, even prep. I'm 24, a grad student at a major state university, and a Teacher's Assistant (meaning, mostly, that I grade exams for a freshman Business Administration course, but also occasionally fill in as the lecturer).

I usually use the restroom near the nearby Chem lecture hall, as I don't want to be accused of being "too close" to my students. It's a comfortable one, six stalls and six urinals. My favorite stall, I'm not ashamed to say, is the last one, which has a convenient peephole with a view of the next stall. Not a big enough hole, I should add, to put any bodily parts through, and that's fine with me.

One day last April, during spring semester final exams, I knew that finals were scheduled for the huge Freshman Chem exam. A two-hour exam, 200 students, mostly male. It seemed like a good time to do a little viewing. Ten minutes before the scheduled end of the exam, I was in my favorite stall, at the end of the row. I heard students begin to leave the lecture hall, and quickly all the other stalls except the one beside me became occupied. I could see through the gap in the stall door that all the urinals were in use, with a few guys waiting. I heard a few sighs of relief, and some heavy, long-lasting streams.

Suddenly, the restroom door burst open more forcefully than it had before, and I heard very rapid steps toward the remaining vacant stall beside me. The stall door slammed open, and then shut, a bookbag plopped onto the tile floor, a pair of navy blue shorts and grey boxerbriefs were shoved down over boot tops in a panicked rush, and a butt hit the toilet seat. Immediately, and I mean immediately, a heavy stream of piss hit the water, and it kept coming, seemingly forever. I'll bet it was 90 seconds, if not two minutes.

I leaned down to peek through the hole as the stream finally began to wane. A good-looking blond kid who I recognized, but did not know. He wore a look of concern, and he was blushing as he steered the last drops into the bowl from his now-lengthening organ. I soon saw the reason for his worrying. He stood up, and to my surprise, took off his shorts, right over his boots. And then I understood. This 18- or 19-year old stud had wet his pants! The front of his grey boxerbriefs was soaked. He squirmed out of them, wrapped them in wads of toilet paper, and put them in his bookbag. I wondered if he could sense me watching, or even if, in his panic, he was aware of the peephole. Our eyes never met.

He sat back down, holding his shorts in his lap, and blotted them as best he could with toilet paper. Fortunately for him, their navy blue color made his accident inconspicuous; I'll bet he was glad he hadn't worn khakis! He stood up again to put his shorts back on, sans underwear of course, and I could see that he was now in a state of full arousal. Embarrassment had at least partially given way to excitement.

I decided to wait outside the front door of the lecture hall. In about five minutes, out he came, carefully holding his bookbag in front of himself. Our eyes met for the first time. I grinned, and he blushed deeply as he hurried away.

Saturday, July 22, 2001

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