Janitor Bill
I have been reading this forum for three months know
and this is my first post. I have always liked the
idea of watching a woman poop. As a janitor in a big
suburban dept store in a affluent area i am responsible
for cleaning the womans restrooms several times a day.
To my surprise many of the younger woman don't bother to
flush the toilet after they finish. I had know idea that
woman pass such large turds.

About two weeks ago i had a lady i would say in her late
twenties very pretty with blonde hair enter the restroom
with her small child as i was about to clean it.
I always check the toilets when i enter to see what they
left behind, this time it was clean. I told her i was sorry
but i must clean. She was very arrogant in telling me that
she could'not wait that her son had to go. I told her that
i would return after she was done, as i was leaving i heard
her son ask are you going pee to mommy? She answered in a
low voice yes mommy has to poop. I waited out side the door
for about ten minutes, and no one entered.

I could hear the sound of the stall door opening and closing
and the sink running even the hand dryer but no toilet
flushing. I could'not wait for her to exit so i could check
the toilet. As she came out she did'not thank me or even look
my way just walked away talking to her son. I rushed in to
check the stall. I could'not believe it she left the biggest
turd i had ever seen. It was about seven or eight inches long
but thicker and fatter than ive ever seen very knobby and
chuncky a light brown color witch makes me think they just
came from the food court. I could see little bits of corn
in the chuncks, it was very thick all the way no taper to it
She used vey little toilet paper. I would like to know how it
is possible for a woman to pass a log this thick without
injury? I had to flush this thing three times to get it down.

Does anyone elese clean ladies bathrooms for a liveing?
Love to hear your stories of the big turds you have seen.
This lady im sure left this thing on purpose.
Do any of you ladies leave the your jobs un-flushed at the
mall or at a dept stores?

I'm a nurse and have always had problems with a weak bladder. It's always a problem for me that I have to go to pee during long surgeries. I have always to excuse myself in the last moment in order to avoid peeing in my panties. Nevertheless our surgeon doesn't allow us to leave the place during surgeries. Today I had to assist a surgery at 8 a.m. in the morning. I made sure I had peed before the surgery but I had drank three cups of coffee in order to be awake. Already after half an hour I felt the urge to pee. I tried to ignore it but it was very hard. My bladder started to fill up, and it was very hard to concentrate on the surgery with a full bladder. After an hour I was in sheer agony. My bladder was about to burst and there was no way to go to the toilet. I knew I had to hold it. I was squirming and felt some drops of urine finding their way out of my bladder into my panties. I was able to hold the pee for another half an hour but at this point I knew that either I go to! pee now or I would pee into my panties. When I felt that there was absolutely now way of holding it I whispered to the surgeon that I have to go to the toilet right away. I left the room and ran to the staff toilet at the end of the hall. Each pace was agony. Finally I entered the toilet, lowered my uniform white pants and panties and let out the longest pee I can remember in my life. The pee splashed into the bowl with a loud hissing noise and lasted about three minutes. The relief was unbearable. I went back to the surgery which lasted four more hours (in total five and a half hours), during which I had to pee again two more times, much to my embarassment. Similar experiences?

Hello to all. Thanks to all that replied to me, this may have been the first time I haven't been ignored on a forum.

Elmo - a couple of incidents come to mind. The longest pee by a woman that I have heard was one of a former girlfriend. She was tall and had a somewhat stocky figure, and evidently a large bladder. She hated public toilets with a passion, and would never use them while we were out. On one occasion, we were out on the town pretty much all day; she did not use the toilet even once, while I did once. When we got back to my place, she was even hesitant to relieve herself then. She was extremely shy about peeing; she wouldn't let me go near the bathroom while she went. However, I snuck closer to listen. Her stream was about average, but lasted for over 1 minute continuously, with a few more squirts.
An incident of a very loud pee happened back in high school. Our auditorium's stage had dressing rooms side by side for both boys and girls, and these had bathrooms that were often used when productions were finished and such. The toilets were placed in such a way that you could hear what was going on in the other restroom. I never realized that fact until one girl entered the stall. She did not pee for a greatly long time (30 sec. maybe) but it was very, very loud, almost as if she was peeing in the same room. Following this, I noticed that most other girls were barely audible. Unfortunately, I never did find out who it was who was so loud. Hope this is what you were looking to hear about. What incidents do you have to share Elmo?

Filup - The longest I have held my pee is approximately 27 hours. It does seem ridiculous, but I assure you it is true. It happened when I was camping with some buddies for a weekend. We left on a Friday evening around 5pm, and I relieved myself before that. I didn't drink much over the next day, but put off peeing because there was never much cover and no facilities (I don't like being watched). When it got dark the next day(at about 8pm Saturday) I finally went. It took forever; I don't really know how long, but I am sure it was at least close to 2 minutes. I have never measured, but I estimate my maximum capacity to be a little over a litre.

Good pees and poops to all


Michelle in Louisiana, These are city busses and trains. there are no bathrooms on board. You have to watch where you step in the subway too.

Michelle: Your right about that. She was the only reason I liked the class.

Eric: I guess your right about fruit juices acting as laxatives. Also I have a very weird stomach.

By the way this weekend i've been having diarrhea. I have been to the bathrrom 8 times on saturday and have had 3 big accidents. My poop was also very creamy looking. It was weird.

Hi all,

KENDAL -- Hi darling! It feels so good to graduate, doesn't it? I remember the rush when I stepped out of university with a science degree -- but I found I missed the campus too. Do you think you'll miss your old school at all, or does the future hold more fun than the past ever has?

Heart attack time -- well, not really! Okay, I was a bit concerned, any responsible soul would be, but life is composed of adventures, and you're learning to handle them. By the sounds of it, you did pretty well, if a bit on the ambitious side... (Hug!)

Well, as for joining the grrl-gang -- if you feel you're up for it, and I'm sure Louise and Malita wouldn't have any objections (???), I for one would be delighted to have my neice join in the fun!

LOUISE -- Those were some fun fountains, dear! The scissors-style is a technique I still have to try, actually! Say, when Steve held you over the bath, what kind of pose was he presenting you in? Was it a simple lift in his arms? To be able to relax and go like that is a real skill, I feel I'd be too tense to open up. I hope you heal up soon, and are watering walls again real soon!

KIM & SCOTT -- Oh, you darling! I'm so proud you're impressed with my production numbers! Tough question, which would I prefer, doubled bladder-capacity so I can hose the steel like never before ("put out fires") or be able to brown-tail like you? Decisions, decisions! Well, I already do a pretty good impersonation of a fountain, so at this point I'd opt for the ability to expell 24-inchers at 2 inches thick. (Thicker? Dare I wish?!)

CARMALITA -- Well done! Great work, my latina gal-bud! It's FUN isn't it?! Not a single squat while you were away -- that kinda proves that once learned, the technique is simple and rewarding. And hey, that was a fab poop with Patsy you did -- I was grinning all the while I was reading!

Cheers all, and hugs all round,


What are the female poop scenes in Scary Movie II that people have been mentioning? Can someone descibe them a little more?

your name
for the last past day i have been consipated (u know what i mean) does anyone have any suggestion for this?


Oh my god...Does anyone have an embarassing story like this? Today i nd they made fun of herwent with my firend Olivia(the one with the bathroom problem) to the mall. And she wet herself. To make matters worse(if that is possible 4 2 14 year olds) she was on her period. My cousin (whose older) britney she yelled at me 4 hanging out with a lozzer like olivia. What should i do

I want to tell you about a pee story of last winter. I have been skiing at a winter sport resort with my family in the European alps. Usually in winter I experience considerable problems with my bladder which means that I have to pee quite often, especially at the cold. And this day was rather cold, and I had drank several cups of coffee to make it warmer. This had a terrible effect on my bladder and made me pee every half an hour which was very annoying as it is not very easy to find a toilet while on the slope. My son of 8 years who was with me that day already asked why I had to pee so often. In the middle of the afternoon I was on a ski-lift with my son when I felt another urge to pee. Suddenly the ski-lift stopped obviously due to a technical failure. We were just standing there, in the middle of a slope, and waiting to go on. My need to pee became more and more urgent and I simply didn't know what to do - I couldn't simply go right there in front of all other people on t! he ski-lift. It was terribly cold and the cold also irritated my bladder even more. I was squirming and my son asked what was wrong. I told him that Mum had to pee again. Each minute of waiting made the urge worse. Finally after about half an hour the ski-lift started to moving again. When we got onto the top of the hill my whole abdomen was hurting from the large amount of pee inside me. My only hope was that there would be a toilet somewhere because I thought I would never make the downhill ride without peeing into my panties and skidress. Much to my embarrassment there was no toilet around and no place to hide away and pee. I started crying and thought that I wouldn't make it. I remembered that there was a toilet at the valley station so I knew I had to try the way downhill with a bursting bladder in order to avoid peeing myself in front of my son. Each movement was agony, and horrible pain. Finally I made the way downhill. It was a horror of 15 minutes. As far as we reache! d the valley station I left my skis and ran to the ladies room as fast as I could in my ski-boots. My son was following me. It was now as if all my abdomen would have been covered with pee. I quickly entered a stall and my son came with me and informed me that he had to pee too. I locked the stall door and started to unzip quickly my ski-dress when my son already did the same and simply started peeing into the bowl! I couldn't believe this. I stayed there, with unzipped ski-dress, my hands ready to pull down my underwear, in the greatest agony you could imagine and my son was peeing before me. I shouted at him very rudely: "How impudent, your mum almost pees her panties, stop and turn around. This was enough as he quickly left the bowl and stayed aside. I quickly turned, lowered panties and pantyhose in one movement and even before sitting down pee started to splash immediately out of me into the bowl. It was the greatest relief you could imagine, like a waterfall. My son was ! staring at me all the time, but this was immaterial. Obviously he was surprised how so much pee could come out of an adult woman. He told me: "You squirt quite much". I told him to keep quiet and turn around. He did so but still heard all voices of my performance. The stream lasted exactly three minutes. I was sure: If I had to wait five minutes more, I would have peed my panties.

I saw the movie "Kiss of the Dragon" last week staring Jet Li and Bridget Fonda. There is a part in the movie where Jet Li is staying with an old man, and the old man tells him not to let any prostitutes outside come in to use the toilet, because they will go in and shoot up drugs. After the old man leaves Bridget Fonda comes to the door and asks to use the toilet, Li tells her no, and she threatens to go on the sidewalk. After she pulls her skirt up and squats down, Li gets flustered and lets her use the bathroom. You can hear her stream and she says "God thats good." You don't get to see anything but it was certainly exciting to see a part like that in a martial arts movie. The movie is AWESOME by the way, so I recommend everyone to see it if not just for the bathroom scene.

Michelle in Louisiana
Diskputers: That is so immature! I don't see what's so funny about taking a dump in school, either. Everybody needs to poop, right? If you can, it's better to go, after all. In HIGH SCHOOL, people still laugh at the idea of somebody taking a dump in school, unless it's a preppy girl. The preppy girls say things like, "ewwww." I also believe that is immature. What the hell is so wrong about taking a dump in school, anyway? And why ewww? It's a bodily function, just like peeing, so I don't see the big deal, either.

Peter: Well, I wipe my ass from front to back. I think most girls do, if they don't want a bladder infection or something. I use as many sheets as I need, sometimes I dont even need any. Usually, I fold it a tad before I wipe, so I won't get any shit on my hands.

Kylie: If I were you, I'd just pull down my pants and piss on the ground, instead of my pants. One time, a couple years back, I was fishing over in Grand Isle. I REALLY had to piss, so I walked into the ladies room, but it was full. I walked in the men's room and the stench in there was unbearable, and then a man walked into the only stall that was not taken. So, I walked into the trees, pulled down my pants, and pissed.

Michelle: I think those automatic flush toilets are sort of awkward sometimes. If you need to take a dump and you're sitting there, hearing an incredible WHOOSH and having water splash on your ass really isn't very pleasant.

Paul: Maybe when the time is right, you can tell her. Maybe she's interested in poop, too, you never know. Of course, use your own judgement. Some people think it's absolutely sick to be so interested in people pooping...many people have told me I'm a sicko for it, yet quite a few of the guys I've been with are very turned on by watching girls poop.

Jon: I'd rather pee my pants than poop my pants myself. I personally think pooping my pants is gross, you have a ton of cleaning up to do. With peeing, you just change your pants, toss 'em in the wash, and thats it. I don't like to do either, though(pee or poop my pants)

Caliban: Which hotel in Lake Charles was that? (If you remember) I go visit L.C. sometimes(I'm in Lafayette, by the way), since my cousin lives there, so the next time I come around there I might to check out that hotel. As for the toilet preference, I prefer the 1.3GPF because it will flush everything down and won't leave marks. However, I don't think it matters all that much. Also, in terms of Scary Movie 2, when the girls got on the toilet, I heard a few "ewwww" 's and I saw some people cringing, but I just sat there. I wasn't turned on by it...I'm straight...but still, it wasn't any big deal.

Wet in the morning: of course you're not alone! That's happened to everybody at some point. One time, I needed to piss before I went to bed, but I didn't. I went to bed, and the next morning, I REALLY needed to piss. I woke up, stepped out of bed, and since I was so uncomfortable, I just let it all out.

DONNIE ML: Your story about outhouses reminds me of something. See, I work at this tourist attraction called Acadian Village, which resembles an old Acadian town...but the houses and everything are real. In the back of the houses, there are outhouses. They actually do lead into the sewer, and one day, after showing some tourists around and explaining things, I needed to piss. So, I walked in one of the outhouses to do that. Nobody had done that here before, I don't think. Anyway, I sat down and peed, but *DUH* there was no toilet paper. Lucky thing I only peed and not pooped.

Dr. Poop - Nice nickname, I spotted that right away. Since you don't have a story, I can't really comment, but anyway.

Linda and Carl
to Kendal. No offence taken, big hugs from us 2.

to PPG. Moderator won't allow advertising so details not shown.
Look up "stainless steel sanitary ware" on Google.

to Diskputer. "Rule"? Immature or what!

I was watering a neigbours garden when they were on holiday a few years back when i needed to pee and i felt a fart coming so i let it go, it smealt a little like the cabbage id eaten before earlier in the day but it was nice(i enjoy smelling my own farts) so from there it was 4.00 in the afternoon and time to cathc my into town for my saturday shop.
Whilst on the bus i felt a shit coming on so i clinched my hips firmly and held back, it was burning a little and i like the feeling of holding a shit in for as long as i can then going for a massive dump! Anyway as i was going through the shopping centre i felt a pee coming on again so as i was on the escalator heading for the first floor a little pee escaped into my pants, this hadnt happened since i was very young but it wet my panties round the top area of my vagina and i must admit it left me feeling quite horned, the warm stinging feeling of pee against my clitoris was such a turn on. So when i got to the ladies room i ran into a cubicle, pulled down my damp pants and began to pee, next i felt the shit coming so i lifetd my ass off the seat and watched the solid trun slide into the bowl, it was hard and had like a green pastey tone to it but the i farted a couple of times and let out a couple of other small plops also. When i started to wipe up i saw the woman in t! he next cubicles foot through the bottom gap in the partition wall and i heard her starting to pee, like the whooshing sound of it coming from her vagina and the slashing sound of it in the bowl, then next she farted a couple of times and started to shit, i could smell it a little as i had my head down as low as i could get it without her seeing me and heard her groan as she pushed out her turd, so i sat back and inserted my hand into my panties a began rubbing myself, as she exited another woman came in and began to pee like before, i heard her gushing pee run into the toilet, to this sound i orgasmed right there in the cubicle with my legs wide spread and afterwards i walked out and after i washed i waited for her to come out of the cubicle, when she did she was a fine looking girl in her 30 s with lovely blonde hair.

So now when i get the chance i sit in the toilets and listen to my neighbour peeing as the sounds turns me on and since that ive began peeing my pants in the bath at home now and then just for the thrill of it, has anyone else got similar habbits or enjoys the things that i have talked about above?


Thanks for not being mad at me. As I have said I did not mean to offend any female posting on this site. I can see your reasons for doing "it" standing up although my wife and daughter do it sitting.

To some of the posters talking about being pee shy, this has happened to me in crowded mens rooms when I stand by other men and a unwanted erection occurs. Don't think you women have a similar problem, but if you do please post. When this happens you cannot pee and later on when it goes down I can be in some distress. i need to find a restroom quickly because it is urgent and painful.

I saw a posting here a while back about a girl who received a paddling from a nun in catholic school and did a load in her pants while she was being paddled. Actually such a thing is possible and happened to me when I was in the 8th grade. We had an 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly who came down pretty hard on our class. One day, I noticed that her car keys were left in her car and I decided to take a bit of a joy ride around the parking lot. I was turned in by a kid but I tried to blame it on someone else. To make matters worse, Mrs. Kelly overheard me say something unflattering about her.
Well as you can imagine, I was in trouble and she proceeded to let me know that I was getting swats at the end of the school day. For the next two and a half hours, I sweated the day knowing that I was going to get paddled after school. Well the time came and Mrs. Kelly brings out her paddle, about 1/2 inch thick and had holes drilled into it, and looked menancing. She also had Miss O'Hare with her who was acting as a witness. About that time, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and Mrs. Kelly let me go. When I got to the bathroom, I could not go right away but got the idea that I could put toilet paper in my pants to provide some padding. Well, when I came back to the hallway where Mrs. Kelly was waiting, she told me to bend over and grab my ankles but then she spotted the bulge in my bottom and figured out that I was padding my behind. She told me to go back to the bathroom and remove it and come back and to expect a 5th swat for my actions.
I still had the urge to go but could not and came back out and said that I needed to go to the bathroom. Mrs. Kelly and Miss O'Hara did not believe me this time and were having none of that and told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I did as I was told and then heard a swoosh as the paddle came back and swatted me directly on my rear end. It hit with a very loud crack and stung like crazy. But her swat also had the effect of making me poop right there. I felt the load, which was pretty firm, starting to come into my pants and I was totally helpless. I was too embarrassed to say anything and besides, the next swat came pretty fast and hit with another resounding crack. The paddle hit directly on my load and I could feel it being squished against my behind. It actually padded the swat a bit. The third swat came and really mashed it out to the point where there was no protection left. I really felt the 4th and 5th swats that stung tremendously and for a moment I forget my o! ther situation. Incredibly neither Mrs. Kelly nor Miss O'Hara realized what happened. Fortunately I lived a block from school and went home immediately and went to the bathroom. When I looked, everything was a mess but incredibily, the load had an outline of the paddle including the holes. After cleaning up, I noticed I was very red, sore and slightly bruised, but at least I avoided the ultimate embarrassment of having them know what happened.

Buzzy - Hi, neighbor, how are ya? Kathy and I are starting the 2nd week of our 3 week internal cleansing program. What can I say, the results have been massive dumps, sometimes 3 times a day. As a rule, most of our fiber comes from whole grains, such as oats, kamut, spelt, rice, barley, rye and potatoes. We consume about 4 servings a day, and also consume 4 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables. We sat down once and figured that our average daily fiber intake was about 39 grams. When we do an internal cleansing, we add 2 daily teaspoons of a product called Soluble Fiber Formula, made by Oregon. They make several fiber products, but this one is free of soy, which they started adding to their other products a few years ago. This not only increases the size of our already large logs, it also increases the girth. But they are so easy to pass, that there is no straining involved. Twice a year we do the cleansing, and every once in awhile during the ! year, we will take a spoonful of this product for a few days. Hey, anytime you want to buddy dump in the woods, let me know, and I will get my wife, and maybe Noreen and Larry. You could ask Donna and we could have one hell of an outdoor poop session. Take care, pal, speak to you soon.
Jane - Invasions of privacy seem to follow you everywhere. Here's hoping that your luck changes.
Michelle in Louisiana - The program that Kathy and I follow is designed to cleanse the entire GI tract; it is not for losing weight. It is a program that adds a concentrated fiber supplement to the diet, to increase the volume of stools passed. The product we use causes our already large stools to increase in size, and, the properties of this supplement help clean the walls of the colon. We try to help this process along by eliminating meat and "junk" foods that we may consume occasionally. So this program is more of a body toning than anything else.
Carmalita - Hello sweet seniorita, it has been quite some time since I spoke to you. How are you, and how was your trip to New Mexico? I really missed you while you were away and I love you soooooooo much! You are a dear for calling me a sweet man. I know that I have a thing for pretty Latina ladies, because when I see one, I get excited and it does make me think of you. Kathy is doing fine, she has been asking for you and she sends her love. I see that you haven't missed a beat, ie your latest story. Watching Patsy dump, then doing one of your own, sounded very exciting. I only wish that I could have been there to see it. The way you describe every detail keeps me glued to the computer, and I end up reading your posts over and over again. I am very happy that you and Jake ( I have a grandson named Jake!) seem to be getting back together. That would be really sweet to see you 2 youngsters get into a nice relationship. You take great care, dear and please say hello and give! my love to your gang. It was great to hear from you!

Today, Kathy and I went running with Noreen and Larry, who just got back from a vacation. We ran up towards their house, met them at a point about mile onto the trails and set out. We had only gone a short distance, when Larry complained of cramps. So we all went off the trails, and into a somewhat secluded spot surrounded by low evergreens. Larry dropped his drawers and let loose with a voluminous soft dump. It was massive to say the least and it splattered his legs. Seeing him made me realize that I had to go, so I just lowered my drawers in front of the girls, turned my back to them, squatted and let out a long, thick bomb that was of course the result of the cleansing program Kathy and I are following. I felt empty and Noreen cracked about how large a poop I had passed. She and Kathy had a birds eye view of the whole process, seeing my ass open and the product. While I peed, Larry passed another wave, and Noreen asked him if he was OK. He said yes, that he was finish! ed and then Noreen, the dear, cleaned him, ass first and then his legs. I told Kathy I was finished and she wiped my hairy ass, then, as I pulled up my shorts, she pulled hers down and squatted over the pile I had just dropped. As my wife lowered her ass and exposed her dark hole and privates, her anus domed and she passed a massive, long smooth poop, again the result of the increased fiber. She peed, said she was finished, and I wiped her clean. She pulled up her shorts, and as she did, Noreen moved just in front of the growing poop pile, lowered her shorts and squatted. Her pink hole was completely exposed, and she passed a long fart and laughed as she did. After a short pause, her hole domed out and a turd crackled out, broke off to the ground after about a foot, and continued for another 5 or six inches before falling. AS she peed, she passed more gas, and Larry cracked about how the noise would attract spectators. She playfully told him to be quiet, which only brought mo! re laughs. Then she said she was finished and Larry wiped her pink hole. The area now really stunk, so we left in a hurry and finished a pretty decent run.

Well, that's it, I am going to try to get this in before Con Ed decides to dim the lights again. So long.

I was on the road today, on my way to work and i got 3 minutes from work and i got a strong urge to poop and a bit of cramping. I was at a light, then i drive fast and get to work and walk upstairs to the bathroom. I really had to go....I sit down and push out my load. I had this thin 8"+ log, im not sure how far down it went. I also had 3 or 4 small poops. Then i wipe and i inspect the bowl and i flush. This toilet was a high power flush toilet and after i flushed it kept running and running. I think my shit was stuck down in a pipe or something. I reported it to my boss, and i felt embassesed doing this. I didn't want the toilet to overflow in any way. I went back later the toilet was fine. I really had to go bad.

To Austin: I was the one who posted on Sugar and Spice

To Matt: I liked your story

To IndianaTA: I loved your story man! It was cool...i think it's the best on here on the fourm! I loved how you were peeking through the hole. Did you make that hole? And did that stud poop??

I've been a lurker here for a while reading & enjoying everyone's stories. I had an experience recently I decided to share.
I was driving through Texas on vacation. This particular afternoon I had stopped at McDonalds for lunch. 2 double cheeseburgers,large fries & large Coke. I hit the road again taking the rest of my drink with me. I left town & was on a stretch of deserted road (this is when you realize how big Texas is--nothing ofr MILES) Anyway--I had been driving about an hour when I began feeling the need for a bathroom. It wasn't too bad yet but I was keeping an eye out for a rest stop. Now it began to rain. I drove for about another 1/2 hour not seeing anything except little picnic areas. That's fine but I needed a toilet. I needed to piss really bad now. I pulled off the road at one of the picnic areas & got my drink cup from the holder. I dumped out the melted ice & unzipped my fly. I took out my incredibly full dick & began to piss in the cup. My God it felt great to let it out. I had the cup almost full when I realized that I wasn't near done. I squeezed my dick to stop the flow & dumped the cup out the door. I then resumed. I had to dump the cup once more & filled it 1/2 way again before I was done. I am so glad I had that cup. My problem now was I also had to shit but not as bad. I left the area still looking for a real rest area or town I could stop at. As I drive I'm starting to fart pretty bad. The double cheeseburgers are doing a job on my stomache & the farts are smelling up the car. I get a bad cramp & feel the turd beginning to push it's way into my briefs. That's when I saw it. I was saved. One of those picnic areas with a cover over it (don't forget it was still raining). I quickly pulled over & got out. Squating behind the trashcan in one of the corners I let go. The first turd was long & smooth. It hit the ground with a thud & the next started out. A squeeky fart slipped out past the turd. I continued to shit & fart for just over 20 minutes. Then I pissed again. I wiped with McDonald's n! apkins & observed my pile. It was pretty good size with lots of various size turds & a pudding capper.
Wow what a relief.

Another big one,I was with Felicia the other day and we decided to have an eating contest.we went to McDonalds and I ate 6 double quater pounders thats 6lbs of hamburger.Felicia ate 9 and figured she had won the contest.Well we were on the way home and we went to wendys where I ate 3 of those triple decker cheese burgers.When I got home later I started snacking on pretzels,I didn't know pretzels were full of fiber,they make you shit like a horse. So,the next morning I go shopping after a huge pancake breakfeast,I am in the mall and all of the sudden I feel a huge shit welling up in my intestines.I had to walk a long way to the washroom.I went in headed for the first stall slammed the door shut and pulled my pants and panties down as quickly as possible because I urgently had to shit.As soon as I sat down a massive long loud fart ripped the air mixed with hot shit a lot of shit.The fart sounded like someone was draging a large dresser across a woden floor,and this went on for a! bout 45 seconds.The turds were only about 4 to 5 inches long but there had to be at least 100 or more that came out all at once,followed by some thick very very heavy stuff really long about 1 to 2 feet long one after another. then I had a moment of rest and all of the sudden I got a bad cramp and I felt a monster comming.I clamped my hands together leaned forward and began to push,and push,and push,I paused and breathed heavily then resumed pushing. this monster turd was coiling on top of the already huge pile of excrement in the toilet it was all the way out of the water and a section of it was touching the rim of the toilet.The stench of this bm was terible I mean the air was so thick with the smell of shit it was almost unberable even for me.Well the turd finally broke off and the end fell onto the pile.I thought I was done when a wave hit me it was more of those 4to5 inchers a lot more.There was no way I was going to try to flush this mess down so I stood up and continued! to push out another volly of about 40 or so turds then about 4 banana turds and I was done.whew! what a ALANA

Faith's fecal-fan
Hey: I would like nothing-more, than to watch Singer Faith Hill take a dump! What a lucky-man, her husband Tim McGraw is! He has @ least heard her, and maybe smelled her "fecal-aroma", and maybe even seen some skid-marks, when she got-finished "doing the deed". Or, if he was really-lucky, he even got to witness her in the act! I would pay millions of dollars, to trade-places, w/ this man! Now, that she is pregnant, for the third-time, who knows what all is going on w/ her digestive-system, that Tim gets to witness? Maybe even being in the bathroom w/ his wife, when she has diarrhea, or constipation, related to her present-condition (pregant for the third-time). Or, should I say, pregnant for the "turd" time! You go-Tim! FFF

kim and scott
hello all!
this is kim and scott again with another post. recently my boyfriend scott and I went to a yankee baseball game in the afternoon. we got there in my red mustang convertible. scott likes the yankees and likes to dress just like them except he wears blue jeans and sneakers. on this day I was wearing a white tank top that said in front in black letters:" all this! and brains too!" this was a fun kind of tank top that scott got for me awhile ago.scott said it suited me perfectly. we have a laugh every time I put it on!besides the tank top I wore white spandex short shorts and white sandals on my feet. I also wore a white headband around my head of center-parted long blond hair. at the baseball game scott and I had alot of pizza,popcorn and soda. after I finished eating I felt an enormous ,solid motion coming on strong and told scott about it as I left barefoot towards the bathrooms. I left my sandals with scott. this was a bad time to go to the bathroom because this was in th! e 7th inning stretch where everyone at the ballpark stretches and goes to the bathroom. as I expected the female line to the bathroom was a mile long. so I decided to be a naughty girl again and go into the mensroom which had no line but was pretty filled inside. I quickly entered a stall in the center and locked the door. few if any men noticed me I was so quick. I then decided to have some fun with these men as I started to strip nude. I yanked off my headband,took off my tank top,yanked down and slipped off my short shorts and white thong panties. and took off my bra. when I took off my bra my chest popped out excitedly. happy to be free from its confining harnass. I was already barefoot having left my sandals with scott. so I was completely nude as I sat my ass on the toilet seat. I then started to push as I immedietly felt my ring and butt expand from the massive size of my log. my butt had to expand real wide for this log to exit! I moaned in great pleasure as I pushed ! harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and my ring expanded wider and wider! I knew all the moaning I was making was turning many of the men on. they did not care that a female invaded their bathroom and was having a hell of a log in there.I think some of them got even more turned on when they looked under my stall and saw my bare legs and feet with my clothes on the floor. they knew I was banging out a log naked and loving every second of it! I then saw a mans shoes outside my stall waiting for me to finish dumping. no doubt he was excited over my performance in the mensroom thats why he was outside my stall. I could even hear him breathing hard. he was probably trying to smell my huge shit too!I then took a deep breath as I moaned a long "ooohhhh" in great pleasure as I exploded an enormous,log into the bowl. my log landed with such a loud splash I think most of the men there heard it! wow! blasting out this size log gave me such an electric charge my toes wiggled excitedly! ! I then looked down in the bowl and I saw a colossal log in there. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half went all the way past the bowls water up the porcelain! I then wiped my self and put the used paper on the side to throw out later and did not flush. I wanted to show this guy my huge log with no paper blocking it! I then got dressed and got my measuring tape out of my pocketbook and measured my log at 24 1/2 inches long. 3 inches thick. I then put my measuring tape away grabbed my soiled paper and opened the door. with a big smile. 'the bathroom all yours!" I smile got bigger when I saw how good-looking this guy was(not as good looking as my boyfriend scott though. dont get me wrong folks.) the man then smiled and said thanks. I could see he was very aroused by my bathroom performance and probably even more so when he saw what I looked like! I then walked past him as I threw my soiled paper away and washed my hands. when I was leaving I looked b! ack one more time to see the guy shout "ohhh my god! look at the enormous log this girl has passed!' in a very turned on voice as other men came to witness the spectacle.this was one time where I wish I could of stayed longer in the bathroom to autograph toilet rolls or something because these men where so aroused by my massive log! I then left the bathroom and rejoined scott and told him my bathroom story. scott enjoyed my story more then the ball game. he loves to hear all about my gigantic,thick logs .plus he loves to watch me bang em out in front of him too! scott was not fully surprised by my story though because he knows I have a habit of doing such things.I am his little blond dare-devil!haha. and by the way this makes the second time I had a huge log in the mensroom at a baseball game.the yankees won that day but the real story was my mensroom adventure! hoped you all liked the story! bye now! love always,kim and scott.

Sunday, July 22, 2001

It's all quiet on the Christine front. I was at the client work site yesterday and got the word that everything was normal. I also got the word that Christine was going to accompany me to the work site next week for a few days.

I was working late last night. I have noticed that the building gets very quiet after five o'clock in the afternoon. Our team was still hard at work, and soon it was half past six. By this time I was building up an urge to poop, so I headed to the ladies room. I went into a stall, lifted up my skirt and pulled down my white panties, and sat. I pushed out three long thick solid pieces of poop, with the first one coming out slowly followed quickly by the second and third pieces. I paused to pee, and I was about to resume pushing when I felt a cramp in my stomach, and as soon as I pushed out another solid piece I let go a massive wave of soft poop that lasted about ten seconds. It was an especially smelly wave, so I flushed the toilet while I was seated.

(Note to RJogger: My privacy is about to be invaded again, sort of). I heard the door open and someone wheeling in a cart, so it must be the cleaning lady. In fact, there were two of them, and they started to clean and carry a conversation in Spanish. They may have been aware that I was still in the ladies room, but that didn't stop them from doing their job. Meanwhile, I continued my dump. It was unusual because, instead of the usual steady succession of pieces of poop or waves of soft poop, I was pushing out a couple of pieces of poop intermixed with soft mini-waves of poop lasting no more than three seconds. It was also much smellier than usual. I flushed the toilet while seated.

I continued to move my bowels, but it was a little more sporadic, and my system was still too unsettled to begin to clean up. Meanwhile, the cleaning ladies continued to work. They were not bothering me, but usually they do begin to clean when someone is still in the bathroom. They must have been on a tight schedule. The bowl was about half filled with poop when I had an unusually long pause. I had to strain to push out this piece, and it took a couple of minutes. Finally, it began to come out, and it was a very hard, rocky road-like thick piece, and it plopped loudly into the toilet. I followed up with a rapid succession of six long thick but much softer poop. At that point I flushed the toilet while seated.

I pushed out a five-second wave of soft poop and three more pieces before I was done. I needed to wipe only three times. I flushed a final time and saw I didn't leave any skidmarks or stains. However, the lingering poop smell was still strong, despite the cleaning ladies being there. As I was finally exiting, I noticed that the door had been propped open, and the smell seemed to linger even beyond the door, and my flushes would have been within earshot of anyone waiting for the elevator.

I switched into lurk mode for quite a while and decided that I'd get to posting again. Anyway, on with the story, which was inspired by SickBoy's post.

When I was in 7th grade, the other students had established a "rule" that said that it was gross to take a dump at school. Well, I had to go pretty badly, so I went in and sat down. Shortly after i finished while I was cleaning up, one of my comrades entered the boys room and asked if it was me. He could tell I was taking a dump because of my feet under the stall door, which had a 1 ft. gap between itself and the floor.

Later on, on the school bus, the kids starting laughing at me and mocking me on the toilet. Like a natural function is funny? I think not!

would any one like to describe there bum wiping technique including how you fold/scrunch the paper/how many wipes etc

Another childhood accident memory:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the pee accident I had on the way home from school in second grade. Now it's time to relate another story.

By now I was in fifth grade, almost 11 years old, but still wetting my bed once or twice a week and still having wetting accidents in the daytime occasionally. This day, it was a Tuesday (I'll never forget it!), I had gotten home from school and gone outside to play in the plum trees behind our house with my friend Debbie. After a half-hour or so I suddenly became aware that I had to go Number Two very badly. In fact, it was already almost to the emergency stage when I first got the feeling. So I stood up and started to walk toward the house. I hadn't gone more than three or four steps when I had to fart. But something didn't feel right - something kind of itched, and when I went to scratch my butt it felt like there was some kind of a lump in the seat of my pants! I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then, suddenly, PLLLLOP! This time I knew what had happened - a huge turd had slipped out into my underpants. I was pooping my pants! Another few steps and another PLLLOP! S! tep - PLLLOP! Step - PLLLOP! PLLLOP! PLLLOP! Now I was approaching the stairs to the back door of our house and my pants were so full that I was more waddling than walking. I got to the door and saw that my mother and my little sister, who was in first grade and had much better bladder control than I ever did, were baking cookies in the kitchen - and there was no way to get to the bathroom without walking through there, and I couldn't let Lisa know that this time I had POOPED my pants instead of just wetting them. So I called for my mother through the screen and finally got her to come over. I explained through my tears what had happened and for once Mom was sympathetic. She sent Lisa out to check the mailbox, then she ran up to my bedroom to get me some clean underpants while I waddled over to the bathroom to clean up. She handed me my clean undies just before Lisa got back from the mailbox, and I slipped my soiled ones into our little brother's diaper pail to cover the evide! nce. Mom never mentioned my poop incident to anyone, and all she said to me as she tucked me in that night was, "Try to be more careful from now on."

Madeleine (AKA "Previous Lurker")
I just posted for the first time yesterday and since then had a near accident...
I was at my local rec center, where I go about 3 times a week to get in shape for the fall sports season...My trainer was showing me a new drill in case I was interested in trying out for the volleyball team at my school. You had to jump and do an imaginary set then jump up again as soon as you hit the ground, about 12 times in a row. Well, beforehand I had needed to pee, somewhat, but not enough to be compelled to go to the bathroom. As I started jumping, I suddenly felt squirts of pee coming out...I had rather short shorts on and I knew that if I lost control, it would be quite obvious...To add another embarrassing aspect, my boyfriend was also there with some of his friends and he was watching me...I stopped jumping, terrified that I would pee all over the place, but my trainer would not let me stop, because she thought I was just being lazy. I could now feel the squirts coming more and more, almost soaking my underwear. I deperately need to go now, but my coach w! as giving me the "evil eye", just daring me to quit...Just when a drop of pee actually hit the floor (I wiped my mouth to make it look like I had spit, in case anyone had noticed, which I doubt because it was my boyfriend's turn to lift, so he was no longer looking at me...) the phone rang and my trainer left to pick it up. I made a break for the bathroom, barely making it in time, and peed..If felt so good! I just hate to think what would have happened it the phone hadn't rung..
Well, that's all for now!

Out of today's paper:

"What I did behind that tablecloth is my business."

St. Louis Alderman Smith, after aides surrounded her with a sheet, tablecloth and quilt while she appeared to use a trash can to relieve herself during a fillibuster on the floor of City Hall.

For those of you who don't live in places that permit it, a fillibuster is when a politician doesn't want to lose a vote that they know they are going to lose, so they just keep talking so it can't be voted upon. Not all elected bodies permit it at all, and those that do might have rules. (For example, the U.S. House of Representatives does not permit it. The Senate permits it but it can be challenged and requires 40 (out of 100) votes to sustain it.)

i needed to pee really bad the other day so i ran to the toilet in the park but there was only the mens and i'm a girl and can't go it so i found a nice spot behind some trees and let my pee out and i wet my pants.

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