Hello all. I've been a lurker here for quite some time now, and have noticed something. Everyone usually tells about their biggest poops (size, etc.), but no one seems to tell about their longest pees. It amazes me how much the bladder can hold, and I know we've all waited too long at some point. So, let's here something about that subject. Good pees and poops to all....

BRENDA, cool story!
I notice that a lot of busses and trains smell like someone has peed or had diarrea. Has any one else here ever peed or pooped on the floor of a city bus or train?

1. No I am not pee shy.
2.I pee twice a day.
3. If I don't get around to It I don't pee after getting up. I usually pee before bed.
4. I have probably gone without drinking much or peeing for more than 24 hours.

I just wanted to share an expeience I had in high school after lunch one day I went to the john to take a dump. and this girl walked into the bathroom while I was sitting on the can. This incident got all over the school and I was supposed to be embarrased about it! It for one reason or another this was absolutely holarious? I am just curious what in the Hell could have possibly been funny about A human being having a bowel movement?

Althea: You're off-base about Christine. She definitely doesn't have a crush on me. In fact, she's very hung up on a guy. Besides, she has followed others to the bathroom.

It appears Christine's going a bit too far regarding listening to others poop. She's been fixated on co-worker Rachel for the past few days. Yesterday I was at my office instead of my client's site because of a couple of meetings. Rachel talked to me privately about how Christine has been managing to be around when she went to the ladies room. Rachel even went to another floor to use the ladies room, and when she was finished with her dump and was washing her hands, guess who came out of the next stall?

Rachel said she liked Christine but was uncomfortable about the situation and even considered filing a complaint about her. I said I would talk to Christine, and later in the afternoon pulled her aside and told her that, though she was doing a great job and was an excellent team player, some people were uncomfortable around her because of her tendency to follow people in the bathroom and listen in on their private matters. She confessed that she was interested in listening to others go to the bathroom, particularly pooping, and she didn't realize she was being obvious. She was also embarrassed that people might get the wrong impression that she was a lesbian, which she says she is not. I promised to keep our discussion just between the two of us, and she promised not to do those things anymore. She went to Rachel and apologized for her behavior. If Rachel wasn't so good-natured, Christine might not have a job by now.

The day before, at the client's job site, I went to take a break. The offices were on the top floor. I was at the elevator, and it was about 4 in the afternoon. By this time the clerical staff of another office was heading home at the end of their shift, and they always crowd the elevators at this time of the day. Unfortunately I got caught in one of those rushes, and it wasn't long before the elevator was full of people. The elevator was stopping on every floor, but no one else could get on because it was crowded. Meanwhile, I had felt a need to pee but it was getting desperate enough that I would need to find the nearest ladies room fast. Since there was no ladies room in the lobby, I would need to get off on the next floor. Of course, I was at the very back of the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the 2nd floor, and I asked to let me through so I can come out. Before people had a chance to step aside, the door closed and we headed down. I asked what happened, and someone said the guy in the front pushed the Close button. I asked why he did that, and he said, "I have to go home. Sorry." Before I started cursing at him, the elevator reached the lobby, and the guys ran out of the elevator. Everyone else filed out, and I stayed because it was going back up. I got to the second floor and made it into the ladies room in time. It took five minutes and several streams to let it all out, but I was relieved when I was done.

To Michelle: Why did those girl's say ewww. I would like to know what they would do in that situation.

To Ben: Sorry I spelled your name Bem.

Here is a story that was on my mind from last year.

When I was in my algebra class there was this girl I like(and still do :))in my class that would also say "I have to crap" after lunch or so. The thing about it is she would say it all loud and would sometimes joke about it so the teacher would just say "Be quiet" and she would. One day we came from lunch and about after 20 mins.. She said "I have to poop". The class then laughed. So the teacher said "Thats enough". She then said she was serious but the teacher said "Enough!". I then noticed her fidgeting(She has a really nice figure so I always watch)and the room startes to smell a little. She then ran out. Around 15 mins. later she came back calmly and said "Hi guys". In a playful way. We laughed. She ended up with a detention. I will never forget this.

I also have a story about myself that happened yesterday but I'll save it for tommorow.

My poop story is here. In grade 3 i wondered what it would feel like to poop my pants so one morning i held it in all day until the bus ride home. i started to shit and poo started to ill my underwear. Since i was wearing baggy pants nobody even noticed so when i got homei took my pants off and emtimed them in the toliet.

My friend is starting to use the toliet. She didnt pee herself yesterday at all but still shits herself. She shit in the pool last week and we got kicked out.

i hope someone can answer this... i tried asking it on a health-question board but received no response.
sometimes when i am pooping or attempting to poop, i notice that there is a balloon-like thing protruding from my hole. it varies in size from about as big as a shooter marble to as big as a plum. it does not seem to have anything to do with how hard i am straining or anything like that.
i have heard of something similar only once. a friend told me, disgustedly, about a porn he had seen in which the girl had what he referred to as a "bloomin asshole."
please help, if anyone knows what this is, or if it is harmful. i don't remember how long it's been hapening- i'd say at least 2 years. i'm just too embarrassed to ask anyone about it in person.

Thanks for being so kind everyone, and I will try and post whenever I can. It's just as comforting to know that so many people can be kind and respond to my personal problem as any bathroom related problem. :) It makes me happy enough to want to post more, so thank you to everyone for being so kind.


Hi everybody!!

BRENDA......You were lucky the subway car was not crowded. Over here (Sydney, Australia)they close off half the cars in trains late at night and force everyone into only two cars, so there's no privacy to shit. I've been caught out a few times like this because the station toilets are usually closed at night to prevent vandalism and there are none on the trains either. On the older trains it's possible to go for a quick piss in between the cars but the newer trains have an enclosed corridor with big glass doors between the cars, not very private!!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY......If you haven't tried it yet, you should try drinking lots of water. This should help soften up the stools a bit more but it will make you piss heaps too!! Hope you are back to nice, easy splashy plops soon!!

To the person who posted the question about guys sitting to pee...I do this often, especially when I get out of bed as I always sleep naked and it's easy then just to sit down. It takes me a while to fully wake up in the mornings, so sitting to pee avoids peeing all over the floor etc. I often sit to pee at other times of the day too as I just like the feeling of sitting on the toilet. But what I really love is when I sit down just too pee and then feel an unexpected shit come on just as I finish peeing.


kevin from calgary
WOW lots to reply to today so here gos.

TO CC i dont think you should worry to much about a little bit of blood, probably when you strained to poo you just broke a small blood vessal.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY. he he he for some reason canadian toilets do seem to splash my bum more, english ones dont and american ones just the odd time.

MICHELLE in LOUISIANA. well at least you got paper, but iam sure it was embarassing.

A BOY. I personaly wear panties, i just find them more comfortable, they fit better (and i look great in them--- ok poor joke) i hate boxers, too uncomfortable.

CATERINA. Hey i like wearing rubber pants sometimes too, lets hear more of your storys.

SARA. YES try your diaper on, go for it dont be shy. besides you may just like it.

PHEW!!!!! i think i got every one (sorry if i missed anybody)

At work today got hit with a real bad cramp, rushed to the toilet but before i got there it dropped in my panties. Funnily enough, when i got to the toilet i took my pants down and my panties were still clean (well just a faint skid mark)i sat down and the poo dropped from my bum with a big splash. go figure thats never happened before, anyone care to comment????. kevin

NH Dan
This is the 1st time I've posted. I have allways been turned on by attractive women going to the bathroom(especially defecating). I had the good fortune to have been married to a very uninhibited woman who enjoyed company in the bathroom. So I've got a few good stories to share with you guys.

I had been dating Lisa since early summer, only in the last couple of months have we become "intimate". A few times, no more than a half dozen, she has peed in front of me, much to my enjoyment. I made sure I let her know I was turned on by the experience. Later she confided in me that she had problems with constipation. Her doctor, who was totaly against the use of laxitives, gave her these tiny little stool softening pills. Most of the time they didn't work, she said.

One warm Saturday morning in Sept. I came over to her house(she lived with her parents) to pick her up. We were going to the local mall to do some shopping, go out to eat and maybe catch a movie. Her older sister, younger brother and mom were not at home but her father was out in the garage working on his car. The garage was not attached to the house but set out back about 20 yds from the back door.

As I came in, the screen door closed behind me. Lisa was right there and she looked absolutly adorable. She gave me a kiss and we talked for a few minuts in the kitchen. Then she said "befor we go I want to sit on the john and try and do a job; I haven't gone in a few days". She's the first person I've known who call bowel movments "jobs" or "jobbers". Needless to say, I was excited. I think maybe she sensed it.
She grabed her ski magazine, which ad been on the kitchen counter and went into the bathroom which was located directly off the kitchen.
she closed the door behind her and pulled down her jeans and panties. I noticed the door was not closed completely but left open a crack. A good sign, I thought. She had taken up sking the previous winter and loved it. As she was sitting on the john she told me subscribed to the ski magazine and read from cover to cover soon after it came in the mail. I sat at the kitchen table as close as possible to the bathroom door. As we talked for a few minutes, mostly about sking, she opened the door completly so we could see each other as we talked. She looked so sexy sitting there with her jeans and panties around her ankles. Suddenly she asked me to come in so she could show me the skis that she wanted to buy. She didn't have to ask me twice. As I knelt down next to her, I became concerned about her father walking in on us. I hoped I could hear the door on the side of the garage slam in time for me to make it to the kitchen table. Lisa didn't seem too concerned, not w! ith her father anyway; but she was geting impatient, saying that she didn't think she could go, even though she took a stool softening pill the night befor. Lisa was seemed completly at ease with me next to her. I had my right arm around her waist as she bent slightly forward on the on the toilet. She chatted away fliping through the magazine showing me this and that.
Suddenly she said "I think i'm gonna shit". Now that's the 1st time i've heard her use the 's' word. I wondered if that was my signal to leave. I asked her, and she said I could stay if I could "stand the stink". She grabed hold of my left hand as she made a quiet grunt, there were no farts, no crackling sound, just a soft "flump" as her turd slid into the water. The smell of her shit mixed with the smell of her perfume. An erotic blend of odors filled the small bathroom. I couldn't believe I was here right next to this very pretty girl, who I've only known for 4 mos., performing the most intimate of body functions. She said "I hope I'm not grossing you out!" I nervously replied somthing to effect of "NO just the opposite". "Good", she said
"there's more to come." Another soft grunt and another turd dropped into the toilet followed by a long gush of pee. "Ahhh I feel so much better." she exclaimed, then added "I can allways tell when I'm done cuz I pee." I was geting nervous about her father walking in on us plus I thought she might want some privacy while wiping. Just as I was
about to leave, she said "P U!; smells like I did a big one!" and lifted her beautiful tush off the seat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The largest turd was about 10" long, dark brown, knobby and VERY thick; thicker than anything I've ever done. The 2nd log was approx 6", softer, smoother, almost as thick. Lisa is a petite girl 4'11'' approx 95 lbs. at the time. I couldn't believe all that came out such a small bod. She said merely that "I thought it'd be at least one of my 'foot longers' since I hadn't gone for a few days". A "foot longer" being a popular 12" long hot dog at the time. I said "'foot longers' certainly aren't that thick!" She could tell I was very aroused. I left the bathroom closed the door slightly while she wiped. Since the the door was open the smell of her shit filtered into the kitchen also. As I sat at the table taking in the aroma and contemplating what had just taken place, the garage door slamed. Lisa quickly closed the bathroom! door all the way. Her father came in the kitchen to use the bathroom. I nervously said hello. He just said a quick "hi" back. She flushed and I could hear washing her hands. She yelled "I'll be right out!". We both left quickly, embarassed. That's all for now. More later.

Jacob G in Florida
Life can be full of surprises. I have not posted in a while because my experiences have been boring and uneventful. That changed on Monday when I experienced three events in one single day worthy of posting on this forum. I'll post the one that was the most exciting to me. Maybe this weekend, I'll post the others.

I took the day off to work around the house and run errands. That morning, my roommate and I went outside to clean my patio. Just as we started to move the patio table, my roommate remarked that he saw someone wearing a cap walk down into the creek that runs along the back of my property. I have a privacy fence between my backyard and this creek, so by the time I looked, whoever it was had disappeared behind the fence. Dense vegetation grows around this creek, so it's kind of dark back there, even in the daytime. I told my roommate it was probably someone from the city checking for debris, since I had recently called about some branches that had washed into the area. I decided to say hello to the guy, so I walked over to the fence. I looked over the top and almost screamed with excitement when I saw a guy standing at the edge of the creek pulling down his pants and squatting down. I've never seen someone shit outside - but have always wanted to - so this was unbeli! evable. Even more exciting was the fact that since this guy was on my property, I knew I had every right to see what he was up to. I crouched as low as I could and started sneaking closer. I walked along the fence and stopped next to a tree. This was a perfect place to hide. I slowly stood and looked over the fence. The guy was facing away from me, so I had a perfect view of his butt from behind as he squatted there. He looked to be in his 30's, had a lean body, and was wearing a cap, a white tee shirt, jeans, and work boots. I wondered if he was a homeless person. About that time, I noticed some ladders and painting equipment in my neighbor's backyard, and realized he was painting my neighbor's house. This was so unbelievable. I continued watching. I could actually see the area around his crack moving as he strained to push out a turd. Unfortunately, I could not hear him grunting. He continued to look at the branches above him. Suddenly, I saw two small turds s! hoot out of his butt and plop into the two-inch deep water. Then, he pulled two napkins out of his shirt pocket, wiped from back to front, looked at the napkin, then attempted to throw it far away. However, since he didn't wad up the napkin, it didn't go very far - maybe just a foot, then fell into the creek and started to float away. He looked at if for a few seconds, wiped one more time, and quickly stood up. I crouched again and quickly, but quietly, returned to the patio. When I told my roommate what I saw, he got angry and said he couldn't believe this painter guy took a dump on our property. He yelled, "I'm going to say something to him!" He tried to walk toward the fence, but I pulled him back into the house. I said never mind, it's okay, it will float downstream. I don't care that he pooped in my creek. Later, when I saw the painter guy leave in his truck for lunch, I went back to my hiding place and looked over the fence. The napkins were gone, but I could c! learly see two fist-sized turds just under the surface of the water.

I did want to respond to someone (sorry, I don't remember their name) who suggested cleaning toilets with bleach. I've done that myself when I've been out of regular toilet cleaner. However, the other day, I read that it is a bad idea to clean toilets with bleach because the chlorine in the bleach can mix with the ammonia in our urine and create toxic fumes. I never thought about that. Maybe it would be okay if you rinsed the toilet well, but be careful. Keep up the great posts.

Matt--Several years ago, I went with a group of friends to a nearby lake to spend the day boating and water-skiing. Well, there were 4 of us guys and after several hours of having fun, one guy, Dave, announced that he had to go to the bathroom. We told him to just jump in the lake and go. He said, "I've got to shit". We said, "jump in the lake and go". He dived off the boat and went. He let out several good sized turds and climbed back in the boat. A few minutes after we left the area, we saw some people waterski right over the area where Dave had dropped a load. It wasn't until about an hour later that we noticed that dave had a brown streak on the back of his white t-shirt. Apparantly, a turd had scraped his back when it left his anus and floated to the surface. We all had a good laugh about that one.

Also, I used to live in an apartment complex in NC that had a very nice pool. One summer, the apartment management had a "summer party" for the tenants. I thought It'd be funny to put a few Baby Ruth candy bars in the pool before the party. It was so funny. They looked just like turds.

Hey Bryian,

I enjoyed your description of some movie poop scenes. My question is are there any CURRENT movies with female poop scenes? We've talked before about "The Shooting" and "Senseless", etc., but I am wondering if any current movies show or make reference to girls pooping? What is the newest movie anyone can think of with a female poop scene?

Renee - Hello, sweet Texas Lady, how are you? I haven't heard form you ladies in awhile, and I was starting to wonder. That's just my nature, when I do not see or hear from people I care about I do worry. I figured that you must have gone away for awhile. I missed talking to all 3 of you lovely ladies. Kathy and I are just fine, thanks, we have been very busy with work, grand kids and picking our very large raspberry crop. We have also been on a cleansing program and the results have been, well, LARGE. I have not seen my running partner, Noreen for some time. I believe that she and Larry are on vacation, so she and I have not been "buddy dumping" in the woods lately. I'm sorry to hear that Derek was such a jerk. That he insulted you girls was downright mean, and Jake is to be commended for tossing him out of the yard. Too bad he didn't beat the crap out of him. So the "little one" was off visiting family? Good for her, I hope she enjoyed herself. Maybe she and Jake will get t! ogether, that would be nice. She needs to find a great guy, and Jake sure sounds like he is. The description of her pooping (and Patsy) was another one of your great reports. Please say hello to everyone for me, and take great care, dear lady. Tell everyone that I have been thinking about them. I love you ladies. Bye!
Julie - What a story, about that little boy watching you pee (LOL!). I nearly fell off the chair laughing when I read that. What is it about little boys, I mean their ability to hoodwink adult women into letting them watch while the lady in on the pot? I have several nephews who are like that, and yes, sorry to admit, I was like that at age 5/6. You poor thing, you must have been completely embarrassed. Still it was one great story.
Jane - My gosh, you can't seem to get any privacy either. It always seems that someone, adult or child, is invading your privacy. But these things seem to run in streaks. They happen and then suddenly they stop.
Gruntley Bogwell - You are simply amazing. What else can I say, your stories about your early "peeping" adventures are something else.
Kim and Scott - Hello, my beautiful little blonde bombshell, I have been thinking about you quite a bit lately. It is always nice to hear from someone who is a very sweet person, and you certainly are. You remind me of my own daughter, who is also blonde haired and blue eyed, and very beautiful. I know that I kid with you about me being an "old man", but I do that just to tease. Reading about your exploits keeps me feeling young. I know that you only post good stories, and it's nice to know that you take care to write them well. I just look forward to reading them, because they are so good. You keep banging out those monsters, Kim, and I will continue to enjoy reading about them. Take great care, dear lady.

Nothing really interesting to speak about. The cleansing program that Kathy and I are on is really making us dump large amounts of poop 2 or 3 times a day. I didn't go before I ran this AM, and about a mile into my run, I had to crap really bad. I just ducked off the trail, found a semi-secluded spot, lowered my shorts, and let go. My asshole really expanded, not painfully, but it went out wide, and a long, thick, smooth turd plopped out, and landed with a thud. I peed a little, wiped once (there was nothing to wipe), pulled up my drawers and looked at the dump. The log looked to be over 2 feet long and about 2.5" wide, a fairly large one for me. Like I said, the extra fiber from the cleansing program is doing a number, but I am feeling stronger from it. Anyway, I hope to have something more interesting to report soon.
Take care, everyone, have a great week.

To Brad: I liked your story about being at the concert and watching that young dude shit...Hey did you really have to shit? Or did you just tell that dude you had to cause you just wanted to watch and all you were gonna do was pee??

Did any one see Howard Stern last night(Wednesday)??? There were these girls on there wanting breast implants and only one is gonna get them but the winner has to answer 3 ?'s but if they miss they either get burped on or Farted on. That reminds me of that episode of Jackass on MTV I saw. I wonder if that young guy farting had to poop? It's supposed to be on again tonight(Thursday) part 2. Oh by the way this is on E(Entertainment tv).

Previous Lurker
Ok..This is my first post. I'm 14 and I think going to the bathroom feels good. Not in a sexual way though and I don't think watching anybody(either sex) going is a turn-on, it's just interesting to see others' habits. I think this is a really cool site, it's great how open you guys are to something so normal to everyone, yet so taboo in society. So I'll start posting here when I have an interesting story to share...
I don't really have a good story right now...Only that, in my old neighborhood, I had a friend who always let me and our other friends come in and talk while she was peeing or taking a dump, no matter what. Not that this is extraordinary or anything, but I never knew anyone like that, most of my friends are very *hush-hush* when it somes to "nature's calls".
Oh, and I have a question...Has anyone ever had a really bad stomachache and cramps from needing to shit, but then you absolutely couldn't go when you got to a toilet? This has happened to me on occasion and I wondered what others did, other than taking a laxative.
Guess that's it, bye!

Michelle in Louisiana
Dave in NY - I'm pretty sure I've responded to your posts before. I respond to everybody's at some point. Anyway, don't let the fact that people don't always respond to your posts let you down. People don't always respond to mine either. I think most people only respond if they recognize your name or if they have something to say to it.

KJ: Elvis Presley died that way, you know. Sure, people can die from straining too hard while shitting. They have a heart attack from that, just like Elvis did.

Sara: Sure, go on, try it on, piss in it if you want to, there's no harm in it.

Linda: I wash my anus with a washcloth, and wash the rest of me with a different wash cloth. I wipe my ass thoroughly after I shit, so I don't get poop on the wash cloth. Then, I wash the washcloth I use for my anus afterwards.

Filup: The answers to your questions:
1. No, I'm not pee shy and I never was. Used to be poop shy but I outgrew that.
2. It varies how often I pee a day
3. I always pee when I get up, and I sometimes do before bed.
4. I think it was 3 or 4 hours...and DAMN I needed to piss after that
5. I haven't done that yet...

Matt: Nope, never pooped in water at all...I think I'd have an incredible cramp if I ever did.

Catherina: Look on a previous page about at least 5 pages back. I have a diareah story there.

Can someone give me a list of female poop scenes in TV shows? The ones I've seen mentioned in this forum are:

Hype parody about Britney Spears and Prince Charles
Mad TV parody of a commercial about Canada
LA law episode with female lawyer taking a crap in the woods

I know there were a few others mentioned, but these are the ones I remember seeing here. Oh yeah, and I think there was a fart scene on Third Rock, but I'm more interested in poop scenes.

Anyone got a good list?

Good day,

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Caliban, and please refer to me as you will albeit Caliban, , or Cal.

Fecal Fascination - The History

First let me give props to this site for giving the opportunity to post questions and comments, and to tell stories where they belong due to many people too embarassed or irked by the topic.

For me, I pinpoint my interest to my childhood with a few friends who were open on the matter, but when you're that young, who isn't really open? I recall going to the restroom with girls and boys alike. Back then it didn't seem to matter, and like I was even aware of modesty. As I became older, I remember one instance where this beautiful babysitter was watching me one night when my parents went out. She was several years older than I was, and I think she was right into highschool. Well, we were in my room and she gave me some electronic game to occupy me, then she left and closed my door. I wasn't sure where she went, she didn't say, and I didn't care, as I was too busy now. I probably thought she went to the living room or maybe outside because sometimes her friends would stop in. Many minutes later the urge hit that I needed to piss, so I ventured to the bathroom and walked right on in as the door was unlocked, and to my appall, I now found out where she had gon! e. She was sitting on the toilet with her pants and panties down around her ankles with an unusual look on her face, which I later believed is because she may have been right in the middle of depositing fecal matter. We were both stunned and looked at each other for the longest time(so it seemed). There was a pungent odor, and I finally stepped out and apologized. I went back to my room and picked the game up, but I was perplexed because I actually enjoyed everything about that moment, and I still haven't forgot about it. After a while, she returned to my room, but nothing was ever said, as if nothing ever happened. Of course I wouldn't have known what to say, and I'm sure she did not either.

In the present...

I find this site amazing because it appears that there are many women who are actually open on these subjects. Most women I know never bring up anything to do with the bathroom, other than saying, "I'll be back in a moment." I have had a few girlfriends in the past who were open on the subject, which was very refreshing to me, and I was able to discuss curiosities with. One girlfriend was very open about it and believed everyone should be since it was the one thing everyone had in common. I agreed and told her by all means please be. She was, unlike one who wouldn't let me take a piss at her place because while getting ready for a concert to see The Cure, she had just taken a dump. She did not want me to smell it, and she said I would have to go somewhere else. Great. Anyway, the girl who was into it was cool. She would be right in the middle of a conversation, and say, "Hey, Cal, hold that thought, I have to go take a massive dump, all that Chinese food we ate. ! Sit back and relax, because I will be a while." And she always was, usually taking a magazine or book, because she claimed it was a long process for her, and her loads filled up the bowl. Anyway, more stories(with more description) to come, as now I am testing the waters so to speak.

I enjoy the stories here most incredibly, and there have been some really stand-out ones; a few come to mind by Jane and Kim and Scott, and RJogger. Everyone's are great.

I'm glad to jump aboard, and thank you for some insight by the way,


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