FILUP: In Answer to your questions

1. I am not shy about my pee. I have peed my pants so many times and I wet the bed. Although no one that knows me knows I wet the bed, except my hubby of course.

2. I pee about 3 times a day.

3. Sometimes I am peeing as I wake up, I run to the bathroom as with pee dripping out of me. I always pee before bed. And during the night sometimes I pee in the bed.

4. I have waited 7 hours for a pee. It ended with me wetting my pants, but I still count it.

5. I have measured, and I peed about 1 liter after 5 hour wait.

Linda and Carl
to Kendal. Am not inconsiderate to disabled people, appreciate your concern, but if you like the 'high life'...

to PPG. chek dis site. They will custom build what you want, in 304 or 316(corrosion resistant higher molybdenum content) stainless steel. Delivery time 4 weeks. Disabled use toilet cost approx 1250, why we only bought 1. It's the 'shrouded' model with the bowl enclosed in a second layer of steel, looks cool and acoustics brilliant. Carl tied me onto it last night and we had FUN. Glad your'e feelin better. Keep on IZALin'

interested guy
Many thanks to Rjogger and Kim for convincing me that they really do produce massive dumps. I think my doubts are based upon experience - I have never seen turds that large, but you obviously do see them frequently, and so they are perfectly normal from your point of view. No I have never taken a fibre supplement, and I am not sure where I would find one. I live in the UK, does anyone know any trade names and where to purchase? I am not sure I ought to try this as I have a mainly outdoor job, and it is not always easy to get to a toilet. In fact these days it is increasingly difficult to piss outdoors without risking some sort of disciplinary action.

Hi all,

WHIZZER -- What's the "big deal" about women standing to pee? The simple fact that it's possible, when our culture has propagandized us to the axiom that it is not. Women are hamstrung by a code of conduct instilled from birth that squatting or sitting is part of their gender behavior, linked intimately with their sexual arrangement. THIS IS NONSENSE! For the vaster majority of women, biology is not the limiting factor, and with even a minor amount of practice they can pass water exactly the same way as a man. Newsflash -- it's FUN! And women enjoy peeing contests, especially when it turns out they can defeat men easily (the Poiseulle Equation is in their favor...) As others have mentioned, it's hygienic not to touch things, let alone touch places other people's exploding bums have been parked, and it's remarkably convenient to be able to douse a wall or fence when nature calls. So there's the feminist political aspect (we'll urinate as we damn well like, not as society or! ders to) and the practical aspect (I don't need to get undressed and squat just because I need to pee!) There are times men ought to try going through a day in pants with a zipper at the side, then they'd start to appreciate what the flipside is all about!

STEVE -- yes, that lengthy poop might have stretched under its own weight as it fell, but my impression was that it was pretty much continuous, like toothpaste from a tube... It was certainly thicker at the start.

KENDAL -- I hope Andrew gets a treat sometime soon! Yes, that was a rather unusual length of toffee-rope I laid, I was thinking as it emerged, "oh, if only it was thick like Kim's!" I've got the length, but not the mass. Oh well!

BUZZY -- You're right, that second poo felt marvelous. I was siting there thinking how great it felt when I realized it had been coming out a long time, and looked down. It was very long by that point and grew for several more seconds before breaking. It was a good one!

TONY -- My friend you have all my sympathies. Assuming there are no physical problems (it doesn't sound like it), you have "Avoidant Paruresis," an "anxiety condition" that robs you of the ability to release your bladder at will. It's very common, you're far from alone, and I know how you feel, the frustration of knowing that others have no such problem. Search on the name of the condition and you'll find excellent resource sites with heaps of advice. I suffered from it most of my life and only in the last few years have I started to turn it around to the point where I can almost ignore the fact it was ever a bother. What helped me the most, and I can't overstate this, was to discover the absolute joir de vie of other folks who so enjoy peeing! It is such a pleasure to be able to do so, not merely a necessity, and to find that joy was to be able to do the deed. I hope you can turn around your problem and come to take as much pleasure in this entirely human thing as others ! here most certainly do.

RENEE -- Hi darlin', it's good to know you are all out and about and having a great time. I'm so sorry that guy Malita liked turned out to be such a jerk, and I'd love to have been there to give Jake a hand "escorting him from the premises." He's the sort I have zero tolerance for. (Noises of disapproval and frustration!) That was some dump Malita took -- wow! (or should I say Phew! Chuckles!)

FILUP -- Good questions, and very pertinent. To answer them one at a time:

1. Are you pee shy? Have you done anything about it? If so, what? Help!

See my response to Tony. I was excruciatingly pee-shy for most of my life, and while it was nowhere near as bad as some poor folks have it, it was quite bad enough.

2. How often do you pee each day?

At least seven times, sometimes ten. When I need to go, I go -- big time!
3. Do you always pee when you get up? Do you pee before bed?

Always & always. There are times when I've drunk tea late at night that despite always peeing before bed I wake with cramp in my pelvic floor muscles. They hurt real bad as soon as I sit up to rise and dress, and until I get to the toilet and release my pent bladder.

4. What is the longest you ever waited to pee?

On a university expedition up-country. We left at 6am and I peed at a flyspeck roadhouse at 9. Then not again until 6pm. It was beyond belief, and I don't think I could do that again. Of course, not suffering AP these days I could probably go in the wilderness instead. I had a girlfriend with me who held from 6am to 6pm and she had a kidney complaint a day or two later...

5. Have you ever measured your maximum bladder capacity? How much is it?

I've measured about 600mL+, my guestimate is that my absolute capacity is in the order of 750mL, but I've not pressed to find out...

LINDA -- yes, that's essentially exactly how I do it. I always wash my anus with my hands, never a cloth (and the loofah is far too rough!) I wash thoroughly with my soaped hand, inside and out, and always have.

KJ -- Yes, you can die while taking a crap. Basically, the effort to move constipation too severe produces intolerable strain on the body, and a heart attack can result. You can also induce hernias and other internal ruptures. Basically, it's a very ugly, awful, painful and ultimately stupid and tragic way to lose your life. People in distant places, beyond the reach of medical care, have died from this, in modern times as well as in the centuries when such things were recorded.

Cheers all,


A few years ago, the local TV news station did a report on "cruising for sex" at the local University. They had a guy with a hidden camera go into the one of the restrooms advertised on the Internet as being a good place to hook up and did the whole "toe-tap" thing to see if he got any responses from other guys interested in sex. He got a few responses, but what I found interesting was that the camera was angled towards the adjacent stall and you could the legs, pants, underwear and thighs of most of the guys on the toilet. They even showed some guy sitting on a toilet in a handicapped stall and since they are so large, you could see the total image of the guy on the toilet. Of course, the TV tiled out his face and crotch area. I wonder what happened to the footage of the guys who were actually in the stall to take a dump? And who's job was it to review all the film of guys taking a crap and figuring out if it was suitable for the story? Hmmm...

Don't worry about no one responding to your posts. There are those of us who like to lurk and read the posts and thoroughly enjoy them, but don't respond. I have only gotten a few responses to my posts and it can be somewhat disheartening, but I know that there are people out there who enjoy what I write.


Well I saw "Scary Movie 2". If you thought SM1 went too
far, wait till you see SM2! Much of the humor is pretty
juevenile, but there are some funny parts. As for the poo
and pee scenes, it breaks in as the first in history (that I
know of ) to show simulated girl pee and poop. The priest
on the toilet, however, is sure to offend a lot of people. I
think even the actors were a little nervous about being so
extreme, they seem kind of stiff and uneasy. Can you blame
them? I'll give it three stars for creativity.


I made a lifetime first the other day. How this was possible
is a mystery to me. I made two-tone turds. Yes, Really.
They were brownish-olive with a light tan stripe about 3/4
inch long running down their length. There were three or
four of these works of fart, about 6 inches long. Go figure.


Brenda: That was an offense. You could have received a summons or been arrested. I have told many others on this forum. Find a toilet in a restaurant or bookstore. I have had to hold it with some fancy analwork until I got home.

KJ: I heard a young man some 27 years ago, died while sitting on the toilet in his apartment. I have strained, like today twice because my bowels were bound. I thought I was going to break a blood vessel.

Linda: Believe it or not, I use a small scrub brush with soap or lather my pussy hairs and move the lather to my anus.

A lot being said re: peeing. Both my hubby and i always sit to pee. He says that many a man has shat himself at the urinal trying to sneak out a quiet fart or to shy to go into a cubicle with his mates there. Outside peeing for ladies takes a little practice for minimum exposure of genitals. Practice makes perfect and as it is if you are caught short in a public place 99% will look the other way or maybe a few of the same sex might help shield you.

Thanks to Michelle in Louisiana, aboy, and Jordan for remembering my birthday.
To Sara: You should try the diaper. Who knows. Maybe you'll like it.

I had a huge crap today so now I'm not constipated.

More Later

The following is from a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle about renovation of the Hyde Street Pier:

The pier will be resurfaced with two layers of asphalt, and damaged lumber will be replaced as needed. The pier bathrooms, where historic plaques hang above the porcelain fixtures, will be repainted.

"A sailor has to watch that a gush of icy water does not geyser up and fill his pants with water," says one plaque, explaining the delicate process of toileting at sea in the 1800s.

That plaque will be carefully removed during the repainting and then replaced in its position of honor inside a bathroom, Thomas said. The informative toilets are the only ones of their kind, Thomas said.

The picture of the girl on the toilet is HOT. How about a tinkle sound to go with it? BTW, I'm a guy and I sit to pee at home cuz I ALWAYS end up spraying the rim or wall. In a public bathroom I use the urinals. I also wipe my thing with toilet paper when I do sit.

Brian, I am in Arizona. There's not too many people who like to clean school bathrooms but I'm one of the few that do. The bathrooms at my school are nice and they are fairly new. I know that kids very much prefer to use nice ones than shitty ones. We have deeply contoured plastic toilet seats and I know the kids sit on 'em a lot longer than necessary because they are so comfortable. I know that some of them sit and read, do homework, chat, etc. I know that girls and grown women use bathrooms a lot more often if they are "nice." It's very hot here in the summer and the kids don't pee as often and when they do, it is very yellow! Both boys and girls sit and do a #3. I can tell.

On the Metamucil situation, I'm a pretty big guy and the 3X dose is OK for me and I'm used to taking the stuff. I really don't get very constipated, I just take the stuff to do a big turd.

This is a marvellous website - just love it. To BRENT C - Fascinated by your account of the effects of Castor oil which is much better than mine but I think I might have a deficiency of bile which is needed to activate the oil into Riconelic acid ( an irritant to the intestinal mucosa). Having endured the 1st lumpy and hard to pass evacuation the next few must have been looser with undigested food particles such as sweetcorn, carrot etc..which must have felt lovely rushing past your buttcheeks and causing the anal sphincter to open and close in quick succession. The feeling of liquid against the buttcheeks is also highly sensual in my experience - also the noise of it all falling into the toilet pan is fantastic and I am sorry to say that I find loose and watery evacuations more exciting than solid dumps so I will probably be labelled as extremely weird !! Have you tried enemas? A good experience can be had by taking 2 tablespoonfuls(about 30 grams) of Epsom Salts by mouth whi! ch should within 1 hour produce very watery shit then I use a Higginson style homemade enema syringe consisting of an outboard motor fuel pipe squeeze bulb and a length of tubing and from the bathroom basin inject a strong mixture of dissolved plain soap ( do not use washing up liquid or similar as the resulting bubbles tend to suppress the lovely falling shit sound in the pan) until you can hold it no longer and the effect is amazing with all the Epsom salt intestinal fluid backed right up behind the enema. As an alternative you can try Angostura bitters dissolved in the water which is also very effective causing massive and urgent evacuations. I would love to hear from anybody who has taken laxatives/enemas and their graphic effects - what sort of shit, consistancy, number of evacuations, how much cramping etc..Incidentally, in an old medical book( circa 1918) I have it recommends a large dose of Castor oil at the commencement of Yellow fever - to be exact 2 to 4 tablespoonf! uls ( about 80 to 160 ml )Can you imagine the effect ?Brent C What dose did you take to produce a watery evacuation every 15 minutes for 3 hours ?

tony: most other guys in a restroom don't care whether you piss or not (except in school or with a lot of friends.) So take your time. I have done a lot of reading on this on the internet. I am told that we have paruresis (the medical term). There are lots of guys and some girls and men and women who have this problem. But they keep it secret. It helps to talk about it and to fool around trying to piss with a buddy. Tell us more about your other experiences. Mine started when some older guys in the boys bathroom at school came in and started hitting guys at the urinals in the back while they were trying to pee. I had just started pissing a bladder full. I shut down altogether and couldn't get going again. So as my post above says, after awhile I quit visiting the bathroom at school and started holding my pee. I thoought that I was the only one who had this embarrassing problem.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone again!

Just been reading about the benefits of fibre from various people, and especially RJ ROGGER with your correlation of size of turds as a result of increased fibre and the reverse when fibre is decreased.
Either my body defies medical science, or I'm not taking nearly enough fibre! Looks like I'm going to dramatically increase my intake and expect big results!
Today's consignments to the toilet were 2 sessions that I felt were very reluctant, small to medium, sticky and left me feeling dirty and sensitive inside, if that sounds familiar to anyone.
BTW, What are the problems that can happen if you eat a lot of fibre and not enough water? Could it be exactly the symptoms I've been experiencing? I think I drink about 3 litres, or 5 pints a day, mostly of water.

KJ, Re possible danger of death from straining on the toilet!
Perhaps the story of Elvis Presley is apocryphal, and I have heard of people dying on the toilet, but I doubt whether the actual straining would be fatal unless someone's got a heart condition and strains too hard and is pressing down too long and too hard without adequate breathing.
In the case of Elvis, his gut was, apparently, so bunged up with fecal matter, and perhaps his efforts were so intense, and his cardiovascular system weakened by his lifestyle, that his last shit proved fatal.
I have on occasions, pushed so much, I had a quite intense temporary headache from my efforts, which soon went when I "remembered" to breathe again!

BRAD, Great to hear about your visit to the toilet when the guy in front of you said he was queueing for the stall, and you decided to wait in line behind him!
To actually wait behind a guy who's going to sit on the toilet for a shit, and look at his arse, knowing what he's going to do with it when he pulls his pants down and to listen at the door, quite legitimately as he plops...!!!! Brilliant!!
A pity it was too noisy in there to hear his performance, but at least you got the chance to see him on the toilet, then wiping his arse, smile as he came out, then you sat on the same seat warm from his arse!!! What a great sequence of events!! What a great day!

Several men have said whether or not they sit on toilets to piss.
It's also been said by some that it's more hygienic to sit down so as to avoid spraying over the floor.
It's possible to spray piss on the floor by either method!
To direct a stream of urine from a standing position, and avoid it bouncing off the side of the toilet pan; the stream should be against the back of the pan if, as in my own toilet, the porcelain is vertical.
If not, directly into the water if it's deep enough.
To piss onto a sloping surface, I've noticed, can spray all over the underside of a toilet seat in the up position, and over the floor, and perhaps items nearby.
On a cold day, when my pissing equipment is cold, and therefore difficult to point downwards; I've sat on a toilet and pissed and it's gone between the seat and the pan and squirted all over my trousers, or my feet until I've got it under control!
Even when I'm not cold, It's still possible to not aim straight at times!
Another thing I sometimes find when standing up to piss in a toilet, is that there's a few pubic hairs pulling my pisser to one side, and as I start to piss, it goes well to one side and a slight puddle forms on the floor until I shift my position!
Embarrassing, and a major reason I hate carpets in bathrooms!

Do these problems happen to other guys? I've got so used to these things happening, it's never occurred to me to mention it before.
Also however much I shake the last drips off, when I sit down after,I leak some more into my underpants!
Perhaps some of these confessions sound familiar to others who will be relieved to know they're not alone in the control of peeing!
A pleasurable sensation I can get sometimes is if I'm on the toilet and want to piss as well as shit and as it's usually impossible for men to do both at the same time, relax my anus just enough to allow a small amount of piss to wet my thighs as it dribbles under, and keep letting out as much as I decide so as to get really wet underneath before I drop my turds, and hopefully, get splashed when they drop!

On that very personal note! I wish you all well, P P G

Traveling Guy
LINDA - I lather up my hand with soap, pull my butt cheeks apart with the other hand, and then just lightly clean around the stretched ring. I don't go very deep at all. Someone told me that the rectum is self cleansing, but I'm not sure about that. BTW, nice encouraging words to DAVE-NY. I'm with you and the others. Hang in here, DAVE.

NIK - You're the kind of gf a lot of guys here dream about. Nice job on getting your bf over his pooping shyness. And just look at what you discovered about him.

Well, JULIE, now we ALL know what you look like down there, not just little "nephew" James and his parents. Condidering he gets to watch mom, it sounds like you have some pretty cool friends there. I once had a small boy walk in on me when I was taking a pee at some friends' house. I told the boy to leave, but he wouldn't. Later, his parents came to me upset about it but when I explained that their son had walked in on me and wouldn't leave, they understood.

MICHELLE in LOUISIANA - This is one yankee who would just *love* to hear you speak the words I can only read here. You sure enough have a way with 'em, just like you seem to have with a good dump.

To Renee,
I hope you and the baby are well, not to mention everyone else in your delightful little circle.
From the sound of things, I can't say I blame Jake for ejecting Derek.
Sounds as if Carmalita had a huge dump that Jeff A and I might appreciate. Why do I find the thought of a wild haired Carmalita appealing? <snicker>

To Rizzo,
Ha ha, I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. What Louise said to me to make me help Jackie have a wee was indeed more of a command than a prompt!
Perhaps the weeing schoolgirl I almost fell over will recall the encounter in the years to come and be able to laugh about it. I did feel rather sorry for her though, because she was cringing with embarrassment as I had seen, well ... everything.
Louise's recovery time may be a little longer than a month, I fear. Probably the cloth I soaked with cold water helped keep the swelling down, and it's not too bad. It just might take a while before it is back at 100% though. It has presented a slight problem with her liking of the standing wee. With all her weight on her right leg, her stance is affected, and that has a tendency to cause her to dribble down that right leg at the finish instead of the usual dripping stage. It has given her something to think about, I suppose! Her current thinking is to put her weight on the right side to save her left ankle, then to even it out right at the end. She says it doesn't hurt much to stand that way for a few seconds, but even so I reckon it is best to keep
it to a minimum because of the danger of re-injury.
As you say, the scissors method would seem ideal for this situation. That is perhaps the best way at this moment in time. Good view too <snicker>.
Thanks for your concern for her as well. Yes, cheers for that. :)

To Julie,
Hello there, sweetheart.
Well now, you go away from the forum for a few days and the next thing
that happens is that you get a younger toilet guard. I hope I still have what it takes to reclaim my honoured position from this youngster. He's starting his guard duties at an even earlier age than me! I was 10 at the time I had toilet guard duties for a 9 year old girl. At that age I was amazed at how open she was with me about showing me her genitals and how her wee squirted out of her without the aid of a penis. Such happy memories!
How good it was of your guard to not only describe your shaven condition, but to so delicately announce how, in contrast, his mother was hairy down below, and also that he was a regular spectator when she weed. It sounds like he will appreciate, in the years to come, seeing girls urinate as much as I do.
Would you blush that much if I were your toilet guard? No, probably not. I think you love to tease, just as Louise loves to tease.
Take care now, and I look forward to your next post.

To PV,
Just a quick note to yourself. Ha ha, yes, I thought you might like the way I assisted Jackie in having a standing wee (as I was ordered by you know who). I don't quite know what I've done to deserve such luck!
I think Louise might take slightly longer than a month to properly recover from her ankle injury. Perhaps she will be able to dispense with the bandaging by the time we go to Spain, but she will still need to take care of it. She's more concerned about how it looks than
anything else <snicker>.
So yes, we will enjoy some quiet nights in, perhaps livened up with some scissors weeing as per Rizzo's excellent suggestion. Some good times ahead, I think.



Well to answer your question I was caught only once. A man was looking at me over the stall partition, but it wasnt because I was ftm I would say, I think he was gay. I got angry and called him a few names you can imagine and I left very fast. It has never happened to me since.
I have noticed in my experiences since I have been in toilets of both genders that women make more noise in the toilet than men. It would be very rare that men make any plopping or farting noises in the toilets here. (Im in Sydney).
A security guard looked at me a bit weird when I went into a toilet at Parramatta once but thats because I wasn't passing well then. No one has ever asked me to leave a men's toilet, but I have been asked to leave the women's toilets and that was by a security guard (and I was female then!)

RENEE - Hi! LOL I thought what you wrote about Carmalita shitting and
brushing her teeth was funny. I never did that.
I think you are right too. Carmalita and Jake should just get together
and let that be that. That guy Derek sounds a total asshole.

JULIE - Hi girl! How are you? Hahahahaha that was a really funny story
about your friend's 6 year old son. It cheered me up a lot and I have
been down in the dumps this week because I have hurt my ankle so it
was what I needed. I really liked the bit when you said James told
his mum and dad you were not hairy between the legs like his mum. You
know I would have blushed too. I nearly fell off my chair when I
read about it. I do not think I have ever been for a wee with a little
boy watching me like that but I did have a friend I was with and her
little boy wanted a wee. My friend got his dick out for him and helped
him wee but because I was with them I did not really know if to look
or not. I blushed I think.
Steve guarded my friend Jackie in our toilet a few days ago and I hope
you read Steve's letter about it. We teased him big time. Jackie likes
weeing in front of Steve and she thinks it is exciting.

RIZZO - Oh thank you lovely kind sir! Yeah that is a good idea about
doing scissors wees in the sink. Yeah I could put my left leg up and
not my right one. It would work. I have done a lot of sitting down at
home to wee and Steve does like to see that. He comes with me and
pulls down my knickers and watches me do it, then he wipes me. Yeah I
will do the scissors as well, Steve will like what he sees!
I hope I am not having to wear a big bandage on my ankle when we go to
Spain because I will want to swim and go in the sea with Steve and
have all kinds of fun like that. It is not a very bad sprain and I
bet it is a lot better than maybe it would have been if Steve was not
quick to put cold compress on it.
Well I liked your story about your sister weeing the waterfalls, it
was really nice. It maybe she had a narrow little urethra and just
took ages doing it slow instead of like me.
I hope I will have a friend round to tease Steve some more this weekend
because I will not feel like going out.
You take care too. Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl! Yeah thank you for your get well message. Well I do
hope I am not on the beach wearing strapping on my foot. It would not
look good would it? LOL Well I have been sitting a lot more for a wee
at home, and I will do more scissors type wees as Rizzo said I might.
I have done a little bit of weeing standing when I am at work and I
put my weight more on my right foot, but when I am home I prefer
sitting. It is because I have been active during the day and my ankle
hurts a bit more in the evening.
Oh Steve has just been really solid. I bet it would have been a lot
worse but for him. He has been really supportive and he deserves a
good toilet teasing from Jackie or Emma or both together.
Oh and I am really happy your confidence is high. That is really good!



One girlfriend I had wanted to put a diaper on me so I said go ahead. A friend of hers (female) was also there and they thought it was hilarious. We were all pretty drunk. They thought it was even funnier when I wet the diaper. Five minutes after they put it on, I'm like "I need to be changed." When I had to go again, I let them take me to the bathroom.

To Brad: I liked your story about being at the concert and watching that young dude shit...Hey did you really have to shit? Or did you just tell that dude you had to cause you just wanted to watch and all you were gonna do was pee??

Did any one see Howard Stern last night(Wednesday)??? There were these girls on there wanting breast implants and only one is gonna get them but the winner has to answer 3 ?'s but if they miss they either get burped on or Farted on. That reminds me of that episode of Jackass on MTV I saw. I wonder if that young guy farting had to poop? It's supposed to be on again tonight(Thursday) part 2. Oh by the way this is on E(Entertainment tv).

to Linda:

Yes, I clean my butt in the shower with my hand soaped up and also other parts. I do not use a washcloth.

to Convenience in CA,

I was not inferring that it was wrong for women to [pee standing up. I am aware in certain cultures the it is common like india. Also there is a website called that gives help for women in this matter. I don't know how to approach this with my wife or dauthter for fear of them thinking I am a pervert.

Mornin'folks,some responses
TO LINDA-I always use my finger with some soap on it t clean my anus,but i don't push my finger in that far,maybe an inch or so,I don't go in any deeper,cause if I do with a soapy finger it will make me have to poo cause the soap when you go in too deep will irritate the bowel and make it spasm and i have to poo,sometimes if I want to make myself poop i'll put my soapy finger up my butt as far as it will go and within 5-10 mins I gotta go pretty badso i'm careful with that,unless you want to bring on BM!-I could never use a washcloth-too gross to clean off later-i just soap up my hand and run it along the crack of my butt and when I get to my anus,i just clean it with my index finger-and that's that!
TO RJOGGER-Morning ,neighber-boy,you guys are really on a roll with you fiber "internal cleansing " program-like I said to this other poster,every now and then i do the same thing with some metameucil and it works great-I do some really long ones that ome out with practally no pushing at all!Hey,you know RJOGGER,i'm going to take some fiber for the next few days-I already after reading your post took some all bran cereal this morning!i too like you eat lots of fruit and watermelon,but I have to be careful how much fruit or I get really loose stools.Do you take fiber in cereal or in powder?I like the high fiber bars and cereal myself,so with your idea,neighbor,i'm going to go on a higher fiber intake for awhile-I'll let you know on my progress-usually the effects are within 24-36 hrs,cause my metabolism is pretty fast-this should be good-Thanks for the tip,neighber! we should get together for a buddy poop with all this fiber stuff!To me there's nothing like doing a few long! ones after some Oj in the morning and going out to the woods and finding a good spot!-I'm sure you feel the same!
My dumps the last few days have been pretty blah,so maybe this fiber increase will bring on some good results-Ta-ta BYE


Did not intend to insult you or any other females posting to the site.

Yes I do use urinals in public restrooms and I am also grossed out by filthy toilets out in public and would only use a filthy one if I waS Desparate. As to urinals in womens toilets I think it would be a good idea but the problem is architects that design these things. Most of them are probably men and that is the problem. Understand from convenience in CA about peeing in running events and out in the woods and I understand about that.

I only sit at home.

Thursday, July 20, 2001

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