Hi I once had to go real bad and i was on a subway car late at night all day long i was constipated and all of a sudden i had to shit so as the train was going slow and i wasin a small booth like compartment i pulled my tight Jeans down around my knees and squatted right there in the booth and pushed and farted and all of a sudden this very large piece of shit was coming out of my asshole and ploped on to the floor oh boy it stunk pretty bad so i quickly pulled up my panties and jeans and ran out of the train I feel sorry for the person who gets in that car and sits in that stall...

Convenience in CA
To Whizzer:

Why a lot of women stand to pee is also for convenience, especially if they are outside and not able to access a toilet, and don't want to expose their private parts unnecessarily. In fact, in many developing countries where the standard Western-style toilet is not standard, women often do stand to urinate, especially when their clothing facilitates it--e.g., a long skirt or sarong. They can do their thing without exposing their genitals. Also, as many women who do outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, it's a drag to pull down your pants sometimes. For that reason, there are sports clothing that are designed for women with zip-outs or velcro closures for convenience. In addition, there are these special funnels/tube assemblies that allow women to urinate without taking down their pants a lot.

BTW, I'm a guy, who also at times sits down on the toilet to pee---usually at night when I get up, it's cleaner because there's less chance of arrant aim or splash.

This is kind of a serious question. Is is possible for someone to die as a result of straining too hard to go poo? I heard a story recently about an elderly woman in her 70s or 80s who died while taking a crap, and she supposedly was exerting herself very hard when she died (I guess someone was in the bathroom with her helping her). Is it really possible to die from squeezing too hard to go?

Hi everyone its me again I was still wondering what to do about this diaper I saved should I try it on and see how it would feel or what cause I was just thinking how it would feel I need some advice should I try it on or not please help!

Thanx :)


To Filup

I ahve a story simaler to yours..when i was 11 and me and my best friend Johanna filled up on pop and water and held are bladders for like 10 hours then we got these large drinking cups and pissed in them Johannas overflowed and mine barly did. After when my mom came and picked me up on the car ride home i pissed myself. My mom was mad at me. I hardly ever piss my self.

I once wanted to see wat it was like to poop in my pants so i did and it was bad because i had to sit in it and it wad disgusting. (I will tell you more about that later)

I am curious about how everyone cleans their anus while in the shower or tub. Do you lather up your hand with soap and clean it with your hand? Or do you lather up a washcloth and stick a washcloth in your hole? If you use a washcloth, do you get poop stains on it? I feel totally grossed by the idea of cleaning my hole with a washcloth and then using that cloth on the rest of my body. The only time I'll do that is if I'm in a hotel and I know I won't use the washcloth again. When I am at home, I lather up my hands real good and wash it with my hand, and I insert my finger in the hole as far as I can and clean all the particles, etc. I can get my middle finger in about two inches. Only after I've cleaned it as good as I can with my finger and hand do I rub a washcloth over the area. If I get a poop stain on the washcloth, then I run the cloth under the water for a long time until the stain goes away.

How does everyone else wash their anus? Does anyone take a bath or shower and not wash their hole?


Don't stop posting cos we wanna hear you. Besides, where else you gonna find people like dis?

"Oooooh, we don't mention that. Its not polite." Is what you'll get everywhere else. C'mon, get some attitude. GRRRRRRR!

To Ben: Happy birthday! Yeah I'm still here, but I'm actually on vacation right now... I've been out of town for about a week and a half, and only decided to check out this forum by chance. No time to tell stories, but I will once I get home. I hope I haven't missed any of your stories. Well bye for now.

Traveling Guy
PAMELA - Don't be embarrassed to talk to the jogger again next time you see him on the path. He may or may not be into our interests here, but after sharing such an intimate moment with him, it could lead to a very interesting relationship - if you're in the market for that. I really like your impulsive decision to take a dump where he could see you. And if this does go somewhere, just think of how much fun you'll have winking at each other when someone asks, "How did you two meet?"

I am new here and would like any of your experiences about peeing. Here are some questions:
1. Are you pee shy? Have you done anything about it? If so, what? Help!
2. How often do you pee each day?
3. Do you always pee when you get up? Do you pee before bed?
4. What is the longest you ever waited to pee?
5. Have you ever measured your maximum bladder capacity? How much is it?

I'll answer my own questions. 1. I am pee shy. It started when I was 12. (I am now 18.) I never go at school. 2. So I pee 4 times a day: morning (7 a.m.); 4 p.m.; 8 p. m.; 12 mid. (On weekends I go 5 or 6 times each day.)3. Yes. 4. On a school trip, I held it for 13 hours. What pain!!! 5. I measured it that time: 1500 ml.(3/4 of a 2 liter soda bottle). It took several minutes to get going in the bathroom at home. It took so long. I was really scared.

I would like some of your responses. It would really help.

Thanks to Travaling Guy and Peter in AZ for remembering my birthday.
I did wanted to have a big birthday dump but I've been sort of constipated.And Peter cool story about pooping with your teacher.

Michelle in Louisiana: Cool and Funny Song.

No Stories
More Later

Fat woman: You have excellent taste. Lane Bryant is where I buy my

All you guys: I am watching a Seinfeld episode called "The Stall". All about his girlfriend and his friend's girlfriend in a theater toilet arguing over toilet paper.

Jane: Your friend, Christine has a crush on you. I had a high school junior girl follow me to the gym bathroom daily. I thought she had stomach problems. She wanted me. My co-worker Shannon was the same way. She left us to join the Navy.

Debbie, Louise and Curious: see my earlier posts. I have used two across toilets in at a local playground in recent years, at the judo school when I was 10 and multiple latrines in girl scout camp. I was not afraid to use latrines and judo school toilets. Only in grammar school I was inhibited to rest my bowels in during school. I had nice comarraderies in those situations. After 6 days of constipation, I had to use the latrine one evening. I was in my bunk when my bowels attacked me. I grabbed my roll and headed for the latrine. It consisted of eight toilets, four on each side facing each other. No stalls or doors. In the latrine was a girl counselor 18y/o changing her Kotex. I was not developed yet. I took a seat, pulling down my blue shorts and white, cotton panties to my knees. I was so happy when 3 thick pieces of doo-doo evacuated with slow, but great ease. they were 7 inches each. It was surprising relief. Ploop, ploo, ploop, they went. There was no fart or urinati! on. Then a girl my age from another troop entered and recognized me. She told me she goes everyday at this time at home. She slid her shorts and panties to her knees. She started breathing hard and a series of loud plops about 10 of them hit the water like a WWII bomber. In the middle of her episode she farted and urinated. She said it sounded like a diarreah she had months before. We then talked about our toilet habits at home and school. I told her I only used the school toilet when forced to. I was in 7th grade and had to take a crap in school, otherwise I would have messed myself. We sat for an hour and talked about being girls, even comparing our bodies before we wiped ourselves and left. We did not even flush. Many girls did not.

Anxiety pooper: I was the same way until high school. I did not crap in the school toilet unless it was necessary. I used to tutor elementary and middle school kids. After everyone was out, I would then have privacy.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever pooped in lake or sea water?
I have a sailboat and felt the urge to poop while on the boat. I did not really have a choice but to go somewhere. I jumped in the water and pulled off my swimming suit. After i pooped it floated to the top of water and drifted off. It was rather enjoyable but odd to go in the water. Let me know if anyone else has ever done this.

Howdy ya'll! We've had some wild and crazy times around here let me tell you! First, me, Patsy, Jake, Tesa and Carmalita all went out on a camping trip to central Oregon. The weather here has been fantastic! Such beautiful country! We saw the Painted Hills, and the fossil beds, and camped next to a little gurgling creek and it was sooo nice! Then we camped near the John Day river. Carmalita hates outhouses, so she pretty much fertilized the area. She and Patsy are excellent cooks and did really well over an open fire. An elderly couple in a motor home stopped over to say good morning once, and Carmalita cooked them a breakfast of fresh flour tortillas, cheese, sausage, and beans with salsa and sour cream.
Carmalita's been in New Mexico visiting her family. It sounds like her sisters are doing great as usual. I miss those two sexy honeys, I hope they come back and visit soon.

RJOGGER: How are you and Kathy doing? I've missed talking to you. Have you been doing any more outdoor woodland poops with your fellow runners? Carmalita met some guy named Derek whom she saw at the river. She thought he was going to be so great, but what an asshole this guy is!! He was invited to our place for a barbeque, and insulted me and Patsy. He made some very cruel lesbian comments (more than once) and had a major ego problem. A little later he said to Patsy "if you two ever get tired of boingin each other, give me a call." It was at that point that Jake got mad and threw him out of the yard! I mean, he literally picked Derek up in some sort of hold, and threw him out into the street, and hard! I thought he'd beat the crap out of him for sure! Carmalita and Tesa stared with their mouths wide open, they could'nt believe it. It was so beautiful to see. Jake and Carmalita need to get down to business and get married dammit! I know they love each other, but are too d! amned stubborn to admit it! You're a very sweet man Rich, and I love talking to you. Carmalita was asking about you while she was gone. Thanks for listening to me and for all the nice things you say.

Cousin: I know I'm really late in saying this but, I am sooooo happy for you!!! Twin girls! I'll bet you're such a proud daddy too. Please let us know what you decide to name them. I think Elena is a beautiful name. I believe it's a Spanish name. I'm not sure, I'll ask Malita. Carmalita's middle name is Carmela . Isn't that gorgeous? Anyway, I can't tell you enough how happy I am for you! You must be so excited! Are you sleeping at all dad? LOL! How's mama doing? Give us a report okay? And how do you like changing poopy diapers? I'm due in late December but I'm getting excited now.

Carmalita took a massive dump this morning. It was a very bad one for her. It was a miserable poop. She was grunting in pain, but got it all out. It also took about ten minutes. Her turds were big and smelly! She was so damned cute sitting on the toilet naked since she'd just crawled out of the sack. She'd grimace and grunt, and drop more turds which stunk bad. I was lighting matches. She was "wild" looking with her hair sticking out all over. She'd just gotten out of bed and was plagued with a real nasty morning shit. She asked me for her toothbrush, so I put toothpaste on it and gave it to her. That sexy little latina! Sitting there on the toilet brushing her teeth and pooping nasty turds! She even bent down, and spit between her legs while I got her a glass of water to rinse with. I could see her giant turds floating in the dark mess between her legs. I don't know where that girl stores it all up! Once again, she'll kill me when she reads what I just said! But, oh ma! n, did she ever leave a stink in the bathroom!

Patsy also took a nice healthy one today. She crapped three monster logs while reading the Sunday paper. She's such a prissy lady. She sat there with her knees together grunting, farting and plopping. It was awesome seeing her white panties stretched over her chocolate brown skin while she pooped away. I got so excited watching her that after she wiped,...well, that's all I can say!

Oh well, that's it for now! Hi to so many people here, PV, Steve, Louise, Jeff A, (where've you been dude?!), Rizzo, and I hope I didn't leave anybody out! Sorry if I did!


Im an open person. I found this site 2 days ago and have some good stories to share.This one is kinda long.

So I woke up and ran desperitly into the bathroom. TThan sat my bare butt one the seat. Not to much later I had an exploding brown ball of poop cover the bowl.I than let loose a 2 an a half foot snake into the toilet.It was at least as round as my fist. It hurt my ass. Than i let loose a long high pressure piss that stripped some the poo of the front of the inside bowl. I than flushed a few times and washed my hands than i got on my lace panties and than my rubber pants and so on.

I drove to work and about 4 hours later my bowels starting hurtin gbadly and i tried to ignor it.I did for about 1 hour.I sprinted into the ladies room where there was another ladt in the stall next to mine.I hurd loud farts.I pulled down my rrubber pans and hidden thong thang and let out a mush river of poo for about 20 secoonds solid.Than i un witingly aimed up andx let a piss go in the air all over the floor.THe lady in the stall next to me says "you missing the Fu*king bowl u A-hole".I quickly aimde down my ass hurts from the poo.I left and washed my hands.Ass i left out the door i could see out the corner of my eye the ladie sneeking to inspect my job.

I was driving over to the Pharmacy and smelled my ga. I had to go.I than loaded my panties to the point of it hurting. I had a friends house on the way. I waddeled over to the door and rang the bell. Sabrina understood my situation and hed my area helping to the bathroom. I than got oveer to the toilet and took of my pants and panties. Than i threw out my ruined panties in the trash. Sabrina walked in and handed my a spare pair or underwear.I said thanks and all.She stode there well i tried them on to make sure they fit. They did.

I proceeded to the drug store and got some meds.Took them and felt better.

Please send in stories of Dihariha.Thanks

Sincerly,love,chow,adious,whatere you say,
until later


Haven't had anything interesting to post, just been reading everyone else's postings.

First, for Pete in AZ, sounds like an interesting story but I would not too comfortable shitting with my teacher. When I was in school, I remember the separate facilities for the teachers and students. I was kind of embarassed one time when I went into the boys room in H.S. and one of my teachers was on the shitter.

Second, I am here at school right now. I was in the Library and had to take a shit. I went into the bathroom and I recognized a pair of shoes or boots from 2 nites ago when I was there and had to take a dump. There is reflective tile in the back of the stalls and I could see the other guy even to the crack of his ass. I was hoping to see somethinng come out but the way the light was, it was not possible. I can see a future problem to where someone notices being watched and calling DPS. I thought it is not worth getting in trouble for that. If I was the DPS, I would redo the tiles to use flat colored instead of glossy.

i'm a new poster. i'm 16. and i'd just like to share with u some experiences i had from a camp in Colorado called Crooked Creek. One day we hiked up a nearby mountain and i guess some of the people got pretty desperate on the way. As i was hiking down, i spotted some girls (that were from tennessee, i think) in a semi-circle about20 yards off of the trail. At first i thought they were going to try to scare somebody or something, but i noticed when i looked down through their legs, i could clearly see a girl's a**. I then realized they were relieving themselves. Just peeing, i don't know. But, they must have been pretty desperate because there was a designated bathroom a couple hundred yards down the trail.
Also on the trip, there were numerous experiences of farting and buddy-dumping in the camp. Too many to remember or speak of. But our cabin, like all the other guy and girls too, i'm sure, stunk almost the whole time we were up there. The food there was just so rich, everybody used the toilet every day. Some people even several times a day.i do have some more experiences (not a lot, simply cause i'm never at the right place at the right time) to talk about or answer any questions about my trip, but i have to go now and won't be able to post back for some time.

WHIZZER - Do you need me to tell you what the big deal is for women to
wee standing? Do you not know that if there were always urinals in
ladies' toilets that it would be cleaner and more hygienic? If you
go in a men's room do you go in a stall and sit down to pee or do you
use the urinals? I bet you use the urinal. Well that is because you
have that choice and you know it is cleaner using the urinal eh?
It makes me a bit mad when we do not get that choice and all we get
is the 'women must sit' thing. My toilet at home is the only one I
like to sit on and everywhere else I hover or I stand up but I want
urinals because I want to choose to use it or not! And it is fun!
Now do you understand?


Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven't been around a lot recently, but I have been so busy both at work and home with this and that. I am still catching up with all the old messages that I haven't seen so you'll have to bear with me!

I have a few moments to spare so I thought I'd share an interesting experience that happened to me at the weekend.

I was out to lunch at a friends house, all very civilised (rather tediously so infact...). Anyway, after everything possible had been eaten, I felt a need to have a wee (too much to drink!), so excused myself and made my way to the bathroom. Out in the hallway I ran into my friends 6 year old son James who saw me heading to the toilet and ran up to me asking if he could come in with me as he wanted a wee wee. I figured that it seemed harmless enough so followed the 6 year old into the toilet.

He seemed quite desperate so I stood back and told him to have his wee not sure if I should help him or not (I don't have kids as the mothers out there probably guessed!!!!!). Anyway he pulled his shorts down and started to wee not seeming to care what I was doing. When he'd finished he turned to me and with a big smile said, now it's your turn Aunty Julie, (although I'm not technically his aunty!). At this point I got a bit shy and asked him to turn away while I went, to which he replied, but Mummy always lets me watch. By now I was quite desperate so decided not to argue and hitched up my pink skirt and lowered my knickers just enough to avoid wetting them but to try and preserve at least some modesty.

Anyway, as I was weeing, James' eyes wandered between my legs and suddenly his eyes lit up and he blurted out, my Mummy's all hairy down there, why aren't you! (true enough I had shaved my pussy recently!). At this point, you can imagine I turned a similar colour to my skirt! and had no idea what to say so I just smiled hoping he would be quiet.

I quickly finished my wee and pulled my knickers back up as quick as possible, dropped my skirt and went to escape! Of course, needless to say the worst was to come, as upon my return to the dining room, James decided to inform his parents (and fortunately they were the only other ones there) about this new found information about what 'Aunty Julie looks like between her legs'.... Thanks James. I was now scarlet in embarrassment, as indeed were james' parents who seemed speechless for a moment before Carol (his mum) took him outside. I chose this moment to retreat into the lounge.

Now I know why I don't want kids!

Love Julie

Peter in AZ
Cave in NY-
Don't go it took me awhile to get noticed. Trust me people will talk to you if you comment on their posts. Please come back.

Pleasant poops.

I had two accidents again this Friday and Saturday. Both were caused by me drinking juice on an empty stomach. Both times I pooped a large amount of soft poop in my underwear. I was glad I was wearing briefs instead of my boxers. This is beginning to get weird. I don't think i'm lactose intolerant since my stomach is affected by juice and only on an empty stomach.

Also what type of underwear do the dudes hear mostly wear. I wear briefs if my stomach doesn't fell well.

BEM: Happy birthday!

Michelle in Louisiana
Question for the girls: Yes, one time I was at school, and I took a shit, just walked into the first stall I saw, not noticing the toilet paper issue. I knew I would need toilet paper after this shit, and I didn't want shit in my pants, so I screamed, "I need toilet paper!!" hoping someone would reach under the stall and give me toilet paper, but instead some girl said, "Like we needed to know". Some others said, "ewww". Then, I saw a big, fat roll of toilet paper roll under the stall. I screamed thank you.

Bryian: I saw Scary Movie 2. It was actually quite shitty. I only laughed 2 times or so. The first one was much better.

Ben: Happy 13th birthday...nice to officially be a teenager ain't it? I thought so anyway when I turned 13.

ALANA: WOW, I didn't know any human could ever shit THAT much. Damn, girl. I've eaten like that before, too...just no massive shits for me. Lucky thing that wasn't a toilet. ;o)

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. It is raining here in upstate N.Y this morning. My answer for sitting while peeing is only when I have to poop. Sarah Im glad your situation was resolved with good results. I have a recent little incident to post.

First the recent incident happened up at the convienent store up on the corner near my home. I went up to get a pack of smokes. I walked in the door of the store and there was three girls standing over by the soda cooler getting sodas and were laughing and chatting. Thier ages were around 12 or 13. One girl said right outloud I have to piss real bad. One of the others said well lets pay and go back to your house so you can go.

The girl that said she said she had to piss said Im not going to make it. Ive started already and she was laughing when she said that. She was wearing a red tshirt with coverall style jeans. She was facing towards me and a dark blue spot formed in the crotch area of her jeans. She said I stoped it but Ill know I wont make it home either.

She went up to the counter payed for the soda and quickly stepped outside in front of the store. She stood by the front window waiting for her friends to come out but she started to giggle and and said here comes the rest of my piss. Her backside of her jeans turned dark and the cocrete down by her feet was now wet. Her to friends came out and she said to them To late but I feel much better so lets go back and Ill change out of theese clothes. What amazed me about this was she was not embarressed or ashamed by what she did. Plus being vocal about it.


This was a great weekend for barbeque. Gary and I went to three this weekend, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. All of the meat and chicken, plus some grilled shrimp, began to take its toll on my system, and after the last barbeque, where we also swam some laps at the pool in our friends' house, I started to feel an urge to poop. As I changed out of my swimsuit into regular clothes, I briefly considered pooping in the bathroom but decided to wait until we got home. Gary mentioned that he had to stop by his office to pick up some papers and files in order to prepare for a briefing the next morning. We went to his office, and I went to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, lifted my short tan canvas skirt and pulled down my white high-cut brief panties and sat. I pushed out a couple of long thick smooth pieces of poop, both of which hit the water before I was done pushing them out. I paused to pee, then started to push out long thick and much softer pieces of poop, one right after the other. I spread my legs out to look into the bowl and saw a huge pile of poop almost sticking out of the water. It was beginning to smell, too, so I flushed the toilet while seated.

To my astonishment, I heard someone else come into the ladies room. In fact, there were three kids, a girl and two boys, most likely around ages 11-12. What are they doing in an office building, I thought. There was a lot of carrying on between the kids. The girl said, "You can't follow me in here!" One of the boys said, "A dare is a dare. We dare you to let us see you go to the bathroom. Come on. No one else is around." It was at that point that the girl noticed my feet under the stall and said, "You guys really have to get out of here. Someone else is in here." The boys said, "Sorry" and quickly left, but not before one of them tried to sneak a glance through the crack by the stall door. In fact, we made eye contact.

The girl stayed and went into a stall. I heard the sounds of pee, farts, and a couple plops. Then she was done and flushed the toilet, washed her hands, and left. Meanwhile, I continued to push out pieces of poop. I flushed the toilet while seated, wiped, flushed a final time, and left the ladies room. Gary was about ready to go, and he mentioned that his co-worker Jerry was also in the office with his kids and that they just left before I came out of the ladies room.

Regarding Christine, I won't have too many opportunities to see her this week, as I continue to work at my client's site this and the next two weeks. I'm sure that I will find out if anything else unusual happens. Today I didn't have a chance to stop by my office.

Interested Guy - I still think that increasing the amount of bulking fiber in your diet will increase the length and width of your stool. Trust me, I am just an average built early fifties guy, nothing unusual, and if I decrease my daily fiber intake, my stool size decreases. Conversely, if I increase the fiber and fluid intake, my stool size increases. Do I think that some of the sizes posted here are unbelievable? Possibly, but I tend to believe people. Of course, seeing is believing, and I have seen some rather large bowel movements in my time. You take good care.
Pamela - That was quite an interesting story, about pooping in front of that somewhat serious guy. It is interesting to see the reaction that so called "straight laced" people have when they encounter a situation such as yours. I might add that it was quite amusing, since you did want to attract his attention. I don't think that you should be embarrassed though.
Buzzy - I have been passing fairly large, long poops since I was a little boy. It seems to run in my family. Of course, Kathy and I help this along by consuming a great deal of fiber on a daily basis. We both consume 3 servings of whole grains (average of 6 grams of insoluble fiber per serving), 4 servings of fresh fruit and 4 serving of vegetables a day. When we go on an internal cleansing program, like we are now, we each add 2 teaspoons of Daily Fiber to our diet. That makes our poop even longer and wider, but extremely easy to pass. As to others on this site: I find most people here believable, although a couple may seem unbelievable. The real wide ones, I believe. My little sister used to pass somewhat knobby and very wide turds. They were usually not 2 feet long, but wide they were. I know because as kids we used to share a bathroom and both of us have always had an interest in the poop habits of the opposite sex. Hey, who am I to question the validity of what peopl! e say here. I can only judge based on experience.
Oh yes, your last story was a real hit. You have had some great ones lately. You take good care, neighbor.

Tuesday morning was the second day of our semi-annual "internal cleansing" program. Kathy and I have increased our fiber and fluid intake, and it is starting to produce results. After rising and stretching this morning, my wife accompanied me to the head, for my pre-run dump. I felt quite a bit of pressure in the lower abs, and I knew what was coming. I parked my ass over the head, dropped my drawers and let a good sized bomb loose. I felt my asshole really stretch, but it was an easy stretch, as a long smooth "floater" passed out. Immediately after, 3 more smaller turds passed, followed by a long pee. Kathy wiped me clean, then said she had to go. She removed her drawers, squatted over the other bowl and started to go. Her dark anus opened wide and a thick, light brown one passed and fell into the bowl. She lowered herself to pee, then raised a little to drop 6 more smaller bombs. I wiped her clean, then we inspected the results. We estimated her first one at 20" long and! 2.5 " wide. The 6 smaller ones were each about 3" by 1".
It took 2 flushes to down it, then we inspected the old man's dump. The "big one" was about 18" long and maybe 2 to 2.25" wide. The 3 smaller ones were about 4" by 1.25". Two flushes were also required, and both commodes had skids. I also took another dump at work that was about half as big, and Kathy said she had gone twice more while at work.

We are going to keep this program up for 3 weeks. Maybe there will be more results to follow.

Take care, everyone.

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