Someone asked about males sitting down to pee so I figured this would be a good time to bring this up. My boyfriend almost always sits down to pee. He says it's easier because you don't have to aim or worry about it squirting out at a weird angle. He says this also eliminates the problem of dripping on the floor and the age old struggle between men and women over the seat being left up.
Victor, or just Vic as he's called (Nik& Vic, cute huh?), always uses toilet paper after he's done. He says if he doesn't he always gets a few drops in his pants afterwards. None of this surprises me because he's extremely feminine. The roles are completly reversed in our relationship. He's real modest. He says he only rarely goes to pee in a public restroom and hasn't had a bowel movement in public since he was in elementry school. Weird, huh.
He looks and dresses the part. He's skinny, lighter than me even at 102 lbs. and 5'6" tall; blond-brown hair; turqiose eyes; pale skin; very little body hair and what little he has he shaves. Anyway, he was only modest around me for a short time. I remember once he was at my house and he excused himself to the bathroom. He closed the door and I got up near it so I could listen.
I could hear the rustle clothing and he peed for a little. Then it was quiet for a little and then I could here the crackel of poop coming out which was just what I wanted to hear. There was a splash and he sighed. Then another one came out. He peed a little more and then I could here him tearing off toilet paper and wiping. When he flushed the toilet I sat on a couch next to the door and waited for him to come out.
When he came out I said teasingly, "did you need to go poop?" He blushed a little and said "it's ok. There's nothing to be embarassed about. Everybody does it, even me." A few days later he was at my house again and I needed to crap and I said, "come with me so we can continue our conversation." He followed me in and I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. He had a bit of smirk on his face as he sat on the bathroom counter. We talked about the current state of the music industry while I pushed out few turds. There were 4 6" turds after I was done.
I told him he looked interested while I was pooping and he said "yeah, it's always kind of interested me." I said "that sounds familiar. I feel the same way." We then talked about our interest in this subject. He hasn't been embarassed to pee or poop in front of me ever since.

I cant get the pee to start at a public urinal no matter how bad i have to go so I leave real embarrassed(you feel wierd standing there with it hanging out)soon as im outside im busting again.I finally lock myself in a stall and leak slowly so they wont here me. Guys next to me must think im a pervert.


You sound like the cool custodian that every school should have. I just graduated from high school I wish someone like you would have been there b/c someone would always piss on the seats in the guys restrooms. Oddly enough this wasn't the case in the field house or locker room restrooms, the players would make sure they stayed clean so thats where I always went to take a dump. I remember going into the girls' bathrooms after school before the custodians had cleaned them so I got to see what they had done in the toilet. If I saw a bowl of yellow pee I'd sit down and do #3 then leave, I was always afraid of getting caught (another reason I wish we had a custodian like you, you could relate to that feeling!) One time before school had started I filched a toilet seat from one of the girls' bathrooms, I still have it. When I get my own place one of the first things I'll do is install an elongated toilet and I'll put that seat on it. It's an Olsonite brand, thats what all of our schools use. You're interest in pee and poop is about the same level as my own. Recently, I read through all of the old posts unti I reached the very first one, copying and pasting posts that I enjoyed and I got lots of yours. Which part of the United States do you live in if you don't mind me asking. I live in the Northwest part of Houston, Texas.


Hello to all of you!

JCURT, I have come across a toilet of Japanese manufacture you described. It was in an hotel in a ski resort in the Alps in the beginning of the nineties. At the back of the seat is a small tank containing water which is replenished automatically and preheated to body temperature. Hidden beneath the rim of the bowl at the back is a tube with a shower head. When seated on the toilet all you have to do is reach back with your left hand to the back of the seat and press a large button on the side there. A little motor starts whirring and swivels the shower head underneath your bottom. Then warm water is squirted at your nether parts and washes you quite thoroughly. Of course I could not see very well what was going on down below when I tried it, so I got up and looked into the bowl and pressed the button again. That is how I found out. I got my face washed because the water jets up almost to the ceiling if unimpeded by a bum.

KENDAL dear niece, by the time you will be back from Cumbria I will probably be away from computers again. So do not worry if you do not read from me until well into the second week of September.
Now I’m happy to have made you grin or hopefully even laugh out loud with my fart story!
I suppose that you and Andrew will be able to be discreet about toilet activities when Kate is around in order not to shock her in any way. And do get Andrew to help to change nappies on Thomas! It is not that disagreeable. It might be prudent to get Kate to help too, to “soften her up” when it comes to toilety things :) She might want to help or even teach Andrew, he he! I trust you will be able to handle the situation very well. I am also looking forward to your accounts about your granny’s high toilet with the long drop. Does she still have a furry seat cover? Heaps of love from your Uncle Rizzo!

GRUNTLY BOGWELL, thanks a lot for the page number! Your story in question is actually on page toiletpostxm. Great account of you watching your pretty aunt on the toilet! I find that it is one of your best!

Hi STEVE, Louise prompting (commanding?) you to help Jackie with her wee must be a wonderful way to be teased. I also enjoyed your story of stumbling upon the weeing school girl in an alley. You are a lucky fellow! Cheers!

LOUISE dear, sorry to read about your sprained ankle. Weeing in the sink scissors fashion should let you keep your weight off the damaged foot. How about that? The method should be useful for at least something other than to avoid the collapse of a rickety sink or to tease Steve. Do not be too disppointed if it takes longer than a month for your ankle to mend. Take care, love from Rizzo.

Here’s a story about a beach wee.
My little sister and I were often taken by our mother to a tiny cove with a little beach enclosed by rocks on three sides. There we collected sea shells and played among the pools of sea water left by the receding tide. Behind a larger boulder was a flat inclined rocky surface with a wide cleft down the middle which collected water in three narrow pools, one slightly above the other. We used to pour water from a little tin bucket (no plastics in those days) into the topmost pool to make it overflow and cascade into the next one beneath it. This in turn upon filling released its waters to cascade into the next one below and so on until the last overflow poured into the sand below the slab of rock.
It happened one day that we went somewhat later in the morning because of low tide being later. By this time there were a few people already sunbathing on the sand, and therefore we did not have the place for us alone. As we ran around barefoot but still dressed, playing catch, we splashed through the wavelets at the water’s edge. The water was quite cold which had an effect on my little sister. She stopped in her tracks, put her hands between her thighs and hissed in a loud whisper: “Quick, I need to go for a wee. I’ve already squirted into my knickers!” She had obviously forgotten to go at home before we left and now the cold water had triggered a big urge. I looked round at the sunbathers, some of whom were seated right next to a rock we normally used for peeing behind when there was nobody else there, which had usually been the case. No privacy there now. So I had an idea: “Can you still climb over that boulder over there to reach the three pools?” She said she would t! ry, seeing that our usual pee place was too exposed. Biting her lower lip and holding her dress between her thighs she hobbled to the boulder and started to climb after me. It was only a few feet, but she had to stop and bend over scissoring her legs at least twice before we reached our goal. Looking at me she had not realized what I had in mind. “Look, you squat down here and pee into the top pool like so, and then let’s see if you can make enough for water-falls all the way down to the sand!” She flipped up her skirt, pulled down her white cotton knickers and squatted in one fluid motion, immediately releasing her pee. She had to shuffle to correct her position and then draw her knees right up to her chest to make her stream reach the rock pool in front of her feet. Her wee fell in a little arc of twisted ribbon of water only barely making the distance. She never did have any range weeing. When going outside she usually ended up with a puddle around her feet and getting her ! shoes wet. What her stream lacked in force was compensated by duration: she weed and weed and weed. The first rock pool overflowed, the second one below followed soon after and then the third pool overflowed with a little trickle into the sand. “You made it! Four little water-falls in all!” Quite a feat, because it took at least two toy buckets full of seawater to do the same! That her skirt had a damp spot in front did not matter, no one noticed because we had other wet splashes from the sea water on our clothes.

Bye bye, and pleasant toilet sittings to all from Rizzo

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

I'm still constipated, but not too sore and not trying too much, and actually a bit better than I was, so Touch wood, Perhaps I'll miss out on piles and should soon be back to normal. I usually get this constipation for about a week. Even though I'm quite tender, today's shit was quite enjoyable, average sized turds, and I felt every bit as they came out, must be they were quite dry.

LINDA, Interested in reading about your disabled toilet, and that you've been able to buy one, as I thought they weren't specifically marketed.
Look forward to hearing about its plopping potential, and hope Carl is able to sit on one with you!
Did you get a catalogue before ordering it, and can you give details about the supplier, cost etc.?
Thanks for what info you can give.

DAVE NY, Hang in there, be patient and keep posting!
It can be disheartening sometimes when we feel ignored, but there's a lot of people who read our posts who don't regularly post, for various reasons, but appreciate what we say, I'm sure.
Just say what you want, and share it, and you could well strike a chord with someone! I've responded, anyway! Good luck.

DONNY, You certainly exceeded the recommended dose! I suppose 3 times the Metamurcil dose would bring about a good clearout!
I too have occasional bouts of constipation, Do you know what causes yours?

KEVIN from CALGARY, I always like to respond to guys who report getting a big splash on their arse when dropping a big turd on the toilet, so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I always do!
In your experience, does that happen often with Canadian toilets?

MARK B. Welcome back! I've enjoyed your posts in the past and agree with you about the privacy of British toilets.
I've occasionally found toilet dors that start high off the floor, but very rarely found any cubicle partitions that have more than 9" gap under. I still look out for them when I go anywhere new, but appreciate the opportunity to HEAR men using toilets when possible, which is not as easy as it could be with small water traps in many bogs.

That's got to be my lot for today, Happy Times, Everyone! P P G

Dave - NY: Please don't give up! We need all the posters at this site. I will reply to your next post - I promise. I've forgotten what your other posts were about. LOL, Mia

. I last week needed to go to the toilet this was very different because this time there was no toilet anywhere near me. I soon became very desperate I was looking for ong but could not find one.i was riding my bike that day so I decieded to go into the bush to go which was only 5 km away so i was going there. I was wear a 2 peice bikini,singlet,longsleaved shirt,jacket,and undies,boxer shorts,stockings,shorts g string ang a full size dress. With all that on how will i ever make it in time. now i have made it into the bush,but i can't stand still form a second and i must take my clothes off. when i got down to my stokings i was very desperate so i took the rest of my clothes off and had a piss

Ben, I considered the possibility of the girl's turd having been squished in her underpants, but upon careful examination decided that it had been passed directly into the bowl. I have seen squished turds before, in fact in that same restroom I had once found a squished turd on the floor and another time a turd was squished on the toilet seat (The girl had sat on it). The turd in the toilet was semi-knobby with layers of poop compacted together, and looked like it was passed straight from the asshole. We keep extra clothing at the school for when the kids have accidents.

Another time I was cleaning in there, a mom and her two girls came in and asked if they could go to the bathroom. I said sure and continued cleaning the other toilets. The two girls were trying hard to poop and did big clunkers as they giggled. The mom took a big whiz. They apologized for taking so long but I said 'no problem.'

In the boys room a teenaged girl came in with her little brother (around 4 y.o.) after school and showed him how to use the urinal. (Maybe it was the first time he ever used one!) She held his pecker and aimed his whiz. The both seemed to enjoy it.

Well I've just got back from the doctor's surgury and he said everything is fine. He explained that when you try and push something large through a hole that is usually quite small, sometimes the lining in the colon can split and there may be a small amount of bleeding. He said it should clear up in a week or so. He asked if there was any pain and I said no, everything was quite normal. He then asked what normal was i.e. soft, hard, in between. Surprisingly I wasn't that emabarrassed, I understand that he is a doctor and that's his job.

I just relieved that there is nothing serious wrong :)

I rented some movies today, and 2 of them had bathroom sceenes in them. The first one was called Sugar and Spice it's about these cheerleaders for this high school and they end up robbing a bank. There are like several bathroom sceens there are 2 bathroom sceens when all the cheerleading squad is in the bathroom on the toilet and they were passing a box of O.B. I guess they were having their period. I would asume they were peeing as well(i didn't hear any thing). Then there was another sceene where the guys from the foot ball team were all in the bathroom at the urinals peeing. The main star annouces he got his girl friend pregnant and starts talking stuff. Then they showed another sceene the girls in the bathroom passing the box of O.B. and the guys girl friend said she didn't need one because she was pregnant. By the way, the cheerleaders robbed the bank because of the one girl being pregnant and she needed the extra money.
I also saw a movied called Saving silverman, That is about these 3 guys who have been friends since 5th grade, and they are all grown up now and they don't have girl friends. Then the one guy(Jason Biggs) gets a girl friend and his girl friend doesn't like his other friends so she tells biggs he can't have them as friends then Biggs's friends kidnaps his girl friend and he gets another girl friend who was an old friend from highschool...Any way on to the bathroom sceene...Biggs friends have their own house and they have biggs 1st girl friend tied down in the basement.....Then someone rings their doorbell and it is the their old coach from high schoool and he asked if he could move in, they didn't want him because of the girl in the basement. Then he says, "Wheres your bathroom, I really need to take a dump" "The guys say we don't use our toilet to save on our water bill" The truth was they didn't want the coach to find out they kidnapped Biggs's girl friend. Then The coac h says, "Then where do you go if you don't use the toilet" they said the lawn, so he goes out side and a few minutes later you see the coach droping his pants by a mail box and by some trees/weeds. Then he yells to the guys, "Do you have any TP?" They Then the coach said, "Alright i'll find something to wipe with". You see the coach opening a mail box and going through some mail and he was gonna wipe with the mail. I thought this sceene was funny! Any one see any of these movies???

Interesting pic of the oriental girl on the bowl-she definitely looks like she is doing a long poop with that look on her face-i like this pic-she looks sexy in a way to me
TO PAMELA-Cool story with you in the woods meeting your male friend while pooing-hey,don't worry about what he may think-different strokes-that's all I can say,but it that guy were me,Boy I would have enjoyed that moment,i'll tell you and if he was looking at your creation,he may have enjoyed it.the only way to know for sure is to do it again,or at least when you see him,talk about it and see his reaction-anyway-i would have loved it!Keep us posted on this!
TO DAVE(NY)-Listen,there's a lot of times I feel the same way,but every now and then,you connect with a few folks on here.It comes in waves-sometimes I got nothing from anyone for weeks and then tell a story that connects and people respond to you-yes I feel there sre certain"cliques" on here with a few people,but all the rest of us are just here enjoying this site-when I tell my stories sometimes i feel like I'm buddy pooing with a few of the folks on here and this forum has given me a lot of inspiration knowing i'm not the only one in the world that enjoys seeing and hearing people poop,so hang out and enjoy,but again,you are not the only one who sometimes feel that way!
TO PV- nice poop-sometimes the 2nd dump,of the day is bigger and longer-that happens to me alot-i'll bet it felt great!
TO DONNY-Be careful ,with that metameucil-Boy if I took that much i would poo 2 foot turds for a week!let us know how things "come out"Make sure you drink PLENTY of water or you will have a real problem!
All quiet on the poo front with me today-just did a average soft dump as soon as I got up-went right from the bed to the bowl and let out a lot of gas first( must have been 7 or 8 farts that started long and got shorter and shorter and then exploded in the bowl with pudding-not that much though and no part 2 or 3-I was done and that was it-just a lot of farting,which felt great to let out cause I woke up with a lot of gas cramps-hopefuuly more to report on the next few days-Boy I'll tell you since the summer has started,i look forward just about EVERY morning to taking a good dump and i'm biking more than ever and eating lots of v?????s and fruit,fish and rice and occasionaly,some Tex-mex cause it really makes me go along with soy bergers and salads-I really enjoy letting all this food do it's thing from my mouth to my anus-it certainly is somrthing to look foreward to every morning esp now thatI have a lady poo partner along with pooing at the beach and pooing solo in the! woods-fun stuff!BYE

Gruntly Bogwell
Many of you may remember the story of how I was kicked out of that summer camp when I was 14 years old for spying on the two blond twins, who were camp counselors while they were having an early morning poop together. My parents had to come get me and take me home…well this interrupted their vacation plans, as they were going to go away for two weeks while I was at camp. Since they had already made reservations, they had to get someone to stay with me while they were gone, which meant they were desperate and hacked off since they had to bring me home early. They finally found a college sophomore who was home for the summer and needed the money, her name was Vicky and she came to live with me. She was a little ????, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, with a cute face, nice blue eyes and brown hair with bangs that was cut short halfway down her neck, that framed her face and came to two points on each side of her face. She didn't pay me much attention…I was grounded anyway so she! was kind of like my jailer. I spent time in my room reading comics, while she watched TV. The next morning she fixed me breakfast and I went back to my room, while Vicky tidied up the kitchen, she was wearing one of those pink quilted robes and pink fuzzy slippers. Soon, I heard her scuffing down the hall and turn into the bathroom…the one with the door jamb I had rigged a year earlier and then peep on my aunt, the army nurse. I couldn't resist the "opportunity" this presented and crept out of my bedroom and put my eye to the door jamb slit. There was Vicky seated on the toilet with her robe wide open, wearing short pink baby doll pajamas, the bottoms about her ankles, the top frilly hem across her thighs and her legs crossed, left leg over the right. She had her arms folded on top of her knee, she was smoking a cigarette and having a long pee. She finally stopped tossed her head, and took a drag on her cigarette and sighed. After another puff she raised up on her lef t haunch and put the cigarette under her and flicked its ashes into the toilet. She settled back down and her face stared straight ahead, while she concentrated on making a poo happen. She held that look as her face got red and I heard a plop followed by a faint krickle-crackle…she exhaled with an efffgh. Took a deeper breath, her face flushed more. The krickle-crackle got louder as she raised up on her left haunch and flicked off another cigarette ash under her bottom. I couldn't see it but she must have had the poo log hanging partway out when she did this, because the krickle-crackle got faint again after she settled back down, then a few seconds later fell with a muffled floomp. She took a big drag on her cigarette after that and exhaled in a long rush. Just then, I farted loudly outside the door, not having had my morning dump yet and the breakfast orange juice was stirring things up in my guts. Vicky's eyes darted toward the door, I froze, trying to slow my breath ing. She leaned back and forth, trying to see what made that noise just beyond the bathroom door, I started to tiptoe away, but the floor creaked slightly beneath me feet so I stopped. I put my eye back to the door jamb split to see Vicky uncross her legs and toss the cigarette butt between her legs and pull her pink robe around her so she was mostly covered up, her face contorted a bit as some more poo must have emerged from her bottom, because there was a very soft ploop, ploop, ploop…she kept staring at the door, then finally said, "Gruntly, are you hiding out side the bathroom door?" then "You'd better not be young man, or else." My heart jumped at this pronouncement, but to run would have been admitting as much. She quickly reached for the toilet paper, and twisted around pulling up her robe in back to get at her nether hole and began to furiously wipe herself. I squeezed the door jamb closed with my now sweaty fingers and retreated to my room as the toilet flushed to cover my escape and jumped into bed, grabbed a comic book and pretended to read. In no time at all, Vicky opened my door, with an accusatory look on her face, her eyes flashing, "What was going on out in the hall?" she demanded. Realizing I was up against it…I did the manly thing and whined, "My ???? started to hurt Ms. Vicky, and I went out to go to the bathroom, but the door was closed." I was bright red now…I continued "Then I let out some gas by accident, and you started hollering, I'm really sorry." "OK, OK," she said and her demeanor softened, "you can go in now, but your mother told me why you had to come back from camp." This really got me blushing and I my lower lip started to quiver…I mumbled "Yes, ma'm." Vicky said, "All right, all right, does your ???? still hurt?" "A little," said I playing the victim.. "Well, you'd better get in there, before you have and accident, she said, and I headed into the bathroom, shutting the door. I was greeted by the h eavy air of cigarette smoke and the lingering smell of a poop recently taken. I looked into the toilet to see a light yellow-brown floater the size of a gumball, and the tip of something much larger hung up under the lip of the hole in the bottom of the toilet. I pulled down my red plaid pajama bottoms eased on to the seat and unloaded a hefty brown poo banana of my own, gagging a bit on the cigarette smoke/poo smell. A wicked smile crossed my face.

I for one must admit that I often sit to pee, but for practical reasons. Have any of you gentlemen ever seen the sides of the dividers between urinals…ever notice that corrosion down low on both sides. That's right, ureic acid found in your urine which has splattered out. Now given my fascination with toilets, I have the job of cleaning the bathrooms in the house…so to avoid complicating my cleaning job, I started sitting down to pee, especially after getting involved with this forum. However, this has the added advantage of sometimes finding a poo at the breach, while I'm relaxing to pee…something I doubt I would never have discovered if I was standing up peeing until a larger urge hit me.

FAT WOMAN: Welcome back, who could forget the story of your midnight poo in the public restroom of the hotel you were staying in during a conference, when you and another constipated lady of some girth, grunted and buddy dumped together into the wee hours of the morning. Ah yes, I remember it well. So…this one's for you. My former girlfriend blonde, blue-eyed Carol who weighed 360 lbs. had a friend named Samantha who was a light weight at 280 lbs, who was 5feet 7inches tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. One afternoon we were over at Carol's house for a barbeque. Carol and Sammie ate heartily to say the least and they didn't forget ample plates of beans. We were also drinking beer and talking into the night, when all of a sudden Carol raised up on one of her large haunches and farted vociferously, unfortunately it ended in a wet gurgle. "Oh, Oh" she said, heaving herself off the couch and heading for the bathroom. Sammie, laughing long and loud decided to ! go with her, to see if she needed any help…you know the way women do and lumbered off behind Carol. Carol's house was older and her father had been doing some remodeling including making the bathroom more spacious. The toilet was opposite a large window, that looked out on the back porch. I had noticed earlier during a beer pee that the shade was not all the way down, and it might be fun to take a look form the back porch. I got out their and sneaked up to the window, that Sammie was just raising up a bit, because it was a hot night. Carol was already seated in regal splendor on the commode, she had a white blouse on and a jeans skirt. It was pulled up to her wide belly, her wide thighs and legs were spread out to accommodate her ample bottom over the commode. Her white thighs hung down over the seat, she seemed to swallow the toilet with her largeness, her very large, light yellow cotton panties were stretched taut between her mid-calves. Sammie sat on t he edge of th! e tub, I could only see them form the waist down, between the shade and the window sill, but I could hear everything. Carol was having a gurgling pee, which was promptly interrupted by a echoing fart, that made them both giggle. Another fart, ended fairly sloppily and I could see Carol's belly twitch and tighten above her blonde pubic patch as she appeared to be in the throes of a good push to relieve herself…UNNGHHH Carol intoned and this was followed by a ….FLOOMP…FLUP…FLOOShhh as a large mass of fecal matter fell from her bottom, apparently filling the toilet, because she reached back and flushed. Sammie patted her on her fat knee and said, "You go girl!" Carol laughed "Ha" and strained out another load, whose ripeness had now reached the open window. Carol sighed and the turds kept falling PLOOMP…PLUP… ????…and a fart went BRRRIIPPPP. I was fascinated by her undulating ???? as she answered the call of nature in massive fashion. Sammie told her to hurry up, because she! was getting the urge. Carol told her to "Hold your horses, Hon, I ain't done yet" as she flushed again, I was getting light headed from the sights and smells coming from the window. Carol sprayed more wet gassy ones into the bowl and took some toilet paper. But since she had asked me to wipe her that one time in the two-seater outhouse, I guess it should have come as no surprise that she handed the paper to Sammie, who promptly obliged ( they were better friends than I thought. Carol heaved herself off the toilet pivoted to the bent over, while hanging on to the sink so Sammie could get at her bottom. I was treated to Carol's large, white profile from her ample rounded bottom and thighs down to her knees. Sammie's hand with a wad of tp disappeared around her hump and moved deftly up and down her crack, all this was hidden from my view, but Sammie drew back the wad with a medium brown mudslide on it. She tossed it into the toilet and went back for more, with the other han! d she flushed away Carol's mess and began to fumble with the belt of her blue slacks as she wiped away at Carol's brown eye. She pulled out that wad with more brown stain on it, tossed it, told Carol to hang on, she positioned herself before the toilet, tugged her pants down over large thighs, then her silky light blue briefs, and settled herself with an UMMPHH. She went back to work at Carol's behind, with more toilet paper, while I crouched outside and gazed from the night darkness through the open window. Sammie had her knees together, and unloaded a huge volume of gas, as she worked away wiping Carol. She kept opening her legs to toss away the paper and I could see the wide expanse of her belly above her brown patch of hair…BRRRUUUPPPP, went Sammie and Carol said, "Don't talk about me Hon" Sammie's lower gate opened and wave after wave of mush SHHKRICKLED from under her into the pot. Carol pulled her light yellow panties back up, adjusted her skirt and ambled over to ! the sink to wash her hands. Sammie started peeing along with several PLIP…PLOPPP….PLOOUPs as her need to poo wound down. "How we doing Hon?" said Carol…and Sammie spread her legs wide, I guess Carol was looking down form above and commented on the load in the commode. Sammie shifted from side to side her belly tensed for a final push of mush. Her toilet paper stains, which she duly inspected, were not as dark as Carol's but it took her seven wipes to finish and she did so with a flourish and a flush. She got off the toilet and reached down to pull up her silky blue briefs, then a loud dry fart escaped her hole, causing her bulk to shake with laughter. I quickly tiptoed back into the kitchen from the back porch and into living room and took a large sip of beer. When they came back in, I asked them if everything had come out all right. Sammie said "And how…you should have been there." Little did they know.

Jamie The Damie
Jamie the Damie

Its been a while but I finnaly got to a computer that can translate. Ive been eating to well and it all makes me sick and i get diharria for time i had an explosive Sh*t and it make the bowel brown.

Short and brief i gotto go

Bye all

FRancious The Damie Jamies

Hi there. I was on a holiday for a while that's why I haven't
posted. I have some stories from my holiday but first I have a very
interesting story. I went to a mall near my place then after a while
I felt I needed to take a shi. So I went to a restroom with 4 stalls one handicapped and three normal. Then after I sat down with my pants off and asss on thetoiletI looked into the neighbouring stall to check who my neighbours were (as in who I was shitting with. THen I saw a kid(about 11 years), and an adult. Then the kid went down and saw me. I got startled because I wasn't expecting him to look. So I sat normally and let all my shit out. . First there was a long fart , and then plop(10times) then another fart. THen Isaw the kid put his head under my stall to look at me! WOnder why, that;'sall.

Does anyone have any good peeing/pooping accidents that happened to females?

At the moment I'm a bit frightened of what happened a couple of hours ago. I was about to have a bath when I need to poo. I was really quite desperate and it ended up almost sticking out before I sat down. It was quite a relief when I did and I left a mountain of soft poo in the bowl. However that relief turned to horror after I started wiping myself. I had wiped a couple of times then got up and wiped again. On the paper there was some light coloured blood, not very much and I noticed there was a small amount on a piece of paper in the bowl. I wiped a few more times but there wasn't anymore. Nor was there any on the poo in the bowl.

I told my Mum that I need to make a doctor's appointment tommorow, I hope it's not serious. I'm only 20 and surely I'm too young to get a cancer of any kind. I admit my diet isn't the best although I do eat a fair bit of fibre. What else could it be?

qwhile travelling the other day we were held up at some construction on the road where they had one lane operating and you had to wait at a traffic light. A sign said average waiting time ten minute. With school holidays on the go a lot of Johannesburg cars where on the road to the coast. We stopped behind a 4*4 at the light and as we pulled up I could see the lady in the passenger seat leaning over and getting something from the kids in the back seats. The husband was pointing to the culvert next to the road and that was when my 6th sense kicked in and I said to my husband that I know the syptoms of a travellers stomach. Needless to say the front door opens and she gets out and opens the back door too. Taking a look up and down the road, it is early morning with the sun just coming up so you cannot see for far but we are right behind so have a clear view. I assumed she was experienced at this and would put her bum on the door sill and do her business. Not so as she struggled ! with the jeans zip and the tight fit was a problem as she had to wrestle the jeans down. Much sqwirming going on as I said to hubby are you going to watch? He said what for he can see me any day. I said to him learn new techniques darling. Eventually the jeans are down and by the bend just to the knees. Now she sqwats and as the sun is behind us I see these creamy buttocks side on. The problem is is that a 4*4 vehicle is higher off the ground as Linda and I have found out so sqwatting next to it hides nothing. As I watch and don't get me wrong I would rather see a man pooing but she has abviously carried this load all night from up country and proceeds to push a log till it hits the tar and breaks off followed by a stream of what is termed melted icecream. She rises on her toes with relief and then pees a stream that a horse would be proud of. The traffic lights change to green and she has not even wiped. I say to hubby what are you going to do? You actually cannot just drive off and leave her in full view of all. He says the honourable thing ofcourse and as he has not even watched I have no idea. Guess what my darling does? He starts up and turns and reverses across the rear of this 4*4 so that he shields her from the queue and she completes the wiping. The other traffic goes past and as she finishes a multi wipe she comes over and thanks him for cutting off the view but she was desperate. Hubby beams but I do notice that he was watching as he has a little buzz and I know the telltale sign of a man that is just a little excited. I do it to him so I have a sneaky suspision that he swivelled his eyes to watch.

I do what Wizzer does. I sit to pee so i don't splash all ova the place. Not much happening in my Poop World!

Hi Louise,

Sorry to hear about your strained ankle, and I can see how that would make relief while erect a tad uncertain. I'd be sitting myself! Yes, Steve's a dear the way he looks after you, shower-wee, bandage, hospital, the works. And Jackie's uninhibited assisted stream was delightful (thanks for posting this one Steve!).

I hope you're well real soon -- and a few cozy nights in can be a joy too. Revel in quite, warm encounters, they're not so wild but they're NICE!

My confidence level is continuing to increase, I'm not 100% in control yet, but I'm much closer the end of the road than the beginning now!

Cheers, and look after yourselves you two!

Curious -- I've seen the sort of place you describe in a US military series, just a long row of spotlessly clean toilets. I've not used anything so open, that one that I did use was just a two-placer without a partition. But it would be an amzing experience, especially if the company was right. Maybe Louise and Malita would like to make a trio and we'd see what kind of music we could play? And in a few years, when she's just a bit older, dear Kendal can come poo with the big girls?

Heck, it would be an idea!




I saw where there were several postings about wanting to know about peeing or pooping on a toilet where there was a row side by side and what it was like. Well, I did post a long article some time ago about being in the army and the latrines, as its called, had a row of 20 toilets along the wall in addition of a pee trough. There were no dividers or partitions and you just sat next to the other guy poopin. At first it was very awkward and embrassing. New recruits coming into the army at the receiving station (where you first got your clothes and boots and bedding) had to sleep at the barricks and for the first time was away from home by themselves. Washing up in the morning and taking a dump was a real problem for a lot of guys. You know, a week ago they were hanging out on the street corner with their buddys and their GF and now here they are in the army and having to deal with all this new stuff. A lot of guys would go several days, some a week without shitting be! cause they were too shy to shit by another guy. You would go in, drop your pants, sit down and sort of lean over a bit and think about crapping. The guy next to you might be doing a job at this time. you heard the farting, gas, plop plop of his logs into the pot. You heard the hissing of his pee into the pot. I guess this was a way to bring down everyone to the same level and expose everyone to a way of order and direction. Its like, ok now its 5AM and you just ate breakfast and now you shit. Some guys could not do it and were constipated and in pain. You didnt have any false modesty here, you probably would notice the other guys in your company being naked at times, how they were fixed and everything. I suppose this would be gay heaven for a few.

After a few weeks everyone got used to shittin side by side, farting and mostly paying attention to what you alone were doing. The way to do it is you drop your pants down above your knees on your thighs, and your private parts really couldnt be seen unless you got up or moved a lot.I knew of some boys that went on sick call to get help from the medics as they couldnt shit and were given a dose of some milk of magnesnia or something. I know too a few times out on a march for 5 or 10 miles a few guys would pee in their pants rather than say they had to stop and a couple would crap in their underwear if they didnt take care of it earlier and really had to go. Yep the place would smell of whatever they served at the mess hall the day before. Strange, most guys shit would smell about the same.
One other thing I might mention. I said it before long ago on a posting, but we called some recruits "shitbirds". These were typically younger boys that still were not mature to take on this new duty and still had a lot ofgrowing up to do and had ideas and were sort of "spoiled" home life I guess you might say. At the mess hall the sargents might have you do several pull ups on a bar at the door before you could get in. You know a lot couldnt do it, but anyway they got to eat. You were served food on a tray, and a little half pint of milk if you wanted it. Many guys didnt drink the milk, but left it onthe table and had gone out the door. One of these brats would grab several cartons and line them up in front of them while eating. The sargent would come by and notice the hoarding of milk by those dudes. "And you WILL drink every one of them too"!! So the poor by would have to down several of them because he took them,after all. The problem was afterwards they would hav! e everyone march to a location for a class or outdoor exercise of some kind. The poor dude would have to pee more often than not and you know they did some pants wetting. But worse, on a long march on a hot day, they got the stomach cramps and shits from the milk. Thus they would just shit their pants on the march. I had seen a few guys drop off the march column and hit the weeds and do a crap or pee, but when your are a recruit you dont have all that self initative to do it when around a sargent or officer and would get told to get back in line anyhow.

Yep you would be shocked to waked up about 3AM and you go outside for a "head count" and then a short march around the area. Then off to get your chow at the messhall. Then you would hit the latrine and grab a toilet and do your morning shit. All almost on command and you got used to it. I never had a problem with it, and would sometimes gab with the guy shitting next to me. After that in boot camp you would be assigned to a company someplace and they would have regular stalls and latrines like home. But their intentions were like I said to break you and level you so you were all equal an became a part of a "team.

I didnt intend to write all this in response to what a few posters wrote but I thought Id do it anyhow for those who didnt read the old posting I did.

Take care, happy poopin..:)

LINDA: ( NOT GS ) I never thought about the height of disabled toilets before. I've never been in one. I always think they should be left in case a disabled person might need it, and especially if I am able to use a normal one at the time instead.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Grannie's toilet is very old just as you suggested, and it does have a deep water bit at the bottom. Its just impossible not to plop when you go !! I love it to pieces, especially the furry seat that keeps my bottom warm when I use it !! Hope your bottom feels better soon and that your poos won't make it so sore. Love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: I had this really weird dream about you last night. In it, I had come to visit you in hospital and you decided you needed the toilet. So I helped you out of bed and took you there and stayed to hold your hand while you went. The weird bit was that it was Grannies toilet in the hospital bathroom, and you and I had such fun together counting your loud plops, while you happily swung your legs to and fro. Oh yes, and because of the furry seat, you didn't have to sit on it with your pampies on to warm it up first !! I do miss you my dear friend, and I'm counting the days down to your return, even though I don't know how many days that will be ! Andrew isn't here right now, but I know he would be sending more smoochies to you if he was ! And I've got a kiss for all five of you in the Cousin household, xxxxx. Lots of love from Kendal x

AUNTY PV: That was an interesting poo you had, thin and long ! My three today were just normal, as usual ! But Andrew missed out because he wasn't here. I've got my last after school activity tomorrow before I leave the school for good. So Andrew will miss out then as well, because I'm sure I will have to go while I'm there. But you never know, he might be lucky ! Love from Kendal x


Always nice to hear from you. Sounds like we have the
sulfur compounds nailed down now. Keep up the good


Sorry I'm being such a goob. "Like Being Killed" is by Ellen
Miller, not Lydia or Linda. Maybe all that pain killer from
the hospital numbed out too many brain cells!


I finally scored one for the home team! I've been trying for
weeks to get something worth posting. But first, on a more
minor note, when I was at the coffee shop with the two
toilets with no stalls, I was walked in upon by a lovely
young lady with blonde hair down her back and black bell
bottoms. I casually invited her in, but she was gone before
the words left my mouth. :( . Okay, so the main story is
back out on the island. I must have barely missed the king
daddy shit festival because there were about 15 new poops
here and there. No sign of the Mystery Turdist, however.
There was at least one girl poop though, because her pile
was daintily covered with extra toilet paper so no one could
see it. So anyway, I sat down on my favorite rock to add
my own creation. I first got the urge at about 9am but
couldn't go. By 1:30 pm I was ready to explode, so I got
back into the prone position. It was about this time that a
person came up the trail. I couldn't see who it was, but I
was pushing out the biggun. It was a black haired young
man, who cleverly said "Nice to SEE you!". Wise guy. We
both laughed and I continued the process. He turned and
went back down after a few glances. Not long after that I
heard the distant guffaws from the peanut gallery as he told
them what he had seen. When I was done, I had left a long,
thin 24 incher wrapped upon itself like a coil of rope.
Feeling much better, I left the island in search of Carmalita's
twin sister.

P.S. Some kid and his dad were in the woods whistling and
calling "Austin!" while I was trying to go. Austin their
friend? Austin their dog? Was it possible that it was Austin
me? Maybe. Hmmmm?


kim and scott
hello all!
TO INTERESTED GUY-hello there. thanks for liking the posts on people who shit huge.the kim and scott posts are that way! and I(KIM) shit huge! and yes my poos are really as large as I say they are. a foot long to my largest 28 inches long. 3.5 inches thick system causes me to shit this way and I love it! not to mention my boyfriend diet includes the cereal total,which is high in fiber. I also eat plenty of chicken,fish,vegetables ,salad, and fruit.when some people use metamucil to help with their constipation the metamucil makes their shit come out normally and much bigger. I never use metamucil but my logs are always enormous like I take metamucil.I should sit on a toilet in front of you sometime and crash out one of my enormous,thick logs. and then you would believe a cute,little blond female can SHIT!!! so large!!well sir i hope you keep enjoying my posts. and will keep an open mind about things. take care now.
TO BRIDGET-hello there. wow! you are such a sweet female! you always say something nice about the kim and scott posts . Its so flattering.scott and I appreciate it so the way what do you look like? can you describe yourself for me? I would be happy to describe myself but I am sure that you know what I look like already dont you!? well bridget thanks again for the nice comments. you are such a dear!
TO RJOGGER-hello there sweetie. how are you.? scott and I are fine and we hope that you are too! thanks for liking the kim and scott posts so much! and please rjogger you are not greedy to want to hear more of our stories. you are not an old man either!so please stop saying that! and when a good story comes up I will post one as soon as I can ok?plus writing a good story takes time. when I post a kim and scott story I write it out on paper first. then I post it. I want to make sure everything is just right!and yes I will say hello to scott for you. and by the way scott is with me alot of times when I write these posts out. the stories are just in my voice. so scottys here also but we prefer to write the stories in my voice since I squeeze out the much bigger logs.even though once in a while scott writes a story also. be well rjogger.
TO JEFF A-hello there. I hope everything is ok with you! by the way if you are still drawing pictures of some of the ladies on this site maybe you can draw me in a thong bikini laying down on one of those long beach lounge chairs on the beach soaking up the rays. hey why not its summertime. be well jeff!
PLUS LOGGER-Hello there. I would not mind posing in front of you in the buff while you paint me squeezing out an enormous brown log for you the size of a dragons tail! and who knows maybe you will have a masterpiece on your hands!haha, be well all! love,always kim and scott

hello all!
TO Rjogger-hello there. thanks for liking my posts so much. by the way when I write a post, scott is often with me but its in my words. we both work on the story but its often in my words,even though scott writes a few stories also we prefer it in my words.and by the way scott says hello back.more kim and scott posts coming soon ok?and by the way you are not an old man. bye now.
TO BRIDGET-hello there. thanks so much for liking our posts. you say the sweetest things about them. yeah that was some buddy dump we did huh? by the way what do you look like? mind telling me? I would tell you what i look like but I am sure you know that already! bye now . thanks for liking my posts.
TO INTERESTED GUY-hello there. I think rjogger answered your question about your doubts about peoples huge logs. but I just want to say I really do shit as huge as I say I do. My system causes me to shit this way but my diet has something to do with it also. my diet consists of total cereal-a cereal loaded in fiber,oatmeal,chicken,fish,vegetables,salad and fruits.I should come over your house one day and do a dump in your bowl and you too will believe a sexy,little blond girl can shit!! be well interested guy.
TO DAVE-hello there. interesting story about you being a female to male transgender. can you give us any stories on any close calls where a guy almost found out what you where or anything and you avoided a bad situation? be well dave you are amongst friends here.
TO JEFF A-hello there. how are you? if you are still drawing pictures of some of the ladies on this site can you please draw me in a teeny bikini laying down on one of those long beach lounge chairs in miami beach. I think that would be cool! hey why not ? its summertime in america!!haha. take care all!

Mark B (UK): Welcome back! I remember your posts real well. It's too bad that the toilets in the U.K. are so private. In the good old U.S.A. the toilets are much better for us toilet fans. Some public restrooms still have doorless stalls and these are the best for watching other guys taking a crap. Most other toilets even if they have doors allow some peeking at dudes while they shit. Those with gaps under the partitions let you see the legs and feet. Also useful are those with gaps between the door and the door frame. Recently, my buddies and me went to an outdoor rock concert. At intermission, I needed to piss. When I went to the restroom there was already a long line of young dudes. There was just one line. It led to a row of 4 toilets (with doors) on the one side and to 5 urinals on the other. Guys just peeled off from the line to go to the one or the other. There was a real cool dude in front of me in line. He was wearing a baseball cap, low slung painter's ! pants and a black T-shirt. At one point he farted and said: "Excuse me, dude!" I told him he was in the right place if needed to fart. He replied: "It sucks to have to wait so long." When we reached the head of the line, a urinal became available and he told me to go ahead since he needed to dump, the crappers all being occupied. I decided that it would be more interesting to wait with him so I told him I also had to shit and we let the guy behind us go ahead. Just then the first crapper became available and the young dude went in. He closed the door, but I was standing right outside and I could see most of the action thru the gap between the door and the door frame. He pulled down his pants and boxers and sat down on the crapper leaning right forward so I could see most of his body, but not his face. Unfortunately, the bathroom was real noisy so I did not hear him fart or his logs plop, but I hung around to watch him wipe and had a real great view of this. He came o ut quickly, gave me a broad grin and I went into his just vacated stall. There were skidmarks in the pan and some TP floating from an incomplete flush. It was great to sit there and piss on the still warm toilet seat. Hope you get to come to the USA one day and enjoy our cool toilets!

I have to comment on today's masthead picture. I seem to have missed seeing some good ones, but I've had a little more luck this time. That is quite an attractive girl and she looks like she has just enjoyed a pleasant wee on the floor near the drain. Pulling her bikini bottoms aside the way she has, she reminds me of a few similar ladies I've seen urinating in similar positions over the years.

To PV,
Hi there, darling. Interesting little report you posted. The 'major length' you produced must have had a strangely malleable consistency to have been able to survive 20 continuous inches before it broke off. Did it by any chance stretch longer under its own weight while it was coming out of you or did it start out as thin as it ended up? You do seem to have quite a wide variation in how you dump.



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