Interesting story about the elementry school girl's turd. I remember travelling between New Zealand and Fiji on a Boeing 737 with the old style (not suction) toilet. A 14-15 year old mini-skirted girl kept me waiting for ages outside the toilet. When I went in, I saw the reason why. She had left a turd which must have been 4 inches in diameter and about 7 inches long! It wouldn't flush between the stainless steel chute and the pan. I don't believe guys can produce / pass turds of this diameter - I never have. It would be interesting to hear from posters re the maximum diameter female turd (we mainly hear about excessive length).

Hi everybody,Well I finally had a good bm the other day.We went to this Jam concert thing kind of like woodstock on a farm except the musical groups are not well known. there was a farm house with a bathroom but it was quite a long wait to get in.well we had barbecued for two days and I ate five whole chickens and a half a pot of beans along with potato salad cole slaw and about fifteen baked sweetpotatoes.I had not had a good BM for at least five weeks,but the urge hit me and I mean I had to take a huge shit!I grabbed a roll of toilet paper from the van and scurried off into the woods.I found a nice place where a tree had fallen and it looked kind of like a nest so I climbed up to a spot where I could rest my butt on the log and shit into the nest below.I pulled my jeans down and my panties to just above my knees and got into position.I just waited and you guessed it a big thick turd began to emerge from my hole it was incrediably thick and light yellowish color semi smooth w itha few lumps in it.It fell to the ground with a thud.Then without warning a huge load of rope shit began to uncoil out of my ass wrapping around itself and coiling on the ground then the banana shit started one after another about twenty eight in all eight to fifteen inches long.another thick ten incher followed by more banana turds.Then it happened I felt a cramp and I knew the motherload was on the way.I farted loudly braaaapppp!!!and coil after coil began to come out and drop on top of the pile on the ground.Then ice cream shit then another huge coil of rope shit then moer banana turds I mean pound after pound of hot shit was piling up and steam was rising up off of it after about another fifteen minutes I was through so I climbed down to look at my accomplishment.The pile of shit was huge and I mean HUGE!it looked as if fifteen or twenty people had been using this place as a toilet.well I went back to the jam session to get felicia to show her the pile.when we got back t o the pile there were two guys drinking beer and discussing if that pile was made by a horse a bear or a moose.I came over and interjected maybe a two legged animal made it.One guys says to the other "I told you it was a bear". love you all ALANA

Hi,again,I usually don't post twice,but I had to tell you all about my morning-After I signed off I got dressed and headed out to the woods and I had to poop as I was biking out there-when I got there,i found a spot and waited for the urge to get stronger and after 15 mins or so I see off about 50 yards on the path "donna"jogging and I yelled "Hey.hey-good morning" and she saw me and made a bee line toward me and she was all sweated up from running and said" hi,good lookin'What's cookin'"I said well,my ???? is-got to go and I was just about to do it causw i didn't think I'd see you"she said "well here i am,but i do-dood about an hour ago-i had to go pretty bad -come on over here,i'll show you where I went" and she led me about 20 yards over to this clearing and I saw her load-It was 2 turds on top of each other-one was really hard and knobby and the other was slightly softer and about 10 in long-it was a nice load,but i felt bad cause i missed it.then I said "hey i'll do a de layed buddy dump and go on top of your load,Ok?" she said"Oh goody you have to go do-do now" and I got uodressed and her and I hugged for a bit and then i went over and went to squat over her pile and she went around the back of my butt and said"I want a good view of you going-do you have to go bad?I said"I got to go now"and i relaxed my anus and 2 tight farts came out as I felt my anus start to dome out and she is behind me about 2 feet away from my opening anus saying" oh wow,this looks like a good one" and the 1st turd started to crackle out and it was a bit hard at first but got smooth and slid out my butt and as it was still coming out and touching the ground she said"Good one,buzzy-you know you really have a nice ass-the biking really must do it for you-come on honey,let it all out" then the turd fell on the ground right next to her load and I took a break and turned around to look at it-It was about 10 in long and a bit on the clay consistancy and she said " good one,he y i'm going to try and go some,i dont feel like i gotta go but i just got some cramps " and she got undressed and came over and squatted along side of me.This was GREAT-maybe she'll poop and then i said" listen I have to go again" and she right away looked at my butt as I let out a small fart followed by 2 long turds that came out pretty quick and covered her 1st load as she said"Oh man that was good,honey- listen i really want to try and do-do now" and with that she turned around with her butt facing me and I saw her anus start to push out and she started pushing and moaning and then she let out a long fart as I felt I ahd to go more and let out some pudding as she looks over at my stuff coming out i see her anus open up and this long squgglie about 1/2-3/4 of an inch come out slowly-it was about a foot long but really narrow.yes we were both dumping at the same time-she' looking at my ass and i'mm looking at her's and we are about 18-24" apart from each otherwith our poo t ails-Then she said after this turd curled on the ground" well,i'm done now-i didn't think i'd even do that" as she got up and went around to my butt to go back to her original view and said"Boy,nice load are you done?"I said "i"M not sure,let me wipe you.OK" and i got up slightly and she gave me some toilet paper and I wiped her clean and I'll tell you-for a 50ish yearold lady,she has a wonderful butt and I enjoyed every wipe and so did she!Then I said" I have to finish up and squatted down and let out the tail end of my BM which was very soft and narrow squgglies as she looked at my butt with intense interestsaying" thata boy," as she smiled.Then I was done and she wiped me good and we had a good time for a bit and then we said so long and she said"This is so much fun-I really enjoy our do-do sessions I'll try bto get out here by the end of the week OK-hope to see you soon" I said " hey anytime,i'm out here just about every day to dump and you're welcome anytime!"then i bikes back to tell you all.She's a very interesting lady-as we were squatted there in-between pushing out our turds we were talking about all kinds of stuff-she was married for 27 years and they were separated,but still have a good relationship and she has 2 kids pretty much grown up-come to think of it ,I should ask her if she did this kind of thing with her ex-should be an interesting thing to ask next time i see her!This was a great pooing session-i'm just lucky to find a woman who reall enjoys this buddy poooing!I just love it-wish I could tell you more ,but dont want to upset the power that be on this forum,but trust me i left alot of the story out!Boy was that fun! BYE

Just a quick post to let everyone know this is going to be my last post here. It seems I can't say anything worth responding to, therefore no one's responding to anything I say, and I feel like a ghost. I may or may not lurk a little while longer, but I won't post unless someone specifically requests me to. Bye.

Sara. Mrs. Rhojis deserved firing.

Dazz. Bathroom carpets/mats are gross.

Kendal. Disabled use toilets are about 46cm high, 80cm long and more
comfortable (and fun) than standard models. We just got one in
stainless steel, just like a public toilet. Haven't connected
it yet so its a chair/conversation piece in the apartment.
Eventually Carl and i want one each.

interested guy
Many thanks to all those who replied to my query. I see quite a few others doubt the measurements given by some people here - but I guess we are all different, and if we are all measuring in the same way, then I do accept that some people must do massive shits.
RJogger - thanks for the advice. I guess my diet isnt ideal, but I cant believe it would make that much difference. You must be built differently to me, and I admire you for it!

Hi all!

Poop report -- after my emmission of bumshot the other day, today was the turn for lengthy stuff... I wouldn't call it exactly bootstrap poop, but it was fairly thin, half an inch for much of its length, though thicker and lumpy to begin with. I dropped a few chunks, then began to emit this major length. After a while I looked between my legs and was amazed to discover it was already in the water and turning over at the bottom, while still flowing out of me. It was a golden toffee colour, and when it broke off I estimate it was 20 inches long! I passed another four-incher and a last chunk, so in total there must have been thirty inches of smooth poo in that motion, curled around the bottom of the bowl. It was the second of the day too!

Happy poops,


Sick boy
This one goes out to who ever asked how many guys sit to pee my guess would be very few I knew a kid in high school who did sit to pee all the time and we all thought he was queer and made fun of him for it.

Traveling Guy
Does this count as "buddy dumping"? The annual, 5-day arts fest where I live just ended. Artists of all kinds sell their work from sidewalk booths and there are music performances and lots of good food. We had erfect weather, too. After a good lamb gyro sandwich, I had a strong urge for a dump, so I headed for the nearest porta-potties. They were set up in groups of four this year, three regulars and one handicapped. As I approached, I saw an attractive, petite woman in her mid to late 20's, wearing a white blouse and a tan skirt, enter one of the portas. As I came up to them, I found all others occupied. It turned out that two had been locked for some reason. So I waited about three minutes or so and the next porta to free up was the one with the petite brunette in it. She came out and quickly disappeared into the crowd without even a glance. Had she taken a dump? It sure seemed so. There was hardly any aroma inside, but there were two very fresh turds, sort of t! wisted around one another, each about 6" long. There was already a lot of waste in the pit, but I think it must have been her handiwork that sat atop the pile, above the water line. The funny thing was that one of those jobbies banana shaped, with lengthwise edges to it. This woman must have wiped, but she made no effort to cover up her production. I sat right down and deposited a long snake of a dump right over hers. So, does it count as buddy dump if it's almost anonymous?

NIK - Nice dump story! Thanks for sharing.

ANXIETY POOPER - I know exactly how you feel when you say you don't want those secretaries to hear you. I used to be just like that. But the day may come when you really must poop at work and you won't be able to. So, take a look at those secretaries sometime. Every one of them has to poop, too, just like you and me. Sometimes when they do, they make noise or stink up the place. We all do. Now, have a big dinner or a big breakfast some work day, whatever works for you, and go to work determined to have a good, relaxed dump in that restroom when nature calls. Forget any noise or smell you may make. You're entitled. Afterwards, walk out as though nothing had happened and go back to work. Now do that again a few days or a week later, and so on. You and the secretaries will get so used to it that no one will think anything of it. Then you'll be over a big anxiety hurdle and be grateful for it. Good luck and keep us posted. And take another look at BERNELLA and D! EBBIE's recent posts. It's all 100% natural!

QUESTION FOR THE GUYS - Have to answer, because it's usually a Q "...for the ladies" here. Yep, normally I sit at home but stand in restrooms with urinals. Nope, I don't feel the slightest bit "unmasculine" about it. I think it keeps the bathroom and toilet cleaner. That's important, because cleaning it is usually my job. I'm not sure how or when I got into the habit, but it works for me.

BEN - Happy 13th, dude! Hope you had a big birthday dump.

Donny - re the 4" wide poo - did you ever consider that it may have been in somebody's knickers before the toilet, thus making it so wide? I have seen such things before, sometimes pancake shaped and probably squashed in underwear before being emptied into the loo. I've even done it myself....

Yesterday afternoon while jogging or actually more like taking my daily walk along a jogging trail, I met a guy coming the other way whom I have often seen seriously jogging on the trail. - At least every other day for several weeks. Sometimes we stop and rest and talk, but never very long, or about much of anything, and he moves on. I would say we have become aquaintences or casual friends, but the guy kind of mystifies me - He's nice looking, and always looks into my eyes when talking, and seems nice, but always very intense, as if he is a deep thinker. We continued in seperate directions. I've been a little constipated, and surprisingly felt the urge to poop coming on. In a very short time the urge became pretty strong, so I decided to make use of it to have a little "acccdent" to see his reaction. When I reached my walking limit and turned around, I knew I'd meet him again, coming the other way as always. So at about the right spot, I waited just off the trail and wh! en I saw him coming in the distance, quickly turned into some brush about 20 feet off the trail, lowered my pants and squatted with my ass pointed toward the trail. When he got close, I yelled, "OH I'm SORRY, I had NO idea anyone was coming. " I don't think he'd seen me before, but he surely did then, and looked over just in time to see a long rope of brown poop dropping off from my behind. This stopped him in his tracks and must have flustered him too, because as I looked over my shoulder, he was looking away. "I'm glad it's you and not some stranger, even though this is just too embarassing. I got caught short, as you can see, and have nothing to wipe with. Do you have any kleenex?" He hesitated and then took a few steps toward me, reached in his pocket, fumbled and brought out a cloth hanky. "It's okay - use it" he said. Then he looked down at my production and said, "yeah, I can see it was an emergency all right." I quickly wiped with the hanky, raised, buckeled! my pants and stood up. "Thanks. I was afraid I would have to use leaves - I owe you a hanky," I said. We both stared at the steaming pile of poop - 3 nice brown turds and some squeezings on top - and sudenly I actually became embarassed for real, and started back to the trail. He called out, "No problem, ah, see you again sometime", as I headed off in the other direction. I could tell he lingered there a moment, looking at my big heap of poop, but I just kept going. The last time I looked back he had gotten back on the trail, headed away from me. Maybe he thought the whole thing disgusting. Now I feel kind of stupid or maybe foolish about it and wonder what will be said next time I see him. Well, at least I felt a lot better after expelling that big load of shite.

Plunging Plop Guy, the recommended dose of Metamucil over here is one tablespoonful in a glass of water, 1-3 times a day. I took 3 tablespoonfuls 3 times that day, which would be 3 times the recommended dose! Everyone is different so I can't say what would happen for some one else, but this amount seems right for me when I'm bunged up once in a while!

Michelle in Louisiana
Hmm, I noticed that many people here go about describing themselves when they introduce themselves. I never thought of that...but descriptions are always nice, so here's mine: Brown hair with a tint of red, brown eyes, 5'6", 120-125 lbs, medium build, and a dark complexion.

Anxiety Pooper: I used to have a pooping anxiety myself. I just didn't want people to know I was pooping. But pooping is NATURAL. EVERYBODY POOPS. There is nothing to fear about pooping, it's just a bodily function like peeing. So, POOP and wear a SMILE on your face as you do it :oP.

Filup - Your story reminds me of something...when I was younger, my sister and I used to play outside in our backyard. There was a sewer there, since we live out in the country, and so we have a septic tank. Anyway, one day, when I needed to piss, I decided to piss in the sewer instead of going inside. I did that for a while, and so did my sister. Hey, it still goes to the same place, right?

Fat Woman - ROFLMFAO funny story!! I really got a kick out of that!! Seriously though, that woman had no right to do that. People these days are so nosey, that's for sure. Anyway, that reminds me of a story I have to tell: I was at Firestone(a rock club) talking to my friends who were there, when I needed to piss. So, I walked into the bathroom and saw this one lady following me. I walked into a stall, and she walked into the one right next to mine. I pissed, and then farted, when I realized I had to shit as well. I farted again, that time it was louder, and I realized that lady next to me was peeping in on me. Well, then I realized maybe I only needed to fart, and I didnt need to shit, so I walked to the sink to wash my hands. The lady came out. Then, the urge to shit came back, and that lady walked back in the stall. I then started to shit, letting out quite a few turds, taking my time...that lady could stare if she wanted to and she was. After I was done, I stood up to ! see what my shit looked like. I did about 10 turds, each about 3-4 inches long. The lady kept staring. I wiped my ass, pissed again, and walked out of the stall. So did the other lady walk out, and I said, "IT sure is fun to stare at people while they shit, isn't it?" The lady blushed, and I walked out.

I thought y'all might like this: ITs called Dis Aint My Toiet:

I went to a birthday party for dis guy at work.
We never got along and I think dat he's a jerk,
But free beer and whiskey are just too good to pass,
So I got real drunk and told him dat he could kiss my ass.
I ate up all da peanuts and his wife's lasagna, too
So hurry in da toilet 'cause I'll need it when you're through.
I shut da door and hit da floor, somehting just ain't right.
I bumped my head on da tub, I could use some light.

Chorus: Dis ain't my toilet, it's got a petted seat,
The paper's on da left, it should be on da right.
I can't see in da dark, I got to find a light.
Dis ain't my toilet, I can't sleep tonight.

Now back at home, my toilet's got a nice brown fuzzy rub.
I know just where to reach to give dat throne a great big hug.
Once when I was really sick I stayed in dere all day
All you need's a book and a great big can of spray

To Bridget: I haven't seen Scary Movie 2...but i saw Scary Move 1...I think i'll go see 2 when i get a chance!

kevin from calgary
TO QUESTION for the guys Yes i allways sit to pee, it does come in handy at times since occasionaly while peeing i let a wet fart go or sometimes a poo.

had to poo at the mall today, just a short line up (four guys ahead)but barely made it, as i sat on the toilet a big smelly poo ploped into the toilet with a big splash wetting my bum.

QUESTION for the girls have you ever pooped in a washroom and discovered no paper in the holder?? what did you do about it? one time a girl i know had this happen to her, she was too embarassed to ask any one in the other stalls so she just pulled up her panties and left. she really made a big skid mark in her panties plus she did smell a bit.

Peter in AZ
Question for the guys- I only sit to pee when my legs are tired or I will poop soon. May I know why you asked this

GREAT STORY!!! I mean wow!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Here is a story...
When I was about 13 years old my teacher let me stay after school because I was having troubles with my grades. We had hot dogs for lunch and for some reason when I got constipaited and ate one of the hot dogs it would make me poop a lot. Ok back to the story. Well my stomach REALLY hurt so I kept on holding it. Then my teacher (Mr.B let's call him that) farted loudly. I was like Mr.B and he said "Well the hot dogs give me gas and diharhea." I started to laugh and then I farted and got very red. Then I doubled over in pain. He said "ARE YOU OK?!?" I replied "I really got to go to the bathroom" He said ok anyways I need a bathroom break too." (now i was embarrassed to go poop anywhere other than my home) When we got there he rushed over to the toilets and ploped on the toilet and fart quite loudly. He said "Now Peter don't feel embarrassed to go poop in school I'm doing it, everybody poops!" For some reason something clicked in my head and I never felt embarrassed to poop i! n public again. So I walked over to the toilet saw my teacher on the pot(no doors) and he had his leg open wide and and I could see poop rushing out of his butt. I ploped right on down on the toilet and fart loudly, and I was pushing with all my might "UNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...(famous crackling sound)...PLOP. I was out of breath. Now my teacher had cleaned up and washed his hands. He said "Hey Pete, if you don't mind could I stand help you out?" "Sure, what are you going to do?" "Well face the tank(I did and had to take my pants off) ok now I goiong to rub your back to try to relax you." He started and it felt GREAT. Then he said "PUSH!" I did so and poop kept on coming out it felt like an anaconda coming out of my butt. Then I was finished my teacher got out of the stall and I turned around to look in the bowl...all of this together i guessed was around 22" long 2" thick. I said to my teacher "do you want to see this creature before it goes to it's watery grav! e." He laughed and said sure. He asked "You must have been constipaited." I said "Yeah almost a week." It took only two wipes to clean up!!! Well he never brought that up ever again.

Happy Poopings!!!

RIZZO - Oh hi guy! LOL no I am not wetting Spanish beaches yet! We are
going in August because we are too busy to go any earlier. We think it
will still be nice then, so we should enjoy it then.
Yeah that is true that a girl's urethra is only very short. Yeah maybe
mine is a little bit wider than average too. I think it may be a bit
of a family thing because my mum gushes like me and so does my sister.
I bet my friend Emma only wees the same speed as Steve.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Well in my dream I just remember dreaming you took
your bikini knickers off to have your log but I bet that is just because
your bum was centre stage LOL, but knowing how you do it I bet you
would have taken everything off. I do remember I dreamed you had your
bikini on when you first came out, then off it will have come.
Well thank you for saying I am strong but sometimes I wonder if I am LOL.
You sure are strong too!
You know, I bet Steve has dreamt about you more than I have!!

PV - Hi girl! Guess what, I can do the drinking water and weeing trick
and there is no stopping and starting. I worked out that if I started
my wee and then drank while feeling how I am weeing then I will not
stop, and it worked. We did not go out at the weekend, and we just
stayed in and had some fun together just all by ourselves. So on
Saturday night we had a nice bath together, and when I wanted to wee
I stood up with my glass of water. I pissed and gulped down the water
and amazed Steve because I had not practiced it! LOL I looked down at
him looking up at me and then I giggled a bit and my weeing spluttered
then but it did not stop.
I hurt my ankle at netball on Saturday and I will be out for ages now
because I bet I will not be fit again to play before we go on holiday.
I had to go off the court and I could not carry on playing. It is not
so bad and I think it helped how Steve took me away into the showers to
put a cold compress on it. Before he took me to hospital for an x ray,
he picked me up and held me while I had a wee in one of the showers.
I just wanted to be empty before we went and it was a bit of a trickler
wee with it running down and up my bum, so he had to give me a good
wash and wipe after I did it.
It was a romantic thing he did really but I had tried squatting and my
ankle hurt and I was not too sure about standing either. My ankle is
all right, I will wear strapping on it for a week and it does not hurt me so
much now but I am limping a bit. At least there is nothing broken and
there is little damage, but I will not be able to play sports for a
month because I can not run around. Well maybe we can still go for a
swim after 2 weeks.
At home it is the easiest thing for me if I sit down for a wee, and
to shit too, but when I am at work like I did today I will be
standing up over the bowl to wee with most of my weight on my good
ankle. Yeah that is not too bad.



Happy mon. morning to all!
TO RJOGGER-Boy,neighber,you do some big ones!Don't get me wrong,i've seen some women do some mossters like some discribed here and some stories i believe,but some are a bit unbelievable to me anyway-I too like you eat a lot of fruit and rice(brown)and i never have a problem going!I do long ones like you ,bit not quite as big as yours!Don't they feel great coming out though?I really think the exercise helps a lot with our BM's too-Enjoy your stories,pal!
i'm felling a good Bm coming-so i'm going to sign off and it's a nice morning and i'm going to head out for a woods dump-Later BYE

I am female to male transgender and I always sit to pee, lol. I have friends who say they stand with a device, but I can't be bothered to. In male toilets no man ever bothers to see why I'm going into the stalls, and no one's ever asked me. I mean every guy has to sit down sooner or later doesn't he? hehe.
I have some FTM friends who are a little spooked by men's toilets, and they use the disabled. Personally I'm not afraid of men's toilets as I know that men won't harrass me. They are too busy getting what has to be done, done and getting out of there.
It is the law in Australia (I am in Sydney) that it is an offence for a person of the opposite gender to be in the toilet of the other, but I am what's known as "agreed gender" which means that generally even if I was arrested (which would be highly unlikely) because I dress as a man, take hormones and changed my name officially, and I'm not causing a public nuisance, police would have their charge thrown out of court.
So I don't dwell on it.
If you want to ask me questions you are most welcome to.

To Kim and Scott,
Louise's dream certainly described a pretty picture. Louise and yourself performing in the same place? I'm not sure I could cope with that much excitement. Ha ha, yes, I could have a tape measure with me to take official measurements of your log. Yes, I'd like that. A lot.

To Julie,
Are you around, sweetheart? Perhaps you are busy, I know that problem only too well these days. All the same, all you need to do is think of me, and in spirit I will be there as your toilet guard.

To PV,
It seems that Louise's ankle injury has scrambled her memory a little as well <snicker>. Having read her posting from today, perhaps I should point out that it was the Friday evening when we bathed together and she perfected (with so secret practicing, so she claims) her simultaneous water drinking and weeing. On the Saturday evening, she was in no condition to stand in the bath, as for one thing we did not want to soak the ankle support bandage she was wearing, and also I did not want to risk her having a fall. As a result, although we had been intending to stay home anyway, we had rather a quiet night in with Louise putting her feet up. It wasn't very exciting in an in-your-face sense, but it was very cosy and pleasant, just enjoying each other's company.

To Rizzo as well as PV,
I thought I'd take the chance to tell a little story from around a week and a half ago.
Louise's friend Jackie came around to the house and she spent some time there. After a while, she announced she needed a wee wee, and had done since before she arrived. There was no evidence that this was another one of Louise's deliberately arranged japes, but she prompted me to accompany Jackie.
"Well, go on, show her to the bathroom, Steve", she nudged with a wicked grin at her friend.
"Are you coming with me then?" Jackie brightly invited.
Was it likely that I would refuse?
Jackie climbed the stairs ahead of me and went into the bathroom and stood, apparently waiting, near the toilet. She lifted her dress up above her waist and looked at me. She was wearing a white g-string which enhanced the appearance of her gorgeous figure and smooth, tanned skin.
My suspicion that she wanted her g-string taking down was confirmed when she asked me to help. I hesitated at that, then Jackie called downstairs to Louise.
"Lou, Steve won't help me."
Louise quickly appeared, and gave me look of mock disapproval.
"Steve, help the lady", and disappeared with a giggle.
Well, I eased down Jackie's g-string, and she kicked it off, turning to stand over the toilet. Using no hands to aim, she released an impressive twisting stream of urine into the toilet. After around a minute, the stream faded to rapid dripping, which continued for around a minute longer. I find the differences in styles women have in urinating to be absolutely fascinating. A stray trickle ran down her leg, and without her having to ask me, I knew she wanted me to wipe for her, so I tore off some paper and with an effort to stop my hand shaking, I carefully performed that task.
After I put her g-string back on for her, we washed out hands and returned downstairs to the waiting Louise, and the two of them exchanged wicked looks. When I looked at their heads and they asked me what I was doing, I replied that I was checking them for a pair of little red horns each!



Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

Feeling better now after reading the last few posts from people, but have been rather depressed today as I've been constipated again.
No problem in that, I enjoy putting the effort into shitting, but I've been getting a sore arse again as I pushed the turds out and am REALLY sensitive for several hours after.
I've probably avoided heamorrhoids by not continuing to try to push more out even though the feeling is there; I look in the pan and if it looks like I've done an average load, relax for a few minutes, and if I feel like I've done, then I stop, but it's hard to know when you've done, isn't it?

No idea why I get this cycle happening, but I've been extremely itchy in the anus for a few days now, so perhaps anti-biotics would help again. I'll see how it goes.

DAZZ, We both seem to know what makes the ideal bathroom!
In my opinion, the way to keep a toilet clean is to put some bleach down every so often but make sure it's flushed away before your next ploppping session to avoid bleach splashing up!
Hope your visit to the Q. Victoria Building's worthwhile, and that if it's not as that guy said, you enjoy a good one anyway with a few splashes!

BUZZY, So you too sometimes drop hard knobbly turds, and get your arse splashed! Hope you enjoyed the splash, but can see you thought it a bit off to get yourself wet from the guy next door squatting over the toilet! Although in a way, that could be a rather intimate way to buddy-dump, but not without prior agreement!
Your latest dump in company sounded better than ever! You have a brilliant time!

KENDAL, Your gran's must be a traditional toilet with its greater height, as I've never seen toilets advertised for their greater convenience for people with disabilities.
I have, however in some public buildings, found that the toilet for the disabled has been specially made for that purpose, and actually is much higher. Perfect for loud plopping if the water trap's the right depth, size etc.
Not all Victorian toilets were deep and good for loud plopping. I've also got access to an outside Victorian one, one with the manufacturer's name on and made in Stoke on Trent, but useless for loud or splashing plopping.
A friend once found one when he was at a public building once that looked very uninteresting, but when he sat on it to use it...Wow! He said he got soaked and the sounds were great!
The proof of the toilet is the shitting!

All best wishes to all of you, and hope I too will soon be enjoying my toilet as much as most of you! P P G


I am male and sometimes I pee at home sitting down. It just eliminates splashes on the floor from bad aim. Also I don't know what the big deal is for women to want to do it standing.

Mark B
Must be a year or more since I posted but I still read this site sometimes. Really liked the stories from Mike about the marine, and Ryan where he could see the other guy's reflection while he pooed. I often wish here in Britain there were more toilets where you can see the other guys pooing, if you want to. There seem to be hardly any. All very hung-up about it here I suppose. Brits love their privacy. I wish we had those crouching toilets like they have in southern Europe and other parts of the world. If there is a gap under the partition, while you are crouching doing your poo you can see what the guy next to you is doing. It's especially nice to crouch the wrong way round on the footplates so your poo falls on the white ceramic part and does not plop straight down the hole! Anyone else used this kind of toilet and done this?

Mark B (UK)

Monday, July 16, 2001

Michelle in Louisiana
Curious: A row of toilets...with no seperations I presume you mean? And no, I haven't had that oppertunity, and I don't really want to either

Jane: I think this Christine person needs to be consulted about her obsession with people shitting, and I think you just might be the one to do that. Christine should know that people are catching on to her silly bathroom stuff.

Interested guy: I've never taken a shit that fat, either, and I never claim to. I think you may be detecting exxaggeration in these posts, but you never know. Some people have huge shits and that's just the way it is. I really don't see any reason not to believe them.

Nik: Great story! You're in a band? Awesome, so am I. I play bass guitar and sing as well. The people in my band dont mind saying if they have to piss or shit either. We always say WHAT we have to do, not just simply "go to the toilet".

BigC - I don't really have any bad gas stories that are's the only one:
One time I had pinto beans. At night, I kept farting and farting and farting neverendingly. The room STUNK. I wondered if my bedroom was going to blow up due to a gigantic amount of methane. I sure hoped not. Eventually I fell asleep. Blah.

CUWET - I know it was a while ago since you posted your story, but I did like it. As for the pee story thing, most of my stories are pee stories, since I have far more of them to tell than I do poop stories. I think it's because humans pee more than they poop anyway :oP

Peace, love, and happy pissing and shitting :o)

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