I had a really nice shit today. I work at a Harmony House and today I had to work from 9:00-4:00. I hate working on weekends but you do what you gotta do, I suppose. I woke up around 7:30 and had one of my typical breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled, 2 peices of white toast, and a glass of orange juice. After I was finished I went to work.
I started the day out mostly working at the checkout. I would occasionally drift from this location, but always keeping an eye on the front desk. I could a BM forming inside of me. I could tell this was going to be a good one. I worked for a while and took my lunch break at 11:50.
Went to a Coney Island that was in the same strip mall. I had a Greek salad with chicken. I took my time and ate most of it along with the pita they serve with it. I aarived back at work just in time to get back on my shift. Someone else had taken over at checkout so I worked mostly doing stocking and recovery stuff.
My manager had me putting some Radiohead cds on the shelf when I suddenly knew I had to crap. I just stopped what I was doing and went back to use the little water closet we have there. There is no lock on the door so I made sure I knocked before going in. After a few seconds no one answered so I went in.
I couldn't wait. I pulled up my black skirt and pulled down my black pantiehose and sat down on the toilet. I bent forward slighty and started to push. I could feel my butthole slowly begin to open. I passed gas and the crap began to poke out. My breathing became slighty labored as my butthole stretched even wider. I let out some short little grunts "ungh...ungh...ungh" and pushed out a few inches. I stopped to catch my breath and started pushing again. I strained as it slowly came out and then dropped with a hard "splish".
I sighed with releif but I knew I wasn't done yet. I pushed out another good sized turd, "plunk", and then a smaller one came out, "plop". Then I pissed a torrent for about a minute. I stood up to observe my work. There was a foot long 2" thick turd, a 6" 2" thick turd, and a 4", 1.5" turd. I did my wiping, flushed, and washed my hands. I felt totally refreshed and the rest of my work day just flew buy.

I had an experience on Friday that was at first disturbing but was laughing about it later. I spent a long day at the site of my current project. It was about 6 in the afternoon when I was ready to go home. I had an urge to poop and went to the ladies room on my way out. I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and panties and sat. After I peed I started to push out a long thick piece of poop. I had to help it along, and it finally popped out and plopped into the toilet, splashing my butt.

Suddenly I heard someone come into the ladies room and say, "Hello. Anyone in here?" It was a man's voice. At first I was scared. Why would a man come into the ladies room? Then I realized that, if he were really a pervert, he wouldn't be announcing his entrance, so he must be a custodian. I answered yes, but then there was a loud noise, as if he dropped something, so he must not have heard me, because he continued to come in to start cleaning. I was in the second to the last stall, so he wouldn't have been able to see me. I was going to answer "Hey" when I suddenly let out a loud booming fart that echoed throughout the room. At that point the custodian must have heard it and said, "Sorry. Excuse me", and quickly left the ladies room.

I pushed out one more piece of poop before finishing up quickly. As I came out of the ladies room, the custodian was waiting in the hall. He said, "I'm sorry. It's late and usually nobody is in the office at this time." I said it was OK, bid him a good evening, and went home. I think the custodian was more embarrassed than I was about the incident.

Anxiety Pooper
Thank god I found this site. Just last night I was telling my husband about my pooping anxiety. I hope I'm not alone in this. The other day I was at the office and apparently whatever I had for lunch, decided to go right through me. Well there is only one bathroom in our office, and it is right next to where all the secretaries sit. So I go in the first time and am trying my hardest to not make too much noise (god forbid if someone heard me poop). I have this thing about other people hearing me poop. So when I'm done I walk back to my desk. Just then I get a gurgle in my ???? and realize I have to go again. I knew this would be a loud one...and there was no way I could go right back into the bathroom again, someone might notice, or hear for that matter. So I called my boss and told her my son was sick and I had to leave. So I drove as fast as I could to the next nearest public bathroom which was at a fast food restaurant.

Am I the only on that has this poopers anxiety?

RIZZO - check around page 642 for the story of me peeping on my aunt when i was a teenager.

JANE - Why don't you slip Christine an anonymous note giving her the location of our forum and ask her to post her side of the story, since she seems so facinated...unless you and your co-workers don't mind her listening and don't want to freighten the poor girl with a need to join you.

When I was 12 and my cousin was 13, we used to play pee games. We would fill up on water or soda until we were ready to burst, and then piss in a mayonnaise jar (without the mayonnaise!) to see whose bladder was the largest. Then sometimes we would see who could piss the longest and farthest. Our records were him: 1200 ml (better than a quart); me, 900 ml; him: 90 seconds and 5 meters (15 feet) and me: 75 seconds and 31/2 meters (10 feet). I tried and tried to win. Then one morning I invited him over. (My mother was at work.) I pissed the night before at about 10 p. m. and didn't pee that morning. He arrived about 11. I was in agony but my bladder was stretched more than usual. We started drinking. I added 1000 ml. of water to what I had inside. He drank 1200 ml. knowing he would win. I pissed 1400 ml, for 100 seconds, and 51/2 meters; he 1250 ml, 85 seconds, and 5 meters. I won. He never did figure it out. We also discovered that I had a problem pissing when I had an erection! . He could piss no matter what. But playing like this did help me get over my pee shyness at school.

To Curious:

This is something I experienced once, many years ago, in the infield at Indianapolis, before they modernized their facilities, having only outhouse buildings for both men and women. Inside, there were just long wooden boards with holes cut in them, over a pit, a gang version of the rest stops you see along the highway. Everyone sat down in front of everyone else, or they didn't go. Initially, most were a little reluctant, but when nature calls, and everyone is doing the same thing, it really doesn't matter, and everyone was cool about not looking at each other. I sat down, quickly moved my bowels, wiped my bottom, and left, and other women did the same, whether they were there for #1 or #2. It brought forth a great number of modesty issues, and ones of intimate vulnerability, but if everyone is one the same page, it's no big deal. I was a little miffed that I couldn't wash my hands, but we were dealing with priorities.

Fat Woman
Gruntly Bogwell brought up an interesting point about being observed in public bathrooms. I myself have noticed this happening to me alot lately. I'm about 300 lbs. so when I have to have a bowel movement it is quite an ordeal. I squeeze myself into the stall, turning my body sideways to fit, then I unfasten my pants or lift my dress, depending on what I'm wearing. Then I place the seatcover over the bowl and finally sit down heavily with a little grunt. I'll try to paint you a picture of what you would see: I sit ungracefully with my ???? thighs spread apart, my triple XXX white no nononsense underwear stretched around my ankles, my butt, already enormously fat, is now spread even wider over the toiletbowl so that it hangs over the sides, the toilet disappering beneath my massive girth.
Well to get back to my story. I had been shopping in Lane Bryant in the mall and felt what I knew would be an effortful bowel movement coming along. I hastily paid the cashier and waddled out to the mall, eventually locating the bathrooms. Unfortunately there was a line ahead of me, but I didn't worry too much for I knew I would take quite a while. I actually looked forward to resting on the toilet a bit after shopping! However I noticed that all the other women in line were pretty thin, and were giving me discreet curious looks, especially the woman right behind me in line. By now, I'm used to this, so I thought nothing of it and went to the 1st available stall when my turn came. For one terrible moment, it seemed my body was too wide to enter, even sideways! I grimaced and grunted slightly as I tried to squeeze myself inside. The woman continued to watch me. Luckily I managed to get inside and bolted the door, panting. From watching the shoes, I saw that the woman had no! w taken the stall next to me. I was slow in getting my oants and underwear down and she had already sat down and was peeing loudly. The gaps separating the toilets were rather wide, and if you pressed your head back against the wall while seated, you could see most of your neighbor. Well, that's exactly what this woman was doing! After she had finished peeing, she remained on the toilet and twisted her head to watch me. I placed both hands on my thighs and lowered myself slowly on the toilet, deliberately contorting my face, giving an exaggerated loud grunt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her shifting as she watched me. It was then that I decided to put on a show. She obviously didn't need to poop and was just sitting there to watch me! So I gripped both asscheeks, spreading them apart and began to strain. "NNNNN.....NNNNN...." I swayed and bounced on the seat so that my ass jiggled in my hands. "UHHHHHH! MMMMMMM!" Honestly, i grunted louder than necessary. But I was pret! ty constipated. "MMMMMPPHHH!" I grunted through my nose. "OHHH!" She was watching me blatantly now. Boldly I turned to face her, pressing my head back against the wall, panting, my double chin quivering. "UUGGH!" I looked at her head on, as I strained. She seemed alarmed at my face contorted in effort but kept my gaze. "EHHH! NNNNN! UHHHH!" It was then that I think the silliness of the situation overcame her and she flushed and left, leaving me to finish my dump alone, but it was fun while it lasted! Gruntly, you are my fave poster. Got anymore stories about your ex girlfriend Carol, your mother in law, or your friend's wife, Ruthie? I really enjoyed those stories.

Question for the guys
How many of you sit while you pee?

When I was cleaning an elementary school girls bathroom, there was an interesting turd in one of the toilets. This particular bathroom served the 3-4 grade classrooms, so the turd was produced by a girl between the ages of 9-11. It was short, about 5 inches, but it was 4 inches around! Too big to fit through the outlet of the toilet! I had to break it up with a stick, and it was hard as a rock. The girl had to have been very constipated and it must have been very painful for her to do this job.

Warren: Most toilet seats sold in America today are made by Bemis. Some other companies that make seats are: Olsonite, Centoco, Sperzel, and Magnolia. My favorite is the Posturemold (Bemis), it is a commercial seat, elongated, open front. Search their web page under "Commercial seats - plastic," you will find it. Bemis also makes proprietary seats for Kohler, American Standard and others. Another favorite of mine is the "French Curve" seat that they make for Kohler. It is heavy duty and highly contoured.

CUwet, please post more stories about your wetting experiences. This site is for what we normally do in the toilet and peeing is one of those things, but most people only post pooing experiences. Actually if you went by the pictures on this site one would think men never have to pee or poo at all.

Jane - Your office adventures are certainly interesting. However, your young co-worker Christine, seems to be a little weird. That she follows you and other women into the head and stays there while you poop seems a bit strange. Your "tennis" story was quite interesting. Take care.
Upstate Dave - I liked your "latest adventure", with Beckie and Teresa both pooping in the woods. I'm sure that you got a great view.
Rizzo - Great FART! Story, with your girl. That one had me laughing heartily.
Interested guy -So you doubt the size of some of the "droppings" that people here seem to "boast" about? I for one believe them, and based on my own experience, I do not doubt them, or think that they are bragging. You stated that you produce small loose stools, and that your wife doesn't produce much more, even though she eats more. I believe that not only does food intake effect stool size, but how much fiber and fluid consumed does also, as well as the overall health of the digestive tract. Then a person's physical activity level has to be considered. I can only speak for myself and my wife, but we are very physically active, our diet includes upwards of 35 grams of fiber per day (including foods that have bulking fiber) and we each consume a great deal of liquid. On average, we each have 1 to 2 bowel movements daily, with the first being very large and the second one smaller. My first "production" of the day usually includes one large poop, about 18 to 21 " long and 1.! 75 to 2.25" in diameter, with some small companions. My wife usually passes a 14 to 17" long and 2.25 to 2.75" width poop with some smaller ones. Sometimes, the length and width of our dumps are larger, especially if we are using a fiber supplement for an internal cleansing. How do I know? My wife and accompany each other to the head often, we watch each other and I have measured the output on occasion. You should try a fiber supplement along with an increased intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. I would be willing to bet that if you did, your output would increase. Take care.
kim and scott - I didn't mean to sound greedy. Of course, you have many other things going on in your young, adventurous life. I just get excited when I read one of your posts, and can't wait until the next one arrives. Take good care, Kim, keep smiling, please say hello to Scott.

Has any one taking pictures of poop? Did they turn out? And did the photo company print them? I'm just wondering cause im thinking about doing this. Thanks

someone asked about bathrooms with just a row of toilets,
well i've only seen that once and it wasn't realy a row,it was four toilets, two next to each other facing the other two,it was at a summer camp where i was a activity assistant it was in our cabin and six of us (all female)shared it,all the other cabins were setup the same as far as i knew.

I remember when i first saw that bathroom and like all of us said oh my god and stuff like that,but it was something we got comfortable with about after a week or so,i remember not being botherd by having to pee but i held my #2 for almost four days before geting up enough nerve to do it,but a couple of the others shit the very first night,i know because i was in the shower and could hear and smell it with no problem and when i got out (the shower was right next to the toilets)i saw my friends Julie and Rebecca still pooping away and as i stood drying myself Rebecca started to wipe and got up to flush as Julie was still doing farts and plops and i started to feel alot more relaxed about it all. and when i finaly did it it was still kind of embaresing but luckily only one other girl walked in on me and she sat across and did a pee and we talked as i stunk up the room.

There is something new coming out of Japan now. (leave it up to them to solve the toilet paper problem) It's a butt washer that works on your toilet. I guess it has a water feed line and attaches to the water supply for the tank. After you potty, you activate this thing and a magic wand comes up from underneath and washes and bathes your asshole and whatever else needs washing. I guess it would be really great for gals on their period. If I remember right, I saw it in a catalagoue from "" enterprises in Chicago. They had a toll free number listed, but I won't print it here cause I'm not trying to sell anything and violate the rules. You'll have to find it yourself if you want one. I don't have no idea how much it costs or how to install one, but the catalogue claimed it is becoming a household item in many parts of the world. It comes as part of the ultimate toilet seat. Always thoguht about the idea but like so many great inventions, sombody apparantly beat me to ! this one also. Mabye I'll buy my wifey one for Christmas. She is always complaining about her bowel movemenmts that are like glue and can never seem to get her hole cleaned well enough, then leaves telltale skidmarks on her panties. So there you have it folks.... The end of the days of "Skidmarks on your Panties...told a tale on you!"

Plunging Plop Guy

I've just read about another very productive shit as a result of taking Metamucil.
DONNY, You said you took 3 spoonsful one day and really dropped a load the following day.
I just want to clarify that we're talking about the same thing as my results have always been anything but spectacular!
The dosage here in Britain of Fybogel which contains Isphagula husk is 2 sachets per day (One morning, one evening) dissolved in 1/4 pint of water.
As Fybogel is the British equivalent of Metamucil, I'd like to know what the recommended dose is for the latter, and where I might be missing out!
As for the last 2 days my bowel seems to have been quite sluggish, all I want to do is eat a bit more dried fruit, as I just don't see any point in Fybogel when all it does for me is give me more frequent shits but not all in one go.
I'm resisting the temptation to sit there on the toilet and try too hard, but stop pushing when it's not desparate to come out, then after a minute, the feeling seems to go.
Back to normal tomorrow?? I sincerely hope so!!!!

Some years ago I put an ad in a gay magazine for others with interests in using the toilet. The choice of a gay magazine seemed most appropriate, although inevitably, most of the few replies I got were of a sexual nature.
Of the few I received that weren't from men implying activities other than what I'm specifically into; one was from a man with whom I corresponded and swopped cassette recordings of sessions on the toilet.
I went to visit and there was no suggestion of anything sexual between us and he showed me his vast collection of correspondence from all over the world from men who enjoy shitting on the toilet.
I appreciate that he was breaking their confidences by allowing me to read such material, but how could I resist reading through all that?
I think out of all I looked at there was just one guy who I'd be willing to contact, and so this person introduced us and we corresponded.
This person in turn told me of a friend who'd been to the USA and mentioned going to toilets with no doors on the cubicles (stalls) and I then contacted him to confirm this as I was so staggered by the idea!
In his reply, he said he had only said this to satisfy the other's curiosity after much persistent questioning, and that he would tell me the truth and that no, public toilets in the USA were as private to use as those in Britain.
I therefore concluded it was an urban myth, but every now and then I learned the truth, that there are some toilets with no doors. In a few films I'd seen, in films about military establishments, in a porn magazine showing the layout of a very open public toilet, but not until I discovered this forum did I know for definite; Yes! they certainly do exist and quite a number of different places, and sometimes with minimal partitioning, and sometimes no dividers between the toilets at all!
Thanks to everyone who have confirmed this fact so often and I hope all those for whom the idea of shitting in public would be quite a difficulty, and who happen to have found this forum by accident, will realise there's a lot of people in the world who don't have any inhibitions about "going public" !
What I'd really appreciate from anyone who can advise me, is any info about books with illustrations of "open plan" toilets.
Somewhere I have a small book published in USA by a private individual who invited photographs from people who'd found toilets considered intesting enough to include in this book.
Various ultra-modern, very old-fashioned, exotic, and primitive toilets all featured in it but absolutely nothing of American toilets.
I've surfed and found some toilets on the net, but apart from one isolated and not very photogenic picture of a toilet with a partition that comes forward only as far as the front of the toilet, and with a guy actually sitting on it, I've not found anything, even amongst the websites dealing with toilet surveys.
Any help in finding out and seeing more on this subject??
Many thanks to anyone who can give me some leads.

Hope everyone has great sessions on their toilets, or in the woods or wherever, Happy plopping, farting and pissing!! P P G

PLUNGING PLOP GUY.........I wouldn't object to having what seems like 60 gallons of water splash up my arse either!!!! That guy is missing out on something that's for sure!!

I hope to be visiting the Queen Victoria Building in the next week or so. It was actually built in the time of Queen Victoria and was the city markets. It's now been restored and converted to an upmarket shopping centre, so the toilets should be quite nice and clean. I read that they did have wooden seats on the toilets when the building was reopened, but people kept stealing them so they had to put plastic ones instead. I hope they are the thick plastic ones, much more comfortable. I guess I'll find out when I go there!!

As to my own bathroom, you'll be happy to know that it is a reasonably large room with ceramic floor and wall tiles. The accoustics are fantastic, which nicely compliments the long drop and deep water trap in my bowl. There is no extractor fan either, I hate these things too!! Bathroom carpet is something I also find pretty gross, they are an ideal harbour for germs just like bathroom mats which I also hate. Another thing I can't stand is these cleaner things which hang in the bowl. The worst of these leave a big layer of froth and bubbles on the water, this dampens the plop sounds and reduces splashback. As you can imagine, these things are banned from my bathroom!!


I have a awkward bathroom experience to share. I was visiting my family.
I had meet a girl who I had been corresponding thru email. We planned to met for the first time. In doing so decided to take in a movie. Well we were driving, I felt a awful rumbling in the pit of my stomach. So I told her that I had to pee really bad. It was late in the day around 5 pm. We were stuck in rush hour trafffic. The pain in mystomach was getting worse. There was no bathroom in sight. Finally I found a bathroom and I told the girl that I could not hold it any longer in fear that I would pee and poop my pants. I stopped the car and rushed to the restroom. I mad it just in time. I squatted and out came the foulish smelling diarrhea. It filled the entire toilet. Some even got on the top of my underwear. Fearing that I was taking too long, I quickly wiped.(Several times I might add) and quickly returned to the car. We left the parking lot and continued on our way to the show.What a relief.

Mornin'folks-some responses
TO DONNY-i too,like you very rarely have taken metameucil with results pretty much like you!I also had those "trumpet"farts before unloading some seriously long turds-about 1 inch wide,but well over a foot long and sometimes close to 2 feet.That stuff really makes me go,but I only take it once or twice a year for a good purging,but boy does it make me go-last time i tried citrocil and it woked just as well,but not as much gas>I like it better,but when I want to really unload,i take that stuff and it's great and boy,do i feel great after one of those kind of dumps!
TO INTERESTED GUY-Yes,I agree with you with some of the size stories on this forum sometimes-2 maybe 3 inches wide is Ok but even that is a "stretch"to me,but 4 inches or more,I tatally agree with you-Hard to believe!I think maybe a rare time or two,i did a 2-1/2 in wide and that was NOT pleasant!Most of the time i do 1 in maybe 1 1/2 at most,but they are always pretty long(8-12 inches)I eat a lot of fruit and rice and I think that contributes to the length-anyway i agree with you,pal!
TO JANE-Boy,this christine is kinda strange in a way-She should just reveal how she enjoys listening to you girls poo and maybe it would be a bit more open and relaxed-I would feel a bit uneasy if a guy just kept following me into the toilets without saying a word or pooing along with me and it's happened to me a few times and I just want to run out of there!Hey,at least if you are in the next stall listening to me dump,return the favor and poo along too!Just my opinion-Love your stories though,keep 'em coming!
Didn't dump all day yesterday and woke up this a.m.with a bloated feeling,but didn't have to dump yet,so I decided to ride out to the beach again to dump there,Got there and it was pretty busy( i guess it's busier on the weekends)On my way out there,i could feel my gut churning and my rectum filling as I biked along and when I got there I Had to stand in line and at that point I was feeling pretty ripe and really to unload as i stood there I could hear some guys farting and shitting.Then I went to an open stall and as I was walking into it another guy was just sitting down in the next stall and as he was sitting down ,i could hear him let out this long,hissing fart and when he hit the bowl,i heard what sounded like a bunch of soft turds come out really fast and he was moaning in relief and ended it with a big fart and I heard him say,i guess to me" sorry about all the noise,I just had to go so bad"I felt I had to respond and said"Hey i'll be joining you in a minute,knoc! k yourself out"and with that ,i sat down and let out a long tight fart myself,Now when I skip a day,I usually have a lot of pre-poop gas,a dn this morning was the same M.O.After this 1st fart,i let out another fart that got higher in pitch as the turd started to open up my asshole.Then the 1st turd started to inch it's way out my domed anus as i could hear this guy in the next stall pushing out some really loose stuff along with some amazing amount of farts.This guy was really going!Then my turd fell into the bowl with a loud splash and I looked and saw it was a knobby one about 6 in long.It was a hard turd too and felt like a tennis ball with burrs as it came out!Then i sat there and heard some other guy across from me do what sounded like a coffee dump-lots of gas and soft stuff exploding in the bowl.I felt another urge coming on but held it for a bit as i sat there listening to all these morning BM'sThen I heard anothet guy come into a stall in the other side of me and he s! at down and grunted and let out this big burp followed by a tremendous fart and a lot of loose stuff splahed into the bowl and by then i had to go and let out another long fart much like the 1st fart and started doing one of my long ones as i heard mr.burp do some more loose stuff.As i'm sitting there pushing this turd out,it starts to feel like it's never going to end and looked between my legs to see a real long turd coming out my anus all the way into the water and starting to curl around and it was still coming out!This is the best kind of dump for me>i really enjoy these long ones-they feel so great coming out and esp when I'm pooing along with all thses other guys!Then the turd fell silently in the bowl and i looked and it was about 15 inches long and about 1 1/2 in wide and smooth as it curled around the bowl.It was one of my better ones.I still sat there enjoying some more dumps when another guy came into the next stall and I heard him lift up the seat and I saw him! pull down his shorts and take tham off and he then proceded to get up on the bowl and squat over the toilet and let out and long ,tight fart and i heard all thses turds splashing in the bowl with rapid succession and it sounded loose.I guess this guy didn't want to sit on the bowl,but the drag was,as the turds were splashing into the bowl,water was getting on the floor and some of it was splashing on me!NOT pleasant,but I didn't say anything cause it was interesting to hear someone dump like that.Then I felt like I had to do some more unloading and I decided to lift my muscular ass off the bowl and pushed out the tail end of my movement as it too splashed into the bowl and I have to say it was fun to do as my turds fell into the bowl ending with a loose explosion of squgglies and farts.then this guys wiped himsaelf as he still was quatted over the bowl and took off.Then i felt done and wiped my messy butt(from squatting above the bowl,i got alot of splashback and had to some ! some serious cleaning up.This was a great morning dump-heard lots of shitting and I dumped a good load myself,cant get better than that!I just love to dump after skipping a day cause I know it's going to be a good one with all kids of turds coming out from hard to soft,it was such a relief!I also think that some of the other guys were enjoying the sounds too,everyone was taking their time dumping and everone was being totally relaxed as they were dumping-i was definetly not alone enjoying this dump session and it was fun Outside the toilets was a shower room and I went in there to shower up,cause i stiil felt messy and rode back home and here i am telling you about it-so far no "Donna",but i'll hopefully will run into her soon!Later folks!BYE

Well today is my birthday. I'm 13.

To Jordan: Are you still there. I haven't heard from you.

No stories.
More later

To Dakota: That must have been really cool like you said. I enjoyed reading your story! I wonder if your friend enjoyed you on the can? I sure would have!!

Hello everyone!
I don't know if this has been mentioned before but in "Scary Movie 2" there are a few good poop scenes. At the beginning, they parody a part from "The Exorcist". You see the priest reading from his bible and reciting "God, please give me the strength to get rid of this demon", then you see him sitting on the toilet, emitting a series of explosive farting and splashing... Then later, the lead girl in the movie gets involved in a fight with a black cat. The cat starts attacking the girl so she blurts out, " I'm sorry if I poopied in your litter box". Then you see the litter box with about 3 large turds lying in it.
Secondly, I noticed that most pooping websites involve Japanese women, which led me to wonder why the poop fetish phenomenon is so popular within this culture in particular... Does anyone have any theories??
Well, just wanted to say hello to all the regulars on this forum like Jeff A, etc... Speaking of which, do George and Moira still post on here?? I miss their buddy dumping stories... Now we have an equally good buddy-dumping couple with Kim and Scott. I loved your last post about you sitting on top of Scott while you were pooping. I have always fantasized about experiencing this "position" with someone... Well, duty calls... I don't have to poop but I have to go to work so bye for now... Bridget

WARREN : do try the Home Depot. lovely selection of toilet seats

The end of the line after the whole wetting ordeal things are fine thanks me and my mom are better than ever Laura and I are good friends again after she told me that she peed her pants in 7th grade once lol and........ the best news is Mrs.Rhojis got FIRED oh yeah and we got a new teacher Mrs.Jones she's pretty cool and thats about it except one thing I know this is dumb but I saved one of the diapers and thought about what it would be like to be in a diaper so I was wondering if I should try it on?

Thanx everyone


Gosh ! Only a week left at school and then its the holidays. Andrew and I are both going up to Cumbria to see Thomas for a few days at the beginning. Then I shall go and see Grannie and Grandad for a couple of days. Then a couple of weeks after that, both Emily and Kate are going to come and stay with us in Devon. Kate hasn't been before, and it really will be nice to have my other sister come as well. Kate and Kirsty are the same age, 12, and I know they will get on very well, and she definitely liked Andrew when she met him in Cumbria !! However, Kate is very private about the toilet, and she doesn't know what we all get up to. So I think we will have to be very discreet when she comes as well. Kate knows that Emily and I go together, but she certainly doesn't know about Andrew !

UNCLE RIZZO: Andrew says to tell you that he might change Thomas' nappy. I'll believe it when I see it, personally !! Liked your story about your wife and the trump. That was very funny ! Love from Kendal xx

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: The one place where my poos always plop very loudly is at my Grannie and Grandad's. Grannie has this very high toilet. It helps her to get on and off it in her old age, a bit like the high seated armchairs she and Grandad have. If I sit on it properly, I can't touch the floor except with my tippy-toes. If I want to have more of my foot on the floor, then I have to perch on the end of the seat, which I do on all toilets anyway when I'm just having a wee. However, I do like to sit further back for a poo, which means the only way I can touch the floor at Grannie's is if I open my knees and let my legs sort of hang down either side of the front of the toilet seat ! You really would love my Grannie's toilet, PPG ! Happy plopping. Love from Kendal x

CUWET: I like pee stories more as well to be honest. I honestly don't remember having had a wee accident in my panties. But I have weed my panties on purpose before now. I used to have a friend here on this site called Nicole, and she used to wee her panties at school onto the grass so as not to have to use the school toilets. She also had a brother, who, and this wasn't nasty because Nicole didn't mind, used to stop her from going to the toilet when she needed to wee, and would then tickle her until she weed her panties completely. She was wondering about letting her brother watch her on the toilet like I let my cousin Andrew watch, so I suggested she might compromise and get him to tickle her on the toilet still wearing her panties, and he would then be able to watch her wee herself and she wouldn't get her school skirt wet that way either. I'm always a one to try things out before giving advice, so I got Andrew to do it for me, and I wet my panties on the toilet just ! to know what it felt like. And then I told Nicole. But I don't think she ever did it. But she always had some good stories involving her and her friend Suzy weeing in parks, and down slides and things ! You'll have to go back through the old posts a few months ! Just as a last story for you, Andrew, who posts here as Lawn Dogs Kid, started posting here because of me. We both watched the movie Lawn Dogs together one day on video. And in it, the Little girl played by Mischa Barton has a scene where she pulls down her panties and sits on her Dad's car roof and wees down the windscreen ! Andrew and I were shocked to see just what a resemblance there is between myself and Mischa Barton ( we could be sisters ), so one day I decided to give him a treat, and I went round to his house ( I wasn't living with him then because Mum and Dad were alive and together ), and I sat on my Uncle's car roof and weed down his windscreen while Andrew watched. So having lurked here for a while, th! at episode caused Andrew to make his first post as Lawn Dogs Kid. So if you want to know more about what happened, I know it is on page 378 of the old posts ! You'll find out what happened to me !

Sunday, July 16, 2001

Today, I had two pee accidents. Thought you would like to hear about.

The first, it was morning, I woke up to the usual urgent need to pee and made my way to the bathroom only to find hubby on the pot taking a poop.

I shut the door, and stood out in the hall to give him some privacy, while I tearfully begged him to hurry. I was bouncing up and down in the hall. Within seconds, drips of pee started to trickle down my bare legs. The hall is carpeted so I flug open the bathroom door, hubby still on the pot, and peed on the bathroom floor.

Second, was this evening. Hubby and I were outside enjoying a summer evening with some neighbours on the patio. He starts being a big goof with the dog, playing around, and trips and falls flat on his ass. I could not stop laughing. Suddenly, hubby blurts out, there is a wet spot under your seat, you are laughing yourself wet. This did not help, I just kept on laughing, I was in hysterics over his falling, and me peeing in front of everyone. When I stopped snorting and laughing, hubby says, since you're done do you wanna go change potty girl.

It was the classic, full bladder + laughter = wet pants!

RJogger: Thanks for enjoying my stories. Yes, James is a very good boy. I also have a little niece named Katie, who is the daughter of my older sister Beth. Last year I posted a story about Katie walking in the bathroom while I was pooping.

Althea: I've also been on a similar pattern of going normal for a few weeks and then having major pooping sessions for a few days to a week before having a more normal pattern again for a few weeks before repeating the cycle. This has been the case this year so far. It seems to be happening naturally to me, for I don't take anything such as Metamucil or laxatives to induce such pooping, nor do I feel constipated because I don't skip a day pooping. Right now I'm in a normal pattern.

Funny you should mention tennis, Althea. Just yesterday I was invited by a couple of co-workers from my client's worksite where I've been working on a project this month to some tennis after work. It had been quite some time since I last played tennis, and one of the workers made the same comment when I came on to the court wearing my white short pleated tennis skirt. The weather was very nice, and we put in a very good set of tennis. I went to my home office afterwards to drop off and pick up some things. When I got to the office, it was time for me to go to the ladies room. Even though it was late, a few people were still working, even Christine the summer intern. Of course, as you would have guessed by now, Christine followed me into the ladies room. She let me go into a stall first, and then took the stall next to it.

I lifted my skirt and lowered my panties (aside: I just realized I was still wearing the tennis skirt and also realized how short it was, barely covering my butt, and I also realized I was still wearing regular white cotton high-cut briefs underneath instead of tennis panties) and sat. I peed first, then started to push out a long thick and hard piece of poop that made a big splash into the toilet. I pushed out about six more softer but still solid pieces. I needed only one wipe, then I hitched up my panties, got up and flushed the toilet. There was no lingering smell of poop.

Right after I flushed, I heard a flush from Christine's stall. She was still seated when she flushed, but she came right out. As we were washing our hands, she asked me how my day was and said she liked my tennis outfit. She said she was excited about her upcoming date on Friday night with a guy she met in her English class in the spring. When I got back, my co-worker Carol said that another co-worker Rachel had taken a major dump while Christine was in the ladies room and was followed into the ladies room by her for the rest of the day.

I have been a lurker for quite some time, and I have a question I have not seen answered yet. Has anyone, (women preferable)used a bathroom or restroom, that had just a row of toilets? Like in the military or in jail? I have seen some in the movies and on tv(USA), but I would like to know real stories thanks....

Ben- thanx 4 da tip

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