I've been reading through the posts a lot lately and finally have gotten around to writing one. I'll start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Nikole but my friends call me Nik or sometimes Nicci. I am 18; 5'6"; 105 pounds; with brown hair; green eyes; and quite pale skin.
Enough with that. I've had an interest with going to the bathroom since I was a little kid. I'm not sure when or how this started I can just always remember getting turned on when people went to the bathroom. I've always looked at the other girls in a restroom and listened to what they're doing. It's especially nice if they poop. I enjoy pooping myself.
Me and the girls in my band are real open about our body functions. None of us are afraid to say "hey, I've gotta go take a dump. I'll be right back," or even let someone watch. This is especially true with the bassist, Rachel, who has even been known to mess herself on occasion.
I've known her since 4th grade but really started hanging out in my sophomore year. I remember once we were just walkning through the woods by her house when she suddenly announces that she needs to poop! I was expecting her to just go back to her house to do it but she just started heading towards some bushes. She said I could watch if I wanted so I naturally followed her over.
She pulled down her black cargo pants and her white panties and squated down low. She first peed a bunch and then stopped. She grunted as I saw the bigginings of a turd poke out from her anus. Suddenly she asked, "hey, do you gotta go?" I had never considered pooping outside before but it was after lunch and I suddenly felt a very nice urge to go.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do" I said as I pulled down my jeans and my green panties and squated down. I peed as she pushed out a very long turd, at least a foot long. I finished peeing and grunted a couple times and started pushing out my poop. Her breathing was labored and I could tell she wasn't finished yet. She farted and dropped a 6" poop as I did shortly following her. The smell was ripe. She farted and dropped a few much smaller peices as I did another 6" poop.
When we were finished we wiped ourselves with some tissues in my pocket and leaves. We pulled our pants back on and compared our piles. Hers was larger and stank more. We left our piles and continued on. It was certainly an amazing experience.

Work Gal
I used to wear bikini panties under my skirt to work. That was until about two years ago, when I had a major disaster in front of my co-workers. I now wear full briefs. They came in handy this morning. When I got up, I started my third day without a shit. I knew that when it finally hit, it was going to be a doozy. Unfortunately it hit at the wrong time. On my way to work, I ran into a major traffic problem at Indian River. For nearly an hour I sat in one spot watching the cranes and wreckers upright an overturned tractor trailer that had dumped a huge piece of construction equipment on the road. And that's when it happened. A major shit pain hit me. I knew I was going to have to go soon. After about 15 minutes and a few noisy farts, it was obvious that if I didn't get this thing out, my intestines were going to explode. So there you have it. Do it im my pants or hold it and suffer beyond belief. I tried to hold it but after ten more minutes that was going to prove to be futi! le. So I relaxed my ass cheeks and tried to "let it flow". It wouldn't come out in spite of the huge shit pain that was trying to push it. I was going to have to do more. Since I hadn't shit in three days, there was probably a turtle there that was going to have to be helped out. I tried to relax some more and with a gentle push came more disappointment. I know I could have held it but the pain would have continued and would just get worse. All my gentle push got me was a slight opening of my anus and some wet pants and more cramping. This wasn't funny. If I gave a serious push my puss would betray me and I would piss all over myself. But I had no choice. This thing was really hurting me. So, I closed my eyes and told myself, "Here goes!" One good shove and the piss gushed out and as I lifted my ass off the car seat, a hard knot emerged and poked out the back of my panties before being displaced by a soft load of warm poop which flowed pretty well after the turtle got out of t! he way. RELIEF! Finally. But it didn't stop. It just kept coming until my panties were full, my ass crack stuffed all the way to the top of them and my pee slot covered. Shit was everywhere that I had either legs or ass! But it felt so good to be rid of the pain. When I got home, as I got out of the car, another wave hit and more came out until a big hunk (including my displaced turtle!) fell out of the leg hole on one side leaving a brown streak down my upper leg. And more piss. It flowed down my legs and into my shoes. I was an absolute mess! I think next time I go a day without a crap, I'm going to take a laxative. I can't afford any more volcanic eruptions like this one. Cost me a half a days work and took a full hour in the shower to clean up!

Michelle in Louisiana
Jazz: You'd be surprised at how many guys are turned on by watching girls poop. Maybe you should share your feelings on this subject matter with him. I'm sure he's an understanding guy, and even if he doesn't think watching people poop turns him on, I'm sure he'll be sympathetic. I mean, LOTS of people out there are turned on by this kind of stuff. Matter of fact, nearly all the guys I have dated were.

Samantha: I conjecture your friend is insecure about something, despite what she may say. Maybe you should ask her why she loves it so much, and maybe you should encourage her to dig deep inside her mind to the core of the matter.

David: I just sit and piss. I don't need to spread my labia apart.

Well, another story came to my mind, so here it goes:
At the time, I was 8 years old. I was at Golden Top(a Chinese restaurant) and I had to piss. So, I walked in the bathroom and had to wait in a long line before I proceeded to piss. There was this lady in this one stall who had flushed the toilet around 5 times or so. Then, the person in the stall next to the toilet flusing lady walked out, so I walked into the stall next to her. She flushed the toilet again. Her foot was near my stall, so I stepped on it(don't ask why, I was 8 and I thought it might be funny). She said, "What are you doing over there hun?" I kept laughing and laughing uncontrollabally, it was so funny.

That brings me to another story I have to tell, which happened last night when me and 2 friends were goofing off at the supermartket:
We were just goofing off. I ran into the back, stopped this one employee, grabbed him and said, "I NEED TO SHIT!!" The man said, "Ladies room is right this way" and lead me to the women's room. I walked in, and my friends thought I was serious. Then, I told them to follow me. One of the friends was male, by the way. Anyway, all 3 of us walked in there, to find out that 3 out of the 4 toilets were out of order. Then, in the stall that wasn't out of order, there was someone grunting excessively. I screamed, "I GOTTA SHIT DAMMIT!!" and the grunting person ignored me and kept grunting. All 3 of us went out of there after a little while, but anyway, that was fun.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Looking forward to a nice weekend here in upstate N.Y. Got a party to go to up at a friends place on a lake. Samantha I would suggest for your friend to see a different doctor for her problem.There maybe a medical problem that is causing her problem. Well let me go on to my story.

It was the next morning at my grandmothers. I walked over and Beckie and Tereasa had just gotten up and were waitng for breakfast. My grandmother asked if I would like to eat also. I said sure. We all had pancakes and bacon with juice. We finished up and asked the girls would they want to go over to the school to fool around. Both of them said yes.

I said goodbye to my grandmother and we left and walked over to the school. The girls went for the swings and I walked over to the jungle gym and climbed up on that. We were there for an hour or so and the girls wanted to go for a walk. There was an old road behind the school that went up to an old mill site so that is where we dicided to walk to.

While we were walking and talking we would stop and pick berries along the roadside. We got up to the old mill and poked around just to see if we could find any thing interesting. We found nothing. We started back to the school. Beckie stoped and let a loud blatting fart. She said I think I have to shit. Tereasa also said she could feel one comming. Beckie said I know Im not going to make it back to the house so Ill go here.

Beckie droped her shorts and panties and hovered in a hih squating position. She put her hands on her cheeks to spread them apart and started to grunt. She let out a long blatt of a fart.Brrrappp! Then her hole opened and a very knobby turd emerged. It was dark brown in color. It was moving very very slowly. Beckie kept pushing ans started to piss while her shit was slowly comming out still. Her pee stream was running down of her turd as it hung in the air. By this time it was a good 8 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Beckie stoped pissing and pushed down again. Slowly four more inches came out. It hung there never breaking. Beckie relaxed then grunted one more time and pushed again and three more inches passed out and with that the whole thing fell to the ground with a thud. She then started to pee again which she pissed all over the shit below her. Beckie finished up. Looked at her turd on the ground and said boy thats some job. I feel much better.

Tereasa laughed and commented, Well Beckie least your not full of shit anymore. Now its my turn. Tereasa stood over where Beckie had been and pulled down her pants and panties and squated. She started to piss hard whith a hiss. Her shit emerged immeadiatly and was crackling as it came out. Hers was not as wide as Beckies and was moving at a much faster pace. Her shit broke off after 7 inches and fell to the ground on top of Beckies. Another piece follwed the first. She started pissing as the second piece came out. This one was about the same size as the first when it ended. Tereasa stoped pissing right after the second piece fell to the ground. She stood up and glanced down at the pile and remarked that she to felt alot better after that job. Well that was our adventure for that day.

i think this site is real tight. i would like to know if some of the females could post stories where they had bad gas or if they know of other females with bad gas attacks. If any males could contribute their stories of females having bad gas i would be most appreciative. keep up the posts

I have never peed or pooped myself or at least not in the pass two years. I pissed my pants when i was 11 in the beginning of my grade 7 was already embarassig enough but still read the rest. I was having the worst stomach cramps that mornignbefore i went to school but my mom made me go anyways.When I got to school i felt that i had to pee so i told my teacher and she said wait till break (my school has a 15 miniute break beetween 2nd and 3rd perriod) I told her it was an emrgency and she shook her head and said "Sorry Sam i already told 3 people they coulndt go" I was really upset. I had to go i could feel it dripping so I sat at the corner of the room and started to cry. All my friends told me to just go in my pants to get the teacher in trouble. I smiled. But shook my head. Altough i still felt drops i wasnt prepared for what my friend told me go to the bathroom Sam ytour starting yur period. As i started to run i started to piss my white nikers. I got my period for the first time ever!!!!! So I started to cry. I got sent home.

interested guy
Having read this page for several months its only fair that I contribute a bit. What I love about this place is that people can be quite open and frank about discussing something that you would almost never discuss with your friends - bowel movements. I just cannot imagine anyone coming up to me and telling me details of this great shit they have just had - but thats what people do here. It helps me to know that other people do it too - and enjoy it, but I am slightly concerned to read that just about everyone shits more than I do. Yes, for years I have only been able to shit small amounts, fairly loose and quite fast. I quite often go twice a day but it still doesnt amount to much, and nothing like the size that some people boast about here - or do I detect some exaggeration? My wife produces more than me, but I guess she eats more, but even hers dont get to much more that an inch and a half thick. Some people here regularly seem to produce turds of two and a half inches - ar! e you sure?
Dont get me wrong, I love reading about those gigantic shits you people seem to have, especially you incredible ladies. But please check your measurements!

Had a real cool bathroom experience earlier this summer. One Sunday, I was heading to a nearby beach north of San Diego. In the hallway of my College dorm, I ran into a real cool guy named Jared. I did not know him well, but I liked his looks - about 6 foot, with a great build and dark hair with brown eyes. He told me that he was miserable since he and his girlfriend had broken up that week. I invited him to go to the beach with me and he agreed. When we got there we changed into our swim suits in the men's room and had a great morning in the sun. We had a lunch snack at a beach front fast food joint. When we walked back to the beach, Jared said he needed to use the restroom. I did too. When we got there he took up a position at a urinal and started pissing. I sat on the pot in a doorless stall next to the urinal. I was wearing only my swim suit and was therefore naked. After sitting down, I noted that there was no TP on the roll. Jared was starting to wash his h! ands at a sink out of my view. I called out to him to ask if he could get me some TP for me from one of the other two stalls. He said: "No problem." He then walked past my stall and I heard him tearing off sheets from the TP roll in the next stall. He came back and handed them to me. Just as he came up, I dropped a couple of logs with loud splashes into the water. He said: "Hey dude, you broke the golden rule of public restrooms - always check the paper roll before your butt hits the seat." I just laughed and he then moved away to the sink again, I guess to give me some privacy. He said: "Hey dude. I'll wait here - just holler if you need more paper." I wiped my butt, but I could see that the 4 sheets would not be enough. I told him that I needed more. He came around again, got some more paper and handed it to me, but this time he waited outside my stall to see if I needed more TP. My butt was kinda shitty and it took some effort to get it clean. I looked at the p! aper after each wipe and he could see that I really needed it from the shit smears. Eventually, with the last sheet, there was nothing much on the TP. I got up and flushed and we then spent the rest of the day in the sun. A real cool experience!

Sick boy
This being my first post here I want to say something to Jennifer K. I read your post about your b.f. wanting you to poop your pants and wanting to know the psychological reason for it all I can say is how do you explain alot of sexual fetishes? you can't people like what they like one thing you failed to mention is weather or not you want to do this for him don't do it unless you want to! but I have to give your B.F. credit for having the balls to ask you I never would

the bemis site has changed for the worse.where do i get good open front lidless seats ,not flimsy plastic?can anyone help

G'day all

I've been lurking a bit lately but decided to post something.

In regards to the high partition gaps in Aussie toilets, I'd have to agree with Dazz in that they aren't that common. I have used the ones he mentioned with the low doors. Once in town I needed to poo so I found a toilet. I was a bit cautious using them because some guy had been mugged in broad daylight in them a months back. Fortunatly it was fairly busy so I went into a stall and sat down. I managed to push out a few turds when a middle aged guy came past my stall and looked into it. He had to shit too and was seeing if my stall was empty. I knew he could probably see most of me so I just looked at the ground. He didn't look long, just a few seconds but I remember having mixed thoughts in that I shouldn't be embarrassed because I was doing something normal but I was a bit shy.

Last week I heard my Mum do a poo in the morning. Usually I get up pretty late (about 11:00am) but this morning I heard Mum walk into the toilet and close the door at about 7:00am. I quickly got (and quietly)got out of bed and rushed up near the door to listen closely (No one else was in the house as my Dad had left for work). I heard a huge gushing wee, which hissed for ages. It died down and I heard her take a deep breath and push. Plop. Sigh. During the push she also pissed again, this time you could tell she was pushing because the wee sounded forced. Deep breath again, plop, plunk, sigh, plop. She rested for a few moments to catch her breath then took another one. Push, sigh, push, kersploonk. She started to wipe herself and I went back into my room. A couple of hours later, before leaving for work, she went again and did a wee. I heard her take a few pushed, probably just to see if there were any more shit but she was done.

Stay Young. :)

DAVE - I think that is a good question you have.
Well we are not all the same down there you see. My inner labia are
quite long too but not huge, and I do not need to part them unless
they are sort of pushed over at one side, because then my stream would
go over on that side and hit my leg or whatever. I do splay them if I
am standing and doing it a long way forward though.
I am all right and more times than not they part naturally, but I bet
if they are bigger than a certain size it helps keep a good stream when
they are parted by hand.

UPSTATE DAVE - Hi! You have a lot of luck seeing your girl friends pee,
and I bet you are a bit like my boyfriend Steve if they are happy
and relaxed enough to do it with you watching them.

PV - Hi! Yeah I thought that making the little girl go outside like
that with no cover maybe could give her AP, and it is not a thing to
develop in somebody is it?
I will need to practice the drinking and weeing trick. Just you watch
me, I will amaze Steve with it!
Oh yeah, Steve did let out a deep breath when I came out of the ladies'.
He did get a bit of a fright when he saw the lad go in, and yeah it was
very sweet of Steve to be thinking of me but it was all right. He always
watches the door with me in there when he can now, and he does if he
knows my friends are in there too. You are right too, he said he
was torn between staying still and going to find out what was going on.

Well I do not know if we are going out tonight. If we go out there may
be an alley pee story to tell you.



I like to take Metamucil from time to time in order to do a HUGE turd. The store brands of psyllium powder give me large volumes of gas so I buy Metamucil even though it is a little more expensive. Three days ago I took 3 spoonfuls of it 3 times during the day. Then, the next morning I felt an overwhelming urge to shit. I just let it out in my underwear then went into the bathroom and dumped it into the toilet. It was a large lump about 5 inches around. Later on in the day I got a big cramp and headed to the toilet. I sat down and let out a very long squeaky fart, it sounded like blowing a party whistle for about one minute. Then two turds began snaking out, it felt wonderful and I had an enormous sense of relief. I looked into the bowl and two turds, about 14 inches long were in there. I wiped 10 times and clogged the toilet. Had to plunge that bad boy down. In the evening I had to go again, got on the toilet and started another long, party whistle fart, and shitt! ed out two more turds. I was pretty bunged up, and the Metamucil makes the turds bigger than usual. This time there was a bunch of seeds from a bagel that I had consumed three days before. It was a pretty enjoyable shitting day.

Hello to all of you!

Oh! Such lovely stories to read these last days!

ROCKY MOUNTAIN LISA, That must have been a really good birthday present providence provided for you! Great story!

MYRA, your experience of squeezing out a good turd while swimming and drifting in the water is something new to me! That is something I will definitely have to try one day. Thanks for the idea!

Hi LOUISE dear! Yes, I remember Steve mentioning your 38 ml/s gusher ! Women have a short urethra (3 to 5 cm) and therefore much less pressure loss to turbulence and eddies in the stream. Menís are about 22cm long and go around an S-bend and through the prostrate gland. You probably have an above average cross section in your urethra to let more pass through per second. Look, Iím no expert, these are just values I have picked up somewhere in the past. BTW, I thought you were wetting Spanish beaches by this time. Well, happy wees, love from Rizzo

To LURCH,and others who have asked recently about women being too shy to fart. Here is what I have experienced.

After I had met and fallen in love with my girl (which took only a few seconds, we married later and are still together) we could only see each other on weekends. Going for one of our first walks in the countryside, we took my little car to get there. As soon as we had arrived my girl simply said that she needed a pee, upon which she just unbuckled her jeans right there in front of me, pulled down her panties, squatted and peed. She was completely uninhibited when it came to peeing and even when needing to poo, but only in front of me and not for anyone else. I was the lucky priviledged guy! But farts were different. Never did I hear her fart until one memorable night some months after we had met. We were staying at a B&B in the countryside, had been hiking the hills and had been enjoying ourselves in bed when finally sleep started creeping up on me. My girl seemd to have fallen asleep too, I had been listening to her regular breathing for a while. Suddenly a fart rent! the silence! I was immediately awake and laughed out loud! It had been such a musical fart, starting like a whine and ending in a bellowing roar! My girl was mortified, poor thing. She said that she had waited to let go of gas until she had thought me asleep, she had been too emabarrassed to fart in front of me, and that she had tried so hard to let it out silently. Well, I explained that she could fart as much as she wished, but carefully, ďdonít blow out the window pane, try not to defoliate the trees outside, be careful not to yellow the wall paper and donít let your farts tear the bed to shreds or the landlady will hold us liable for damages in the morning!Ē Such was my advice which immediately provoked a pillow fight! Then I proceeded to ďlead her through my gallery of fartsĒ. With my lips (alas, I am not able to fart with my bottom at will) I produced different types of farts, ranging from wet to dry, from a whinny to a thunderous blubbering sound, each accompanied by ! a description of who would fart that way and in what situation. Soon I had my girl in tears of laughter until her sides hurt. Never again was she embarassed to fart in front of me! Quite on the contrary, now we try to outdo each other, laughing much in the process.

GRUNTLY BOGWELL, I liked your story of tables turned, but I cannot seem to be able to find your story before that. What page is it on? I miss it!

And special greetings to Jeff A., Carmalita, Renee and Patsy, Dazz and so on and so forth to all you lovely people, from Rizzo

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to you all!

KENDAL, No, It's not just the splash, but, like you, I want to hear a loud PLOP when I do one, and hope others have heard me do it!
That's the trouble with using a public toilet; I'm just about to drop one, then someone decides to flush a toilet so I hold back until all's quiet, then there's another noise! Not only do I want to hear my own, I want others to too!
Like I said, I hope your pan has good potential for loud sounds, Like me, you'll be getting to be a connoisseur of different toilets and their capabilities!

GRUNTLY BOGWELL, Your experience sound similar to ones I've sometimes had, though your's was better as at least you both were having a shit.
It's a real pity that when you've been good enough to let the guy see the action, and reassured him by so doing, that you're happy to let him watch, that as soon as you're both done; he's out of there when you'd probably both appreciate being able to have a chat about it after.
I've never actually seen a guy squatting with his feet on the toilet to do his shit, although I've sometimes noticed an absent of feet, then heard some very loud plopping and realised why.
I hope no-one's ever lost their footing when balancing on a toilet that way, nor squat on the seat and risk breaking it!
When I've seen dirty footmarks on a toilet pan, I've assumed it more likely due to someone standing up on the toilet to look over the partition, but not always the case.
Glad you liked being watched anyway!

DAZZ, Good to hear from you, and hope your visit to the Q. Victoria Building is worth while!
I don't know whether it's a public building or what, but I read about it on another website, which I can't name here. It's not moderated and there's a lot of cranky and unpleasant material, but the subject of toilet partitions was discussed, with this particular one mentioned.
I also read someone's complaint about using a toilet in Scotland where the guy objected to dropping a big turd in the toilet, and having what felt like "60 F---ing gallons of water splashing up his arse".
He should be so lucky!! I wish it had been me!
Anyway, I hope you find it as good as it sounds with a seat-high gap, and that it's a really good arse-splashing toilet for you to drop your big ones! Also that you have an appreciative audience busily engaged in doing the same!
Hope you're back to good health, and enjoying your toilet sessions as usual, I wish I could hear you!
Do you have lots of hard surfaces in your bathroom to maximise acoustics? Two things I object to in bathrooms are carpets and extractor fans!
Happy plopping and splashing!

As for myself, not bad, except it took me a long time today to drop my brown, quite small and firm, but a lot of effort, so I'm immediately increasing the fibre again. I'm trying not to worry, as that might affect the gut and slow it down.
Think positive- I am, Therefore I shit! P P G

Saturday, July 14, 2001

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