Michelle in Louisiana
Aboy: Glad to see that you remembered what I had told you

Well, I looked to the side and saw the topic: an awkward bathroom. Well, there's lots of them...and here's one that I remember quite well: WAL MART. Not too long ago, I had to pee. I felt as if I did not find a bathroom soon, I would explode. I was in the mall, sitting on a bench with some candy, as I dashed into Wal Mart hoping there would be a bathroom in there. I ran around Wal Mart in search, while many people kept asking me questions such as "What are you doing" "are you alright" and "May I help you". I finally found the bathrooms as dashed in, to find that the sinks and toilets were made of metal. BOY, did it reek in there as well. I was asking myself, "Do they ever CLEAN this place?" Anyway, I walked in a stall and sat down on the toilet to piss, but somehow the piss just wouldnt come out. Then, I heard some loud stomps and there was this lady who just opened the stall I was in(I thought I locked it too, but I guess the locks sucked), and stared at me for a short po! rtion of time until I said, "What the hell are you looking at?" and she slammed the stall door, and I finally pissed. She went in the stall next to mine and made fart sounds which I could tell were just from her mouth. WEIRD, I thought. Then, when I opened the stall to wash my hands, her fart sounds got louder. I opened the bathroom door to go out, and she made a grunt like she was constipated. I think she wanted me to take a dump or something. People these days.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there. thanks for liking my posts. and I was thinking of you when I wrote the imagery of my huge log bobbing up and down like a rocket ship ready for take off! I just knew you would love that part.and believe me scott was really aroused looking at that monster I blasted out! take care john.
TO RJOGGER-hello there. thanks for liking my posts so much and calling me beautiful. I much appreciate it!plus I would like to post more often but college,work,family and other things keep me from doing this sometimes. but I will keep the stories coming at a fairly good clip ok? be well my friend.
TO KENDAL-hello dear. how are you? thanks for liking my last post. plus scott does put the toilet seat up and sits on the rim to make more room for us when we buddy dump together. I have a little secret to tell you...scott always puts the toilet seat up and sits on the rim when taking a dump because he finds it more comfortable. scotts a big muscular six footer you know? he needs all the room he can get! plus when people buddy dump they usually shit together right? thats what scott and I do! but sometimes we buddy dump with me sitting and shitting on his lap and scott doesnt have to shit at all!and i think thats what you and andrew can do sometimes! if you dont have to shit at the sametime- you can just lay a huge log in the bowl while sitting on andrews lap and he doesnt need to shit at all. he can just watch the show you put on for him. you know what I mean? and I am sure andrew wont complain when cute kendal does this for him!!haha. take care now.
TO LOUISE-hello my friend. thanks for liking my last post. plus I think that you are right . I could help toilet makers check out their toilets flushing power by sitting on their bowl and crashing out a huge log to see if it would I liked your dream with you peeing at the big urinal and I come up and have one of my gigantic logs in the bowl while people are taking pictures. with steve measuring my log afterwards. priceless louise!!plus I think that your a strong woman louise .I dont really think - I KNOW THAT YOU ARE! you might be nervous at first to perform but you would perform with flying colors.and this next question is just out of curiousity: In your dream when I came on stage, was I in a bikini and then got nude to crash out my log? or was Ijust in a bikini and pulled my bottoms down and crashed out a log? or I just entered the stage in the buff ?this question is not important but I was just curious louise.and i am also flattered that you and other pos! ter have dreamed about me in the past. thanks. be well louise. love always ,kim and scott

I am a good looking 16 year old guy. Even though i rarely post i always check in here to read the stories (i like the pee ones much better). Anyway, earlier this week i was mowing the lawn and i was almost done when i had to pee really bad. I got off the mower to move something and a big pain came over me and i suddenly let a spurt out. I wanted to put off pissing until i was finished. So when i finished i had to pee SO bad. I got off the mower holding myself with my legs crossed. I hobbled a few steps and i was squirting into my pants with each one. There was now about a quarter size wet spot on my pants. I looked like a fool, doubled over trying so hard not to piss my pants. When i straightened up to walk again i lost a few more squirts and then i just couldnt hold it any longer. Even with my legs crossed i was peeing my pants with everything i had and i couldnt stop it. My athletic pants were soaked all the way to the bottom. I was so scared someone would come up the drivew! ay there because 16 year old guys dont ususally comepletely wet their pants like i just had. Somehow i slipped past my mother and into the shower once inside, but i think it was the first time in a while i had peed my pants involuntarily outside.

If you liked this please respond. I hope to post more often but i am dismayed at the lack of pee stories on this site. Let's start posting more of them. Any girls or guys my age that want to chat with me about this subject and respond to this and we'll see what we can do!!!


I have a problem which is similar to Rachels...I have a friend who shits and pisses herself all the time..she acts like she doesnt know she did it... she has been doing this since she was 8 and we r going to high school next year see the thing is she has probaly hassnt used the toliet in 3 years...she wears those diapers to bed and those special diapers sometimes too. She just got her period last year and pees her pant even with the rag. The worst thing is she lost all her friends. They find it disgusting to see her do it. She has seen a doctor and the doctor told her mom she would eventually grow outa it. you see she tries told hold it in so when she does it more will come out...I dont wanna be her friend if she is doing it on purpose but i dont want her to go to high school being a loner..suggestions anyone.

Hey you guys. I decided to go on a morning liquid fast. I needed to detoxify myself. I have been drinking Golden Seal tea every morning. Then, I eat lunch and dinner. I have been constipated recently. This is a good way to get myself regular. You must purge yourself anywhere from every month to 3 months quarterly. I will use psyllium husks to scrub off my intestinal walls.

Last few days, I have been evacuating evenings. Only, I get a rush of cascading brown water. This evening I went to move my car for street cleaning. I felt a strong cramp. When I returned home, I dashed for the toilet. I dropped my jeans and maroon briefs. I rush of exploding brown water cascaded from my intestines. This has happened two nights in a row. Tonight for din-din, I had buffalo wings, v????? greens, cheese, grapes.

This beats chemical laxatives. They are brutal. Back in 1985, I was playing tennis in the park. And Dulcolax kicked in. I headed for the girls toilet. It has 8 stalls. I slammed the stall door shut, lifted my navy tennis skirt and lowered my white Maidenform panties to my ankles. I had them from high school. The toilets had no seats. I had to put paper on the porcelain rim and sat. Thick muddy waves of doo-doo exploded from me continually. There was no stopping. As I sat a girl of about 12/13 entered the stall next to me. She wasted no time, unhitching her blue shorts and letting them and her white panties drop to her ankles. I heard a series of heavy plops. There were six of them. They were good. She was panting and straining. On the last plop she urinated and evacuated gas. I then evacuated another two more waves. Her friend called her by name, Jamel. Jamel told her friend this happens everyday after lunch, even at school. This was a summer weekday. Jamel said I will be ! another 30 minutes. I was still letting it run out. The cramps were murder. Jamel knocked on the stall wall and asked me if I had "the runs". I told her yes. This pre-adolescent then proceeded to tell me how thick her was her bowel movement. She said, I made 6 pieces of doo-doo and they are dark brown. I described mine as loose and chunky and dark brown. She said, "My stomach hurts." I told her so did mine.

We talked for 45 minutes about things. Her friend called her, "JAMELLLLL!" Jamel said in a minute. We then wiped ourselves, pulled up our briefs, straightened our clothes, flushed the bowls and left. She was suprised I was a then a 25 y/o.

please describe what your poops are usually like, are they real soft?

This story is absolutely true.
I'm 19 and this happened to a former co-worker of mine last year.
I use to work in a restaurant and I had this real attractive waitress I use to work with. She was African-American, very slender,and 22. Anyway it was time to close up(no one else was in the restaurant) and she ran to the bathroom. A couple of minutes later, she ran out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes and told me "I gotta knot in my apron and I can't take it off and I gotta use the bathroom bad"! Then I said "I'll untie it". It was a tough knot to get and and she was fidgeting like crazy. Then she started to cry a little and told me "hurry up"! So I kept at it. I thought she had to pee. But I was wrong. As I was trying to get the knot out she let out a loud fart and she said "Sorry, but hurry I can't hold it anymore". Boy, did it smell. So I was trying again and I noticed a small brown stain forming on the back of her pants. She was wearing white slacks and I knew she pooped on herself a little. After a couple of minutes later I got in loose and she threw her apron ! on the floor. But before she could move towards the bathroom, she crunch over and said "No"! I watched the back of her pants as a big brown bulge formed in them. It kept getting larger and larger. And if that wasn't bad, the poor girl started wetting herself. Some urine leaked down her leg and onto the floor. She began to stink. And after she was done messing herself, I asked "Are you alright"? And she said while crying, "Leave me alone"! She waddled to the bathroom and stayed in there for 20 minutes. After that she came out the bathroom and told me she was sorry for snapping at me and said "You did the best you could." Then I told her not to worry about it. And then I told her to get home to clean herself (because she stunk like HELL!) and I'll finish closing up. She walked out the door with a big brown stain on the back of her pants(no bulge, I guess she cleaned it out in restroom) and a big yellow pee stain on the front.

Rizzo - Welcome back, old friend, I hope you had a good time while you were away. Yeah, I have always been a prankster, it doesn't take much to get me started, and nasty people had better look out! If they cross my path, I am likely to do anything. I guess Kathy and I could have made a real mess, but a full bowl and a sign seemed to be OK. Stay well, good sir!
Jane - I read with some amusement your story with your 5 year old nephew. He reminded me of another 5 year old who was always trying to watch girls / ladies poop- namely me. I was amused because I did something similar at age 5, that embarrassed my mom and 1of her girlfriends. They went shopping, and of course visited the ladies room just before lunch. My mom, wanting her privacy, had me go into the stall with her friend. She of course pooped and I saw it in the bowl as she turned around to flush. When we joined up with my mom, I stated very loudly that Mrs. C. had done a big one. My mom was mortified, and her friend just covered her mouth and smiled. I remember 2 other women at the sinks turned around and covered their mouths as they laughed. Of course, I got whacked across the butt and was told to apologize, which I did. Your nephew sounds like a good kid, after all he did apologize. I just think little boys are fascinated with poop in general, and with female poop in pa! rticular. Again, I do enjoy your stories.
Roy - Something similar happened to a bunch of my friends some years back. We had a party at a girl's house, and since I was 18 and of legal drinking age, I brought the beer. Some of my wife's friends made punch, and unknown to them, some little shit spiked it with a laxative. About 10 kids, boys and girls both, were shitting their brains out, in the bathrooms, in buckets, on the lawn, wherever they could find a spot. Since a bunch of us drank beer and stayed away from the punch, we were OK. But they were some really sick people, all because some asshole had to pull a nasty stunt.
Buzzy - Neighbor, you have had some super posts lately. They have kept me glued to my screen as I read them. You and Donna seem to be enjoying your adventures, and I for one enjoy reading them. Take care, Buzzy.
Kim and Scott - Well, the awesome little blonde beauty has done it again. Your buddy dump with Scott was an adventure that I read 3 times, it was so good. I just wish that you wrote more often, as I really enjoy your posts. I look forward to your amazing stories, they really keep this "old man" entertained. Be well Kim, say hello to Scot for me.
Diane (NY) - Your last story was incredible, to say the least. Please, be careful with a running automobile in a closed area. There has been enough tragedy on this site already. I also like your friend's "retro" rods. Hot cars from the sixties are some of my favorites.

Special hellos also to Carmalita (Hi seniorita!), Renee Patsy and Jeff A.

Talk to all of you soon.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY......Hey there! Sorry I haven't been around lately, just things been busy at home and work, life in general. I still do come here to catch up on the posts from time to time. After reading your latest, I'm just going to have to go visit the Queen Victoria Building in the city to check out those toilets and of course enjoy a good arse splashing shit!!

The partitions you described as having the bottoms level with the top of the toilet are very uncommon in Australia, in fact I have never come across any like that in my travels across the length and breadth of our vast land. Much more common though is the tops of the partitions being low and especially the doors. Toilets at the beach commonly have low doors so that you can see a guy sitting on the pot just walking past the stall. Some McDonald's stores I've been to have low doors too, these are commonly in drug affected inner city areas to discourage the junkies from using the toilets as a shooting gallery.

Anyways, have to go now, I need to drop some plops and head off to work!! I will certainly post about it when I visit those toilets in the city!!!

Byes for now!!


Gruntly Bogwell
CARMALITA you are "the Bomb" not only in your large leavings, but in your literary discussions of your movements and those of your friends. But, your latest …a purposeful poo for the eyes of a young man in the bushes, then inviting Ms. Tesa to join you…a most excellent adventure.

I particularly appreciate "all" you ladies who have given us insight into the inner sanctum of bathrooms and restrooms, reviewing the sights and sounds of the intimate process of pooing.

I took a poop once under the watchful eyes of this Asian-American teenager. It seems that looking for items in a library gives me the urge to poo and this one Saturday afternoon was no exception at a college library in my city. I was in the stacks on the 4th floor, when the urge to bog hit me. So I headed off to the restroom to loosen a three day load that had been building. There were three stalls in the restroom, besides a number of urinals. I crouched down on the way in to see if anyone was occupying any of the stalls. The gray painted stall door nearest the wall was shut, but their were no feet to be seen so, I entered the middle stall, shut the door, hung my black leather book bag on the door peg, and began loosening the belt to my jeans. I slid them down to my ankles, along with my fruit of the loom briefs, flipped up the back of my maroon knit polo shirt and settled my slender buttocks on to the toilet sea, my wang and chimes hanging down in the cool air abov! e the water. Just I was starting to pee a small grunt came from next door followed by three plops in quick succession. Surprised, since I had assumed I was alone, I leaned back on the commode and put my eye to the slit at the back of the stall partition to my right. I could see the reflection of a yellowish, cream colored ass in the 18 inch tall chrome pipe to the flush handle. The smallish ass was hovered above the seat, in fact the person next door was squatting on the seat oriental fashion…his brown eye opened and a yellow brown turd popped out and dropped into the bowl below. At that moment my own urge became insistent and I leaned away from the peep slit, slid my loafers back toward the toilet and hunched over to strain with an ehhhhuunnnhhhh. But nothing was forthcoming. About that time I saw black hair, then a forehead, start to peep under the stall partition next door, finally two eyes with thick glasses came into view and I was in full stare of the Asian-Ameri! can teenager from the adjoining stall. After all my years of peeping on women, which I have documented in this forum…suddenly I was a victim. I didn't know what to do, but it gave me a start and I caught my breath…then I got a buzz and simply raised up on my left haunch so he could see my underside. Soon I was sitting at a 30 or 40 degree angle watching this kid's eyes get wider and wider as he ogled my bottom, equipment, brown eye and all. Then I strained again, audibly grunting because trying to produce a three-day held turd was a bit difficult. I began to dome and more of the teenager's face came under the stall to get a better view. A fart escaped with a whine, then I could feel a rather large knobby-feeling turtle head making its way from my bowels…a fetid aroma filled the stall, before the end fell off and splashed into the toilet water…the kid's nostrils flared as I began to dome again and the bulk of my trapped mass began to emerge. It was softer, I looked over! my right haunch and saw the first turd floating, kind of a medium brown offering, but definitely smelly. Meanwhile, my load found its way out of my hole…it must have started to curve down, because of the weight…then I could feel it slid over my left butt cheek curve…which was still propped up at 40 degrees or so to give the kid a good look…his head was way under the stall partition so I could see his wry smile and watch him swallow hard. I labored panting to get it to move, but it was a slow-moving lump, kind of warm sliding over my cooler butt cheek. It finally slid out with a floomp as hit the water. I sighed loudly for effect, then grunted out five more soft short ones and farted out another. Before sitting back and looking between my legs at the at the load in the bowl…the long one was about 14 inches by 1 inch and curled around under the water. The fumes were pretty rank…then the face disappeared with an "ohhh"…his toilet seat creaked as he again mounted it in the ! oriental squat position…he must have not been done when he got interested in peeping on me. I leaned back to the back of the partition and again saw his ass reflected in the flush pipe next door…an "ummmm…" followed and fast moving yellow brown soft serve poured forth from his butt hole to a spluttery finish. He grabbed some toilet paper and began cramming it in hs ass crack and wiggling it around…he took it away, must have inspected it, because it was flipped back under himself into the water, before he grabbed more "tp" and repeated the process. I was feeling a bit messy myself and took some paper to begin the wiping process…reaching around and cleansing from the rear, especially the mudslide on my left cheek. The teenager, put his sneakered-feet back on the floor, quickly zipped up and fled the scene after a brief stop to wash his hands. It took me eight wipes to get clean, before I pulled my undies and jeans back up and went out to wash my hands, thinking…"Hey, turn a! bout is fair play!"

hello I just want to ask this question, I have never seen any girl mention it at all...Ive been reading for a while. I once had a girlfriend who had very long inner labia and they were quite crinkly and tended to stick together. She had to peel them apart in order to urinatue because she couldnt go without making a huge spray otherwise. She told me this was often annoying and when she had her periods was even worse. I was wondering whether women spread their labia apart to urinate or do they just part naturally? I suppose it would depend on how big they were.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. What a nice pleasent morning here in upstate N.Y. Nice cool weather and a breeze. I tried the pee drinking experiment. There was no change in my flow. With that lets flow on to my post.

Beckie,Tereasa, and myself sat down together to eat. All three of us piged out on the good food. We all drank plenty of refreshments to go along with the meal. We finished got up and went over to watch some of the grown ups play hoarse shoes. We watched for awhile and talked. Beckie and Tereasa said it was time to finish the contest so we got up and left the game and headed to the main barn.

We walked in the barn and it was all quiet. We climbed up to the hayloft and sure enough it was ours. Beckie and Tereasa first sat down on a bale but it scratched thiere skin. Well lets thinkk of something while I have to pee I said. I pulled out my organ and started to piss immeadiatly. Thats it Beckie said. Whats it? Tereasa replied. We will stand and pee like Dave! The hay wont bother us if we go that way. Ill do it if you do it! Tereasa said ok but lets hurry because watching Dave go I have to really pee bad.

So both girls pulled thier shorts and panties right off. Tereasa spread her legs apart and her piss stream shot right out with a loud hiss! I almost got hit by it. Her stream was narrow but very hard. When it hit the hay bale it was splattering all over. 45seconds passed and Tereasa was still pissing with a hiss. One minute now had gone by and her flow had slowed so Tereasa placed her hands over her bladder and pressed. SSSST her stream went again! She did this a couple of times. It was funny to see her stream rock foward and back and go from being silent to SST SST SST. One minute and 16 seconds was her time when she stoped pissing. I dont care if I win or not but nothing beats the feeling Im feeling right now.

Beckie got into position. With a hiss she started to pee. Her flow was not quite as strong as Tereasas in the begining but it was strong enough to splash over the hay bale she was on. Ssst beckie continued on pissing. She reached the one minute mark and passed it. Her flow now was very slow. She pushed down and a hissing spurt came out. Sssst it went then died completely. Well we do have a winner! Beckie your time was 1 minute 12 seconds. Tereasa wins by four seconds. Tereasa raised her arm up in the air and said yes! Both girls then put thier panties and shorts back on and we left the soggy hayloft. There is one more tale to tell about theese two because they stayed overnight at my grandmothers so there is the next day to look forward to.

I saw your posting Stefanie, and I definitely wanna hear more stories from you! Please post more!
On my end, nothing interesting happening, just that I just started college, and my poops have been a lot more irregular. I guess it must be the cafeteria food. Some of that stuff is pretty rancid. LOL

Happy and healthy motions to all!

Mr. Noname
Hi Everyone!

EPHERMAL--Don't worry about not feeling comfortable with buddy dumping now. Take your time. There's no point in doing it if you aren't ready to do it. I still feel a tiny bit embarrassed when I do it in front of my girlfriend. It's still new to me. But once you find the right person to do it with, you forget all your inhibitions and it's really fun. Someday it'll happen and you'll be ready for it.

LISTENER--I think there are a good number of men who visit this forum who are turned on by seeing and hearing women fart and poop. (And vice-versa, there seems to be an equal number of women who enjoy watching and hearing men poop and fart). I've been turned on by this for many years, but was really secretive about it, even around girlfriends. I used to think that there was something wrong with or abnormal about me. Thanks to this site and my new girlfriend, I feel much better about it. Now I am with a girl who I feel really close to. We can share virtually everything together, secret or not, personal or not. This includes pooping and farting. I started farting around my girlfriend only a few weeks ago and she really gets turned on by it. As a result, she has been letting her farts go around me. She gets a real kick out of doing it. I enjoy it too, especially when she lets out those 'pre-poop' farts on the toilet. Once I started watching her poop, the 'mystery' of it all c! leared up and now it's an enjoyable daily function to watch.

YEAH!--Keeping a shit diary...hmm. That's an interesting idea. Actually, I've been keeping one for buddy dumping. and each time my girlfriend and I dump I write it down. Hers are much more interesting than mine to record!

Now for the latest news. My girlfriend felt a big dump coming on yesterday. She hadn't dumped in two days so when she got home from work she was eager to try. We spread out the newspaper, got the toilet paper and the air freshner. She took everything off except for her bra and squatted over the newspaper, but only managed to push out two medium sized pieces. Both were pretty hard. She says she has more up inside her, so maybe today or tomorrow she'll try again. I know she can produce big ones because when I used to shut off the toilet (back before we began dumping together) she would leave behind some big turds. Now that we've begun dumping together and she is open about her functions, she can't seem to produce the big ones she did before. And then I did my dump, just a small, soft and long turd. I dumped some in the morning after she went to work, but I sometimes go twice a day. She is always amazed how easy it is for me, but hers are more interesteing, especially as it t! akes awhile for her ring to dialate and stretch open. That's the fun part to watch. Anyway, she's still full, so the show may continue later today or tomorrow.

Although her dump wasn't as big as we'd anticipated, we did try something new yesterday. I suggested taking pictures. She agreed, so I got a new roll of film for the camera, and as she was squatting I took three or four close-up pictures of her butt and her poop coming out. She said I could take photos of her so long as I didn't show her face! She didn't want to take any of me, but maybe she will next time. It will be interesting to finsih the film and develop it to see what the pictures are like. Has anyone else tried taking still photos of their partner dumping? I know some people have tried using video.

That's all for now.
Happy dumps!!

RIZZO -- you are too kind, you know that, you beautiful man? I flush with gratitude (sound effects, sound effects!), and feel like part of the human race again as the demon recedes.

LOUISE -- yes, I thought it was a bit rough on that child, the kid really didn't want to do that, and forcing her was cruel. If the child had AP, no amount of forcing would achieve anything but mental anguish.

On the drink-while-wee thing, I did it once or twice many, many years ago and remembered it lately. I did it in the shower a couple of times, drinking from the water spray, then did it with the glass, and to my amazement the upper and lower fluid management systems did not seem to be co-dependent. One end inducts, the other end expels -- smoothly! GRIN! I dunno how I does it, I just does it!

I see how Steve was concerned, he was imaginging there may be an indecent assault situation on the other side of the wall, you're in there, and he would be liable for a reprimand if he even walked in to see if you were okay... Not a good way to be. I bet he sighed with relief when you came out!

Hugs from the far south land,


jennifer k
My boyfriend told me that he has sexual fantasies about me pooping in my pants and wants me to do this for him. Im not sure what to make of this. Any suggestions as to the psychological reason behind this?

Peter in AZ
Great story!!! I loved it!!! You are so lucky!!! Oh and the McDonalds story with the kid pooping like that was very funny!!!

Michelle in Lousiaina-
Wow!!! That must have been fun!!!

Nothing new in the bathroom department.

Pleasant Poops!!!

Boy,some really good posts today!Let's respond-BTW,pretty girl with her cat looking like she is doing a nice pee on the masthead-
TO MICHELLE(in louisiana)-Cool story with you and your truck driver friend buddy dumping outside the truck-tha's what it was like with my lady friend out in the woods! isn't it fun?Good stuff
TO PAMELA-Really enjoyed your nature walk and dump-i do that a lot-to me these's nothing better-i just love to walk around in the buff as my urge to poop grows and i finally let go out in the woods with no one around!Doesn't it feel great?Nice story!
TO MYRA-Enjoyed the poopin in the water story! I should try to poo in the water one of thse days-never did that-Actuallt when i was about 7-8 i once squatted on the shore in shallow water and pooed,but I'd like to poo like you guys did!Nice stuff!Another great idea,i just got from all you guys on this forum!
TO P.P.G-Yes,that beach toilet session was great-i have to try to get out there more often-it's more fun than pooing at the gym!Everyone was really unloading( some noisy,loose dumps including me!)
It's been quiet on the poo front for me the last couple of days-even my Bm's have been just smaller amounts and nothing to report,but just about every day,i pooin the woods and so far no "donna",but we still have the rest of the week which is supposed to be beautiful so we'll see!Super stories,all-love those outdoor poop stories!keep'em coming! BYE

UNCLE RIZZO: Glad to see you have tried the game as well ! Drinking at the same time had no effect on Andrew's weeing either. Next time we go to the sea, I'll remember what you said, and see how much more difficult it is to wee when you are stood deeper in the water. The only reason I had difficulty going on holiday was that I didn't really need a wee. I was only trying for Emily's sake, unlike Kirsty, who did need to go, and who had a right good whizz !! It will be nice to follow the changes in Thomas' poo textures. I have to say that custardy poo wasn't the best ! But one day, when he starts to eat proper solids, perhaps I will have a nice good solid poo to look at ! Yuk ! I'm not into poo really ! Lots of love from Kendal xxx

AUNTY PV: You lucky girl ! Being able to have lots of little poos all making a good plop ! Now thats what I would like to happen when I've got Andrew with me. But to be honest, I'm used to my floppers now, and enjoy those much more when I'm pooing on my own. I don't get a wet bum then ! Speaking of which ..... ( Lots of love Aunty, from Kendal xx)

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Is the sign of a good plop when you get the splash-back then ? ! For me, its just the sound. Don't need a wet bum to tell me I've had a good plop !! Love from Kendal x

JUDY: I think that was your name. I thought that was a great post from you about poor Rachel and her problems. What a wonderful idea, Monster Spray !! I should think that works wonders with little children, and I hope it works for Rachel as well, even if she is 13. Still, the best cure for me would definitely be to have someone come with me to hold my hand, so long as its someone I love and trust.

RACHEL: I'm posting to you because I've forgotten your mummy's name. So I guess I should have written "Rachel's Mum" really. I hope you are feeling much better now, and that you have learned that there are no monsters in the toilet. Love from Kendal x

KIM & SCOTT: The only monsters in your toilet are your enormous poos !!! I really liked your last story with the sit on knees poo. I've done a poo once with Andrew sitting on my knee, and vice versa, but I've never pooed while sitting on top of Andrew's knee. Kirsty has though. We did post about that once but it never made it. Perhaps it was another of Andrew's graphic tales ! Anyway, it wasn't a trick we have repeated because even though they were cuddled up together, her poo rubbed all over the front inside edge of the toilet seat as she was doing it, and left us searching for the disinfectant bottle before the olds could find out !! So all I can say is that you must have a nice wide toilet, or of course, Scott could have been sitting on the toilet bowl rim rather than on the seat ! That would make a much bigger space for you both to poo into ! I don't know whether Andrew would want to sit on the rim though, unless we had given it a thorough clean first. Just a! minute, let me ask .... He says he'll think about it ! Oh well, we couldn't do it today anyway. I've already had my poo, at school. It wouldn't wait until I got home, so unlike poor Sara, I have a teacher that would let me go in lessons ! Maybe tomorrow ! But the biggest problem is finding an occasion when Andrew and I actually need to poo at the same time. He's a morning boy, while I'm an afternoon girl ! Perhaps we'll save that experience for some time in the future when we can both poo together. It wouldn't be the same seperately. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS / COUSIN / ELENA / BABIES: Well !?!!! how are my new Cousins doing ? I'm dying to find out ! I also hope that Elena is now well rested and recovered from the birth. There won't be any rest once she is home ! Oh, and to my best friend, you take your time recouperating in hospital. Maybe you'll miss the custardy poos then and have slightly nicer diaper changes to perform when you do come home ! On second thoughts, I'm missing you too much. So jolly well hurry up and get home !! Why should you miss out on custardy poos anyway ?! (just kidding !) Look forward to seeing the name "Cousin" appear on the site again, and I tell you now, I shall cry buckets the first time "Linda GS" appears again. Lots and lots of love from Kendal xxxxx (kiss for all five of you !). Oh, and Andrew ( he's here now ) sends another smoochy XOXO, but for Elena too, now !!!

I am 24 year old, female college student, who lives in Georgia. I finally admitted to my self that I like to here and see people fart/poop. I am to embarssed to let any body know that I'm into this kinda stuff. I would also like for someone to watch me take a poop one day, and not because I want him/her to, but because they want to. I try not to walk in on my boyfriend when he's taking a dump, because I don't want him to think I'm sick in the head, but I do walk in on him from time to time.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Hi, everyone! Excellent reading material here today! Special
kudos to Pamela, Myra, and especially Kim for your latest installments.
Kim, you also get the imagery award for the day with your "rocket ship
bobbing up and down getting ready for take-off... Great stuff!

RIZZO - Hi guy! I bet you know that Steve tested how much I wee in 20
seconds and it was about 38 ml per second. He did about 18 ml per
second. I have not heard of the bladder detrusor muscle before but
because I go twice as quickly as he does, does it mean my detrusor
muscle is twice as strong as his? Love Louise xx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! You know I bet the toilet makers need to use you
to try out their toilet bowls to be sure that when you crash out logs
they go down all right. LOL if we were at Poopcon in bikinis I bet
there would be some interest yeah. I had a dream about it a few nights
ago and it was a bit strange but it was fun.
There was a big stage. There was a urinal and a big audience sitting in
front of the stage. I was telling the girls how to stand and pee and
I took off my bikini knickers and I pissed in the urinal to show how
to do it. I dreamed it was filmed and everything. Then you came on
the stage and took ages crashing out a log with cameras looking at your
bare bum, then Steve came and measured it with a tape. I wanted to do
a log too but the cameras just filmed my little lumps that popped out.
It was a bit of a funny dream. I do not really know if I could do that
for real you know. Oh well maybe I could, I hope I would not get too
nervy when it came time to actually wee. I am a little bit less shy
than when I was about 19.



Maggie, problem fixed.

rocky montain lisa
OK i know I'm late with this story--sorry.
4th of july was GREAT! it was my birthday & what a present I got. It was about 11am when i went for a walk up the hill behind our cabin. at the top of the hill (about a mile hike--easy walk) is the main 2 lane highway. i'd stopped to sit on some rocks & get a litle shade. I'm behind some trees but can still see traffic go by. After i'd been there for a few minutes this truck pulled over & 2 good looking guys get out. the driver was saying "I gotta shit really bad" & the passenger said he'd take a piss as long as they had stopped. so they walk toward me & around behind a clump of trees. I have a perfect view. the passenger pulls his pants down just far enough to free his willy & piss against a tree. as he's doing this the driver undoes his buckle & as he's squatting he lets out a very loud fart. his buddy looked over at him & said "dude, you'll call the bears out." they laughed a second. the buddy had finished pissing & was just standin! g there talking to the driver. with a push the first turd started to slide out. it was goingto be a long one. once it fell the guy farted several more times & told his buddy he hadn't gone in several days & this was gonna be big. with that hestarted on his next turd. he grunted & it fell to the growing pile. he wsa farting some more when a load of pudding type poop came. his buddy is trying to talk to him about where they were going but the driver was having a hard time talking while he grunted out his dump. he was there about 15 minutes dropping more turds then i could count of all sizes. now he started to stand & his buddy says "all done?" "yea i think so." he wiped with some papertowls from his truck & left the paper on the ground. they are almost back to the truck when the driver says "oh man i gotta go some more & comes back to the area they were at. He quickly (never saw anyone move so fast) gets his buckle open & pants down. As soon as he ge! ts down he farts out a skinny snake but very long--over a foot easy. this is immediatly followed by a loose load that spays out all over. the dude sighs with relief as his buddy brings the paper towels back. he wipes a lot (kinda messy) & pulls his pants up to his waist. he stands over his pile & begins to piss like crazy. this takes about a full minute. he shakes himself off. puts his willy away & zips up. as he's walking back to the truck he kinda tugs at his underwear around his butt & adjusts his package. they get in & drive away. now being the curious type I walk over the see his did this guy ever have to go. and to see him piss on his pile was so cool.
BUZZY--sounds like your having a great pooing summer. yes the warm weather makes me go more often too. i usually go twice a day now.
Also to those who've asked--I fart quite a bit during the course of the day. Since I'm around customers I try to hold them off until they aren't around but otehrwise i usually just let them go. if i have to fart near a customer I squeeze my cheeks together to make them as quiet as possible.

Michelle in Louisiana
One thing I have noticed by reading the posts here is that some people hold in their shit for a few days so it feels better. My question is: How the hell can that feel better? A big, fat, possibly impossible-to-get-out shit wouldn't feel very good to me! It would be something I'd dread doing.

Anyway, moving on, I remembered a guy I met last month at the bowling alley. He was very hair, brown eyes, a muscular chest, about 6 feet tall, a great smile, and out of all the girls and women he could have approached, he decided to approach me. We got into a long conversation, and then we exchanged phone numbers hoping to keep in touch.
About a week from the time we met, he offered to take me on his truck route, where I found out he was a truck driver. I had gotten to know him so well in that week and I trusted him, so I agreed and took him up on his offer. So, I got in his truck and we talked some more. Then, about 15 minutes after we left town, he let out lots of malodorus gas and then said, "Man, I gotta crap." It was in the middle of nowhere and I was wondering where was he going to go crap? There were no toilets nearby! He just pulled over onto the shoulder, stepped out of his truck and onto the grass, pulled his pants and underwear down, and started to crap. I was still sitting in the truck, for I didn't want to follow him around when he was doing a private thing(although anyone could see him). I just eyed him out the truck window and since he wasn't far, I got a great view. I saw a big brown turd come out of his butt...possibly about a foot long or so. Then, he let out some more turds, which were n! ot so long. I didn't see any more turds, but he was still in the same position, as if he was going to do more. Suddenly, I realized I needed to crap too. The urge got really strong, and since I do crazy things sometimes, I decided to get out of the truck and run towards him. I wondered if he'd get mad, but he didn't. He smiled instead, and stared immensely as I pulled down my pants and underwear. Then, we both crapped in a massive amount, staring at each other until we were done. After that, we both got back in the truck and he told me how great I was. Come to think of it, it was one of the best experiences ever.

I'm having one of those restless nights. I just woke up and can't seem to fall back asleep. I just posted a few hours ago, and it has already made it to the site.

Buzzy: That was some spectacle at the beach. I think you may be right about the heat making people poop more, though I think it can also be more complicated than just the temperature. I'm sure several factors come into play, such as people's behavior in response to the heat, such as what they do, what they eat, and so forth.

*** I need to pee. I'll be right back. ***

*** I'm back. That was a long pee. I think I did it for two minutes straight. ***

Thinking about it for a bit, I recall back in college that the ladies rooms tended to be much busier in very warm weather. For example, at the recreation center on campus, the ladies room seemed to be busier in the summer, though not as many students were around to use the facility. One time after a game of basketball I had to go to the ladies room to have a major dump. I was in there for quite a while, pushing out wave after wave of soft mushy poop and flushing the toilet several times. There were only a couple of stalls occupied when I first came in. While I was sitting and having my dump, there was a parade of women coming in and out, and constant toilet flushing. It was so busy that I almost couldn't hear myself plopping away.

Time to go back to sleep.

I'm a 20 year old female and ever since I had an pooping accident a couple of years ago, I love to poop my pants. The accident occurred when I was in the mall and I had to poop. To make a long story short, I got to the bathroom, my zipper was stuck and I ended up pooping in my jeans. The strange part about it is that I loved how it felt on my butt. If I have to poop while I'm out, I'll use the bathroom. But if I'm in the house and have to poop, I'll poop my pants there.

Ahh! I just got finished pooping in my blue denim daisy dukes while typing this. It's feels good. It's also beginning to smell. Better go wash up.

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