After reading yesterday on the post what had happened to Roy's girlfriend, it made me think of a similiar incident that happened to my girlfriend last summer.

My girlfriend's name is Sonia. She's mexican,slender,and very attractive. We've been friends since kindergarten.We were both 22 years old when this happened. Anyway, me and Sonia (last summer) had went up to Philadelphia for one day to visit a friend (we live in Maryland). After we visited our friend for 3 hours, we decided to leave. Before we left to go back to Maryland, we stopped to have some chinese food. After we ate,we headed on down the road. About an hour later, Sonia told me "Girl,my stomach hurt. I gotta use the bathroom. I think it was something I ate". So I noticed a sign for a rest stop that was three miles down the road. So then she said "oh no". Then she said "Marissa, if we don't get to the bathroom soon,I'm gonna shit on myself". So I sped down the road and about an half a mile away from the rest area, a cop pulled us over for speeding. I told the cop about the situation my friend was having and by this time Sonia was fidgeting and crying. The cop hu! rried up and gave me the ticket and let us move on. Just before we reached the rest stop, I heard Sonia let out a small fart and she told me she began to poop her pants a little. So I pulled into the rest stop (which had quite a few cars in the parking spaces), pulled in front of the bathroom door and Sonia jumped out the car and ran towards the bathroom squeezing both of her butt cheeks with her hands . When she jumped out before she grabbed her butt cheeks, I did notice a small brown stain on her butt because she wearing white tights. Anyway, she had been in there for a while and I decided to check on her. Before that I noticed quite a few women coming out of there and I wondered if she made it. So when I went inside the bathroom, that place was stinking. Nobody else was inside and I heard Sonia crying in one of the stalls. I asked,"Sonia are you alright?" She got up to open her stall door and was crying her eyes out. The smell told me what happened. Sonia then told me sobbi! ng "I shit on myself". Then she went on to say, "When I got in here, all of the stalls were taken and there was two people waiting ahead of me and I didn't make". I told her that I'll help her clean up. She didn't bother to take her pants off but when she did, it was mess. Crap was all in her pants, all over her butt, and in her crotch. And man did that girl STINK! We cleaned up as best as possible and she threw her panties ,that was full of poop, in the garbage. We walked out and some people were approaching. People looked at her because her accident was very visible. Not only did she have a huge brown shit stain on the back of her pants(that started at her butt and stopped at the bottom part of her pant leg), but she had a mid-size yellow stain on her front from also peeing on herself. We got in the car,laid some paper towels on her side and drove off. I rolled down all the windows and it took us an hour and a half to get back. I dropped her off at her apartment, and she was! very apologetic and offered to pay my speeding ticket. We both agreed to pay half. I got back home and sprayed my car and passenger seat with Lysol. MAN CAN THAT GIRL STINK AFTER EATING CHINESE FOOD!

We live on a farm-60 acres planted in soybeans and alfalfa. This morning everyone else went to town so I slept in till 730! Beautiful warm, sunny morning - so when I got up I had the whole place to myself. Time for a luxury I only get to have or enjoy about once or twice a year. The place is isolated so I went for a short walk au naturel, but carrying a tank top and shorts for emergencies. When I first arose I could feel a "delivery" being made down the descending colon, but ignored it for a while, had some coffee, and then went for the walk. About five minutes later my pooper was completely full, or at least it felt so, to the point of discomfort at last. I felt like I was going to burst so it was time for the event. I stood with feet about 2 ft apart and just stopped trying to hold it back. A wave of relief spread over my body and I could feel the end of a turd nudging its way out my anus, followed by a nice big rope of poo which tickled my buttcheeks as it passed by. ! I continued my limp condition and let it flow - no need to sqeeze or anything. Then a nice flow of wee began too. When I was done there was a rather large poo pile on the ground behind my bare feet, and a small puddle of wee in front of them. And an exquisite feeling of r e l i e f . If I had squatted instead of standing up to poo, I think it would have held its sausage shape and been a couple inches thick, and about a foot long, but probably in pieces. As it was, it was just a big thick mound, or pile of stinky poo, ready for burial with a garden shovel. Messy bum? Yes, but I had a cure for that too - my "natural bidet." Next to the barn a garden hose reposes in the sun. A gentle flow of water out the nozzle, squirted at my bumhole, and then vagina, tidied everything up nicely and a further walk of five minutes duration in this dry climate dried everything off. When the hired hands get back from the John Deere store and feedlot they will be none the wiser about Mr! s. prim and proper housewife!!

To Michelle: Well I can now prove i'm at least partially lactose intolerant. Yesterday morning Idecided to do a test. So I drank a glass of milk and waited. Sure enough around 10 minutes later my stomach started hurting and I had to go to the bathroom. I then ran to the bathroom and crapped out this mushy poop.

After work last Fri Husband and I took our small power boat to a landing in the Columbia River and put it in. We parked the car at a Park facilty & with boat loaded with food, beer and bedding we headed upstream to a favorite private camping spot accessible only by boat. Sat we rendyvooed with another couple and had a big picnic with lots of cold cuts, v??????, weenies and beer. They had to go home Sunday morning but we saw them off with another big breakfast beforehand. On Sat I cant speak for the other couple but I dont usually have my daily dump until noonish. We were headed out to meet our friends at about 11. I asked my husb. to head for the middle of the river where its at least a mile wide and kill the engine. When all was calm I lowered my shorts and panties, hung my female butt (waist size 32) over the edge of the boat and commenced trying to poop. This made the boat kind of lopsided and husb took a cue from me and did the same on the opposite edge. It didn t take him long to pinch off a couple of nice loaves. A buddy dump, if you will, and it was fun, except I strained and groaned and was unable to do anything. Finally a couple little dry, constipated turds dropped out- and time being of essence I wiped and we got going again. That afternoon we had a huge feast of pre-barbecued chicken, burgers, beer, v??????, weenies and chips. A real overeating session for all of us plus- lots of swimming and water skiing. No trouble sleeping that night. Sunday morn right after the humungous breakfast & coffee, probably due to the poor showing Saturday, I started getting that "full" feeling. We loaded our friends and their gear into the boat and took them to the landing where we met and said goodby. The lady mentioned she would need a pit stop at the public restrooms before they took off so I suppose thats how they took care of their business. We however, took off back up the river. By this time it was again 11 o clock and the sun was hot, so we steered a course for the middle, cut the engine, stripped and lay out on the deck getting an all over tan, something else we do often and enjoy, weather permitting. We were in a nice wide spot above our campground by then, so the current moved us slowly toward our destination anyway. After about 15 minutes my lower bowels were groaning and gurgling, and I could feel my rectal cavity was pretty well filled up. "Showtime again honey," I said, getting up and starting a squat over the side. "Wait, said he. "I gotta go too but I'm just gonna jump in and squeeze it off in the water." SPLASH - over he went. Both of us are really good swimmers. I did the same and paddled over to him. By this time he was treading water and thru the clear river water I could see a big, wide brown snake curling upward out of his butt. Two or three pieces broke off, but they didn't surface, just went away underwater. He then dove under, swam around behind my butt, gave it a sla p, and surfaced again. "Go for it," he said. I relaxed and floated on my back, spread my legs, relaxed some more and WOW, what a feeling. This big, thick, huge-feeling, solid warm turd just eased out, incredibly massaging and warming my cold ring and butthole as nice as you please, then another. and another. Unlike his, mine were floaters and they surfaced about four feet away, he delighting in pointing them out and making rude remarks about their size and consistency. The biggest was one of my usual coke cans and just under a foot long. Two or three others were more like the weenies we ate the day before. Away they went, downstream. I swam underwater and did a scissors squat and ran the edge of my hand up and down my butt crack a few times but that wasn't really necessary, everything was clean as a whistle. OH what a feeling! It is said giving birth in a comforting water bath is very relaxing and soothing. Can't say about that, but I am here to tell you, that super duper effortless passage of an otherwise huge poop on Sunday was the most relaxing shit of my life, so maybe there is something to it. Yesterday and today (Tue) was back to usual routine with a poop session after lunch at the office facilities. Monday I passed a couple of whoppers and it felt good, but nothing like the day before. Today was just another day- groan, plop, plop, wipe, flush.
Oh yes, of course I shared these thoughts about the Sunday poop with my husband. He agreed with me, saying his poop-passage was enjoyable too. For those who worry about pollution, don't. This is about the biggest river in the world. More like an arm of the ocean. Our whopper little turds are like 2 grain of sand on a beach by compareson. Happy pooping everbody . MYRA

O.K here's what happened today. As usual I went to the breakroom, and unfixed the toilet in the ladies room, and set back down at the table. I heard footsteps and this I saw a young lady probably about 16 or 17, about 5'6", thin, Dirty blonde, curly hair, greenish eyes, and she was wearing overalls and tennis shoes enter. As she entered, I immdiately went over to the door to listen, but didn't really hear much going on at all, I listened even more, I didn't hear any peeing so, I assumed she was pooping but I still didn't hear poop sounds. After that I heard her use toilet paper, and then try to flush, but I had fixed the toilet so it wouldn't flush, after this I ran back to my seat, when she was leaving the restroom I was pretending to read a newspaper, she said hi and I said hi back, she didn't tell me (even though I'm an employee that the toilet was broken, I guess she didn't want me to go in and see what she produced) she was kinda cute. After she left I ran in to look ! in the bowl. To my amaze I saw 2 kinda long soft turds each about 6 inches color 505, the size of the load was about a 2, the consistency was 2, and the texture was a 3, there was a lot of corn and nut pieces in it and it look like little bits of food were floating in the water. It didn't really smell that much just barely. Well thats it I fixed the toilet so that it would work again, I'll posts again if I have more success.

My girlfriend is still as shy as ever about pooping anywhere but home. I know she has held some big turds in at work. She still even runs the water while shitting at my place. Just once I would love to watch her take a shit.

Nice pic of the priental lady squatting over the bowl-looks like a sushi roll dump in the bowl-she has that look of concentration on her face a lot like that lady friend of mine "donna' as she is trying to push out some stuff-cool pic!
Some responces-TO JANE-Yes maam,you and I could fertilize your lawn-you start at one end and i'll start at the other,and your husband can join in too if he wants-Sure,i'll do it if you want-I so enjoy your stories,for me to dump with you would be a priveledge-with all this hot weather,you and I could do lots of pudding all over the lawn some morning after some Oj and coffee-Although,I think from your stories,you poo quite a bit more than me,so when i'm done i can enjoy seeing you finish up!Just let me know where and when we can lay some fertilizer,JANE-Also,i definitly think your friend christine is into listening to other women poo along with her!Another thing,JANE,i enjoy your stories so much,i sometime print them and read them as i'm doing my morning BM and it's like we are going together!
TO DIANE(NY)-Boy that was some serious dumping on your vacation-45 inches of poo! Sorry,but that's kinda hard to believe!The longest one i ever did was about 2 feet and I do some longs ones most of the time i BM,but they are usually about 1-1/2 inches wide and alot of times they are even thinner cause alot of times when i poo,i have a slight erection which semms to contract my anus a bit and thats' why my poos are really long,a bit soft and a bit on the thin side,but your girth--4 inches wide--OOuchh-that just hurts thinking about it!C'mon,neighbor,lets get together out in the bethpage preserve to do some buddy dumping-i'd like to see these monsters and BTW,i'm a biker,not a jogger-maybe all 3 of us can poop together outside sometime!Always enjoy your stories,Diane
Nothing to report today on the poo front,but it supposed to e a beautiful week here in the N.E.,so hopfully,some poo rondezvous sre in store!Good stories,all!BYE


The show opens with the theme song; whistling music. Opie and Andy are in the woods. Opie throws rocks, then Opie and his Dad, Andy, unzip their pants, point their weenies and let out long yellow streams into a bush. All the while the theme song whistling is going on.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi. Everyone!

COPROLOGIST, Sorry your wife has had such pain and misery after her operation, and glad she's starting to feel a bit better now.
That must be why my doctor was so against advising me to have a haemorrhoidectomy when I asked, as he'd had one himself.
As you say, they don't tell you that if you're going to have one, but everything heals up after a while and I'm sure she'll soon be glad she had it done.
I know exactly what you mean about Fybogel and Lactulose sending you to the toilet more times per day than you'd want to go when it's sore, as I've had both and wished I could just go the once and give my anus a chance to let the inflammation settle before my next visit!
For those who get the chance, the banding method or injections sound much better at getting rid of piles, but that is, of course, subject to the specialist's opinion.
I hope very soon to hear your wife is feeling much better, and is able to forget the last few weeks, but I do know what she must have gone through, although I'd have thought she'd be given a liquid diet to tide her through.

BUZZY, Wow! What a great time you had with all those guys doing their thing along with you! What a symphony of manliness on toilets it must have been!
I used to think years ago, I was more likely to drop harder turds during hot weather, but during our recent heatwave, I've not been able to detect a difference. It varies with me anyway, but I'd expect the turds to be harder if we get slightly dehydrated, but perhaps we all compensate for it.
Apparently in India, the usual formation of shit is quite moist, but the spices eaten might be the reason.

SAN D, Those toilets you used sound like toilet heaven!
For the partitions to have a gap equal to the height of the toilet sounds, to me, even more enjoyable than having no partition at all!
I suppose because you can actually look at the other guy without it being too obvious, and with the toilets being quite close together, it's more intimate still.
The ones where the doors have to allow for the toilet which is close to the door and which if you bend down to tie a shoelace you can see the whole toilet sound like ones my biker friend once used at a campsite in Wales so perhaps one day I'll find something similar here!
You said as you entered the restroom you could see a side view of the first toilet, and to have the opportunity of seeing a guy on the bog as soon as you get in there would make me want to shit in one like that every day!
Thanks for telling us about them, I hope you get the chance of many more visits and sitting next to guys having really loud plops!!

ZACK, Another experience I really enjoyed reading about was your very uninhibited friend in the changing room/toilet.
The way he just sat down there on the toilet and dropped his load and continued talking to you as though it was nothing unusual/private/erotic or disgusting(All the probable reasons we seek privacy) almost make me want to feel as he did; that it was no big deal, and that I'd like to have a "Take it or leave it" attitude as though I didn't really care!
To go through the barrier of assuming something that I like so much is just an everyday occurrence, and to chat about things in general as he's plopping and looking great, is like getting beyond the attachment to the moment, and accepting it spontaneously.
I'm getting quite philosophical here, but to just think that "Shit happens" would be an appropriate attitude!
I'd love to appear disinterested and then sit on the toilet after him and be equally nonchalent as I shit my load, and know that we both saw each other and weren't awkward about it.
If he also was as interested as I am, then brilliant, but if he wasn't; I wouldn't want to spoil it for the comradeship of the moment.
Does all that make sense? It's hard to articulate, but in a way, I envy the way the guy treated it so casually, that to give it any importance would, I feel, reduce the innocence of it.
Anyway, I hope it happens like that again with you both, and if he enjoys it more than he implied, that's great, but either way, to shed any inhibitions between yourselves is the great thing about openness while using the toilet.

RYAN, Good to read another account of men using toilets together like you did recently and meeting each other when you've both finished your performances on the toilet.
I've sometimes detected that look in another guy's eyes as though to say "That's who I've just been hearing next door!"
There are so many similar instances reported here of dual shit sessions, and I love to be constantly reassured it happens so often!
Either I very rarely find the right toilets here, or it's the British reserve that prevents these sort of mutually-enjoyed dumps!

KENDAL, Thanks for the compliment about my name, but I wish I could always live up to it!
Let's say I aspire to having plops that really plunge into the toilet, but there seem to be three factors involved for the best plops.
One's food intake, the type of toilet used, and the mysterious factor of what produces the type of turd in the gut that most of us want!
Hope you've got a good toilet to use, and that you can plop rather than flop, assuming you'd rather a good loud sound.
Over the last few days I've been louder in my plops and farts which I hope is due to my increase in salads, so don't change your name yet, as perhaps a modification in diet may work for you!
Glad things are working out for you, (No pun intended!)

Another place wher I've heard toilets have partitions with large gaps under them is in the QUEEN VICTORIA Building in Sydney, Australia.
If you're there, DAZZ, Do you know if that's correct?
Apparently, it's the top floor and the partitions start at the same height as the toilets. If so, is that fairly common in Australia?
If so, there must be some great views as well as great sounds down under, "Down Under" !!

For those of us well enough to enjoy ourselves on the toilet, and I hope all of us are (and all those we know soon will be if not well yet)
I like what YEAH! said, that to have the ability to sit and shit on a toilet is something to enjoy and not be ashamed of.
Enjoy and Rejoice! P P G

Hi all of you! I’m still catching up on the posts.

Dear PV, I see you are now making real progress to overcome the last vestiges of AP. Congrats again!
Then your advice and help to Sara is very touching to read. It makes you an exceptionally loveable person to me. Here’s a big hug to lift you right off the ground, Rizzo!

RJOGGER, I read that motel story of yours! You really are a prankster; that makes two of us; and I confess that I would probably have done the same as you, or worse! Cheers!

BUZZY, great stories of dumps in the woods with Donna! I hope to read more.

UPSTATE DAVE, your stories are so enjoyable, that just seeing your name appear on screen makes me grin in anticipation!

MARY (from Vancouver), you mentioned that you were LI and that possibly even butter gave you the runs. I do not know if I am lactose intolerant, I do not want to experiment either. I only know that dairy products (and eggs) give me anything from one short bout of diarrhoea to prolonged watery diarrhoea, vomiting, red patches on the skin, high temperature and sometimes even difficulty in breathing. But it rarely happens, because I have what has been described in a scientific magazine as “learned aversion” .
These foods have become so awful to my senses of smell and taste, that I avoid them. For many it is difficult to imagine that whipped cream to me is just greasy froth smelling of unwashed feet, to give an example. And that is not far from butter.
Do you like the taste of the foods that make you ill? The only “dairy product” I enjoy is milk chocolate, and that works just like a mild laxative if I indulge too much.
Take care dear, Rizzo

AUSTIN, I hope your kidney stone has been flushed out. Keep peeing torrents (drink enough water), try not to let it happen again. It is supposed to hurt more than giving birth. Yes, and there were some observations about the smell of poop caused by sulphur compounds. If you mean the rotten eggs smell, then the gas involved is H2S and not SO2. I used both as stink bombs during my school days. When I had become more advanced in chemistry I managed to produce an organic compound of such vile smell as to be almost unbelievable. It was a cross between cat shit of the worst kind and rotten cheese, so strong, that if you got your finger tips damp from it, even scrubbing for three quarters of an hour with soap and hot water would leave your fingers smell as if you had just poked them into fresh poop. I used (or abused) it once, but that is the story of a prank that does not belong here.

LAWN DOGS KID, dear Andrew, your experiments with drinking while peeing amused me very much. I did not catch who it was who first started this.
Kirsty seems to have a good stream as you described it. She should try taking lessons with Louise and PV for the standing pee! If she gets those labia out of the way and aims high, she should be a member of the WSPC in no time at all! She should be careful where she practices, however.
Well, I tried the drink-while-peeing experiment myself after having had some coffee and an o-juice in the morning and a long swig of water from my water bottle. First, standing in front of the toilet bowl I took careful aim and started to drink water from the bottle before letting go. Then I let go drinking at the same time. My pee stream seemed constant, but I could not see it while holding the bottle to my mouth and tilting my head back to drink. So I took a very large mouthful of water and looked down while gulping away at the same time: it did not have the slightest effect on my pee stream which continued at a steady rate.
An hour later all that water had built up some good pressure in my bladder and I tried again, sitting on the toilet this time in order to provide similar conditions as for Kendal and Kirsty. Same results: gulping water has no effect on my pee stream.
So there you are my dear friend, add it to your statistics, enjoy your holidays, pursue your hobbies :), love from Rizzo.

Dear KENDAL, peeing in the sea is easy when you do not go in deeper than necessary to cover, let’s say, the belly button. So little Emily probably had to wee against a column of water which produced a counter pressure from the outside. Then the bladder detrusor muscle ( the squeeze-out muscle) has to do all the work to expell the pee. Kirsty being taller had the full aid of gravity and you were just right, peeing discreetly but still easily. Try walking in deeper the next time you have the opportunity and you will see or rather feel what I mean!
Did you notice any other people going into the sea up to over the tops of their thighs, stand still or walk very slowly around for a while gazing into the distance, then suddenly swirl water around their legs with their hands, or jump up and down, some even holding their waistband of their swimming trunks or bikini bottoms out in front to scoop up water? After that some walk off a few steps and duck down before either swimming or going back to the beach. They usually say that they went into the water to cool off. (He he!) I have noticed elderly ladies who do not want to get totally wet squat in the shallows where the water only just touched their bottoms and splash water playfully around their thighs with their hands.
Such behaviour is a give-away for a pee in the sea! Everybody, or almost everybody does it.
Now about changing nappies (diapers for you over there on the other side of the pond) for Thomas. You only experienced the beginning. Believe me, by the time he will be about two years old, the poos will be huge! And not necessarily like custard! Get Andrew to help you next time, early training might come in useful for him one day! Ha ha! I know, changed plenty of nappies on our boys myself, but I have to admit that I was not eager at first. It took some time getting used to cleaning up messy bums. We used throw-away nappies only on voyages, because, although advertised to the contrary, they produced a nasty rash on the babies’ bums after a day or two. Normally we used washable cotton ones with a throw-away special tissue liner inside to catch the poo, and a re-usable plastic outer cover sheet knotted at the hips. Those worked best. No sore bums.
So much for now my dear niece, love from your uncle Rizzo.

Peaceful toilet sessions to you all from Rizzo

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! That time from the emergency shits must have been
really uncomfrotable for you. You were still a bit upset so that can
make your stomach upset too. If you are nervy then it can affect you
like that. It sometimes happens to me too. My boyfriend Steve was a
bit like that a few weeks ago before he had his test for his 3rd
degree black belt. He had a shit and there was this murky brown
mess in the toilet after. I had to wipe his bum for him to get him
really clean again.
Yeah I bet with you it was stress or it may be that you had one of
those really quick food poisoning bugs that come and get you for a
few hours and then go away again really quick.

PV - Hi!!! Hahaha maybe how I do little pellets made you do some too!
You know I will have to practice the drinking and weeing trick. If you
can do it and not slow down like me then it must be possible? Have you
practiced it before you wrote about it here as an idea?
Oh no, that poor little girl! I bet she must have been feeling
really humilated having to wee out in the open like that!
Oh I am relieved that you were all right about me telling about the
lad who was dragged into the toilets by his girl! I talked about it with
Steve and he thought yeah I should tell the story. You know I bet the
whole thing rocked Steve a bit because he just got a quick sight of
the lad going through the ladies' toilets door and he was a bit worried
about me because I was just in there and he did not see the girl drag
the lad in. So when I came out again and I was all right he was
relieved. I love him for how he was thinking of me.
LOL yeah, weeing in Steve's bath water was lots of fun to do, we
loved teasing him good. I will have to think of another treat for him
for being such a lovely guy!
I have no other things just now that I can write about if I do not
want to steal Steve's stuff. That was funny when he nearly fell over
that school girl who was having a wee. LOL



Wednesday, July 11, 2001

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post. recently my boyfriend scott picked me up for a date. scott came in his car wearing a white suit shirt,blue tie,blue suspenders,blue suit pants and black dress shoes on his feet. I got in his car wearing a body hugging red-minidress and red sandal high heeled shoes on my feet. I wore a thin headband around my head of long golden blonde hair. I asked scott if I looked hot in my red mini? "burning baby!" he replied as we both laughed. on this date scott and I went dancing and then we ate at a great Italian restaurant. we ate alot of food there. after eating scott and I hopped into his car and scott started to drive me home. after a little while of driving I told scott I had to take a massive shit! scott then turned towards me smiling telling me he had to shit too! I then told scott that we could dump at my house since my parents where out for the evening also."good idea kimmie!" scott replied as he sped his car towards my house. as soon as we got to my house we walked upstairs to my bathroom. as soon as we entered my bathroom we stripped completely nude. I even took off the thin gold waist chain I wore around my waist. and since scott and I both had to shit bad we decided to buddy dump together. so scott sat his muscular body on the bowl first while I then sat on his lap facing him. I then put my arms around his neck as he put his hands around my waist. we then kissed briefly as we then began to push out our logs. while we where pushing scott had low manly grunts while I had high-erotic female cries. after a little while of pushing I looked down in the bowl and I saw a big log coming out of scotts quivering ass!"wow scott! look at that huge log coming out of your ass!" I said excitedly. "ohh wow nothing!look at the size of your log kim! its bigger!" scott laughed as I looked down to discover my log was indeed bigger. while I was laughing my body automatically shuddered from the enormity of my l og as my log grew bigger without me even pushing.scott then looked down at my log again"wow kim I dont think the toilet can hold that size log in!" scott said excitedly. I laughed as I stared my big blue eyes into his brown eyes as I took a deep breath and squeezed real hard. I immedietly felt my ring and butt-cheeks open real wide from the enormous size of my log. and then before I could say "ohhh my god!'KA_BOOM!!" I blasted out an enormous torpedo into the bowl. scott and I then looked down at my log in awe. my gigantic beast was totally clogging the bowl hole. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half stretched all the way up to the surface of the water bobbing up and down like a top! my log looked like a huge brown exclamation point or a huge rocket ship ready for take off. this log turned scott and I on just looking at it. I could not wait to measure this absolute monster."wow kim.I dont think theres enough room in the bowl to blast my own log out because yours is soo enormous!" scott repled. I then heard scott groan as he blasted his big but smaller log out! scott was just about to get off the bowl when I sat him down while still sitting on his lap. " you dont mind if I add a little piss to all of this do you sweetie!' I said batting my eyes flirtatiously at scott as scott smiled warmly and I peed like a broken faucet over our huge logs. peeing like this was the perfect way to end crashing out huge logs like this!scott and I then got off the bowl to admire our logs.scott then got the measuring tape and measured his log at 16 1/2 inches long 3 inches thick and my log at 27 inches long. 4 inches thick!this was some log but my record single log is still 28 inches long. 3.5 inches should of seen my toilet bowl after these two logs, my toilet was totally filled with huge shit!totally! I tell you my logs are becoming too big for my bowl. I might as well just dump in the woods!haha. scott then chopped up our logs with a t! hin rod. after this scott and I had fun wiping each others butts clean. after this we threw the soiled paper into the bowl and flushed. my bathroom had a strong smell of sex and shit that day and scott and I decided not to waste it as I made us a huge bubblebath in my bathtub as scott and I slipped in and had us some more fun!haha, after this we got dressed and scott left before my parents arrived, hoped you enjoyed the story. scott and I sure enjoyed that night!:). bye now
TO LOUISE-hello my friend.thanks for liking my poopcon idea.with all the tv monitors annd stuff.haha yeah,and I am sure that steve would love to see that enormous log come out of my quivering butt from the best possible angle. I tell you though with both of us coming to the event in our teeny bikinis we might have to call the national guard to protect us from all the men folk there! they will forget about pooping and start chasing. ya know what I mean honey!haha, be well honey.
TO DIANE-hello. my diet consist of total cereal,a cereal loaded with fiber. my diet also includes chicken,fish,salad much vegatables and I am a cute,long haired blond. whos only five foot four but I lift weights with my boyfriend scott. I look like a super-bodied trish stratus from pro wrestling fame or chery ladd from charlies angels type!I think you get the idea! my system causes me to have my huge logs and I love it!scott loves it too! by the way I love your stories. so sad the tragedies you suffered though with your brother attacked by the bear, your dad in the car accident when you where a baby and your friend melissa dying recently. thank goodness marenello saved you from death in that garage. we want you around alot longer girl. bye now and be careful huh?

Michelle in Louisiana
Since Donnie brought up McDonalds, I have a little story to tell about a McDonalds:
One time, when I was 5 years old, I walked into the McDonalds playplace, I walked in and crawled in the slides as you do in those things, and I heard some little kid's voice screaming, "MOMMY!!!" and I decided to follow the sound. Then, at the end of the tube, where there was a big wide open space, there was this little boy with his pants all the way down taking a seemingly neverending shit. His pants were fully loaded and there was a plentiful amount of shit on the floor. (I could tell because of the brown stains. I just stood there and watched because I had never seen a boy's privates before and he was screaming for his mom still. His mom kept yelling for him, but she was too fat to fit in the playplace whatsoever. Then, my mom came inside the playplace and grabbed the little boy out, while the little boy pooped in her face. At least he was rescued.


Making your child sleep in soiled clothes will do just the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve.

She will eventually grow to like the feeling, and you will have day accidents on your hands.

This happened to me three years ago.I'm a 18 year-old puerto rican girl and when I was 15 I was in this summer youth group. It started when we were on our way to this nature park (which was an hour and a half away). My stomach was grumbling on the bus then it went away. Five minutes later I felt the urge to poop. I told the camp counselor my problem and asked if we could stop somewhere so I could use the bathroom. She said no. A few more minutes later the urge had gotten so worse, I started farting. Everybody could smell it because it was hot that day. Then I asked again and the counselor said I would have to wait til we got to the park. By now, I was fidgeting to the point where I was literally crying. I begged the counselor one last time to make the bus driver stop somewhere and she said we couldn't. I started crying and the other kids were staring at me. The counselor looked at me with pity. I fidgeted and held my stomach some more til I couldn't hold it any longer. I felt ! crap loading up in my pants. And the smell was horrible. When the kids smell it they said "eew" and started to laugh at me. And if that wasn't enough, my bladder chose to betray me and I peed my pants so badly, it leaked down my leg and soaked my bare feet (I was wearing thong sandals). I sat in that mess for 45 minutes while everybody laughed and held their noses. I was crying at this point. I felt like a big baby that I had pooped my jean capris. When we got to the park, the counselor let me get off first. My shoes were making a splish/splash noise because of the pee. As soon as we entered the park, the counselor let go the to bathroom to get clean. Most of the poop was contained because the capris were so tight and the poop was solid. I threw my panties away because they were heavily stained brown and yellow. There wasn't alot of toilet paper so I was forced to walk around with poop still on me. I slipped my capris back on and I was forced to wear those the rest of the da! y with a gigantic brown stain on the back of them. I still stunk and everybody kind of stayed away from me. It was the worse experience of my life.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my wife's surgery for removal of hemerrhoids. She now seems to be on the mend. The first week was totasl agony for her. They gave her something called Fibergel to stop her getting constipated, but it made her shit more often, and every evacuation was agony. It was so bad that often she could not finish shitting, but had to stop and lie down till the pain had eased. The doctor said that this was quite normal and the nurse said that most people who undergo surgery bitterly regret it for the first few weeks because it is so painful. They are always careful never to tell you this before you undergo surgery. The first week she was also on antibiotics to prevent infection and not allowed to drink alcohol, so she could not even drown her misery. Any way, the Fibergel is finished and so are the antibiotics, she's drinking wine and sherry and the wound is slowly healing. But it is still agony if she has to go more than once a day. She is still on a l! axative called lactulose. I looked it up in the Merck Index, and it is quite a well-known laxative, though I had never heard of it before. I really enjoy my daily shit(s), but now I feel guilty at enjoying something that gives my poor old wife such pain....

Sara: Michelle's right, soon this incident will grow old asnd everyone will stop laughing. It was a girl in one of my classes before who pissed herself . It was funny for only one day and then we all forgot about it.Good luck with your friend.

To Byrian: its okay. It is kinda of cool now since I know it wasn't blood

To Michelle: I don't know I might be lactose intolerant. I should get it checked out.

Shanice: As runner-up to the above. I like your stories of you having bowel movements in front of your friends. It is better to do them in your pants then in the toilet. I used to have my best in front of my teenage boyfriends. In high school, a boy routinely had me over to his house. One afternoon I had to check my bowels to see if there was anything with my finger. So, I let him follow me. I had to urinate first for 10 minutes. I then lifted my dress and slip, pulled down my pink and blue Maidenform panties. When I sat down on the toilet I put some Vasaline, because I knew it was going to be a hard lumpy doo-doo. Plop, plop,plop, plop. 64 pieces of doo-doo crackled from my stomach. I farted and started to urinate. Then twenty more pieces of doo-doo evacuated. I was not finished. A wave of soft thick doo-doo, like ice cream evacuated lasting 10 minutes. The bathroom smelled really good. I wanted to eat my dinner there. I was in no hurry to get up. More gas evacuated foll! ! owed by another 10 minutes wave of soft doo-doo. When the episode was over, I reached for toilet paper and proceeded to wipe my vagina, then my rectum. I used two wads of paper. I stood up let down my dress and slip, pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet. It felt so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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