About the kids and going to a store or bathroom away from home.

I know that times were when I was with some of the kids in our family and they had to go pee or poop and we were at a dept store or mall, would take them. For example a 7 year old boy hadda poop after we had a McDonalds burger and coke and so we went to the mall bathroom. While I knew he could take his own pants down and do this thing, I just steered him to a reasonably clean stall and let him start to drop his pants or help him if he needed. Then I would stand outside the door until he was done and help him again if needed. Thus you dont have the problem of having a young kid go into a commerical restroom by himself where you do find some perverts hanging around.
In the Case of a boy with the mother, she could take him into the ladies room and watch out for him in there if hes that young. Same as a dad with his girl taking her to the ladies room, he can stand outside the door and wait. I have also seen where a responsible person that was going into the restroom be asked to keep an eye for the kid. Usually someone you know, not a stranger. But then again, there is no shame in letting the kid pee in a cup in the car or girl using a cup or something if you can in car. I was driving the car on a long trip one day and this one boy in our family needed to pee real bad, "its coming out"! he said. His sister took a cup and held it while he peed in the cup. One other time a young girl hadda pee and couldnt hold it no more and used a towel stashed under the seat that was a car wash/dry towel. I would never leave a young kid alone to hit the bathrooms on their own. You go along and make sure things are clear and all before they go! in....

Michelle in Louisiana
To whoever asked me: I would pee on the rug and the wall. The wall was painted tinted yellow to begin with. It was in the daytime, back in the day when my sister and I shared a room(I was about 7 or 8...too old to pee in somewhere else besides the toilet, yes).

Here's something that happened to me last week:
I felt really shitty that day...shitty in both ways, not up to par and I had diarreah. So, I sat on the toilet and let it out. It was never ending and I saw red in it and I was thinking maybe I'd have to go buy some Anusol or something and be embarrassed out of my skull. I was somewhat freaked, too...the thought of bloody shit grossed me out.
A little while later, I realized the red in my shit was not blood, but the cherry dye in the SnoCone I ate earlier. Boy, was I relieved.

Jane, seems to me all little boys are so fascinated by poop, at least both my little brothers and little cousins are.

Cousin: Congratulations on being a father :o)

Aboy: Are you lactose intolerant or something? Sounds like lactose intolerance to me if you have that reaction to drinking milk. It happens to me too...I am lactose intolerant, which I already am aware of.

Sara: Problem know, things happen. People may laugh about you pissing your pants in school, but soon it will no longer be funny. That's the best thing I can say, for telling them background info or anything else will not stop them from laughing, sorry to say. I've been laughed at for many things and no matter what, they are still funny.

hi my names is Crystal and i my 13 yaer old and i have a story

one day at school it was about 6 period and i had to go poop i wonted to finish my page first before to go to bathroom. about 10 min later i was done. i asked to go to the bathroom. wain i got there all the stalls were in use. about 3 min later the poo was coming and one of the stalls was open i ran in and the poo was coming fast i was trying to get my zipper down but it was to late the poo was coming out and it was a mess big wain i was done pooping my pant i got my zipper down and looked at my mess then i was in the stall for about half hour crying the teacher sent my friend to find were i was. my friend came in and siad my name i siad ya in a crying talk i opened the door and i siad i poop my pants

she walked me to class and she told wot happened it was embarrassed.

Katie K
After catching up on post of the last few days the biggest thing is sara's peeing.

SARA - Hey dont worry about it babe. People will get over the thing at school. To tell you the truth i pee my bed alot and i found out its normal sometimes. I also shit my pants once in a while so if you think your peeing is bad its not. If you ever do it again though just hide your cloths until your moms gone and then just throw them in the woods somewhere. Thats what i do after i shit or piss myself. i wore diapers once that i bought myself because i thought i had a problem but there uncomfortable and easily seen. Just be yourself and if it happens it happens. Hope this helps.

someone else asked where i lived and i live in WIsconsin.
Thanks everyone

Upstate Dave
I hope that everyone had a great weekend. My wife and I did. We had a wonderfull time at a wedding on Sunday. Later this month we are going to a family reunion on my wifes side. Now I will continue with the last part of my family reunion from years earlier.

The last episode the girls were tied at one each. Beckie and Tereasa each were determined to win. They both were drinking as much refreshments as possible. As soon as one glass of soda was drank another was started. This went on for an hour or better. They both came outside and lets finish this they said to me. Where do you want to
go? I asked. How bout out to the barn they replied. Ok fine with me.

We three ran out to the second barn because there was a large group of kids playing in the third barn and the girls did not want them in on our secret contest. We went inside and closed the door behind us. The soda drinking contest between the two girls now had taken its toll. Beckie and Tereasa were doing the pee dance ina desperate way. They both said its now or we are both going to be drenched. Ok I said. Look both of you sit on the edge of the front bumper of granddads car. Both girls quickly droped thier shorts and panties and sat on the bumper.

Both girls had thier shorts and panties down at thier feet with thier legs spread as far apart as this position would let them.Right at the same time thier piss streams came shooting out with a loud hisssssss! Both Beckies and Tereasas streams shot almost straight out and were splashing against a wooded wall below the staicase in front of them. When thier piss hit the wall it splashed back towards them and fell to the floor. The hissing continued.

The puddles continued togrow in size on the floor. I had to change my position becuase I was getting flooded out. Now both girls had slowed a little but both streams now arced downward and were slashing on the floor. Beckie said she never had pissed so hard in her life. Tereasa said she never had either. Still the hissing pissing went on. I took a look at my watch and said 48 seconds and still going.

The floor in front of the car was covered. There was piss flowing undernith the car and running out from the side. Both girls now had thier streams running almost straight down and the hisssing had stoped. One minute I called out. The two girls looked at each other and then started to push down.Both streams arched out with a loud hiss again. This went on for 15 seconds more when both streams stoped suddenly. Thats it Beckie said; Im all peed out. Tereasa said she was all run out also. Both tried one final push but only to brrrapping farts came out from both girls rear ends. All three of us broke into laughter. It was a dead tie so to speak since both girls finished at the same time. We cant leave it this way both girls said. After dinner will be the end. We will pick it up from there.

This is a true story that happened to a girl I went out with last month.

It all started when I asked this girl out that I go to college with named Nia Jenkins. She is 19, real slender and very attractive. She's also black and italian. After refusing to go out with me many times before, she finally agreed to go out with me. This guy I knew was having an party off campus at his house (that was an hour away) and I took Nia to it. She looked lovely. She had on a white cut-off blouse (that was exposing her navel), a pair of blue skin tight levi jeans, and pair of these sexy silver dress sandals. The blue jeans were so tight, it looked like she painted them on. But anyway, we got to the party at 8 p.m. We danced, talked and associated with friends. The party was loaded with chips, punch, and candy. And Nia ate alot of the chocolate candies. So the party was basically over at 1 a.m and so Nia and I decided to leave. After about 15 minutes on the road I noticed her out the corner of my eye rubbing her stomach. So I asked "what's wrong?" and she said "m! y stomach is like griping". So five minutes later she said "oh no"! I said "what?" and she said "I have to go to the bathroom". So I sped down the road to look for a place but there was nothing in site (it was a deserted road). About another 5 minutes later she said "if we don't find a bathroom soon she was gonna crap her pants". So with luck we saw a rest stop. I pulled up in it and strangely no one else was around. But I pulled right up in front of the bathroom door and she jumped out the car and ran towards the bathroom with one hand on her butt. I waited for her for about 20 minutes til I got out the car to check on her. I went to the bathroom door and crack it open. Then I heard her crying. I asked "Nia,are you okay?" and she said ,while crying, "no!" Since no one else was in the bathroom I walked in and when I did I noticed a very foul stench in the air. And I just about figured what had happened. I walked to her stall and opened the door and she was sitting on the toile! t seat with her pants still on crying. I asked "what's wrong" and she said "I had a terrible accident". So then Nia said "look at my feet!" and when I did I saw that she had pooped on herself so badly that it had leaked down to her shoes and on top of bare feet (since she was wearing sandals). I asked "how did this happened?" and she said "I went to unfasten my pants and the zipper was stuck and I couldn't get them off in time." I said "calm down". "Stuff like this happen sometimes". So then I said "if you want me to, I'll help you clean yourself up". And Nia said "okay". After a few tugs on her zipper, I finally got it loose and when she slowly peeled her pants off, she had a MEGALOAD! It was a total disaster area. Her jeans and underwear was completely soiled, her butt was completely covered with poop and the smell was horrific! It smelled like rotten eggs and vinegar. She told me she pooped on herself for a good 10 minutes. There wasn't enough toilet paper to clean herself ! well so I helped her clean her body and jeans the best way we could. After we cleaned up what could get cleaned up, she took her brown-stained soiled panties and put them in the trash,slipped her jeans back on, then we washed our hands and then left the bathroom. She still stunk very badly because like I said we didn't have alot of toilet paper to completely clean herself. Plus,she had a giant brown stain on the back of her pants because after she had pooped on herself, since she still couldn't take her pants off because of the stuck zipper, she smushed all of that crap in her pants when she was sitting on the toilet seat crying. She also had a large wet spot on the front too where she had also peed on herself. It was very gross. When we got to the car, I took out a paper shopping bag that I had in my trunk and placed it on the passenger side seat so she wouldn't mess up my seat. Nia then gave me a kiss for helping her with this ordeal. And I said "thanks" and kissed her back ! on her cheek. We drove off with all of the windows down and went back to the dormitory so she could get herself really clean. I found out later that some "nut" had put Ex-Lax in the candy bowl and disguised it as regulary candy so someone would unknowningly eat it. And I also heard that there were also some other kids that had gotten sick from it too (good thing I didn't eat any). What would make a person do such a sick thing like that? And has any other female had this to happen to them?

BigD - In school, if a teacher doesn't let me go, well if I really have to go, I'll go anyway. Sometimes theres nothin' like being a rebel. Of course, rebelliousness is not something to do all the time, but at certain needed times, it is nice.
I have another silly story to tell:
One time, in the supermarket, when I was about 6 or 7, I needed to piss. I had always wondered what it felt like to wet my pants, since people did it in books and movies all the time and called it an accident. So, when my mom was buying fruits, I pretended to stare at the peaches and while I did that, I wet my pants.
By some miricle, nobody found out that I wet myself. It was dry by night when I put my clothes in the hamper.
Here's another pee story:
One time, when I was up in Colorado for a ski resort trip last winter, I had to piss but there were no toilets nearby. I was talking to my sister, and when I said I had to piss, she just told me to wet myself. I was thinking, "What the hell? I ain't going to wet myself!! I'm 16!" (I'm 17 now but I was 16 at the time). Then, my sister(who was 14) wet herself and I was thinking, "Oh I think I'll wet myself too" So I wet myself. Damn, it turned so cold and it was SO uncomfortable. It had such a burning sensation. So, then I walked inside and put on new clothes, telling my parents that the snow got me wet. They fell for it.

I had to undergo a sigmoidoscopy a few years back, and I had to prep myself for a few days beforehand. Mo solid food for a day, then only clear liquids for another. I ate alot of clear broth, but I was so hungry! On the day before the procedure I had to take two laxatives. I had to work that day, and since my job required driving from site to site, I always had to make sure I was near a toilet. Well, one of the times I had the strongest urge to crap and I was able to find a beach restroom. I parked and ran inside. The 2 toilets were side by side, low concrete partitions, with no doors. The sink was directly in front of the stalls, as was the entrance. I had to quickly wipe the piss off the seat and start my crapping. Mostly liquid started flowing forth from my rear, sounding like I was taking a long piss. At the end of each session, my butt would make a gross gurgling sound. The guy taking a leak in the stall next to kinda looked over the top of the partition because I was mak! ing such a loud noise. A couple of guys would come in and hear the loud gurgling sounds and look my way. I was just relieved to be able to let loose. I got all cleared out and then wiped myself clean. Since it was mostly water, cleanup was pretty easy.

HI everyone its been a while since i posted so here gos.

Last weekend, christa (my new g/f) and myself went out on a trip to the mountains, a lake to be exact.

It was a beautifull day and relaxing by that lake in the hot sun AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. It was getting on for evening and we started packing up the picnic stuff and putting it in the car, when christa mentioned she needed a toilet, i looked around and to be honest i couldnt see any, more joking i said oh just drop your shorts and pee in the bushes.

The joke wasnt well recieved, but never the less it was clear she would have to do something soon since she was clutching her crotch and then her bum.

Christa suddenly dove behind a bush quickly dropped her shorts and panties and then all i heard was a lot of farting and pooping, i got some kleenex for her she finaly was done wiped and came out looking very much relieved. I decided before we go i better go behind the bush myself, when i got there i couldnt believe the amount of poo on the ground anyway i peed all over it and we headed for home. kevin

To Sara: I'm glad your mom finally understood.

Here is a wierd story. Well Friday we were waiting for the ice cream truck because my brother wanted some ice cream. Well my two cousins were at my house when my oldest cousin said he needed to poop. Well he's 16 and my cousin and I told him to go use the bathroom. Well he said he could wait. Well 5 minutes later he said he pooped his pants. My cousin and I didn't take him seriosly because he usually jokes around. Well he went home and my other cousin went home a couple hours later. Well when I was in the bathroom I found my oldest cousins shorts. Sure enough he crapped in them. I think he was scared to use the bathroom for fear of being laughed at.

More later


Im glad to see a number of responses to her story and support for my solution to a problem. A teacher that refuses to allow a student the use of a toilet is being abusive and mean or has a fetish or other problem as I stated. Yes, after asking to leave the room ( more like to notify the teacher you need to go and are going) and being denied to leave the room-you just get up and go. What are they going to do? Stand there and block the door? I dont think so, and in a case where an accident did occur the student should report directly to the principal and schoolnurse. As I stated I had seen a few wettings during school classroom times. They were all but one, where a kiddo waited to long and was almost peeing in their pants, able to go with no problem. One time a teacher said for the student to wait, the morning periods were over in like 5 minutes and the boy wet his pants. He did this twice, the second time never asking until he had a puddle on the floor. Yes, in a case! like that today here where I live anyhow, the school would be faced with a civil lawsuit and they know it.

I was in 11th grade in school and this one boy who was an athlete our for football and sports asked to be excused. I dont know why, I dont think it was a real emergency cept he was uncomfortable. At the end of the class, the bell rang, the boy walked to the front of the room. A then, he raised on foot off the floor, (like a baseball player ready to bat a ball) and hauled
off and smacked that dude in the face. Nothing was ever said about the incident so I think that teacher said something to the boy that was out of line and the response was a smack in the puss.

So Im glad Sara did get past the ordeal and perhaps all the school is better for it.

In the local schools here I might add they are prepared in case a person has an accident. Its a good idea where some schools arent prepared to take a look at this. A boy went and wet his pants in English class one day and had to go to the nurses station, it was lunchtime as it happened and he missed the break by a couple minutes. His bladder just let go just as the class broke for lunch. So at lunchtime, the nurse let him clean up and let him put on a pair of univeral fitting sweat pants they kept in the office for that purpose. In most all cases, the student cant go home at noon becuase they almost all come on a schoolbus. So they handle it that way. Janitor cleans up the floor and desk and after lunch all is ready to go again.
So again its nice to see the support on what I wrote and I fully believe that if you gotta go you gotta go and you just walk out of the room. boy one time was refused to go to the boys room to pee and he got up and went to the teachers desk and pleaded with her again quietly and she said "sit down and be quiet". The boy dropped his pants a little, pulled out his weener and peed in her wastebasket with a loud prrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttaaat as his pee hit the metal basket. Her mouth dropped open and said he could go if he hadda go that bad. Kid was done, didnt need to leave the room. Oh well, to each his own pee....Donnie

The Crank
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Elena and Cousin!!!!!!!!Congrats on the birth of your twins!!!!!!!!!OOooo....cute, twins. I fell in love with a girl who's a twin, so I think twins are simply amazing. Well, never got caught with the wrong one though...

I know I havent been writing for a wayyyyy long time but I really dont have very interesting stories. Just to say hi to all who are here. Those new and those who have been here long enough to know me.

And Bridget, I know you're reading this. You're still the best.


Hey dude, you weren't getting too far off the subject! I love
historical toilet trivia. I hope you share yours with us and I
will always share mine. As for "Dirt", your getting warm but
not there yet. It's copyrighted about 1989 and it's about
dirtiness in England around the 1600's or so. I may be able to
find it this weekend.


Professional help? Who needs a professional best friend for
$100 an hour when you can talk to 40 or 50 experts on this
site for free? Professional-Schmessional. I'm sure you can get
the best advice around and work things out just fine. Also,
I'm sorry that I was flirting with you last time. I didn't realise
that you were still a young person.


You really sounded impressive. I was a pre-med student
when I was younger and I kinda thought the Vitamin K thing
was a little fishy myself. You also brought up the stinky ol'
SO2 issue which has to be the biggest contributor of stench.
I'm still not ready to blast him as hard as you did though.
Keep up the good work.


This one I do have the author(Almost) and correct title. It's
called "Like Being Killed" by Lydia(or Linda) Miller. She
sounds like a really talented nurse that likes to push her
health almost like a daredevil. She and her friends abuse
drugs and alcohol and live on the edge of life and death.
Needless to say, don't try this one at home. In one chapter,
her toilet breaks and she has to shit in her cat's litter box for
a week. When the plumber comes over to fix it, she ends up
having an affair with him. Its an interesting book but I hate
seeing her abuse her health like that.

P.S If we do a BOGCON it better be in secret with a lot
of security. It sure would be fun, though. We'd all drive
eachother Mad!


Hey.hey-gooood morning all-haven't had much to report in the last few days til this a.m.-bullseye!
Last nite I ate some soy bergers with a salad(just like RJOGGER,soy makes me go a load)Got up at 7a.m.and felt some activity in my gut and headed out to the woods right away-It was a warm morning and by the time I got out to the wild,i was sweating already and I felt like i really had to go,but it was holdable,so i took my time looking for a spot and all of a sudden,i hear from about 20 feet away"Good morning" and turned around and saw "donna"looking very nice in her jogging suit and she too was swaeting i guess from running then i said"boy haven't seen you in quite awhile,i was beginning to give up on you" and she said"well,i was away for a few days and when i came here i didn't see you either-boy it feels like it's going to be a hot day-i've been running for about 1/2 hour and i'm soaked i see you are too"By then i was right next to her and could see she was really sweated up,but still smelled good-we hugged and she said" you have to go Do-do?" and smiled and said"this i! s your lucky day,cause i really got to go-haven't gone in 3days"I said "well i got to go pretty bad too,lets find a spot" and we went off and found a nice clearing and we both got undressed(she left her top on) i got totally undressed,but faced aay from her the first few minutes -i was a bit embarrased that I had an erection,but she said " hey,don't hide that,it flattering to me" and laughed then i said" well who is first" and she says i'll go' and comes over to me and squats down in front of me and i look at her lovely butt and see her anus is already domed out and as soon as she is fully squatted,she lets out a squeaky fart and grunts a bit and i see her face go into this concentrated look as she closed her eyes and i look down at her butt and see her anus really push out i'd say an inch or more and this knobby turd starts to crackle out slowly and then stops for a bit and i could see she was a bit binded up and she said' Oh boy ,this is going to take a while"Now i had to g! o pretty bad by now and I said" listen i gotta go pretty bad,can i go too?"she said" Oh yes,come around in front of me,maybe it will help me go too"So here she is squatted down with about 4-6 inshes of poo hanging out her butt,it looked pretty wild,so iwent up along side of her and squatted down in front of her so she could see and released the hounds-right away the turds came out with no pre-poo gas at all-as it was coming out i was letting out some gas along with it and she said" oh, what did you eat?boy you are really going alot"i said " i had soy bergers with a salad"she laughed and said"I should have had some soy too,"then i looked down and saw 2 long sausages folded on top of each other onthe ground and it was pretty soft too-they were both pretty long too-then i took a break and she said " i think i have to go again and i turned around still squatted and i saw the turd start to move again and it fell to the ground with a FWWAAMP and right away i was her asshole open up! and this smooth turd started to come out slow at first as she grunted and moaned,it started to come out faster and i could see it was going to be a really long one as it hit the ground as it still was coming out and it curled over on it self and she let out a small fart and then did another long squgglie-I said" wow,now that was a good one" and she turned around and looked down and laughed and said" oh man was that a relief" as she remained squatted down-now we were about 2 feet apart with these 2 good piles of poo on the ground-it was great! then she said" this is fundon't you think?"I said " i've been waiting for you for some time and finally we meet-this is nurvana for me"she just smiled and the i had to go more poop and I said"I gotta go again" and got in front of her and let out a small fart as she said"Go ahead let it out honey"As i pushed out a bunch of pudding with a lot of gas and formed another sizable pile on the ground-i could tell she was really enjoying this as! i looked back and saw her turn slightly to the side and let out a wet fart as i was doing some more pudding and i saw a soft turd come out her butt and then it got real loose and then she did some watery poop that exploded out her anus as she grunted in relief,but still was looking at my BM coming out- we were both going at the same time-my favorate thing to do!Let me tell you -this was unbelieable!!That's pretty much all I can say about this meeting without getting too graphic-we had some real fun.i'll tell you-I really enjoyed wiping her pretty butt with my handi-wipes and she returned the favor-this was a metting of the ages-we both really had to poop good and as we were leaving we looked at the big pile of poop we left-I had 2 pile myself-one of the sausage turds and a plie of pudding.She had 3 piles-i 8 inche knobby turd and another sausage turd about a foot long and another pile of 1 really soft turd and a puddle of mush watery stuff azlong with her puddle of pee-I cou! ldn't pee for obvious reasons!then we said so long and i told her to eat more fiber and she said she would and hopefully we will meet again-this was the best yet and i left some stuff out-otherwise this would have bee 2 pages long-we were there for about an hour or so-An hour of Bliss,i''ll tell you!Sorry to remble,but i had to tell you all as much as I tastefully could!Hi to CARMELITA,RJOGGER JANE, KIM AND SCOTT,NICOLA PPG< and all the rest-hope you guys enjoyed this-boy I did!!BYE

Traveling Guy
My wife and I are headed for the movies tonight to see "A.I." Thanks for the "heads up" to everyone here who posted about the toilet scene. I'll give you my take on it tomorrow.

bt - There are lots of good, caring teachers out there, but the ones who don't let kids go to the toilet when they really need to are just nasty control freaks, IMHO. They know they have a desperate student over a barrel and they make the most of it. I'm glad that one got fired. That type has no business being in a school.

COUSIN - Congrats, dad, to you and Elena! Hope you enjoy all the poopy diaper changes and all the bigger joys that go with them.

SARA - Speaking of diapers, filling Mrs. Rhojis's desk with them was a way too cool idea. It might have backfired on you, but instead, it got you into the principal's office. But Mrs. Rhojis got off too easy with just a scolding, I think. Oh, well.

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