Mike: Your story about that marine taking a shit while you watched was great! Most guys seem a bit inhibited about dumping in front of other dudes - those that are cool about it are real refreshing! Last year, my freshman year in College, I joined the school's Tae kwon Do club. We practiced in a large empty room and then changed out of our white uniforms in a small men's room across the hall. This was a real old building and the men's room had about 10 lockers, a sink, a bench for changing and a crapper. The crapper was just there in the open without any stall around it or door. Most guys just used it for taking a leak. One night after class, another more experienced dude stayed a few minutes late to help me with my technique. He was a real cool blond guy, named Todd, with blue eyes and a great physique - also a very cocky attitude! When we were done we went across the hall to change and there were only 3 other guys still geting dressed in the bathroom. Me and Todd ! stripped down to our briefs. We were still casually chatting about the day's class when he suddenly dropped his white briefs and sat down on the crapper to take a dump, in full view of me and the other three guys in the room, who weren't paying much attention. It was real cool that he acted as if this were the most natural thing in the world. He wasn't the least bit self-conscious about having a friendly conversation with another dude while he sat there completely naked with his briefs around his ankles taking a crap. There was only a mild smell, but I heard him fart, drop some logs, piss and then saw him wipe his butt. I was worried that he would see me checking him out. Since, however, he talked the whole time, I had to look at him to reply. He never said one word about dumping. We could have been having just an everyday conversation and that was what was so unusual. There was no looking down by him or attempt to conceal himself that many guy's use when having to c! rap in such an open situation. Any other posters encountered this type of situation?

To aboy: sorry for saying that....didn't know u thought u had blood

to SanD: Funny story about the guy you hand cuffed and he had to poop while you were kidnaping him and u got to watch..that must be cool

Hello to all of you!

There has been plenty of activity I have missed. Also my last post before travelling, with a get well message for dear Carmalita, messages to Lawn Dogs Kid, to Louise and others, did not make it.

Dear KENDAL, I would have enjoyed to have sent you a few postcards from under way, just so that you would have had some tangible evidence of love other than words on a screen! My thoughts were with you every day, but what a fat lot of good did that do without being able to tell you! Anyway, I am glad that you seem to be gaining ground away from your feelings at a low ebb. I can only try to imagine what it is like to have become an orphan. And to continuously be at the receiving end of kindness from your aunt and uncle will not be all that easy either. Keep your spirits up, it means a lot to me! Love from your uncle Rizzo.
LAWN DOGS KID, dear Andrew, even if your mind was somewhere else (revising), your cuddles for Kendal must have helped her more than you think.
I liked your version of Kirsty doing a poo for you, although part of your post is illigible on my machine. Or was that the moderator’s doing? Thank you so much for keeping me updated on Kendal’s life, and I hope you have a good feeling about how those GCSE’s went.
To ELENA, and COUSIN, I congratulate you with all my heart for the birth of your twins!
Dear LINDA GS, I hope you will get well again soon. Never mind a scar. That will become less conspicuous with time. It is the person inside you, your personality that makes you beautiful!
Hi RENEE, dear pal! Great to hear that it will really be Malita Jean to be born! You have a fantastic and unorthodox family there to take care of you and your baby. And then your accounts of the goings on in your toilet are good to read too! Give Carmalita, Tesa, Patsy (hooray, she has joined in!)and Jake (not necessarily in that order) my love!
CARMALITA, my sweet author of great stories, the one about you and Tesa in the bushes pooping for that guy was just glorious! Without you this site would only be half as entertaining! I am so glad you are nearly 100 percent well again. Please wear a helmet when on your bike. If I knew your name and address I would have one sent to you!! And get everyone over there to make sure you wear it!
JEFF A., just read about you PoopCon2001; what an idea!
BUZZY, your poop from up a tree brought back memories for a future story! Only that I did not poop from up a tree, but off a cliff with about the same height for the turds to fall before impact.
Hi STEVE! I have just read about your lovely women friends weeing for you! You are a lucky man! Wouldn’t I have just loved to have been present! And last not least, a good lot of pee in the bath should give you very soft skin! Better than going to a spa!
Hi JULIE, while you were having a poo with a woman guard (wouldn’t it have been preferable to have been Steve and myself?) in a public Paris station loo, I had a wee in the facilities on a parking space on the motorway to the Belgium border. As it was outside the toll gates, the place was filthy: a small brick building covered in scraffiti, rusty doors, overflowing urinals full of cigarette butts, puddles of pee on the floor. I had to pee from a two foot distance in order to avoid the puddle from seeping into my sandals. In contrast the loos within the toll gates were clean with a choice of squat type and basin type toilets in cubicles.

Well, here is another impression from my trip.
My wife was driving while I lolled in the passenger seat gazing absent mindedly at the countryside. We were entering a wide sweeping curve of the motor way around a city when I noticed a dark red car about half a kilometre ahead pull over on to the hard shoulder and stop. Doors on both sides of the car opened and a figure leapt out from the driver’s side. Ah, they are changing the driver, I thought; but why here of all places? As we were drawing nearer, I could see that the figure was a woman in a short red summer dress. She ran around the back of the car to the off side and stepped between the doors. Now I could distinctly see that she had bobbed black hair. She bent down disappearing from view. Well, I thought, where is the other person to take her place at the steering wheel? Then I saw her briefly stand up and duck out of sight between the doors again. My mind snapped to attention! Oh ho! Had the person in the red dress been caught short? My wife had started to slow d! own our car because of slower traffic ahead. Oh, don’t overtake now, I hoped, changing lanes would spoil the possibility of a view. I was lucky. As we slowly rolled nearer, I saw too feet in red high heeled shoes under the gap between the rear door and the tarmac. Coming closer I beheld the bottoms of a pair of pretty curved thighs, a fistful of curly black hair in between, and a stream of pee hitting the ground sending little bright droplets flying and glittering in the sunlight! In a second we had passed, and I sort of rewound and replayed the picture in my mind becoming aware of the fact, that there was a need for a pee for myself; and because it was time to change drivers anyway, we pulled into the next service station about fifteen minutes later for a pee, a drink, and a sandwich. We had only been there a few minutes when a similar dark red car as sighted before entered the service area. Two middle aged women and a little girl got out and started to hurry towards the res! taurant. Then a little fox terrier on a lead jumped out of the car followed by a young woman. She had her black hair bobbed, wore a red sleeveless summer dress and red high heeld shoes! I must have made bug eyes in surprise. No one noticed thank goodness. She proceeded to take the dog to a grass patch behind the parked car. Obviously she did not have to “go”, because she had just “been”.

So much for now, happy poos eveyone, Rizzo

KIM AND SCOTT - Oh I like what you wrote about the PoopCon, I would be
there in a bikini too. Oh yeah Steve, Jeff A and Scott would be good
at looking after us but I do know Steve would be in the best place to
watch you having your huge shit. LOL yeah we would need football
screens so that everybody could see. I do wish I did bigger logs than
I can often do. I keep doing little pieces but I do know Steve likes
seeing them. xx

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! It is very nice to read a letter from you again.
Yeah I think it is the way with a lot of people that they need to sit
down to be able to shit, but I like to stand up and bend over a lot of
the time. If I have been in the park and I have had a shit then I have
liked squatting to do it then but sitting on the toilet is a bit boring
for me. Oh yeah please tell us about the emergency shit. Love Louise xx

JULIE - Hi girl! Did I not say I took my knickers off in front of the
sinks before I had had my wee in one? I can not remember if I did say
it but that is what I did. LOL I did put them back on after I had done
it. If I forgot that a maybe this guy who came in the office would have
liked what he saw more than he did when I forgot where he was and got
a look up my dress. LOL
I bet Steve would have liked you to have been with us to wee in his
bath. He did not complain when 4 of us did that and I bet he would
have liked you and PV too to have been along to warm up his water. LOL
I liked what you said about those squatting toilets. I bet Steve would
have really liked to have been there to see them. I will tell him you
have written, I know he likes your letters!
I have a bit of a story to tell you. Well I was in this bar with Steve
on Friday night, and I went for a wee. I had a short black dress on
with a black g string. I had to use this stall that had no door on it,
and I just took off my g string and hovered my bum above it. I got
looked at a bit by about 3 other girls when I was weeing but then
this girl came past to go in the stall next to me but guess what she
had sneaked a lad in too! His eyes were a bit like they were popping
out of his head when he saw me because he did see me weeing, and my
heart went thump because I was a bit scared for a second. I wished
Steve was there because I remembered hearing of a girl who got attacked
in a club toilet like that ages ago now, but it was all right because
the girl took the lad into her own cubicle. He did look quite nice
really and I did not really dislike being seen like that and smiled at
him just a little bit but not too much. I heard the girl have a wee
and that was not all they did, girls in there knew what was going on.
Then I left and I did not spot them when they came out. When I came out
I saw Steve with his eyes like they were burning a hole through the door
and he was a bit tensed up and worried looking but he was all right
when he saw I was all right too. I love him!

KENDAL - Hi! Steve tried the drinking and weeing as well, and he slowed
down too! I have found something he is not good at! xx

PV - Hi girl! LOL yeah Steve knew we were plotting things for him. I
knew it because he was looking sideways at us trying to hear! Steve
liked all the fun and it was a real giggle for us too!
In my sink wee at work, I did well not to be nervy. I just stood up
there and did it and I really liked it. It felt like that time I did it
in the sink in that nightclub about a month ago.
My little pieces I do not need to clean up, there is not a mess.
Oh the splattery dumps, I know what you mean. It is all runny and
explodes out of your bum. I do not really enjoy those ones too much
but I do have them sometimes and I get Steve to wipe my bum for me
Oh yeah I bet Steve is right, you need to have a lot of public toilet
experiences and then you will feel a lot better than you do even now.
Well I hope you do not get frightened by what I wrote to Julie early in
my letter but I thought I should really tell it. It is not the first
time when a girl has dragged a lad in for naughty times.
It may be that it will be better if you keep out of nightclubs until
you really really really know you are all right with public peeing. I
talked with Steve about if I should write about that and I hope you
do see why we thought I should. Yeah, please write a letter to me if
you need to talk!
It was a bit hot again on Saturday for netball, and I sweated a lot
too. That time I could not even wee before the game but maybe I had
not been drinking enough and I was real thirsty after the game. I
drank pints of drinks after and later I was pissing all night. I bet
Steve will like writing about it. There is another story Steve wants
to write about and I hope he does it this week. Love Louise xx

Lotsa Love,


Hi Everyone

Just a quick post today as I'm quite busy at work.

Travelling Guy: Glad you liked my post. Watch out as there's loads more to follow...!
Rachel: With regards to your daughter being afraid of the "monster". Have you tried taking her to the toilet with you when you want to go and showing her that there's no reason to be afraid as there isn't a monster! Perhaps you could also then accompany her to the toilet when she has to go to reassure her that it's all a practical joke. Good luck.

I'm going to have to go now as I need a wee myself.

Love Julie xx

Lawn Dogs Kid
RIZZO: Kendal will sure be pleased about your return ! ( Just as I am ! ). As you are catching up with the posts, you will no doubt have been interested in the drinking while weeing experiments we have both had. Well just to see if there is any difference between boys and girls ( my wee kept going while Kendal's slowed right down with her gulps ), Kendal got Kirsty to try it this last weekend when she came to visit, and Kirsty let me come in too ! It was really quite funny because Kirsty wanted to be able to watch herself doing it, but of course while she leaned forward to see, it meant she couldn't get a proper angle to drink out of the glass, so she conceded that she would have to leave it to Kendal and I to judge. So she sat bolt upright, waited for her wee to begin, and then began drinking the water with big gulps. I certainly discovered why Kirsty's wees make such a noise. She produces a monster stream straight down in the water, while the whistley noises seem to be where! the edges of the stream sprinkle around in all directions. She certainly wouldn't be able to have a hovering wee very well for fear of it going all over the toilet seat ! Anyway, Kendal was delighted when Kirsty was unable to keep going full pelt as she gulped. We were both amused to watch as her stream kept changing directions as she gulped and her wee slowed down and then picked up again ! Welcome back my friend ! Love Andrew.

COUSIN: You poor chap, a house full of women ! Having one Kendal is bad enough (Don't hit me too hard K), but now you have three girls, plus Elena as well ! Congratulations to you. I should say that those two little girls will be very lucky to have you as a Dad, especially as you have been lucky enough to experience being a kind of Dad before actually being one, if you get what I mean ! Hey man, don't worry about the smoochys. They are nothing more than Kendal gets, and she doesn't complain ! Well, you see, if you are Kendal's other favourite Cousin, then surely that must make me a sort of Cousin of Linda's as well ?! Tell her thank you for asking you to tell me about the poo story in the bedpan. I'm sure I can imagine "the results" ! And tell her flowery ones are very nice as well, especially sunflowers ! By the way, the smoochys are to go on her scarred cheek. She mustn't worry about it, and any nice boy like me won't care about it at all. She is still the same l! ovely person inside. Smoochys to Elena as well, just my way of saying well done !!

PS: I never said anything about having secret dreams of being a tennis ballgirl and wearing skirts so I can wee through my panties without anyone knowing. That was Kendal. You'll get everyone talking about me..... !

PPS: Don't forget to tell Linda about JW's message. Now there is another guy who cares about her very much !

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to you all!

Thanks, DR. POLHEMUS for your advice, and I appreciate you don't know any more about myself other than what I mentioned.
As I'm not consistently troubled with anal problems, lately having had good satisfying plopping, and easy to clean, if rather small turds; I may have improved things by eating more green leafy salads etc. and stress may also be a factor.
Most of my stress could also be due to worrying about my gut, and so a vicious circle develops!
I've not been constipated for weeks, far from it, and think it's just a matter of finding the missing ingredient or, as you suggest, other lifestyle changes that I've so far overlooked.
Thanks for your help, and it could be quite significant, what you said about evacuating before the stools have had a chance to dry out a bit in the gut. Too much fibre could be still triggering the mechanism too early that says I need to go the toilet.
Regarding this controversy about men's and women's gut size-
My doctor told me the human gut is flaccid when empty,which would suggest to me that it expands to accommodate whatever passes through it and so the shape and size of the contents would depend on food intake, and also transit and osmosis.

MIKE, Brilliant the way you sat there on the toilet and commented to the young guy as you dropped your turds, and expressed satisfaction, and he smiled and agreed. I'd LOVE to have been in your shoes, or on your toilet!!

GARY USA, Very interesting re your description of the formation and transit of what we pass.
The idea that a sedentary lifestyle could harden and bulk up stools could be important, but comparisons between myself and others having the same diet and lifestyle over several days still don't account for different evacuating styles!
Could each person's Ph be relevant as the acidity/alkilinity is affected by diet differently?

LINDA, Why not have both types of TP in your bathroom? Anyway, Carl must be quite willing to accept your decisions on TP matters and to have you use a whole box of Izal on wiping his arse!
As Izal isn't advertised, and other brands are, we can feel assured our money isn't being wasted on advertising.
Re. the diameter of the roll being much les than with soft paper, perhaps the criterion used is sheets per roll rather than uniform thickness compared with Andrex etc.
I take your point about rolls being sold separately being less economical than in multi-packs. I may write to Jeyes and suggest twin packs!
I believe Bronco ceased production in about 1980. Same shape and sized roll as Izal. Hope you find a roll for your collection!

ZIP, That sounds embarrassing, the guy watching you at that service station restroom. He was either secretly interested, or just ignorant, staring at you as you cleaned yourself up!

SAN D I'm always interested in reading about partitions, gaps, doors or no doors etc.
When you say the gaps under the partitions were up to the height of the toilets themselves (WOW!!), Do you mean that when entering the room, you could actually see the guy's thighs as he sat on the toilet without bending down to look?
Could you also see the guy's thighs from the toilet next door without deliberately bending to view?
The more details the better! Thanks!

SARA, Such humiliation, cruelty and ignorance shocked me as other such incidents I've read about here have also.
Really glad things have improved for you and that you made a stand and have been given some dignity and respect as well.

DONNIE M, What you said regarding Sara was absolutely great, well articulated and worthy of being posted up in schools wherever such incidents may occur.
It should be noted that there are even adults that are treated in this way sometimes and who are too timid to object and who ought to stand up for their rights and, as you say, what is the worst that could happen to anyone in refusing to be denied "Permission" to use the toilet?
Good to read so many other messages of support too.

BENNY, I know you were quite young at the time, but to be embarrassed at the sound your big turd made when it hit the water is something to be proud of!
No one should have to feel afraid of doing what needs to be done in the toilet, and glad as you say, you felt a secret sense of pride!
That method of putting TP down first doesn't always work, I'm glad to say, and I'm strongly against such waste of paper and cheating, when so many of us want to hear a plop!!
Drop your turds with pride and let's hear them go!
I wonder if anyone is embarrassed about farting on a toilet and applies TP to their arses to absorb the sound? Possibly, but I hope not!

Two people have mentioned my favourite subject in the last few posts.
Getting splashed when sitting on a toilet and dropping a big turd.
To me the ultimate pleasure of shitting, but to many, something annoying or unpleasant. I know I'm in a minority on this but there are a few here who enjoy this sensation as much as I do, and it's one thing I love to read about in DAZZ's posts. Great adverts for the deep toilets of Australia, and which are a feature of Britain, although not to the extent they were.
TRAVELLING GUY reported the bullseye he experienced as he dropped one and his hole was open as another turd was dropping out.
You say you felt shocked by it, but I LOVE it especially when I get all my arse splashed by a succession of turds that plop loudly and immediately make me so aware of what I'm doing and how well I'm doing it! I remember the first time as a boy I noticed this effect and disliked it, then soon regarded it as a supremely pleasurable sensation.

RIZZO, You too commented about this and one in particular you used in Norfolk. I take your point about not wanting to get your bum splashed with someone else's skid marks under you as you drop your turds, and if I use a toilet in that state, I flush it first, unless I know whose they are and want to "Buddy dump by proxy" and get my arse splashed with his skids under me.
Likewise, I'd flush if someone's piss is in the water, unless it was pissed from someone who I'm quite happy to get my arse splashed as my turds drop.
I'd be grateful for any advice as to older style toiets in Britain that almost guarantee a good splash up the arse when a turd drops in, and I love to hear other guys plopping loudly, and know there's a good chance they're getting soaked as I hear them!
Obviously, I want to know they're enjoying it as much as I do, but I can't always ask such a personal question!
It would be great to think,( as a friend I once knew said,) that he didn't like getting splashed first, and used to put TP down, then after I introduced him to the pleasures of a good soaking as he sat there dropping his turds, he got as much enjoyment as I do!

Well, That's it for now, so until next time, I wish you all well, and that everyone who sits on the toilet, gets a really well-splashed arse as their turds plop out; but only if they WANT to get their arses soaked!! Believe me, to those who do; it's BRILLIANT!! P P G

I was going to write about this last weekend when Kirsty came to stay, and she tried the weeing while drinking game, but Andrew tells me he has stolen my thunder and written about it this morning ! Pity he's nothing better to do now that he's out of school, unlike poor me with a few days to go yet ! Anyway, with Andrew's recent record for deleted posts, I may still get to write it yet !!

CARMALITA: Thank you so much for my lesson in humanities. I have heard of latin america, and I'm sorry that I referred to you as the male half of the population, which clearly you are not ! I wish you were my teacher, because you're very good at it. Oh yes, and thanks for thinking I'm sweet. I think that is an expression used by my Uncle Rizzo and Aunty PV before now ! But as I said to them, I still take sugar in my coffee !! Love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: I'm so very glad you are back again, even if it means that there is a larger distance between us now you are home. Its been very strange to think of you being in my country, but unable to visit me (and Andrew). But then perhaps this site would be nowhere near as special (or safe) to visit if we could all contact each other for real. Anyway, my first nappy change of Thomas, he was only a few days old. He's got throw away nappies (not very environmental really), but it does make life easy to change them. I changed him for two wees and a poo, if you can call it a poo at all. Its more like a yellowish goo, or custard even. Andrew says we are having custard on our pudding for tea, and that I must change the subject to stop him from feeling sick ! Hmmmm ! Oh, alright then !! Anyway, so glad you're back. I've missed you loads ! Lots of love from Kendal xxxx

AUNTY PV: Lots of love to you too ! I don't want you to feel left out !! xxxxxx

COUSIN: CONGRATULATIONS, to you and Elena (and Linda) !!! You have two girls. Well, what are they going to be called ? Andrew and I are dying to find out so we don't have to refer to them as the 'babies' all the time ! By the way, your post to Andrew was really funny. It made it look like Andrew had my dream about weeing through my panties while being a ballgirl at Wimbledon ! Well, I know you were still talking about me. I expect you were so tired when you wrote your post. Now, I'm banned from getting in your car with wet panties am I ? Or is it only if I have had a surprise poo ? Well, I can assure you, if I was anyway feeling that I needed a poo, there would be no weeing in my panties at all. I've learned too much from previous surprise poo occasions !! Am I allowed in now ?! Linda's story to Andrew about her poo in the bedpan was a good one. (He'll like knowing that she had on her sunflower pampies !). But I'm very sad to hear that she is having a bad time ab! out her scar. She should know that best friends don't care about such things. I'll love her just as much, because I love for who she is, not what she looks like. You tell her she had better dare not hide from me ! I've missed her so very much, and especially during the particularly dark times I've suffered with both my Dad and my Mum dying. Tell her at least she is still alive and getting well ! And obviously, if Andrew is sending smoochies, then he isn't worried about what she looks like either !! By the way, he gives smoochies to little Kendal too, so I don't think you need to worry about the one he sent to your little Linda ! They are very innocent and very nice when they come with one of his hugs as well. Anyway, if I make this post too long, it will be deleted for being too off subject. Congratulations to you and Elena and Linda once again. Lots of love from Kendal xxx
PS Are you able to print this for Linda to read ?

Better finish with another story from the holiday (increase the percentage of on-subject material !) Kirsty and Emily and I were in the sea one day when Emily decided she needed a wee. There were some toilets quite nearby, but she would need taking because although she is 8, she didn't feel safe to go on her own in public ones. So I said to her when she asked about the toilet "No 1 or No 2 ?". She said "No 1", so I said to her, "well lets wade out further in the sea until the water is above your waist, and then you can wee in the sea" ! She wasn't sure about this, so Kirsty and I agreed that we would try and wee with her. The thing was, when the water was waist deep for Emily, it barely reached my bits, and kirsty being taller still was not covered in those regions at all. We tried to persuade her to go out further, but because you couldn't guarantee how high the waves would be, she didn't want to go too much further in. We went far enough for my bits to be covered, but ! still not Kirsty's ! Then we all held hands. Much to Emily's and my surprise, Kirsty didn't seem to be that bothered about being above the water line. Every time a wave came, it covered her anyway ! And again to our surprise, we watched as she was the first of us to get going, and we could see her wee pouring out of the material of her swimsuit ! Emily asked if I was going yet, and I had to say no. She smiled, and said I am ! Her face was a picture of concentration, but despite the crystal clear water, you couldn't see her wee at all, nor mine when I eventually managed a small dribble. Unlike Kirsty's, who we could hear fizzing into the sea and see quite yellow ! When Kirsty was done, she waded further into the sea to wash that area. But I'm sure no one had any idea what we were all upto !

STEVE: Andrew came with me while I had my poo after school. Two floppers I'm afraid, definitely no competition for Louise's ploppers ! Love from Kendal xx

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: I still love your name ! I'm thinking of changing my name to Falling Flops Female, because I don't have many ploppy poos !! What do you think ?! Love from Kendal x

kim and scott
hello all!
TO COUSIN-congratulations on your babies you had with elena. now you have two bundles of joy. scott and I send you many cyber white roses in celebration. be well!
TO JOHN (VT)-hello. thanks for liking what I would do at "poopcon 2001" with all the huge tv screens. could you imagine if I did that ? what fun!! be well john.
TO CURIOUS-hello. In answer to your farting question:when I fart it could be anywhere. I never fart to be rude but havent we all farted by accident embarrassing ourselves and others? sometimes I let a fart really rip and talk about my huge logs with my boyfriend scott because he likes this sort of thing.I once farted loud and long at a movie theatre and talked to scott about howI had to have a huge log ! just to turn on a few hunky guys who where sitting in back of me but if someone did not like this sort of thing I would leave the area and fart alone.I have found out that many males get aroused when they hear females fart and talk about having to have a huge,bowel movement,especially if the female is attractive!haha I am just doing my part to satisfy the male need in these things!be well curious.
TO BENNY -hello there. I do not know if you have been reading my posts but i usually just shit in front of my boyfriend scott. its only once in a while that I have shit in front of my friends.scott sometimes buddy dumps with me but he prefers to camcord me and watch me dump,which is fine with me! and it does turn me on when I have a huge dump,which is almost daily now! I just love the way my butt-cheeks quiver as my butt and ring expand to let my mammoth beast out of my hole!plus when I have to have a log I go to the bathroom without delay except when I know my boyfriend scott is coming over soon. I will wait for him to come over until I shit my brains out in front of him!you should see my logs benny! I think that you would absolutely love the sheer-size and thickness of them. be well benny! love,kim and scott

Monday, July 09, 2001

Last year I was a College freshman and spent a lot of time at the University Library restroom observing other young dudes taking their dumps. The second-floor restroom has three stalls, all with doors. There are, however, wide gaps (about 4-5 inches) between the back of each partition and the rear tile wall. Also the rear tile is highly reflective. If you sit on the crapper in the center stall and lean back a bit, you can see real well into the third stall. You can see thru the gap and also see the guy's reflection in the tile. Also, the light is such that the guy in the third stall cannot see anything in the center stall. You can therefore observe guys while yourself being unobserved. The best times to go are in the mornings and after lunch. Last April, I was comfortably shitting in the center stall one morning. I heard a dude come in. He paused in front of my stall. I saw a real cute, cleancut guy with dark hair and blue eyes wearing shorts, a T-shirt and runnin! g shoes. He saw that the center stall was occupied and went into the third stall. He carefully put TP on the seat, then pulled down his shorts and boxers. He sat down. I could see him from the side thru the gap and also see his butt and back reflected in the tile. He cut loose a dry fart and then started to strain quietly. Nothing much happened. Then he leaned right forward so that his shirt lifted up and I could see the upper part of his crack. I heard a pleasant crackling sound followed by a loud plop. He relaxed and sat up straight again. After a rest, he started to strain again and again leaned forward at an acute angle. A loud plop rewarded his effort and this was all repeated twice more. He then pissed. He then lifted his butt off the seat and wiped from back to front, looking at the TP each time. He then shook his dick and flushed. I flushed too and we exited the stalls at the same time. He looked at me and asked how I was doing. I told him that I was ! feeling great and he just smiled a bit sheepishly. We washed our hands together. He was a real cute guy. I saw many guys dump there, but he was about the best!

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