Michelle in Louisiana
From reading previous posts I realized there is another Michelle who posts here. Because of that, from now on I am going to be known as Michelle in Louisiana.
Curious - I just let it rip. Everybody farts, big deal. I fart wherever and whenever I feel the urge.
Sara - your mom is bound to change her mind. I think she's just temporarily thinking that. Make sure you give her your best behavior and no more wetting and things should be OK with her, that's my advice.
BigD - In school, if a teacher doesn't let me go, well if I really have to go, I'll go anyway. Sometimes theres nothin' like being a rebel. Of course, rebelliousness is not something to do all the time, but at certain needed times, it is nice.
I have another silly story to tell:
One time, in the supermarket, when I was about 6 or 7, I needed to piss. I had always wondered what it felt like to wet my pants, since people did it in books and movies all the time and called it an accident. So, when my mom was buying fruits, I pretended to stare at the peaches and while I did that, I wet my pants.
By some miricle, nobody found out that I wet myself. It was dry by night when I put my clothes in the hamper.
Here's another pee story:
One time, when I was up in Colorado for a ski resort trip last winter, I had to piss but there were no toilets nearby. I was talking to my sister, and when I said I had to piss, she just told me to wet myself. I was thinking, "What the hell? I ain't going to wet myself!! I'm 16!" (I'm 17 now but I was 16 at the time). Then, my sister(who was 14) wet herself and I was thinking, "Oh I think I'll wet myself too" So I wet myself. Damn, it turned so cold and it was SO uncomfortable. It had such a burning sensation. So, then I walked inside and put on new clothes, telling my parents that the snow got me wet. They fell for it.

To: Michelle, when you peed in your bedroom, where did you pee? Was it during the night or all the time?

This happened to a girl I knew in high school three years ago. It was the tenth grade and we had this mean history teacher Miss.Leslie and she hated everyone. But anyway, during history class I was sitting across from a girl named Maya( she was wearing a red blouse, some tight blue jeans,and some black clogs that I liked) I was going out with her at the time and I notice her holding her stomach. I asked "what's wrong" and she said "I gotta use the bathroom". I told her to asked the teacher. So she raised her hand to ask Miss. Leslie and she said no. Then Maya was fidgeting some more where she was almost crying and raised her hand again to ask and the teacher said no again. By this time she was fidgeting even more until I (and the rest of the class) heard her let out a huge fart that was juicy and I knew what she had just done. Maya jumped up and said "NO!" and ran out the classroom with her hand on her butt. And boy did she stink! To make a long story short, she ended up messi! ng her pants and she had to leave school early. The teacher had gotten fired because she did another student like that. Everybody teased her about pooping her pants, but I payed it no mind and liked her even more. But what makes some teachers like that?

Hello everyone. Gary and I were out of town last week. We had a good time off. It was uneventful poop-wise. I pooped regularly in the morning and in the afternoon or early evening, and it was normal, firm loads.

Vera, you wrote your story several days ago about having your 8-year-old son with you in the restroom stall while you were having diarrhea. While I would think an 8-year-old would be old enough to go to the bathroom by himself, it would be understandable if he didn't want to be alone in a very strange place, as you imply by the urgent nature of your stop. On the other hand, it would be a bit odd for him to want to accompany you to the toilet at home. Perhaps something was bothering him at the time. You should discuss it with him before it becomes a problem.

Anyway, your story reminds me of something similar that happened to me a few years ago. I was at the mall with my cousin Corey, his wife Cindy and their five-year old son. They were moving into a new house and were getting some things for the house. At one point I was left alone at the food park with their five-year old son James. All of a sudden I had a stomach ache and an urge to poop. It was a major dump waiting to happen. I had to go to the ladies room, but I didn't want to leave James alone. So I took him by the hand and made a beeline to the ladies room.

At first James was asking, "Why are we going here? Why are you taking me in here with the girls?" I said, "Because I have to go to the bathroom, and your Mommy would not want you to be alone in a strange place." We went into a stall, and I asked James if he needed to go. He said he didn't feel like peeing, so I told him to face forward and stare at the stall door. I yanked down my shorts and panties and sat, and a massive wave of soft poop came out, starting with a thunderous crackle and consisting of a loud cascade of plops that lasted about 15 seconds, ending in a loud thud. James turned around and said, "Wow! Are you pooping?" I said for him to turn around, and I unleashed another nasty wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet while seated.

I kept releasing big waves of soft but not runny poop. James was asking question after question: "Do you poop like that all the time? Can Mommy and Daddy poop like that? Why do you flush the toilet while sitting? Does your stomach hurt?" I asked him to be quiet so I can finish. Unfortunately, I was far from finished, and I kept pushing out wave after wave of soft poop. James asked, "Can I watch the poop come out?", and he was staring at my legs. I had given up trying to have him turn around away from me and said, "Look up at me." At that point I unleashed another nasty 20-second wave of poop. I grimaced as I flushed the toilet while seated. James asked if I was all right. I said my stomach hurts but I will be fine in a few minutes. It would seem like an eternity, but I was done after flushing the toilet about six times while seated. I told James to face the stall door while I wiped. I flushed the toilet one more time before getting up. As I pulled up my whi! te panties and shorts, James looked into the toilet bowl. He said, "Wow! There's some poop still in there. Did you do that? And it smells like poop all over the bathroom!"

As James and I came out of the ladies room, Cory and Cindy were back and wondering where we went. James said, "Auntie Jane had to go to the bathroom. She went pooping. She must have pooped a million pieces. She was flushing the toilet a lot. It stunk the whole bathroom." Cory told his son it's not nice to tell other people what someone was doing in the bathroom. James apologized to me and said he was glad I was feeling better.

HEY EVERYONE!!! Guess what!?!? I'm a daddy!!! Yup Elena gave birth last night to twin baby girls(great now they really outnumber me) When they were born I ran to the other side of the hospital...long run let me tell you and told Linda who was watching TV in her room. She got all excited and wished she could see them..I told her she would.. soon enough. I haven't slept at all as I've been telling everyone.. shoot even complete strangers betwixed here and the hospital.. but Elena finally made me go home to rest..or she wouldn't(Said I was making too much noise.. I'm going back to see her in an hour)Anyway.. man who could sleep after that. Poor Elena was on the toilet cause she felt something was wrong.. but she didn't know what.. her bowels were giving her very little warning lately.. so she went and she sat. I walked in and asked her if she was okay. Then it was like a dam had burst..I said geez Lena (What I call her)you really had to go..she was breathing hard and! y water just broke. Gah.. most of it is a blur..which is good cause I probably was a complete and utter fool the whole time. Anyway.. man..I'm as happy as happy can be.

Shame on you. Smoochies to my little Linda?!?!? I'm keeping my eye on you.Heh. Oh but hey linda told me to tell you of her pooping episode. She had need to poop for a while but she didn't want to ask the nurses..when I came in... she told me of her need.. and I asked her if she wanted me to take her..she said it was poking out and she didn't think she'd make it. So I slid her pampies down(he told me to tell you they had sunflowers on them) and placed a bedpan under here. She said it's cold..and I told her sorry they all come that way. I heard her pee in the bedpan as I told her about how you and Kendal were doing..and about you dream of being a tennisball girl and your secret dream and such. She was very quiet..I saw her poor face wrinkled up and red.. her eyes shut tight.. then a thud liek a rock landing in the bedpan as she realxed and looked much better. She had me repeat all I said as she didn't catch a thing I said. Poor gal..but she's fine now..I'l spare you what she! did in the of those YOU HAD TO BE THERE TO BELIEVE ME sorta things. Anyway..I'll pass the smoochies on to her from you.

Linda is fine.. but she's grown rather anti-social.. she doesn't really want to return to school or even go anywhere when she gets out. She doesn't like the scar she has. She needed stitches and well.. sigh she even dreads a day when she meets you because of it. I think it's a shame to have such a cute girl have something like that.. but she's still a cute girl either way. But I told her.. how will she play outside with the twins if she stays inside? Don't worry I'll get her through this one way or another. Now as for you little gal.. you only wanna wear that skirt so you can wee at a tennis match? With your luck, the camera will focus on you while you do it.. or worse.. one of your surpise poos will happen then and you'l be a great shape won't you? And I sure as heck won't pick you up to stay over at Linda's.. no way you're sitting in my car seats THAT way.(Sides with allt he girls in my house.. I'd surely need another bathroom.. I joked to Elena that I kissed my poor bat! hroom good bye as I'll probably never see the inside of it again)
Well I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy now..maybe I'll lay down for a bit..take care everyone.

Hi, everyone!

Jeff A.: I missed your recent post about "POOPCON 2001," so I had to go back and find it. Super idea, of course... there have been mentions of a
yearly convention before, but I don't think we ever went into as much detail... nice job! And of course "Shits Illustrated" magazine will do a special double issue just covering the monster event!

Carmalita: Glad you liked the idea, too... but you didn't REALLY think anyone could enjoy your unique aromatic booth as much as I, did you?

Kim: I glad you're willing to put on a special show for your many fans here! I know I wouldn't miss it! And the big screen TV monitors is a very exciting idea!

Sara: On a more serious note with your recent problems... you need to get some support so you can take back control of your life! Assuming
moving in with your dad is NOT a good option, then steps need to be taken to make your home life and school life more tolerable. Mrs. Rhojis
needs to be held accountable for causing your recent accident, and subsequent taunting of you by putting that insulting name at the top of your test paper. A GOOD teacher does NOT act like that!! You need to report her to the principal, the Guidance Dept., SOMEONE with authority at the school. Hopefully, some authority figure will help you. If not, you would easily win a lawsuit against the school! Also, counseling would be helpful for you in dealing with this whole matter, but in particular in dealing with your mother, who is NOT being very supportive, and is in fact making the problem worse. Good luck, and keep writing us here for help!

It's July 8th, AND IT IS RAINING AGAIN!, in the Northeast. Oh well, it could be worse. I have some hellos before I get to today's story.
Carmalita - Hello, dear, how is my little Latina Lovely? Every time I see a pretty Latina lady, and there are quit a few around here, I think of you. I look forward to hearing from you and replying. Kathy is doing well, she says hello and sends her love. She was real excited when she found out that Renee is going to have a girl. So you liked our Innkeeper Prank? Believe me, I have a temper, I am of Irish extract, and I had to really control myself that night. I was ready to flip a double bird, then jump on the counter and hurl a moon at them. If we had had you with us, we could have really overflowed the bowl! Thanks for saying that you would have defended us. So you would like to bring me toilet paper? That would be fine, as long as you wiped me also (In my wildest dreams!). My fantasy is to have you, Kathy and Noreen dump at the same time in my presence, then I get to wipe all of you (again, I must be hallucinating!). I loved your latest, your outdoor special. You re! ally teased that guy, but I can't blame him for wanting to watch you. I would want to watch also. And Theresa (Tesa) joining in was great. Yeah, I like her name also, Theresa is my Mother-in-Law's name, although she is Italian. Anyway, please say hello to your gang for me. And, of course, here is a great BIG hug and kiss from RJOGGER, Rich, Rick, "Old Man", NE Crazy, etc! You know that whatever name I use, I love very much. Until next time, you take great care, sweetie.
Buzzy - And hello to you, Neighbor. I have been running with Noreen, on and off for 24 years, and I have wanted to see her bare ass, let alone wipe it, for that long. When I unexpectedly saw her poop in the woods 20 years ago (my first post here), I wanted to jump out and wipe her. But this past week, I got my wish and Larry got to wipe Kathy. He and I were like two school kids, we were so excited. It was a little difficult lowering myself to wipe Noreen, since I was quite aroused, but it was well worth it. Hey, if you Diane and I ever do get together to dump, it would be awesome. Take care.

I skipped my run this morning, since I had to drive to a tournament. I went into the basement to lift weights instead, and as I was finishing up, I got the urge to crap. I went upstairs to the master head, and found that Kathy had spread a plastic tarp on the floor and had a large bucket with a plastic bag in it on the tarp. "Just for you". "Huh?". "You don't remember the bucket from 29 years ago?". Oh yeah, July 8th, 1972, the day I got locked out and used a bucket in the garage. "Come on, let's do it again", my wife teased. I really had to go, so I didn't argue. I lowered my shorts, squatted over the bucket, and Kathy got on all fours behind me, to get a better view. I let loose with a large soft one, then a pile of somewhat soft stuff came out. I peed hard, then farted quite loudly and let out some more soft stuff. I had eaten soy the night before, and now I was paying for it. OK, all done, and Kathy applied wet wipes to my pink asshole as only she can. She really has ! the magic touch. Now it was her turn. I got on all fours behind her, as she lowered her shorts, squatted over the bucket and spread her cheeks with her hands. Her nails had just been done the day before, and the lilac color on her olive cheeks was a nice contrast. A low fart passed from her opening, then a soft grunt was followed by a medium brown poop that passed without noise into the bucket. Then my wife laid a long low volume fart before she peed a long stream. I waited about a minute, then Kathy's anus opened and closed to pass 6 more smaller, but well formed poops. Each was passed with a soft grunt and fell quietly into the bucket. "Honey, I'm finished, would you please wipe me?". She didn't have to ask, I was more that happy to clean her up. I used 3 wet wipes and 1 wad of TP, then she wiped her vagina. We had put quite a volume into the bag in the bucket. I tied up the bag, and placed it and the bucket into a double plastic bag and put the whole thing in the garbage! . When I went back into the head to clean up, my wife was undressed and beckoned me into the shower. OK, it stops here.

To all of you great folks, whose great stories keep me entertained, take great care

Traveling Guy
Well, guys, it hadn't happened to me for a while until today. When I took a dump this morning, my usual first, long jobbie was replaced by some smaller ones. The first of them went straight down, splashed, and - Bull's Eye! - sent cold water right up my anus, which was open and getting ready to send the next jobbie on its way. What a shock. I think a lot of you here would have laughed to see my face when it hit.

RACHEL - I'm not a profesional in these matters, but if your daughter doesn't get past this monster in the toilet fear over the next two weeks or so, I'd seek advice from your family physician or a psycholigist. If your daughter were 3 or 4, that's one thing, but to have a such a fear at 13 doesn't sound healthy to me. Meantime, please don't be too hard on her. She needs understanding. Good luck.

JULIE - Nice going in the French loo with three open squatters. I'm so proud of you for having a poo with the other woman looking on. It sounds like she was intrigued by the whole experience and liked it more than she thought. I enjoyed your retelling, but I prefer to imagine you women squatting thee abreast at once. That might have been way too much for the housewife.

CARMALITA - Wow, that was the greatest, the way you handled Derek Derek so cooly. What a show you and Tesa gave him. I hope he calls you, but I'll be he's still sort of overwhelmed. I sure would be.

SARA - you should definitely have told the principal about Mrs.Rhojis embarrassing you with her smart remarks in front of the class. That's harrassment. I'll be she's never desperate or had an accident, huh?

DR. POLHEMUS - I can't speak for any of my friends here, but you've convinced me that both women and men have the same average stool size.

First of all, TELL THE PRINCIPAL!!!! That teacher had no right to keep you from going to the bathroom. That happened to me once - I peed my pants because my teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom - (I posted that story), and I was embarrassed to tell the principal but I did, and that teacher got fired, which is what she deserved. The principal will not think you're stupid. He/she will NOT think you are a baby. They will not blame you for what your teacher did. And at home, tell your mom you want to have a discussion with her. DON'T get hysterical - it'll make her think you're even less mature. Act really calm and responsible, look her straight in the eye, and tell her the whole story - that means you include the part about your teacher not letting you go to the bathroom. Explain to her that you knew it was a babyish thing to do, to wet your pants, but it was not your fault. Tell her that you asked to go to the bathroom, BUT YOUR TEACHER WOULD NOT LET YOU. I can't guarantee that this will make your mom under- stand, but I think it will. It's always worked for me.

Well yet again today I had another accident. It happened when I woke up around 8:30 this morning. I went to the kitchen and drunk some orange juice(around 3 glasses) around 20 min or so my stomach was growling weirdly. I knew something was going to happen so I decided to go to the bathroom. When I got there I tried to poop but nothing came out. I then put my underwear back on and went to my room. About 2 minutes later my stomach really felt weird so I tried running to the bathroom. When I got there all of a sudden this really mushes poop filled my underwear. It was normal color this time so I wasn't worried. So I got out of my underwear and shirt(Thats all I wore to bed since it was very hot outside) and I jumped in the tub. I then washed my clothes. My stomach has a weird reaction when I drink milk or something acidic on an empty stomach. It started in the 8th grade when I was very very close to pooping my pants at school after drinking some milk at lunch without eating anyth! ing first.

To Ben: I think its cool to have someone my age here also.

To Byrian: It wasn't to cool to me at first because I thought it was blood.

New Poster
How Can I Make myself have Hard, Fat Poop come out of my butthole?

Hi to all of you!
I've just come back, but have not yet had time to read up on posts. I have missed you all, especially Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid; love and a very big hug to both of you!
During my travels I have come across some really nasty loos. Urinals at rest stops on motor ways (even within the toll gates) with a big stale puddle of urine on the floor in in front of them, where the smell of ammonia took my breath away and to pee I had to take a step back and aim high. Of course the last dribbles contributed to the puddle as every one else's had before me. Yuck!! Other loos were first class! I recall the design of urinals at the "Orchard" outside Grantchester: low slung, relatively narrow and hardly any possibility of backsplash. In Norfolk I came across an older design of toilet with a very long drop and guaranteed backplash against the bottom. I don't like those very much, because I do not cherish the idea of being splashed with dissolved skid marks and/or pee, if I had started to pee before the splash.
I have to stop now, more later.
Love to you all, Rizzo

Austin - Was this the book you meant?
William Bryant Logan, Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth. New York: Riverhead Books, 1995

Or was it this one?
Suellen Hoy, Chasing Dirt: The American Pursuit of Cleanliness

Anyone want an interesting read? Go to your local bookstore or library and find a good book on the history of dealing with sewage & hygene.
If it's a good book, it'll take you to the lessons learned in ancient socities, introduce you to the 'fathers' of modern sewage construction & treatment techniques, and should show you that even in this day & age, it's something that should never be taken lightly.
(I'm sad to say that here in Ontario (Canada), this was briefly forgotten. Partially due to the current local government who didn't give a shit about this issue, 7 people died & ~2,300+ became ill last year in a small town when it's water treatment system failed. Government assholes asside, the real responsibilty was apparantly due to couple of jerks who ran the town's system. They were drunk a great deal of the time & made up water quality control data to hide their incompetence.)

When I read about the state of public hygene, even less than a century ago, it always amazes me how different things are (at least for the large cities of developed nations anyway...)
Tonnes or horse droppings & gallons of horse urine on the streets, dead & decomposing horse bodies laying about, indoor plubming - an expensive exception - rather than the rule, the 'germ theory' of disease still of little use for health of the average person, and so on...
I remember reading in one particular book about the influenza pandemic of 1917-1918 (where 20 - 40 milion+ people died worldwide), all officials could recommend was that people should wear gause masks while in public & whitewash their homes & buildings (neither of which did the least bit of good.)

But I think I'm getting off topic for this forum...

KENDAL -- Hi, my darling niece! I'm sorry, I don't remember when Uncle said he'd be back, but I don't think he'll be long now. My, you've been getting up to some fun stuff lately -- and that's just how it should be! Have a hug and a smile from your Aunt!

CARMALITA -- That was some picnic dump! Whoa -- what a show. I'm all aquiver. There are times I wish this forum allowed a wider range of expression, shall we say? GRIN! My latina amiga -- we gotta go up against each other in friendly competition at BogCon '01...

RACHEL -- My earnest advice is not to punish your daughter. I think she's probably already living in hell trying to balance the toilet behaviour she knows is expected of her with the irrational fear that some rotten person (another kid, obviously) has planted in her mind. Toilets are a place where an extreme, fixed human behaviour is enacted, and they are associated with negative, bad and dirty aspects of life. These are the negatives that are being played on by her fear, and punishing her isn't going to help, in my view. More likely punishment will reinforce the negative aura now surrounding the toilet act for her. Making her sleep in soiled clothes is going to be about as much use as making an arachnophobe sleep with a spider in their room. Please don't do it!

Would there be anything wrong with letting your girl use a potty instead, until she can put this nightmare behind her? Put a little water in it so material will be diluted, this keeps down room noise and smell. It can stay under her bed, and she can use it whenever she needs to. Emptying it takes a few moments and is a far less unpleasant duty than cleaning soiled clothes. If she can can hop on the potty whenever she needs it, basically just squat or sit in her room, or your laundry, or wherever, then her own emotional state will be much easier, and so will yours. Yes, it's a little girl's behaviour, but as you've pointed out, she has something of a little girl's impressionability.

When I was very little I was terrified of giant squids. They were a very real kind of sea monster, and I had an irrational terror that great arms would smash through my bedroom window in the middle of the night and drag me to my death... I put this behind me because I was able to realize the impracticality of a sea monster making it five miles inland! The reason I mention this is that your daughter needs only to realize the impossibility of their being a monster in the toilet -- not be "told" by you that it isn't there, as someone else has told her that it is, and in such a way that this nonsense has imprinted on her with terrifying power.

Again, I beg you not to punish her, but understand that she has a problem that is making her life an ongoing misery. Compromise in the short term, let her have a potty instead, and over time ease in the fact there's nothing to be afraid of. How? Her problem is severe, so you must be willing to take measures in equal proportion. I would recommend *you* use the toilet with the door open -- let her see you use it, not once but often enough to make it clear that nothing is jumping out to bite you. And your calm assurance that nothing ever will should be enough to break the barrier for her.

SARA -- You do indeed have a problem, but your Mom's solution is not a useful one. She is not being understanding, and your teacher's behaviour is miserable. If you were my daughter I'd have already taken the school apart, and you'd not be returning to it until I had their written appology, supposing I dragged the standards department of the Ministry of Education into it. Yes, I feel that strongly about it -- as I do for every youngster who is mortally humiliated in class, in front of the merciless eyes of their peers.

Sara, you need help. Please see a doctor -- and you're old enough to not need to arrange an interview through your mother. You don't want to live with your father, and your doctor will support your reasons. Remember, he or she is there for YOUR wellbeing, not to automatically echo your mother's viewpoint.

Diapers are far from desirable, but they'll control the mess while you get the situation sorted out... Would it hurt past bearing to compromise, just for the moment? I've never wet my bed in my whole life, and can remember peeing down my leg on a long walk only once when I was maybe five years old, so I don't really have any useful experiences to draw on here... But I know a problem when I see it, and honey, you need help, not punishment or embarressment.

Please keep us informed, and we'll help any way we can.

Hugs to all,


Hi everyone thanks for helping I really appritiate it :0)

My choice was made today, I was not going to wear any diaper or move
to my dads I walked into my moms room and shouted at the top of my lungs that "it was an accident you know that and you cant tell me you never peed your pants, Im not going to dads im staying here , and im staying here without a diaper on, im telling you this out of my respect for you and your respect for me" my mom just sat there staring at me then broke into tears apologizing for the diapers and the spanking.

I was home free problem 1 solved

Problem 2

Mrs.Rhojis hehehehehehehe

as for the diapers that were usless now did come in handy I took the whole pack and snuck into Mrs.Rhojis's class at lunch and emptied her desk of all her stuff and filled them all with diapers and put her stuff into the closet as class started we did our assignment and our lecture then she said Mike, Scott pass these papers out and she opened the drawer and saw the diapers and grabbed one held it up for the class to see and said "what is this?" I shouted and you said I had the problem
she grabbed me and took me to the princibles office and the princible was a nice guy Mr.Wedth as we came in Mrs.Rhojis said this child filled my desk with diapers and I denied it then the princible said "I have these papers signed by some students saying you ridiculed Sara when she had an accident in your class and also your teacher aid told me you wrote diapergirl on her paper is this true Sara" and of course I said "yes" in my mind I was thinking "HELL YEAH" and Mr.Wedth gave me the rest of the day off and talked to Mrs.Rhojis and she had to apologize for what she did.

Problem 2 solved

Problem 3

Laura my so called friend which I forgot to mention told all my other friends how I peed my pants also started a rumor that I had to wear diapers at home when she spent the night over at my house that was really mean but she apologized when I talked to her on the phone I "forgave her" and asked if I could stay over at her house and she said "sure" things are good buuuuuut.... problem 3 is not solved yet.

Problem number 3 solving is in action

I g2g but .......

Thank you again Ben, Bigd, Donnie M, and Kendal for your advice

thank you bye


Sara. The way you've been treated is absolutely horrible. Your mother shouldn't punish you for having accidents (everyone has them occasionally) and your teachers certainly shouldn't tease you about it either. Is there a sympathetic teacher or youth leader/school counsellor you could talk to? Failing that, it might help to discuss the problem with your doctor or a minister or parish priest. You should certainly speak to someone in authority about it.

Rachel. You need to be patient and gentle with your daughter. Explain to her that the "monsters" she so much fears don't exist and, if necessary, go to the toilet with her. Why not let her go with you when you need to go? That would prove to her that you've nothing to fear and neither should she. On no account should you ever punish her for having accidents, however messy or frustrating they are to deal with. Punishing her will only make the problem much worse and add further to her fears. She needs to know that you love her unconditionally - even when she's smelly or messy from an accident. With time and patience I think she will outgrow her fear. With a bit of luck it will probably be a matter of weeks rather than months - but be patient. If the problem doesn't resolve itself, I'd suggest discussing it with your family doctor who may be able to help and, if necessary, refer your daughter to a pyschologist.

Well now, two doctors to choose from. Okey it would be easy to opt for the one who agrees with me and reject the dissident. As it happens I DO back the former "Real Medic" because he quotes appropriate technical terminology in context and other factors which tie in with my own reading and observations over the years. As an example his explanation of what gives the typcial smell to human feces is a lot closer to what I have read in many books than that given by Dr Polhemus. I will try to obtain a copy of the anatomy book Polhemus mentioned but have read a lot of these, some of a standard meant for medical students and when the rectum is shown in section the female one DOES look wider and a different shape to the male. Also Real Medic confirms by his own experiences that the solid stools passed by females were larger than those passed by males, and this concurs with my own observations over the years and those of very many others who have posted to this website as I had a look ! back through Old Posts from Page One, many long before I started to post here. When I was a teenager I would often see the jobbies passed by my young brother who, although he was 2 years younger was a similar build, we could for example share jeans and other clothes. Now he ate exactly the same food as me, the same quantity, didnt of course drink alcohol at that age, (not did I), and didnt have any internal illnesses. His turds while as long as mine were usually a little bit thinner and except when I was on my period and got a bit constipated we both tended to have a motion every day. The same happens with my husband and I and I know from girls when I was at school and some of the women in the Field Hockey and Netball teams I play for that this has been observed by them. There is one women who has twins, a boy and girl and she says that her daugher does fatter jobbies than her son, all other factors being equal. As Real Medic says, nobody has carried out proper statistcia! lly accurate controlled reasearch into this matter and, give the prudery associated with such matters in many countries I doubt if they ever will. I can only go on my own experiences and the comments of others on websites such as this. Thanks however to BOTH doctors for their information on this matter, from a mere Gym Instructor (also Sports Centre Manager) who has an interest in biology and anatomy.

I see that the matter of teachers who refuse pupils permission to leave class to use the toilet and cruel parents who humiliate kids who have accidents in their panties has come up again. This matter has been covered many times and I WONT get into the USA Vs UK argument that our Moderator does not like. I would only say that, at least on this side of "The Pond" the European Convention on Human Rights might well punish any teacher who adopted such a harsh attitude and even such cruel parents could be brought to book by the child welfare authorities for such actions. (There was a case recently in the UK where a teenaged boy who was subjected to cruel physical and psychological punishments by his religious extremist parents was put in a foster home, his father jailed and his mother given a suspended sentence). I totally agree with Donnie M who advises students who have an urgent need to urinate or defecate to walk out of the class, use the toilet then come back. Even if the ! Principal is short sighted enough to back the teacher then the ensuing bad publicity when the matter is given to the local press, TV or Radio station would make THEM shit their underwear, especially in the USA where punitive damages can be awarded for psychological hurt, distress etc. In the UK such an action by a teacher would probably result if a complaint were made to the School Governors in the teacher's suspension and a lot of unwanted political interference for the Headteacher and the School from Councillors, Social Services, etc. Im glad to say that in most UK schools pupils are allowed to use the toilet when they need, and abuse of this being dealt with on an individual basis is the pupil is proved to be time wasting. Most pupils DONT abuse this.

This morning I did a two stage motion. Was woken up by the cat at 7.00am, fed her, made hubby and me a coffee. Switched on the radio. As its hot here in the UK at present I was only wearing my black panties. Felt a big jobbie on its way so got "the old man" up to come in and watch. Loud long hissing tinkling wee wee then a squeaky dry fart. My ring stretched and with an NNN! UH! I slowly passed a nice big fat turd, a knobbly cylinder about 12 inches long and 2.5 fat. As it was coming out slowly it went "FLOOMP!" when it entered the water. We both had a good look, it was mid brown and blunt at both ends, just like a log and to begin with it floated. About two hours later we were having a shower together when I felt I had to do another motion. I sat on the pan with the fat log still stuck there and with no real effort at all a big easy curved jobbie slid out quite fast with a "SPLOOSH!" Now this one was easy and smooth and rather smelly. About 10 inches long, as fat as the p! revious turd, but a lighter toffee brown and sunk. I certainly feel better for that!

Vanessa, I agree with Carol and others. This deliberate knicker soiling in a girl of 16 may need professional advice to resolve. If you can gently enquire from her, Mother to Daughter, is she has some problem, fear, has been in some way demeaned by her peers, boyfriend, etc than you may have the answer. In all the matter needs GENTLE and sympathetic handling. Nobody likes to involve outsiders in such a delicate matter Im sure, but sometimes someone outside of the family might be able to handle this better than a parent. Please let us all know how you get on and I hope the problem soon ends.

Twice Shy

[to the tune of "Chantilly Lace"]

Such smelly waste,
From a noxious place,
A rope that's brown, hangin' down,
You jiggle and rock, 'know it came from a wok (so hunky!),
Makes the bowl go 'round,
There ain't a nothin' in the world,
Like a dump unfurled,
To make my bathroom smelly,
Make me scratch my belly,
Gonna get real loose, like a long-neck goose,
I'm dropping turds--oh, baby, that's a what I like!

In my fraternity, one of our tasks as pledges was to "kidnap" some of the members and hold them at an undisclosed location for 3 hours while the other members tried to find us. As pledges we had to keep the members entertained with food, drink, etc.. for the 3 hours. One of the guys we took was notorious for getting away, so we decided to handcuff him to me during the three hours. At that time we were in a camper and the toilet wasn't working too well. This guy, Mark, told me he needed take a crap. Since the camper toilet couldn't handle a dump, I told him I'd take him over to the public toilet in the park where we were located. It was one of those that was a single room with a toilet and sink. There wasn't a lock on the door either. I took the handcuffs off and told him to go ahead and that I was going to wait inside with him. He asked me to wait outside, but I had my orders. He looked kinda annoyed, but I just stood there and waited. He was a pretty good-looking guy, tall, w! ith a nice build. A "jock" type. I didn't know him that well, but I was excited by the fact that I'd see him crapping. He went ahead and acted like I wasn't even there. He stared straight ahead so I was able to check him out quite easily. He undid his shorts and let them fall to the ground. Then he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his white Jockeys and pulled them down. He sat down and let loose a torrent of noisy turds. The smell was pretty bad as well. I said "whoa, dude", but he just turned and smiled. He pissed noisily into the bowl. He pushed out a few more turds and then stood up to face the paper roll. He pulled off a length of paper, folded it, pulled up his shirt and wiped. When he pulled up his shirt to wipe, he showed off his nice butt as he was cleaning it. It looked like he was digging for something. I also got a good view of his cock and balls. They looked funny, wiggling around while he was wiping. He finished up, pulled up his jockeys, adjusted his packa! ge, and pulled up his shorts. He washed his hands, and the we got handcuffed and got out of there.

Sunday, July 08, 2001

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