Hola amigos!
STEVE: Yeah, I'm always careful in the sun. Thank you for caring though, you're a sweetie. Yes, us Mexicans do sunburn! In the hospital all I really did was a horrible pee, that shot out all over the bed and made me embarrassed. Maybe a nice poop in a bedpan could have been fun and exciting, but while I was there, I was in no mood for fun, or excitement.
KENDALL: Hiya sweetie! Don't feel bad about not knowing what Latino means. It means basically, a person of latin descent. I am Mexican, and have sometimes been referred to as Mexicana. There are several terms, like Hispanic, Hispano, or la raza which means "the race" or, la gente which means "the people". Men are called latinos and women are called latinas with an A at the end. If I were speaking of my people I might say "Soy de la gente Hispana." Kendall, I think you are such a little sweetie, I just want to give you the biggest hug ever! I think you're a wonderful writer for 11, and you have a great future ahead of you, and always remember that we ALL have a lot to learn. With that in mind, know that you are doing great for your age. Here's a big kiss for you from Carmalita, your latina friend.
SUN DEVIL: I'd be happy to answer your turd questions. I eat a lot of Mexican food which is full of protein and gives me pretty solid poop. In the morning I eat a breakfast of a flour tortilla with beans, rice and cheese and some chopped tomato. Then, throughout the day I eat fruit. Italian food will either give me really soft poopies or the runs if I eat too much of it, but I love it so much. I usually get the runs if I'm sick, or very stressed out. I've been having diarrhea lately, but it's pretty much cleared up now. Usually, I'm good for one really big and hard turd, then a pile of softer ones. However, there are times, and quite a few of them, where I'll crap at least 3 monster logs. Here's a morning kiss for you Jamie.
AUSTIN: Thank you so much for your kindness and sweet personality. So many beautiful men here on this forum! It seems that there are more beautiful people in here, than out there. You're a babe! I'd love to poop outside with you. I've always enjoyed your witty posts and replies to people. I think it would be really cool to see you pull your pants down and squat for a really nice one. I'd give you a show you wouldn't forget!
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Man, did I ever love your story of your aunt! It was not only sexy, but I personally found it to be beautiful, and so well written! It was like a short story or somehting. The description of her dress, and it sounds like she did a nice big one too. And naughty you, peeping through the jamb! Seriously though, I really like you! That was a fun story. I had a little peephole too and used to watch my brother's freinds go. I was eleven years old the first time I ever saw a guy go poop. It was really fascinating to know that they don't wipe from the front. Plus, seeing male equipment was a nice thrill too! My dad discovered the hole and puttied it up so that was the end of that. I then graduated to leaving the door ajar so that I could be seen by them. That was fun too! Bye Gruntly, smmmmoooooooocchhhhhh!!!
PV: Hi babe, I'm glad my story made you hot. I probably had better not mention what else I'm thinking (naughty me, huh?). I think you're pretty hot stuff yourself girl!
RJOGGER: So, the old man in the NE! Hiya handsome! Good to hear from you. How's Kathy? I can just see you Rich, getting all sweaty from a nice run, working those strong legs, and oh, my, my! Then settling down for a nice, healthy dump. Your Carmalita would love to bring her gentleman his toilet paper when he needs it. That was cool what you did to those meanies at that hotel. Unfortunatlely for me, I am possessed of a fiery temper. I can be a real in-your-face woman when I'm mad. I don't get mad like that very often, but won't tolerate rudeness from anybody. If I'd have been there, I would have defended two of my most favorite people, and trust me, those hotel people would remember Carmalita!!!
JEFF A: Hi hon! Wow! Thank you so much for those sweet comments. And you would cry for me? Now that brings me to tears! I love your "poopcon idea". So you're gonna put me in a "stink booth" huh? Okay, I'll get you for that one! I'll drag you in, and make you stay and smell it! Renee read that and laughed so hard she almost wet her pants. You make me laugh which is good. Well, I hate to disappoint you, but for the last two days, my poop has been very mild smelling. Hard, firm, and huge, but mild.
Of course you have a chance with me! Tesa sends you a big kiss, but will not post here. She speaks english well, but is nervous about typing it and making lots of mistakes, so she wants me to answer for her. Hey, good guess on her name! It's Theresa, but she goes for her own shortened version. My name, Carmalita means "Little Carmen", but my mom spells it Carman. How did me and Tesa meet? I met her at an outdoor concert. She was a wild little thing, and still is! But fun, and terminally cute! Tesa is 5'4" 3 inches taller than me, and VERY sexy! She is dark like me, long wavy black hair which she arranges differently every day, and has the most bewitching eyes I've ever seen.

It was pretty warm here yesterday, and we'd hiked for awhile until we came to a picnic area with a large pond. There were heavy clumps of trees with lots of bushes around. People were using these areas for a bathroom, and changing area. There was also a beautiful stream behind the bushes with wooden planks laid down to cross over to the other side. Me and Tesa had been on the other side of the creek when we saw some guys and girls near a blanket on the ground in a clearing by the pond. One guy saw me and couldn't take his eyes off me. I smiled at him just right, and he was all eyeballs! We also spread our blanket down, and Tesa laid on her stomach facing the water. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see this guy staring at us. Anyway, about an hour passed and that's when I felt a nice big one coming on. I stood up, pulled my hair behind my ears and over my shoulders till it trailed down my brown back. I asked Tesa for a handful of napkins, and she dug through the pack an! d handed them to me. I then walked very carefully toward the bushes, giving this guy every possible clue as to what I was going in there to do. Suddenly, he wasn't there anymore. I pretended not to notice, but he was making his way into the bushes about 12 yards away. It was dark in there, but easily accessible. When I stopped, so did he. I'd just pulled the string on my shorts, and undid the button, and was about to pull them down when I saw his white tank top. Pretending to be alarmed I said "Oh Jeez! I'm afraid I can't hold this anymore, and there's no bathrooms out here!" "I'm sorry," he began, "I came out here to do the same thing." Both of us were great liars. He looked so dejected knowing that he'd been caught, so I said "Would you mind keeping an eye out for me, or do you have to go worse than me? If so, I'll keep an eye out for you." He was all smiles and said, "No! I'd be happy to stand watch for you."
"I came in here because I have to do the nasty number two," I said, smiling, thumbs still hooked in the waistband of my panties. He nodded and said "Go ahead, I won't watch. I'll stand guard for you over here." and he moved closer, for a better side view actually. I was very excited to give him a show, and so was he, I could see the bulge in his shorts. I smiled again and said "I can't believe I'm actually going to do this in front of a stranger, but I have to go really bad! Don't look at me." With that, I pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles giving him a view of the black triangle between my legs, and my brown ass. Squatting, I started to pee, soaking the dirt. I looked up, smiled once more and said "No fair, you're looking!" He was frozen like a statue and said "I can't help it. You're so beautiful!" I then grunted hard for show, strained and pushed. I could feel a big turd stretching my little brown hole. It came out, crackling and popping, long and hard. It ! was huge, and touched the ground and coiled. It was a big one, maybe 2" thick and 12" long. "Ohhhhhhhh," I exhaled, "that felt comes more." I grunted again, and out came a massive succession of turds piling on top of my big turd that lay in the dirt between my legs. "Ummpphhh-umm-mmmm---plllkkkllplop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop" It was quite a pile of summer sausages fresh from my latina ass. Stinky? Yes indeedy! I exhaled hard, and dribbled more yellow pee on top, wetting the pile. "Too many tacos," I smiled and winked. "I'm sorry this is so grosss," I added. He was eager to answer "No! Not at all, everybody has to go!" I then wiped my butt with the napkins, very slowly, inspecting each wad. Knowing he was watching every move I said "I hate being ucky. I like to get it all." I then pulled my panties up, blue satin with a purple waist band, then my tan shorts. As I was tying the string I smiled and said "Have you ever seen any of your girl friends over there! do this?" He shook his head no, still in shock. "Do you want me to stand guard for you now?" He said he didn't have to go anymore, maybe later. Looking at the bulge in his pants I felt sorry for him! The poor guy couldn't pee! I then smiled again and said "Do you have to take a dump, I've got more napkins with me?" He shook his head no. I then grabbed a branch of some bushes and shook them getting Tesa's attention. Waving her over, she entered the bushes and I said "He'll stand guard for us if you have to go too." "Okay," Tesa nodded, then pulled her shorts and panties down and squatted. I thought this guy was going to pass out, he was so excited! Tesa squatted with her elbows on her thighs, squeezing her two ???? boobs together. I could see nipples poking even through her bra, and the lace of her bra could be seen through her purple shirt. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail, and the curve of her brown ass looked great with a big turd creeping out of it. She grunted, and! crapped a nice long one that was yellowish and had corn in it. "rrrrrnnnnn...spprrkklll....rrnnn...kkkrrrkkkllllll...k-plup!" When it fell, she sighed loudly, grunted and pushed out two more medium sized ploppies that smelled pretty bad. She wiped her butt four times, and I said "You missed a spot here hon," and I reached under and wiped it for her. To make this very long story short, this guy spent the rest of the afternoon at our blanket. He looked so miserable and I said "You have to pee, poor thing, why don't you just go in the bushes and try?" We exchanged phone numbers and he said he'd call me tonight! Cool, I hope so! He was awfully cute. His name is Derek. Anyway, hasta la vista!


I have to put my two cents in concerning the topic going around relating to the size and consistency to a manís or womanís jobbies. First of all there are four factors, which will affect the size and consistency assuming that each person is healthy with no gastrointestinal problems. They are exercise, the amount of liquids consumed and how fast they are excreted from the body, the type and amount of food taken in at any given time. Lastly how we respond sociologically to our environment. That is if we are more comfortable going in our own home with full privacy or do we hold off going in public places because of lack of privacy or cleanliness, perceived or otherwise.
What we eat will affect the quantity and quality of poop we do. For example people with very spicy diets consisting mostly of red meat and very little vegetables will tend to produce smaller jobbies, which tend to be more offensive in the smell department. Others who eat large quantities of vegetables or roughage with small portions of white meat tend to produce larger jobbies. Less spices in the diet the less the odor etc.
Exercise plays a part in the consistency of our jobbies and how often we will have to go. It is my belief that a person with normal activity will tend to go on a regular basis with unspectacular results. The theory that the body tends to push the sludge through the intestines at itís normal rate producing anywhere from soft to medium soft poop. However those of us with sedentary lifestyles who do not move around much during the day do not cause the body to push the sludge through the intestines very fast allowing the body to more efficiently process the food going through it, making it firmer and harder. Those of us who are uncomfortable or repulsed in using public facilities and therefore delaying or stifling our urge to go until we get home only complicate matters more by allowing the water in the sludge in our intestines to make the poop even harder and drier possibly leading to problems like constipation.
Another factor is how much liquid we drink and how efficiently our bodies get rid of it. Even people who are very active but who sweat profusely and do not drink sufficient amounts of liquid may suffer problems in elimination.
Other than the fact that improper diet, not enough liquids and ignoring the urge to defecate may lead to problems down the road if left unchecked, I do think that these will lead to larger jobbies than normal regardless of the sex of the individual. I do think that women do ignore the need to defecate more so than men. At least that is the way I see it. If you have any comments, or differing opinions, I think we all would find them very interesting.
BTW this is only me humble opinion. I am not a doctor, just someone who is very fascinated by it.

Traveling Guy
POSTER WITHOUT NAME - Welcome. Your wife's shyness about pooping in front of you reminds me of how I once worried that I would be afraid to poop around my wife after I married. I commented here about a week ago that I used to try not to let anyone else know when I was going to poop and I couldn't imagine how I would go someday with a wife around. But things changed for me before I got married, so it's never been a problem. In your case, I would say you should should take the initiative and be a little more open with your wife, a small step at a time. Let her know when you have to take a dump. Try pooping while she's in the shower or taking a bath - tell her, "I just couldn't wait." Try leaving the bathroom door open or having her bring you a new roll of TP. This might make her a little less shy and then, who knows where it could go from there? Good luck. Keep us updated.

AUSTIN - I enjoyed your comments about "dirty societies." Very interesting concept. In the case of Peru, no, I don't think that's necessarily the case. The people I knew who urinate and defecate in the open are Amerindian people who have traditionally never had access to indoor plumbing. They designate a certain area to be used just outside the village (although I have seen people violate that, mainly children). In the larger cities and towns, it's not like that. People use residential bathrooms and public restrooms, although in poor urban neighborhoods where residents have come from the countryside looking for a better life, you will find many of them taking care of business outdoors. Again, though, that's usually due to inadequate sanitation.

Linda-- Sweetie I'm SO SORRY to hear about your
accident...I do hope you're all right. I know first
hand how bad being in the hospital can be...I do hope
you got to poop in peice. Hope you have some stories
for us when you are on the mend. XOXO- JW

Goood morning,all-haven't been around lately cause i've been busy with all kinds of stuff,but i've been doing my poo thing just about every a.m but,nothing much to report to you all-yes,i've had a few pleasurable unloadings out at the beach,but nothing worth posting about-Some responces-Then i'll tell you about this a.m's woods dump
TO RJOGGER-Nice foursome out in the wild-I too would be real excited lik you and Larry!That must have been great wiping Noreen's butt!Always enjoy your stuff!
TO the MYSTERY poster who stated that they want to see their wife poop-All I can say is-take it slow-first try to sneak a listen when she is pooing and see if you are really into it and then maybe try the old walkin be accident and see whet happens-heck you guys are merried so take a chance,and believe me if she isn't into it,you'll know righr away and at that point forget it,but you may also be surprised too,so take a chance,but be cool about it-keep us [posted!
Now to my woods dump-Got up early this a.m. and felt a good one coming on-haven't had a good dump in a few days,yes i've been going every day ,but like i said before-nothing to report till this a.m.When i got out to the woods i really had to poop good and it felt like a pretty good load-of course i looked for my lady friend,but again no show-So I found a spot deep in the woods and got undressed and decided to squat down and lean back on my hands and spread my legs and unload like that-I had to go so bad so soon as i got back on my hands and spread my lags I let out a hissing fart and right away the turds started coming out-it was a cool feeling pooing ln this position,but after a few mins,my hands started to get tired and i felt the pile of poo starting to touch my ass,so after the 1st salvo,i got up and saw my 1st pile-it was a long sausage that came out in 1 piece and just wrapped around itself and piled up-I think if it was stretched out,it was over a foot and a half lo! ng and real smooth-boy did that feel good comng out!Then i just walked around for about 5 mins enjoying the morning air and there was absoloutely no one around at all and soooo quiet too!Had to clean off my butt from the pile touching my ass,Then i felt some more stuff filling my rectum and decided to hold it for a bit and just walked around some more til i really couldn't stand to hold it-this was fun to hold it as long as i could and then i ran about 40 feet over to my 1st pile and as i was squatting my asshole opened up with the rest of my excrement-i started pooing before i got totally squatted down with soft pudding with a whole lot of gas along as it was coming out--Oh the relief as i moaned with pleasure as it splattered on the ground and covered my 1st pile like topping on an ice cream sundae-it was a great unloading-Then i stood up and looked at my pile-it was a good one-wish i had a mirror to see all this come out of my butt-Then i waited for more,but that was it and! after about 15 mins I wiped my anus with handi-wipes and got dressed and biked back and I felt wonderful after that poop-Oh man did that fell good,just wish i could have done that kind of load with my lady friend-Now that would have been the best!Hopefully,i'll run into her soon-the weekend is supposed to be cloudy and possibly rain so i'll have to wait till next week-of course mon is supposed to be great here in the N.E.Hey DIANE(NY) let's get together for a poop,neighbor!Maybe RJOGGER will join us!Hope all of you had a great July 4th-later!BYE

Zip and Brad: Great stories about California beach restrooms! Zip I liked the cool way you took a shit in a handicapped stall while a surfer dude was changing in the same stall! It's great how cool guys never refuse a guy who needs to take a crap in that kind of situation. Brad your story about the dad and his kid reminded me of a similar experience I had in a beachfront restroom in California. Like the one you described this one had a single large doorless stall suitable for use by the handicapped. I always enjoy taking a shit in this type of restroom and held my crap in that morning when me and a buddy left for the beach. The mornings are always good times to see other dudes shitting so I headed for the restroom shortly after getting to the beach. I was just ahead of a yound dude with his kid who looked about 6-years-old. The guy was about 25. He was tall with a short military haircut and was wearing dog tags. We sort of arrived at the doorless stall at the same ti! me. The guy told me to go ahead, but his kid needed to poop so I told him that I would wait. We stood watching the kid shit. The guy was real friendly. He was marine stationed at a base about 10 miles north. He told me about the different places he had been stationed at. When his kid was done crapping, he helped the kid wipe his butt. He told me to go ahead and use the crapper, and that he would wait for me to get done before shitting himself. I told him I was kind of constipated and it would be better if he went first. He was real grateful. He pulled down his swim suit to his ankles (he had no shirt on) and sat naked on the crapper. It was one of those metal bowls without a seat so his equipment was in full view since he sat on the crapper with his thighs widely separated. He was real uninhibited. His kid kept asking him questions and that distracted his attention. He farted, then power pissed into the bowl. I then heard the usual crackling sound followed by se! veral loud plops as his turds hit the water in the bowl. He kept telling me he would be done soon. He started wiping sitting down and examined the TP after each wipe. I could see the shit smears on the TP. By that time another young guy joined me in line for the crapper. When the marine was done he thanked me and left with his kid. I then took a good shit while talking to the next guy. He was also real friendly and just laughed at my remarks about my dump. Each time I dropped a log I made some remark about how good it felt. He just said things like "Yeah." I would have liked to hang around while he crapped but that may have seemed a bit obvious.

Dr. Polhemus

It's difficult to ascertain your particular problem, particularly for a person who has never met you or knows the specific lifestyle in which you live.

An unfirm bowel movement can be caused by many things other than diet. Stress can cause this type of thing, or worse, frequent diarrhea bouts.
If you eat a heathy, well-rounded diet, your execretions will normally be firm and large. Working out to excess can cause you intestinal problems, also. Even lack of sleep for a significant amount of time can have effects like watery, almost diarrheal symptoms. Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common malady. Most of these can cause what you're describing and are caused, themselves, by a lifestyle that's frenetic and chaotic, always trying to beat deadlines. It tends to upset your digestive system by eliminating sufficient time for water-absorbed waste to collect in the bowel, dry and become solid (i.e. going to the bathroom too often), causing you to eliminate before you're ready.

To Nicole and others: There is no way I can convince you that the human
rectum in both men and women are nearly identical (in proportion to size, of course). Imagination, predisposed opinion and "urban legend"
are enough for most people. People, including myself, have a tendency
to search out information that substantiates their own beliefs and ignore that which refutes their positions. The imagination is a powerful thing that even the most powerful evidence does little to persuade people who have firmly-entrenched views on something. Women do
not pass larger stools than men, nor are they anything but randomly
shaped like those of men (depending on a lot of included). I cannot convince you, even as a physician, and you don't have to believe me. Go to Sonnick's Physicians' Reference book (should
be available at most large city libraries). It contains text and photo-
graphic material that will show you that many of these differences are
merely exaggerations, if not completely false.

Scatological Guy
Just a short one this time; to comment about relatives sizes of male & female ani; the only one I've ever studied intensely was my ex-wife's since I used to help her go when she was constipated or needed an enema, and it seemed as though hers was as described by others here as definitely wider at the opening, which allowed for a much larger turd to be excreted, and boy did she put out some monsters! I remember her squatting on the toilet and I got a really good view of them coming out, while at the same time trying to hide my erection. Would that we could have shared this very intimate experience by talking about it, but I never was able to. I got this from watching my sister go when I was in my early teens and she was 9; she would let me sit on the tub and peek between her legs and watch her squeeze them out. She got so constipated once that I had to help her by pulling it out for her. We were doing this until my parents separated us when I got older, but the memorie! s will be with me forever.

To aboy: I liked your story...i think it's cool your poop was red.

To messyboy: Good story, thats cool that you pooped your pants for your friend so he wouldn't feel bad.

To Peter: Good story..Thats cool you peed in like 3 bags on the bus and every one was watching. You should have just pooped in a probably wouldn't have been embarssed as much when you pooped your self.

To SanD: I liked your story about that young guy shitting in home depot. That must have been cool looking at his underwear. I take it you were shitting? right?

To Zip: cool story about your friend shiting on a branch...and you got to take a peak at every thing!!

To Roger B: cool story about you being in line waitning for a burger and u forgot u took milk of magnesia...and you shit your pants. did any one see you?? How is milk of magnesia? i never had that? and do you get constipated alot??I've never had any trouble...excpet i've been in a movie before and i drink alot of coke and i have to pee so bad i can hardly make it to the bathroom cuz i don't like to leave if i don't have to. I've never had an accident in the movies.


Boyfriend dislikes hard TP,complains and sulks. Yesterday I got sick of his grumbling, waited for him to shower and dry himself and grabbed him.

Sitting on the toilet holding Carl over my knee, wiped him vigorously emptying a box of 200 sheets. He was shocked but I enjoyed it.


Just read your "Kindred spirit" message on page 640.
How come brands like Charmin, Andrex and Kleenex are available in multi-packs in various colours, yet Izal medicated is only available in single units (and one colour?). This must make the product more expensive and provides a fine example of "rip-off"Britain(Sorry). It would be better if the Izal roll was the same diameter as the Andrex roll too. What do you think? Consumers unite!

"Bronco"? Never heard of it. Anyone else prefer hard "John Wayne"

During the match with Jennifer Capriati, Serena Williams was making gruntiing noises when returning the ball. Maybe she had another turd coming out.

I just remembered a sorta weird experience. I was coming back from a trip and had to use the toilet at a gas station. It was one of those places where you have to ask the guy behind the counter to use the bathroom and he buzzes you in. I was buzzed in and proceeded to take a dump. I had finished my business and was starting to clean myself up. I usually wipe with dry paper first and then finish up by wiping with wet paper towels. Since this restroom had the sink in the same room as the toilet, I was standing between the sink and the toilet, running water on some paper towels. Just then I heard the sound of the buzzer and the door opened. A guy in his 30's walks into the restroom and sees me standing there. I tell him I'll be done in a minute, thinking that he'll be like most people and say "sorry" and wait outside. Instead he just says ok, and leans up against the wall with his arms folded, watching me. He didn't look like he was leering or really even interested in seeing me,! he looked like he was just waiting for the toilet to become available. I felt kinda weird with him standing there, seeing me naked from the waist down, washing my ass with wet paper towels. I figured I might as well finish. I wiped a few more times until the paper was clean, then flushed the toilet. I pulled up my briefs and shorts and washed my hands. He just stood there until I went to the door. I didn't feel bothered by the guy at all, though.

There are 2 swapmeets located a few miles from me. Last weekend I went to both of them.

At the first one, the restrooms are always packed with guys pissing and crapping. The stalls also have partitions that have a larger gap between the floor and partition. You can see the entire toilet bowl from the side. Usually the guys are shy and pull their pants down only enough to crap. Today the guy on the first toilet had his pants and boxers all the way down to the floor. Everyone coming in the door could see his legs completely exposed. All the stalls were full, so I waited outside the one stall that had a shower curtain for a door. Every now and again, the wind would blow through the restroom, billowing out the curtain, and I'd catch a glimpse of him sitting on the toilet. This guy was probably about 24 or so, Latino-looking, wearing a long sleeved shirt, jeans, white briefs, boots. He looked to be straining the few times the curtain billowed out. He wiped himself very quickly, got dressed, and left.

The other swap meet has it's own unusual setup. The first stall has a clear window in it and if you're tall like I am, you can see the top of someone's head as you enter the restroom. I noticed someone was in it as I came in. The stalls don't have locks on them and the toilet is set back from the door, so I accidentally opened this guy's door. He just had a surprised look. He was also Latino-looking, with a white t-shirt, jeans, white briefs, boots. I said excuse me and went into the adjacent stall. The interesting thing about this restroom is that the management puts a cardboard box between the toilets for the occupants to throw their used toilet paper. Two adjacent toilet stalls share the same box. I think that the plumbing must be bad. It was cool when this guy started to wipe. I heard the usual sounds, then I saw some paper with shit smeared on it land in the box. He kept wiping and throwing his shit-smeared paper into the box. I'm not into scat, but it was interestin! g to see this strangers shit paper up close. I decided to do the same and toss some his way as well. Ironically, after he left, someone walked in on me and then took the neighboring stall.

RENEE -- I KNEW it would be a girl! I win the raffle! Hee-hee!!! Please accept a ????-carress for little Malita, and hugs all round for the fabulous ladies of Big Malita's House! And Jake too, I bet that rocking horse is an absolute work of art! More than anything, congratulations on something wonderful, dear.

LOUISE -- Oh, how I'd have loved to join the team and launch a stream into that bath! Forwards, more than likely... I zapped the sink the other night, and did a standing shot in the toilet a few hours ago. I can just visualize you in your little white dress, relaxing over the sink -- oh for summer!

STEVE -- Thank you so much, I would have been honoured to be on the "hosing team" for the party! It's wonderful to speak to those who are sympathetic about the AP condition, and who can relate to the uplift that comes with liberation from its tyranny. Yes indeed, Louise's fun and mischief are always a delicious antidote to such problems! Spain will be a time to remember this year, I'll warrant!!!!

HIKER -- Well! I must say, the impulse to try out one of those street urinals on London would be pretty strong...

COUSIN -- I'm so sorry to hear about Linda's accident. That's just terrible! There's too much of this going around, tragedy keeps visiting... Please tell her know she has many friends who all wish her speedy wellness.

VANESSA -- My impression is that your daughter is just going through a phase... I confess I was about that age when I found a fascination with pooping my pants. I didn't do it very often, and never when anyone was around, and I'd always clean up right away, but that's a matter of degree. I did it, and pretty soon the fascination went away. Hopefully your daughter will simply grow out of it, and probably look back on it with a twinge of puzzlement as to why she ever did it!

One closing thought: walking home today I passed a house where a young man and his gal were in the front garden. I heard him say loudly: "Julie, close the toilet seat when you go to the toilet!" I smiled wrily behind my sunnies, as I wondered if this lass had mastered the standing technique, and her guy was having a reverse-joke about *her* leaving the seat up!

All my best,


A real medic...
I've never felt the need to post on here before, and certainly not 'as a medic', but I find the idea of a genuine doctor not believing that women drink less than men, and using terms such as 'statistically significant' to describe a personal anecdote, somewhat unbelievable. Statistical demonstrations of men drinking more? To pick an example from my own region, the Scottish Health Survey 1995 (for which results are easily available online) shows that with an expected sampling error of approximately 2% or less women drink half to three times less alcohol than men across their lifespans (e.g. aged 16-24, mean consumption for men is 20.8 units/week, women 8.4 - one unit is 25g of pure ethanol, equivalent to a single shot of spirits or half a pint of lager - the gap gets larger with age). Anyone with a credible understanding of human anatomy should know that the volume and shape of the pelvis (between superior and inferior pelvic apertures) is generally very different between men a! nd women, most notably because the latter have to be able to give birth through the pelvis. I doubt if there's been a published study examining sex differences in stool volume, but anyone can quote anecdotal evidence about it, and being a medic doesn't mysteriously make it significant (for example, to gain bedside experience with patients whilst at university I did auxiliary nursing over the summers, and had to help more patients use the toilet than I expect to see in a career of being a doctor - and my general impression was that for men and women of similar height and build, women produced slightly larger turds).
As regards the formation of the smell of faeces, synthesis of vitamin K in itself has nothing to do with the bacterial metabolic processes that lead to the smell (indeed the range of bacteria producing the worst smells is different to that producing useful amounts of vitamin K). The main unpleasant part of the smell is made by the sulphate reducing bacteria, which produce hydrogen sulphide - the main genera being desulphovibrio and desulphotomaculum. A wide range of bacteria can generate hydrogen methane as an end-point to anaerobic respiration, and these gases form the bulk of flatus. A wide variety of volatile short-chain sulphur compounds all add to the characteristic smell.

To address the issue of biologically determined gender differences in behaviour, I would certainly agree that social moulding is the main determinant of gender-derived activity, but nevertheless there are various ways in which human brain development is affected by biological sex, mainly in the hypothalamus (e.g. women, particularly after having at least one kid, have a far greater oxytocinergic innervation in this region, coupled with more oxytocin receptors - paralleled by arginine vasopressin neurones in men). These changes are actually determined by an increased level of /oestrogen/ in the male brain in utero, as increased levels of androgens cross the blood-brain barrier and are then converted. To claim that there are no biological reasons for different gender behaviour is simply wrong, however interpreting these differences is of course rather harder.

In short - each of these poop-related issues is less straightforward than it seems, and one should never automatically take anyone's claim to be an expert on a subject at face value on a forum such as this that is both anonymous and outside the specific area of expertise claimed (I certainly wouldn't claim to be a great expert on the human gut, and whether people believe that I'm a medic is up to them, although it doesn't really affect what I actually have to say). Simply being able to write 'smart-sounding' and formal english does not an expert make...

I have always had an interest in shit and particularly diarrhoea. From an early age my parents used to dose me with laxatives, which at the time I disliked but once in my teens I took a strong liking for the wet feeling between my cheeks when the watery shit spurts out of my bottom.
Early experiments with laxatives was with Epsom salts(Magnesium Sulphate),Senna,Cascara and Phenopthalein. The most effective being Epsom Salts which produces very liquid shit and lots of it, and I have at times, been able to get 14 evacuations from 2 - 3 tablespoonfuls of Epsom Salts in a pint of warm water and it usually acts in 45 minutes.

I remember getting hold of some pills called "extra strong constipation pills" which contained Podophyllum(may apple) and Culvers root. These pills took a long time to work (about 12 hours) and I recall taking 6 pills one morning (the normal dose being 2 or 3) and the about 11 hours later 2 tablespoonfuls of Epsom Salts. The effect was staggering when they worked together - much fuller evacuations which were were voided with much more force than with Epsom Salts alone. obviously the Podophyllum ittitated the intestinal membrane causing extra peristalsis and pushing forward the intestinal fluids drawn out by the Salts with great force. Unfortunately, my supply of these pills dried up and I was never able to find anymore.

I the stumbled on some pills called Tablax and was quite excited by the instructions "Do not exceed the stated dose". They also contained Colocynth, Jalap and Podophyllum which I knew were v strong laxatives/purgatives. The maximum stated dose was 2 pilss and one night I decided to take 3 as I thought they probably erred on the side of caution. I was vaguely aware of alot of rumbling noises during my sllep the I woke at 3 am with an unbearably strong desire to go to the loo and I only just made it. The shit just poured out of my bottom - it seemed like gallons of it - huge copious fluid evacuations every couple of minutes which went on for over an hour. As you can imagine I was delighted with my new find but I never quite dared to combine it with Epsom Salts but I had many a good shit with these pills and many a high speed dash to the toilet - only just making it ! Then, sadly these pills became unavailable.

Now running out of time but I shall follow on with another post as to how I manage now.

I was v interested by Jessica's post referring to diarrhoea with hard bits in it being so sensual to the anus - I agree - why d'ont you try some indigestible foods at night - particularly good is corn on the cob eat almot raw and pieces of carrot swallowed almost raw and whole followed quickly by a v strong laxative which will work on the small intestine such as Epsom Salts, Castor oil or Jalap (difficult to obtain but you can substitute with Bindweed roots liquidised - 1/2 teaspoonful of the juice - also called Convolvusus Avensiswhich is similar to Morning Glory). This should sweep out the vegatable bits unchanged down the small intestine and through the colon unchanged and give a lovely sensation.

More later.

Hi Everyone!

Steve: Hello my dearest toilet guard. Yes indeed I could have done with you for the past two weeks as there were a number of occasions where Privacy was extremely limited -see todays post below. I loved your story about all those girls weeing in front of you. I wish I could have seen it, I would love to wee with you watching me!

Louise: Hey, how are you? I loved your story about the sink wee at work. You don't mention any knickers - were you not wearing anything under that skimpy white dress - I know what you're like for that!

Vanessa: Sounds like a tricky problem you have there, particularly now that you seem to have to watch Jenny to see when she is pooing her knickers. It seems quite strange that a 15 year old is quite happy to sit in such a way that everyone can see up her skirt. What about when you are out,does she do it then as well. My only suggestion would be to make her keep the mess in her knickers and make her sit on newspaper or similar for the rest of the day until she gets so uncomfortable?

Anyway, on to today's post which again comes from an experience I had whilst in France. I was near Paris and about to catch a train when at the station I needed to have a poo. I found the ladies and went in just ahead of another lady who I found was also English. Anway, on getting into the ladies, instead of cubicles there were literally just three 'toilets' which were nothing more than holes in the ground with a bit of porcelain around it in a row with absolutely no privacy. There was already a lady, probably about 35 in mid wee holding her skirt up with both hands whilst squatting over the hole. I was slightly surprised, but not totally shocked. The other lady (I later found out her name was Susan) was totally shocked. To put you in the picture she was about 50, very 'proper' English housewife type, probably rarely used any kind of public toilet,let alone something like this.

Anyway, the other girl finished and left whilst we were standing at the door, and then Susan agreed to have a wee if I 'stood guard' so to speak (shame Steve wasn't there to oblige, although I don't think she could have coped with a bloke watching her!). Anway, the floors were quite filthy so I held Susans bag for her whilst she went cautiously towards the 'hole' in the furthest corner. She didn't seem too concerned about me watching just so long as I was in front of her I suppose shielding her from the door. Anway, she lifted up her knee length pink skirt followed by her white slip which was underneath. Once her skirt was up she glanced at me and the door before starting to pull down her tights followed by her white knickers to mid thigh and then carefully squatted down. After a little while she began to wee, slowly at first and then it started gushing out for a good 15 seconds. When she had finished she looked around for some paper and suddenly realised there wasn'! t any - the expression on her face was priceless! Anyway, I had some tissues in by bag so I passed her a couple so she could wipe herself. When she had finished she pulled her knickers and tights back up and straightened her skirt.

Then of course it was my turn and she insisted on standing 'gaurd' for me. All I could think of was Steve, and I'm sure she wondered why I was grinning so much! AS many of you know, I'm now not that shy in front of people, but it did feel weird as I lifted my skirt with this stranger watching me. Of course to make matters worse she had only had a wee, but I needed to do a #2! As delicately as I could I pointed out that I was sorry if it smelt a bit, but Susan just smiled. I squatted down and almost immediately started to poo. I then finished quite quckly and used a couple more tissues to wipe myself, but for some reason it did feel slightly odd going in front of this woman, which surprised me. I guess at heart I'm still quite shy, particularly in front of people I dont know. We left the toilets without anyone else coming in and then both went our separate ways. I don't suppose I will see her again, but an interesting experience nevertheless.

Love Julie

kim and scott
hello all!
TO LINDA-scott and I are so sorry to hear about your accident. get better soon!
TO KENDAL-hello dear. welcome back. scott and I missed you.
TO RENEE-congratulations on your baby girl and naming it carmalita. I am sure carmalita will make a good aunt to her.
TO LOGGER-hello. thanks for liking my posts. I am short but I shit enormous! by the way your height has no basis on how large you shit!
and when I blasted out my log onto the newspapered floor It landed with a loud crunch and did not break. my logs are not only enormous but solid as hell too! be well logger.
TO JEFF A-hello there sweetie! I missed you! thanks for the nice compliments on my looks and body. I appreciate it! your like RJOGGER,a sweet man who always says sweet things! by the way I like your poopcon 2001 idea. I like what loveable steve said about me slamming out a log into the bowl and people can watch it come out underneath but I think I can also come out in a teeny bikini,flashing a huge smile, as I strip nude,strike a sexy pose as I blast out an enormous,bowel movement onto the newspapered floor. and their would be huge football stadium tv screens all around so the audience can see my log coming out in every possible angle. with plenty of close up shots of my pink quivering butt as my anus and butt expands to let my monstrosity out!and for an encore I can hop onto the bathroom countertop and stick my ass out and blast another gigantic log out for the thrilled audience. and you jeff,steve,my boyfriend scott and other men can protect us ladies from harm during ou! r live other live performances can include a peeing contest: with louise or pv probably winning and cute kendal being one of the front runners, also a contest on which male can have the largest log. and like you said carmalita can sit in the bathroom and people can take turns who can be in the bathroom with her the longest to put up with her exotic aroma. you would be the winner jeff I think!haha. plus day two can have buddy dumping couples like roger and angela and kim and scott. and your right kim,ringstretcher,and carmalita can sign toilet rolls for the fans and john (VT) can shoot many pictures for the "shit illustrated magazine" good idea jeff. scott and I are putting on our name tags and are ready to go!!!bye now.
TO SUNDEVIL-hello there. In answer to your question on what foods make me poop the largest,longest and fattest. well i have to say whenever I eat total cereal,a cereal loaded in fiber i shit all over the bowl. the bowl can barely hold my huge shit in! also a nice chicken dinner provides the same results. so if you invite me over your house and want to see me shit huge feed me total cereal or make me a chicken dinner and watch me sit on the bowl and i guarantee you in no time you will see an enormous,horse sized bowel movement swimming in your bowl(SERIOUSLY!) good question dear. bye now! by the way I shit huge anyway because thats the way my system is but these foods make me shit even bigger!
TO STEVE-hello. scott and I like your posts. we wish you posted more but we understand that you are busy
TO BUZZY-hello. love your posts as always.
TO RJOGGER-hello. scott and I love your posts also. and thanks for calling me pretty all the time. i appreciate it!
TO NICOLA- hello.welcome back after a long absence.
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-hello. scott and I like your posts too. we want to hear more!
TO MISS ANONYMOUS-hello. we like your posts too!

Carol (housewife)
For what its worth my experiences agree with Nicola and Tony on women doing thicker jobbies than men (all other factors being equal).

Vanessa, this is a difficult call with your daughter being 15 and deliberately doing a poo in her knickers. From your brief description I understand her motions are solid and formed not loose or diarrhea so she could easily go to the toilet and do it in the normal manner. That this is happening at home rules out the usual "bullies in the school toilets", "cruel teacher who wont let pupils go to the toilet when they ask during class" reasons.

Has something happened to change her home life? A new sibling, someone moving in to the home or leaving it? Emotional upsets such as this can trigger such soiling events.

My daughter started to have "accidents" in her knickers when she was 16 and still at school. As her motions had been big solid and formed jobbies I could rule out illness and eventually I found that her then boyfriend had rejected her very cruely in front of other pupils for another girl he considered prettier. A Mum and Daughter very friendly and sympathetic talk with Keith and my son told to lose themselves for an afternoon helped her get over it and she soon found another boyfriend and was far happier again and the knicker soiling incidents ceased as suddenly as they had started. It was a "cry for help" and perhaps your daughter has a similar problem? Please let us know how things turn out.

Andrew has had yet another post wiped ! This one about Emily taking him to the toilet on his birthday. Well, he says he is not trying again, has told me all about it, and told me to tell everyone what happened.

Apparantly, when it came to it, Emily didn't want him to be in the bathroom with her when it came down to it (thats the first I knew about this, I had assumed everything had gone fine as they seemed to have grown very close afterwards, but then I suppose that was because of the way it actually happened in the end ). Andrew has said in a previous post how wierd our appartment was because the window to the bathroom opened out into our bedroom. Well, although Emily didn't want him to be in the bathroom with her, she asked him to open the bathroom window for her ( she couldn't reach the top-opening ) and told him he could watch her through the window off his bunk, and then she proceeded to have a wee and three poos for him !

Now, what I can tell from first hand was that two days later, Andrew went to have his poo. I knew Emily had been a bit shy about watching him have a wee, so in a kind of sign language, using our heads, I managed to indicate to Andrew to open the bathroom window so all three of us girls could watch. Then when he did, I said, "ooohhh lets look" and on the basis that Kirsty and I rushed to get on the bunk to see through the window, Emily joined in too. And boy, was it worth it just to see little Emily's face ! She still seemed quite shy to see him sitting on the toilet, but when he exploded in his usual manner with plop after plop of poo, her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open. Then she put her hand over her mouth and giggled into it looking at me. Then she looked at Andrew again, and appeared to be losing her shyness, her eyes gleaming brightly, until they suddenly began to water, about the same time as Kirsty's and my eyes did as well, with the terrible smell !! ! Kirsty quickly grabbed the window arm and lifted it off its catch so that we could push the window closed from the outside, and stop the smell coming into our bedroom anymore, so we weren't forced to vacate !! Emily said to me "How do you stand that when you watch him ?". I said that I didn't go with him that often when he pooed, not as much as he does with me, because I'm not that interested in poo, but if I do go with him, I made sure I was wearing something I could pull up over my nose !!

KIM & SCOTT: Thank you so much for your welcome back. It is so wonderful to be back amongst friends ! Love from Kendal x

LOUISE: I wouldn't have fiddled with my panties at Wimbledon, I would simply have weed into them and onto the grass. Then no-one would know ! By the way, Andrew did that wee while you are drinking trick for me, sitting on the toilet, and I have to say he is just a clever-clogs, because his wee speed never changed one bit all the time he was gulping away ! Perhaps it is different between us girls and the boys ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

AUNTY PV: Can you remember when Uncle Rizzo said he was coming back again ? Oh well, never mind, I've still got my Aunty PV here. You always make me laugh ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

SARA: That teacher was so nasty to you ! It doesn't matter whether you are 16 years old or 16 months, when you have to wee, you have to wee, and I think teachers should be punished if a child wets themselves in class so long as they have asked the teacher about going to the toilet first. The teacher can't know otherwise, unless you ask. But you did, twice ! And then she said all those awful things to you to embarress you in front of all your friends ! If I had been your teacher, I would have let you go !! I think your teacher should have a trick played on her, like putting glue on her seat and glueing the seat to the floor, so that when she sits on it, she won't be able to get up again, and then the kids don't let her go until she has weed her panties ! That would serve her right. But on second thoughts, you would get into so much trouble, so as usual, the teacher gets away with it ! I hope you still wear those panties with the duck on them. They sound really nice.! I'd like a pair of those ! Love from Kendal x

COUSIN: OOOHHHHHH, YOU'RE BACK !!!!!!! I was so glad to see your name scroll up on the screen that I burst into tears immediately ! And I cried some more to hear what had happened to my wonderful friend Linda. Please tell her that I hope she gets better soon, and I can't wait to hear from her ! I'm glad I made her feel brighter when you told her I was back again. I wish I was back again in happier circumstances. Its no fun being an orphan. But life goes on, especially when I have such wonderful family in Andrew and his Mum and Dad to look after me, and just as much, my very best friend on this site to talk to again when she gets better and is home. Tell her I love her very much !! And all my love to you and Elena as well. I hope the twins bring as much happiness to you, Miguel, and Elena, and Linda (when they are born). As much as my baby brother Thomas has to me. Tell Linda I look forward to swapping nappy changing stories !! Andrew also says to send a smoochy XOXO ! from him to Linda ! Tell her I've given him a dig in the ribs for saying the 'smoochy' bit, just like she would have done to him ! Lots of love and hugs from Kendal xxxxx (You know you're my favourite Cousin apart from Andrew !!).

Saturday, July 07, 2001

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